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Episode 514 - The Amazing Johnathan

2014-07-13 | 🔗
The Amazing Johnathan is known for his unique blend of comedy and magic. But the current situation he finds himself in is not an illusion, it's deadly serious. Johnathan tells Marc why he retired from a career filled with blood, coke, speed and wild performances, and how he's soldiering on in spite of the circumstances he faces.

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The guy. I would do this. How are you what the voters, what the bodies, what the buccaneers, what the bug states this is doubly by a mark. Barron. Welcome to the show. Thank you for being here. I think I just got through a three period of mild mania, I'm invading it I'm passing up. I have my EL, the mania- sometimes maybe it's just allergies- maybe it's too much copy Maybe it's because I'm out of my fuckin, my most of the time with bull shit, because that's what relaxes me tonight. information right out of the gate. I apologize welcomed. Show everyone take a breath. Oh my god. Ok, I'm better and better and better he, add convincing himself and no one else today, on the show, the amazing jonathan many of you remember him from your childhood, the crazy
over the top magic guy. I have a very specific memory of John and John there's the on some pretty heavy shit right now and now he'll get in when we talk, but I have a very specific memory of job and I bring it up with him a bit by bit. early on when I just now doing comedy I maybe it wasn't that early may was ninety I dunno ninety two or somethin housing us angeles. I broken up with my girlfriend at the time she was in san francisco ads now garden in india cahoots with this publicist hoo hoo actually tried to ruin my life because I didn't like her and butter name with stacy, and I remember I was at her house. She was a couple of people and I got a gig. I got a tv gig. I got a spot on the alias. I dont know if she got me: that's bought or not I think so, but I do know I was in trouble, guess I wasn't expecting to do tv so I'd know jacket.
I had a borrow. Her roommates jacket was a navy jack and I remember I sort of sort of panic about the whole thing and it was shooting the next day and that time they were. Do I don't remember who is hosting. I think Richard louis was hosting the alias at that time. some reason they would put the big act first and then the the smaller act second amazing Jonathan was my was my show. I was out with amazing jonathan, so he was going first and I'm freaking out more borrowed clothing. Then in the wings and I'm watching them. jumping kill with this huge, closer worry it's his arm off. He cuts his arm off to close a ten minutes, set eight minutes set And, unlike how the fuck am I, for that first. I ever heard this. One thing I ever heard again: unless entertainment changes drastically. Guy
to me? The stage marriages had look organic, we're gonna, get you right out there. As soon as we clean up the blood, was one of my early baptisms into televised many. I did ok as well panicked the jacket and fit right, but that's the brakes, so we'll talk to amazing jaunty, momentarily also denver, colorado I'll, be there this enjoy eighteenth and nineteenth is at the date. Are those the dates I'll be there many works I enjoy working at the comedy works. If we could get enough of my fans out there to sort of keep out the profound junkies denver. One of the drunk as back in cities, I've ever been in my life. I think it's the altitude, I don't know, but second shows there in that area, downtown after certain our it just it's a type of blot. Oh there It's rare to see outside of glasgow, but Denver's pretty far.
drunk, he not going to be hung in a wedding, I'm going to attribute it to the altitude. So how am I? How am I doing? I'm okay, I've had the We are for the most part. The last and I talk to you. I was on a mountain top and we I've been going pretty good. I've been trying to get my brain. And I'm trying to get grounded man. I got a lot of stuff go on all the time, don't at a pace myself, so I took that day trip and within hours of being out of the trip on the way back, I think I lost my shit on the phone over bullshit needs a mother. Like my brain. I I got a lot of work coming up. I got things to do in there Pardon me. I don't know. I've really talked about this specifically before that. My brain would like to get literally soon consumed with with with trivial little, things and make them monumental, as opposed to feel this ass, her dread or panic of what might be coming on a bigger level
like my inability to compartment things makes everything sorted percolate along at the same level, so everything pretty much. All Nothin man all in, or or not in it all I get consumed with bullshit as a distraction. yeah. I think I put it in place where most people put a spiritual practice. Perhaps how can I make this easier to understand? Ok, for instance, so I'm driving back from the desert on that journey? Back There is an outlet situation and why I stopped at an outward. I was very proud of my time in the desert to be honest with you, because I don't I travel alone work a lot, but I'm working is really one. The first trip I've taken alone voluntarily and didn't get their answer on saying I dominant idiot we'll get on alone. A loser. I really was happy, couldn't be happier actually to be alone.
but I'm driving back and I'm like hey, I'm still alone, I'm in my car and uh. You know I could use some clothes. I could always go see if what they have. So I pull I go to the outlets. It's early, it's a week, aids beautiful, there's, nobody there. First, storing though eve I store, I know about you, but I got a thing: I'm wired for levi's. I never rarely do I get. Things have been revised, but there's something compels me. There's some part that believes deeply in that label in levi's. So The wind I'm runnin around I'm already in some sort of weird hyper hypnotize state that happens it outwit malls like oh, I lay There are some party, a brain. It's like this is unlike stealing but you're. Not most of the stuff is made. the outwood mobile. There was actually a real bargaining. Believe I store their these levi jackets, but they were sort of aid. a fine, fine corduroy and I like a nice revise jacket at bought several that I dont where holy shit. These are cool man. I can make these work. I can make these me so I try
and quickly. I'm like a large is probably what I need thy where medium sometimes but it's hard to tell. But I through the large design. I looked in the mirror, my perfect, then I'm onto the shirts boo, I'm trying that shit on buying shirts bought the two jacked latin stood in the jack. It's really wanted the jacket, but they were really great. So I'm driving home everything's fine among the phone bonum getting back into the In my life I get home and I immediately throw those jackets in the wash her to get them ready to wear and then it had the wash your and I put a month or two fuckin big. Both of em are two fuckin big and they were on sale in and out what sort of their not returnable end the outlet stores an hour and a half away so for Two days I was like I'm a fucking idiot. Why not just by a goddamn clown outfit. Why can I buy clothing for myself and two? I was consumed with self flagellation. It took everything I had for two days not to drive back their angrily and just by two mediums out of spite against myself
now what I had four jackets and who knows if the mediums really didn't even fit so then am I going Destroy him away. Gazeta, I don't want hanging in my class, call me and ass all, and I decided with some guidance. May just relax not that big a deal. It isn't that big a deal. So why did my brain get hung up on it? Because that's what it wants to do? That's how it's going to ground itself, it's going to be! It can be consumed with with trivial things that I'm going to make myself nuts at to avoid feeling deeper things or perhaps getting overwhelmed about. What's coming in the future, to my spiritual system, it's the little things. That's the system, I that's the marksmen spiritual system, it's the little things that will consume you and bring you down. I was almost going down a bit path where I was committing to not exercising and giving up on health in general, I had this fantasy
created a straw. Man in my mind I decided will look. I don't want to be one of those. Fifty year old, dude, hoo, hoo hoo are just in over. We good shape. Have you seen those that those guys right, fifty or sixty years old there and invented this guy as a comparison like their faces. Are drawn, and their bodies are ripped but they're not really rip, because our muscles are just sort of their most like curtain. Its holding up your drapes of sagging skin, it's not it doesnt work help. it looks like the isn't it. Body built by panic and vanity. I built that That was the guy. That was the overly, Old guy that see in my mind- and I would say that- doesn't look good. guy thinks he looks good, but he doesn't look good. He looks like all he does is run from death and whipped weights and eat no fat. Is that a life to live. As I e my cake is that a life to live,
but thank god. I ran that guy off and I realized look dude. Maybe you could just you know, get back into the swing of things get healthy, so I'll see if I can hold onto that I am very happy that many of you, like the radio cowboy episode of maranon I have see I was thrilled to work with the at the honourable phil henry, who is a yes, a radio genius. It was my serve. Oh my hat and an act of respect towards an industry that they get short if there is a lot of great people in radio and am radio was was was at the heart of american entertainment, for a long time, and I- and I am glad so many people- saw the poetry that episode in it got a lot of feedback as a few episodes that have gotten a tremendous amount of feedback that one, the boomer lives episode the mouth cancer. for so episode, but its end saying this: he, which ones resonate with people in obvious. Why am I getting certain amount of feedback or twitter and whatever, but dad, but people?
seem to day that radio people seem to dig that episode night, and I appreciate that this week's episode is, is a sort of a it's? A troubled sexual dynamic that was based on some truth is seriously fictional eyes, but it so very compelling beside written by my friend, jerry stall, the dark prince it is jerry stall and it's it's gets. little bit cringey, but it's a but there there's some heavy, some heavy boy duff in this one, some some male things and records and records developments on the air lock things going on in there's two more episodes coming up after this, the one I directed that was important for me to her. The helm, because I needed to be right. It's called. I think I think we landed on stolen joke, or maybe the joke is about. It is jokes, dealing.
which is a very loaded topic, as you all know, who followed the pole of the comedy community and then the final have so discover desert road trip which features. I andy can were David. Can you a little bit of any pepper town and also a surprise gaston I can spoil that there's no fuckin way in a spoiled but ok. So what so? Let's do this, but so, let's talk to amazing Jonathan prepare. south this would awaiting is to it this guy was a huge act. Man he was a huge act and I had a fallen after he cut his arm off and on their forget that So let's go now to my conversation with amazing jonathan one of my birth tv sets was following you, I do remember that yeah yeah yeah, because the alias these, what they headliner on first and then the new guy and it was
The reason I remember it is I'm waiting to go on, and some guy comes up he's like we'll bring you right out after we clean up the bud yeah. That's why I headline because nobody could follow me because of that because of the material because of the mess right, but and do you cut your arm off yeah? I always use blood stage, blood cut my arm off or or drawing blood out of my mouth or something you know but why is it always that I mean was a magic first or was it like me? Word you start out. I start without doing magic, but it was not very good at it. You know I did my high school talent shows. The last show I ever did as a magician it bombed so horribly. What did you do? Atlas the school where I went to the fraser michigan, Information right outside the detroit, a really very grew up, yeah yeah, so I like in your a little older than me yeah, maybe I'm fifth yeah humpty. Fifty five, I am I'm fifty.
So when you were grown of emission memory in the rock n roll yeah, yeah bob Seeger and miss out and when they were Kai YA, know bob segura. He saw a part of the com newcastle. Oh really add part of the- he was kay common once in awhile, because watches investment, I remember him saying to me: I shall abide much cocaine. Is you can find that's what he said? maybe he's here is that you talking to the wrong guy man you just last year money, so I couldn't find If any nobody had bad night yeah, nobody had a thing yeah. I always felt so bad and nobody's ever said that to me, since you are one of the the the sort of like the mythology around amazing, jonathan and cocaine, is epic yeah yeah was, I did a lot of it and a lot of it and for a long time I wasn't. I wasn't one of the guys who who quit after robin Williams and am now she's party our party know about, as when everybody quit around that year. I very long got thought on this.
Areas right right. People goes growl you here now I have gone mad and that didn't phase me at all. Are you very? We ended up smoking, it right, yeah did and out of the american it, and then you know about me off of it. What speed crystal meth he had a job. I couldn't get coke. One item was there that speed is only they left to do so. I actually smoke that two after, just jammed and say it wasn't like they were like Today it was like Spain. Speed was a u dont, even smoker you use nor too bright. I smoked anyway right, right. Like a fiend, I gone my garage, I would write organized yad it. I am just billow consecrate props. For my, Joe and really I ever really I'd the whole shows written on that and then stopped. I stopped being created. I learned how to eat again and it was like I was a normal guy. Would just with a habit, that wasn't, but it took a while to get their doing immediately started michigan narrow way. Look at! What's your real name, John!
plus I change it to Jonathan, didn't drop the age cause? I didn't know you were supposed to drop. The is what is Alice. Hungarian yeah, good car Your parents were they actually hungarian. My dad was parents, it. My dad was an, but the heat was born here. His parents are from What did he work in the auto industry? He will be designed tanks, machine guns, yeah, he desires a draughtsman, so he I would get to watch the tanks ah go to war when he went to work at there's. A big test track in the in the backyard of this place in a row straight up, incline of cement must have gone. Sixty many feet in the tanks will try to get to the top that add here and he was like a tank engineer. I was a tank. Draftsman just drew the plans out in staffa why and he did that he hated his job any worked for thirty years at this, job and he retired, and he died a week later- ran a real yeah. I never got to get one on a retired channel.
yeah I know, and he hated it. He was looking forward to it he's going to travel a little bit and how long was he I think he's on sixty old were you I was. I was gonna, be like twenty four cause I was playing at the chophel fell. Does his club comedy in counter and colorado springs? I was in colorado without your prater, who is our job criteria and is gout and his cane and unworthy? No, he was still walk in an alley. Joe prayed, her eyes with some five, a bar stool, completely backwards just give up his head, bang bang doing one of the great joke thieves, Elijah pray. I was of great and out of it, yeah yeah yeah that that that's when the eating in trouble- or did you didn't think so
ray? I think it was before a lot of money being josie mae with wonder you still unhappy jokes. Wherever he would kill low, he would actually hit you drink all night. During said, he would do that by the time I saw it was over you knowing I was a boy. I was a doormat at the comedy store and eighty seven and he was already on a cane and heed. The committee would had was putnam up at that ap when she owned that little house at the top of the ramp of the parking lot of the hyatt house there yeah. You know I lived in crest hill, but she had that one too, and he was up in there when he wasn't on the road and he was already kind of ill yeah. He got sick. I get sick, pretty pretty bad, but I remember watching vivify he's the first guy ever I do cocaine, really him and a whitney brown and me went to the jack tar hotel in san francisco and where I watched him, snort coke and put water up his nose. He used to snort a cup water in his hand and snorted like what the hell is, the freeway it's amazing day that first days may see somebody when was
I think I was in high school and I think it was where I was working at a at a bagel place and the owner was sort of a blow monkey and I and I believe the first time I did it was because he turned me on to as probably fourteen or fifteen you take to it really. As if you're into it I mean I think some people see that shit like what the fuck and other people like that. I need to be part of that. Once you decide to do this, the first time you're into it right away. But when you were a kid you weren't into it, not really. No, I wouldn't. I would never do coke. I did other stuff I did like mescaline like that, isn't even never never here exclaimed any more. Now it's a it's a that's a rare one, yeah nobody mixed nationality, not like mexico, and I would take it anywhere. She put it or you put a line of coke in front of me right now and I'd freak out. I would just like I wouldn't do it the smell smell of it makes me just like
the brief all these memories come flooding back. How have you been off the hour long time? Really yeah you're, queen everything? No, not you know what, while I'll tell you the story of I just got diagnosed about six years ago, I got diagnosed with a heart condition, for is it like generic. It can and it or did you do it it's degenerative, but do you know I could have very wealthy hunted in, nor would be shocked by said but yeah everyone for what they said is cause. I am, I might have had a virus when I was a kid and that causes. What is it cardio, my apathy, but you know I didn't tell the doktor. What I was doing up here, you can fool X, ray with with speed of sherry If you are on it, when you got the x ray ah yeah, yeah yeah, no, I was not going to get the actually, but when, after I found out the results, I said you know what if I'm dyin, you know why not you now and now I was I've been given like a timescale, like you got two years. Emilia tops maybe a year to two years, because there,
my right now my heart is, is failing and end. They can give me a transplant because I'm diabetic and give it to a diver. We always diabetic for life, for the last may be fifteen twenty two though, but never took care veterinary. I have it, so what's going on, I did my medicine, like I did my medicine sharing than abbe in so I could die any minute newton yeah! I could right now right now is within the last seven or eight months. I found out that you know if these drugs were given you don't work. everybody here, but you know what mark I mean? Do you ever pacemaker I know I have a whole thing. I got aware that as a defibrillator, that's over my heart. You have an hour now and I took it off before I came in as you take it off now, because it'd be so cool to die on your show. Okay are hey, c'mon, so great for the better, then Gallagher, why sherwood because this is a real pain. They asked where it's all over the place. I got electrodes all over the place,
I have to wear a freebie later that what kicks into this thing will, if, if I pass out this thing, will detect that and if I have thirty seconds to shut it off of it, if I don't shut it off it shoots this blue jelly all over me and the conduct of jelly and saps men and warns puck a warns people stay away from it, because people will start to touch. You shake your your right. Yeah it'll, stop their heart and start mine, so the ultimate practical joke eke out my eyes. Now you go on state with IRAN, Yeah I have I did my last show. Last weekend I announced that I was retiring from from doing shows. I did my last shows chosen toledo and I'm done I'm finished react yeah, I'm going to do I'm going to go to the magic castle and shoot a special duty. Six shows there and and two in two nights and shoot a special and that's that's not for the public, though right last, show for the public's over. Only I on men say you asked me if I'm party fly,
yeah I'll get my hands on anything right now and I'd. Do it because in it, the pain euro zone yeah because at the pain in my hands my feet right now are so be it so bad somewhat from my hard, not pumping blood, my extremities, a really yeah, so self. it's my hands are always tingling. I always feel like, like my feet, my feet. I can't walk more than twenty feet. They lock up. The last few shows I did halfway through my hour start locking up everything started, seizing up my we're like like a clawlike queen only a cramp yea, yes yea, so so yeah use. See me looking for heroin in about two months. Come on what wouldn't you, if your diary? No, I mean it, I know what you already alive. You want to have well, this is no call. I mean, but you'll wake you. I'm getting worried to death is marrying varied tunes in edge
So we don't want be doing heroin when you're married, but if I start feeling really bad pain, I start grown. I've never tried it and I would definitely you've never tried heroin know of you yeah. Well, how is it I don't? I didn't booted, I just an ordinary, that's what I would do it kind of made me nauseous and I fell asleep if I didn't get the full effect I didn't want. That sounds great nauseous and sleep. That's how I'm feeling now I'm like huh man, I like to go fast. I like that I liked I liked focused work. There never was a drinker, I never drank never drank. I always did drugs that make you focused and not sleep. You know we awake all the time so, but so you started your start as a kid as a magician yeah and then once he had done, the talent show stopped me from doing that. The town showed that I, either at my high school year, went so horribly wrong that the next day in school, the kids didn't tease me they didn't tease me kids are cruel, That's not fair, who so bad a disk
it didn't say a word he avoided me is avoided because of that he couldn't fire a coin or listen to that. It's six tricks and all six tricks went wrong. I mean the girl in the sword box had a leg cramp and she said I have to get out. I have to get out of bed I seriously so she got out of the sword box halfway through the trick and all the sides off in the two mirrors mirror smashed yeah. I killed my dove, I produced a dominant ran, it got out of my hand and was running and I chased it and it stopped real fast and I couldn't stop a fast you killed. The borough ran right over squatting. Then why not make funny and then and then all I d exposed the limitation. See the steel bar holding the girl up in the air the whole entire time. It was supposed to be hidden until I got it right in front of her. He had some pretty big tricks for a teenager. I'd had delusions, I was I was. This was going to be my forgive me then checks in high school, I was gonna, be made
if I'm an idiot and killed a bird, you show wednesday in the bottom, then the final thing was the guillotine, and I said that can't go wrong because the blade falls. He goes penetrates the neck and doesn't cut the head off and that's the trick, and then they shut the lights Well, they shut the lights off, just as the blades started to drop, so you never saw it penetrate the guy's neck. He just went blacked out ray it now, as it allowed all done to Elton John's funeral for a friend and I'm dressed like a dick from god, but with this rainbow suspenders and the hard on my forehead online, I thought that was so cool laying yeah, I'm a hare permanently doug heading and I would add, just tanked man and I got went to trot on got so shit. Faced after that night, I said I'll never do magic again and I never did never due to serious magic show. After that. so my brothers and sisters yeah. I two sisters, two elder sisters, no, no brothers, they still, yeah they're there and so now art. So how do you decide to get into show?
it's after that. Disaster are listening to this is funny. This is really really fun visits. I used to be able to bend spoons, but I figured out how to bend a spoon with using my mind, but it was just misdirection. I would make them look away. First, now abandoned his albert most answer as yeah, but I could did I'd really we're really well, and I did it for my physics teacher who I really admire, and he said to me that real ear you really doing this or that attract here and I was william if you're in school. I was like not standing out at all here, so I lied and I said yeah I can really do it, thinking that that would be the end of it here now knit side. The next hour, I'm sitting in class, I hear on the speaker, Jonathan Johns, always please come to the principles of shit. This has something to do with this. Bending I it does. I walk in there there's my mom and my dad with it. They call out of work to bunch spoons on the desk and local order from the maximum daily paper. Unlike far, isn't that what the physics teacher set you up to this yeah. He asked me if it was real and I lied to him and said yeah so yeah call he told, looked and they've got a reporter to come down.
They wanted me to demonstrate my powers. My mom took me aside before this sick. Can you really do so you just lying? I looked straight in the eye but I can really do it. It's like a snowball go out. I can really do air and saw it seated banned all this poison, a free download- and I thank you, succeed in the trick of all time. Yeah I bent everything reporters his job the bitter do this great story, a psychic care, but I I figure a way out of it, because I figured that magicians. Local magicians would bust me on it and make me a fraud, but but but they can't they can't give away the trick. Why would they would they would say I'm lying that this is what he's doing like like magicians. Do you know magicians they bus, uri, geller for doing it via bus me? To the I mean, if it's in the paper, you can bet someone's going to come forward and go that's bullshit. He writes so I had to figure way out of it, and this is how I got out of it. I told my mom than I do.
It'll be a normal kid. I didn't want to be a freak years of school. I didn't. I just wanted to be a normal kid. I didn't want over everyone. Looking at me like, I was weird and she bought it. They all bought it and nobody did the story and it leaked. This is the good part it leaked out, and I didn't get that that press which I didn't want, but everyone thought I was this mysterious and I got mad pussy I got mad pussy. My senior year said yeah alcohol you're, like the like the man who fell to earth, yeah yeah so and that's when he knew show business was the thing yeah man, if a chick thinks that you can read her mind or anything like that you're in did you try to do that with jake's, oh yeah, they go to the bathroom. I gone through their purse. Take your license. I'll get your birthdate know, there's a zodiac sign. I have all the details. We could put it back roku fast in their purse. I'm back in may we redo eliza. Let me touch her forehead permitted boom year. Virgo boom your bar and then see
you're, never minds high school yeah before now lies a speed eliza of pcp peace green eyes peace. If he's a funny when isn't it, I don't know I didn't do that went down man, yet I used to do his neck crazy time yeah. I remember turn hanged christmas lights up about being up. You see people mom and dad in the living room. Looking at me, like, I know a night. What what's wrong? What does it? Do you not be able hank We must realize that that's the list of things you can't do well. It depends on what you do, and sometimes you want to just go to the hospital. Sometimes, friends would never take me to the hospital thou drowsy life freaking out. I would lie there. He'll take me to the hospital I'm freaking out and dirt the dirt fucking with me in a single text today thirty vining, my shut up. I want to buy one stereo, you know you do That kind of even more you know so yeah so how'd you start performing I went to. san Francisco, ah the hoped trip.
To be we're going to look for piatti in the desert, we're going to go to this ho who went up Abu as we just read those Carlos Castaneda books or you're with a friend I was with my cousin air and a guy from high school and a girl who n and ends up teaming up with, and we we went out. We drove out you going to California, we have found an indian integrative Gouty yeah. Peoria we also found poppers, was I've. Never try before yeah and I will now treat, and we indeed had pay odium hoppers, yeah. Well know there is no other way of indian every area. Another indian, the head opera is just going all lose. It wasn't all indian deal we to look for any ass. I guess yeah the paupers, a sort of outside the box idea, popper juliet and annoy he had poverty. I've never seen him before our eyes have real ones: real aim, yeah ones that, like the little white break, yea area them open and in so learning,
our discovery trip that we had mass discover that we we often hated each other. By the time we had a child born yet drop me off on the side of the road with this girl nature took off back home They want to go home and I didn't want to go home. My whole. My whole thing was: I was going to build a tree. Houses are stupid. I was naive. I thought I could build a tree house in malibu. california up in the woods, live in a tree house, rent free. That was my whole plan or no plan to be an entertainer. No, no! I just wanted to live in a treehouse and I didn't have the pines to do anything you. I wanted to build a treehouse, as was family, robbins, sure that'd be the cheapest you and this girl yeah yeah, and, of course that never happened now. You know I don't think anyone's really built the trails and lived in it. That was over. seventeen yet, and so we just hitchhiked round and we ended up in san francisco and we We were so broke that I needed money I started doing street performing. I was angry avenues. Seventy seven, seventy eight! I was history profound
on the street, where whitney brownlee. When you brown was on the street and Harry Anderson he's the first when I saw that really blew my mind out their Harry anderson, I set my stuff up. the my and went to grab a bite and came back and harry had pack my stuff up and was in my spot area. And yeah they perform in San francis yeah and the brown, because no one knows whitney is at no. No, he wouldn't he brown had a dog act year. He had a great dog. I can comedy dog, as he inherited this dog from his partner, shot himself in the head. He was with a whitney was gay and he really like whitney in Winnie. Wasn't gay bright frustrated the sky, so much he shot himself in the head. Oh my fry whitney, real yeah, and so we ve got disguised dog in his dogs was trained to do everything when it could do everything. His name was brownie breeze bottomless recall
a whitney brown and his dog have renown that that was the name of the show, and this is where, like in this, was down in the war yeah. He was working at a cannery inside the cannery on the outdoor stage and it great act was it he would. The dog would jump up and take the hat off his head and and and go to through the eye, It's getting money and oh really, yeah and everytime that he would tell a dog joke. The dog would run into the dog house and slam the door closed, that he was mad. Oh my god yeah it was great and it was the sort of a hippy kind of dude like long or what you didn't have long long hair, but he was a hippy because he ate all natural foods and yeah he will inherit anderson. What was he like? Harry was a. sattler harried was that doing through card money on the streets? I walk shuffle in and stuff like that, and he was great doubly enshrouding unenclosed automatic yeah, and he got like doing closer magic. He would get like two hundred people standing on the street, as opposed to me. Will you liked
We have fifty people. What was your act and if you didn't know magic, I did no magic, but I wasn't good at it. You know I had oh so that was the joke yeah. He I watching all these other acts. They were all doing comedy. They were putting comedy in their shows. I put my show a whitney took me under his wing india and show me how did it how to write a job? I can't really the formula he gave robert Orban books, remember those sure yeah is still alive. Actually yeah. I think he has to think who is a speech. Writer for the president is a great joke writer and writes for radio stations, but I remember I'd. Go the library you couldn't you check him out, but you could take copy from a man. I learned how the style of writing a joke from that right because it were so all yetive update them all. You know, that's how I learned, and I might the street Acme made me really good, really fast cassettes wouldn't streets. Do poor people. I feel bad for a second doubt that you'll lose
well crowd watching walking at walk away where dependent start stark is already remembers. Performers very well, when I was stripped performing day, were on off broadway in san francisco doing a show. There were three of them. Originally, they were called sparagus belly cultural society That's what they call your pen, teller and a guy called we're prisoner, who is a musician and they did basically what to do now with three people, but they they got. One guy leave the peat best of of of right. But he was a strip of oral amendment on this guy. They did renaissance bears and stuff that will, he was, I think, wasn't so over. While this pen in the air and date he pendant was it gunnar our and he did renaissance festivals and in an they worked, allow San francisco street fares and stuff, but they were had our pretty goods. Runnin off broadway show and I used to go watch them when I was just nineteen or twenty eight to ask them. Some one was the first in a sort of spectacle went What did you see? When did you start to develop the style of can over the
If somebody once gave me a blood capsule, I used to do the razor blade trick where I would swallow razor blades and swallow the thread and bring them up all on a thread yeah. But someone said you don't try to do that with a blood capsule freak them out yet. sound like you cut yourself. So that's the first thing. They rightly of reaction that when I, when I started in the blood and and pretending like I cut myself, people would come round. It's like an accident. You can't take your eyes off it. Did you ever come? He admitted that it wasn't real blood. Oh yeah. I think they knew it wasn't real bucks as I smirk on and right laugh about it. So that was the first. That was the portal yeah. So every trek after that had blooded even cut and restored rope. I would put her somewhere there'd be bloody, so yeah I learned how to do shock shock stuff on the street. by shot him. There was a water drought. Remember there being a couldn't, use a lot of water right, huge drought, and I would tell a crowd if they didn't.
if I poor. I had all these bucket of water, a poor mountain, and I say If you don't stop, I'm wasting and out water. I grab a little kid in all the knife to his throat. I would do anything an end. I learned on the street and then shielding yarn our words just leave in the streets at that time in mines the mimes yeah right they were intended cisco gap. wow this. This whole world is a lie. It was a whole generation of comedy out there and who else was out there, a whale and flowers and Madame came out a few times and rarely yeah. I was just then I wrote a funny joke the other day. I was the same. This would be funny, well in flowers and Madame fused- still live billy tyler and laughter and book them in it? go big country. Shall ye call waylon and willie ride. You get one thousand country people in there and it's a gay guy and a black guy. You end up with a little help with puppets. I will watch that show that'll be so fun. You just wrote that you just wrote back, So how do you make a break from the street?
so I made a break from history because they kept getting arrested mike when, when I started getting really good, the crowds would get really big and they would go out into the street and I'll try to get rein them in. But I couldn't do it because it was like two hundred people. May I ask you for that. Yeah did bus me for it cause. I was the one causing it, so they get you for obstruction right and Businesses on the fishermen's wharf didn't really want street performer, so they would make sure the cops whenever they could bust us would bus allows spending weak. In jail time and when he was coming to bail me out our time in and media, got to be ridiculous and and now have been drug started, yeah I was doing but buying sugar cubes. Ah, two assets: yeah union square, the big guy that sells sugar cubes await. Seventy thousand good. Ask seventy seven. Now that half the time it was fake and have tomatoes real, you never knew. Z, be trip and in three performance nah I didn't really perform. When I was high that back then I would wait out that night time is sofia and do it yeah I've always cooper
I never did a drug that would and hamper my performance, like I guess I, like focused rotten I've seen guys in san francisco duped acid, go on stage on how to help a great book or in those guys, we're what the fuck are you doing that? Did you do clubs in san francisco yeah? That's what I did. I am when the streets were over for me. When I decided I had to get off the streets, then I went in went to the holy city. Zoo audition for tony topology can too yeah, they gave me a regular spots because I'm in a street at doing that, with that energy put on a little tiny stage, they never seen anything like the dining room yeah. They had never seen an act like that when I was around then Steve pearl, ST pearl, Dana carvey of Ellen degeneres, I was with the father bob reuben bob was my opening act in vegas, not till. I liked it.
years ago, as the alright yeah bob was grey man, I mean I love, I love his attitude, he's trying to date or not have taken mia and I think that's funny to watch the audience, not know how to take your old room. They go so tall taller than the tallest a I used to. I would love our lot, the the more he didn't go over the more. I laugh nice to be with somebody like to watch. Yeah yeah he'll come back around. Is he yeah boy? He would sit in that movie? I was watching the boondocks saying that he had a huge party and we had a villain and I think he had he kind of had some rough times. He always does he's always up and down he's up and down and down mostly down, but he'll never give up man so you're doing the zoo yeah. So I'm doing a zoo and- and I remember robin williams- came in and was shown everybody's mork and mindy contracts and he was like making five grand a week wow. We were all porn over that you know, and he would come in Do sets are almost every night, you know and then cut pub was round and then there's a lot of rooms back down are outside of san francisco that I would do their country
door, tavern member, that country's tied on I was after. That was because I was mister t feathers recently, the that's what it turned into a dna flat still around here. That's a good room. It is a great room. The energy in those rooms were friend task, and I set up an idea, so I did that for four years and years how I played san francisco and develop my ship and ended the comedy competition and starts around the acts yeah you did yeah John fox is the guy that got me. My first big break really yeah. He. He took three comics two from san francisco to the improv in l, a they were doing a showcase industry night. None of us replayed, I lay before you were gone it was me it was a world durst year and it was, ah god was happily Jay, probably maybe what happened to that guy No, I don't either. I saw him in new york for years now and I just don't know what happiness the ashes of the three of us showcased at the improv, and I did.
Or set that night and after I got off stage all these producers came up. I got three three tv shows in one night: that's what started well because I got I got sick. I was closing with putting a bucket on my head. Taking the bucket off, and my head was shaped like a bucket after that yeah it was a cartoon effect. How'd you do that. I had a bucket inside of a bucket like a shit. You know it didn't really. It was the stupidest thing I was macklowe. Do I look pale? Oh yeah? So, sir John Fox, that's it it's nice to hear nice story about John Fong yeah. I owe him that and and and then after that I got the thick of the night. Remember that What shows how the carson right? Alright, At the other night I got hbo young comedian special, which one one eighty eight annual regime which on candy was on with Steve. sweeney guided. Does MR science. your hodgson propound stone myself compounds in san francisco at that
wasn't she or no? Yes, yes, Paolo apollo, she had left Boston, alright, yeah yeah. She was with us, was you and paul and joel and sweeney, sweeney and harrell siskins Oh, I can't think who else I think, there's one maybe one to the ira. Can you anderson was supposed to be on it, but he got too drunk before the shot and it didn't use his set, and you can see him in the background during the during. If you watched that special you'll see him back there by himself at a table. Looking down like I said no and he said, yeah can see the boston comics funny man yeah they they were, they were all fucking, drunks and Boston was probably contributed a lot. My my my I see. Oh yeah, there was a guy there that he was at. He was in the mafia. He was a. He was a hitman everybody known and he gathered used to deal the cooked in Boston. To everybody.
and then he said, he'd sold church bells, but if we want we on their what he really were again next year down next the accurate he was good man. When I got the warm, then this lousy, whore member. I, while I may well he eighty two times he offered it to lend its services to me and two times. tempted to do it, though yeah I was going to scary how easy somebody stole three hundred thousand dollars from it's a lot of money ass. So he said you want me, take care of him and I'm like fuck yeah. I do, but I come back and get me. Beggar homey ever I saw eyes, told him now: ass, an Is this going to work him over? He was going to do them and I was going to do a meal, but, as I kind of thought, maybe just do it over and give so much trouble right, but I didn't do it. I did you get the money back now and of how the fuck did he still now it was it. My agency did of men. Do member spotlight yeah that they had every erika rank wrapped in iraq when he lost all their money and they are collected deposits from all these clubs and put them into its instead of s greatly put him to death the general funds to try to keep the company right,
when I did finally closed. There is no. We had to go out there and do all the dates that we had honour all the dates that we they took, the money for How can I get a lot, norway and and romania has had at everybody, so we all got pimped up. I got lost two thousand, that game show at the time of griffin, wrote me a game, show eyes game. So now wait! So you did you move down ally them yeah if I went from San francisco, then I moved down to l a and now when does the cocaine? You start picking up I'd. Never during that part, I never stopped and had a good time with it. I never had bad experience with it. You know I never What what do you consider that in the next morning and then later telling him euro either? I know only I thought I was going to die, but here I am dying yeah, so you know that's funny. I laugh at him and I'm like, of course, I'm dying. I thought I'd be dying. the guy I'm dying to our lives.
It never happened very unhappy. I happened this time. I mean the doctors stormy six years ago. I was gonna, but in from this yeah. Don't I guess we'll kicking yeah so now what is it? Some? Like eight, I was told that there was a period went to alaska, yeah yeah, that's I was before he went away. Yeah Michael Davis, the juggler yeah. He said that the last day was was an amazing gig to play, because that taught me how to do cocaine copper? Oh really, yeah like what do you mean these guys will come off the pipeline with so much cash in their pockets, not knowing what to do with it. And spend it on all the strippers. That's where I worked. I was an empty at a strip club, yes before he made the brake yeah this before I had my break but but they along, would you go up there if they wanted me up there for cause? I I I but probably three four at a time re maybe talk
once in the summer once in the winter, so I get all dark at one time and I'll light one time yeah, but I lived in a trailer in the parking lot of the strip club right. So the strippers when they were done in between sets would come to the trailer and do coke and fuck me. So that's how I learned how to fuck right structural tie up your fuckin wrong. She didn't have no patience for that. Is that it here it is wonderful. You liar yet are not a fact and I learned how not to be yeah at that time right because they were strippers and yeah. Some of them were, you know, weren't, really beautiful, but because they worked in the last year and get the best route the precise boys. Where would you a boat, was just pretty pipeline guys for these rigour yeah they would day would melt these guys. You have come down off the pipeline in the data they would take every penny they had in and and and he would do a magic yeah who the hell is this trying to do med my internet would be some like mercy
activities, but first here's a magician then, and they hated me. Maybe they would literally at gunpoint that you could wear guns on sidearms in alaska. I had gun pulled on me. I got beat up and but I I wrote to a brown, I said I'm dying up your man anita, send me every book on heckler lines, every hacker alone, You can send me give it to me and he sent me all these books and I copied Allama paper and I would just read I find it by their the paper memorize and it was too fast and fear is just like boom boom that really good. I am committed to my head still, though, the stack into a hundred heckler lines right off the top of riot and I got good at it and then I got I became who actually witty that's got your time, that's one! At that time, but, more importantly, the lightning fast. We respond right, anything that somebody good yell right, and that was the best I think those bus experienced for my show is doing at that strict club, the streets were rough.
strict clubs or rough and by the time it was done with that of polish show that worked. Any many could do cocaine, profession, yeah and I could do put cocaine ice to do it. On stage mark. I would say it's time for some coke and I would pretend, like I was snoring cook up. table, but I wasn't pretending I was doing what you did that for years, yeah, the cocaine. Why would you snort that big, huge right, jug of it that was fake? But but I would have little or literally snort lines off the table and have everyone thought I was fucking around everywhere? Put a guy on the no, I wasn't cause. He saw gone up this drive, nobody else did yeah man. I fear I will write. I used to write bits to keep me off stay to act. When I start smoking, I did get off stage have government. I wrote a bit that it had an audience member up. There is following directions: tape: instructions on how to do it directly and I was in the back hidden for years really. Oh, my god, I was a loser, but I never. I never missed a gig. I never missed a gig, but it was oversleeping. I never did a gig that wasn't worth what they were.
I meant to do. I mean money wise. So I mean I was I kept it together was the merv griffin show will merv merv song me do. Are some late night tv show right but he hired me to do it city he owned, resorts international, a casino and I did a show form there alive Joey. I replaced our ripped rosen rip taylor. Yet I replaced with taylor here The outcome of red hot rowdy, the show. So I was the headline or net an egg, and I were brought in a lot of business that that I was starting to get a good draw. So I brought in a lot of business and he call me up after it was over and said who I got a great idea. I said I want to do a game. Show you wanna, host a game show I went well, not really. The game show type yeah anyone, while this one you're that you're that you're cause. I based it off your shelves right. So we want to do it with the game is going to be different every time every day. There's the game will be different.
We play the same game twice right. That was the whole thing, so I said yeah and we went and we we worked on it. We wrote it marina in that some writers, I hired the guys I hired to write one woman now is the prisoner of president of ABC, which guy my might davies already eyes. Brother wrote a lethal weapon, and he was just together is to pick my audience contestants now like a big idea is having, while I'm at yeah yeah yeah are these guys are gone, become really huge. I'd have never asked for favours and they ve never offered them either. You are right. I did our I myself here. I never really want to be an actor. Did you maybe a little you didn't want you wanna show now here I mean I only act, I'm ok, I mean I'm. I can be present, I don't like. I did a season light verses in my short did: ok to seize him a little better she's like listening
I do, our our you are memorizing the line, I'm good at that really yeah. Have you always been good at memorizing yeah? I seem to be able to do it. That's what scares me. The most is not the effect that the acting is that memorizing, the line yeah. Well, how did how the game show go? Digit, yeah it. While we did, we did the pilot and it was really really cool and embassy loved it. They picked area and we shot sixty five episode. We did our yeah with sixty five, and that was that your big payday, the first big pay, the where I was going to be of that's a three hundred thousand. I got ripped off. That was maybe a quarter of the check how, while yeah, but yet date stilled arm of that money and but yeah. It is sixty five episodes I made my offer that one and that eggs I quit the shock is merv. I did wow episode, they never aired and they didn't pay me for them in my contract said, even though, if they are not, I still get paid for while they didn't want to pay me for and I I walked off. The show
and and then, when NBC found, that out, they dropped a shawl and merv lost lost the shells others no love between you and me well, yeah. What we, it up and I saw him at rodney's delivered. The beverly hilton has come down all the time with his bathrobe. I knew he lived there hotel and I saw him at the pool, and then I went over to have lunch. If you were friends with rodney, no, I just saw Derek. I knew he lived there and I saw him at the pool. I talked to him for a little, but I never met him before so I introduced myself and and then I went to have lunch and merv was there having lunch with with some of the bigwigs. So I took all the silverware from all the tables secretly put her up my sleeves and I had it all ready to go and yet a gag- and I hear have no hard feelings. I want you to know I'm doing fine right now, and all the silverware just dropped amid the loudest noise in the world in the middle of this restaurant and he die laughing. Thank god. He died laughing in that kind of was all right after that, but yeah it was. It was great,
with more because he was there every single day man. He would tell it thus stories make as he had. Yo for Selina, let everybody I was and how it was. every morning I go down there, couldn't wait to go to work and I'll get up and tape. Another game show. Who is in a merv talk. Neither can you do and the blow than to no ice doing a blow, then a wild. I didn't do I d be refocused for that one, because there is so much to do. Memorizing rules right games like very different, everyday rhymes added new rules. Are we gonna, be out you're mine and I add we only gave way cash which was merv brainchild, because that was as casino in only one who won the cash would have to walk through the casino to get to the continent base. Put it back right, mirth pack, So we hope you ve passed away and we played the coolest games. We came whatever we came up with murmured bill it for us and we came up with some wild shit. First ones to do the velcro loyal right, and we assume that we have trouble with the gaming commission because We can achieve a lot of things. We would she added
It would be regulated. No, you weren't allowed to rig the games right if there was money involved and stuff so either. I would be like a black stacking contest with somebody under the table. Pushing a ride up through through my blocks the arguments my would always be one with higher than there are, as you know, and they couldn't figured out its allow letters of complaint, and we would answer them by taking a quarter to the paper and say: here's a quarter, bokassa, who gives a fuck aims and the merv found out. We were sending out these letters and he just blew a stack and then we get we gotta get legit way. We gotta get legit yeah, so it was a fun show. It was fun, but after that, after after the when he being stolen from me, including the show that was the downward spiral that started drug use again. I just knew clans yeah I was doing clubs and end, but I was doing wasn't pre her. I wasn't health. It was bad state of mind. Having
the two times. I've been in a bad state of mind that and when I got divorced yet both times. I have, I never ever think about suicide ever, but I was just kind of contemplating like when I got divorced I was sitting with a gun in my mouth now it was a but of what wanted the feel of drama sure I wanted to know what all this is horrible. When a really bad, because it mine mine, was really back. She just didn't tell me why she too said I'm going back Austria. I am leaving I'm leaving you and tell me why really that we have good marriage in and what were you outcomes well. No. I was not a controlled, never out of control, I'm not even though I've done dirt drugs don't make me out of control. Here, have always been there for paying my bills and always been. in my chosen. So after you asked it, at one thousand. What happened? What did you just go back to the road and yeah? It's just kind of like you worked with lot people? I mean everyone knew you. You are respected. Guy you work with seinfeld and yeah yeah. It was yeah. I did. I was with jerry when his dad died. We did a show that night, oh really
with the president of the united states. You get the fuck out yeah we got a car. I got a call from the secret service when I was in the hotel room in atlanta, and I got call and was like me to this: is the secret service to undo show for the present, and I just hung up I was thinking that was like you know, my friends cause they do that shit all the time. So my agent calls back and says what the fuck you doing. That was really the secret service, so they did a background check and found out. I didn't have any arrest and my background was clean and so they told me if you want to do the show be at the corner of fifty eighth and broadway at like in the thirty in the morning, and will pick you up in a black van pull up. We can't tell you where, where, where you're going or where the location is real, hush hush, so I went and I paid for everything they didn't pay for anything. So when I got there, there were seinfeld- and I oil yeah smirnoff ray what were they doing in atlanta no I got the colony allow. We go to new york. How can we got van,
yeah and they took us under this tunnel under the hudson bay on the hudson bay governors yeah, which is like a military base right and ass, where the president was gonna, dupe b, flew women and the helicopter, and we all did. We did a show formula way, far back. reviewing stack. They kept us away from opposition crowd, yeah the crowd, there's kids and there was a big lawn and then there was the president. Did you meet him? It was president of france. Was there to president mitterrand? Did you meet him? No, they kept us away from them. Who kept me away from? Maybe a sandwich was that so that this was the set and in eighty sarah was the bicentennial year for the statue of liberty's fireworks, okay, okay, yeah, so so I decided well. This is the first time I ever did ecstasy right here, I'm going to do a hit of ecstasy before schoeffer for the present way, ass, only natural area, and so I started getting on it and never die before, and the secret service Jes was
being down, I mean I'd, tell they have felt their eyes. I mean every second, I felt no truck stared at me and I waited euralia apparent idea. An emerald managers shoot test. My blank gone off like an idiot hearings off my gun. Backstage our they d material, It's like all star trek man. They just came out of nowhere and tackle his ass to the ground, really yeah. They knew respect. They want to prove a point right. So he's like four hundred pound guy. You know he said they had him down like hogtied through you're. Out of your mind, an extra he had watching for reagan, watching my road manager, good good, good down to the ground. Now I gotta clear something up now the one rumour that there was always around was that you got banned from letterman because if somebody I did yeah, I got and from letterman I made a bet was a dj nan Kevin matthews who worked in chicago, I bet him that I wouldn't flip flip him off some time
bring the showers like a hundred outback leah and it cost me as your first letter first letterman. I he called me over to sit. and I scratch my nose with my middle finger. Right again, that's that's the winning back. Anyone look obvious, but I made it look we back? Why did now it today and I see it may go and it was Morton, who, who is proposing that show that he thought I d him right, because he had cut my time back down by I'm home minute now as madmen, and he thought I was. From lafayette, and so he told me you'll never be on the show. Ever again did he say I know what you're doing yeah yeah. You know exactly what I was doing and I couldn't convince him that I wasn't doing it to him. You know Tell him everything that it was a bad when there was an end so I'd ever. I didn't do the show them. Then he got fired, maybe fifteen years later he got fired and letterman saw my company central special fear in their personally call. He himself called damianus show
I wonder if he remembers that I'd then shall before now. If you watch me come out on the second amity letterman he's, you see me laugh my head off when I walk out after the intro is because he stood up behind his desk and did this to me like flit me, If I start laugh and now it's all- he does remember this right. So there's no! This! I did that. Probably the best set up her down a ladder and kicked here, and I wish him a dressing room gettin under us now so happy produce. I just came back there and said to me, or we can air that what you would that set you just did and I'm like. What are you talking about? I just kill it and I said well, I stabbed girl and had my assistant was grown said. I stabbed her in the head with a pair of scissors and it looks really extremely real and he took offense to that day
in an earlier, but one of these the guy said they want to see you up in his office hill. Explain why you saw annexes. I don't know why, but nobody goes up. His eye does one anywhere they opened up. So I get blocked dave's office and he sat at our next by some to you. I have a real, strong position against violence towards women and I one will dave. That's it slapstick the additives. So what you doing squeeze your we're your because it's a woman, it's right. As always, it's also the classic sort of ved, a assistant, the magician's assistant yeah, and it was it was a slapstick gag, but he he he but then he said, but but waist Louise is nobody's bigger fan of yours them more than I am and after he said that he could have said anything the matter because, after all, I heard Datum like what I that's all I could think, and they called it the date that now they said we're gonna hold the same audience for fifteen minutes. If you can come up with another sat and get out there and will taping oh said, I
and you have my problem, a problem. We have fifteen I don't have another five minutes saw I went out and did the same material except right. I took the bit with the stamping out and put something else in their, so the audience was watching the same set laughing trying to make it sound like it was nowhere near as good as a run that yeah they ran. That and- and you can see, the discrepancy is because the audience just the kind of by me coming back out again and watch. It may do so again in explaining tat, and so everytime. I do letterman, it says versus surrealistic like that, and then then I did a show at foxwoods casino and we were so loud and then he snuck in to see my show really yeah and they told me he was there, but he didn't come up to me and say anything, although I can his office next day and, as I said, were you at my show last night anyone yeah yeah. I was era, just he loves you yeah like the shoreline s big fan so that
it because they are not a lot of people like proper me. It's amazing him who called you that you most impressed with that found out that that that you liked that they loved your show whose biggest library, because you are the blue You know what I really love with robins been a pretty good fan rather well yeah yeah yeah the. What did he see you live in? Will you see me live and he's he's left messages before yeah? It's weird, it's nice! When somebody calls you like that, I got a call from Carlin and then you don't know if you're supposed to call back. I never know I come like what if they leave their number and say callback, I would never go back. I never would've bashful and carlin called you. Yeah when I, when I was in vegas when I started my run in vegas, I was just supposed to do two weeks for brenner to fill in while he was on vacation at the golden nugget and two weeks turned into thirteen years. If that's where it was you had, while you were, you had tenure there, you know I did. I was there for thirteen years. I just last january. I is when I quit doing that is like so you're all set, oh yeah. After that I mean now. It's like three to four
in a year, man that that was big money, big money, because I was filling up the rooms and I know that european call me and left at a twenty minute message. He must have been tweak in her side here but he examined my whole show it took the whole show apart and said why it's funny and why he thought this was grade. Any was setting at all in his head ass. He was talking on the phone and it rambling. Actually, if you listen to it, it makes sense, but to the lame it really. He really took it, how he loved it. He said now, I just love you manage is love you stuff and after that, There was nothing that anybody know review nothing, that anyone could say that we would foster my confidence, and I shall be rice because after currencies that who, who do you have to, improve it, yeah, it's like being knighted or it is like the annihilate yeah, a guy. Damn sure he didn't do that. He did that. Once when I was sitting with Lenny Clarke, he called Lenny Clarke and did that,
when, when I was in the room once in ten years later, it happened to me so that's sweet man, yeah vegas was vegas, is good and in fact, that people come out and see you You know a lot of stars go to vegas and they'll come out and seating in the audience. They'll say that when Kevin spacey's in the audience there's really fun yet there was cool. I like playing begs for that yeah and you have their struck them like you. I got to see stars diameter, but you live. as I said earlier it up there, and that was the big pay. I lived. The golden nugget nugget for two years lived live inside the casino the me they gave me the de you, the frank sinatra sweet and doing what I wanna get signing privileges as when you do business and gave us not europe, everything you I, u sign your name, so that was like that we won. I did when I did when I first two years. I was there to go and I may more money than probable there ever saved and my hope that the whole career and what you do with it, I put it in bank, because that I've always been taught to save money. So I lived out my merchandise money. My teacher money amiss and put my paycheck
in one word about the boil: wasn't dumbo back then. Now you think that coincides with. I was making the most money. I ain't like. Oh, I wasn't doing this at the earliest reputation. I do I do now the reputation, I don't think they're really bugged anybody because of Wasn't any bad shows or did not want? I always wondered. Why give that was true? Like you, I can't let you weren't, nor was noon any any blow when us we're not going to clean I've, been I go through bouts of clung. I ever three years, we're doing it and then start a brain yeah. And when the entire time right and then I put all drugs away and was just I didn't do a lot of different ones, as is doing coke for awhile now and then switched to speed for awhile and but never affected except for now armed and dying of a heart condition. So when you're in vegas for thirteen years, what you end up like how strive again. Did things get you bought a house and vague about above a beautiful house about
and your man I dislike a castle and in an I got twenty seven cars. Yet what kind of car muscle com Cars are mostly muscle american muzzle car, yeah yeah for another ale foreign cars, or some of them are back in the thirties, appears hero thirty to pierce, hero, beautiful I therefore want to drive. It depends on what what car mood I'm in and how fast I gotta be there like it. I like driving work. That's what I like to vegas is my show at tenant? I would leave the house a quarter to ten right now. People would think I'm backstage getting ready, while I'm still at home, finishing dinner, and I I could make it to the strip and in my corvette at sixty one corvette yeah I could. I could pull that in ten minutes, man I could and all the cops knew me. So I will, if I d, get pull over. I didn't search studying, neerja yeah. They knew who I was and saw a living in vegas. This is a really small community. Is where your buddies are they actually care? Cop? I would hang out
in many posts angel. Our dear are my friends. We all. A group that we have with our yeah yeah yeah. neither is able to rally on guard under any left. Wayne newton or anybody I never hung out with were knew now. The old guard nah. I didn't hang out with any of the old ones, they're they're sweetened Bobby Slayton, the user for a year or two yeah. He tried he tried a lot of comics came and tried to get their act permanently there, but it's not I don't know it. Is it's not easy to do? It's not easy. First of all, the marketing I'm spending thirty grand a month on advertising righteousness. had seen a bellevue personally yeah yeah my deal I've always been forward for, while the others, you know you I'd, take whatever since I had drawn, I was filmed the rooms I like that deal delivers because of all the money goes to me
I see you have a market. However, you wanted to know they'll tell you how to market they want control over. They tell you they want control over you, that's the problem with the casinos. I had a real rough time when I I was leaving the girl now get together. Flamingo they were pissed off that I was leaving his. I really done a good job. Major demographic, younger rain and they were happy and- and I got a better offer so I went and they just. Let me they're gonna get bad mountaineer it was hard to work with just tried to destroy me and and other casinos. Listen to that shit. You know they believe it, but the fleming Yo took me and I made more money at the flamingo what they say about you. Oh they just said. I was hard to work with and and in all this crap and then then they had to eat crow, because it was done at the nugget of flamingo. They made me a big offer to come back there. Oh really made me a yeah I got through. They offer me three million dollars to come back. Ah, I didn't have to pay. For any advertising b I had an it, was a straight three a million in your pocket and sell led after sale
hard to work with out. I am from so hard at work with. Why are you making me this deal vic to come back? You know yeah yeah, so I was ready to go. I was ready to go back and I got the signed deal and then, the week before I was to open they sold m gm grand sold a gold nugget to these two decades tim in time. They are, they started to what travelocity or something that internet money and they bought the gold nugget and am my deal, went away yet one way they were supposed to honour the contract anyway, he added that they didn't somewhat at what else? Did you do with your money? He bought cars. You bought a mansion. I did I too stupid that things. Like. I regret it now, I created a drive in movie theater. I used to work at when I was a kid in Michigan I used to always work at drive ins yeah, and I I add all these cars as what am I, how am I going to store these cars? So I got this giant warehouse at the airport and I bet I built a. I've been movie theater in indoor one, but you would see
that you are outdoors because I have a planetarium projector that projects stars up. Sky, and who goes to this thing? Ah well, I do and my friends do and I rent it out once in a while copper fields use it. Pantera has used it a few times yeah and you have people I just I rent it out to the public, but I decided I don't want to sit in my car so but yeah it was it's amazing. I I I had murals painted on each warehouse wall of more cars that looks like you're sitting in the long row of ours. Now, like you, hang our copperfield increasing yeah yeah. Do they look? He was a magician I really now magicians. Now, if I may call them they get mad by, if I learn a trick and show up for alleged, showed him long recently, he got magazine because it was me, He couldn't figure it out yeah, he couldn't figure it out really yeah and no magician could figure out who made the trick up. No, I didn't make this. God, I was shown in some insurance. A short ever magician. I showed you, a professional net didn't have a clue how it was really. I showed you afterwards blow your mind,
ok yeah! They they look at me more as a friend, see I'm patrol guy yeah, I'm not a threat to them. That's why that vote. Lol hang out with me cause you're right. They have a different type and hate each other like. Oh, so you can't hang out with ain't. No, no! No! You know criss angel, hates, copper, probably vice versa. They have big feet goin out, you know cap for those who want to give up the cross. The crown you right nor she in number and Chris wants it, and in so they're making up titles left or right the magician. That isn't the millennium under magician of the century really yad eyes are. These are like why do you guys ever bust each other's balls, you ever play tricks on each other me and chris yeah, a capitals got a good sense. They are six sense of humour and I'm copperfield. Boyhood friend was a comedian right, TED Bloomberg de nevers with intel. The first key was the one who made him cry: vs Gimme david cry: he did when David was little. He came into the end magic shop with a business card in his store. This global from our ears rabbit that Alan head copyright,
in an hour and yeldo copperfield is the magic shop and made mid day my eye yeah deva. Never never forget that. Really but do you guys do pranks on each oh yeah? I do elaborate pranks man, I do have I'm a practical joker. I saw I have a book out of practical talk, choking rank. Oh I've got people on some amazing shit, man, I've I've, sent people to to do gigs that weren't even real, yet as I said, I've done some really good, that's horrible, but yeah. I am at least when my whole house is rigged up, so they all like they. They I build these things and put him in my house, and then they did. They come over and see him and they want to have a. I have put this increases angels bathroom. I put a shelf and on the shelves, cremation earn, and it says this is my lucky rap. Marie lucky, I always in my heart, anna and when people are in the bathroom, also introduce hit this remote control and the shelf dropped
down here and the cremation or falls on the ground, and all this ashes spell anagram people, the bathroom they freak man oh yeah, yeah horses at the door. One is everything: ok there clean this mess up and in some of them come out and some of them come out and that like why. I don't want you to it's so funny to support people in that spot. Man and I build stuff like that for them and the copper fields. I built some wild shit shit for him to put in. Yeah, I got a room with the ventriloquist styles. He had met all the famous ones, merely well in flower he's got Madame and their charlie, mccarthy, Arlene Mccarthy and he's got, does cliff Robertson, one from from while I zone hawaii. There's a whole rumour of their great and I had rigged up so when people, near the room, it activates a sound. You can hear them, You hear that the coming two coming and then you your glass breaking, Then, when you come in the room
broken glass on the ground and knowing the movement is really eerie, so I like that kind of stuff. I liked scaring people a lot of haunted houses. All I I built a haunted house in vegas. That's another thing. I did with my money on your property. You know two years ago and the plot downtown. Here they gave me a hotel to turn out. They said you can have two floors in this hotel to build a haunted house. Do. we want here and I said: are you serious? I can do an ad use of the elevator. I built the state of the haunted house man and two years ago we opened it and in it was great, it was such a good haunted house a moment. There wasn't those rules that make you can't godrej you got touched me. I know you got your ankles grabbed you just like designing this hall, yeah design it took me it took me. How do you do do you do all the machine work on this stuff? Do stuff yeah help build support? I I am now Again most of it I go in there you design, I design it. No se it being done, but
most of them and some of my houses took down in the my house has been on t v a bunch of times and different shows that the house shows people come over and I've got a dog in a in a glass case hanging on the wall display case here and this girl's dolls in there, but I haven't changed the arms or chained in the case in them. I put some blood on the dress, yeah and her legs right away, they're drawn to that why? Why did he have that- and I said well, it's it's from a different movie director read the inscription on the foot and when they get close to it, the style comes along such thrashing inside this case in the door opens ensued, exists. the horror on their face. Man, I mean just to see this talking, vive yeah. Where do you think that came from I dunno ever since I was a kid, my family was kind of like that. If someone said I'm going to go, take a bath, you will you run to the bathroom and I began the doorway. You know yeah yeah yeah. We were we like scaring each other in algeria and now it was built spook causes. When I was a kid I never play sports, you play sports nora system, Ella comics down there.
Play sports, I dunno. I never did dominated sports sports guy at all either. So when they're all playing on the football in the street, I was building, haunted houses and there would get them to come on and do that. You know, Have you now with this heart condition? Have you ever had any problems? Heavy gone down have gone down, What had hardly tell you know, but I fainted three times have fainted in last year. Because of the medicine on their thinning. My blood right now, keeping is the really thin selected. My heart doesn't strain. I saw when I stand up real fast. Sometimes I I get dizzy and I I faint I just happened to me three times and scary as hell. One time I woke up at a gas, the gas pump handle in my hand, and all my money was blown down the street and I woke up and I'm like what the fuck pumping gas. I must been pumping s yeah yeah, don't remember what you're doing really disorienting and you get mad you get.
I'm gonna hit my head of I once I passed out in my bedroom smack my head in a year and the duchess. The medicine. I think that that's what's causing now you good. I do you not feel all right. Xxix suffer like I said. If I try to do something, my legs lack up in my hands lock up as but but other than that. If you are yeah, I do feel I feel fine man you'll, find it. I dont think anything's gonna happen. I dont see me go out that way! Good! I see me go it may be in an accident leaving here. Okay in the limo, don't do it, I don't want it done I attached to my sure I want to have attached to your shows. I should fake it right now. If I faked it, you have to believe my dad my biggest fear as people think I'm fucking around stage those on rapid, practical jody everybody, always in others a sack, hesitant about helping me up. Like you just gotta tell me sick. I swear
due to the audience, I tell them. Look I. If I fall, I'm not kidding around come get me because know: a lotta people died that way. Tommy cooper died that way. Dich schon dich schon die that way. Yeah, I don't wanna, be I wanna. I wanna do it here in the studio. No, it's not going to happen well, so this is it you're retiring. I'm done man, I'm done. If you want to see the show. Now it's going to be a rerun, sir, if by the tapes, are a very major. What am I to do for money now, yeah I get enough to eat I'm, but I want. I want money coming in what you design some state of the art hundred how he alone they know. I have a practical joke company. I think I'm dive humans, oh yeah, wild beast I'll, be your house hold, says daddy. I think Well thanks for talking to me by our spies. This is just as fun as I thought. It'd be great to see. Alright man heavy shit, right, maison, Jonathan, paying on hang on and moving forward.
But it literally could end ended anyone any second, oh my god that was heavy man. Go to wtf pod dotcom, bright devotee of five needs, get Folks, you just get on board, get the free up and upgrade the premium you can stream or five hundred plus episode, fuckin jacket, curiously, and soon burma lives.
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