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Episode 569 - Jason Schwartzman

2015-01-18 | 🔗
Despite being a member of the Coppola family, all Jason Schwartzman really wanted was to be in a band. But he tells Marc about the chance occurance that got him cast in Rushmore without any prior acting experience. Jason has more great stories about his past projects, from I Heart Huckabees all the way up through his latest film Listen Up Philip and his new series Mozart in the Jungle.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuck is, what the bodies, what the buccaneers, what the partners, what the bottle? Three, all right, I'm mark marin. This is w, t have welcomed the show jason shorts and it is on the show today I like tat guy nice guy. Do you remember the first time you saw jason schwartzman, probably in rushmore, where you were like? Who is that guy? Where did that? Guy come from his great head nice conversation with him That's happening soon, hey! You know what I don't do enough gratitude. Did I say that gratitude our Thank all view, people who listen and send me stuff and semi letters and emails and presents an records I get them. I listened to your records. I was into them met once maybe twice and if they stick
I'll say some and I'll I'll enjoy them. When I play the more I do, have a listen to the records I get. I will tell you that, and I appreciate It- gratitude I'm doing kay doing better than ok. I should expect gap in the morning going. You know what it is: a kind of worked out. it didn't, look like it was going to and it is now so you can have to accept that and behave properly, stop comply. meaning and not having a nice time, I won't I think life goes on, for man can't keep chasing shit, comparing yourself to other people. Sometimes I just want a split man either like let him so ass week was like I'm fucking done with twitter, I'm done with all the bullshit, just goddamn noise. They just noise everywhere drain.
Demanding noise me keeps poking at you, the noise that pokes That's where we are culturally just as well get this year, marine racket? That is always kind of pushing its way in the eu at varying degrees of intensity in volume? how many machines you gotta turn off to get some fuckin peace of mind. God dammit my getting sick, I gotta against shoe. Today there is the dog. Some like somebody was torturing a monkey up the street just an hour. Go was crazy. I know what thou o was either, so am I the pet monkey? They were torturing somebody, then my neighbour Adam said he just keep taken need put. It is washing his parents why it I was in the jungle area. I was in the day. I was in territory. I was in. I got the general own of the sound correct. I made a mist.
take between a complaining monkey Annie and excited pair being bathe, I'd forgotten, my neighbor had parrots I was reminded of that, as I woke up in the jungle this morning. Oh my god, today is the day. Man twelve hour did not twelve hour but twelve page day out of you guys, Tv works. What happened? Here's? How we do it well, in about an episode every three days, we kind of go back and forth in those episodes every day and shoe pieces of em, so you know an eight page days are pretty hardy day and our first day to day of shooting is a twelve page day and that's going to be lot that's right, you're back in man in my life, right now, pretty much looks like what'll happen is,
I go get my lines in my head last night. Then I get up and I am on set all day and I'm running lines with my with my co stars were doing the scenes. You know as many times as necessary. We just jam added all day, long different outfits, different scenes, different actors at different angles, get that coverage of we'll get some good stuff. With the two script for doing this week. rate and then, like I e, I work twelve hours. Thirteen hours come back home. Our weight in our get the sides for the next day start cramond, those it fines into my head, I'm in every seen, not complaining so my show, but that's the way it works. So it's pretty heavy man song to be underwater. You have about two and a half months. do my show and talk and eu people will be allowed to stand up on saturdays, but this is it this season three were in it, I'm excited and I and I honestly em overwhelmed by the response. The season to any
She's in one on networks, I'm glad you guys, like the show. Ok, what goods do this? Let's, let's talk to jason schwartzman. I never talked to him before. I always assumed he be a good guy, but he's a very sweet man and am he I was. I was thrilled to meet him. We had nice time. was like it was. It was one those situations where am I give you some from with a guy and then he's like that guy in that's always its comforting, islets. That's what's enjoy now my guest jason Schwartz. I was a diverse token that record record yeah. I wouldn't do yesterday monkey of nice. It's nice. Music thank very sweet, but I can tell your gear guy because it sounds
because I'm the guy who sat there and did it, I love sm, seven. He had the best and the great mike you I come here. I really do the singing them and I've never used this mic to singing before, but see lots of people that do yeah. I heard Michael Jackson sings in these come on yeah as some seven's, as I heard really when the studio I've had everybody on these, like when I record people playing it's here and I just got out of hand Can I can't makes all I can do is right level so so This can be a mite guitar in that, and I ever the thing on that and to hear with no dear singers, would know filtered no happened. Did this thing does it's amazing would ease No, I know I don't have one I want one you do here. Just to have
Well. I would like to have a mic like this like that's she. This can do anything near and I feel that there's something indestructible about this there I like- and I like indestructible things yeah sure- makes a couple things like that: the the fifty eight to in district that I you gotta have a few the yacht, and yet you should have a few good deeds, but I am I love gear, but it's sort of embarrassed. Because you know I I would say that I spend like any if there is free time at nights, you just sit there and my favorite thing to do is just look at pictures of gear year and read about gear where things do and then I watch a lot of videos. You do. I love em, but then there is a moment to wear, because I'm not so so technically minded there's a moment when it goes. It crosses way beyond what I'm. What I now hear,
which is fine when I'm at home, but definitely it happens like adds to her, where I'm like ours, is this keyboard, so, like I'll I'll I'll have heard about keyboards I've read about keyboards that you know for years, like I have been looking for one just to play one and really get your hands on it. I get there I'm talking about it, but I guess you know I'm enthusiastic about it, but sometimes that can be misunderstood for not deep knowledge about it and, like the sometimes a person will be so. Yes, I'm glad you but this is great and plus we can double connect. The oscillators of the thing and I and then I just sort of like Ben I'm too embarrassed to say I don't know you go to australia. Can you show me? Can you show me an example of how that happened? So it's a little like that, but but I love it and not only that I love gear and it's I I I buy gear, it's my favorite thing to look for and invest in a man and have crazy stuff, but we have a lot of guitar. It's also
systemically beautiful stuff to me, oh yeah yeah. I we're talking about that stuff inside the ice. Design on stuff is pretty amazing and most like photos like rock and roll photos. Here I typically don't like live looking photos. You know like hendricks on stage I get that it's amazing to me. I would much I much prefer seeing me. todd rangoon, sitting at the desk in a studio with his head in his hands. Not getting it right as the right to see you you look around at all. We have you. I am in the background pencils a lot about exactly I, as you got, will stress ball on that I love you too. You have this here, thing the hand x out, I'm not at this level. What will I do know? Investors have no incentive to make only third say our great again But I love you. I love it so much and I do believe in the idea that every instrument you would write you write differently,
each thing, some everything I I don't know if that's true and it probably isn't for everybody, but I think each qatar, each pedal, has a thing about it, even if you can't, even if its or imperceptible, if you, if you feel that it has something different, I think it can offer you something what that's the magic thing? You know I mean it's a! U things do have magic of invested in there. You wanna poster where you want to put that already. Ok, I'll see what happened is a reverse coaster. Yeah will see if it run nothing if it followed so, if it does then doesn't end up in your lap, it's all good. It seems to go. It works perfectly alright. Well then, I'm I I've never seen that happen before this is the first extract, your coffee cup, on the tape but yeah. I believe that I think that some instruments have innovating whatever they. out of the earth what you definitely magical. Talk to people about that before believing a magic unbelieving. What? If, of course, that's gonna provoke you each has its own power. Yet a lotta guitars yeah. You did the end here,
Will you write that the songs why, at least on that record, there are very different, so they all have different feeling to them and I imagine the plane different instruments and in digging different groove going with things israel arm beyond their will pop the first add music ilona countries. what had happened. Basically, what happened was them. I had been writing music, but the way that I'd like to do it is in pieces. I just saw right little chunks of things we are and then later I said to I assemble them in any way. I usually record music with my friend woody jackson, who, if you want to see an amazing studio, If you truly are in the alley, if you go and deeper into the EL area on male I was near. Larchmont yeah should see his dude. It's called electoral buck studio in its unbelievable shape picture. There are actually
his recording studio, in LOS angeles, at his yeah and his collection of instruments, and and just this musical aesthetic has been inspiring but anyway, so I usually work with them, but I ended up. I had a bunch of songs and I, but they weren't songs. They were just pieces yeah and I was I had I been open up with it. Seventeen! No! This is now when I made my coconut records record. It was twenty five or for something Are you there on some acting already yeah, oh yeah yeah even work, and I was in a band called phantom planet that began in nineteen. Ninety four: how old are you fourteen? So was that first thing that was before acting really was you usually a rock guy yell yeah yeah yeah without a doubt, and you are drummer yeah. Can you still play drums yeah and I can I don't it's it's
to at least the kind of drumming that I'm interested in and it's such a lonely instrument cause I like to play songs like with people you like to sing, I was never a singer That was never my. I sing on the records because my little brother actually encourage me to do it, but initially had asked him to sing on my right. He's right thing are singer. My brother Robert, for this really is a real sing. He looked warms up and stuff and am, but I had never thought of thing and I ll do my band as an abandoned at three great singers. Yeah though I never had a single, but I played down and but I dont am I have some in my house here, but if you play for two sec, it's lonely. I wanna play with people. You wanna play songs. We gotta play drums to a track or something yeah. It's I mean unless you're interested in pushing the bounds of rhythm right, which here I am, I would love to. I would love to vote against it, but it is not its none
I'm on your side at the time. I go to a way to spend time before that, like writing, songs or sitting with a guitar, because for me it's very meditative. I can't sit quietly yeah so like if I, if, if I played guitar for an hour a day like a really gets me out of my head that it's the best thing for me basically and the way that it's been for the last few years. Ever since I I I had a kid. I have two children, but my first child came about four years ago and the way that I used to make music was or loudly here I used to write, walk around and hum thing, the single with an acoustic atari out tape, recorder and such then, Couldn't make as much noise at my house right eye? learn how to use my garage banned in my computer and you you can use many like a plug in my committee keyboard and use the sounds in it and you have enough. You would walk by
you don't normally hear anything for a me humming here and am I got into a process of writing and demoing. At the same time, I don't sit and make up music without we are right, I do it, I multi track, and I do it like that's part of the writing, but really well Is it the meditative thing layering things and coming up with a core progression and its two maids the ultimate way to spend time, and at the end of the day, I try to do it every day. At the end of the day, for how long three hours, This is my minimum really. So your abandoning your wife and children for three hour. Yet while they are sleep They abandoned me, so you do in the middle of the night. That was yes, I do and am and I would do in the daytime, but I try to at night now and essentially like thou, go to bed. and then I'll go out,
I haven't done last few months because we are a second daughter, but usually the thing is that I it's like people who go to a gem or whatever just feel so good where I think about music in and also now a technology. The what you can do just sitting on your own for three hours is pretty finance it's really fun, and even if it's terrible yeah you have is the best way to its the best way to spend time if you just learnt learning how to play some announce a song or covering some another son. It feels good to do music and I think my brain feels and it locks. It feels good like it's a like you say it's meditative yeah and when you grow up, music I mean you do is music in your family yeah. I grew up with music, but not my mom's really into musicals. So like that, I grew up her picking me up from school and news like into the woods blasting if she pulls up at carpool,
into the woods Gaza gotta go to my mom loves it, but never like was like listening to tons of music as a kid licking the car with wasn't. I followed and analysing a lot of talk. Radio right with your hair was your grandpa recompose yeah! He was a composer. Did you were you around for him? Did you see yeah? Well? Sadly, he died. When I was about ten or nine I forget exactly, but name carmen here and me? Remember him oh yeah, the best and and I am bound that I didn't. I wasn't into music on anna. Deeper level then cause. I would love to have tat term, but I always felt growing up that dumb music was more. I guess It's up my alley. I didn't think it would be like a professional sure, young age and movies were so. It was a lethal weapon or ghostbusters. You don't just
at blockbuster comedies, all the bill, Maria and I you know I I hear people in it that when they would watch movies, they would think I'm going to be up there one day and I think, that's cool I never had that experience and to me it was just the excitement of going to see a movie and loving it, and you know what one probably does you imitate the movies on the way home and stuff you do like, but I never that was worth sort of stopped. You never as an actor away a movie star, and I dont know if it also comes from growing up and allay, will go We're loud and kids are actors where'd. You go up exactly westward. Ok, we like also like I mean you know. You grew up in sort of a a movie clan right I mean. Was it I dunno how the the the capulet family worked, but I mean was it, tight unit, I mean, were you around with everyone eating dinner together at times during the holidays and things holidays cause they they my uncle francis. He lives up in I've been a member of area, so I see him
more during the holidays, near skimming mostly that with was at their congregated place was that was francis, his place of aim to be growing up at em back gray, memories in them but not a lot. Like a movie talk now my my my experience of growing up was just a very boisterous family and, as you know, kitchen we're out of cooking singing, it seems that my mom and her two brothers one is passed away. The level of musical knowledge is pretty incredible. Lay my my my uncle oghee, who passed away his seem to be very classical, but- and I think Wednesday do, but my uncle france in my mom have a real musical feeder. Diarrhea If you say like em, I love this cup discuss this cup. He loves us
like that. They seem to know like a song about every like from a musical about everything we make about the microphone he talks into it, and I it's pretty it's like encyclopedic and amazing, but so I think of more round that library boisterous, but never like an espresso and conversation lego camera at all. Here I dont have a rather and he can do it though I guess, but might the thing is it my my uncle and my mom. It's interesting specifically there. Although their associated hollywood there very like not in the hollywood and the lives of their first of all, but my mom is like not inter hollywood culture, and she loves me he's in vain than growing up. I think that's what I saw was just like my how my mom loves movie so much more than other parents right more like that, like a great school- and you could hear like echoing in my house,
it's like a t v on. Am I go up the down in that room watching it, you go in there and all your old movie yeah. So I think I saw like someone who loves have so much but yeah. For me, music was among the best and, of course mtv mere, and I just that. I felt that music could do at home, yeah and movies. They seem like big and am you're didn't grow, robbing a movie sets or anything you can go now. She didn't want anyone there. Who are you? yeah how's. She doing good I started last night about grandpa I mean you gotta call me you've got a new grandkid yeah. She so excited she loves it. He loves it because she grew up with boys. Yeah two brothers, and I m an son seer and so have daughter she just like an has grown gray. Oh my god loves it here,
tap, dancing and esther williams lot of really yeah. She goes way back into the wool yeah. Oh yeah, her up. Oh, my mom's goes with her knowledge of and I feel like her knowledge of most things ends at like nineteen. Seventy two movie wise so you grubbin in hollywood, and I guess when was it worth? It was the first movie that you did rushmore yeah, but when grown ike ate it it's always sort of fascinating to me. That yeah mean you're younger than me, but there's always these generations of kids, who are actors, and you know y'all, seem to know each other cause. You kind of do and it's just like any town where movie will grow up, but who are your beer years growing up? Were there were they actors or were they you know? Did you where'd you go to highschool a school called windward, high school, yeah and culver city? Who are my peers? It did, I know any actors going on when you were growing up yeah I mean, were there guys doing the same things, creative people, that you were that you know you've kept in touch with the whole time. the only one that I
No, I didn't lose out because I wasn't in like enacting the circuit, but my best friend in high school aim or one of my best friend in high school. There was a little group of us. Jake John hall was his best friend growing up since there for rice line you jake right since I was twelve year. How much has changed he's always like the handsomest biggest guy, man that guy has got it? Yeah, you're, still, friends, yeah, I I am still friends with them. I haven't seen him in awhile, but you know it is sad I feel like it. You know I remember going to dances sitting on a war look aims dancing like eight girls, yeah right guy ownership how did you do that exists is naturally what do I beheld begin? Where do start as so much is so much is different about it. You were awkward. I felt awkward for sure yeah
think I was awkward? I mean I don't think everyone's awkward here in high school, but junior high, the worst yeah but yeah. I felt that my school, I didn't go to a big enough school where there were like to your left. You will find the people that are the misfits yeah slowly over the right, those the jobs that it was a small of school where you know they ate and football. It was a smaller rang and may I ask everyone knew Joe a renewed but within that they were like micro, unicef, micro micro, quick of three sure and like again, but I was like sports and I like music and but definitely I think I felt was I'm definitely not doing well with girls specifically year. That was that was so. What do you attribute that to them? Yeah
yeah, so it so like acting really was in on your rayner. Until after high school, I mean what what compelled you well happened was that so I was in my bands and my band was like good well what I was trying to do, I mean without one I've got your in l, a media, the aperture and allay we would play. We didn't really too much clearer, kids fifteen. He asked in itself but playing the l, a area and sometimes san francisco and san diego, but yeah we would play and lots of people would come and it was the best and then we got signed and make records and messenger gaffin yeah yeah efron records for it, folded, and how I have that happen. We got our demo tape to sky look would who were that, given at the time in them. We a demo when he came and check it out and we get signed here. and how did you do wild records? Yet, while we did, we did one we did,
two on gas in and then there were them moved over to epic sony and then we did or there, and I left the jam them vienna with anybody know you do you you're. So let me add that not that's not my code, like that, I'm a site you want None of you don't know about me. I'm alone will hear me and my gear sigh you're talking to the wrong guy talking to the wrong gunslinger. I know I know I just what am I gonna do? Where am I going to go? How am I gonna do but I want to do. I can't I'm not. I don't play the kind of music you way, I'm just sort of a dirty guitar player, but like it. When I wish I could do that when we get so low and stuff and he laid dirt. Now against solo, I play courts yeah. I know, but you know what a good cords you know I got good minor beetles cords and denounce you just get him of the fingers around a little. I just gotta learn em the agnew you learn now and at a solo and then we can lack, could show you some weeks. You show me some course I wish, but you can just
get a place, I mean I'm I've been being myself up about. It I know guys who play I'm like gonna. We just do a weekend thing and you go to a place in just play, but then that becomes one thing, and then you have arguments and you gotta decide what songs truly always ended up too loud, and then it just becomes it's horrible blues jam for an hour and one guy goes to the bathroom and someone else is like sitting on his amp rolls down allowing volume the buzzing is yet it is seen as ad getting come off montgomery machine, that's part of it. He has the rock and roll experienced, I always think gumbo machine is the worst but the best. do you Adam Goldberg, yeah, yeah you guys want you guys get together in the middle of the night in place him shit. Who else I got, I don't know I to work I got to. But he does the same thing you do in a way. He you know he's up all night yeah sitting alone in his house lot. First of all, I gotta change the up all night thing. I think I've been doing a pretty good job about it. Once you got to it's like you know, there's no. I can't no time no away
if they're awake at night. It's it's you I got yet rest ya. Gotta be rested, rise gotta, you know, there's two of us and it wasn't like I was off the hook. The first time don't get me wrong, but I was, I definitely do like. Could strip push my body a little bit harder, but I think also, you know it's interesting to me. Like people's creative habits, yeah- and I don't know how much I can you can just be at the whim of your own- Like a thing with two kids, you gotta, changer, madeira and I'll, see you got a schedule. A little better can be as impulsive, exactly what I'm never, That's the thing is I don't like the impulsive of the regularity of doing three hours, a name. I have all these weird real threat. The night and then the next day never listened to what you did always do a new song and at the end of four months I put everything,
itunes and then I make playlists, then a walker and listen to them to what you did and it's funny cause. You'll notice, weird things like off that for those two weeks everything was in a minor yeah. was, I think, you're gonna, meaner, united. We what we were kind of writing. I want the same thing: we're that kind of fun. The thing is, so it's rewarding in a way that you know if, if you just put it on you, ve created something. Exist outside its true, which is different than acting. We await a year, it's true been our and in a very immediately satisfying that's the thing about it is last year I was trying to write something under set down a sitting there for days and it it's it's away more complicated in hard feeling, because music, even if it's terrible as you say, you can hit it yeah and played for someone even with bad sound, its regular. What have you know, but oh
but a longer format, type thing, so she reading, which has takes longer anyway for anyone music, is so fast yet harder to communicate its much more from. Reading. Uneasy reside and hire someone who did spends eight years running a novel create an unbelievable to me. It's crazy, unbelievable and in so there is so much more room for insecurity. When writing right now can that's china. I know I know in anything much more room for totally getting losing perspective. Oh yeah cause with music, you can lose, but you can be listening to sign your ears and get burned out, but I feel you can reset it pretty quickly and you can also play people right, but if you ve written like four pages, something. How do you ask someone to us? I would and how would you how it what I'm sure I will have to be pretty close to admire that and and and what the actual fine art so much we admire the ability to someone to say has four hundred pages
First of all, I admire anyone who can just read four hundred pages. I know I can't read very well, I'm so slow, fine arts to well. Anyone who can like draw something the paint. Oh, my amazing paintings is mind blowing. How are you it's done? I don't know. Jemison movie, the mystery of picasso now watch a movie documentary, yet him painting, wingham painted in black and white. That's the one da I've seen bits of that. I don't think you should it get granted cause. It's you keep you see. I mean he does a painting many times and each time like that's done, and makes it even better. So how'd you get in the way. I know why we're on
music, so eon the solo music. You did some stuff. That was, you, know, kind of got some airplane and was used in movies, and you do you track some stuff in some of your shows and sure yeah yeah for sure. Oh yeah, part of the deal you just kind of throw your hat in the ring. I can I do it when I did the theme song for bored to death yeah and I'm not sure I feel like I I said like. Let me have a whack at it. Don't it's not right was another, you yeah right, but it was that was really fun experience. I invented a trip he's the best. My best was my best friend is a year Here he married my wife and I did it yeah. He gave a speech that was some so beautiful it was. It was. unbelievable. His land special guy is at best but now I am with that song- I just like I kept lying in these emails in like I've. I've got an idea and it's got a gun india for asylum. When can we have it by this too
I won't have it, but I will. I will say that it's got this walking baseline. Like I kept, throwing out like to hold. Over phrases and then it was time to write it. I had to look at all my emails and see everything I had lied about already existing and then it was pretty easy to write it, because I had all these constraints like walking baseline some of these lyrics. This thing it was like okay, what happened in that show got canceled the way that, just like that yeah it was you know the unique show it was a fun. She knows why these things get cancelled and I will say that I I loved working at h, b, o they were really cool and I, if they were like we would like to do it again. I would totally do it and I was the best coach, zach and ted Jonathan. It was you know those hours are pretty hard, but there's so much.
more enjoyable when you ve got these guys that are just prose literally off, like my face would just be hurting, and I know look after some eighteen hour days. I'd go home, so tired go to bed and wake up so excited to go, see those guys like me. when you've got a crush on someone in the beginning, and it doesn't matter and right just a bit. You know like what are they going to say today, yeah and I loved it, and it was. It was sad and I was to say cause. I'm Jonathan was telling me all about season four yeah, so I had this here I kind of had it all figured out and then, when it got canceled there wasn't a season four and then I was so confused because what with this information in my brain. Like I've been some innocent icing about something I know we're gonna happen, but you know that happy we even got the chance to do it. It's such a one in a million chance to like get the thing to go, to get the script to get the pile. Oh yeah, it's like the process
yeah, so even that I- and I truly mean that it was like I'm so thankful. We even got it here, but yeah I would have loved to have had more how'd you how'd the acting start. It started in a very odd way, which is that a few years before? I was in my band, I mean before rushmore as making records. My band but I also had written a play mirrors I liked I liked plays in them. Might my uncle francis has this like us, this estate and napa and m he's just of fun person who decided one summer we would have created?
we camp here. They put out this open invitation to everyone, our family. Anyone wants to come up, paint make short. Films do plays anything I was so excited, and I was I was going into. My ninth ninth grade knows yes great, I wrote a play and went up there and I, where we had like props and stuff, and I got super into it anyway. My cousin Sophia, she directed a play yeah and I was in I had like a small partner play. It was just all of us having fun right. It was the best who was the audience just family or did people commander Napa fell, they came, they can be at the at the final, how long it was night, but if you're up there for a week or so or what I was up there for ten days, okay, hes doing prep yeah like prepping and directing, and it was just for fun- was really call em now who is involved in sofia directed apply. Should anyone in my uncle did one in my cousin christopher was in my play, and
Man alley made a short, movie now word is. The word is nick coming into the family. Think He wasn't, he wasn't there he's older like you, yeah he's all easily well yeah older than me, but that's not. Why is there I think, he's probably workin, around with you around when you were a kid sometimes not I think he was really worried. I mean he was trying to make it happen. You know I've enviously it's hard to do. You have a relationship with him, yeah yeah, yeah, really yeah. I love, I love them so much and growing up yeah. He was older than me, and I was like that's that guy's your cousin is like why, that guy then, you really know no one does not discuss the cool
and also his- and you know that's the that his his boisterous nis and his love for life and words, and that's my family. That's how everyone of my family talks loud and thoughtful, and so I was like just thought he was the coolest am anyways, but so you go up to the castle. So whenever the camp now fast forward to that was when I was fifteen. So when I was seventeen years old, I was in the middle of making a record as go into my senior of high school, and I have my grandfather carmen who had passed away had written a score for a movie and my uncle to celebrate. It was going to have the score played, live in in napa and he was inviting lots of people from San Francisco. It was-
charity type event, I believe, not totally sure, but I wasn't supposed to go anywhere. My mom was going and last minute she's, like you got a comment. Does my father's music you've gotta hear my father's music and this peak this scorm? so I went to a only went up and at this party there was a woman, their named davy nelson, who was a local cason director. terrorism is a scam and because she's from savings go my family from samson so she knew roma and my cousin and Sofia, and he went that they were friends. They were talking and my cousin said: what are you, what are you up to and she said, and the san francisco wing of the sky of the casting for this movie rushmore and my cousin said: what's it about, and she said it's about an eccentric fifteen year old who writes, plays and has a crush on an older woman have said: oh, it's funny that sounds kind of like my cousin jay
and- and she said really and he said, yeah he's right over there and I and I had rented a thing like a tuxedo with tails yeah, and I got a hat and a cane. Maybe it was just like a clown. You know classic type, clown person and She invited me over to come this this deva and ensure The way, and then Davis heard tell me what that she was casting for this movie and what I liked to an audition, and I said: well, I am a drummer, I'm not an actor and she said well, no, but Sophia said you were in her play and that you some things in common with this character, and I said yeah but and also there's a little bit of a drummer mentality in full effect at this time. Witches are you sure you don't want to talk to the lead singer, that. That was sort of my leg and in general, that was sort of my high school experience. Right right was them the men
and the euro per year for a lotta right or the other guys for the glory yeah yeah. So there was a little bit of that right, the due on me of think you might have wrong guy right, an unknown. I think you should additional. am I allowed to never edition anyways. I mean it's silly that I would eve, but I so I I she said I said I live in l a she said. Well, that's what the casting offices, what's your address, will the script. This isn't a weakened, I got home and on monday, this manila envelope arrived with rushmore? Who was the first gripped? I'd ever read? and I remember- reading it thinking holy shit like this is everything that I love and at that time really seen a lot of movies. That were what I was. to write. It was more music that I was right. I love movies
Can I have a lot of weird movies right? I'd have really instrumental my friend brett burg, who helps runs in the family. Now went to high school with me. he was always bring an overly human high, where the new young movie here list, romania, the cat, was fun movies, since we were an eighth grade. Were watching we're movie here, but I had never in like a movie. That was that what guy me like the way music did write that kind of fuzzy feeling. When I was reading the script, I was thinking holy shit. This is like everything that I that I, that I think yeah about that I really connected to it. I called the casting person. I said my name's jason schwartzman. I met David. Nelson I just got, and she goes yes, we have you done for friday. I said so. What do I do? I've never been rendition. What do I What do I wear and she said you wear whatever makes you feel comfortable, ok and began there was a clown and because this was such a it felt it didn't feel like a guph. I didn't think of it like this is a joke.
yeah by definitely thought of it, as I'm not going to get this right. So what's the you know yeah, so I am I decided to like get fully into the wardrobe of the characters. I got some cash Pants I gotta blazer, my friend and I'm mike. We made a m patch el quoted on. I got really enjoyed a shield and am anyway I busy my attitude I'm not gonna get it, but I will be remembered right how only seventeen and I went in and their work up, other kids dressed up in the same kind of outfit, which is definitely bummer then make my big getaway another's party to ask in a room with a bunch of kids. You know and its deftly, I'm feeling that I did not like, which is the other kids gonna sit. Netherlands, look at each other like this sucks year. It felt like every man for himself right, which I don't like. I don't like competition and I'm very competitive with myself, but not now I dont liked.
pete, and so I thought why do you have a feeling like there's like you're, going to lose yeah right, yeah, you're right? Why am I even here yeah? So I was like I'm so anyway. Yeah, like my wife, for instance, she loves to compete like she would say like when she was little she'd, be on the way to like a soccer game and she'd just be like. I can't wait to get there and get on the kick there, and I remember being a kid like on the way to baseball games I think I might stomach and affection infection like china, ways on my way out of any same way, man, I I envy people that have a healthy diet and competition yeah, because they don't beat up on themselves
if you're given like with your kids, wet and make sure they play soccer, while I'm trying to definitely that was a big thing. For me, my life was to not display that for my own children since they've been born, I'm trying to say yes to things that I typically would say no to write a lot of stuff, which is kind of like fear, based right stuff, because I guess I you know just basic stuff I don't want them to overhear me saying I can't go to bed, I'm too afraid what a mess up right. I don't you think added. I mean in a way that I never had before him, but you were forced to play little league. While I loved it, you did, I loved it once sort of started but I didn't love being over there on the way to the game and you get out of the car and the smell of the grass and you're like
and have a ball hitting a mat and like a coach called johnny near try and hit that I just I'm not into coaches, like the whole thing which is even now thinking about it, makes me feel terrible, but I guess I also loved it too. You know cleats your juice boxes, there's something about HU. I love yeah yeah, I just like you have the pressure. You know. Tat was coming I now god I know worry what position the EU catcher. Also you, so you stationary kinder yeah, but it was a big job yet sucked but I was instead revealed that I just sat out there hoping like nobody hit the ball yeah. I know I know I didn't like that. in I dunno, if that's the thing, that's the thing I really did like you didn't like it. No batting the ball going to get hit by the I was like geez I get hit. Why am I going to do I know. So what are we doing? What did you like about it? The juice box? I think that I liked. I think that I did love the camaraderie right right.
I mean I'm, I'm I'm a solitary. I like lonely activity, but also love like I love to be on a movie said because I love everyone helping each other. Right, though I- and there was something about that, the looking around like alright zirk base shortstop ear second base first base pitcher myself, We are the infant and there is something nice about that as long as all the pressure's, not on you, I think, and yes, my feeling is like. I hope that the other guy no recently. My cousin got married. It we had like we had a family, softball tournament, our family against their family. Here then I to be catcher and a ball got hit and way out and ballfield someone's rounding. The base- and all was thinking was like. Please please let this guy beat the ball, get good atley, please don't even let it be an issue where the boss to come in at the same mrs guy trying to cross the baseline whenever it came in right and I miss the tag so the worst of it ever when it was ok, we won ogre, we won arthur, who sit in this room with one
guys in blazer. Anyway. I go in and fund one by one they go in, I go in and the west end Must it and there is twenty seven and I remember instantly seeing he had converse sandals, which I had never seen before I met those and then this was ninety. Ninety seven and ninety ninety six pinkerton came out and the wiser record, and that was a huge rigour when I, when it came out, someone had liquor, advanced copy of pinkerton hearing in the car and I love the blue, album that record blew the lid off my roof. Yeah pinkerton was it was it and am for me, and I am talking a west about pinkerton for twenty twenty minutes really yeah and it took my mind totally off the audition and then he was luxury. We read it and I I think I'm might have such let's not let this was so good. It was so nice meeting you, let's just leave it, everybody gets it leave and easily
let's red and then I m we read it and because of my for us it is not enough as good or bad here and then we said to improvise, and then he said, why do you stick around four little bit? I'm in a red, some other people, and then she had me come in and be bill murray, an audition people to play the bill. Marie's, kids, right and I went home. My mom said how to go like the thing was good. I spent few hours there and the few hours that's good, but radio. She helped me by the way for that week, like only my line and suffer then decide the acting interaction just she tried. You don't like help me stuff, but I thought I was so its sovereign moment. Did you teach now, but she should yeah she's good with the teaching your great nature. And anyway then I got it. Then I guess it got narrowed down to myself and a few other p, bore because I was unknown. I do a screen test right and I got, I did a screen test and I got the part I'm pretty quickly and they were saying yeah you're gonna, be
in the movie they do murray and it just felt like a dream, and you know I started my senior of high school thinking. I was going to finish my record, which I did, but I did not expect to be in houston with bill Murray. You know at the start of the school year and you grew up watching movie say so? Anything and pretty amazing carries the one yeah he's the chosen one if the golden child, damn you got along with a pretty well, yes, I think so and I am and then am but I went back and I didn't really she think well now, I'm an actor and I don't have an agent or after shot yeah. I went back to school, kept kepler my record, and that was it. You know trying to finish the the record in school now and then what happened and an edge basically happened that I finished my record and then rushmore and my album came out within a few months of each other yeah and it was a little frustrating at the time cause. Any press would say are an actor
with a ban with a band I rising and in that the other way around right. You I'm for me at and care but his pride, harder, my band, but that's basely outside it, and and with such a weird defining role, I mean when you ass, a movie. It's a weird movie: yes, no movie like it now and year, this guy, no one's ever seen before you can eat. So defined it has achieved in the intensity of it yeah I out, but it took a while before someone said like them in another movie. Well,. I don't. I don't fully remember how it all happened, but I I just know that I didn't have an agent for a little while and then I got an agent and started to get scripts. Then it seemed like okay. So is this, What? What is this plan now? What is the game plan here? You know aunt em, I really was adamant about to do another move because I loved it so much I so really wanted to make my band like to get out
I have to go on tour in these- are things that I dreamed of since I was little near, so I was really trying to do both and I think arguably I did both them in a tour and I was able to be an movies Me leaving my band and nothing to do with wanting to pursue an acting career more obsessively it just. It was just it's own timing had ended, but I yeah that was it sad to leave for sure yeah for sure and because I loved I loved, I loved the guys I mean I love the guys and I love being in a studio and making music, and I think the thing that helped make it a little bit better was knowing that. Oh just because I'm leaving doesn't mean I'm leaving music, I'm just leaving the situation right and were honestly. The touring thing was pretty is not the best lifestyle for me in terms of that, you know being on road and a lot of time during the day leading up to just forty five minutes on a stage seemed.
And I couldn't didn't get into a rhythm here, I'm much more a whole body and I think, a mortal more productive. When I am, I things around me and I am trying to make stuff there's a loneliness. It happens out there, we'll just sort of pressure and a shitty hotel yeah in a part of tat nothing is that's the truth. You wake up in one hand upon I am. I am. I said yeah, and am I also I grew up with brothers and I'm pretty good was sharing, but think also is just a thing of were who's who cereals yeah. Can you move this, but I just wasn't into it. You know like who ate my cereal and just like socks and venus and a real problem, just like waking up where and not knowing with what and how one time the singer. My ban told me when we were in truth that I woke up this morning covered and broken glass and to me that sums up the extension conundrum he's like I don't know where it came from. There's nothing else broken the room
I don't know why I regard as like. This is not a good life not really I was intended they were, they were. We would drink effort here prefer not to crazy strike me as a drug guy. No I mean I I drink, I loved I love to drink and em, but more like at home. More. alone. We are that's good. Do you drink alone, when the kids are asleep according or yeah? I I don't like to. I don't like to have a drink. If my kids are awake, that's the truth, and but after I like have a nightcap and watch, fort sumter and music and stuff, but am I dont like I'm not like a buzz? Never beer person now. Will you drink? I like to kill a vodka gin straits near I love it I'd. So now. Ok, you! Out of the band you're, an actor and then but like whatsoever mary for a second began which cause yet to learn on the job right yeah. Did he help you did
s help you. I mean what did because you have the sort of define style. I too little. You are, I couldn't have done it without wes. He was my he's, my mentor and he's my best friend to and with We're together end and he definitely it was a great timing, because I think you know he really was asking me about what I thought about things and showing me movies you know what I mean teen I saw like I had never seen. I had never heard of France watch refer right and that that do you know it's just that meant or comes into your life and search showing you stuff and you're, that young calves brown rationally and it's just like someone who really comes in and his justin. older than you that that that they're a mentor, Just then. I know that there eye and to show me movies michel running box. He showed you to follow the actual.
Oh and am medium like just watching morn score, scorsese movies and all kinds of stuff, and just trying to get in my mind, blown opening up a whole new world of of real, like sinner file stuff, like that there was a whole that there was a whole world this stuff out there that that I could dare. I was I I felt that where was this so funny cause your your uncle's gotta be one of the biggest cinephiles in the world here yeah, but but you don't have that relationship with him and he's your uncle yeah Now we talk about stuff all the time, but it's not like it, but now really eve, and I mean I don't leave him it's yeah. Don't it comes up just cause, he loves movies, but it uncle hate. Yea, your nay truffaut IRAN. I don't get into that stuff. I saw. I saw your buddy love movies when I was in college, I inside his reach. issue or the the re added of that awful gone napoleon with your grandfather
that's the score that I was going to see in san francisco by I played live with the movie. That's that was the same the thing I wouldn't yeah well yeah, amazing that you saw that oh yeah with the triptych redecorate screen yeah. It was crazy. I was beautiful yeah I mean I was very young when I was in college. So what a weird connection? Yeah, that's exactly the thing It was ninety seven, so, but that's interesting are took wes. Does it when you with your family, your family, but if you had seen your his work. He had seen the godfather. I saw the godfather first for the first time when I was sixteen not before and I'd seen rocky but and I loved it annum, and I was my mom's very shy and it was probably word for her like you know, we walk around and the idea yo adrian, with such a big thirty people do that should out, and just how thank you know, she's very embarrassed. Remember thing at a young age why everyone saying this to her saturday?
They might have why they always using her, and then she taught me about a little bit but she's, a very private person in them. But I saw that go into my uncle's. You know like he showed I saw like he showed apocalypse now once sent to us and to add to our family and lead to people the canoe print of it or something, and here we watch movies, like we watch the summary when, as little on this movie a prick up your ear, if you're yeah I saw that when I was like very old and I was like what the fuck and so there were definitely eggs at that reacting around, but more old movies, I'm talking specifically like these kind of sixty seven, he's your nine aims right and that further wool and then- and then you sir, to get into it, but I'm french new wave movies that yeah for sure that much to help deal with. How could we yeah, that's for sure. That's reserves. It just got me into the world of paying closer attention to those things are films. who me. I was at the next big we did. How can these there
few in the middle there, but I would say that that I really loved ram. But that was yeah. That would, I would say, be the next. Bigger one leg murray. Did he like what, when the mill maria he was like So when I met him, it was very into sitting there and, as you can imagine, and am at the beginning, I think it was. He was trying to get his footing and I was probably freak down starstruck right, but after a while, I think that we he really color he really kind of got behind me and really helped me. and I condemn at him either and his support and for sure west in western thing, where I was in houston, seventeen. He was two doors down from in the hotel and every night you'd have dinner with me and we talk about the scenes the next day. I mean he really me he's like a very specific ike as he evolved as a director like I ate it,
Every frame is a jewelry boxers on sharing, I like your work yet somehow meticulously organise. He has a vision in television yet completely visual in a lot of very much and it's it's, it's mind. Blowing yeah never seen anybody construct something like that. Nor have I and but it's a it's really a beautiful thing to see and here's an emotional kind of similar thing where he's has an idea for a tone that he wants to try to get- and I I I love him so so much and I'm glad to say that our friendship and our working relationship to this day continues to evolve and and it's. You know great when you can find someone that you want to that, you can work with and that you want to work with over and over again cause. I think that does less chit chat every time rivers get more deep or go to the work more quickly. right? Oh yeah, because you have a shorthand in your lies, embarrassed in there's a whole crew, those guys come from taxes,
measure that will our other now and in the end user. We having new evasive, you done with them for three or four with land with west. I don't know, what's happening, figured out darjeeling, rational or wood. What rushmore dodgy unlimited fantastic surprise. Mr Fox grand epistle to the moon rise kingdom yeah, so five and I did- and I did a short film hotels value here, five and a half and then you, with so you work with david arrests on that thing. That was an amazing. Was it best yeah, it's crazy move as great yeah. So May I like that movie here, I'm not sure. I understand like how someone decides to make a move. You like that, do you well! it was an amazing experience and m the thing that I shall I always feel so deeply thankful and or just blown away to David about and for.
Was that before that movie there was another movie we're supposed to make yeah right after rushmore. I met him and he sort of got a movie idea, and I want to talk to you about it and we sat down- and it was this super in depth movie about ensemble movie, and it was going. I mean it had a crew, it was a script and there was a lot and I was prepared to do it and we were talking about a meeting about, having these meetings and a few weeks before we started it, and he called me on the phone really early in the morning and he said: hey, I'm just going to give you the call first before I call everybody else, I'm gonna say that we're not going to move him and a pause this movie, because it just doesn't feel right, and I don't want to do something unless it feels right. I promised myself, I wouldn't do it, but I promise you the next thing we do. You will be in it. I I promise I thought
camel. Thank you, sir. I was heartbroken because I was so ready to do this movie and to their movie ever get may now and em, and what was it Well, maybe you make it one day, so I don't ever want to lick led to much better I involved a lot of a music. I had written a letter music for it and I m an. anyways. I still I say in touch with David, but I had gone on turn. A little while gone by and then one day I get a call from saying. Where can I send you something? And I then this package came, I opened it and there was a script. It said I don't know if it's that I heard I can be that man just that entitled David Russell movie in little that said, lovingly crafted for you love David, a rustle, and I read it, and then it was the with iraq of ease and it blew my mind and thus began are venture on that together and it was about
a year of me going to his house almost every day and we'd go on hikes together and I would sit he he's so busy that it was hard to get like to schedule a meeting on the phone to talk about it. So I figured what I'll do is. go to his house every day and I'll sit in the other room and all work on this movie, and if he has ten minutes free, you can come in and we can talk about and you can go back and I'll just be there, I did. He was okay with that yeah he was, he loved it yeah, and so it was great for me. I would just go to his house and I'd set up like in this like den tv room, my script and notes, and I would make questions and then, if David is like, I got forty five minutes, we'll go for a walk. We just go for a walk and I kind of go over what I was thinking about, and that was how it evolved. It was amazing- and to this day I kind of liked the idea I just like being close to the project. That's very.
We are extremely you regret moved in with her, but I loved it and it was the best I have so many great experiences from it and when I met mark wahlberg whose, by his great he's who has really saw- was amazing. He is a love em and is who para within the pair and who is amazing and Emily everybody was written. I owe me and dustin Hoffman am and lily tomlin. He uploaded tomlin, who is you know, Dustin Hoffman? How is that and Jude law to lie he asked is a crazy movie is the best I I had such a great time and to me it didn't one crazy, because I guess I just knew it so deeply. At that point. You know talking to David about it and what were the talks about. mean like who, because of its it out? What would you call that a farce me? What is that movie? That's a desolate. I say right again: suffice remembered, suffice,
is it I never saw it as far as food. What did you see it s eyes? As you know, you know I mean you must know it's like when you get so hyper, focused near that you don't see every right and those are my favorite kind of movies anyway, my life yeah exactly well yeah, exactly so yeah. I just I thought it was about this guy. Who was at a breaking point who, starting to see, it's coincidences, he thought it must have meant something more and who could he go talk to he needed guidance, and he found these existential detectives to help to help him soar at his life, and it made total sense to me and because we talked about every day, and we talk about coincidence and love and disaster and being confused and lost him sharing stories with each other and by the time we get to in its it was a very serious movie about about a guy going existential detectives, for you would prefer for sure and working with people like with
kaufman having you don't like again, Even more so than murray that yet it is guy with this kind of catalogue of experience as net to see his process did, did any that Do what are you notice about where you have all the kind of like typical young actor stuff? That's really funny like, for instance, you know I am dustin hoffman means a lot to me on many levels. I hadn't seen a graduate tell I was about to go to rushmore my mom's, my mom read the script of rushmore and she was set up europe. Actually blockbuster area came back with three movies, Harold and mob graduate and dogged afternoon. I had never seen him and my life was changed. Secondly, another mentor moment seriously: what was it about those my mom tour, mom tour, does not mean the graduate with. I couldn't believe it. I could see that how that would happen facto it'd be informed. Rushmore yeah was just I had never seen a lead character and am anyways in
day afternoon and daddy afternoon, just insane cause to me so funny he so funny and yet if vulnerable. I know it's just the last time you saw him like that. I mean I mean when he's like, trying to jump up and put like puts the camera in the way he if you watch the movie does away. He goes to the he like takes out his gun. He looks like he's holding a box as he just doesn't like his crate, I mean it's insane so on him. What was the other one harold and maude? Oh yeah bud cort yeah, and so so I love Dustin Hoffman and when he told me it's going be kinetic is oh, my god. What about these young actor things? So one is that I got this documentary that David had that was the making of tootsie yeah, and I saw that he was wearing a blue le carr shirt and he this binder, like a binder with a script, and I said I'm going to wear lacoste shirt and have a binder too
and its and its great metal that meet the tutsi document. And yet I said, I'm gonna become that that's roma be like, and I remember your process yeah like just trying to fear, examine trained actor so hard, its emulation and right and am also my my father. He passed away or nos thirteen, thirteen fourteen, and so. I learned how to shave from watching the graduate right kazi like bright. He shaves in latvia, hand on site, like I, you know, ass, being a
and you put a lot on people's due to remember the dozen came for this table read and I went in the bathroom I locked myself in that couldn't come out. I was shaking and but these young actor things are like things like. I was sooner, but I got so into it. I was like going to. I flew. I like flew out to paramus new jersey west, where the movie was originally set, and I stood outside of like a home depot and read poetry, to see what that would feel like cars as the characters rather have people yell at me, and I film that I put a camera on a car like I did this like dumb, not dumb but stuff. That was, you know I was looking for an answer, and that was the way that I would help me and I would tell The of a this new go. Really you don't want to just do it like that. You know he. It seemed like everything you heard about them wasn't true anymore, and I was like kind of embarrassed. He was so easy, going and and I remember real kind of being hurt, like I saw it.
On the unheard of community on all this method. Stuff, all this crazy statement on the documentary, for I heard I could be There's beaumont, where destined talk at every actor in the movie and he's like Jud is just fantastic and naomi and of course, mark is a revelation and that jason schwartzman is so em, obsessive and arab. Oh my god, That is obsessive. What the fuck are just trying to do. What you were trying to learn everything there is a little like that, but I wasn't like emulating them, but it was. but I looking for a method I was looking for. Something seemed to be like a good answer and it was really funny. It was the best and his ease so sweet and he saw goofy and he he really is. He was such a he tommy. So many things, for instance, the first day of shooting David o Russell
wanted to change some lines around here and he told me. a new line and then I went up to destiny, said Dustin. Jesse, no david told me to do these new lines. I'm just telling you so then is a god. Okay, so later down of the day, my first day of work complete, I went to his trailer and I said MR of management, SAM, so so must I thank you for letting me mess around out there and try those different things and he said, are you kidding me a take? Is the one place in life you can fail and if it was so sweet to I mean it was just saying: don't worry about it, let it rip and he just feel he was so free and he loves trying to hear and every take he's messing around. benny's and he's really trying to help everyone- and I remember, there's one take it. There's one thing: the movie where he said to me: he he like asks me if I want some music. Do you want this? Is this what you want with your life- and I said yeah
I couldn't get it right and then, but earlier that day, he'd walked in wearing a really cool button up shirt and then we're doing this takes in. As my up in the knee, he said. Do this and I'm saying yes, do you really understand yes and he held that a shirt took out a shirt from behind his back? Do you want the shirt I said yeah and as it's been come get it and I walked. but they they use the take of missing yeah, but the shirt already for, like a name, that kind of stuff, like he's very helpful, that's great! So your father, that's way when you're young YAP and he was in movies, no use entertainment lion and a movie producer be of good memories. yeah you weren't so young for short, now, yeah memories are tricky thing: they're, not I don't know real people's memories are like, My memories. Taunting seem there, there are vague and then some are super detailed like? I can remember what a pattern on a shirt was. In one member that I have no recollection of something else avoid bigger memories.
as interesting yeah that was loaded up emotionally in your head gesture in general. It seems to be that way with every deal here might be there. There could be huge events that are just gone by adding remember some shoes yellow. Or I'll. Remember like like what the lay out of a room where the bathroom was right with the exit somewhere. I can remember like weird things that sometimes sometimes, but then I can remember. Like some of the year we met member. We talked about this and I know I don't remember our member you at all now so much what that in do, but I have that too. So I watch, The new movie we get. Obviously ethically pry talk forever. They I thought it was great there. It was kind of it abrasive leah abrasive is the word but the charming somehow I think you have a natural amount of charm, that's going to carry on in the biggest ass all through an entire film. Well nigh
she say, madam, but it would know it was. It was fun. The play I mean this character was a guy who. Definitely never has a moment where like I'm alike, on waste oil. Philip is innocent until he's, pretty abrasive relentlessly mean person at times but he never like, has a moment worried that tries to be nice or tries to like just kidding, which honestly, like, I think I've done, that in the past. Were it just the way if things work out, it's like you, there is a redeeming moment or an attempt at a redeeming moment, and I liked this because there wasn't, he is very unsympathetic. I mean it s hard to like it's out of weird little movie, and yet it would seem to be
a very young cheaply yeah I was on well, it's funny say because it what it I haven't ever done like a g joe budget movie here, but compared to what I've done before this was very low budget for this directive. This like eight times the budget of his last movie and our jager how'd. You get a script like that. Why he he's you, the the director. What's his name Alex Ross perry yeah, he approached you know I got. I was sent the script to my agent and it came with a dvd and I was kind of taken by it honestly because it was so much bigger than a normal script. It was way thicker, yeah and and and that's an odd thing to have catch your attention, but- and I was kind of I flipped through it when I first got it and it was so descriptive, it would look almost more like a book yeah. I thought S.
what someone took a lot of time to write this year? I should I like to read it and I'm, but, but when I read it, it was the the character comes out of the gate, saying some pretty harsh stuff and he's not treating the people around him very kindly and I kind of like rubbed up against me the wrong way. I I typically you know I love humor that is fucked up yeah, but I typically will gravitate towards someone who is not mean to other people. He just messes up situations cause he He's cellphone from gaza problem here you know I mean like I am I dont gravitative much like look at fatty over their area as much as leg mean spirited fatty trying to not eat bad, and then he eats bad food. Olive ready,
I I like and more when it comes out of there, so these characters do and I was like whoa, but there was something it was so elegantly composed like really the script was so beautiful, like you would describe everything in the room and full of all kinds of details that were really odd. Like you would say this, you know he was in the room. It is filled with this. This is, it is his birthday, but you never hear it's his birthday in the movie just weird details. This is a peculiar piece, but I definitely felt like after thirty minutes of reading it, I'm gonna put this down to claustrophobic. For me, this is too much as to this character has got too much venom, but after thirty minutes of being away from it, I was thinking what's going on with him. I couldn't like I predicted, so I went back and I read another d pages as oh, my god. I can't believe you would do that
yeah put this away and that kind of went back up and back and up and back for the whole day, and at the end I thought man. I really. I love this thing and I love that it never has that redeeming moment and it has some cool stuff like it's all, about up my character, but then all of a sudden it becomes about his girlfriend and philip drops out of the movie and then all of a sudden. It becomes about john and prices character and we drop out of the movie, and that was unusual to me like shifting the narrative like that, I mean you see it sometimes, but it's rare he's a heaven actor. Oh, my god, you had an amazing like I had. It was surprising to see him like an attacker yeah. I was definitely were intimidated because they also cause I'm not trained in his. You know he had just come from doing king lear. I just one sure if it was like, life. Now ngos, like I, I have a car shop in a small town. I do my best, but has no one really in this town is gonna questioning,
gay. You need a new. This ok and amazon. Here comes like the guy who's leg. You know works design his cars coming into make his car broke he's coming in late? Like is this the guy that's gonna like to call bullshit but but yeah he amazing, into watch him work and also yeah. He was g I joe and our budget, our budget was smaller, and now I was thinkin has is gonna, be firm. There's no trailers, there's no there's no comfort losing liked they liked that. That was what I was going to say. Yeah he likes to act and it was a real lesson in being always being agile yeah. He doesn't need, didn't, need anything isn t any fancy, food or anything special on. I think the less you need and the more quickly you can go to work and just pick up and leave yeah seems maybe the better. I mean that was what was I learned from along with the shoe twenty five days. There is in and out yeah yeah yeah. I
I liked the movie and there is like interest like it, had sort of a a huckabee's kind of tension to yeah yeah for sure it's tense and we play this. The whole movie is sort of about these people in the worst part of their lives and That was what of always. The idea was, let's just show nine months in a terrible time for these people, and I think that that was freed. It up to not have a third a moment at the end, and am you know it's there? It's in the spirit of those types of movies, where the person at the end really isn't all that different from the person the beginning and like I was talking about like american gigolo like that movie opens the guy driving. You noticed convertible and ends with him in jail and in a way a similar thing of a guy. He doesn't like me condoning the behavior right cause. He doesn't end up. Do I mean if he had a cathartic great moment in everything he learned something at the end it'd be like? Well, then, it's okay to be this way.
Hey. The girls are the only ones that get out alive yeah, that's like the the guys end up really screwed up, and that was a real. There was something so nice about doing that, and also playing like I don't confront people really in my life. I never had to do it. I I think that I always got away with humor, which led into a passive aggressive type thing with people with my family. I could say, like that's bullshit right, but this character says exactly what he's thinking all the time, and that is not really me right and m. It was fun to do it. I so I'd before you go here. I was over at amazon yesterday pitching and I told him I was talking to you today like. Why? Isn't he going to be here today either or something like yeah he's you're going to die yeah you're doing a thing with them, yeah
I'm living a I'm, I'm my executive producing and writing a few of tv show commoter in the jungle, and we have ten were do we that's including the pilot, so we were shooting nine and next week we start the final one.
And in your podcaster. Well I I I play a part. It's all about classical music in new york and the scene and different levels of it in the high and the low and trying to get into it, and and seven I play malcolm mcdowell- plays this guy named Thomas penn bridge choose the former maestro superconductor of the of the new york symphonies. We call it but he's now on the way out, but he's there as this kind of like like a like a leftover king or something he's not really sure what his job is and in my scene with him, he's excited that he's getting an interview and he's putting on makeup and all this stuff, and I walk in and he sing. So we can put the cameras over here. I think we'd set the cameras here and you know the bbc. Did it like this. I think the light's very good- and I'm saying oh there's, no cameras. Excuse me, as this is a podcast
And I'm a wonderful recess and thrilling and I sit down, I have a podcast call them be sharp and am doesn't because that's another doesn't exist and my name is bradford sharp and am very quiet. Talking classical music podcast, her whose but whose really like you know. I wonder what kind of cool stuff was love. fast and it was really find it was amazing. A word opposite mouth Mcdowell, you're you're, getting a couple of good and we wrote this. We wrote this scene and we wrote this scene where it's an interview, but he said: can we can you just interview me for real? Just you know just let the cameras roll and am I taught them fifteen minutes yeah, and he answered all these questions. As this character, it was amazing, while I was the thrilling mom I out, as does he has he really conducted in seem like it really is like tell me about conducting Mozart. Oh my god, it's the best. I mean, of course, you're in touch with god as it was. It was amazing.
yeah, it was really cool and lets us yon been, is what it hard but fun. What's your relationship with new york, I don't live there. I know I live in l a but my relationship with it is I'm not live there as a matter of fact way here in your music to a little bit about me or something will I love it? As my both my parents were from them. My dad was from Brooklyn am my firm long island near an eye it still because I've never lived there? It's it's when I'm there, it's every his beautiful to me amazing, maria I'm. How do these building here than in a pace yeah some definite like the romantic idea, still romantic. Even when it's now romantic for bored to death. You know it'll be there for four or five months right and you know at the fourth month make oh, I could go home now, but
It's still amazing to me and there's nothing like it to get within the city and you're like holy shit, yeah, it's amazing and the the community of people. That seems to be there. It's really good, but it's funny cause. I have such a positive thing Alex the director of our movie. It's funny cause. He was saying to me he's again new york. You know I wanted to show it's like cutthroat and it's claustrophobic and people walk slowly and you feel like shit and you want its loud- and you know people will take you down if they can. I love and I'll never live anywhere else. while guy you know, that's how we sort of feels about it and sees it in them love it there. But I love los angeles, it's coming from here and I think there's a I dunno. I just cheesy stuff like I like the light and the way it feels when it starts to set, and I like the space and it's cooling down a little. I love it so arm. Will you do today? What's gonna today
want to go, do a few lines for motor than jungle, some eighty lines and and I'm gonna chicago today, you're gonna yeah! Oh, how far too great to ignore best good talking? I love this growing ray. I really appreciate it s, fun era, your great one, I presume, you have to use a nice guy pleasant, conversational, other guy, so I will do. I gotta tell you gotta, deputy afar doc. Ambroise deputy ipod needs get that app. Why not five hundred plus episodes five and fifty some modern. You know anymore, you get the Abby new get the most recent, fifty always green, and the upgrading and stream album. So what do it did you enjoy? The show the music you here on the show the theme song, created by John montagnier and the new music that Europe today shows by a guy named DJ? Copley
and then there's my new doing at the end, but I just in our thanks for listening, your work all day. You am I They are even though, what compressor, just you did it How did you hear any difference? We know the phaser. Does he yeah, what Why
What do you want warning the a a a. Burma.
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