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Episode 505 - Billy Wayne Davis

2014-06-11 | 🔗
Comedian Billy Wayne Davis is in the garage to enlighten Marc on how the culture of the South closely alligns with the culture of standup comics. And there's still plenty of time to talk about things like sports, fighting, arrests, bipolarity, drinking, snapping, Megan Fox and Mitch Hedberg.

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The alright. Let's do this, how are you what the buggers, what about bodies, what the botnet, what the partners? What about the balls, what the fuck albury fins welcome? This is this, is we do have a mark marin, so it's sweaty, my garage, I've, a very aggravating gay. I don't want to stay with complaining, not complaining it. Just some shit went down today, but I'll get to that. Perhaps I do want to say today on the show billy wayne Davis young tamika out of the southern region of the united states. I talked to him in a bit. I just want to also date you on. What's going on in my counter, there seems to be some misunderstanding about some things. This saturday. It will be at the first annual twenty six annual comedy fast in Chicago. That is, sold out from what I understand, but you gotta, deputy pod dot com to get tickets for any these on tuesday do
any for large art centre, that's for some sort of film festival I'll be doing june. Twenty fit the fight burden, saint Louis, sold out. Sorry there might be tickets bell. four walk up june. Twenty sixth, through the twenty eight I'll be the comedy, attic and blooming too. Now I want, clear I've told something my dates coming up austin endows in Houston and Tampa charlotte it went to georgia, though I will de comedies, our charlotte august, fourteenth through august sixteenth doing and ours, and a lot of those dates are at amphitheatres and so, but like while you must be doing all right we were like an apathy here in the middle of fuckin august in tamper you out of your mind. I understand these sentiments, but what I want to tell you is that, Many of you new know me and know what I do are our fans already, and I appreciate that, but I'm doing the oddball fast, the lineup looks good. It's going Izzy's a talent louie from what I understand. Sarah silverman can be great, can be like a brief
in for some of from or some other comecon, obviously from doing so in those dates is not just me at the mid florida credit union amphitheatre, but whatever I'm on the odd bob S, go to deputy pod outcome, go to the counter in and see the dates. Ok, all right So that's out of the way. I appreciate the vote of confidence when you like you can fill in but there I know I can't I and with louis I can with Sarah and dave and disease. Yet then, I can short set. So, the point being that someday, you know me you're not going to get the full marin effect, necessarily you'll get fifty men. Maybe then? Yes, if people dig me I'll come back to your area and do my own show that's my thinking on it. You guys Bob mould fans I'm going having on the show in a few weeks by just wanted a hip you to the fact that his new album beauty
and ruin is out now and he'll be gone on tour. This fall. You can check out all his stuff at bob mould, dot com. That was good conversation By the way you can just mentioned clearly that bobcat go to waste, new movie is called willow. Creek, it's a big foot movie and adds getting amazing reviews. Kosovo track that down. Where you can. I notes in some theatres. I know it's available to dv arm in some is but Bobby. You know he had directed if you episodes a marin and I want to help em out one but now, with his new movie, will create the big fit movie, the big foot movie. Why can't I fuckin talk god dammit by it's been a long day but go see bob's movie. If you want, I recommend it.
This thursday, a maranon. I have see it's a good show, but apparently some of you saw it because a canadian network screwed up and ran it at a sequence, but mostly I have, and it's based on a me and caroline re play me and caroline ray and we used to have sex occasionally and our at the ages, Whereat, fifty or so way for these, whatever you want to frame it as we thought. Well, let's give it another. Try Dave anthony involve involved. There's a cat involve not no sex but yeah, so it's pretty fun beside the back story about this is that I did David, caroline rare. We did hang out a few times, but so Dave Anthony did as well and that the triangle that is being played fictional on marin tonight. Did I say this thursday before tonight. So that's a backstory theirs
real backdrop to this, I just want you to know, and I don't think I think caroline would mind, but the back story is a different points back when we were in our twenties both even I have I'll be polite d, did caroline ray Annie and an inn in an in depth episode, Marin tonight some of that happens again while east I date her, I don't wanna tell you what happens so enjoy that so getting back to death, black cat I was beginning to grieve his loss. I told you on the last on show Monday haven't seen him Getting worry it's been over a week the day after I. that to you the day after black cat. Have black cats hanging out on the rail. Am I am I a deck does way in there look at me. I look out my bedroom window. There's dep wakeham like what's up nice to see you and he was like nice to see you too, and then apparently he said I'm not
The eating here, any more and I'm no longer into hanging out on you deck by one to check in Gaza You are your panicking. Don't panic I'm just hang out at a better place where the foods better and add twice aggravating you you clearly at you. Frenetic energy that makes me uncomfortable have enough on my play, I'm death mike, ok! Well, thanks for checking in I appreciated Debbie so he's all right, Am I all right? I don't know, jojo wayne Davis in a couple of minutes, but first I gotta. I gotta walk you through my morning. If I could you know, what's your biggest fear, tell me what your biggest fear is just tell me, I bet your identity theft is right up there right up there. What excuse fuckin thing! That is so needless to say, transition. So go get a call, an email from my mom she said
I just got a call from a bank in michigan this woman that bb called said that, as someone was trying to open a credit card account with your name and they called me, my mother, then says sounds like fraud in all its going on. What's even more of setting is, how did they get? My phone number headed barb at this credit union michigan get. My phone number. That was your big concern, not the fact that what the fuck is going on my information. Bb leagues, a number. She calls me and I I didn't pick up because I was doing some thy call back some guy with my name. Am I social security number is trying to get a credit card She said it smelled fish. You want to check. She did a thorough check, of who I was clearly, who my mother was. You know other activity on on the social security card. She did her job and call me, this is fishy. We didn't we processes We didn't allow him to get an account, but you might want to do some follow up on this. She gave me
just as I did do any to call trans union need to call the the credit rating agencies. I need to call the social security a minute. Asian who put me in touch with the federal trade commission. where they gave me an affidavit and a a proof of that. I reported this fraud. and then I had to get my credit report. I have to file a police report because some fuckin krim some criminal asshole someone. Who in California got the mai social security number. In my name- and I guess It's all it takes to get mould lines of credit, so I call of trans union toward patel them. But put a word a word on the account. I got my credit rating, the full redoubt avenue sure enough. There there was a phoney address on their, which it also barb told me when she could the guy the do follow up the mark marin, who is trying to do credit card. He hung up on her, so she some was fishy, did or job, but there
I get my credit report, not always a fake address on their with activity, but there are four banks, credit unions, where this I try to open accounts and successfully opened one god, dammit fuck this guy, this isn't funny, but I'm telling you protect yourself against this shit get an alert. Ten bucks a month to get to your information watched com, bank- makes everything was ok. They're outcome, either credit cards make sure everything was ok, they're put extra, security measures on everything was on the phone, and then I just called these four or five credit unions that were list. as having transactions with me, around the same date by weaker we two weeks ago I ll Them to this dubious this back in criminal activity. In my name, they were grateful but So it by one account through the guy open, an account. And provided
some sort of identification, a utility bill, some sort of I d. So I guess what winning it's all done online. How Do you not processes shit? If you're a bank or someone is lending money you will. Scans of ideas how easy it is to falsify that shit. I alerted all these other, cried these credit unions, one of them. About to ship a credit card after this dude and if you're listening, you fuck what the fuck You asshole anyways, they are about to send this credit card out with it, without huge line of credit based on my credit rating, which could still turn And she had ever know what this guy's empty. I've done everything I can, but it was about go out tonight. The credit card was about to go out with a huge line of credit and who the fuck knows what would happen. They are able to cancel it.
What a nightmare yeah! I know- I don't know, I don't know if it's over or not, but I did everything I could, that the point being protect yourself get some sort of a word on your credit. on research. Yes, so you know, if someone's, if there's you're going on, I didn't couldn't it could have gotten out a hand if it wasn't for barb. the lake michigan credit union, do her job sin that woman some chocolates, perhaps a bouquet of flowers. Doing our job doing background check. Let me finally, my mother and doing the right thing completely grateful. what a nightmare, but you know the one thing that that I found disturbing about. My own reaction to this was if Were bigger name. he would have been able to do this data, might be going it's what with his occurs rock, but it happened to two to louis E k,
You know I mean maybe the young people he tries to use, uses bogus credit card this criminal asshole posing. As me, though, we like almah merle comedian. I guess all you would have disease as where we got his aim name, but protect yourself Well that happened to me this morning. I am not happy about it. It ate up whole day. Watch your dad back where man, scary she had, he could have bought a house anyway, let's go now tell me talking the maya, my pal billy waned Davis. I think I had to work in my life. It was the only way I kept myself intact was to be defensive, but all its yeah. I walk away? I learn they give I get
To that moment, where I raised my voice, I walk away because I can feel myself getting hot. And then once I get to a certain level being hot. I can't it's like that thing on stage when someone says something it is time the I oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, guess I it's cold does go cold and on saying called ad hot. He had cold Then, all of a sudden, you are possessed yet site its other thing who yeah and I'm just taken it everything, ever out on that person, and I know that person. So I know they're buttons therein securities in I'll, say that and so now, just one Why does my I don't mean to do that? But let's talk about the staging because, like they're there
If the I mean I haven't done that in a while, but it's always right there, yeah like as soon as like you know, I'm in my shit I'm open and do my work. You know and then one little thing and I'm like what the fuck this and then like you know you sometimes you I have lost it full on. and an audience for yeah or my girlfriend pointed out a month ago. She said once you've stopped drinking. You can choose like when you were drinking and you just had even a couple onstage and in that happen you are just full bore at that person in these shoes. I now you have more fun with them and you're not going to go. Right? Conversation yeah, it's not! Yet, if we're not like wars like. Why would you interrupt what I'm doing, and I still feel that way but now I know there's a more constructive way to sure. Like your like, what are you serious? This is your more can I continue it's it's it drives me like. Sometimes I can't sleep I'll have a good set, and it's just like one person.
is that what the fuck was up with that? Why did they come to the show right and that's what you home and like everything, was good, except for that yes- and it's thanks to chasing the dragon, should yeah yeah right, one killer so close to perfect. It was so close. It's never perfect Billy wayne, three names Billy wayne Davis there, Ok, you Billy wayne algorithm now everyone. I call me beta view or bow Bmw or boo yeah. That's some southern shit. It's yeah you Thank me, evaluators settings year in and year out, not anyone go by that a weapon beat out these south of yes and I went on I when I first heard comedy an appeal: Gabby, Davis, yes and then a couple pointed out. They were may like you should probably change that, because when people see that they think you're a black comic, and then that happened a couple times. I got looked at these. Why? What do you think there is a lot of? I have just initials a really
no especially in the south, that southern the chitlins circuit. I did want to call it that, but that's what it is is it. I thought they call it that I think no, but I'm very and with maximum, very cautious about how I put things have begun into trouble. Not like a on a grand scale, but definitely in situations like why just than when I moved to seattle. I gave I talk about race at all. I was handling people after the show, your suspect. Yes, one of them. Yes, they're. Trying to figure me out that you can tell it was a lot of e mail box like one of them. Yes, it was a lot of me explaining the joke here in what I was doing there and then I was like ok in I've noticed quick in seattle to that. There's not a lot of black people or people of color at all is just white people. So it's really easy to be progressive where there is, but neighbourhood, there's a black, nay That's it. That's craig mucus everyone!
it was like. Oh that's, the ghetto am I now that's a neighborhood that black people live exist, not a ghetto yeah. What is up with that? So strong but yet you're the races. Yes laxity. Right, you have a racist accent, yes, but I was the hours this aspect and I was lignite. You does I've grow up around black people. More than most people have yes that that always fascinates me talking you talking. Nate yeah bar gets here yesterday you know and as you said there, there is a language and a sword understanding in the south. That is much deeper and much different, and I'm not the racing but the they have lived together. Yes, you have lived four year, it's more, it's not the language, its more. The tone rang the south right, but but even by, but despite whatever evolving? The south is done in certain pockets, which I think it has. There is a there. It's me integrated in some weird way been most cities. Yes, like the place,
that racism was invented in this country is always more integrated, then than any city like cities are structurally segregate. Yes, It was like nights joke about melting pot in new york city say it's not really. It's a bunch of parts that want to live next part like em, sale, they're, not melting, the! I don't know. I just think that there's an integrity to to to the disk course down there that doesn't exist everywhere. Because everyone, I suggest we have no real experience, yeah with with cohabitation or or or or your ways, but we feel guilty. Yes, yeah or anything in this house there is that in this sound, so strange to say, there's a lot of people, they don't have that yield because it's like that, we grow poor. Wait, my family didn't own slaves, yet we we we were borderline waves are seriously I'm irish. I came from slaves, not a thing
like we were poor too. So let it that really is what it is. It's it's a class issue annual if you get like and you get angry poor people fighting each other, then rich people are. I go. Look at that. Yes, there is the problem, it's a racial problem. No, it's a poverty problem that you don't want to address yeah anybody. You just wait them fight it out. That's memphis is a manifest. In a nutshell, this is crazy. Word. You grow up across veal tennessee. It's between knoxville nashville, it's a little, mountain town. Basically it's on a plateau and you how many people in that town I mean. What is that I? I am a little I get fascinated with the south, I always say everytime, I'm there. I think it's amazing and I'm just passing with it, because I think there's more history there than almost anywhere. Yet a country learn their still more culture left. I think south you mean like people who live real lives, that the indigenous people that have been there for generations- and I mean indigenous by your fan-
yes and no longer term you're, still sort of function that way, young, it's not been paid, and it's not that suburb right by right kind of it's starting to happen. But it's not. They're still light people living that life who they are and who will allow our little off the grid? The deer the newly established grid of liking away. Where work. What are you where you shopping, yellow movie, still go down the jos place? yeah, like my grandparents drove to rock wood, which is the town next to workers, they, because the road when they are grown up, was better to go to rock with them, but they lived in our county for groceries everywhere histories and every night there drugstore in everything. I beg him back when people all american sort had jobs and he got a new, the guy that did the car. You knew the guy knew. Everybody knew that iran, the work the restaurant you went to the same. I guess it was. dealers or whatever a wire at the mall yeah. We was it. Wasn't you like it.
In the mall. It was just. You stood three story, building that in the end in the town store downtown area. Yes, there's a burger more or less over murder abarnis. Who is actually where megan fox was born cheer up there till fifth grade knows a gap in she got out of there. That's why she's famous someone that hot still live there would be pregnant. Times already, because the big redneck dig vanished, founder Wendy S, fifty an end in pummeled, emotionally pummelled hurry, if not physically, into submission. It's it's a given. Take where he so well what what was the town or was it? What was the racket? What was family doing both my parents are teachers. Oh really, anna, my mom's, an english teacher, my dad's eia history in p teacher, but he's mostly a football coach. My is what he does. I use teacher with airports. The other teacher
So that's what they needed him for, I'm sure yeah. They needed another teacher, but he need they need a coach. I mean yes, yeah. Yeah, so hey that's what he's done and like my mom wants to retire and my dad's like I'm, not I'm going to coach football till they find me dead, above all, feel he loves it. He loves you about yeah, like you this way up user highschool verbal yeah loves it our days ago go to college and slowly navigator. He likes cochin high school because he likes that. The fact that their teachable in that you know their their raw talent, and that is not what I wouldn't say. Anyone from my hometown has raw talent or teachable that he leads maybe a couple of making structure them to work longer area, but I It must be some way exciting did do not have the pressure you. I guess your price pressure and regional go for inviting the c I a big deal. Ah, he he was the head couch for a couple years ago.
slovenia and couch. He became the hague out and I was doing really well right under did one year like almost unabated nasty there really good yeah and in I called my mom Monday and she was like, oh by the way, your dad just quit coach being the head coach. To said it and so on. I was like worldwide I called him, and he was I I didn't get the couch the owners deal with dumb ass parents in politics I got in his couch, he was being ahead, couches, not couch, and it's just this he's like I couldn't imagine the political position yeah he that he was like I'm just dealing with assholes everyday. I know people who, in academia of any kind that once you're the the department head then you're just to then you gotta deal with all the other people's problems. Yeah yeah. He hated it yeah you're, the the representative now theme is it my kid started
yeah. It was a lot of that and like we donated a copier, he should be playing a little more and he's like. Well, he's got two left feet or and he's mostly artistic we I needed a copy, I mean that's probably a real thing, I'm sure it's finished. small town, and then they all have these delusions of grandeur car. That's a lot. Yeah like I gave you a paint to paint your hood. That's a real thing! That's a real thing that happened. My dad still hasn't had the car painted, but he has the paint yeah. That's fucking hilarious So then he became what the assisting coach is that how that works. drug now, like argentina bags in the defence. So that's he likes couch am I deal with ass aloud. He do with you How was that I was here at home. Coaching. There was level, especially in high school. There is a cup thousand screamin, on the field you go to school and you played on his team, Oh, my god s voice. There is only one school by any pride to have a choice,
but to play. Well, that's the thing. I didn't care for football until out, because I wasn't at it. I was a late bloomer, so I just because my dad loved and olive baseball, you got brothers and sisters. I have two younger sisters, better natural athletes. Let me which is very frustrating but did, but they can play football right now. Now, I'm not saying that texas way these it available to them to blaming. I could have tried they then any desire. What were there, what were they doing? sisters, amazing, golfer golf and my dad loves that so that worked out for the three got one at least and then my other sister. She play basketball, guess and then soccer She added soccer, and here the oldest yeah you're, the boy, the pressure on their italy. There is a lot of let's go I realise those like what the hell alike Why do I have to be powerful within into my mom, is really hard on me and then she had moron standing about the girls and also the fuckin assholes so
It was just a weird die. It was just me and my dad and then my grandmother live beside us in a house. in another house beside us asia, whose mother moms mom and then my dad's parents lived about two miles down the road on a farm. They did so our aouda farm, a lot I gotta go where Was that where you earned and but been noted, what, when you angrier. You need to run offer you battle youse, either in a jam or just by myself somewhere, because there's it does women are manipulative from the start, and then you get to and they know all year who your sisters yeah, just constant, fuckin pecking at me. Like what it's like, a relationship, it's easy to raise your best, no benefits No, no, no, no fun benefits, no, no just they can help you pick up. right girl or something I'd like a relationship where they'll just pick at you,
very calmly until you explode and then there is like wow. Are you acting crazy and you're like you? Just did that for like a day and a half, so it was a lot of set up or once I learned that I can hear me and I couldn't hit em back. That was really the nightmare year and what I see I'm still like they're part of my brain just walks into this sink, so they pick and they pick, and they pick until you pop and they're like wait what Yeah we, which is as I got older I realize, is pretty funny from their point of view, just pick it someone, that- and I have to do to my colleagues to fuck with all the time Let's all comedian starts. Yes, they do. Is they icon on his wig? Where my limits here really mean, fry made me more difficult and relationships because I do see what men are doing more than I think most diet I don't want to get into generalizations, but I mean I guess, the best man just suck it up
My dad he's an amazing man. he's an amazing man, and, as I get older, I see some of this stuff he puts up with em like that is amazing. Did he just through your press I suppose you, like union, take issue I mean there is rarely appeared in lagoon. My marriage. Was when I realized it was unravelling on aid to get out yeah. So as about twenty six twenties, ah said twenty seven twenty eight year Then I will look at my dad why the fucker you taken that bullshit. He added then like the grander aspect, is why you still married yes, there's still mary tat, their very be happy my mom's a little she's, a strong woman. it's better that way, very opinionated, strong woman, scariest fuck, that mean.
well, my grandpa her dad dad when she was fourteen reality younger siblings, though she helped raise them right, and had me when I was twenty one all she was, she was twenty one, yeah yeah planned and everything which is and they were married. They ve been mary like less than a year, sunlight, They were married before she get brain. Ah, I think that is, it is common in the south. I think so. I think. I think it in That was when I got mainly generalizations. It's very calm, india, so small town whatnot, but I mean like that and what is it common that people are actually married when they get pregnant? I don't think now know he then yeah, oh you did it. You know there was a. There was rule book where they grew up down the street from each other memoranda year older, that sort of sweet right. It's pleasingly sweet and has ruined me. I think in society today like
because I know it works of dna work and most people don't make it works yeah. So I have this almost expectation of now. This can, where I think I stayed in my first marriage a lot longer than I should have. We had as I wanted it to work, and so your mom's tough yeah and she doesn't take any shit Will that yeah she's a teetotaller, her out sober completely I mean, I think her eyes over here I think now all her and my dad have light drinks from time to time when they want to go home, but nothing I mean it's only with my dad. I've only seen my mom she's only dragged with me, like twice she's fun as hell when she drank yeah. I could see why she shouldn't drink. He never got the gene or you get angry and get her. Will you it's a real. You are holding back holy shit, yeah hannah thing right, that's funny! I'm glad it's not! It may be added
So how do you end up so fucked up? I don't know like I have like great parents. A great support system. I want to play baseball. That was my whole. That's what did it now is my cab. You got bullied into football. by your dad, who now- and I play college baseball either Madame dad knew, but football was like something I just did and then I got good at it. So it billy white David. That's that's a baseball players! Name yeah! yeah. There isn't a lot of scouts, like my name more than my ability. That is very true, so you were so. You did all right in high school because you had to mostly yeah and then you went to college where I play junior college baseball for two years, the volunteer state, We are the number one team teeming junior college which allow decide. quote. My friend airliners is like having the biggest dick and third gray separately. Over that and maybe even and then plato, Gaza when played professionally.
And we were really good and that's when I learned allies, I can't can't egg. I dunno, I don't have the skill I had I could I had enough talent, the I didn't have the the drive. Those guys did, brother had was up against that and tennis where he just realized. Like you know he doesn't he he has to work twice as hard yeah as guys who naturally have it, and you have to make a decision. If you don't, if you're, not natural, are you going to make you know? Is it worth it to make the caddy? What's it going to take that? Is it in these guys, like also realise that I'd always switch sports in these guys days, while all year always your position now is a catch. Her would really rough on your body, but I get bored playing any other position. Kurdistan standing out there, it's mostly fucking standing. There right in the catcher you gotta gotta, be on time and yeah yeah they're, literally throwing the ball to you every time I like that part of it. I, like the aggression, part of it, but yeah the these guys
desire was much more than mine. I was like I was already in community. I had a radio show at the community college which I was having a more fun, then going to a hidden ball kind of ball can reassure the fucking morning. It was a morning show our really eighty eight point: five, the coward station yeah you do in mourning show your drive time I guess yeah. It was a lot of our play stuff like from goose creek symphony in the band and cause I knew the guy that ran the station was listening. Rising five in the morning right. So I will just play, music alight yeah anna, like son vote, and we ll go and yet of idea it so us, already getting like regular listeners, but they were be truckers. They were had this rout right there It was a day that loved what I played, because it was like bob, seger and stuff like that, so they were like this guy and then I just say dumb shit. So that was
that was my listener ship, the baseball team and truckers that had a certain rail in town yeah not not to or yeah. They weren't long haul were yeah. They were driving the the mayfield dairy truckers yeah like that cause. They were up yeah, they were just and they just found you and, and were you being funny, did you have a guy with your what it was just me, and I would just in trouble, because I was supposed to read the news and I would make fun of the news cause. I listen to howard stern. I was like that's what he does and I am ain't gonna be in the class. Goes. I wouldn't stop making fun of the news. What do they wanted? You just dead, be enough, Is reader yeah necessary was it. I know whether they were teaching me how to do all the certain part. The broadcast yeah yeah and I was like I'm not going to you're going to be a broadcaster I'm not losing his axe and any too and understood fanatics class. It's not going to get a day. Whether so I went to the comedy start.
Well into worsened western kentucky for a couple years, knowledge or now just yet most doug universe in bowling is actually cheaper. Does alive A border state when I went to junior college is cheaper for me together instead. In kentucky than it was forty minutes, I asked to get a university of tennessee. I have no sense of a of of place and in most parts of the country, but I mean when you go to kentucky from tennessee. Are you like nah fuck, I'm in kentucky now yeah? What what? What What distinguishes the two for me, Joe there's, a Kentucky as like. An attitude now really can I will, I think, there's more old money there and then they want. Funniest things I ever thousand looking turkey and now this dude was on this.
We are holding the rebel flags and we will rise again. We will rise again and are just rolled the appalled emerald down the window, and I was like dude. You guys fought for the north. He he south a little way, and you just locally confused knows again: you you didn't fight for the confederacy. in his drove autumn allies like. Why did you do that? As I just want the masses data that you need to re, evaluate, is alive thank you realize that yeah, I think that's. there's a lot of money on that whisky. Just shady everything justified its very accurate oh, really here, I am watching, yeah and I noticed basketball big deal there like intensive about the big deal. You think there's some. But what about that serve that that that southern style of of kind of ignorance I mean
if you come up against that. I mean we I mean obviously was in your family. I don't I wouldn't I I dunno, if your your family's progressive necessarily, but they were teachers yeah. I would definitely say even to this day they were just here. They can't stop playing devil's advocate haha, jokes, yet so even stuff, like my dad, loves, listen to were rowing radio, we're in a dry, and he doesn't believing as I do. I just like. Listen to the enemy yachting. What they're saying I was again now just sit there. Might we gotta turn this office? He enjoys the yet the hate as yeah he's, I just known what they think he has a kid, but pretty simple. We yeah, but you gotta know how they're doing it and stuff, and I was like when they come out. Yeah he's just a football. I mean he was probably a general in his other life because that's how he thinks he's a big silver civil war by huge it's
it's annoying almost and he plans on his own our dire I'm gonna go data, the reenactments he's, that's what he's gonna do for his retirement, not as a job. I think just go. Do it did you who's you wanna play now have an ask which he wants to be, and I don't want to know what is it war, but does that mean he dragged to vicksburg and I've been vicksburg then to jamaica about our yeah. That was definitely a detour on a lot of our vacations. Go go see the battlefield yeah, what you do something enjoy. Peace will allow them to what I mean. I think it's it interesting that the thing out interested me was that you know there were these divisions in families in communities that you know they would fight for a few hours? And then you know when the when the general called time they'd go over and eat with each other yeah. I that to me is just insane: it was the bloodiest fuckin war in the world, I mean When you look at the numbers of people that died in that war, it's insane it's scary, yeah.
The thousands of all- and I think that's why they're cc c is so good at forborne such a big cause that is still ingrained in that kind of theirs regional conflict. Almost manners involved in the conflict to let go nay poisoned somebody's trees like an alabama fan, poison, some famous trees, norman lay. Even alabama fans were upset by now. Now we don't do that right. It's gonna lie or not with us here, will punish him in a bar, but we're not gonna nail trees. That's yet has come on yeah. That's that's not fair. but I have some cool the idea in enriching. Will you write pissing? Why you're talking to me right right? I wouldn't hurt somebody so you you grew sensing that that then the that there is. still a competitive element between the youth. In the confederacy, oh yeah,
Oh, it's just like aids. There is a great mark twain quote. I recently read about travel plans. All sense of we know bigotry and in it really does. We just learned like oh now, most people are awful yeah. That's what I learned I really I don't want to. I I always want to go the other way. I I always want to believe that most people yeah there there's an okay dude in there. definitely ok, yeah! That's! Why, like? I can sit in a bar see interest here, hear the most awful stuff goes, unlike that, dude would help anybody rush just and you sort of have to make weird kind of exceptions. So do I guy and yeah he's a little like that, but yabbies alright yeah Well, it's we do that with comics all time, there's of comics the they give you merit just in another walk of life. You break, that is an awful, Terrible person be like he's one of answering a nigger. I know
he's going to touch you in a weird way. We're just gonna, ignore that he doesn't use the spectrum thing. I guess you learn how to tolerate things and as long as it's you know not illegal yeah, yeah someone's are dirt. Yeah someone's hurt badly yeah yeah. I I guess that's true. I think that's true about comics. Is that we're all kind of you know broken toys of one kind or another, and you kind of gagged a little off but yeah and I'm drawn to the people that are kind of the most. Broken right and I dont know that we necessarily get too close, not at theirs is weird openness to all it where it's, the other still and understanding. I know that a higher and there's a lot of thy. We can be open, but if you, if I get about you, yeah you're, like hey! Now you can't between us yeah. That's why we're not? Having that conversation then yeah like no. I can say that I'm a shitty person. You can't say that, but okay, so you're in kentucky. yeah. I do
maternity wards. I really bought into that they really sold me hard on the beer and pussy thing there, and I was like this is exactly what I want cause I need. I can see the future in this. Yes, like two years, I was just a fucking meathead playing sports in a small town, so it was like this and then I got into a nosegay out. This is awful. It in they ve got. It got me and fraternity was an actor mad man in all this stuff, like oh, yes out here, yeah, there's matt long is a really good actor mit so he can got me and then he just disappeared after that worry me. I gotta play, and then he was gone yeah that next master. So he was a analysis with these deeds from Kentucky that had money, drinkin drinking a just, had a different outlook, and I did so
it's interesting, no one you when you are from a certain class of people and then your ear, you realize I get these people and give a fuck, there's nothing to bring me a while. I was in a weird denial that people were different. That class was that different, their dinner yeah! I didn't, while everything I'd morning, wanted it to yeah yeah. You want to be like we're all the same yeah until really when it came down to it now, you're, not really. No we're not yeah. I'm going to be okay forever. Now know. What's going to happen to you, yeah yeah, it was yeah, there's a very late. Yes, yeah, yeah that And then open my eyes some stuff, and then these guys are already sat near he knew, what they were likewise and other stuff, now still transit figure, stuff out and drank, and were you there were you there crazier the bunch, our definite eyes, usually the guy that that certainty, the guy from the outside it's very good. They I like to watch him. Yes, there very much.
give billy booze yet right and help make the party happen until I would go to far call him out on some bullshit and then I was yeah fights whether fistfight some most isn't most pussies, though, are you fighter, though, not really value have I yeah, I mean I was an athlete too so late. I was always and the good at it cause. I was an athlete in that, but I never understood like in high school dudes, wanted to fight me because I would date their eggs girl there's something about why we get a scope by basque boats. The same were disprove, whose more athletic system to him, and then you just sit on their face wore what we're supposed to yeah, which is hit each other and I'm like yeah, why? I don't know nothing in this proves that I'm better it heading, but then I'd parents always told me, never start if I ve never walk away from one either they taught you that yeah so yeah. That's. Why
was in a couple fight in a couple times. I was an invite. I just got punch because I deserved it. Oh yeah just yeah a lot of hug you and me in your based on that. I'm just gonna say stuff that I've already perceived it. You ve done yet in sometimes they I hadn't done that, like what going out to a drunk bigger guy organism. Girl here shown offer my friends and I say sunday, his girl mia. at the time in volunteering to do just turn around and taught me. He didn't lay me out, but I just got the point: real quiet was a smile. I was. I am sorry that I recall those and that's the cool thing about the south and fighting those like after it's over like we're, buddies, again, yeah you're, probably closer friends. Now so there's a memory like yeah, okay, I had that coming yeah like when it was their slow motion by all he's gonna to take
hey yeah. There's no. Are you can't dark at that? Just price said some very dirty to the girl who was talking just because you wanna start shit, yeah yeah. I try. In its priority housing you drink, em and you're. The mass got your the the drunk. There was another guy. We were competing. Oh yeah, there is a yeah. He was very funny to you put us together. It was a good time, but when did you decide to do comedy what inspired that business are seeking. Only indications classes. Those watching a ton of I've always been a fan of stand up. My parents were always a fan of sick, in writing DE. I am almost reached timing. She like people good time, so I With that background in it, my dad always bragged about watching the first snl, he had richard pryor album since oh yeah as cheech and Chong yeah, hell, yeah, yeah, Cheech and Chong And then I was almost speeches were funny: yeah
and I'll I'd being funny and in this wonderful speech, writing class or about its being or bad speech. Riding speech. Analysis advanced speaking, I did all that, I'm ok. I could have, major in communications? Are now? But I did it split business. Major, that's what my refocused on speech and then what you'd have to write speeches and read them for the clear we studied Clinton. Our really studied him redefining the is high It's a lot of his techniques. He's fascinating, like what are some techniques of speech re. I will not really speech right because the the best technique is to write for their strengths, okay, when with Clinton yeah he's just so charismatic yeah that a lot of it was like a shale of our imagine. It looked like a reno nine one, one one hundred yeah, it's like okay! This is the main wait a right right right, organizing billy, but what
the idea when you took those classes. I know lot of people just do communications because they don't know what else they're going to fucking die was my basically, I knew I was good at speaking in front of people from high school and stuff at. Why would you why did you speak in front of people how's the that council and then you did that shit yeah. Well, you dare tell you do that now an extra credit then we are these tee shirts. This had soon council staff on the back na in that was like. pass to do whatever the fuck you wanted, like teachers did not really? So they are here. I future leaders of america. These animals, like a cool thing in our school, was unlike the nurse It was like right, leg, the cool in years, in juniors, when you are in a shop and student counselor yeah, I can t I liaison that's. What there's nerd thing here. Take me because they're getting to pay awful again waiting. Cocky yeah like a liaison between the nerds and the jocks cause I took you know I had an interest in angle.
In history are reading and a lack of my mom and then I lived in this job worldly out and an athlete right I was never comfortable and either so is goin back and forth and you're the funny I so like yeah. I know what that's like you. You could speak to both you, your intermediary, you, you weren't locked in to being a dick yeah yeah locked into being. You know socially awkward, but then found were bigger, dicks we'll be there back then, and we all know how the hell do thirty three, Well, yeah I mean there was a time where nerves and in in high school. When I was younger they they. They could only hang around themselves and they were socially awkward I would like to play chess and dna and there really good at math, and they just didn't. They were like an indifferent from a different culture like you, I didn't have anything against somebody. They always impressed me why? But they were not socially easy now they were now you're right, yes and they
I think they brought a lot on them, that they could. Like my I've, a cousin he's twelve years Asperger's aspergers. another useful areas, but he's So he has that weird. Where he's a dick, delays realize he's a dick and I see that my friends I had my high school there like. Oh they partly head, they didn't realize they were being a dick and then they get this anger that arose with dick back to him right with you. being an asshole for the other and they don't necessarily know because their brains are preoccupied preoccupy we? Why would I have social grace when this put this in this. In our view, this right right I've got I'm working on a problem. Yeah I'll tell you what wanna tell all the nurse now like you guys need to each other there they die an inter cultural, defining thing now yeah. And now there's a lot of people that aspire to that's amount, but I mean in there's a lot of people that dress the part down. I mean I've had
conversations with you about what true nerd is amiss in its really an almost it's in an obsessive interest, in something and and it defines who you are well, That's why I've related to nerds too, but you desire. The other thing you ve got. The weird kind of thing that makes comics different is that before, everything else. There is charm, and like you, I think I could pry resolve this just by being me. Yes, yes, Let me I got this. I got this. Let me talk to him. Give me if I'm not back in two minutes usually can get me, though yeah it just says. There's other things! We want to do that. Other work now we're gonna, be: oh, aid, shit, yeah, bye, bye get by because you know will do a good enough to get in and then its is there, like rang out. That's
Definitely why having a manager now helps me tremendously, because it is like that was most of my career like I got it, yeah I'll, just call them yeah yeah, oh they they were mad at me. oh yeah. They were why, yet to I didn't do the thing I told him. I would do right now. Yeah yeah and also that the EU should just do you do and what the man there is in the club owners do what they do, So here you are you're the ways on an invite by our case you're in kentucky in the EU. Are we getting your chops during the speech thing? So you why I'm comedy went without a lot of me entertaining parties in this girl. I was standing at the time said you need to go do and mike because it was the pro she noticed that I was depressed. I didn't realize, owes, whereas their days that I wouldn't I just drank and not get out of bed revenge depression or alcoholism. It was depression. because I wasn't on I was never an everyday drinker right. I was ever ever never
I would have probably went on a couple binges where be like five or six days of I was. Do this there was a lot of on the road to sure so disposed to. I was still do in stuff like anna I'll just lay. There are two days in between drink and she thought that somehow or another an open mic would resolve as she goes. You need you need to see. If you can do this, how yee, oh you'd, been talking about it, yeah, so you're obsessed with it and you didn't, have the balls yeah or just yeah or even the thought, I says to be like could pursue it? You know I didn't know how I thought I'll move to Chicago and the second city yeah. in standard was never I never thought about that. Yeah and then she- and I am called zombies and had a month wrote in nashville ray minutes Anna we broke up in that month, whither there's a few more Yeah yeah, yeah yeah go as
that material now, yeah upright hung on the reform of years. Her broken up with me in that timeframe out there a really and yet terms of resenting area yeah by then eventually realise like now. She that's what she was knows. What we are supposed to do. Let us start thinking about life like that. That I mean that's when these weird keys, things, he did there's no time for regret or spite over some day. And go right eventually, gotta be like. Why did get this out of it? Yeah I've learned ass, certain questions about people but also why she told me she bipolar six months in relation to me that something you should lead with yeah here, but I know lead with it, but certainly within Both are weaker, yeah, the alligator after two weeks you like this may continue by the way I may have massive mood, swings yeah, but also she she got you do quality for the first time that I remember doing it and doing well, because the guy before me was awful- and I was
ok, member, throwing up before real and I'd seen that grown up people do that before sports and stuff, always those I was like this bullshit. What are they they're, so dramatic yeah and I was so nervous I threw up and in that made me more nervous that you could get that nervous and I was getting that nervous wow and so, but as soon as I stepped on stage, I was fought. Ria now went away and I did well in then a cat said: hey, there's this mike on tuesdays. We do every wake you dont have to bring. People is aids and all that stuff you made an impression on the micro community. Yet was I got him land landon lion, but that's right, but that's the biggest deal in white, logic, young comics right. Why can't I? Why can't I? Why can't I, because you ve got to impress their comics yeah we're out of the gate. Yeah you to show some different aris within a month or two, the other guys who have got their shit. Will tightening community and they know the things they ve gotta go now. Let him in yoga guys are
yeah man I wouldn't have. If that date, one have told me, I probably wouldn't seek out outrageous. that monthly right right anything If he was like. Oh there's this team cozy, where the charm paid off yeah. I was in really well yeah, you're right and then I remember getting off stage and going like. Oh, this is what I'm going to dig in maybe three months later hours they arrived at the town of ads. They actually are May I say: do you want to drop out knows I? How did you like you this miserable Now you talk about as this year. and as I have a good gps, can go back, thought in seven years. If I'm not where I'm supposed to be seven wow yeah, he was twenty one. I knew enough about it at that point to be like it's going to take this long to a we were pretty obsessed with it yeah and you told your parents, you are doing it yeah and they were probably concerned at first and I don't think they were not scared.
I had a decent little job near what do? What at the european store, very interesting As it people come in and out, you'd see what they get. The african great value at stoned, great yeah, yeah showed up drunk yeah, they didn't care. What do you mean? You could see what they get. You see what they were buying in shipping oh yeah there's like private mailboxes there, how do I ship this will yeah? Well, I learned how to pack stuff and then just like just you could tell a lot about those personality, practical skills, knowing how to pack things. It is its people? Don't have it now? I know it's weird like when I'm like. Now you need to do this, and this would be where I have a hill and it's just something I did yeah. I picked up along the way and cook a steak too yeah thanks outback, so you work there too, yeah, oh wow, that was a no mom and pop organisations for you. No, not really
this went in bowling green. I just went. I was like what restaurant makes the most money the stake out and then I just what they're saying cook a stake: youngest pretty good. I was a server, but I learned how bout that's what I want to learn? How to do? I stick yeah. That's I learned that until you can pack shit, you can cook a steak and you know that you know if you're dating a bipolar person, they should tell you yes upfront, you can throw a ball or two a few different types. Yeah I can hear them can write speech, yeah yeah somewhat. You know how much you can and can't do. kind of nine? Yes, I can drink none at that's! That's they took me back decade to learn that that I should drink now. Many arrests, three or four too, I would say Roma thought Oh really, now one I don't wanna it's still pending. Now, it's not pending just its. It was terrible,
yeah yeah, I was the it was the end: oh yeah, marriage. So oh yeah, I want a really when I yeah nowhere me in her at a really good place. Now so May bring it up stuff like that back into helping nothing now it can only do damage at this point. Also everything's cool earrings, pretty cool, as a whole is it I think it's ever she's back and where she she made. Who is here now of that's where you folks Iraq as a kid yeah I think they were disinterest in los angeles. There ve been here really were to take em. My dad took my mom divinest base because he'd been here before me, and I took him the venison. He knew anything perfect for you now watch people when yeah. Let me like this l, a people crazy, I'm like a kind of is a good dichotomy of l, a it's, the only it's one of the few places in l a where there are people, yeah, yeah walking around and then I
I'm through words the chinese theater, was sure I was going to start hollywood bolivia and took him to hollywood boulevard in venice beach, and my mom was like this is like a mall. I don't care and I was like that's okay. It is now and then I was like that. I can tell you the hollywood sign he was like nah. I saw it from the interstate, I'm good. I was like. I guess it is. Then they're done It's pretty much. I mean that it has a mexican food yeah across the street from our place, those about it mean they're, so great, my parents, they just I hereby out in their not like hipsters that wanna go. Do yeah, the restaurant that doesn't fascinate hang out with you and the kid and yeah, and just how was the kid who's four and a half right. So, let's get back to it too, start doing, carry his enemies and then you what you just stating in in nashville yeah, I just started living on a couch. buddy open mic reality him in his girlfriend. Yet I lived on it
for a month and worked at a restaurant nashville and if I wasn't doing stay. If I wasn't onstage, I was at deniz to sit in the back watching and that was my whole life was just figured out how to do it and is drinkin when We weren't doing that trying out drugs listening. Comedy and comedy and comedy: that's it. That's her life right. There yeah, you know other world not going to write, not going to do sketches now sit in the back as amy's in a drink for probably half for free yeah, yeah and, and why should it do this and then go out after an intact while here drink and in bug like jegu Hansen and people, they want to hang out and be. How did you get jake? Jagged me like hey, just ease up: did he yeah I wasn't offended me up. I was a little bit like. Oh my god. I was scared at night pray couple years they're. Like he's really nice about that,
he handled every night or probably awful. What I was I was drunk in very aggressive and passionate talent. Take it again after headline highest. five or six years a good one, I work with your feature for me. Yeah yeah now is a genuine and strong features. Well, that is, it took out. Even I have seven have years to get feature, work, anxieties, they already had lining the idea and stuff right right right, that's the funny thing it's like people are like. I was headlining, be rooms mike yeah the year what they could afford: yeah yeah yeah I'll headline for the same amount of future, for what that's and I was making a little more about that. That's the thing I they just saw me forever nea as that goofy him see that came in with it but that's the problem with, like everybody has with their has with their home clubs? Yes, they won't fuckin headline. as you know, you go away the move to seattle. For six years, as we want yeah how many years into comedy, were you
three and a half in and he went to seattle. While I was at work on the road with ralphie may a little bit, you were in this garage one through four sitting over there yeah smokin, that's where you saw him, in seattle? Out now he came through national aus I'd work, my way up to being the house him say pretty much. I got to work like Hedberg YAP three weeks before he died, how god what was out like did at the time. It was the most amazing thing in the world to me is when I was still college. I found him on napster of your. He was fame, yeah. and he was my little secret. Dear aunt, the comedy nerd nowhere else really gave a ship earlier in the end, huge and I remember telling us like when you get popular piss me off cause. You were my sacred, the annual again napster right again, did a bunch of drugs. The first night second night, I was just exhaust It was all overwhelming to media and
it was a little calmer and I went to leave in mich le, say: hey man, we go get me. Some drank goes again. You like and get yourself some, I want to hang out with you tonight. We went and did blow at this close bar and printers out all night air and the talk. Much He and I told the owner and then Lin was dirty analysis it was another as it were, with us, we're like local guys they were really drunk by he always seemed like you- need the lock in and have from company yeah. That was, much yeah an odd in Adam my I was never a guy that did cocaine yeah, like I've, probably done a handful times only one time without drinking yeah. Every time I did it was so we could drink more exactly like and people reg, I'm just going to do coke, I'm like what would you do I don't seems crazy, yeah yeah. I was the same way it's like going to a pot dealer and be like aneurysm pot and I'm going to get coconut. That is the exact opposite of what I want right. Well, yeah! No, it was always for me. It had go together. Yeah get that balance.
I knew I could never just do it like out you'll be running somewhere, so you're just doing god. No with now. We were dragging area in this a three week before he died yeah. It was It was over. I mean it was also a lesson cause I'd to this day. I never seen anybody use the quality and different types of drugs. He was used near just booze tons of just straight vodka, basically yeah. Just he had a bag. What he called kettles. It was just peels yeah me just pull those out and then he'd find blow afterwards right very wise in doing the hiv you getting thou somebody got. He kept private yeah, yeah, yeah no. I had a couple of friends that yeah they directed imagine this diana. I was like nope now yeah. I think that was a that was the one that was where he drew the line that somebody didn't have a very specific type of friends for that type of behavior. I would now would hope so yeah yeah. Well, that's sad. And it sad, and how could I knew you'd or beat up by that time? I think yeah. I remember when he walked in the agreement
they need and just how jaunt he looked here and in almost like a look he jaundice too. He react yet like greenish, yellow yeah, yeah yeah had the weird power howler to his skin. In his yeah yeah like hollow yeah yeah is. It was not the guy that I pictured now sad man and he were those glasses you can quite see in the shows were he was a couple shows. I had to pull him off stage like like EU duty laying on state. Then tell me to come. Get him and then I ll use in these you well there you are was the saddest part there are realised later. Yes, at the time I didn't realize, does those this is so using a call, that's a nightmare that them Fucked up, you are the more they like you you're fucked me. I can't get out of it. You're fucked dear, backed it. There are no one's gonna, be like hey. Stop me
their own around he's making money there and then, when I realise how clubs work to like, due to our guy. If you're makin the money, they don't care where they want to make sure you got what you need help me realize echo like. Oh then I don't have to be here, though. I need to behave myself right, but image to me, too, I'm mean one that one of those was a make a list make a list of all the people that fuck you and then, when you get famous, he was like there are several clubs. I go back to just to fuck with him. Really yeah and I was like hm because I make all their money and then I make these decades run errands for me the whole time. A plan, or else I augur well. He was a real lira, drawing yeah. So so was important lesson learning you are that before you went to seattle yeah, yeah. I knew well my ex wife and west homepage florida on the road and
We ve been dating a couple months. It was a lot of fun, in our marriage is thirty one, I was twenty five to the dj. Porter egon live in the dream. I thought and then she was like hey. I got a job in seattle, Would you want to move with me never been west of taxes, and I was a gap this new, the scene. There too, there was a scene there, and I had this I was starting to realise that I wasn't gonna be allowed to be the comic I wanted to be just do in this area. My voice in then my name ever work with bees, yeah. He was one of the first quit my the serving job. Work with gabby lose last manner that we need a name saviours awake and our there can be heard and I was like yep called it and you say as I was like I can't to come in
it's like well, as you don't come in your fire, and I was like yea, that's what I'm saying is like I'm not coming in any more any more. I'm gonna have to fire. You yeah yeah, whatever you want to call it, come on I'll, hang lady tickets for the show. I think if you want to come back, if you want to hang out so when you work- or bees date pack, it out so like ours so you're I'm. This is regional. Dude is huge, huge huge and That's your intro into the life of you! That was not you committed that was and first gig with another, second wake was bruce bruce the answer I went further than to this pressure. Yes, in two weeks They call me last minute again with all why, and then all black like leg, different type of white.
Like not your audience all white. No, I know southern all. Why? Yes old school? Yes, yes and they don't speak the kings. English either a thing like a lot of bees act. I didn't understand really a lot of it. I do not. I don't get what he's talking about sometimes cyber yeah ya know no. Amid leaving lighted by stay about drinking savour, I said don't drink before the show. Hesychasts you'll get a little you'll find that perfect, one time and then your spend twenty years jason, please I drank outwards in that help. Me was it. Was he straightened out yet now, now now that was good advice coming from someone that at that time, this is all over the place that one night you hit the perfect as you're going to spend the rest of your life chasing it. Trying to get that on. It's not about the comedy. There's that one night where that combination, yes between comedy and booze is perfect. Perfect is perfect. And you'll be chasing, never twenty years, then there's some
in two that? No, no doubt because our heads damn right out there. Ok, like I'm, wearing underwear, that I'm very comfortable declaration. You know domain. I superstitious yeah this! a wave of racism in walking in with my bag and stuff I was getting ready and they all stopped. I was always so nervous cause. I was like I've never really done a black room, yet let alone sold out right anna, so nervous in the whole staff they do in there and they all just stop and just looking all at once the whole place? It's quiet, yeah in one girl does are ye d. they now and then they all this fell out, and I was like this is land zany yeah as it is in the end he at last week. How is a comedian for a week? How that go really good pursue said. Just don't be afraid. I was like ok how the first man I was afraid they did not end in someone said something it pissed me off
and you're. After that, you, you held your ground yeah there, it's an rabbi cause it was that instinct. I was just like fuck you and when I did like fuck you or something like that, they were all on. My side is the confidence thing I was like. Ok, thank god. That's actually fairly amazing moment to do well in front of a black crowd. They held invincible for awhile live way to copy the outbreak. It really is about. That. Is the lesson like what he said is exactly it dont, be afraid, just be yourself, an end if you get any insecurity to all that, that shows they're gonna see it gap and there can be like not gun either. holy shit together, yeah, that's yeah! Yes paper? Show you what is this? If we do not end up, you know burst forth. so wide him seated out. There need as yet that's that's insane It is so he asked for yes that yeah. They tell me that
after that weight dost. Oh they got confidence in me. Like now, I was the only wagon available, so down met her when they d seattle, because a new method, not there. I know that you yeah the politics would be all right, yeah you know would leaned toward me. Inside you could get in yeah cause. You had shops, and you know it was a smaller scene that you knew you could go in his middle and you were already strong and yeah yeah. I did that in San francisco, where you didn't have to go through all the ranks. Knowledge had enact yeah. I just had to do a couple of remarks in right. Not introducing I have to agree on stage and in iraq. Oh who's, this guy right and then, after that it was yeah. So Europe there for six years, I've had my plan was three three or four Mary, we we're married, grow, quick great minds. We american vegas, real, quit her ass, some good time
sherman, ah sounds fine. Then it went south pretty quick after the kid yeah I mean before the kyoto was not good kid was he wasn't planned on my part I wasn't upset about it. I've always wanted to be a dad. So you know I was like uh. We will make this work and then it was like now and in that ugly in other divorce and stuff that got pretty ugly. That is gonna stuck in seattle. A couple years is ever you got the arrested, yeah I want to rest before before her before the pregnancy, now now armrest came when I was with her Oh, my trouble with the law. I don't know, if that's a coincidence, but was where the drinking related trouble oh yeah senate arouse. I owe you know, I've, never arrested when booze wasn't involved here. So
because I went through a roadblock here like two weeks ago here and my first I was like oh fuck, oh wait, yeah, I'm! Ok! okay. This is great how you doing officer yeah, just look them right in the eye. What's up yeah, what's going on, I literally have nothing to hide. This is fantastic and exciting moment is to pull up the road Well, I can go like everything all right, I'm good yeah! Are you okay and they're? Looking at your eyes, go ahead and look at it, yeah yeah, I'm good yeah. I am clear man. Well, I did that, though, there's like two months after I was sober. I was hanging out with someone These amendments are in a band stay wash them all night. They drank the whole show, and I was I too, on seven october, so we in the car, and were driving. We get they like it, late, not place to get them. and we're in there and that's when I realized my body who in my head. I was I or he's the least drunk. He should drive near and then he's order and fail to arouse how drunk he was, and I was like, maybe wait a minute I can
but hey I'm sober. Let me drive and he's like yeah what I was saying. It's all new to me. I'm sorry. I thought we were being very smart about this, I work with it. We had Egypt, we already have you just gotten over how how will our hour you get when we were together with our sober europe the first thing that I was not here yeah. Well, yo ralphie now was not in that time in San francisco is definitely not. as the first time molly claiming the anytime, I'm done molly yeah you weren't just drunk now I was I was already drunk and the other girls iD want some of this and it was like white powder and I was like I don't want to be up yet in san francisco on coke I'll get arrested, yeah you, they know it's it's It's called molly is put on your tongue and also guide faggot, yeah and its just india may I guess I had never known ecstasy, yeah yeah and when we talk about the time I started talking to you like they are good.
take another. This is fine in you, Ask me waiting questions as I I need to stop talking, I feel so good about everything like how could any of this by me in the ass. no, you didn't let on you're like I just want you to know this and about what you know that thing and I'm like what do you mean you're, a guy can't I do you know that Well so I'd so after now,. I imagine that the sobriety was pray. Early today, at least supporter a reasonable relationship with your action and the kitten yeah and the new really whatever that is he married again or no known, and I did find a wonderful girl net. I realize I for two years after my divorce, I just
lived on the road I didn't have a place a bunch of gouges and all your money was funnel and back yeah like no money guys all going through. As soon as I got money was yeah, and sunday knowing the kyoto there. You have it like lawyers and mere fees and all that stuff. It's just a nightmare, and now I was quite a mass- was fine as a lot. On butter, Amira met her and she had Boyfriend Just remember is like that. I'm a ran into a new york, olenin sar and her boyfriend west seattle and went where just on the road that I met girl. For now at a colony festivals, yet a boyfriend six years younger than her, and I just I remember thinking like I really like her you and I sinner down like this in light cobble here,
brooklyn in my eye, when this is done- and this runs its course give me a call right, because I, like you, when she was like what he's done on this done. I was like this'll be done, yeah you're, six years old yeah believe me and then she was like well. What about you- and I was like yeah. My wife is six years, my ex wife's six years older than me, yeah, there's a it's your plant, the sea. Yeah you're right, she loved it. She was like it's such a strong move and I was like it's really not because if you don't work out who gives a shit, the line is there. If it does, I'm pretty awesome yeah we text every now and then just to say I one day the tec, started getting deleted which is like more like. There is a more of a conversation, not just ask hey: where are you what's up yeah and I was like something's happening, and then she she com a bluff was like. I want you work with me in nashville next week and did a couple of headline dates: dynamic, yeah anna. She was like okay, I was like, oh, oh,
came along and make some phone calls. I did not understand that would be a nice in saying this. I hear she came. We got along really well and then his gun from there and then she's a drinker. She's a lot better than I am, and so there's a couple months where I'll just go a little crazy and then there is one night. The next day she was like. Hey you wanna, keep doing this. You can't do that anymore. What was that just in mass a I would just get sloppy. I wasn't violent or anything when I was drinking was never violent. I was just sloppy and embarrassing more than anything who's race. Learn a drink in the south, fuckin rice say, we're gonna, have to beers. Why would we do that? I would we just have to bears still done under ella gotta show that control drinker, yeah she's very good at and very good it being drunk to meals
like okay, we're this drunk, let's get more drunk. Let's get Laos yeah, let's go on an adventure while we would just sit here and talk to these same people yeah. That guy has a weird erica, go, say things d. I was like. Ok, as they are just quit drinking to luke, I just did so when you now when you work along, is open for ralphie on and off for about five or six years His brother here is a bigger oleanders. He kept me afloat, alot nancy me how to do the road, and I would you learn from rafi just how to work. I mean he works you it's it's not it's not necessarily what I want to end up doing the way he does it right cause. It's fifty wait a year, and he's on the road, the whole time doing. Radio- and you know he rattles retention. When you read that guy
they're up in the morning on the phone yeah doing don't for next week, yeah doing the phone or zaire it's almost like, oh, ok and induced to keep them in to keep building it cause you know used or senior. it'll habit for wound undergone an injustice. Key and then he works a really well yeah he's a he's, a monster and then adds to this day. I've never seen any comic. Besides, maybe kelly, endo, that's better at radio, it's he takes over the show yeah. I can't I still can't do and I don't have a desire to do either as part of my problem, but it does work a year and he said that he's he's, whereas by radio is what is more responsible for his fine than anything else in the attitude, as I'm sure that's true, regional radio, He these taught me how to structure like long form set, and things like that now he's a little more verbose than I am, but
as far as an arc and everything will know it's important to like you know, to to see somebody who? Who, who does it nails it and he's a pro about it and you know, really puts on a show it's a it's a like The part you are like me, you kind of get in it's like. I can pretty much do what I want. Yeah yeah yeah. I didn't take easy yeah. That was my arrest of shit down today. Maybe get you yeah yeah. He maybe get to it. Yes, if there's not some on npr, I heard that I want to go read about it, yeah exactly yeah, but yeah when you meet those dudes who are like I got to like you know now I gotta write a new hour, but I don't. I only can write by doing going up on stage. That's that's, and he made me feel better about that, because I was always he does that too right, yeah yeah cause. I was, I have friends that would just sit and write jokes yeah. I was like. I can't do that, because when I do it it sounds like I'm telling a joke. Writer of the comic I'm the same way. I need to just form in my head and I'll know how I can say: that's right that may be filled
for, while I will make you know, do any work, but my act is better than these guys did. We think is about me in determining how much work you do is like you. We dedicate our life to it We lived the life we get on stage. Has an you know, we're building shit out your house we do it is our business yeah bengal, but I mean that. Well sort of working the other stuff which I didn't really not to do, which is like making the connections making you have made. sure that united dig at the club, yeah yeah may Do the radio show up? the radio shutting your mile, he over on the radio in this dude is talking. Now is a big thing for me like ok, it is gaza, asshole yacht. it'll give you a couple weeks of work a year. You'll need to act together, yet in their several decades, across the counter them and like now, fuck yeah, I know you do know how I feel about you. I don't you Not that vengeful and I don't necessarily have a list by. Certainly no- and you know I'm not like a yeah, I don't sell thousands of tickets either, but I do know that
pull that didn't help me you're more than anything or fuck me yeah, there's a couple. that I will go out of my way. But if I do become that draw when they, if they ever approach me, I will enjoy saying now tonight we have. Why had one like that, where I could work at a club for a long time for some avenue The reason why the guy had it out for me by your he. You know- and it's a great cloud and I just had to accept that it was going to happen for me anymore, and I liked the club and I didn't work there for over a decade and he apologized to me yeah in montreal. You know he came up to me and said: look man. I am sorry, you know your great act. I want to have you back and he was literally very graciously yeah apologize for icing me for so long and I went back and I sold out five shows and I killed and I loved working there.
Great want that's, sometimes it beyond your control, sometimes a waitress like you and the owner likes that waitress higher than usual. it comes down to a waitress problem. Yeah, it's it's definitely about pussy, I would say eighty percent of money- man, that's it this business yeah, that's all in everything, yeah presumed monies like that girls Let me again it's terrible yeah cause. I know I should be excited, but he wants to fuckers yeah. Now I can't come back because he talked to you yeah you're not allowed in the state and yes yeah. I can't do comedy in Chicago eh, alright, man, why? I think we did it yeah, you yeah. I guess so. This is fun thanks for talking thanks for admit.
And that's it. That's our show. Folks, thank you for listening. Go to wtf product can pick up the app. If you new to the show, you can always get the most recent fifty that six months worth for free on itunes or on my side or or you can get the app enjoy, gets him just Are we not go off with a comment village? You gotta? Do I appreciate it? I'm for panic when aggravating day. I like the idea that there's some guy out there as me, spending money that it is in his placed on micro, fuckin monster. The fuck is wrong with people who were criminals, man
they're always one step ahead, always figuring out the angles, but I guess it's a problem. A lot of people have, but why me, why wasn't about you don't make it about you? You were not targeted, I don't think hmm. Maybe this guy's like. I deserve more fans, credit him and a lot he stole my essence. I dont know fuck Bromar lives.
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