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Episode 601 - Kenan Thompson / Scharpling & Wurster

2015-05-10 | 🔗
Kenan Thompson was on his way to a pitch meeting at Saturday Night Live when he stopped by Marc's hotel room to talk about The Mighty Ducks, Bill Cosby, Eddie Murphy, and Lorne Michaels' handlebar moustache. Plus, Marc has a chat with Tom Scharpling and Jon Wurster about the massive new box set that chronicles 14 years of their comedy.

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I thought I'd. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck in years, what the box the bulls? What the bulgarians again gilbert just told me that what the fuck enacts, how about that amendment cooper. I should use it. This is marion this is deputy- have welcomed the show, keen and thompson personnel on the show today talk to him, and I was in new york city, we're nice time chatting in my hotel room or shown him some videos you'll hear all about it. Also show today, John stir and Tom sharply stopped by the garage to a to tier chat about stuff. The Tom's got going on. The job got going on stuff. They got going on together, always fun to talk to radio professionals in the garage so I left seattle this morning I opted not to fly, decided to take the train up because it was pretty so I get done
with signing in meat and green hang around out seattle at twelve thirty one o clock gotta get up at six to get in a cab at seven to get to the train station, get on mine to get my seat assignment with ashley barnhill, whose also travelling with me so for me doing a great job, so we're up early the amtrak from from seattle. All the way to vancouver, which I heard was beautiful and really how much time you saving it's about the same right. It's about the same driving to the airport in seattle. Getting on canadian fight, we gotta wait, get there earlier to go through customs. To deal with that thing then fly up then get a cab from the vancouver airport to the hotel that's gotta take four hours right. So why not just take the train while tell you why
because an hour into a train ride you're just sitting on a train, so it's a different type before ours was it relaxing, maybe couldn't really sweep sat in the dining car watched. The water saw some bald eagles. That was pretty cool. You know what now I'm talking myself into it being an amazing experience. I saw the national bird sitting on a on a log, the top of a logged dug into the water, making his nest or just sit in his nest. There there's plenty around now, apparently, don't think they're endangered anymore. I dunno. All I know is, I think, that's only the second time in my life, I've seen a bald eagle for some reason when he grow up with a bald eagle as an american, you think they're going to be the size of pterodactyl, but they're, not they're, just birds that just will birds they're. Not even that huge though it can be huge. Me was a baby, bald eagle. Maybe it's just an indicator. Maybe just bald eagles are smaller. Now
because our national identity has gotten somewhat insecure and they're. Just adapting in that way who knew evolution would make national symbols that are animals adapt to the emotional climate of the country itself. That's right! The bald eagle smaller in stature than it used to be looking slightly aggravated and confused. Hmm, that seems crazy, but is it possible? Maybe it's possible. I was heckled by baby tonight. Yeah! Maybe I'll tell you about that in a second god I wish I had some healthy snacks. I just had a jet jaffa dog. I'm pretty sure, that's how you pronounce. It sounds slightly re racially provocative, but I'm pretty sure that's where it's called jabba dog and I ate that after did my show that the vote be or here in vancouver and something happened. Something happened. Ok, I'm doing my show, I'm doing it so now
Big room we by nine hundred plus people in there at the vogue and summer during the first twenty twenty five minutes said a woman had made her way to the front row with an infant, an infant in her arms, an infant okay, all ages up here I get it. I ran into a family on the street nice working couple with their two teenage kids. They said we're all coming to see you and I just felt so bad because they look like a nice healthy, progressive family. They seem like nice people and I'm thinking to myself my I get pretty filthy at the end, not gratuitous, sweet filthy, maybe it's gratuitous is any filth necessary. I feel like it is these days
they've got these teenagers there, because it's all ages. So what am I supposed to do my supposed to accommodate them, because I spent like an hour going like what am I going to do? They seem like nice people. I know I'm going to blow that you know, will kids mind that the teenage boy and a teenage girl they got to hear that ship from me first about orgasms and masturbating and having sex and yeah. I they gotta hear that. I'm sure that, like maybe unflattering, rest of maybe they know, but do they gotta hear about that in front of their parents and have that weird awkward felt like I I experienced true empathy and I consider changing my set Do not put those parents do that, but then again they brought them. Sometimes I'm filthy mark filthy mark is happening on the road at the end of the set filthy mark is speaking up he's in there he's always in there has been in there forever used to talk more when he was younger, but you can watch my I'm I don't stray away from It- there's always a little honest filth in there
but that was on my mind when I'm gone through the sat, and I bring that up during the beginning of the set, then I'm nervous about that and then out of nowhere, a fucking baby, there's a baby up front. So I'm I'm like look at this woman, I'm like what what is happening. The audience is laughing they're, teetering their tittering tittering uncomfortably just to see me talk to a baby from the stage, a fucking baby, and I I busted the baby's balls a little bit, but you know baby can take it. Mom seemed to take it. I know what else to do then. Part of me was like. Is that my baby is that why she's here I would remember that kids, only eighteen months old, that means that whatever would have went down would have went down like two years ago. I would I would not forget that night. That was not the case. I wasn't doing
Then, eventually the kids started gurgling and making noises in the gap. A cat mat, ang, nah nah. You know like in the good nang and whatever so she finally moves and I'm like alright, that's done, and then it's just in the back. I just hear I don't think those are really baby. Noises kind of that follow that bad now, just here in the back. So now, I'm like being heckled by baby, never have before, but strangely on a metaphoric level. They all have chores or babies, so I was the first for me heckled by baby, and your babies are always going to. When I tried to write the line. I have no idea what that family, how they fared. I don't know if it was a good idea to bring a baby to my show. Would we
it's right now. He doesn't know anything. Of course. We feel and know everything. Eighteen month, it's all come in you wiring the machine, the. Lord is being loaded. Kids can end up. there be a twenty going like I don't know what it is they resisted it loud I just have a memory of allowed man I need you out. Man amplified. And I didn't know how to handle it. is it me anxiety. I just helped create. an anxiety ridden adult? That's how I'm going flatter myself with this? That's the impact I had look. Sharp wings dear friend of mine and a friend to the show John wasters. Well, of course, you can hear them at the best. Dot net live every tuesday night at nine p m. Eastern or you can get the podcast at the best show and now their box at the best of the best I was available at new marrow group dot com and in records towards everywhere tomorrow, big box, tat, beautiful
rate record label, numeric group, so happy for tom and John. I was happy to talk to him back in the roger enjoy the wurster worst or yes sharply laura sharply. You guys are out here for any reason, usually No! Rarely, together what? What are you doing here together? We're we're we're pimping this this night, behemoth. I was very excited that the guy from yeah I dunno who it was, but it was somebody nearby. I guess, because they gave me an unwrapped one. This was somebody someone had this at home. Someone made a call and says: can you get that over to marin in highland park? The So the best show someone said new meroz good label yeah. They said mark didn't get his go.
if him yours exactly and I got it from it's monstrous yeah I mean I mean that it's like it's big and it's months, the rest. I would agree it's monstrous and you owe it to like. These are all real people on yeah. Those are all the characters on the front, all the different characters, character, guide and there's the all and there's a nice book. Look at that book. We made oh, my god and there's a picture of you and your classic stances. There's. In our you being able to look at the camera and holding your face. Holding my face, like I'm in John's, is wide open on in the bearded version, just chilled out and confused that bearded version of John s no glasses, and if you look on on that, back back there. I have a special in case. I sweat through the one I'm wearing idea is that you gotta do that you've got backup to do for photo shoots or for life for life yeah. I have a backup shirt in my car. I have that shirt that I'm wearing in that picture as a backup in my car. I just go ahead and let the sweat happen. I can't help it. I can
but you sweater to harm sohmer, thirty degrees. That's why love when, when I did the when we did, though the the w to have the bell how I was like everybody there were like. Everybody. Our condition is broken it's on here I would like thank Christ, because, I was going to sweat if it was forty five degrees in there and at least now everybody's sweating like and then I'm just like. Can you believe? That's the area fishers, broken, look at me, I'm think covered and swept the great equalizer would have been soaking wet. No matter what time does it have to look like the only white guy I'm times it looks like a bucket water got dumped on my head too yeah. It's gotten better for reasons I don't understand like I used to be embarrassingly sweaty tom doesn't drink, but I noticed when I stopped drinking yeah. I sweated way less the troops and to the it's like. I wear this. This coca have all I have pocket, but I need an eye. It holds thing,
I should be sweating react, but I'm not let us stay cool. Somehow to me, the worst would be going into some sort of like pitch meeting and I'd be. In the lobby and then they would bring like kind of water you wanta be like and they like a cold water. That would be enough to throw the my liberal, my equilibrium off just wrong, I'm at room temperature and then the cold water suddenly sweat No, no anything is like I'm not nervous but body most portraying. Why are you doing this to me in vienna and one time I said when was covered in it was so embarrassing. I said to them. This is, is not sweat his excitement juice? That's great!
Do you remember what a time they remember one looking to get them, then they went home and then did not by whatever I was at the record by linking the sweaty animal. What was your member on one of the rare occasions you and I pick something together out here seconds, but or we went into the meeting somehow someone bumped into you and scalding copy went all over you always to the point where it couldn't walk. I do remember that, as I was a play, it was like down. Mellaril zambia and this number you went in before we within seconds the somebody somewhere job I me I got like scalded. Why do you remember that it out but you're on adrenaline? So yoga? You don't feel this. The skull didn t feel very seriously So anyway,
stories about a guy. Like me, mom listers are bubbling up on my wall, because my arm did you go in with disdain sure. Did you have a backup? We learned? We were walking into a roots or damage control on the way it was like. Yo K, mana, Yoko Ono, I'm good, like I'm, not good, I'm just like yeah, I'm bad for people who don't know the best show, and I got a surprise, prized open the box, and this does not records. It's actually cities. So nice, it's a beautiful, you gonna burn up and they get and what's on the cassette tape, that is I believe, as everything that's on the
see the cds and for extra alvin Zidoc is set at a westerly you, as the usa native on lash dry enough. I'm yes and you plug that. It's all on their get up at all and more on your computer and then let it all and another for our wits in this is consolidated cardboard envelope poster and there's oppose our near the sums temporary tattoos. This is more fun and getting up a god box game when your child- yes, When did your box game for a grown up, it kind of we we care. piling on where it, where numerous was so often where they were just like. So what how many cities you guys want to do here and we're just like him to relieve him and then we're just like the like what we could do more than ten widower, like ok, twelve then it got to like we're. Sixteen was like anything past. Sixteen field
like this sixty is. These are the most gaudy. How many earlier and thanks to sixteen sixteen seed easier, but anything more than I would feel like you're just like art this is this feels like homework. I don't want anything to do with this box, but how many shows did you Debbie done total neo dead? Well, I think I think some point? What you drawing from the five hundred show about with with a year No, I wouldn't worry, I'm done w. I am yours was pretty much. I think we and we ended up around sick, we'll we left out with about six hundred shows. So that's a three hour shall that's Three, our show yourself, eighteen hundred out pretty much again with other things. Somebody did the math on it and it was so that you can say it was about to thousand hours with other, which shows going longer in this than that and buttons. things cds. You knew at least twelve cds worth a bit you're like those are the bits that we're gonna put on here and then he added
search for like white another. It was no use, it was it was. It was shocking it was calling we we had with the cut things and to get to the sixteen when we find when we were numeral groups like yea. We do this. He do this box and we're just like we're in. Let's do it and then John, and I start talking we're just like we'll look this one home that put that one down like. Chisel hammer on that one is a grand slam and then we went back and listened was like ooh. That one was not so good. Did you think that was funny yeah like those first calls were just like error that one than we were still we. Why would have bet model if savings would have made the longest like it's just o k and is this: what did we just make
These are just so into something which they are a couple of little kay ones in a row, and that was that we had a bad footing thing at all is like? Oh, my god. We do you just do this, like some poor thing for fifteen years and fully one there was countered by one that we defer forgotten about those like all the widow. I can't even remember doing this one, and it was all that was really funny, so they it balance. ultimately, but it first. There was a full on panic of just like So what we're talking about here going for people who don't know the show? This is like a history and radio. This one, the great comedy teams, the of radio and and- and I think it should be seen as that- though I give people are like the best show on double If, then, you no longer exists there, but it lives. The best show doneness, where the new version of this alive show. I'm talking, I'm not going to preach to the converted. Fellas I'm going to convert. Some people that we need it like this.
Guys these flowers, you know bob ray burns and Alan You know those kind of penal allemande Rossi, our and razzi hello allowed air hello. There member margarita you and Marty Alan in a way. Where did you do it right here? He was here. He was here you how old is marty. Ninety four something! That's that's good! they are still on top, is the hair. Is I don't know what it is? I think about tell you what it is, and this is no offense to any of. of you or me or whatever any of us do, but you think about a guy from old showbiz, whose just like he's used, he's used to just things being done. It's, I guess we're going up the thirty rockefeller center rockefeller centre, where this radio show is gonna, take and suddenly he's. Ninety now and he's like it's in this the garage. I know them high. I don't
They know, though, I think a very happy to be out and about- and I say it- I don't mean to be generalizing about the elderly, but the ones. I still have their you know their their minds. Scotty's yeah, I mean, like a norman lear, a period. Ninety two creo sharp as a bell he enjoyed coming over yeah. He is he's on it that guy feel like my home is tiny yeah you, I guess I'm trying embarrassed like you know. This is the whole home. This is it and I dont know that their use to that it's like my mind. It sort of like I'm. Ok, I'm making a living in all I've ever wanted every year. Over the cover I built in. Let this be my my employment right right, that's that's it with, What would you say how many characters total joan? gosh, recounted someone unless it is putting the hundreds at least two hundred or sell sure thing these? I would say it's got it
yet well, over one hundred probably come out on two hundred, I'm I honestly don't know how many are represented in this box there. There are several key recurring characters that that that we needed represent it homage over two hundred on the box, but there is at least two hundred that we done over the years a lot more one offs. How may tell me how the like Tom explain to me off a little bit, how the wives shows he more, those we we'll do more. We don't have any honest phenomenal that you can do that crazy. We we had no idea what they were going to be like earth. We have written the the show we had never timed it really until we re actually did the first show at the building. When you say you written a date, you do you see just do. Sir. Do you actually script error? We free it was pretty scripted, Where there is room for improvin, how many characters in the show maybe five characters that I did Tom was himself and, and he he'd have to fill
base. When I was all changing just doing a marathon like a quick, people in IRAN and you guys you're sitting now words standing in stopping the stage really yeah and it was. it was. It was nuts I went down to downtown north carolina and were like alright, let's with figure the show out these shows have sold out. We we should write with. I guess we should write it now, if anybody, so we and now I went down who were working on it and we're just like our this funny. Fine, we kepler re writing it in trying to get getting near to have more hey, often more. and then were like. I, then the day came when it's like we're just like well, ah wits. I hope this times out correctly causes can either be twenty minutes of show that I'll go so fast or we may be wrote three and a half hours show. No, I didn't have to cut two thirds of
yeah, when it's like we just were like, because we, if we were doing this on the radio with just the gut, for having done so many these calls. We would know how they would play out and that's kind of what got us through for two like we, we're doing exactly what we've done for for twenty almost twenty years at this point just in front of people in a more condensed manner by the laughter, makes a lot of different timewise, oh yeah, and which we ve never had to contend with its own suspended the two of us doing it on the radio kind of it. In a vacuum, so how did a time? Oh, I did the first I was maybe ninety minutes, that's good! So yeah we're second one right after you, so I think we probably cut down for the first one that yet we next night we were able to ditch like ten men from that one, and then we would have really will be able to repeat like Heaven et it was VIT felt. Very
additional in in ohio business way like when you you're about like martin and louis doing fifteen shows a day in times square. Whenever they do it's like they was just gone and would do the thing then ngos to the other thing. Then the thing or the other thing You do the song. I do the record routine by becoming a little quicker on that we are coming to work quickly and that we do things together and then we're out like that's it didn't. If it's me out a lot like, they felt very old, show business that we we weren't, we doing a thing together that had a beginning, a middle and an end, and we were it was very performative which is not my now I know that in this is that we have done this before early everything do is theirs If you added up it's like. Oh I ride you writing I go on the radio and interested in, and I direct things now. It's like those three
common thing is that you don't see me do I want to anybody, and you haven't done comedy, looks like like that. No no sense, great and- and I think what what made it work was that we just know each other so well, we know we know, you know how how we work together and. Or vibe and the beats and everything. So it was it's so natural right. It was just like doing it on the radio but in front of people's, but I think if the two of us with anybody else, I think we would have been it would have been different story, you have this story. I love the idea of you guys doing this comedy team thing, especially something you don't see this any more man maybe like. I know you don't like this. It like what Slovan and alwan would be the last. Do I can think of plaintive, but like even when people do comedy teams, it's not as defined like you're, the straight guy you're going to do the this, the crazy stuff like they're like that was that class. That is yes, that's that An end like that that format which is issued
been the one has not really existed in ITALY, it almost people would do is doing something closer to sketch, but you're literally like you are. It is like Allen and rossi in a way, and I think you are probably funnier than than rossi, obviously I guess you have I u. I appreciate clear, Steve romilly, he said probably can only, but can we put that on the box out? May we will get a stickler america, but you know what I'm saying that this is this: like the idea of a sharp wing and worth her like being like this classic almost to even sell it the performance element of it. You felt, like you, know, you're doing the thing and you're doing your thing and all the characters are defined. As you switch hats, I had a lot of hats: yep yep stash a real area as fucking right dad glass at our genes, classic we were doing it like it was old. me show bill and in here in the box, it you get sixteen of the classic bets you get sixty seven, sixteen seedy sixteen see the four cds it like. Seventy something
there on only sixty, if bore hours, extra on the usb four hours, crazier. It is crazy. In classic in some people whose is going like, I don't know these guys, how? How can you not no one will just buy this and buy the thing and numero is great because they just number things number two or three yeah cause. Some of the numbers you like without the hell is at record. How to get it yeah. I got a boxer to box from remember my I'm. What is it? This is crazy with great well just decides amazing label. You sort of there's a theme. is. The theme is really how cool they put things together. Yes, the packaging. When they are interested in and we were. I I because I've I've got a lotta records by them and it was like I can think of. label that will do right by this thing for us in terms of just going as crazy as they did all of this, the boxes out tomorrow. Yes,
Yes, and we will be on your side, we will be on numb south myers. I think I tomorrow sometimes It might be that day. I think so I believe any things gonna happen. I believe it just like all. There's a you guys you're gonna, be a dvd. You guys are to be I've, given you imagine us on now. That was do well and thinking to handle that I dont know we all know. Yet are you going to perform unsafe myers? Are you just going to sit? Well, I can tell you I'm not performing that's down to me like that. You're welcome to perform a tolerably on the counter, and I will I will come from the audiences as as guy gets the perfect place to do it. You gotta do one year classic bits. You gotta go stand out in front of the audience in the performing sea area and do
you, give you gotta, wear whatever you where tom that they all lie. Seventy five polar aggregate, hollow shirt, and then you decide what's gonna gryce whet the least behind you guys go out there like a fucking, widget comedy claim, and do they stick? What are you gonna? Do we all know? Yet what we can do you into this did Locked me out of what is a hard we want. If I did it will, let me alone liars gas would now I'll be watching. Maybe you should do it where you know your time. You come out right. You come out. Baton goes into the next set in you go in with a faint mustache. You go stand spot the performance scrooge meeting here, arms like no one I do and I'll be like immune. Get you stay in character, debray against Tom's, reluctant, oh come on, saw us, go just turn talk to the. Nice talk show host you doing this.
Yeah. Well, I'm swelling now running now sweating, I'm talking about the yes I love the idea and pitched I pitched it well, do on your classic bits? I'm not catching it catching that pay. I wouldn't you want to do. That is too weird. I don't I feel like what we do. You just sit down. We agree any context woody Here's where the great comedy teams them then then and then set pulled this box up. She says six in cities are working here and in many you may be seen them for the first time here with their classic plumber sketch. like what are we supposed to assess what susquehanna hat had company? We don't have you're doing niagara falls there there forty minutes each more, that's the whole thing. Unless you get admires what hand us the entire show to do one bit the four and a half good. But that's the thing, one hat: it's not stand up and that's the tricky bar where he s like
when, when you're, when somebody says to use like, are you gonna? Do five and a half minutes Can you do three and a half then you're, just like ok, I'll cut that a cut that right and then their three and a half minutes? If we cut the thing, I just don't know it's it. That part is so new, and it's weird because this test is it's still it's not even like it used to be like in the old days when guys had stand up spots. think. Sometimes they were up to seven minutes right or men and now It's a literally four and a half minutes. So I stam? Why you might not one they do it that way. This like you're upon in your punch, amateurs neurons in the giant can't come at all. I order you John, is welcome. Do whatever he wants on the thing like I have the green like it's like you see you you come out because year this break, I see you come out. Any comes out is like which one would be great just on the couch, women make up. I,
Philly boy Roy would be the where he got from Philly that the has been pestering tom for thirteen years now. Yes, it's it's a straight up, philly middle class dude, who is visually striking he's like that is like that ralph kramden of the show in a way where he's the yes dreams, so I'd so, etc. Tried, so like a long long way, we're just going improvise actually years out of upset that right now, John John John John, we're stirring in tom sharply you're here, but no you won't do it like an avatar shortcomings. Here, it's Tom sharply us here, tom shoveling. how are you and in the house as it going. Congratulations on your success, our Why thank you tariff yeah? I look part is gonna, be troubling enough. I just went out and talk to him. That would be
I like yeah, so you you've got this wonderful box set of all your work from the front of it media and then they would just say. Yes, oh Roy, what's philly boy Roy, I want to see my hugs you. What are you doing here IRA? I thought I left it backstage we used witherspoon. Have you seen reese witherspoon, just left just go and watch this thing you got here is that a box- and this is a this- is sharpening and John Worcester'S- an amazing boxset. There are sixteen cds in here a lot of comedy. Oh my god. The second guy sounds cool yeah, first guy, not so much not so much know. What do you think? How that feel? I loved all that I'm going to an email we might charge there. Maybe we just send this over and lip sync it send it over. It is that Martin will just limping So I think ok, so here's what we're gonna do. Go!
eve. You guys can order this I guess you got a new marrow group rain that come into your. What about on your website? You can have it linked to link to it on the bed. What is it better jordan at the bellagio dot net. And I I wish you all the success in the world and I you know I'm going to be listening to it, I'm going to rip it. You can fit onto my hard drive sure that I'm going to take them separately into the car with me, who is good, driving, stuff yeah, I I I I will feel bad as close as I am with Tom yeah in in general, and as you know, I I enjoy you, but we've hung out a couple of time. We're close now we're there. Pray. Dont know most of this sort can be very exciting for me to get do? What? Is it a ninety hours like anyhow? weeks twenty hours later, when they already had twice, but on the flash drive right twenty four hours, I would only maybe I'll just marathon old age all day just get a product to go right through. It is now called,
I occasionally got this great way how old it is and then you'll be like hey. I don't want to hear any more of this yeah. I heard enough. Four hours was that lasted me forever, this one. Well, it was granted next time thank you and on good luck with this thing. Thank you. I appreciate it and we appreciate you having fun. I know it, sir. You don't usually do the alarm back in here again we do I've been in here, we're gonna. Tell you, did TIM then determine Eric where I heard that one right that was it Those are the answers that I didn't always happen because I You know tim. I was nervous about him and I'm went pretty exciting if they're going to fuck with me there's a certain kind of people are you. I know you didn't fuck with. I love how on edge you'd like TIM and Eric have been nothing, but just we've known them for a long time and not even remotely nervous about them, but you're. Just like
as to what are you guys up to yeah? What are you're going to get me somehow yeah yeah. I just felt like that. I dunno, but it turned out well no, but this was a special thing and I was excited you guys can come yeah. Thank you for having us. I appreciate you having us. I hope everyone buys that boxset, because I need a new gold skidoo hear the siren. If I was a lesser comic, I would say your rights here get it yeah you're, like thanks mom. Never do that. Have you ever said when somebody makes a or somebody says I'll, be like. Oh thanks mom, but I haven't used that one. But you know when somebody's sure that you're me thanks mom yeah. I liked the different variations of it. I don't come down to where you work and like The first time I heard you knocked addicts out of your mouth right that I was terrific, whose aplenty story thats over I met a guy magazines, name a comic, but I can say that He was. He was no longer com
and I knew him back in the day the commons, where he was somewhere else and he'd come to show my offer. Give me a ride. Hiv he's god, I'm out of the business. am I what happens? I can't people kept stealing my fuckin jokes lemme go really like. What jokes he goes well, you know you know anyone days near the siren. He say, yeah my rights here. It's me makes me so uncomfortable my leg. There's never no way that guy should have quit, because if that's what he's carrying with it, even if it was his you're going to have to let that fish guts right yeah, you take the hook out of it's mouth and let it go that one. It's free, it's free free for everyone, but that's a public domain. Exactly with retort kicks. I go Susanna than ever that those things that makes my that makes the not in my stead, your director workers, if sad this year, so just like, of course,
listen this of just like in that that he'll be like staring at the ceiling at four in the morning. They like. How do I get that back how do I get that one back? I gotta show them that that was mine like make money out of any problem. the one I rights, young, a trade mark, it yeah I'll, be right, my rights, you, I think you could do that. I can patent it with. If I just give it context my rights, it is sure to say my right it's here and then you know he's at the point where he's like a right maybe on stage in twenty minutes, cos an ambulance and send them to the across the street, is fake If somebody got my book and I gotta get my whole day someone's having a heart attack across the street, I need that siren and closing tonight, because you're mine, they close yeah yeah, alright. So all right
Our group doc arms? I guess, guarantee the best of the best beautiful get ready. How great is, if you hear a couple of guys at a comfortable on mice, shooting a shit load, it love it tom sharply, John worst, her pick up that debt box at best to the best show available new marrow group, dot com and in record stores everywhere tomorrow you know, Keenan thompson was doing a sketch on snl and eyes game show I can't remember, but the answer was d mark marin. Five. I did ask him if he wrote it, but he hung out. We hung out in the hotel room,
and the decision for now? it s an hour with hoster louis e k and musical guess re ana as a saturday mason Keith Cain and will be on that. But this is him and I talking in a hotel room at the bowery hotel last week we never did stand up right. I really know these causes gigs, where I stand up for an hour unlike the closer you ride net, that will go through the entire wavelength, forgetting mighty dogs are we go down the whole row right but like when you go out? How is what do you do? I talk about mark parents thus far like us only dynamited, acts and stuff. Like that, how you go to your life,
yeah. I don't have like observances. Necessarily I just go through like I'll see vonny stories. I shall use any do it on stage as a seller performance yeah it's. How is it is it build, is like a stand up shower, just sort of like its build is like an evening with keen and eat with keenan yeah watch. Him reflect yeah ah the day, and I do like a half an hour q and a and that's when it gets fun because it always changes. Those are the best q and a's are the best. I love you, a nice yeah, so wait so which mighty ducks were you in? two and three you know cause I I know Steve brill. Do you yeah he loves to. I was into where, when what were you a duck? Yeah? What do you mean? You were into I got cut out a too. I think you got cut out to yeah they.
The the scene was, you guys, are wandering around rodeo drive, yeah right yeah and you walk up to a valet, and you ask a question and I yell and then, like you fuck me like, I basically say you gotta know someone to get get into anywhere in this town or some shit like that. Right, so you remember shooting that, though the shadows at it, no, no, I shot it has yeah yeah yeah. You were out there, the guy with the cowboy hat, yeah yeah, totally ruin it and it got cut from the final cut. But there was a moment there. Where Steve pulled me aside- and he goes, I have to take down the anger, you're scaring the ducks wholly shit? My marriage got cut out of the ducks too. What the fuck is going on. What kind of world do we live in? I was not expecting that that wasn't like my first anything, the first people
I was eighteen year old kid yeah I've never been like l, a and all that so how'd you get from there to there where'd you grow up, I'm from Atlanta and I'm really just audition for like mad shit in atlanta and then like. I was on this. heads new show and I ran away. I would critique out movie critic on the kid neutral in its land on tv s, okay, so that right, yeah and the first movie acrobatics, the first mighty dogs- and I interviewed a couple of kids with a movie that came to light- were promote, launch it and they make a year later. I got all this and for the second one is our vision for the way in there. So I will do you when you started doing the kids movie show. Thirteen is how did they had not start like? What kind of work where were part of the island was already auditioning for all kinds of your parents were just into it. They have my brother and I into like theater and theatre clouds. They guy
you guys into it. Yeah they were like. Is that is our ticket? We're going to be something it's going to be that football, baseball or anything else? But you know that too so yeah lots of shit yeah. They were well. That was that's nice to have that kind of encouragement. We were definitely encouraged to do things other than fucking, be industry, yeah, yeah, exactly where, where where'd you grow up in atlanta in college park, well, the airport is oh yeah yeah, and what how many siblings you got? I have an older brother and a younger sister. What's he up to, he is an entrepreneur and like he's just kind of like had an oil change place for awhile, and then you have that liquor store for awhile, oh yeah yeah, now he's trying to like get an uber fleet going in atlanta and shit uber fleet yeah, so he's working the angles yeah exactly he does. Alright, though, he's working like a few different angles, yeah he does like fucking
computer inputting for like medical files like digitizing medical files and shit like that he's like he can do a lot of different things we wouldn't have people tell you that they do that shit like what does that even mean right? It's just a bunch of like what do you see Oregon in my opinion, not like the jargon, yeah, yeah, weird names of things yeah, I mean as input this into that does a job and it's just what she do. She is an aspiring music person, so he has to sing and like write, songs, interesting the voice. She does have the voice and what your folks DORA, my folks are still around. My dad is retired, like mechanic and like real estate kind of guy. Really he can take part of car was bare hands. really are hander, really him or my dad and him, and my brother had that oil change place together? That's a that's! A good cd name and er yeah,
and my mom's dollars and she's a nurse anesthetist, so they like thrilled at europe. Your trajectory your success yeah, I mean my mom for sure, because she was the one like always taking me to the auditions and shit hours I was even my worked at the theatre school, so I could like take classes were discount share my answer. The phone isn't shit, so you were in a theater school when you were like how did that start that started you're like yeah hate us, so that was the thing they it's been my thing, but was it something you decided or they put it in your head? It's something I always enjoy doing and then it just became a thing once it started. I was like: oh, we can make money. This was like holy shit. I did this one commercial. They paid me like eight hundred dollars, and I thought that was like a fucking big deal right because it was for a thirteen year old. What was that commercial for at famous country recipe, chicken the fragile, there wasn't even in atlanta, so I never saw the commercial they re mike.
is he in like alabama and florida, not in atlanta. It was a regional chain year, but not so reasonable to wear I could see right what I had done it I still never knew in russia is dead. You do applicant was fisher where my grandpa I had to go out ass, a groundwater fish on Biden here, and then he hands me a piece of chicken and I take a big old bite and I'd say I like this kind of button. So that's what I did and I'm proud of it are yet car somewhere. as there is like my first check, and I was like really impressed by that, but you gotta get that footage and you just right. You gonna, reach out the internet of things. Is the internet so confused like fake grandparent? It was this away, I've never done anything where you confused initially yeah. Initially jugglers, though, that this order
I would like an actor too, and I really like understand terminology right what it means to be an act right like fucking sailor had eyes. Where do a really. but he's like a real actor. So did he act completely different and Peggy was that must have an aggravating uses, an odour black. Do you get the gun you know legal approach. They got him for chicken magazine really. Even turkey does look at me like that He had no eyes. No I've just look we're Go from there, man and you what happened next? They get least chicken and they follow that up with a delay, our decisions for lay all kind of commerce, the public's sonic. Did you get the commercial as you do it the public's emphasise from sonic. Just being a kid in the public's. I was one of the workers who would help like the people that shop there with any wings rang like change, an entire rising and in the south one thing like burgers or something sure.
Whatever came to atlanta, basically right what it was and without any further on the movie critic show now what kind of movies were? What was that you? Just that was our kids based surrounds, like for a latin in my everyday animated opening pigeon and what did you say like I didn't like this one, because I had my choice: judge them on my popcorn scale: oh yeah, good and good for popcorns. Was it as good as you can do it yeah it was. It was much I would rather not that. And so when you were okay, so we reviewed the verse mighty ducks and then now how'd you get the audition for the second one. It just came lad and agent, an right. Ned land and they did it on tape you put on tat year and what What was the next thing that happened after the year after the docks humming? Did you get light went to do than the cloning? A right was a man turbines yeah time and in that so, but the we think this is: u you made it through that and you know you got out and kept having a career
doesn't always happened. Man! No, I milos trial man. I mean thank god for snl coming around when it did and getting that job cause. That's kind of like bridged. All that right? So you go to nickelodeon odeon in that's like adjusted another Children's mill year we worked harder. What were the shows all that and the king in kyoto, and then something else you around nickelodeon was doing like the big helpin kids towards a word was that like get on and the glowing universe in your what fourteen I was like fifteen sixteen year, it was fun. I had a great and was it like a community? Did everyone? Hang it wasn't? I disney was we look closely. very like close? Well, because we worked so much like similar s, and I we spend so much time in getting it has become close, also, I always feel like I'm like now, I'm going to get investigative like, but how hard did they work? You over there yeah, and I was. Is it
Well, the california, I guess if they had to like start like labor law and shit, but when we were in florida man we were putting in fucking hours like we would go to school and then we would shoot to. We were done and then go to school again, and you know the next morning like, regardless of when we finished so it started in Florida yeah in orlando. Why was it down there? That's where nickelodeon started they had like nickelodeon had like a whole studio where they had like two soundstages and like one was doing like you know, gullah gullah, island and, like really like, you know, children s type program right, that children should write real young, yeah yeah, and then you were in the teenage area yeah they were trying, like you, know, real shit on the other side, as opposed to, like you know, fucking dancing, frog and what happened to your partner in that show
and he's still around yeah doing the auditioning. Still during the day, it's tough man is so he's been popping up like more and more lately, and when, when you moved to LOS angeles, who did any of your family go with, you know, like eighteen at that point, so how's your college time, and I am on my own yeah yeah, my mom, like bless her heart would like drive out there. She did like four times from Atlanta, hang out here just to check in and she worried about. You should, I think so. Yeah just made a mile now to control. I hear you ve got to be some late night, some late nights and some early mornings. Oh yeah, it's not good for the stomach but yeah whatever man we have fun, we were partying. I yeah I mean I was hanging out was fucking. New airlines. Do the hollywood once I like I followed around like honestly comedy night light once I figured out like we're out by people, were that's followed around for wherever it just happened to be through, like Monday night at the end,
or to rein in the communist or the laugh factory laboratory greatness, is highlight, met every pretty much an ally and light started from there and learn how to like what a dance club was in ireland You of that allows you to hear the area and then get out all those guys would just go out afterwards the guys you're running with them. I wasn't running with anybody. I was just kind of like a puppy like following those guys around, but like every few years was like always up there. You know what I mean just all those fools mike it coming come at me like he's like this guy's. A genius is on the verge of children, from audience right out of it and nearly all those fools let anybody who's gonna have way doin it like right now, but you know that you go on that. listen to me now. I never did I never felt alone. I never felt that welcome honestly, they kind of light. What the fuck are you doing here
he. He the they one fucking around reading your comment, yeah right yeah, so I was just like I was just trying to hang out from eighteen where I can really go and you're going out or you're going out for movies yeah, but it was like really nickelodeon focused at that point cause. I think we had two shows it was like there's no time like really do much, and when did you start going off? movie semi. When did it was always, but there was more likes. It was like canna given to me for a while runs people there. I knew they were doing or where it was like other than nickelodeon umbrella like good, burger or something right, and then I was kind of like just on call. Basically, yeah, and then once I lived in and I started auditioning for like everything and I and you were living out there just full time and just hanging out yeah. It was a couple of years of like weird shit yeah like what. I mean I mean it just like you know, running out of money and, like you know, taking odd jobs, you know what I'm saying and like trying to choose between like breaks and food and like we took our jobs after after them.
Like I like projects like felicity. I don't you know know if that role necessarily is like you know, a bonafide like dramatic you know. Performance is like a fat suit and dreadlocks is just whatever but you don't feel bad about that. You have a bad about a bootleg. You know, like love, no cause, the thing was another one that was cool. It was like nick cannons, movie and stuff, and you know first time, director type deal you were like the director candle was married to the producer at one point They are in a partnership for some reason, and this is the movie they are doing, and I was in there no longer together and there they weren't. Even at that point they would have seen in this relationship, and it was nasty. It was just weird because, like the haddock, I shouldn't even be talking about these people it is like they had a kid together like they had like all this. like weird relationship shit the shadow wing, the project right it might just how it might be
you, gotta funded but they're, not even to get more like it was fucking weird the barbershop to exactly We know that was legs. China look up again. I was hanging around like rich black people. Oh shit like this. This is the last yeah. This is possible, like R Kelly was like next door, shooting a video or something- and he came hanging out- was like oh look at it like did. They know you from popular people now. I was always like on outside looking man, but if days like with Look my way not like past, like cedric and ice cube, and even like all these people they gotta like tend to first then, would be like oh yeah, like my little sister watches you associate right. I know yeah exactly that's funny, but I you know I was kind of just like no and then watch him and then you get fat albert. I did that after I got ass now gig like yeah first season as now, we do for the problem
sees it s now and then about everything and cause be cast into a symptom of tape and distant, Well the director a few times and I didn't meet him until like the first day of shooting way. He gave me the phone call. Then Dont speak. Put the young man from the tape getting he job and and when, as you did, a bit on the anniversary, show right, because media eddie, they won't do it. I guess I don't know if we wanted to do anything in it I feel like it definitely against it. Want to do that. One. But was it weird because what did you? What were you expecting from eddie when I dunno what the rehearsal process was around those anniversary shows, but it must have been pretty crazy. Are you know, honestly? I was surprised because we were gonna left in the dark a little bit until the last minute about who is going to be on or whether he was going to be about who was going.
We're doing, what we kind of knew who was coming yeah, but we didn't know how the show was going to go. I didn't know all those dudes were going to be doing that much lifting I dunno Acura was going to doing that much all those older daughter's bed, the whole bit like Steve Martin, doing like a ton, you sure did have time yeah and I was like, oh great, so they're doing all the lifting, that's fine. I can just you know, relax right. This is great. But we had to be around. I guess we're hopeful plugins right and what but that became a plugin thanks to mrs martens thing awesome and they Yet again, we are comparable guys. We think they d call me like early, One main your mind, it was not you, wouldn't. It wasn't even question sure it's a funny bit of doing We know the guy. Is we ve been searching for something funny about their story for weeks, and I was like there's nothing funny about vision and a little tasted Everything is a video thing that they shot must before I like that works. Now so you're, ok, yeah now I like any blake, was here in all of that thinking.
It's just like nah. I don't wanna kick a man when he's down and lifted it. That was why it was so it's so weird to see him like this so conscious we decide not to be funny. yeah? I mean it it's bizarre but Goodbye interaction with him was just of that I needed it was like hey how's it going, I'm good bye. That was it yeah. That's all I needed goes like. I need to be able to watch. Training places You know I mean every year as a christmas thing, it's really it's gonna be on. I can't like Matt. The more afraid are free anyway, why anyone, dacres I've been in our ranks right, wouldn't be able to handle like losing all much how the movies come into american forty hours right right. If they do, you're. Just what I really hate plague you there he was like I've had. It goes introduce hamburger red ratner, thank god like he had already while pass me. Whenever I hear you know this dude repent it and I was like thanks bread.
You say yeah man, all right, cool and like walked away, and that was it yeah. It's fine! Thank god! Yeah, anything to do with leg? You know Can I get a pirogue wigan him like shit? No man or someone does anyone you makin. It would crush too much of your child, an archive, and you use herodian, funny yeah, very fine here the ended. So where can you know he's naturally that funding? That's what I'm saying I get any moment you're here below the figure roof of shit, but it doesn't there's whatever in the way of that and it it's annoying now this won't. You sit there waiting for it yeah, it's a museum because that's what he's no without would have stupid face. In his it love for sure they haven't? We will when I was a welfare Ferrell interview. Will Farrell yup he's the one those guys to you like? cuba is another. This is happening here are the best
funny ever right. Now it's gonna happen. Yeah we want with willard you just miss him. I just missed him him and Tracy. I think. at the same time it could well when I interviewed him, he was pre earnest by. I was cool with that, well like sometimes you want to like just be yes or no, of course, and but you know when he did do one thing funny. I always overreact the best he did rode into in the booze comes, I imagine Also, can we talk about your time me yeah. I would like to know more about what s in a year didn't happen. No, so this is like ninety five array we re new york living here, and I am sure my masters be happy to hear this story for the ninety of high and like I got you know I I got some marcy saw me. It's do stand up at some showcase lenny. I think your
but I'd like to see lawrence you maybe at luna lounge, do anything and then but then lorne was you. I came to the comic strip and I just sat- and I didn't see him, now know he met. They must be able to disappear, something he's the ghost yeah and then and then they have me do a thing in the studio screen task and I did it. bit and like where you do in character. Not now I think The idea was that I would do update or be a commentator an update, or we on what I think you know norm was was not a sure thing. Coming back or something gotcha I did the studio tat they had a meeting with Lord. This is normal. Now, ok, was when he was in his fuck ups right when he like he was gonna, come back or not come back and then I waited now had the meeting. at the meeting with him and Higgins, the we're meeting were you out but when I was a little a little I think so
like, like I think I was like I'm going to time it out, so I do like reality like you weren't into it cause yours don't it was just you know like that time. I got into anything anymore vast already in the habit of being high is part of my breakfast ritual yeah yeah So, like I was sorta like well, may I don't wanna get me to high bag at a few hours right. So I will kind of like maybe three hours down is manageable has been. This look at just to exactly and then I and they got it way, and you know the six hours but but tracy the only thing remember Tracy was he was his hair was shiny. but he had daddy idea was cut just right. You just perfect step out. Yeah he's ready, with all this, so he was ready, that's fun, and that was a big tracy yeah yeah ages, look like every with trimmed. Here s ready, fresh worthless
right in and I was sitting there going. I wasn't going to die and got a shot. This guy's, like he looks like a new car, The and the meeting we just weirding of you read about it, but I just I proud people about him. Seem to be pretty cello and not to tweak doubt about the whole thing. In general terms, I think much about him and are there just a gig? Just a gig itself: it's like what europe I need you, gotta go over there had to to what happens today, what they today is Monday were pitching subverts for this saturday How does it happen? So what are you got? You go in with me so with the writers are? What do you do? What pity me now reaches out to ideas. Basically, we all come into leghorns office in the horses there in a chair. We all sit around like a hundred people, its reese witherspoon this week, so you can go in the office today with reese in all the other cas memories, consumerism,
there's. So they are all in Lauren's office. All pile in there sit on the floor. Is it on like we don't really yeah and he sits at his desk and he sits at his desk and we all individually like talk to hopefully for runny ideal for her to feel. Like you know, a little more comfortable whether we want it. I don't think so. I don't think she's been on before, but I don't think I was there yet. I'd, say you're, so you gonna go in what are your ideas? I have this one idea because I was watching the fucking love boat yesterday, like new york has like this one channel, where they just keep showing all these old. Like remington steele came on like right. After it, oh yeah channel showing all this awesome and the laugh track was so loudly in an airline and like some idea, based on that were like after I get super distracted, oh yeah, but yeah that doesn't mean I'm gonna write that you know what I'm saying is just like something to try to get a stir out of the room
We didn't and in that's the angle, but not a love boat. When now, what kind of question was? Who who would ask the first question about that busy? You put that out, just goes around and it's like hey Rita. How ya doing I have this one idea, where you're kind of like on a sitcom and the laugh track of a sitcom and starting to step on your lines. It was becoming distracted. Hopefully people will, at its meeting on the right answers radio. You, like the whole of the game, show some shit like that. But would people go like what I said come like? What's it come they do then? Hopefully you can continue like a funny enough banter, but you hope with the writer whoever is in the room or with that I was really leave if they really want to write it yeah, but why? What would stop you from action? doing the riff on the love boat or actually doing a scene from an old sitcom that beyond I mean if I wanted to write that that'd be a separate thing cause that writing night is on tuesday. Monday is just like. You know everybody sitting around kind of being funny and we go one by one
toss them out like I know all the cats members at this point, you can name them all Aren't your new people every week now. We gave him like every year in my exodus? when he comes in and out every year and you're the longest running cast member at this point at the moment yeah. It's me. I have the tenure yeah or not, but yeah with it's ten years. It's twelve at the moment. Is this it? No! Why do people keep saying that it's it while they said that at the beginning, for some reason like they were just what people, I guess thought they had some info and just threw that georgia and we demanded immediately, but the only thing like we will remember that when you heard it realization, I don't know yet, we gotta get nervous. I was hosts in life. because I heard it that Keenan ivory wayans is like that, like he showed up, you know at work and I say wayne and on purpose yeah like he showed over work- and I told him like it was, it was a no go like the show was off that was it
when he had laid my doctor, oh yeah, that the roma in the box, this stuff was in the hall or something like the guy at the guard at the gate was like? Oh no keenan, you heard oh Keanu come on. That does happen in show business yeah like mito than what's? Oh yeah, we don't like no one's going to take the responsibility of telling you yeah right. You just hear from somebody who barely involved right. They come up with, you got an hour. I didn't you, you like why and that's all you didn't out, maybe and then you call your agent reverie exist. Oh did you hear that or maybe it ill. What's it like for your shown on I've, I've sign, I see we're due note. You know I don't know, what's going to happen, the new season. Premiers may fourteenth weed like our jane, like good thirteen year like gold and right now, who the hell knows? What do I mean? I I hope we can do more. I think we have to know how many I need to do
what he has? How many do you want to do? Well, yeah, but the weird thing is is work is work right, yeah yeah, so I mean Do you ever have a moment where you like me? I mean I'm going to do this. Are you just love it? I just love it plus. Now miasm I guess is a special case. There's not really many shows like it in that terrain, I'm in a hurry to lake be a normal auditioning actor again. So ok, sir today do the pitch meat Now, when you say you gonna write it. So how much writing to you? Do you? Do you build as a writer performer? That's your job! Yes, and you write bit technically here I don't write much written on my own computer personally, like alone maybe twice, but I
with the writers, yeah I'll, stand in a room and go good good, good yeah, who are the cats over there now who's? Your writing guy. I write a lot with bryan Tucker. Oh yeah, Colin Joseph he's been there a while now right, yeah yeah he's like a head writer. Now I remember that dude yeah, that's my homie and he's like you know. A black person's encyclopedia helps explain the black experience to the world, he's good at that and he's a skinny white dude skinny like premature looking white to write, yeah yeah yeah. I know that guy that wild and he's right and he's like he's the wizard he's one of mine, yeah he's one of my go to like I appreciate you, you know I have this half as idea and he makes it into something legible. So you write it at you pitched today than you right tomorrow, and then you know what you refrain on Wednesday. They go make full scripts on wednesday when you have now. Where were we
Wednesday or you re mindset was we done like ten in the morning wednesday the table red and then and then certainty stations are made that with lauren sitting there that's what they all go into some room him in the host. Unlike Higgins and like a few of us, like the head writer tiger jokes and those guys they go into a room with the scripts yeah. I think it's just in laurens office, probably okay, this before the read through or after after all after and then they go. I don't know if I like this one didn't register all of it. and he didn't even register ten out of the forty and start doing shit, and then everybody goes to work like all the different departments and okay. So, let's go back to your. Did you know? How did it happen happened. There's a big story in the barbershop too, in Chicago somewhere, chicago beautiful summer, where I get the call like the last week of shooting or something it was like this in time
you're, not really radio, Tracy's guy? the crazy sounds like they're going to audition like all kinds of black people, and I was like hell, yeah yeah, in Europe today from chicago and stana. The paramount like matters on the floor style, yeah, flooding, the parent We driven like never really been in europe. More than a day why matters on the floor small room in a very like they're, like hippy sheikh way of doing things very. They re like room heads, a tiny room but leg what if he had the matters on the floor I was literally make you feel artistic and there is usually a painting, a fake pray If some already had a bourgeois super legumes, all white and getting was way. You know little bathroom, so yeah. all right. So I remember like last minute much time and there are reacting
I don't think they were designed for that yeah, but I was panicking so much that I don't really remember what I was doing in that room honestly beyond, like just smoking. You know blunt after blunt yeah and then So what happens so that they put you up over there an inverse try. I was stand up new york new and stand up. I never never danced before, so I had to come of legs. Seven minutes overcome really matter real and shit, like my manners I was before I came out. I just came out here with us to my mind, that was what hardly dare you gotta do stand it. It was the beginning of it and then like the bags were even if they were stand and what you do after started? I wouldn't fuck him. phone call between our sharply and arnold schwarzenegger c d characters. Did it work? No not in the comedy club at all. Those want to hear like you talk to them,
My only one thing. I acknowledge that there was an audience there just run it through sketch. So we re terrified beyond. I was beyond terrify you gotta do in your hundred. There were so many people that has gone up. carlos hours. I welcome something. Nobody was doing now is different in writing, though. A beer I remember my dad used to with my eyes I'm like what yeah so people weren't doing. Well, you didn't feel like you, like nobody was really destroy. My davy went up in fucking, destroyed but I think he went up after me. Jb smoove, were there other comments on it yeah it was a bunch yeah yeah. It was a bunch of people, carroll auditioned for it yeah yup and a lot of people like for mass. I got hired together, but the that's wrong this days, like a damn have later something let me see and you got called. I felt like much more comfortable there right, like amazon, set alight. Nobody
This alone cannot see anybody out. There is a key player in the mirror, basically right, I'm using that when our aim, whatever a better about that. Did you do sharply in india same deal like started. I would like the phone rang like ours. the governess and he gives on the phone and he's like I forgot, where they were talking about something to do with light help and stop the fires or some shit. And went home, went back to l like four legs week and hadn't heard anything. So I just like had a week of fucking panicking like I fucked it up, I didn't get the job whatever I got the call that they wanted to do one more audition at the fucking laugh factory and I was like more stand up, but it was just down to four people this time. Who was that it was just a showcase. It was me J b finance endearing de re davison, I like I, don't ok but.
That's who it was down to here and then me and financing if your hires writer, yet I do I don't know deregulated stand up some of the different. I guess what the person we are Do I qualify that I've never met him in my life, yeah I'll qualify that I have and he's a dick noted that it's not a surprise. I don't think We support the albino either I dont know. I think I seen him once on. though shack shows with Kevin, whereas those laid myself all stars, I wash his shack all stars but Kevin heart with that broke Kevin heart, just I dunno why I was watching it because it's on it's on an de re talk about thinking, mombi and on dope, or some like that pretty well, well that's wrong, yeah as well as I get yeah. So you know. So that's where that's where my sense of him comes from. I don't know what he's become since
I dunno know what kind of monster I mean before and after that, I'm sure it's the same parents. He says you know lays always been a good common air. I chose so then it's you for in when you, when do you find out you get high. I just remember I couldn't drink enough water. That night, like I, was drinking water out of the sink in the lab factory, bathroom freaking out totally yeah. My mouth was while as the one the armor rather max, kept like we feel like body water and that plays a pact with papered room of youngsters of all different ethnicities, yeah awaiting inveigled audience all one to hear some jokes nelson sums. Alec tourists waiting to be entertained by whatever hasn't what those are dunno, if they're tourists, they just pull kids into yeah, wait and see night thing, so it was like I had all day to wait for it. Freaking out yeah
went like last. Oh so, like finesse, whenever we blew it up, you know what I'm saying de ray when the first, I think it blew it up and the day became a fucking, just destroy you, the last guy, then our last with further action duvall girls may it was roof was, did you tank yeah Yeah like pretty solidly like all my stand up. Audiences were like what the fuck is. This, oh, my god and petain was better to like tv. I guess I just, but I just like that feeling of just watch be able to scale. Just quite all want to be, would destroy, lay out a laugh, lagging man cry killing me J b is the funniest man in the world so funny, non, stop it unbelievable he's like watching television and others.
Wasn't ready. Manna wasn't ready. I do know shit like that. So you? U tank it up pretty strong and what what? What did you think after that, Anybody what we're we're after that. I was in like manner there my best like that, in fact whoever thinks denied it'd be funny, and I was just like whatever in your head, then we're going to see the real. They don't know me that only I know me and luckily the call came like the next day and then I'm moved to new york like the next day. Will you get cast added the laugh at you have to go meet with Lauren or not, and they said you're on me. Nah. I got the job and then I met with him. How is that as how have is that it was very. It was like a surreal
was your point where you were the only black guy on yeah. I was on like by myself for like six years or something like that was now time. Does that bother you No. I thought I in my mind about. I was like I'm good, I'm really good because they got flak for that and then all of a sudden, now the show's almost all black right. Well, they got a flag about the women thing right and you know that was after they had already hired jay and all that, so it was kind of like misdirect of clara right. Ok, like people are just looking for something to write writers like misquoted me. death. You know what I mean they did. Oliver said yeah, my cow, I mean because What I was saying was leg is now: might they dont audition black women season after season is just the ones that do come around our necessarily ready to do the show right was able to get the job right. I mean they took. That is like I'm saying it,
black. Women aren't ready to do ass, a male, not. What not was I how they it took out a contact yeah most by women, better light ready to do this. we're are probably already working. You know what I mean sure it's just like slimmer, pickings. Basically, it's just math, yeah and you ever met leslie before she got no I had seen her, though in national security as well she's funny she's a force of nature, but I didn't know that stand up yeah and understand that was completely different from that little character that she played without him. She was funny beast: oh yeah. This is my homie yeah, Because I want my best friends, Roma she's, great real, the earth we have a genuine ratio to russia. We are running into rise fuck, so when well. So, when there was all that that bullshit gone on you like it was overstated me, it was really enables whoa? Did he insanely misquoted and is like no amount of like? Did she come back? Oh no, you didn't get. What I said was. Could I do like and go the way that that first one,
the unanimous outnumbered by others. The roturagio is always on the page. Seventy exactly I'll find the way he didn't, kill the people. So what? registry alone. If you came a third or whenever, like auditioning black ladys, and we got, we highlight three from it to worsen. Whatever the fuck man again drives, and no movement also so I'll be there. again if I have to be brought about by but its cause. Down. There is no bad guy. Now it's just like yeah. I guess I shouldn't be speaking on. Did their hiring and firing did learn advise you at that. At that juncture we will I would we used what's going to happen who's going to handle this. You know what I mean like just don't talk about it. You know something that you don't really have anything to do with. You know blah blah blah. I was really kind of just defending Spain is now we give everybody tat rises like this ain't. No bushes, me not to say that you know people get tired, for she would like it's a hard job. You know in and
really be on top of a lot of different games to be able to get the job in my right and then there's people who are insanely ready. They don't get the job for whatever reason. So there's a lot of reasons of like why people do and don't get the job. You know what I'm saying beyond, just being like black sure right, he's, gotta think that you fit into something yeah or it's just a weird thing that you end up getting it, because somebody thought you were funny and can end up convincing him, not gonna just give them a chance or whatever I write. How sharp is he on a day to day basis, he's with it like right there on it every day, it's so scary. He was like fuck man. I gotta like really work, always like watching yeah, really yeah, that's how he stays alive, how he keeps it interesting every day, not necessarily all day but like every day, so you go in late tonight you go pitch and then he got
home or away how long you gotta stay there, you just do the thing is I mean you could write? You can read tonight if you want, but I usually just take the night, because we only get sundays off so in what nice to have another Monday night right and what's the dynamic over there is still very competitive. Do you feel like your people like? Is there a person there who certainly back I'd kiss ass nagging, does I've got a lot ass. You did embodies ass, you do come Abram, I have five everybody likes nobody's ever yet you feel good did. I was gonna marry that armenia and the eyes like people here, so I get along with everybody who has not really brown knows I'm just getting in twelve years. Am I happy purse right So when you were the only black dude on never once out like we need some or black people, I mean you I just didn't know who they were gonna be brought. My I watched you know what was the shack lost? Thousands it like that, whoever
would come auditioning, but a lot of them back, don't even watch the show, so they wouldn't really even want to audition. You know what I'm saying so you might think the dudes on there now Jay and the data is incredibly talented and you know, as we say in situ leg, insanely towns are too should be able to gather all little flavoured billow style, the updated. Michael J, yeah J is argues, wizard he's insanely like smart and progressive am still super like down. At the same time. You know what I'm saying like he's he's I was in new york, the thoroughbred and the work ethic, You know you gotta have something to be there for twelve fucking years a minute. I cause everything. I hear it's crazy grazing and you don't crack I mean I had my moments. Oh yeah sexting, I left out of the show, because of whatever you know, what I'm saying for a whole show yeah and I've definitely been donated a few times, but yeah
and what what do you do? Usually fuck one thing by their show, you always realise, is another show. you better not make me some more cells and they'll make a scene. you don't want to burn bridges. I've never been like a bridge burner, but I definitely had my moments where I was cursing out everybody in my dressing room like for yourself. Yeah or like just telling my manager like yo what the fuck you gotta be up here, for you know what I'm saying: what the fuck is. This shit man fuck this shit like for real on the phone with the manager. just not knowing like how it goes As you know how you have to like way to turn houses. You know a million differs in areas where things get cut or whatever that I could not hear you standing rules and the fool. You know construction of ease feel at times that lorn was fucking with you now, personally, just that's the melee lay the shell when I first,
I did, I didn't really know how to write. You know what I'm saying and I have like a go to writing person that will just get my shit on every week and I just was kind of like I didn't know what to do like. I wasn't a stand up, so I wasn't used to writing for myself like from this was another case he had. You know, characters that he came in auditioning with, which was something like that. Oh that was cool and he was a you know, a pretty good writer. You know what I'm saying yeah and he was able. I, like kind of self, sustain himself in the beginning and me I kind of like leaned on what I could do for other people's pieces and if there wasn't anything like that then I was so you rely on someone pulling it out yeah. I was just relying on people like trying to appreciate what is Allen yeah and that, but that's sort of the It goes from modern standards that you figure out that you align yourself with the writer, and you kind find your guy
cause I'd, try to write like you know, once or twice like a couple weeks gates. They will just go left and put him right. Make no saves just because I'm a kid type and on a computer whatever come into mine like why, I don't even remember just like cause. Some of the sketches don't make sense, no just like a babysitter doing some extra shit, but I can't even remember what I was right back running around but then like leaving the houses. I really understand that you can't just leave with sketch or whatever I have to do a pre tape. If you do that or some shit like right right, just logistics, and when somebody like finally wrote me like a full sketch, I tanked the shit out of it cause. I started over somewhere and I just like panicked and couldn't like ad lib out of it. I just let the moment go and like hurt like so cold is like, here. It is late in audio. Go now one single lady legacy that quiet you just choked
poked it man, because I got my second season Te Sean wrote for me. You know t shirt, t shirt of chania, is he still over there now, but he was there. and he roaming, this bellhops gets where I was like a crazy bill. Hopped out his late weird stuff, like when you like in a row michel to be, moreover, very right, yes and a flow of this, so hard and I didn't we know that you could just I live it in, like you know, make a funny moment out of it and move on. I just panicked and sweated and like just was like go ahead. Alibi was a lie. Saving the global. Did you say that now what I'm a man I was like now. They now to be forty miles likes. It said it is now or never. Gonna laugh ryan, I didn't say anything so he had to learn on your feet. Yeah comedy dress. Certain people live. James analysing what comes you would like a deep has this, and then we may that someone like me hosting basically people walking into it
it's cannot that you big or bigger than the big one right now is my first big idea. Then here like every by my area? Musical guess would be. it be in that sketch. So I made it like a big deal and my first big deal fucking lady gaga's and, like all kinds of people madonna and like you know like that, was my first. Like real moment. What's up with that, as one out there would tuckered out, then like come over them to let my seventh season, and we haven't done it in a long time, but I'd love to yeah how come what? What determines whether or not you get to do that. One like a lot of the factors left like one of the main jokes was lindsey buckingham is always there and that was played by bill and he left like two years ago. Okay and then today, kids became like an intricate part of it, because his dancing behind me became such a thing because he was just awesome, yeah and he's gone and fred was in it too. So it was like a big yeah exodus of the show.
and the big like part of that sketch. That was just kind of like nice little sprinkle pieces, but you're. Not how old are you thirty six? So it's not like you're the, old guy at the show, no I'm one of the older ones like the castle. The ryan is right now baby you. Other writers are like still like. Normally normal age grown up, their normal grown obeyed almost every week net I mean you don't get to sit out now d. No, if I do it's like you, you you're really not even just try and do what Fucking right at all the way out of the show for me at this point not even have like one things like. I was just hiding, basically yeah, not even trying right and like when you're going to. I just it's hard for me to realize or to accept that you're just going to go uptown and
sit in laurens office. Today, yeah we're going to go up there and like wait to be called in and then we'll go in there for like twenty minutes and go like round robin round the room. And when it's over is like yeah? We clap like, let's do a good show and that's it it's just a more of a formality. I I just I need to talk to that guy yeah, you should you should call them who came up with marc, marron, five You are a man. Five back there was a game, show yes mark man, five! I wonder who did think that might have been much older man not bullshitting. I think they might have been because you becoming across my tv lately, as very I was excited like ok yeah was I wanted this, the steve we joints yeah yeah my monitor among us, and now I made a body do of fiscal you had better take credit for. right now just comes in here, but if it's,
If it's not my job, I gave it up to hire. I'm just like you didn't think it was because I watch a lot of I see I was like shit mariners, like really blown fuck up, my man figures like I've. Always, whilst you always have legs Nan, especially as it is, was funny cause. I got someone's pointed out to me my college, it I made it up. Finally, and then like in my mind, I'm like I pictured lauren going on. What do we do? What is it that kid in there you fucking, you fucking know how man I'm denying. Why don't you call him sometimes hey, mark again her forlorn, who I stopped stop mile air and forlorn, not stopping. I talk to you yesterday. Is this really I talk to you yesterday. Julie visitor new name, the others. Allow learns up there, there's more than one more and more and more so
who is blown away when you're just sort of fucking when they walk in and you're, like? Oh, my god, outside of eddie, have you had moments where you like this? happening mean a moment. A lot because as I watch a lot of tv, so it's mostly the host anytime. We walk in and, like start pitchers, oh shit they're really sitting right there. or you know like at any time or yeah or even like scarlet johansson, it's like shit. Did she there? She is. You know what I'm saying: get those guys who has or my first season the third shows how we bury fuck is the real halle berry. Did you say that you're? No, I should have yeah, but she was nice and you know whatever I was just like: hey how's it going. I think I like crawled. I need something yeah yeah I mean I have that moment. As a fan you gotta have that I'm a fan of the show yeah. I think you should do a love boats catch. I think that the picture,
shit man. I think that, like the was not just the applause but go with it like, let's do the love before I love, but why not would have to like insane laughter. I react the deck with them about allow the email me no come on I used him deadline. I used to be my show eyes and that also cause you know These are, if he's alright he's, will we like there's a moment where, like you, telling me I'm worrying around the campfires around like it was out this trailer park with this other guy and he's like you know, yeah isaac from the but why can you gotta get out of you will recognise? Why do I don't know it's The thing together
good good! Does the thing embrace it? Oh, no hate. When people try to like act like they're, not there beyond that part of, like you know what they're known for tv history yeah, no no he's into it, he's into it, he's a real good guy. He was a good guy. I like when those dudes are good dudes to ted Lange, ted lange, yeah interesting yeah. Now you know, but in the pitch meeting today I was talking to mark Marin today. Learn is angle, a lord and you marilyn marquis, marquis man gave the audition auditioned in this day had as meaning that day for had. I have been a bad they afterwards, just looking just looking back, I you know, I wouldn't want some of his old comedy He ever watched it blew clip sooner with. It is hard to find its heart Lauren, terrific, our heart and lord terrific, our, but the other guy's name was heart. His first name. I guess so like it. You don't like it heart
I warn you. I watched in episode was like laughing. You know like early seven, nineteen, seventy one. So what was the material I'll show you like talking about politicians? a little bit, but it was canadian- and this is not a public youtube channel severe emotional. We ask you to continue as the opening scat court scene I get that at last was worthless. quiet for comedy show with this. Is that time you know like really play out fool set up pieces, reasons together may live in this case was used. And she's into it,
okay, that's what that area is. Oh, my god. Look at that handlebar! Our next guest is a personal favorite of ours. We welcome, says tomra, what dude. He looks like he looks like sonny bono, who he is again with a handlebar good evening. I'm lorne michaels and at this point in the show, we'd like to pause for a moment to examine a grave national crisis, one which may have far reaching effects upon. The good looks like for any prince, naturally decades, That's insane leader, productivity, stool, sketch, kommeni, eighty percent of all the world's last. You think, then I guess and argue bugs most fertile land of the southern ontario around fucking crazy last year provide employment for over twenty two.
pack farm at its source, like it so like. What's it will call it My girl, like dry? yeah yeah, that's what spoken more than is their wild. Can you believe it do? can you believe that he started out as a perform? I mean I knew it. I guess I'd never seen it and I definitely had never seen the the mustache. That's bugging me because he disease like a regular dude, yeah who you could see kind of being like oh no, this is my party yeah, like you know, thanks for coming already right, exactly you're like this like a dirty thanks for coming. Like all of my awesome friends are here and welcome. Have you been a party at his house or anything No, I will we went back again, game was not the man made him at his house. Out like this is apartment, but it was crazy. Really
park like our evader leg, up to its own florence in nice, the door post. We shared goes to pose I'm house. He was right across the hall from poseidon, that's crazy couple jews up their share with their own, our blue kitchen door, that they share their buds and less acute. That's sweet, so you did You just went to the game with him alone, yeah My nose went with a couple of people, but we ve gone to several over the years. Have well, hopefully all meet him again, you it'll you have your day and it was good Talking to you, I know is so you not leaving now do you have any way Is anything else going on? They need to know about between us.
I know I mean I'm just focused husband and dad outside of work. How was your kid ten months and you all live in the apartment, but we live in florida like throughout the year like when we're not working well. How long do you have in florida for they're like two years ago and how much time do you have down there when what's the season, usually the summers like school years october to may appear and oh wow? How long have you been married? I've been married three years, it'll be four in november where'd you meet her up here and she's. Like grew up in Tampa, which she do. She was on the radio when I met her and she modeled for awhile. Now she's, like terry, when designing oh yeah, she was on air personality yeah. She was on the fucking shade. Forty five would fit the ST louis guy. Oh really yeah. He loved that job. Why she stopped things. You've got harassed or something no big, surprise yeah, so she had to go yeah big surprise.
What gives you man sounds good sounds like you live in the life trying to talk me into them thanks as while watching next up with him wild who got, I gotta get some sweet man, I got a job, argument valley. I do say it have a chocolate bar. the hm
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