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Episode 595 - Rose Byrne / Kevin Pollak

2015-04-19 | 🔗
Rose Byrne is everywhere. With two new movies coming out, Adult Beginners and Spy, and a laundry list of big hits in recent years, she still had some time to chat with Marc about her journey from Australia to Hollywood and all the stops along the way. Also, WTF friend Kevin Pollak is back with a debrief about his new documentary Misery Loves Comedy, which happens to feature Marc.

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I'd like to do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck a delicate, what the fuck stirs? How's it going this is marked marin's is deputy up, I'm in a hotel room, my home, room studio at the western at the detroit airport I don't think I'm ever gonna get into the actual city of Detroit. I've been here three times in the past several years for one night, gigs that just don't afford me the time to get in Saturday am recorded as its monday you're here and it I'm here Do I the royal oak music theatre- let's just say it, went great. Why not? Let's just say it went great. I just need to get this done, cause I'm traveling, it's been great, way rose burn is on the show today and also
I would go a little where we shall Kevin Pollack. about his new movie, this memory. He made misery, loves companies, it's out its avail on Veo d in itunes, open and select theatres april. Fourth, I'm in its many comedians are in it. So ok, this tours been awesome, aright they're like I was in madison the other night and day the interesting thing I don't know- I don't really want to my own horn, but the show's good, I'm entertaining I'm in good spirits and funny, but every once in a while I'll, just catch a pocket up on stage where things happen that just will never happen again and madison. You got that show. Now I know, there's more n me exemplary, it open, and if there is warmth and if there's a good sort of flow between me and the audience. I want nothing more than to make something happened. It's never happened before it's it's it's. The best
and right now about about neck deep, add new richard prior biography by scots. All, which is amazing, and your reading by prior and then having this opportunity go out, do these long sets and sort of push anvil open with with prior in mind, really sort of. Reading the anatomy are warning about the anatomy of of his process. from very early on like this is the first time I've never done a theatre tour. Yet, where we're doing places it see around it, I was in some places, are bigger. I mean madison at the barrymore theatre sold the place out anyway. one of those nights. I can't even account for why it happens, but I did almost two hours while before I got on
yeah the guy who runs the place was talking to me about people been through, he says you know. Chris hardwick was just here and he said the same thing as you: we do like an hour hour and fifteen. He ended up doing two hours, I'm like well fuck, if hardwick going to do too I'm going to have to do to so that wasn't the incentive. Maybe it was the incentive, but there's something about having a perfect sort of exchange of energy with an audience where I was just. I just went out there. I just pushed things further. Then I push them. I pulled things out of the air. There was improvisation that you, you know that surprised me and things happened. That will never happen again in that that's been happening. A most of these shows almost all the shows I was out, so I was out in pittsburgh and that that place was a trip. The crowd was fucking great in the sunday about pencil.
the man, it's heavy man, it's just that in my mind, there's a darkness to it. I don't know if that's true, I don't know, but it it just. I feel a presence as something in pennsylvania in general something. I allow embrace, not something I feel negative about, but but there are plenty of dates coming up down this is coming up and we got em houston and austin ash. in charleston in samara. go in seattle, I know it. Lana go to deputy of pod dotcom swash calendar and your check out these dates. If you want to know if you wanted You see the show I've been hanging around after rico me a mean greeted with everybody who wants to sell and a few posters and it's just been, it's just been great. It's been a it's. I I'm thrilled to be doing comedy. I'm excited to get out there this first time my life. I've ever really felt like this, where the shit is in place.
and I'm not I'm not really. Second guessing myself in and people are having a good time. So that's what's goin on That's my little road diary not eating. Well, have my first experience with red robin which I could have lived without. I could have gone through my whole life without eating a fuckin red robin hamburger, but I did I ate it, and I got on stage in pittsburgh last night with bellyful red robin. That was you that was just just yelling at me from the inside screaming at me from the inside, but that added to it, there's nothing like the voices of self aid in the form of a digesting red robin hamburger. To make a performance, really fuckin sing dimension we have rose burnt on today. Did I mention that from that the new movie adult beginners, with the with nick crawl has been on my show a few times, tis baby. I believe he produced it, but rose burn from from D
images. You know our from she's gonna be new movie, a spy ware, Melissa, Mccarthy. She was in bridesmaids. She was in if you now. Is it a lot of movies she's from Australia and talked to her to our? Let's talk to cabin pilot back in the garage. Relaxing is wildly overrated. I think I do I can do. Is it overrated, yeah yeah? I can detached from the mother ship, but I dont at some point I'd rather feel alive and in the thick of my life and just be more proactive about everything, and even if I have to be proactive about relaxing yeah, fine that there's thy still a sense of I'm doing this right right, and I think that my
be the driving factor, I'm doing that fear. Yet I think I have a disdain for dread. Its anxiety issue, after watching the movie. Your mood misery was comedy, there are certain people like that are in that movie with every basing their movie. That you know. I really connect with you know when in in Dana, you know that when Dana Gould talking about the anxiety and the panic in there and I idea dad. I know that one of the issues by unlike him like ice Don't think that I need to to the source and somehow Immature white reckon with the source like I am go to whatever the what's the journey to the to get. I want the ring. yeah! That's inside of me they'd that I'm going to go into the pit and I'm going to find resolution with. With that thing, that's caused with the well I'm going to plug the anxiety well and how long my own? How long do you think you could? Last once you had the ring before your
about. The ring like there's someone, I'm a nicer ring is who is going to come, get the ring right. Where do I keep this? Now that I know what it's that great moment in the redford film, the candidate? All of them were the last thing. The last moment is not what you know. It's all been about this journey toward this thing. You're without ever stop into go asked. Do I want the thing they are just I gotta get to think so: yeah when they're still, I think what it comes down to his it's. It's really like some version of of that kind of recovery observation is that you have in terms of your character, defects and the manifestations of those in how they affect your life. That's what's relative to you know the necessity of of harnessing it stopping at her managing it like do. I still you behaviour. Am I still hurting myself by having this thing? I think I'm out
point now where I am then listening to your show, religiously has driven me to them too, and my own realization, yeah, ah about you, know what at the end of it or and as well as in it air. It's about being true to yourself and if and if and if suffering a wildly with your own shit is being true to yourself, then stop fake trying to figure it out. stop trying to cure it, stop trying to register except to tarnish at ear it. It makes you who you are and why this show has become. Insanely friendly to people, matches popular but a comfort, so yeah. If you fix it europe, I'm serious, and I don't think it's like someone who gets that's all I'm saying: relax, you're doomed that well I don't not like someone who's fat who gets work because their fat, rightwing, congo, I so do I don't think it's that syndrome here. I think it is the audience.
In the documentary when you're talking about that moment, we're on stage in the audience is like this is marin he's gonna get this yeah you're right. I had to include that has yet to stand. I had seventy hours of footage to carbon for a minute and no narrative, no story, no script. I had to create a It was interesting caused impasse. It is impossible, but I think that the way you are to end, you know finish it out, I think what it is. It's really the the portrait of the comic artist. Through seventy people, where our many people who say something up sixty something people, yet it will go Then you have to be miserable to be funny lovely little mention of a film. But it's really thirty minutes right Do ninety four minutes, all right, no everything's talked about parenting. Job work ethic, a little bit of evolving, a common personality, the liabilities of being a comic in the real world
What does this in their zeal, but you're watching people fain off talking about misery while attempting to talk about misery so that when Jim gaff again says he turns the question into a joke about annoyance yeah he's clearly going for the laugh there when in fact, not comfortable to talk about well. Yeah he's uncomfortable it. I mean it's more than annoyances and I think that one of the parts it stood out for me was the moment where James Brooks says it's about feeling alienated or whatever he said that that the uncomfortable why did I think that really hits it is that a lot of us are sort of like you know, no matter how who accept this at any given point time we always bulow outside now, You know, and I and I thought he was sort of smart about it without being too more and more rowse yeah yeah. Well, the the the more honest people got about what
I think one of the things you made me think about. I dunno if you said the exact words, but what meant you made me think about was that our job as performers is to her violate the misery near. It isn't so much that we have to be miserable on stage or in front of pure. We have to make it either universal thing steve. when talked about the other, make it universal. Oh that's happened all this or make it so personal. They always doesn't have to work. about! Can they really had they got the distant third just empathetic, ear and laughing, and we support all of this poor guy, exactly which is slipping on the banana panel swimming on them? the banana peel I get out, I'm gonna respect louis black hands. Yes, in fact we have debated picture. If you noticed that in the baby picture he's doing it, louis black gesture is zero yeah because it despite wouldn't anyone, says about like everybody, has problems. Yes, not everyone. As emotionally handicap as people who choose this profession,
there are one or two were depressed. You know, but they don't even of their not like onstage you'll fixing toilets about articulating it. You know it the misery as universal human condition. what was the process this year of this, Commissioner. I know I was in a big Jesus. How long did it take to put together well I, u know doing. One of these shows affords us a rolodex to reach out to famous funny, but also you, you know, you're an actor he's been around a long time. We've shared trenches, but you also have to be have some interview chops right to try to get these people to open up right and there is no question that the chat show informed all of that right, but you know that where to get all those famous funny people in your movies to not pay them right, so earnestly yeah. If I had to pay any of them they have to deal with agents and lawyers and managers, and I'm fucked or you can ever know now. So when we see it was America gotta. Should these four weeks consecutively.
As for them, am I going to get yay for these four? Where I ain't gotta get a crew and you've got. You know how to bring your show. You have to meet these parameters yeah so who I gonna be available who were going to get now. I know dedicated the film to robin. Did you interview? We were phone twice form in our hour each time he was shooting the television series at the time and you know fourteen feet. in our days I had four five day week, Zia and as much as I would like to say. Well, let's just bring the crew down and talk to him in a trailer administer it. It just wasn't physically possible for him. His product producers has production and, in my view, now why size name at the end. I was like you now. I wonder, even if you had the footage right, you know it would be hard to decide. While I took out a moment first, while
whether it is put it has while I was editing, which is why, ultimately, I decided to dedicate the film to him and clearly it wasn't something who would have her. If he were a painfully obvious, but because he had been such a mentor of mine when I came on the scene in San francisco, he had just become made man but spent all his time in san francisco to first stanhope. He, of course, would work out at the comedies daughter, but it could not wait to get back to san vs going in and night few of us laden and What does that railways are these yeah and so I was swollen gaddi, so good in your fuckin movie. Oh I get you there. You know there's a wrong decision and naked ness and a beautiful but the pretty easy, but he's ok with himself. That's the thing each one of the reasons are include him in a couple of others was these people should also be famous to you
yeah and the and, if you're a comedy junkie, you know who they are and if you're, not you don't yeah. So the the flighty nature of fame and success is not based on talent. Yet it's it's horrendous yeah, there's no rules or fairness. We I used to have a mantra jockeys a millionaire because this yeah, because this kid, twelve or fourteen walked onto a set of a famous sitcom and famous of how, on the cover of seventeen magazine, yeah and not based on anything else, talent, or anything in no disrespect to we who that person is near. That's just the way, show business work right now, there's no It's horrifying, no correct path, no rule book and good. That's why go now and people talk to means like look, I don't know I just had a fight in my life. I had good cosmic timing behind. I was ready to do what was necessary. Yo yo aid things sink up and I was ready for the job.
If I may, you also begin with being proactive right. That's where it started. You said: fuck em, when I was in everything else, I'm going to do this yeah yeah, and even though you had done that in your office. Out with what am I going to do of, you know, you've already prefaced that, but I just keep coming back to that's. The only advice I can get what is done for anyone to figure this out for had there not young suck at the show. Business is not your mommy put in ten thousand hours immediately and then talk to me. You know so much good stuff in the movie, the weeping experience, I have what some people like. I know how I was in this guy talkin parson, yes yeah. He had other reasons, names names, the reason that Davis yeah, I I don't wanna hear what this guy's sure
bet you're a good guy shirt guy, so does it better a terrific guy? I am the same way. I just came from a meeting with some people who will usually think they'd like me to direct their film and they started talking casting choices. Yeah. I said what about this guy and I I and I I would like to direct their film yeah. I don't want to alienate them at this meeting, but I also have to be true to my school, which is difficult for me. I'm too much of a people pleaser clearly. Clearly I mean my act is nine seconds from character in the sense that it's shrinking parlor trick. it's just a tricks so in a took me forever, diagonally, hundreds or even to say something: I've been near defence. You know you don't You know you excess rice you're, your impression here you yeah! That's right! You don't put the hat on pay and you know you. We, I carried the colombo coat the first nine years of my act from gig to gig viviane, actually put it ok, yeah, yet up within emulated thirty years ago. You let it go. I assure you the cocoa also for the lad, that's right
last ten years or more, I torture the audience by insisting on doing straight stand up for the first twenty minutes. Oh, he fled in a single voice like classic pollock, stand up or newer stuff. There's no such thing as newer stuff is there you mean point of view on what's happening in my life, sure yeah. That makes no sense a target anything, but that yeah I leave that to the professionals sure and and- and so I, when meeting with these people- and they suggested this actor. I have ultimate said said yet and just not a fan and it was the same thing you're talking about which some people- I don't care for- you don't like their face here and care for you. Don't like the way that day. we keep their chin higher than it be when they speak. There's just something in their essence that I want to set their face on fire, yeah yeah, there's, there's those sure this be the time or I could, like you know, I'll go to overly reference. Boy in the movie like from a list. not like, I don't have the waste and I give guy going Stephen more
in a Dana gould is in it, but tat. Judging by the way, I thought was a revelation I know he was very articulate james James Brooks was in their Jim jefferies, we met again. Louis black pendule lad grid proofs, the one that I boys were me was that horrifying picture approves back in the day. Yes, what what was at the photos? People chose to share with me. I could. I could not believe that advertising the clown outfit from his yellow is cute. I mean the kids. Pictures are one thing, but that was proves it like what we Do we? Yes, like you, you look like you is, you know, like add, using the David Bowe. We entourage she here. He asked yes, yes, They were doing bowie version of this mothers brother, what hotel and with that, but no but the other one of himself. With his hat on the site, you, oh yeah, yeah, yeah, thou. That was nineteen net. Probably eighty one, you remember him looking eyes now sure that was the look yeah the cars then eventually, one with the horn rooms and the other thing that was, I met him and probably
ninety, when he was doing that already without with eighty one. Oh yeah, we looking I got yet this by the end of the eighties. He was maradona letter. The grey headed lean and agreed is good at that point worth yeah, I was still groovy and eighty one yeah, so but who asked why missing, whether just so many sagging Amy humor, downy, norton gap, Maria bam for Jim, I am also wildly naked, as he should be with his always truth and there also the sender already a pumpkin, oh in a yeah yeah yeah. That was also a thing and in poster I was like huh. How do I do I? Let anthony look like a human that that is the question. Yeah, that's right! Well, do I allow this nice part of him shine given the situation yeah
as funny as I do, but I mean I cut, I edited for like almost ten months, because he was a puzzle that I I could have had done that for five years, so so much time had passed that people's lives change right now- christopher guests, yeah in a minority or by the way, martin short talking about being so bitter. He couldn't. That was great, be happy for that's a side of him. I don't know that. We've seen you know, so that was it. It was embitter bitter it was. It was an uncapped incapable of celebrating somebody's jealous yeah gels, yeah, absolutely Josiah. I love that story. Breakdown, corner breakdown, corner yeah, because I know that feeling, because what you want to do is cry did you show you'd like to shoulder. Their party is successful. Phrynes start weep. go away, you bite, I like you. I can I be that's the unfortunate human condition to, though- and I think that's why faced because a multi billion dollar business and that's why the thesis for the film grew to
children suffer from hey. Look at me disease because their children need attention. Adult clearly suffer from that. That's why facebook is a multi billion dollar business have a page your somebody who fuckin chooses that has occurred as I devote your life to make headway action. That is hey, look the fuck it may be. I I get there, but I think that, like a about I called the psychology of that. It seem like most people I have an experience with show business. They they they they see like you know. Some people see a fireman. They won't be firemen, though you know, and in those of us, for whatever reason are just It's amazing that you know you can get station being entertainer. You know to begin with there, yet I don't I when you said in the film. Forgive me running when you said in the film I saw. these guys. Like me,
and they had that yeah, they had something to say. Well, they had something to say and also they had an angle they had. They had a point of view and they can handle things. They had a way handle things. Rage said they had a handle on it. You know what I mean great, but that was said made life seem doable right yeah for the wind. It is hilarious like oh, that's what that is all right, exactly like sophie who it was this or a bear professor. It will be. professor, but you right the budget. It was, I think, would appeal to me was the point of view. I know who the hell am I. What do I think about things like committee? Are good ones however, we know those two things? Yes, yes, I had only one teacher all through school who I connected with it, and it was because here's what you need to do to shape your mind that you please tell me I think I telling me about the history of anything. Just tell me how I'm in a myth forward, lie without disintegrating and disappearing in every conversation, yet the agony bikes a few hands. Yeah yeah tom action
David, I is great worry David was great store. Those beats those pieces from the chat show, obviously the backdrop, and both of them is just horrendous. Like for black boy. Didn't really your item? We good but I had to include them because when I was shooting the film those interviews came up, so I just did the double release form and let them know I'm gonna use this in the film and then came to a section within the body of the interview for the catch. Your eye devoted to get you, this kind of question right right. In keeping with the film I'll write young now now doubt and getting Tom Anais greece a fifty three years of the self loathing darkness. That was really loved it. They have in the new than the more of your comic a moment after yet, of course, that makes tell said, but that he found standard to be like crystal meth, you know and in the when it was. gearing up to do punchline, I dont acknowledge that it anymore. I dont like I don't
What's the rush of getting the laugh for me, it's the broader rush of feeling connected. I don't think it's getting the laugh either. I think it's being on stage and litter. being in control of the ride for now yet and also being like having that connect. You know like that one mind thing: yeah yeah, that's attributed to your act. Few other people. They are not everyone's experience right to be able to connect on. But I do know you're talking about where it happens. There's no greater trust, bathrooms get that yeah I recently have just been like us, have been a little kind of nervous about stand up and, like I keep doing it, but I am I gonna crisis fuckin when we're gonna do with you. and then I got a lot material but like lately I've been. I took some turn like last week. In our view, Sonny, you in part you realize what I've been doing, this my whole life if I'm not open micro or my worried about what do you think's going to happen to think that dread your sensing, so I prepare, may may be now
julia school, but I think it also is bigger than that. I think it's also I know how good this can be. I know those moments when it all clicks in it or I works, and I make the cook connection and the dread of having to get to that place successfully again and the responsibility of that in the expectation that that you put on yourself, it was crazy fuelling the dread yeah. I try to turn all that shit off in a naturally happening is, as I age like, I can't keep it all my head, but it's that weird cure all too and we actually get on the stage in other. Well, you just feel like you know, right away whether it's what kind night it's gonna be lately. It's like I have. Is I hope that you, I sort of buried, or sometimes I don't do it and then I started to realize cause. I'm doing sets at the store where I just kind of punch in and out just trying to you know do tight sets it. You keep that relationship going to work. Move is one joke to the open. Like I was like there was a time man were
it all hinged on that opening joke, like you know, you're gonna, to have that strong opening joke and really thought about that in a long time you have him, but in a club situation in a fifteen minute set as once you put that one the front and then all of a sudden, I'm like and and know the joke and from within it. Like a lot of times like I didn't, unlike what the fuck am, I would you do. bigger venue, they're, giving you the first two or three minutes turn their settling in and it is they ve they ve paid a babysitter as a whole. Different experience and you go into a tight room with thirty seven people you. Ve got a bang in the years before I second to relax everyone spanked right right after the person before you just killed yeah, allowing so so that this be the elation of like whether choke works, opening gay he s. I've spent far too much time I mean I to the point where I would come up with just a little throw away. Area as I'm walking out and taking taking the my right at something as simple as please be seated
he was writing audience. You just use a waiter yet put everything. You know it's just a moment now that moment now, in what way we have been doing this I take them. I extend a bend down now blew my foot literally on the table of the front row in down and have just say on an going the fuck, I say great right and I just Oh, they gave him a visual, the idea, the idea that you found an opening joking and actually resonated. Oh, my god this nope. I remember that yeah I remember like yeah used to want a street you'll get right in that's the greatest for the rest of mankind. That would be the first time you found the hidden easter egg, no one else could fine and you get to do that it over and over again, but I just like. I had been a long time since I thought that yeah yeah, my girls aerial, I'm gonna, let you know I don t like in its specifically a club sentimentality where you like,
Oh yeah. You probably went away from that. Purposely I'm not gonna, go out there and had a cares like you know, but like it, the comedy starts like in its packed in a sort of I do. I want a bunk through now, don't you dont also, you know. With not much time right and they'll shut down any of that room in that. Oh are then, it's like if you're not hidden, it's like that they're not gone, no sympathy there. Listen! This kind of talk, hopefully, is what the purpose of the film the Memory was too too. If you were a kid, but a junkie in particular, if you're a cop a nerd, we'd love one. things written was a master class on on what it really means to do this so at best I guess that's. That's great. If, if you're, if it's your thing, congratulations, and I do need to tell you that, like I, you know what are we okay? So how long do you think I talk to you in the garage whether for that interview that you took pieces of for the movie? Probably a couple of hours
Oh, no, just a little over now, a little over an hour, alright! Well, we've talked for thirty three minutes, I'm looking for a good eight yay, epic gabba I'll? Take you take eleven, but if you need to only make it ate, I loved it. I was proud to be part of it and nice man. It really meant a lot to me that you were a part because I'll be honest, there were very few people who I wanted. I wanted famous people, of course wanted people to would open up a very few people I felt like would get to the heart of it, for real and so Kevin smith and Angela, aiming and and end and judd I mean Norton, and there were just a handful that I knew would really yeah yeah say it yeah. So thanks good luck with the whole process, while ever it's already succeeded, that's Thank you no getting into sundance and then the tribeca sale and then would just sold foreign. So I win, I'm done. You're done, go, see it. Oh, that's it please! So that does
matter to you! Well it matters because you want people to come up to you and say I saw the thing was good yeah, you do get there finance years, everybody's happy and I get to do it again and that you know those are the victories oh yeah yeah, you keep working now so go check out their movie right, misery! comedy now. What do we got? This nice a hotel room. I always wonder if people hear me shouting this shit out in the hallway, if they're like, why is he yelling into the phone like he's on the radio show as part of a man's part of the job? So I Keith richards said it's a job buddy, it's a job. So occasionally you get these opportunities to do interview, bigger movie people and rose burn. Is here what she's in the garage was. She was in the garage one we're going to the garage now at let's enter it that way
in the film adult beginners is a is funny bobby kind of valet is that he says: name is in it. He's funny he's always goodnight crawls in it he's good most burn is in it. She's good tat opens this Friday April, twenty fourth and also look fern spy with most mccarthy, which, on may twenty. Second, and now you can listen to me talk to her back in the garage. Did you boys, overs ever norway, You never had a paycheck here, never done it cartoons one line on american dad. the man ass in that area. That was it it's amazing how it seems so everywhere. So you can talk with an american accent and but like hard by kid because, like if I try
speak like an austrian or british person. It would take everything I had to focus on that the same going. The other way. Sometimes is, but it's we grew up in australia with a lot of american televisions If the vernacular is really romania sound here and I've gotten better at it, yeah well, I think, actually lightly, and was really know why? I, just watch them. I I watched the new movie adult beginners yeah. I watched it a great sat there and watched the whole thing. Thank you, the I too. So I'd have something to talk about good. I would love to talk about it. You would yeah. The dog is sometimes part of the show I sat in my doll I started. I owe you were almost done repair It was just about at a time was that it doesn't let my dog neighbours say so, because you are a problem. Sceptical shut that window, nobody ip, I watched it when I was it was there. funny, and I notice that a lot of time said: damn you, you sort of.
Straight person for guph balls, yes, dad sure your task, I am ever want to be the goofball today's ball so I've have I you know I I have rolls were like in this movie. Get him to the great I played a resource responded obnoxious pop star is very wild and very beyond ass, a sister basically the same aversion, Russell brown road was so ridiculous. Yeah self absorbed yeah and same with the one in bridesmaids. You are sort of like yeah alrighty. She was she it's a little more uptight, though, like Jackie kay was just wild rose. Helen was so preoccupied with what people of her, but I thought that the dobryna dinners movie was very touching you I'm a grown man with no children, a kind of blue it.
so yeah. I hit a lot of buttons with me and I know nick kroll pretty well he's been on the show a couple of times so he's gotta be pretty fun to work with. He is and he produced it and came up with the story and then took it to these writers, liz, flyhalf and Jeff Cox. So he he's it's his baby. The whole thing is really very much she's like nick's yeah. Absolutely it was his you know and he's pretty produced it with the with mark duplass and do the hoopla plus rather yeah the kings of how yeah they had like we were at by south west without move yeah and they, but they had like. So many films that, during the guy you're ninety picture deal, we have put right ninety or have you I didn't, know tat, ninety ninety, maybe three or six or somewhere else. There. it's good, though the great no there yet very ubiquitous. The idea, I know that word means it sounds write them. We had our later at everywhere, yeah yeah yeah. I know I had mark in the market and the other one he seemed
the other shit together, which annoys me you have people who have their shit together in general. I find disconcerting. I don't understand, like I wouldn't the felon Well, yeah sure I can do that. That stuff, you know, remember like he, you know he's like the duplicate guys you work in their eyes. You write their solid yeah like I, don't necessarily think that someone works in my eyes and there eye a comforting chap and you're, so very new real boyfriend was your husband guess lie. Reviving was my Bobby kind of ali yeah. He's he's great. I was like seeing him. Thank you. I'm ever seen a long time ago, as he maybe He was in new york. I write still is in new york. I get is maybe in the first seasonal lui, or did he do Louise one? It would really show our films, the eighth after the shots, and if you remember him back from the shore, yeah call yank zeiss to live in new york, ah, ah yet peace, and only for a y yeah. I remember so I now let's go through life, because australians kind of fascinates me. I talked to Melanie Lynskey she's from new zealand
yeah. I know I don't know what I've met her before she yeah yeah you guys, friends, their clothes. just what in on your own steadily closer than new zealand and Australia, your in america, oh absolutely, I can use the one you can kind of go like I'm going to go new zealand for the weekend, just take a plane ride like an hour right sooner two and a half way out that yeah silver. I know that going to neil right. I did do that grown up. Did you go to vacation and never ever in your life now you there, they have their black sheep and stuff. I exotic wool blow. the rings yeah there appear. Jackson is always there all knew something. I went to Queenstown munson once in the south island and shot a commercial, and it was stunning scale town summer, but the owner, the landscape, is just breathtaking and inward. You grew up in Australia. I'm from the city. I live in an area
Bilbao main, which is a sort of neither harbor, but it was a very working class. I put my parents move there in the seventies as very close to the centre centre of the city and certainly in sydney. Yet and he's got that beautiful beaches yet gorge, good city, it's beautiful, good food or maybe a fearful food weather, I mean it as a stunning place. A new group live your parents with their one they may thereby from sidney and that they do. You know that so they lived there there lawyers yeah yeah, pretty much now they moved to tasmania, which is an island off the coast of maastricht. it's part of australia. I dunno why that doesn't sound good to me. Tasmania is just a name, it is: are there? People are the the first among the first lunch what's goin on area what is going on down there, though its gorgeous, how it is its, but it is, it does a lot of them,
colonial heritage, no beds like the bad sophia, there's a very famous jail there called port offer jail where a lot of the You know it was a jail for convicts, so it was in all of our stroll. Your convicts lavishly were well widest early, we're all that was sent there on the boats to eradicate a class of people from england, and then they was sent to live out their sentences in in Australia and then they got and then they got to hang out with the people who Vienna put magician, we'll have to fundamental rights, the people that end up in jail after they ve already come to australia at a certain point at that time must be really shady p, Allow me, I guess I have any gets a hanger is so weird was the two. We expect they know your family heritage. Now I would love to. I would love to know, and I was going to do that, show who do you think you are on fire, but I couldn't forgot the schedule, but I would love to just haggling
be nice to ever show. Do it did it. I get the care of it. Yeah yeah, exactly internet, my own laurels and my own ass and doing it or whatever on on website website. Whenever there is a good thing now, governments telling me that you can just send your saliva, we the genetic modification. rights. Are you, then you get sorted, breakdown yeah yeah and it's it's very surprising yeah. She was surprised and yeah why? What was her surprise? A gift inside of her jeep was like mostly right. She thought she was mostly like russia and eastern european and spanish had some african in her. Don't we all We probably a variety of face, When did you what what kind of work I'm back on come from your board. Your folks do. My mom was a homemaker until will probably till I started school, and then she worked at a.
Regional primary school in a given region of culture and population in australia, and so she worked, did a school there in the administrative office, long time, a really great scope or darlington in certain yeah, in sydney in a place called red fund, which is a very, very aboriginal suburb. So as I go there is aggregated to a degree that such harsh words monolithic, segregated, but just like in the other neighborhood yeah it was. It was like a sort of an annex, yeah neighborhood really, so it was a priority school for that which is great. So they you know they very much respected the culture and didn't try to sort of there's a lot of different. You know in aboriginal culture, it's not polite, to look your elders in the eye, whereas for us it's very much, you have to look for sure make them do that, for instance, in an oh sir, she had a gun and learn the social rules create. It was really interesting, so she could see him. She was really on the front line at which
I was cool yeah. We I mean we all went to the school a lot growing up to that school. Well, yeah wade and I didn't attend the school. That sort of design bright, but we would go in there and Sarah and my dad ran accompanies on company. He worked, at least a village roadshow doing like statistics. Unlike so, if they wanted to build a new cinema, he would go gone like and do the server of the area like an interview people, I would you got the cinema If they did so, we all worked for we all go. We did find surveys in that you It's a movie company, a movies at theatre, company or indonesia, salaries like lives of our really that so he would work for them. So you go do recall yet exactly I statistical later on when he had not even a mad fanatic, I'm horse better on the horses Yet a gambling problem. Now would you have program you put their very nicely? he just loved the
Well, I guess where we never like lost the house or anything. I had that you're sure we had a real job thought he loves numbers so it is right to hand out is another area where how much you that horse eads outlay high- and I was already odds of this thing- you said you spend a lot of time at the track. As a kid I did, I went to the track climates it out the up when it is used because you don't know better. I come why so horses, daddy's gonna, put those I found the line on your eyes. I think my mom said never marry punter at one point in the punter is a better what he scientists gambler gamba, so hunters? There are really so she said tat. She said that to make some sort of, I can't write it. She did say how my brothers. Yet on the youngest, the force of that system. Sister brother me, in their early of em in show business, my brother Is it me,
not really my brother's a musician and a photographer his grilling. adorable and I miss gonna, promote him a little better, the great instagram following ass, a photographer, so he sat at george underscore burn, be why irony- and he has some about thirty thousand follow- is now make it more beautiful prince. He takes a kind of moody, beautiful princess thumb, allay shared this you're gay lives in the sleeves and silverlake urging us here, I was arms money to the printing shop with him, but the gorgeous photos I'll show you when we're done, they're, really beautiful and so he's here and my sister is a painter, alison lives in melbourne and my other sister Lucy works for the australian council of the arts, and she would citizens through your kind in the sort of artistic, but my parents weren't they gotta group about mine, which is sort of like an old drinking little village. It shows that we are full of artists, I think, will somehow
I dunno, they don't know them around the artist's parents. Have friends? Did you have some strange experience with the enacting ai? Does he go to a play? What happened like I started going acting school when I was eight because my sister's best friend rosie fisher who's. Now my one of my difference, she told me to go, and there was a lot of kids in my neighborhood who went to acting school yeah to this little acting school just for fun for fun here and that our other kids were there doing little play yeah like that version really belly. More, like games with those eight. Also literally, yeah. What do you aren't as inactive rewarding method Were you doing my eyes? Bag meissner, exiled, eyes, sense, membrane and learn the cat remember, but a crying at your own. I wouldn't give my eyes she wouldn't. Let me the lowly, wherever
I'm all I pretended tray virginia halfway through the same things, are a little more basic evacuate. Honouring the emotional constructive, a child's actually and euro dodge easy but he's stuck with it better or worse. No wonder just how did it go so your integrity and then go on? I was very shy. It was really quiet shy and then I loved it loved going to class and kept going, and then a casting director came once scouting for, like kids for a film- and I got a part in this film because of this scout. three thirteen we are see you're in for awhile. You say you were shy kid and acting enabled you to to do something. To get at all. I think the way that supreme three EC story. American, I got, but are you shine alpha campaigns in situ?
so thirteen year, parliament s nobody's gonna, maybe with sandra bernhard, real april yeah, and she was probably Nor twenties. She was either early thirties that point sondra. She was even in her passion, fabulous a long time ago now, shoes with this gorgeous her girlfriends homes, this beautiful south american supermodel called patricia. Some felt all kinds of gorgeous kind of remember that are stunning, and so I tweeted this she came to sterling. Did this phone called dallas doll? What was it? What was the plot of that? What's the pitch? The pitch of that is a american woman sort of invades this australian family and convinces them to spend all their money to open a gulf course and country club? I can remember that movie bizarre. The weird who the hell directive that was big idea, was at an end.
And turner wrote and directed it. So that would yeah, and once I was I did that, then I was unlike costing lists, so I would in Australia, and I would go in and audition for things but I finished school. I went to university and university university. We call college. I know I liked it. I liked the different summer I was at a hotel in Boston, the other night, and someone said the lifts are around the corner. I'm like no they're, not not in this country, though, elevators my friend, I'm not transitioning, to live. I cited by book. bilbil it I'm gonna, go get off the footpath all come on the footpath and he's like what What are you talking about? I like that before things like it's, a sidewalk reports, evermore them
it's over time. We have a saying sixty forty understands about forty percent of what I say sounds perfect, the rest of the time like what? What exactly have you figured out the percentage that he's not listening? What's that yeah? That's an excessive statistic: we need to come up with well, it's interesting that you worked with him in that movie because he didn't actually didn't know it until after I what of that. You too are too either and it sort of makes sense how how emotionally available. He wasn't me, I'm sure you do it as an actor. You know you know, but there was something there is another dimension to it. It seemed yet yeah I feel like you can make We can really make out and stuff. We, If a you can really make out bates very economic choice of the producer, because they get one carpool to take us to works, but the emotional shorthand is there and it's sort of like. I think that sometimes you know if the script isn't perfect, that's hard to manufacture
We have a history with somebody else yeah. I agree, Edith, yeah, that's what we're interested about doing. We've actually done three jobs together in this script with them, just we both loved it. I read it first then I read that role of of Danny- and I thought gosh bobby- be great for this, and then it ended up. They had actually written it for him, so it was quiet for tourists. Sir, it's a tricky bit of business that like there is some turns in that movie that are are are a little difficult emotionally, and I really wonder about the reality of certain situations like if what happened. In novi aben, realise yeah could be forgiving yeah, it's a big. Well, I I dont know in my life. I've never had to deal with another famine of cure. So that's a whole different addition to a here is a question like that, but it definitely happens. because I know that I have no idea
forgiveness that you may like that. Ah well, you I'd want to spoil the media that happens too, but how will you be with him? We ve been together for about three tuna. Happy is ok free priests still good. Yeah. Fine here isn't good guys, it's more solid, given that woody allen movie, though ass movie, aha yeah, I wasn't she amazing kate. was amazing. Dice was amazing, everybody was out, and then she was great chief, british english. Yet I took it We too we are losing who you sweet. He came here he's he can be sweet. I you know it terms of white, sometimes when he he plays a carrot. that is in him. I thought I was a pretty lovable character into the turn. At the end, you like being a dick yet any sadly, still here, yeah, so it's all over the other moves you work with him on. We didn't any reason.
The reason I miss- I miss mac. Mister, hey! I missed it with everybody else, I'll. Send you a dvd! He liked you in it, though one did they did you get some bad press. I think I stop reading the reviews after awhile, but that was for the movie. I mean like that movie came and went. I was like what's happening, then it's gone. It's a weird man. It's so weird when those billboards hang around failures of you know, isn't it yes was just like an exhibit of what didn't work like ghosts. Hang of it goes to failure, god, whatever you do at him, and so he and then we did of spy this movie with most mccarthy Is that her movie yeah, says I saw in may and jason state them and Bobby.
law, is one that her husband wrote, Paul failure and directed at who did bridesmaids in hungary gallery here. Even any ethically fiery had all been so you feel more comfortable. Now you see I can I can I looked again because I projecting I'd like you walked in here, like word, is what advice agreed to do. This is ridiculous is how has thank my resting face, looks a little sullen not a promise. Well, you know it's weird. When you're, like a murray actress, you know, people just sit there and projecting how do you know what I mean fish? She must be like this. It's all it's all very intimidating, sometimes yeah right, but I feel better. I feel okay about it. You see that two people share a crushing them that that guy's gotta be hard whatever you want, unto them? Medea lifelike, Kate, mosses so great cause she so like ultimate model could like I was still and still it's still dounia she's.
gotta be going on twenty thirty years and she's stores graziers is like a palpable. So when you are went up in Australia. I mean they ve got the wrong road. world in tv world. It seems that you know if you have talent eventually, you'll get your turn down there I yeah mate who's such a zone, twenty five million people in australia, tiny. You know, as you know, and they're all on the coast like It is not only let alone is all on the conflict in the middle. What's in the mill I mean, have you been to the middle? I haven't but you ve never been to the mill and I ve been in new zealand. Why have abandoned easy? It's a shoe dave, gotta, clean, sound right to sign a commercial haven't amends Larouche is a beautiful rock in the middle of his trial in the desert middle springs a maiden, they couldn't caved in assume that, like us, are you a austrians already know each other? We emory rightly start me nick cave rocky start,
a very warm up, kinder yeah. You know doubt at all round. Ah, I mean I I respect. I I don't know is music. I will but I mean what do you know? What do I know? How do you know Hu Jia who'd you grow up liking. Where did you run out to let it I like as a kid I copied my brothers is quite a lot like copied what they were listening so sure sure said. That was they are ready. And now you know old music like that plan, and that's it I'm with you. You know it s, not all better. Then I really got into techno due to raves and went like love, techno and stuff, like that, when you were a kid teenager, yeah like turkey and say it
How do I never enough up, but I did I did go to and I did go to the rave parties and I yep I'm trying to think of like the call Cox dj called oxen stuff like that via and then I woke up one day like this is too We want a clear definition of food, the derisory stance on I later silly having a teenager dancing, then my twenties, I I really under the base boys on earth. Are you ever god and then having to folk like than itself later after the twinning guess I like tat power and You got a little sad nostalgia, millionaires area, terrain and your heart, you that I will now turn in a relationship. I was troubled relationship difficult. I was an actor yeah with an actor rider, yeah, yeah
with that guy seven years was it just yep No, no, no wasn't no wasn't anyone. We know now australian, fellow yeah yeah again you do alright, he's great good, fantastic he's, brilliant and wonderful, and now really yeah yeah absolute who broke up mutual I really like you. I worked out again. Our aim is hit the wall, the wall does things happen, but he, but he had great data music, so so that's where he got. It got fantastic music tips from him dinner, if person was an enlarged, marlon marlin, you do you love her lovely cinder williams. Jesus he's been here ah like she's? You luck issue, a lover the greatest now in power folk though, but I love her now. I would neither it what would you say
we re in rock and roll voices She sang in area yeah, geez yeah was astounding, was I'm a huge fan and she told she amazing disaster bring story. Will you go with our listen to a pretty soon? I know she's skin, interesting character and yes, she's dead. As she came with her she's married to her manager, who's a nice guys a little younger than she is, and he seems to love her and and she you know, she's just got a great story. Her father was a pretty intense poet. Recently passed away She am there was before that, but you I was just ecstatic to have her in la by weights. go back to your you're amazing child stardom, yes loudly! Thirdly, as regards the movie with gender burden that movie with sondra, which kind of came when I didn't even have released exley but
Can I have this vague memory of it being crit, yet here we were seeing it written about it, and that was odd. Ok, did you see the movie? I did yeah mean years ago. I thought the guy. I thought you, how are you watch yourself, not great? I wish I was better because I think it's actually constructive remain. You can watch yourself and go now, if you face your phone, is something that you know. There are a lot like. Are you dig in July? You did a good job, but whenever that it's all a bit overwhelming and interests oh yeah can sometimes have to wait a year to vary the times you have. I do good, usually why do my shown? I see but lately, like I like, I'm, not fundamental. Knacker banks. You have gotten better, whose that's enough assisting young. I am. I still think I could, but there think I gotten did you work with a kite now now shut up,
I thought about if it has no time on that down the type of production we do, I assure you, I freely were soon an episode in three days. So there's no time for it. Real rehearsals yeah right, but a lot of input. They do or precocious I have in the past, Oh yeah, I was doing. Where was the real training? That's your thirteen! You do that moving then you're in australia and your movie person was a pretty big part right yeah, I was. I was so young, though I was really little, but I went to this school called the australian theatre for young people or eighty. Why pay a sum I'm now the ambassador for which is a great and you see it at school, really that you go to school and and to class. They, you know, take from eight years old to twenty five years old I will write so did that and then I graduated high finished high school and I for night, which is the big drama school that you know. Miss gibson went to and K, but I get in size devastated.
then I went university. Where are your? I did english leaving get into a third to the school under that. Have What do you mean a man so how many homes You did. A movie ended in tv already had died movies, and I have heard here in Australia and they when watchin you. What did you do? What did you do? I was pretty thought I was I want, and what are you doing here, an additional wealth but didn't? I think is really what I didn't take weapons shower. I wasn't very good at it. I mean here and he were working. It mattered clearly didn't matter what partners a bunch of well. I've been I owe I went to. I went to college dead, but now you're the ambassador for that school. No, no, no, that's a separate school. Neither is one school. Eighty I pay is another. So yeah you went to basically performance high school and then you try to get into what would like would be a college arts programme.
yeah. It's like juilliard right, okay, australian, Julia, exactly yeah! You know I fuck them and they kind of bullshit is that right she. Why out there? I would like to highlight their listening. I do they really teaches listening. I get one. Do you like that I'd like to say that I did go to that school? Would you have to you you're classical peace in a modern peace, I to pieces, do yeah. I did. I think I did something from twelfth night. If I remember, I think I did a viola from twelfth to nine gonna fly up blocked it out a prior something heavy for here is think. Have he cried out of it, a balance off? They shut their shakespeare in company. I dont know how to do shakespeare, library- and I have not read- I don't. Even I don't know why I only really- and you know how much I studied- and I love- and I actually studied twelve night and the tempest ask I loved english, said
love study, though as literature, but an act. That is the one that says a chore. Language is amazing, like what know what I mean like he's. Really, the greatest writer he's were making news. Just rose byrne has decided that shakespeare is a pretty good writer right here on my show, guys bill shakespeare ahead of him awesome right bill. Shakespeare, a handle on the language after an right hand right well, are you gotta university? Yes, to sydney university who studied what I studied. Gender studies and I studied so you were baling. How is simply giving up. We were nine, if you mean an actor, no, no, I saw at the same time I would audition I did. I did films and tv at the same time. So what do we know? Any of the people that you acted with some people that became bigger stars from the australian talent, landscape yeah? Well, I did a film when I was
pointing with his ledger: how much always maintain yeah We voted, which rule, which means a really great crime. Cape a film called two hands wasn't really say about. Was a big hit, Australia with brian brown, post of brilliant sudden act is directed and written by greg, Jordan and get heath was delayed, and I played his kind of love interest in the film yeah. He was great he's he's. He was incredibly generous here. Just help you whenever he could like when I would come to, lay the he's houses open to stay and he would always let me get additions and maria very eyes remain friends. We did we, It yeah. So it was very obviously you know a real real tragedy. Yeah just a real tragedy: you know he's poor families, little girl and everything, but he and he was a very wild and spirited and kind of. guy, he re he lives were lucky lived. Hoarsely, yeah
was shy away. They think, I suppose, but but he was always very generous. Let it be caught. when I was in the arable ass, an agency my great when he is really about so he got some incredible before couple. Anyone personally like a very really very sad wow, so that was really are now you were in star wars, episode to attack of the clubs yeah. I did that that I still get fan. For course you do with people of course dave talk about what kind of fan or how big was your partner, because I am not that big a nerd, so I wouldn't, I did not see the movie. I tell you I'm in that film for a minute, and you and I am behind Natalie portman the whole time and you got one lying here like white dislike cards and laminated things and posted as you know, is often the same guy, the one guy over in the same way, selling one do and how to responded that campaigns
I mean I know I did last time actually did. Rut did a bunch of fan mail which was cool. I hadn't I'd finally got around to doing a bunch stuff because I was doing a play and they sent it to the theater in on broadway. I didn't play You can't take it with you, a classic play, kaufmann and hot, but you are guards in their play. I ll show you. Everybody was, it's always been there's a lot of people, and here I take half vague ass if it is at the moment, sir, though, with one of the rules is both things up, yeah, ok out the painter guy shirt, so I did that on broadway and you did you love tat, I loved it James I'll johns playing ran grandpa. Do you feel like doing jack. They might. I hadn't done a place since I'm twenty four twelve years since those like twenty that someone or something like what words with what's catch up so early,
Is this star wars thing how'd you get that that was shot shot that I just auditioned. When you were still living there yep a soldier, he was casting locally yep, exactly I'm sure that some kind a prerequisite for tax purposes- neurosis trillions but in any case like to debt, which is a jewel. How did you get to engage with george Lucas? You must go. Oh, he was really friendly and really cool lovely and when do you make the move to the states? One? Do you like? I'm gonna, wait, wait a minute. I did that. I read something like words is that another movie where you worked with Dennis hopper idea did if uncle night. We call it a day. Dennis hopper came out to do it. He played frank sinatra and Melanie Griffith came out. stream. Yeah there was this as your son. Another was hidden from the rest of the world, because I never seen at an egg a visit to Dallas halfway my ceremony audience pranks True zaire was bazaar was bizarre
did you hang out here hang out no secure, ember me was lowered, I was intimidated? I was young, I was twenty the care of anyone really intimidated at that point, so so you make the move a. May. I I did like coming over here when I was cushioning. You know in my like nineteen twenty, but just come over three months here, three months there and additional action and then eventually got this juggled way, park, so I did that and then I do this don't try, which is like a big sandals and sword and they pay in a random blue ermine, wolfgang penis, indirect downward your partner. It was close upon applied precise, who is a ina integrating gets captured by the trojans and numb she's again becomes basically brad pitt, slow
slave in ice, so you had to work with. Brad, fell in love and get together through a love of bread. The cactus do you know they get. I understand, have is a moron clarifying just clarifying you don't like bread tailors were used. I hated hiding there him a what and I use coal man. He was. He was cool housing That was very shy and we feel that in Malta for a long time sir, I'm waiting in the hotel was pretty them. Pretty renault's is pretty boots gorgeous yet there was any was all on kind of location. Is the ability to see? I am also got all these incredible ruins and things that I mean it's. A very popular place too felt was I used to work with them and when you say you can, when you talk about heath, ledger as being generous or being was what what kind of actors brad pitt to mellow laid back and he's a
in ireland is creative and are really particular way. Like he's very curious, and he had a lot of ideas about things and he was unjust. Call with that. respect actors, those really needs it. It's interesting that you can't like their certain things in terms of movie stars it you can't really account for that, like there's, no yet they're just born network, Who the hell knows? Yeah, you know whatever he's doing yeah when he gets on screen. I know that's brad pitt yeah zone in for movie stars yeah. I know there are yeah, there's only a handful that have that kind of transcend. That is kind of bizarre, because it's completely it's like models, you know it's just natural phenomenon. They can find it. Yet it's really true. No, I know, and he you know yeah. I was just working with them. and surrounding I'm doing film shooting out here with yeah and yeah you she's spinner that she'd been here. No I've ve interviewed her. When I did a radio show on air america interviewed the women when they were together, the bow
I'll call. She knows me I'll criminals are high. I will teach you to get her in years. He's dynamite, she's great great, insists brilliant Marie antoinette you're. In that I saw that movie yeah. I have a really fun little part in that playing the duchess to pulling yak. Did you have fun dressing up? It was on. I got to where some costumes that marisa barons and war and bury linden they will. You did yeah, because Malena kind of narrow was the costume designer who's, one of the elders and them yeah. I guess she still has the files or you know, in the phrase yeah these cord. You know that's an insane movie, amazing movie a it's really thoroughly likely ass. It's it's funny, imparts yan, so Sophia, capillaries, fun this affair. She was called. She was very young, were then told her like very like easy gentle lot of improvising. Very. Like you know, fluid filmmaking was cool school fun and Jamie dornan was that cheney,
me doorn and who is now the star fifty sheds gray girl he was. He was, thank god, he's a lovelier he's a decent have fifty shades. Fifty shows that open, gonna come and go as is done, is a huge it. It was a big could not be happy how exactly I guess there's a lot of women in this country that don't realize it porn is available. How I am a whore and as nin dunno, we back all the way back to whatever yeah I dunno, I'm being condescending and I'd have no idea what the book is about. Nor do I with them of. U s back right. Did you see I've missed the night you, while I you know, I was travelling back from australia once in the woman, both women outside when reading the book and the stewardess and the way friday's enrolling answer is itself so did read it yet. I read it and it's I bread is a romantic feel. I've read it's a hyper romantic, it's a hybrid, absolutely right, yeah! So it's so it's not quite porn it just above foreign for some reason
but I haven't. I have no problem with porn. I guess I'm not that up on my wounds, he can or their eyes. It is romantic or is it just sex? well. No, no! No! It's romantic in absolutely romantic yeah! It's a classic story of female impress, dare doctoring sooner in the young virginal woman. That might get you a copy. Sounds good demo sandy I'll cook, one up I'll, get you a kindle, but yeah the kindle, which is downloaded after that I'll give you some music, you can give me the fifty shades of grey can help me download that Oh you, ve done a shitload of movies. The excellent movies are big. You must get van now. For that I do I from the star wars, athlete land boys, the authorities and by the nerves. The note there are you, are you guys they give cause. I'm not a mutant. Excellent terms. I really escaped a lot of it
dude via you're, the one with what might mara lyra mc taggart, see age in africa, and so she and has its relationship with charles zambia, and so she flies planes and she actually causes his injury and the one that I know he may seem. Really paraplegic in the one, oh really yeah, and that's right out of the comic or what I believe. So I'm not sure we have an incredible guy come in on set one day with, like the all the comics, you know a real fanboy and he was showing me all of moore's history and mo of endlessly wiseguy or who is unwittingly. Ass came on the sand. Aren't I mean you know they saw him out the production and came on and with any question we had about these characters. They found it whose job was to be a deep nerd deep, x, men, maria and there like we ve, got the deepest x men nerd, yet in the country and he's coming in with the study of his men hey man came in was
and on top of game he was beyond under me, had cause. The thing is with those comics: the stories occur is he might they go into like parallel universes and then they change identities and then they come back and then they die, and then they are reborn and man and a woman and then, if paladin and they don't, then they have a child. The charlton's into the sun and then the sun rules the planet that the planet the planet they blow up and then you know the trojans on that planet turn into apes. That then become. You know like scientology. It's like totally I dunno, but I think I'll send that little clip of you saying that to you and you can maybe publisher. Maybe you could give that to her. at a comic book writer and say I think I came up with this spontaneously on marin show. As you were saying, the I was referring to think. We've got a full mythology here. I mean it's really that complicated like. I was like why so that I think they just pick out strands of stuff from these universes of these stories.
And and figure out to mash it up into a movie. I never got into them those comic books later in life. I got into some of the more which ones hell, blazer sandman swamp thing I liked. But I was never a superhero person. Do you like any of the films and is the kind of, I haven't really jumped in you I, I saw a man. I think I saw that. I think I saw iron man one and two for some reason- and I saw that I liked it- you know it's okay, it's supposed to be like the christopher Nolan trilogy the dark knight, yeah yeah, like those yeah, some of them our baron, others. You know I like it was interesting cause I am the I saw. I was watching our foes, the last one and it reminded me that I met Michael Keaton and I had to have money chauvelin have him the show cause. I was watching wanna know ones. I was at hand reach out to Michael Keaton like a year
where did it come on? He did our colleagues like you're like the next day or something to entail. Now what are you doing? What's going on to morrow, you mean your enemy he just came over. I hit seventy nights, I what are we doing so that's good. He was you keep unita is great. First grab my original here's, a good bad man. I was a great film that original on yes or hear him basing technical, some live the crisp and voluntary I think so. You really brilliant and a lot of european. I write the bar further so and then you are on damages forever, and that was a big job right now. The job you have a bright people, love that thing and it was sort of like it was one of those weird tv shows where through I cancel now, it's not that it's back you have cancelled
now we're just moving into a thing where he is just scared. I like what was going on. It is still here still here: yeah yeah. We we had five seasons through and effects to indirect tv, be as big break for me. I was twenty seven moved to new york got this show opposite glenn close and I'd never done a cable television before and like a long running show. Not since I'm fifteen, I did a show in australia foot, you know so for about a year? So it's hard work. I mean the hours that those at the clock as an actor on those shows like intense. You work, seventeen eighteen nowadays, it's really the critical to work with it, but I got to work with glass. Is enough she's going I assumed. That was the whole way. It was sort of assorted bit of business. What was the angle of that show? Yeah, I'm a young, very naive lawyer who comes to work for her and she's only employing me, because I have information and she's a very duplicitous sort of shady woman. In a way she does a lot of things out of line out of hook to get
it's done, but she's generally usually is trying to do the right thing, but she does a lot of bad things to do. The right thing are your folks still alive? Are they proud of you? I think, though I hope so yeah do they do I ass? They tried to yeah concerned, has maintenance pretty remote. Is there a horse tracking tasmania? Now he doesn't earlier the tracking wages, lessons on the radio that fed dot com so that fed up come through just sit there and does that yes, compulsively I've got it he's a guard which is a beautiful show for his great galaxy sunk into the few competitions as a national annual competition into into if he's got comparative garlic grower disease, and you gar with now be, doesn't
because I mean over, as kids are going to get through customs yeah when you do go visit them yeah. I was just there for the summer and they have they're really good with food and everything's very fresh and say that he cooks for me constantly when I'm with garlic water carlin. I got no vampires and then does he pick order anything I don't know. Maybe he does and tom me I think so had that once anyway, it's gonna, having was a nice so right here, so I could alcove garlic. Just because it's sitting in vinegar doesn't mean it's going to be anywhere near knock. You out, Jamaica can fight yeah. I think it's good for you, and maybe it's good for you is it is. Is it yes Is your science on matter antioxidants, fine but don't quote me on that. So alright, let's get into the the the the the more reason, studies how'd you get locked in with these comic people as very lucky. Captain badgering, my agent thing-
I'd love to do comedy, and I really was known for his damages and troy, which are kind of very heavy films and tim television. So I I started getting more decisions, a man I went in and read for getting the greek that John uptown producing and next dollar with them the direct honor he threw in her has even it also and this week he we gave me my break and they knew damages a little bit. So those forty his break too, with a I was getting. Ceremonial votes were able to go around again, but they took it sooner damages wilson comedy and that's what then, you me from an election, for humanity sitting there and they decided as yours. I wasn't in there. I think those justs it was. It was next and instead of blood. It's online, my audition yeah that happen they film. Post them in brussels. Is online minds online. You good posted is on line I fit They do want to know what the the why they roll it out, but like so, and so that was
first real break the comedy yet, and then he did bridesmaids after that yeah, and you know they had seen me in that job and he was producing this and I read for that and they and I got bridesmaid. So it was really very lucky to be right and then you deny neighbours which is pretty huge, yeah yeah we didn't, It was the internship which was not so huge. now. There are a lot of signs around that ever I wrap the guy and he did the place beyond the pines, which was heaviest bach yeah. I love that fuckin move ethical movie at a tiny part that it was very clear. I played badly wife and its brief right. Yes, super brave I've like ray since that day, when he was a cop, you appoint it became like mayor or whatever we still know he. So it's sort of yeah, it's the second half of the film and he's a cop and then he gets shot right injured and then he does and then he starts running for me right. So you were there like when he was home convalescing. I remember yeah. Now I thought that movie was very kind of like it. I did like. I was pretty to look at
as you are again. It was interesting structure, yeah, either release, oh my god, I loved blue valentine and he sustained another, really interesting film quarters, NOME derek sandra Yeah, so you're real artist is well yeah he's some really towns it so that the spy thing is going to happen, yes I comes out in june. A package is gonna happen here or you know the amount. I want your wiki and they have not put adult beginners on there. Haven't they know. How do I get in touch with them? I dunno who does it? May I mean talk to your public It's my name was incorrect, only imd a bay for a long time they had my name is rose. Judith Esther burn what I know folk,
but what's your dream man? What do you want it like? What? What would be the role would mean what you just love, strive to work with directors I admire, and who do you want to work with? I mean I'd love to work with Derek again. That was really you know, inspiring challenging experience, and I love David lynch. I'm a big lynch fan, can you get weird how we can you get well, I would mean it good for him or I'd have to say that I think he's he's so. you like heavy shoe. You do like well, but I've. I've, it's been great. Things in germany has been something of, but to challenge yourself, oh yeah, for show Absolutely few I give now they are mail today. Appalachia, no are you kidding not at all, not at all no worried, always yeah you're doing okay right. I have nothing to complain about, but I think the you know general.
If artists, I'm sure, are what's your biggest fear, the way it just drives, you a little better, he just waiting for the other shoe to drop. Well, you know you've. you're doing you know, like you found, you know, you ve hit your stride at an age. Where you know most actresses are right? Am I going to work anymore? It's true. It's true. Now it's a good point. It's absolutely true, though. I've had great the last years of working consistently on interesting stuff, but you know fuck man. Like can you swear on this treasure? but now you gotta do it. You know where we can say. Fuck was this. I said fuck man like you just have to keep perspective on it or I think you want to do more stage. Is that what you said when you look into my eyes are like some heavy snow? I think my style, most strong and stuff. I think I think, sir, I think I've found, even though I think, the challenge of your like, I dont, you won't be like play: evil fuckin.
well inspire. I have a really great evil character. Even bridesmaids. That was, she was just insecurity in over the top. In terms of her positive year, but it is a fragile caracks yeah. But It is a terrifying yeah, inspire she'd, like that. This is she's it's a comedy very longer than its common. It is I know it's a comedy, but it's taken very seriously for comedy. So it's like my characters, she's just lapsed. He just doesn't care about anybody else, but herself and there's no no sort of concept of a consequence for her. You know it's very she's totally I dunno. So that was fun. That was fun to play a truly evil person in figs, great he's a sweet guy yeah and he's I mean not to get his he's such a champion of women. You know like he breaks every convention like he's so smart like that, and I, when I went, met him at faker recently he's like you know. We want to make female driven films with action and comedy, and that's sort of
he's doing exactly what he said. What things important he has to happen. It has to happen when he has to happen. You study gender in college. What what was that been like at the beginning of the massive gender studies? What what was the angle on there? We read for KO sure, and we you know, looked at that stuff and then of gender, like gender sort of technically being a myth like that and how it developed in pay our key jury. That's patriarchy, rightly how the whole thing is still too right. Our lawyer, I totally I've been reading the feminine mistake by very freedom, one in which the very old text, but order I've been reading that which is really interesting. Rum so anyway, it's just still really rife. So it's someone like phase as interested in deciding smashing. All that was paying attention to what is really a supper. I run. Errands was genius now jane Thank you were great. Everybody was great. Thank you yeah. I was a
for a really didn't realize, I'm very naive and realize, like that it would base such a. You know, discussed point of the fact that it was all women being funny. I really didn't realize that when we started doing the press tour that was everyone's was like wow, who knew all these women were so funny. Americans forget that it's amazing, but not just americans. It was all over the world, so england and ireland and australia and- and you know, I'm sure they didn't say that to the guys in the ever let, while you got a funny, you guys are really it was I who guys will short guys we're fears due emphasis. You put tat interface with malaria, yeah, it's like sure that to to them so It be great the day that we done of designer all like that assists use. You say it sir. I well rather well how I gotta get you out here. I guess too, to honour your
your other commitments. Oh no, I'm sorry! Where do you gotta go very dull that I have a? I have a commitment to saving that my friends coming over at like six thirty and we're going out together, oh yeah, for dinner to a dina, to to summarize house, select a dinner in a where's that its in like bodies oh yeah, the restaurant in event, you're, going to an event diving refill guilty of that and you're going to get all dolled up? No, this is it now come on. This is put on like an out different address. You can wear a dress, maybe a frock, you can wear black dress. Frock went black dress. I know it's happening you going to event tonight. Where are you going, I'm going to go play guitar to place hell clearly, where that debate,
data cool well, is nice talking the lovely to talk to you and your best to work with this movie? Thank you. Thank you for all your success, nor your success to you as well. I get back home become, can come back again now, there's no way, no one. I thought that was right. I never do If people come back, unless I really like them and promote something and the generally people. I have to go there. Leave early can't schedule properly time, so you just just now. We can come back any time, even if I'm not here for ages. Thank you. It's so under this I'm going say goodbye rose. Well, that's it that was lovely chat, lovely to look at and talk to that woman and talented as well.
so I am in a hotel room. Just gonna hang out go to deputy a fog that comprise the video it needs to get on their mailing list or mail. You a little something every monday. What else you know gets them just coffee, dot, co op! I went there I gotta tell you that I went over to just copy that co up saw their new. operation. It's in it's in a building that used to be a roller rink, big operation. They got both she's gone. These are just advocate, convection, roasted but now they got the drum roasters, while so their darts their dark copies probably resonating much better and which is fortunate because for doing that in the drama I think now in my coffee is a dark copy. So this is the way it's supposed to be done. Therefore, spectrum over there now big operation nice to meet every body over. Just coffee dont go off, yeah, I knew moon. A couple of people did MIKE moon runs a joint letter collapse Onawandah way, any sort of the heavy.
You ship qualities on any of the members, but it was a great to be over their great drink coffee at source. nice to do something and madison goaded deputy pod dot com, slash counter and check out the dates, We if I'm coming near you, you should come near me because he's been good shoves right, there's! No! There's no guitar! Here I got no guitar very important from tramp tramp tramp ran brown, proper. The yelling there was,
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