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Episode 1478 - Arnold Schwarzenegger

2023-10-12 | 🔗
Arnold Schwarzenegger likes to focus on life’s victories. That makes for an interesting contrast with Marc, a self-described “obstacle guy.” Arnold and Marc find that their differing approaches to taking on the world make for good conversation about generational change, political awakenings and being useful, which is the subject of Arnold’s new book. They also discuss bodybuilding, James Cameron’s vegan advice, and Arnold’s rivalry-slash-friendship with Sylvester Stallone.

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two difficult world to hold up in look, I'm a jew and. I've been to Israel twice. I don't have fully realised back loaded information about politics about history But I do know how I feel in terms of my experience and what I'm feeling now, from the information that's coming. Me from all directions through the machines. I surround myself with. my family. We were not really religious jews, but we are definitely jews identified as jews jews from new jersey, my family's heritage
jewish wise. Both sides we're all here in amerika before world war. Two before. Actually, the arm. The creation of of Israel, the modern jewish state, but but that's the Israel has a place. in the mines and an and some of the hearts of of all Jews. It was supposed to be The one place we knew we could go. if all else chrome If we will run out of every other place, we could go there And be among jews. My mother, was not a religious person and ass. She got older he's become very attached to Israel. She loves Israel, been several times she went for a few weeks in
in time on, on a kibbutz, my family, went to Israel many years ago. I guess maybe I was start, a high school was probably early eighties. We went on a tour and on that tour. I think it was a bus to her and I think my parents, probably the youngest people outside of the kids, which was me and my brother. That's recollection. These were all very old, all jews on a bus were of Israel. You the power of the connection of Jews to Israel of all kinds. These were mostly american jews. And there is something that happens to be. I wrote a book about it Jerusalem syndrome, start a political book. It's a book, but believe about mysticism about no self importance to a degree. On the level of biblical proportions, but
something about american jews, on a bus in seventies and eighties going Israel many for the first time. It's it's. its revelation. It, two homecoming. It's a mythology, it's an ideal. This was where we're supposed to now. Some of them were visiting graves of relatives of people. They came thereafter the holocaust? In your visit, It could, but we were told about them because of agriculture, what the israelis were able to do in the desert make it a farm land technology. Leader, but at the core of For me, my right action to it and I was terrified almost all the time I was fascinated with the religious history. That's it illiberal in israel in Jerusalem.
Sort of the headquarters of all the religions? History that goes back thousands of years, muslim, mystery, christian history, jewish history, layers of of conflict destruction shrines mosques, temples, churches, the I religion, at all times there, but there were soldiers with guns everywhere and for me I just I really couldn't understand yoga, how you can live there. It was just scare you know, maybe I'm a sensitive guy may be among I'm not out, forty, which just scary, the idea of us serving in the armed forces and yet in there's a pride to all this in and I understand what israel represents two jews as an idea as a country a saw as salvation as safety? I understand that.
I'm, an american jew and I felt scared there. You know that was my experience I saw the better wins I orthodox Jews, israeli soldiers, so it was jews on the kibbutz, is. But there was always a feeling and in an unwarranted feeling of of. I was over we sensitive and terrified, no matter how much I was told that you know you really couldn't be in a safer place. You know this is your year and this is, it has been, carved out. It's well defended. I didn't again, I did not know really history. I was younger person and when I, read about. What's happened there You know. I just know that there were just people, they were just people on kibbutz his people in their town. People working the land is people just working jobs as people, not unlike
all who live in this country or any country. After a certain point, your life. what you focus on and These people who were just you know, waking up waiting for buses working the land. Doing things were massacred it. You know its devastating. I I'm a jew, but it not just as a jew as a person. Now not unlike here in amerika and young things, I've talked about about governments about you know how people are seen is as as fodder how people or diminished objectified and and lumped together. They never weeds anywhere good, and then you know almost cimt rivalries, founded in
a need for power. You know what whatever solutions you think are on the table or whatever you hoped for in that region. Whatever is jockeying for power at the top of any sort of. Or dime on any side year sees human life as garbage as disposable. But my heart goes out to innocent people just trying to live their fuckin lives. I do know I'm a jew. I do talk about being. Do I do talk about anti semitism. I do talk about the fear of Jews. being diminished to a point of. Nine humanity to where they can. He slaughtered in the name of a cause, an ideology. I do talk about all this in this. country. I have an understanding I believe, of what's going on in this country.
I own necessarily claimed to have any understanding. of the evolution of politics, territory or conflict. I do know that that region, I don't see any solution or hope, and I dont really think the outcome is going to be anything but fuckin awful. I don't know how else to really talk about this, and I know there's deaf all around an innocent people killed on all sides, but I do stand with Jews. I'll be in bellingham washington at the amount baker theatre for one show on Saturday october, fourteenth this partly bellingham exit festival Largo in l a next week, Monday october, sixteenth portland Oregon a late show, was added to my dates. It helium on Sunday october twenty
second boston. I met the He d garden for comics come home on Saturday november. Fourth den her colorado I'll be comedy work south for four shows, november, seventeenth and eighteenth, and now I've added some new dates for los angeles. In december. I met dynasty typewriter on December first thirteenth in twenty I met the elysian on December. Sixth, fifteenth and twenty second and largo again. On December twelve, in january, ninth gotta w p pod, dotcom slash tour for tickets, did not mention earlier because I just wanted to say what I was in my mind and in my hard at the time, but arnold shorts nigger is on the show today. He's here he's got new book out, it's called be small seven tools for life. You can get it right now, wherever you get your book, but tat yeah, I never assumed that he's going to. Talk to arnold show
what's a nigger, but I did there was too of it happening their time, but it didn't happen, and I was like a right. So a united know what to expect. I mean he's. Arnold schwarzenegger they eat, There is no other one. international superstar, no matter what think of him. He is singular He is one of one every body I would in the world knows who are an old shoe, it's a nigger is so, of course I was, they talked and because I e seemed I first hour, I can he talk. Of course you can, he was. It was governor. but there's there's this many ways to this guy the others, the arnold movie star, there's the arnold politician. There is the arnold. human who is moving through a certain amount of humility and contrition around his. Your personal behaviors, theirs
historic arnold, but I do think in this conversation you do get a spectrum of the arnold. And it was, it was great cause these fucking hilarious, but the entire Experience was hilarious, yeah waiting for him he's running I care. Member was later early, probably early, I was told they might have security team. There was a publicist and then there was This problem, you know, back here you there's a construction going on directly behind the garage here on the property next door. The house are not exactly sure what they're doing. I should do should find out, but day. Arnold was coming. I was already kind of nervous about it. Because think he's necessarily controversial figure. He is to some people, but everyone on the opinion of him, but a most people grew up with arnold towards figure in those fuckin movies, and they made an impact here.
we forever the terminator to some people or whatever movie you choose, but arnold. It singular and I watched Documentary and I got a sense of him and You know he is funny. self aware enough to be funny. So I got this problem. There's all this noise and I'm freaking out. I tell brendan I'll know what we're gonna do their hammering. You can hear it. And I I was just hoping for some free zone of from the noise when arnold came in brendan was like you know, just go. Give him some money, give him a thousand bucks to cut it needs to stop it. for an hour the before I got Arnold god hearing I went around. I talk to some of the workers I dont, where the owner the house was by tried to communicate To somebody the one guy, the guy in charge of my came angie from twelve thirty, two one three: can we not have noise I'm gonna be talking to Arnold schwartz, nigger and I I just need there- I need to be quiet if it's possible, that possible
from any money- and think he was reprocessing. What what I said he goes. He just said you, twelve thirty one. Thirty, and my guess is that ok, now, Michael I was simple and but I didn't know if they you know there was part of me that sort of like did you hear, though, I'm going to be talking to Arnold schwartz, nigger. And I don't think I registered, but so now I at least got a promise that, or or remit that they would not be hammering and they dries up be sitting on the car up front, and I what are you doing our louisa alone? how are you mark but he's his face, timing on his ipad with somebody in Austria about getting a jacket from our hotel there for a benefit and then gets out. New. Tells me yeah. I do a benefit. You know. every year can't do again He's like this year is oktoberfest theme now theme now, Michael, you know we're leader hose and is like oh yeah,
but he was trying to get the jacket for somebody who is down a donor. I don't know, but all I know is that within five it's? I knew that arnold he's, gonna be wearing leaner leader housing shortly. Not that day, but shortly night it all made sense to me, but nonetheless he go into the garage he comes in here he sits down, and now I want to make sure that the guys on the other side of the fence there who were pounding away at the structure directly behind the one I'm in now and then when me and Arnold, were in were ready. Stop it's hard, there's a trellis and then there I'm trees, so you really are struggle to kind of look through that fence. In the fences sort of like it comes to where you had it. So you know you your head would be seen over the fence, but you have to see through trellis. I I lean and I got ok, you guys. Can we go? We have we do the quiet thing now and there, like ok I am mike arnold schwarzenegger is, is here and when the guys or like why He's here now them again
he's here, I'm going to talk to him short are those nigger, and then like any other business of a son? A buzz am, I guess, he's here, and an end like where, where is he insulted there are three heads come up to the truest and now Arnold already in here and I'm out there and I'm gone. Arnold aren't outcome and you say I these guys, because they're they're working over here and are going to be quiet and he comes ages. He leaned out the door to where these guys could soon because I'll be back and they when crazy, with excitement, Crazy with excitement, like, oh, my god, I seen him all my life. You know. so that was yeah. That was a lot easier than paying a thousand dollars. Not that I wouldn't mind if so, then her arnold that I just we got into it, which you ll hear enough words when he was done, one of the guys two of em came out, this waiting up front
Did you meet him to just look at him and just to say that they do they love is movies. And it was, it was kind of beautiful. To be honest with you. The skies, had an impact in a lot of different ways. no matter how or what you think of him. we did all right. So this is me. I kinda arnold schwarzenegger, but before I cut it out here. I I do want to say for a mortal thing if you want to hear both These episodes sign up the full marin which you can get going to the link in the episode description or by going to deputy of pod dot com and clicking devotee of plus. De debrief with brendan about arnold on the latest one and if you signed up for diabetes plus by october fifteenth you'll be eligible to win. One of thirty sign tour posters. These are posters from my tourists throughout the years all with original artwork.
they're not available for sale if you're signed up by october fit if you're automatically be in the drawing for the giveaway and again the book. useful seven tools for life and get it wherever you get books in this is a this is me and arnold may folks it's time to discover what now playing in los angeles, let's start food. I just had chef Michael Simon, tell me that los angeles is home to the best food in the country right now, and of course it is when you have so many cultures and diverse backgrounds, cooking up anything you can think of Could it not be I like to go to Scaf, which is a persian plays down? The street Sometimes they go to joy in island park for chinese food, but you know it's just me los. Angeles is synonymous with show business, but arts and culture are more vibrant here than ever before, for museums to music to ST. Our two comedy art is every where, in allay thinking about your
strip here, go see a star ceremony on how we would boulevard or check out location tours of some, your favorite movie sites or head on over to the comedy store on sunset or you'll, see me most nights and, while you're here and allay don't forget to look up and soak in the legendary blue sky. That's a light that inspires d. Actors around the world. Your face Dana lay is waiting for. You start here discover allay dotcom. That's discover, l, a dot com. hi feeling great yeah, whether bad? No you got another them in the way this, as is the basis specious way? Why did it viewing is kind of like the vigour wiping out very soon as not you don't look. I got it all being. I did some reading. I read the book and I you know I know you, you know you ve Had some obstacles
physically ads. You, I make sure you feel an hour. I Guinea believes that them in diversity. That thing about the obstacles are about that the victories of the actual cost of what kind of person value, I'm an obstacle: gatt lapsing guy, yeah yeah, I'm the guy that their realises your obstacles and I analyze the obstacles. And then I talk about the obstacles until they get bored with. It may go away better. My approach that I think is a very good approach. I hope criticized it did work figure everything works for your mania, the number one part caused in the world and you re a you know what I like about you life were I can relate the dead because I've done it several times and that is and of reinventing yourself because you come from the good, the comedian ass. We were very well known committed, as I think that is one point on the other you decided probably I'm guessing dies as a union and yeah, but the it seemed to me to say this if maybe denote the comedy thing
yet to be over the hill very soon and that one I mean it's not something new. While you vision was, he ought to be a podcast and not knowing only I mean. I think he knew that podcasting is really where the future is, but no one asked it why, by yourself, I'd like to take credit for that. I'd make sure I well I do, but I don't think I knew the and the also the other thing is. I wasn't a popular comedian. I was at the end of my rope. I was in a garage and I didn't know you were popular put them in the you thought the dna and of europe, but in fact they were not because I dont think there is a age limit two comedy I mean melt cordova of another bid bilbil he was right in his seven is then in his aid is at issue is, as I didn't, two seeds to know about it
at the minute- and I was- I- was doing the eulogy at his funeral. He didn't say they said. Okay, even the son of a bitch is dead yeah. I still had a difficult time putting the top on his casket, because when he was sticking up for his stuff, like that, so I mean yeah. I mean he. He was known for that some epic, to even say this as Bebo would say: It's a long, thick unnoticed here, And this is but it's it's. A truce is even though right now, I'm standing out the air. Have the kitchen help choking me off nosey, as he always had them stupid joke about his thick, vague dignity, other what that was it. While you know I'm gone through the book. How much of that because you're saying this to me, but I didn't know I didn't make a decision because of age or any other reason other than desperation to get into a medium that nobody knew about, because I happened to be good at talking on a microphone. So I didn't. I didn't, have foresight, I'd lucked out. It was good cosmic timing, but in your belief system. Is that
does that mean that I really did know were I believe that luck when is it lucked out there? I think luck when talent meets a baton mature in those did to me. I think that the very fact that you picked something that you could have picked a hundred other things. If you're going anything else, nobody pigs, the thing that became great If it was you that motivated people said this, exchanges. The way look, how many people he can reach the. What than you know than any of those tv shows yeah. Why don't we go and do interviews with that guy, rather than being on a tv show and traveling all the way to new york and artists? Have I think he may be tapped into something that day. Maybe you didn't know, but you guess than you felt that this could be. Really great. Otherwise he wouldn't have done it and then other people copied it. And now everyone does a lot of people doing it, but no one
It can reach your kind of talent and out of the added you have an office Let me briefly bit about you. How can keep saying there now say yeah so saying he is No, I am I was I was excited about coming over, gives us hymns of this guy's really a pioneer yeah he's like I was embody bulling. So it's always curve. It takes a little bit more balls to be out of the first one yeah and do something- and you don't know yet if this is working on a drive, you hope for rhinos, It's weird was ended That's why I appreciate tat by the EU in looking at the system of the seven at who decides it. Seven tools at the publisher there, for idiots. I say I give them ten rules and, as it were,
if only you can do, two hundred and sixty eight pages and simply move what is the limited success? Two hundred and six ed? What's the magic word, because it's your fault said well, how can it be? My fault says because you wanted to beat below a certain price, so it's affordable, flavor, as if cost is important as it kids should be able to afford it. You know women that do the the mothers didn't want to buy it for their kids or say they should be able to afford it is everyone should be able to afford it to be made to get one to make it too expensive? Well, then, we can only have two hundred and sixty eight pages, so it is seven seven tours. What are the other three of the other three. Were you saying could be fifteen? I mean this amount of lesson either one three you say like well, if it doesn't work out, maybe you're, just not good enough. Just say You ve been of room as again. It ran my fist in his stomach and break? You got them spying,
whatever the movie lines after the joppa in arizona. The other line is the chub aged up. The aid would have been as it gets. The job or my friend thought he should dare you you could have named each chapter after it's a different muscle group, or the removal, I'm sure innovating alighted. Exactly. We always is they just one job. This true lies, that would have been interesting. Exactly but you know you you, you frame it that, like you know, you always had this. This will have positivity due to keep pushing forward again. Tell me that you ve never felt desperate alone angry and able to see a way forward. Yeah you have. Are you kidding me? grab some them depressed. I have sometimes in a way I feel like. Ok, this is coming to an end. The out of that happening. because all the same things as everyone else does
the key thing is just how do you deal with it yeah? You know because sure I think that we all goes through the times we are when we fail, or like you said earlier or times where we have trouble there struggle times. You feel like you, that being heard, things have gone exactly you wait here, but would I do is I always reach for those tours this basic tours always helped me in life. Do then get out of that area into become an unsuccessful into, It's my gore's and the kind of degree of an end of the day Malaria is your question because you know the one thing that that I tend to focus on that. I don't know that you focus on. Is that enough? What about it? Do you ever look back at your life and say, like I have to process his trauma yeah, I have to you're with this psychologically whatever your relationship with your father. Your diet do do you work on that and other ways of than just plowing through now,
because I just look at in in a much more positive way, because, after recognise as tough as my father was an establishment, I'll do it was. It was the very thing that got me out of Austria. They ve got me out of it every day life did all my other friends went into in other become kind. And employ for the government would be average collect, though the b, a plumber, but the visit wherever it is in this state over there and kind of like looking forward to the pension rights at sixty five, no, I was able to kind of run away from that yeah and say I'm than it I'm gonna get out of here. I cannot get any longer, and I left, no ended the military early. I went. the germany the been instruct then the body bulling, Jim and then eventually, when I won the world championships embody building I came to america and then made my life in america, but it was motivation and that will came all because of my upbringing and
because of my father, mother and district news and off because he wanted to get away? I wanted to get away. I wanted to start my own life only to have that life, but do you have or have moments where you you think, like you know why you've got these things that you're even focusing on the positive, but is there ever a point when you focus and realize like there are these negative things I got? No I don't feel them if, even even with all the drama determined through my father, I can they did their look back of my father and pictures all over my house of mfa. You do. I love my father. I wished it just for one hour. He could wake up and see what has happened in my life and what is going on in the world and of discovering? No, I I think there was that good ass. He could do what You would say about your life in the things in the world: first thing you which says a useful
You know. Are you doing something I helping other people? screwing around the summer is a you analyze it in a serious way and stuff, but I think you will be very proud and will be absolutely delighted. Especially since he was always talked about Mary. Is a great place. When I came home and a soul, This great footage amended footage in high school about america and as it, oh, my god, There have been six lane high ways they have this here, huge cause. We finns the gay. I did that state building, that's ten them taller than any building in Austria and blah blah blah. They have the end they did. They have to golden gate, bridge area and some of us, oh yeah, it's a beautiful candidates for does exist. But do you know, just dream about it, because it's all ever going to do about three sort. I say them is on the I have to go. There
I think that I was born to be in america. She says: oh, don't be ridiculous when you think they're going to wait for yoga. There are plenty of idiots over. There then need another one and stuff like that. So it'll be negative about it. You think party or drive through to to sort of succeed and to we are to become self actualized in the purest way possible, which is you know through your body? I think that in some ways that was to to kind of show him No, it was. I think that we all want to show our parents and show off Look. How great I am at its why I wanted them always to come. The weightlifting needs to see how strong lamb, but they had no interest in it like a days it hurt you're, feeling burger because in those days tat I did not know that parents could do that. Air sea, because when it came to america, air and when I brought up, with Maria our kids. Here That's when I learned for the first time that we're here. Parents go and see,
We think that the kids supported go to recitals natty go, do the singing go things they did. the boy did exactly. I added a football games to the baseball games. Basketball gives to everything, so we did that with debts, when I started thinking about it's fun, my parents never went to one single event: yeah. I think they went through the mist olympia contest that devil competing in a nineteen. Seventy two tissues before my father died. They we came to this competition in essen in germany and I want to miss olympia conduct. So I think this all some of my body billing success, but that was it where they pay. Although there were very, very proud damages walked around very, very proud, and my mother, you know She was one of those that she wanted trophies says my drove is always, and then she ran around for four weeks in the village. In Austria and to show of look at my son. One naomi Guess what yeah I got it.
in the body building issue. My mother didn't get me. The body will focus right for them in this is what she said. It was me. I give him the disability rights, I remember getting him to honey and a scramble to eggs, fame and mixed with the old mill, and then it gave him the food to get him really strong. I do orders from italy. Even sewed is posing drought, which is true. She may my posing drugs because they tungsten there so are there the beatings, it was not good enough. as I you gotta make them smaller. Here I got to have them in black and brown and blood or whatever so she saw them so see of course ran around and she says she's only. It was easier to the funny thing was in nineteen: seventy seven ere, I met the golden global. Was there and I win now gordon globe for best acting dead in pump with a they hung out yeah right, but it was a combination pumping out instead hungry, but it was first day hungry or and so by a citizen at his table
Sophia. Loren was sitting there, and so she has her mother and, as your vastest alone was sitting there and he had his mother so we all were sitting there with our mothers and they had a debate over how much they helped us. You know how we were all so fill. Warren's mother said oh feared. She was shy. I had to everything here. I'd go and suggests the issue. It would take some pictures yeah in an of, and my mother said, all honored I dunno didn't want the train at all. I sent him to go to the gym now and then, instead of us, are the ones that are mothers say this is I created
my zoe's of an idiot when I told him I said, go because of some acting classes and become a star, so we always laugh about that. All of our mothers were showing off and competing about how they orbit help for their careers, but in the meantime they didn't do anything, because that thing was at the beginning of this stallone rivalry know that in those days it'll be didn't arrival at all, be working. supportive ism effigy offered me a movie back in the seventies. I rivalry then became laid on what movie way it started out, went montoni lady offer you and the seventy, health kitchen. Assuming they add, it was a moment of the movies. Did you the writing on the working idea. A button egg is so he and I got along what we had the same agents, the same lawyers. Everything this aim petitions then came in the eighties when think my movie started become one bigger and bigger.
Yeah, but he was always way ahead of me: career, wise and money wise. While I was making a million dollars a movie, he already was making ten million dollars a move here, so he was ahead, but the men eventually caught up yeah and that's when the shit hit the fan and as a he didn't that I didn't, I came in were kind of all of a sudden getting into my turf and having a ripped body yeah I was in. He was like out there with right. I remember that I remember is: he could walk them in, as he believes still owns How do I make it easier? Ripped? Is the disease up a bedroom muscle in the lower, but it was totally separate. I mean this is an unmitigated, an aid pack and lessons were met and my chopped liver whenever my body it hurt. So it was like he was getting all the attention of the virus and I was getting all the attention about the movie so area in the acts. So we started. Despising each other. It is we ve been couldn't coexist every one of the stupid things, but he
looked at me and kind of like as the enemy, I looked at him as like the enemy, and then I assume as if this is it. This is all out war As I said, if sly has a wolf inch knife it. I'm gonna have a twin, the engine knife it's like yours. Sixteen people in his next movie- I'm gonna, kill thirty six people in a movie- and this is I went if he uses in though this was Forty seven, I'm gonna use a machine gun from an helicopter a big months. The machine gun you cannot even carry around now be carrying around the casual yeah. So it was they if he makes a hundred million the box of I'm, I'm gonna make out in fifty million. So this is was crazy stuff, but compared to the competition drives you yet It's gonna be realized. It was kind of a game. Was that because deep down inside I respected him, and I thought that everything he did was really great and he was like multi, talented
now appreciated order because I didn't have that. I didn't have the skills to ride scripts and have the skills to conflict act movies, like you did me in order that says m. Is it s really cool, but they were fuck him, Then I guess I'll. Do him. It said it as it is there was that the whole idea by them in an ant bending became friends again because of planet hollywood, but you know you- and I was like always in- we- have the kind of promote the rest around sure together? Here we flew around the world again, those so be was finally back. But I the thing with the I think, you're you're, the thing that you have that he Century doesn't have it humor at one. No heed that's not correct. I tell you sly as an extraordinary sense of you, not onscreen. No, there did you absolutely correctly does not able is that they will do booted like that on the screen, but in law if, when you fly around with him, I laughed with him more than with
any body when he was telling chokes and funny stuff about his child the, but is more than the eyes it was hilarious here. very, very funny, and I think then his show dolls good king near I watched it, is actually you can see that his sense of humour, because I think now is able to do play that out much more natural than he used to do. and I in his reality, show that he has been his kids. Why? Right? Because it is yours if you can see sense, a little more intimate earlier obsolete, but you knew from the beginning. Almost at some point. You took a term where you like I'm funny and we get a we gotta work with it. I always always so there was funny and always thought that adds a sense of humour, and I was also able to laugh at myself right at the stupidity vote with all the idea that vision and the body as as how funny said, did you the oiled up We lose posing trunks new, sending up there stage in front of five days. And people to say. Look, I'm
most muscular man in the world. Is it so stupid or the minute did that The things tat you do know it's. It's thing. Is they examine having a golf ball and going to eighteen whores year and playing golf right away? and in what should we have? Ok, let's get this, now not only. I think you need the five. Let me take the wood and whatever the fuck em it is. They Take this stuff seriously. We all take this issue seriously and an end in a serious way, and I think this It makes the world go around the mix, it actually found life and we always will be kind of the kits in a way but yeah. I think, if you don't take yourself too seriously, did you ever like? Was there ever a did you, and so one ever talk about the stop or my mom will shoot that you know he. Could you tell that story about 'em up yeah? He actually mentioned it in his interviews and then people start we talked about it, but here and it in an interview
and people said asking me about it and days absolutely correct. I They set up, and you knew it was bad, so you told your agents, you didn't want to do it, but why is that at my age you know you kind of have to play maude. As you get killed, say everything. The age data is there for immediate silver, the method it sure did they can do but will blow it the answer you they couldn't really say them. It celebes lie because then he cause his agent who's, maybe his buddy here and then he will blow blow it all right. So I said that I make I'm somewhat interested in that, as it is that the ending is really spicy I. I think it could be really good, let's see would offer we get in if it's suitable call bag. Balls is here why volvo doesn't wanna, do it? Let him know that days already other people that, on top of that, like sylvestris and all, I would like to do it I said know please hold of down one he was
you know I want to have it I notice and as a well, maybe a delayed. If you don't get the cars back by then I said, don't call them I could listen to and then the next thing I know is they call me back as well. You waited too long now. Sly. Has you know so I will cook. I will now lead the slide. People know I want this so badly and it is such a great script and then they got it. They did the movie and with terrible. I was horrified I always knew that the directive could imported of edison directive than that with the programme when it comes to carmody share it made like. I was very Fortunately, it I've been redman. Yeah did twins diminutive kindergarten cop, I ain't. in open that everyone is fortunate. I was are because if you do have great directors We think about dinner, guys like it on big turnus heard the predator or to cameroon camera did the terminator
and terminated too and truly geyser so bodies. Oh yeah, he came over the mouse. Yes, there was over there. He was over there for two as the ash losing it. by these in our town movie. That is working. The nine lying avatar movies. Third one is, there is need doing like five at once with a few figures. without wow over long days movies a hot and people are interested in what is enough in the can begin to every six hundred tv series at an honest pvc is ever in over them, and I always love talking to him because he says smart about everything. yeah and as always, is funded thought we ve always been good about that Jimmy you, not somebody who you always seek the advice of people that you respect and we had more in my book. I talk about that. They noticed in the mirror, after you shut your mouth open your mind, it is one chopped and their because feel it is so important- and I remember an ivory
If it is the within, it came to america and beginning ryaku kind of learn. I had to kind of like shut up. just learn, how did the americans do business? How did you americans make money. He added the americans livia. How does it cod is adopted. It so different. The Andy the in europe- and so I have the kind of just be quiet, sit back. And just kind of observe, and that's what did of into school. I took device Joe reader, who brought with america the guided the published the muslim magazines boys that guy like I was fantastic. He was I go through promoter. he made me feel like body building. Is the high the thing in america when in it was not yet it no one knew what it was. It people always came up, demean americans is it a. you're ressler here you're bouncer, you football player, Have you ever thought about asking me if I'm a body builder a body bill. Oh,
oh yeah, right now- and I know never thought only eight says I knew I had to hire publicist to going publicize, neches myself, but the high the publicize body. Building because by both as one traditionally outgoing and didn't: do interviews with the press, they felt species of the press that the press will attack it will write. Bad knows it didn't really kick. So I had to kind of like hire. Publicists go out studying the burden we the skies. Dollar's gains in george bartlett do pumping out the book pay on and then eventually the documentary puppy pumping on and the move you stay hungry, which was about building and the one those kind of things we were doing in order to publicize body building now remember rolling stone magazine sent even the south africa riders and for dog over the end liebowitz. She did and down the photograph movement was winning the mist, olympian orders and
the seven page story in rome. Still magazine young window where the publisher and it'll be were very thankful that the web I did always hidden, saw body is what it was, which was a good sport, the investing sport and as such publicizing it then they became huge. And then in the seventies expire. odin in the eighties he got in the movies and all of a sudden in every here. I had to look like a must. Well, the guy with a heroic still there there's still a sort of different versions of bodybuilding, but you have to be ripped. You know, of course you have to be rip. Yeah he's all about size, definition, muscle separation and the perfection of the way you have created your body. It's like sculpting escaped, on yourself. What I've got. get some self acceptance around that you know I work out, but I'm not gonna do it. I can do your triceps thinking
this, should you see? Of course you did you notice right away, you very smart, because people didn't see you because the radio shop there by the amended. The fact is that I should discuss Did you have a striped shirts, yes and stripes automatically make the body look bigger, yeah? Well, that's and if you're fat yeah, I would always say that people don't wear stripes, which is where solid, colors and black are due. You have a very colorful sugar described here and that's why, ideally, you can see the tri state area. Yeah, I can see losing a blind eye, can see your rear deltoids popping up. I can see actual muscles. I see. Oh now, your flexing the lads look at their here. In the end, the causes and the surrounding a publishing out
what the hell is going on here. I have a higher body building closer video. Yes, I had a higher stylus to get the right shirt. I knew you were coming over. One wanted to know if he has a missoni shirt, the it's cheaper than that, but but it'll like going back. So my talk a little bit about how you ve shifted the way you see things yet you every good you're, not you, grew up with religion, Eden yeah, my mother livery made us. The judge every sunday here and then had religious, you know said in school in elementary school then, in high school and it's only addresses a kind of education was very What can be when the catholic school and but I have to say I was never big fan. Yeah come to church dinner began, I like it, but the funny thing is we do the same, We do any grew up when my kids were born. I went and dragged them to choose.
If gea in monica church every sunday- and religious holidays into christmas and audits of isa, who endured, judge days, never seen with the kids together. So that's what you do and but what about the god part I believe in god you do, oh believe in god, when did that happen I always did it she's dead, I'm not the big billy in a religion right or in the world, I should say I know that you have to have an organised religion order, the get organised here you have to build the judges here, endureth as amused and or that, but I just never. Was there into it amounts to go to church who ordered the leaving hasn't. So no now, leaving something nearby and I hope that this sum a higher power than they are creating odors and you, but you know it's said that the rest of it. I
I have not really gotten to believe in that area. As the main common sense at this point. Does me in a daze two days- maybe a heaven, but it's not the same way as with thank right. We will see each other right and we will be in the same form right nor the right now, but the those states, bulgaria, Heaven it is probably hell and off that. So did it easily be, but I may be- bisabolol see you up there. I say were let's hope so yeah, I'm saying right, but I think it would be great beef asking, if we all, then the eternal forever? Who see each other up? well? Yeah I mean that would be great. I I just don't see the yeah yeah, no, not yet, but then maybe someday we'll see if yeah he will no idea, but that some party, your drive, was
because you are so because there is no better a four percent self actual zation than body building and then there is this idea that, like you have given that you grew up with some chaos in you talk about. You have a sadness in that the post war, misery of of austria at the time and you're fired, there's torment and everything else and all the other meant that there was some way of of so actual icing and rising above the chaos ask. It seems, like you know, if, if I've read correctly that you're pretty charming diplomatic guy. Each. You try to make things okay, and I imagine that comes from your family run, I mean, I am a creation of kind of like he needs to survive right and giving you out the by yourself I mean I, I left austria minnows ninety five into germany and add to survive. Are you too you ve tried to figure out. You know it
out of personality personalities, a persona. Did you adopt right in order to get by right to survive and said to me was always carve legs through humor Sue having you know being able to laugh things off and the boy what casual, yet to be more accepting the inclusive and seven the kind of things it helped me to get through life and the rules Talk about in the book in order, be open, minded, to listen to people to learn rather than just talk. They belong much moment. We listened them and we talk nor otis stuff, I figured out and having a very clear vision will help me right from the beginning. Was it had a vision a clear vision of what I wanted to do. Is I wanted be a body building champion. I saw myself as Mr universe, like ridge potter, Sharon's steve reads, the guys did work hercules movies that I saw in those days. So I that answer that
without chased really and the It was the motivating force. It is those things gave me discipline it made. The thing can make me enjoy working out five? as a dane Jim the because so many people don't enjoy what they're doing then enjoy their work. Remember that aid Seventy eight percent of the people in america hate their jobs here so. I never hated with regards to, like you know, you got to a level there's like that famous quip. Are you talking about how you know you're coming all the time that you know yeah? Who doesn't want that, so in not everybody's going to get to that level where you're, just so you know, raped, and you can feel the blood pumping into your veins and woody. It was almost like an addiction I would imagine while, but neither did I I, a good lime, yeah cause those those you have to understand that. When I was embody building in america here, air in the early seventies I was always very upset about the fact that his Joe name if
And odious simpson or disguise big football, and there in the paper and on television every day here over me,. I say, I'm as great a myspace. As they are in their sport to define it is sport you do had to by the day is defined as a support than others is worth but that even chest players and Bobby fisher here and at an end and dora asking both buzzy when they were competing, they were in the media everywhere and its people were debating, is chest. Rudeness bought me up. There is nothing to do with it. It has to do with that that in america. Football was huge. Everyone watched it So the stars got a lot of attention. They got a million dollars then already commercial, mere we got nothing. I d go the bricklaying jobs is to make money and to make a living so as as it was a totally different ballgame. So to me it was kind of like I had to kind of think about
How can I get headlines yeah? How can I did? did the media? Can I get into magazine so it's it was to come up with. Outrageous statement. Ok, I said to myself: if I go and they say a pump, is better than coming here, people What did he say this guy's really odd, that we should have him on our show? Okay, so that's how it got on tv. So you want me to say that on tv I didn't give a shit. I'd say that left and right as a year as I pump I pump in the morning a pump and after a pump of uneven, so I'm coming day and night in things like that. It was, is that this guy's great for t v fiascos great, let's interview him. So then the l a times did an interview with me. They call me the babe ruth of bodybuilding, so that's how I got into popular But then there was a lot of guys in Jim's waiting for the coming. They just with the view and lead them so people invented the Jim and is ever this great. I'm a minute joined the Jim. If that's the case, our that
the gym s eyes at dinner. when they came to complain that the problem you have not yet learned how to pump up. You must threat It's been really into it. There has to be inside the bicep hair it'll be inside your chest when you pump have to kinda just go through the motion air, so you will never come here where you're going as if this is like hopeless anyway. So then I and then is that it really getting serious about working out and getting the pie been searching for the pump. When did you start to? I guess was it around the out when you became a bigger business, investing in real estate? When did you become sort of politically activated in terms of wanting to be involved in in politics would have been much later, but a look. I was very interested in learning about it. When I started dating maria remember laid seventies, she did mound the washing condemn the meta, whereas I went up to hang asked what an order itself-
and then, when I was hanging out with them, they always talked about policy here and about solving problems rather than get better. Education is whether we do with after school programmes. How do we create more praise cool brow. You know. Galva programmes by government takes care of the priests caused severe parents. Can drop of tickets have in the good work If so, I listen to all those things it. I thought it was kind of like some. did I have never thought about. How do we solve other people problems together was it was kind of like thinking about having mound problem about combating ya? Try sets. How do I become the biggest bodybuilder, the most famous body, but how can I get into movies? How can I be totally sought after when it was, it was kind of look first to build itself in order to ever do help others so
you having a knowledge of always thinking that you have that after first build myself builders of but now a hearing, the shriver near entities talk about always in a hurry bing, other people and stuff, I says I thought this very attractive. I thought great to start thinking about that so ice. the thing about it. Then I got involved in special olympics and then so becoming the international coach of special olympics travelling. The world promoting special olympics, and then eventually I started you know president bush's irma remember ninety ninety appointed me to be the german the president's council on fitness. What did you have a party affiliation at that time? There was always a republican nose, but with all the kennedys around you, you know how did you fundamentally clash with that? What was your point of contention with democratic policy versus republican, but there was no clash you're supposed to have two different philosophies. I mean they did
complained that I like the white kind and maybe like the black car night, and I like players it in the leg. The wide sees us so, there's no reason for arguing. I just did a different way. Looking at things than they are which was fundamentally. Why fundamentally conservative because I come from a social is the country, so the me that risk illegal acts are you the fiscal conservative me The console law info My concerns are surely conservative. Now what in some areas, but not in other areas like, for instance, I always felt kind of like ok person, I'm nuts, for abortion here, but would I be the one that is saying to people that you cannot have a bush. No, of course not half, as is that people should choose for them. those where I want to do so, and it said my I can have my philosophy, but it doesn't mean that have to force it and someone else so so I was I was very open, minded about those things and I think america help me. to be socially more in the centre and more
said the boy and the princess. I come from a country where I saw the first black pearl, when it was nineteen. Think about that. I never grew up with bag person here so now I come over here, the america, so I had the kind of educate missive about the history. but black, so the imo with slavery- and this gives us and to fight for it follow the being for equality and then the realizing, how to got into this trouble in the first place, with hitler. The second world war, how they made up the jew snuff to anyone who was not like them in and so then assume as it were, dead was the wrong direction. Go like my father was part of that and does so I they wanted to do his. I wanna be a different generation and our be a generation of inclusion and accepted maybe one kind of vague and praises themselves and each other and the kind of guy The cuts in republicans alike, respect everybody, but have own philosophy, but
we'll be able to work with the other side. Let me let me ask you a question, because it was sort of like something and know. Maybe you don't answer it, but he you know the way you characterize your childhood postwar. your fathers and the men of your father's generation? that there is a lot of guilt and anger and shame and better You think that it was equally divided between people that fell bad for what they were included in and also people who were pissed off. They lost the war. Absolutely Some of them that didn't believe in ITALY and they were embarrassed, they were ashamed of the there and a pissed off that this happened in first by right, then it was the other half dead were pissed off it. Lost the war here, and then they were drunk all diamond. They were no kind of him pain because they were in the war and my the fences yet shrapnel moving around in his body. He had been. surgery and of the broken back, and he had consequently had malaria. So what sub some those at night and screaming and
that says it was like in the only way they could cope with or of that stuff is by drinking. so sometimes cinema dad would come home drunk Friday night, specially an end of the week. He had drunk and then he would just scream all night long and the ill says mac us around notice of the immediate was sir it was they get there, in so I wanted to kind of like be the next generation and the show to people that within one generation you can actually oh and say? No Never again, this we're gonna go in a different way. this generation is gonna, go in a different direction we're gonna, go and be inclusive and and in our first wife, have to say that I grew up with a jewish mentor, to me the waiter we d, was a good guy banana gerstein they? When I was fifteen years old
he was a catholic and a jew here. So it was officially was a catholic just to get the better. In austria the many was a jewel and so he told us braised everything we did: guy gas, dumbbells and and books to study and always kind of like tat, Does that have to be a smart as we are strong and in a minute is strong really, so this guy was a guy who who pat he he said he was catholic, but wasn't we're in. He also said he was. He was a jew, but was easier. It was a ditto officially his high. He went loaded hiding there. He just went through the catholics, the church and also into the synagogue. So many you just did both because he was married to a catholic woman, so he did come but I think you think about the Jews as they put a premium on education, is that yeah? That was the way they are thus was. It was fantastic here because you have to understand that. I was so in awe of him, saying I'll do the run around with a book of plato here and ask
This is why this is because later was the one who talked about sound mind. Sound body is, You should study that air. Why did he say that? What did he mean by that? There should be reading about that? Every day is remembered that be choose have been taken. Everything in history is. Is it was thousands of years ago that the governing from us, hundreds of as he goes through everything and just recently in the second world war, they dig into everything from us. So what did we do to do to kind of fight that we started the game? intelligence. We started educating ourselves, we, stressed it our young, get kids to everybody, education, education, education, learning, Larry. I says why, because no one can steal your brain. No one still you knowledge from you so make sure to all have knowledge and distress, and so do that's how I grew up. It was with the age of fifteen of seeing someone talk to me. sense into me
The calm way, someone Did I might some of that I loved because he did got trophies. For the weightlifting competition yeah. He had the sun there studying medicine laid on, and indeed a prominent docked in Austria knows so say he was kind of the first sky dead. I kind of newgate was church and the size of if we are the same yet as it that's the way I looked at it and so from that point on and then embody building everyone competing at that same stage? Blacks and whites, in chinese and japanese in india. It isn't that does it, everyone was treated equally, so I learned also closure and kind of acceptance and being everyone the same value, yet I was wonderfully ouida Joe ouida was, of course was a jew that actually brought me to america and Ben we his brother. They would they. Very open about this ban.
A u in the old days in america. A prejudice like hell, and they did not lead to any a? U member win them america. Competition with loud throws yet black per year so only whites one year so guys they sergio your liver. There was, it's better than the white guy was and you know harrowed pool, beaten by verne viva in nineteen sixty three? They because was black, so did and came to the b b, which was weeders organisation and the weakest treated everyone with respect and equally and therefore, the federation that I joined them so you get going in politics. You know I was watching some stuff, and I know what your concerns are now you know, who I mean you're still is a civil servant no public advocate for what you believe in.
by your the alignment because climate. Change is a big concern for you, and more pollution, right. More so because climate change there is is kind of like it It's the result of a pollution. consider everywhere, but pollution became viper. All of those other problems by me. But what I'm trying to figure out like, given your pay, your position as as governor and as a political thinker, you, you aligned yourself pretty early on with milton Friedman and the another jew the idea of free market and then the free market system, which is still operative, became sort of untethered and regulations broke down and there's really no way to separate the free market. Pollution on some level? Have you did your ideas around policy in terms of that war? until you right now that. Days a lot of money. They can
made in a green energy sector, and we, but if one you have shown that I mean when they say we can't get of oil, because this would be terrible for in our economy as the biggest bullshit I've ever heard, because in california we started to get off oil and we started building solar, yeah Aristotle, building the hydrogen highway we build. Battery bands and also tesla. but the tesla started at the date, had been the first factory up in the bay area and the in the bay area be when I was gonna, be got them the plant and now tesla is then number one in the richest auto company in the world, oh dear, devalues over three hundred billion dollars, reach all of the com and the factors together gather don't have their value yeah. That's how
which there does how much money they have and it's how valuable their they have been building cars for a little bit over twenty years. So this is shows to you green, yet building green. Does only electric cigars, you still, it is huge. It's a huge explosion. Economic either have tesla, and it is building, our solar plans ended people have literally left the oil fields in bakersfield and gone. go instead. Building solar panels and stuff like that. We have. I as does the governor, the million soya ruefully initiative at this program. Babby of a syllable Debbie build a million sort of in just a few. As you go, we build the media, millions, solar, roof, yeah. Imagine that out energy that creates so I think, action is between democrats, and republicans my god love. Renewable energy? don't ask me why this is a democratic and republican issue, because that's really stupid
it's because you more for lobbyists non oda has nothing to do it because you can cooperate. You can have cooperation the bills, abandoned still, it is, nothing with it is just ideologically some They feel that there is no climate change and days rudy no threat to the climate and the temperature has noticed that conservatives feel, and I dont know why I gotta tell you what's inside the brain by them in the bottom line, is: it is what it is, that's what the rather than euro is said in his move is what it is we just true Therefore I say: ok, you a crowd law renewable energy I fallen, both so. I may fall into the lab liberal side in the conservative side when it comes to their does it, he loved the the, renewable energy, so we have the twenty percent of renewable energy america. Let's up, that renewable energy to forty percent, which
if we add a hundred percent more renewable energy right from twenty to forty per in nuclear power. We have twenty percent of it. We create twenty percent of of clean energy nuclear power, let's up dead from twenty send to forty percent. Just like we re able and now we have an increase of around two percent of nuclear power. Now, if all the eighty percent of clean air in america The republicans like that the nuclear power idea Democrats like the renewable, that's The deal is, and I guarantee it down the lands where the deal with either go make it in time a day. A definite will be in time. Absolutely ok, we're running out of time. Ok, let me tell you something we're these did that environmental is always talk about their be running out of time, a notice of it. We will be running out of time there. wouldn't go and slow down windmill building and solar plan building with bid
emitting process, as in they who, for years, to get the permits and also a bunch of nonsense. It is really an emergency. That's cool! cut orders permitting process, I think, is a hammer to go into the building or decisive. You think they're permitting initiative its it, though it's a primitive issue, but in you cannot have it both ways. He cannot screamin once I as an emergency and then another said hoarding up this kind of project, We know, for instance, that the more free ways: they'd we build and the more lanes we build the lesters traffic jam, but that didn't you worried, as is the biggest where we did We know why, even when I was governor, be built eleven billion dollars worth of infrastructure still an hour to get to santa Monica better to be as as free, because government is always thirty years behind so we should be having does freeways. They d have now. But this isn't about them. Thirty years ago now we should have three times as much so that the point I made yet the liberals have to understand and
environmentalists have to understand, they didn't the cut down on pollution, be after got down on traffic jams, is the traffic jams? The more you go slow with the cause like that, and you start when you go and stop new debts its position, bureaucracies men have to go and get rid of the traffic jams by building. A free and what lanes and the only way we can do that is to get the cuts, the permitting process to be faster with So they begin look at this hour. Speed rail since the aid is, we ve been talking about high speed rail in california and still not done. But what is this? Is it because of the way the laws work and data, they move at the restrictions to the problem in process in what do you think, by way of homeless, Do you think the homeless was created by the homeless? There were people that just walked out and said, I want to be homeless, no was created by government like ronald reagan, always that government,
the biggest problem and the biggest obstacle, which is true who cry, added the homeless issue. It was the people for not giving you permits to build more apartment buildings, so they held back on that. I dunno. If that's true, though, because it has to do with jobs asked to do with class, it has to do with no opportunity here. But what do you think the opportunities come if you're going to build all of a sudden, a million more homes or million more condominiums, a million, while also having to give them a a safety net for a living, Take this summer survive I mean you can't just give people living in need. There is a home for these people to be We cannot afford a home anymore when you have a limited amount of homes that is the value of homes goes up because, as a limited amount right now, in santa Monica, studio costs, three thousand dollars of one bedroom cost. Four thousand does too bedroom cause. Five thousand does who can afford
but there is also the but did the same thing. You time permits the lack of regulation and also to the housing bubble right. But this, I am saying, is regulations improved by regulating, viewed you needed, but not to go to the extent that your hoard up there was. a believe in the eighties. But it very well by not building who mean, the people will move moved to California. We don't want an explosion in California, so, let's not build. That's her create the infrastructure for food Two generations we have forty, fifty million, do they came anyway. The forty the people here it. When I came to this country there was eighteen million people now there, forty million they came anyway, even though they had restrictions, even though that the permitting down there but tough and permitting the regulations notice of the issue of joy. open it up to the free market, the Moreover, the people want to have a problem, as the more you the parliament's then he would have kept the value down reminded, would have been affordable right now
poor guy, that is making fifteen hundred dollars a month. How can you for the two thousand dollar apartment? It pretty kinda the voice of the free market doesn't stop uncovered greed say there free markets always going to be exploited to you can't always trust the private sector is on the problem, and I know you can go and work on that but not unstopping, to build. They have stopped to built? So now we are short of a million apartments. If we would have a million apartments more the prize we'll come down, although in our learned in jars, millions of jobs to build- those buildings. Are you kidding me took the city. knows they made a mistake, the environmentalist snow. They made a mistake and now they have to just corrected. The question is, Can the same minds remember with einstein said the same mind that created the problem cannot solve it. So that is the case, can the same mind in los angeles oil, in sacramento or in any other
big cities that created the problem- Can they also there's also easier than drugs mental illness, bad health ere, you got it all. You can throw all of this in the end, the bag in order do devalue. The mist it did were made in the eightys and ninetys about the building enough building. The fact still is lay has done. A horrible job in planning in planning on transportation in planning on building tunnels and bridges in planning on housing and all this stuff. And remember no one held anyone back to create work. can clinics their people, can go the addicted. You can go and get help in autism, medical and orders of is all available it, this is what it's all about his. When you run a city, you have to know Those kind of things and you Look at it in a political way in democratic way, oil republican way damages
The republicans have to work together to solve those problems. How as were you to being the presidential nominee I could not even run for, but as there is an actual movement to yale behind the illusion that it takes two thirds of the states and two thirds of votes in congress, to go into instead, they attitude says, is dead, The priority right now the browser appointment. Do you know, it's like every the day it was a do in america. Because of america. I mean think about the korea, think about the life have had No one in the world has this kind of life. No one here I can guarantee and its was all possible because of amerika because of the generosity in america because political system, its democracy and because the greatest country in the world and the most opportune
so I saw at first hand, and so I'm not gonna complain about the only job that I cant do we just, Be president obama. Arnold cannot run for president of the united states. Feel sorry for you are, none is they're gonna happen, So I see the, I'm always dear, to be supportive to an them, gotta get administration or report Again, administration makes no difference. I want to help to make Erica stay number one. It's inside your genuinely afraid of the possibility of fascism here After the statement you made every made is January thing that I can to support them. proceed to make sure that we are going in the right direction because it what you know personally just do it democracy very vulnerable. not only in america, but the old world wide
I mean you see what's happening. I know yeah this right when guys get the length and, in all of a said, the rights away and In israel, rail, the situation now answer That is, is alarming. I think that we should be aware of it and we talk about it. All the time- and I think that I'm gonna happen in amerika. I dont think its. I think that we are going to protect our democracy and I have great hopes for america because it still the number one country in the world, of course, and and what have you learned from you know your personal humiliation in terms of how that affected. The way you think about your life and in years, your sensitivity, other people, you having takes up your mistake publicly in our you know. I don't think there is any effect than that not now be good. Look aimed first one
from the time. I was a kid. I knew that I do great things and also screw. yeah, and I think that, as I grew up that happen, and then this a good order that happen and the and then at one point it really happen to really and extend where it caused me. My marriage and so I dont think, The dead changed me as a person other then it day, you know you can't take the toothpaste and put it back in yeah, you know so that doesn't work so you have to then deal with that, and I think to me the most important thing was that I recognise that it was only my fault here that there was no fight we're in the family. My wife was just too a victim of it than the innocent bystanders, and that I then book with her very closely to raise Alex
cs so there's no effect than our kids there's a there, to think. But the way I look, the world because it was always a very generous prisoner was always very giving person. I was supposing that felt their days, has to be a great the nation of in a dig you yourself and building, on korea and in order, at the same time, in a about the neighbourhood, and you stayed the city you country nea and gives him back that that also answer that was always kind of my taken. My philosophy is how you get along everybody, great everything. Together. They have agreed His relationship with my ex wife have a great relationship. I ran kid now refer disillusioned with the grandkids gamble, with the house regularly how the horses in the dog was is and donkeys hid the pig spinelli and dogs in its duchy,
noodle. All of them are just doing fine still vegan and I never was a vegan. Oh, I was a you're right. I was potvin I always said today: that's not really do not know what it means is reduced my maid intake by seventy percent. I iraq summit, meaning that they have maybe once a week, a stay. Or as need slovenian, as I am aware that button throughout the week I the vegetable, maybe that was because they were cholesterol, spaceboat, elevated Jim Cameron. Here you know the director who were so friend of mine, so key and I talked about it than to day- he just felt very strongly that it has to the when venue eat less meet environmental case no media, but in my case less meat it is as number one did, the effect that it is healthier for you body here.
Your heart of using less inflammation in the body, and they have to do this a bit but in a plunge, pool cynthia called pool you as the I dont because I just eat less meat, yeah animal products of side. we'll put at an end and that also environmentally thirty, eight percent, twenty Eight percent of the pollution comes from raising livestock from caviar. His usual was uncovered by them and by raising their dark ladder, and so we could better than that by eating less meat. So that's the idea. Might Girlfriend had an interesting question. I just wanted to ask was your time when you were learning English, where people who were in the room with you were speaking candidly thinking. You didn't understand, but you did understand. well yes, I think that I have to say that the americans can reflect very odd about all this stuff here,
because they are very accommodating air in understanding when you a former yeah and wouldn't spell it out for you and your I explained in the area, and this is what it means in order that kind of stuff and but did the other hand I wanted to get in the movies they made very clear them is america's, unlike the here, for Accents is a leading man. Air his people have had terrible time. And always is, was impossible for any one could become a leading man with an accent. Is it in it? It's not gonna happen to you. it's gonna be successful with that, and so They felt very strongly that people felt that people one of the young people doglike chow, wayne leg, clean the eastward org- bronze nobody. I am brown, the right or whatever, but not you know like yeah
klaus, maria braun dollars a minute ago, but you made your own version of it. You guys have the mexican guy next door. Just did your lines. I introduced him, but that is exactly what about in the book again, is sell, sell cell. So I believe that if I want to be successful in america, not just rebuilding, but in general peep I have to go and become familiar with my accents. And so I started doing in the seventies, hundreds of tv, The views and hundreds of radio interviews so that everyone in america has my accents and then eventually became so accepted. They even had a hans in france. I know you're inside the then layer come along and they were
it cousins, said yeah yeah yeah. He you to look for uncle honored yoga and while we are looking fine glad, we we're here to pump you up here in l a and your little girly man with your flava lunch around the waist. Look at you, I'm going to yup and throw you survey, the air zealand in the old baby boom is. This was gonna get dialogue and it was on areas. Msf, that's when you have arrived at people now on saturday, life biggest common is show in the world has now to character there the imitating max here and exaggerate here. So I started exaggerating the exaggerations. I was like really funny. I send a man the show here and they need to be than I was this show that showed the promote twins. I remember as became all very good friends and be almost to a movie. about how to enhance ivy. I ending,
fine. I know your uncle honour exactly so now I dare to wrap it up. You feel you to eat your voice. In in the public. Conversation is important eu any and in what. You feel your responsibilities at ya outside of the book, which is fundamentally self help book. But what do you feel ear? Civic responsibility is right now. I continue doing everything that that did ass governor. I continue Heading for a clean environment ice, then you fighting for did education for everybody, for after school programmes for health care, for everybody, a home for everybody. I mean all those issues. I fight through this what's nega institute, and you will see and we have the environmental conference in vienna every year will bring political parties from all different sectors together from
the green party, the the conservative party, the socialist party and everyone will bring together the show, the people that it doesn't have to be look at bigger issue. And orders of. So you know I I I just feel pretty, which to them am able to continue on doing my work in big policy and giving something back to the community. But at the same time recognize the fact that more and more people look at me as a motivator The two motivational speeches here and talk into the right motivational auditors and its if have the noose, led to be a motivational force. the internet, when everything is negative, to have something positive out there and That's why I was who wrote this book because their everyone felt like hey wide, just talk about. Let's go and put those points in those tools that we always talk about: let's put them the guy the into one book and into a book
motivational book, may you tell people here either who's that I use than tat. I discovered in my life. They made me successful. Ok, Well, it was an honour talking to you, but I think you will find a doctor. You ok, where you ve hunger. The hang out with good think I might make, tries worker right right. You guys jackie hours in the causes, that everything is pumping out, but my shirt back on I think that when all right- and I gotta a it was. It was there. I've met many people and talked to many people here who are unlike anybody else, and it's always kind of amazing, the book be useful. Seven tools for life is available. Now. Please hang out four minute way.
ok so to hear what I was thinking right after arnold left, the garage you can get my debrief with brendan as part of this week's full marin bonus episode beyond that he was he's a governor or a movie star. He just fuckin arnold, we are, you could see it from the duty were working. Next door is a day. They had no context other than you know that guy is in the movies that way, my dear. He is that guy yeah I've never experience at with anyone else other than danny trio, specifically and in a mexican neighbourhood, but but there is an elevation to what they rep yo to the feeling of of excitement because of what he represents. You know, when I was doing marin that day with tray home, we're in ireland, parker mean if for coming out in windows. There much change and it was sort of the same thing like these guys next or could not fucking, believe that I could see because when you really got a strained to work through the lattice,
I set out to guide the guys I just like bugged out of his heavy and ultimately we couldn't believe it. He couldn't even process it and all this guy, got a fucking do is say, I'm back yard, and yet the people lose their minds. Yes, amazing. They love it, but you know I do too because any time he was doing that thing, that, with eddie hangs on its like waiting for welfare to do something funny as soon as our old does any of those lines of our air tries to be funny in any way it so spit ethically his its guy, was it's cool. to get all the weekly bonus. Episodes in all w e f episodes ad free sign up by clicking the lincoln the episode description or go w g of pod dot com, work on w e, F, plus next week, Judas priest front man rob how is on Monday and then double header with doug stand, hope and louis cat on thursday now. I will try to play some guitar.
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