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Episode 501 - Vince Vaughn

2014-05-28 | 🔗
Marc and Vince Vaughn take the stage in front of a live audience in Nashville, Tennessee, as part of The Wild West Comedy Festival. They get into Vince's upbringing, his show business career, sports, parenting, improv comedy, Jon Favreau, rejection, failure and the best Western movies.

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What we do, and this really great bore it. We do in this way or what the boy, what you'd be in its, also withdraw. What's wrong with it for a job, you D, what body? Fourteen years, what the fuck you see? z, wild west comedy. First of all, Yes, I dont body everything all right, so what we're gonna do here, if you're into a show we're going to do it, though I don't usually do one on ones in front of a live audience. So this is only the second time. I've done this, Vince come out here and a while. I don't have any of you hurt the first time I attempted a one on one interview live, but that was
Jeffrey tat bore animal. Thirty minutes that we're just fucking crazy. You go back and listen to that one the most uncomfortable life situation. I've ever been part of Eventually he loosened up, and I realized it was his like. He was having fun fucking with me and making. uncomfortable? I don't think vince will do that, I talked him downstairs. I've only met him once he's a large man. Surprisingly tall than swan new, very charming, so I'm excited to have allowed here not, but not before. I ramble on just enough for you guys. Go I gotta camp as already live. No, I want to say I'm happy to be in nashville. I come here fairly often I like being here, I would move here if there is anything for me to do
Well, I don't know if I could give you. I could live your comfortably, but I imagine two or three times year be like going to interview. Jacobite again, there's a few things you didn't say the last time it is. These close by I guess a lot of people live here, who s who lives here who call kidman lives here, of course, is the deal right. but neither one of em are really from country. Are they. You guys, just let that happen. I see a very open minded. With the outsiders if they're the right color. Oh shit, did he. Play the rays card in our fucking home. I did. I'm sorry that I got the I know you're all progressive people who well, who just want to put that behind you. I am not judging nashville or the south or any of it. I am. I am full on into it now. Oh, I had my first goo goo cluster,
are you wearing that gives you think their wonderful just because you ate them as a child. What is it? Do you ever yeah they're pretty good and in I think I've been watching too much road network. I think they're missing at a crunch element, I think, like I'd like to maybe suggested google cluster with a little cookie, and there are something- is wrong. Listen to this there's a fuck! sucking silence in here. I just the offended. I just said something bad about your parents. Do clusters are off limits? There is no room for improvement there. so you can say whatever you want another rachel dynamics of this out, don't fuck with me! who clusters. It's our regional candy as all This is a very this exciting about you not have. These is google cluster pic I gotta go google cluster guitar pick did even though they existed. This might be I point of my entire time here.
Do request your guitar back. I have one fuck ya'll. How do you know where they came from? There are just two sitting: there wasn't like there's a bunch of them. They just left him out I'm undefined like me, and go like no fuckin way. A google Mr guitar pick that's ridiculous. I want one knows what it's worth money that your first lot buddy. I bet ya, get three dollars for yeah but for the Google cluster guitar pick, the guy's gonna be a real Google cluster had to look want that thing, though we made more of a man. I got two thirty a bit of panic Look, I know already listen to my show some you're here for four. You know cause. You know me, and I appreciate that banda I'm trying. Thank you and I know what you're thinking like hey man, everything's going good for you. Why so fuckin whiny?
I don't think I'm whiny, but I am finding that I'm a bit aggravated and I can't figure out. Why have you ever had that happen? I couldn't be happier about my life right now, but yet I wake up in the morning and I just want to be pissed off Like I I don't know what that is. I have to fix that because you can't be doing well in life and run around going like fuck that, because people are going to be like no fuck you, what do you have to complain about, but I think there is some part of my brain that wants to be angry. That is just looking for an opportunity case in point I dunno what's happened to me, I dunno, if it's my age or what, but I can't leave my house without forgetting at least two things I dunno when that happened, but I'll get I'll get out of my house, get a quarter mile away and I'll be like fuck, my pants, but not that bad yet, but I am prepared for it. So
what happens. This is just like. This is anger. I don't understand, because I know that I clearly want to be angry and I'm trying to find the appropriate place to do it. So I leave my house, I just I well here's what happened. I got up and made a nice cup of coffee put effort into it. You know I I put effort into coffee. I got a cone, I poured through it's a ritual, so I made this beautiful cup of coffee. I put it in my stupid travel mug. It was all ready to go get into my car. I get down my hill about a quarter mile, mike yeah coffee, fuck, no coffee. By now. a normal person at that moment. Would it turn their car around in driven back up the hill to their home? Not what I did. I chose them. Back up. The hill angrily Forty miles an hour. There are cars, pope parked on both sides and I'm just like fuck that, driving like a madman up that hill didn't hit any cars. I made it and there's that moment where you do something stupid like that for no fucking reason and you pull it off you're like hell yeah. I just did that.
Any cars I fucking nailed? It I nailed my stupid anger display I'm proud of myself, proud, I ain't even need a coffee after that might need a coffee, I'm jack. dump your rage, so that happened. Canada is just cause, was vulcan cool Who is it my garage? I tweeted actually gets us amino fuckin billy gibbons was Michael. Are you kidding me meant what kind of life of my living I live in a two bedroom. One bathroom house like a cabin. With a shitty garage in fuckin. Billy gibbons is sitting there in my garage with his beard and hat fuck. Anyone who doesn't like Zz top can go fuck themselves.
As a fine way to open a show. I know some of you who are a little younger. Like I dunno the beards I dunno how bout before the beards. Once you go back a little bit alright to the real shit fucked up beards, listen, a tray, sombre the why myself zizi topic they need to sell records work if you do any after. This shall please help, the fellows in Zizi top guys, there's a public service? Are they only made a billion dollars and their hurting, nor, I believe, needs some sort of tremor and I'm going to be a deniz tomorrow, night, there's still tickets, understanding No, hey you personally that not sold out at seven o clock on friday. I know it's a weird time with it competing with lily nelson fuck, I'm here knowing the show and I'm gonna go see well in. I should interview him I wonder if he would be a good interviewer here, just be sort of high. Let's find out, I be high,
I don't do that anymore, but like way that beware when I re lapse for willie like every like, if you'll talk to me I taken here and now The entire conversation we like does my facebook weird, and I call it my call willie. there's really good shit. They have this when I quit smoking this stuff is, guest in the shoot. Please welcome to this stage. Vince Vaughn, ladies and gentlemen, areas walking the ilo from wedding crashers front swingers from the break up from everything that is media, MR vince Vaughn, not in any hurry. take your time. See events, I'm very good. Thank you very much.
you're not like a beauty clean and you try to make that momentum dirty dumay. I guys I love the way it felt I asked for its bite. I told them. Maybe he needs whites, he's doing the walk right. You ve, tall man. You know, you are quick as a whip. Yes, I can see this is already like I'm already linking deep inside our you're going to I'm circus time circumstance I my first time they had no idea can most movie stars are tiny there like a size, aren t there saying this. While my god, you work with a lot of guys. It that's all like the events that work and just put on your lap. he's a giant in so many ways. It's hard to I never look at them that way easy. Alright, I'm not going to sit here and throw ben under the bus as a gentleman. You've done this with Ben right. I have in my garage you're very insecure. He was over complementary. You know when someone's over complementary, like This is a great garage. Is Japan? Really, I know your house must be huge each other. I dealt with it. Ok, yeah, why c mon. You see why this is
be about may add enough. He knew that I'm down. I need you to help me. I love you are just the great arise, What are we doing here? I thought that's what that's a good question, what what brought you to nashville? Why Nashville, while always live the nashville and for me, you know there is always these. I kind of got into this different way where I had friends who were stand up comedians, and so I started doing these really shows- and you know, I'm at the oda disorder- help them kind of get started, meaning help comedians Johnny some sally. I somehow yeah there's funny in than theirs. I mean we ride the line underneath all funny as what say it Sam okay, thank you guys, good night, I don't think we're going get me father so anyway. So I started these. These variety shows in doing these things and having fun. I got to travel around and I really want from the south to do a show, there doesn't seem to be as many comedy festivals are always kind about north,
this is a hell of a city in a lot of fun. I've always been a big fan of the music and country music and how you huge country, music idea, who your guys we're like dwight yokels goes like any chechnya allowed in the light of the new guys it or that are doing stuff that are great so about the old get crazy. Once George Jonah, Now the possum no show johns He will always have that story like how they gave me took his license away in the EU. I am like he would drive, is trust due the bar. And in a way I just kind of thought that guys I liked the work ethic going to stop O'Brien. Not going to that is I like that you take the tractor from me why you're computer rejected having now my wife, my wife grew up on a farm she's driven, combine, really yeah, but
I my grandfather was a dairy farmer, but I never I I would. I was never a part of that activity. If you will, he was a dairy farmer, he was. Did you visit the farm? I did so you play. Why is that such a dirty foreign thing to you? What was that about? It's like it's like a well that doesn't exist. There's all those farms all throughout the country. I understand the hillbilly thing works both ways. You know the people vote and this and that and grow up with that. I understand: that's. Ok, let's be, let's be open, minded to share. Why can't we grow? I'm trying? I am too so. Did you I'm going to walk down the aisle again coming back but really mean it's like? I think it's important to get a sense of who you are. Did you did you milk know? You didn't know milking know you went Your grandfather's dairy farm, you, like I'm, not touching, I was young it wasn't. There wasn't like that. I remember I I came in from the suburbs and there was a it was his his farmers in ohio. in brewster, ohio, smaller tat. There was a lot of amish that lived around there on a shared I had they are finding out
go into the reality shows now. The leverage and people write what they do, What is that thing called on, although homage mafias that would have a serious step around toes people get pushed around here sabotage? The only no they're common, though, if they're at the door, you kind of know it's not a mystery who's out at the door to the amish was rife. Is that thanksgiving is the amish, the amish or the cos? It's it's one of the that's right, yeah slight difference in language but says But the heron otherwise require very close by thinking, has seen him can drive now on fridays, but usually three days they got. There was so discuss Judy a man amish data, we ve gone very far. We're just getting started started the reduced so you're at the amish farm amish, not you. I remember. I remember. I just study the pilgrims and pilgrims in thanksgiving, and I was maybe us about five- maybe kindergarten but anyway we were driving a car and I was we were done behind a horse and carriage and everyone was dressed like and we know the amish and how they do with the black and white which in new york
the great style choice, but this was you know, and I ve ever saying, like I'm, it's a joke about the pilgrims or something like we were supine these pilgrims. My dad got so damn mad at me. Pull the car over these. Like you, don't know those people don't make fun of me. Amman really got mad at me, which was a good lesson, but I didn't know. I just had never seen anything like it before kind of like when you started making fun of shit earlier. But when went up to the farm. It was a big deal because they were had a little bit of cattle and they had to. They had to rent the grip, the fence out and stuff to kind of let us in and my dad had go there and work in the summers, but I I only went up there two or three times it kind of made an impression on me, but I was too young, I never I was there working or any rights. He didn't get that experience, no farm experience, no, no, no just kind of got to look at the animals and say grandpa that! Well I don't talk grandpa talk that much with the cares. Little betty joke allow, but recent. Maybe they are going to talk to you, you get. Excited he was. He was working.
Your mail and he was a farmer played like semi pro baseball was an athlete in that and I ve ever they. These homemade cookies and he said to make I wasn't there will show you. I, like my grandfather notice me Kids, he said: hey versus shies events, you'd like one them cookies, come up here on them cookies, excited that he talked to me. I was thrilled to grab the cookies, but I'd hated the cookie I didn't like the cookie at all, so Let me in kind of weird spot because I wanted him to notice me some more so I took the cookie like astrid you know one little kids play hide and seek the like put their head behind a curtain, but ass will be sticking out, I always laugh like they. You fool, because they can't see when I took the cookie and I dropped it. It was like a little rug thing. I put it under that my kind of stamped out and stood on, and I felt like that's good like how the cookies god so I grab another cookie, and then he like these, oh yeah, see he was a shy. He loves those cookies but our villages.
I can't noticing me: why did this about three or or tat. So I know what I laughed he had to turn. You know for the rest of the family. Gonna have been secured psychotic through the vortex cookies and stops autumn, underneath the rug My father s, my that's my that's great, aren't story that when the direction I could never have expected a threat that is there okey story as the cookies, but would you grow up? I grew up outside of chicago in buffalo grow within like forests to suburbs of the said. How far from sugar but then both of them within an hour yeah and my brothers and sisters. I had two older sisters really yet so just you and two girls me into the It is your plus my verbal skills picked up. I know I have a brother. I have no context to you. You had to learn. They were older too. They were five or six years older than me wow.
I beat you up, they'd mentally, destroy you. You have learned to survive like kids. They were very close when you're, younger brothers and sisters can be a little rough on each other eaten up by women. Well, it got smacked around by some late he's a timer to show that at yeah we have I close my sisters and I were very closely and with what can it not younger, but as you get older they get yet it gets easier in europe. Anger in your five years younger. They want to play a board game, you're a problem, yeah ha ha ha ha. Let events play too yeah, so I understand just the annoying brother. Yes, yeah get out of our room. Guess we're doing grown up things. That's right, yeah, but you're close now, very close, or what kind are they in show business? Now they worked with me. We do stuff oh, really yeah, not rented before they weren't, but we kind of yeah. The production company is kind of a family business which is fun. That's nice yeah! That's it that's a sweet thing. It is when you were grown up in
Did you go to Chicago that we shall support? I did I started going once I could drive a car. I started going down really when I started to get an acting and stuff. Well, let's start don't wait. What did you do in high school it a little bit more. Both my parents work, so I would do different activities and one of em. They put me in this community theatre. Really It was all kids, it was all kids. I was like seven and we would do in south pacific, but I was a kid it's crazy. I played like daddy war bucks, was twelve, but I saw them. school, I started doing, plays an emceeing shows shows, and that was finally, then I stopped a little bit as airplane sports in high school and that he did musical theatre. I younger we all did it was. It was interesting as we would improvise the scenes. There is no way you were teaching a bunch of nine nine year had dialogue. So we improvised meeting that we learn the songs. I went right always kind of talk, the songs they try to encourage me that, like your brenner, was great and which I knew my I sucked it saying so, but I liked performing it was fun if you get laughs,
and in those it depending on the scenes? I don't remember particularly it was more like you know, you were doing south pacific or something I remember being compelled to get laughs, we're not at that moment when I started emceeing talent shows and stuff like in junior high and high school did, and that was fun. What sports did you play? Is it a problem for me and sports are a problem? a little bit? Tell me why what happened? What happened or what didn't Maybe the better question you, I think, I'm an athletic person, but I dont know how to process healthy competition liking. For me, if you lose its fuck over and, like I wish in retrospect, I would have been taught to do. I know you gotta we're not to lose like a man and go get up and play the next day. There was no playin the next day for like you know, Bobby night, or a lot of great coaches in unison. that sentiment? So you had a champion in you that you didn't nurture. That's exactly right. You like an unfair champion, and why do you have a starving champion that wants to go when a ring, that's right and and
cause. I was defeated by my own insecurity. That's not the world was denied. I don't like that. Labeling now I don't either I cetera, but but I denied the world probably wimpy- and here I was- I could have done so I don't know why maybe live cannon kept track of what the wreck scores were that the other people did something you could have contributed now you could have done something. I guess what I'm saying to you. Ok, you are frustrated with not winning, which is a good thing. The idea, tat, shouldn t man we're city team. I stuck where I was I was on. The bad news bears seriously was that the willowy teen they just horrible, my mother, I didn't know how to sew patches on properly it's a long story. I like it is a laughing stock. I my hat during the picture on the one called warrior without the hat. How old was I this was two years ago now it was like nine or ten pee wees. You know what I mean. I was afraid, all? Look? Let's talk about yours, so I only want to sports. Goods are working on a site where you can be pretty tough on my friend mark and he's a pretty good guy.
I want you to take it easy. I, my friend, because I like I'm, ok all right, but I don't think you really know him. He's kind of a post is a good man I'll try and get that to him. I'll get that to us, we lose the item. You gotta give him anything, stop teaching him. Let it go, but we were you like it. captain. Was I care? What if I was a captain somehow I would be like put in a horrible category. I wish I was a fucking captain, so we can have that conversation was not a cap and we were in a cab. I went and entertainment. I was not a cap that away, I play sports. I wrestled I play football. I did a little bit of everything wrestled. I did do you like you're so tall it all, but how they do. You want every time,
I was pretty good. You know I didn't want to. I want to play a team sport, because those are fine like right on the bus and coach laughing you weren't together, rustlings, not like that you're sitting by yourself. Your spitten, you know bigley chew. Well you're trying to lose weight and you got to get in a street fight in front of some kid. You don't even know in front of your mom and dad it's uncomfortable, but I want to be like very high five or you miss the blog. There was not a that's like no pretty much just choked me out, but but I did and, and I and I and I enjoyed it and then when you started losing the weight and as you get older and stuff, I didn't like his mother played football, and I was a about resolving the issue you want to eat more in that way, go it. Wasn't that I ask you once you start like that: you're awake, but no, three months later, that's not your weight when you're growing, unless a rustling in that it is your way right, you'd we're like the fuckin, sweat shit of a bike Did you where there was like those that what was that one with the Madonna song in a vision, quest did you ever unit tired? I put the whole. Thank god I will.
Unity to school. I was so proud. What's up what who's wrestling bitches? No, I did not by so I but then I wanted to. I started going gosh I'd like to do this. You know acting in this kind of stuff. What is man's hold on a minute? What are we going to go back to this? I just I need to know cause. I wanted to okay, so football football, yes wrestling clay under baseball, but just for a couple years, not not not later how much football did you play? I played football. Seventh, eighth ashman and sophomore he had a leather jacket. You wear a leather jacket guy could have had a leather jacket. That's okay, though, learn to love those people, you're going to love, know we're going to work through this. We are going to work through this
we were, but what kind of letter jacket? Where were you? Were you like a dick or were you like? The cool guy was a dick. I pick on anyone, anyone who quit a fucking sport. I would have fucking kick the shit out, but I couldn't stand that guy. I just found him. I just went. Oh, you forgot your fucking hat the coup forgot to fuck it. I can tell This was what it was like. I knew I was walking into this now now, what as the ones you right now. It was never me, but I'm out, but I'll I'll wear that hat. If you want to put your costume on army cd baseball, we played sports about those again, these guys love this part. There was wrestling, you guys got to fucking kill yourselves. Yet it was law and then what happened was my parents? Wouldn't let me go down to do to try out for professional things, because I wasn't. That was a kid.
What you mean perfect. I said I like to go: try out for like a professional play or go down to chicago and try to do something they said. Well, you know when you're eighteen, you make your own decision. So a friend of mine, his mom. I got him headshots and the whole thing and she would take him to the city to audition. So I cut school one day to go with then tell your parents, I did not. I wrote and wrote a letter my own, like let vents go with them letter, and I went down and I was in the waiting room and the casting director said always hear what he liked. The other mom was nice that they can encourage it, so that he liked to read for this thing, and it was an industrial film about like teenage dating or whatever it was in house industrial yeah, like some company, and I got the part, so that was good because then I was able to meet an agent and then I had to go get headshots now. Are you guys familiar with headshots, but they are yeah when I did them, and I didn't know anything they could have told me do anything I didn't know they were like you. Gotta have different poses to show different looks. Do you remember this idea,
there is like for composite. Did you do that? Can I ever composite so? you'd, have a tennis racket but might be looking at the camera. you had to have had that taste, good, sweat, sweat, bands with, like a kiss shirt onlookers up on their friend, move the guy. You know preppy what times of day and start. I love the foxtrot whatever. So I did. This humiliating, but I will have any left. I don't know where the hell they got a fine burn, those things, but that I share getting a chest, audition induced up and then I started to go down to the improper olympic which Del close started, who started second city real us when I was and I started to study and train with that. Israel with dull was took some classes from dough need, went how'd. You sell your parents on the idea that eight they both my Davis, cool, but then I had a call and I was driving down and they knew I took it. Firstly right and they were supported at that point, but my mom was just so they did. They were removed from the entertainment industry, so they were always encouraged.
what kind of business I know: you're not gonna, go get paid and have a job, They were ways and stuff you're gonna go to school. There worried make. That's that's our primary concern. Is not the parents to judge what your choices but they're like that, doesn't work out for anybody. Why began. Once I got to be eighteen and I wanted a mood of california. They were, they were like that's fine. What business where they in my dad was a manufacturers rep for toys or toys. Well, like Ten teenage written into charter was one that he represents really erupted. Eternally was there the manufacturers rap, so he was soon other factories would make it and he'd get on even to get on the shelves really, So did you have christmas was very nice at the bonn house a couple samples with of the truck development. Only talking about the
What can he was not cycle is a big one. Plenty of toys. Weight Del close. Tell me about that. So what? What were those classes to disguise the wizard he's the buddha he's the improv genius that sort of set all of that going like Eusebio all of it, and you in you spend time with that guy I did. I had met a guy in a different, acting class, who said usually come down to this thing called the improv olympic and what it was is I think they wanted to do more rob what you really want. Onstage stage and you didn't know where we're gonna go and they have this thing called a herald right and you would get on their. You take a suggestion from the audience. You'd have different games and tools, and you would attempt to tell a complete story with the beginning middle and then with the but the people on the team with you, and you would heat and I was only there for a little while other del came from second sitting in a lot of the coaches did go back and forth between the two of em. I only did improbable impact, which was really good training, but I was an old enough to be in the places I was tall, but I would go proof
at these places in chicago, and I really enjoyed it and it was a, I think, was a great training and looking back you know when I met favour. Oh, we went on a movie called rudy and although he was from queens, he was living in chicago at the time he had gone to study right, so we had that in common who are the guys, do you remember any of the people around them cause a lot of people started in Chicago there's, a lotta people started and a lot of great screenwriters, and obviously people came out of that program. Cause you're, really screenwriting I mean improv is like gives you writing the chops to act, to listen to do everything and also build sketches and direct everything. Yeah, it's a great training ground. I think just for getting comfortable.
even just jumping into something without knowing where you're going was farley around or any of those people that you remember he was before I was so he was already off and always gone on. Snl yeah, I loved I loved watching him like anybody, but somehow or another you didn't get stuck in the the full arc of it. Like you didn't you're, not in the road troop you weren't, you know you got in and out. I never had those. I never had the ambitions of of being on snl or doing that stuff. I never had the ambitions of being a stand up. I I really liked that training in it. It came easy to me in that they put me on stage very quickly and I really enjoyed it, but I really wanted to be an actor so once I I stayed with it and then once I got to be eighteen and graduate high school, I moved out to california, but when how did the how the movie rudy come about? Were you cast in Chicago? I wasn't, although I was I was in los angeles and I had been working at all and I had a manager but no agent, how long you been in like so you move out. You tell your parents you're going to go. You go to l a.
I don't know anybody. Why go there and they say you have to take community college classes. So I already tried that once I'd went for two weeks in Chicago crc community of last chance anyone else here for over for a couple weeks. Whatever then I go: okay, I'll take community college, santa monica junior college I signed up and in that- and then I was, were able to get an agent right away when I first moved out there really right away how that happened. I just got a number of this lady and I called I called her and she was like a big agent guy see em and I had done stuff in chicago, so I had done like a shabby commercial like an indiana farm insurance, commercial. I dont, like us, sears robots like how to use the universal exercise machine correctly So these actually did your composite puzzle for chicago. I had done a lot of stuff. I thought they have great. So when I called her,
I said you know I was trying to like you know. I said you know she said I only represent like actors like people know like there's nothing. I could do for you and I said I'm not sure I'm going with you, we haven't even met each other. But she was nice enough to refer me to a smaller agent and I went to this not smaller in size but in stature but went to her in and she said she disliked that I called someone right away and that I had studied a lot in Chicago and I had done some stuff. She started biloxi. He liked the moxie that I brought to the guy's got balls. That's right. Are you still with that agent? No a longer that was I was with her for a while for a while, but I have kind of been dropped by agents and stuff for a long time leading up till swingers and it about, seven years or so that I was out there, but I meant John, Rudy and he was currently in the improbable impact and he was also washing dishes at second city. and we had that in common and we just made fun of each other right away. I mean he was saying
from queens and we were kind of similar but different backgrounds, and so I liked it he was very insulting of course we would kind of right, each other me sort of became friends and their views. He was living in chicago studying, he was living in chicago doing. Improbable leverage. Washing dishes are studies, just like work in the door and stuff and washing dishes rises hanging around he was. He was true and to ascend. If you will and then how'd you don't get cast in that move. Well, I think he like auditioned and got a you know, got a part. It was the craziest thing, because I had a tape here. He put these tapes like the composite together words like scenes. You've done since you've done it. Things which were left for me like after school, special, whatever you're, ready and able to look for a guy to play football player, and so they cast me in. I never had a red for it and I was not a good idea
kushner. So what I got is how I got the part and then we met in south bend and then, when he moved out to LOS angeles afterwards we hung out quite a bit. So how long are we out there before you got cast? In anything I mean how did you get cast every now and then and stuff, but first it was the first year I got cast and yeah, it's difficult sure now. I know I know, but I like it seem like you re hammering around europe out there for a long time what we, where we work in what we are doing well, I had I was fortunate: no national commercials paid a lot when I had done those young and then I would work every now and then in residuals and stuff, but ain't, nothing, consistent, nuffin, fun, nothin, weird, nothing too crazy. No, wish. I did twenty one jump street china beach, you know different tv shows, aren't were there at the time you were. How old? Are you like twenty? What I was eighteen when I moved out seeing and I did swingers- I think I was twenty four
avro has a funny story. I want to tell because it made me laugh, like you know the name, these characters stuff. He taught me this: he he went in for he he was heavy. You know he did Rudy and it's like a big guy and he in there was an audition for this movie. Shawshank redemption seem real pedigree for us. We were like that's that's great and he got a part I read in the part of the character, was fat ass. That was the name of the characters, can read for and perhaps liked that they named the part fat ass I don't blame him, but anyway he wanted to play around with him, so he went in and there was a receptionist girl just a girl. She had nothing to do with anything right. This poor girl just sit behind a desk, so fat comes in a meanwhile there's a bunch of really heavy white guys a bunch of him in the room, all they're auditioning, obviously, for the same part, so fab pero goes in and goes up to the girl, and he just real naive and excise says I'm here for
to read for the part of for tas. He goes, I'm I'm a I'm sorry. He goes for. I'm excited I'm. My name is John. Everyone here, I'm here to read for the part of a task. She says I doubt I dont there's not a not a part of the test cycle. What part could it be? what? What could it be? Why don't you go? I think I am. I think I know what part that you're here for socially, given the size and have the toy only looked at it goes. This isn't potass. What is this and she goes the name in other names on the top of their sides. The name is on the side: Well. What is it? What does it say if you just want to make, it would say if you like that of a she goes fatter Adam? He does acted like what Before the vote
I always like that. I always like that story that John tells but yeah it was like you would go up with those kind of parts right, whatever sure I never was cut out for it. For the same reason, sports didn't work out I got this sham boy. Let's get a little backbone here right go on the other line. Their area actually affect them, reject no yeah yeah. I know it's the victim thing, it was just sort of like a kind of like somehow it's like someone's gotta make you ok with that journey. You know what I can make you. Ok, you honestly, I'm really! That's real love, yes! ever points in your life, where you were wavering with your confidence. Yes, when early on well, I think you always have that at different points here. Don't you think
Well I keep if you stayed out in l a before swingers. Like I mean it must have been like fuck. How am I going to make a break here? I think what it is is I think that the confidence comes from working at something more and more, and I think the fear which I had is a good thing if, depending on the manager if it doesn't destroy what is both right and they learn that you know. I think the thing with acting is you have to work really hard at it and you'll get more confident like anything in life. I think you have to work really hard at something, including your own life. You have to really try at something to get better and you can improve where you're at, if you're willing to kind of do those things but part of the fun. For acting. I look back now. I dunno what I was thinking at eighteen or what got it in my mind. It was probably for me and feeling like younger. That was an area. I got a good response in and I felt confident in right, so I felt like gosh that feels fine. Let's go do that and then, when I went through rejection and all that that a lot of actors do you sort of have made your bed at that point, you gotta use disorder
I gotta make this work? I I I don't know I don't think, there's anything else. I feel good that I could do it. I really loved this, so I better really work at it right, but is that sort of part of the game I mean if I talked to actors like the auditioning process are not being right, certainly early on, I mean now. They know who you are, but at some point, has this aid? It's not personal, that you know if you get region. from a role a lot of times united in looking for you, while you know when you're going through it in your young, you do take a personal but as you get older, you get on the other side of it. It isn't, but of course it feels that way because you're trying very hard to work when you want to work and for me, if I would have gotten a tv series or anything, I was this thankful to have a chance to try to work at the art that act. I wasn't trying to be selective. I was just thinking.
I wanted to do this. It thought so foreign three training at I trained a lot. I always trained all the way through with who well in Chicago. I did and probably in that- and I did with David darlow shakespearean stuff, and this isn't chicago mls, with Larry moss, quite a bit. Who is a very popular, acting coach and terrific? I just work with him recently on this last movie. I did and he came in and code No just I went to go, see him and because I'm always like because I think, acting and- and you could probably confirm this as I eat- I think you have a and and a natural ability for it. I mean either you're going to like some part of you lives in that like there is natural talent to it, but I'm always curious as to what people say the craft is or what the method is. I mean what are some helpful things that were told you by by these teachers that enabled you to move forward with the with focus. I believe that you know there's always more
one way to the waterfall. So there's not. This is the only way to do that. You make that saying. No ok, but I do that there's more than there's more than one the sort of learn how to do something advice on how you learn and how you do stuff, and I like try indifferent things, take some things that work for you and go and do different stuff like what was the first problem solver that you had like irritate like when you were first going out and you're first in l a and you're learning how to act. You know what was the first obstacle that made you go like fuck yeah. I can do that. Well, I think the difference was as auditioning felt very different to me than having a material for awhile and kind of feeling like you were, creating a character yeah. You know I feel like in auditioning there's something in that dynamic. That was very, you know, you're going in for a job interview, and I was raised to be
you know polite and shake everyone's hand, which was the worst fuckin thing I could have done on morocco, and these guys probably couldn't wait to get me how the room without whose a guy for maybe I would go in and I would say in such a pleasure to meet you in such a place. I can walk and talk. I said I am not going to cast them anyway. It's an honor. Mean you get whatever that's how I thought you took a job interview, then I could get a weird feeling like I knew I was I was, but I felt like I had to make them. Okay, so I said well, this is great stuff. You guys going to have a great time traffic. It was always weird to me because there'd always be someone out in the waiting room who would be like kind of homeless and real rude everybody and they kind of like overly nervous. You know make sure he could Yet in the room and tree with kid gloves, you be certain my studio, monies to hope, place and and watching be the guy on the show he'd, the guy, that apart at the fire, but there is something in there.
I think we're. If there was a confidence they want to feel like they were hiring somebody that felt like they knew what they were doing and so I started to learn, although they could be fooled or do whatever. Sometimes people could put on an air as if I really know what I'm doing as a compensation, but what you started to learn was the more you got confident and sort of brought what you believe to be right. That's what they were looking for, someone who really felt like wasn't going to be a lot of work for them. They, you are locked and you'd made your choices. You knew exactly what you're They do. Thank you see later, not like us out. Ok, I'm here I write the walking a guy like ok, ok, great site away bbq saturday evening with interested parties but we could go, find it and we're gonna just wait I'll just wait there outside you tell me Why? Because I may bring you whenever we donate I've ever did that they would you like to go
way? I can do it another way. You want me to do that or the you I agree. I can do angry I blow someone. What are we doing you can watch you can. I can I can log on how much part of swingers creation, where you part of I mean did. Did you were working with John throughout the process of it yeah? You know it's when when that first happened, I said to fab row, you know I'm sick of auditioning, these people, these materials, not very good and no one's writing stuff. I said we should write our own stuff and I made up my mind that I was going to write something I had flown to austin to see a friend of mine. I was going to go right and I came back after two weeks I kind of got my outline. I was ready to go and John wrote.
swingers in two weeks ago on the screen running books, any road and he wrote books, it feel. Yes, it feel one of those are not only Joseph Campbell. He got a camel that the writers during ok, ok, I think that's the one he did but and it was great and we had a. What did you write? I hadn't? at the finish that I had written a treatment and I was like two weeks. This dude turned out this script and it was incredible. I think it just kind of came out of him that it was sort of something that was close to him, but we really loved it and we said we're going to get this movie made and we were young and very kind of like we have to not compromise the script it was difficult because no one knew who we were me less so than him, and also the movie wasn't traditional in that they said well swing, use a coup listens to swing music and they said. Can you make it great music that was more popular at the time and they say: there's no girls, point of view in the movie we'd love to hear how the girls think about data. So this is an effect health, video right, we're not trying to save the without a budget, guys you
really know what they're doing trying to figure it out. Where there was a girl hanging out. There will be a fuckin movie right. Just might autonomy outworks date her, but a week struggling with you know what sort of way coming of age. So we were very, you know we would every day and talk about how we're going to get it done and who's going to finance it and went through all those different journeys and that kind of stuff- and you know I had I had ideas the dialogue and stuff that was in the movie with stuff that I had said joking around, but John really, you know wrote the movie was his idea. He coordinated it, but we were friends- and I definitely you know, gave him ideas and collaborate it, but you know totally John's doing as far as the here? The setting all you guys had a dynamic, rihanna, nine you in any way with my voice to allow the stuff was. We think that I had said- and you know that kind of thing, but
but we really ought to be doing something and dug came in with with the money to make it. We made it for two or three thousand dollars. We started twenty two days and yet understand mean We didn't have any money to shoot, so we would go to a bar in the bar would be open because they couldn't close it. They say yeah, you, kids can shoot here, but we're not closing the fuckin barred out so we'd be are trying to do our lines. Your money baby, you know whatever, but there are many people there hanging out like drinking in l, a if you're, trying really sincerely you're a loser like that doesn't go over were like if you're really making an effort to do something. No one was to be near. You there's something sad about that. You gotta make it like you're cool you that are working right. So we I know we were. We were shooting the movie and and and shot it in a short period of time, and the big thing for us was to try to get into sundance and then, of course, we didn't get into sundance and but then ultimately, the movie really we had finished it and did a screening and it really pop like ever
I wanted to buy it at that point. It's a huge movie. People loved that movie. It became a kind of a cult classic for sure. Yeah people love that movie. Now I mean like some people like there at the end. was, but we believe you and John been hanging out a lot before you did. The movies are very good reasons, right so, like you know, you had that not you're entering with this chemistry does is amply chop, but then it becomes a little bit. I think would happen. Sometimes it's like oasis or like any kind of young garage ban. We are all very close and we did made and you do stop within theirs. to be that I'm a guitar here on the singer up really has to be a thing. I think it just as a natural thing that happens like you're all friends and you're, making a movie in reacting, something it in its kind of like a ban- digital library, Klaus, not really ever fight, but you know, I think you go through stages where you're so close, and you do something so you know the arsenal and I'm you know I talked to him saturday, so we're so. We still can.
Wilson, I'm glad that we got. But you know you go through your. You go through your moments where you're away and you're close together as kids kind of you kind of grow up together in a way, and then you know both gone on from there and other people in the movie to to do other stuff, and it's good that you're still friends, for sure yeah. It's it's nice! I'm excited for that new chef movies, very good. If you guys haven't seen it, it is good. It's a sweet movie. I talked to him and I tried to get some like. I emailed him weren't. You know we're not tight, but he was on the show a couple of times. I know he likes my show so today, in the plane, I'm like what are you got on? Vince and nothing you got nothing, he might be too busy promoting. Now that doesn't matter I mean it's about me. Events and I dont understand. Why are you in the time is going to happen with, but with my own hands, I'm in a net, a sweater with the sea on it. I'm gonna give it to you yeah. What does that mean? Just a capital, the capital, so how yeah that'd be nice, that that'd be nice? If you could make time to do that now,
It'd be very moved by that and you know what I'd earn it. I would be a captain. That's right, if you needed me, a captain sweater already has a captain isn't. Ah thank you so that so swingers big break now you're moving you're the guy allies armed in swan. I'd say in that way. I know I know I dunno, who I became just like all eyes are on vince Vaughn. What happens? I don't know if it was like that? I think that the movie we became opportunities and stuff for sure, but it was the first one spielberg Spielberg. I did last world, which was weird. You know and I had met with him and I talked with him. A lot about west because I, like old western, you met with Spielberg any just talked about westerns hot, a lot about that got it. So he calls you Steven Spielberg, yes, the king of the world, calls you and says hi vince. You want to come talk about westerns know he was doing
which movie? Would you like to go in to talk to him about being in the movie, I said sure, go to amblin, which looks like a smurf village. The way that the houses are. We just talked a lot about westerns and I liked him very much and then, but no one could see a script. It was like you couldn't see a script for the for the movie for lost world, so I went and did that, and that was a big change going for swingers to that, and then I really made a decision. I don't wanna do a lot of studio films and I spent the next year. really doing. You know whether was clay pigeons or I didn't made with five row or I did returned a paradise with Joaquin phoenix, and I did a much more that kind of movie. I didn't want to do these. The studio films I hated them all. I didn't like my thought that they were really kind of like, and that would just my personal taste taste I had been offered stop. I just thought I don't know I think, coming from swingers in doing that mind you when I started like I said I was happy just to be working.
And then after swingers, I sort of felt like well gosh. I want to do movies that are kind of about something and those are serious roles, some of them yeah. He had more dramatic stuff, and you know they were always critically with not well received, but no one knew who we were, and we were kind of movies that weren't really kind of you know bigger larger movies. They were, they were, if that was a choice you're like tie where I would have done something I just Didn'T- love the material that was our work with Spielberg and me, like I'm done with that shit. Not wasn't that no. I thought that, for me was, I was a big fan of Steven like you know, obviously yeti and close encounter, and I think he's a great filmmaker, of course, and and so that was funded to be in that experience. But it wasn't my calling at the time to feel like I wanted to go and do that and then later, when I got than I had done made in this and then when todd Phillips came to me with old school, which was,
car, but I really liked it. I thought there was something rebellious about something kind about law that way about it and so that we can now lies in he's grail. How does not integrate as mine, or am I love a great terrific, but that was it like. That was a huge breakin that sort of defined. You know your persona, a little bit movie wise, why I started liking these colonies that we're coming out there and so a lot of those commies. I thought were really find good movie, so I started saying yes and sort of one on a roll of doing. You know that in indulge born wedding crashes in these kind of movies that I thought were really really fine. Now do you like I, because you like one of the guys you're like one of this, these this modern comedy mob of dude that do those movies? How close you with it. guys, like with owen and with will- and I mean I always want to believe that you guys are all kind of talking during the day and like I wonder what owens up to hey man what's happening, nothing just watching tv. Any of that going on. I don't care if those
I live or die beyond all doubt and here's another illusion shattered now on. An ira are very close ones, a very good friend, but I don't see them all the time, but we do. We do stay in touch and I, like him quite a bit as a as a person, and I really really respect him as as an actress or writer. Just as a as a person. I like one quite a bit and- and you know You don't spend all that much time with with each other in what is probably the one that I'm closest with a bat group, and did you feel pressure? I mean after ok, old school happens and that that's a huge movie and it's a huge break and it puts you on the map and a huge way outside a swing.
It's the biggest thing right up to now. For sure I mean I had done some other things, and I did one movie that I did was the cell. I play this part and I said I want to do it this way and they said yes, you can and then I did it and then they they wouldn't. Let me do it entirely. The way I wanted to do it and you kind of learn, there's a honeymoon period where they kind of want you in the movie and sometimes they they want to kind of not do what. Saying that they're gonna do like the guy after is not always totally they want to do. I wanted sometimes to dial it down towards the middle of a lot of times, but But yes, all school was kind of fun and in and TAT was tat really a great filmmaker. I mean yes, he does a lot of comedies, but very talented and very smart guy.
Yeah I've heard great things about them. I'd like to interview that guy. I, like I heard that like if you talked to the guys who work on the hangover, he just seems he has real guts like he'll push the on it and he and he's like he's kind of like an artist but he's also very defiant like in a good way. He really believes in what he does and he doesn't engage in sort of trying to make everyone. Okay. As far as if you're working with them, you feel like you, have a really strong head coach. Who knows what he wants to do and you know he's going to find a way to get that done, so it makes it really fun and easy for you on the set. So once he did old school did you feel? I guess the question is because you had a big run and comedies after that and you're pretty much comedy superstar was if the pressure for you to kind of like you know they were looking for you to be that vince vaughn like you. Can you just do that? That kind of snappy kind of you know? I didn't really know what I was doing. I was just saying yes to mutter that I liked it was fun to find things that I was excited to go. Do so
all- was fine. I liked that character. That story, and then starsky and hutch with Todd again was fine in wedding. Crashers was fine. It was just nice to be doing those movies. You know David Dobkin, who I did. I had done clay pigeons with younger with joaquin. He was directing that movie and I always liked working with him. So when he came to me with wedding crashers, he said we know me and owen and him really got to write. A lot and kind of you know have fun with the script and- and you know, come up with ideas and so that felt very collaborative and kind of fun. We were kind of off the radar. You know they weren't really watching us too much the studio. They did at a smaller price and we were kind of left alone. So I think we were able to do something that we really felt great about. I saw I didn't meet Joachim, but I would watch him sleep I was I mean it was is probably wrong of me. I was being flown somewhere first class and he was in the seat,
I mean, and he was sleeping. I went to the bathroom and I'm like there walking sweeping. I survive and keep moving, and but I lingered for a couple couple of seconds, I'm just being honest with you. I like that I dunno it seems like a nice guy or a nice yeah. I didn't I didn't get that far by tired, but normal most people on planes do like to shut it down for a little bit yeah, The ita laptop: what are you going to do? Yeah? I know I know I dunno what I was expecting the times as the perfect parachute out of a strange person that you don't know. Next to you just sleep, yeah. I was you mean eczema, advised anna behind next I'd identified and that's
I was right, but I must aim was wrong. Now your dad was in couple movies within a year, as we saw with swingers johns, put his grandmother in swingers, and I put my father and swingers and then a kind of work. So we kept trying to put him and stuff like that. Good luck, charm he's still around the s years. You have unfortunately faroes grand there's not. She was the best, but my father is and he's he's great to you and you've always gotten along with him all the way through with your dad. Yes, that's the most part, yeah we're very close. Every fight. You know sometimes, like anybody does stupid shit, doesn't matter like what teams better. You know whether to support his family, anything yeah, sports things that you aren't a part of. I can't do anymore. I swear to god. I gotta get past it gotta get what I talk about ceramics. What would we sell out about ceramic. What? What? What is it? There's gotta be a safe place where you really feel good guitar.
Are you guess I'll go with good? I like it are playing a tear. You play guitar, I don't you won, and the captain yeah guitar swipe cats category are, as they are good, it's all good today as we got past that that an past did I ever to day of cats. I doubt my wife had a cat that was non negotiable we got married. You have to have it well. Yeah does with IRAN. In with her is one thing to have a cat? That's one thing right: that's a cat! The I'd do when they cast names it's like you, stick it in and it's name is diva. Kitty was fine, but diva is not like a friendly cat that wants to be down with everybody dogs, your dog, I'm a dog guy, but I don't have any dogs current. Why not? Well, I will it's a very young and when they get older you gotta wait. So they hurt the eye. I gotta make it my wife's idea: yeah,
Well, I realize you wanna die, so here we go there. We go deeper. The dark, so swimmer, pick swimmer, yeah yeah. I was thus went in I did do that. Alright, yeah it'll be time and brush stroke. I was alright yeah. I can swim. I can do a few strokes. A butterfly will make it look impressive for about like thirty seconds, then I peter out how he did with the ribbons. What colors we collectively we have on the wall at home, know the blues and yellows were we working with which, which ones yellow third yeah? Maybe a couple of those I cover thirds relay relay yeah I did relay, did you push it and he touched the wall or not? Did you push it? I was not good at the at the flip turn upturn and I couldn't do it wall and going to go blue with that yeah yeah. They're back on blu you're, not going blue with rna, but now that you've got to you've got to learn
that little mermaid, maybe a little area. I now little one and the other problems too backstroke. I'd always like turn over for the wall, the act that doesn't terrible, terrible, whoever you are lifeguard, but I never was licensed true story. How did you get that? job, I'm worried about what I do. What I don't do you don't get it no problems? Why? I am a friend of mine, I want to summer job and she was a life garden could certify people. So she certified me to get a lifeguard job and I didn't know I didn't know cpr and Oh, but I took the lifeguard job, I'm like you know again sixteen or something so I used to get all the kids and play and play games with them, because I wanted to keep my eye on them. I was nervous that if something happened, I didn't really have the skills to to save anybody. So I get em all play games and stop off the rings, And- and I would watch him on play with play with our kids and I did learn. Sepia are obviously because I was like you know, you can't be watching toddlers and
not be able to save him when that's your job, but I was a lifetime. That store I'm going. To tell it again, I was a lifeguard, but I was on a swim team and I was horrible. I was a terror fuckin swimmer. I know that makes you just so happy, canada, guitar and, I was really really bad. What was your stroke? I didn't have one and I had a stroke. I was terrible. They put me on a relay team, but one time I got put in the backstroke and there was four kids in the race and you know, as we all do, if people are going to get a ribbon in this race, so I had a. I had a hell of a shot in this thing and there was a kid another school, who is very big. He was a large china's. He was fed a lot and he was a big big, big big kid in me and him we're up Let's get you know you don't know. What's going on with the actual, we were apparently enough: aachen, dogfight the people from his swim team, whereas I couldn't believe it, but he had a chance to ribbons and they,
stand by the poor. They were screaming for him adjourned for him and there was a margin for I was kind of doing it and the people from my team on all That kind of behind me to be honest with you, but I ended up touching before him and winning the, but I felt terrible like I didn't, because I thought the guy that they wanted like rudy, that ever get the river he deserved. It attacks the weapon that I want my individual at the cost if the guy, who probably one nothing ever, I taught him a very valuable that guy's a lingerie model today, because of that So when you did alright did the the breakup did. Does a fund movie, I movies are fun, I'm down below Chris farley this my biggest nightmare, I'm just going. I remember that part in other character. That's what what
and I dunno when that happens, you know we were having a good conversation. Now, I'm just going to go right to the filmography routine, maybe it s a larger boy and swimming wiping hurt me somehow now that the basis for your support, we're gonna, let me guess what that's a sport: no, but the fact that when you are silly you get out a lotta you take the year out. You know you're good at something. Now and you have to adjust because of this veto of us more than others, but exactly but the fact that when you were swimming, you knew that their kid that this was his one chance. I don't know what it was. I knew I was terrible and I knew there was excitement around the pool. I knew I was at a dogfight. I knew I was in a dogfight. Just couldn't believe chancy had a though the second movie you did with the with John that he wrote with what was I call you made. does a grey movie, and that was
darker I gave the Ike intentionally cause. We didn't want to kind of try to do the same type of things. We potentially made a little darker, because like a little scary and a little you yeah, that's gary's good. I like that. That's what my favorites I like may do you want to do more than that sometimes yeah. I'd like to doing different stuff try to do some different stuff. I'm excited to go. Do some some more things like that or more character, stuff and smaller things. Now I'm gonna ask a difficult question: let's do it So when you have we do a few movies that get a of push in, don't go great like the last year you can see, Can I go asked? Do you movies is what are you a round and then it's like? Did you see that movie honour their open with that route? Nostril? Ok, how do you? How do you process as well? I think each one you do differently, but it depends on you know lobby. So you want people to see your movies and you like for them to do well, but a lot of it as an actor is really
your control. Breakup was my idea. I produced that movie, so I had a lot of that as well right at it well, and that was something to do a little different where they don't necessarily end up together at the end and it's hard sometimes to get those things through a process because have no happy ending. They want to. They want the thing that's going to test the highest and in and be the thing, that's going to be the most obvious for audiences to radical and into it's multiple. So rarely do something like that. They really want to try to have the the version of the movie that they think is going to be the most crowd pleasing row. I was fortunate that I was able to you, know, be able to have it be sort of the ending that we intended it, which was for them not to end up together. But you know on some of these films that you go. Do your you're just a hired gun, so you can like you know, for example, on the internship, which was my idea originally and that I think Sean did a very good job with the movie. The the story, the movies very good, but obviously, for me,
when I went back to when I wanted to do in our comedy. I want to do something that was adult. That was far more. You know adult conversation and it ended up with the studio and decisions to make that movie pg thirteen, so they neutered it. Well, I just sort of felt like it's weird, because it's me and owen and you know obviously it's a workplace thing, you could you could you could go there and it was the original intention to write, but as an actor, you know those those aren't your choices, you're you're you're, really, even as it's a star, it's not your! You know. You're still, you know the the the medium is really the director and then right and then ultimately the studio, depending on what the situation is. Why, when you're doing things like sneak smaller films, if you have more control and there's less of a financial risk up front, you're allowed a little more creative freedom with them right and as far as like cause, you know we were talking in the dressing room. You know you seem to be very on top of you,
structure and- and you know, narrative and story and stuff. Do you want to write and direct more movies? Or do you want to do that? I I like being involved in that process. You know, but I think if, if there's something that you can step into that, you feel really good about the people that you're working way out and everyone wants to say, make the same movie that's fun, but I think, as you get older, you do enjoy being more involved in the creative process and I had been younger with the people that I worked with were far more collaborative, and you know it's it's for me. I enjoy that that side of the of the filmmaking process. What do you? What are you producing now? Do you prefer to be called swim Yes, and in this particular film there's a bunch of misfits all often different walks of life kind of on the wrong side of the tracks and they were
younger they swam, and they were pretty good. They were good team, but they just couldn't beat those rich kids from the other side of the track ever in a big swim meet that sounds fresh now, they're older, it's like a park district pool and you've got the one guy who's like really psyched, so he shaves every little bit of his body because he wants to be like a greyhound on the water. He wants to be fast, so he saves it all up. One guy has got some substance problems. you can swim is ass off MID is going to show up one guy's, not swimming for him, he's women for his dad. That's not going to work, that's not going to last long. One guy has got a wife, that's really on him and on him and on him and pushing him around and making them make choices and sacrifices, and one day in the middle of one of her tirades, he just walks out. She goes where the fuck do. You think you're going, and he goes I'm going to That's great up is in production I do want to say is a green light, but it's a flashing yellowish amber pre production. So how long have you been a dad,
a little over three and a half years is a great that's great. Have that change everything for you mentally? emotionally now. You know why I waited till. I was older too, to have killed forty four now I've already why? But I always do the math and I feel like I'm like when I was younger. You know you, kids, you shop with that old parent expert. Weird shrunken ignores das fuckin senior, citizen right, remember they always the real dad, like everyone's parents would show up and then he'd move real slow, and I was like that and it's always say someone call euthanasia. Grandparents showed up at my dad's fuck. I want to bury my yard. I felt terrible, but I started doing I think I could be the old dad, because I think thirty, nine forty, which I had the first one, so but the good side of it, as I think that you're older and border management and those way yeah, but the downside is like when I beat my down for the first time, I'm going to go back to sports, because that is where you live. It was a big
neil, but I know these guys will be beating the shit out of me early right. You beat your time well People are like a game of horse he's always far better than I was he played in college. But you know if you beat him in a game of horse or something is a big deal, but you know my dad was younger when he had kids. How about you about my kids, almost yeah, close yeah and then I dunno, if I think I did the right thing, I I was a she's significantly younger than me, and I had trouble getting her to clean her room. So I don't know the child was really going to work out, is going to happen for me and something that you want. You know I've avoided it. This long and I've been married twice and I've got no kids right. So I think that I might be a little too self involved. I dunno, maybe just haven't found them. personally, you weren't the right time for you to think. I do think you should have a european undrawn say, look you're, also a guy in, and you would be able to have a kid. It's it's a scientifically parcel.
yeah, I'm going to have to find a woman that is going to have to sign some sort of paperwork that she's going to do. Eighty percent of the work and and that when I'm sixty, she just leave me alone and it brings the kid and occasionally well. I think it's about funding if the right person, whoever is going to make sense for what you're looking for, is something that you still hope. I do if there's something you want, I don't think. As I mean you have to have, but I think if it's something that you want to have you can kind of ask for those years back now their things. I'd like to have his or her eyes have kids with you around gazeta. I will yeah, I'm pregnant you, I'm saying I have kids with I was your relating to me, I don't know what happened. I thought that's what we're moving. I don't know I mean. I think it is wrong to say I'd like to try and see how it goes. Then getting the indian going, so you guys thought you were coming a little time to actually do it now or do you want to wait an area like a a big closer like a now? I'm gonna fuck her
and then we do that events. You realize what you read that you can like: let's get someone pregnant and back in getting along. That's a good plan. I like this letter. The kid ok here it is the analysis figure out. How do we get along a good play? That's what our parents did. I think that's how it used to work. That's right, I think that's our team work out great with my parents. Now build their ok, the! Let me look at me. You gave your factor Thank you very much that tells you and your parents. So together, no, no! No! No years no right when how will the eu and that have them until I was twenty one. I was a way way that you are right when you got out the door. I also think it right that the on the other side is that our great you're only is all pretend you're only here for me right for kids, they do it younger. They said
precarious work they wait than that can be hard to keep your hands you. I only waiting for me right. The whole thing alive: we write exactly that's a lot of responsibility. Now I was, it was difficult for me and I'm still get over it. I was held I or thirty five and when I got divorced yeah I guess it was. I could I live. I'm crazy. As those are choices, sure it's your choice. Mom was your choice: yeah yeah! Now they they, they they're both a little kooky but they're. Okay, I still have very dramatic. Exciting fights with my father were: didn't you feel horrible afterwards? Horrible? Have you done that you have arguments is not know what I mean like big arguments I get mad sure. Yeah did not like fighting. No, not my father. I have so much respect for him, but you can fight because it's your family, you can get very upset over like like, like yeah you're screaming, can do that that we try not to not not know why
but younger, serious talent like what's a while, so it has happened. Yes, I've confirmed that, but it's not an ongoing thing. This is like all of a sudden like I'm like he's on my mind, like a detective show what he's trying to get the final answer out of me: alright, the guy who stole the car. What do you want? Yeah I've got your father on the phone. It is yeah, it's weird it'll because yeah you do feel bad. I have one of those recently where it's sort of like what did I just do that try to figure out what was it really about, because you don't want to repeat that you don't want to be. You don't want to repeat it, but it's hard to let go of the fact like well, he had that coming now. Do you feel that way? Yes, yeah, I do don't you now I doubt but I've- that's ok. I like this. You like ikea that common, because you feel like there was times perhaps where he kind of.
Pushing you around a little bit, and this was like now it's his turn to know what feels right not to be that's right, yeah yeah, and how did that feel once that happened a couple of days later, it felt good. It was I'm trying to defend it. Yeah yeah, I'm trying to defend my choice. So let me ask you this: yes, a little time passes and you find yourself back on the old horn and how was the first Instead you talk about the fight you just move on until a new fight happens he's trying to renegotiate. Ok, but then there is always a little catch to it. You know, there's a there's a, but you now and then am I gonna. That's a clause and I don't enjoy that at all I think the idea here isn't the but isn't the, but maybe It's saying: here's where I'm coming from, or here's how I felt as a person, because it's email is your daddy's, still a a person feeling his stuff right. Isn't that but kind of like, but that's not my novel and it's going to be united it just because you sent him some money and I dad Roma not throw a little.
Cash on the plan, your burrowing spare. You took the fuckin money, don't stay away, it's just a fuckin money. Did you want to do whatever the fuck it house into mexico? Are you didn't want to look into it? There's a pdf or I took them. the our good. Now talk about my day There then exactly love, you yoda, who has good, I'm over alive shared. This was helpful on the captain. and our cap and nobody I take that away from you, and I know I know, but I'm going to swear you by the way you are getting a sweater. Thank you very much. I appreciate that, and you know about my An arrogant me? Are you? unit at that our right now, I think, to find a new may, because this one's a lot like either, but I must say- and we need it I hate when guys want to go out on a date, I'll pay for it, otherwise, you're on your own. It's like a it's like the old love connection.
What are you? What are you working on? I just did a movie cod term life with them. we signed felt and Peter billingsley, who I work with quite a bit directly the moving And the a great cas it's based on a graphic novels about a guy was a criminal and then he has a daughter. it's kind of not in her life and he plans a heist that kind of goes bad and they're forced to sort of be around each other. It turned out very good yeah. I like it is a darker character as your it is. It is it's an r movie, it's not a comedy, but it's a very, very good in in like in the like. I don't usually ask this, but like are there people If you really want to work with it, you haven't like it who are your heroes in the whole? I don't have that as much I mean there's people I like working with and doing stuff. I don't really set people up in my mind as I got, I really love to do something with that person. I always hear like I think it's weird when people do interviews sometimes- and they say how did you feel when someone so called you like? Oh my god, I can't believe it- I mean, I think it's
I see yeah yeah to have people that like to work with, or I don't really to me it's more about the material or what what the attempt is and sure there's people whose work you like for sure yeah yeah, who are you? like filmmaker here- I was like- where were the movies, when you were growing up, we watch a lot of westerners as a westerner. I like westerns. What's your favorite one, it's hard to pick a favorite when I watch shane a lot was good george Stevens I like much. The searchers was good, a bunch of great great movie at all yeah phil holden out yeah. He was great great and who is the other robert? ray employ every idea. This beyond Johnson, then Johnson, you will involve using chain and it was a mile bunch. worn out worn out, I'm just gonna repeat names. You know a great movie, the
forgiven, have you watched that resort good movie genius very good movie, wow yep? This is shane dead when he drives away no he's not really a little part of him, but the natural, not the natural. How about the plot? The part of the in the searchers, where John wayne's going to shoot the girl, because she's one of them now that's heavy shit. That was the first movie to really kind of deal with racism let's see how he just owned. It scarier like John, when is that cool well on? Why were you came on that? What side of the principal tell him that at the time, yeah he's right fucker? Von ways in german guys, you turn on the music. You guys are great. Thank you for coming, enjoy the festival, Thank you so much that was great. That was fun yeah.
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