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Episode 566 - Richard Linklater

2015-01-07 | 🔗
Director Richard Linklater takes Marc through the unprecedented 12 year process of making his latest film, Boyhood, and goes into detail about Dazed and Confused, Matthew McConaughey, School of Rock, Waking Life, the Austin Film Society and much more.

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Though, the alright. Let's do this, how are you what the fuck goes, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck snakes, what the bulk of the delegates, what the fuck mulberry pens, what the fuck puddles Are you know that we now know what that means? Never said it. What the fuck puddles! I don't know that describes, a person it would just. then they came out. Welcome to the show I am mark marin. This is my show. This is w e f. Today the guest My guest on today show is, you're doing gladder the director of boyhood and many other movies many other movies slacker come on days, confused school. Of rock waking life, the before midnight, after sunrise sunrise, midnight sunrise today, the next day forget the name series, those movies he did.
Fast food nation, done a lot of movies, you sky, so talk to him in a minute for those just joining me this week amazing, modern directors I don't really know me. I ve quit my last addiction. For the most part, I've got enough of the nicotine. Lozenges haven't smoked on time, but now without nicotine and we're going on for over five weeks now and the rottenness is making Crazy, do not like being this open do not like not having a damper of filter a way to keep level. That's the one think about self medicating keeps you nice level, so where's agenda. but next I'm drinking tea. Drinking coffee, so that's it so I got tee and I'm trying to keep her I'm trying to manage the masturbation.
Don't want to get into that go down that addictive rabbit hole, because that's not that's a very sad one. There are all kind of sad, but some are more socially acceptable than others. You can certainly suck on nicotine lozenges and drink a lot of cap bean, you know you can't just break down jerk off work we can, but is good, there's not about it, not our pride in that region It has gone pretty well, but I think what's happening is is, I just don't know how I have no way to calibrate my emotions and when things in the world, which I don't address, that much on the show in terms of what might be things are because I don't want to come off is as righteous for selfish reasons. I think a lot of righteousness is self serving and I find it despicable a lot of stuff ways very heavy on me. It's hard for me to process the fact that one of my heroes is some sort of sociopath, thick evil. Monster charged me to process the horrendous,
torrents of racism in this country taught me to process the fact that religious fanatics go into an office blow away a bunch of artists in cartoonists. It's all fucking horrible. On top of that, raccoons are digging up my yard and that's that its closest to me all the others filters in and then I a rational reactions to things by dropping a cup or wreck, bones digging up my art, because all this stuff is bottle up me all these feelings of hopelessness and of anger about the way the world works. You I could spend money. My life talking They put to me it's all evil and all I can do well the wreck aren't evil that is being raccoons. Human based behaviour is evil animals not so much. There are no in their destructive, but generally there's not a moral. We can't attach some more parity of two fucking raccoons,
My raccoons do not say fuck this guy. Let's pull up. sod and I'm not even that hung up on the grass. I just don't know what to do about it really and it makes everything stink and it may just amplifies the hopelessness of every and things are going well for me right now, but I'm tellin, you man, I'm tellin YA. Shit can get kind of dark. And now that I'll have nicotine to manage the fucking situations of my feelings or at least to keep them you camp down, I am worried that I'm gonna unload on somebody that I'm gonna unload on myself I'm am worried that I'm just going to say some fuckin shit, that's going to cause trouble and allowed people like that she's gonna be I don't even know concerned there are about things necessary, the more concerned, but where do you stand Where did where were you on this week?
Let's judge you about where you stand on something I usually stand for decency in rational behaviour. I am generally against evil have. and with raccoons right now, most having a problem with my fucking confidence renders you think after certain point, you know you can get you get it. Up and going things are going well. You'd people enjoy what you do like Wendy This sort of, like hey man, I'm great one, does not happen. The it's like the fucking opposite. Happening, and that's always why go back to nicotine or go back to whatever go back to setting brain on fire somehow so My brain is on fire and I don't have to deal with what's in my heart, if your brain is on fire, your heart just it's their sadly and watch? Your brain burn, fine.
So I'm a little emotionally all over the place and I'm just trying to keep that out of the realm of sad. That's that's the big! end of sad and like what's the point, nothing is true. Things are out of control. My heroes are liars and people were killed, people for ricard tunes fuck, When I get into this place of being emotional, I can do is say. Well, thou happened. What happened in that? Amazing thing about about link ladder. You know I had to pull thomas andersson on here and is it did movies? We demand standing from you and you can create whatever understand you want very provocative in that way. There there minimal enough they level a lot of room in them for you to sort of europe, either project your own.
He has onto them or let them live within you until they make sense to you but glad or seems to be inserted in movies likes lacquered or days and confused and end, and the midnight sunrise movies. And now this film boy had seen. we really sort of hung up and can turn with how people move through time? What what? How does time affair Yes, that's the amazing thing about boy had I mean I saw this film, it basically a family and about their struggles emotionally, not theirs, there are some harrowing emotional elements of it, but it's not a tragic tail, but but but fact that he used the same actors over twelve your arc returning backed it to shoot scenes as they got older. It leave with very interesting feeling- and I cannot- I still cannot put my finger on what that feeling is knowing that these are the actors that were there twelve. years ago, and move through their lives in a further twelve years watching them grow up all the
characters, get older twelve years older over the course of this to our film is something I ve never seen before felt before and it's very it's it's very strange and I can't really identify how it made me feel Knowing that I mean you yeah, I mean some of you and I and not seen documentaries where they check back with people, but this is a narrative through a twelve year arguing the same people has never happened before, and I think it made me I think it there's some wish fulfilment, there's some. Part of me, and maybe some part of you. I know You see my last twelve years in a nice tight to our bid. business? A well added to our movie, I would lie to see what their happened over the last twenty years of my life. Well, edited starring me and maybe I can sort of figure out how here I think a craving it creates. A craving for that some I'm we going back in my mouth
and it's not even nostalgia. It's just. you get older, you lose touch with who you were, or maybe, if you're on, these were given on facebook and see the people they haven't seen in fifteen years and in wonder I wholly back. I knew that person is a kid myself as a kid, but I dunno that kid any more. I've got some of that kid stuff here, but I dunno you know what was important to him and she keeps getting further and further away and starts all that stuff that once defined, you starts to destroy just pew away and I think there's something fascinating about the wailing gladder makes movies like that, especially this last movie. It does, it really says: allow about the reality that life is finite and not that long annual, we define the sort of monumental elements of our life. The wife chain Things are just days the days things go wrong. Things go good. You bounced back in our bounced back you plough on, and then it's fucking over
God I want to be morose, because it's it, I'm not talking about that movie that move very life, affirming film, but its fascinating here to see it play out that way. Nothing is ever been done before I'm looking forward to talk until I'm. Ok, people It is our yonder wants you to to think that the things that happen in the world don't have an effect on me and don't fuck me up and and break my heart. I just tend to sort of keep it local fuckin raccoons a ribbon up my yard, god. Damn it Before we talked too rigidly letter, I want to mention that boyhood is now avail, one blu ray dvd and did you download if you haven't seen it I wouldn't would do that ice.
what's what's doctor Richard Linklater, is a very different conversation with a very different director. Then Monday night. I hope you enjoy it and I'll talk to you on the other side You don't have time to do everything right. We gave it a few years. The idea, let twelve or your best friends that you try their taste. When asia- hey you you when they give you that look there, you haven't seen that right. You have in like she's, ok, fine I give up. I will read that book, see that tv show rotch, that You should give it a decade, maybe maybe a decade, maybe decade I believe we have made- and I like there is so much is virtually music because they got into vinyl eurozone. I know I didn't even existed. Cause you get the same with movies into what, while tv's specific, but I mean you get the end, what you grew up with
it's coming into your head. That's it, then that you'd start there in your filter only goes out so far you free cast to come wake. You got what could clean slate and start from another entry point into the culture and in your world right. You would be. You know I people who, like never you need that guy. You need a name but even that you're getting there right. Point, but it might be, but it might a completely different world, and yet they there a portal that two new entry point they like it, but you realize just how little time there is in this life and how much we go through just oblivious in blind because we're trying to feed feet somethin yeah. Well, I'd me it's obviously it seems, like your movies are reckoning with that. Yeah you know like cause. I was thinking about it like, even when I think about about slacker. You know when that came out. It was like what is. Is this
ang, but but there is a lot of that shit like austin to me, struck me at that time I mean. How old are you? Twenty? Not me when I dislike are sorry that was later twenty twenty eight all right, but but it seemed it seemed to be just a city for those portals of people. Doing that? Weird shit and like us, the one thing that stands out my mind is the do that says that tv sets finances nineteen whenever that he began its echo and because you know that guys exists now, and I know that was really might represent a my twenty rattle. I had you know, like posts, college puss work. I was hanging out and suddenly I found myself in a town with a just an incredible group of people in energy and it wasn't about money here right getting ahead. It was just about living the life yours, but that's what I saw em. How will I m kind of young people who were kind of was the german word leap leaving consular without artist of why you know I like they dont there. Art is the way they go through,
world, they no wonder they dont missouri, rice, hungry, creating a product you can buy or sell, but it's their life is art and ass. I met so many people. I would put net cat very well that we felt that any like. I grew up in albuquerque, so like there was there is there were different I'm starting to notice it around. Here, though, it was weird I made this known the cardiff. They were like your early movies were this made. I ring might ring to. It was how people through time and now the later movies is how time moved through peace. That's pretty good! That's pretty good! I like the right, but but like did you find at that time? you eating, grow up in austin. Now no one grows up there. It's a commonplace! You move to word: you grow up the houston area, but I lived in a small town, is texas called huntsville artists were, they as mark where they do the executions of of you know mentally retarded.
people in gardener right where the big prisoners my lad, lived in Houston, my mom was teaching at a school in huntsville, so I can have had both big city houston they weren't together for your whole life. They divorce mouths really on the arab six or seven here. so your mom was Missouri doing what an academic you know she was getting her degree and you know master's degree. So I grew up with her kind of a student and then she kind of came into her own as a teacher, and we moved around based on teaching jobs and a lot like the movie boy. I I m just going to say the head of an intelligent, passionate woman who can it took her kids through you know her her life, that was very striking in the movie, actually that you know when you really realise, and I've only been realising it lay gliding grow up with it, and I grew up with a different type of emotional kay that these are young people, the parents and you know you you know they're going to be fragile invulnerable, an end in itself,
back to their own emotional insanity. They don't have any answers right. When did you visit It's a hard thing to realise. Isn't it as a kid you it takes a while to realise, and sometimes I'm still realizing. I think once you become apparent it drags you through, not only your own childhood again, but your own parents relation changes. I like these inner these generational conversations that it takes twenty plus years to get an answer or to real, I something from your own childhood or like why coherence, mighta right going through how your kids, I have a twenty one year old, really lorelei, whose in the movie boyhood, which sees the elder sister, ok and then I have to ten year old girl. So all girls, that's a pretty good. gap in time, but so what is changing your relationship right now? I have to assume you're, really that what wait, what you went through as a child with your mother, was not as intensive what
and in the movie or was it well, you're gonna was out there so your mom kind of god saddled with the drunk abusive. Now that that was deafening. My point of view you know, I'm in a movie and forces kids point of view but what the reality is and what I experienced might be to slightly different things. Her reality richer, but there are indicators at that point of view would indicate. Yes, in is a ferreted out, define abuse. You know, I think, there's some good qualities. There he's not really right he doesn't punch anyone he's got his issues. I think a lot of people grow up where you know that was kind of one of the things of my childhood, who were always on the, in school or sometimes even in the house, and in certain situations rock on the cusp of the legal violent we'll get it terrified yeah, if you're within it, closer person, that's erratic! You just you
walk around going, oh god, don't I hope he doesn't. I think it's a more gentle society now but like even then I grew up getting spanked in in schools. They still you do the smallest violation and you you'd get paddled and it was just a more violent culture. So I think I think everyone's a lot nicer. Now which is a good thing. You know you yet will become more aware. You can't beat your derive their more aware that that maybe there's another way yeah than theirs people. That would argue now. Yo wait. Fine, I'm thigh! Those are the people who still whip their kids like a work for me. Look how great I turned out right. So that's how I'm going to treat my kids. I grew up. Child abuse. Yeah I've been shit out of my kids. My dad worked for my dad to me and it's going to work for it yeah. It's like the people who really have no introspection. the thought of maybe there's progress in the world and how we treat each other. You don't have to hit kid. You don't have to and reason in theirs
it's systems of reward and punish you never hit your kids. Are you kidding now I mentally screw with them, but I dont know if that is the way to do it. So bad your dad was in the big city. Mosey do he was in the insurance like the movie here, a guy who ended up in the insurance business, not just me you're, a smart guy who had a faint. to support. That is really an autobiographical movie all the way through in a way well largely, but it it's kind of I'm not afraid of autobiography. It's kind of the impulse of some. near my films, because I'm always filtering it through, in this case a contemporary setting right and in all the actors on work and with so I think it's a good first impulse via its where I start from, but I can't say at the end of the day everything in it is right out about you know it's not so specific
We, but it certainly the jumping off point the emotional yet more. I met a year. I want I'm feel that close to it, but I'm not I'm not so vulnerable. I call it so our bugger off both because its I you know, patricians mom, was kind of like that, and you know etons dad was gonna like than all the ideas kind of swirl around Maybe it becomes something a few degrees away for how open was our conversation with these actors and when you are working with and for how long was twenty years put in our twelve years on it? And it's pretty amazing too, to be able to shape a character over that bigger arc and canvas. Louse fractured. Was it from the beginning? You said very were to do this if everybody lives, yet if we are lucky to be here twelve years from now, here's what will have so you shouted in increments over what roughly once a year for twelve years and youtube for why three months? No now just a few days. Oh really yeah yeah, it was an intense shoot.
I mean it be several weeks of all scraping the movie yeah yeah. But again I would work on the script and then I I rehearsal. I work with the actors and it's not like acting exercise rehearsal, it's more like rewriting and working the dialogue in the ideas through the actor cause, I'm what I'm going for a very realistic pussy then follow their own impulses. I bet I mean I'm there to to go. Hey that works or let's drive out this or have new ideas sought. I'm very process oriented. He record all that now. I've just have pen in hand just hang out and laptop nearby, and just hang now at the acta talkin cause it reading through scenes having more ideas. Finding humor, you know the experience of watching was fairly fascinating because The story is what it is, but the phenomenon of what you did is something if you've, I've, never seen or felt before me mean you can see.
doc, humanity, what what was it that one with a british kids or what you owe the seven upsurge rice, where every seven years you writing revisit people who, sadly the different I mean you read, occupy entry right, but you're moving through this narrative over this period of time. With these same people growing, it was engaging growing It was a widow I didn't know how to feel her head get a yak as its. I wondered: that's really the films really about time. You know, and it hit me in a flash like this. Why can't I make this movie? I just saw the whole finished moving my head ass, every one in it was just twelve years goes by the kids grow up the adults age from there. You know maybe late twenties too early forties or whatever the ages would be, and he see this progression of time how it would work through this family- and I just I just felt that- and that was that was the cool idea for the story. I was open, it
well what I was hoping to express of her growing up and parenting, and and all that but yeah. That was that. But then you are able to get these actors to commit to it in the can could happen within two hours. See. That's it. That's the mind fuck there. is it. You know that these actors have had this life and over the last twelve years of crises and has been in a few movies mayo aid. Even some years younger. We will really have done other movies people had we had five kids between us, and you know that I liked it sort of condemn. said into this in into this process of of narrative and of this vine item on screen time there there was something There was something mine blowing about the emotion that you feel too to witness it. I I've never seen anything like it, so I didn't know how to feel. How did you feel about it when you watch it? You know, I bet the whole thing, because it's really
is intimately it'll moments in almost epic, but it's the same people. It's bizarre. Have electricity ever been done? We can older yeah and I I as it I bet the form, no, not in a narrative, I'm pretty sure, I'm pretty sure it hasn't, because the film come out in July now and you don't know it's like a scientist publishing year, your pay pay you just put it out there and others can in you know I expected film history. You know to be at the bar in film festival in some The verdict gone naturally in finland and from fifty seven to sixty eight young. Like you know, I woke. I lay it on me. If I'd never seen this film before and I didn't, it felt completely original to me. No one's waited on you yet not yet arrived. Last month, the the test, or whatever this that is, is going through, but it felt original, but I mean you know. Twelve years later, I can tell you. I think why I no one has ever done this. Does it's just a like wildly impractical,
yeah the amount of time- and you know how you would do it it's really hard to we raise the money had roused up and then on a psychological level. I think it's unlikely, because most filmmakers were sort of concern freaks. He asked the same way a rider anyone as you want to shape the material, and in this case we were all- having to give away a little bit of that control to the hour collaborator There was an unknown future. You right right interesting is way you perceive the future. Go to your life. You have a twelve year. You know where you can be twelve years. Sure I don't you go have some goals or some thought to that yeah and if you're lucky you're here, but it won't be, may be exactly what you thought if you think you're working toward it. So that's how we had to approach this movie. It's like. I can't tell you exactly what's what some of the details are going to be year? Ten, because we have gotten there. I don't know something big writing that as it went along yeah. Of course I had this,
berkshire and that's that was the autobiographical element like the family, having new jobs, the bigger step I mean I knew the last shot of the movie where and I had a beginning, an end in a kind of the bigger bones of how you would describe your life right but the mind, The show had to be had a year to fill in that every year I could go through my life. Thinking like okay, all that are memories. Every year, I'm going like fifth grade fifth grade fifth grade. What went on that year was I thinking right and then I'm also in touch with my young actors throughout the year, while once my daughter, so I'm really know her well yeah but like things will go on at school and like oh, that will trigger a memory of marmoset guy pursuing acting your actor yeah yeah. I thought that was important at the very beginning and casting eller coltrane as it use a young man who's like six yeah and
he had been in a movie and some commercials. He had an agent a little head, shot shadow. I thought that was important that the family had expressed some support for that endeavor, because you know we were heading off on a long journey and if I were to just scoop some kid off the sidewalk, put him in a movie, they could easily come back and say you know he never wanted to do that sure. But at least I thought this was a better chance out of the gate to only deal with kids, who seemed who have enjoyed being an actor who had the family support in that. That would create a secure more likely to make it to the end, this all had to be conceived over this arc of twelve years, but you had it sort of you know, right the things it needed to happen in terms of happening the culture and also terms. What happened in their life, so that was the fun port, the process of right when you write a movie that the order you write it, you
Ass did in the issue it right and you added it and rise done where this was like I every year I got to write it shoot it added it, and then you may be put on the shelf for five months and then come back and look at it and think about it and then think about next year and what else my boss going on in the world. It was just the it was twelve. Part process, but it really fun to spend those years. Just you know when you, when you're working on some everything's channeling into it all your ideas are here. I could go through my life going any new. apparently, anger in memory of childhood could maybe find a place is what I mean, but how did you feel the final thing was? What was the effect it had on? I know you ve been in it, but like she's, confounded by it. Girls don't feel regular movie, because you walk in knowing this thing? I don't know would have been like if I walked in not knowing that of talked than people who don't know anything they go in.
and what are we actually scores with their head? It's coming. Because they're sitting there going except this one guy yo I've had people go. How did they care they're, just trying to figure it out like? Oh, where the movie starts to say? Oh, it's a period film like oh look at that computer. Look at the game that this is a period piece and then it it's soy catches up and they go. Oh they've another kid that looks a lot like how they do that, and so there there an hour in when they realise okay. This is all the same people in its I see. What's and on here that's kind of beautiful that you could be so you know virginal, I guess, and have that experience what using that going to me that you, you, like this emotional movement through time like it, seems very dramatic with you that there seems to be something even what slacker that you, the this story, is not relevant, there's no way and I dont know if you like going back to that. There is no story, I know there there's no story, but their are their movement. You find yourself wanting to get invested
with certain people, and then they go away. They drift bite, must ve been where europe but you're urea you what you are trying to sort of do on screen figure out how you move through this time. I, like that you're talking about slacker it is kind of related in some weird storytelling. Narrative sense that seems likely is. It was an early idea of mine that I had in my early twenties when I was first getting into film that felt again kind of an original, a new way to tell a story I had seen before, and I came to cinema thinking. It was the wild west. You know like it was wide open territory. I really thought there were gonna, be there were new ways to tell stories that I haven't seen and the witch unique about cinnamon It relates to time and structure was. Where did all this hammering like what I mean, so you made to swagger when you were twenty eight? What were you doing before that? I was watching movies and thinking cinema who I was making short, and I was shooting a lot of diana going now I took a couple classes, but
didn't I was caught on my own where'd. You go to school same houston, state a little scorn axis yet I was only around. I went to the us in community college will but took a few classes there. We never got a degree of student for life, though Are you good for you, I'm? I I'm proud of you, but I'm a dixie, but I really do think a lot about storytelling in cinema and narrative and the possibilities and the structures and time and I'm the kind of guy who Who really there's a million stories in the world, but it's like how to tell him, so I was always excited about new forms, but then she think would slack you can just walk into the middle of someone else's story and then walk out. Don't you
I finish anything they're not necessary. Well, I was trying to actually capture. I mean it was a couple levels. What I was thinking at that time was like a hadn't released. Could you tell a story that would go from one characters: the next inner linked? But I think what I was trying to capture was how you, how your mind processes a day. You know you talked to someone like we're here now talking, but at some point. The future I'm gonna get back in my card go somewhere. You know, like you, can't get out of your own little sequence, yeah in their lives darted. When you became conscious at age three or whatever and right you're, honest sequence, you can escape from my is also what's going on inside your head and what's going on an actual reality, yeah, that's it will that's that's. It at least walked up to a different that yeah yeah there's this physical reality in front of you, but I was thinking in that was processing the people. You meet the encounters the way time you drift through it.
If you process the world around you and try to make sense of it, yeah and you're only grabbing in in slackers case a few minutes of someone's life and encounter, and it always blew me away that people said oh there they don't work or they don't. They were drawing these huge conclusions based on a three minute five minute ride. Like you know, how do you know they're, not array, a work, people to have anti work crusade? You know they say they want to. Hang man aligning festivals, sometimes forgot about kind of funny. But we do judge people because that's all we can do you know we're trying to make sense of the world and when they hung some comprehensive right, but they they move because it was a provocative movie and one never seen anything like it. And you know it came out of nowhere in a way this independent filmmaker maker and then now has a new represented that movie represent generation. That was crazy. Those guys I was insane it still used. There is still a term was thrown around and the other EU china. So how do you get?
that point so you're in urine huntsville. You know you're doing your thing. What kind of what kind of kid worry I mean where you just like where you interested in the arts where you like, I did you actually have to say. I had two older sisters. And in my country, in academic and we don't have any money at all. There was no summer camp serve vacations or anything, but you know education. Important arts were important in my mom painted in my grandparents were conner. Artists in their own way and we went to museums and movies and culture. You know stuff. You could do cheap and free my dad on weekends. He was kind of a weekend. We went to a lot of museum, unusual, yeah, good museums and museums yeah. So you know the zoo museums. It was always. You know. Cultural, they they cared about our souls. I guess you know in that regard so yeah, I grew up. Think writing. I thought I would
It's one to express stories, ya, characters in the eye I was, writing plays and junior high even put them on not really just writing, yeah and yeah, sometimes the school, would perform or we'd do. Reading I had a gift for dialogue and yet a young age, oh yeah, when the short story contest right right now I was that guy, but I was also parallel to that. I was an athlete. You know I was the happened to be it it's embarrassing, but I was kind of like one of the better athlete you know. I was a quarter and the football team I was, the you know: baseball player. I went to college on a baseball scholarship, so I had this kind of dual world, but I I kind of at age seventeen I would I would I was like I want to play in the major leagues baseball and be taken serious as a novelist I have. I I want to write books and I failed in both of those things
in my life, but you may, I dragged discovered movies somewhere in a random number wire well grown up in these taxes. It wasn't really annex the idea that you can make a move, especially when I grew up near everybody knows it. Nobody's a filmmaker everywhere else would hear rhetoric. Will you do with your phone for yeah yeah, but back then he was prohibited in the society of fifty four c two, three years automation. We grew up in the saint, yet I knew it cause. I gazed and confused and like I know that I know that yeah were of the same. The same generation s o It took me while to discover that was my medium harass, visual thing and a click that was writing a young short stories and plays. At that moment, I really felt I was discovering cinema once I did that I never looked back it. You know still long view memory was novia was what annoys you major leave was no one movie. It was just kind of justice
kind of falling in love with cinnamon general. You know what are you there's two different levels in other spent films that make you love movies, but those are the kind of movies. Think you can make one movies. They were independent films that I saw in the early eighties, very low budget, some early johns bill's movie. You know russia is missing. I can just all the indy films that played it theatres than in foreign film, to where you drive a lasting results. So now I was living I'd move back to Houston. I wasn't offshore oil worker. For like two and a half years will I've been my junior and senior of college. I got a job working. I was just kind of workin on re oil It's really open up my money, yeah. There was good experience when you go out, the out in the water yeah. You fly out there and helicopters and hang out there for a week to fifteen days, sometimes and see the head for true foe and you're out on a red out there, I'm reading and reading the library when I wasn't working, so I got a lotta reading time, but on land I noticed I was just. What do I do
day. I read till noon and then I went to for movies, whom I must I was kind of falling in love with centre What do you do is an offshore oil rigour was working with subsurface safety valves. I was kind of a grunt were what does that mean? You underwater know you're on the ridge, but you're dropping tools down into the the wells there very deep, but there I have, though, the well heads or we're up on those platform right. So when I see deepwater horizon the elbe explode, I worked on the the elements that are trying to keep it safe. You haven't, you have of safety. Valve authority falls overnight hurricane that it seals and doesn't explodes right. When I have always been, really aghast at something. I said you know how many things have to go wrong for that to happen. They d all about safety and stuff sobs, it's horrible. When that happens hell of a yeah yeah little people say? Was that dangerous I'd like
no, we knew only knew one guy got killed my two years? So I dunno, if it's that dangerous, how do you get killed o a fire? She really sad he's a friend, I think about him. To this day fairly regularly and we would just gradually we were kind of it college boys, I've been to two years of college, which is a little rare yeah and he had just graduated with a degree in sociology. What do you do with a sociology degree? You didn't he lucked into a job just the way I did saving up money, not sure what to do with life. And then he worked on another rigged, but I will come back through a hookup up and I went back on time to that same. He he worked on the said I about Jimmy and now has was a fire. He you know it I'd like really so I was one of those sad little things, the rest of your life. You think you're living a life that he's not able to was he the first guy that you kind of knew like that who we all had friends in car wrecks?
so yeah. That's right! There's cancer in car wrecks a lot of friends growing up, but high school yeah yeah, that's kind of messed up too. So it's amazing any of us survive those years, but the odds are we will so in in in work. I see tat you, you were after a new wave of telling a story and improve and doing something. with cinema, which you, dear dear and in an dazed and confused, which I thought why, when I saw that I was eyes polishing up a Is it only his own and your attention to detail was spectacular as it was a period peace and it was my period seventies, a higher all yam thing, lizzie yeah exactly and Everything looked familiar to me because the current eu assembler yeah. There's a place you go driving the mounds and party in and of his all the same. What it did in ages. Do you live around? You try to be cool. You find a place of your own. Yes, you can't you not convener house on yeah, friday or saturday night and then for something
bond mokanna. He! U found that guy, there's, a guy like that in every town. That's why people love that character of waters and so much and matthew so own that guy, because he came in on an audition, said: hey I'm not this guy, but I know this guy and yeah and everybody. I know this guy and he just became that character that guy it's sort of hanging out yeah man, maybe has a job, is still dayton high school girl. He gets cooler the older you know, like the guys you couldn't date, a girl, their own age, yes, but soon by the time. Your senior freshman just think you're cool cause, you're older and maybe have a car right. Oh you just after goes younger girls in these a couple years away from creepy yeah yeah it's gonna take Let me hear it. We figured out he's like twenty two right right: twenty three and twenty five yeah it's over usually just find the last one and marry one uniform gets towards you cast ethics. Where I lived in austin was
connie and asking I knew was a: u t film student really here she can covered that guy. Well, I never Never really believe that word because right, where you are the first to use, and in that way he had been- and I think you ve been a couple commercials- and here I mean his destiny- was laid out. I was just there to begin, are you ever ends? Yeah yeah? I talked about what you do because it was an attack, sizzling egypt, where two guys reese taxes, you know not around near you. Well, not really. East texas is pretty large. It's you know it's yeah it's up and down, but but similar town similar thing in our families, because you know we knew each other about five years before we realized get this. Our dads played on the same college football team. Not only were they on the same team, they played the same position. They were both defensive ends in the early fifties for the university
Houston, cougars, really matthew and my dad in that crazy. If both of your day yeah, they were on the same team Matthew's dad passed away while we were making day so I never met him, but my dad is still with us, and I asked him you know years in because Matthew said his dad. I think, do you ever play with a guy, you don't know a guy comical job, they beat me out for the starting position one week and I'd be remount than x and, unlike that's, Matthews, didn't negroes, oh god, I never put that to get back money. Zero? We're in texas? We go back, you just talked to him and your mom. Eighty four yeah yeah she's, don't takes us back in huntsville real, I'm lucky, I'm really lucky the sage age. You know it's got, got a mind yeah. I just you know it's that stage alive, but am grateful. You know that you, talk to limit about how you're making movie and also living the life has changed your relationship with these people, like I mean having your own kids and then putting it on screen some of that stuff. Emotionally anyone here where we
What has changed between you and your mother? Have you was there why? What is it was as it is it forgiveness is. It is understanding it's like you know, like you, look at your the best qualities your parents and you'd like to think you inherited them or you you're, aware of those in yourself you'd like to think my mom was very passionate and, very you know, kind of get things done kind of a manipulator to like hey we're going to build a patio this weekend. yeah, like I kind of want to just like watch t v and not do much. I dunno yeah. She will get you work and you need that as a director or hey, let's put on a show, yeah hey, you can do this and you know you have to be kind of a manipulator, so she was good at that and and but very passionate, follow that my dad's very level headed and and rational ultimate, I dunno what they were doing together but they had they got about in your marriage and three kids out of india till it was
each other air, but, unlike my dad's level, headedness and I was able to, I think, grab some that is you'd, always kind of pragmatic, attic I'll get along with them. Yeah pretty much. I mean you know varying degrees of alienation at certain points, but never never a hostile situation or thy felt they were. in general, supportive of him got a little in my twenties. I think they just didn't understand what I was doing Are you working now? Where are you? What are you doing on like watching movies and and trying to act? You had such potential we thought you would be something right? I now yoda twenty five, twenty six, twenty some shallows but film, your friends are becoming lawyers here. Phds and If you've already dropped out of school, though yeah is like well, you've you've thought about getting back in schools right now, I'm really into what I'm doing you know, so it wasn't until like as by the time the movie
it. I was like twenty nine pushing thirty when slacker and it was like once they say your picture paper in an article about the moon is okay, sums haven't yet that's cool, the meats of the air. So it's like yeah, so I had that decade of that kind of right on. You know undetermined. So I have a sympathy for, on their twenty slightly disappointed parent. He ass lightly book, but supportive bride may I never quite evident that they believe they can do it, and I wasn't asking them for any money that house I wasn't a troll. They had no technical control richest encouragement, but my dad gives the advice. Why should they? about maybe get back in school and my mom was like oh honey. If, here, if you know you're not asked never anything and if you're not working in your lines, going you're happy that sounds great was my mom's a little subversive to shoot she behind of Travelmate yeah a little. She had that also she was like. Oh, if you can get
way, without that's great a little bit of sticking to the man yet and you ve got a little radical. When did you start a waking? Life was until two thousand and one came assorted that in ninety nine are so even workin on for why I've been thinking about waking life for you, there's a new. What, because what I collected on a closer to slacker? Actually it is Iraq. Surely it is so? What was the idea they know? Actually, if you want to put those to move together, the dream I describe in slacker in the look at the beginning. The movie, the early is waking life yeah a dream in in a way, isn't the idea of her waking life preceded me, even wanting knowing I was a filmmaker rye, was based on an actual, lucid series of lucid dreams. I had as a senior in high school is that true, yeah and I thought
It was some strange evening, not drug induced, maybe tension induced or whatever, but I fell into this thing and just couldn't wake up, but was aware I was dreaming and where I kind of on some quest agenda, it's really stayed with me and when I finally did wake up, you know pouring sweat by real had it been asleep for only like five minutes. A few minutes sure it is something that I stuck with me and I was trying to discover what that. Isn't it a lot of scientific research and studied about lucid dreaming and what it is and what is is and even talk to some of the foremost you no expert scientists in that field, so I learned a lot about the brain science behind it. But for me, as a storyteller, I was like that's a great narrative device. You know it's an ultimate kind of story, a dream within a dream with a three story and the levels- and so I had kind of that had been swimming around as a kind
The story I wanted to something I wanted to do. My animal ran enabled you to do that, exactly get it. It was really boring, and in pretentious in all that live action, but when I saw the animation technique, some friends of mine were working on were developing and they're in Austin some buddies of mine as like you know that that The film that doesn't work is that I've been thinking about for all these years. If it looks like that it'll work, because it's it's real, sound and and yet it's clearly a human construct, a painting drawing, and yet it feels real and that's how dreams. You know dream, is you accept them as reality? It's only when you wake up that you go. Oh wait. I was in a trench in world war, one or you know I know somewhere there was someone there who I know died ten years ago, but that, should a tip me off that it was wasn't re online, I accepted it is very weak set them is real, so I thought out and interesting,
in a word or a result. You had to adapt to it. actor like about movies, though there is a certain latitude within movies, and I've always believed this like. If you set your terms of what the movie is, the audience wants to go there you just have to be. You have to lay it out and be consistent with it and be clear, and I am actually, despite the The kind of radical forms around some of my movies that I'm really trying to tell a pretty clean story, a pretty direct communication of something and it it's often just in a told in a very different way. But I am trying to communicate directly. Me, I'm not trying to like you're, not you're like a clean story, not trying to hide anything now make a complicated to obscure. There's enough complication around that's like again at some clear life enough noise, and can we just talk directly it sort of cop out too tired to do to conflict.
You now or to let you know or to sort of like none can resolve that are not appreciate that kind of cleverness cause. There's a mean. It be done well, but I don't like it when someone's toying with me dry because they can well it's in. like the the trilogy that you did before sunrise before sunset and then before midnight Did you know when you did before sunrise it? This was the plan no ok. Now This is all part of this weird obsession. I think you have a mild obsession with people. Aging yeah requirements, time, yeah, what does had no idea. I mean I was I'm roughly ten years older than julie Nathan, and I was trying to make a film about. You know two young people who feel this attraction to one another who have this connection and that's autobiographical. United. It did feel like an hour film foreign thumbnail of it well yeah and it helps it. It's set foreign it's like, but knowing as very european, allowing them to talk.
You know I was more french writer mentioned your five year, thereby Eric roamer definitely right like two people talking and they are happening, Love is in the year at enough that you're not that's how madman works, you know and as a filmmaker sort of my own curse. You know like even I was in my twenties and am I met this woman in philadelphia and we walked the streets all night. You know you took hours and hours even kiss. You know I just did our minds were firing and we were talking in there was this real connection gray noses that for mono is it whatever it is. I believe that when even as I was doing then I was like I wanna make a film about this and she's like what he taught us at this. Just this feeling you know so I'm trying to make a film that five years later, I'm trying to make of that film about just a feeling. was that the line we kissed her that wasn't a nerd when he sent a film about got about me out with you because someone now, I don't think so. Like a woody allen,
any honest. Let's get the first is over with right now, so we can now now. Let's talk about like, because I was talking to my my friend about this too, that you Would you are able to do exactly what you want to do as an artist and and it seems like even the big huge movies you like school, of rock with now that movie makes money yeah a lot of money. It did pretty well. So it didn't feel like we were setting out to make a hit. You know we were of trying to make cool movie that I would like with your my jack black, and likewise we all just let's, let's make a cool movie. Think we have idea where we have a commercial structure. It was MIKE whites idea yeah. You know he had this vision
I knew jack hadn't talked to him. I've talked to both of their great guys and they had this vision for all these kids playing instruments, and I was like yeah, let's had a script and I just sort of came aboard right at the point. It was sort of starting to go the wrong direction. Maybe it was being overdeveloped studio and I kind of you know: film needs a director, so I came in and I think with mike and jack. We just said: okay, we've got kind of what we need here. Let's just make it cool. You know we don't need to end it with them. Winning the thing and donating the money is is too overly plotted right in a in a certain way, and so I like to think I came in and sort of you know and as a storyteller, you just kind of streamline and make something make sense to you, ohio, and so I again that kind of clear retelling alot of films. They don't even recognize the the power of the medium their working and they overly explain things they
oh. Why will we care about this character and less his dog has died and, as you know, they overly plot things right. Audiences get. It's called identification. Who you put up some one on this green and spend five minutes with them. I guess that's our hero and you can use that too crazily subversive ends, travis pickle and taxi driver. I care about him. Why? Because I'm intimate with it my seem right driving. I Fillies vulnerable, is a vet he's writing. It requires a lot about a thin at some point. You go disguises I can't get these out to shoot a presidential candidate and kill some other people that he's judging in an old testament fashion that break you know. So this guy
It is not really a good citizen. Is he right, but you, but we like him. You know tony perkins and in the you know, psycho right he's already killed our you know he's dispensing of the car yeah and it's it's in the quicksand of that pit and it almost sinks in the audience we go once it goes under we're like. Oh we're, relieved hitchcock's really twisted that way, so we're now on the side of the the bad guy yeah. I do like films powerful in in senses of identification. Sure, so you don't need a whole bunch of background. You dont need to explain everything. People are with it were humans. We aim to other governments and we do not rise so film spend in this. As you know, most scripts, the first twenty thirty pages, where they're trying to explain and build up and all these studio note about. Why should we care about them? What are the stakes
get to it and we ask it to you. I'm people lining up. There are my right yeah they own over his powerful medium. You dont need to her voice. He some bad bad movies that just never stop over explaining. Ah, yes, well, I have two because that's why I've kind of largely avoided plot driven? I just don't think that way right and what I've largely done. I think, if I had to analyze it would replace like plot machinations. You know with structures to do with time, You know cause that's how we process the world. You know in our own world who are our lives on their living in so I've kind of replaced, one for the other, but one to me is very true to life like people get it via. Oh, it's you gonna, shoot this and it'll be eighty five minutes of real time, walking around pierce. Ok, I understand it has
I've spent eighty five minutes walking around today, so it's not hard to crack that as a structure you just have to make it compelling and believable, but that's it. I just remember that was an interesting thing about about about. Boyhood is that they were moments where we got to the groove, you got that we were. We are in the simple life of just people, you know going through life, but there were moments where he thought likeness somebody's going to go down. It's about yeah. I know that's crazy to me and I never met before you know it first screening we had an you know, I shot the movie and we made here the actors. We we all were so surprised when we're seeing their sundance with twelve hundred people and a theater, and this is the I think and like the scene where their farting around throwing blate saw blades at the walls, it she rocketed, but three age, camping trip by Anders
blades around there's collective! That's the thing you see feel the odd it's just. I heard a chill and we're like an hour in twenty minutes into the movie at this born or our the halfway through the move, and I felt this gently- oh my god, they think something's about to happen. And it never crossed my mind. Never as their creator and my actors, we never even talked about it, pass it. Oh wow, that's so interesting. We were so conditioned, that's it to think. Ok, why would we go watch? A movie was something extraordinary happens. You know, I felt that it. That was exactly the I mean yeah and then there's later, like the dad says, hey no driving and texting and then he's driving with his girlfriend, and she shows him a text and a picture of a little pig. And here he's and actually looking at the phone. So ok, here's where the car goes off the road, but the truth is we all drive and look at our devices and hope we don't get and wreck rang. What's wrong. Trading is when you get ahead of a movie now, the horrified like really don't
walk in the door. You know whatever, when they're doing dumb things on screen. So I wanted my the problems of boyhood to be feel like real to life, like you know the kind of life Why does our problems we confront and try to resolve best? We can- and I liked at over you- I liked She remains like dish that the mother character somewhat unapologetic, yeah and- and I think that was a good decision that year, you sort of she comes when we should clearly and therefore the kids who has our own problems, but you know her life she's, good mother. Yes, he loves her kids and rice. Trying right bless. Yo muzzle gonna have a life yeah yeah, that's how it felt in mind, it's like you know. My mom was my mom. She write and there were a lot of looking back. There wasn't a lot of introspection. I go well yeah that, when work out or
have you ever come up to her with these sort of like? Why didn't you or why? Why? How come? I am afraid, I ask that open of non confrontational, why? I think my sisters have those years old and new little all crying and emotional. You know it's like, but I think once we were older and had kids, my sister, you start judging your parents differently and, and they were like well. Why did why do we do that or how did that happen or what you know? You start you have this. I was saying this generational lack of communication and what are you find out? We never got to that. What are you finding? Your relationship with your mother is now with the with your kids and ah, you know just oh your kind of Is she better when he arrived? You know it's like yeah, it's what it was that's the way I am with almost every element of my life. It's like yeah, those are the cards. You're dealt, you did the best. You can that's your hand make the best of it. Don't look back
You know I don't know, but you processes in a two hour plus movie I mean your processing, those emotions, sure am, and maybe that's you know there was some trauma in childhood. It wasn't, I mean I think we all feel traumatize just as humans in this world, the trying to every psyche is extremely complex and it's really hard to just make it through the world. No matter what you know where you start from But you had from your point of view when you were a kid at that age, that that, guy, that your mom was dating in the movie. I know I keep saying your, but in the media was a guy. You dealt with sure. So on some level, yet that to me: no matter who you are sure your life is what it is you discards, but that that's a violent environment chain ended a frightening environment and when ten intimidating winner, eight nine ten, it's why can be devastating guys, like you got your real dad, and then he got this
stranger. I know who your mom, who water he wandered into this is stepmother's confirmed this. I'm here, there's a whole cinderella thing like womb watch out for stepmother's too cause. Suddenly there's this a dull authority figure in life, exerting control and opinion right over you and, while, like I didn right you here and you're, not my dad and you're, not my biological anything and I'm not gonna call you dad. You know, I'm sorry because you're, not my debt write and yet you're in my house I can't wait. I don't think I ever really registered what that must have been like as much in empathetically. Until I saw your movie, I talked to a woman last night just at a function. She came up to me theo for this, because I don't think I've seen that in a movie where the multi household, the new parents, like that what it feels like to go back and forth and have new yeah, it's not, I mean there's some dramatic moments, but it's just also
Well, that's the life! You adapt to value you're, just adapting to your cause, you're canyon, right, sir gives the kids are amazingly adaptable. Sure you read these studies about like homeless, kids, sure okay we're living in a cardboard box under a freeway and the kids like ok, Let's go the grocery stores were the cardboard is, let's go, get will go out and get it when acquits reining in right. There very adaptable, like it's, your pc, in the light of like let let's get together and make this work, but clearly your parents were stable enough because you ve got your shit together and yes and so do my sisters also you now in your mom? That was the integrity of that character and analyses of your mother is that she may be stubborn and then she may have made dad choices, but she certainly going to look out for you yeah. At the end, we were always going to kind of pull through or do you have a choice you know, but but yeah it felt it felt that way so fast,
nation. I loved that book. I enjoyed the movie a lot. It was. It must have been a hard thing to figure out what the how the story was going to be from that book yeah. That was, you know Eric Schlosser and I got to talking and he's like yeah. What would the movie from this book matter will documentary. You know, and eventually years later they didn't make a movie kind of called food inc yeah. That was you know it's not based on fast food ayres was involved in that, but our job and I was like well I tell stories, you know, I'm I'm a character. Guy em, you know like working with actors, and- and so we were talking about dramatizing stories within that non fictional environment right. That would tell the story in a in a different way. You know, so that was a challenge to adapt that material, but it was. It was really fun to kind of see the multi sides of like the fast food meal. You know you got the exactly
If she got the immigrant labor you've got the teenager working at the place and he knows it's a fun way to to tell a story how'd you feel about them challenging. I I like it, it was a it was that and I did that and scanner darkly came out around the same time and looking back on it is like those are both really kind of dark, bleak, strange stories, and I think that was what was going: on in my head at that time, I was like bush cheney era. Grimness you grew up, with those guys yeah. We we released the bushes. We endured that decade that that time it was a tough century, the first chunk of it for a lot of people. I feel sorry for kids yeah, at least I was you know, an adult. When did you start going to Austin? Oh as a teenager, I visited some older friends there and kind of thought. Oh, this seemed like a pretty you know. He goes to music at the continental
well, you go to barton springs and there's half naked girls running around you're like hey, I could I could live here, so that was always like that. It was always really it wasn't a a. It was a big music scene, the scene. They had a big film school there, but the film scene was kind of marginal. When I got there and it's been one of the great you know, parts of my life to be a part of a film world- that's growing their culturally didn't you create the asking film, yet I am almost thirty years ago thirty year old, who thought and eighty five what we already shown movies is the original intention, which showed a lot of movies. You couldn't see on campus or anywhere else in town Where was the venue, the dolby theatre, though they extinct, toby theatre, they let us show at midnight. I just walked in there and talk to them.
manager, hey. I want to show these movies and we'll split the money, and I just I was so passionate about film and I was making my own films then, but I kind of wanted to do something. You know I had a bigger calling about cinema. I still do you know we we give out grants, we show a ton of movies. I still hosts film series, you know I'm not doing. won't. Work like I did rise years are not like why some writing the grand ryan booking the films in shipping, and that was a it was. You know you in my non productive twenties. I did start a non profit organization that still around in his of me. Does it sound van Yonah yeah, the other more kayser they're? Here we ve got around two hundred placeth theatre
show movies there and film every day we're fighting the good fight yeah. We showed twenty something a month yeah we give up. We've given out, like one point: five: four: five million in grants to filmmakers around the state and I'm I'm as proud of the film society and what it's become and what we've accomplished. Then you know my own films. Yet it's been a wonderful parallel life that I can put time into you know, and you get him when there, when you give out grants and stuffed you did. What may have you decided on beaten?
I will have some panelists from out of state who just go through proposals, work, samples and people need encouragement, cultured, really doesn't care about art, yeah and often the artists themselves. Young artists, in particular, haven't always had the family's encouragement, so I've found that and it happened in my life. I got a grant for twenty six hundred dollars to help me finish slacker. He did I parlayed that into getting family to give loan me money to fin it also. You know so. Sometimes that's the first like affirmative. I gave you shot in the arm. You he had as an artist like hey, look good yeah. I guess I it's it's!
and beyond the money. It's I think the notion that the the bigger world cares and that they want to support an artist, because the culture is can be kind of cruel to to artists. I don't think we put enough emphasis on it. It's always the first thing cut from schools ensure it's seen as a sidebar, but I really think. Art and creativity. It will save us, you know I do it's it's for the human soul and for the culture and and it's the worst. the yet it at all heaters Why are we so undervalue the absolute most important things? Please, you can't find you can't do the math and find a place for it in the marketplace, but it's the ultimate,
thing. That will say was all out of thin air pollution and feelings and sensitivity, and my new culture, just the emits, never been any better. It's better and other places in the world that it is the united states. The winner takes all capitalist. You know when they can't find a bottom line place for something that measure you know it's like, oh well, to even need near to marry me, let's desirable out the any much of it. It's crazy! It's insane! You couldn't do a worse. Investment to cut stuff like that they are in in the the thing is: is that as things go away becomes harder to find in and and you need things like what you're doing to provoke the people that are like us, your wandering around when you're fifteen and, like this looks cool I want want to know about that. I know I've enjoyed just in boyhood
there's been some really younger teenage viewers to see thing and seems spring up, like oh wow, like that, I too feel like you, ve kind of jumped into someone's life and joy. I sold them around a little bit. I never think right way when I'm doing anything, but when you see the result, then you you see some kid kind of going. Oh wow! That was like a lot like high life, and it makes me think about my mom and my dad and my it's graham, like oh that's, cool cause that that kind of stuff sure inspired me. You know I I live for those moments when I felt, connected to something far far away from me, but through art. You know she made me think the world was, it was an ok place and there is a place for in it do you draw some sort of lime where the other movies at you do for money now. not real. I never have now. I've ever had to write and keep a low overhead and I've never done a movie that I wasn't super like thinking. I was the only person who could do that even so
I like school rock, is a good example and people love that movie. I'm not progressing that movie, but the remake of the bad news bears. What was that it? It's. I came from the exact same place. I came from school iraq, which was like this movie seems to be happening. It's the only two times, I've kind of come aboard, a project that that I didn't originate right and that's kind of what our industry is right and in both cases I felt like well. It seemed like that movie was going to get made with or without me, but I felt called to like I'm the kind of the right guy to do it. I know that subject so well in in school rocket. Was that character, jack's character, dewey, finn kind of me in a parallel world right and the rock and roll. You know that was me music, such a big part of my life, and I I felt I knew- and I had a daughter just that age at that moment,.
So I felt a sensitivity to fifth grader right at that moment. So I added you know all the roads lead to me being the best guy to do this move. I have to feel like I'm the only cause. If anyone can do it, I should I shouldn't. Do it and I've turned down plenty of movies over the years that I think, are better movies, because someone else directed it right. I wasn't the right sensibility,
So the industry there's a lot of matchmaking going on you'd. You know, there's all these stories, you know maybe an adapted book, a remake. You know whatever and they're, just matchmaking for the right sensibility and a smart producer or studio head might get that right in school rocket was scott rudin, the producer who kind of started pestering me to do it. Ai and I'd said no at first and then he convinced me that it was going to be a good, creative experience, which it was kind of afraid of. Maybe that you hear the horror stories like. Oh, you know some bad hollywood experience, but I sit before you having not had a bad experience like both, though those are big movies for me, they're, like thirty mil in which is a low budget, studio film, believe it or not. But for me that's it it's a bigger found, but any feel that it's great to have those resources that where I got fifty days to shoot the fifty I feel the pressure of the team. Do you get a? I don't you know as a forum
I think I don't really accept the fray. That's see that I dont you are actually write to me. That's what makes a direct or indirect pressures of choice at on pressure is a choice. I don't I don't see it is that I saw it as an opportunity. I thought I could take what I do. I thought it was my own working method, allergies and take it to a studio level and, frankly, it's a big challenge to make a studio comedy. I see a lot of comedies guy, it's funny but I left a lot of humor on the table. You know, I think comedy is a craft. You know you really work at and you you make it work and you rehearse in you know I I have a. I brought a methodology and a lot of thinking too. To certain comedy so that there is now no longer thing as it now is a mean on one level in in both those cases it. It was like a perfect little man and in my life, where I was if I was already those today, I wouldn't because I'm too and other things here.
I did get a kid. There was around that asia, I felt kind of like I gotta feel, and it was the first time I said yes to something that you know Well, I'm a little older. I could, if it didn't end up a good experience, I could live with it. It wouldn't mess up. My trajectory of what I think I'm here to do pressure is a choice. Is that suddenly learning in high school athletic? it's kind of thing. A coach tells you more than a smart coach. Is that where you heard it, but not I heard it, Well recently, I didn't hear it when I needed to hear it. No, I made a documentary about of a very interesting coach at the university of taxes and it's a kind of a thing he would say. Ah What documentary was that it was called the inning by inning portrait of a coach augie Garrido, the the kind of the greatest college baseball coach, the most winningest coach in ncaas history in that, but that's not what it's about it's kind of a zen master
it has a lot to say about the metaphors of the game and life and er he's just a cool guy, you're kind of a zen guy yeah I actually related to what head coach goes through, is a lot like what a film director goes through you're sort of seeing greatness in others and trying to maximize their skills, whether it's an actor, a composer, a production. Minor costume. You've also got to keep your shit together for everybody yeah, and then you have to be kind of a central authority, orchestrator of all this creative energy and abilities, and so that's an ability in itself. You know a lot of directors were kind of you may be don't possess, like none of us could be as good as actors, but you know a lot about acting. You know it. You know, I know just enough and and same with every element of filmmaking yeah there's people who specialize more in all of it.
I feel like I know you know: do you know what I'm going for shirt where I clearly have to yeah? Do you hang out with the other a your austin guys like you have white, when my judge was there, were you guys hanging out yeah? What about rodriguez friend yeah see I'm robert, who everybody's kind of doing their own thing, but just got a whole operation out there it's He's a mobile he's he's amazing, he's an amazing guy in our son, I'm always gonna awed by roberts. You know just sheer energy and created. He uses facilities ever every now and then he uses we're gonna next door. Neighbours are really. He has a studio right next to the film society, so we're we're neighbors brothers in fear, all the way down the line been friends for a long time. That's great, and what about mike yeah mike? You know he used to be in austin think he's out here. Yeah he's back, but now it is the genius and one of the funniest like much companion your arena, like his imitations, his that guy is he's, one is unbelievable,
He comes from my albuquerque yeah, the orange you and when they gave us, but you were in the movie more yeah yeah he I was doing imitations. You know of like a high school football coach. He liked the way I can imitated one of em like I won't. You know how some old guys gonna hit this upper register, especially so guys. I warn you when you know that this register that why that's not your voice, but when they get yeah. So I don't. I think he thought it was funny. asked me to come in the studio and play a bus driver who beats the shit out of like beavis or something yeah. That was, it was just It's so I like that. You guys have immunity down there and yeah there's their support. way of adding like any directors making really excellent films. Anybody come out of your programme that you, oh yeah, quite la la you know and you guys doing fine. Oh yeah, yeah no tonnes were sundance every others like Numa, features among all thy grants yeah in
I remember former grantees and people who, like right out of college, they stayed there and I, you know, made a film and made their next film and in I could list quieter. quite a few. Well geez man, it's great talking to you doing great stuff, and I love the new film. It was like nothing I'd seen before. Thank you. Well, that's that's high praise to just you know, trying to do something yeah you haven't seen before. So that's what it felt like to me. I was definitely making a film I hadn't made before We are was great, talking to email, Cn Austin, all right there buddy and we never talk about phil limit in thin lizzie. We, and now we can still do it. He s. Just an amazing. I mean he's this lack irish, do with the big fro,
yeah, whose do nobody sounds like a man and run a voice. Nobody sounds like the other. I go and nobody you know, and one of the most beautiful songs he ever did is called still in love with you units. Yes, it's a most beautiful ballad. he could do. He could do anything. He always remained your main highschool school wow. from where I started high school, like you know, fm top forty We are scattered, zepplin, Aerosmith and where I ended was like zapper be fart, crimes real yeah. I have my own little I it's kind of a weird similar arc, so he had the mainstream shit yeah and then I met the due to work at the record store and then I was into bowie yeah like what do you do? The residents like residents have you heard of this guy brian eno Eno at the right time? There's all this experimentation you had to have a guide. Show you that shit, though the guy who own evolution, records and in Huntsville texas, this little in a
we'll conservative town record circled evolution which challenging their belief system was not the place were bred. Daniel grew up. Is it spoon. Now he grew up in a town, taylor, witches. I plead, hale, hey, that's right remarks vernacular yet the ear the weird w there's always that little nook you can hang that's why the resolution records yet right there and in principle, If you have a dude right now and yeah, and there were always guys you know, they're, like hey, have you checked out it's it's great, What's to settle the argo important, but I guess people do that online. Now me right, I don't know like it. Just like. I don't know friends like some you don't really know and you can show your interests and they can You think, there's a little more of a sort of like one upmanship going on in their journey, as opposed to I actually sharing it's like you go, look at anything you want on line and get a yes to it, but to actually be standing before. Do
that usually little older than you yeah, you look. Oh shit. They have tastes they're ten years older than you may know, she's been through secret shit. The secret shit because be part that secret shit yeah, that's like yeah, it's it's secret, you're not going to yeah. apparently to be introduced into that world. I saw you like zapper. What have you ever heard trautmann rescue look rags, reproduce the via ok yeah, a new tree branches, Oh my god. I just got into that branch. It took me until last year, two years ago, You are in december when you're a teenager m. Did you like have you called year once I went away, I am one of those freaks. I read every hour really. when I was andrew. So you know beetles, don't you they cover? That's our christmas carols man, therein, lace there. Place than right go anywhere in the great rat. You know right, but they have been. the universe? Someone gives you happened, briny, no, two! It's like what the fund and the residents
the whole world that art Rocco in their usual. I moroccan, then you know, then it got more monkey and more numerous new, a pumpkin, pretty saw that? How discover that you already out of high school like it started coming in like the new wave stuff like I was still gives you joy, to widen seventy nine right. So I grow. Waited an eighty one so those last couple years, ship, thirty change and oh yeah. There's some skinny ties on their claude. Oh it changed yet they change rapidly. You know, This movie, I just shot a movie that'll, be out, probably next summer fall or whatever yeah, but it's set in nineteen. Eighty, it's about a college freshmen! You just show up at car. Age? Any your listen to Van Helen, but you and you gotta discos to chase women, but then you know you're, you end up at a punk club or country bark european council has very suddenly outside it all these different. It was on the table like some of that stuff. That's great! Well, that's great! interesting cultural moment, because then they go to an art part in their listens to the top
head when we were kids, ass it always it's a cultural moment were that's what these as all on the table and now mike who am I a punk, my new, a heavy metal, Emily new discoveries dine what disco sucked anyway, but you secretly, I'm amazed how that stuff is like. I got away my task because they go down these young guys, you weren't you share even being voiced in and they were like honest discoveries. I said. Ok, let me tell you I I secretly like the beads and the way parliament felt, but as a thinking rock annoy you, you could never met that you had to say the stuff sucking say now you can say: thou I gangway was down a summer now, you're always like. Oh, I kind of rediscovered. All of it is, it just seems so. Shall I don't leave me this way without yes, right away and in turn a great budget, the dilemma, the shallowness of it was kind of projected onto a cause. You knew it was kind of disposal.
going to a studio. Often it was producer base the years some singers and beats, and you know it's kind of like the worst of rap. You know, but it's kind of like it wasn't artistry and the lyrics were often very simple, but it was. There were hooks, beats inability to tell me about this juncture, though, because I've been sort of fascinate without because that's unique to our genuine we're, not the sixties, we're not old boomers. We were literally in high school when, like the sixties, was fading, it was as if one was established yeah, but still that was even old by the time we were nice hawaii, I'm here with every into the outdoor and maybe residence, your and writer, but But then all alison, your new aid came in hunk, actually hit the states after new way. For some reason where I lived, yeah slow right or an instant eneas when they are going on in london in new york was ears away right. Name like when I was like. I worked in crossing the universe in new mexico, so I knew artists. I knew the
iraq thing cause the guide, the record store, but you still at van halen, like I was still in high school. I mean when, when Van Halen one came out, I'm going to that concert right, but it was all there and you- and I I tell the story- I right you might even be in my book about bringing my buddy Dave, who was friend who owned the fucking firebird yeah this college party, where this band was doing performance, art yeah it was that moment where he was like. I guess it's cause your beer. You like that you just wander in like oh well, I knew sort of what was up and I'm like Dave, never going to get this, but you know ornaments are yeah but yeah, but so what these are blown right. What compelled you that way with colleges about was that the contacts that you are doing
with? Was that? The only thing they entered this film for you was that that dead, that weird vortex of shifting in trying to figure out who you are and its autobiographical too you know I got by- was that college kid show up and with some ideas then being introduced like meeting a member meeting actors and actresses like gay guys in the drama department. I like rough they're, like yeah. I think I knew any gay pitcher and I was like and they don't seem to have a problem with it. Yet, but ass, I could really cool more creative and I, like with their veto, is like oh wow, like worlds were just opening. I year was his mind boy and cool people who didn't give a shit about the pepperrell, your sports or in a what seems to rule high schools, and this is an area like. Oh ideas are gee creativity. So what's the name of your eighteen nineteen years old and working title is that's what I'm talking about
and that's it it's everywhere. Allow me it's a start at it. I just shot at a really knew. I had a nice little get this far and whose arrange thirty three days of production before the full a lot like days, the big ensemble of young actors, none of which you probably know another six. guys have been around and you might recognize a few from in our guys from young actors there in all kinds of stuff from excited ida. It's fun. I I'm excited about the footage, good, good, great good, good energy, no disco footage, punk club, the last night we shot like a punk club yeah, and I had a group, a local group, riverboat gamblers in Austin, a really excellent, excellent, like punk band, and they did, as I remember I told them like. Can you do a punk song of the gilligan's island theme song? I remember a band in the eighties doing nature dammit. If they,
did they did, it starts off kind of about then to to to to boom, and they just it was a now that yeah it was awesome. I did another couple, other punk songs. We're going through austin nineteen when I graduated college in like eighty six or eighty seven, I was there and I saw a band. I was shit faced and I saw band do like a punk rock rose of san antone, and I was like that was the first time. I'd heard that song and I'm like that's the greatest science It was like. Oh, you know, there's a traditional version of no doesn't exist. I have it, though I have the bob wills version, but since then yeah, because that idea of taking something from your cultural past We allow revamping reusing, and I like. Oh that's that really I'm excited good, do that in every art form you can take all this crap. You were fed and turning it into something else, some excite about this movie, so yeah me too. It fits right enters like colleges
it is a sort of begins right, we're bore him. A guy shows up a college, some great. It's an overlap, sank it no. He it was, cause that kid's kind of an artist kid and my guys are sort of jocks they're on the baseball team, but they're like witty. You know people think athletes are kind of dumb and summer, but there was a certain kind of energy and wit, among sure, typically the older guys they were like. So it's it's kind of trying to capture their competitive works on one hand, but the really funny and witty on and you're the one who up whose mind gets blount little bed, the fret there's a several freshmen. Comrade hold your own. You got a kind of shirt, hold your own with these guys aren't. So that's the challenge to stick in there, but we'll see you know check it out. I'm excited man greater. Yeah we're getting on, we get invasion, we got them. Lizzie
thrive! Folks! That's it! That's our show up in your debt conversation very nice guy, and I like the fact that he's given the world helping people out my god go to japan, tia, pod doc. Compromise deputy pod needs get the app of great the premium map my god! I'm tired of me. The at the it
in the Boomer lives,
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