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Episode 537 - Rivers Cuomo

2014-09-28 | 🔗
Weezer frontman Rivers Cuomo is the subject of much rock and roll lore, and Marc wants to get it all on the table. Why did Rivers decide to go to Harvard just as Weezer was taking off? What was he really doing when he dropped off the grid after the failure of Pinkerton? And did he really become celibate? Rivers gives the answers and tells Marc how he feels about the many myths that surround him.

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The guy. I would do this. How are you what the voters, what about bodies, what the fuck him years, what but takes what the constables, what the bucket Alex, what the fuck I'm alex? I apartment the stability of welcome going to the show. I'm here, I'm a different person. Now I am I'm a fifty one year old man, I'm a fifty one, Your old man, my birthday was on Saturday. and I know it, I am feeling it I dont want I admit that I'm feeling it, but I, but I am feeling it a little bit. I I don't know how I'm feeling it exactly, but I do know that almost immediately I was at l a podcast and some- Pictures were taken with me and I was looking at the pictures. Currently I was seeing a a bad looking and not an unfit.
And but a middle aged man a fifty one year old man. Something just gave way, and I always knew this would happen. It is a matter perception, but I have to be asked myself, the other at the there. Is that moment in a president's career Julia younger president and not look I'm not comparing myself the president. I do not have that kind of responsibility. Do you have a garage to manage- and I do have some things to clean up, but I am by no, comparing my job or task in any way to the president whereas we, I think, I'm doing a more honest job in terms of occupation but but there's that weird moment where you you compare pictures to first herman second term, president senor holy shit. What happened to that guy and it's really just aging, but it's it's it's you don't notice until you notice it all at once and it happen d. I noticed it all at once. I did. I looked at a picture that somebody took of myself and amber.
Rest and who was on the on the wifi cast last night, and I was like, oh my god That look at my mind, my little middle aged head. I I I don't know No, it's happening, but I'm gonna have to accept it. Aren't I no reason we want those people. I cannot fight the tide of age. I will die my hair in anybody's thing. I do already you go fuck yourself. I have great temples, the top is naturally the way it is I'm not dying. Any all right. I do know this. I do know that rivers Cuomo, is on the show. I do know that wizards new, album everything will be all right in the end, is coming out tomorrow. That september thirtieth it sort of a return to form for whizzer. I talk to people about interviewing rivers, error like oh, you know it s not going to be easy, it's injured think how people are publicly framed as
being something you're in. I did a lot of reading on him because a you know I I like weezer, but I had to go back and sort of go through the cat, walk a bit and get a sense of who he is, and you know it his eccentricity. but the interesting thing is, you know you get down to just talking to a guy for an hour and you get sort of an idea of who he is and it doesn't really match at the reputation or the myth. You know he's just a and a bit of eccentric guy who he is a very focused and he's holding together. Man also I want to mention is the it. It might seem a little out of character for me, but I don't think so. Melissa the bridge, is new? album this is me, am I e comes out tomorrow, And you can you get it wherever you get music now, here's there's a reason. I'm antonius melissa stopped by the roger. Here we had great conversation, I'm going put it up soon, so you can look forward to that. But you can do the record.
This is emmy in in time- and I tell you that I was in his record and she's fucking go in for it. She is. Walking out at fifty two fifty three, you're out of their ever algae. As we talked about it, I'm not I'm not saying something school here, because I was, the situations where I get an opportunity to interview somebody and in it sort of its wow and everyone thought about that, but why the fuck would know Furthermore, this afternoon we had a great conversation and that's coming up, so look forwarded at www, so what's goin on last night it ipod fast. We did alive podcast. I also appeared on asia tyres cast on friday. It was a great turn out thanks come out. If you in the audience, I did a panel of who is in my panel, I'm obviously not going to poses for a bit, but it was sort of an interesting event, because my nieces in town, my fifteen year old niece, has been here before I've talked about her before I find it's a it's a it's a real privilege for me to be to have the opera We need to be the core uncle now
I don't really know how to be around dumb teenagers by ea yeah, I'm better at it than I thought and what I have found given that I only have to be a cool uncle and a you know I don't have to be parent. Is that she's here for three days ever in securities I may have about, being around her. Knowing what to do with a fifteen year old are placated very easily by buying her whatever she wants. and then being elsie like. Why can't leave your dad and by that see. I know I'm gonna get therefore reassure I'll, get it for its. It is a win win situation, but there are edge National moments that are, there can be a bit disconcerting so even and I we to l, a pod fest, and I you know, if someone's going to listen to this and I'm going to be lucky in this This is the life. I live right and it's it's an assumption that their kids today They have their getting a lot more input, they know more things. Are, they certainly seem more things then. Than I did when I was
fifteen. I had a really look for it. We didn't have the internet and we now have access to two wrong. That's one thing you get as a kid Now, as you have the full access full open access to the world of wrong and wrong. I know it's a moral judgment, but you know what I'm talking about some things you need to see until you're, you're, eighteen or twenty, or maybe even fuck, and fifty to be honest with you so walk into pod fastened, there's a la podcast going on, and so comes running up to me, a large guy with a beard who apparently works for a for eddie ifs podcast, I'm not a member that that's called, but I literally had just walked in with my fifteen year old niece. Who who mind you yet looks fifteen. This guy. Like america fault him, it was awkward moment. I'm not even that have set about it, but he comes running up he's like hey, hey man, you what you want to come on the show and unlike what me like we're doing to show right now and mike. I gotta go
in preparing you aren't going to be on ice. You shouldn't need you've got to come in there, man there's a there's, trainee in there and and he's got his dick out and my fifteen on these is sitting right there and I'm, like I don't know. I think I don't need to know you gotta see it. You gotta, you gotta, see what you don't want to see. Tranny dick and I'm like. Can you know this? Is my niece she's fifteen? Now was a couple of problems. What was going on one? I was awkward position now, not assuming that my fifteen on these didn't know what he was talking about, but but also there was a correction to be made said he walked away. My please can we not do you know what data we don't want to see a trance genders dixie ahead, correct. She had a correct it, because when, after the moment wed past and it could not be erased or put back in whatever dark jar came from which was this large man with a beard I had to where five that train was not
appropriate a term for a transgender person, so we passed on that and then we went did I did I'm just tired shown. I introduced her to us from the podcast communal and then, as we were walking out my friend samples please running around censure, bullies a comic. And and just walking through the going. Get anyone see where the where the girl with the black dildo went didn't. We that grow, the black dildo notary, two or three times- and I had wicked eating and I'm like I I didn't see anybody did you know, okay like what well, let's go, get some ice cream or something you want to So that was a that was an interesting non parenting moment for me. There there eh, I guess that that is the tricky thing about being apparent in a in a broader sense. Is that If they're in the world stuff, there's gonna be into their head you know one where the other there. Yet the input is out there. There,
to be walking through this world of all information all the time and you just got in ireland. We think that that at certain ages they can absorb anything but man I think I was a little violated by a by what happened to be honest with you and I'm a grown man, and I I have experience in a lot of things, but it was it was an exciting situation. I think it's behind us and I think we did I think on all by just begun: mining arm business. and enjoying our night and in not talking about it again and then in a in an amazing display of friendship, and and and camaraderie area day Anthony who, who appears on the show mariners. Also a writer someone, I've known for a good twenty years, in front of an audience of about two hundred fifty three hundred people. As began the alive. W e f came out with a box of cupcakes. and there were candles in him and was
sweet anyway, even if it was very hard for me to to actually be a dick is what David I do to each other and- and I was a dick in initially and then I backed off it and and thanked him honestly, and a room full of podcast gas in alive? situation saying happy birthday. And it was, it was beautiful. And I am. You know I made the wish I always make well at the candles I hope and wish some day. I can just accept love in general and appreciate it, and I am- and I and I do- and I conscious of it and I'm not going I'm not going to be ungracious, I'm not just going to blow through it. When it comes at me, I'm going to feel it and not freak out. That's that's my dream. That's
wish- that's my hope, but I had a very nice birthday. Okay, so strap in We're going to now have a conversation with with the elusive and intense rivers. Cuomo from wiesner enjoy their new record and I'll talk to you on the other side of it. The are you musician too? I play you, I don't know myself a musician. You know these guitars are yours though yes and yeah. I just bought that one about that gibson there you play strats right in the studio I play gibson. Oh really, I usually play rico classics.
Sin junior, less biotechnology with the one pick up yeah. I love that those things yeah how'd you get that dirty sound Yeah, that's a weezer sound yet is that's all that's where it comes from that make sense man, yes, his guitar, oh wow, but it's not it's not quite pliable enough on stage, so I have like a strap replica thing that we made oh yeah through. herbal. So how are you feeling in general little car, sick, where'd? You come from. Do you live here? Where do you live santa monica, which feels like a world away? It is if I have to the west side. I feel like I have to pack a tent in a lunch. It's like the worst thing that could happen is I have to go to set a body how women in their eyes move their ninety one and not, then we We therefore need to beanie ninety two and we all live there and,
I was gonna s m c, the city college, when you, when you moved out, here, but you went so. You moved out here from the east coast right. I moved out in eighty nine and I went straight to hollywood yeah. Why not? Why not? throw yourself in today and get beat up where having that year. that was amazing, that was the sunset strip, was still rocking in eighty nine, so a rights other pair metal was just sort of dying and yet isham period. While I was in full effect when I arrived and then it lasted about another year and and I got a job tar records there and they the other employees. Their turn me onto pixies and sonic, youth and Sixtys records velvet underground beach, boys, and that was the first you'd heard of him. Rilo yeah I was, I was just a metal shredder guy in the eighties, well, really yeah, so you grew up just like
wailing yan unknown in ever, introduce you to the world of sort of like thoughtful, already hadn't songs, actor so dive right in the you can. Can you do that? I could yeah yeah. I was in an invite cover band seriously near so you're that proficient a noodle well yeah like maybe be plus needler Does your long ere yeah? So you did all thing the whole thing and moved out here with my ban from connecticut and to be hard rockers to be metal, deeds yeah and it didn't in work. Who are the ones who made the most impact on you meet them big, velvet underground in myself yeah velvet underground and in the pixies and the beach boys. So his voice, yes to listen, am in ninety one and got or together and said it's singing and writing lyrics as post. Just playing solos, you never done that. You never really song review,
I had when I had to, but I didn't think myself as the lead singer, because I didn't, I was like didn't quite- have that Jeff tee rob Halford high arctic, which sets my phone with found. That's a good phone sound when you isn't it the boys? Oh it's weird with the beach voice, like mama, actually in the layers of sounder amazing, but I find that there is a sadness in his singing that I cannot really tolerate for very long. How interesting have you ever felt that it's like there's a heavy heartedness under there that I can't handle is a vulnerability that just kills me why oh yeah, I mean I definitely here, but it didn't wasn't just the different. detracting know it and that's that was why was attracted to it. It's a I've. I've heard of people don't even hear it and don't get anything out of it, but after the first persons tommy's he feels it recognises? He recognizes it and it's too much too little man, I am
Had that happen, when a few artists, Daniel Johnson, another one on his stuff and Some of the later Fiona apple things where it just write us I don't know how to help her either above that we feel it, but it doesn't. It doesn't hurt you necessarily yeah. I don't know why it is so when you first are you doing there the wiser stuff? What we're I mean before you did that What were you guys really working on those songs or how'd? You find your whale. If I can be vague well, we started basically just trying to run in the opposite direction of heavy metal. I think we, this is before remind came out, but even so we work, I guess, kind of like a genes, addiction, grungy kind of a little bit more blue sea than you think of ways are sounding, and I think I was trying to sing with a more gravelly voice which Yeah yeah did you guys, that any of those jane shows when they were at the beginning.
The beginning by in in ninety ninety ninety one I was I went to a couple shows- was ready. Amazing, oh yeah. It was so great to be. fan of them. Em cause always felt like the shows worlds like this really cool event. Like I member on this one the show they had. You drive to a big parking lot where there were a bunch of yellow school buses and everyone gets on the buses here and they drove us up to the top of the mountain really yeah and they like her, games in this as a stage in there. The show and they were discussed, hang out and it seem like perry furrows. It does so at hosting a party and making an event more than just as show right. What you and have his way? He got you all buses, It is and then, and then they d lollapalooza too, and those just kind of develop that vibe and I I think, I've always
is that him and genes as a role model for how to how to make shows feel like something special but there's intimacy to it here and there seems to be a respect for you Ask Israel we when you're unique, like you guys, aren't like or they certainly were, the fans are sort of special bunch she treated like community and some level. So that's where you got the inspiring. Did you do a lot of lake? through hands on fan. Engagement, yeah, we we did the hutu nanny where we went on tour and instead bring our instruments. We had a hundred fans, bring instruments in. However, it was a myriad. She instruments her how castro, having that work, was. It was really scariest, wouldn't know what to expect, and in every every night it is a totally different, an army of people against the red theo. How did you we arrange it, how did what was the plan? we settled on? I can't member five to eight songs and an ah, you know, gave them
dance warning. These are the songs, make sure you learn, learn them rehearse them come repaired and they all took it seriously and we set it up as such show half recording session, so it there be set chances to get the song right. If we didn't get it right. We do it again with move people around, get them right right. They must have been thrilled It came out really great and it was. It was really fun for us, too. You grew up where it and these coasts right and you were just like Obviously metal head? Who your bands, then were you driver? I listen to the idea that guy no sabbath was before my time, sir, but the records were yeah, but they didn't they sound. It sounded old fashioned me. I was, I think, probably the first, the first besides kiss in the seventies with the first bandit mate, you know defined Metal is something more than just music. It was a cultured community to belong to a quiet riot. Ok, I was probably
three and then from there got into Judas and made and then metallica slayer and then the shredder saying they are actually dismayed, long set of playlists in spotify what rivers listen? two in and then the year, a real yeah starting from nineteen. Eighty, I think- and so I did the map without whatever I was listening to in that year, and he can remember yeah is in yak, as I associate a record with a particular place. I remember aus cafeteria school when I first heard that's extra puppets or something. Really. I was a sophomore again that sort of thing, sir sitting with a bunch of other like metal deeds and somebody had a boom box exactly they had a boom box. Anyhow, it master puppets on in there is that than that nice car intro and then it breaks into into battery, and I thought something had gone wrong with the guys, boombox curry, suddenly so fast. Yet
did is here and then there's that mamma. We realise that you're, like this different yeah yeah, there's another always boom backed my life. Just change forever errand. Criteria, music does ever hear your record. Your first record was big record Why? Because I was in high school em when the cars first worker came out. Sir like when I knew that oh cassock was doing your record when her That and then you can hear the sound. I mean you can hear his place in it yeah like he's, they definitely help to guide that sound yeah, I mean to an certain extent we were already like us cut from the same cloth to an accent were were cars of of our generation, but he d, finally has his aesthetic. That is part of what we in the studio it was it what he'd he sort of invented a papa static. very I'm in a lot and ways: it's it's what it's what he takes away from
what we would do rather than what is adding an example on the record were just making with him we'll be all right in the end, I listen to its great it's like your back to your old, the stuff thanks. We feel that yeah, I mean, I think it's half going back to class whizzer values, but an and then also half like trying things you know tried before, but things only we would try. Oh yeah get only tell me which ones you think Is it but don't tell me, I work how he takes away like. Ah, from my heavy metal routes at this instinct to start adding guitar harmonies ike, the third yeah iron maiden they're, just priest and I'm timid about doing because again weasel is a turn away from that. So on this record when I would try at start some of that in some cases, he'd say now, man that sounds like Boston. That sounds ex fix,
I have nothing against those bans, but is this it's funny to hear his point of reference for what is over cooked within funny is the reason that their his point of reference is those are the bans he helped bury that, the time like one when you guys came out what was happening in music and what you guys refer up against was that you have the death of hair metal and the evolution this next thing, then he was really up against boston and journey and and sticks so Fourth, at this point, a reference asshole area in Boston. They had a clean, sound, yeah yeah. I mean that some produce shit so in working with him this time coming full circle and away and is everything gonna be ok, indian rivers? I mean have because, like I dont like I've been followed, do as intensely is obviously some other fans, and I know that you ve had your struggles in your ear and notoriously m infamous in a way not necessarily in a bad way, but you others, a mythology around you
Have you landed in, did something more grounded for yourself? Oh definitely, I would hope that people take that untidy as more of a question now get again, then an assertion here should work where they work. well yeah. I like the ambiguity and some people will be. Sure it's one way and some people are sure it's another, and and that's fine, do you have with that ambiguity every day, yeah? Of course the big struggle right with ted agar to be makes it all interesting, yeah. Well, whose choice was it to work with rick again while the us, I think almost you know, all the choices are our choices. We are right. We have total control so and it wasn't that it wasn't the obvious choice when we started thinking about it But when we realise the kind of sound work, waiting foreign, an that. You know like
four guys in a room rocking yeah, not too many computer tricks. You know based we, how our first album sounded, who on earth could get that sound better than rick right and he got it. It definitely sounds that way. The the back to the show ak song like in your mind, like looking at this song list like in your mind as the guy that made the songs. What what do you think the songs that are that are gonna pop? What what are you hoping for the single to be the single is back to the shack? It is so I got it yeah that's the one it stuck by other there, and it seems to me that there was also some nostalgia. Some personal history involve in the work, so that some are definitely berkeley for me, it's like a want to go back to be with her. You know that
These are card cork, community again and it's over the years it it's easy for hours to get cut off from the the core people yeah that were there at the beginning and playing in the clubs every week, and we were able to get that instant feedback from our. Small audience in figure out where we're going. What we want to do is kind of a collaborative process with advance yeah yeah, I'm not the column fans. Then there are more like the audience here in the club, but so you guys when he started wings. all clubs and you were yet your particular charisma, as is very unique that I imagine that, like it was sort of like gum, it started with a few kind of nerdy for that new that something was happening and then a case where we spread out. Yeah and while we played a lot with other bandied around town with several a times were playing for their fans and so but altogether
no in non community and allay with other bands and all the people who are going to shows we, we figured out where we fit in and how we're gonna be different? What we want to say- and we couldn't done that without that- that weekly. interaction with the audience here and so back to the shack saying we want to get back to that in, and we ve made a real point over the last four years to spend a lot of time with with people s the shows and see what was going on in their lives and see what they're thinking of of what we're doing, and oh yeah yeah. What do you like? How do you do that? You just have a line or you just you knows no usually on on line they organizing the selves and say I wouldn't like these two five people, ten twenty people are gonna, go back tonight and also a comeback stage. There's the it is. through their boards yeah that kind of thing right, book, right and awe and defining had, and that have been there the whole time and that have some grievances, sometimes
usually when you talk to people face to face, and this was what we really discovered on the wiser cruises near that we did when you talked of people face to face the the overriding feeling you get from them is that they love us nea and their super passionate about us and they want they want us to win and they have the best of it insurance. So that's different from what you might see online, where sometimes it it comes out at you know, in in text it can come off as pretty negative, yeah yeah it's hard to interpret you guys, fucking suck his love yeah. it. Even though that guy honest we my love, you you might have wronged him somehow that you have no control over an they're, usually the first guys that come up to you and go I'm sorry. Man as just like as mad, and I mean it, but with we spend a lot of time, listen, in and talking with them and feels like we're back and check. Now. How do you feel? How do you
I received that love? We all right with it. I mean absolutely it's I mean that's. What I want most as an artist is, is to be understood and to be appreciated for for who we are, and it's the greatest thing when it's it's. We got these where people around us that feel that way will have you, like you know, in in relation to setting the record straight or or about like things that come at you. I mean, oh in a now that it's been like what ninety six two thousand and six twenty years since Pinkerton, have you know they? Are you happy or now, with the weights fallen into place as an album, as opposed to you know when it happened. yeah? I was devastated when it came out and it's such a personal album I put everything I had into, and it was. It was really rejected and I felt humiliated and I felt guilty because, like I've. Kind of took my band down this road. That was
really in anyone's interest. It seemed at the time, but over the years, it's clear that it's, it's really accumulated this, this our passionate base of fans. That may be any other kind of record couldn't have forests with a big. Wyoming cause. You like, you know, you're, deep dude and you know like and yang your struggles, you know are around you know just being in the world and and and your feelings, your nick individual so to most normal people were people who are just like is one marie's, your song. Yet that moment were like that feeling. I got your I get with with with the brain wilson yeah that, like either people are gonna like the white get allow that into their hearts were furtively outta here too much him here. cause. I you know I was into it again recently to you know to talk to you and it it it it it. It was. I think the reaction was social, so in he directly proposed
it just to comparing into the other record? You know he was you know. I wasn't looking at that record on its own, because if you look at it now with distance and not with expectation yoke and makes complete sense yeah, you know totally it's my culture like does just like the other one year, and they just. How can turn out and gay gambling no, yes, you can blame, but So it is that you in a spiral in it for like years yeah took five years before I had the conference. It put on another record but Is it it's my understanding that you kind of you know? Did you find yourself like what what was going on in those five years mean, were you depressed? Were you freaking out? Were you angry? Did you ah well it's in retrospect it's hard to appreciate, but it really seemed like we were done like there was no hope as we were in a one hit, wonder, and so it is out there yeah? I mean they're. There was a
until about ninety nine or two thousand, we started here like waiting, and actually there are some people out there who like Pinkerton. There are some points. who still want to see you guys live and we started play again. A tooth and with a warped sure yeah? But until that point is live in an apartment in west l, you guys were the fuck him band and you're like we're done yeah, ah to stir. darted out, innocently enough, like right beginning a ninety, eight, let's, ah, let's get together and allay will start work on the next record. I got some songs and then, after a month or two rehearsals like our guys this, I think this might take some time. So why are you go, take a break, do whatever you want to do. I'm just gonna hole up in this rehearsal room here in and write a few more songs, and then the months go I and the years go by and before he noticed two thousand, then am I found that you have I know now, but my cannot. It's not all not not enough good ones. Really.
why didn't you go in some sort of ahmadinejad? One manic system, my thing of how to do that when that happened and in those years I was. I started, taking careful now on what I was doing in trying to figure out what was working and what wasn't working and in hoping that I could figure out what kind of processes will yield better results, in india, some of the mathematical way well I mean there wasn't literally your brower or additional, are division earned like that going on? But what was the system? I never I never settled on. I think, as it was like a moving target, I couldn't figure out. There is ebbs questions like. Should I start with a concept? Should I start the chord progression and in others the different variables, and I would just shift them around and then subdivide and come up with even more variables and yeah. You can driver and self nuts. That way,
What did you find that you were? You were like OECD out, or did you find that the the actual the process of it was was something I may be doing the to sort of comfort yourself or feel better or to occupy yourself. Did it become like this weird you'd you'd have people over to your apartment and you'd? Have on the walls and me I can almost there man a guy, we I mean how how are and do it did you get? I got far internet. I became pretty solitary to write, I didn't come up with quite a few notebooks full of notes in diagrams in charge, so you can. I had a little bit of a break like almost so I go manic break almost well. I mean it's hard to generalise, like some of what I ve what I was feeling during those years but It wasn't all bad. I mean too, to a certain extent. I like,
thinking that way and working that way and doing research and in in a way it's all kind of removed from anything, practical or career minded. It's just pure musical research which which I enjoy yeah. Did you didn't you go back to school as well? I I went back to school four times after the first album came out and finally graduated in two thousand and six during those songs, so called dark years, though I was not in school oh really did, but before and after he earned school yeah. So after the first we surround and comes out, you go back to college the outward yoga harvard that's good yeah amazing, you did our in high school, then I guess or no nine. I did badly in in high school and you get an harvard. Well from there. I went like I said before I went to see
monica city college and did really well there yeah and I got a year and a half of credit thirds and then weezer was on tour for supporting the the first album and I was I got so bored it's just know every it was like the groundhog day thing on tour after a year and a half and we toured through Boston. I I went up to harvard and walked round was like I'd, just love to just take a break and read and study, and you know meet people and have relationships and, as I filled out, the application in I put more this on my community college transcript in my high school transcript, and they let me- and we ve been over your yeah I mean that was part of my admissions. Essay was talking about my experiences with the band, So would only your like that you'd written, so I imagine big judging by the disorder reaction to the rejection of pinkerton in this sort of
again. This is before being you know right, but there, but they come when just go in and is trying to figure out how, you're mine works that that be repetition of the songs after certain points. sure, let alone the sort of like you know the dissociation from reality and near the ground. The day element. I imagine just your brain kind of going soft with singing that album. You know every day, for a year of just pry was like nah gotta put new things in yeah just felt like my life was slipping by and I wasn't doing anything to reach. My potential did was put in you the kid at all. I mean did earlier that something you wired and did you did you feel guess when you are younger, there was a pressure on you'd, like you weren't doing enough for no, if anything is said mike, I feel like there was enough pressure, worn enough opportunities and discuss
left on my own. That's almost worse. Yeah, there are sometimes when I look back. My life is like the one thing I lacked was discipline where in somebody, me, do something exactly how you grew up with a sort of free kind of like parents were on their own trips and did their own thing much so and I'm sure I got a lot of advantages because of that, but creativity, I bet you got maybe that's yeah. Maybe that was one of the results, but I I do is especially mid twenties. I was, I often felt like man. Why didn't somebody forced me to learn the piano why didn't somebody put me in a strict school or right, I could have becomes something great. That's right! That's interesting say I feel that myself that there you know there is that. Why khazars, what what happens if you dont, have a healthy sense of competition or achievement Somebody is in force you to do things in your best interest, but you don't know at the time everything has. Everything becomes very important for me,
like you know, like there's, no like everything's life or death, there's no sort of like. I guess that one didn't go well it's, whereas I think that if someone just made you play soccer you know that you know you have a sense of like losing its ok man. You go back to what you go back to morrow at any time. There was a rejection or failure. It was just a personal attack on my personality identity like I couldn't. you're out why everything was so fuckin heavy to me and in any event, tied in with that idea that if somebody had give me some context discipline me a little bit and said you have to do is in fact no fuck. You like now, you're gonna do this in any sort of get through it and you take that the weird hurt of of learning, new thing, but you learn how to do so to take those chances without them being so threatening cause when he got to do it on all on your own. You have just to get to the point where you going to do it technology. Okay, did. What did you study and harvard
I started out as a music major and then I switch to english literature. Who is your guys who'd you like read on to this day. My favorite is shakespeare. Oh really, yeah you've big brain the boy. Well now I mean not big enough for shakespeare, but that the little that small, change of his writing that I can appreciate this is just unbelievable to me. If it's pretty may it all came at a one guy, yeah yeah so As you know, every six weeks or so I'll do these nerd knights. Were I invite people on twitter? Twenty thirty people join me and I get em all tickets and we go see shakespeare together. The are you able to sort of keep it together with the net, are those plays because I like, I can read it a bit. I never really locked him because I have a hard time reading plays, but when I see them, I have very hard time. We are following things: do you
Why studied a lot in school nazi you written essays on on the most of them on a lot of the place, a you know, the arts and the nuances yeah and- and I just get the dvds I go see him live. I read em and you know there's only ten or fifteen that you see any with any regularity, so you just watch the same ones over and over again. Yes, you start to understand a little bit of it. It? How did that? Did it do anything for your writing style? Do you think it influenced the the depth or the style of of the way you approach songs? Is that possible? Guess yeah. I don't know, I mean what I get from it. Than anything else is the the depth of emotion you can get just from words boy, it's just as such the bar so high and inspires me mere so we so you just kept going back to get that english major yeah. No that you had an a unique
I didn't do it a tunnel research by we talk about it, a little bit sure and you're in connecticut, right, you're born born in new york and my parents were part of his a zen center. The first I think the first zen center in the states in rochester, yeah and they split up another about four and my mom took me to the such it under ashram, in connecticut, yeah under the guru, such swami, such a nun, who is the guy? Who gave the opening speech it would suck really so we we are. I grew up on his ashram in connecticut. Would it be? Is that like a so, he was around yeah be here. several options around the world, he kind of go between them, but he was around a lot and was it like If you ate everyone ate together, everybody was there like it was. It was post, sixties, right, really yeah. This is seventies right, so that and and people just lived on the property all year round,
there, there are a lot of people who lived on the property and then a lot of people in the community around the property, and then also people would come from all over the world to see such a nanda and to see the ashram. Did you feel like when you saw how old are you like? You are young, you like five and six four to eleven, so you are in it yet and you did you have reverence for that guy yeah! Definitely I mean It's hard to know how much understanding of little kid can have or or faith a little kid can have. But you know I I I believed as much as a kid and believe for sure and baby. It's rare, though, as a kid in its unique as a kid to Jesus. One thing: is you know he lives in the sky but like tat to actually as the guy you know there and yeah it. Well, he he wasn't. He no one said he was a god on earth. It was more more about
practices and we did meditation in school every day and yoga karma yoga, which is basically chores service. Sure, feeding ponies and giving selfless yeah working for other people. So hot It was more about those kinds of things rather than worshipping a person's right, but there must have in that sense of reverence, around, there is a sense of like this guy's, pretty special Did you did you do continued? The are you spiritual person why definitely still meditate in them? Every year, eg. I go for thirty days to meditation center and all day, long to meditate and silence. How do you do it? Did you I know they do when you were a kid cause. I like I've, been told I need to meditate and I get I get antsy yeah. I get antsy too yeah. After all this time. It's it's not easy, but that's where I get the benefit from trying to work with that answer,
yeah what what? What is some of her? How do you do it? While I do a technique called vipassana since two thousand and three and it's basically just observing the sensations on my body and in as much detail as possible and without judging them or reacting to them like okay, my finger hurts yeah. It's going yeah not not that you need to do a dialogue about it, but just really put all your attention on exactly what your feet yeah and in the end. What does that do? Well, does quite a lot be more than anything else said. It gives me just a little bit of separation between what's coming out me and then how I respond so hope. the un responding a little a little more. Isley now than before. Well, when I would often shoot myself in the foot, yeah see or hear volatile
angry. I made allotted big stupid mistakes with what what would make them right? What was your biggest mistake in your mind? What was my biggest mistake? Well, I don't I dunno if I wanna expose that in public. Oh so it wasn't a public mistake, Why do you have a great cause? There is an element of the human mind. I guess you know You dont, you don't really want to have regrets, you know, in depending on how hard you on our on yourself or or what you think you're transgression was that that that's a life's work in and of itself needs to not to have us regrets yeah. I don't know if it's so much about a single big mistakes, it's more like just daily little decisions.
They are they all had up. So I I hope now that I can can react with a little more calmness and wisdom in. not react out of anger or defensiveness or or greed right where you are or we will use scary guy one time I've gone through so many different phases and people would know me for a long time, which I think would would agree like there's times where, like you and he could maybe not be able to associate one version of me with the version of me from a few years later, and you think that was completely am serve conditional like relative to circumstances. Do you think it you do. You have other issues, I think through it I've always just been trying
figure out how to make great music and write better music yeah, and it's driven me to do all kinds of crazy things and and at the same time, like you, said, the circumstances around me change, and so I have change? Aha, he, but you never fight you had like a psychological issue. Not like not like a clinical issue now need required. Medication are now Let's get good, that's one way to go there by the way you when you I would meditation, which is better well in for some people I mean I'm sure, they're more extreme cases were meditation, wouldn't be helpful and you you need some kind of right professional help me. You never felt that. No, that's good! That's good! healthy, because I is do have a fear of that of looking at it. That way, you never once thought like. Well, maybe young here in my apartment, with a lot of papers I'm not talking not route
anybody here not shaving Oh no, I think I there is always is this even just a tiny or inside me that was like, I'm, I may appear completely insane everyone else, but I know I am the scene one year, you know, I know as a who, crazy pizza, yeah, ok, they're using very you, seem nervous. here come with a lot of there's a lot of other things humming around you, the early yeah ha yeah, I mean like I don't know, because I I like your band. I've listened to it, but I know there are people that are like. Really, you know like that live for is their sums. Is somebody specific tell you some or did you re know, but you know you it's like, because I knew that the big press, when I think that, like initially like right at the
Eight. When the first razor comes out you you were like. I am. I an unit and maybe you're not having sex right now. I know I was in something in a while that's true, but not by choice, and I wasn't a virgin, but let's see, I think when I started meditating, two thousand and three through two thousand and six. That's when I was celibate away up yak, as I just remember there is this like you eat, you know how that how pop culture things I didn't. I was on the pulse of things, but there was this idea that your eye abstinent in you know yours giving up your energy to do things like in. I thought very deliberate and it was aesthetic you know, etc, as in a certain way and that you had this methodology date, but it's you There were a lot of methods going on that you are trying to to him to feel better uncomfortable and do the best creative work he can do yeah
I had experimenters was celibacy earlier for four reasons just mentioned can, like you want to save our no cheese. yeah saving our shame, but the three year celibacy thing was was totally there. That I was there, but initially there was a word out was that you are doing that your saving you're not would had been more and that in those dark years where, when the blue elm came out, I think I just I wasn't celebrate right. What do you think it is about the the eastern aesthetic that that that you find compelling because I, like, I, don't know much about it, but there is a sort of sensitive of minimalist in order and and and am does an insane work ethic yeah. Japan has been fastening to me for a long time, and maybe I think everything you just mentioned is has been intriguing to me, but but also like this sense. That
They have greater control over their minds and bodies, and this may be growing up in the west. I felt like we were a little out of control so as intrigue by japanese. If it is also interesting because of just from talking you for a few minutes that that you know they're very hard on there they expect a lot it out and you know that there is a tremendous shame around not doing all you can do in the best job possible and there's a shame around dropping the ball furs. Yeah, and you know- and I think like as like in that culture. Like a shame, the the rituals around shame can be death. We are self inflicted death. and that's pretty heavy man. It's a heavy work ethic yeah think a very, relatively high rate of suicide in Japan. Right in that
I think that's probably part of the too huh of my fascination here. I can't I just can't escape the idea of like Two things are going back to going to harvard in it being harvard and knew it you're. Having a tremendous amount is executed. Success already right now, I'm not I'm not there, I'm not good enough. I got no more, do that. I gotta do did the best school in the world in ten years later you liked, I got it. I got a crack. This pop song numb this equation is gonna, be here to me that I mean it's creative and its in its ambitious and in it some self actual but it is also right to out of what got to put on yourself togae, harvard yeah, I guess yeah. I didn't think of it that way get some pretty driven, but long as I'm, not making myself to miserable is probably not a bad thing, but you never drug guy have no ass good yeah. That is good
as I can in rock and roll. I mean you see that shit all the time you don't you don't do anything. Nope never have does not interest, know I've. I've tried, I've tried, I went through phases yeah, but since two thousand and three have been totally clean and sober, oh yeah yep and it just just you're on your own his decision yeah, I didn't join a group but- and I didn't have any addiction, but it's you know that's the time. I became celebrate too and sort of started meditating, and it was actually partially inspired by this and that my teacher, meditation teacher and and these courses, if you want to get if you want to advance past the introductory ten day course, and you want to get into the very serious courses you have to leave all that stuff behind. You can't go into a forty five day. Meditation course just having like done a bunch of drugs and slept with a bunch of people yeah cause your mind will be going. Nuts and
It's so hard to make it through one of those courses. You have to be pretty balanced, already. Really no addictions or anything like that. Yeah, like I just like your mind, does go nuts carrying all that stuff. You know, there's a yeah, I mean ideal, you know it's like, when you got that kind of clutter around you any realise, just how much you're doing to distract yourself from yourself yeah an end who who's involved. You know you can make this list of like. Oh, my god, I'm carrying a lot of guard judge seeds is got rid of it all of it, yeah so unisex for how long three years must be. How is it that first time out brief. greater my wedding night, really yeah, that's fascinating! Do you think
I did all pay free, I mean you think they eat that that period. Do you think it re sort of a re routed you in its someplace? You can stay now. They ve made not feel like you're gonna go I've reservation again. Now, there's no way now yeah, I'm mama, so so much more content and when you have children not two year, two kids and it's a good life and can imagine throwing it away for something. So ephemeral is the perfect pop song. Or sex or drugs. Oh yeah, yeah yeah, you will keep a dui, maybe maybe maybe the perfect pop song still attainable. Now your folks still alive yeah you get along with them. Yeah did you always well, I've always gone long great with my mom and might when my parents put up my dad went eventually he
was born again and joined the army and with state I'll stationed in germany for about twenty years. So I didn't see him or talk too much when I was growing up born again, yet christian europe, he is he's a bet, he's a bishop. Now in the pentecostal church wow, that's! crazy to me, your parents were real searchers yeah, that's interesting, you know much about where they came from before? Like you your grandparents and stuff all my father's parents from ITALY their roman catholic and right on my grandfather's issue, shoe repair guy in Iraq, eyes twice him yeah in rochester issue: america, yeah! It's great! You know at the ocean repair geyser there. There are important in February that time you gotta have issue. poor guy here. Did you ever go to like a sharp enough? Well, his
I was in the front of the house and the mouse he lived in. I lived. There are some of the time in, but I live close by the resolution, so that smell of leather area, stuff work being done. It benches yeah there from a very early age ever I'll. Never forget that smell in my act. My name for him was actually due to britain. That was because of the sound of his hammer. Oh really yet rhythmic yet do do what did you dead do well the year I was born actually, two months after I was born, he was he played drums on a jazz record with four wing shorter really from whether report is before whether report rate for whether report in between bebop, in whether report yeah through suggests drummer yeah, and I think, some time after I was born. He gave that up and
sure what he did. This may be different. Odd jobs may be a painter. Nanny was part of the zone centre right. So you there was a time when your parents were divorce. He had still in the same sense enter no. He took off the other kind of split from each other, and then at the same time, I believe, were you ever in digital I was in high school jazz ban. As a guitar player. You fucking, you can really now I mean that that's interesting thing about with new whizzer, is that there is this pop. I there is enough: yeah. I have a very definitive modern, pop music and power pop music, but you know pop chords and then all of a sudden there's these guitar solos wreck. What where the fuck did that come around He's still do a lot of them right. Yeah, the solar guy, like it's it's astounding- did its aids Yes, I'd brain may, or did it's like either there just moments where
you know you have the acting. That's what makes razor great as you have these like a huge cords that are just sort of melodic and they have a pop sensibility and then there's like this guitar that just comes out. It's like. Where did that come from huh? It's great, I I don't. Even I just heard, is as something all that interesting. Its does its way. You yeah, but you're so proficient in n, n n. Your heart is in the area of new early heart is in this type of music that it is not its not counter intuitive works fine, music music, but is definitely from that world he'd out from your work. You know you're gazette units or interest like how you must have decided the sound of reason. He said earlier that yeah oh cassock in an I knew you guys knew what you were doing. You knew you were made
terminology is very, very intentional. We were going to restrain ourselves as much as possible and completely shift from an ngo type of sound. Two more an amateurish thing like velvet underground her, you isn't it. I yeah and you change accords it just to give you some specific sites on guitar. you know, but in in nineteen eighty nine I was doing sweet picking and, of course, palm using and while bar and fast picking and and all that went out the window the blue em there's not even a single palm mute, which I trust that you will carry out a stop yourself and stop we'll have we would beat each other up if one of us accidentally played
something a little shred, no ready yeah! That's amazing! I guess that the victory of that strain gloomy, one you can shred when you guys can really do it. I mean the amount of sort of like you know. Driven relief possible is profound, because you just google images like punch it all the way through. So there must have been It does not make sense to me now man because, like you know, when can shred. You push all your energy right forward. So if your poland, all that stuff back in the power, has to be in your voice in the cords that it becomes a larger. Almost like you know, building thing here. I think that something like that happened yeah that make sense man that's exciting will you get along the euro man now yeah that took some time well, it just took us getting back into each other's lives,
yeah, like I said he was in germany, now he's back it's in it Adele ryan I see him every now and then and it gets along with the grandkids grandkids- tend to make a big difference and yeah. They love him and oh yeah. That's fucking keys! cool yeah and he's not too. He hasn't. Lay the religion on you know, I mean he's so passionate about his faith and it's when you believe when you believe something that much and it's it's hard not to want to
share it with other people, and you know, and for in that in london in that religion, it's they. They want to save people and gosh like of course he would want to save his son. But it's I think at the same time. It's you. You gotta learn to to respect other people in their point of view and there's only so much you can do or say, and he is okay with her yeah I mean the he invites me to see him preach and an idol. I love going to see him preach and the good yeah yeah he delivers yeah, it's it's so passionate and and musical there's like a band playing the whole time the whole hour he's preaching in it. It builds to this tremendous climax and oh yeah. It's it's. So it's great for me to see someone who shares genes with me performing because I see in him the same kind of interests, introspective person but is up there.
spotlight and he's got a connect to an audience, and I see the things he does and it inspires me and gives me ideas for what I can do to oh yeah. Just there's a build to it like if someone's a good puke preacher, especially a pentecostal preacher, there's a rhythm right: does he have there? Does he have that rhythm, yeah? Nah? That's impressive, and I I see him, he look. It is the other people up on this on the stage and is connecting to other musicians and the singers, and I can tell you this he's in his own little world up there with them and and that's how I feel on stage with visa yeah, oh and also you know that he comes from yeah he's got music in him. You know I mean he. He plays him, he played some bebop drums at some point, yeah, so that's in there, and so that it's interesting to make a genetic connection, and also you specifically as a front man like I I've had this realization recently
about. You know the nature of front men in general, but you and I mean you're a little different in that you know you're such a proficient and am musician as well. Well, some front men are just just jobs, jobs sing but but, like so much it seems of the tone of the music and The the material within the music is is really neo, driven and in and compelled by by your emotions. In your experience, so I imagined to have that some political relationship with you guys to know that their following your brain in a certain way, but yet do their part in it. It's gotta be kind of a charge, but also imagine there had do have been times when it was a sort of like you knock heading at is there well by the time we were on tour and were up on stage and just playing. I don't think I am not thinking of who came up with what at all. Just here, we are, and let's let's just
each other away. We how awesome we are and do it yeah. I saw bumper bumbershoot. What was at two thousand and seven oh yeah, maybe even two thousand tat yeah yeah yeah. You know that wasn't a good show sorry sought that one, really you However, that yeah. Why would happen just felt really awkward? Had it been awhile? No, I think we had. I think we played at least a few like a week before that we ve lange and everything had been amazing and then that one wasn't just feel right. Yeah ha, I felt self conscious didn't get in the zone. Oh yeah, that's still happens. sometimes when we have so often have that manifests itself. What is self conscious mean like you couldn't like let loose in india? I can't
thinking too much and not you know self critical thoughts right rather than goosebumps right. Well, that was the night, though, as it was like you know, I'd always have been familiar with with a lot of guys stuff. one moment for me where you guys weighing a lot of stuff from your entire catalogue and it was. His moments where it you know, I'd, listen to weezer on and off, but it was one of those nights where I'm like holy fuck. They got a lot of songs, oh yeah. That's euro revealed its wild. The cataloguing you put together for you so yeah they. They add up over the years as it makes for a cool show, especially in these giant, shows where There's a lot of people who aren't so familiar with us say: there's a lot of songs that turns out. They know we are yeah. Oh yeah yeah cause it's just like it's where it's almost like a your songs. You grow up with yeah and do you feel that, like especially with the with Pinkerton and so do you feel that
you were as a sort of seminal kind of motivator of you know what would be considered. You know emo rocker or a certain type of alternative rock. You feel that you've laid influence on that, like the even that album is as as miss understood as it was initially. I think that the people who are important too and the musicians who thought it was a masterpiece immediately. I feel like it kind of propelled, something Yeah! I often hear a lot of when I meet the musician say they bring up that album myths as an album that was important to them and they they played those songs when they were younger. Who who do you? I go watching now, nothing. Nothing comes to mind. I mean I like watching any. I just love music. I love watching bands of anything. It's all interesting to me. You idea in show business I mean I I I I wouldn't. Think to use that were announced that raise, but yeah I love it. I just want to make
time for yeah yeah yeah. What is this a tv project? You back on. honestly- I don't know much about it yet these this these guys, the writer in and the producers came up with. This idea, Yan said asked me if it was cool if they proceeded with it nice, sure- and they said all right- we're gonna call you producer, and I said, ok and they haven't really done anything up but will see like We have no idea, it is based on you. I mean I I doubt it's gonna have much to do with me other than that. Just the basic premise is that that I live through, I'm sure they're going to cause. I mean my life. Is you know not, actually, not all. That interesting was a lot of studying and tests and not any naughty thing worth the tv show I dunno magnetic I I would spend twelve episodes. You know in in the house, with your notebooks well, we'll see, I think, they're going to come up with her
Story- and it may not be about me and I'm not be involved in the process. So I was in a pre, surprised and freaked out that it became a big story. Last week, when the, when the network may that press put up their press ross and it you know by the time it made made it to the tenth, internet headline- it was rivers cuomo to star in wiser sit com. You go better, tell the guys so We know we won't even know for a long time, but probably by next summer we will have a better idea of what it is and if it's even gonna happen so You gonna, give me those weeds recruiters did you do to and they were just for fun Initially, there were just for fun, but we quickly realized that it's it's an incredibly helpful and restorative coming together of wiser and those courts.
and right where we get to learn so much about each other and bond and it does get helps given give us so much focus in and helps remind us of. HU we are deep down inside and what we want to do. Ok, now, just a end on this and some my. Brought up earlier on this new record, like my impression of it on two or three lessons was that it is sort of a return to form. You know, like you know, really. First, album form, obviously with rick, producing and there's that sound, that that is, that is sweet and poppy and has the punch and the lyrics and there's a there's even a hooker to, and but you said that you're like half of it, is like that, but you feel that half of it is is part of an evolution that was going on.
You know all the way through. How do you sort of define that? Well, even in the song back to the shack and it's on the surface, we're talking about going back to that old, sound from ninety four yeah, but listen to it? They were. There is nothing like that music on the blue, album at all. It's like a very you know like a big hard rock riff right and and even the chorus as like this kind of a groove to it that we, you we've never done before so assistant, exit
apple have something that's half classic and yet half very new that we couldn't have done before. So it's nuance in that way. In your mind that you, because of of how you constructed the sound of weezer early on you know, when you're like rocking out a little bit that, but maybe the the the common ear is not going to be able to identify it immediately. Well, I think a lot of fans that have made this the same observation that I just said like yeah. I know what this doesn't sound like ninety four right. I think that the funds that are really listening all won't be fooled, but there is also like this seven and if the minute quasi instrumental at the end of the album. Of course, we had something like that on the We welcome too, but in this case on the blue em, it's the same for core. Over and over and over again so half ground base that we are so lowing over. This new one is is very different because
is it continually evolves underneath the solos? Is it that the cords never repeat and discuss? on and on and on and to ever new territory and that's not something we We have done back then or could have done right. Have you been performing at peace live yet no, we planned it to do the whole album front to back in october and november and several smaller venues around the country, but we haven't, we haven't actually put in the work to learn these as a four piece. Yet that's going to be kind of, exciting to perform live, it's it's going to be unbelievable and it's it's such a technically demanding piece and there's so many parts that we actually our bass player, had to have a new instrument built. So we could pull it off. It's this a double neck bass and guitar. It's so he's going to be joining us on the five part solo. Our drummer also is going to have to play guitar at some point really yeah. So all five of us will be shredding
together by and large I finally, this disease We have waited your whole life circle, man here so so that's really exist. so you ve got like a little concept album within this album yeah. Well, I'm looking for. Tat? You can do a mixture of big spaces and small spaces on the tour. Well, this first tour is: is this can be pretty small space? I'm not sure where it's gonna be an early yet, but we on lincoln thinking now the balloon. moscow theatre downtown. Oh yeah, you know their place yeah. I think it's about fifteen hundred capacity, oh well with great talk, india? You seem well, and I am happy about it. Thank you to my photography. Rivers you're welcome That's it. That's our show that is an interesting guy in intense guy
I was nervous going in because I heard about that he was intense and and difficult, but one I got the gay John and I felt that we are very nice conversation in visa. He's a good guy he's cute. together any grown is a good place in his life, and I felt happy about that. what else go to wtf pod dot com, bro wtf pod needs. I appreciate you, as in the show to pick up some just coffee, dot, co. Op and w father calm here we, the comment of facebook. Now look at the march were going to restock tv shirts. I know maybe I need to make some new shirts. I am is busy
and I feel I feel okay, don't get me wrong. I feel okay. Okay, I do feel alright, I'm fifty one, I'm okay, I'm not freaking out, I'm not freaking out for yourself. Do I sound older? Do I sound whoa something's, giving way something's happening, something I think is relaxing either something's relaxing or something is giving up Is it important? Another different is boomer
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