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Episode 541 - Larry Wilmore

2014-10-12 | 🔗
Many people know Larry Wilmore from The Daily Show. Many more will soon know him as the heir to Stephen Colbert's late night slot. But throughout his life, Larry wanted to be known as many things: an athlete, a magician, an actor, a comic, a writer, a producer, a showrunner and more. And along the way, he had to fight Hollywood's notion of what a black entertainer should be.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the pluck and hears what the fuck's cares, what the fuck billy's, what the fuck delegates, what the buckminster minster bowlers tolerate man, women mark man. This is w e f. Larry Wilmore is on the show today from the daily show, and also the the designated heir to the cold, bear show a year But how long before the I feel that get a gig they got away like a year did step into having simon of knowing So I got. I hear the guy I write, the buzz goes down there right day is waded out. I think I would go crazy. I don't know, that's it. situation. It seems The best way to do it is just
hold onto the information to a few weeks before a month before just to keep the juice going and I don't know a very vague and over think giddy. Look at ease of use. Great guy is, is a smart guys. Funny guy was happy to talk to him, but he a bigger man me not shredding him, Knowing that that's gonna happen, I mean Conan, I mean condiment yeah that tonight show gig even six years out there pan out well trying to be negative. I just don't know how I would handle that here we gotta for about five years me holy shit, so much good app and I could be a rabbi by then who I may be living in the mountains. I'm I may have not my arm off it in my bed. because I had a bad dream. Where I came from me. I'm operating on full cortisol, almost all the time I did a know. I was researching a stress with this video talk.
Another time about the difference between you have stresses effect on the body: oh, my god, sorry, no kaufman here stresses effect on the I d like you to most of what we activate all the time was put in place for our survival too to run away from lions and tigers and- and I d source depending of me, if you believe that you believe that perhaps people were around with dinosaurs- that there was probably a lot of stress in those times. I'm almost always. and a lot of the sort of stress reaction, apt up exit ex accelerate heart rate, all this stuff that that comes with that Panic and anxiety and and getting jacked up anger Does all that fuel. Was really designed to to get us out of bad situations and in the world we live in, there's not allow those situations necessarily in your day, day life. Man is in your head? Volvo, I gotta headphones, situations. I gotta head
of panic and worry. Why? Because I can't but can turn it off not taking care of myself in the right way. I'm doing the therapy thing. I'm trying stay like a recovered person, but man, my cat. Sick and I'm out beside myself. I dunno the hell I'm going to do. I dunno what the hell I'm going to do without him. If that happens, work. My my heart and my my respect goes out to you. Those You can handle children. I do we think I don't have children, because I I am not. I am not designated to have children. I think I'd be a good father. There's no doubt about that, but I think I'd be a panicky Worried father that would drive everybody will my wife and my child when it became conscious, fucking crazy, just be consumed with panic. I believe my parents were, I believe, what they really did, instead of love, I was stream, worry stream concern because
you said this weird realisation about there's not not that ain't a psycho babble matters to anybody, but maybe it does. You know he's muggy got sick. I told you about that last week and then you know when I got him back from the bed. I was waiting on. Your analysis results be as everybody assumed, what's a urinary track. Dang, it's it's those fucking! crystals or whatever, so they got, but poor monkey under to take p out of em cause he's not baggies geese foolish dress, I don't know if I'm causing that may be. I've made. My my cats not unlike me. Maybe my cats are prone to panic. Maybe there you, maybe I'm sitting around panicking about them in their sit around going like. Oh god, areas is going to cost. getting and not the guitar, not all god. Here we go at the guitar who's. That person in the house what's happening. Wiser Oh that's! A publicist gets no palaces. They can sometimes with the guests. Occasionally in the garage. So dont worry still,
is me one. I want in here man no power this allowed in the garage occasionally friend will be in the garage Occasionally I intervene lois average, not to ongoing her. Her wife was in the garage and that turned out to be very charming, you'll enjoy that when it happens, was I talking about, though, all right. So we get the your analysis back and the doc is like in this is, as they put him on antibiotics again, he just been through a ten day antibiotic and they make I'm sick. So I get him back from the vat and in the day in the day after you know, he's fucking sick. You know he strolled. I hope, he's not eating his authority. He was just getting his spirit back when I brought him back in because he was awaken his dick. He was just and his moxie back. I think barks fuck em up, so they Now the odious sickly cat again he's not digg is not doing nothing. Just sit the couch. You know, he's not even makes me scared
an undefined inflammation of the bladder. Like I dunno what made the doctor like his bladders really hard and it's it's it's inflamed. It's probably a chronic condition. We don't know really what the source of that is and he's right knee and bring him back in two weeks. We'll take a blood test. I do it all now, I'm not one of these people that sorta like nah. I don't want to pay for the blood tests a week, I just do it all now, gotta put their problem fucker back in the kgb, survives two weeks now to go out of town. So they start thinking about it, and what is this about? You know pets dies years old. I thought he'd live longer and not an I'm, not saying he's gonna die. I have a tremendous help. Ability to survive, but an that you know, he's not really ill. He was fine before I brought him to the vet, I'm just mad a mad and- start? Thinking about love and I started thinking about loss and I started in about a. Why am I such a panicky fuck? You will likewise Full day for me, like I, don't know what I did to day, I don't
but I know that had no time to do anything. I know I did some laundry. I know categorize some records. I know prepared some food I know I did some writing for a couple of hours. I know I did an interview. I know that, ah, that I a response. some emails. I know I swept the kitchen twice. I know a clear answer, cap box and I fed the cats. I know I put some dishes. I bad about washing dishes, Khazars water shortage, and I wondered too and I do what I want you to act, but although the laundry and now shall watch everything at once, it on me to say that lay from this drought, it is a little bit. But what about the sprinklers? Don't want my grasp the dire should it look. There is a full day. What I realized by myself as a there's, there's a there's, a lot of activities going on in my brain, then there's actual activities going on in real life. Thank god, is it not a couch. Would just your mental activity skills then I would be I've been that guy before then, you sort of like man, I've been
will that today, but I got I watched him television, but it didn't really stop what I was going through my head, unfortunately, so so the mental agenda and I got the actual agenda and that's a lot of work and in mental agenda. I think a lot of it is is is primarily to keep myself from reacting to you know what really going on your what really going on his arm, got a right to see another season. In my show, we gotta break thirteen episodes. We got a bright thirteen stories figure out what the themes are. We stop it sorta do that we're really not on the books until the twenty seventh of this. months, argyll this stuff going on. and you know my My relationships haven't been working out and you become cynical about that redouble my heart. My trust is down, so I got my cats No I'm a fifty one year old man went to cats and I know of fifty one, your man, the talks about cats. I know that in some way
very sweet that you know you you access cats by yet Israel a fine line between sweden and legible. That's a little sad, already and I know that you know. But I love these guys. So I love these cats And the truth there matter is you know, cats, don't last, ever people, alas forever but there's there's a a good chance. You're gonna live your pat unless it's a fuckin tortoise or a parrot. Look, I'm not saying monkeys death, we ill when I'm saying is that I just I wonder about the idea of of of law or change you know versus the eye. of love. You know who obviously I love these cats, but you take her out for granted, like, I don't think I'm not much different than a cat.
In a lot of ways like pretty much catches needs that the objects to remain relatively, where they remember them being that, yet from what I understand know a cat sort of gets to know something by you know the competitor. Of their life like ok, that's always air. That's always there that smells like that. That smells like that. De I know where I am I'm home. I don't but I'm not. I dunno that I'm that different, like the idea of of like there's pardon me, says looking I can always get another cat. I can always take care of cats. I don't wanna hex anything or jinx anything, but just talking about about loss. You know that a lot of my panic, like my brain seeking to get worried and overreact about things primarily just to avoid this well of sadness and loss that I will not. I just don't want to deal with its work, so I've had. You know the string of relationships. It don't work out the israeli em over we have set for my cats. That's why I'm cattle
rising records. You that's why moving shelves out for no reason and building things become I just don't want to sit with myself, you know, but it's not. I don't think it's self pity to sort your sit sit down in your mid life, whatever it is I think, those being optimistic but maybe allowed this deficit is. down on me. Anne and realise what not even being nostalgic, just sort of like there's a lot. people in my life, that I miss there's a lot of relationships. didn't go well and even if I chose to get Adam that you know, there's a sadness to it there senior theirs. Mason ships. I have now that I wish were better. You know I can do all that stuff and I feel my bill to do it like. I know I can show up for my cat, but then I get fresh weary with him like ease is obviously not feeling well he's. What the not eating and
go over there and I pay my and I rub his stomach he's receptive to mike okay and I walked back analyses still in the army, How can we come on come on? What's going on and I wouldn't do to a person that in feel well again, maybe another reason why perhaps children are not the best thing for me. If got a kid is in bed with the flu or something come day. Three I walk in and mike all right enough already enough already and audits. I that's what my mother did so there we go we're learning things. I guess the message of today's podcast is, I think what I'm going to do? If you don't mind, is tried to experience some grief, for four my losses motionlessly, it's very specific again, not complaining, I'm very grateful to be where I am today, but I have to process some of that stuff and I think what I'm talking about the with the cat is like. I love that cat but the idea of not having him around is devastating to me.
I know that how eventual get over it but, like you know you, your heart, gets heavy and I know after we had miss pat on last week, and all of you are just borne away by that tell us survival in having a window into a life that many of us don't live, thank god by better but understanding that their theirs open there, there's humor and there's a there's transcendence here that you know that what what I am talking about is is very, is very minimal. I know I know that, I know I know less true, and I know that like if I and I do have gratitude, but I tell you man it comes down to liking a moving piece of furniture out. I can let that go. Quite maybe that's reminded me of somebody I dunno, but the idea of a cat or a purse in my life that just goes away or where I push away it. Just it's horrible, because it just sticks in your heart for awhile, I'm still not over boomerang. I still hope that he comes back and when monkey sick, I get very scared that
that you did. He won't be around and then I'll have avoid, as opposed to a solid lovable little. I- and you know I don't have dealt with a lot of that my life and whatever it's not self pity it's just a little sadness. It's ok, it's ok right cause, he's gonna, be kay and there I'll be ok and everything is good right, exactly you know. I know I have a propensity to be stuck in it and I'm not gonna do it. There's a lot of great things happening I know a lot of you like the show very excited to be working. It's just my cat sick. That's all my cat, sick, but you'll enjoy larry, more good chat with him with do that now enough of me talking about my sick cat,
damn it. So I appreciate you at the time I just martin It's me, man looks like martyr billy, I mean martyr, yet it doesn't look like martyr. Actually, I had the martyr hair and look with the glass, and that is my first headshot, while that is my first shot an eye murder ask why you're here. I saw him not to ongoing azeri. How do you know he's a good dude? I haven't seen him in years, but I remember he was so glad that his death, What's so funny, oil is of any use of baltimore guy he's good right yeah. I know when he was out here, and I didn't even realize that the that you know that you were actively stand up for for awhile long time. That's how I started yeah. I don't know how I missed you. How did I miss you? Why is that it feels like we were starting while we are due to start in the east coast, the basic
So why was out here now lay in the late eighties owes a doormat the commonest more than one barrier to boston and- and I ended up in new york, probably in the the late eighty sprang say: I started and stand up in the early eighties and add just dab little bit was in college, but by eighty four I was doing it full time pretty much I was, moreover, I did I would from So I never wanted to do improper comedy. Storing till I felt like I was ready. You know so I kind of work act out on the road. What I mean ok. You grew up in los angeles exec. Where and pomona aren't. You know- monica nice ways. It was like orange girls when I grow up now so is the answer is yes down? I suburbs ay, I it's like the mid west. Basically, as soon as you go east of LOS angeles pupil, I were I know. It's either! Is it near Kansas? No, it's thirty minutes away. It looks like Kansas yeah, but yo you go a little ways outside l, a you're like we're there with my parents are from the midwest or from chicago, oh really, yeah, and- and they moved out here right before-
born one brought him out here. My father wanted to live in LOS angeles because his his by his fancy divorce and his father moved to Pasadena and I was here, your grandmother yeah, he loved, fascinating and even though he moved pomona butter and at different people have lived in pasadena different times out of investing in an election year down the street yeah, I'm not too far right around the corner. I actually think there's a tommy's burgers right in between us and colorado, exact yeah. That's all you need to measure things yeah. I were to tell me which side of the tommy's burgers. It is yes, the east side of the townies and the west side of the internet, so it so. What kind of business was your dad in When I was growing up, he was a probation officer, he worked for early county sheriffs and they- when I was starting college, human back scan became a doctor, actually really will get. That's all that's a big. I'm investments we out another six years in exactly went to is a pre med staff. In fact we were gone, I went to mount sack edge in college
and we have the same name young and as a theatre, student riah, which means academia evenings everything that Latvia is that so But my father was serious. You know he was going back because even the medieval as you know, we had the same names. I am the third axis of people: hey Larry may. I congratulate the dna sounds like things. May I see it the same school eggs heck? Does he get some of his pre med, stuff some of his undergrad stuff, because he was like got a sociology major and he was first in college, so he had to go back and take others primo for the probation officer stuff exactly yeah exactly so. He wanted to be in the therapeutic community one way or the other yet needed staying where with the county and end up getting like two like pensions or something like that, something what can he ended up working in l, a county jail when o j was there how it goes down as a doctor yeah exactly what he was like? The like. I had to go check up on oj interest in the house intern. Is that what there was a general practitioner pretty much you know, so he was doing the
isn't that crazy to eta compulsion? To word to work within your helping prisoners, I wouldn't use the word helping mean haraway, but it seems like there's other avenues to go as a doctor day. Yes, but I think it's because he stayed within the l a county system not because he's like guys need love too. No, no! No! No! No he's that your dad! No! No! No! No! No! No he's no bedside manner at all Complete opposite? A big family, pretty much six kids couple outside kids Oh really, I kind of had those my dad, but it was in the transition period. Let's call it so is it legit? It was right off the boar, exactly sure, you're right, it's one of those hey! You can't be mad at that come comment. We weren't together, yeah. You can't be mad at that, as everyone get along or oh yeah, pretty much. I mean as far as family families. it's a! U r, your dad's had two wives No, he never got remarried. In fact my parents got divorced
early seventies, and they have issues like about for his before that they never got to work. My mom, almost kind kingdom, ecology, fake me a guy. I shouldn't really talk about gaza, but it was very bizarre. We added a she. You know she got close to make somebody been my father never did, and now they spend more time with each other than ever, really they which freaks all of us that the aids weird how that adds. That is now right, but you do have the other two kids after the divorce. Not only have one why one in that transition. a transition baby here at exactly so. What did everyone? Are you the only when they end up in job? Is no my brother markers right for the simpsons right now yeah, and he did and up as well, and he he wrote for Jay leno for a long time around them tonight, MARC Wilmore, I dunno him either yeah. I think I always think I know, while he's been hiding in plain sight, how long have you been writing for the simpsons? ten years or so he's doing good he's gonna turn racket he's very funny ryan's, any young man get writings of good racket. Man. It is a good iraq is robert and stand up at some point. You knew that
I did. I figured that figure that out to you I'll tell you what it is more seriously I mean it's funny? How, like you say, we never crossed paths which would have, Does that you get on the radar screen for different reasons. You and I was to have a complicated, medical commie. I did you know beat humor observational stuff, but, as I was sure tape once the comic strip life really sound of those. But you see, I wasn't dear typical urban come now. You are dealing with the sort of highbrow approached a race, exactly eli, which is dead my name tree man at the time unless you were the deaf jam syrup accommodating and he fell through the crap. I, unless you are discussing how brothers gonna guerrillas
as opposed to wipe, it would just have say right right guides, like let's deconstruct this guerrilla vaccine. Why does it have to be guerrilla? Why candidate rang detaining right if the pussies gonna be that I made it in some way? What do you think that is? Is that because then, like there, you, you have an unidentified body, and I imagine the struggle of doing highbrow race humor. as a black comic, it becomes sort of like well. Who am I performing for? Well wasn't that quantified in the beginning, I just made people laugh and club right. You know that that was just my sense of humor, but actually the notion, what it really is is hollywood's notion of what a black comic should be really was what it was about and how he was shuffled dealt with some of that too yeah with that that was in the movie. That is the one that was like the first real personal commentary on the indie movie, though that liking a big deal, was made in the promotion that movie that he did it bite by burning through all his credit cards, exact role, the whole movie down my rarer was in it. It was all about that.
Big, jerry rouse, the jerry girl, seagoing, tackling right and you have to be murphy- ask those types of things. here's what it was when I was a kid I mean I grew up in the sixties right in and there were in any one notion of a black comic. There are many different types of by comics. You know you had a dick gregor whose a smart political comic you know, eddied ba still it will conspiracy ridden by gay. I now you know why you did that bohemian diet. Now I value but a, but he was a political comic because he was a storyteller right. You know the person was a vaudevillian type comic. He told jokes, you not old style, jugs godfrey carriage, considered a hipster yeah yeah. You know he was on the college, so that sort of thing you know red fox was more of your blue comic. He was the party records, they called them yeah. I got him, I got him, those who knows a grey area, but there was no one. Prior to prior group. It was an extension of both the cat.
Let's be foreign saw him in that form and then in there you always have to have seen him absolutely started in the cosby form. First and then he morphed he went to berkeley exact guy to hang out with the panthers and everything changed exactly yeah. He got some awareness and a lot of awareness yeah, I'm glad he brought the awareness to everybody exactly you know, so Was there those with it? There was no notion of one type of black ass right. You know you could fit in any time and then some time in the eightys it became one type of thing have that happened was Why jammer gay? I mean why they get started with richer prior. To be honest, it he was so wildly successful and hollywood capitalized on that. You know in eighty murphy was China the next in la hearted, that it version her eye without all the nasty ranching is right. I mean all the messengers of growing up in a whorehouse in that kind of stuff. Here is a nice. You know middle class cape but had the same type of appeal in oh yeah, yeah murphy was the real glassy. How what version of prior right rhino without the menace.
He was not a threat. No emergency monitor the prior was right. and then he was the first threat in that way he was a big threat. Mark I mean there are some tapes. I don't know if you've seen these, where priors and the set of a movie, and would you wilder knows tat? I think I think of his little jacked up exactly them cooking the egg. I mean if your movie make it. That's a fuckin threat to your ability to finish that fill rack summit who prior doesn't give a fuck about you hear the not give by about anybody bryce he gave that of years ago. He knows. Is the number one attraction in the world a bedtime right? There The problem with better iran on an executive level of film executive body, I binding culturally and companies like fuck, white mother, that's right in that language, but why people I got how yeah that was the difference. You just said: fuck us weeding out every event so that that became the model. If somehow- and you had to be come from a poor background from the ghetto that sort of thing
You had better to speak in that language gilbert I may even the people they took them the prior model, which mind what you're saying is the modern black comic re? Allow them don't cross over correct. An embryo prior, was the guided did cross over right. So how did that? You know how That's why me I'm I why my office and ask you questions. If I I know I know I should now get ass. These lags behind you, understand that model. You know, but it's you're that that it became isolated. It became insulated that that what you're talking about the ground com, you didn't do carouse based on him, that really would facilitate the first real cross over act, which was richard and then it insulated. The rest, There is a very right why that is another, a lot of things ray a few other strength, but You did comedy for our long stana. I did stand for about full time about ten years, ten and twelve. there's, maybe, and when did you realize that writing was an option? Well, there is wide.
But all this was. I realized that hollywood wasn't gonna find me. You know that I had to create my own space I realise that if I learned how to write and produce, I could just write something for myself. I mean I really was inspired by what townsend and keen and later due and I just decided like around ninety ninety one that I mean it- it crystallized itself and I couldn't get an audition for living color. but am I ended up writing a match. You couldn't get an audition now because I was there. I was right for you and I will have you weren't black enough. I will do whatever you want to call. You nobody's add that with that along the lines of a possible I mean who knows you know, but I wasn't that the right type- let's just see, onion, I'm ok, but I'm out I can get in people's heads. But for me as I ok, I just need to. I need to define who I am out there right myself. I ran try to fit into somebody else's box. I am for good or bad weather works or not. I just gotta learn how to do that.
I got into writing and producing really to have the note to know how to do that. So how did you get the job with the keenan on on in living color, just to just interview, for please give him a package and yeah just that. At that time I had been working on a show called into the night with rick D so that was my first, but will you acting as well yeah now- who quite given up stand up or performing at their growing, because I've still making a transition, but once I I decided that I was going to do that. Have I found out, a friend of mine was working on that rick d show and I sent in some jokes and stuff, and they happened to be looking for a writer, and I got into it happened within a couple of weeks of when I decided that was the first writing gig as my first If the acting is that what you studied in college, I studied theater in college. Did you go for what four years and knew the I didn't finish? I was at cal poly after I did my thing and
I called him alley in san louis obispo, cal poly, pomona, okay, agricultural engineering school, which is why I was at the helm of the theater program. I did it actually was pretty good. As the forest whittaker went there for awhile, we were friends back in the damn you guys around the same age. Who are they exactly really yeah. We we went to that and at the time we did this summer thing together. It's it's even hard to explain what it was and that's how I first met him and he was at cal poly. I was at mt sac and then he transferred to see kalpana, but we were good friends back then wow yeah. Is that he's an interesting actor yeah? So you guys are so you you want to be serious act. I did I studied to actually was nominated for the irene ryan acting or when I was in college for dune oedipus I mean so that was the level of savvy mazur since that had I studied playwriting all that kind of stuff. So I had. I was forming that type of background. In the beginning, my first professional gig was, I got it. I got my equity card, you know that was like an onstage at the yeah, the mark taper forum, and why it was their improvisation.
feeder project, and it was. We wrote, a play through improvisation. It wasn't the ground like sap of improv. No, no. I could improvise they had in order to to write it a play in theater was I had a very strong theatre background? I'm you know I worked at in high school and college. He knows how to but he'd do a then I would be series act right, but the improvisational theatre that isn't identified with comedy is right. It can be pretty heavy, absolutely started with stanislav ski yeah. You know bullets landscape in that homo men and adler and meissner you know that whole. So you in you were you're highbrow actor. You will I wouldn't I wouldn't say I bad talent, you know, but I would urge that interest right. You're right, do the real shit correct. So you come now I but I was interested in committee too. I was, and I was Seventy nine addition. I did my first edition at the at comedy store, you know, and I If you are still in college, I was still. I was my first year in college. I just got out of high school in fact, couple of years before that auditioned for the gong show actually
really the original going it out has a common didn't get idea of that was clearly I wanted to do that to you at any exactly that was right it sounds like that was the childhood dream definitely based on. We have which comics the guys you mentioned, which was the first with wilson, was the first big one yeah he was the first on the tv shows. One show I mean this was a brother on tv who was the funniest person in the world. As far as I was right right, I couldn't believe how funny flip wilson well yeah I mean Geraldine was the funniest character and had funny people on and he was. He was always funny and I just couldn't believe how funny well yeah yeah and get smart. I remember were the two funniest things and it's funny cause my sense of humor or both of those things, yeah kind of combine. That's the yin and Yang there yeah exactly the kind of smart satirical take on the world and then just just bold, money. It's is over the top. That is exactly it's completely. Berlin, acting that's a larry's! So so did you.
that as you got older like ie, you know they're, ok, we try comedy and in highschool. Well, here I mean then you nailed it. No, not really. I mean you know I was in. Let me put it like this. I was I've always been in many different compartments. You know, and I always if it was a schizophrenic or just not fitting in like I was a smart kid, so I was in the smart group, but I was also kind of a misfits I was in the theater group. You know, and I was also like you know. I was really good in sports. So. I was a jack yeah by me and I was really getting sports where I was in a sports neighbourhood like three people in our black plate. Pro sports me. That's the level competition unit has been the weird they documents do not knowing what to do with the. It was huge you know, but but here's anything because you have people that caliber you knew very early on whether you had what it took shirt, regular, I'm not six, six, I'm not that size, I'm not going to play pro basketball. I mean there were no false illusions, and so
is a good thing actually to like in my first year in college? You know I had to make a hard decision by not hard now, but I mean I was really good at that time. In basque, I could have played private some colleges. Yeah but am boat in I gonna scoville duffy, who played he was an all american in the same year as magic johnson and I'm like I'm not at that level. It's hard. My brother was a tennis player. That moment where you realize that I I just don't, have the genetics or the personality for it to get ninety percent genetic right. Ninety percent genetics right yeah, I mean you can be a good player and just like. Why can enjoy this? On my own time exactly I dont have to destroy my life chasing this dream marked biggest lesson of my life and one that would I attacked the kids. I say you don't have to do for a living, what your passion and dreaming that's right and just have a job and keep it. As you
hobby I keep enjoying. Why ruin it exactly because I'm actually a side of him sleight of hand magician of that too? But but I do that in my spare time never wanted to be. It was my first real love and passion you never wanted to do for a living always wanted to keep it in a box. and it's still there you know suppose there's a big drop off between pro ballplayer say that was the old joke. What's the difference between a pizza and a magician, a pizza can feed a family yeah, but you still enjoy doing both oh absolute, I'd say you do the acting thing in your drive and heavy shit. You do not appear in drawing up our, clear all that stuff when did it, when did you really
like that ain't gonna be the thing. Well there it wasn't ever that so much I mean it was. I I didn't compartmentalize that it was showbiz was one whole thing. It was showbiz arts or not showbiz, as opposed to this part of showbiz or this part of the show. But right when I made the decision, because I I dropped out of school to join the tapers thing fulltime and then and did you stand up and I thought I'm just going to dedicate myself to it cause I tried it a few years earlier and I got kind of scared. You know I mean that was the comedy store's heyday when I was gone. well up and open mic night. I mean people like you know what year this is a eighty you know so right throw was after the original heyday with richard and everybody in wednesday, the comedy business people later men were going up regularly. seeing in writing in the main room, rhegium carry with we're almost carry here. I was just about to bring right, but that that was in his early gazing. You paper like who's. This guy right
running, like how you Mandela would write huge economy store they rhyme. Those are the big people J. What gave the league timely walker big time. Well, jimmy not so much is gonna write at our your gun by that time, but Jim bullock? I remember we are adding their island steve was a big coming. I remember our view him his carol lifo. She was under coast, but I remember people like that. But yes, it was very intimidated was richard coming in. His report would come in and work on, yellow near, and so I remember seeing him there in the original. My blog right is left amazing to see him in the rain was standing in the back just like. Why, and I would I would stinking cause. I was too young to be there If you are a comic yeah zacharias trying to do it, you know so the door guy, let you in and something that kind of thing he's thinking through the back. Somebody like the first time, on that I was there and eighty seven and he would already been on fire, and everything else, and it was a little bit heartbreaking like to see him around eighty when he was still. I know it was. It was amazing man and to sit back and
Regional room cause you, nepal, mony, will go up and down the nigger negotiating enigma stuff. You know, and it was funny, but it wasn't richard and we're ready. Even when he end to see him work on stuff that hadn't been. You know it's not a bit yet late exactly and uses worker deliberate yeah we are money was isis, this bombastic thing back, oh fuck, you oh, oh, cousin, niggers own state. May I mean every young back to their heritage, defensive anyhow and penetrating have or even started back he's working on a bit. The snake is not going to get a latvia ogre. Yet why It's weird I middle for him once in sacramento, and like I used to watch them when I was a doorman at the store for awhile and just I'd. Never I never quite got it cause it didn't. I never quite understood the point right you know like I. I understood the sentiment and the anger and I'm right that that obviously exists but never understood. What made mooney so great saw middle for money, and I I don't know how is going to do in writing during my time, and you know he's here- you want a meter yet you know,
Get into that thing with mooney. He had a guy traveling with him and he had one of the kids with him a younger kid. If you want to take the kid to the mall, but but like here, weird thing is that if the aid, the thing I found out about money is white person, you'll think your racist he'll find it in you. So that is at the end, the Oh geez, you know I would sit there need on two hours right. You know and hilarious and like at some points on white guys going to go lenses guy he going to shut the fuck up. You know what I mean like he's good he's good. Is there waiting right test your pace? We had actually kind of brilliant. Oh he I think money is really no is definitely one of those geniuses that that's why it's hard for people I got to be mainstreamed because part of their appeal is that there are some individual unique, but he so set a precedent for aught of black comic, robotic comics in general that there was a courage, their rana and that persistence right. That is, is it
unique in it, and it's a courageous and a lot of people adopted there, but without the wit, that's right right now. I would always do that late spot always kennison would sit there and watch him. Everybody would sit and watch always so I'd say and so now, you're gonna be a comic and or another. I had no liking right cause you, you do put yourself in the position to sort of address race almost constantly grant. What dumb when you were in high school when you doing moving through all those different things, you writing a jog being a theatre guy right being a good student. Was there, how do people assess you as a black first? Well, I went to basically all white school right me and my friend were the only black center class. I remember it really was a catholic school and I always felt part of how I always felt kind of grown up. I felt like I was at a family. reunion in them, and I wasn't in the family right here, so it's dec, so you always felt like an outsider in a way and- and I dunno at the time- I didn't think about that too much. They were just things that I was interested in, but I would do things like I.
for student office and I always think they have the funniest speech right. You know right and people call me wilmore. No one ever call me lair as ice cover. My last name but I never really felt like a part of that group, except when my buddy in it. You know we used to make the the jokes about all that stuff and everything cause. You know. I've talked to two black guys who you know if they weren't is that that idea, or probably the reality of of being judged by the black community as somebody who is playing the white man's game or no, it wasn't so much that I mean kids would make fun of us because we were in catholic school, Are you going to the catholic school year have you right right in that kind of stuff? But I don't care about that too much because them we were more the representatives at our school. That was our identity. More than somebody looking in us as a certain thing, ba
we were keeping a real right. I we were there to do right round. You are representing black people at your school, exactly we representing black, yet I know other values you. This is us right here. So that was our point of view. I am er. I grew up in the sixties, black power back I'd india, that sort of thing- and I and I live through I don't remember one x, Lamar miller, Malcolm x's cut, but I remember Martin Luther king was killed. I do how old are you I'm fifty two I'll be fifty three in october, I'm fifty yeah, Nine sixty one- but I remember that I remember my mother- just uncontrollable inside Remember those moments in time. I'm you know. So I had a strong identity of what that meant. And I told you I'm not a researcher, I'm a witness rhyme lawyer, but- you get into comedy and you gone full times over guys around. You know that you are you're running with,
the eighty one, eighty two well eighty one and to have stones, go ahead and start standup fulltime to about eighty four yeah, and so I started out at the last stop in newport beach, and so the people that come through there were kind of like george lopez, was somebody I started with. We used to do the open mic nights all the time and people like, I remember, remember, steve, ota, Kirk. after that he did. I was weird yahoo has laid out there. We have lain thing: yeah, Is that yeah he was a big comedy store. Guy yeah, I used to see him when I was doorman, howard, a trestman, I think, used to book the laptops and he gave me some of my first road gigs, but at the same time I I still was acting in that kind of stuff. I had a like a small part on the facts of life. I got a recurring role and that's a big deal yeah. It was huge at the time, but what's what's hilarious,
But as I was starting to stand up, that was my credit back that credit you may have eat them in the bags below thanks alone, because whenever you travel somewhere, the fact that you are from l a was a credit in and of itself, from los angeles to be like, oh from los angeles, real show biz well yeah, so you do the ten years air. How you grow up catholic is interesting to me, unending source of metairie. I think there are a lot of black catholics, washington DC area, area. There's a lot of different areas of the country were black catholics, gonna congregated in awe. So my family's one of those from Chicago yeah, and I thought I had- that fathers, no younger generation, absolutely catholic, an interesting choice My name is made the choice at some point, but it is funny. But now, when I look at it's funny, I don't have that black back to southern church tradition It's not my comedy, I'm not a preacher! My stay right up the mac. Anything I've always been more
back dry, and I because that's more than happily it's interesting gary. you were denied that this agreement background silent, serve her. I didn't know a fainting, her eye, grey of witnessing their exact. Besides, I say more in common with the jewish sense of humour. Bran then, with the traditional black preacher, comedy brand sure which was predominant. Yeah, like my heroes, are gradually in the right direction they may morrissey yeah. I think that always appealed to me. You know it still. Does that type of thing? What that's interesting because in a prior was all about you know screaming, and you know, then the preacher was hilarious in but Cosby not so much cosby was almost strictly family yeah. You didn't get any sense of that that type of when it was funny cause. He was not one of my favorites growing up now, and that sounds heretical right, but I mean, but my tastes were like, even though Cosby was funny like what really made me like. I, I was more intrigued by
bob newhart sure you know, because there was something clever behind it. There was something more than just funny. He struck in an idea that Abraham lincoln idea- and it was there- was a funny clever. Take a man of the gettysburg address, thing where he's coaching Ojeda press agent or wherever you're, that's like four at some months ago, Lenny bruce river, the hitler things agnes. Who is that I, but I loved impressions to I, did impressions more and more like you like people, they had something put together. Ye I get actually there's so That's what I thought was funny, but I never saw him out, is glad that's what I like that lets you I like it smart esoteric I was making a comment about beats. You know I mean Cosby was about you know feeling and about movement through, but yeah, and obviously he has beats right. But but like stuff like that is written your mel brooks he would get smart
that their there and new heart as well. That randy's were structure jokes, exactly steve, Martin. I could not get enough a steep martin when he came on the scene, because there was thinking behind them a hand and see the thinking behind it. you know? It wasn't just my family, exactly wasn't it people thought it was an arrow through the head that that was the joke and no no, no! No! No. It was the fact that you put there yeah and he I remember he did something on the tonight show where he had like dogs where he was performing to the dogs. You know I could do something like this. That kind of outrageous that I love monty python. At the balls of absurdity, yeah python of we were comedy gots to media yeah. You know right that type of thing more than like straight improv. That sort of thing. So here you are yet your writing. You you ve been given on into the writers room right of what was a very important thing for tells me lately that this was the first black sketch show tears daddy. so I gave- was phenomenal right and your. What was
would you are? There was a feeling there that yeah living colored man that was a show to me was the show that really introduce hip up to two to the television culture. Her, he said was more than a black thing. It in does the hip hop culture with the clothing and the music, the language, the style of humor that and Arsenio who did it? You know and and in a huge way, which is and before no one had really this culture hadn't really been on television, it had been in videos and that kind of supernatural television. You know one dimensional yeah previous. Yeah, exactly right, if, if anything in our young people just didn't really know what to what are they doing? yeah you like. That was a reaction like there died. Why don't they pull their pants? What's gonna happen? Even so, That was, it was the. I always tell people it was the worst of times of the worst of times from a riders point of view home because it was so differ.
but you learned everyone way. Well, you someone got fired every week on that show em, it was keen, was very demanding the right issues very challenging, but it was the smartest people had ever been around. Who are funny I want to see Damien and Jim carrey at the top of their game sounds amazing. Damon was fucking. Amazing I used to center the characters like what is a way you can do now. You can do your set. You can do your acting like nah. I think we can do the jazz set to that is hilarious, but he could do that then cause they loved him. So much yeah he'd go out there too. I mean with characters and he just push it and yeah. He was amazing. You have to be up close to. It was amazing. That was everybody involved in writing. A little bit Jim. Carry you to come to the offices, ice derived jamie fox sometime.
he would come around sometimes David Alan greer for the most part, not that much course keen ran shown so using baldos how's. He doing keen and you and tell you it's always been done great aim now and then and I am keen in his imago. Well, I used to get bulgarian lena figured it out. Yet it was very interesting to me because I saw him cause. I was it store in eighty six, so yeah he'd already downloading car, but he he'll show up and do comedy very rarely, but occasionally it always sort of fascinated me the different, because I There is more like you stand up right and in damon's, rather they absolutely and others like night and day man, you're, you're, absolutely right, keen mrs anna was very close to a keen who is doing began to ass, though there were really it's funny keen and had to create that showed create a space for himself right. no, let's face when we go there and we're going to stand up exactly he had a different his role as host you know that shown bring a man was rather more important than him duenna an hour stand of special right that was Damon's.
The demon could have that space in open, aquino, so you're on in color for the whole run. No. I was just there for a couple of years and I came of the third season and did a couple of seasons, and then I started in sitcoms after that. just doing it. So you learn the ropes in living color. I learned everything about how to keep a job. I mean you have to pitch so much by the time I got the sitcoms. It was easy, you know, because you had to pitch every day and in living color. You know for out a bit yeah and it was like so you had to come up with with unique ideas all the time. and I'm sick, I'm. U have a group of characters and scenarios, you don't have to invent every week, you're just inventing new scenarios bright, doing color, you had to think of new characters all the time new bit right ideas based on pop culture, there's this man, so your brain was max dollar time trying to think of it. So so sick com is just refilled people in a way easy orgy go to from there? I do shook her. Sister sister was my ferko, who is in that
and tomorrow mowing did that as the weapons it was on for a few years and it was an a b c and then the w b, but they're they're big reality stars now, they've been around for awhile and they have just staff writer started story. Editor moved up the ranks pretty quick on that. Yet Then what happens then? I did a few shows when I was in fresh bread for a while. I did a show called the show and then we ll go show its answer. Yes, seder yeah yeah, that was before he became appendant. He added I work as you know I was we do streaming. Video showed a friend of mine. I have often he right on the huron aramis at those good idea. It was a very good idea and it needs a grey sir about them. So jumbo men who created it, he would Martin and any living color you. So he had this crazy care
to around the show and he was trying to cast it and he found this guy. Who was perfect for it. He was out of new york and fox did not like him and but the fox executive at the time who, I don't even know, is even in the business anymore thought he was too ugly. He wasn't good looking enough, so he so John so frustrated, because he knows this guy's perfect for it, so they made him keep looking for someone and eventually the holding deal expired for this guy. You know, and he still hadn't found anyone and so then in frustration he said. Look I have to. Let me just hire this guy. You know I finding anybody, they said. Okay, you can hire him, so he went back to them and asked what do the choices? Alright, fine, but I'll only do the pilot, and I want to the series, because I guess his feelings were hurt or whatever you know, yeah and he says okay great, and so he did the pilot any killed. He was the funniest thing on the show, yeah funniest thing in the show and after the pilot he was like that sorry about these and that guy was Paul, giamatti
I like Paul Giamatti, he was hilarious and he didn't do the series he stuck to his word and fox could have had a monastery in the shows, never the same without him. Nevertheless he was one of the writers on the show yeah he play when you play one of the white writers right. He was hilarious. I'll say nothing less, and I will tell you how frustrating now, as we could not replace amateur experience with tv was rushed rating he's. Yet the number of non arab opportunity had either blue on purpose or not on purpose was fascinating. I thought he was going to that part always very funny. He had a good guy, then I thought the premises great yeah. I was it's just you know sometimes its timing. The tv shows we are sometimes you just comes on at the wrong time. Just didn't. I do so a lot of them. I decided I wanted to be a showrunner. I want to do my own thing. I had worked in the jamie foxx show after that I think and I ended up getting a deal with a disney. An overall deal to develop shows I had done a pilot with a couple of guys from the simpsons, but it didn't go and
contacted by imagined someone at imagine about that. Eddie murphy wanted to do an animated, show, haha and, as I met with them in it turned that turned into the pjs. Yet was that that became, and that was the first show that I was able to our successful yeah. It did pretty well. Actually, it has like a cult status. Now, it's kind of cool. Did you work with eddie directly? I am undoubtedly so you guys are ok oh yeah. We just talked of a few days ago. He wants to do a movie. Oh really, yeah eddie was cool during that process, man he was very cool and, the thing my until actually work with eddie. You don't appreciate how funny he is partiality. Honey is, but it's like he I think, is going to the movies he's done it's kind of, but also just because of like lump sum reaches a certain level, a celebrity everyone makes assumptions and it becomes various character. Yeah yeah people know him it's like they just a guy. You know with a lot of fucking money out of it, but he's still just the dude. Now he's hilarious, yeah, no hilarious. So you did that with him and then what happens?
dad I created the broom action now Bernie that he was something else burning was a huge talent sought dude, I tell you man as right back and ninety five I work at Barry and here's a weird thing: I've met him. I met him like they. I was at the aspen comedy festival right and I think the show been on yet so they decided they are going to have black showcase so there is a burning using ninety five, maybe year. Yet his way before I yet right so like so is cedric and Bernie, and I can't remember the other guys and is there the only by black, do dns in every exactly there walkin around like what the fuck are. We you can read that, thereby in you know in Bernie you know back then I mean was blue.
Being a version of the black experience. That was so you uniquely brag. It was so in so afraid of him up for growth. Yeah right here is like you know, this is the real deal. There was almost like you like we're, not even supposed to be seeing that no that's call keeping it a hundred. That's that's. Come right it was my bowing to me because, like he was so huge in rank in it always pisses me off that there is a strange detachment between the comedy communities that are like. I feel like it for some reason, and I've been criticised on somewhat take his I'm like. I dont have a lot of black acts on the show gradual. I dont see em around brain. You know, and there like what they ladynas indifferent worlds. That's right right and it's it's it's annoying but day, but I understand it, you know it's, it's not like in it's a decision you'll at your market in theirs guy True, I want to do both markets and, in their other guys like that right, I'm, ok, and you go to your audiences. That's right wrote to me the whole thing about things being set. read it. I always had an issue with because I guess at I
europe. It wasn't like that. Like yeah, you know the even the way tv a segregated itself, the other having you know what I call a nigger night yeah, when all the black shells have to be in one night you know my lies there. You know me, I mean the jefferson examined some, we're saying we know whether all are right now yeah exactly like watching tonight. Yes, it's like the the back page of jet magazine. It would tell you where all the black people were that way cause if the police ever needed to know. You know this is where the black river aren't so busy to let's all eat it all becomes yeah indicating something dubious right, but yeah it'd been not, as necessarily is as profoundly intentional, as some people would suggest, but definitely institution. Right, yeah so already to working with Bernie, though that must have been my bungie co created. That thing now is a big show. I created it, I didn't co, create you were the guy yeah, so I always have to make that distinction, though I did create that In fact, I want an image for the pilot script. Then that's
using in it when it went before ride right. It went about five seasons. Fox fired me to the second season added are you created it exactly that never got along with the m, but the head of facts at the time whose, the guy's now to show that what happened with that? What was the issue I used as out of his mind? He was just you know. He was a real control You can have a real horrible attitude it at the time I had deconstructed this the sit come in order to write bernie, I mean member I've, a theatre background. You know Ass daddy. You know it's in and shakes and all that stuff, so I had a strong writing background and all that stuff and at the time every sitcom was kind of the multi camera right. You know which is really based in farce and kind of based in burlesque. Almost you know, and it's a filmed version of almost of berlin, shown some ways. You know vaudeville anyone yeah and vaudeville, all that kind of stuff. You know which is great, it's a great forum, but it's it's based on and something different and I want to
taking a cue from the reality world. When I create a burning, I said: there's something different going on here: the act breaks are different and all that comes yeah, so I had to construct it in a different way and it was single camera yeah. The only other single camera shows, Malcolm Malcolm, in the middle of the time, and so based on that. They would give me notes on this other thing, and I was trying to write something different, so we always had a conflict right and they They called me incompetent and thought I didn't know what I was doing. Meanwhile, I kept winning awards and won a peabody humanitas Emmy. You know tv critics war and that, the more angry like, so they were trying to do the old paradigm, which was three camera and give you notes on what they thought it should be while they were giving me notes based on that year and acting as if I was the dumb one right in writing, whereas I had deconstructed all that was doing indifferent yeah. It started with the monologue and then the the talking to the camera, and you know, and some of that taken from old cues, even from the george burns, jack benny and as recently as garry shandling doing that kind of stuff, but in a diff
way. Take making a different explain now: you're the guy run in its you gotta higher writers in january. Here you run in the room when you afforded tv in a writer man. What do I do for yeah. It really depends on the project to be honest with you, because, because I've worked in so many different shows yeah like at the moment, I'm doing a show for a b c. Yes, it comes. I am also going to be done. My own late night show you're filling and for your taking of vertical bear spot right. Little economic, well, the minority report with Larry Wilmore, who decided that that's the nets, the name of that is the name and who's, reducing that John John John and myself and his bus boy products but but hiring rightish, for that is a complete different experience in hiring renders for half hour sitcom right. So in half hour you looking for, depending on what type of show also makes it more specifically what their pedigree yeah and their story
I think ability right. You know how funny they are in the page, their ability of characters, all kinds of different issues, whereas late night, it's more it's a little narrower. It's just how? How funny are they how insightful or they would take him, yeah because a different context, Lydia language? They will have no story, yeah you're, doing a commentary exactly and not story exactly so gives the two it shall be more and more monologue based right right. I get it or bit base, it depends what kind of show you're running or what you look for an array, and you also did the office you worked on. The office is right as a producer on the show writer and now the office is is we kind of like known for being sort of europe? Is a repository. The right word firm for harvard alarm rank the event. You know that there's this idea right and I know you'd commented it about a publicly. I think a bit. I think I hear it's in the foot I talk about it. Honestly, it's a little unfair, but I think what I was saying in that respect. I was making a different comedy news. I kind of used the harvard alum does.
An unfair punting bag and outdated, always at their punching bright? Exactly but oh burger, was why I mean it there's. There is really no easy way that you mean. It just seems to me that anybody who thinks that anybody got anything easy in show business if they can't do the job they want, they won't have a job. That's correct! Is that correct. That is correct. Like this, it's. I already different with you, no unfair generally some glaring exceptions. Yeah right, like some people their running networks, some people that's all right now we're to keep it on the creative side. Some never executives are all whether breed yes, some people get into em they get to fail, poured sometimes in right, buddy. There are some examples of those in writing, or rather ok. Ok, I india, I can tell by your fazio exactly you're the guy. I know if you are going to harvard people know everywhere, you figure the harvard people not work
yeah. You know I way through harvard really know and I think a lot easier harvard people really. I mean they're smart, that's living the lack of data so do start. With that and yeah, and it's all you know they. If that's what you, if you know what you want to do, and that's how you're going to do it, I mean that's the way it is alright. So let's talk about this amazing opportunity, you've obviously des We are literally hundreds of panel pieces with John need to find your town. Yet this is like a. It seems to be that that experience on a daily show is a very specific reason. Reenter performing correct that unit. Utilizes stand up shops in commentary job absolutely right. So when winded the gig came how do you like just for my own knowledge, the? How did the desk pieces star? How did you get with John, while you're right it was my re entry. I was you know I have been show running and writing in that kind of stuff. In after getting fired from fox, I realize now was the time to get back into performing
we had. He had some passive income as well. Yeah, I mean with Bernie runnin you're the creator sheriff. I mean from a comfortable standpoint, rhino right, but you know, certainly when you are at a crossroads, that's The issue is not the issue yeah, it's like what do you really want to do with your life? I'm in my forties is it over it's never over, but yeah, but you know I had to say look. Am I gonna? Do this or not getting in this way The reason why I was writing was so I could do something for myself now's the time to start doing it. So I had to come up with a plan of how I wanted to attack that one of the plans was to write a show for myself and being in the other plan was to get back to my stand up comedy roots and do that the talk- show type of thing, but I knew I had been separated from an audience for so long. I had to get back in touch with an audience to get your chops exactly and find out, even if and still funny in that area. In that way, because you never know Sometimes you on its moves on and you dont line up yeah like always say people, it's not that they stop being funny said they line up with what
audience considers I know, but you're not like the groundwater. The hat there was no identifying thing I go to ads that think out. Luckily, I never got famous enough to be dismissed by the odds right right. I was always under the radar, so I was that turned out to be a good thing for me right. So I was there, the kind of splash on the scene with all this experience in front of people in there didn't even realize I was in front of them the whole time you know which is kind of cool that is cool, but the guy behind this. these, I know the wizard, I mean had done. All these stand up shows. Nobody remember that I mean I want a couple of stars just vague and that nobody remember that crap well, you went through all start For in the original, the original and stuff know I lost to Michael colleague who is like that the homeless. Gonna, get the time as a german. There was over and I was doing all this stuff. television stopped here is new nice, you I'll do it.
Moving around here, dried up if the crowd in with a hat when he was doing that, are exactly like. You know, I'm doing jokes like a you know if, as a bear, if you bathroom, when I mix it yeah the vows of beer, I being new, grow, light and amateurs less angry than the regular yeah, which is always a good joke or not. That joke is that the other leader, who else remind you that that I thought was a great comic but but in the exact same vein with John ridley. Oh, I love really is a good friend and a great I'd love to talk to him. I tried to get on here because I remember his jokes yeah. I remember the joke about. He doesn't even remember his jokes about the uptown cigarette joke. He liked me one of the perfect jokes about race. Where we're a member of town cigarette was the cigarette that came out was manufactured to appeal to black people. It was like. I would have liked to been at that business meeting at the cigarette company where he goes very well, but I can't help but notice, there's still a lot of black people around yeah. That's hilarious, yeah, really very smart he's one of those he's one of those a true intellectuals, yup yup, decimate
great, your movie riding in the american crime, showed abc renown. Venom, yeah, yeah I mean just like, but you know he was in that area that you're talking about yeah the at this sort of e, not you're, not the the comrades none of the typical what was sold at the time so John, how you pitch John, what happens there so I go and interview with the daily show. We thought it would be a good thing to do possibly and my managers at the time had a client who was a writer on the show. So that's how I got the meaning- and I think we pretty much talked about. Sports. I don't even remember talking about what I was going to do and and John say: yeah sounds cool and we tried out and they were changing over the show at the time colbert had left the year before. Corddry was just leaving they just hired john oliver robert, I think ASA mom was just starting, so a lot of people were moving out and people coming in and John wanted to. You know open up the show a little bit so my first bit on the daily show- I remember you
You first writing it. You have co, bear in korea, your head, and they did the best there. That fake news man said. Are you you don't know your voices yet yeah, I'm trying to write something in when the sure what wasn t J, jabber, bum, steep bodo to the riders came up with the idea, the senior black corresponding, which was a funny joke the end and that's all I really had- and I remember the first bit during their hersel- it really doing over well cause. You know you like it. It's all those problems with voice in everything they out. The jokes were, funding right does not compromise the voice, and I remember like the crew and they're not wanting to look at you. You know how you are going to be, like you, don't name your farm animals because you might eat them. That's right! Some of the you know you don't want to get too close to canada exactly so we're being very nurse and fuck man, I'm gonna. This is gonna, be my first and only shouted the them get a gun migrate after this, and we have
I do too and after we rehearsed both of them. They both died. They said somebody's kitchen said Larry John said we're just going to do one and he went to sea in a few minutes, we're just going to go through some rewriting, and I thought he, went to see me to tell me it's not gonna work out here, but I went. And john was very nice and in the process is right before air john goes through it with you line by line right, and he just have me, can I put it in my own voice and we kind of talk did through so wasn't so still t right, stilted, you know, so he can interact like natural where we became more natural re. The same jokes are there, but we were. It was became more of a conversation and that helped me a lot, especially with my acting background, acting and stand up year and then right before we went on the air. John did the best thing he could do, especially for a stand up yeah. He just looked at me, said: Larry, look just look in the camera and just fucking give it to america, and I'm like. Okay am I joke, kill right, and so now my stand of comedy
and yeah, and I'm like alright mother fuckers you shouldn't laugh now is not a real enemy and now the crews like This is one of the guys yeah yeah and it was the best feeling in the world and inadequate. That's what started it all connected and that first line we did just took off from yeah. The dynamic is great, and you know johns are a great straight man. He really is yeah he's underrated. Is that no yeah? Well he's a yeah he's very good at it unbelievable and like Johnny Carson? He lets you be funny. You know he allowed. He just let that happen and he's happy to react. d. You know rounded etched drew John, does not enough credit for that, and you really knows any it. It is a big part of his just people focus on the other part of it with racket, the walter conquer pirate, yet it he's the johnny Carson ammo to combat right now. I d to very true thing that you're saying that, because so much of that job is him, you are providing a space. I rather late. Look at the core these long right now, so let s talk quickly about the new show
It'd be the minority part is going to be somewhat structured like a like your showtime special or how you're going to do it, and thanks for mentioning that many yeah MAC way. I think it you know, we have him worked at the specific jet, start working on it in october, but the main thing I mean the pro be a beginning where I'm weighing in some of the issues that I'm kind been a danish away possibly, but I think them, The main part of the show is gonna, be a real conversation with funny people, but not of scripted. How yeah and I want to get people who are funny conversationalist them setting somebody up, so they can do their and available but you never know, but so that's what that's what we want to do and and have real conversations about some of these issues in a funny way right. You know like almost like the old piddle politically incorrect or
died that exactly I know you have before you run off like what happened. How good example mowing ok so baby in terms of like these with race rate. How do you see yourself in differentiating from from from Chris in finding herself in the middle of that dialogue between the black me in the white community. What is is the the sort of opera, the manifesto that Eu Canada, right? Well, my thing is: I I am a contrarian, so I I like to defy what you think I'm gonna do so I'm not like I. I never want to do the opposite of what you think I'll always do the contrary, and that is your type exactly yeah. You know so then, like I say my personal opinion on things I tell people I am
in it centers, and I say what that really means is half the time. I disagree with myself, yeah yeah yeah. That's what it really means, I'm always on a search for the truth, as opposed to. I have an agenda that I'm trying to get across constantly right, which is different standpoint right. So that's why I mean changed. My point of view on something based on the evidence. So that's almost like a. What do you call it? Socratic yeah I Absolutely is very socratic here and are so so so my black point of view will always be surprising, causes not base on one notion of it all the time right. So I one of the first but I did on the amadeus show was I was kind of slam black history month right, but that's emanate them the most of the time It's a joke him back here. She mothers why we get february wise at the short his man died, defending blackish earth and I was attacking it. Right hid her eye, which is different point of view and to make a difference, right and but yet I had a good point for why I was doing any like well Larry. What do you have against my john twenty eight days of tribute and make up for four hundred?
here's a slavery I'd rather we got casinos, rivals, my taken there, you know grimy something I could really use your guy made like trivial pursue producing areas. I don't think so. How can the indians governing casino right where's? Our paper, hey, accurate, and so that's my point of you. I'm gonna get to another truth in there. That is not is not that the gene and by being a true contrary negate supplies you, with the yeah on an almost unending capability, to sort of turn it exactly right cause and I'm scooping out. My truth then ran out. what everybody else thinks. So I may defy the positioning thing I'm going to take, or I may be on the same side I may be on the left. I may be on the right, but but it's still going to be contrary. It's still going to be contrary and exactly well. Good luck with the new shy. I appreciate them aren't as great talking to you, man thanks you too, Ok, that's it! That's our soil be enjoyed. That is the guy's, a sharp guy, wish the best of luck with that new shelf deputy
Pod doc employed deputy ipod needs. Yet he had do get get the app
got a hell of a catalog going got a hell of a catalog gonna. Do what you gotta! Do? Ok, guy interesting episode on thursday Bob Rubin do a little research do a little research, bob Rubin comedian, okay, yeah, I'm going to my guitar for you
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