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Episode 548 - Jimmy Vivino

2014-11-05 | 🔗
Jimmy Vivino is the current bandleader on Conan, but during his two decades with the various incarnations of Conan O'Brien's late night shows, Jimmy has also served as an unofficial guitar mentor to Marc Maron. Now Marc brings Jimmy into the garage to learn more about Jimmy's life and career in which he's crossed paths with music royalty like Keith Richards, Chuck Berry, Bob Dylan, Levon Helm, Muddy Waters, Phil Spector and more.

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Like the guy all right. Let's do this, how are you what the blogger is, what the fuck bodies, what the fifteen years, what the baxter's, what the fuck the palace guards. How are you mark marin is my show this debate here today. Jimmy Vienna was on. The show Jimmy Vienna is very important to me. Jimmy is the guitar player, the basic cable band and on the current o show here, playing on the corner, o brien show since the beginning the conan o brien show, but he the band leader on the current and before he was, lying under the the leadership of match. Weinberg. The reason it is important to me is that I play guitar me. to my wife
boy so yeah I was eight or nine when I first started taking guitar lessons in a day point. I was playing a big old, weird acoustic harmony, guitar that my daddy's to own, and I Why was certainly no savant was no prodigy resemble is he I was you know me. My brother would play we'd saying we time the amount of songs we had to play to get through the practices that my mother made us do. We by giant be good at every point: country, roads, who played on what was the other one rocky the! U know stuff that we can get through and stuff. There was simple, but nonetheless a guitar and part of my life for most of my life in Jimmy, is a great qatar player come back around a jimmy. Now, here's the deal with me, tar playing. I was in a of bans that new three songs I never was in advance that played real gator that had a real set. Was I've never been any good at figuring out
songs. I've never been had the focus the attention to figure out songs, you know. Wasn't until I learned a few scales from teacher VON macmillan back and albuquerque biting, I feel like I've told you all to the point is I've never been a guy, that's had them much confidence will on the guitar. I have never understood until very lately to recently in the last few years that you you play with feeling and if you're proficient enough can put some together for yourself. I was just myself against other people, I always thought it was just okay and I think I am just okay, but I never put a band together an odd way. It's one of the only regret I have my life is not really indulging or engaging in my pants. into play, music, I've done a little for you by like that. You know I know it's not to aid, maybe I'll do it, but here's how Jimmy's important jimmy venal- and I talked some point during my one of my many appearances on the old conan show, and I just what to him about in any
at one point he said: do you want me to one guitar to fool around with my colleagues? so he gave me one was beautiful, guitars he's a guy with a lotta guitars and if you and I play- and I was like thank you and then he started like when I do the show he show me a couple riffs, you know he'd show me a couple of licks like he was just starting to open my brain up a little more to playing cause. I never learn new things, I'd always just sort of improvise and do my own thing. I knew a few scales. I could feel around but he actually open my brain up to two as grown man to learn guitar you to sort of feel it in in in a unity just eat. Almost we like he'd dole out these works. soon as I can handle them like you. Just show me little tricks most booze wax. Why do conan in the air? And then it got to the point where every time I do Conan there was an apple tar way to my dressing room for me just to fuck off, and then he come in talk a little bit about blues about players in that stuff. In any day,
a gold showing that thing show me new thing. Any show me a new thing. So on some level, Jimmy'S- been given me guitar lessons for the past ten years, very rare and very spontaneously and sporadically, maybe two or three times a year but even give me guitar. Lessons You know in every time. You know he would show me what the real guy was doing, whether be friday, king robber, king or Pierre Green, however, I was sort of like studying at the time, show me how it's really done. You show me some tricks. I get that recently we talk about. I brought about a little bit. I ever a native bill to pull down on the vibrio, and in that sounds good, but to actually make some do choices about pushing up by our business. This isn't boring anybody, but. But the thing is: is that day you know, Jimmy's is a great player. He's got record out Jimmy the vienna and the blue italians, t live. You can get the record. You can go to to a saying go to jimmy the vienna dotcom he's just a
prairies play with, thereby this amazing conversation was amazing for me too few into really to a guy. Who is a user session player? You know he's back I'm player you a backup, musician and that's all I ever wanted to be an has been doing in all his life and lately are they not only by guitars yeah I've gotten a few as gifts. I've got them recently bought an acoustic guitar that I, like I've, had a couple, a guitar most of my life anymore thing for me? Is that- and this is this is tangible to me and its tangible to me necessarily and in any other part, my let's look. I know that had gotten more com, with myself. I know that as a state up and as a broadcaster an end as what I do here. I have. Obviously, I've obviously go into a night become comfortable here and it's it's I'm doing the best work. I've ever done in my chosen fields, be it the comedy or or podcasting
but with guitar. I know for a fact there. I ve learned how to become a better player in the last few years, just because I've learned for a fact that I liked it I've always liked to just play guitar to get out of my often to meditate almost into just continue, sometimes when I'm watching tv v just sit there and are run finger exercise for no reason other than to do it to keep vital to keep to keep at it and cause of Jimmy and because of of some of the the, or is he provided for me with just very small things? Man. you know, I mean just like little little tricks. You he's just when me up to know that I can work and continue to try to make ensuring my own is I can, but I am so hard. I myself and I know that some other people have this experience with. Almost anything could be it is you have these mutations compared to what you know like what do I
We expect that would if I can't be a virtuoso, great qatar boots, I give I can play with some feeling from my own. Purposes good guy, I record more of it but but Jimmy was important because- and I did new guitar. Recently idea. I did I We two years to to talk on to get gibson to get behind me. You know and give me a three thirty five took a few years and three Thirty five is a beautiful. I can guitar and I never thought I would have a guitar like this. I never thought I would feel a guitar like this. I never thought that I that die guitar like this- that I that I should have one this guitar I. I almost swept with it the other night yeah. I don't I'm not, I'm not going to idea. I almost swept with it. I'm not really that guy, like I said, I'm not, I cannot
guitar wizard, anything but but almost swept with this guitar. I got it. It's a you know: it's it's. A vintage son burst three. Thirty five and I still don't think I deserve this guitar. I just don't, and I fuckin love it. It feels like it's got some, wait two m sitting holding it. No, I guess not in doing a justice, because you can't see me I'm just senor holding this guitar. ha, I'm just gonna end up, like you know, saving some money. And and stopping this and just you a small gigs Some weird song of songs. I, like maybe a couple I've written when I wrote it. You'll be the first to hear my songs. If I write them. If I have the courage to do it, I'm surprised the courage to play for you at the end of these shows, but anyways talk to Jimmy vienna, and I just wanted to really
talk about how important he he was my life. Look. I've got gotta not on on off. In my life I didn't play. Guitar is regularly as I do now. doing now for my sanity, no, not to prove anything anybody, but in all its wanted few things I really enjoy, and I really enjoyed talking to Jimmy thrilled right now to a t shirt, with their with you My conversation with Jimmy vena from their base, cable band, so listen in. Why I didn't know that you're someone just told me that your brother's uncle floyd only people at work. Recording it sure we're only people who are the jars really from the tri state area right but found it no stumbled upon,
How long was he on the air for twenty something years right forever yeah, but you know what he did before there was fcc rules. He would go out the local, like pet, store bakery right. You want to buy some time on a tv show, hundred bucks yeah, you know yeah, he go to. He go to twenty guys and he'd just give them a mention give him a mention made little commercials. He would pay like. I dont know somethin like five hundred dollars yet rent the studio for the day and do five shows in one day right and and and ex money from these guys, all week was first, it started on you a check, right, which is too far into we gave you know of a freak. Yes, channel sixty eight on you a check right and then they moved him to another channel. Come on right after the stock market report. Was it a real gig, first it was his own thing wrong. With his own thing- and here you know how much older than peace like four years old in the media and
and in he's a man out of time anyway, rail- I don't know you know he he found you know his friends were like an vaudeville marilla nicky deems and joey Faye in older god. You know those guys at him. He went he pursued them. The way I presume old blues player, a really pursued old, vaudeville canadians and worked with them in there were still some burlesque. He worked within corleone harnessed and and there were still some burlesque shows going so here in new york, york any enmity put him on the uncle voyage. He wanted it would find those guys, but then the punks found so all of a sudden. It became headache here David polly was shown up at the studio. Come on and and not an johannsen. The dogs were there. You know johnny thunders all these that's made cindy law operate the timing and out of the unemployed in the remote, where the biggest fans of uncle yeah. So I got turned on to that by him by accident, because you know I was in the sole music and all that
when you are how older one moment he started eat I was, there was probably probably I ate teen or seventeen when he started doing a teen when he started syllogistic, weird kid yeah. He was like twenty two and and already like an old man, though you what, but when we were kids, he up. We had a dance teach me. I know that the three of us jerry I remain fly when that's it yeah anna. So you know, We were there, we had we just tap dance and in plenary governments and rye sing, yeah and do some comedy and he was and he would ensue man when it when we were kids. I had this little tape. Recorder was a record cocoa, that's right now and then learn this part right and then tonight we're going to. in my room. We're going to do this scene you're, going to work it out we're going to work at this scene and would put on these old records. Seventy eight said he had because he used to clean out houses. Ladys house. So he was. Why? Don't you just like you isn't that by an old in empty? eldara here is evil
guys a man at a time, a man out of time. So I to learn, you know Joe got to learn, harpole lives which were none had to learn all the intermediary valley. Shit right, that's an icy! I'm gonna do let them have. Your knee was always grouch. Only we gotta go yeah and then he he became friends with Joe franklin and georgie. Just when all these children there's another one. Those guys is like it took a long time to get here, but he did. It was free, kip still alive men. I was at patsy's on on fifty three and fifty six. frida we art is down there and not having a meat business meeting with some guys and again Joe franklin walks in and it's like. You know, he just looks like like a dead man, walk like a like, like a like he's made up like right. You can just go right to the coffin. What's with you anything like you know, with the with your brother, but also like ireland, a member who is talking do, but there was that channel eleven man, young lawyer, rosy they played all the stooges they d,
talking to letter. We all knew when I bought with Joe Bolton and the students in the bowery boys in and there was a rascal captain jack- would the poppies your flesh, your papa right, and they were all on that one channel. Yet a dutch annul leavened of european and end it was. It was a new york channel and then there was a chunk mc can was on their with lots of fun, Julia can with genius and then channel five. You had sandy Becker and uncle fritz gotten these other guy and and and then they were kitty shows for adults right more with superior super was psyche. Member would channel, I would guess, maybe five or flight After of waiting, knowledge of super was his like one of his being a really big, simple opiates suit me in chocolate. and you know, and and not to to the I don't know where the idea came into his head to do kitty show would puppets and air, but that was for stoner really right for him for four really what we called punks in those sure and those guys latched onto it, bent and started appearing, they will come and lipstick,
their record? Who on a well that romanones we're on void the man ali Bobby? You know I don't use got their footage is on you too. You know some of it. May be, but you know how it was then take over it. That's right, may I don't know I've shown by. We had John lennon in somebody else. What tony candy with them and right, and they sitting there were did you know the bottom line? There was I to dressing rooms, one on either side of the Saint louis ban, morbid was me and my brother, jerry and couple guys from jersey at all strongly band was that it was the venal brother spam, and so we were the band and then so we were all standing. We didn't get to go into dressing rooms, cause flight, had twenty other people though he comes out to me and I'm talking, I wasn't. Lifelike live shown the man who are not going to discuss the and bowing ran on inland. I guess they are there to. What is a quiet? You don't bother amid a games, the alliance and employed says blight comes out and says Jimmy
these guys outta here we gotta, do a show. I don't care who they are and I'm like, oh my god, and they love it. Their love and being kicked out cause he's your brother, everybody kisses our ass, but this guy could care. So they love them even more. Imposing really like that, or was that an act he was really like that still is his last burglary or well. No, no, because if no, no, no, because if, if if Mickey deans was back there or we say yeah or guy you'd be like well yeah, Myron Cohen was back there, he'd be saying the kissing their ass, but now they have no time for Rock'N'Roll and they love that he had no time for this, so he was a real kook boy. He wrote a song even about floyd or really played it for me and my brother jerry one time he said sit down. I want to play something and the line the twinkle twinkle uncle floyd and it's from from before back in a really bivalves back and any specific happy to play said? Would you please show this to Florida said sure,
look at anything on videotape. You know it doesn't Well, you know it's slightly still like this. Seventy eight You know everything. Seventy eight still like always still like this year. You get along our one great you know, but you know like friends jerry veil guy, that he worked with a lot just passed away, reveal the singer day of the singer and unlike pact cooper was a body of his youth go around here Our eye- and you know and they'll do you'll do shows together. Talent shows oh really now and then italian radio for many years up and in the brought me spoke italian yeah, You speak at tat. Now he learned he learned Do you know why? So you go up to either avenue get free food for his say, you want you gotta get what I want to talk about your show on the radio, with a basket of food, so you guys all end up in show business was your father show business guy, because our father was probably the most town to trumpet player I ever heard, but he was a family of carpenters
He wasn't allowed to do that. He came over here on a boat. You know is born in nineteen. Twenty seven in italy came over in, like nineteen thirty, sir. I, like thirty three, the three year he and he wasn't allowed to pursue music, though he did play I had an uncle that ran the plaza ballroom in patterson. He had a big ban on my father got to play in it and and the family, but they were carpenter still lino and firm. Father, to have three sons and that an end and a bed in the fact that he should have had a construction empire with three more signs for the last thing I was gonna do was force us into that right. Oh he. If we showed interest he would the dinner take us for lessons, but if, if I wasn't ready. For my lesson. I was a trumpet player here. Up until I was like twenty three I switched to guitar really played trumpet and then Oregon. The only gigs you dad ever did was with your uncle. No, no. He he yeah, he didn't do a lot of gigs. He did the gigs with the with the frank,
orchestra, you yeah and wars in army in the arm? While Louis Armstrong, let me see he loved louis Armstrong, yeah, he loved Roy eldridge plenty berrigan. You know You really do it or we could play our mandate, for he was great man. Any could sing good, but he wasn't allowed to do. That's an order. Is a carpenter was a carpenter anyway, thus on the job just so we would not want to do than this was him and his brothers, while him in his bed there's year an end. My grandfather, you known they built like brill estates and point pleasant. We live down. Assure you know they were they built all these and in, if these they were all these things going right is just right. You not a big developments, So they worked down in the you know all the way from the jersey shore all the way up to newark all the way up to patterson, and you grew up in paterson
yeah, patterson heavy- and there was a house here- will lucas tell us from powders right. Oh there's, my brother right away was we. I wanted only like LUCA stella shirt, rightly so that was it gets. This stuff is close to my heart because my grandmother, my family from jersey, so my grandmother they they would be important eggs, new georgia, which was probably rural, is hell when they were guess kind, it's a little town area was quite. Were I mean butler was a little rural verona, butler yeah, like like my grandpa, these known a hardware store in applying story cell washing machines to the ill people route. Twenty three was kind of new up their rhine up that way, but she used to- I can remember my people from all other jackson way the jack and why she gave them a washing machine there. Yet was a trip man no to eighty seven, though, connecting that mountain like there is now I didn't. I didn't know that now then they came down the mountain really here and it really in italy
in part. I do know my mother knew a jackson white in were in white. Mask always wears highest hardware store what idea and she added the guy that a horse or I think it comes their supply right, yeah, chris, right, but no- josie. I just I'm trying to member why the hell we went into patterson, we saw the fabian theatre. Patterson near saw the three stooges. Why you did. Yeah. How do you now now? Nine? Fifty nine now grant was born in fifty five hurry angle. That makes me fifty nine right problem musician. I don't, I don't grow, but you ve broken we released, but you do not being itself up as much as some musician. No, I did for a long time and then I stopped and then I'm back I'll tell you what you be when I get back almost always because of a girl or new thing We can get into that, but you know we we sought
three stooges any way. The the three stooges made a movie where they go to the moon. It was like jo de Rita, you know later three yeah and we went were all excited and were at at the fabian theaters. Probably I'm probably six. It's like nineteen sixty one who brought you your father, I'll know who my mother brought the three of us and we're there with her, and I got an aisle seat. Man. You're gonna come down the aisle from the back of the theatre, and why down I'll up to the front right and I'm waiting the three stooges man these guys, god must do just love, they come down and they like for foot three. Yet there like we're all little russian guys, yellow recital n, and that's that the wet their higher, what's right, maybe it's a howard! Beware how well! I wonder what is room? There was something there probably, but when anyway mo was just, I was just you know: enamored it s like
It was a great seeing them live in in this. They must been older member or they were older men, but this was before mogahed got into the hole, a fight with the beatles about them, stealing his hair, a really, then the movie was horrible, but we loved it and- and I remembered Larry, to enable just doing a bit before the moment. They came up there. And down the aisle. Everybody went crazy. The kids are going nuts here they go up on stage and they got one guy with them. Who do you think they got with them? Sound effects, guy like a radio sound a three year with a timpani, yes, so when he would punch curly, joey blue and they had a ratchet if he pulled larry's hair, I had it a gogo thing that one boy hit him in the eyes yeah. He would hit him you know, and and and they did like fifteen minutes of the film- that's amazing and every the kids went nuts man and then we went to see bozo have no one later on. He was a dud bear, we said
While this is your father studious than anybody can be both. So it's a clown gaster. I really don't know what we're getting the real guy. You know we're not gonna get Larry harmon. Who years later I met, and he sent me a picture. Bowser yeah, yeah, diver dan. I met later. You know these guys. I watched on tv like that they always work in like in you know, regular jobs. It's always weird. It can go either way when you meet the guys that you love when you were co, yeah. Well, the same with chuck berry, I dunno why I didn't. I met him briefly. You forgot, I pretty much wake up every day, forgive chuck berry! You do yeah because I hear the music and I said: that's all he invented it yeah. for a while. I thought maybe I've. Every time I met a mistress been a bad day every time existing. What is he a dick while he was treated badly? You know for years he was treated badly. They put the man act on em. They they did everything they could to put this guy in jail, because all the white curls loved him right
get rid of this got right? You know yeah any was he was pretty. You know you mean he was happen and everybody loved chalk. We stop any, wasn't my fault. You notice his songwriting do like you know, I was there is not a more prolific writer but there's not a better like rock song, where you can now, if you listen to like you, can catch me or something like that, where I like I was, was in the dylan recently, I'm like there's no deal without chuck bury another. Isn't because if you, the listing, think that maybe lean you know right was redone by bob law. Wasn't biomass bob? Really! You know he was on top of yeah yeah like there's a monkey businesses perfectly. That's a dylan, that's a difference on while they must not carry a dividend yet its subterranean homesick bullet is here. It is now it is it is I like I like. I didn't. I realise that later and wisely totally definitely monkey but yeah yeah monkey business is subterrane, but by. was smarter than the beach. Both stages got nail return from usa. I mean it's the exact.
you know. I know I was it's not even one of his great lyrical oddities, like you know I come, can catch me into much monkey business and will may baleen too, like the beach. Did you know you have a brown I'd handsome man declaration that our body I bet he always cover that yeah right, oh yeah and and chuck's you know, will will yeah he salty and stuff. You know, but I met him alone. Through gentleman. I work with Johnny Johnson, his piano player. Yet you know four for good ten years, we encounter chuck known and Johnny could put him in line. Could John he puts when one guy over from the frayed johnny Johnny, invented that that open, yeah right in that's white chuck would always playing those fucking piano keys, animal guy. But you know what it's still. The song writing You know I mean it's one thing to say: music music was got, commute thing and everybody was playing everybody write stuff, but when you get into
chucks, melody and lyrics. Those are clearly his own in order to get out and the blues man we're knowing absolutely but he's also got this weird thing that really realise until I watch keith- and I listened to him- talk to keep that he's- gotta bounce, not easy to do. You know, there's some mythology involved with all this. Nobody knows you know You point, you know, you know the ones you play I wanna play would Keith Richard one to ten I'm than I did. You know we're where what we were at the many not manage the chicago blues on on twelve may, your greenwich runs right into a hug waiting where it was this. Oh I'm gonna! Guess ninety four final and what you just hang now was playing with johnny and we walked in which only Johnson and I walked in. I look over to the side sitting whether you know drink orange juice and in vodka is keith, richer ia and he's very sick. I made on me I used to play with johnny you I just
well fuck him. Yet you are greatly went down came downstairs. I gave I had a three fifty like like chocks here I'd. Let him play he pick that I have a fifty strata. so. I'm not gonna play that when you have that chuck guitar riley gravely took very three fifty on It took a shirt off. play now it oh, he was great yeah. Oh sir, I had never been in that car before in writing de I am you'd you done man, it's like santa next to be became, or anybody else really yeah, yeah yeah, oh yeah! He drives the ban. He does. The ban has to beat you can't not. You cannot ignore the groove com, it's all there. He doesn't really. You know. I think he hooked up with charlie yeah yeah like that. Right and He demands at eight demands you your attention No, but wait what you when you say that big, because you're, like here by nature or not, not by nature of by occupation you outside of
what you're doing now, what your bandleader now and you're always sort of a secret bandleader you're, a backward back of guy, oh yeah, and I tell you that one of the things the secret about two guitars, of course here is somebody's gonna, be taken the wheel when that's gonna be Keith in this case and then you're find the other part you're not gonna play his stuff. Could you please no it's just, not good music, you! I know it's weird because Keith is is case as a thing he talks about the weaving of two guitars in right book and it's all right. I know the eighty their work, so it doesn't work, but you knew that going. I didn't I didn't the book was unwritten yet, but I knew from you gotta, milo eurasian. You gotta find your halls that you there's a power and is not the parties play, but he ll leave it open and we always have there space it's there when you find that you get a smile from you know, find had come right up and you think really was a nice little attack. You may jack Bruce I play with jack Bruce one day and you should come like a wants to have a knife fight with you
so we ve, because as a listener, unless your various do you're not really gonna pick up just how on top of it. These guys. Aren't you that's the weird mythology the fan versus the musician is that you listen to Keith all day and think like what that you it's it's a little messy and it's it's odd a guy picks makes odd timing choices, but he's we on top of that, you I mean just listen, can you hear me knocking you're done man, so when did use? plain. When did you drop the trumpet? Why is there really a y? No, no! No! No, but I mean I played trumpet. It was a limiting. I mean. Did you do not feel you could push yourself through the trumpet my father played trumpet? I wanted to be grace. I could. I could never be as good as him on the horn or my brother, jerry on the sex delays in kaliningrad and whose just a genius player, who do you guys get along all. Yet we get along with he'd ever takes the horn out of his mouth rise practice in twenty four hours a day, try and is still hope his craft real
nah and- and I was always like. Ok, let me get this. I learned. But then I learned to arrange for big band by the time I was like fourteen or fifteen and seven could write music seventh grade. I was arranging for the big band and in in high school. Really So I was there. I was your thing you can all yeah, I like you could break it down. You could take a piece of stand: Kelvin, museums and captain and buddy, I'm ledge and stuff, and I started like reading downbeat and they would be transcripts in the back can one how'd. You are not a read music from trumpet the, but then One of my teachers gave me a walter piston book about the orchestration, and I you know in about the practical ranges of instruments, and I read the book front to come like ten times. You are fascinating, but the whole army- I couldn't do math for shit right, but this which was Math- and I wasn't connecting that it was math right- was- was beautiful in front of a piano. I could figure out cord voicing stuff in and you know and started inscribing things. Our records, a record juno, be before records to your fifty
figure out how to write the music you going to see all these rock began and then and then I got an organ. I got, I said, shit man, what in our daily lives and or when our now with my friend out of vocs super continental without when they are called the m for an online and am three. I gotta know three variously we as what what book at eighty lady at only on green onions, but still that was before the be so First, I gotta afore four. You know combo compact from my my Son didn't want to play anymore. He is going to become an electrician joined the family base. Yet so we all tried. So I got that for fisa and then I you know what started playing oregon right and then got hooked on Al Cooper and all that you know, and it feels cavalier in steve from wear and tear of your out is like my best friend in the world. Now you know cause he alright, yeah, he's great and- and felix is another friend of mine from the rascals, and then there was winwood who those three guys were both your guy guys yeah, so
you got winwood from an all three. From of other vocal standpoint to I love the way they all saying different, so I started plain organ and bands and then got billions just local, you know just little bans on my brother. I always had horns. Could I be running for the warrant here? You know always had jerry with jerry voice. off do in his all ease off like some we're playing hockey tongue, piano, open the cat skills or something plain in the jewish mountains right he's up, airplane plane and you not yet whatever you know and the and the so we're just plain right: we're playing like rockets one soul, original around jersey, around jersey up and down the coast you could play. You know we're opening for its like us. Four Well, you know we're opening for bands like Harold Melvin and the blue notes are coming in from philly before they're famous. You know we we work to. We used to sit for six months at a time in peconic on route, twenty three right up there, where you're you're talking about yeah
well from, and so we were, the house ban, so chubby checker the platters and you just bad all come from we back, I'm all up in own fred person, a five cents. I got to know all these guys up guy in they come in with a range of ants in July. I am only on time, just a guitar place and here's. How goes and how dare you not know the song hug if we can get through the twist and I'm playing a way around play organ and base? At the same time now I have to know the saw right, but that that was when they still had supper. Clubs around here I had a big room while yet bands yes, eleven. We then I decided at one point at least after you know, after maybe four year. To do, and that is said man like twenty three. Now I wanna play guitar. I always had a guitar and I was so I stopped gigging and just went back to work, doing carpentry sparkling sheet rocking the hill,
I think, are ok and then got with a show that this was the best on and surreal? Ok everywhere around jersey, there's a ban, that's like Morton and louis a comedian and a singer? Ransom singer funny, looking comedian near so an end were plain that that you know the lounges in jersey right. You know the goma jerry and come and after us or the week before, is Joe pissed and Frankie Vincent and their ban here, you know Joe petty was a guitar player. Really frank vincent, I think, was the that's the guy he kills and every move. Now I know their rent they're gonna. They were comedy too accommodating. They were like a morton and louis. You know handsome guy funny guy that was away and we were- we had andrea around these guys, we're all friend you're just back in them, so I lost. self and show ban for like a year playing guitar just back in it's backing up, whoever, whoever whatever we did you know and and saloon to play guitar I pray
it's all day. Long would be on the road in west virginia for three weeks. What will you practice and what you use to practice and what we try, and I was just really do everything I could get my hands on every every cassette I had with me yo a lot of times. There was charlie christian and, at the same, I'm a Jeff Beck group, you don't even walker, table walker, heavy muddy waters and fell in love with the guitar slim. Who was a guy down, and in a new orleans things I used to do no ready or albert yet a friday was essential. The albert was albert, you know albert was what hendricks was calm and from you know, you could hear all that bend inciting guy yellow buddy too, but something about freddy those records, freddy king, say instrumental cm freddy can play in the attic and plays in saying hideaway. They hide away, get dance away that right away, dance way, album here and then Freddy king sings yeah, where he does the bobby black.
Think you don't bother william. It's interesting that the transition from those records into their we I'm Russell producing. We aren't my not either, then I very good now those those king records or the shit right and then there the team which get your james ranking king records. Great yeah. There was a tv show called the beat you can find, and look on line on end and just two freddy king, the b and watch what comes up and you'll be sounded at the great house. Great they shot him playing, can learn so much. Really, though, if you have the be like that whole box set of the bee or just watch em on line you'll be back it's all clear, eyed, I'm just like I dont have a neck to pick up shit, you'll show me shit. If I go to Conan, that's all we do. That's really why you come uh yeah just so I can play your guitars and you can show me two things yeah cause like. If you show me a good thing, I'm like I'm, going to figure young just going to play that over and over you'll always do something that I say, shit, that's cool! No! I wouldn't do that. Listen to your vibrato is better than mine, because I know that's that's good. It must be from the.
Girls, I know that you are you having believing that appeal, you don't wanna beginners either guys do that. Are they don't? Work? Has Brendan small came in here and I was doing boucher and he's. Like at the vibrato. On my gazette a hard thing yeah, I didn't know that was one, but then I paid attention to it and there's some footage. I watched Eric clapton, showing the diff it's between saw where his sad by broido and then his rock by bro. You know that create that great spinal tat. One right here. He talks about the and tone, and the railway that's what year that? Will it s very cool, though it's very spinal tat? You have you want a market very like you seem to believe it now. I did believe he was right. It look, there's nobody who has more right to play the boost and erika That's right but like he was never really. My guy, like you after John may, all maybe to cream songs or is it was I was dying, but he got so down on himself, but you know that insecurity and I don't know he got eighty didn't want to believe what people are saying about right today we have, you know by Heavens burden. Male body was, but he was, but he was by hendricks
you know everybody was yeah, but really Eric had something its imminent others brits. They got spooked by hendrick thing, gets book by the band yeah what the guy and broke up more bans. In other words, we can adopt the british blues dead in its track. In what way the beatles and yeah you hear the beatles you know trying to do. All things must pass during the let it be sessions or some book that was post banned, yeah, yeah, yeah they're, trying to be the band yeah. You know about the band that made them so crazy, pete, town off pete, townsend to townsend's demo. It's on the lighthouse box of won't get fooled again is shameless. leave on him. He's playing drums too and you know he took it to the to the who apparently said I want you to play like this and and Keith was like no fuckin way, you know, but what was it about the ban that everybody was so jealous of the world fact that aid they were dylan's, guys here an and and be nobody
replayed any music like that as a band bihar ya, it's yes, it's rooted in and everything gospel and george, joan and and re charles, it's like pure american, yet it yet when all american there was nothing. There was nothing english about it and no one had ever heard. I didn't really the blue, not you know now set that richard was the blue rice singing in oh, It was the gospel aspect of piano, an organ just think. At the same time, the p, and the organ year programme had that sound, but right and sound like that right wasn't like got a church will somehow or another garth was able to capture and americana geigy guidelines a carnival right exactly. A corn and enable it to integrate that into india into iraq music. Would I don't think anybody ever really garth played organ in his in his uncles? You know funeral home that was it the weird, maybe all those guys where they came from and what was important to them. I fuckin like all of them
singing outsider Robbie at or garth, but like right, sure rick and we von it's like you can't beat those fucking. Where do you get only the beatles had three lead: singers, yeah and, and it worked for the beatles right, but even then I think that that mostly- george were impressed with with the ban John was impressed, you know John was nothing was than the beatles to John? Never river would be even John even John row. I mean he admitted Lee was like you know that you know that, what he's wonderingly impressed by anything, it's pretty and even out eleni out did do know a lot of ways. He took dylan's thing like you know, almost norwegian. What is almost is bob Dylan, one of the dream, songs. Almost you know almost note for knowed, but Bob wouldn't say ni. about that right? You know right goes bob gotta from woody in where I want to open that door. Yet from woody in rambling, jack, yeah right right, you don't want open that door, there's a certain amount of of communal sharing. Sure that's! That's all I know,
they also liking? Your people have to try and adapted sort of appropriated I have of somebody else's order to get to where they're going yeah yeah and even the beatles got that from you with a gun at first of all Elvis little richard and the everly brothers yeah. Alright. So your point the incoming cumbria right so then, and then I'm I'm just playing guitar We are then I'd I'd at one point I said man I gotta, I gotta go. I gotta get to new york I gotta get humbug. You read out a jerk some work and unworkable crazy, I'm making money as a musician, but I'm not getting anywhere. You know numb go, and I saw hanging out at J peace in up our oven seventies, a sweet wherever it is apparent, What was that everybody everybody's hanging out their harry nelson's there? You know date may, since there were behaving Kennedy june. Ears are up there. You know every new addition is everybody's hanging out. We go in the basement. You know that guy, you know
thou guy we drink all night. We gotta leave at five in the morning with our spring, our sunglasses with us here when we start drink, indian right and started meat. people and I and and I met a ban there- that was backing up kitty, bruce Lenny daughter at the time. What was she doing and she singing and an AL cooper came in and he was gonna grab that Ben? I was playing with a band who else was in it nobody would know, nobody would know all jersey got here. We would come in and I am now says- I'm sorry- I can't use you make as you do the same thing. I did you play or or organ in guitar yo cells, now covered. So at that time we big lions, one hears is done is done. Some solo torreon and these have produced leonard scattered by now, as we these and produced a two hats and red yeas done. Some stuff is moving around. He was in atlanta, for while he was an alibi, jimmy thou cooper, so I mean I'll cooper, not an end. I can work with him at the same time we hooked up with Phoebe snow. So I was working with me because I wasn't in that
jewish, so they were sharing a ban kind of phoebe and phoebean out. Phoebe was like big influence. She taught me to play acoustic. Lose. You know she really lonely robber. The Braun was another. I never got yeah well in. There was a great sit down. You know brahma again and now you know was just great at sit down a plain, porch blues blues a fucking revisit edifying grossman, those guys yell, Stephen bishop. They were all around even bishop yeah. You know they were all around at the same time. They are all folk singers and an blues folks falcon blues. You know- and I and so then I started working with phoebe it's weird and then I had to stop and started working without two causes had put a ban. yet for me and I did and we went out and take the front any, would sing identifying and play piano. Who is it mostly by twenty years? Moreover, all of his stuff, yet just I've just a big catalogue of and then at the same time
I'm a working at the bottom line with my brother floyd do in life shows here and now in public who owns the bottom line. Is I got this idea to do? Show I see you come in here you organise things you put back together, Do a show with ellie greenwich and jeff bury their music, and I want to bring you together with Paul schaefer, who was maybe now two years into set into the letterman show out of Saturday night live. Is he a wizard he's gone Yes, my mentor, he supply that yet that nobody knows what a great musician he is. He obviously they know the character while yet came, you know it. Yet there was a guy. You know our continent ask relevant yeah yeah, the piano boy who was a brilliant piano, but more people knew as a as as a sort of address are an eccentric comedian. Putty was
well ben stiller. He was going to do a movie here yeah. He was brilliant yeah he's great to watch, you know and jose e toby was another one yeah brilliant players yeah, but they also and and liberace they had these personalities. Paul is like a combination of those three guys. You know and jerry Lee Lewis, great yeah, jerry Lee Lewis yeah the way that boys ring you know and elton John a bit, but but he can while those desolate- maybe he did us gregg, he can interpret any pay, taught me about how to listen the records from the bottom like what does that me? What how to find out what makes a record right the rhythm sessions with the basin drums? You get that right. You can build on that, but I can't arrange a record from the top of the strings and horns yeah. None of that is important. He has all the window. Dressing is fine and he knew that I could do that yeah. So he was going to help me doing the rhythm arrangements, for this show with darling love and all these great people that ran called beater back and run line, so that
got me in may Paul became great france and still are since then we'd just record heads and quotes you know and anxious fatigue doesn't it fell. Spectre and just all his error like it was the buzz a bizarre evening would happen. We are worried that we were and we went to work, He J, clarks, aggressive, call rice like a steakhouses. That's where we're we're out here, no, no and in new york, yes, cosmic misis fills in town. You should so I said all right and I I go to sea fill and poor. And I mean with Paul paused there. That's the funniest story, two friends he had had done. Viva shake vegas in always show in vegas, so he knew some dancers from vegas outward town and and to it Girls were the table in may, and Paul so was for the table waiting for phil to show up it was Only totally wasn't anything, you know,
There was nothing about it, but just from so phil gums and he's got to pick bodyguards with america and phil and he's a little guy he's a little guy and he looks and he looks and he gives you the fish handshake and he looks around and looks at me and Paul and he looks at the two girls and he whispers to one of the big guys. The guy runs out to make a phone call. Libya within twenty minutes to hookers show up fulfil because he's like you have well sniper girls, yeah, really interesting, and it was funny as hell me, and so we had steaks and then it was going to continue and it was getting a little drunk he year and a little bit ass of aggressive with phil. Yes, so I went home because I had heard some other stories about go now and I didn't want to be in that you want to be in an I was I or some we're always impressed to being as president in office may. Yet we did that
and boys of alabama about some vinos gospel groups and jesse loved all that stuff. We dont you eat you dont, you don't talk to people about their muse right I've I've found with jimmy page or something or a robber plants in the room. We talk about how and when we have a common goal, and if you talk about someone's music to them, the wall immediately goes up. Ah, you are all of a sudden you're a fan. You carry a fan to people, if your museum, no, no, no, and even with comedy- I mean, if you, you know, you know you were hanging out with was the moment you talk about his bits, hey remember, you did that a pan, you know I'm like as I do that with you. yeah. You show me that riff my aim daily Morton could not still like a bit it, but then again and musicians are allowed to be a music fan yet like when I doktor musicians in here, but if I talk to book or t young, italian two hours about his music and it's gonna be boy I mean I can talk to you about mitch, Hedberg right sure I can
in the underground world of seed becoming different. It's like there's no history behind a joke, but a piece of produce music. Some of those things got the biggest stories in the world. Well, yeah! That's true, but there is always the milton borough thing about who did steal from, and you know when I began to like it by doktor john Caille MIKE. What about those stooges records is like that he said to me said they were. They were all set. Yeah. He took that gig just because no one else wanted to do it in a way they were ready to go just turn the machine on exactly yeah, and I you know that, astounded me yeah yeah, finally like what does a producer bring to this with them, not much while I had a conversation with with star the and here's what I said to Ringo's star, because I said what did it feel like to what did it feel like To be in the biggest banned in england and then too, step down and joined the beatles
You know, that's the truth, what worries dormant a hurricane, the biggest ban in england they were like, while crazy you know yet he says well, the beetle made me more important. but you know it was fun it's fun to not. You know that you know you you want to push here, go home yeah! You don't want to push that that fan button with anybody. Really. You know your wall goes up in one church and and and and- and you want to you yet know somebody you don't you find common ground. So you know
cooper lights on me. I hope our way we locked in an end. We still love each other and then up and after that, I, how long were you with him? I'm still with him. I just did is seventy of birthday. In new york we did three nights, two nights and bought at the became one and all they used when he, but wouldn't you spend a lot of time. You know just working with him almost exclusively the never, never, never, and then so I was doing fabian him and then and then I stopped to and both to do the broadway show which went from the bottom line to broadway nea and that put like halt on things and you are ranging it up now now conducting arranging. But then I wasn't really into that and wants to show stopped here. I I went back to play. I played with a ban called reckless sleepers, would jewel sheer Steve holly and we weren't recorded on irish records. You know we made one album ma and at that time, but he had no dream of of being a pop, no act, no and then my friend, then I then I went out with thumb too.
On a tv show out here. So you'll always consider yourself a like a studio, musician, a working musician, a working musician- that's all I ever wanted to be was was was tommy to disco. You know. all I ever wanted to be yeah so anyway. I'm I'm doing down I'm doing a lot of stuff different stuff and I d be showed you doing out here. I came to do too to worm pilots for a show. show called the days vu view and the idea was John Sebastian was going be the host, so I met John Sebastian phyllis cavalierly was their and our bee q their and our ronnie spectrum Peter noon. I was there yet you know m and for most of the bans. Playing within or be q with felix and John right, and and that's when I met John and numb and we became by just great friends again. You know we started band together we did we just kept working together through all these. I met laura nero than through felix and john and started working with laura and produced a record with her and was on the road we are.
Three years with her and then the conan gig came and ninety three because somewhere in that you know, I had worked with max ana something called killer, Joe a project after them east we picked up said. Yes, he brought you in as as as he brought me in as a guitar player, and my brother was in the band and the guitar player wasn't happening, he said call my brother yeah, so Ex called me, and then we got a long gray in your max bid. Yet we worked great in that band together and then has island ranging well great drummer right now do most isn't arranging. While I was always the arrangement that was never that was never hidden. You know It was always my job, and now- and so I was at this point playing with clarence and living in. You know in ninety two lines: I didn't clarence clemons. I had a band with clarence living in them at his house in sausalito. When max called me and said I got, I got an audition and we got to put the band back together because I told them we have
and so you gotta come who but don't tell clarence COS and he'll get all he has to do is call, and he has the gig radio he has such with such a dynamic personality, yeah yeah. What are we doing with him, which is just a clarence clemons band? I was you I was an after though after the hits you know yes like we're just gettin it together right and I left- and I came home here in new york. I left, cause. I have worked on sister act, one and two in in with whoopi here and I and mark shaman my friend, and did a lot of movie work with him out here, and I was going to move out here working working in movies with seem fine and tv, and I had done a soul session with James brown for cinema acts. and legendary, ladies of rock and roll. So I was working on tv and we played raw, the sky and movies yeah with it wilson, pickett and you know viggo he had picket and james brown and aretha and Joe cocker and robert palmer all on one show and billy vera. Anna and am pick it. We had. called the night before, because we get to Detroit. We have
go to Detroit because some because I am french old gown, who managed field. cavalierly when I work with Felix then got with Sid vintage, who was a video producer out here, started doing these things and then he then he sort of spearheaded the unplugged thing later for her empty rejoined really well with that. But meanwhile he just start now and he says he calls them his jimmy. Remember when you told me if I ever work with james brown, that you would care guitars. Well, I need you to come in and do arrangements for this show I said a second all, carry your guitar, not I'll give you five hundred bucks said are again waited detroit, so I had to do charts and I had to teach james browns band is great to play all this music other people's music James brown's band, really they don't really read, You know our whole players could read some row. I wrote horn charts, I had charge and I now have to take him
through you know, and they learned really fast man. They were really and I had both drummers going. You know it was great I had to and then James I turn around and somebody tasks around the shoulders. Mr brown wants to speak. Slow down and areas he's dress like he's, got a scar for green, jump sooner, how his hair is quarters glasses on along here and now he says I gotta lean into a maria. How can we got two dramas player? The true to drums? Don't play the same time, so I did know that MR brown says well I'll. Let it go but not my band now, my music has. He said it sounds, they were quite addicted to love and it was killing me a robber palmer and all these guys are go nuts that get to sing with James rounds bent right, James brown, I'm not sure if he likes the idea of his ban backing other people up right here
and this is a secret process that only he gets to do with ninety nine. and then the best was so Joe cocker comes and now he says meet me the day before I gotta figure out what keto you know, you're going to sing when a man loves a woman, so we kick well meet me in the bar and then we had to get some heavy drinking boots on and then we got, there was a piano in the bar. We got around the piano like three in the morning and play when a man goes higher. When I said, are you going to know when it's the right? when it hurts yeah I'll know, I'm in the right key really and then he's doing it and he killed it yeah. He was really sweet. I loved a man. Man could that guy sing, right and and billy vera don't remember him. Yet he was they are to sing at a sigh. You know he was thrilled. He's such a such a music. You know not such a musicologist yeah. I mean he's like a professor about this shit. So when did you like with like all this time
You're doing arrangements is on record as well yeah, whatever you know, whatever I could, whenever I can, whenever work seem like you, never stop work at all I wanted to do was work. I didn't want to ever be an artist rhino. I didn't know when you start tracking down. These are blue skies wool that that been through the loan star cafe back, then I used to work there and in the eighties eight any eighties and like I would back up any king. You know the anna and I sambo did we there on that yeah. I backed a bow and I played organ with bow to about a while back yo and now and then you know I was- would work with them. Mike merit came in. He was working with Johnny copeland at the time a hobbling base with me still MIKE and james warm words was a drama and they had a tour come johnny jobs, and so I started working in that band, and that was the right. Learning point of the blues, even though I had seen muddy when I was a kid and he would let
Up on stage might play with pine top. You know you didn't bite. Five ploughed collective play, those guys without- caw, you know now, would you draken wherewith was open, like the show place in dover, new jersey, my fur, Was there road manager? Ok, you know that I went to high school, see, played with mighty warm we piano yeah, some piano yeah. I know but I'd the presence of em here backstage and he was so nice you all the time available. we're going to see these guys when they come around? You know any of them. The ones once are used to put a lot of them yeah and then I got to play with pine top and I got to play with Johnson and I never played with willie. You know with junior wells and play with your nose out of our way out, is the best ever sober we have discovered? Now, though, that may, in my couple of my friends, are the new old guys? it's no is left the old guys that we saw weren't that all you know when we saw them.
Guys didn't live too long sites on max pose you in while they put me in and then and then we didn't audition, and it turns out that Jeff ROS, you know, that's not Jeffrey Ross round, Jeff. For us, the other yeah there's like three jeff for us is that we know Jeff Ross was the road manager for Diana Ross. Is that true seventeen that they used to call on Mr Ross, but he wasn't really but in the band in dianas touring ban was tender and the barber dear So when we walk in he sees them and it's like almost a done deal yeah. You know Of course,
I'm not sure Robert smuggle what was involved. Roberts Michael was producer also on the first show the first season yeah, so he he loved us too. You know and conan loved it. So you know there might have been one guy that wanted to. You know the lounge lizards you know and what was on Larry's hurry a re spin, but it turns out that John laurie anyway did okay, because he actually wrote the first thing. You know he did well yeah yeah the current arrangement, a person whose name will be unnamed right now. What do I care so on where we might as well it is what can happen? Nothing. Nothing can happen. So you know we get there. Egg right. You know howard sure who was more buddy right and now young and academy award, winning or drudge rather a composer right composer.
was set at night, live in o empty for a long time and right road. Everything up there right, He says I. Why wrote a theme you know I wrote a theme min max were put a theme together. Unease is says, I'm gonna write the theme, I'm going to write. I talk in asia forever. Ok, I'm going to write this year, So the very first idea here is our idea of bass and drums going to do do do do do do said. Oh that's interesting, and then I hear the other part. You know I hear the other. You know that so that's interesting is very saloon monk, like it's very cool, so what I was going, street. He would see. Would facts me at the time we were still on fax machine dry before right. Ninety three year, oh here's a little bit and then put em together, and then we put the whole thing together. So, whilst amazing away this guy works, just keeps feeding bits and put them together like a puzzle that without this amazing piece out of it, boy rights, weird machine.
Was going on for about six weeks. Jeff ross cause me into the office since, as we had a problem, John lorry call me says: that's his theme. So I said will simply let's look at john lorries, audition tape and there it is both know for no no shit there. It is while the theme the whole thing right and then the answer was well. I always intended to pay him and put an end up signs up. Lurie didn't get the gig, but he got a lot of bread out of the first war. Ten years. Won't you know for the first sixteen years, so he did alright. He did okay, John did yeah without having to put up you know without having to actually come to work, but
I'll tell you, there is a growing need, our economies story being protect seems like that's. It so lazy to do that and whether it may have intended to bring criminal I'd who the hell? No. It John got to call it say: what's up on its it wasn't my job right to research, the rhine right so anyway, at all turned out that you know John got half of his song anyway, oh good, so half a half a something is better than all anomalies in those like you, don't wanna fuck with decades long anything he's in those those jarman movies, writings in like mystery drain, and yet it is also like I seem on twitter- is one interview and breeze up and ease in new york and never the fishing show. We had two young and I love the guy, let alone to as yet- and I perceive burns needs a friend of mine who, as you know it in that way and and and part of that downtown seen. Well, you know what one play
tat will do all. Do you play your song? Will dave you a song of mine, that stance and been it's gonna handle yes, show you can't it's like logically reels, except as a little one little thing it's you.
the fails you be. The second guy sounds a little serve. Some more. You can find a young girl convenience store. You got you gotta agent, you saw it in you just can't move by china. Why? It tells me you got you gotta implore, you just some time to come back
You got a summons bandages chaos granted one apple, mad piece by piece when you and your man, but you can t, have spread lab, but he's got no doubt took place. You got you just scratch. You got you
and you gotta you gotta. You got it the big phone so now you're, the bandleader the guy yeah, and was it was like when you take a gig like that. Like you know, you do all those years on old show It brings you in to be the tonight show band that must be like now on the tonight show band and then he keeps and keeps on in the loop and now you that you're, that
ban leader and the star the show, as as a lifetime musician. This is a great gig. Well, I'm into work twenty years at anything in this business and then and then find out. You got more time. Common area has. Is nice and, and- and you know the a rude awakening that we all receive the end for the man who I would be ever feel brother cone into to rally like a fire from a big irish family right. Everything's gonna, be ok here, might think think he saw his father in this same situation in life and felt all of us as family and treated us. That way and said to me what had happened. He says: you're gonna hear something before happen, but I If she didn't know you're going to hear something in a couple of minutes yeah I want you to know everything's going to be okay, haha and the end were doing the right thing right. You know, and and we are now. I think we're like
we'll commune up on the hill. You know grow in our own food hunting, our own dear, whatever we do and maybe we're vegetarians. Maybe we have birchen stocks, animals area, but we're down into the valley and watching the idiots war and kill each other in the net ex yedo scrambling, like chickens without heads, not knowing what's happening. and you- and I know the landscape is drastically changing what you're going to stay. On top of that with for media and everything else. It's happening, you know, and we in a world to do this mean you can be here doing this in their country and and we care about about the corporate suits any more they're, not breathing down our necks here, and we felt that at universal we were over there and move to hollywood. Those guys were lurking like slime on the walls yeah yeah every day. Yeah second guessing every move we made yet sucking all the funny I'll write you know and trying to make us common made him and made him tense yeah.
and everything that I know and which is coming to from that knock out procuring. Oh you guys doing great men. You still go on playing. Do your shit, yeah and you know, there's one more chapter- that the most important thing that happened to me was the time I spent in woodstock and neighbours, leave on home. How and right when he got sick. Ah,. I went over there every day that I could then hang out with. He had throat cancer yeah and- and I was there doing a I was up doing a I one- happy trams, you know: instructional videos, Johnny Johnson, on bogie, woogie piano. We were taking it and leave on her. Johnny was in town. Came over and he just gotten from first radiation. His neck was like red with aloe dripping with the was still come off here. He just wanted to meet johnny Johnson and he said to me
with ie, and he knew me jimmy because in vienna was a name that was, it wasn't coming out of his arkansas mountain, how its valvano. So finally, just call if Jimmy v and that's from from then I'm still. You know still that here and now he said you ought to bring johnny over to the barn and bring a truck in the brief, bring its governed and when record in, while we're up here, you know- and I did and I really do not only want to leave on rick played garth played richard bell play. dank, avoid yeah all gone in oh and Johnny Johnson played and what happens at it's. Not it's. I've still sit, nor has it fifteen years ago. I'm thinking to put it out and has its ass. It sounds great hope. Shit it's I cut. Twenty seven tracks are some thing: everybody. While it's mostly my record, it's my record, but rick reckon lee monday. Some backups and rick did most of the vehicles with me and johnny John
We did it basically could Johnny was there and I came back again. We did too actions in october, a ninety nine behind I an ice I've. Fifteen years now I've been sitting nautical I would drop in one by one, and I was like. I can't put this I can't be one of those posthumous guys like you, you know cause somebody. I'd something comes out now it's been law along time for all of them, and you know and I have put it out now- I'd- have respect yeah, I'm going to put it down now, I'm going to put it out now, I'm working on it now now, out of all the guys you played with, you know your what was the story on the Seeger sessions? While I wasn't part of that at all, are you doing now? I Bruce I. I worked with bruce a couple of times. It was great. I was in a. within them? You know we work Couple of those christmas shows that a report that we have great we had great fun, and now I played base on one track but and get credit. I didn't I,
going to new york and I didn't get credit had because nobody, but these three band guys get credited bellegarde paid. You know they said to me: hey we pager, you know who is the best like when we talk about. He was great in the room, though he's nice room. Bruce in the room with his book, writing songs in front of your very eyes you yeah yeah, but whose like you talk about keeping you guys, you yeah, you got like you. You have the opportunity to drive your ban, but when you work with our leave on leave on when we did that we know we put the barn burners together. Yes and then we and then after that we started the ramble, hire you has a working with turned around would leave on helmont drums and garth. You know sometimes that being around those guys here. For me, too, like everyone else, we ve talked about there's something that comes out of them. As I saw them. Many times, is a unit and was blown away every time and no matter what shape they were in something great it was kind of the July with bad spring,
go on the road, it will get you there you I just don't get sick, you know, and so you know some people that you wouldn't you wouldn't imagine- a guideline willie nile, who I've known for so long. Every time I played with them pure air, like punk rock ill pure, baby king any time here in our anytime AL cooper, John Sebastian, my friends, fearless cavalier. You know all these great irish Johnny Johnson was were key. Leave on was key in my Am I a bring even at an older age? I was still learn and stuff from these guys, like what you know, leave on, Johnny Johnson was great and what were at say- and you know at look issue. You will look across the stage of your plane too busy right hill bernard parity was great and say that if you rhythm
loud and my high head. Then it's too late when you solo, you can play is loud as you want. But when you play you better here, my hire you known in the basement let it be with my base. Drunk You know I mean this is the greatest drummer. You know we had one of the greatest strummers every right. Give you advise you better. Listen now add leave on thing was he was great man about, don't play it. You know the way Anyone else's ever played overplayed realise would leave of the arrangements came from within right. He didn't want any body walkin in like what I was used to do or say: ok, here's your part hears europe. He was like. Let's it is out of each player. This is the way the ban must have operating right, that it was organic thing came together. You know they, time to make arrangements. It didn't what nobody it down said right: here's how go to complain in each person was responsible for their yard in oh yeah and then their own one side of the street as it were, and right- and I put it this way-
find it to be, whereas what what's going on around you and and there's a space, it needs to happen. They were great at you know. Garth would weave. You know. Women said when we cut this this record about fifteen years ago I said I went back second set of sessions after Johnny Johnson had gone back to saint louis, and mike and james or in new york, and I said to leah how about, if I call You know rick and weeder and randy in you and Garth, and richard bell- and we do it like you know, because what we do we haven't played together in the studio for years. As will win, you need to for me you have to so. He said, when I tell you one thing: don't bring garth in for the sessions garth, he goes baked the cake garth will put the icing on in the end. You know all that fancy stuff like itself has get bake appear first, and then he moved from years that this guy was a garth is a genius here
you know. No one else that I know is genius. Laura nero may have been a genius to. She taught me a lot about singing felix cavil area and eighty per gaudy from the rascals. They taught me more about singing than anybody. You know here and laura narrow, too. You know and andean right, you d under much. Yes, I just, and we're still working together. We're gonna make a record. He doesn't record yeah yeah we're gonna make one in october, I'm gonna with somewhere. I had no idea, he was doing. Those blues records are pretty amazing here, because I put what, when he came out of just singing christian music and we did a better did the year. We did a big show where my frantic fox call me who was gonna, managed e on and he used to put all those already shows ngos to it's not an all these guy man he's a rocket guy. No lou reed was young and with a measure you know here and we put great show together at that we, the reuse of him in a lot of the belmont sloan again this and the dell satins and and we did like his entire
work, including Abraham, Morton and John like laughing, and then we just got to be buddy psych bronx buddies year in ireland. We still really great france to this day, we're gonna work. Furthermore, did you know any those punk guys did. You know thunders in those gave a new thunders ahead because you know I do ants and I are really tight. We work with Hubert you that together and he knew my floyd, and yet all the aid was always one of my bodies. Man so are you know, thunders I met. We had gone off to some fucked shooting gallery together, something I didn't know where I was go right. We were out, if somewhere that had a club and- and we said, let's jam johnny, so I said okay, so got to this places like aloft and people are just lay in around me. I know its instruments set up, though, the time we and I was not doing any of that I would just drink. I didn't know what, Go another right, and then we In a plane and nothin
and I realize it. This is a long process to get something happened when I am yet he really meant well to play. He wanted to play when he couldn't you know at that point, though he made some great music. I think the heartbreaker stuff, my favorite chinese rock creek Well, there are servers, fuckin new york, dolls, record, yeah, yeah him and jerry Nolan were great together, yeah, even open, yet yeah, yeah and d and dd the heartbreakers with dd and him and sharon dd gone yeah. You know I, I knew Joey pretty good. I thought joey was a sweet guy. He was like us with records. Yeah joy was a joy. He would talk to you. he's so tall here at nine, oh yeah, talk out the site is wrong, so I got as you know, that record by them teddy bears, don't feel them most. He was there. He was. He was a final, not man like forty five
seattle, Joe hebrew. I know it's a side besides really like that. Seen in the scene. A diner hate, her music. I would Daniel Stearns, like ok, I'm not gonna marry. You can tell me, what's the beside this record, you re right now. I know why collar was the label yo. Was we really great, I'm not that much of a nerd, but I am I like, listen and amuse. No, no, I mean not. You know, you know good music, I do you know what you like in which you dont like keep learning new stuff. You know I keep like here and stuff that I never knew you know. Is it It's amazing. I stuff I missed here and it's a great to be able to the great thing about music. Is you can always discover it doesn't go away while the great thing about anew, at the time that I was playing there and in the early nineties was in the eightys was I got to you know through through my playing in the club uptown, I got to know down fagin can a worn hangs. I got to know Derek trucks and he was a kid. You know these guys would come into this club. I played and we would play
yeah and I had a ban with harvey brooks a little big band played at. Place called haiti's on ninety for certain fagin moved around the corner and he would come and sit and you know, and then we started doing these new york nights thing in these rock and reviews and one by one- Becker walks in walking along the wall me I'm just going to be big mouth italian and call em up, write em shame in the coming ripe and he was very private. He didn't play, but he did play and then steely dad got back together. Were I cause they realise that they should be playing? Why not now walter- and I have this love hate relationship in? Oh, yes, that's great, it was an amazing thing about new york, too, and and and maybe a little in l a, but it seems more new york is that people go out. You go for blocks to see your buddy play, and then, if you set up an environment where you can make that should happen. I come on come on in your bank and hold it so you hold it faced with these guys to be able to that, I think would keyed walter when, when, when
when donald- and I were doing these these- these gigs together near someone took a picture of me and donald and then there's a steely dan bootleg that came out on cd and it's a picture of me and donald and susan walter sends it to me, and he says: what's this I send him back. I said you were never that good lookin. First of all, the economic all that means, as you should be playing with Donald and you shouldn't be me on the cover that seed, a hero and that he has about a brilliant cat. You know- and I was such a fan of those guys- we get to meet them and most- the time you dont, Michael mcdonald, night greatest guy man, you meet these guys, boss, gags, and you find him along the way that ninety nine percent of the people, you lover or are already gray, I augur April is ever chuck bury him, but that's put to everybody, if he could punch Keith richard and he could like this John lennon and the mike douglas show right. Well, then, why not me yeah, it's just a general problem. Listen, I was walking out of NBC once and Rickles was around and I had my long black coat on and a hat, and he goes
and I let him in the elevator and thank you rabbi. I simple. it's good. I got insulted by rickles in a way I got recognized in the right. That's right! It's like Bob Dylan. If he says something good or bad to you. He said something to you. Have you had for him I don't wanna talk about it, but yeah. Bob to talk about my love, em, you play with them, but you well, I I I you know we we've we've had moments, you know any any. Sometimes any connection with these guys is enough, not good or bad. It doesn't matter on a good day. You don't get a good day every day now and numb and just affected the date. They see you for, better or worse, run in a room and recognize you is enough sure. I've had mostly good experiences. You know good on and unlike anybody else, there is never. There will never be another bob Dylan,
everybody is greatest. Bob Dylan run me right as important in real life. You know, because I think that he's in the centre of all of this, you know what's happening right. You know what and and we'll be fine Now he made a frank sinatra record or something I made a record like an ad capital, or so I dunno he made like a sort of a nine and it's not out yet, but he made some sort of a standards record interesting, but you know I mean why not when they also with the way that the singer songwriter thing is happening again, he's really still at the centre of it. While I mean every record has great someone's on now Do you not always have and not an aboard at last one Cain, whistled, a very first song on it. Just kills me and then the roman kings. I mean. There's just so much great music he's he's it easy distant. It's easy to mountain! Well, you know Good, you know, a a great writer doesn't have to just write about their life. But what happens within comedy to an end and music alot of people, because
complacent in their success right and they can't write anymore rather can't be funny anymore- but a true writer, canst thou doesn't we are not just telling you about himself right. What's going on in his like he's an observation, you know he can always see and feel woods these plus also well read and write row reflection right. so you got that hungary still hunting and fiction is the biggest part of his life he's the best bullshitter going. I always has been right. I asked volume yet ended himself her. Always every few years, yeah yeah he's I I could use affection little fiction, I mean you know we go through it. We all do the same thing we were like in purgatory, with women and with every and with everything else yeah. I just keep perpetuating the same. Fucking mistake, ok- I do too, but it's as long as it's not with the same person. Over and over again, the trick is not to get cynical that then we have neither of us have a career. I jerry thanked me
How amazing was that I got to play with Jimmy vienna. Ok, I think I'd drop. The bob second, but I get all right there's no sooner racking nervous. What that guy, gotta jimmy the vino dot com. If you want to pick up his according to check out a history there, jimmy the its grazing great to like you know, you see that guy Conan now you know that guy, whether you're a great musician, but I love a love. Em gonna Debbie, your part that yet that up, if you want it just coffee got coop, as they ve been with me for years since, before since, before this shit, just copy jack off has been with me they went to my first advertisers back when I was doing, in the video show, let's see if I can manage this fucking guitar, I didn't I just can do like. I can't you can't do any songs, because after
hey form, but as fortunate, because no jiminey song I see maybe I'll get on a psychedelic, muddy riff, but not a muddy waters with, but just a muddy. I like three chords, three chords, good I'd shut up. If you're going to play playing
I don't know what is happening
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