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Episode 543 - Martin Starr

2014-10-19 | 🔗
Based on the characters Martin Starr played on shows like Freaks & Geeks, Party Down and Silcon Valley, Marc wasn't sure what to expect. But it turns out Martin's genuinely tranquil nature is rooted in a deep spiritual understanding and the perspective gained from a career that he nearly quit before it really got going. Plus, Jim Gaffigan stops by to talk food, which is what his new book is all about.

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It's the are we doing this really wait for it. Are we doing this way for a lot of what you deserve, and it's also what what's wrong with it's time for wtf with marc, the alright? Let's do this: how are you what the butters, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the protesters, what the fucking, palace guards you go? U k there as well for you and energy like that's all I'm gonna do today. Welcome to the show I am mark mare- and this is my show. This is w tee, with mark marin that your listening to now welcome. How are you, I hope, your august going well hope your drive is going well, I hope you can
through another day in your cubicle with me saying hello, do you hello now? Do the old marty, Alan hello, hello, people may well, if you're lifting wage be careful, don't don't overdo it with your work with your dog. Given pat on the head and say ads for mark look we ever approach. We have a couple of guests, I believe, by mistaken Jim gap against gonna, be here today for a few minutes to talk about. You know gaffigan stuff, is look in what not and then martin star who item for an hour. I enjoy gap again. I want you all to know that when somebody My gym comes by to talk about his new book. It's not a paid spot, it's because you know Jim's got like nine hundred children and will not nine hundred but at least five and he's a hilarious guy and he's an old friend them anymore, to come by and talk a little bit and-
about new book and make sure buddy anything, I can do to help you maintain this incredible unrealistic life. You ve gotten yourself into by continuing to produce children. And he loves him very much under saying you- if guy out, there's people were are broke, then there's people that near they gotta. You know- like, I didn't papa, Jim's never gonna be able to stop, but all that aside I always like talking to Jim he'll, be buying a few minutes. Then martin star, thousand interests in conversation, sure what I was going to go or how that was going to work out think about martin star and think, like boy Guy never stops talking, but but he was great sweet guy, interesting life, and there was a lot of stuff to two to learn about him and to put some some other thing together about some of the ship Was it he was involved with like freaks engagement, party down and other things.
where he went in? What he's up to now it silicon valley, but it was a username sky now I really like talking to him. He asked me to do so. in with him, and I didn't have followed up on that Maybe I should call him. I want to do right now, but there, but perhaps should do that soon, hate you! It's weird! I talk to pee about jury. Do I get I get summoned. four jury duty and I gotta my guy what I gotta be on the road. I got it. I got work my work. It seems to me that maybe maybe a mistake, but it seems to me when the original- dia of jury duty was put together. They anticipated people primarily worked in town. What type of my work is not about town allotted time? There's a lot of you a lot of things in the balance theirs get drawing and stuff, and then- and I freak out it's the last thing I want to do. But there's part of me that really wants to do it. The one time that I called in to a serve.
It was over like it was. It was the december and there was just no trials going on, so I got off them, but I was sort of re to do it I might you do get a few postponements when you're in the record, I'm in a maybe he does not want to say special. But so I just got the summons and I freak out, and I go. I say to my friends: I'm like what do you guys do with this jury thing and everybody is like nah. Just don't respond to it and my, but you could your you're, bad american you're, a shitty american. You just don't respond to it. You just leave him hanging, so they shoot these summons out into the wilderness, help and I'll get somebody- and I think, that's true. I think they're like relatively desk for people to show up, but I do feel its members. its ability, but not unlike many responsibilities in my life, I'd like to We should down the road to peace and dialogue, no choice and then I will do it so so I'll, let you know how that goes, still ebola free, which I'm happy report,
everybody else is doing as well again em. I know it's been tough few days for for U S, of centred people with mild, flew like symptoms and the people that are in real trouble, real panic, I I'm sorry you going that, but I am I am- As far as I know, I'm I'm still ebola free going on going on fifty one years. So germany is in town, Jim gap again was here, and here too I e said: why don't we talk for a while and unlike our right, so we talked for like an hour and a half, and I told him gonna be awhile before I get that up and you know got a book book out and I'm like, like everyone's alone. We talk specifically about the book and about we need the incredible wait not day, not least china, by just mean like you, he's got he either worker man. He is definitely a worker. Jim gave Higgins book food a lobster. He comes out tomorrow october. Twenty First and we chatted for a bit,
Let's go to me and Jim gave again chatting thank you. I guess it's nice you to combine, but I gotta say that it's weird that you're you're going door to door with a book. Well, united thing. It's! I think this is an important community out here. And I don't even it just out today and you shouldn't you be doing some miles- I mean I know it's it's. I also the m also giving deputy stickers without Well, thank you that food, a love story and w dear stickers, and also stamps dot com. You had a right these books, eddie, I'm stuck. I d like you to answer, but you re happy day. That's what is my code? Stanza come! Oh dear mary, I've done energy users have no one. Ever since I start listening to your power right, our eye, others too episode Thirdly, wrapped every week- and it's pretty impressive, thank you
but that one now the book, like I kind of make fun of you sometimes because when people go, I go. Gaffigan is great. He's one of the best comics working primarily about food. Yes, and I, but you did it's it's funny, our thanks. It's it's reality. I think we do all eat and I think there's something about the time. A good food where I just stumbled into it. Where I may look ii, you start off doing stand up and you you try on different kind of persona is right and you eventually just go back to the persona. You had writer, but there was a moment, whereas anglia, smoking, Sid read out more like a hell and you know you know to shedding that's rare, and so then I came back to this guy who's. Just kind of this he romanticize is laziness. The it. What I want and what I found with food is, I could talk about food and there wouldn't be any grimace in the audience of. And I agree with this premise- even if I,
with cats its bothering me. Maybe you can about animals and ever knew not gonna have everyone's can be at all. It's interesting I talk. I make a reference to saying that I'm a cat lover right, yeah and- and I can feel some of the dog lovers- go alright yes. Well, I got the idea, but the thing with food is Even if somebody is your own, longshoremen or they they eat lobster every night they didn't or if I dont like lobster it's just it's just a vehicle before for jokes and you like lobster. No, I don't it's just bug meet with your your there's, not a nickel's worth of difference between that and a scorpion. Now I get it and what about shrimp? Nothing! That's that's a cockroach yeah! I know I really feel that my heel and eat here- that's cockroach I'll get together if united flavour, I mean I'll yeah. Oh, you did because I'm a pig I like butter.
Cocktail sauce, you dip anything characters. So it's but you're the food. It's getting to the point where. Are you I want? Maybe disability is the end of this chance what are you? What are you talking about? this book is three and thirty pages. It's like I've covered every topics. Are we using? U retiring, I'm ruined, I'm going. I'm goin garth brooks from food real. No, no, of course not outta. How would you talk about blazing and your kids sleep dvd, do much about your kid. I try and I try and keep it to a minimum, but really Why is he thought? Maybe it's not be hard to find a new angle, you just protecting them I know I'm protecting the audience. I would that twenty six year old in the audience watching comedians tar but their wife, her husband and kids, and I was like I don't want to hear it so I really do here to learn so I'll do like only like five minutes in a special about my wife and kids
mad. It's like really that's because you like it's, ok, romanticizing laziness. I mean I don't like it. I guess is guided isaacs minutes and you think that like when I don't even know it's your only joke yours. Some people think that what did that's? What landed? We can do that your pockets was that the cultures gateway to you. It was a blessing yeah and a curse, bright design. Packing everyday volume of the chapter blessing and costs. It is yes about to happen, it's better. Yet you know amazon. I was on CNN com, veteran state, talking about veterans rights and the icon below Doug, stand. Hope sent me this picture, thing is tat. You know was somebody else and in my name was listed as Jim quote: hot pocket, unquote, gaff again. That's how is listed well start about veterans right, so it's like its there's a blessing and a curse right right to these
get busy. The people still call it out, it is absolutely, do you do it? Do I do as an encore at the anthem care? They love it. Well, this is my I'll see. You know I'll, look in my audience and sometimes there will be. You know ten year old in the audience the front row he's just sitting there. I've been waiting for it talk about weddings he's like and what you're talking about it. But when I get in at the end. It's all been worth it for him. For the kids know? Well, you know some of it is it's just you know you you you have shown, beginning a middle and an end there there's a little bit of like let's queen at the end by saying that I think that your sewing yourselves short on the idea of exploring your personal I've, even if it's with kids, because I think that makes an impact on young people, because if something is funny it's funny, but even when I was a kid, I see older guys talk about their wives and you still get a kick out of any. He has somehow or another. I agree wings. I agree with you. There
is something about you know you got a manage what year you know you can't just in my believe, you can't just make a kind of like- and this is what I think is interesting right. It has to be. You know a show there has to be like. I have some jokes that I love that were in brooklyn, more crime. Why have I have? I have white ten pages year of music city jokes. That made work on long island right but ere the bow house, sure I love doing them at the bell house, but they're not going out or not going anywhere. They can't even know. I could do it, maybe in the east village here not ohio, though no no! No, but there's not. which actually this book was weak. Everybody is about food and there is a chapter in their about your struggle with the air the blessing in the course of the higher pockets bid us and your struggle with food and general yeah. I would say: yeah there's a minute. Kind of like under going changed my life. It's like I like to eat
it's one of the abrasive yeah. Like I write, you know, I wrote with my wife and she was like you should have a disclaimer at the end saying that you know that these thoughts are wrong. You could tell me now. I didn't do that. You don't feel it's wrong because world perhaps here we know we're not both have a big mac every day. I do you're not supposed to do I mean I do know what you mean. I mean look when I'm the guy, who gave you a coupon for a free, pint of Ben and jerry's. That's right and I'm the guy who took it and put it in his pocket, so he wouldn't lose it yeah. You bet you won't so all right. Well, well, good luck with the book! Man! I'm glad it's out now, thanks so much yep the I enjoy gym. I enjoy him coming by. I liked. I liked that. I I like I like seeing him. May he one this guy's it I you know with this was around. I was around when he started and we ve known each I've seem to alight different weights in a lot of different I've. Seen him,
gradually? I remember Jim with hair. There's you know it. Is nice to see him Oh yeah, you know what I did. What she's new someone send your people semi shit, and let me tell you something: appreciate everything you send me if you're setting records and all that stuff books whatever it is. I appreciated it's gone, wait where I dont know exactly how to thank everybody, I'm not always graded following up on email. Sometimes, if I like music of tweet tweet about the music I like it, I do generally listen to almost all the music that I get and I do browse through the books, and I do read the letters that you send them I appreciated, and it makes me feel good and I'm glad you guys enjoy the show and I am also glad that you feel like I'm like you can get stuff to me. and I'm and I'm glad that you think that that I'm going to love it and and I'm going to say something about on the podcast or tweeted. That's the gamble, though, really you know you're rolling the dice with that, and I think you know that, and I also want to tell you that sometimes I don't.
The room for everything. So if this stuff does, Stay dry, don't say I love it or I want this around or I m not uniform done given it this year. It deserves. It will enter the ecosystem, it will entered the book system. It will enter the used record system. Just know that idea, I'm not running a warehouse here. I might need to open one, because I am a bit of a pack rat but someone sent me this looking for johnny the legend of johnny thunders its in memory johnny thunders the guitar player for the new york dolls and the heartbreakers, who I knew very little about, but always fucking This town, it is a fucking, brutal story. Man. It's its brutal, in the sense that you use victim of himself in a drawer, diction, is is back in mine blowing, but what what it there was a sweetness to this guy man I just holy fuck some days, where I am so grateful that eating? it strung out on dope and I
continue using drugs in that year that have a daily reprieve from this shit, but but on another level, I'm I'm now becoming this guy and yeah. This is I'm not proud of this, but yeah. I can't I can't I am travelling with the thoroughness of coffee. Now, like I have done with firmness of coffee in my car at all times granted, not though dixon in the world, but it's a little fucked up, because If I'm getting the buzz I used to, I got the thermos of coffee. I got my nicotine lozenges, which I think I've had it. I think they're fucking up my body and I've had the conversation with you guys before. You know that I I on the desire to kick, but it's the same she had in a heroine, but man I am definitely and I'll kick tomorrow mode travelling around with my thermos of coffee do speed balls of nicotine, lozenges and fucking coffee. crashing out at three, because I can't keep my head of I'm on a drug cycle with this shit. I'm not denial about it, at least Its relatively man was not ruining my life but come on man. A thermos of car
be I'm leaving for the comedy store at eighty night to do a show with a fucking thermos for coffee and I'm still going to sleep at night. It's crazy! I'm not johnny, thunders, ok, bye. But you know I am a little strung out and I enjoyed that documentary I'd like to thank whoever the hell sent it to me. I don't even know if it's out yet, but but it's a was. It was good man if you like that period of music, that new pre punk new york thing and how you know the impact he had on on punk music injustice in tone on that gibson, who s ball: junior man just spectacular when we give monkey report I couldn't be more thrilled that my cat is doing well, he's not only doing well he's like back to is like excited cell. He's running around, he does is seen in the hallway worry disorders, bob, sweat move or he runs down the hallway and we too the corner. He runs up. The wall, a bitten and down he's just all,
well juice and I'll, tell you what I did man I just laid off him. I didn't give him the second run of antibiotics, because I thought he was spent and you know when he got sick and he started puking and I thought- and he was deathly with our gic you know I went away for the weekend at my friend. Watch him become back and you know I came back in you know he was still kind of fucked up and I was nervous. But now I got him on this urinary tract food and I and I'm very diligent about giving him the you know the wet food and about you're, given somewhere in the guise of for the beings. He's back he's back, monkeys back, fucking guide- Ah, I just ship my pants just coffee oh I've available deputy of product. Come you get the deputy When I go on the back end, that's a classic. The classic plug
look. This interview with martin star was very moving to me and it was. It was nice to get to know him, so I hope you enjoy it as well. Martin star and me talking. Where do you live? I live here yet westward how you do it my way: I'm not a thing of arriving when you're inherent wisdom westward. Now you have it's a big day yeah, that's just where he settled in westwood you're, like just the beginning of the new barriers we're about to break, and I grew up in los angeles, yeah yeah but where we must as boy santa Monica hospital, Saint John, so you're always here I voted, I lived in florida for one year, which was a terrible year of my life. That sounds like a good place to start
What year was that I was fifteen. I had bought a dog in LOS angeles two months before we left that was like a a pit. Bull was that after freaks and geeks, way before well, not way before, but a few years year and your whole family moved to Florida, just my dad and I well yeah, but right after the divorce, her were divorce was when they went out for ok, ciudad white decides like we're going to florida you'll get remarried na, and so is my stepmom is living in Florida yeah with her family, so she had three kids, This is where it gets more complicated. She was also my aunt on her side. Your mother said is my
So my my mom and my dad and I are married yeah and my mom's brother here- is also married. Okay, the two people not in that family of my mother and her brother get married okay either. So your your father and I get it so that must cause some drama. Yeah it's ok! I was bound. So let's go back to the dog. Ok! Well, so I'd just gonna die, I get them the most it was just a heart heartbreaking to have to leave this dog yeah. I bought it off the street from a homeless man who had clearly just stolen it yeah, and I didn't peace that moral decision together. But- basically stole a dog for five dollars. I've dollar dog, five dollar stealer dollar dog sub, I bought the diana had to give it up. Two months later, before remoter florida
and the heartbreak, the heartbreak yeah. It is kind of sad, though right it was said yeah. I still think about that dog. It was just like beautiful white pit, bull with a brown diamond on his forehead called the casper, a cat really beautiful dog, Having said that, we give it our dear friend and negative good care of it. As far as I know never check back and I I yeah. I don't really know how to uncle. We didn't know anyone that could take. The dogs are an end up being a friend of a friend right, bianca, We found the dog and ice home and then finally, your dad for the zero euro life has pretty terrible yeah? Well, you fourteen. I mean that's a big cheer, you, your cognizant, you're awkward, your high school and then you're the new kid. What far far too I was fifteen and tamper middle florida, yeah middle of the shaft familiar hanging, placid dick afford florida, it's just a terrible place.
So not even a nice beach. Now they're like these murky disgusting kind of waters that are warm year round. So I guess it's nice in the winter, when it's seventy yeah, but like in the summer, when it's like a hundred and ten, you know I've been warm water grows. You're gonna, do a bath discuss always argue, is just an awkward year miserable you I mean, I think we started off in the summer one of the most memorable terrible, that happened was. I was writing off it worked in the absence of my own karma to get myself into this placement. lighting a fireworks and I just notice he added my leg hurts a little bit. I looked down and aunts red fire ants had been coming up. I somehow step directly into an ant pile and they just were running up might like. There is literally like just read. The hallway of my leg. Only add up this like poncho it. I was wearing the reigning little there
So there is an all over me and I was stripping running back to their to where we lived stripping off all my clothes. and down to my underwear as I ran into the door and then strip my underwear off and jumped into the shower immediately to take a really cold shower yeah, and it did not. It still didn't work. It's just so painful florida awful good, even enjoy the fireworks Did you get off before the ant predicament, I think one or two man they ruined it. Was you buy yourself now that my dad, my my brother, so you just had of did they tell you go get I just ran. They didn't know what to do, and I think my dad told me to go hop in the shower, so I just ran back how many brothers you guys just you and your brother. I have three step brothers, Zero is blood, rabbit like brothers. You are an only child sibling and I am an only child for the most part you are.
part of no step brothers in the other ones. Around too much right by me for the floor. fourteen years you're sort of an only child. Well, my dad had my dad had a previous marriage, so married once than married for yoga, cnn, misstep or others from there. I a step other and two stepsister wow, so six total and and they their very interesting people, beautiful lovely p. That sarcasm. No, I mean now get on and all in all a genuine. That's nice have an interesting family here, and so what? Brings you back to us angeles. Just right, backfired, I mean that was a big part of it yeah it. I get me the fuck. Here we go over mom, yeah can't be. I can live with mom and her boyfriend at the time. It's got frank, frank, good, guy, yeah! Really
the guy. I think he meant well really good businessman. The app is he was very business minded and even at that age, because he was around when I started working on freezing geeks and he was kind of like pushing me to do more. Business minded things when here with whatever and you know, product that I was selling that's kind of how he would look at it right. You know and now I understand, but then I was just like I just like acting man like I dunno why you gotta make this like a thing where I'm like on product, but he he had a good head on his shoulders. In that regard, I just don't want to be. I dunno, I never really business. Wasn't your thing yeah we're part of like do this, and when did the acting start like mom had a business they kind of revolved around acting, which was, as she moved at european ass. It was called in the act and it was the business where cast
directors and producers and directors of ink as well would come in and share with a class of actors right that had you not paid twenty dollars to come to this class share with them scenes from something. They'd worked on or something that they're doing now, or something like that right and the, and they would kind of like give notes afterward after a cold reading. So they were like basically cold reading workshops with producers, and directors and casting directors, though, did it did your mother ever succeed in acting at all? Yes, she I mean she has worked for the last I mean since she came out here when she was eighteen or nineteen. Oh yeah, or maybe look like anything. We now enjoy yeah I mean she's she's had parts in alone. things. I'm shoes, unlike beast master, way back when I m to spend a lot of men tat. She is well she was in silicon valley, but unfortunately, for time, cutting up and hopefully at some point, she'll be back and
independent of me. No really. If the judge had just cast her and they were like, we are, I think we'd cast your mother and then, as I was really excited to say, you guys your pals yeah. I mean you know how I feel it ever since I was a bit of a work in progress hours, certainly ass a ass a but year, we will have kind of we recently taken up clippers games together, let oh yeah, we're gonna bonding over sports and where's your old man, medicine for so easily on their stuck with that one yes levels off. He did it. they found what they did. So when do you actually start acting all agree? I think the firs I did anything officially. I was young. I was really young eyebrows and classicist over my mom. She rose like find scenes where, if there is one extra and in a workshop yeah, then they would.
it of me yeah, and I think those people didn't like it, because I would always outshine them. I would always outshine them just because low in her workshops you mean the a so if I Is there was an odd man out. Then I would go and do a scene with that person and some people were kind of excited at it and other people, I think, were bitter and they were like this fucking kid's going to steal. My thunder just by you're being a key idea. Ds like you, have quality you like just don't care the nonchalance even just being there. So, whether your good or not I think what everybody aspires to like you, gotta get back to that yet owner when you're older, so where you going out additions when you're that young near we're done, bank of america, commercial ice, identical other small parts nea and where you'd like a natural word. What
well? I did, what did your mom teach? You I mean? Were you ever trained as a kid? I think when I was yeah, I definitely kind of got training later, but that wasn't until I think it was like nine eight nine ten, taking a class with this guy Kevin Mcdermott mia at a place, he had started called centre stage, allay the and that way that guy I don't. I don't know how my parents had a connection to him, but I once I started going there, I loved her. He was just a general we like compassionate person in the way he would like things out in the middle of scene, sometimes in emulates or perhaps the other one emulates him, but like judd, I think, directs like that sometimes and allotted tv comedy and stuff about a comedy directors will just kind throw out ideas, and he had he come I always do that during scenes, where he would throw something out of your fellow you needed a booster, yet you needed some instead,
and you'd have to improvise around that yeah. It was. It was an improv class, okay and I was really liked it cause. I felt like I was getting the reaction from my peers at that point that I that made me feel good right, the laughs yeah the most part, and even you know, because we did drama improv as well. So I really what's out like a crying you can do it. The area will be, will you start doing acting where you generally awkward I mean who isn't awkward. I I moved around a lot and I always saw that as like an opportunity. Every time moved to a new school cause. I went to way too many schools and I saw that an opportunity like change the view of my my environment on me, like how would you do that? Never worked? Well, I was thought I go I'll change I'll, be different and and the cool guy. Now, wherever I go, you are going to make that decision. Yeah that that you don't make that decision. I found out after years of trying every school you're like.
The cool guy now but I also didn't know how to do it right. You know I mean like those guys who are cool in high school, who usually to be nothing like the emphasis and nothing that you have sons but like guys, don't know why their cool they just probably of our graced with something genetically that they'd? They don't even know about, or they just don't care charm and insecurity. The I give it. just insecure and you don't have the charm part, nero trouble. But here the care and your charming. Then the world war big, your oyster, yes, theory. Gamma has made it up I don't disagree with. I mean I think those qualities of mesh wealthier terminals we can then go to hollywood? The entire industry is built on that So why did you move around so much? I mean I know you went to florida for a year, but you moved around within l a too yeah my parents were were very particular about
the education and I got so they would constantly kind of recheck the system and find a new place it'll be, even though it meant pulling you out of the social structure and yeah. I mean they just didn't find the the system we are, and then I went to really like you know, quote prestigious schools. I work, I think the first school I went to her first and second grade was maybe just second grade open school. This place open school, which was just like like a monastery school by everyone, sort of like it's up to you guys to decide what you want to do now. I was, it was more like academics, market like an intentionally fur likes markets, rigour and academics, type scorpion academically, smart kid I didn't I do and my my pistons were firing in that capacity, but I didn't like it so I didn't do their homework, but I could pass the test right, and so
that's what ended up being the marker for me of being being able to get in. The schools rise like I could do that right, but then I wouldn't get great grades, because I didn't care enough to do the homework and and that's not what drove me yeah, but I think I've really like peak when I was in. I went to the law centres can high school for the arts, o o the air. When us, when I moved back from florida, so they then, I guess you work cookie there is everyone's cookie there right. Yet, where I mean it was I found to be I meant that was just free is so much more free I hadn't been in a sky had been in a school environment where people were openly gay and that was like that clearly defined have different. This was right from every other right, educational environment, I'd bene that struck you, and immediately here and it was like that's such a great thing- a people were free here, right and
an open, I mean there were still like the construction of the hierarchy and all those things still kind of parlay their way into the system? right on the social structure, but just a little bit different and white. Where were the performing arts and felt the full range leah, like music, music theatre irving? dancing and visual arts. When did you start doing? Your actual acting? There doing plays and that kind of stuff, when I, when I was just about to do our first year, project would have been that would have been my first opportunity ever to do a play due to do actual theater. I I left to be a part of freaks and geeks so or that so so you didn't finish the school now it was a really hard decision to. I almost didn't do freaks and geeks, because I love that's cool so much, and it took me so long to like rack to see this environment to to be a part of this this
I was so rewarding so what great, where you and when he stopped was in oh, I think I only went there for half of my eleventh great year. That was all of my schooling there. So did you finish high school? I did I'm in kind of I. No I sat and I were living together right again said rogan. I were living together when we are both going to like it. I think he was like taking tessier there. He might have even he might not have graduated for a while, he went to the school with you know, but he was still like doing homes, schooling right arm, Canada write his school in vancouver right I don't know if he ever let it then he just kind of stopped. I know that he just didn't give a shit and stopped at some point, because clearly this wasn't going to be a part of the way the trajectory of his for them at the moment, and it wasn't now and he may have never. Graduated are not actually sure, but I went
school where I cheated on tasks like they honestly. didn't care enough to really monitor anything but the choice. I mean the choice to take the row over, not take it. The oh! No though something that I like pondered, for a while how what was efficient process. Anatomy gazette show is so important to so many people in so specific and your character that character of bill was, so pivotal? I mean, like I talk to you about it here. may the people that I know who, like that show Scene of you, just watching television by yourself, is like one of the most powerful moments of television for for a lot of people that have talked you now. Is that just that is sitting there, given your environment, giving your situation and watching comedians and laughing as a you know, it was is just a defining moment. So how? How was walk me through the process of how all that
in because Jatin and empower someone's younger too, What was it like? My ex it's, my memory is meeting without and jones and reading for casting agent yeah the one and is a wonderful human being like really just a sweetheart? but I went in and saw her and I read for sam and then and then a read for kneel and then or maybe I read for salmon. Then she brought me back in for bill. She was like go, read this and come back, and I came back in and audition again and then she was like she was like that was great, and she, like you, could see. She was like. That was great. I was like okay, I just laughed and just to me it was just kind of like another audition at that point, so you'd already been sort of I you accepted. Auditioning is not necessarily personal rejection, just part of the process of trying to do what you want to do
yeah? I think now is a lot harder, it's funny how then it didn't matter. I also didn't think I was ever going to be an actor and ever thought the like. That was something that I could possibly duke that seems so far fetched to seed in that arena, and I was very aware that leg, it wasn't just talent that it took a lot of driving and generally success in whatever field takes so much more than a single trade or characteristic. It takes a combination of a lot of things and drive is the biggest one I'd say from for most people, and I even feel, like you had that now just didn't. I didn't think like I don't know. I didn't trust myself from. I knew that like within my acting class my improv class, I felt like the man but- and I felt a guy I could I myself there, but I know that I could ever succeed in this rise. In essence, such a huge business right
but yeah, but I left in addition just thinking it was another addition and at that point it was, and then I got a call back and an and german Paul were there eating pizza, something they just go launch and they were trying to care of everybody. There was waiting in the waiting room so that they weren't like sitting and eating which a lot of people will do and dislike make people right. They were like very well understand at over there just very courteous and so I going in and auditioning for them and then leaving and then getting call back to go to NBC for tests So is there? So it's interesting, though you know what you want and wanting to commit your life to this, but you didn't have much confidence in it. I just confidence in my own ability, I didn't have confidence that, like this was the thing like I said, To be like a veterinarian, or I was still I try
to figure out. You know when you're sixteen years old. You know that no point was I like this. Is it this, is what I have to do right cause you're still. Though unsure and awkward earliest I was there. I never had this decision right made a decision, was like let my environment make that decision, I think after freaks and geeks I was like okay, so this is it. This is what I get to do right so now I just have to put everything in Ok, so you get cast, they tell you. The guy, when do you meet everybody else where met everybody and the task of a wife I met sam, I met, I am at SAM Levine and I met, I think, I'm assuming we'll be there and I met John Daly there and then three other people who were testing for each of our parts as well relationships are at a forum pretty quickly yeah.
I think James and I became fast friends south and I became friends, because we, the same age and jason, kind of by the three those three guys became pretty fast friends and salmon. I used to hang out a lot and then john: I try to hang out with a lot, but because he was two or three years younger. It was just a different environment cause he couldn't necessarily come and hang out the rye that like salmon, I had the freedom having cars and doing what we wanted and he was so. under the authoritarian household, family regime right. He had to listen to his father and stumbling on some interesting. He became friends with james first no I remember, as the series went on he and I I think of the of the freaks and and I became the closest and then james and I became very close where we started writing. We rose short together and aha I still bodies, I don't I don't know
him very well, I don't feel like at this point. Is that weird? as it is a little weird yeah, there's some I don't sometimes? I goes. Barriers are bro those bonds or broke. and you don't know where you were, he seems to have can sort of different trajectory than a lot a lot of you guys. I guess, are you still friends? Oh yeah, yeah yeah. So James is the one that kind of went off and did whatever the hell he's going to do, and I think everybody goes off and does what what they want to do. he just was tremendously ambitious How did all these things that we had another I have the desire to do What's so it's it's interesting to me because I get I still even as a guy who sort of works in show business that, like my My feeling is like what you guys I'll have to be friends forever. He doesn't like. You know you get emotionally attached to people who play roles in over a period of time and you just these assumptions
all of them got to be still be friends for the most part, So you move in with seth like during freaks and just after we were seventeen. We were both seventeen nea and then it's shortly after that, I went off to do my first big movie, and I was like this: it I'll do. A big movie did a tv show did a big movie, the movie come out and it'll be hot. Be gravy yeah, I kind get a big head which movie was movie, you ve never seen haha, it was called cheats yeah. It was initially old cheaters, and then we could name at that because of the Jeff Daniels tv movie of the week that came by the same name, I think so he changed the name and then it was doomed adam who is kind of what was it about. It was well four guys who cheat on tests as like a business sighed the school. That idea- and
I was the guy who writes crazy small. So, like people would, you know view chewing. A piece of gum on that wrapper for the piece of gum would be all of the notes you needed for the last, where I all have the answer either. I was the guy who did that and also had asthma, as it was very interesting, fun. So after having jack you're like the nerd kid, I mean- I I I guess so I mean that wasn't way would fit, I suppose, but but other that was that was nerdy ish character. Well, when you were doing that the average our character like that seem like why his recollection of it was. I was something from his childhood. You remember that scene where just sitting there watching television the totally worthwhile, with your experience of it, of doing that,
John and one of the other writers was. They were screaming out, jokes, ah to me, because that whole scene is yeah without without sound idea. So they were just or you're just sitting and watching, and they knew it was not there's not going to be any sound yeah and they were just screaming out jokes. I was watching. I was looking at a blank screen at that point and they were just shouting out jokes, that they remembered I travelled ram and what ended up just becoming the dirtiest joke, so they could think of to try to make me laugh yet and they succeeded. So that's it That's the beauty of acting! That's what really happened, though the story it's difficult world you are living in and we are experiencing you having the one bit of reprieve that you get from the insanity and what we like what it, whether things you do, ducas liking my mind when you're a child actor, would you kind of were arise area.
With whom we hang out with me. You I mean you're living with south, or what do you do for hobbes? Did you build a life years out? Do you said I smoked a lot of weed yeah and that went well for awhile and then like it seems like Seth still smokes a lot of weed seth has kept it up. Yeah, he's committed he's he's build more momentum. I think I think snoop Doug, most more weed than him, but just by a hair why I asked snoop Doug fairly recently how much weight he smokes per day and he said a half ounce. What. Why said it first, he said depends what day and as it today is a half hour. it's because I'm working as it oh well how much on a regular day, ounce and a half wow is out of control. Yet I think it he built up a. I think he built up a tolerance I'm gonna have a veto for sure. If you do these smokes till now, I quit
long time ago, I kind of started. I had trouble sleeping recently, and so I started smoking a little bit. it again did help tourists. Libya works wonders, but when one of the things you do you're mystery me, I guess I turn to my guy. I hope where we can talk, you do because of a fan, but as a glitter like what's what's is where I realized like: what's he up to that guy? What do you do for fun and well. I was raised buddhist, so is that your idea why? question that. Are you lying to me? Are you going to me you're, not lying. You mean like nami, how buddhist yeah, so your mom was like got into that in the sixties, early seventies, yeah, my mother and father both got into the nineteen eighty one. I was born in eighty two haha and yeah, and it stuck I mean, even though I have an assembly consistently practiced I've, it's a huge part of my life and, like my fundamental core, really
can you explain to me the bullet help me because I'm like you, you seem very calm and You seem ok with yourself these. Things I dont possess, so you. Do I mean, like you, like what does it mean to be brought up as a buddhist? I've only talk to one other one and he was in the the very involved in like you know, sit yo spreading the message of that particular form of buddhist at the time that it became popular, because it was a time where it's interesting to me that, whilst wasn't was in hollywood in particular, becomes like this testing grounds for things would be assumed is called in a way, but that thing really took off. I mean that the place our from a from it. The most is in the house. movie. The last detail whereas randy quaid, Neil stumbles in a buddhist you have to that particular form. So I was that
must have been going on in the seventies and is because that's word sorted, took off your right so well, what does one do as a buddhist? What were the things that you learned? Well, it's fundamentally it's based on the principle that everyone is capable of becoming a buddha and of achieving buddhahood in this lifetime haha, How close you I mean it's, it's a large. all but everyone as pretend goals like it just to give you hope I do think it's possible, but at some it's it's different from. I think the way that Their buddhism is thought and, like you know you
shave your head and you wear a robe when you go to the top of a mountain, and you find peace in nature and and away from civilization right this counter counters. That entirely in that you challenge yourself with the superficial realities of our society right and and use those to facilitate your growth and development as a human being. Okay, so what is buddha heard mean I ultimately leggum pace a place of peace and enlightenment and and respect for yourself and your environment and the ultimate goal of the organization of the the soca guy and which is initially was the soca coca, which man value creation and educational society. And now it's soca guy, which is value creation society.
The ultimate goal, is world peace seems very simple seems like, and I should be. the pageant winner right now talking about world peace, but it's really like it's something that we should all be striving for, and I feel like it's a it's a forgotten goal as a human being on this earth. I think that's probably true yeah, because people have gotten it's selfish, ensure that you, you know we live in a sort of narcissistic culture, one hundred percent careerists. How do I get what I need? How do I get to be? What I want so do you chant? I do you daily. I try to you and is our help is admitted it. Would you consider that meditation, yes and does help Eliah s amazing, like in in terms of the practice of chance and in this sort of practical elements of of of what you get from that, because I I'd like to meditate, but I dont, so you ve got
and until you do tm? No, I don't do anything I'd I'd like to I'd like lady I'd like to I quietly, but I think if you have a chat, her some you can just do it. The euro, You did all your life. You have feels very natural. May I see sometimes people who were reno new to the organization or to chant, and there we are, into it, and I realize what we're doing is we by normal standards right, but that you seem so absolutely not well to now one when like did you get any flak for that ever not. I remember I fully accept our family because my my mom comes from like a very catholic family. I think they dislike the fact that she veered from catholicism and garden, and the funny thing is like both religions, practice peace or, like that's, that's their message.
near and acceptance in arise? I really like you look into the depth, of course, catholicism and it's about accepting other people in the differences and for giving people right and so funny how difficult that seems to be as when it's actually, needed to put into practice the hour and the other item. You know shit. Although yeah I'm not, I mean. Does that really wasn't my intent, but I I just thought it was funny that you know that that how how difficult it was to put to put into practice when, like that's one of the fundamental rules of the which is why I think that now, I think most religion set out to do to be pretty sort of proactive in terms of we'll behaving properly and waving, a decent life for then the politics of their religion and the The organization of the religion- and I you know the powers that you of the people that take power within religions, have kind of fuck things up yeah, but so with catholicism, you get the hell business, which is what we have to talk
fine for medium. Read my brain around here where you raised jewish conservative vicious. wish not wrote with any real sense of god to use god more. What it really meant. It was always sort of an abstract, never something practical, and it seems like in terms of what we are dealing with it. There seems to be some practicality. Do it it's like you can get some relief from engaging in this and there is not necessarily a deity that needs to be a placated or north or appeased there doesn't seem to be any am punishment Four transgression now is buddhism deal with transgression and well I mean mistakes are a part of life and I I think is there a list of mistakes now that I'm in a minute comes down to like more all karmic We're standing, xo.
You recognize in your environment how your treated and and accepting that as something that You deserve, as opposed to something that is as a whole, plenty of finger of blame at whatever is causing you. This problem So you always recognise yourself as the thing that can change in any environment as opposed to trying to change your environment. Go that's always impasse. What are you supposed to? Innately know? What's morally improve improper, may more. Do those who hasn't come from. I go k yeah. But they come more through human interaction like us talking about what is, I mean, you know innately. What's right and wrong bullets airstrip, on drugs. yeah and you're like wow. This is killing me and I just blew somebody for drug money yeah, but you know I'm chanting Well, then, the able than the next moment every moment is a new opportunity to find yourself on a new path. So, as a pole,
to looking back and blaming yourself for what has just happened or blaming anyone there's no recourse for what just happened yet Your now, given the next moment as an opportunity to change for the better right, so taking that next moment, as opposed to focusing on how you ve already made mistakes right, so that so that said, that sort of eternal present kindly yeah, but it isn't been in buddhism. Isn't there a sort of a a duality concept that the universes here is what it is and What is the basic spiritual premise of the buddhist worldview that everything is interconnected. And that you that one human being can change the world one hundred per cent, but it isn't through it's through changing yourself right. So the the constant struggle and his human revolution is what it's called inside the oregon
and the organization. Now I really sound called member, but I can say my buddhist practice, though yeah we we refer to it as as human revolution, which is just basically, you know looking inside yourself and changing yourself for the better and being actual proof of the capabilities of this practice. Wow. So, do you like? Are there? Do you go? Someplace will we used to be connected with its debts? fundamentally based on new trend, I showed him and he is the one that of pioneer This idea that everyone can become about us out. That everyone is about us out of the earth and that everyone can pain buddha hood in this lifetime and and then and at that point we were connected with the priesthood yeah and the priest believe
in order to attain buddha that the normal lay people lay practitioners couldn't achieve boot hood unless I don't think they could achieve it at all, but the priests could help them by being the end like you not being the middle man right between them in and god, yeah and Is there a god its domestic law of cause and effect karma. but the interconnectedness of all living things- it that's the thing so so that that is the type of buddhism practiced was sort of one these. It took it from a philosophical, almost insulated in very specific, idea to something that everybody can engage in, so
was the that was the idea that the transition into the type of buddhism that year, your practicing bed the difference between getting getting in touch with the big, nothing ingesting sitting an enlightened state. This was, I sort of like way what we ve gotta, be able to take these ideas and make them practical on men and and applicable to everyday people know, and that's where that's where that comes in Well, it seems to be working and I feel more relaxed his time. We come to a meeting in january, really is Do it a an idea that you you should reach out to other people? yeah I mean I think I was pushed. Wags. I stop practicing for quite some time now. I think I'm gonna been pulled back towards it, part of that being my father's having got to health issues, and so I been spending
what time with him and I've been chanting for his health and recently yeah. This is within the last six months or a year and so you are sort of not as active and now you're more active, and so it's away more? There are other points in your life where, where where there was crisis or or frustration and in and yes spiritual, your existential dilemma that kind of pulled you back in. Short term yeah yeah this. This feels like a new ground like I better foothold on it now with this, and is your father still practicing one hundred percent. Oh yeah, is he doing all right or he's doing here? Ok, it's a battle. Man! Yeah is a it's a pretty severe battle, so we're in the midst of it, but but he's got a great deal of hope and determination. So that's great, ok now Let's talk about from your relationship with with job
As for me, I gonna want you out television. I saw party down and advocacy. the guy you know it it. It seemed like you sort of we're in this world of of of comedies that has been come. That has become the dominant force in comedy the people that you were involved with from freaks and geeks. You know with certain everybody but but the movie thing when I saw you in in knocked out, holy shit. How there is you like like worthy, been leaving work in the whole time now, I'd I'd had a pretty big gap. I think in between freezing. and then knocked up, The party down came after knocked out yet where alike I got a tattoo like decided. I wasn't going to be an actor anymore has mostly due to not feeling respected and encouraged by my environment. I think that the people that an animal
I can't blame it on them, because it was my decisions that put me in opposition, but, like my agents and should at the time were terrible, really care about me or know how to influence me in south. So there is, MR coming out of life, so this is after freaking geeks after a couple of movies, or you sort of being type of this dorky kid here and you were you had a wall, yeah I had a war. Would you get what going to have to this thing the star a bleeding star here What's the meaning at the time, anyways at the time, It's evolved quite a bit, but at the time of glad it's still evolving yeah, it's still evolving at the time it really just represented my and what I, what I didn't like about the business and what I didn't want to be consumed by, which was the selfish nature, the business side.
things right. It wasn't about what I love about. Acting or creation or storytelling it was the armor driven, and you really had to yourselves to be an asset to to these people and they have very this expectations out every year, which were all financial like really had to meet these expectations that didn't fit into my parameters, right of design, and what they deprive were cut off. Cornering you to be some sort of clown. Yet will they just stopped working. For me, to be honest, we ain't the only time I m phone calls and and their fellow more often than not and in my life that they like that is for some reason. My place, though, like I'm, not that I feel a gauges, oftentimes when they can, they are represented. There just feeling calls a lot of the time right, as opposed to like fighting for me
to be in movies that so their packaging are giving the opportunities that I don't necessarily have a my own had enough that exists anymore. That type of and you may be right. I mean I know they are packaging things but sure, but there's this romantic idea that, like you, know, he's out there working for me. I dunno it really. I there are often times. I wonder why ten percent of my money goes to someone that and to be honest, the moment I really like the people that I'm with here like them as human beings, I like talking to an ivory like they have a lot of wisdom. When I talk about the projects that you know are on the table or something, but it's Still like? I don't. I don't really know where I stand or how much I'm in a given moment right our day or so what was I or month when you got that right who in turn your back on it like will now that manifests itself What was your plan
well. I got a job for one day as a barrister I made two dollars to get a test can be a test barista for a day, and then there was the the job I think I've had aside from acting and then knocked up him. So wasn't that long, a period now and I had and kind of decided. I wanted to get back into it but how long was it before? Like you know, when you said fuck this I mean. Was it yours or was it I think I had quit for a year. So he had money saved from free, jason's now I'm broke you did there now is earned part of your buddhist nature. That thought like this is an opportunity No, I think I was unlike the I was in the state of how I was happy at all. I was miserable, for the most part has terribly press even you knocked up shooting I movie. I was in a pretty bad where well. It's all, have their manifestos ever you living alone.
I think I was living with my mom at the time I was twenty two or twenty three and whatever the cases, I am sure, that's not terribly old to be. your parents, but I moved out at seventeen so till I go back and live with. My mom again was just a rancid idea like just such a period like terrible. Like you fail yeah. It was. It felt so demeaning the allies and wishes abortive. She was incredibly supportive. She, I moved concerned, I imagine outta ya, very very concerned, but she she gave up a lot to help me including selling her. She had a beautiful place on the beach, which is where she was gonna retire, and she it sold that and and kind of ended up getting fucked over. I remember, but then she sold that so that she could get a much bigger place a little. further east, though that we can live together and have more space, such is worried now does worry a medicine, or did you like why? What were you doing? You're just like in dark place here,
and you weren't being you'd, given up on the spirituality element, alimony your life or what I was still kind of chanting here and there, but that wasn't I wasn't driven to do its work is not unusual age to go through that better. that you had this success? and they you'd had your dream sort of shattered for fairly ideological reasons. I mean it sounds like you. Pride could have kept working right. I don't know they just hanging out to dry. That's what a fella gear. I remember calling my age and my buddy David David crumbles, had the time I'd like talking on the phone I don't feel like doing anything for me as in my car and, as you know, just going off to him about it and he was like giving me all this advice and he was like this, which you have to do. You have to give ultimatum, you have to call them. You have to say fuck. This you're fired I, the eurostar, fucking working for me or you're, fired, and the answer after that phone call, it got me all fired up and I I called- and I
I said basically that like either start working for me or I don't think we should be working together anymore. I should I should be with someone that is going to work man. She was like. Okay, I totally understand so. well one leg more. What the fuck you and I and I realized through that phone call the like this- is how she had felt for two years, but because had continued to come in right. She was just here free money as it was the channel ok, I don't give a shit and I'm not working for you at all. She just kind of ask me they're gathering money for her based on the work that I had our yeah gotten on my own because of my body of work that at a time, and that's it that's a brutal realisation. It was really hard to take that in and realise that, like this was just a terrible human being, but that's in some way the nature of the internet. Speed. agent ya like absolutely fundamentally you're, just looking to make your company this your job to make your company as much money as you can, and so, if you do,
someone that's even bringing in a small amount of money. Of course you don't waste any time working for them, but a. But someone is bringing in a small amount of money. It's not beneficial for you to drop them. Yet. I know they're like who knows what could happen, yeah that guy could get a call, and then I could you know, get a big payday, yeah yeah, it's a He because, like there's also, this idea is, to guide the of of who they are and that their working for you in that they represent you in that year. You have your shoe in the door and all she had yeah there's something about show business about the agent. But you know, I don't have. It was the same experience, but you think I will. These are my friends, and in my best interest is yo. They have my best interest in mine, but then there a day we are like, they don't give a fuck. It emerges these movable pieces, it can move the peace, they don't mind, just sit and with it tell me it's it's it's heartbreaking. so you just felt stranded.
Now you're without an agent and you're like what the fuck and your mom, who has been through this I imagined before met. add some guidance on it. I don't think I consulted her about what was going on in my life at that point, so you're you're, the darkness for a year. Getting bleeding star tat is o j, we're? U suicidal now, you're just pissed I'm in be lying. If I said I've never had like a suicidal thoughts, yet does a huge difference between having that thought and bringing it into spirituality. I want his self pity pitying, the other one is, you know you mean business yeah, yeah yeah, so so then out of nowhere judged calls Well, I think it a bit. You know these things start so much earlier than we are aware of rights as an actor and so I say abandoned, for a while. Perhaps it was one of the driving forces behind vienna. Some of the people in my life,
kind of came to be like mine. For now I don't. I know that this thing was happen. Before he and I were together, but there are many stunning job for me in a lot of ways Sonia. I wouldn't hold it against him, but this thing was happening in. reached out to man, and then you know a month later I found out about knocked up. You know come happening. I think and my agent at the time whose, like this small kind of booty gauge and who wanted to be like a painter and you know, really can live this cliche like this. I lay cliche yeah he I remember, firing him, because I we had a conversation about the business I event and I was like well, I want to be more business savvy yeah. If you know, if I'm going to continue doing this, I just want a better head on my shoulders that I don't you know, feel unaware and vienna blindsided. Yet at any points I just wanted to ask as many questions.
The first question was: do you think we should get a lawyer and Vienna just like deal with them? The fine tuning your contract and stuff like that and my agent at the time we just like, didn't care or have a business mind. He was just like man. I don't. I think this is all we're going to get, and then talk to my sure and he was I I don't think it'll hurt and I know a guy who's good. Who can do I will do a pro bono, the first time around right just to prove his worth. You know right, so he did that and and end up being so crucial to my financials ready for years to come. Refer the knocked out contract year, which will I wasn't a bit I give up. It was just like having a precedent of getting something after the movies released. Getting some like, getting like allotments of money that were pre determined tat if the move
reach certain go right, which wasn't a tremendous amount of money right really, especially considering the vienna that it had to reach hundred, a hundred million dollars first right, but These small amounts of money meant the world to me at them. Yeah cause. I was completely broke right. So the fact that, like he was just nonsense, didn't give a shit. I'm firing him for it anywhere. I have worked out. Ok if I did make a hundred million yeah yet and so after so after knocked out, you do party down here and those fine right I was amazing. I was ready to enjoy here again in turn everything around here does not apply. If you think about it, like you tell me, you're in this dark place, poisoner character, sir lent itself, sir, I think it has to. I mean my wife had to bleed into that, or else I wasn't being honest because it was so defining of my life at that point like it was in every part of the way I was living what does the darkness and the tv and the anger for that
it was a it's an odd character and it was a little bit disturbing, yeah yeah mission accomplished. But when you because you're known for doing commies, but there they are a sort of there's a lot of hard in them, but you can cities a comic actor. I feel a guy. I am told it so much that I just have associated with what I do, but I dont they don't think that's a defining characteristic in them and what I bring to I do yeah, I don't think it has to be comedic, so the party down that that didn't survive that must have been pretty heartbreaking. Yeah I mean waco just fucking used to it. Now I mean to beyond as its more surprising to me that the like right now, I'm a part of something that is living up to it's potential that, like in all ways, is valley's a great show, yeah, it's it's. It's such an amazing experience to be supported by a network by an h b. O is gone.
and beyond what they need to do? and they loved the show. I know I'm a tough audience, but I really like it and I'm in in, like you know, TJ miller used to bother me, but, like I gotta give it to you guys, I mean you really their their income. Male, who I know well, as a comic and your teacher. I don't know that, while the dna eyes annoyed me and watch brenner is on my show. He he plays my assistant on marin and he kind of pulled out for three episodes to do my show why who's shooting silicon valley so, like I, I feel like something personal like that not at stake but like I would be more judgmental because I know everybody but like it works so fuckin. Well, it's so funny and it so The ensemble works and ended. Characters is a well defined and they seem to really be you know great common character. Here we go, I mean we are really lucky to that that how open mike was in the air sure of it because I think First read the script:
wasn't super excited why? Because there was the room, there was something missing. I think also I'd I'd talk to my friend before had read it and he said the same thing so had that, in my mind that, like maybe this was on the best. But I remember reading it and there are pieces there that our beautiful but but or something in the pilot that I mean it changed from when I read that right, violent, but from what was there was crucial, is what wasn't there, which like Camille and I weren't, really a part of it right. He was more about that you gonna main guys together around the house and thomas If turkey J and as a joint on us, which ones tom hellish middle, ditch, we I readily manga mega socially come about them more and the side characters in the house were just that right and then these girls that come up a con valley- and this be storyline, which was these girls who come up to me- rich dues and fuck them and take their money.
We are like become maternal even in anymore. They they yeah, they. Unfortunately, just kind of I mean, even in reading that first pilot Remember feeling like this- isn't like you kind of have to pick right. One path right here following these girls year, following these guys right, because they don't even really meet up and that first pilot, yet they like bear interact, arrive and I've Is just such a different tone and I think of the pilot itself found itself gotta help no like feels disrespected when they stand, but this is just how I feel about it. They like them the way that it evolves. like really embodies the protagonists like these You have some under route for, and you have this group of guys. They came together by way of mike and and dave kerensky in and I'll truer like getting
on board, with the evolution of a hand. So, like I wasn't a part of the initial pilot. The script and neither was camille really and, and so these characters kind of evolved and they're like we need this group right. So the group mentality, kind of became a thing, and I and that's what it is about. this group of really weird guy's going on this journey together? What did they say a government, the crowley stuff like it seems to be like it's kind of something that you it seems very suited to you in the way that he sort of like strangely emotionally disconnected but very justified in in his philosophy my dad he's countering what it's probably emotional, arid or or insecurity on some level. With this this them. This dark philosophy, which am
you feel about that? What did you resonate with that? Did you have to do research, for that? Did you just stick with the script or would you do? I read the satanic, vibe and time on facebook and on the right, satanic, bible, yeah. I I I haven't finished it. Yet it's it's quite a read, but it's really interesting yeah. I, and that's that's? What kind of informed a lot of We have a shameless good time. What I brought to it yeah the abbot funny also coming from this place of almost peacefulness like he's they just as at search like he has such confidence. And himself and seems to be the only one that does- and I think it comes from this place of knowing how this is how the world works. If everybody read the fucking, satanic bible utah, So now that by giving a shit about anything, is pointless it's also a sort of on some level and some do meet eu kind of malignant way. Buddhism is sent, speaks a summit that we are not morally right, but in turn,
existential it s totally if we make that connection, I mean, I suppose now at the time I think, as there was purely rooted in the satanic and are you having a good time? oh, my god, it's I've been really fortunate to be a part of a freeze, engage switch, I'm just an incredible experienced top to bottom soup to nuts and then party down as well Rigour, people and the purpose behind both of those shows was very pure and this as well. to be around, I mean we're like a family and to be a part of something where you know whether this goes or not, whether whether we are forced to be around each other or not, by way of h, b, o picking us up for season after season and I'll be friends with these people.
Are rina mia. These were these are lifeline friends that I've made already that's sweet near and having digit, but do we did eight the first season I believe were doing either eight or ten, the second season, so that just got it got picked up and you guys are going when you start shooting we start shooting in october, while Martin was talk. Any gillig was at times flew right good. It was fun to I alright that was great I loved you know that guy and I you know, I don't hear we. We talk a bit about go into one then buddhist meetings. Out of what have I got to lose by doing that, maybe maybe they'll be it I mean it seems like and he got a lot of charity already from an I'm, always nervous, almost nervous about going meeting, but maybe, but maybe I will only have a yes may be nice to hang out with him on that level on a spiritual level. Oh my god. I'm so jack. I need a nap
I can today this seems becoming a tradition? Doesn't it Do you know what to do? I think that we should all celebrate I won't do that that written at you I get stuck in like three:
ports? That's like like a little talking blues business. is it
in the I wish I could sing so MIKE. You know the gotta arrive, maybe I'll write a talking where's about monkey's bladder. I didn't prepare, I'm not prepared, for. I really can't do a toxic waste because the cars
I didn't write anything and that's no way to document, so just the just pretend that that I've written that talking to the internet right now, I'm saying like a very important thing: the guy strings itself out, like bob used to do they just keep talking, keep talking. You don't know when you're going to go back to the waiting abnormally long time for him to get back to the main versus of talking and then all of a sudden you're in the boomer lives?
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