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Episode 576 - Live From the LA Podfest Whitney Cummings / Shelby Fero / Pamela Adlon / Desi Jedeikin / Amber Preston

2015-02-11 | 🔗
Live from the LA Podfest, Whitney Cummings deals with codependency, Shelby Fero reckons with being a black sheep, Pamela Adlon doesn't understand why nipples aren't allowed on TV, Desi Jedeikin tries to explain what her tweets mean, and Amber Preston surveys the wreckage of a breakup.

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The giver you out or out. Are you pay that music? All the way out now, just give you what's happening, let's open, strong, alright, alright, alright, okay, okay, I'm thrilled to be here it is. It is my birthday. I will say that laughter, oh shit. What is happening? What is happening? You were so mad at me for not introducing the show your in screening of my wife and you are like- the fuck is dave and
flip a now I was doing your friend, your friend Dave was get new birthday cup. I beside myself. This is so out of character. For you know just me this was the most horrifying and heart wrenching thing I've done in years. This was like hugging, my dad, it's fucking horrific. I hate everything about who do? I think you or your wife for me, my wife had nothing to do with this. This is all my call, so fuck off. Okay, let's back up, let's go from where you said that you're getting me my birth gate, I'm going to try it again. Do I get a do over yet that's really! sweet man tat everybody happy birthday. I have a good show, I'm gonna be private, more fun but I'll, be over the other, show anthony ways in german,
I to what's going on I'm fifty one years old. I don't. I don't acknowledge that on a day to day basis, occasionally I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and go holy fuck. When did that happen, Aside from that, I don't see any difference between me now and when I was twenty five, So I'm in denial, not unlike my mother, who is thirty seven, so talk more about what's going to happen, and I first of all I do want to say that I am this weekend. My my picked my fifteen year old nieces in town and she came with me last night she's here tonight. My brother's daughter and I dont have children. So it's very interesting for me to engage with a fifteen year olds three days. I think I'm doing a good job, I'm a little and secure, but I find the best treatment for insecurity around children is to buy them whatever they want. So So that's what we're doing hi, I'm like what is your shitty father? Not get you by you that pits Alcohol or drugs were where we're good. But if you need some
you do drugs or alcohol with safely. I might be up for it don't do them anymore, but if you want to have an adult just watching you and ruining your fucking, I I'm da mayor guy doubt these pathetic. If I let my fifteen year old, these smoke weight in front of me- and I just sat there going- has it feels pretty good right, I mean I used to do it a lot, but I don't do anymore best. Gear going to smell a bit is a little left over there. That would not be a good message. So this what this panel it's gonna, be a lady's night and I to think like I marin's, make it up the lack of ladys on a shelf I have in many ways, as I can my show I have many ladys is I can handle in my life generally, but like it's, it's a mixed. about it because you like. I find that as I get older and now that I'm fifty one years old, I should We learn more about women and how to behave appropriately around them. We can. We can are you sure we have a big show. We like
first. You know I'm going to do something unorthodox because I feel like I have not given you what you you deserve in an in an opening segment. I will take some questions right now. Get on a mic. Take a question. What what's up yeah you hey is this? Yes, aunt go ahead, hey my name is chubby. I met you last year, his particular festival in a different. You were a problem last year. No, no, no, no! No! No! Actually you and I get along okay. I to say thank you for motivating me for my podcast haha. I did thirty two episodes. it's the last time I saw you in a couple of weeks ago. I got thirteen thousand hits. Okay, that's supposed to be applause! Okay! Okay! That's that's big for me and I won't I don't want to put you on the spot right now, because you motivated me to do a podcast, but the asked you right here in front of everybody. Is there any chance you can? I use your phone number for me. oh yeah, sure man, the outcome.
It's just that I absolutely along behind me with one degree trunk it be it's going to be that tv marks now. I adore everything you do. Thank you thank you, in response to everything. You said: security security and that was that was exciting. Maybe not a great idea take questions my first. gas is aid? Is an amazing comedian, she's, a close friend, you ve had a couple of shows on television that that's some people enjoyed it's is the intro
in the cummings ways in german, the happy birthday. Thank you, the bay area. This is good. Is it yeah good boundaries? Do you think, do you think this isn't going? Well, it's going really! Well now, good good! Thank you whitney cummings, gentlemen. The I think it's good. I think he panicked and asked someone to ask you a question, but it is going phenomenally. Well, are you ok, so you've got the you've got the window into my psyche and that's what happened I panicked and might maybe we can improvise a little bit. Something will happen in the moment my lunatic gun onto the bobcats, which, by the way now I kind of want to go to his podcasts. Frankly, doing in the hallway
No he's a user. I guy you. I think you disrupted the show last year, but though it's really that, but that's it in a situation where you've got the guy that comes up to you in the end, is sort of like man, I'd fuck. You but I want you to die. I would like to be a woman building. This is what a morning if you have to deal with that yeah, that's kind of the deal like what I want to fuck you, but if you don't fuck me, I want you to die, but I love your show. Does that happen? I don't hear that a lot, I do yeah. I think the guys view women as like. I either want to fuck you or kill you nothing in between right. I don't either I dunno. I I'd like to think I'd like to understand and then yell there's like that to try to understand then get frustrated, blame myself and then say why the fuck would I do that? It's hurtful. Do you feel you've made some progress with understanding women? Recently, I've learned it just quite down a little yeah,
We just need to be heard. Sometimes we don't want to solve the problem at redbet, that's not what I sound like blue. That's that's when I hear it's like that that charlie brown voice, secular they can all by law. Blogger, I like to think I'm a little more feminine. Now, of course, I'm listened everything you're saying in a year. I mourn look getting old. I can't I don't blame myself for forever. But I think I'm a morning. I thank you for a long time. I know that I, at their ease have changed. I have yet here and I The first time we worked together, I think, was right what, within months, my wife leaving me your eyes yet and and we in that a secret. Yes, I do not keep that secret and and and we were working with la jolla at the comedy store and we were staying in that horrible condo and I think it was you believe that we state in congo together now. I remember
we're a very well because I think by the end of the week- and I was like why can't you just fuck me because I'm sad, I know I forget that bad well, it's like who wants to fuck a sad guy you re, examining supporting had bad guy who's, podcast, aegis tenacity. see more than willing to fuck. You say no, I think it was a, but all you did was talk about your wife, and so it was kind of hard. It's a lot. I know I did kind of wanna like a heavy in terms of getting in I've, got game many years ears. My opening line fuck her yet You would do europe because we did shows we stand up, so you would do both shown two hours just talking about her and then you're like that. When you ve got me about it, I don't feel special skills.
A wall, I don't think I think you help me out something. I came one that around as ever we will enter a wrong willingly, anguish, that healthy. We ran off our demons. We ran forward from our demons. We did. We took a jog on the beach and we ve been tens. I remember being intense because I was still I think, there's this the sad guy running that that's not the best writing partner. It's like no. I think I feel good thinking about it now, yeah and and then yeah we went to a health food store. Can you lived your delusion or idea? I was in denial back then I was very lost back then in another thing that you did that. I remember that I love so much is that you're on stage one night, which is such a testament to how much comedians need to do stand up, like you guys think that does like fun for us
I thought about this I'll tell them. We enjoy our effort and it was like you have been doing a show. The show is at ten thirty. The shows are. The second shows are really laid down there and you had done like two hours and you told the audience if you want to go home, go ahead, but I'm going to keep going and some people were like people did leave us yeah. Then you just kept going for like another hour. I think that's some weird, see I have that there's like and I've talked about it states. That ties were like. I just wanted to get to the point where people like, I don't know. If he's going to stop It's like we're beyond funny now we're into something else. It does like that. You would like witnessing this portrait of
and write like me: does he need us or do we need him, but I think I really I just wanted to get to like you know too, where everybody weeds and there's only like the two nice is people, whether even a million ho dependent. Then I just go, get the fuck out and then I don't fuckin respect you asshole wade, liars. You stay this lawns free gatt, is I remember just loving those days are over, though I feel I want nothing more than for people just to stay through all my bullshit, but that's not even true. The other night. I did an hour and a half, and I thought, like you, I'm boring myself. I said that out loud yeah. I love their thing now, where you do like your inner monologue or like your guy who's, watching you, the the review to comment on your own stand up or blogger who's reviewing the show. I love that so much things to podcasts. It's going pretty well, but there's part of him that still thinks it's not going well at all, because the people aren't really
engage your they're waiting for something but whitney's doing a really good job. I hope mark has some questions for or is able to get a few laughs during her time up there I dunno what It's going to happen more later. more later what are you doing? I have. It's like way. How did you know how I got a lot of respect for the fact that, like in a year you're you're out there, you do you fuckin, do and stand up every night, your work and your ass off it's hard Have a show yoga cancelled as hard to have two I still have one on the right, but no, I know you're the producer, but clearly that's not enough for you to go. I don't need to fucking do stand up like so a party that driven by like in terms of when, when when you got cancelled, I mean what did you at? What with? Did you go right back out? Instead?
yelling about it. I mean, I think that, like I mean you're, you do a show and simultaneously do stand up right. I think that stand up is like art and my at least my number one thing. I think a lot of people now do stand up to try to get something else. There's not that's not my fans are always those people yeah. That's not I stand up to me. Was a goal being a working stand up. She able to pay my bills during stand up was all I ever wanted, and this other stuff happened, which was great. I couldn't you know I had no. I was a kid. I had no idea what the fuck was going on and and then so I really miss doing stand up. While I can When insane, I realise how that monitor wealth will you I mean, I guess and see you at all for like a couple of years, so I I wrote I was like she's gotta deal with is like when, when a mafia person goes to prison either they're on their own, I remember doing your podcast right before the all the show that shows got picked up the habit when you're all full of hope, yeah.
Exactly what happened? You really do you think this is gonna work out of work. I'm gonna make it continually guy you're lying unrelenting. Why you sleep now I mean I don't take people to go. If I don't have a much more, I mean I tore to make money. you can have money, I don't I'm you learn to underpin, so I don't I mean I don't I tore to make money. I have a very spends. A family I've take care of my family, you do yeah yeah, I'm, unlike in like a basketball player or something like all. family, the uk ireland I did, but yes, I did have to buy some. Are you but ass? They did it with their work. Well, this is what some fucking amazing isn't eiger a poor, ok and my family has we've been poor and then all of a sudden, they think that people thing when you get on t v. You automatically have like twenty million dollars, not true, not true, but I think that that's people's perception, and so my sister, who, like we've, always been poor as soon as I was like okay, I guess I need to get your car and moved her to LOS Angele
she's sending me links to Bmw's emory lady. We, by coming up with you, can look at fuckin. Where are you ok, ray you're, not gonna, get of homer. You asshole right people get entitled for you. I know we're way now. Would you get her? I got our camry, a white camry, it's a beautiful car, it's beautiful and what you say after she reacted or before she writes chirac's and unfair eriksson mailros. So if any of you were involved in that fuck, you help him out sooner Are you getting worse? You reckon ass couple. We if he has no, he has the diamond. That's no good deed goes on codependence breeds resentment. You know we talk. We talk a lot about codependent yeah, you and me. Yes, we do, and
the I dunno. If a lot of people understand that term, I think it's thrown around. I think a lot of people I think codependence and it's like prosaic terms like colloquial sense, is like just means that you're, like not independent, you're codependent codependent, really means that you put other people's needs before your own to your own. detriment and then it makes you start to hate them and your sized yeah yourself. Yes, I've had that happen. Peers. Here's what I've noticed when I saw him, I won't here's. How miko demands it works is that I will let myself I will bend over backwards to try to accommodate anyone who ever I'm with like all the time and then when it's not receive the way I think it's received. Then I get angry, which is where I came up with the concept of the alpha doormat I am an alpha doormat gas, which is is like
really, whatever you need, whatever you need, I don't feel like you're, really appreciate what you think. I actually I hate or ask for any of those thing. I even thought. Ok, I'm trying to make you happy. Ok, I put it in. I, oh I said thank you will already eyes. I will just now- and I said it was not, and once you act like it's not what do you want, how limited sucker dick again now as someone who does that it's like call being pathologically powerful. Your mouth illogically felt that way that sound yandah write that down pathologically thoughtful yeah lou this little the way. My favorite thing I loved you guys get to see him knew this lie because my favorite thing about when you do your part ass or your stand up, even when you're killing in doing so. Well, in your talking new and if you're listening, I don't know, it's tell yo sorry, you go like this and
Do you like push into your forehead like it's, you get so and do you know what I'm talking about this thing that you do you have a migraine what's going on? Let's engage. The blogger are now married and wants to disappear and he thinks that if he does is no one's watching and he's all alone, in his special space, because needs a second. He just needs is actually very things emotionally draining Hey guys so then you're like an I'll asteroids, there's, no there's a part of you. Things like you can't see me now that I have my hand on my upper, so ok, with this one thing I wanted to do with everybody up here, cause your women. As I have a fifteen year old niece is a you know what she's looking down the the the she's down the barrel of of a life fifteen years old. What were you doing and how did it when I was fifteen?
Oh god I had the funny version of the real version do on a bit. Let's go back and forth. What's set up a little. Ok I'll, do the truth. You do the bit part. Ok, were I, oh god, I'm trying to make it as some less dark. I want my There is a success story, cause you're here now. I ask you why they tell right you whatever is about whatever is about to happen right now we did at fifty I was unconscious. I had dear what was it was happening. Let you I mean method, metaphorically speaking, I wasn't. I was not in a calm you, I would have no horrible story. I like I, was just associate my parents. My parents were failures as planned. and so I was like sort of very alone. When I was fifteen, I had an eating disorder when I was fifteen yeah, what kind of just anorexic? No, I think that's what you call just starving myself and I like that people are laughing. That's good, that's smart and I just like a mess. I think I was going to like high
right- and this is before I drugs was around them the other and then my sisters are doing drugs really young, but I wasn't gonna drugs like I was like I'm such a again people, please, I was trying to take care of everybody. I literally would be on the guy yeah. Maybe I'm the one that was like guarding house. Everyone can hear you elucidating I'll be over here. You guys you blew, it is starting to take care of everyone. Ok, it was bad. It was. I mean it was everyone's got there, You know, but I had no idea what the fuck I wasn't. I was playing basketball. I was very serious about playing basketball when I was fifteen and and what was it. Where was the moment where you're like alright everything's gonna work out, I had that moment hasn't come yet yeah. My next guest made her I think she was like a child living their parents. How is it true? What kind of no shelby really, I called you and he came moved up here. Oh my god,
and now she's a writer and she's genius on twitter and she's a comedian. Please welcome, shall be fairer to this day, I need to know your story. I dont know it. Okay, here's what here's, how I'm going to set up the first question, are you happy welcome? Welcome to the show, am I making people uncomfortable? Are you comfortable? No, no. No, I just didn't know I was going to get to sit so close. and here you are how's, it feel weird right: it's not draining it's. Okay, not too intense. All of a sudden, you were on on twitter and everybody was like this. This girl's, like a genius yeah. I didn't say that to me right for your who areas and like them what happened, because I know that you I get your on twitter and everyone loved. You met a library where we can really how good you, like you. I was a child of precisely and homeless. Fifty getting it from all these weird comedy men,
I know I mean before I even joined twitter or whatever. I was writing for a on a jury, cracked, dot com, yeah. That's I wrote for them for like a year and a half before when you were sixteen. When I was fifteen, oh my god, then that's what I was doing and I was writing for like ie how I dunno I was just doing stuff like that sorta just for fun. I was doing standup. I didn't like I didn't like things you were doing, stand up it might have been. Seven Cisco wasn't doing well and then and then I go on twitter like senior year whatever, and I was just to keep up with like my friends what graduated keep each other wrapping grow and people like to and then I was writing for itself the whole time and I got I got pretty lucky. I got a job pretty quickly when I came out here. I came down here for college realistically valid the clarity of urine see now like this like well, okay. So this is good for my fifteen year old needs to fifteen
is it you or you are already knew you wanted to be a comedy writer here and you just started doing it and he got work fuck, an amazing sure well yeah, but I think that there's a lot of I mean this isn't funny, but I think there's a lot of other parts of my life that either may have suffered, or I wasn't as mature in so it's not. I don't think that's that impressive I've I've been working since I was like old, and since I was twelve since I was old enough to camp counselor and coach long team, I started doing it I just like working. I don't think that's impressive for being a camp. Counselor makes more sense. You know writing comedy like yours or you were a camp counselor, and then you were a swim coach. I used to swim is we're going to do over Jesus? What work maybe either be time in brushstrokes, I've been bad oppressor. You are. How could you be better
once like the easiest one. It's a lot has to do with like if your body can physically hit your feet together. This is an interesting is very interesting to me how If Y is really good, I did the two hundred I am. You can butterfly really well for more than like four strokes, not anymore. Probably very impressive for four strokes are butterfly they like, if you're, if I'm in a pool. always not goes out just like in the scenario everyone is boss at the grind and then I'll just be like that's all. I can do right now, because it's too fucking good get out Alright! So now were you writing? Well, I just finished up. I'm unemployed. I just finished up at this new paul feig show for yahoo year and then yeah and you're. Just writing jokes. He wrote hardwick too yeah they wrote, for. I wrote for this cartoon on effects that was swiftly cancelled after season, I don't really write jokes, though it scripted its thirty minute single cam. How that work? You just do like ideas, it's its improvise.
for a tv show of relevant rights waiting. No like what you said. You might jugs already right for them. I mean I mean use breaks, raise scraps. You have a show of hope that process so Well, do you, when you first did stand that that might have been sixteen? That was my junior year. Sixteen yoke, any just do you just do. I can open MIKE what do you do it again now known eliza and will not many ok, see you go on. First, brainwash, open San francisco, the fucking laundromat raise. It's very allergic for a very difficult alt, comedy game that I remember when I lived up there. You like you, want to do the laundromat, it's like! No, I don't fucking want to do the laundromat, it's pretty tight man, yeah, it's pretty nice! It's like a cafe laundromat yeah, obviously, obviously
were you doing straight up? Jokes? No, I know they were lake. I mean yes, there are jobs, but they weren't. Like one minors, I ve never want to be a one minor comedian. Now in your the sand? I have a lot of time thinking about its users I know they weren't good though I definitely I definitely started. I was so so lucky that I got to do the shows I got to do right when I moved down here cause, I think, if I had to open mics in l a I would have never Second dunstan, but when cracked tired, you were you, were they like well you're, exactly the age were trying to appeal to fifty. girls who know well, they don't. They have like an open submissions process. yeah forums where you like pitch ideas, and then they like the idea they accepted, and then they edit I dunno, and then you write it. So it's just like a editorial process. Then I can do anybody there really great guys. Are there
a show for them. I, the other, really nice, I'm so sorry did you graduate high school yeah. I do Thank fucking god why you don't need to so you're, just like fuck college. I you already are on your way. No, I actually I mean the I moved down here, ostensibly to go to film school at u s c, and then I dropped out of that He tried out our young yeah it itself and so expensive but isn't party like I better, you know I better go to school and get a degree just in case being a stand up. Comic is some ridiculous. Pipe dream and it's going to become dark and fucked up no, no I'm pretty confident in the choices I've made in live now. By the way, this is the fuckin new generation of this is this. Is this generation folk and confident- and I can do anything- I leave my dreams- I'm talented, we can generation has no self esteem. Oh my god! I love that. You think I have self esteem
Is that you do you think you can make it right. Still think that I think I'm like that, I want to write. I didn't want you dont want I'm, I'm the fuckin person you guys hate. I dont want to stand up for them here. I am. I wanna hear you. I think that's a good choice year going in its mart. Do you see what stand up? Does the people Look at me. Look at its which way around is. Is that causation correlation knowing nothing is like look if I say If I have to go back to school, if everything doesn't work out- and I have to go back on a wise with what I want to do as it cetera, it means I like I'm going to go back for an education degree or biology degree? I will have spent so far fallen from what I want to do with my life that I'll have so many more things,
to reckon with then four years of school, like that's, how I think about it so you're saying if things don't work out, you're be like fuck show business I'm going to get that's, ostensibly what will have to happen like any job in trying to get there like, but where's that films all degree like that are now behind. I had been so. If I like, formed the laundromat perfidious or have I like, how about communications degree? What you have said I got one of I know so many people are like what he used to be for phone switches. I'm not fucking kidding me for what I think used to be for phone switches. This kid is a kid. I'm sorry you're a groan. What are you doing in here, besides his knee itself, for what like phone switch it? What is it giving me in the twain phones, which a line had to be physically connected to the other line, is what you would call the operator right oak, our fine fine,
you think that's where they communication? Like the green light to us tat, I feel so goddamn maranon five and a shit in recent years old. I played this debate it really like. What does you get old man we so close tat? It was in your time, but as in the past, people should know about it. I know what bones what you guys. I just take the idea and make a jump for the visual for the joke at that. You are talking about some, some slaying that I didn't understand be said. As an old man, sweating does sound like a bonnet acts. If you don't even on switch so so they did only four years just to be right or maybe right a movie and then and then like sorted, make banking and with here in hollywood, sure one eyed man, the brothers and sisters yeah how they doing in there
better and very well. I have told her sisters, my little brother and your parents they're doing great. My really are fantastic and they're happy with your decisions and not even the tiniest really. What is it? What do they say to you that I mean they don't say anything to me if your sisters do something talk to her sure I I get very weirdly, treat like I'm the black sheep of my family in a big way, yeah yeah you're the problem. I don't feel that I know me. Neither could help at the big brother. What did your words siblings end up doing my eldest sister right now is in medical school she's a thirty year about student man. I know I know, and then my others, I graduated with a physics degree from berkeley. What a physics degree burglary know again. I know, and she is now applying to grad school. She is working at a lab in the city and then my little brother just turned sixteen
what does want you in playing mozart in his sleep, really good at water polo and he's amazing at history. So so it's not your fault. You've been led by europe, the ambition of your siblings and their weird kind of intellectual fortitude? You laugh today. I can find a word here. What are you gonna be with that? What's the physics equivalent of a half, or cavity. I really don't think I could go to the oscars and maybe like whatever yeah, maybe like, while your speech was a little half ass ability to give their those kind of parents? No, no! No, that my parents aren't there just rome under the bosman. That's what you do now. When I go very effusive family, say, you're down how jamak yeah he's gay is like a phd in physics and microbiology. This sounds like a hilarious
I sold it. I can see why you went into comedy. I mean the physics conversation at the table must have been awesome. Well, it's super lucky. I think all the time like I like I was pretty, I was pretty good at school and I and I think that I could have done something with my life, but our family fought so much, and I was any person who thought it was funny or like would be the only person to be like hey things, aren't so bad yeah. What did we fight about way? Quantum theory? What are our family fights insanely, really. Having now in your father must does he fight with your sister about physics? No, oh, but we'll fight like we'll just have some dumb argument about semantics or yeah, like about bacteria or some stupid shit that doesn't really matter and we could look up and we'll just get off on like a two hour argument, like a real we're argue. We call me sister come about ten times like, and then I hear
it now, like my god alley. Let's go get, don't that's what's happening because of your country in times. Oh, we do it all I mean word, I like the idea of a word, but I'd apparently can use it. I know I feel bad. I don't think I can be allowed to use that word. Emma is like when we cancel. We can now tell out here that I like, though it's just, I think its low played out on programme I think there is more to me unoriginal. It's just not shocking any more what about, but I dont think I link between penury. calling you got no, no, no. No, it's no adds a different story. That's I'm interested! Now! I'm listening, I feel like I went down it's like calling men, Kuntz yeah ass. Actually I like that you're doing it you, I think you can use that word cause you mean it I think a lot of people throw it around for just like shock value and lose. I only use of retorted trolls
I rarely ass, almost exclusively for being written. When someone said that it's like it's a little, it's a little john, Yes, but I like that, it's hard I like the heart yet so I threw verbal version of a rock one's view to ike when you throw a contest, somebody yeah mandate, but I believe we will throw around now and it doesn't have the same value. You know it because if you re like that, I way I want it to be used the way in colloquial kind kind. Look. They think I learned it very late in life and I learned it passed the point. That's where words are not been found any more powerful anymore. When you're like thirteen- and you find out like a cunt, I think it was fucking. The largest lesson goes at it. On last comic,
standing or someone settled on NBC. Someone did and he was like a big deal like ant was like whoa. She went out of the gate with that team, like she upset with god yeah. I'm scared that it wasn't schlesinger. I was here with someone else, and this is whoever it was, but you got a rise out of ant yeah, but so and then my mom was like. I don't want to tell you what it is so took. Two days me going like to tell me tell me, tell me tell me and then found. She was like a fine. Its current nose like ok, whatever man, I fuckin word. A message at this point is that we need to free the count for for more. Casual engagement that you're that you're saying that it would be nice to be able to how's how you can stewing There's something interesting by using it cause you're. So smart in that year use there's something surprising about you using it and funny baby.
I dont, think action of opinions on this. I think I just wanna talk about why we think that do you have to do a do? Take your you! Is it hard for guys? Do you all probably I will now turn our eyes emanating rain. I don t I just there's no point. I raised you're exactly what one I'm not gonna marry now damage. Do you have from guy? Is It's just like well. If we do I'm not gonna marry you you're, not gonna, marry me, I'm twenty there'll be goddamn bonkers insane and like. I think that if a girl doesn't really push like, we should be in a relationship get pushed right. Ok with that, don't clap, don't don't blood, My mother, you know, I don't know. I don't like the idea of do now. I dont. Ok, fine, that's
It's fine start early with your cynicism. Go no, but you just doesn't want to call it that you know this. Is that that same thing there's a confidence to it? You know what I mean it's like, if you just you're not dating you, just are like well we're not dating, but we can hang out and then you go away and opt to talk to you anymore yeah, it's yeah, it hasn't worked out great. Okay, I'm sorry, I'll, be, I hope it works out soon. Now things are really good. I think we should we should close on some big. So what what job? Here to get right now: change, Where do you want to write? What would be a dream job trying stuff? Are you you're gone in the room with the guy you I hate, but you won't date so much worse and dig one day will judge these they're not trying to
yeah, they are, they will be talking about literally and figuratively. Then she got fucked hard twice just to show right off twice: white off the air. I watched it and I liked it man, I know I do I watch that one or two, and I have not even like that I'd sure I watched you kidding. I was your age with judgment time. There must be, then I would have loved diana. Does you are even worse? nothing! Shelby Fero is in gentlemen, the my birthday I can fucking eat this. Do you want to do? Do you want to anyone? You want a piece of cupcake. No, I actually am allergic to wheat. You are I've really, though, because I think that sort of a bullshit, our no no glutinous fine now so I could buy like wheat, flew weep, free flour and add gluten back to it
I wanted to give celia, I don't have cla, okay, yeah, okay, good, not a great this next woman is one of them. the funniest people ever and as she's been in show business a long time. You might know her as the year that the fourth the voice of Bobby I know her from recent experiences on daily. We show please welcome tam, Adeline, happy birthday, nike, so fucking. I'm a ring, my daughter's goobers and my seventeen year old, just cock blocked my fourteen year old super
www cities in venice would like five scape borders, and so this is happening as its work. I'm smell. Now smelly. The MIKE pan smells good. I worry nice zoo, its focus up right. So why are you good Yes, yeah yeah, it's great that I can always be somewhere and it's like stress free, I'm sitting at the end of the thing and like I'm writing: where are you who's getting an uber yeah? I was listening to you and I feel very proud, as the second oldest person in this fucking around? Like all of you? How long have you been in show business have ones Well, I grew up in it. You don't put lips on it. Re need! No!
How many who was just in here before I don't know them railroading. This think that the relatively I'm so o c I'd prefer that wrote that court under that table, but whatever I grew up in it. My dad was a writer producer, and so I grew up on sound stages and they started acting when I was young. So so you ve been in the shoot forever. And in their was there ever times where you're like kept me, the fuck out yeah? I mean when I have added you like it: when its when you're around people that you don't want to hang around, when you have to when you have to work with people that you don't actually want to work with is when you go what the fuck am I doing this for, but all the rest of the time I've loved. my whole life, I you know I grew up in it. I watch my dad do it and I always knew that. I wanted to be part.
and I always liked pretended to be like that. Guy running the show when I was lake, seven years old and all of that euro notes, you precocious kid on the set yeah. What was the first roy did the was for I was probably What was it may be? It was a mexican putting commercial wasn't approved by the FDA. We had. Do it in spanish. I wore that ass? I ward of my brothers permits in the commercial we shouted at the beverly hills hotel. I was very excited band, putting commercial. It was a mexican pudding but like, but it was illegal. Somehow yeah it wasn't. It yeah it was banned, it was it wasn't approved by the FDA, so we had to do it in spanish. It doesn't have to be approved if it's a vitamin. Oh, that's, alright, herb mean are shit tonight. I now
What do you sell me she's, like one of my kids so but what basis so it was banned because it wasn't whereby the fda, but they were just gonna, sell it in mexico yeah they were like fire bless you and zeal in mexico. They won't care. So that was the first and then like later, I guess like significantly, I played role of angel, the christie make nickel part in the pilots of little darling Never air. I've been silver We appreciate that yeah never aired by. I was angel a much coveted role of the bushy dewey italian, a mexican any girl boy, women, and and then my first movie role was. I was dolores in greece too, so
yeah yeah. Did you sing yeah? we sang, we dance Alan Carr made. Fag jokes, that maybe I was in Heaven I was in Heaven. It was grape and tab hunter was like knitting and needlepointing and backstage yeah. That's like he was crazy. He told me that rosy greer, taught him had a needle points. like I was hanging out with all these thirty year olds I was fourteen. I was like to whatever needle pointing men was awesome in there. But what was the big we're on facts of life was that I was on facts of life for a bunch of em. yeah. Do you You people remember that from their childhood. I was obsessed with that show I totally was so excited. When I got the part, then they fucking edged me. They were like. We don't want new benches in here. Why
I don't know they just seen Oh, there were like a group. They were like clicked our group. It's fine! I don't care what ever You are crazy and put she won which one where you exactly, I was the one know who you know like they may like. I ended up going on and then my character robbed agnes edibles you don't even fucking know what I'm talking about. It was on a block of shows that I would watch when I would fake sick yeah, maybe I'm, like b I dream of genie of europe. Do babylon and re would be wasting gorgonzola. Outwatched yeah, like I didn't know until relatively recently that you did Bobby Hill's voice in that like and everybody loves that fucking show. How many of those did you end up doing
to hide our relations. It we did thirteen seasons, I don't know how many a persona is thus a huge blow. Goes out a blast. It was amazing. My ex instil hitch billions. It very much yeah. It is because he is still far camera sir. Yes, sir. Thank him very much, anyway, I now know, were totally closed anyway. That was an amazing thing to get because, like you know I do like given the animation world, and so you know you You go in and you do like audition for things and you never know what you're gonna get and then you know they're, like I did did a voice to like the atom like the pencil sketch and I
amber and Greg Daniels said I'm going to turn around. I don't want to offend you, but I have to look at the sketch and I don't want to look at you and I was like I don't. Yeah whatever, and so I went through the whole process, and then I got the part, and you know it was. It was just a job like all the jobs that I was doing, which we're fine like when I started doing like the kids animation like the disney stuff it was. It was this great job and then I became a mom and I was like oh fuck, do and all these things my kids can watch Zaza and then I started doing king the Helen. It's like prime time man. shipping and they pre sold the first season interests. Indication like that's where it like all of the money is, and they got excited I mean we I mean nowhere. like the simpsons juggernaut or whatever, but we would constantly get these scripts that we're just unbelievable, I thought the writing was so good. It was, it was asked
The incredible- and it was all like these fuckin jewish writers harvard and write a raw, these tech finns whatever and adjust getting out their childhood and all their terrible things in any abuse they lived through and whatever shall they dont? Let this hold you back. I now know it's, but it was that that was the best job like we just we loved. Doing that we knew we knew we were lucky. What's let's talk about louis you if you were great on the the original one, the h b, o one that was misunderstood of that. So I love that show too lucky louie thirty don't worry about it. Thank you very much. So I love you you didn't like you did. How me did you have what you really like thirteen?
How are we only did thirteen and then they took it away and then Louise surviving raided almost a year? No, that's a season yeah We feel like you, we did it. We waited almost a year for them to tell us. They were like the whole year. There were leg is looking guide and by the way that is flawless it was flawless. It was because you guys that people understand that consider, because one louis explained to me the whole idea was like we're going to do the honeymooners on a sector that light honeymooners said yeah no frills and it just can be filthy and honest yeah and I don't think but I think that most people watching said why didn't want any money into the said and there was this whole idea that was gonna be wretched he'd. He didn't, he didn't want it. He wanted it to be better bones and like the day we did the camera test. They had like every kind of film a ball and gary. However, since the director he was like should send me away,
It is not going to me out to dry. Listen, I have a black wife, Eric he's. Gonna be fine, everything's all target, and we were like way. And louis was like fuck, you were shooting it on video, don't put her in plaid. It looks like roseanne, it's a brand new shirt. We want it to be real taker it's all right we loved it. I mean it's like we did to shows a week and the audiences would we men they would talk to us while we were doing the seas, we're like no you're dead, and we would be like. Oh my god, we want to talk to them, but we're like. Oh my god, we're doing a show. Can you say how you did it just because he was talking about this last week. You did two shows, as in you did two tapings at night, yeah? We actually is and multi camps and does not do that here. We would we would
start work on Monday and we would have a show taping for audience by thursday and then the next show friday, and then we would we switched it. I guess at the end to two shows on fridays and then you you was at the first time you work with how'd. You get gas with that, do just what did you just re? He saw me, he saw me in a show called unscriptural did I did that stephen soda bergen grant has often torch clooney produced, and It was all like improv like they would say, you know, grant was like ok, hammy you're, an actress and you fuck, nick panesar and you're in that acting class, and then you hook her up. I'm like I'm married. I have three kids he's like nobody needs to know that I'm like I, don't get it. Okay, I'll book nick put us in a car or whatever, but it was like very experimental. So he saw me in that and that's how we ended up doing a link. I addition for it like everything else like king of the holy.
And this last reason louis you like had a big arc, yeah yeah, there's nudity louis, but yeah, you can be renewed in his. He loves thing, I'm lucky louie, Harriet, always dick, and if the rhetoric shapiro all dick and balls was them mean richer bureau? It shows dick now, if you asked him to come in here, what do you mean you're per se, but the funny thing about him showing his dick. Is he somehow thought in his mind that he was going to get away with it? It happened very quickly and within three minutes it was on the internet just frozen Louise Louise dick yeah was he, I wonder, did he does care. I know, he's I mean in the bathtub ceilings like gotta bandeau were gonna, get him the thing whatever, but but it was literally his whole ass was like right. There right, yeah yeah. Well, you could have guess. That's always my thing with nudity, I'm like you can
but guess what anyone would. Ideally. So many years of california case is like you know you just so many years of that, can I take it as colleagues this you know, I don't know him comfortable with it. I know I've done my pockets nude, but have you done any new stuff on your show? Have you had to? They? Don't know do away, and I see we can't do this all new thing blow. We you can't, we can't do it on a fax. You can't show nipples, mere I've shown by naples. I chauvelin apples show of nine april, for why can you show women's nipples? Why can't you show like tat, you can say like I can for an occasion we used to like bleep out, like we used to do a free tv version of like the bad language, and you couldn't say like fuck wash
or whatever, because it would be on an airplane or like at a church sunday or some whatever the flag. There are four, but you could say bitch and war unlike anything that was derogatory against women. I'd be like seriously. This is ok, but you can't say mother fucker, whatever I dunno. What are you? Are you working with the with louis on the next season? Yeah we're. I mean that's, not we're not starting that till next year, because he took a break and he's doing like really short season he's going to do like eight episodes or something like that. How much do you work with him when you're doing the when you're putting together what's happening? I well I can I help cass the whole thing and then we we work on the whole He's in and last season was great because vernon chapman, then he and I got to work together a lot and then Stephen right came in and he was a me
to have around. He was just a very sweet guy malestrail africa here. Sweetheart wait a moment for he? Wouldn't he he would steven right cause. I keep when he would laugh, he would have his mouth and he would step back from the mic and I'm like no people need to know that I dont you may want to touch ring now, but nobody just we want people to hear him. Laugh and like you like, a normal guy. I know he's so he's so sweet and gentle, but I'm telling you like there's this free rein. station called the sound, and I listened to it. When I drive my oldest started, school in the morning, and they play lake or a quarter to the hour. They played like a comedians yeah, an airplane steve, right on the morning. I was driving at school and she was fucking dying, and it was so amazing to hear her taken stephen, right was awesome.
Pan out only let's move down my next year I I I. gauge work on twitter and it needs just never stopped. she's, one, the filthiest twitters and the funniest twitters, it's all very specific, its nasty shit, and I start turn. I said: do you talk like a person and we went out and we had coffee. I'm like I want you to come on this show and she's like yeah. I write with louis over MIKE, I fucking know laura's overman. So so either lawrence or women's writer. She, Sarah sovereign sister, and I and I first met her once when I college and she is like really acute jappy girl and had her hair footpath. was wearing a park. I remember laura silverman by tat
disease is a writer and and she's here now please welcome desi genetic and how are you I'm excited you're here. I know me too, because you're so dirty and and and like that, but the weird thing is: do any of you follow her on twitter and he does each edit can use you follow her, because it's just non stop alcohol and vagina and fucking jokes in anyway, I know to I at the you we were having coffee like well kind of true I will, because it is all based in truth, yeah, but it's slightly exaggerated. I mean I'm not
constantly coming every little gallic, I'm not like if I was treating this I'd, be like. Oh, my god, I'm coming so hard mark marion's talking to me at a panel, but I'm not actually going. This guy is shaking his head, he's like what was it that the other night weak I kind of free dark. As you brought us out, you brought up Skinner my love schooner and then, like we had this big thing than patent got involved and then only I got canning, pay international aid thousand notifications. All of a sudden, and I was like what the fuck is going on lake and he had patent had like retreat in it or something and you got me while I was a story again who is like the first time I was passed on without a leonard skinner concert, sides twain at that,
it's friday night at home alone. But when you told me what I was like that did happen, it did happen. It is true, it wasn't like sexual. I just got peed on by a concert. Was it like in the fun way like a good way not like now I mean like a sexual thing, but now was just a random drunk guy and I went to move the string out of the way, but it was actually a stream of urine I just can't I've sitting there with his dick hanging out of his dipper pissing, the ilo. I was like you know. Sixteen What I was doing insists that you're, not an irishman, illiterate skinner cuts are not going to put a couple of things together. You you think european string and there's a guy pissing publicly in the outer skinner concert. So I'm going to assume that you grew up in the south. And I'm going to assume why cause like for me This excited that you're out of skinner concert, but do you Do you have scared?
my mom went to high school with them. So that's why I fucking reason of mental people, lynyrd skynyrd man, Ronnie van zant, Gary Rossington, Allen, Colin Artemis, pile billy powell, Steve Gaines, later and adkins. earlier. The out, I don't understand why they can't be elevated where they deserve. Why are you so judgmental, while the funny if I remember when you first started, follow me on twitter. The first time you ever liked anything than I did was the winner skinner sweet and I just remembered because you I get like one second after I posted it, and I was like what the fuck and it was a literal skynyrd tweet. I can't remember, I think, like during the ending of how I met your mother, and I wrote your mom suck, my dick gotta leonard skinner tonsure, if my
dad wrote how I met your mother like that, but I remember you liked it right away cause. I was almost like. Should I post this and then I was like oh cool yeah. One person likes this, but you grew up around skynyrd people. Yes, I I not only did I grow up around them, but I thought that Ronnie van zant was my. other briefly, when my mom told me that my dad wasn't my real dad had this fantasy, that it was rightly vans and but he was dead. I had this whole, like oh, my god on them meet me died in a fiery plane crash with this. and then I turned out my real dad was like this poor man's ronnie vans, like a total dirt bag toothless. Ronnie look alike. I wanna be our guys words exactly. I was born in Jacksonville. Florida urges we're leonards. is yeah hell, yeah and yeah
hell yeah, so yeah anyway like, but so ok, so I won't be judgment. Ok, but like it, it seems a little like is white trash bad things in bali. White trash, but we are also more men. So as the little elevate your mormon will, my mom was raised mormon, but she obviously left the pact very early. The you guys and scanner and what not she was like sixteen and they're fucking whatever the modern way. Yes, exactly only anal stuff, sorry wait where our greatest. There really happen apparently, he is like a realignment birth control that about my grandmother and grandfather at a very young age like that they were spoken yet grandmother had twelve kids, and that was how they didn't have kids, they would fuck in the ass,
if this came up at dinner I mean how do you put your money at church and it just came out? Did you just make this connection, or was it didn't think it was like? I was like oh like because there were like always still have sex. I just didn't you I know a lot about sex at a very young age, because my mom fucked, a lot in front of me, are in the way she didn't really hide it from me report I like in front of you, like hey desi, coming kind of really she would get drunk at parties and I'd be like walking and she'd be like in the atrium riding some guy on. Like Oh my god, that is really funny that she had an atrium was a rental but yeah. Well, rental, not water boundaries in the house. No! No! No! No! Not at all, though so. When, when did you run away,
I'm writing a book about It's fine grateful. Where does that book start the times bucket in front of me? It's a sad, sad story of a girl coming of age with her mom fucking in front of it. But it's really its. Sadly, it's exactly why didn't notice, abnormal until my good friends the over, and I was like they would like. What's a fly, I like well flatters went It's go to the atrium, hear your mom say I want to be like okay, that's a slug! My mom! I learned early on to embrace that and trying to get cool popularity points What about sex just gonna bring? however, until I have just hang around. She just got breast implants. Look at them
they were to be worked on them. We are led to me the dark as part of your mom got breast implants she denied it to which was weird couple days to get a surgery. Where did you have data centers for when she was getting sir? I, when the baby sitter, they have two younger says it's our patients It's our pace, it that's crazy. She did go back, and so she probably gonna fuck you hard, but the stitches fiery. Why can we not only show? Is an amazing story about a difficult childhood? I'm glad my eyes is unity because you just the deal, my lunatic brother, I could be worse, it my lesson could always be worse and you, when did? You
Not though I like ten years ago, And you just been writing and yeah? I started I thought I would do stand but that in the well, because I would tell jokes in here what we like Oh the career that, like fifteen thousand people, not laughing at my jokes in big stadiums, he just got up and just told the truth, and they were like try to format the jokes and like really because the class was like six weeks and you'll be doing stand up like anyone can do stand, I would take the floor and that they gave me and insert my bad childhood joke like it's really hard when your mom's can guys like they had to do everything in that joke format. Then you'd have to do like an act out like you know when she told me about this. Is so horrible? I'm sorry, I'm doing that's what you told me about the birds and the bees she would say. Do you know how babies are made and I would say no, but I know that
the two daiquiri as you like it hard. Indeed, we like that. It's, like everyone, knows just wake depressing, but then I have a gay depressive writing partner in that class, who didn't show up the first class and then his first jokes for me. Was it's really hard when you're sexually molested as a child? and I was just like where you first week. I dont, see this sarcastically sardonically, your sound, pretty healthy. I mean I don't agree it somewhere in between maybe by Europe, where we were you writing for now. minimum my and then I write for like a cracked for teens, its use right it's not crash cracking it's kind of like a lemur which was stupid. I don't even want to say it's too embarrassing, but am also running my book.
my big thing, but I love the idea that you have this, this weird dark demented past and you processed it and you're. Just writing cute things for fifteen year olds. I have to be careful, I do get in trouble, lots when you bring em? I swear I'll make jokes about my childish everything about like britney's beer. You know it Ever or Ariana Grande! I'm like that. Like what happens to me, my dad came on my shoe. Don't just tell me he didn't come on your show know that's a bit exaggerated! why so it was more innocent. accidents like this. If there's, in motion anywhere around children. It's bad! we're here?
There's no works involved when it sorting like why why was outside? I was just over five zero years. Only so I was working in the region and I was building something in the works, and I come here. I well What kind of stuff you re minority visa ideas is: oh yeah, we mail to pilots, so you out there trying to. Well, good luck would have it. Does Egypt yet again very clear, yeah my pleasure to bring up this next comedian, who I saw in minneapolis the first time and I had her open for me and then I think it's my fault that you moved here Is it possible amber amber resting? Ladies and gentlemen, I ran begin delusions. these are, shall we
What are you going gluten free, vegan gluten, free cookies for you, because these thing to add to this or have come shoes. I can tell you guys, like you, have a day job in a cafe: either the cable there's pie, mats, sunburnt, peanut butter, cocoanut junk. Did you make these immigrants there, Can we buried what is happening? Man I moved here tell Joe and hello. It's hot so hot working out. Okay, do it because I felt kind of bad because I was like you got to go to l a you gotta go to Ali, and then you came here and then I dunno what he talked to you and then nothing and then I just live in my room waiting for you to text me back and attacking tonight is the first time I've been alive you have to get out of Minnesota come on. Many others is great, but I wanted you know. I'm gonna give you like shelby and gets done.
Sixteen years after a sea still and I'm just trying to get a job from all of you at some point of where today what's happening, we'll do stand up yeah that minneapolis land minnesota like there's a whole world up. There and you lived in it. Well yeah? I now real people worry about it. I like it the first few months or nice, and I had fellow back home in a car like dishes and then a couple months ago I got straight up dumped, like straight out, like see those movies in your like. Oh, I dont believe like that girl, dick they think they're going to dinner and it's gonna be a proposal and then it's like. Oh no just kidding your best friend that habit alive well she's. They re you. I don't think so, but I don't know I don't know. Do you know of the founder members over the thought of them? I have nothing to contribute, but bitter
and anger. So you can, you can take a break. I got it area just because they had had. I could give you, but I'm still minnesota nice, I'm like can pissed, but how I got real mad about it and you left him and moved to l a and then were surprised that he broke up with you know he was part of the I was we were going to move together and it was kind of waiting and then a friend of mine had an opening in her house, and he said baby should go for you've been wanting to move for awhile you've got friends out there you did alive to ask one time: that's: u no! Five! twitter followers. So I really you happy that you didn't have to go back to many
It was to give way how has your mouth young, lady she's, never seen. Purple rate she doesn't know shit okay, I apologize for the language, but I've been sitting over there enjoying everyone's success stories, and I like minneapolis is great. It is great. You come sometime. My mom making a ham sandwich like is great but she's in fargo, but different. they do come to minneapolis now and in their cause. You're so worried about my fragile state, I'll opening up its great ok, so this guy we're going together and then I was going home every month for road work to say hello and you know have a sexy time right does it. and Wednesday night before I was going back to officiate my cousins wedding. Ok wednesday. We have saturday name officiating, the wedding tuesday. Do my first big had learning. We could ask me: ok, recording an album wowzer, you guys big time,
The only way that is big deal minimise that is until the wednesday. Before all this happens, you get a phone call, that's like yeah. I don't think this is working out. I don't think I'm gonna make it to that town. I was just I wasn't even in town, yet was an ally, not minneapolis. No, you guys had so that's why put on a thursday wrap dressed and at some point lifesavers from PAMELA life is good. So no it's good, but it is a little like now come single. What am I gonna get to know? yeah I dunno how it works. Have you tried? How long has it been since he broke up three months? How long were you with him for you four years, so you may like again on tender, I've downloaded it and then I deleted, and I d like lemming. I, like I just student, really
I get a swipe at people. I tried to get here early enough to stop doing macintyre. That was going to happen. He's not here is big picked, my god did you like it. You know he was have you have you like been lashing out there? That guy you talk? No! No! Now I am very scandinavian like it is it's like. I will hang onto this. It's just going to simmer some day someone's going to get an earful. they happen do we really like. I have like break up to rats like others like for no reasonable mother fucker like while I'm boxing up the cookies just out of nowhere like all winter. It man I was I found out, what's a bookstore downtown, that's beautiful the last less.
nobody told me about a top people when they come here. It's amazing and it was someone I'm sick. This is so beautiful. You would really like this someone whose name I'm not going to say because he doesn't it. to get it on the paca fast? If that's that's, it says. Yes, I get for the listeners. I waved a finger gently and nodded my head. Walk around anaemic. This is so beautiful and then I'll find a book that I think he'd like and I'm like this fucking asshole and then I like, hide it behind other books as if he's going to be there he's not going to find it. He doesn't live here even if he comes to visit it's going to be under this other shitty book. So there No he's ever, but is it really true, like you grew up like this idea that you I've been like minnesota's or scandinavians is really that repress them and it is, and I ve been to sweden and it's in the motherland they like, they just even walk with their arms.
like they don't even move off this out of the way and the sidewalk they don't even want to lake, acknowledge that there could be an emotion coming out, I'm late, just how your parents, oh yeah. My dad did he's ever said. He loves me, but he asked me about my car or the like and when I go back home now they never cared about stand up, have like maybe one or two colors a coin. You know they don't know. There's always make a weird concerned to their very light. Just tell my sister all the time I don't know. I think she should just give that ok. and my mom said I need to write new material, so maybe twice in the last like two years, have you brought the time? rather manoeuvre. Oh here there yeah they ve had enough. Well, they just say really wish it began. Ass he this is this look at me. I'm check this out my dad, I started at my baptism.
The way not like you know. I didn't give me in the water than this stay here, and I tell this story love than he gets tena burst like. I wish you wouldn't say that That is that's anger for it. I really wish you wouldn't tell that story, yet the siblings yeah, how many to one is at home with my parents, I'm trying to get her to move here. She is she's, twenty five, so just a couple of years younger and then my brother, a dirty dirty hippy in montana, who just had a baby and oxidase a grand baby, so he's the winner of all Well, thank you not allayed. What did you name that thing heiress? but it didn't check. You know, he's dirty hippy. Was a boy the name couldn't be graffiti dont. You drive, don't droughts, how's areas spells and hiv.
I no a or a r I she's got. You have like some smart thing to say about: don't you know what that means. Not on I'm curious. Are I s reading something we would have thinking so, smart thing about you where you get added shelby now, what's happened just jealous? What is this got a good head on his shoulders? What does the name mean she doesn't want to date? I just you know, have like twelve fake teeth, though so that you have fake teeth from swimming swimming. How that happened? Why? I just took a bite when I beg your swimming. I'm such a catastrophic think are all I do is picture myself, diving mit, pitting the bottom of the pool. That's where my bring us so what I think swimming. I just think. Like that's the grocer thing, that's. really that's how that's the day and the life. How do these are two shelby I have
crap I have, I have like grounds, are broken islands? Ok, fine, those I don't know, you're not in europe, and I thought it was new to some meat on that. Somehow nothing. I've just crowns. There's no story. The fuck amber let's goddammit what do you want, do just go out and fuck what had? I don't think so, sounds like he keeps this a properly because you're, not no. I'm just saying that I'm not you're leaning in close talking to everybody else. The address on the key exchange me come. I do, we can build a date for a while. You too angry to emotionally hurt so fuck the guys.
I focus on on putting together a one person shows about that guy. Everybody wants to go to a one person show about a woman that, if you just like completely lost it, I would love it. Just like you use it to purge all this scandinavian history. You can turn it around. You can like your. You can just erase all of that. Press the scream and cry and blood and stuff like that. How likely that they like now the rats I have been having a lot more fun on stage have been also give an edge right, give a fuck yeah, but that, but I don't like to swear and state I dont given ass. You got worlds, I really didn't you Are you biologically but, like you do in real life,
So when you go back, I put it. We would even doing here where even working with clubs workin is relative to em. No, I just did meltdown and wednesday night. That was super work. It was really fun. I act. I had this to promote, so I felt really fancy. and I made some young men hold. Maybe that's why I make made cute boys in the front row hold my shoe, cause it to heavy shoe, and I want him to feel how sensible at once think. That's how you get to third base anymore, was my shoe yeah. So it was a cute clog and the dance goes. It's a good sturdy shoe like did you grow up eating that fish and stuff, ludicrous that I related to lawrence? you want your related to large. Well was like a family, it was totally oh yeah yeah.
at the onsen you betcha there that's a different acts, though I can't do that one, but it was how we rule warrants my grandmother, my mother's side in him, our first cousins or something like that urgent or the whole town is lying to me. I don't like everybody in that small town, lytton strasbourg, north Dakota, everybody and they all and then they all say. Well, I really thought he was. We were gonna, get some of that money and all aboard That word Laurens, while fortunate that olga booting that bubble money that polyester money. Why I love you? It's good to see it's good to see you to have a very funny whose very funny thing
please, please give it up for amber press the show and refreshing diegetic and then add one shell repair of the comings started music. Thank you, L, a podcast, thank you for the cupcakes. Thank you for coming. I hope you had a nice time tonight. The.
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