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Episode 583 - Dan Zanes / Christopher Mansfield

2015-03-08 | 🔗
Dan Zanes is one of the most popular musical acts in the country for young children. Marc is a huge fan, too, but that's because of Dan's old band The Del Fuegos. Dan and Marc talk about how he went from rock and roll almost-stardom to being a family favorite. Also, Marc talks with singer-songwriter and WTF fan Chris Mansfield about the breakout album for his band Fences.

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All. I was knew this. How are you what the burghers? What about? Why is what the buccaneers, what the fuck gnostics, what the fuck lists, what the academics, I mark man. This is deputy. I thank you for joining me. Thank you for listening on the show dan zanes, is here Dance aims was in one favorite bands back in the day called the Delf way goes out of boston, rousing college. They made their break their first album like an awesome. Their second aromas awesome then then happened as s. Happens, we're bans, but there is a big controversy around them, but he's like the guy he's like the world music, family, music, dude he's the world family music dude. I don't splendid hill explained by no idea that he was popular couple years ago? I realized it was him that he added
really transitioned in disorder by a kind of god both oriented folk music geared at children an even wider geared to families with children, but death pre beautiful story, zira use in is your major rock band that never quite cut it, but they were good man. I mean I've still got most of the deaf makos albums and I still listen to him. So is there thrilled me to talk to dan into here his story, about how he got to where he is, which is a pre eminent the family children, music guy, but it did- start that way start out I and roll and start ambassador massachusetts, and I is that so and I guess it would be the eighties early by early eighties, early to mid eightys, but there I remember them and they were the, and it was a great conversation also on the show on an attack to Chris Ensfield offences you're, album lesser oceans comes out tomorrow,
as we all do, the guy who wore a handmade, homemade boomer lives, t shirt. the tonight show I've been a huge fan of my show. and I got into his she had. Then we talk for a bed, and I share that that conversation with you. if you're heading into his new record, but what bout it? What about people Who is innovation? Why there was no, they show look, I'm having a bit of a battle. An ongoing battle, with nostalgia I think, as you get older, the bigger wars, as is the battle again being consumed by stouter, and I know it go out about getting older and in and sort of handling above success disappointment about personal and professional and will the game know that your perfect grown up? That's for sure, I'm far from it like I got into it! Yesterday on twitter, I just blew up at a guy who was supposed to a part of my show marin. He had already done the pardon to other
besides in and then you have to know where, even though we booked him bailed on it because of a you know, things that he said were out of his control and I got mad and I posted it on twitter. But then we worked it out on twitter and that's that's the way it goes. We kind of worked it out he still bailed, but it is what it it show business right it. Maybe I shouldn't use twitter is my personal dumping ground. How look out shit my pants just copied out go up? That's classic add format from from me mark and one of my oldest and mostar and and and advertise it. I'm still in seasonably by tat, always loyal to just copy the up. They have the deputy ethical there you can get a good will on the back end that but good stuff, you get that a wtf pod dotcom, but but I,
well, bad and yeah. I tell you man, it's very rare, that I get on twitter for an hour and I don't feel filthy for a few minutes for some reason, but that's just the nature of it: everything's public it's amazing, how with technology, how efficiently and quickly and thoroughly, We can now put stakes around the world. So The bottom line is I'm trying to keep you in the loop of of happening with me. There's been some fear expressed that debt in I I've just They're gonna become successful in play and complacent or or perhaps, a pleasant, but I do not know who are wire or or how this show comes across to people who listens to wet but tat, but I did that before rob mac. And I just talked. and I get very insecure about these talks because I dunno, if they're funny, I dunno, if they're they're relevant, I dunno. If they mean anything to anybody and I a lotta times, leave the garage thinking like what the fuck was that what was that?
but after last thursdays intro there is this posted on the come aboard today's intro this by richard today, your conversation to rob macklewain these interview about growing up was one of your best. I find myself. Mostly engage with you about the heartbreak of being a grown up at four two years old six years into a corporate jobs in order oil industry analysed Ivan, the terms with the reality that things have not turned out, as I hope the expected before joy the corporate workforce. I lived about twelve to fifteen years as a visual artists, creating undecipherable oil paintings in Houston, Texas. I the lodge large body of work and have had many art exhibitions locally and internationally several hundred paintings, but I never made it I'm selling paintings to make a living. I never quite got enough tracks, with the galleries Ivan given up, but I've had to set aside my artist, wife style bird, eighty five gig doing research in writing history, news and reports in order to contained the business facade. I've convince myself that I'm an undercover liberal environmentalist investigating the offshore oil industry. In truth, I'm very good it mike
for a job and I keep getting from genes in more money. I question whether or not I still have that idea, The artist inside me, my family's thrilled that I've quote unquote grown up and ever job your pipe gas as a beacon of hope to the fresh. it'd artist. In me, I love your interviews with creative people who continue to live the dream. I struggle with the heartbreak of growing up on a daily basis. Thank you richard nothing. I know some people out there I know. They bore like dat guise of wine or beer. I know you guys who think that I know you women, who think that that it just shut up and man upper shut up and buck up and shut up in quit wine, and this is the life you know, but life doesn't have to I have to put that wall, I believe to be like in em fuck. You quit it part of life. Is fully experiencing the pain not just shutting it out and dump the anger of shutting it out and everyone around you and claiming that is a philosophy
ugly righteous position. got this email that I was very touching along the same lines of of how this show resonates with people mart. First of the show your brand of comedy this from casey in general and in a way, I suppose, do your extreme openness. I love you, let's not let that sentence there too long so doesn't get where the reason. I'm writing. You is to say that, besides the fact that it takes a little over two hours of time, week. Out of my shit job on thankful for the show, because, in effect, is having my stepfather he's been in my life since I was too so. Dont worry see him as a quart of step father, rather just my dad. However, the fact that we share. No genes means for us. It we ve never seen. I die on shit, which is the norm by this time Twenty seven, our brain, simply don't work the same recently, though my dad discovered deputy have independent of me, and it has been some that he and I have bonded over in a way we ve never bonded over anything. Our conversations almost exclusively begin with, Did you hear that new marin yet unquote
it's been really nice to laugh with my dad. I sincerely believe that there is nothing that can bring two people together, like sharing a laugh and you're. Giving that to us real quick in my life? I have dropped out of high school gonna grow from pregnant seventeen and generally been a fuck up, but also gotta. Go job, regardless of my education married that girlfriend ten years still in love had three more kid: for I know how she had bought a house and generally made good. I put my through the ringer, but earned his respect by being a man now through you, I'm making friends with him. So So that I am travelling with him from daytona beach to our former, state of louisiana to see you in new orleans. I'm actually excited to be alone spending time. With my dad, it's a gift for You to us- and I can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I know you've had add problems and I'd be identified with a lot of them, which makes It's sort of ironic that you are kind of the bow on the package of reconciliation that I'm having with my dad. Thanks again can't wait to see it. Don't fuck it up. Man casey there you go. He also wrote ps, I've, always
the try my hand comedy I've, been consistently hitting two to three up amongst per week for the last three months, but because of you, refuse to call myself or be called median our that title just like you'd want well case. Yet it's fuckin, touching men, this year, when you're in new orleans to say hi to me, you and your dad had come up, say hi to me those are the kind of emails that make me the more grateful than earning a living more grateful than anything else is the fact that this show seems too I'd something soothing to those Thus, who are troubled in a certain way, men and women alike, children as well? I have some very sensitive, very intelligent, thirteen fourteen year old fans. Ok, bout, the tour, let me get into this quickly- does been shows added. Trocadero philadelphia. That's a to show night that friday April tenth there's been a show added at the wilbur in Boston.
April eleventh. I don't that second show that second show might be close to a selling out on April nineteenth in toronto, abloom bloomer others been. I can show added so those tickets are available. There's been a second show added in seattle at the neptune may eighth and there's been a second show added at the orange peel and asheville north carolina on may fourteenth So those of you who got shut out of tickets, you can get him now all right So let me share with you now some time with that. I spent with that Chris Mansfield that the ban fences he was guy. That pursued me pretty heavily. twitter and otherwise a huge fan of the show so we finally got him in here. He does very sort of heartfelt m music. You work macro more sometimes and the the new record, the new and says album. Lesser oceans comes out tomorrow, march, tenth that wherever you get music, so let's his
in chris mansfield, So let's, let's talk about our history, we are even trying to get on the chauffeur about what three years. Yes, three years for a start. Coming Amy, I know you're in it we had a problem. We had some tension one night. We had a fight on dm right. Yeah I wasn't sure I felt I was like. I guess it's better than nothing, then there is a period where you are only following me on twitter, yeah you're gonna make a point there. and then I in any worthy the homemade boomer lives shirt on. the tonight show I did with we mac or more than nice. I was here why cruciate that it worked. a long time? Why do you stay with me? A resolve making me feel uncomfortable. Wasn't your what you why you are compelled what what
if you wanted to talk to me about what did you feel that you need to do? They show so badly for it's funny. I no idea who you were fair. You know my entire life yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. I not I. I was the common story right where the hell have you been? Who you are? I don't know. Where is this guy we're where I was either, but I think there is a really poignant time living in brooklyn with a girlfriend like a relations. That was a deteriorating and you know making a record and every night my way to kind of isolate was to put your cast on and a sort of decompress from writing in all the stress of that. So is like sounds like a friend in the night, yeah yeah, totally any was it. You know I kind of like what is the
sort of blanket over that entire period. Now that I've, I fuckin, made it to television like who can give a hat tip You haven't video, isn't it was a very clever had to because it was only only members of the club know that one oh yeah, it's funny, as my dad called me, really excited in these light, people are hitting I've, been there so excited you're, you're, paying respect it's a boomer. In a glimmer is a guy that my dad's friend now who died of cancer. Oh, my god and my dad didn't have the heart to say now: it's it's just a cat, so let the people think what they will do. So in saying that you got a lot of tattoos, those must have taken some time right. You don't care about the tattoos I mean. I do I like them, but view them in a different way than probably most people. How do you view the tattoos on your face? I
see them as just sort of maybe maybe like it beautiful thing like things that I, like you know just like. I think there. really was a choice of why? Why do you get the ones you got well? The thing is that you know I mean the one above the left eyes, pits le, which is an l, is miss some, which means like precious thing in europe, which is my favorite song. Coyote under here my mother has tons of coyotes on property and earnest like these kind of like sad, beautiful animals at it. Like you know, you're late idea. When I see them like get it. We got some around here. Does a dog that it has had a pretty perfect here,
It was a cone what's above your right eye this. No this this as lesser that was for the record. You know just needs a new one: yeah yeah, so how are did it take it to write this record? This year's no, well early ass his honour. What happened with the first record was it was supposed to be. Did you feel? Ok with you I did I did. It was the first record. Was to really just break it down to finland. The timeframe. Is I dropped at of berkeley cling This man shows near you know doing you know acoustic it I singing and I'm starting to write kind of all these songs and stuff Adam. I was recording songs
on a grudge banned in and whatever I am just sort of about thirty songs or something item up on myspace Sarah found them in his like. You should make a rapid but to me at the time it is like after berkeley, I met jenna microbial end and moved to new york, It seemed gb reality which is cool towards the end. I guess huh yeah, you know just kind of I didn't, have any allusion of being legal, but you know a famous musician. I would just like ok, amnesty You know during this girl living in the past, and moved to new york. Just king and doing whatever an unknown. I had these songs and I would play couple, show some
times. You know, but it wasn't a big deal like Yao play in this coffee shop or opponents basement or whatever, but I just to put a mountain and then Sarah found them. But to me it's I come from being a kid or trying to you know. I wanna be a you know, a jazz musician or I'm gonna, be singer or whatever, as it goes, is trying to find. I think when we look, I was trying to find a way to dislike deal with everything and then just kind of finding it like simple beginning again, a two minute songs is pino finger, picking and a minor to his etiology, and then here we go and it feels good in it, and maybe other people want to listen to it. That's really it was pretty pretty simple, I mean like my entire. It seems that kind of, like it was an accident not that I didn't want to be missed
and do well the record. I think it so like, like fifteen thousand copies, not not real well, but we played you know, while the palooza and and bonnaroo, and something like that we didn't do any television raising, but it is in our modest, like indy, album the macro more helps yacht on this new on a little bit. Yeah he's here. That guy after berkeley in new york, with my girlfriend move to seattle, went back because my head on language: let's go to seattle, it sir, try to settle there and do something and at that point had been. You know singing songs in writing sounded and just you know, I mean people move on their young. The outlets try to fire lucky I moved around all the time I went to allay new york chairman, This girl, however chasing it merely got it and who knows what you're even looking for us now to decide? Not where you were, I gotta go
the idea. So we went there and I'm here he was there and he was so, not who is now and he still just a guy, but he was not. We ain't sober guy, though now right, yeah yeah these over, I go back and forth, etc. So sort of thing any idea. What's what thing boosie yeah yeah I do the meetings and I've been to rehab and stuff, but I do my best, but my goal is to be sober. I'll tell you that but see met him when he was just a guy, just a guy Are you singing in those european goes, I think he was doing it news. He he's like yeah. Come see me on play. This plays three hundred and fifty people sold out and now he's far different than that
Pop phenomenon itself made man healthy out, yet he did, but in order no trouble with that, because I think it the song other side, two thousand and ten that came out and that was about that song was basically about not drinking or using drugs. You know that was a thing that we did and I did that for him. First, that was when my recorded already come out and he didn't have a huge push. He was just sort of doing his thing. so he did that and I went out and did my thing came back and you know he'd send me stuff from the heist that record that it blew up and changed the world, and you know he sent me thrift shop and I'm like this is. This is cause as funny as the funny son could do. Well, you know
but despite the early on and even its even but I m getting me a ban onto a major label? You know where we I started talking with the producer. who his manager became them. president of the lecture, and he knew that I had a relationship with macro, more unjust or of the west. Lacerations is the first to actual record was the free I could on archer first regular as independent release. You be so. This is the first time that leave so, there's a big deal for you, man, you know it's, it is it's crazy. He has, You in sir, you did at first record two thousand a nine comes out, seven or eight whenever run and you waited around in did some workin it's him shows, but this is really the brake here. Yeah this record is the one three ready for tv show.
In its major level, Fourthly, we shows, but that was are those with You do a mac more song, yours, ours, both yours. Who's out. Miss out on me arrows is on lesser oceans and he's on it. So we good morning. America have that do. Did you get about from that area, so the one that's great We saw the way more than their answers. Yeah Kaliko! Well, congratulations on your journey document could talk. It's. He not sad. Are you know I'm fine? I just need to go home and unpack my boxes. You just moved. I just moved out. I was there for one day at him. Gone tonight in this, you got a new girlfriend. Yes, she's be she's the girl in the arrows video
fallen in love is cared very few can still pull it off. How will you told how are the thirty one? good for you, man. I have that. I wish you the most success with this document. The again, senses new record, lesser oceans comes out tomorrow, may tenth and now that a boss in folks tanzania man Tanzania is on tour. This spring. You can go to Dan zanes dot com to find out more. This is one of the only times on wtf that I can say you should bring your whole family to these shows. Now it's talked to Dan.
James, the tanzania, the finding is that I know you from the Delf way goes. Yeah man. Another lifetime, though really I know betting. If atelier was, I mean I just had you in the house and I'm whiskey and you're listening to music, and you haven't heard that and how long? Probably really a long long time. You know the decade covered decades. I mean, but you did. You did do some other delph where it goes records right, like you did one and then the two thousands. Well, we you know, I did something with you. We did something we ve got together. We had our union to her for a couple of weeks. We made up and e p near
Lowering the way which, as you know, is nice for is nice for all of us is on a social interpersonal level right, we're friends. Are you yeah everyone's call, everyone's very cool these days in everybody with their life after rock and roll everybody, and it was nice for my brother and I cause you know he didn't write any of the songs when we were. I wouldn't let him in the act. Basically, when you were kids yeah, yeah? Didn't you know what? If he turned out to be better than me, you just cornered the band huh yeah, so he knows nice. He wrote some songs in the e p. You know we played in in the good. You know the best part about it was the world was waiting for us in our people had been standing. I wanted our. Where were you man? We are you? Are you sorry? I was really he would know and showed a couple of
yeah. I guess that's why it's hard to go back yeah as in you know what, as it should be cause. If, if it had been a big success, we would have been tempted to keep doing it and life after the death. Vegas has been, for every one of us in all four of us have gone out better Why me I was embossed in I was there through most of the eighties yeah right and when I was in college, you know you were plain black parties, I mean you guys star plan beginning in the eighties right removed so where'd you come from how out at all transpire, because I mean that that mean that balance, good banned. There is a lot of things going on in Boston, but word you grow up. I grew up in new Hampshire, really yeah and confine anybody to play music with someone to college to dry meet some people but I could start learning knowledge, Oberlin, that's a good school, I was lucky to go there marrow, whereas our place in ohio right yeah it was, it was a nice place, it was half conservatory. Liberal arts in
there. You know really. I didn't go to get an education, although I would have been a nice place for it. I went to start a ban in the the first day in the This line is a guy. That kind are remembered from high school, and I went up talk to anyone from high school yeah. I was lucky enough to go away to school for couple yours at where'd. You go there and over philip scatter me out. to academy fancy, yes or no w bush, where you eddie go there all through high school now, two years to fancy me, Yeah ham, I've been I've been blast man. What do you come from one? What part of the aristocracy and knows that the crazy thing is just you and your brother, and we have a sister between us, you grow and your for your folks were from new Hampshire yeah. doing the wasps yeah what was your man doing, what he do, my own mail was, you know you, he always wrote. He always wrote he's been married five times.
That was a lot of what he was doing, but with the ladys but he always row in the least put up in us as a massive your parents yeah and then he won. I never have which wife was at two. There was a second why here now you and your brother from the same mom. You are all the kids from the day my will some half brothers and sisters and enact a big family? So here's a writer yeah. You know you did you write, he would do you know He never ram. You never did. You know I never in ever worked out for him the way right he would have liked to ran after, I think that's thing visit kind of, family history of that you know of it not working out the way they would have liked it to yeah. Even I think a lot of times. You know a lot of the informatics, a lifestyle, let's just say, being a poet or whatever was he a poet, yeah, you know whatever, but but here
The thing you know, that's any is still alive. He knows I am and I admire something about him very much. I didn't realize until much later on in as an adult I admire the internal matter. Ways fortunes were you know and no matter what kind of troubles he was having in up on the personal side in his eyes. He always wrote he rode every day he did. It is thing every day whether people want to read it or publish it or anything. He always wrote yeah, so I really do everything. It is heavy man, it's heavy one. You know whatever your relationship with your dad, but you go in and out with these guys- and then you know you get to a certain age where you be you gotta, just look at the good things. the aid say like tribal theirs is one part of his personality that used to be
thing and I have a little of that. So that's good yeah yeah, I mean you guys get along now year. We do. You know we were years and years with no relationship and then no angrily. I think it was anger. He nose and I had the you know. I had the the option I could I had the opt out feature, and so I chose to exercise the opt out which I did and then you know, and he and you know, and then I had my own. My own lifestyle challenges. Yeah. I was in a rock and roll band that seemed to me the perfect job for cause. I thought the lifestyle was was attractive. Did he have a job? did anyone work in the way we deal with euro ages or the teacher He didn't yeah some teaching that those mostly what he did and I I can imagine that just in I can admire it's a big one. you're kind of ended up their unaware. I'm coming around two, that's right, man. I feel like I'm a morbid teacher, now doing this They shouted stuff
especially in the last couple years, he knows it to me. It's a fascinating transition in it couldn't have been sara Lee easy to to sort of figure out. What's he doing get, thereby talking about it. So you go to Oberlin when you're study and what I think I would have been a religion, a religion, major really I didn't know you know you, so you don't remember, but you ve got an idea that might have been what you are interested in. That looked like a good thing to me. At the time it seemed mysterious in it seem like it was maybe multicultural I came from the white monoculture rye said. So all of a sudden, I didn't know anything about the world anything but what I learned from listening to record so as a kind of a limited the world Did I had so? When did you start sort of focusing on music long before, like in your childhood? I started playing when I was eight and I knew that was going to be it. I had no plan b, yeah, I
I'm very familiar with that with that disposition, some that somebody will call it stupid, but we call it creative it from the get go so he had a guitar with will nylons during her. No, I wasn't. There was an airline electric strings value, first guitar and an airline. What are you listening to your eight? How do you my age of fifty two and fifty one? the same game. We missed the sixties for most practical purposes. May we had a sort of way catch up for our entire life. Think about where what them at which music came down anti and why yeah I mean I I am. I think being up in new Hampshire that you know and tuning in and in a very late sixties, we ve been canada for a little while, so you know, the music up in canada was was tremendous in and Sylvia. When I was about in a league divorce in as up and can wearin Canada. So they folk unit
he added Sylvia, great great, canadian male female do out these, be no people said in their early sixties when entice it was the male voice in the group would walk through the crowded festival, bob Dylan step aside. it was a heavy weight. They hurry, I suppose you'd their big, gordon whitefoot, Gordon lightfoot was up there, so he knows good in the band the band. They were still out there now, but they were in other when writing hawkins, and that was he was there were playing with running you weren't a year, but this you know. This is the point where they are dead. They were start, their thing in outside the late sixties array of any said. The man was I mean I was really my group arena lad a band that was, I just. I heard everything in their music and I still do it's all in their yeah. I was florio their thing. yeah, no quite understood how they did it, but they did it there. It seems
you know that sound could only come from us, a certain collection of individuals. It's like a snowflake there's only one, it's bizarre right, and so may people too, to do it and they just couldn't do it. You can't miss it happened. Is it's gonna happen or it's not enough? They weren't all canadian, though very worthy everybody. Believe I'm right here. I saw your eye you eared Oberlin, vaguely, studying religion. Guys. You don't know anything about the world where you inherently interested in religion. Did you have a spiritual cider? You just I think we all do why the roadway? No damn that's right you down here I go where you, oh god, was wanderer. Do you just whereby gotta get to choose something? It just seemed so mysterious. You now just seem mysterious and end. It was like that is the window into the world because it seem like I can dig it now. You know what I want, to write and wanted to read. I went to you so I went to this fancy high school.
I came out. I never read a book by black rider. You know what it means to my well at andover, I mean where you I did ok me and my uncle miles or in our gallery. That was how you know those I'd I'd. Access. our gallery at the school year. They have an art gallery, thickened college rise crazy, yeah? Ok, so data collection cause it's like that all was bead infrastructure, the able giving gifts and whatnot yea I get it so one I came out there and I never read a book by black writers. You know even go into that school, they know. My worldview is, is so limited, so you might get some from the from the mute It can be a muslim and listen and boys or sun as listening to music gap in I mean I did. I liked oldies rock n roll manoeuvres really my thing these like by the highly richie balance, love buddy. I love do up. Do without those, so the do up groups. familiar with some expressions of the least black
sure from rock and roll? Oh yes, every eye, but I didn t know, but I didn't, but that's not enough You know, that's not enough to get you in a conversation with another person he had now not now. I guess what do you know about black culture chuck bear Ghana. How of good laid down it re than the workload in anybody's data. That guy was good so I don't know man, I'm no relation seem like a portal seem like yeah but died even think about it, that hard. What has really think about starting a band, and I did in the first day we started in houses, Tom lloyd, and he and I together for the next ten years the band always way goes when he wrote o roon yeah where'd. You get that name. We thought we made a sound like an hour, be group and which we thought we were. You know funding and then we died there. Del fuego was a vacation land ass. They agree s not so that that was the idea.
and there was You know it was a nice thing because I think, because I had been fortune enough to go away to school a little bit. I wasn't as in dressed in hang out with freshmen imparting right and so a lot of the older cats who, in turn assigned a music in a word, is hungry, where I'm sorry to hear whatever anybody could could play forests and so fond of these older guys, who would playthings for a scene this useful about yeah we're dead. That's that that's the best. I mean I talked to musicians a lot about that that there's gotta be somebody. You know ahead of you that says: hey have you heard the velvet underground, you know and then the next day you're a different person yeah, it really works. Oh fucking does man come in at music with this guy with with lloyd, what version it Tom Tom lied. and you guys are plan- covers ladakh
especially knowing. What salmon dave tons of jersey are you in our day yeah we're trying you know, but we don't even know how to tune our instruments so really yeah. So, let's see play bass, bass, and we had a drummer guy from england named nick and and as we are trying to play some scotch tunes who are trying to play guns and never one and phoenix city and some of these older scott tunes and what this is, What year you so this is like eighty, eighty, two, eighty eighty, that's the first year college ryan, and with their very she had gone on their joy. you're you're already off the euro outside of the box. Well, ass god. Not so much in the sky was going to happen. Those coming back. The ambit, but damn in it. We did a lot elvis presley, tunes and nam so when we moved when we moved to Boston, we we dropped out after a year at Oberlin. We just sat back manually wearing long for that environment that wasn't going to help us in nam and nest,
Will we went to Boston and we showed up in Boston and now it seem like guys from land medford everybody had a ban, but there are singing in english accents and we now is my impression that the time it was rocking air was out of bed you know the guy that I think was really the. We know that the greatest of a more was jonathan richmond, the avis great see I've missed. I miss that I missed. I mean that modern lovers record is like. I still listen to it. It's it's so sweet like any idea. He seen. I dont know that guide you known a minimum two times and I have the first emma mademoiselle. Go somewhere and him, and he was already out. I think he had moved out of town. He was touring around. He made several records by the time we showed up, but as a man you know you changed my life and he said ah well, how's your doing now. How did you see what you really care?
it feels so good. Well, it's interesting because, like later, you know after that modern lovers record. You know a couple of it's weight, or even you know his. He sort of was doing what you're kind of doing now yup that they, you know he went back to an innocence in the music and there you seem very genuine, I mean even the modern lovers. You know they ve had this this kid who who who's? you ve been produced by John K, others darkness all around him and he somehow was able to find this very sweet and sensitive sound that influenced everybody, but he was not like one of these dark forces now men and he was not you know. I never, and I think this is why I liked him too, because I know it some night train myself in. I like, the idea he is he now. Was doing anything to be ironic right, not circulate earnest, very earnest, but but funny but he's not like it, but in control of it do and nam
Now I mean he was doing. He was dead, children's music or all ages music and never called it that right and coming out hungry. You know archeologists, it just seemed to me. I didn't, I didn't think it was jones music. I just thought, while here this guy needs singing wheels on the bus. I mean he's singing wheels on the bus here and any made it cool yeah, and why not yeah it'd be cool. You know, like so all the berry, he had none of the barriers at all use just doing whatever was in his heart and nights. It really interesting because there's like near talkin after the first, my lovers record yet because like. If you really think about that modern lovers, record Dealing with like he was very We in the very sensitive imo almost childlike way dealing with some pretty gnarly shit on that record by she cracked his ad You know like that, like, what's the other one of the hospital where he visited
remember that on me, like, although songs you like this kid whose like in seeing where you got all these crazy girls around in my people are having problems and he says maintaining yeah, it sounds. I know people random words is falling off the edge of the earth of drugs deanna. He just holding onto something that there really exist anymore, except in his heart. It existed in that for me the men existed in. It gave me since you know a feeling like I you know. I must and all these radio and thinking back to some. their time and then this, but this guy actually knows godfrey for you both to you while to come around to it right in the poorer sense year. He lets you get there So when you start plan I use a different line of brain where you a trio for awhile yeah when you're playing them in like block parties? Like I remember there were like, I had a forty five yeah yeah. We had what was that, and it was
I can't sleep right and I was collar back. does great forty five. That was that was what made me like. You got that forty five of us airliner, though steam around was plain drums, and then town- and I were nearby, time Bayer's before your brow, yeah. My brother was still in high school. He joined the ban the day he graduated from high school. We want my mother said you have to finish you get a gradual highschool. Did you grow up playing guitars with him? Now he started. after he moved out, went dice, gully started playing and now what's the age different for years, ok, You know it does seem like this. Is, I guess, the gift of punk rock? It was so much less about technical ability and just more about he's there, the guy who grow into it, and I still feel like that's a valid way to do it, and you have a nickname for a boy boy that I remember now it was them, but then-
If I was good for us, you know, and I think it captured some. You know something about us and robert plant did an interview for mtv and they asked him who he liked, and he said other the wiggers are favorite? U s band? Really. The forty five, Well, I heard about this after we had made our first record and- and I dunno how I did it, but I tracked him down and and someone set it up so that I can call him in his hotel room and write to him, and I thought he was thinking about our our record, our lp yeah nah man. I never heard it. He didn't even care what he heard the forty five was. He had it on his jukebox at home to forty five drop, your name. It was so nice. I did that with buffalo tom once like buffalo tom, I don't remember when like I, I remember what, as I turn John stewart onto buffalo tom, I think on their second album or whatever, and then
buy in. He never heard it before, and I saw him interviewed in a in rolling stone. There was your favorite new band like buffalo down like I did that I did that record nice. You know Janna, what's you know those guys know? Two years after my time I moved out in eighty four eighty five, I got married moved to new york, so I was still but the guy's been disconnected from the scene. What's got what's got through a b, As you know there was a? U guys were it was a big deal, the Delf way. I mean you know, there's a lot of push. I mean there is a lot of heat and what not and so you guys are making the rounds in how to how does it unfold? Who are there? Who are your contemporaries when when you got you're playing and where you put in your catalogue together like before their first recorded, is its. Is it scruffy in those guys? Wasn't I I'm yeah those guys it those guys are going by then and now and till tuesday already.
Broke. I deny yeah, I remember running a d make she had a group called young snakes really good, as ike sharp angular pop musical? Yes, I've wire, or something like that? Oh yeah and their ways. Open for them and and she had a guitar player and he would tune our instruments for us casino. He. He just knew we be a much better evening if he helped us out a guy named Doug. I think yeah and I remember running into Amy and she said yeah, I'm starting a new group, we're going to be we're making pop music. She was very cool about it and I just thought wow, that's an Oh, that's amazing. That you'd not only decide to do that, but then you you're so free about admitting in me. I I would never in right, I would never say that, like we were gunning for the big time yet, we did it, and I guess, as though admired that you know she was so clear. Yeah yeah and you guys are just you're doing your your rock and roll music. But you are fortunate in that. Like your sound, I know that against sort of like post punk and all that stuff, but there was a movement because you guys
definitely roots music. I mean even the thing we just listen to that first record nervous unshaken. I mean that's Harkin's back to that already sing too I mean straight up, it's not it's, there's a little of a rock billy thing in there, but you're doing some mouse man let it was definitely sourced. In there. yeah, that's a minute! We weren't! We want just in breaking new ground. We're just you know we're b to be an american ban and in the label that we liked was out here slash record year, and so all we did was make tapes and sent him to slash. We even send him to other labels. We had no idea what we're doing you know and we just thought you If writing you make tapes and you send them out an idiot, you don't sit around and think. Is this a good kick drum sound this make your music and you send it out and the say no and that would send him another one and they say no, how my songs on their just one or two or three Would it affords a really glad when you were? We recording you go into a studio undo it though yea him in them and said,
What happened was one day so opening up for their band sooner Dave Alvin would go back to slash and we'd open for the blasters and Dave Alvin would go back and he'd say no. These guys and boston are good. You know you may want to think about them or I opened a lab for X, Odisha, yea, los lobos, green one red. That was the dream ride. That was the route scene right there. Slash was great nose. Great label acts was great. The dream syndicate man, those first couple of albums are great yeah, yeah, you remember those guys yup. All of them would open for every play in the rat we'd open for him. It was just a thing: yeah, yeah yeah and we just thought well, these are our people in us. As these are our contemporaries we we should be on that label yeah and they kept saying no and then I think what happened was t bone burnett was up in the office one day. This is the story. I heard yeah timo munoz up there and he picked up one of our tapes and put it in
in the tape player- and he said: oh this. These guys are good. Why don't you sign them and they said oh yeah, really he said yeah, and so they said. Okay, what's this I know, did you ever get to confirm it with t bone? I never met yeah he's like sort of a he's like the catalog or he's like the curator of american roots music. At this point, yeah you're right. He doesn't nice to oh yeah man whoa. What's that what was it? Oh brother, where art thou that soundtrack? That was good. That was mind blowing like for whatever we know in our mind that catalogue of music, that everyone knows, there's thousands is of other things out there in this in america. They just never made the cut, so you know you gotta go track that shit down man, I'm in you know in the thing that the thing too I mean I spend. I spend a lot time every day now just trying to think about what it means to be white in america. You know it seems to be a thing, we're thinking it's a big thing, I'm thinking I'm trying to figure it out and it's almost like
thinking mad at talking about it. Reading bad it in conversation in know with white people and people of color sake, I feel freedom for the four time because I feel like I can see the world as it is for the first time and now and so I looked back in which is essentially is a country bill for dude like us, is built, people why men in particular by in a really made for the white person I think about you know: record by the the crew cuts yeah she boom yeah and they had earth ange on there I mean this is black music yeah. It is ridden by these white guys yeah, I didn't know any different right and so a lot in the music did. I was listening to was black music, but it a bad men appropriated and was being sold, dino sold to the world, and now you know this stuffy iraq it made it. But you know when I look back now. There was a subtle message underneath all that that I was absorbing and didn't even know. You know, so I sum
the reexamining my whole my whole relationship with rock music, because it that in the autumn, when you say that that we don't we don't here yeah it down to what a lot of that really is. You know, even I love Elvis and I'll, always love Elvis, but really you know yeah sure man Elvis was you know on the different hound dog yeah there sure yeah yeah What I mean there are very aware that you're too, I mean the record. Companies are very aware of it. I mean you know that documented kind of interesting really well was in that john waters movie, where you know there is definitely there were just two cultures. There is the other was the the the real black music and then the filter that they fed the white people through. Why people on the team Like you, I mean I think, they're pat baboon covered tutti freudian mean there was a time where I have heard. I've heard I mean I've been there documentaries at the check very well neck, richard saying where were they
oh yeah, that keepers working with chuck to do that concert and they were talking to to all of them and they were like they there were there. Were these other acts that do their music because they were to me now to do too much the black do. Generally too much freedom in a weird way: yeah yeah this in some crazy gate, keeping the goes on and they always cultural, gay keeping his lance yeah. I just got boxer from a label in cleveland that I never knew about voting recording company cleveland ohio state. At this section, six record set. I never heard any of it and it's amazing because it was all like a lot of it was in house and they were initially a gospel label, but everything that was happening out in the world was coming through there and they just record. record on my How did I never know about this? Why would I do how the fuck was I going to know about that? Well, either the inner? What at the minutes, these things a every in its clear to me in some other way. Just how accept I feel like enough white,
but don't talk about our affected by racism, we're never gonna get fully motivated to do anything to change it. But when you, you know when I think about the price we pay in the press that I pay. You know when there's that, You know when the gate keeping is so intense and isolation. We know the isolation that were living and so we're not gonna hear about where not right to be exposed to so much stuff, and I know it for example, coming down from new Hampshire, being boston dinner member. Some mighty played me grandmaster flash in the wheels of steel and listening this twelve inch and I'm gone man. I never heard anything like this. This is crazy and we're living on the edge of roxbury we're living in the south end at the time were the vacation is just starting up? I have no idea what gentrification is, but a word we're a part of that in our inner brownstone, the band. But meanwhile what is all this incredible hip hop being made dialogue, ST thou the street, but
You know I'm internalize so much fear you know of black men by April the the idea of going in finding it and in making a connection in my community in getting inside the music it was it couldn't have been. Further. From my mind, it was just you know: couldn't do it, austin's like really is one of the most segregated cities in the world. Yeah boston is easy, rough town, crazy man, like you, know it if it weren't it's like look. I spent, time there. I gotta get some love for the city, but man I'd theirs. Never seen a city hide their black people at Boston, yeah nodes, it's really out man, what is it like its roxbury and then the matter pan? stir dorchester projects. You know, and then there's like there's at other place, where there is a way out. It was crazy man, crazy distances yeah certain, so that in our view like when I know your educating yourself you're into grey
doing some records now they're very carefully, orchestrated in a world music almost way. I think it's is natural outgrowth of having a you know a wide group of friends. You know a wide group of people that I have now to know in new york, yeah now. Well, okay, so going back staircases, signed a slash and they put out the first record. yeah and you get ahead. We had press wicked rest brighton when everything quite like a year, but the second record we did yeah and none, but the first, it was. You know it and was the first record came out. We started getting good brass in touring and all that stuff, the first record and then we approach by miller beer, but this is what you get story so so first comes out and the second record hadn't come out when you were approached by miller no Now we are working on it pros. I remember this is controversial. Yes, at the time and part of it I mean, will tell the story: ok, so, weird by miller beer, we
We need money for amp. This seem good. We and in our minds with that. You know we ve been advertising beer for several years now in aid, or so it seemed like a win win, and now they always you do a tv commercials, tv, commercial with TIM newman, the guy had done those great Zizi top videos. You just all seem like they're doing it the right way. We knew that Elvis had done don't the commercials we knew about the you know the coca cola commercials that otis redding had done. I mean we just thought this is part of rock history, eventually the rationalizing course I was in it was a struggle you like them. it's already like. Should we shouldn't? We are now not so much We need money for amply new money. We didn't. We had no idea what was about to happen and what happened. Was we make a commercial and it debut dude during live aid. So everybody is gathering together to raise money for those in need in africa. for this one ban from Boston, they're, just selling be here between backs.
That was what did it, though It s a kicked it off and they turn into vinos. The climate at the time was really about. You know goodwill, altruistic movement right and when I knew in any that we're just sell in beer. Could we neither aunt money? So we, well, it wasn't, I mean it hurt they heard the critic started. bashing? As for its could, critical critics had always been really good to us that that felt that fell but really I was at other bans. Woods good thing, I'll, never do a miller beer commercially. There. You are a sell out who is total Zell ads at that point. Meanwhile, well fast forward. Twenty twenty five years. Now, if you can get your mercy you're doing great or like saw the miller beer, commercial men, nice bag, that is amazing. What twenty years could do back then like vog and elevators? Are they shooting at the rat too?
made the Paradise ah the yeah, so you know I mean saddle, I don't look back and regret any of it because I feel like for me. If we had so any more record's sold anyway. answered. Dig it's made any more money off I'd be alive because I wasn't built to handle the lifestyle of it. So, but they right by the sector- Echo came out after this miller, beard yes go and you had what a minor hit a well. What happened was that the commercial were finishing up the record, the camera. Comes out during live aid were sitting in the studio were watching it for the very first time and it says the del Fuego, boston, mass and then the commercial rules, or was it hey? Let's call the record, austin mass media, tired
the big idea and then the second I was own that'll, be cool for boss. Didn t you guys have big plans for the hammer, gerardo men, so you know it. The record sold really well, people mean in the mid west. It wasn't. deal for people around here near below is there I still want you and don't run wild down to one day and we mean a. We tried to make a bigger sounding record and all that stuff in and new producer mitchell from who will see from He had done here, finished doing crowded house on. I done our first record with us and now his fur. His record was our first record in, the inner so he was here, the soundtrack horror movie called cafe flesh. I came out on slash media and it was an art. Film think the faint answers sort of turn. To a soft gore porn movie, where I know tat
is try and get their money back. I'd say you do the second record and You do all right, but biogas, you got any respect in town right, but me so what is it? What, where you add at that point, we start going to Europe more often, and we start hanging out out here. We start hanging out with tom, petty, more often, which is really fun, because the vest we love tom, petty best, just don't bet there's any by that, like not not like the band, but in terms of being grounded in america. Music does togae yeah a nice guy. Huh really sky and we em you know with my brother was what the more I like able to me That connection easy. I know I know how was but I just remember one name. My brother cause map in the hotel room were staying. I only said we We invited tom petty to the show you know just like through through worm maria mickey
you know of leonard one another man, you talk to her still not seen for a long time now, she's doing man she's do well, at the is maybe eight or nine years ago, because voice she's, great so, we met her and we she had done something company we sent a. Will you invite him to our show in nam? I came, the club out your but I'm so he didn't show up. But then my brother cosmic mill, the nascent guess who just called me tom, patty when he called them in his hotel room and said sorry. I couldn't make it to the show. But if you guys want to come out to the house, sometime that'd be cool yeah. We know just what a nose. It was an amazing, gentlemanly thing to do or you went out there. We did You know we and we went out several times in one time. In own mean for me, I just as
would love for tom, petty that I would basically just sit there and watch the other guys talk to him. I couldn't do it. I think he so now what is wearing you down when you say you can handle the lifestyle. What were you getting out of control alcohol. You know for sure alcohol was a big part of it and all the other stuff here, yeah and people would we seen people drop and not at that point no. That still feels like everything's, going away toward we open for in excess fer. A couple of months just is listen like thieves came out, we toward the country, air already act and so on. I mean they're australian nuys living the life making. It all look like it's working. Viagra, hey, hey ever voted for hours. You saw them right here, not waken up with an idea so but dumb. when it started digging install was going into the third record we showed up and
in iron, written amazon's air, and I just started thinking. You know that the arrogance of whenever we do is gonna, be fine man. You know people love us come I I was the third record is called stand up: ok, yeah I've been further from the truth. You know, but that's a and- and this is the other thing we thought if we made it so it headed a die, on the back seat, folded out and you get actually stand the record up on the table every clever near, but it was right when cds hits africans are calling for. timing. You had cover which we write as cds dating shows their record in. So a new and it wasn't? It wasn't a good record was in a good record to play, live. Who is the ban them with the use of before everything got shitty now? Who is the same banned? But but there is a lot, tension in nam, tension over tension is about. My brother was starting to underwrite songs. You know and then
I think, then, the attention it's the natural result of things not going the way you want them to go. Yeah, there's that that cutting everybody's got youthful upswing and then all of a sudden, no matter how hard you try the thing you're starting to just dip down in the you know the critics well, I think the the the the critics turning on us. You know I mean that that affected us. We were, as we were, sensitive we're all sensitive yeah who the fuck is that guy and then you can't put it into perspective. It's just that. At that time it was important because there was a limited music press, so you know but you know when it comes down to it. Usually is one asshole a typewriter, vilify, yeah, that's going to dictate the future of europe will be a year in the his evening was allowed, him were guys we knew and legs worse and there they act like as they think they're doing it right can never just blow smoke up. Your ass- if I tell you some good things, but now the same design as they used to be in. There is a bad thing.
I can do you know now notes- is no, no, it's there has been enough distance it. It's all it's all kind of funny, unlike asylum, gratefully night all wish, and only anything again differently, because I learned some huge lessons that and I got to learn and was in my twenties. Ploughed ahead. I mean what they broke up or didn't it did yeah, but then we'd. We may one more record with Adam wroth and Joe donnelly taking the place of my brother and winning eastman now has spoken in a field yeah and when these men went on to start an organization called right turn up in england, to help people entertainment community who needed help with drugs a higher when men, where were you and ring heated, alien and airbus, a real landed on their feet? Soberly and ok, yeah man, it's unbelievable! Your brother doing my brother got a phd in no went to work, the rock and were hall of fame, gotta lynn. a huge job there and he works for
Stephen now he runs little Stevens organization called xerox. forever something like that eyes to bring rock n roll education into the clock. Im, so developing curriculum, and it's it's incredible because there's so much you can fold into the history of rock and roll. So what about at? What about Springsteen ray Springsteen fan? Oh yeah, of course, He came in saying with this one time, which is also a meme amazed, amazing stories about me: no connecting people the really meant a lot to us in our but dad the bosses meal he's great as rightly him in petty, that's fucking, massive cool yeah know those guys said eyelid. They set a good example and in into whenever we would see the way they operate in off stage. It was always just as you'd want to believe Finally, I got an ominous and very very encouraging in inner encouraging to people coming up. You know we always felt like these guys. They conduct
You know they cared that we loved me. The way we did and they wanted to see the best for us, and it is- I mean that mental lack a yeah man alive. So so, when everything like how bad for you when everything fell away like at that time like after, like nineteen, eighty nine, when you move like he moved to new york earlier than that right, yeah mid eighties, I was I was married and right so you were. You were living the life you, but you were okay right. I mean I was You know I thought I was okay near that owes ok, but I was there. I was allowed a lot in the men on my side of the family of always head, you know. Add there is eating the boozy. They met sounds like busy here he goes a waste is a tradition in the area. I was living the tradition in them and I know it I think in that feeling ike man this
This is me and I'm not I'm not that much of an eighty year. Why am I always acting like one right and an innocent? I started to feel like ideas, alot of pain, ass, a law, allow opinion right hand, numb, and but I couldn't no, and- and this is a funny thing to me- and I couldn't see- I couldn't see life without it and that's you know I couldn't imagine life without holding on tight to the thing. That's killing me right in let go the one thing that is doing me in you know: spiritually physic. mentally everything. I know I let it go and none but dad, but I did you know. And that's where Adam helped you out and sir Adam helped me out. You know, and then you know in a lot of hundreds, under german- and you know them so I thought without letting go, thou be won, my life would end, but who is actually in a one? My life began in any meaningful censier me now. So when I saw him
for to be alive on me now. You know they are doing. Is areas? May I definitely now here I hear an answer and when did you start the the new career and you're playing music for families, infer younger people. I mean wendy what with so you're sobered up, and I know that first years, not easy. You embody laughing by rejecting do you really are, but when did that wonder that sort of evolve, I just thought you know: I'm gonna, I'm gonna, I'm gonna change the lifestyle armed and put on my soul a record ill bulletin six months in the eye damn better it didn't,
God had a different plan, Dan's plan in god's book, and he didn't line up on that one, a lot of ego and dan's point. It was all about dan yeah. I wrote it though, and I liked it yeah. I authored what I considered to be very good plan for myself yeah, then what what? What is god's plan dictate god's plan? for me to lay low for a whining and figure out how to add his say, hello and am wyndham by court of milk in the store has a like you in hello, and please and thank you stuff. You know how to be. You know the person on the street near be you know without without anything at all to adjust to be part of the human race radically and in turn the eyeballs out in right, not always in. I didn't realize our selfish right. How much
my relationship with rock music, was just about you know getting getting some applause for myself. I was very, I mean I love music and I love music making, but it was a very ego, feeding prizes and rides so started dumb my wife wanting to get pregnant, so that was a science project in itself in an unknown I was done and I started listening to music. I just I stopless named iraq, music and I start listening to bluegrass, music and fortys and fifty's lack gospel music and jamaican music. thing that I was seeing it and hearing was that these musics we're all connected some kind of community now they were just isolated, grew by doing that thing, there are connected to communities and I just thought that's. What it used to be like in boston in the beginning and then slowly the wall in up between us in the audience and a right, and if I have to do that again make music I'm gonna, do it if it's kinda, if its disconnected from the
implying the room I'm not going to do it. Where is the point where I know I one I want to get back to that know, to the social peace year and none and ah and the That's my mind. You know that my daughter is born and unnecessary he met the music that I grew up with. No, the foe music. I wanted to make music. I wanted a here's. The thing men he's coming back from the hospital and I'm thinking your wife or you might I, with my daughter, my wife or in the car in a bank, we're were gonna get home. What's the first on an is gonna here and now and I'm thinking of what record among I'll play for her it never my mind, I'm a musician. I could play the saw myself right. I do you know I played a record for her now it was, it was the jamaica no, it was on the maloney and singing little nuts tree. It can rocks Daddy son. I'm really good to see that happen.
There's eddie, I'm your man. I am ready to get ahead that out of the park. She's still thanking me. Oh yes, twenty years later, she wanted. yes, it turns twenty. Next week she musician in play film, photographer thou, go see you pointer that player that and I started think about you know, I went to the store. I thought this is going to be a shared experience that we're going to listen to music together and we're both gonna connect to it emotionally so it'll be the updated version of the lead belly records. I listened to in the pete seeger and will rejoice in those two were by yourself when I was a kid you know when I was when I was. I could go to the library and take records out yeah, I know, and so I I got into folk music. You know I mean, and to me, do up was folk is it right was like the extension of beats eager right. There are connected in some way by her Lead belly was really guy. When I was learning to play the guitar ass, he was, he was used.
inspiration, fridges. You know when I thought back to it and I thought what it so. What was the music? What why? What was the sound from my earlier that I really carry with me up till right now- and I am thinking about my daughter and it was really lead bell. You know more than the ban when than anything else, because it was one may playing in the unique style. Heavy, a mix of old and new songs from a variety tradition is playing his own way different every time. The alibi, heresies he's the he did not tell you know he really did a template for for what I've been China do ever since, with with this all age, use area and it sounds like, as recorded in the kitchen, picture myself standing there with lead belly. Now he play torturing, yeah yeah kingly, a king, jr yeah, increase well here I am so I just don't.
Oh man, there's going to be all of this that you like the updated version of the folkways records, I went into tower records and it seemed like everything was connected to a movie or tv show. He asked him very commercial and numb. children's music. There was good, but I didn't wasn't thinking that children's music, because I wanted to connect to it emotionally to know and so when I was noticing was my neighbors would all You know they will go to tower they would they would pick out some after wooden dig it and they just airplane beetles records right, which is fine, repeal the great being. Oh, a lot of their songs are songs of romantic love and they're. Not gonna resonate that way for a three year olds. There I wanted, so I thought Well, maybe you can have all ages music anymore and but let me try and make it and I I made a cassette tape, about my neighbors yet and- listen, we're in brooklyn. This end quote:
moved broken us in the west village. Manhattan, ok- and I made this cassette tape in cheryl and crow lived round the corner, so she so she a song and suzanne vague. I just had a baby, so she and she was married, mitchell, Michel and now producer yea all day yeah. Oh, so we're all hanging out saying on a song and am I was meaning west indian women in the park. There. There is babysitters their teaching me song, so really yeah. So everybody coming in and doing different dumb difference, and yet I want to make it sound like the neighbourhood right and so is like this. My fur, the slate foray into illegal, like a kind of multicultural presentation where I don't have to the front centre piece, can pull everybody together and a see what kind of sound we can come up with right and and I wanted to sound like it's made in a house here and no sir
cassette tape, and I had finally made a solar record in ottawa time. Yeah knowing cared about solar record but area in one or more copying the conservatives again, you know Dan's play. was the solar record? Does your help? You well, and I go and I took for the rest of my life and illegal bank roy your little project, if you want to do, I want do, but it is just a one off, but I think you know guides and was in a what'd you do what you do is keep some of them so the right, so they could keep up with them, So the cassette tape was popular in the neighborhood. No one cared about solar solo record, but those was a all record. The cool downtown damn, but everybody wanted more copies of this cosette day. Vessel o five experience tat at tat. Yeah they would you record on a four track. H, caffeine g check in I had a little room, and a little room in your brain people in the room, the mission, crowd come in and she skimming the same polly wily due role and her.
Caesar biggest saying eerie canal, and enough, though, is that that kind of thing songs on that record their needs. That became a record yes! you know, I were realised what was happening in, and you know anything for me was that I felt like as play music again in a play, music again that people are excited about, but it's not just grown kids are excited too. So my they know it. That's expand, so it's not just kids, it's everybody. So I'm thinking this, I feel like I could actually be a useful member society. If I do this and I never really thought that before you know it- and I was- and I wanted that because you know my mind was: I was clearing up a little bit and I'm just thinking in that way said the idea of being part of maybe a better life for for anybody. You know making assent, providing a sound jack for a new family. What a great thing right and
I said ominous eminent eminent, stop everything else, I'm to start a label for family music minister performing for families- and this is this- is my thing- this mini job, I'm doing this arrest of it. I don't need any more and it was a a conscious decision and I ve been doing it ever since the amazing, It's unbelievable meant to have a second act like this and to have it be so much better and did it. You know that there's the collaboration we have been able to have an end and its open. My eyes to a man bigger world than I ever imagined now, and also organic and in some of this stuff sounds like we actually cut. It's not raw in a bad way, but I mean I can hear strings rattling and things buzzing, and you know what I mean. It's like it's like you're sitting in the room yeah, got that very intimate feeling that that's it writing to me, and they will. I d never lose that because that would you it seems-
like that's what you know we always recorded in a house. You know we always, except for the first one, was a little room than we move to brooklyn and I just set up the basement and that's where we made all the records, though I record stared yeah. What is it like? Twelve It might be the more any and you don't mind, do in traditional songs. I loved traditional songs. I realise that the last thing the world it is, is a record of all designs. Originals rares, you know I'll read some. I liked the songs I write, but there's so many good old songs and there's so so many of them have been around because they're good for people to sing along with, or they have some kind of emotional core that still works in these times or they just have an element of mystery and a of times like it. It's almost like a type like music, He saw a magical in that year. The kid could be and a fine with just the way go you rhyming of words or or sounds by, but the meat for the parents. In that moment,
completely different, could bring them back to different place or that the poetry of the song is is deeper than the kid will. We understand this time. The registering the sounds as something they can ass we were seeing along within you have that that that family, Ahmed net communal element- yeah, I think, a minute, I love eleven and greatly appreciate children's music and I think we're trying to do is to me songs that you can take with you take with you through your life in a little work for you on some level at any time and an it did, your huge your credibly popular it turned out being in the del. Fuego was a really good thing for the children's music, because at that time, they started doing this. It was kind of weird story and it helped gotta worry of wires were right because you were this rock n roll guy. You know like beer born again children, music, there is
article in the new york times magazine and that that after the first Did he came out in that that put me on the map? Good story changed my life and then he won a grammy. I won a grammy yeah that wasn't going to happen with the dell for egos. No yeah, it sure was an anagram is a good prize to win man. It's as a musician, yeah sure it is as an independent as an independent musician. It helps. I was on your own label yeah. It's all been on my label, that's a stout n in n. That was a fairly that album was a Every kind of me, the world type of album. yeah I'm in its bid. It's good. I remember May I live in the most ever zip code in the entire country, where I went to any as incredible but you know so what happened was as I started to to you know. Started to meet people from there
backgrounds and I started to understand and listen, and then I got more clear on my own background, and so I could tell my story and I could listen to somebody else's story and, and just you know, the the bridges started. Building that way and I started conscious Is he to break out of my own isolation? Know no, and and and and and is it music is a beautiful way to do that. Now so I am looking to learn other songs from other people and bring em because we're not its band that's gonna make. Records, or they can talk. It's just me making a record with everybody. That's around. That's got something to bring to the party and high capture that party and it's the whole goal. So if you have a sign that you can teach me in an instrument that you want to play on It- and you want to be on my record, hey him. This will be great and all this shows together. He notes whatever I want to do in that's an that's an and and then I started to get conscious about it and think you know about about me as a kid air, and I wanted
So you know if you're a kid in nebraska and youth in fox news is on. In the background in your hearing about people climbing the desert. You know they're, coming up and you're gonna take jobs in their in they're. Gonna involves create the scary stuffs gonna happen. Would you know Maybe I can make a record that has another story and it's a story of people getting together singing in english and spanish and collaborating and celebrating and doing their thing. You know. So, let's tell them their story and have that one be an option for somebody no know because the world in a scary place is theirs. So many possibilities here are sweet story. Man so so blest, you know. The whole thing is incredible: yeah annie, I turned it all around and you found this thing with much bigger than you that neo connects people, and you see this it's clean. dry men was
we talking to you, you want to play a song or something yeah. That'd be great. I could play with you if it's not too complicated, please, let's do it, that'll be fun,
the baddies talking about ahead they're about to make the guitar bass and guitars and can take me to the corner when the decides to Greg come on gags that dream come on? Get did get. Was that the train station, I don't mind, going underground kind of like symphony of a thousand different, sounds in another twenty minutes. Without a country man can stab me come home, get did get that dream alright, due to the alright the topsy turvy work,
we're all living the dig trip before the sun has gone history and we ride we ride together, and so I say again that the tree come on. Get yeah get the fuck out of the window. Watch the world go play in the pan. Every river town and village as it comes and goes the day with memories- and I know they're gonna- come on come on catch it again that the big country, the kitchen, the guns that the tickets on the
Can that eyes yeah, ok, buddy thanks for doing it. Oh man that was great fun. What a great guy, what a nice sound! That's all was catch that from a dance, two thousand and six album The same name enjoy that conversation very much. If you got a family than me the family music for your family enjoy what else. People go to deputy paddock dot. Your deputy pod needs gets him copy dot, co op get the app get the free up, upgraded the premium app enjoy yourself
check the calendar about the two debates, I'm tired man, I'm fuckin tire making posters, We allowed a new posters after the tour available in the march, still need a poster for charleston yeah. All right, no guitar damp play in these approach. Enjoy your mind. I have a good week I'll talk to you The roma.
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