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Episode 540 - Ms. Pat

2014-10-08 | 🔗
Before Ms. Pat became the comedian she is today, she was Rabbit, a drug dealing single mom in the ghetto who was shot twice and beaten within an inch of her life many more times than that. Marc gets the full portrait of Patricia Williams, a woman who survived unthinkably tough times and is not afraid to share her truth with audiences around the country.

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The guy. I both words do this: how are you what the fuckers, what the bug bodies, what the buccaneers, what the buck stakes, what the fuck the delicate? What the fuck is. How are you what's happening? Mark Marin here is my show w tee. I thank you for listening, you are always listening. I appreciate it. I appreciate the input. I appreciate your ears, I'm glad that you enjoy the chauffeur if you're on a run right now you can do it go, go, go, go During your cubicle right now, you can get through it. Dont think don't think about it. Don't think about it. Don't think about it stayed home, maybe cooking something What's your measurements, screw it up. Don't add too much check the oven check. It. fewer. If you're driving a chill out
relax, there's nothing you can do about this daddy control. Are I just wait it out There's no reason for it and don't it's it's not your fault. I mean you left early enough right. Am I right and the hourly can you leave I mean you know be like this: it's bullshit god dammit could be causing this this guy, maybe you're, driving a truck moore, they're in the open road, try not to fall, sweep wake up, wake wake up. Justness, vitally movie, so what's happening. My guest patricia williams known as ms pat on the road. As a comedian me, stories perseverance survival transcendence oh god, it's YAP, buckle up screaming, good. Let me tell you where I met right now and then will ease into into the conversation
ms pad. Monkey did evacuees monkey still going out his junk still in his own dick and news on antibiotics for two weeks, and I just it is oh traumatic, for me to get that goddamn cat to the van it's I mean I can get him in a cage, but I'm starting, think that I didn't socialize my cats properly. Maybe I should have handled them more. Maybe I should have made them more. Trouble with me and people as above the just let them continue to be wild and dictate their own goddamn behaviour by give. No choice were cats, but I just go call from the dock. says yeah. We gotta put him under give him a bath and get a a urine sample because he's fighting the fuck man- yeah I'd taken the baddies, howling howling. It's like no
your cat is doing that their wise. You gotta be my kid why you gotta be my cat wise, I gotta be the draw Adequate jet, but why my cats. Are your pussy ha. Why. And then I feel bad. I didn't want to bring a man, but I'm going out of town for a couple days. I got someone watching the house, but it's like he's gonna, be all can lupi, because at that vat He always gives me the cat, half cocked just wasted shit bay. It's nice endearing is maybe a kid who might have had the oil gas at the dead. like that youtube video, that's funny a fucked up cats, not I guess it doesn't know. What's going on, neither as a kid, but a cat is a cat. So it's going to freak out on top of that and try him in high, whatever man, you know what I'm not complaining. I exercised I had. overly thick smoothie. My cat is at the vat being taken care of I'm doing.
Responsible shit, all right. Ok, here's do you, miss path has been making the podcast rounds a bit I didn't know anything about her, Joe had her on? I know already had her on, but You know I did a little investigating because her fans were telling me like you know I got to have around and got to have her on and I'll watch. We're stand up and I you know I got it was good. It seemed to be coming from a place of genuine story telling it and and and very dark dark stories in and said they were harrowing, but the one. thing that I dont experience and what I don't talk about alive. I don't have the opportunity to. I guess I could make more opportunity to. Is it's like to grow up poor and black in america.
I can't even begin to understand what the black experiences like even being told it through fiction or through me, dick or through a you, some biographies. I have read in my life. There is yes, I am completely outside of that experience- and I gotta be honest with you: you're talking his path to me, mine blowing, because the black struggle is something I'm familiar with in the pop. Sure that consume, but the truth the matter is, is don't know the truth of the matter And when I talk to miss pat, it's just fucking I'm blowing because poverty eight no matter what color is it devastating and the community that ghetto communities that exist in this country have their own set of politics rules: customs survival mode.
That I I'm not I'm not necessarily privy to in terms of people I talk to so for me, you're talking pad and having her be able to frame it with us, an amount of them. An amazing amount of humility, an amazing amount of humour was, was just fucking mine blowing to me in Maybe maybe I'm shut off. Maybe you know I'm I'm close minded in any way, but I do I know the experience and, and it was it was, it was powerful. There's there's no way, there's no way the other way to frame it then powerful and powerfully funny but if it is sort of upsetting to me that that I don't I don't know. I don't have a real sense of of that experience in and I Look at it is is, as as it is joel phenomenon or or a poet oh phenomenon or or just a very sad, and tragic phenomenon that this that that get a life still exist and persists.
and when he, even when I talk to miss pad it's like you, don't get the feeling that its ever gonna end. It's almost like its relentless, very stating, but nonetheless this is miss pad is certainly the best person available for me to talk to about her story and and for me to learn something in here. Somebody who's experience is completely different than mine. So, let's go to let's talk to miss paine, You know- and I, like I said, get Some is bad. I guess I'm the last podcast here to get ya how many of you done now, then everybody just about everybody I them out a good ones about that. That's good! That's good! I don't know how I miss the out. I miss you
done about and a little fuck Aylmer that's going to change pad. I see I see it as what Joe rogan said when I did he, oh really. He said you're about to happen. That's what he said. Zambada pop like a chicken, but I was like you- must haven't seen my stomach. I wanna spank it, but you've been around for how long I mean no comedy twelve years- twelve years where'd. You start out at a result. We grew up. Born and raised, but I live in india. Any in an apple is now how'd. You end up in an app with my fucking that is more general motors. Then this heritage yeah. You want to take the boughs, though he didn't want Dallas yeah, we moved to Andy, but it was a big change- must be retained. Hill years biggest law nomadic you his hair and air We live in a neighborhood with all why people, they all know each other. They I'll go to charge every week in they were there, like, but is that is it weird? Do you go to church with them the vogue in turkey
they were so homey when I first started in atlanta. You know where you are comic, you got it. having grind your ass off here s, something my husband and I understand so. He moved to the small city. Well, you know hopeful is she to some. You know phase you going through the comedy yet to come. You'll get passat and- and you know I started in like an urban setting, so it was no urban setting near randy, so I had to kind of figure. Was she and how do I write something for everybody, yeah and while we're just talking about that before we were coming out here that we're both doing this show today and you're concerned about it, yeah, I'm always consistent. Nevada means comedies danger and you know it. Car intimidated. Do not look at em taken which you in fact, Joe rogan law every time, I'm with you. I'd rather tell you what a bunch of nobodies them, but my manager was like pat, come on just get over it. Okay, you just you just as good
is anybody even doing the twelve years and your life story is compelling and you're a natural storyteller, but you're still a little hard on yourself. I'm always hard on us in white audiences make you nervous white people use it'll. Make me nervous on black mark yeah committed a bunch of crimes before this, so that nervousness goes both ways. I'm sure it has a lot to do with my childhood, because you know I grew up in a group in interstate of atlanta and I grew up alcoholic mom, you don't tell me you know like in literally she told me she say why people better than you. So don't ever look I'm in I saw you raise a key like that. I grew up really thinking that ya was so much different from me saw when I'm a comedian, and I started talking about my life. You all peoples, my god. You find him, I'm like! Oh, who the fuck. Are you and get away from me? I'm talking about shit from the hood. You can't relay right, and so they just took a light why people took people took a liking to me and I wasn't used to white people taking a liking to me and I realized fuck. We all the same.
my momma that stupid she wiping think stupid shit had been being taught for generations. Yeah I mean I how long she had her family been in atlanta I was born and raised there so yeah. So the south is the south yeah that shit gets ingrained in your head, yeah and and that's what you know. That's what she taught me and then you know it is cycle that went through our family teenage pregnancy right. My mama had her first kid at fifteen. I had my first kid at forty really yeah. I had two kids by the time. I was sixteen, so my you know she she used to tell me stuff like if a man on beecher, he don't love, you so Honestly, when my baby data will put me in the same alfred as the old is negro love me, but one time he hit me would escape, and I was like fuck is this love? I can do without it? How many sisters and brothers you have. I have one sister and three brothers when there are around they? Are I gotta what alan jobs I sent one brother fucked up, but you know
upbringing, but you know the first is on drugs. He just got out of jail. brother he's in jail mild umbrella in it. jail, but as I would grow up a cycle, the ghana we, I grew just keep recycling she. What is it that stops people from like you got out, you got a wanna get out and you know it. The a question I get out a lot lahti was like you know, cause I was six. Yes, all with two key is bad mayor. May they agreed on me all the fuckin time married man, he was merit and you were just across town Then why is widely indicator? I lived in a lamp I didn't know he was married. When I first met him, he out twelve. When I met him, he was twenty two. Oh my god, how did you meet him coming from a fuckin? Why I'm see a party for keys and he was like a councillor something now he here? Think he twenty through that? Now he was, he thought, The kid he was my sister was dying. Wanna has for years
So we was coming from a party. He had a car, so he gave us all a rye rye and I was the only one that didn't have a boyfriend and because my sister, my cousin, had a boyfriend, but you know heat I had a really nice vigour. your twelve fuck you, all twelve. They are ready to fuck, but they really not right to know like peak peak in the fucking tomato too soon yeah, thought you know, I don't like it don't look good. He was the first person that ever really paid me some attention. So you know I'm getting get any. I have for combating sought in getting on teacher from my mom and I am getting a tinge of roma brother, so he like ours. Shit and I didn't know in return, you had to get his grown as duplicity, so you know I went along with. I totally love me so yeah two years before you get pussy know I mean I think I was twelve and my turned thirteen ne. There are a couple of months out. Then I got pregnant. Oh my god.
it was so. Can we this guy is a child molesters. While he was, you know what he now he's a child molester, but didn't you ask him that he he's your age and he'll tell you that he's not here to healty, and I asked them one time and I say you know I don't I don't want us there account of fortune. fuck it up my life ass, a well. What are you have to say he say well ass. I was twelve years old who, for twelve years near he saved your mind, body: wasn't whale deaths she'd he met she s like a brief, clear limits. Will that's irrational asian yeah. That's not charmless! Just think that if a little hair on it ready but dizzy It is your others, though I mean, was A guy that unity yeah It was, we always miss what young girls, whereas here like twenty some key, is united point, one kids yeah, he a bunch of fucking katy, so you're you gotta, your kids, get a bunch of like twenty step, half run now that we in a we don't count theirs was outside the family.
Do don't have see unless it's about a mamma. You live in that house on that just another kid year he might be related to years, but the thing about his duties on all the keys positive gives out. I know you know I'll say will they all could make, but not in person I see the name la hay day to day and it was oh there's, my daddy, oh really, another one of y'all just popping up out of nowhere. Oh my gosh, you know so there's a whole fan group are a whole bunch of them. Now did he have a relationship with with a with your kids? I mean throughout you know what mark I tell you he took me through a like. Like he beat me, he shot me. He said. Yes, he shot me in the back of the head in the back of the head. Yes, this. He said it was a mistake, but when all is said and done, I went off boy, because he was here me with the guy. So he said it wasn't a mistake. I think he was trying to fucking, kill me as fit as fifteen at the time. So but how does it get to that point I mean so he's really easy married. Your fifteen yeah
fifteen everytime, you shot me rights or by you had his kid thirteen and he's in my modest time. You gotta, remember you gotta to control. but you gotta manipulate saw bodies, whatever you say, went out is forgotten. I e because I think I was a young girl looking for now realize I was a young girl. Looking for a father visual, So now you gap, you got me and I'm gonna. Do you know you to answer to all eating you found thousand mounted a love you just stepped in and took o ye stepped in and took all we shall meet what I didn't get at home loan right. You know in a beginning, compassion, he came to me. He was taking care of me yeah. So if he was my hug and also he was my white knight right, but then that's when abuse com. You know that talking down to me on beaches, I'm whole be no me, I'm fucking for see what do I know about having a mayor? What do I know about living? What do I know about anything I mean you, I get pregnant and I don't even know you married to your wife knock on my door and what happened that day I was. I was
thirteen. She knocks on my door and she asks for me cause my my street name was rabbit. Was she a grown woman yeah? She was like nineteen, so she knocks on my door and she said I want to see robin and I said, I'm rabbit, I'm thinking she's, some bits that wanna play with me and enabling you know, cause I'm pregnant, but I'm really a key, so she's told me who she was and that she was a habit. She was there. She was his wife and I was so fucking confused and I'm like, I've animals live. Has you is why you gotta be his girlfriend of hers. Armies girlfriend as you she's. How old are you are set on on thirteen? So she poor me aside and it's a true story. Yeah, and we talks about which she buy me ice cream from the truck as she want to discuss me have an abortion and I was like no animal.
I know you're gonna, give me a fucking bump up to kill my baby, but a mama. If I had this Becky pretty it'll, be somebody that loved me, and that was the main reason that I kept their baby, because at that time he wasn't be. No me it wasn't after I had their first baby any gap me right. You know what I'm saying everything it was like crack and it was like crack or heroin in a strong drug out. There that's why I had to have him whatever he said that went into plus I had a momma taught me early on. If a man on beat you, he don't love you, so I'm thinking ever punches a fuckin valentine gift and it may be, you felt a pain, but I had to grow up. I had to start as they I started say you know what what what the fuck, I had a daughter was so crazy as she see him, stop in me and beat me and pulling in old talkin any kind of ass. They were her fault ass. She gonna grow up with mandatory her. If, if he three me like when you have that realisation, how agree at that?
prowling around six by fifteen. Sixteen, yeah yeah and your mother was just: was she drunk all the time or she was drunk pretty much all the time and my mom or dad when I was sixteen, so I might. There were two key and no mamma, no mamma know daddy, oh my god, raising two keys and now started selling crack. So when I thought he craig. There was the way for meat meal take care. My key is because who Not to give a sixteen your job? I try to get a job. Where are you I tried to wagers at the white house, another wife I was called the hell. The house beg nea s, You know I was trying to go to school and do the right thing cause I had to VON Keith, but it wasn't working and I tried to get better jobs and things my way to work. For me, like I got fucking two keys, who neither worked for me when I got to key Are you still going to school with kids try yeah, I wasn't it. What a great I can't believe it. seems overwhelming to me everybody. Well people. My main question I get is how use of our adult virgin, though Oh I'll, I kept the yellow gap
figure out a way to get my till my keys don't be recycle into this bullshit that I was born into right. So when you with someone near kid, you got what you say got one sister, two brothers, three broad three brothers in your all in the same house was the aged difference. We all about two years apart the same father supposedly I can tell when I got a brother who looked like he biracial so in my daddy is fucking instant belt black, like he played on the django and I'm sitting up here and I'm brown skinned and my momma does Kim like someone issued a man know how models creep in somewhere so supposedly weeks both have the same father never met him or you did. Oh yeah took care of me the last three four years of his life after I got to know him really and when, where how old are you when you got to know him, I met him for the first time. we start by my house when I was like eleven to warp us. I thought but no one hears nervously.
Is due to their my life annually going by to hit. He came out of what muscles. Thirdly, can tell us apart. Why was apart? Why was sisters Akashi, suppose the been dishes baked and my mom as well? walk in and do a. He don't know me from my sister and he hit me and at the time a real into wrestling. So I beat the shit out me and my brother. We tagged each other. We will do e t in him and everything was kicking his ass yeah, so that was the first time I met him. Then he disappeared then, later on in life, when I became a kind of a big drug deal, I was seeing from time to time, disarm drugs No, no, no drugs, alcohol or just the old school old school alcohol yeah. I don't think I want to send my parents, my mom, a lot of weed yeah yeah did you like in how did she handle all the kids? Would it I guess he sounds like everybody just raise themselves, anyways you're, looking years have the neighbourhood raise you,
because he everybody was around, while my brother then was in and out of jail, yeah and my momma. Just I moved out when I was sixteen or like sixteen out to see what it was is I got pregnant. he and I had a baby affording had a baby. Fifty I got pregnant at sixteen, so I thought we had a case. Organist bedwin caseworker use come to your house where I saw it. The case work, I say I don't want to have another baby, because I came out of forty, but this dude get mamma. I gotta figure out some day, so she say well, let me show you how to become a mass of paid a minor and you its own abortion. We all! I got my first abortion when my was sixteen at the divorce mama So what I did their divorce, your mama you, you have to be carried out to date from the slavery of motherhood years every fuckin. Once I became a mess paid a man. I got my all. We have achieved and I got my own food stamps I moved out majority had two kids: aren't you
turkey, that same do this. I am doing this third one was his to determine what is too oh, my god, well see. This is like this is why it's so astounding, I think, and why you know, with with all these these white dudes you're on the on the podcast is like we, we get to hear stories like this from somebody who's telling them directly to us with a certain amount, transcendence with it an amount of confidence in somebody. Who's come through something here. Yet we just a. I dont know why it works like that, because I wonder about my guy, our time in black comics up my show, because I don't I don't know why we don't talk more, but that we just don't costs. Society mrs David right isn't: society can blame society needs is a meat. I tell you them the mainstream media. Make us look one way. Did I tell you They perceive what the ghetto with a bow and They come up with all these ideal. What really goes on in the ghetto when they don't know shit, then almost shit Y think that's what's amazing about this stuff. That I've seen of yours is in the reason why you know. I think that you're you're you're
can I have any problem translating and that your fears, though you have them. thing is: is that To my mind, there is a stare. Your type that that that is hit over the head near you that this is the way it is in a lot of times it the store of transcending that, so I got lived. It is my truth. In an issue with this is wise. Fucked up is is different. like you know, just playing along with the stereotype woman, The thing is more. Is that sometime I get like I talk to my man July and I get a I get. A little worried about. Is people thinking that I'm the same person that I was back then I mean I remember, telling a story about how, when I used to do when I socio craig ices make a lot of fun money and a lot of my hiding spots was in my keys, underwear, saudis, girls like how who want to talk to somebody who hid drugs in their kids' underwear. So I'm like. Do you understand that I was sixteen at the time with two fucking kids hours of fun in key. It myself, I didn't, know rightful role, really, unama, I'm doing what asked the everybody else is doing and what
the thing that kind of me do people think they Patricia today is the same person who rabbit wolves, which my street name in nineteen? Eighty, eight, I'm not the same fucking person. I wouldn't dare do the thing that I the incident either with you. I mean you, fifty look at the shit. You probably did. We don't even know what you, what would you make the same mistakes that you may I? I would not hide crack in my daughter's underwear again, yeah me either. You know or dealer I, my son or remember a lotta. Does she but my daughter do and I had to go. Tell my daughter. I did a lot of this stuff to survive. I was not the best mom. I was a kid like you, but my The thing was keeping together and my daughter know she don't look down on me like that, and she said you know, I give you props, because you could drop me off anywhere. You could allows me you always taking care of me. How old is she now? twenty eight amazing and I
apart from going to Heaven. Does she like? I was molest and went through whole bunch of she. I taught them even after I got married, I told my daughter everyday. I see if my husband ever touch you our fuck him up. Nobody means more to me than you: do you got molested to everything else whatever and were molested when that guy got you pregnant for two years it will come into the house. I was raised in a bootleg house You know we will raise raised my grandfather, bootleg house, where you had drunk people their round the clock. What was it rural? a bootleg how it was bootleg has in the land. You know a boot leisure and work towards the illegal liquor, re legal, local, yet they were making their. My grandfather was a picture that to be more of a country is a two way. I guess it was like country making it noted, seventies and eighties. She didn't couldn't,
true true different roles. Now yeah. Where was this stila? Where, where did they make it? Well, he body went out and bought it and brought it back in gallon jugs as any customers do. He went into the hills and he was I'm wearing got on the bus and on the bus. Yes, he acknowledged drug the british grandma five as these galleys back on a model, but so there's your mother's father may live with him. We house mean our big house indicator is so so you never know who's gonna come to boot way. Captain I was always drugs and prostitutes and construction work of the normal may and before the lottery came out. So you know shit like that, and somebody got too well what you think
yeah. I guess the party's party. Well, you know who did what you're not watching your keys antibiotic. If I can get to them. I say what I went through my daughter. My kids will never go through. So even though I was married and my daughter was in high school, I still question her to one day we had a conversation. Can you please stop asking me these? You been asking media for ten years, which ones are my questions. if mothers but never touch, you kill him as you like more than normal. To think I want to tell you this is the husband you would not. Yes, who dressed him? Now, though, I will I for me, I'm funnel background, where you can only tradespeople, someone a course that trust them, but you know well probably about a day out of time and you're, not really no daycare to write right. Now, you probably thought you had a friend and turn out there. Fucker wasn't a free, yeah. Yeah people will surprise you. People will surprise you and is working rural. So you know, I trust him honestly, I do, but you know his
I've been let down somewhat to my life. You only get so much rights. So ok see you so temper. Your trust, you know aids, it's there, but know it's always ready to be shattered. Somehow Well, you will yeah pretty much. What was your grandfather sounds like a character? Was he a nice guy? Ah yeah I mean he was a nice guy who ran a bootleg house, and you know we. We did a lot of shit in that house. I saw a lot of shit in the house like I saw him shoot a lady like with two. We also say one time you did. He ask like seven years already dead Nah she wouldn't day cause, I guess the one that he shot over a thirty eight, that's a big gun enough. Twenty two he shot a hitter and a stomach in a lake since she- and I remember him- shooting her fingers of what yeah he shot her finger. of those shall I won thinkers him. Cardinal black faggot associated shattered a finger went off it. Well, do you as proud about seven? Oh, my god.
Quite a life there. Yeah I mean we saw every day. So what what was she was just drunk and thought she was black. She called him a black fan that was it and ok, all black me a fag, get your finger shot. It's one thing as a way out, but it sounds like what what what happened after that were there cops? I mean why is that what he told my ned day any said go the moonshine and I'm thinking poet, image, Alice bitch. I hear on the ground and and he's like how you know then call the police and my amount of hype shit had years ago poured out in chicago now on. I think they gave him like fifteen years in prison for shooting a lady cause. We thought she was Gandharva. She didn't die to endure the overtime, so that was the end of the bootleg yeah, and so we moved in there's one a lot of shit started to you know. the foundation started to crumble, because grandaddy always out of foundation, or at least she was going to eat and have a place to stay and so that after that, after he went to jail your mom. go out on around and she was why twenty sure,
Twenty years, which was an alcoholic, came out. Abuse a relationship with my real daddy. I was a baby when she left him and she images mamma. Had I owe spirit she is. Whenever my daddy data she never fucking bounced back, because I have to say father, does she just took out their anger out on his look? Nice do was a mechanic. And so when he live loses thought she did to me He gave up. I guess it's hard, not to grow up and I don't know any better and amy, I mean it's amazing that you found the fortitude guarantee at least know better well, you know I wanna bet a nose key is made me strive even well. I state is started back when I was ale images. Good I had a teacher name is true. She died at this year and she used to tell me I used to go to school. I was dirty cause. My mom wouldn't really give a fuck and she's, like my second or third great, teaches she's here pair, you can anything in a whirl. You wanna, be all you gotta do we believe in drawing and I'm forty to mark and ass the only when I'm get low always quote miss troop. When I
It time in prison always quoted miss troop this this is, star, but this is my home gonna end up with you, I can do now right now, I'm doing pretty good. Now, let's go back to like alright. So now he is twelve years old. You start this relationship with this dude he's twenty two you have his baby. Then he starts beating on you. and then you have another one of his baby out and because, though, all the beans make love to you yet at airports, So you got two babies and now one was the first time you got shot. I was over my house with data. Another duty he come over to echo liking jail is so you know, in the hood I nevertheless there you may have fire of yo. That means something and he was a pussy. He didn't hit the dude, he let it do go in. me and a gun went out and supposedly fuck. Blue and mice, nice piece of my head off in a bag. I guess it is Craig at school. I don't really know, but you got lucky looked carried again here. care to go because he was a pussy so out there,
You know I immediately after I got on. How will I would beg widow covers only low me shot me fuckin, stupid, I'll get out Could you sad again this all in the same year argue what to do in a tree You know what eddie is what a sale of drugs. I am just jail any shot me my fuckin tv in bloom in nepal from the side. I guess one of my own, Forty five and if I can only applaud yet so you're one nipple shy where is is, is there is yeah there might be scout or smaller as cover, but it's just a unique nip. Some damaged areas going, one who is still sako bolt then lose your sensitivity does you're in for a while, but hey back back now, it's like having a c section you'd be known for a while after you look at when they like damn, I feel something down. There are actually good and thought. Well, that's it so
when you started zone drugs it was at. It is just as desperation to keep the kids fed It was something that was going on in my community. Everybody was so either you was smoking it or you was selling me and I never been into drugs and alcohol and shit like that. So I was and everybody you know was looking nice started to look like they call him correctly. He was just looking horrible. I was like now I'm not doing this shit so that sort of the first wave of it. Yes, started selling drugs and I got round and how you get drugs, you got another dude. You got a deal with its watching. You know that's like on top here, where it with his drugs, no no! No actually I started with my will fetch it. I went out and about two hundred and fifty dollars war and too much. Fitted. All work should bring you five hundred now dinner partner that what a freer in my own label that we just put our money together and we count flippant and kept flippin it so that when you too nickname rabbit and I was always call remedy the key. Who did that your grandmother, my stepfather colleague, Allan rabbit so when
me I can go. I daresay patrician issued no sound, tough it all now, so I everybody on you and who would have about again enigma slim black, you know ignite elucidated fat man, so you gotta have a nickname so that that was interesting to me about like the egg community, because it seems that, despite the fact that she it was horrible, that their community sort of stays intact and everybody watches everybody go through their shit and everyone comes round. Some people don't make it in, but y'all know each other. While you know you you get at the Y, you get immune to that shit. You know it just shit, they go it's a cycle, it just keep going. You know, I I tell a bit. I say it was like being on welfare. Welfare is like diabetes at the mama gate. There's a good chance, a daughter might get it. So it's just a cycle and it is up to you say: hey. I don't want to be in this cycle anymore. You know my mom was a teenage mom. I was a teenage mom. My sister the teenage mom how girls routine? I got in these twenty years, all with african keys god dammit, who are these? I spoke in these little kids. All she's too
the gas our age is work in her, but is ok. Is this cycle which you got five? You must have started. What use fifteen now she promised started when she started an elementary school rummy lightweight? Oh my god. I don't know how is the real fucking world people that will really noted is this. I mean it's a psycho just keep going. It keeps going on its heels, interesting, it's a real world and in that community, but you know like in in the world that that I live in you. No child lasting, is right way up there on the d, like that's fucked up, but it seems like that something that happens in his drugs or shoot people they get people put in jail, but I mean chime lasting, seem just par for the course yeah. I mean you pretty much right there they just want to keep happening. Well gone anybody on that one, and I think that because of that, that's why? The same pattern:
Repeat them so near between areas practicing away to charm, unless they all it s, though- and you know big enough to add just avenue means they have four key- is their little me right now? Are they dropped? customers. Those two keys were ten years. She came back and gown some ok boost. These. Are your keys? Do what you want to do well, but act, to stop their focus, like a drop of teenage political momentum happened, my daughter she came and get her adored her her don't leave me now has four keys in twenty three, so tell him on these. When you get out a who don't fucking go back is the fucking good, not a gere, don't go commit another crime to do to go back to jail. My knees fought me like a dog and I'm gay or you live in a bigger house, and is why neighbour you want to like you booze you want to like you, Ben as a bit, I'm trying to survive, I'm trying to show muskies something better, I'm trying to make sure my kids graduate and don't have keys.
It taught me about three to four months to dig in her brain to realize her gyn turned up. Don't pay your fucking bills, boo, boo, getting turned up, don't don't provide for your keys, getting turned up no help. Your kids will get a better better education living in the EU. finally realize you call me as issues. I am so glad that you gotta that the who and also a what went on my knees, mandates and got to five keys, her keys father, some keys, the loop Shot as if in a phase yesterday and alone, oh my three years- and she said it s good objective, be massa. You know why cause zhao to be as again turned up, give half put guns in droves, rallies key because it's ok, it's ok of europeans is hanging a you being tough demands.
The aim is that you want to show you young black, youngblood key. It's amazing that took four months for her to realise anything. She had on snail finer, I'm still final, but she's begin in a real ass. She she's like are you think you? You know I thought she was so aptly combated in their bad ass. I know bitch. I work hard to get well our call to keep my daughter before we come in la teenage. My my daughter is the first one mark them. It three generations to gradually hassebu she's a farce, want too we'll go to college in three generation. I can remember so get my daughter to that point. Not her be pregnant. You know not her being on drugs, not her dropping now, not giving me problem. That was a milestone when that girl walked down and got their high school diploma. I I cry so hard, but he's my daughter's center like what are you cry? If I say it myself, if you knew what I went through in life to get you to this point, the cycle, is finally broken. This, it finally broken in my family because
about a gradual muscles, got muscles my muscles two eldest daughter. She be graduate, but the rest of our girls pregnant own drove maybe maybe a little bit their babies, like name, is only will cost money when I Explain to my knees. Do you know when you have these key and you go on welfare and you sell your key social security number and people get tax money for it. Do you know where that money come from? That's not your fucking money. Those are the people who paid a tax. Taken out of their money, given it to you, like your uncle gear, who may give money we're gonna put back into the system to help your lazy ass is, is, is inherited being laser is inherited, but it's all year, but also this we're fear of betraying the shit they like. I don't want to betray the that this shit that that I live in, that that's it's amazing to me that it took four months just to convince her. It's, like you not budge,
anybody you getting out of that? She, but don't you, but that's how you think I gotta stay real to what I am fuck them do you know I only go see my family when they die out of fuel, not taking my key is we're on aids? Did they find a funeral? They did all my current issued out each EL din alma agnew and at that got out of here with my hers and never look beg my keys wasn't around as she my keys Does this schools that our work, what mikey? Ah my background, mikey lucky I dropped out of school in a fuckin, a grey I mean I have a son? Is twenty eight and a daughter they're twenty seven, both of them graduated and I have two teenagers now. Thank you know I don't have problems out of, but it's not easy. You have two new year by my husband. Have a sixteen yo and a fourteen yo Then, and that's going well,
going well. What am I may add, I'll fuck issue called net, and you know my daughter day, no matter how much you know my beggar re nor I occasionally nor I dropped. I am always tell the new society. No, oh you! She would you put into life. Is what you're gonna get out online, where I so don't waste time, put nuthin into life and think as society. Oh you. She, I grew up thing. Is society o me some because I had to babies by mere may, have work and dropped out of school? Had we commit myself that I never had us and know how to begin in. So why should I be out here working and doing what I supposed to do right, trying to get my life better. Yet when I never had a chance, so I was at my lowest point. I was like fuck it. Nobody gave me a chance. I got pregnant at thirty. I dropped out of school what the fuck I supposed to do with the eighth grade education, but then models was light societal. Oh you. She stopped crowd about this. She did you get that you will do
do something which ally what you gonna do now you still alive, I could see if you was dead and you was complaining, but she's still alive. Where is he from he's from atlanta to oh yeah yeah and never been, the same neighborhood. Now he grow at a mom daddy. Sixteen a damning! You know oh yeah yeah, furthermore, dictatorial, everyday yale? Thirdly, family family valley comes fires that chaos, not chaos, because when I tell these doors to him he's how fog tat? You can believe in a blaze, hippy people, that's it well, that's also an interesting thing. The difference between you and me- I mean Chris rock- talked about it too, but there is what is the tension between middle as blacks and where you come from? Is your judgment? Is there yeah judgment because you know like is like like I consider myself? A miracle has black, but when I go, roma families are all you so buddha. You'd think you did know why the fuck I gotta work, I pay. My tax is called gotta work and workers, and if that job I work enough for you go get another goddamn job in what are they respond to lay off?
Do you boozy you here today We could do to sign. Should I be? When did you have this? The moment of clarity. Do you can you is wiser we are like fuck, I mean outside of in retrospect, because you said you were on the streets, you're selling, you didn't add the union, you didn't end up hooking, which is good right now. A settler puts too much work and may you know Craig brought the price of the put downs or use only getting five dollars blow job, I'm not in today in a way, and I'm not selling push too hard to clean out more for five dollars. Yet I think I just started him. You know I had to jail time, though yeah I went to jail for trafficking drugs, how long a year that was out of the fucking way call, will you know what debt that sit me down mark an arm it? May We, I miss my daughter, kindergarten year and, as she heard of me also warn the relationship. Will my daughter for years we could not bungler cause to her out of bed,
parson, let me back a lunatic cause. My daughter, I sold, looks in front of elementary school, the rare elementary school students. No, not anonymous a foreigner. Her school was where much rat, whereas poker. My everybody knew dig. My daughter mom was only a corner selling, don't jerk in hug. I think the personal data sheet on purpose he always put our class- want to shy away. I drugs. So she was see me out. There's a wonder. She term say you know: mom I really want to transfer and I think she's, like second grain love. I was why she's like us it'll get out of my school one scene, you sail drugs in front of us, go and ass. She had hit me in the chest like a break, but of course I'm in a hurry and I gotta be tough ass. I I want you to shit, I was he a farce. I'm good Finally, we are going. You know the school. so? You're, not a sound beginning been, is as a fuck dummy ursula, MR kinnock, going year? It cannot dartmouth me, sir, I gotta get my shit together, as she didn't like me, for
year. We still get made together now because twenty eight year old, while we were a lot closer and plus, let me say that my twenty year, twenty eight years gay, so that's another thing I been to prison. I didn't like gay women and I'll tell you. I hate gay people. I have. I have gay beaches, I have gay bitch and then, when my daughter came out to begin, I was like well. Why do I have gay business? They didn't write me well, you know who am I just a matter of what a fucking sexuality I realize I fucking love. My daughter in law got a new daughter in law, who's white and that looked like fucking justin beavers yeah. Let's see okay robin vague, I had to learn. You know I had to learn something else. It comes from growing up in a black community because we we know well my girl, you gay you our case, but you know you take away that person. thanks well chosen for they care too. Who are they? Are they nice? Are they respect? What do you do
I treat you like a human being, that's what it all comes down to be able to learn. That too, I had to learn it too. I I learned everything the streets taught me shit. I learned she alone away and people ask them to surround us several round like, as I told myself when I start to give my life, I asked if you didn't, have a college degree. I don't want you to be my fucking free. I needed some. Morocco are from right give way in retrospect young, you have all these stories and it seems that that that most of the wisdom that you got from those stories was actually say: fuck that led the wisdom was hard earned because you had to learn how to unlearn that shit. Yes, yes, sir, outside of like doing what you had to do to get by and rising above, it seems like a the wisdom of the street doesn't necessarily serve you in life,
I am a teacher teaching bug and bad habit. I mean you'd, think you'd think you guys have heard stories, though there's some good stories, though I may have a good story, I'm over this shit, but I mean come on they're. Sixteen yo, two kids selling correct that I may think about the. I even think about how the fuck did I get back. You know I remember being in a car one time when my daughter and his due was shooting at me with my fucking baby in the car sunlight lay down, but you know, after a while you'd use to start a train the keys to the ghetto you if have, shooting you hit the fucking ground. Just like the firefighters come to the school say: hey, you have a fire drop, roll and brush it like that, he's trying to teach them survivor's guilt, but my daughter hated that she she was like she told me one day she was like you going to get me kiel on an esper girl. She was so fucking scary as regard I remember being in a house gambling one night and my daughter in the living room playing with her dog and our eyes could shoot. Crap like them are vulgar and
it's. Gas, daddy are gonna lie, man y'all come on, so they started arguing. It was like fifty dollars, giddy one gadget, shack. The other ghana chairs and my daughter jumped up like a fucking jack rabbit. In rare, not dead, don't ages, shewn, anathema crawl, another, how you know trying to get away from the hope- and I don't give a shit muffling indoors, I'm not lying, I think she ran almost a mile. We had to get in a car to go, get her, we couldn't stop and when I gathered she was you gotta give me kill you gotta. Give me kill me she, ah probably about pharmacy. Oh my god, ass. She remembered the garnish it in, but my son was a baby was a tall, but she were, you know, a smaller keyboard. Will you remembered your grandfather shootin of some way these fingers out? She not gonna. Remember that you did in the coil guns, make an impression yeah. I may, and I started to realize, like a bow, then my keys to the shit I was exposed to I'd. Tell you this
store my grandfather. We stalls and first of all we will little my because pet may was out and we used to fucking law apartment so my pet may was escape away from the from the bootleg. How We women have no money. I used to have a lot of money, but this mama, with mama tell me how to go drunk people pocket when he fell asleep at the look out for every while it. I guess I got five dollars per while from your mother. Yes, as long put the wallet back. Take the money. I should give me five dollars per person. Salt is, we cannot get any money, then the people fall asleep. I gave you so I get my brother go in and steal my food stamps or begging a day you about buy tis, a piece of candy and they give you ninety cents back. So you just stayed in and play PAC man all right. So we get back to the houses about ten of us. We all promise, we won't tells the historicals. Do we get back in my grandmother's, urn is awake and he was like where's the
I can fully step now my grenette of a big old black man, a cow or lack of big away. Nor long plays an scariest vote So we started our not begun. My beat a young as our group, and we standing there looking at him and he's the one who stole the fucking food style. So he just grabbed a chair to a rope. Being there was wasn't a seal grandma. In fat. Man put the rope around his knee say now, I'm go. Hang everyone a unique roles. If y'all don't tell me who stole the foods there, he pulled Had she away from upon a mockery. I most shit.
I dunno have you ever seen a black man hanging, but that is the most scarifying shit as a key. Never seen. Oh Mart you, I was like a grenade and start a food stamp. I don't want to die before ms PAC man come out. What happened to your cousin therapy? I think it was like a quick hang, but to me he was up there for ten minutes more. I almost shit my pants and I don't think about obama, because he was like almost star from the youngest one as the hold on I'm the youngest and my next, oh hell. Now you got to be told that some hard life lessons yeah always uses Christ YAP. Now you so do you was religion party, a life. Yes, how bout a words we grew up, crystals alarm like we would, charge, but mamma would charge to hoarsely man so light. We way we want to do.
it charges on sunday will get baptized because back then the church cared about you. If you join the church and get baptized, they will pay your. You know happy with the bills, so I ended up getting baptized like twenty five time. mama fucking, and I don't even know you always most gave baptize wars when you no more, if the phone booth yeah we're going to join his church right here today, you know they go ahead with the utility you want. Well, the thing was for them to help us. We had to be baptized, so she was gathered. The baptism of the child is baptized and shit shut. The hell up you want to eat. So when I get to baptize, another church was give my momma, you know a check for utilities and a box of food, and I was also there every week, almost every week, mark when, when we, when we discover why charges- oh, my god, they want a bear, tat. A key issue.
it close gives you extra boxes of food and oh mama go ahead and give them sad stories and yeah, as you say, don't do Nicholas MAW want our church choir who smile when you get baptized three times a day, a hell of a racket yeah. So I didn't even realize it until I'm talking to my girlfriend when they were talking about the muslim sam, you been baptized, as I was ass, why I got baptized twenty five times and she thought I was the funniest shit ever she was like who, in the hell, baptize you twenty five thousand well, who wouldn't only baptize you one your mom. Didn't have the angle yeah. She didn't realize what you can get. I asked my brother, I said: do you remember getting baptized realize that I have yeah one day. I know I should get into Heaven. I'm one nipple less and I've been sad twice any about dumpster and I've been baptized montana. Where was the dump truck stories the same as
nipple story, not on top of a pair, but some baby, daddy, cheating, so pay one day house fucking crazy. When I was young, I jumped onto his fucking truck from the overpass year it is to why he didn't see me as you fucking saw me in the air and what the fuck is, this biz door to your car up when I was young, I didn't think I could die really. I was fucking anything na fucked up my leg below the knee I fucked up my leg So my younger- and I was the last mile overpowering They were so Jimmy carter story, our guy. was when I was getting my life back together when bill Clinton. When know it was a bill Clinton or bill Clinton was in office the first time. Ah, created wealth at a work programme so that when you had to go to work considerably easier, so I get this job. Mcdonald and I'm workin? mcdonalds and you know I'm doing like most people may do
I know I made a little still in competition with other wrenched every day, so I just stalls and money and is black van studies circle in the Stu. Circling around the building an online holy fuck did not call me still, and I know I'm home in jail because it was blackwood telling one everybody not as violent police. So tie up this. Why do get out what a nice sue and applauding as he was secret service and I'm sitting article I will fuck? Is he and he he hit an earpiece and he was like is clearer than me. I heard the counter yet yeah, I'm at the race in while Jimmy korea. I can remember his name for shit, because Jimmy Carter fucking a seventies person. I was born in seven I I'm irish and I talked to him like somebody on the street, so I'll look at Jimmy carter was like nigga fuck, I know you from a city reserve is fuckin louse the end
a straight face cause. You know everybody's inward into it. That's how we talk to each other at the gym, because a young lady young lady for male yeah therapy married or newborn girls, but the president at that time. As I doubt I know you know your burger free Jimmy Carter did not smile. I always wonder where he will remember me. I would hope so if anything with a free cheeseburger, it was a cheeseburger size, salem award. He was the only person in that mcdonald's codes is bullshit. I just stole a few dollars at the register and we just standing there. You know smashed a gateway to galaga in wall him in while Jimmy conan- and I call my husband, my husband is a very intelligent guy results. Are, you know been in the military? She has an academic cottages levada whose pet, please don't tell you, this,
as I told him that I know be like oh my god I have my has. Why did you marry me? Would you try to save somebody if you get you're already married when he went into jail? I was I got. At that got out of jail in. I was eight. Ninety three: can you got two kids and where do you meet? The man is gonna marry media met a bruce bruce show it was a live thing in comedy. Shell, so you either live thing. Are you d comedy so brut roots? Yes, his brother, diverse comedy Joe S, first comes joy ever have been too and we want therefore night out and also I have You can't keep in my had already here on maharan baby, daddy sign. I neither baby data because I was a young black men now grown up in a ghetto and I needed some minded is shown to be a father
and when he and the other guy, though the other guy that shot you an easy out of the picture completely, did you no? No? No, no, I'm still in love with this disney grown now at the time. But when I met my husband and I was I Ching Ching rubber, daddy material, he had all his back teeth whose intelligent he's ten issues was clean air. He had a jar and later on, I found out. He had good credit now. I know your date, black men, but it's hard to final with good credit, ama job and back teeth. So to me I hear a fucking jackpot and he liked you. I think he liked me you just you just walked out too many bruce bruce show. Now we was, we was all hanging out together, came with his brother and I came sister Alana was just talking about like he was called about. Ice cube, size he's bigger now, but I was like hey fat boy. You want to split swings.
That was the line. That was my lie. He's like who are you calling fair? You know he just got out of the military, outfit and shit, and so I just started talking to them and at the time I was into forging checks, so I will tell you why don't deal? A lot of shit mark sounds like hey at the at we traded numbers. Also hey come over to my house and give me a ride
It amazes or whatever, and I give- and I get you a cup of polo shirts and shit like that. Yeah we'll see who's like I don't want their stolen. She hits the east side right. Great yeah, we're not even married made me stop doing odyssey, so he will come over to the house and she- and I will let me borrow your cousin go. I hear hustle and he will watch my keys as though I remember one time he told because he got tired of me just breaking the law he's like. If you leave him, because I told them all these fucked up store he's like, if you leave these keys, he or me I'm gonna touch him as oh hell now, y'all get into the car doesn't make tomatoes what he did as the law. He told me reason. I almost smoked drugs. If you don't start selling drugs, so I just gave it Allah. He must have been in love with you. He I think he Well, I would say why would he go? Why would he put himself through that week as that and people, as amount of tackles after we got mere immediately? I got custody of my sister for key. Here we are on nineteen twenty one and we have six key is, and I met one of em. He is
Ms models are her. Why would you stay with her wall? Somebody was six key is run out. The bet you're, twenty one, you just gotta minutes at military. Why are you with this? You know crazy has grown and what is it? He didn't pages they alike how the hell do you get rid of the other guy? Well, you know where at when I went into the relationship, we started Dana Craig and I think a male and I would like to see I was still in low him, so when I needed a place to live right because I was getting evicted from my apartment, so my husband were at the time to somebody who's, give me a ride which my husband now he said I will go and get you an apartment. He fucking winnings. I'm an apartment and as well. I really came paid a wiki movie whip me, so we move to give not tone up for us. They look. I've been through a lot of really still love air ass. I love human lot ass, a boy I think I can grow Love you ass, a like you, you amateur good to you as a key issue, but I don't love you when he accepted it
and I grew to love him and he's my father. Soul, mate, that's heavy man, yet as ever To that echo Malta. Why don't you stay? Why don't you stay but gunnar Honesty in that moment? Emmy, you didn't have to do that. I mean that's like raw when the dice, how do you know you can stay with you? He could just said yeah when I want to get muscles the key is he packed his shoes are hopeful. You got the key. What am I gonna do and I say act as a as a what I've been through in life. All I'm asking you is the help me give these keys the opportunity. that ain't, never gonna get muscles. Thou wilt muscles the smoking craig I want these the beam unless I dont want these kids dropout does help me stay. can we raise those keys like You don't even know those monies onto we was out in public and they call me anti because here we are team in twenty one at the sick, with six keys I mean you have any keys. I added cause, I had an abortion early, they demonstrate served so I had to go in them. New give fixed to have another baby, though you to dinner,
give me the two for her ear for hers, and and ended in that's the one he had to give the lecture to recently won, Yes, one aren't. Does we had a fourteen year? So my sister? make a she take. A mark was told me, and they are above all, she should have our own keys ass, a yacht all realise what I'm telling you this is. This person is my mom all overlooking these kids. Gonna end up like we be, and they all got Andrew and it? I always wondered how old, when they were three gallons, your hair key, and How does she they just went right back after at the ten years like adding teach him. She have your brother. No, when you talk to you about, baptize a day. I mean they did he waited a long time in police to be like a cat marble. I saw who I can't have the column sometimes, because what I'm doing now is I'm writing a proposal for a book about my life, and so I had to call the other day and say: whoa. The uncle peanut teach you how to steal
years. So a lot of someone up That is why we have to do some research because allowed issued idolize this real, it is really have, is due to be validated by your other sibling years. Ninety these really go on my remembering this. Probably he shot her fingers off for a year is all and I come up waves. I will you shot into foot too, and I live on the day of the messages. Remember I'm shooting the shit out of what other. Whatever questions you have to get did do that you are unclear like us, asked my sister. When we lived in one house, did my mama cook in my momma cooked in the op. The fireplace as I am I'm remembering this right, because she will make us we didn't. We didn't. We never had at the same time you either have one or the other yeah. You know fucking electricity. Again we took so many colbert by the time I got older and got a real fucking bear. I think I lost twenty pounds, so she did cook in the fireplace yeah
tucked in the fireplace as he cooked outside on the bbq grill a white lie. We live near the school, so she will go out there fried chicken on a barbecue grill reward and the keys will walk by mueller arbitration. My mother cooking, a chicken on a barbecue grill, which was fucking embarrassing when I was already to dirty pokee and your mama out there cooking food on a barbecue grill. While I do that Let me Mary would charcoal martens fucking wooing as you like, shut the fuck up and go get my would so. I conclude these coronary sound. It's ok You got that. What else did you have to fact jack? this shit like what you, type withdrawals, mama was or was it really? We want the nails then no longer strung out our own black people
Is she okay, hula black folks mayor? We assume she did our wedding. I know healthcare will be one of fucking techniques that only want to fuck into three motto is sad: how many black people you see? O'hare know the world with the money the girls around. Why people believe we would do crack and we broke any fucking embalming fluid now that other shit they into gray like they, we the way we dish it out. You must know that many black people on heroin- no, I I tell you one store heroin- hit the black community in the nineties in early an early eighties heroin. The old school. I mean, I guess it was probably the fifties and sixties and yeah that it was around before crack. There was heroin and yeah week in my neighborhood when we lived in vine city, you either bow hair. When are you bout craig, but craig was more but I had a neighbor who shall hereafter and I I mama shot up every.
Because she was a debate, so I saw my neighbors. You know what that was debated, made them in place, but will he shoot? Does she I dunno what it be it to him? He had get naked and the kids be out there playing. You got a grown ass man with his big all black dick, just swinging it highly and get the red out of my eyes. We always wanted me to get the red out is as as iligan up his ass, like Jay Baer ain't, no re in yo a cause, he had a retinas that he thought he had a rant everyday everytime. He shadow and you get the red out of my ass, and I remember once I looking at this as a jaybird, hang him in a fine. I know
at murkier, your diabetes medicine that but nobody tried to make him put his clothes on every weekend we saw Jay bare naked as a fucking beard and high, as fuck has fucking to be all on top of the car. All on top of the fuck is sigh. We people out J bay when he come now. He gonna put his clothes on and we will look at J percent of their neck. He does naked as he could be. Arming dick slaying air were in front of the kid he felt it was just the diabetes. That's my only encounter with hair when he shut that shit. He got naked, oh wow, that was kind of funny. You know our energy than most junkies that I know who asked to have gone to watching wrestling after I moved in that neighborhood because you saw everything like you saw the mo the fuck bootleg man dead tat. I saw a bootleg may establish dude after trying to run out also shocks, why
What do you need resolutely yeah, as I see it, has all my backbone is real and is going down and in a police show up and be there, but as you just wait on the next fight, the breakout. So when when did the so okay, so you get with the new man, you got your your your sister's kids he's twenty one you're nineteen you're, raising six kids and he's working how you work in a similar measures and in there When does a comedy things, start to happen for you at all. My company start happen. I take a trip to the welfare of his right hand. you know all I had to do till white women, these horrible stores. Was my gain more harvard stores at a more oh, you mean more food them and you need more aware- and I hope you just here. From all your pay was a fucking gimmick. I, if the case of yours right, why there was more horrible to store, was gone me and I'll get it.
Cried. So what am I going to recent fatima whose tilted the and it's a black case word online? it was only seat. I gotta work hard to convince disposition is warm. I started telling hoodies store in this lady burst out laughing If bizarre eleven at that til it a hanging store with my grandma. She discovers hilarious, you should be a comedian and I'm like bitch. I didn't come here for no jaw yeah as suzhou. This stuff is funny and more. I never thought this thought was funny as usual. tell you you could be like richard pryor I wanna fuck is richer prior newsletter bilbil commedia, so I leave no major prior was final shit about comedy one no comedy where I come from survive, empire, vs, a big movie guy and well. You made his name, didn't ring a bell. Once I went home and I googled him. I was like oh and then I realized and I started googling like his salaries. Are you
god. I'm tellin ya been antonia sinful afraid, so I told my hers was like my on further, but people have always told me. I was fun it would go this year again yeah I saw I convinced the girl who actually had a baby by my baby, daddy. She was the one she was the one he showed up at the hospital away. When I was fourteen gave birth, Ah he she ain't. We ended on moving around the corner from her. Well, we made by their near so I convince her one night to come to go to open. Might woman and atlanta in atlanta were what club it was a fucking la post it was called a poll was like a lot of michael a bar. I went in now, and I can. I can just come up why it was white and black people cannot just the store by my brother, been a cat, margo and a live as a farmer committee, and I got this shit figured out
yeah. I didn't realize that she was work nasa, that's when his first book that I was I was funny and when did when did you start work, when I moved in annapolis, ass started to get my stay together, started to be more honest. Will allow us to talk about my life because I, like you know I was like most blake female me. I saw big our duty and, as I will, I also I got vertigo am celebrates elena. These lives and peoples. I will just be honest: typically, you soldier, tipping what you'd be a tip would be wise to keep you do just other. he's with light? Won't you be honest with just tell me where you it two key that economic remarkable black, tom same as one of you know thomson what he was one and so on what I want to talk about a whore, but she because I was still embarrassed bad, I'm I'm I'm some still got embarrassed by my pain and I just started to count it. When I got to in annapolis. I would still like to go worked at the club. These two
It he's like talk about almost as like nobody here, no baby at sixteen, but me I thought I should only exist in a ghetto. When I tell you when I tell people me and my daughter's twelve years apart, people from all walks of life are just in chicago in a white lie would be my eli. She was rich. She saw him at first. They were fourteen two as I was Fuck? Well, it's interesting because he he it. You know a lot of white people have stereotypes in their head about what black people are. Writing in that you know that kind of stuff happens, but they use is a negative. So when you get up there and tell the truth of experience in an emotional way and you frame in your life than a human eyes? the whole thing and it is sort of disruption, and you know what I get constantly everyday. I get emails saying I am inspirational, how to fuck obama, inspiration and pizza. I just wish. I could be so honest with my pays like you are in talk about a just talk about it to me.
it was a healing process. I mean I'm learning not to be ashamed of. What I went to is not my fault that you know I was born into their situation, and you know that I I guess it's kinda my fault too keen about the time. I was sixteen kid. I was a kid, so I just try to take it and say I'm going to take what was supposed to be horrible and turn it into something good. So when I start The talk about you know what I've been doing life to shoot, a bead, no, the mistreatment of vienna. May we and everybody else a heel me I'm good, and into heal you know. I no longer have the cloud over my he, the shape less shamed- and you know of the heart of you know, haven't keys back, you know about my men and out at bullshit am he'll in their every time. A mole stage, and I'm telling you this is is is a way for me to hear. Yet a hills! Everybody I mean honesty is powerful. Shit is powerful, she unequal lovey. Oh there is
it's. It's the only way to go and a lot of people just aren't cut out for it. I have no problem with people who write jokes and stuff. If you, if you come from the heart and yet and yet you straight up, I mean you're a lot of people. I woke shit, but then there, like the mean something yeah Get there all the time you know I do, and I get a lot of rules and that my shells- and I say you know what you want me to do you own can't case you will carry out a little before you came to see, Tell you what I've been through and I'm not gonna sugarcoat it. You know come on soccer, moms you've been through some shit too. Maybe you know have been through some shit. You'd be surprised, I mean I got more and more wife fares in anything, but they're feeling ashamed about little shit and if you're, one in big shit they're like oh, my god, what am I hiding from you know. I get that a lot people's like fuck. I thought my life was, I'm never going to complain. The game is bad. I get that all the time I saw. Oh, you think your mama taking your ipa was bad huh. Try trying to fucking breastfeed
We have fourteen and you don't know the nipples supposed to go in the mouth and you trying to make the baby just sucked the top of the tt yeah your mother didn't even know. I was at the housebuilders in the nineties when mean the eighties, when the young teenage pregnant was so big, so big in the ghetto that people was like. You know and was so fuck you mean any having a baby, a fourteen. What year did had african nurses? She wondered drama blunder on her she's dead, dick her. You know, I'm a point it like day at that point is rounded off in south bitch. You know, know
if the right feel good once you get through the wild, you know you and you're pulling some out of me. Fuck is wrong with you. There was so mean to me, because here I am forty and in a day they, like you, haven't, learned your fucking lesson. Yeah do not return the next year giving birth. Oh you back again. Bitch, but you know was crazy because he signed my kid's birth certificate and I was fourteen and he was twenty two or twenty three and nobody says shit, see that's the thing. That's getting me through the whole thing at the fuckers. child molesters, yes and they're. Blaming you do that shit. You do it today, you'll go to fucking jail, you got out, and now you take your grown as a sign of fourteen your birth certificate you're going to jail. I dunno his time both from ikea possible. Nobody. Was there to protect me, nobody stood him say hey. This is fucking charmingly stage, one is do does in fact in jail. It worries me in jail, man, I know about that's the one, the one part of the story, that's,
because, like you here, but all the other ship, but it really is just its overlooked. No one's there to protect. That's the problem with where you come from that there is no one there to protect. Nobody gives a fuck exactly. Nobody gave a fuck You do. I do now nobody's no army, I'm I'm! I'm thankful. I got a chance to do to my daughter what was done to me. I saw your relationship with your kids is good for the most part, yeah got great keys. I mean you know me, my daughter was gone out and when she was in college she will have an effect as she was so she ran away and you know she's steep when she was in college for three years and she just couldn't take it and I kind of figure she will get you a long time ago if were gay, and she ran away, and I and I have seen like two three years I finally got in touch with she was in Virginia say. What is your problem? as there are you gay sheila years, as ok is bring you at home. I miss you because you love bars boy. I may I would do a lot to get her to airports. So you know
miami as a pair you going to go through shit, whether your child is gay, while they're on drugs, whether they be rebellious in all situations, the situation everybody's is different and you're going to want to be with them. At some point, yeah and I love my fucking daughter, I love, and I told my daughter, I said you know what my daughter of hygge girlfriend way better, the hot daddy ever tree. I'm never known a big department on an ever friday light very few ruined her a beat down every when she hit me in a relationship because she on him a couple of years, but they have treated her the way she supposed to be tree rats As what I'm happy, though, I don't give a fuck what you eat or suck on, or whatever your preference as long as they respect you and love you and treat you like a human being as what is all about how's, your for your son My is great heaved ammo grandmother he's our working. He don't beat it is a mere graduated.
In college material, oh god, I barely, I, it was rough getting them out of high school. Not I mean not going to the bad kids, our comprehensive product, he graduated he's doing great and the young ones are up. the ACA. Let me tell you, I call my oldest woman, medicaid baby, and I call my youngest one, my my blue cross, blue, sheer baby. So they ain't. They don't know the struggles, some booze years, le black kid living in a fucking, nice neighborhood. They don't know the stroke, do they get along with your half brother? When no, I mean do they get along with you. Yes, they they they are really close to half. She said, daddy ratio is okay, at least all your last name started with it as well. Patty was a. It was great talking to you and I'm excited to be on the show with you tonight. I'm excited too, and thank you so much thank you Oh, my god, that's our show the amazing miss pat duchies. You write a book
She should definitely write a book. I e it gets oh you wanna, hear stories like that you're there there's more there can. How can there be more? unbelievable, go see if you can and I hope you will be dug that I hope you were engaged as I was in it a world. I dont know and it's it's it's it's heavy man. It's definitely happy hey. Look before we go. I want to remind you to check out untucked dot com shirts made exclusively for men who wear their shirts untucked untucked shirts. Designed to followed the perfect, like no matter what your size visit untouched doc. improve your wardrobe today. Use chrome code mark for especial ten percent off all purchases. Shipping is bree both ways the fall. just released plans, oxford silence, checks, sham berets and more, All styles are available. Now people is out, as a word, I dont know their rights
can make all the difference: untouched, dot com, promo code, mark shirts, designed to be worn on time. that's mark and they are see. That's our show people gotta deputy. I thought that compromise. T pod needs get that app app The free up, a great bring him. You can stream every episode. The most recent fifty are always free leave a comment. Do what you gotta do? Oh, my god, this running thing is not going to be at the smoothie. Didn't save me. I can't, I hope, monkeys, ok, god preempt They have their moment. Where am I can scattered and died some point and it sad, but the same day the monkey review sketchy the upper days. Monkey was this act of weird and disjointed, but every time I talk about simple
was on the show or whatever I get very, very sort of alarmist feedback, which is fine, but it's not they're, not always like always the worst thing. but but out of nowhere scared, he kept the strike feral showed up yesterday, for I He was feeling better and then I had taken the back and we still we can take, but it was good to see scaredy cat, stripe, farrow and seen him a month months. Looking healthy, this happened before with him. It looks fatty, then it's almost feeding netcat always gives me hope that boomer just somewhere living room large eat in the wet food, sweden, mexican ladys house, firmer lives,
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