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Episode 573 - Jim Gaffigan

2015-02-01 | 🔗
Even though this is Jim Gaffigan's fifth appearance on WTF, it's the first time he and Marc actually have a full-length conversation worthy of the garage. Jim talks with Marc about big families, absent dads, clean comedy, Greg Giraldo, working with your spouse, finding your inner voice, and food.

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Or I would do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck is, what the fuck it directs, what the fuck Alex I am mark mare- and this is deputy- have welcomed the show. Thank you Yes, yes, I will. I know you can hear it in your head? I apologize You can hear my sick had in your head, but just wait is what it is to tell what it is anymore You changed since I was a kid indecipherable. What kind of virus you have? Is it a cold? Is it a flu is approved? hi. This is some weird combination. Did the flu in the cold fuck each other, and now this weird thing, this hybrid from cold thing. That's what I think it is because we mobilise like a flu, but I feel fully how little fever my heads, our stuff tab, my chest, bills are always sit not at all night.
I got a little. It is clear that down there, not tat productive, but it's in some deep gotta demon and my lungs, but I feel care. I feel better than I did nothing worse and getting sick on a shoot man hate before star whining about my sickness. Mary nation? spring tour, star April. Nineteen washington dc at the warner, theater and then continues to philadelphia, boston, madison, wisconsin pittsburgh royal oak michigan toronto used in Dallas seattle, vancouver san francisco Asheville north carolina trials in south carolina atlanta and new orleans go to it is a fact dot, com and click on the counter to get all the dates, venues and links to buy tickets Touring, I'm going out there
that'll, be ongoing, will see how it goes. those folks will see our goes. Got the new our I got, the new stuff I got things I got to say I want to entertain them. I'm here. I'm an entertainer. did it will reach out for some two or art see what comes in. I figure can do poster. I, for every city really by different artists, and then cut a deal with them, maybe make the posters available at the venue for the show that the poster represents. That's my big boy. My big merge plan I'm a businessman today, Jim gaff, again day Jim gap again has been on deputy act in a few different versions. He was not a very early episode, now we didn't new york before I left York with the show before was really an shows him and his wife it was in the room and she was tired is: while she writes for him the to them,
and then I did another one backstage somewhere. Where I interviewed figures eighty miles and then we did a small one. These he's been on the show a few times in one version or another, but this is the only for them did he ever interview, so there exciting, yeah. I don't know what I have, but it was really unnerving to do it's going to be shooting a show, because you want to have a good time. You want to be any, you want to be acting, you want to be, you know, available with full focus and energy and then, like I'm, being dragged down by this, goddamn monster inside of me, this virus- and I know maybe I'm a baby. I guess I am, but I was sick man and as as people who are ready to go work. No There is no not going to work. you know where she is show with my name on it. I can't call enemy like today's, not gonna, feel good
which is the a was closed down shop. Take they had four hundred kay now we all feel good tomorrow. Whatever. would cause. I don't know so on thursday. I guess it was they had a doktor coming when I started to feel goes getting sick. We had a set, doktor come in I I said I don't tell you to tell you manage aside, should see somebody I dunno what to do. Maybe I need antibiotics or antibiotic guy, but maybe gimme give me some antibiotics. She said I'll give me, I don't know. If they'll do anything she goes, you know I have the b twelve shots and my yeah. She has a lot of people, love em. They swear by my god. Never had to be twelve shall know what it means. Is that the thing that no god Baluchi used to do after a five day, coke bender and it's in galatea, ninth street ass. be twelve shot. Isn't that the the remedy for for hard living? yeah. I know yeah I got one of you all, and so I did it- gotta be twelve shot. I think, for about an hour I felt very, very lively,
I know it's hard to tell maybe I'll, maybe it didn't buy tell you this. I got to work with them? see Davis was playing my manager in a couple episodes this year. She might know her She was on the original office ricky ger vase and it was a real honour and a blast too. I do made it scenes with her another guy that. Weird highlight for me, and this is kind bizarre one. is a year we do casting people come into reefer parts was apart on. Another episode for doctor- and I looked at the ass things I worked at the the actors who read you know: I see them. Often the casting agent and Gregory white was one of the guys who read for the day actor partner gregory. Why, a guy in a mcdonald's commercial that old guy that a lot of people thought looked like me. I get back,
it all the time. My balls busted constantly, because I look like an old version of me. Nuggets commercial. I think either you nobody adele, but this is the guy that was in that commercial who looks like me, and I guess I do and will cop to the fact that he will like me, and I could I myself am. I got I gotta higher that go gotta have that guy and we it was hilarious. two areas we did a great scene and it was a is very exciting. He and his weird way, but so shooting like. I'm I'm glad I feel a little bit like my mother can I just you know it's weird when he gets sick, you get angry. Unlike Did I can, I know people deal with chronic illness and, like it's just its horrifying year, just feel mobilized and I was hoping I feel a little better by today And I do I do my voice back? So we and consistency.
Do. You know what I mean: casino issued sequence, so like hey, what like How come in their last seen marked in sound, not sign, as he did you just do you just get it? a horrible cold driving to the store. so here For you, nobody notice, you know, I'm saying, do not occur seen with the amanda booth, an actress in there a person. She was great funny scene. Oh my god, being sick. I wanted do doozy, peanut butter on toast, A butter and honey on toast that comes from, but I got I gave myself license. I must have eaten a and full jar, peanut butter and a half for bread on toast, I won t when I was sick. Is that good woody, This is a dumb star, the cold punch of fever in the face starve, recalled feed fever. I don't know man. I woke up with a fever ploughed through.
A much peanut butter and toast had some juice took bunch of vitamins took some. By onyx do and all I can have, fever dreams, those really the best, those really the best. as a sober person, don't get to enjoy, mild, whose energetic fun so when the fever dreams came, one of them was, We compelling the alone, bizarre one hour on an island or something, and I and I had to be somewhere else, but I had taken a to the island and I'd parked the boat and I was gonna, fly off the island, but I knew that I'd taken the boat there and I didn't really know what to do about the boat. I know I was gonna get back. I don't know if I can leave the boat. Where was supposed to be left, but I was in a conundrum is really difficult situation like I think I might have to take this boat all the way back to the mainland, because I did
and didn't bring it out here. I can't just leave the boat here with nobody known was bold, is now is too big. problem. I don't know how that resolved itself, not compelling fever dream not, as telling as the dream I had that my brain was reprogramming itself I had this we're dream that my brain was. kindly rebuilding programming itself, and it was beginning with every with images of every architectural structured I'd ever been in. So just like. Flash of structures and buildings does my picture after Sure buildings after building was like a mutoscope. with those of the ad when they were nickelodeon arcade thing. I benny Levine used to have one in his shoe store in pompton lakes. When I was a little kid we roll this. He kind of crank this thing on the side and kind of flips pictures over so moving like I said predecessor to the film projector, but it was like that. All. The pictures were different and in denmark and sequence in there,
folding into my brain matter? fuck man, I wonder if that really happened. I wonder if that during their fever, my brain can it my maybe my hypothalamus? just did a reboot because of the heat don't know, I don't know terror, worrying about it, hey! You know what let's talk to Jim gaff again do you have you have kids, so you have to have taught you the time to do things that you might might mr gotten away from absolutely like the the superhero thing. I never You just getting into superheroes I never. I never got into. I dont believe and here s why it's very profound statement. There are no such things as heroes. No, but my kids
right or man with five or six spiderman of its here, and we have some fun. It's frequently by game, but I mean, but it's not, but are you finding your like enjoying the stories like you like how what why? How did I miss this and yeah? I think some, how I? How did I miss this or what are you doing Jim I was the youngest of sick, so I think that it must have been a lot of shit around left over to go through. No, I think there wasn't. I think there was any units star wars I die store were a star wars in the movie dinners. Maybe and my kids? You know we own it see. I watch it regularly. Once a week, I've been darth vader for three years How will we really I've? I was, north vader. At my son's might he's aid now at his fourth birthday party I did the lights. Everything me, I'm not one Well you you guys get it. We can share the baby. So
What is your brother's? What what was the breakdown of the siblings? The siblings are yours, four boys and two girls and I'm the youngest of six. There wasn't like a stack of records in a bunch of comic, but there were there were records. There was. There was not an books, nowhere thing when there they like What was the way out? What's it our old's, your brother, The oldest in my family is my sister, kathy and cheese. I should be like. hundred now- would now, and my brother, MIKE is a fifty's yeah somewhere, and it's all pull our even oh. It's like who cares for you kind, and no, I mean I kind and know that you're their six kids over lake, seven or eight years, they're, just thirty stalled. Now they're all their older than me. The other way you have all how old were you? When these saw them all leave. I imagine yes, yes,
I've, always wonder about that was difficult. The show is a little bit you're, leaving me here with these people that crazy, your parent yeah, you know, there's a little bit of you know enthusiasm wanes If you're still here Still, here is how there was some of that, but there is. so you know when I started off. Isoude there's rather such a an amount of distrust that develops in parents. That generation right hours, were they, however? They they around no, no either one of thanks for bringing up mall it now hawk by sorry. No, so they you know so they were not. There were being but I don't know what they were, not helicopter parenting. It was kind of vienna seinfeld as the joke. As I see it, did yeah I mean so there were that kind of parent right, but they were
but they had been lied to my so many teenagers. By the time I got there. There were just like your guilty, and I was like I didn't. Do anything wrong like just go to your room and you're like our right, so they were jaded says if in earlier you know- which I think is pretty important for comedians this. You know it you can describe it as paranoia. Our point of view were so vision. I think I learn that for my parents, how their parent you have, apparently we feel are you feel like you're paranoid, I think there's a little bit. I guess so day wants a type of defensiveness our job as self protecting like yeah what he must be up to something yeah. I you know when you do I think, a hundred years ago I did I met with our meeting with people. There were writers tv show merely well, you know really. You will capture some of your paranoia, paranoia and and
the guy cited this joke, I had about mexican food. He was like well, that's kind of a paranoid boat cause I've, thing that near seven trays, seven names just for the same type of food right and he's like that's a very paranoid perspective of things like I mean it, I dont, tat. It is, I think, it's a simple application made. I think that you know that's kind of paranoid of you to think that it is now ok. So why so many kids on your parents part we were they. Would they distant like they want. Now they want to do is to feel uncomfortable and they did it. What that way, we all know is very common. People would have a lot of kids six six, people. I will have to cross our family than at thirteen. And the mom would collect all the milk jugs in the garage with all the newspapers, she was crazy. Furthermore, the so that's not common, that's crazy! What note third, but large families were pretty common thirteen thirteen. I think,
there's somebody who had some Now it's a wonder. Arson went from out of our men in the old testament who had not injuries. Hungary, there's the but thirteen. Like my wife, one and nine days where'd. She grow up, no walking grew up where in Indiana but there is also a lot of benefits from a larger family there there's can you know Calo is no. There is something and socialist asian I feel like that, and I think that's true, as you would only growing up in your own neighbourhood. But what is it neighborhoods in your house? Why? Let me ask you sure? Why is there anything wrong with someone having a large family? There's nobody welding wrong with it. There is, nothing wrong with it now, but I've had people secretly said they're, like I think so corporate argue breed about like it's there were there not like a dog,
that are gonna run in the street, their human being's right and they will do eventual so easily. Eventually, you know some of its nature and nurture, but some of it is they're gonna, be who how they're gonna be. It's like right, rice, if you were raised with caring parents. That's all that really matter. No, I don't think I have. I don't have kids so, like you know, you're asking the wrong guy, but I think that most people just react we're like wow. That seems like a lot of not you like How can I be that selfless? how can you like getting most be more fundamentally salvation the idea of of of sea, Kids roaches overwhelms the modern brain there like. How do you have time to do anything? I think we ve been. culturally told that it's weird, I think that people have been told that like the way when you think about it. If someone says I have six cats, their crazy yeah. But what? If someone really enjoy six cats and their permanent isn't covered with canada? that's a long shot. I mean
It's a rare thing. You're talking about, or I don't know, that's not good reason. Maybe, but I mean, but you weren't you, six cats with one leg missing on each of the cats right mother What I'm saying is that year, with six kids are going to have your shit all over the house. There's not going to be any stopping it. My wife is, you know, pretty thorough, like our houses really clean or yeah yeah, there's not toys all over the place. Now would there be look my I'm a slob here so she's going after you do in my apartment like if you saw my apartment, one single lay people like me Others in sisters would come over to my romania to live in an apartment, new york yeah. You met most big. Now you may. Have a big like now engaged me, I'm around. We moved here, but
my my siblings used to want to come to my apartment so that they could laugh at at it'd, be like we got. You got to see Jeremy's apartment cause. I had the tub in the kitchen right, yeah they're, like there's a window for no reason in the middle of the apartment and I'm like well, there used to be different families living rear, due to someone that lives in the suburbs, it's just insanity. Oh, did you grow up in a rural environment? It wasn't rural, but did you know I in height I definitely went to a couple of parties where I sat on a haystack or I a couple. is where I was. in a trailer park drinking beer sure, but Then again I was also there were there. Were you know, Chicago is if a minute right right, and so there is no, it was. It was pretty nice, Now you may I grew up in new mexico. We ve taken drives out to we're places.
In drink on raw yeah yeah I mean I could. I could romanticize it and make it sound. Like you know, and then I was eating one summer aid only hey you know, but it really was the romance as it was essentially a. You know, a suburban existence right in what What would you dad do? My dad was a banker. Is a banker, a banker and at a local banks, have his own bank, where Marshall bank, at it was it, was a local bank nan in north. India and your mom was watching children watching children and no side projects. Meals on wheels and stuff like that need appointing a word, so I mean that's the other thing about six guys. It's like. If the ear you dad seem like he made a nice middle class living. So there was never that panic right now there yeah there's something about you know. I make a decent living. So it's as long as I can afford yeah.
Since cheeseburger mri acknowledge, I need a boat yet remained each that's how I was describing Michael o you and I can get my boat. You know that's not hearing the sacrifices you'd have to react to make for having kid. It is There are minimal slick son. Gonna be balder a year earlier this year A girl would vote what you're saying is a you'll. Do we and whatever is necessary for the kids and you have the kids and what I get from these kids is is a measure and I know it sounds like a rationalization, those actually using what is its voice in your head. That is decided that people are against big families and that that somehow saying that if you get a lot I rose, they are because they're they're. All against that. All out to your bare nuggets again goes right back to the beginning. You have it that's a voice in your head. That's up paranoia! This is self judgment thing. Really, I'm getting reprimanded for being paranoid by mark me ass. You are
because no because I've learned things about it, what it is is there as part of your brain that go in it, and I think you vocalize that in your act, that's sort of the that weird invoice. You do is that one that sort of checking you all the time there's a a party, that's sort of like a. How should I you know- and maybe it's Maybe now I'm gonna have self awareness right right, you have self awareness is, and I think that that is part of it, but the voice is not always them do not always smart right. Do you know what I mean that voice some manifestation of fear right right So when you are young, you were brought up, what how catholic was it. I was mostly cultural carefully. This kind of like I hear right right. You know we go to church Did you guys day how intermittently euro think jews and catholics have a better like that? Like you know, I saw a regular christians or people that come to christianity later by these really old-
religions like catholicism and judaism, there was sort of the laps thing was okay, you can be socially capital they they. You know, that's when you know all this stuff happened with, or you know the the radical Islam yeah? You know people did describe it that it's the newer of the three right right. So I know he don't like the look. We gotta give them a couple of hundred years and then they'll be drinking tea with the rest of us. Ordering extra cheese might be a long destructive way too. So, okay, but your older brothers. What did they end up doing? What was your influences when you were younger? I mean. Did you look up? those guys yeah I was you know. I think you know older brothers near my the brother, my kind of rebelled. My father was the first in his family to after many generations being in this country, to go to college, so success was wearing a coat and tie. and
so my brother, my kind of rebelled against that and he was like I'm gonna pickup truck and I'm not worried that media and then, but all my sisters and my brothers, you know very much, In tat kind of jobs ruined, I announced that I wanted to be the entertainment industry or be a comedian just thought it was cute right, he'll get our reality get past, because you know back when I started. It was not it was not, as you know, I do about our g q, article as it is today. No, I remember when you started. I remember you get more here I knew they seem wider, even yeah. It's actually getting its maybe the grazed better, the gray I don't know, but I feel judged got ya know you are judged now, judging you and I judge you- and he has ever your hand on my firewall- is I'm trying to comfort you so much
You didn't wasn't always comedy I mean it seem like you know when you are younger than there was another agenda. The you like I'd, remember we talked a bit a long time ago but tat- You might have been the enemy at some point right. The enemy. we are working and ever I don't know. I mean before that. Jockey friday, junkie friday, do you think the enemy Jesus Christ, this post, the enemy, the enemy. Can I just point something out: it's like you, You exist in these like a mythological kind of constraints that exist that don't exist. You're like we're we're doing a show in irvine you're, like you know what out there it's all these people, unlike market. Doesn't it's not like they're, not for a gay marriage right now. These these are the people that can afford a ninety dollar ticket to see louis c k. You know it's like it's not.
it's I want to make it more complicated than that because I believe also but was I was I, what would a frat? I I was fraternity for a year, but I never did the final pledge, but that was my freshman year in college. But I don't think that I was in score. Who are you know? I don't see, I don't get the feeling that you are a bully in any way. No, no! No! No! No yeah! I was definitely I mean. Look, I'm a comedian, because I was kind of tortured, because I was so pale and real when I moved yeah you're here in yeah, with some of that and you know awake so definitely the outcasts, are you so fair, because I'm cool, that's how god made me now. I know that I'm not! Why am? I still have scandinavian into er? I think it's irish, its tail irish
I've heard of black irish. There was a white I got. You know all the blonde hair in ireland, blind and red hair is just the vikings coming down, and so you got advice accurately you have more than I can any. You know it's That shows you. I think, that's interesting. You know, historically, it's just a door like the vikings or adorable mia- If you know the vikings, then you know that that's kind of interesting. They had horns in there that were raping and pillaging yeah menacing. They I thought of them as the vikings were a menacing, but we don't look at people in Sweden. Go hey, we gotta watch them the three vikings right, but you know the other countries were kind of like we've got to keep an eye on the movies a little before and didn't get as much press and it kind of got a solid ized and romanticize. The vikings did. You know a lot of boats and yeah that, about us wooden both wooden boats, the horn, in the area so they were you. Were you the funny guy you weren't the funny guy? I was there.
guy, I would say I you know, is funniest it, but I went to a rare high school. I went to high school where there were twenty five people in my graduating class will really yet the private school It's called. I went to one of those briefly. They threw me out. There was only like thirty five graduating seniors. It's a little weird right. The neuron is very aware, and he played team sports. How many people are a team? Did you there was a you know. There was everyone who tried out got on everyone that tried out got on right, but we were. We were good because we were good at things and I beat in wrestling. I beat the guy that was third state in I played football george, down, but not I wasn't a great athlete, but I would say that wrestling. My high school was very much that it didn't fit. The John hughes right stereotypes of you know: those different kind of characters yeah, it was more like everyone was everything right rights eat enough
works because it was so small and y'all kind of knew. Each other was hard to have a quick. A quick would be what two guys yeah yours just that it was not, and then, by the end of the day, though I go, they showed the record. There wasn't you to everybody who are all its okay yeah it was, it didn't hold up, and my or my wife talk about the clique thing and it sounds terrifying, but genie right. Yes, your wife, We wish you is involved in the last one. Yes, what's your flirting with her during last, Does it to me. I do not. I does do it. You don't have a reputation for flirting at all either europe. you tell me, that your wife isn't kooky my is very cookie. I wouldn't be with a boring woman. You can tell me that that I might not misinterpret that is forwarding
I don't know. I thought it was very well, I thought was very social boy and think that we feel menacing he felt menace. For now. I just didn't. Look. We all have friends that we're like. Aren't. I gotta keep a man you're, one of me, I'm the guy. You will you during your evil? Did you just far at its most yea it I didn't know there is, I don't know why it happens, but it certainly a night, it smell like raw sewage back here right. Maybe it's because your letting gas are now having a gas at my ass, I'm tellin ya gotta was my pipe, so we didn't for she toilet or nothing. There's something happens, and I the guy and he said that all of you upon a hill. He said that whoever is in the canyon below their betters venza go up through a house from the sewage in that, but I've never smell good god. I would have asked, or do you never I've, never smiled at this bad. I'm sorry. I don't know what's going on here. Why don't do interviews at this time and I am evil how my evil you're not evil, you're, just bad
I think that you you you struggled young, definitely struggled, I'm not that I don't think you're any goddamn, saint I most certainly not, maybe not in made me not bad in the same way. I am, we all have our demons yeah I have already. I know that arts are your wrestling playing football. There are no clicks in your high school you're at a private school. You get good grades. But I didn't get in any comment, so I went to produce and such a suburban struggle. It was like I didn't get in college, woman me: will you? Parents is appointed what about your brothers and my parents? My parents went to georgetown university, they had a dog toya and I didn't get in my brother, my irish, when who is like twenty months older than me, god, as indoor certain I didn't get it. Why didn't you getting my when David? You in? I think, I'm dumb and for that after a year
at purdue yeah now, Georgetown, that's a good school. It is it's it's where it's at d c yeah, it's a much better school now than it was then, and he went all the way through yeah finish it, I graduated he played football at georgetown for a year yeah and then I quit was it too too much, and you know it's just depressing would youtube both the parties and you'd be like going to practice also is a practice thing social out into your social. I, as you can see drinking, I would I have nightmares, I'm like kind of code of practice to my now woke up and I quit I remember the guy who had to tell these coaches and ass one coteries used. You're gonna quit everything. You're gonna quit your life. You're gonna quit your wife. I am I gonna care, equity. Golly rating like a big sand, which at the time he was like a monster, but europe try to intimidate you and is there, but I think that is one of those moments.
Who did you immediately now? You wanted to do comedy in your like right, I'm gonna, because it's much more. It was much more of an insane pursuit, some of it out it for me was weird because I did a little in college and after my sophomore year I did open MIKE's and I was trying to do it. This can hack it done, a little bit with another guy thing and in ireland I always had the bug, but a man was bruce vilanch right. Yes, it was no steve, brill, and by I couldn't hack it on my on my own. At first, so I was drinking a lot that summer and I was waiting around doing open, mics and was brutal because they only had a new maximum Boston boston because I want to be you kind of put it on hold until I graduated right when I got out of college in cameroon, for three months and I went to the I went- got a job at the comedy store I mean I, I didn't think of it is unreasonable. I was never taught any sort of sense of value
or values growing up I never was. I was not moving towards a job right in think in terms of a job. I always thought that, in terms of creative pursuits, when I was in which I did photography. I wrote plays a role for the paper. I never never. Thought about achieving practical right was not. Has brought up. We brought up that way. I was brought up the very much to seek security right, at a security, was a coat and tie what a lovely had more that I and I was like I was a while- that of wild insecure animal. The hours released with no sense of per of of responsibility and this new data, doktor tat like that, which means what never home was not there engaged in the upbringing case. We came around to sort of established power and threaten- and Me feel weird, but events
my dad's of that era. My dad would come home and everyone who is that guy yeah and you're, like her. I like that. Some of my acting with initial I thing was acting excited to see this stranger. like my daddy was a charismatic guy and a little nutty, but but I did I never like when I look back on it, but you said your mother must have been some some stupid stabilizing, loving force. Yes very much, so I think that she- and an humour was a very important thing making her laugh was an important thing among the siblings and why? Because she was like you knew that you are aware in or out. Well I think it was just too it was a difficult task. So humour was, something you give someone that was you know didn't I am also doing an impression of my dad from my siblings. Here was an important ally it served rather like maybe we'll we won't beat him to take his food.
Now is the time I was not a killer had for food right right, ear, the funny guy you dixon ticks misty, really some steam. Yes, alright. So but you go to school and you go for what I studied finance What did you really studied? Very just kind of biting your time is biting my time, but I was yet my siblings, who had gone before mood studied like international terrorism before there was terrorism by the way. This was like Ass separatists me that my brother, MIKE studied and two They graduating they couldn't find jobs, and my dad was very much with me in my older brother, whose right above me He was a year ago should study, financer, accounting and straw. only encouraged it, and you know I was told that if you do then you'll be happy and you'll get a good job and then you enjoy a job and then your play golf for five years and you'll die, and so it's
if you wait it out. I did that. I remember the night before a graduate from college are saying to a friend of mine. I was like cash, you know why, because we all edge, another cashing. All I really want to do is be a comedian near by I'm sure everyone wants to do that and she was like. No, not not. Everyone wants to do that and, like everyone wants to do that- and she looked at me like nobody wants to do that right and so what? What inspired you do that the woman in europe when was it at my you're? In college, this is when the night, before a granted by How did you get your mind into comedy? Who would you because I had I had worked as a doorman at a place called the comedy stop in washington d c, and so you just that, was just a job you sought out too or whether it was right near my eye, and they were looking for somebody who you went to look for it. me and my roommates all were doorman there, where we see people in book,
you have common, you just go that way. I guess just it was just to get cannot end, but I had also hosted a town, one show which was called cabaret with us and of mine my senior year, which was what was it how and shows a big deal where I run with dress in taxes and and hosted that now is very rewarding, even though I did it when I did it, I was just completely drunk the entire time. Did you do bit yeah? I did bets kind of schools, effect, a basic had not done any stand up yet now, ok view. This is like right, you you were there, the funny guy knew that was the guy that people would like was a guy who actually ended up being an agent at IC m and he used to get me stone just so that I would be funny for you, it'd be like let's get africans, And so then he would get me high and they were and then I will just kind of starting rambling, it's getting it.
A dog or cat. I always just it's like when you give it lets. Give a dog some hot sauces, see how a reaction to that. So it's pretty amazing. How lazy do? Oh, it's you know cause the dog. They forget they freak out, but they don't. They can't figure out what it is right that they, like you. Don't you not torture the dog, but I just like this is very strain the start hitting now knows that when I say torture and then they go back on a more work in the door at that place in your own. Your seein, who, like me, are you is that when you start to get the bug gained, I I don't think I don't think that gave me the bug. I think that do miss defined it the right for me, right, like you owe you sought, is a job that could be done. Yes right, where I saw pat Paulson running for president? Yet again the s
I saw you know, different comedians. I think it was maybe a six month job no one main impact on a really I have a horrible memory yeah, but you would know like if you're like that, guy good. People that were good here. deprived work with them now, yeah, I'm sure that can I see Bobby Collins party, went through their ebby calvin, our richer jenny, I dont know there was but it was too interesting. I am specific memories of doubt. just have a a general memory of like you know I could do this year and so but of course I didn't do it what about you, you were still in school there, buddy boy. Obviously you did you find them entertaining, or we just sitting undergoing some of them a lot of em now right through it I can't believe this guy manner from now. You'll have not. I believe me. I know I'm not going. why are they laughing
yeah, why are they laughing or an end? Some of it was just. I just saw confidence on the stage and right and says yeah. I was pretty impressed by their cause. for right. So you you graduate yeah and you want to do calmly that point, but what you end up doing I'm alt and and go to amber, and then I shall aryan tampa for a year. all pale guy who doesn't like the outdoors and I remember I I, what, there and one of the first I used to always tell people I was at a bar no time somebody about politics and some guy said I said well, why aren't you going to watch are wearing? Are you gonna vote for Dukakis? The shows you how old I am and the guy goes. is he's going to let everyone out of jail and he's without any irony- and I was like you know- that's not true, and he was like well an hour.
Oh all right, so you know but there's, nothing wrong with them. It is not right for me, you know and so then he added. what kind of wild west down there man? You know it was it's: it's it's an interesting plan, yeah and so then I went to ni working, got an advertising job at I remember having what I wrote in miami vice episode when I was in Tampa, because I wanted to get enter, entertainment and member, having a little micro, cosette, recorder, wow, record ideas, but remember saying if I'll find out what I'm gonna. Do I'm ending this, because I done everything that you know culturally. I was the post to do when I naturally, but- so your dad why you diet studied hard. I had gone to college. I studied the security thing I got. the job that was decent money and I was well and I sat at it. So at that point, like you. I just don't know what I'm gonna do
and so when I got to new york, I worked in advertising and did an improved class because of fear of stage fright aware at the national improvisational theatre, which was three you cv way priority were dying. Man like these got the this was all run by scientologists did you know that gone in? I cannot. They were very nice about. It. Didn't really push it why are they running an ember glass? I don't know, I don't know, and vulnerable people know I think they did. I think they were just it is that ended up. You know it's like theirs tons of an ever guys. Aren't I get it, but there's gotta be ok and so how'd. You find that out because my mother died. While I was doing improvin there like you should take a class as I turn class for grief. I think it was
look when you lose someone you're look, you know you don't know where you're going and that's when they said it the well. I don't Look. I don't want to presented as malicious. That's what made them delicious. It's malicious! You don't have to be diplomatic, I'm just saying that they saw are vulnerable. You're upset, you are hurt, never like! Maybe you should take a class. Maybe this would help you yeah yeah, and then, when I was doing improv this guy, that was during the improved classes with me, dear maybe do stand up and I you know that's what I need it, I needed some of the same coin. Let's do this year and so I did this stand up workshops and did it that night remember what that was. That was at fifty five grove, but at that time it was called the duplex, oh yeah that shows there yeah and they had a picture of woody allen up there and and joan rivers. I think it was just kind of a gay club
bright day they later on and became a burlesque e sort of it was like a piano bottom right. Right right was definitely piano bar, but it would, not an upstairs right yet was upstairs rice. The show right I'd, I've done a show there. So number. I was the first summit. That knows, amazing. It was amazing euro. I think like. I was like I've finally found out what I want to do here and then are bound for the next four years. Now, not none completely, but you know I definitely I feel like it takes me longer to figure things out, but here there was no spots to be had in the city. So I remember one: every year was echoed I remember when you started- and I remember when I start to see you euro kind of like ie you'd its. I remember you, talk your shirt in a lot: and euro your kind of having yet your hair was bushehr yeah and you are a little sweaty and the OECD seem kind of miserable yeah
very very knows what I describe it has even started with Geraldo we're and geraldo, and I met he was also champions waiting and we're both wearing suits he was a lawyer and I was an advertising I switched to copyright and by that Little creative? Isn't it it was. It was a little creative. I mean a little near by ever now, any campaigns. German. I worked on some campaigns, but it's there something about standard comedy where were spoiled by the the of hierarchy and bureaucracy right where you know we in advertising there's a lot of it there are so many good coming. The un's I'd like when I started here's. How are you is it again? Eighty nine, ninety, ninety one, ninety two and the way I viewed it. There was mean geraldo in Juba, and then the
the new group, which was Tell you dairy, Louie, Jeffrey, ass. It is to cover years and then and then above them, the old guy was the old guys here. So you guys would be getting spots and slowly chipping away at these spots, but so geraldo and I started driving out too long island and then sometimes I would go to the college comedy tree in our a the tree house, three house in connecticut. As I see it, you spend a lot of time, a great yeah. How savage that's horrible. Its amazed I can't believe it. It was really believe it it's real. we are so so smart and so You can get a hand on that ship, but it's it's also. You know I'm sure the people can view it as a
It's a you know, that's, you know he was kind of a Rock'N'Roll comedian, but when I met him he was not like that. Now he was not and- like a hard working or young rivalry royally, and how are you and and some of it is You know I don't know, but it's it's. What people don't realize is it's the repeated amount of Jackson, like you, think you reach a threshold where your idea letterman now everything's, ok, yeah, but there's some. about stand up where you get the errand him in industry in general, you get either too much praise sound or none right. So you are you kind of its kind of a real repeated abuse the situation at the commission commit smack, commit smack and oh, I witnessed greg, you know, I'm a central deal after comedy central deal after commerce central deal and He was somebody who had
miss amount of success in his life. He he I mean We had great in our personal skills he got me on. We would go to long island. These long island geyser be like we're not, but none the dull, we white guy, yeah and gradual billy he's a friend of mine you because gregg washroom queens he could deal with the eyes and so he had. all the skills we went to harvard law. He had every situation, he could talk, but there is and stand up is a bit of a meritocracy but the entertainment and it is not right. So yeah, that's why you were met. You remember me is miserable, is like I believe I can pass the comic strip bright and so It was fine with that stuff. He could work that, but the rejection of things that used to work. I mean things that should work, but just the bureaucracy of television
and I think it really took a toll on him, yeah yeah and there's going to be some something's can take a toll on ya yeah and you know- and he was you he just he tried to get a handle on it and it's a it's a sickness. You know it's hard, you know, but like when you were wandering around the worry you depressed- oh yeah. I think so there's something about you know a low grade, I'm in my mind, depression, kind of displaced, self and anger sound, familiar sure and Eurasia, though I knew I think like I was raised, irish catholic, so a temper, but it's just you know you know, the anger didn't match the crime hey, that's where that's where it was. That's where I could see it and go oh and so So is there some chemical stuff there, but it there's. I think
There is also something we're all crazy, blake comedians. And were, control freaks and those elements that can control and stand up and there's elements we can control. and I never thought of myself as a control. Freak as, like you know, when you're on stage. That's your thing right yeah mean we got the microphone right and we have our bag attracts here, and so there is something about the unit but work It's not set up where your gaining the approval of combat club or theatre here and now getting all that praise and then shutting down and then going to our bedroom right or a hotel room here. It's like I mean I'd like to see you know even the most well adjusted tom hanks version of a human being be able to pull them they do that airline to do I get. We did likewise. Fifteen thousand sixty thousand people I gotta tori oda fact and I draw
a year- and I had some cereal right. It's bizarre right! So it's and I think for me. It's like one of the things I ve learned is that I think above all you know, intellectually, can go well. You know I've figured this stuff out, but you have to repeatedly learn at me. I have to sit. There go. You know what you are jealous. You are jealous of this situation. what you you are in a vulnerable situation, near like the anvil thing, it's fun, but it's also, I'm spoiled as I go and I do these theatre shows, with my hand, picked opener I don't have to worry we're about what I'm gonna follow you. I know what I'm going to follow and I think there's something great about that, but there is also something Where you can get lazy was kind of fun. It was fine. following Sarah and it was fun following bill bird, but it's also a little. You know
I like when that night, that I follow bill berm like wait, a minute he's. You know he is like you know it's like you know this anger, like fact, bash and then I'm going up there won't work. Its army musically. This doesn't fit yeah well you're Jim deaf again, I know, but some of it is you think that I think, there's you I look back. I was completely impressed with you. I mean I I got on my show and I talked about it. I know I heard it yeah I mean I was like you know a guy. You know I know bill. I know sarah, I know everybody, but I don't get to see you work that much. I see them around a bit so like seeing you. I come down off the mountain. and just gonna lay it out with with with your music and you're you're sort of rhythm. I completely impressing I was talking to backstage like now might put don't you know you do every night in front of thousands of people here
but I know buddy, I mean we're all like there yet we're all like that or you know what it was and actually you and I are like that- I don't I feel like I look at other people murkier who cares yeah and I'm like what you don't care, but I think it's important to to care important. I think they're, pretending man really ok, they're just around that yeah, I think they gotta be. You know, yeah, definitely ye, I mean like you, do, does not room for more than two of us walking ongoing on a guy atlanta. They can be able to hear what they're they're like is, but there is a meets the lessons of comedy it's so great cause you're having young, kids and saying just the battlefield of childhood. I mean it's insane and my kids are very nice.
And they have friends in everything what did an ages- terrifying, ten aid, five, three two so just drop of my kids off it soccer camp, my older ones and abroad, three year old and I turn round at some kid bullying eight year old is bullying a three year old maya to hold myself back from punching this kid I was. I do not ever think you're, like it's like, you might, and I do this. My wife thinks I'm crazy, like if anyone's ever rude to my kid, I go right up to the mega. What are you doing? What are you doing? and she's like Jim, you look crazy, like I don't care and maybe My kid will see like my dad is crazy, but he's got my back where I know so. Have you, kids has bombed the I grab this kid and I tried I tried matter, greece is of a grab them. What was he doing heat in my,
three year old wearing a baseball cap in three year old sister, like a rang at tanks, they don't know what they're doing, and so he flipped it off and he is- and he was kind of like pointing it at my son. So I grabbed by the arm, and I was like you're coming with me. So I went to find a camp counselor, the soccer camp here in the sack working the guy it's just like this summer, manhattan soccer, canada, it's nothing fancy mia! This guy is like you know. This beats working b being a janitor right. I said this guy was bullying of the my three year old son. He looked at me like I don't care, I really don't care and I was like alright ralph the I did the right thing, at least at least yeah, it would have been who areas, leaders bullied you. So what's the problem yet so, what's the problem, When did you meet g, I met her in? I guess Being nine two thousand two thousand I would think
had confidence in you know till I was in my thirty real competence, real confidence where we are fake it for a while. It's where you know this, sir, a beautiful woman, a tartar she might want to talk to you before their address. I hadn't gone glutton, gluck, Nicky, peeping out so gap, I think by then I had some confidence and I'd dated some a train. women, so I was not intimidated that she was beautiful or or a strong woman or anything like that. So Is she turned out to be the best thing for you in the world? I think so I mean it's. It's Pretty amazing I mean you know. I talk about her being my writing partner that, while that took a walk, it's very counter. Intuitive right, like you've, had many girlfriends here. How often do you sit there? You know you know I'm going to write with her. It's never what you guys were kind of writing together before you really were public about it.
I would say there was some which she definitely was kind of coaching me in my acting, and where did you come from that? She asked yes is like a masters degree in theater and all that, and so then she, on sketch comedy into done. Some stand right, and so she knew the comedy world, but you comedian to a comedian, giving you a tie, you're, always kind of like plied fancy. I know you thought of that right, and so I assume that would be the relationship with her but if it became very much. You know that great insights and then there was her you know we would have debates on where a joke would go or the value of doing it. This way verses. That way, and So eventually it came to a point where I was like yeah. You know she's. Definitely, my writing partner,
I mean I definitely have the final say right. It's not like I'm gonna. You know I'm doing this ten minutes, because my wife made me do it. It's not that but there is also something about in this business. It's I don't care about credit. I care about the product european, so You know if you know occasionally on twitter, people will be like. Do your wife write that joke and yeah like I don't give a shit it's like if you really think that that's fine, but the pretty pretty good collaboration gleam of light up the air, I don't think you'll mess it up. You too far in two thousand and four into deep nets. But when the now that was interesting to me so yeah, you come from this background, where There was a premium put on on security on working and work ethic, and yet more than most comics to have over time, fairly seemingly deliberately figured out a way to
to really you'll find your audience in and it's a big audience and your ear you ve never been sort of mere ashamed or or or or or thought about right, that doing commercials was a bad thing or that any of that stuff I mean it seems like your work ethic is, is one that the security that you know that you were confident often who you were an style and what was funny about you that you weren't guyana doing that yeah I mean it's, it's definitely kept my day job longer, but some That was for creative reasons like my day job so that I wouldn't have to go and do a bar show in new jersey or I wouldn't have to take cause geraldo quit his job. Pretty early and so I would see him go and do these wrestling match rice, you know and
yeah. No, I think that there was some some unconscious. Sir security, but no one going into stand up. I definitely got point, whereas, like our aid you know, I never imagined I would be married. I was like I came to conclude or it I'm gonna be the weird uncle mia that lives in small filthy apartment manhattan. Their brothers is bring me nieces and, if he's ever, to see the bathtub in the kitchen right and an that- and I had gone through and been rejected by all these festivals fer you I've been, stand up all my everyone, all you guys and geraldo, and in bag had all done conan and All these late night shows and I have been rejected by all of them. So I had gone through all this anger. had gone to a point where all right doing this, because I love doing it, I'm maybe I'm gonna be able to make a living combining the commercials and stand up, but I don't
like Geraldo, wanted headline, I never imagined I didn't really see like wanting the headline. Now wasn't my goal. I know it sounds like you know the actor that's like I just wanna do community theatre more. Do you want to do I wanted to be a writer on letterman. I wanted be a writer on letterman or You know my goal really was to do stand up on. Letterman now is, if I could do, and upon letterman, then all of all these years eve indicated yeah, I end cause you know back. Then it was if someone found out you're a comedian that they have you been on any shows. while the validation so you are actually doing some acting work before you know you really bro is a comic yeah. There's plenty of times when people thought that I was I did a movie with Denis leary and he didn't know as a comedian, so that hurts, as you know, in some ways I didn't care
No, but it wasn't yeah I mean those. many years ago? Now I know I know, but I'm just trying to see like us. What I was saying is basically that once did realize your stand up. once you build a business around your stand up. Yeah, that's! U, including you, know tat. Projects in doing like three kings in china, movies and and commercials that I think, because of your work. in your family there your you know. Your values were very specific. You know I've got a family to feed right and an eye, that you know when I see your output in how you know diligently, you are with with releasing cds dvds? Another book marketings be good for you, and then in pushing forward and becoming like you. theatre act almost exclusively. I have to assume that some of that is, thankfully
driven by your family responsibilities. I think yeah, I think fear as a motivator is pretty important and you're, but you're very you know. You're very like working, I like no, no, no yeah but like, and the thing is that you know usually be saying this stuff about. You know somebody who would do anything, but you don't you very specific and your scent. Do you remember when you started to break or how it happened and gas cars there's important moments where you know getting on doktor cats, was like huh sure I yeah. I remember that yeah. Those are all great, but that was like. I want to be one of the guys moment. Well, it was it was. It was yeah. That was, I want to be one of the right, but beyond the pale it was. Comedy central. I had done a half hour geraldo and I did the same night and Geraldo had done three more half or two more half hours and I couldn't get arrested a comedy
central and then my manager was with same management company that handled the blue collar guys right and company sent from like you, want any more hours at my man. It was like what about Jim gaff and so is like a different person. So, like this hierarchy, Many central someone else had bought an hour from me, so the bees the pale god on comedy central and that chain several everything I did that completely changed everything. So the targets joke was on there. When I had done my half hour, they didn't use how paca, thank god in my and beyond the pale they they do. have fun. of ours of stand up They could arid at any time. So it just they are the hell out of it and it just served as an infomercial and so that that turned me into a theatre right. It took like six months after it, started airing ah, but
yeah? I was all beyond the pale that really did it, and then you know, I think, combined with a lot of acting so people are like. Oh, he was from city. Had that part in section the city or riah, pardon right, name for sort me became a guy that was across all their medium. They register ino. We could sell eight hundred tickets in the theater right so but but, but, but also significant, is that you you're dealing. I think what was Are we comedy central issue? Was that your comedy I was in a sort of time was, it's also sort of grown up and the eu in a way. I would assume that your audience was primarily adults. People your age issue, you know it's it's it's weird, because I don't you, like the because it's like I'm doing the chauffeur, that's gonna tv landing, how miss hale and that's the first instinct everyone's again, you know
dear old, like forty year olds like this stand up, but that's not the case. The cases is that, twenty year olds and forty year olds, like it and so well. I might go together, no, no! No! No! No! No seriously! No but comedy central, it was t v. Land was just going to do it right and then it was presented as well. Comedy central might be eighteen to twenty five or whatever the demographics are, but those are the people that are watching my special income is right. So I don't know what I'm trying to say here, but it's interesting you audiences job is. Is it safe to penal think it's we urged www Jim was kids and by the. But if you look at like people, they got a comedy shows there, people that have no asia right. I guess what I'm saying is that you know or the kind of act that your dad could brings kid to europe the kind of act that
but I could bring his dad can also a kid who could bring his girlfriend do not feel embarrassed right, and the other in and out of, want to say, family act, but I mean you know you're you're humor is universal and your craft is solid and it's not. You think you're, like I don't think you're without risk. You, I think, Your character is, is clearly has darkness to it and their struggle there, but you know you're fairly, calculating and that you, you know whether you want to be clean or not. You don't find it necessary to to not do that, in its a smart choice. One hears, here's, here's how I hunted describe it is I'd. In fact comedians get too much credit and too much criticism for what the that further. I stand up. They do anyway right, so people must we like you're so honest mark via, but in a lot of ways. That's the only and if you would do we actually. I can write any other way so sad to say that our course in everyday life. But if I'm right
in a joke and re writing at the it's not necessary to curse if I'm talking about steak so so the whole thing is said: its euro look I'm not somebody who would will you my go on stage in front of a roomful of strangers and say fuck, you motherfuckers, but I'm kind of like there's a a bit of the mid western world like ma, am a curse. There's someone's grandma right that is so took me a while to realise that that also has to do with writing. My writing process is all you knows improvisational. So I think that when because you're very meticulous I mean, but I'm improvising on stage a lot right, but but there's You know where your beats are. I know it well, there is something about. You can't do this for fifteen twenty year, yeah and not start writing on state of course, and so there is something about
I'm just saying that when you know where your beats are like the idea that you know when you working a joke about stake yummy, richard your beats. You don't have to say stake, your if I'm just stage I just say to stake, I'm gonna fuckin stay, I'm gonna do that! Well, it's it's authentic! For you, it's authentic for chris rockets are authentic for louis black right, but it's it's it's! your casino brian weaken its it's. You know it's like we both said the same thing in interviews. It's like our fate we're comedians are filthy here, but it's it's not it it's not like one of those things where Jesus told me to know how dangerous it is. It's just kind of, and I really do if it's how stand up comes out here and in David cross. Can only do that type of comment right. He could do a character of a different type, a comedy and its some that is finding your point of view in your voice. When did you restart doing the the sec voice
Second voice was something that was it was kind of. It was one of my personality as a teenager, where I would talk to somebody and it would just diffuse the situation. So I can't blame the gym sitting in my garage. I hope Jim doesn't want this to come out when his books published I'm gonna fuck him by not releasing, but so some of it is it's a great tool defusing any art grass right. It's it's an awareness right, but I didn't do it. The first six years I did stand up. I remember I started doing it in dc at the december. When I was you know in the middle before a towel and a towel would make fun of me. He was like oh really you're, going to do this. Okay, grandpa and so it was, it was kind of something where I used. I also think I'm just talking so that
I'm on the seller at one. In the morning, give them time to say anything right for all comment here. I dont worry, relax all. I know I'm talking about bacon for too long here, so it but we all have voices and our head. Giving them a plan. I just recently started doing this blogger that I don't know. If I did, then I you saw me where I say I have an inner blogger. That's reviewing my show, as it is yeah yeah, it started off strong, but now he seems to have taken sort of sidetracked. He thinks his jokes real smart, but is not smart at all yeah. Exactly, We all have this inner and you know that You know me or comedy I mean you like Johnny Carson, used to comment on his joke but when we were in new york at that point, when it was really kind of you and I can say it was hand to hand combat, but are you showed run mobility? weakness by the audience there's a good reason why europe
when Brennan louis see, K David tell, There is a dead pan in how they deliver things right. You know Todd bury its because if you show the happy so, kind of like I m a level both the? U will get eaten alive for new york and that's considered weakness, ryan, and I think it's changed a lot when I think they are. the committee has opened up a bit so that with your way of of being vulnerable ways. in writing and weird yeah, but it was a blazing. It became completely defining georgi your voice down. and did you know it when you did it first did you you were you liked I get on with this now, I thought it was a great opportunity to to come up with additional tags from a different point of view right. So I was like I can get a couple more jokes in here yeah I can do. You know there's not going to be a crazy christian woman, this audience whose judging this, but they will
Enjoy this point. If you right right Oh yeah. There is some of the accusation. rate debts, and you know it would with every now and then for them. That means I would do it, and people would just be like this is just stupid right So when I did my initial commonly central half hour here I chickened out and I didn't do it at all, really yeah. So I've been doing it for a year and then you're like a bad night, the poor like when you're running it. I think I can. I think you know it was probably fifty fifty error. Maybe it was probably eighty twenty pounds like you know, emphasis tv special. I want to risk it and Bobby the pale you're like yeah, yeah and now the defining moment and by you ve, been very diligent about what he put out a new out every year. No I'd say every two years and now the thing this year with the book you out, you gotta come now now the second book. Second, second book seconds,
That then feels like it right on top of the other yeah. Maybe this is food book and I feel like I've been writing about food fur twenty years anyway. It's it's kind of. Half of the book was compiling it and essays, and half of that was colonel. of ideas or tweets that over time is that your demon food near I think that's the one. The people see you now when you got what I felt like I m here, to tell you now. I've got a lotta demons. I think that you know I think that don't drink anymore. Now I drank occasionally I went through five or six years drink at all where I was like. I really want to get on top of this, but I and my demons I have, I have a fair amount of em I mean it's and you know, I think that there's
you know jealousy is still a strange thing, but that's all insecurity, stuff, it's all insecurity, but I think that stana comedy is, you know the incidentally, I dunno have you encountered this? It's pretty common. You know it's like kind of grumpy. I do a sad, it's it's it's! You know the endorphins flow yeah right, there's nothing there. and I don't care where it is its that's one. Things that I learned. I know that it's cooler to do is show at the seller or at a certain place, but I just care about get up on stage and I think it's important to be able to make a lot of different. People ask, but I was a little that people politically people that that look at you like? I don't think I'm going to like you or don't know you. Winning them over is really fun getting the people that are like you know who he is because now I'm in this weird place where you know usually, if I do a club, I can sell it out, but there's still going to be a good quarter to a third of the people they're just there for comedy
and them guy guy? You know you at all that I then it's like. That's it yeah! That's the best That's your job! just entertained. Stranger, well, that's the valid and that's what I realized. Looking back on, you know with the odd, a thing maybe lui made reference to this. But that's why he did it is because he's at such a level of fame that if he follows bill bird, whose crushing it is a true serum for his act right now If that's the balancing act is, I think people are funniest when their most comfortable, but there is also a belief that peace A lot of humor comes out of you know. Situations of fear, like I have to I have to do well or I will die a miserable death in front of right. I'd want to families of that is weird because I d you know like I will beat the shit out of myself. in that moment and
have to translate. I have to transcend that on top of do well. Why for me- it's like. I don't ever go out there with a warrior spirit like I'm a fucking kill it. It's just sort of god damn it run. It's not going in our own way. I mean I remember one time I am seinfeld. What do you do when you follow some whose really filthy niggers it doesn't affect me at all and on europe has here, I believe, stand up is very much a conversation. The end our point of view and our relationship. It's you know, thurs, you know you can be a town whose can the formula my jokes are so funny. I don't care if you like me or not, but I think this long conversation and some of it is unselfish the
more comfortable! I feel the funny or I'm gonna be absolutely. And if I come up with a wine during the show, I will love you forever. He is adequate and end it'll be better for them. So I I don't know if I'm You know. I appreciate the fact that I grew up doing stand up in front of audiences that we would see those dead. I see her. I I mean pre obama, just tables of african americans, turning away from you, because you are the wrong color right but- and I think you do You know there is some cow, since that are important for making you and I comic, but I think in front of her warm audience is, is pretty good witch. Eight and a day I'm just experiencing over the first time as you can be truly comfortable and that's what should happen that's worth because you ve got twenty years a fuckin craft under your belt and if you don't have to fight
some guy happen and that's where I mean I think you know. I know I've said authenticity but You can go up there and be authentically funny where they know you're just making it up. That's that's it! That's gold! That's crack! That's old and then you can go into like dino are, let's start hidden, some pop flies for you yeah. So alright, now that's great so the book The new ones called food, a love story and wednesday show on its the shows on in june that some one will put this up near him. If that law no kidding, I'm gonna wait till after your show premiere and then go to my therapist and also for kind. I just you know. I don't want him to succeed now. We might you dear yearly one four dog immigrant thanks round me- bullshit,
that's it. That's our show him the best. So areas go to dvd paddock ambrosch you're. W t have pod needs check his tour dates I'll be near you somewhere. It's alright, you can go to the er, do the calendar and then you see all the dates and venues, and he can. The links will be right. There to buy tickets, you can get you just coffee dot coop over there, you can leave it's on the comment boarding. Do it every need shit. I want it back the band may Mcdonough company to grape and enjoy directed nowhere. They sent me this lovely handmade, paddle, hemming, paused, pedal, boomer lives, paddle with whom are on their side design and two knobs one says meow and one that says per it's just a fuckin, just a kind of a break.
Apart from the number. Was it sound like yeah, burma.
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