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Episode 551 - John Mulaney

2014-11-16 | 🔗
John Mulaney pays a visit to the garage while certain things in his life are in a state of flux. For one, the status of his TV show is up in the air and his next job is unknown. Marc talks to John about the balancing act between unexpected success, like writing for SNL and getting a sitcom produced by Lorne Michaels, and unpredictable failure.

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Though the alright. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fucking years, what the fuck nix? How are you marin. This is deputy up, guess today is John mulaney. The young stand up comic a young man, A young man I mean I've gotten some some feedback on a key. When I talk to the younger, can we and it may be imo at all. I would allow a little, hard on him? the comes off as a sour grapes of some kind but I don't think I did our job, but I maybe I'm guilty of that. I guess Business is tat. Is tough man? It's it's tough and if you're lucky or unlucky enough to ten see any way out of it, may be something pan out for you. Things eventually did, but I can tell you
times in my life, where but that everything was going to happen at this was it this. Was it it's I really think about the amount of heart breaking disappointment that wanting encounters in pursuing ones dream or even a career, any view that everyone understands at how much we have to but a reconcile that and absorb it, and process it if possible. Hopefully without in bitter or cynical, which seem almost in a ridiculous, a ridiculous task. To open your art so much that any sort of levelling what Become a learning experience sort it has to be. You don't have, what choice. Do you, but I don't like now, looking back at it as a fifty one year old, I don't. I don't know that I I learned any lessons necessarily other than when I look back, the failures and disappointments in the ways that I fucked up by distorting think like? Why lived through it but some things, I don't love there any better at all.
because there are some like their younger people not going to talk to John mulaney today. He he has a big opportunity. His shows in a little bit of trouble, but the matter is, you know, he's going to go on with his wife one way or the other. Your wife is full our breaks and disappointments, it just gets to appoint words like I don't want any more. Do dread can. I not have them any more wow. Oh my god, I watch a movie whiplash last night and it has the do like there's some about that. You really be. Humbled in beaten enough to finally grow the fuck up, and I know some of you are onto me already with this stuff I'd. I don't know that if I fully done that, I don't like you know. I know I'm a fifty one year old man but you're emotionally. I don't seem to be that and I dunno what I expect at the people, but, like all the sun, all this shit, becoming very clear.
I you know I got all this stuff going on, but here this is one flaw. Dude theirs is fly that keeps you spent in the same place, keeps you and pay keeps before with you in pain on and off pain relief? you know the drama cycle goddammit I don't know, maybe I'm just having a bad day. Maybe I think I wasted my youth somehow I can't I don't look back in like what about all in good times. Just panic. Does the parade of panic, indifferent, outfits, different with different ideas about. What was going on was in panic. It was passion, angry panic, And a lot of like come on, look at me. What about me where's mine? How come I can't have it? What am I going to? What what's the story? Why is that guy get to goddamn it? What about me? What are you? HU. I do I do me. I do me
I'm doing right now I gave come on fuck you fuck, Reckon with me none of that ones, idea of entertainment, we're bull shit fuck! You. You're not entertained? Are you compelled. you in gauged, you fuck you, I get this things over me. If I don't give a shit now give a shit. That's it is my: does my early years as there Not as together John laney, who are going to do right now, Yom ladys in the garage I'll, even intro people? I know I did that by just did it for my own sake, you just like a rapporteur, and we're going to we're going to land we're going to get, grounded, yeah right now we're going to set it up. I feel you, or were you nervous, cohn up here,
Nervous yeah, I'm nervous I'm nervous before everything, but I was not. I was not extra nervous enough freaking out. If I see you too yeah a little bit sure that it's been awhile, it's been a while how you been I'm all right, you know, I'm trying to you know. Work very busy You moved out here, though, bit pretty much here I got married in July and my wife and I ve been renting a place. you got married in July. Yeah map it here for you I'll. Thank you. What is it? What did she do? She is a wasn't, make up artist for years and is now style. Writer has a new book out called the daily face plug in his wife's book, folks, out of the gate, play right out of the gate, make sure she's happy anna. I plugged it right out of the gate yeah she you got that taking care of anna yeah July august september october november, so it's been like four months. I guess aid for how long before four and a half years really yeah see like right on time.
you're right on track for everything we were. Everything was done in the in the proper way. That's right really courting there courting. We knew each other for a while, and then we were like friends who wanted to date for many months and then started dating weight. So you're like how we got it, I feel a defeat Why didn't think if the pattern of my life was like a girl and she didn't like me- backs buddy. be good friends, so I thought okay, this is another one of those which I was very comfortable and as very very comfortable in that situation. Here and then I then she wrote me an email saying she liked me, but I thought the email said. Sometimes you flirt with me in its uncomfortable, like there were two ways to read this: now is that it was difficult to read out. She said she liked you need somehow read. That is why I wish to start by telling you that I think she said something to the effect without having the exact language. The effect of you know we're such good friends, but sometimes we seem like we're flirting in. That seems like it's a different level, and I thought you might like stop flirting with me right right, but she meant
as you may not like you, are we taking it up a notch and I was mad. It was a. I was in the middle of an all nighter at snl and there was like one am when I got the email and I didn't write back, and so she thought it was like a rejection or not a rejection. She just thought like what the hell's wrong with this guy, that he didn't write me back after that. To your face mentally and insecure fella of cook. Of course, I know I'm just saying this out YAP. Why is that Ah you seem arrogance. active man. Thank you. Sorry out it fell out. I'm sorry that you're young got good hair I learned eyes her hair and, and I had a good orthodontist than the ninety one chicago's best orthodox Did you ways that we were told you? He was a good. He was a good north side of chicago, or What does that mean north say you grow on the north side, yeah like lincoln park out far from second city, and they need to place it in a car really! Ok! So that's why I remember saying is being almost in a suburb kind. Well, will there's three.
As you know, the one they revealed in saint charles illinois and then no one on wall street. He had the one well street in my mind, was sort of like I remember there was an apart building around there and yet like it wasn't didn't feel like. I was in chicago, oh that in their mayors from downtown, and rightly so, that you grover on their yeah. You grew up with a large family, yandah third of four kids, how many many boys, two sons on the second son ass, you, daughters and our daughters are old. I know I have a little sister who just turned twenty seven yeah. That's not gonna. Do the math and the more the oldest of us is Carolyn is my elder sister and she's how she is Nineteen, seventy and eight so she is thirty five. Thirty, six wow I don't know, I'm saying these ordinary facts, their ordinary but you're young person? I am thirty. yeah dirty,
resolved yeah and you know you've done an amazing amount of stuff. It's been a nice few years, okay, so, let's, let's get down to brass tacks years. He grew up. There's a lot of kids, catholics, yeah That's like your irish guy, I'm about ninety nine percent. Irish, that lack irish things. What you got right, I guess so yeah I always loved that term. yeah me too, my mom told me: I had jet black hair when I was a kid. I was thus one of my favorite compliments irish. To me, like I never knew what it meant. Then it just became like this menacing thing, yeah that black I wish, like d, very intense working and nothing but trouble, you're, not sunny and red haired right. You don't have a limerick at hand. No, no, you more! It's the irish goodbye people believe a party without on anyone, that's right, the brooding kind. I guess that's what I think and yeah so you think out of the two it's far more attractive to be I don't know I mean you know, have in a happy red, headed disposition, I said, as I say that out loud, I'm glad we have cousins were redheads. Dear friends were Had I dont know many redheads really
without yet I'm redheads on my moms and not against him, I'm not again the waters and there's lots allure about not trusting, really yeah are there trust of all the redheads. I've heard here are some of that lower. I just heard Bernie Britain I didn't know Bernie brill's there. I just heard he said that never trust wasted, never trust. A red headed jew was, interesting here are a few of the I've heard that many times have as quoted to Bernie brescian. It was not simply. Your parents were high educated working people gather both lawyers. Jesus Christ really yeah. My mom is alarming: faster at northwestern university. That's noble! She probably believes that the law is a good thing. She also treated with respect. Yes, we were very loyally upbringing and your father. What kind of lawyers he is a corporate lawyer? Does mergers and acquisitions see now that sounds well that doesn't sound like god, you know completely on the level to me. How has
I dont know. Court murderous attack was actually not pro bono, but now I know I don't you know when you start talking mergers and acquisitions I'd feel people are losing their jobs and crying well that's life. Right now, I'm not going to say that life, don't you sometimes company, his needs emerge and he was you he would. He would help now his and whenever it is not his from you know, he is trying to do it right and protect everybody. Yes added emerging, and whose livelihood acquiring any big you ever those corporations for those yeah. I made up of peace, yeah, there's. No ordinary, there's, no reason to think that, though, just treat the corporations don't entity as an individualised. What we're supposed to do now right! That's the loss at us with the lahti was crazy to meet our companies are in individual. He asked us help and little folks, that's right. The little folks yea I proctor gamble sure that little gave you not be in jail and that's a bad one is it. I don't know The comic in Cincinnati would work for peace and g. I remember milk is that when you go to reopen anna's, everyone would work for. Does that only eight? I was being a relic. That's what
located. Yet I had a big office. That's where we were. There was indiana indianapolis it was. It was the pharmaceutical company lilly. I think our yeah everyone. The crackers worked for lilly no, but there was there looming. I think if I, if I'm not mistaken, yeah yeah and then comics in chicago would work for, like LEO Burnett advertising agency really yeah. There are always these it's sort of home offices where it's like well, I could get a day job at LEO Burnett and then end advertising some advertising, its attempt, jobs right, there's ten let us by what they are doing, and what do you do when you were punk when I was like day job It was an intern over comedy central. Then I was attempt a comedy. control and then I wrote freelance wholesale add copy. So, for like big catalogues of tchotchkes gazing, stuff yeah, I would write the descriptions of them for the cattle, the comedy central's in new york. Now I never lived in Chicago well after I was a kid I mean that's not true. I lived there for eighteen years. Then I went to school. Then I moved right to new york
really. That was it. There was a way to chicago yeah. I did I never start. I never I did in Chicago I ate. It was weird guess it was like second city in time stand up was there, but I never. I just never did at their why'd. You run away from Chicago John Why don't we start in front of my family? Why accept you know? I wanted to you're out in the world yea. I do in your own thing. Do in my own thing an occasion I have eighty four money wish me luck and my check again. I nearly five hundred dollars. When did the trouble happen, because I know that we're both sober guys. We established last progress. Yet our last one. Was that comics yells comic c mere comics coming alive, but, like you, are hung out. How long are you sober now september, twenty second, two thousand and five, so ten years will be next fall, so you are really serious. You just got nine years or so yeah I just had fifteen. Thank you. Congratulations. I appreciate that fifteen yeah and goddamn. It too. I want to
think you do not really yet I'm uncomfortable, though sure sure I want a really early. I like it. I like record but relief yeah. That's all it is these aims. I gotta be relief, but right, but that's the feeling as I have the feeling that when people ask me I get, are you happy? Do you want to be happy? If I just would like to be rude, were I want some relief? I wish I always wish I had just a rip cord next to me. I guess, where a parachute beyond just feel that occasionally NGO cave there, I owe you don't wanna, deploy as working on a street forward. Both falling is what you're saying where it we're falling I constantly feeling of falling. about this meal. The grass Thyssen could explain why there are plummeting right now. Our cars already plummeted. my god so within hopefully won't hit the ground since we don't have parachutes we'll just go yeah. That's what you do you just adapt to the feeling of plummeting yes but
but so nine years. So you were like what twenty three twenty four I was. Twenty three I got started doing everything young so, but you grew up in the Can nice see upper middle class? No excuse no, I mean, but that in its easier in a way because you people don't expect you to to necessarily be fucked up, True yeah you and I just had a real. I remember a psychiatrist told me when I was young. He said. Half of you is this really nice guy was very polite and the other half of you is gorilla. That's whose job is to kill the other half exactly yeah, and I thought okay. That sounds right. So I had this inclination. I talk about that. A lot the two voices- yeah yeah yeah, it's weird, have you decided what the Authentic EU is, or is it just it is still up in the air. I think the authentic me as the is the nice guy, whose very aware of the gorilla and go day over their guerrilla no way nodded. I think
gonna write things are going. Ok at the moment, while staying their guerrilla, so I can't avenue is just add a control. What did that? Looking to everyone says that yeah it's for my wife is always like. I wish I could spend a day with you as an outcome that sounds like that sounds like someone wants you to drink, yeah yeah yeah? That's wonderful for her! Actually, what a delight down wouldn t go. about John just one day to go back to it and after four months of marriage for her to see that she wants to know you, I was no alia yet. That's true! That was interesting person. A confident person moment. Please philip bravado imply had a lot of britain bottle, I had a lot of ideas but like what we do so used our drink. I'm on what your fourteen at thirteen fourteen and you're just drinking what you're friends yeah. We just drank a lot. I think we just had a. an unhealthy familiarity with drinking and drugs early
and eliza was around a lot I mean, surely was you're older brother sister. They were very responsible. I think they drink in the high school sense right, was about it just laughing, just fine on weekends and somewhere out somebody's hair and younger for a month, yeah you don't drink for a month right you'd. Have that one incident yeah. I never had like an incident in high school. Like I was very looking back. I was very careful to keep it going. Have is interesting. I didn't want to come home and don't have data yeah right right, a good thing going and I did feel a sense of pride in that I kept my parents out of it. I'd come home and go I'm home. I'm going to bed just like you know, make sure they didn't know, because I could They knew we drank some. I dont think they knew that we were messing around with a lot of stuff but daily life. What's up Well, you know we're doing like where smoking pot and drinking and then we did coke and stuff like him. I did some types. The Cannes summit the air, the good allowance,
and also of just, are or does terrible coke teenagers good affords a one year ago, new guy yeah, well you're, just like we take you know we take. Riddle, ends and after all, to our work, and then we do that stuff other stuff at night and drink a lot nessus towards later high school and then into college, and then in college then so called your free man, where you gonna college, to georgetown c and d c and d c, and now now the guy's, the limit sure yeah man. Do you have your free some money coming in every month, It was more like a everyone, had a tiny bit of money and would buy right, putin, yeah, coke and stuff like that. But what is? Would the bottom look like what were you studying studying the georgetown? I was an english and theology major huh. I was an english major theology have a rear guard guy, oh yeah. I believe in god yeah. You do another undeniably, not even second guessing it ever of course constantly. Second guessing all the
Did you grow up with the with the? How sure, oh yeah, irish catholic cat catholic gang of budgetary rigour, lawyers there smart people, they are smart people might be, I believe in Hell. Yes, they do about our eye, despite really gillis wherever that ship, isn't that, where you studied theology you're a practical person, a practical person that I studied a lot of jewish theology, though I was mainly interested in that that very much lined up with my personal outlook, what what specifically there's a god he might not like us yeah and there might not be nothing else after this. So let's guess on this and you're free to talk to him at length about anything? She will. Our ties are arguments and you can you shake your fists sure yeah? He can take that god can handle that day.
He can handle. That was also very yes, yes, it wasn't. This like out. This is a friendship was. I is indifferent. Now knows that difficult relationship is, and I've got questions right and if you're not going to answer them mean these guys are going to just gotta go over and over and over again right it like workin, for like an aloof famous person, we just talk bout him when he's out of the room and the group of assistance, where a pool of us not we is largely naomi mood ecosystem. Yes, yes, yes and writing amid russia. Understandably, so you are like what reading the cabal reading the talmud studying that writing papers on the Jews yeah. The Torah talmud it's a the new in getting to know what I think we did. Www the medical staff as pray like that's only for a special people, are there is a key,
as the son of jewish mysticism that I I don't think I turk and I didn't take it, and I know I got a. I think. The last class I took when I was a senior was a theology after the holocaust, so there was a much are they that was the? Why did god let this happen? What was that about esther? Yes, a semester? What was that of? How could he have let that happen what does that mean? Yet it meant a lot of the same questions that has always the same questions here so, but if so, what was the focus, of course, just What, if like, how did judaism change within the community after yeah? It was that, while the first, the first course I took was judaism AK was it called changing. dixon and continued practice, and I like that it adapted, reaches preparing for show business. No, I just it was like
I think, being raised religious, so to speak, the language of the people will be working for yeah. Well, I didn't take like a you know like a how to handbook of yet conversational years thing a year seminar in communicating with Lord Michael's. I had a book little kid called yet issues. A second language was like an like a novelty books. Yes, why somehow wired yeah. I really like that. Yes, I wanted to be jewish. You did the arrows. Thus, at an alarm, did you really running away from the yeah, but how capital we brought up a mean seriously like a lot easier and talk to the priest yeah. I got a confession going on certain every sunday. I like the idea of confession. It seems like it's real giving. You must have guided sorry rare at bay by the way like it, and it is just kind of the old thing. If the screen and you kneel on one side and the priest and you never see their face as portrayed in films and so forth, it actually became after. I guess I dunno. If it's vatican, two or just grown up in the eighties, there was like you, sit in a room with a priest and tell them
what's going on and it's kind of it was more like what therapy is like. So there was a bag of very different parameters. There was a back and forth yet when I first went to confession, though make us ever than their because things among many things are not ok, that's true, but you don't I. never like red awry. It acts in confession. I know, but I mean kind of like well, of course, his life's you know it's very hard and you know bright and it's difficult and the, but you still like you need to ask forgiveness and You doubt is gonna, be yea and- and I gotta say the idea that the creator of the universe would forgive you for individual things. You did wrong as it is a nice veal ensured it s, because you think he's busy vanguard. He could make the time too Take a load off. He lay someone yeah again. Let me know that I was. I was square with them. Yet you're! Ok, you can you d masturbated, kay, we'll see what I would do was. I would make up wholesome sounding sins, because I had to go to confession.
So I go in and I'd be like. Ah me and my brother were thrown snowballs at a house. In someone told us this and even after they left? I, through two more snowballs united, said to me public norman rockwell sounding sends when really reside. Tyrconnel humping my bed yet maniac right but ass, you never! You never can glean on that stuff. You just gotta make what yeah! No! I never know. I never said that Alan really, why I have to say Xu. I knew enough to know that that stuff was fine, but but throwing snowballs was a big problem. No, I just needed to get through the session go to a psychiatrist or therapist, and you don't have anything that day. So you just need to make something up to get through the session I'll talk about something and paying for it. Why? Exactly, though, he sometimes out of our go to my shrink and I'll be like I gotta think a sudden. Yet a focus on the animal is thirty five minutes, and I I exaggerate whatever the problem is just so. It sounds like it's a really nice for I. For me, I just ends up being like a regular conversation. I could at it with a friend over coffee. I can evaluate easy that show.
For you detective yeah, whatever I may. I got nothing for me- I want people to get the wrong idea. Why a little hard on catholics, because I, but you have the catholics and jews- these are ancient religions. Have you ever been to Rome been to florence? Heavy Diana runs around the bend to jerusalem of it, the dead wizards in caskets. And without charge of wizards crypts in coffins in grips church has a part of somebody appeal it's a finger or yeah, sure sure, yeah sure piece of it. You went to Israel too, because you were fast and I've been to Israel yeah. I went to Israel with my dad and oh seven, really yeah, and why you're your year? That was the best trip I ever took in my life. Really Yes, why? It's of it's amazing? Theirs, energy to that whole place. That system crazy. landed in TEL Aviv and then went up through life.
Says area the roman ruins went through the golan came down, the golan was really interesting in his eye was like. Oh, this is beautiful near you. about the golan heights, vienna, realism, let people fighting for at any rate how this is. It was just really horrible to be dispossessed from here yeah. Just my dad, a guide, nay menachem, and he decided to go to him. more israeli, colonel they're, all former israeli colonels, will astro this guy. Never let you forget We are at the wailing wall and he was against not again he didn't like that there were. You know that a fifth of young females were also have enlisted when they arrived, so we are just leaning against the car near the wailing wall and monogame. Looked at this eighteen year, old girl holding a you, know, m sixteen or whatever, and he said you see the girl there. I could disarm her and two point five seconds that didn't say that about the men, just that they're now just that girl, but he was also tiny by the way he was about. One foot three
yeah yeah, why? Why did you guys choose israel? I will my my parents travel a lot. We kind of we took interesting trips when I was a kid. My dad took great vacations when he was young with his dad. He went to africa and south america, and we'd always wanted to go there, and I was you know I I was out of college at that point. He had studied a lot of judaism and I just really wanted to go. Did you read hebrew and sur? No, I I don't read hebrew I was just you know. So there's landowners was right after college, as you want a couple years and where you drink until now, I was done, but what was bottom like due to happen in college. I mean like you, will after college it it had to happen after college, because those when I realized that other people weren't still doing this as much.
Right. You're like they were, you guys go yea. I wanna we pay for the next seventy two hours. Why don't we adamant about now? You know that time for bed yeah, it was still young. However, I will say it was apparent that other people moved on right. College was over and he felt stupid. I felt stupid. I just felt, as I thought I'd been coasting on the idea that I'm a good person now for me, in five years. I I was like I remember as I've I've. I remember what it felt like to be to feel good about myself and that's that was about five years ago and that flicker would kind of help me get through times, but I was like I don't so you're starting to feel a little corrupted. I remember thinking to myself. If I was watching this person in a movie, this was the day I stopped. I thought if I was watching this guy in a movie, I wouldn't rooting for him anymore. You no matter what happened to him. He took an already had a break up blah blah. Just I wouldn't care by that guy's, no good. Just like one of those three hour movies real, I don't care, they can all be there.
Zira any, but you did you feel like you were in trouble. Yes, I knew I was not. I knew I was so in part that were funded, do drugs, but also they you'd get attention for doing them, and I knew that night with people would be worried about me and then that was an interesting amount of attention and you know it. Girls would be concerned. They broken up with you. They'd be. Are you ok with a shell mankind, yeah yeah, yeah cocaine? Does it make girls like you, but it does make them worry about you, yeah, that's what he and you were like. What do you care yeah? Well, you can call me back yeah, I might do something bad. I I travel yeah, I'm in trouble. Don't call me call me so then that was all over. I was just like I'm not. This is nothing but doing it. So it was coke. Really I was drinking a ton I just drink and make bad decisions. Sure you know coke keeps you drinking
sure keeps you awake yeah for more drinking yeah, but where you are, but what were you like? Em, you are not where you are hostile drunk. Yes, by the end, I could really snarl a. Yeah, no fight, so you look like you know but I'd like to many points. I'd like craw exactly you can tell that just by looking at I as a type like if europe, already and you, IRAN of you're a cop I'd like I'm ever frontier You like, I saw you you're on the other side of the room. And you came right for me just dead eyed and I walked up to him and I slapped the cup out of his hand and just stared at him. It was like you know: fuck, you right, but I had that kind of like I'd flick, your tie and go like. When are you going to do? What are you going to do your I'm, not a phony, your iphone and your pest? I was a past. I was a nuisance
you're like a little eyes, a little drunk, newsome harry comes down together, work in his eye and I looked twelve and you are a kind of a dick. Is where you are, I was becoming a deck here and what would did youth paying? the primary feelings I like you did you were you unhappy with yourself for you? Why you why I mean like what was it? We champion it, the better doing comedy I did you not doing a little bit accommodate, but I didn't want to do like I'd started in college. I really like the first rush and then, as I owe you just gotta, keep in it and sometimes you don't do well and other people are doing well. I really wanted to have done comedy sure. We're like rank twenty twenty one I was like. I just wish I'd already done a lot of it yeah I could say I did it so you're hard on yourself. I was hard on myself sure, but I also wasn't doing enough like I was just talking about how I wanted to be a comedian or was a comedian or whatever and was to all the girls. coke when you're like I'm just going to do it, may ask the italian me: I'm gonna. Do it yet and some sort of stress
They are the guide on yes, it and I did it if I was at stanhope new york when there is a conan showcase. I'd done it, but I have here a liar here has, I was a liar has never yet I was never I we. I'm loyal wire if it's absolutely necessary? Now I am- and I was out that was the hardest thing to wean myself off of we're lies of convenience just wise because you could I remember feeling that after I stopped drinking, I was like. Oh right, I haven't used that muscle of explaining the truth in a long time. Right I'll just say. Oh, my phone is broken, make something up right. The idea that I would now have to say I miscalculated the time and I'm sorry, you know it's hard right is hard yeah. So, but you used to just live for the hell of it. Yeah I lied for the hell of it. I lied to be grandiose and I lied to get out of trouble or to or or not deal with any inconveniences at all right, yeah, it's great tool
sure it's very can be a lot of people don't check up on your lies at all, or you get into one of those situations where you lied. So much people like okay and they don't they don't. Even second guess you because they used to you're, not even credible, and you know, you're not you're. Just two years. The sheer joy hostile witness yeah, okay, we're not going to question the guy anymore here. What so? When did you Doing comedy in earnest. Uneasy moved from DC to new york. He graduated yeah. I graduated. Why well I went I did pretty good yeah. I always tried to keep up appearances like I said so that it didn't have to deal with any thing. I ah, When I was twenty, I came to new york and I was in turning it comedy central and overlook for Jesse klein and lou wallack Lou Wallach was the head of comedy central at the time it was the summer of the graham norton effect of big summer big sam, remember where we were the big summer of failure? The graham norton effect yeah, but then there was also chapelle show daily show south park. It was, it was a. It was a cool.
Place. What europe is now, let's bowl and suddenly at that that was the summer of our three ok. So Jesse was development person. She was a development person at that time lose their. You know naomi fresh, YAP yeah and what were you doing whatever near I like GAB, deliver stuff too tough out right. I would down that show occasion when, yes, you were jack, did you like it? We are loved, it was exciting. Real things happened. I went to a lot of taping so that we have on now. Did you work nick and ecology and disease in those guys. Oh yeah, I met disease when I moved to new york, but you are part of human gene. No, I never did anything Joe, but I yeah we were kind of around fifty in those places and are you using in ireland and why you yeah yeah you do shall invite them up those like the shouted get on right so that a whole new generation you're like who really literally part of them.
Generation, the ex waiter common in new york yeah, and I had a very I looking back at a very comfy time, because of that it was not. It was very friendly. You didn't have to do open makes it stand clubs I did some. I do hamburger harry's. I do, sir. So that was really unsure right, so you're running around doing this kind of yeah I'd do those shows rock albers, and so he started to do comedy in earnest. When you were doing the internship yeah, I was about twenty right, yeah, an undue. I would do the be three every week, the third avenue b and comedy kebab in brooklyn right by but not stand, have not not like the comic strip it and I went out. I went up into a comic strip once evolution hold right, bigley? I got me a spot yeah to go up in front of you. And he said I ve got enough white guys want
when, in the other room, because alcohol last Lucian what he thought and then he came out and now now and I said well, what did he say He apparently he watched me on the monitor and said well know which having heard other stories about him that was like? That is very tame? Were you doing? Well, ah, I had like two good minutes, wherein other comics would help me out right, but then there was a. There was a I feel like a year of like then that was it. You know like get out, or I could get a spotted, invite them up and do well. Ah, and then you know I'd, then you'd be get another spot months later. Right and I was like I'd- have nothing new then so it just it in that world of like okay, this, these three minutes kind of work in new york that plateau really fast rights. I started going on the road right. Then I remember I was hosting it there
Oh you mean going on the roads. I would as a feature now as an empty, a really my first m c week. Was it the penguins and seat around. So is that under the tutor which might probably ass, I was opening for MIKE. So I my hosting in right so much you gotta do comedy gloves. That's how I started, but that was still pretty kush. Thou is still very nice to have someone getting me into this can also his audience. I imagine was fairly. He was right at the point where he done like a comedy central half are settled art in a building. He had a lot. people knew he was, but he still would have. I think some of the nights were the audience was just there for Janie's are therefore penguins right. So I got you into that experience yet adequately, working as a calm, absolute and realizing I suck at a year in absolute and realizing. I wasn't a comic. I was like a writer of jokes, but he helped you. Yes, you feel permanently in
oh absolutely added to my idea when I went on the red room with third for thirty days straight, and that was like a huge turning point, a lesson the lesson for me, was like before that tour with MIKE, I always wanted, come the show to be cancelled. I was wanted to have done a show and be it again. You wanted it behind. you. Yes, I wanted behind me and that after due in thirty days straight or you just had to, I had to empty every night, I started to want to do the show itself so you're gettin into it. you start to get it you already? I told me in a very like cool direct way. He was like hey, you have to be better if you're gonna open, and are in a very like hey. You can't, like you know,
you're, joking right and softly, throw your jokes under the bus and not and act like we don't give a shit when you do he get off. That's a good point because that's a that's! Why go a defense mechanism absolutely and it also felt like you had to start, or I felt I had to be it felt like atrophy places like the You had to begin clumsily and act, a clumsy yet had a and undermine our salary. I order you had the best, well you're, not accuse sign. I knew what I knew. How to do. It In nashville, when I had, Do the announcements killer? Bees was common air to bring the vacant I better save up yeah yeah james Gregory, the funniest man in america will be here next week and now, let's make some noise for a headliner yeah leah. So but he taught you gave you a sort of get the key told you what was wrong with the way you are presenting your jokes. He he obviously have faith in you as a joke writer yeah. I thought I was very funny. I like you, know
followed him around a lot and and would try to pitch jokes german stuff in red. I think you've funny guy yak, as I do, that one time and as was visiting, he was working on his half our special, and I just I just with them like everywhere, when he was running. If you how dangerfield- and No, not really. In the end, I think I'd. You know I was so excited to sir. You got anything this and I go that's great what's interesting because you are a joke be I mean you are a joke tower. You have a very fast pace. You're, a written guy, yeah yeah necessarily ripping no no more so now, but not for long right right. When I saw you, I mean you're doing something a little personal? I saw you at and word I see you. I saw you at a small theatre of some kind. Why were you doing montreal, maybe was along said about atherton randal, ST exuviae throttle logical, had always you're one privilege, you're right. I did so there and I want to see your one may yet and came out very flattered, but yeah yeah is great, but that was that was
venturing into autobiographical stock is my recollection of your previous. To that was a very clever, clever jokes: were they wanted the good reference in any of it, I didn't care cause, I'm too all right. I do a joke about the movie ray yeah and it would be good for a month sure yeah yeah, but that was sort of what you did. Oh absolutely absolutely? That was how you can see what but did you, but I had no sense of myself or a night that I do yet now but What are the weird their dodgy topic for you in a way that jessica, whose in their john, the exactly I mean cause I can hear like. Sometimes your lap is a little appear not as deep as it should be in our interests, You know, like you, didn't you, you re together they're burning, because when I saw the one man I was excited for you because I thought well, you know he stepped out. It's gonna do some stuff. There's a there's a moment there during the proctor logical exam word, you know where I was like. Are we gay? Are we not gay? What's happening right right right?
now is like who is this guy? There's a you know you you do keep it together. how you kind of uncontrolled do absolutely yeah that It's for me to let out right right. So, what's going to make you what's gonna make you lose your shit or get angry? You mean whatever I don't get that angry where's it all going. John, I mean Probably internal organs are not doing what I haven't gone to a doctor in five six year. Fine, I might be fine I have. I I'm relaxing everything's going everything's relaxed come on. Are you not even you're, not like this? With your friends like pete and everybody you you can guard your. Guard. No, I mean I don't know. I don't know there is something. I've heard before in my town, absolutely all the time he really share from your yeah sure nor were not
in a terrible way. Not like are you. Where are you John ride around yeah who's in there there's going on yeah? There's? No there, there yeah my parents used to say about bill Clinton that there is no there, there sure isn't. Who has? Who has it there all the time yeah nah? Well, it was submerged it is for you to know it's for me to know. I don't have to give that anyone well what I thought your comedian, why I give it out in the doses I want to do you ass. I do ok, fine, that's fine I, yet I dont know. Ok, you just asking one, though I think that sometimes I'm like here's the deal, like I you know I was in your record. I watch you performed when I saw you do the story show all right. So now again I did like. I had no idea who you are, and I watched unite, listened to your stuff before I'm, like he's great he's got a good clips. Got good pace, got good jokes, but there, who is that guy sure I've been saying about that about seinfeld for thirty years
like I'm like, I knew that guy is. How can I watch a guy for an hour and have no fucking idea? Who he is it bothers me as time goes I realize you jerry, isn't that terrific, but by the thing it is fine, but you you know it just like you. I can't see. Somebody's vulnerability, re almost immediately unlikely ease, adena, either he's really competent or a fucking with me. Interesting is is yes because, like you fuckin with me part of it, we have, but that's my own problem, which is sort of like you know why you know it's its invasive. I noted that comedy being innately funny as a defence mechanism in and of itself, but it should reveal some insecurity and I think that that it may be there, but like way until I saw If you tell stories about your life, you know I hadn't, I just didn't have enough a sense of who you were with just a stand up, that's totally fair
your evolving out of that you're chechnya, and also I have a life. Now. I only had those jokes before near. I only had tv shows and bullshit. I know where you think we're that what was at the craft are you I will even but, but it tells different, is a town like you know. He can't help you can help me. I see exactly who is but which was was writing joke for you sort of I doodling like d like a math equation, like you would just something row yeah. Well, I'm not of a joke. That's great I'll! Do I'll put it in my stand, right, yeah right, no matter what the topic was. You know yeah yeah yeah and I remember I started off trying to write jokes about topics. No one else had jokes about yeah, like what like the liberty bell, I wrote, a joke about the liberty bell that it was that, is I remember writing it- because I had never heard a joke about the liberal idea- how precious is that not scared if the joke was that it's supposed to be this patriotic symbol, but it's broken. So it's like we fought this war for our independence. In the first thing, we do is break something nice like we're: a bunch of special ed kids who finally get unsupervised recess, and we come in after thirty minutes like Ernie fell. That was the joke
There's a lot of words in there. I know. Look how rapidly I got through it, avoiding eye contact yeah the style it just keeps going. It keeps going sure maize encrypted you ever like what went when you take pause when everything sort of slows down yeah. What? What do you feel? uncomfortable. I feel very comfortable on stage right now, yeah yeah. Ah, you saw my worst set ever. I think at that one rancho know in aspen. Did I? Yes you don't remember that, of course you wouldn't. There was a huge moment in my life and not, but I was there, you were the host of. I met you that a weekend, ah I host for you and tosh. You guys were co. Headlining a show. This was god you were wearing an american apparel, jackets and overcoats a lot during that time. Sure sure. Ah so you are very nice to me. Yeah I
senior conan yeah. I really liked that joke. He did about. Ah your mom calling you and asking you what you thought of this guy sabu and you saying mom, do you mean? Do you mean Barack Obama saw? I told you that at the taj I got to I host for you and and tosh, and then I think you are co headlining at your walter and Mary lynn, yeah. That sounds about right right and then I did so then I did my second. So you have these showcases at aspen. You do like it was me and it wasn't kyle kinane and Dan Mintz, but they were also there that year. So it was like people that age group we would go. We do our five minutes at and I kind of I didn't do well the first one. This was so then I hosted for you and tosh. I do a little better and then, as this was like the the second showcase that I was going to do, and it was in the big tent yeah. I remember that thing. Yeah and I walked up onstage and I started to talk. Is you reminded me of it when you said?
af was up here. I couldn't breathe at all hard to breathe. There couldn't breathe at all, though, and my first job remember the hide it died and then, ah, oh my god, a panic rolled over by b, you are having trouble while I was having real trouble a bombing sense and also I couldn't breathe, and to this day I day had if as having a panic, tech or elevations there was like concern like you, you got off stage was like you, yeah yeah, when you and mighty Stefano we're very nice to me. Backstage cut me an oxygen tank, member this re right The MIKE Destefano sat with me for a little while you came and checked on me, which I always never forgot, you're very cool in that moment, and you came on stage and ah so I bomb and almost die. You come back on stage and sets a nice things about my sat and canada use
one of my jokes to get into one of your jokes. It felt that I remember hearing it and going out he's really trying to make it seem like that. Went fine. and it really did and every Was there a member that some guy that worked for like kanaka was in the front ro rhinos I he saw me bomb I'll, never gay. to go to conical. I remember now I'm having a bathroom me right, and so I was. I was really like. I'm done at that, as I was in bad shape, because that must have been right after my wife left and I must have your wife was there. That was that time. Yes, what year was that two thousand and six maybe two thousand and six or two thousand and six right, I went up on stage and did the storytelling show that was you probably my right. the end of my marriage? I remember she was ere. I remember running into stephen right. I remember hosting that thing because I remember like us Baldwin was urged that one of the bow Nana billy
we bombs on the show with me yeah. I was around backstage it that ten thing that's right. I amber bits and you are hanging out with your wife and Billy Baldwin right right. Yes, now I remember being backstage and then I'd go outside smoke, cigarettes and as drinking coffee backstage dry. Also wonder if I had like a panic that you were smoking, then yeah smell, looking at in aspen elevation for the first time I mean, I don't know why. I know it's hard to breathes. Ok, so I saw one of the worst sets. I do now remember that way. I well remember now and you are in trouble. No one remembered it at all costs even was so drunk. Right and he was rife night. It was weird because it wasn't, there was injured,
there, but there are also large, like drunk he regular people. Oh there were like men in fur coat rang the front row rikers. It was light of medical brahms. It outdoors in heated yeah thing there, a heat lamps in a tent in the middle age old. Yet it was weird man. Only dan ments remembers it. He was in the back of the tent and he brings it up all the time. As just he said, it was like watching a beautiful train wreck. You because I, what came out confident and jokes were probably It is good, but it was. There was nothing doing from second one right and as soon as nothing was happening, it was. I remember that feeling of air from like the bot just air in my throat and nowhere else he was rare, and I went long as a gift because my closures get not working right, so I did more. and I remember, like you know when you got off your like. You know in trouble yeah, I I I
hated. All it was like you know, when you faint and everyone surrounds you, I hated all the attention so much right. I wanted to, I wanted to absolutely die, but you know it did it turned out. Ok, yeah, but I was so scared. I just say it's funny. I remember you and mighty too fond of being really nice any. She was like it's gonna, be ok, you fool in funny. It doesn't matter. I had a meeting with James dixon. He told me that while I was breathing yeah, I got a meeting with James Dixon. One glad that you have a good memory in me. That's nice! I have a lot of nice ones. You were always very nice to me and alright. So then, like let's, let's get up to where, where everything starts to change. So you you turn to comedy central for how long just a year, for you come back from the road with it I totally sex, I'm kind of kind of starting to feature idea. Honan. The first time right, then I went and did aspen and bombed run almost died. When I was you need to take the hit some tea needs. You gotta, take it and then I was gonna off outside
on the road, sometimes with big sometimes on my own. I started writing for like a surgeon that your best ever cover on obvious ones that I was easy as a talking head guy yeah you just go to midtown met yoga at sixteen thirty three broadway building and talk in front of colored paper for like an hour, yeah get a couple of hundred bucks. That was very that that was a very good time. Then I did like a naca sure right hosted a naca. Now, that's a national association colleges! ever yet the national association of bombing in a hotel, ballroom and then in front of an all out of soon activities. People have a lot of student activities, people who can often be very interesting people, and then you stand in a both yes selling wish our yes narrow. Still, sword swallowers and the principal from today by the river, had shot up on welfare, but what's at stake there is that you know you'd the youth theoretically, got twenty colleges for the year. That's a lot of money guys dry. Remember I got five and that was a lot of money, yeah how you and then I did that
How do you do with the kids medium? Very? I was there young looking, but my jokes weren't college fund right. It was a weird. It was right that your boy, black irish yeah yeah yeah, there was a darkness that you have a history yeah. They wanted me to do like you know just you're, the guy, that the cops out of people's hands- and you were hiding that and then I would flip Yes, with I have you were the new jobs. This is a new jail like the old john, yes sort but they wanted like fun college, and I only had like strange darkness of college you ever just put on a hoodie and put on your headphones and war. Smokes they grow out of your uh yeah. Had everything I think your life's over, even though you like after smokes. I fed them in the past couple months. Here are your never big smoker? No, I what I smoked a lie. Alot allotted saturday night live here and then smoked all through college. I, like known it yeah yeah. That makes me feel better
about you. Oh, I have many addictions and issues that I have to grapple with. Like that. Like what else will I have to avoid a lot of things like what, while just like it's you know anytime, I take her klonopin. I want three now I know that one yeah, okay, yeah, that's and and cigarettes. I I go like. Why am I? Why are you chain smoking? Oh because you are still trying to fill some void out. What is just avoid? Maybe I you're not! I want you to be angry. I think you're angry. I have anger, but I it defuses quickly I'd- say that another- some very black irish to me- well, I mean you're, just a router on very also like just so. U s a dear how sure I had a very nice upbringing. Despite things I did myself and also, I think I think things are.
It went pretty well for you, yes, and also we are one of those families where it was like hey. You know, things could be worse. Looking at guys got hooks for hands at the hotdog stand and stuff. So I was always putting things in perspective was like you, had some gratitude all the way through all of yet very much so yeah right. So when do you get the get the, how does it? How do you get half an hour, that I auditioned in the summer of two thousand and eight so I'd been I'd written for a couple shows. I rode on Dmitri martins, the central show for a summer, and then I I worked on this pilot with the ah mike black and mike show walter and then, and but I was still just kind of doing, stand up was, but these guys respected ye must look good on the page. I had done like a funny packet.
Which yeah and and then ah I auditioned in august of o eight for snl, I found out on a tuesday. I was going to audition on a thursday and then I just was like I can't. I cannot put together a audition of impressions and shit. that, so I just did stand up, but was that your ever your thing, though I mean no, but I thought I should write, because everyone who is getting their audition ready was like writing all new pieces, like I'm going to I'm going to come up with three character. and write a gordon ramsay ambrosch right and I was like I'll just eat shit. If I do that rely- and I only had by forty eight right, so I went out. I think I did like maybe deathray, and then, the doors show arrive at or something- and I was out in for some reason and I had to fly from l, a new york right and I just went in two days later and did like. I just did like a stand up that right and I got hired as writer would get. Where was
where was the audition, it was actually on conan stage on the sixth floor I was there already run right at thirty rock then come see what a club, no they I I'd done stuff I'd done. Monologues for the ass cat show that like Seth, meyers and amy poehler would do so. I'd met them a little yeah and Seth recommended me to the show and I'd been on conan a couple of times, so I think I Alex Cohen, who work there had seen tape amir when I was your experience meeting on so I addition that I met him a few days later at his office. as our way I know, because I was there for another reason and they sprung the meeting on me. I didn't even know he was there. Why were there we are already hired? I was already hired. I think I was like you know, moving a desk right or something yeah I I was so. I was
his office- and they said, oh Lawrence Herod wants to talk to you and I went in there and it was about a one minute meeting. Aha, he just said da a do. You have siblings and I said yea and he said where they and I said up there back in Chicago and he went there back in Chicago and now you're here and I said yeah and he did say you are very funny which was really nice yeah and I said thank you don't you know when it is like. Thank you so much it's an honour. He went no, no, no, no, no and sort of waved that idea and then nah that was it, got up and walked out and he wrote there for how long four and a half years was. It was your first year hard. My first year was not he was scary, but it was really exciting that that was the fall of o eight. When who was the cast
bill, Haider christian, where jason sedateness darrow hammond Amy polio sat myers, it tells you my good people doesn't grave. Sound like you got in. Italy are, after all, the weird competitive, a hundred and ten percent. All that shit from the books fear that what we read that was all over MIKE shoemaker south myers had created a really really nice environment, as they had writers as egg as producers and had writers. It was just like. the writers all work together. There was no sense of competition. Where was Higgins at that time, yeah Higgins was great to see the head writer who is now had reagan's was a producer seth who said right. Ok, there was no sense of like road. This person gets ice doubt it right there, peace, everyone, stuff, was sort of enjoyed and heard, and The cast was so amazing and
Yet I was a really really nice time and then also that was the election of two thousand and eight, which was a very big time for the show right. So my first year was great. My first year was really fun. I came back my second years more, like I thought I'd figured it out and got my asking for the fall sort of yet. Why would I just was like you know, figured I knew what I was doing so when I would get stuff cut or get Lauren would get mad at me about something I was like. I was suddenly spinning out like I didn't he got mad at you. Well, I mean just get frustrated with a sketch or something on our leaders like really you're, going to open with that. Do you know that type of thing yeah that was like I had had a very nice beginning yeah? If there ever The tough time say the beginning of my second season dismember feeling and then what that levelled often needed to more. You start to do on camera staff and were yet at level off. Also, I don't know I blew that out of proportion that was like now. A few shows a feeling you feel, like you
your new, no learn in your cluster. I don't know, but I've gotten to know him pretty well. Yeah yeah, I yeah I dunno. How close you know he's been. I've talked to him a lot in the past couple of years. I feel like right now with the tv show that the tv show that he you know is producing. What's what's focus on that for a second because, like so it's me like, before you did. The tv show that the buzz was now you're gonna, be the uptake guy you're, the heir apparent there. Are no heir apparent in show business. Fine. You know what I'm saying. that I understand what you're saying but having I was the word on the street, was that not the word that you got? I did some up day, features right. I entertain the idea that I might get it met word on the street verses. What you here at a place like that is different,
What was more in saying to you during that time, a meteor you weren't gonna, get fired from essen, AL you're. Writing you are starting to do stuff on camera, your of developing a relationship with that guy. What was he telling you? What was he teaching you? What did you think going to happen for you. I knew I was developing a lot as a writer, and I was made a producer on the show, and I knew I was doing very well there. I honestly that, like I did not know where I stood in terms of that performing, yeah I, which is a very common thing there. As I said, it was very, very friendly. There was also still things that are cryptic, and did you want to do update sure, of course, and was it ever offered to you? It was not offered and I it was not offered like do you want to do it right now right. I think it was maybe a possibility right, but I then did a special
that you that what you saw in montreal than I recorded that in august or some third comedy centre, commie central that special came out I was a writer there, an especial was you know, it was small, well reception, but it got a nice receptions. I was gonna, like I think, maybe I'll move on. That's interesting you and handle well, yeah yeah annabelle went to thirty rock and then was was gone, but the decision was understand it absolutely their absolute. I've had enough of this writing for s another thing, I miss it still, but yeah. I was ready to go so you told morn you're leaving yeah. Well, let me think, told him I was leaving, but I wanted to create a show. It was kind I'd like to continue working together, I'll see, you asked him to produce your show yeah
Yes, I mean when you work for, and we see in broadway video- it's not I don't have it is mandatory knows it might. My point: is there to start now, sure thing to talk to them. First, if I don't know you want to know what are you going to do what you wanted like all one meeting of I'd like to develop the show- and I don't think I'm coming back- and he said what in that meeting, I think he thought I should take some time to think about it right, it is true, but he was also really like the idea of doing show, I think maybe we talked about. Would I be able to do both I thought I can't do that. I'm already do I show you also thirty rock was his shows well right. He did he added I'm used to in thirty rock and up all night, so it Like all unnatural you nausea Ok! Well this! This works out well, and so my last show was mick jagger with those do you talk to make yeah? I spent a lot of
with a maximum you did just cause. I would write a lot of them on a log zia. So hang with those people in their dressing room cause. That's the thing people are the most hands on about. Right is a one moment that their themselves right, so I spent a lot of time with big jagger. I spent a lot of time without and John it was. It was suggested, interesting weight it like shadow those people to work on the matter. What because you constantly have to go into addressing and what was your impression of MC? I really liked them yeah, but he was like. Was he nervous now now he is a a famous famous person yeah, he looks famous, even if he wasn't in the rolling stones. If you saw him on the street you go. Oh can I pay money to look at you. He has like really. I just remember staring at his hair and going like this is like twenty two. I know that said about like always, though, as the energy would ruin it, but it was like this is like a young person and just like you know what long eyes long.
I balls to the face? I was just like this is fascinating person He was a. He was mick jagger, so he was very he'd been mick jagger of his whole life. He was very famous yeah. He was like a those people that have played arenas, just have a different outlook. Yeah, I don't mean mean or they're, not deep. issue, but I think there's just like he never had that thing of like just being runny thing about rags. Would never be like. Does anyone have a laptop going about he was a very direct. I remember he would always be like I got no not funny. In comedy you rarely here not funny, I mean you do sometimes right but he had to say it. So you say you go now. I don't like that. Not funny. Unlike
John and by the way not mean that you knew they were just like one of the fastest way to make this conversation go. Nelson java go now not doing it now I ve done yes, ok I'll! Do that! Yes, we done good. Already done good is very like I tore. I have things to do John abella Ben, then Elton John for thirty years. You are we done yet. You know so yeah. I wrote a song with mick Jagger. There was a sketch for the song that was helping him write lyrics year and I was just me and him sitting in his dressing room and I was playing an instrument. No one. We are just writing okay and he said alright. What runs would drink when there was a I pause and I said brink and he went now and then it was another long pause. I went sink and he went yeah.
Like mother fucker. Is this how you right on it, as it is great that one You got to hang out a lot of those people who were hosting I have no idea that they ever were in a room with me, but yes, I got to. I got just building these weird hours yet sitting with these, who are some other ones that left an impression on you. I loved danny Devito. He was amazing, he's a comedy guy yeah, but what he was doing. A cameo in charlie day's monologue spent a lot of time working on it because I was a huge fan of his, so I have to stretch out the time as much as possible and we would just It pages and pages of stuff that was unsure of javea yeah for a cameo just like long so many rewrites and I go I'll, put this on cards, and then that would jam up cue cards for like an hour and then we do like most of it wouldn't work. We just had a fun couple of days
and my favorite thing about him was. He met my then girlfriend at the after party, and he was his ex. She was a big fan of his from always sunny in it and many other things, but I she he was as excited to meet her as she was. Him I don't know. Why is a? What do you do? She said I may make a partisan santos and goes I used to work in a hair salon like it was like just on it. There was a sweeter mccartney was very nice macartney.
I had to give everyone. Maybe forty five seconds of I know how big of a deal this is to you and I'm going to listen to the thing you have to say to me and I'm going to an ad I'll, take it in and I'll, and it was very interesting to see how he was like. I know how big of a deal this is. My mom came to his show he did and that she you know would have rushed him if she could, but at the after party. Ah, she went by his table, but he had a couple bodyguards here. It was a closed booth. She, but my mom couldn't get in right moment, but she blew a kiss to him here and he blew a kiss back. Ah yeah, the classy guy yeah class act. She said uh. He knows what that means to a woman of my age mm yeah mice
The aid gets it yeah, Paul macartney, pollack, irony of the beatles band of the famous beetle so who the comics at you grew up. Loving. The first comic I remember knowing or watching on tv was Dennis wolfsburg sure with the ice, yeah, yeah and intensity. He was from chicago? But I watched him a lot on a you know: comic strip live or what whatever those shows were ah and then like george carlin stuff, but I must have been in like junior high, then- and I was already sort of a comedy fanatic right so like ah yeah, but before that just say all the stand. Ups of the eighties and nineties were just what we have comedy central. Then Jimmy grew up with comedy central kinda right or was it just? There was a show. I.
it was not evening at the improv is called comic strip lies you're right near just I. I watch that all the time right see your comedy. I liked everyone amazing Johnathan, I just like anyone. I saw on tv, yeah, yeah, yeah and then I got into like albums in you know that same age when I got into like monty python and found out like what caddyshack was right find out. You know what like led: Zeppelin was right. He started buying comedy records as well. Yeah started, buying, comedy albums and then liked em and then just I had tons of comedy albums sons of like old radio show things I liked everything so you're always gunning for it. I was always I knew what I was doing: yeah yeah so now, alright, so Warren agrees to develop this show yeah and he secures a deal for you at embassy. Ah, I think I maybe it already talked NBC about doing something. Maybe they were aware of night? He was behind you, yeah yeah, yeah, so
you get an agreement from NBC to develop a show. Yes and you write the pilot. Yes, any shoot the pie, we shot the pilot and they said. Ok, let's do how many know NBC passed on it. Okay, so now warns why this is ridiculous. He said it will take it to fox it's a weird though NBC has his house. There was nothing. There was no conversation. You were privy to that it that made you wait cause. Obviously he believed in the show, oh yeah, absolutely that he didn't say like. I can't believe they just didn't want. This downstairs, I'm trying to think I mean as successful as he's been is also had allowed. It is also heed You know immediately. I mean it full confidence that it would go here at which I also not knowing anything that I was confident that it will go and then, when it
didn't go, it was kind of like. I just remember him saying like this: is you know they don't know what they had and blah blah blah and made. You feel better totally totally and also said like getting knocked down, is really good for you. It is yes out right, Then it was immediately like fox was interested in it feel like there is like there was not much seven. two hour period of outruns dead and then, as I got, maybe we're? U panicking at all I mean did you know? I was just really really sad because I was never gonna get to it. I'd, never get to work with, like martin short nellie golden, despite work on that stage again, and just think about. It was like I loved it. You're like this is what I loved it. I loved it I've. I wish I had known that was going to be the last time where you know I had those just really like ugh. So then fox picks it up for what six six we made, six episodes last fall and then we made seven episodes from the summer to like a month ago, and now it's in trouble well yeah, but it was
from the beginning why, while the ratings were low number, what went on your side? What do you think was the owner? I don't think it was in trouble when making it was a joy. Actually a really. Incredible energy. Oh you wanted to make absolutely andrew, resent Where do I go back and look at joke to joke hangs now, but I may be think about changing a thing here or there right, but not the phenomenal at the bounds of right now you and you are there. If the robbie writing, oh yeah, you get my right. False grant approval absolutely, and it was very pleasant working with box. like right will be one of those crazy developments where they say what can you indices withdraw data each other and all that shit right? wait by mean being also your e. You know you seem to have your head on your shoulders in terms of to them in show business. You know to you, it's your show life, but to them it's a must see what happens
and I think, having been passed on it NBC. Also. I knew I could get taken away at any time, but did what was a whit when you thought about like a year, the that the kind of a media comparisons seinfeld or to the structure of being a comic right. I mean, did that bother. You know, because I've been working on so then I developed this show starting in twelve with NBC right and I decided to be a comedian, because I wanted to do stand up on the show right. So I was aware that those comparisons were going to be made for like two years right. So when people started making them, I was only surprised by how many people made them right, because I just was like. Isn't that boring after a while to make the comparison yeah? It is what I do so now. Where's the show the shows on sunday nights. It's still on you
if there was trouble. You meant like that, the problems, no, I mean like he. He know I think, from an outsider's point of view. It looks like they're they're moving it around and it says of bumpy time right now. It's a bumpy time yeah for sure for sure we got. Ah, we did not come out. Huge ratings hit right right away. Yeah- and I you know, I love the show- some people do not write and what do you think's going to happen? I have no idea, you really don't know. Ah you know, look what happens to shows that have low ratings and write don't take off is critical, critical successes. They can get smoked, and maybe that's going to happen yeah, but it's I don't know the one thing I've learned in all this is like. I have no fucking clue. What's going to happen with these things and what, if the worst happens, what what's going where you can do, I'm on tour
it now and how's. Your has your crazy poland people, it's been really fun yeah, you can people be more like we want to see John mulvaney, it's been, yeah that now that thing of, like other, came to see me yeah scary, it's a good few answers. feel I'm I'm really. Actually I love in the show. I'm really excited, after a couple of years of like working in a studio in an office right back on the road right, so it's fun to do, stand up, yeah and if it's, if the worst happens, endless tour and was tour yeah until he put another show together yeah, but I loved the show. This was the show I wanted to make. I think you'd be a little while before one as us thing again. Are you scared or you sad when you yeah I'm a little scared and then I'm sort of like I'm watching it all a little uh. I dunno why? If you told me- and if you show me this on paper and we're like hey here's things, people are going to say about your show and here's what
is are going to be, and it's going to be a struggle. If you showed me that a year ago I gushed I'm going to be completely freaking out, I'm kind of watching it a little disassociated and kind of interesting right cause. It's like how strange what an interesting thing to go through, so you can order watching it you're in denial and your stuffing your feelings. Ah, no, I am aware it's happening it's not feeling it right now right, I'm sort of watching it like much interest now. Does Lauren call you and say: don't worry about it. It's gonna be well yeah. We've talked a lot about that yeah like was he say,
Just very nice, I mean like it is scary and he'll say you know you're going to be fine here and if he said it's, the good news. Is it's a good shell right? Unlike you, can you know the longer you're on the air the longer on the air? I'm glad that fox is airing all of these thirteen. I really hope people get invested in it. I have no. I have zero idea, though, if that will turn around or if we'll come back and it'll still be a struggle and we'll and we'll keep battling it out love making a show, and I really love those people. So it's hard for me to be sad because I did it yeah like area. Absolutely. No. Actually, I know I know, but I'm scared, and I'm like this is strange. What's it's interesting, your names on a right, it's called yeah when people
say: maloney sucks, that's me or I hate millennia. I hate john mulaney or things like that either, but I know I also understand the other side of that. Having done the show on, I have see yeah it's not as big a profile, but there is this idea that when you do, ten of them are twelve or thirteen. There there is party the sort like. Why did it? I did. I did yes absolutely like as you go, I I you know. Maybe sixteen story. tell the queen of them and have great it's out there, and you know I, and it was it's a bear making the damn things is huge, so it was an incredible amount of work are definitely get that it's a good. It's a good position to have I got this because, like you know what I have see, I really didn't know what was going to happen. I don't even know what it's based on necessarily, so the idea was to make the best ten shows I could yeah and and and and feel good about them all the way through, like knowing that you made your own decisions and you can create.
control is not nothing no and just being in charge and accepting that you're ensure in learning, how to be in charge, was invaluable and absolutely you know going like oh ok. This is a burden to be in charge for there's also great interesting freedom in it. Ryan I like to pretend like I'm not charge. I did that for awhile. I go who's. Gonna figure that out in an ever was looking may I let you guys are being paid right, but then he rises better vigour and was also my mind. You I didn't realize that, as I was surely I looked to some adult in the room now what's it would have law said- let's say the words the gap in their wake. Ok, it's done yarn says you wont, connect us now come back to us in our yeah. Oh as a writer yeah, maybe a reformer- oh, I don't know, If that would happen, oh what, if it did, I don't. I mean I'm in no position to turn down work, mark yeah,
It very well. Could I be on a show, that's not going to be cancelled ever that everyone. Well, people criticize that too, but you know you can roll with it cause it's but you're, ok in their comedies gone good and your parents are happy there. I think they're happy with yeah yeah yeah, we're good, oh yeah, alright! Well I mean it's like uh. Why did I hesitate? Ah it's just you know it's a funny question. Are your parents good with you? You know yeah. It was scary when their kid goes into show business and then there's all this yeah, there's all this excitement. I think you know part of the thing was. I was always trying to show them how predictable it was, or rather I was trying to show them. It was not unpredictable. I was like mom is very, very solid. Look at this advance. So I could dock I've got an order of episodes from a major network called fox. It's not going to go in every day, writing tomatoes and then suddenly it was like mom. I don't get into the show of the year and I'm sorry you're listening to- and I don't know what I'm doing
I had a lot of that. Yeah autonomy. Suddenly my mom, it's been fine. It's fun because, like it, if you Google alert you can things are going great mom. like that era, where you could go visit, your parents in there is light or not you get. Oh, I'm a doctor and a married always so proud of you like to go back to your single better yet and go back to your squat yeah. Now you can't do that. If you, Google or she's, got a google that she knows what's up and she choose your time slot moved yeah. What does that mean? Are you okay, yeah, well, yeah, one person was very mean. I know mom yeah. I turn the alert off three months ago, so this has brought you closer to your mother. It's good to it's been good to be knocked down to the ground, yeah
I always thought I was a grounded person now and then you get knocked down and you go. Oh that's where the ground is gotta write that down an okay it'll, be on tape. If you need it, this episode, it is, isn't it yeah? Why hope that everything works out? I feel like you'll, be alright. I think it'll be fine, no matter what who cares gonna pass away and die, there's that giant and wicked for there it is like yeah existential I'll. Do a series of these with you and we'll get to the bottom of it frost Nixon! Well, let's, let's call it a day, then I think we did alright
I think we did great. It was nice to see you. So when do you think you're going to hear, though about the destiny of the show could be like any? Second, I feel, while it could be any second right, but I also feel like I just have this feeling: it's not going to be any second, I feel like this. This moment in time will last for a long time it's hard, but maybe it won't. Maybe we'll get maybe my phone when I take it off airport mode. What's the bezier nine message? What's the best thing that can happen? What's the best thing that could happen like they say like alright we're going to reconfigure it or we're going to give it a better time, swatter what I mean, what what's the best thing, the best thing that can happen with a tv show now is just time more time. yeah. I actually don't care of the times that things fine with me, because it's like okay well was it. Was it a hitting it out of the park at that time? No so move it. Who cares everyone's watching it on hulu or dvr anyway, right right, yeah, so it truly.
doesn't matter. It doesn't look good but like it's probably a good way to get some new people to see it, remove it earlier right. So what what's happening as of today is that it was moved to seven thirty from nine thirty, just a farmer for posterity sake, Jan saunders, so it doesn't fucking matter when it shows on, because I don't watch people don't watch tv great. While it was good talking to you, it was great human jobs, a good kid good, ending it'll be all right. Whatever happens at you'll, be all right that kid wisdom is a grown. Man some comes atavism dies. When I speak to the younger folks, don't forget books about the frame the new arts and culture new show produced by southern california public rate when vulture dot com every day. The frame covers the important stories in the arts and culture world. Talking to the people who make things you love, you can get it on itunes teacher to an end,
the frame dot org so goes to the brain, dig it gotta deputy Ah dotcom were restocking shit for the holidays I'll bores into negative today at the beginning, in those days man, I went on a hike. I just got a brief here's the deal stuff is going down. The rightness show a year it sometimes I don't always acknowledge you're. Just much is really going on. You know: with me and my wife, and I think that is a way of, as is press release kind of thing, nor a stress relief. I just focus on the neck, that's the weird thing the
the and oh I at that yeah
oh the I rumour lives,
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