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Episode 602 - Richard Lewis / Greg Proops

2015-05-13 | 🔗
Richard Lewis and Greg Proops have been in the garage before, but whenever they stop by for a chat, it makes sense to turn the mics on and roll tape. They always have a lot to say. First, Greg tells Marc about his experiences doing his podcast all over the world. Then, Richard Lewis braves a unique car ride to get to The Cat Ranch in order to offer a pep talk of sorts to Marc.

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The guy. I let's do this. How are you what the fucker is, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck and ears what the fuck's there is, what the fuck the holocaust, what the fuck and avian mark marin deputy, have worked into the shout tonight is the premier of season three. of marin on I have see I'd like it. Watch it I get a dvr if you have to and watch it a few days later, don't wait too long to watch it if you can possibly watch it tonight that be nice. You don't know. I've seen you could get it. If you are a cord cutter and vigilant, I know you gonna be able to get him on itunes, yeah eventually about beyond Netflix someone told me about swing the other their places. You can go to get this thing. Just do it, you gotta do if you can watch it on. I have seen that be great, and let me just tell you something I tell you something I mentioned my name's mark round I, how are you
Does my show who's on the show today. But while I talk about, myself, one. I just tell you gimme a heads up side so can decide whether you want to hang in I've got greg. Groups for a little while I got me a richer louis were little. While how did that happen? for them have been on the show and usually Do that way is what happened and sometimes my friends they they cause. We up in there I can. I can I come talk about my new thing and they biting greg Andy richard both have books, and I said, of course, and I usually I do like you- ve heard it before ten minutes up front and maybe twelve minutes fifteen maybe talk a little bit about the thing. Well, above these guys, we just got to in and they turned out to be. On your conversations, and I thought why not put them both up together is nice. To talk to Should again Zella gregg proves this year and I never did a full so episode So it's good to get into a with him. He said. Is one of the wizards big thinker that proofs very quick on his feet, MR proofs, but any
eyes. That's what's happening on the show today, also cheese, so much going on be an ash asheville north Carolina tonight. There are two shows there may still be tickets to for the second show at the orange peel down be travelling over to Charles in south carolina, there's still tickets available for that Actually, if you have there and you have friends and stop at you, as we need to step it up a little bit? Really it was a you know, not the greatest sales Two? It like. I do want to write it last, but did maybe me It's not a lot of web remark marian Charles to maybe I said something to piss south carolina skimming if you and your people there, but I'm just saying you get with it. is that rude is that whatever atlanta ga variety playhouse Saturday, this saturday may sixteenth, I believe, is sold out if not close, to sold out sunday? a seventeenth, the joy theatre, new orleans tickets available for that. In that. I doubt animal on coming to
one chicago minneapolis, port, chester, new york, brooklyn, new york, huntington new york, red bank, new jersey, portland, Oregon, boulder colorado, denver colorado, go to wtf pod dot com, slash counter for all those dates. I just wanted to give you a little update on the weekend, but so what I'm saying is tonight I show premiers are be on stage in north carolina. not commitment to the stand of craft army checking and I'll be dvr ing it. I I feel like a hypocrite, I'm not I'm not going to watch my own show in real time, because I gotta do stand up comedy, but damn it I want to tell you- I won't tell you this honestly I'm happy with this season of my show in and work, I knew going and doing a tv show. I knew that the first year would be a little step. I need to get the hang of some stuff. I knew I was ready to do what I was doing. I was excited to do it, but I knew how to learn some things. Second season was was better in the writing was better and how we came together.
in rope for the world, it was better. I was better as an actor, but this season. I really think that we nailed it that the shows our hilarious, I think the guests, we are, however, is the stories are great tonight show it yours elliot Gould, as ellie gold and his death bed pitch of the shower that the story I need. I really want to get to talk. On television. Buddy need agent, so so Elliot referred me to his agent, who is played by Alex out, who was more green in the godfather have we to Lucy Davis from the original british office a place. My my british manager, based on my real british manager kind it. But I guess what I'm saying is. I am very happy with the show nothing that happens on the show that I didn't ok or did create or or didn't, or what a part of the creative process on this? Is Equally, the show I won do in all my writers one to do- and I guess I at you: the onset of everything I'd like to thank those.
eyes and thank I've seen fox studios. In fact, twenty one in fact said: that's enough foxes, apostle, Jim serpent, Tom over there at the apostle in everyone I'm not accepting an award but they're. Just so many people that thank you wait, there's wardrobe people, there's caterers craft services, there's writing guys. I mean It's an amazing collaborative effort that brings a tv show. to us, for we Position and I don't know I'm just excited. Most importantly, my writing. Staff dave anthony jerry stall, Michael jam and arm Sean Russell. We weren't we worked hard him and they all did a great job. I think again enjoy the series: okay, gregg probes known since I was a child in a way he was there when I moved to san francisco in t ninety two he was therefore to see a chaotic infused boundary this week. Stone your mark and he contributed. He contributed as new book, the small,
spoke in the world is available now, wherever you get books, what's doktor gregory Try we ve been doing I'm on the road- and I finish the book and our getting getting ready to go, do a butcher and junk and I'm still do and stand up and improv and the bad as it looks really fun do. Regulating aids is very specifically you it. It actually functions as a reference book, I believe that if you, if you take the lessons from this book, you will be at least the illusion of sophisticated and interesting. That's all. I present mark a shallow illusion of sophisticated and interesting. My horizontal knowledge can only present a veneer of sophistication. Casual sophistication is up to you and how's the podcast going the podcast going real. Well, we've been our or we go all over, and this year we're gonna do london and paris. I hope for the bookstore, but something like him up at last year. We did em know how
in KY and stockholm, amsterdam, paris, you do alive, podcast there, oh yeah in Helsinki it was great. We wanted It- the fur annual helsinki kommeni festival or whatever was we really really only american there How was our glenn wall, but he's canadian vienna one was one other north american lives in the world. We did it in a rock n roll club in Helsinki and we went in and the em they sound s name was fantastically nikko K k. Oh yeah, that's the kind of names haven't finland area there was a rock band at their hammering through, like a toy. petty song. They were all our age right now, like they weren't there they're hammering through it very poorly and I went over to them and I'm like hey fellas has gone and they fronted me a note wouldn't talk. Jennifer was like look at this fucking dressing room right because it was just like what like just a shithole as a rock in finland, classic rock. I did it there and it was great fun and, of course, I've made. I played the immigrant song,
every scandinavian country. I got you that I'm getting ready to go to stock up and a guy since meaning only says when you get your jump, lay the emigrant song because we're not you know, really, viking. So of course I pleaded immediately and every time he played in the scandinavian countries they love to you that the zeppelins on you come from the lily. I know some one guy now now ramat dimensional good. Looking we are we not worth it king. I read the thing I read the email and this was in where we just sit in and thousands of stockholm and I go yeah, you guys are good. Looking ever been to ITALY, I wouldn't get too high on yourselves sweet, but that's the opposite. Let's see like the other side of the good looking spasm, okay. I knew a guy who went to sweden. These, like you, go into like a gas station. You like there's a supermodel working here. It's true, though it's true and there's all yeah they're tall, they're, really tall and the dutch are amazingly tall one at the airport and amsterdam. I go. Excuse me when I go to the bathroom before we get in the cab
and the urinal was this high. I felt like I was a child. You know I gotta watch your pay right, we're no, my goodness splash my ear. What is it? in the day yeah they were so tall and that all the scandinavians are really tall geeky. I go if you're so like you do that international thing, I'm still sort of mildly nervous about travel all know they love it. They love it and there's always english speakers in every place. To be honest, Helsinki was good, but stockholm was strawberry, because I Norway and they're all, but I think they were a little more whose line oriented like they. They knew me from whose line, but in wheaton, everyone seemed to really know about podcaster. We went into a coffee shop. Do you do any stand up there? Do you do stand up and a podcast? You just consider the podcast and if you just riff anyways, you refund the theme. I won't go anywhere that I down your podcast, but I did a stand up in Helsinki as well and and in sweden. No, I just did the podcast and in brussels just the podcast, but I will, I will do stand up in this country right. They almost all speak English really well, but the swede speak it
extraordinarily. We are your pin when there is a very big huge fans of like their big conan fan. So if you had any presence on that show like I've always wanted to go, but I haven't gone, I want to go to to can and avian country it's a matter of making time, and, of course, can you afforded in oak? Is that these things don't pay for themselves and the money they make? Us me no nominally whatever her, so I do to have fun and everything in the fish fish and fish. Oh, my god. The seafood is today. Is it yeah? Who has to be the foot? Yet? Let's we were in m oslo, and we ordered shrimp and might go where the shrimp from it she's like greenland. We don't have any more, no more yeah, but it was like buckets of shrimp. You know and sweden, the food is tremendous. In Sweden, it's like a coronary explode reiner. As we go into this coffee shop. There is real or fashion the jennifer. where everyone drink coffee, with sandwiches, like there's a big thing, to have the same, whether they drink coffee with food, which I rarely do and rights breakfast anna, though the way
there are, though, the guy who ran the pace with his mother. His mother didn't speak a word of english and he goes gregg proofs, economic A june goes you the Joe rogan show was I love Joe rogan, so I texted rogan, like I'm in stockholm, and they love you and of course he when he went over and did it he went over and did a concert in stockholm and sold it out and everything. Oh, it's we it's interesting where the you know who resonates in RI and what what how it happens. Jennifer is like Joe rogan out of nowhere, and he goes. I love wrestling. I love the. What is it he? Let out the idea that fighting a new fire fighting bfc is that what it's called? I am not to know me. Neither, but people have rogan he's, got a big big reach. I guess we all do I'd like to go and see what's out there for me, shared betty, and I guarantee, if you will you been to london I have a review, and that is why I just once a year or two weeks, I'm ok. I think it would be better. Now, of course, would like when I went, I was on the set of another show right
a two week run on the set of I can remember, wasn't musingly It wasn't a way it was only in front of an office after some they are no is like a dirty offsets. Yes like it, but it was it. We alabama, was an interpretation of a modern interpretation of libel, and my thing is: that makes sense. Yes, a you know in a year or so so that was, it was good. I need to go back. People want me to go beca show when he wrote the book this. name for your progress, which is smart racism, to compel branding the companion, but it is yes, it's a companion, but what We, like you, just thought, like everything proofs here. What is the context of my mind and what is it to me, and then you put that in their. That was it. That was it. The prima shabby I mean I went in for a pitch meeting a couple of years ago. That's how long it takes the the goalposts keep getting moved, and I I I pitch this and this and that and then, of course it all changed. You know in writing nl as things go on my head,
It would give me an idea for something or jennifer or give me an idea for so who's. Your guy Matthew benjamin and she story I met that guy yeah and he's really is acute and, as you know, I It has met with the media is a good guy. The airline is really smart here. Any follows all this man, like you, the reason I even got the book was because he's a fan of the podcast me into the meeting, and I got in there now. I said. Oh, I it'll be about this and it will have this and feminism this thought in baseball blah blah and then, of course, in writing it in I am the best things in it that I think are the funniest things work. My idea, and a nice. Why? That's, I think, with a magic editor go of everything like a white one was I talk about art after my podcast from time to time like you should see I know I'd like to steal this piece of art and then, of course you always have to give a caveat, because you know how people are like, don't really steal or yeah yeah, and so Matthew said to me one of these Greg right. Why don't you do a chapter called ten pieces of art? I wish I had the balls to steal, so I did and that's when the
I've ever chapters, and then I was working in montreal last year at the festival, where I saw you I was working at a place called the Better. Tell me you a piece of art No, you did they re, that's my router, then. If I said yes, I want you to morrow John museum, and I took I have a very small take on me right now. I my bag. I have abroad of inaction and the cat Jeremy, who runs the club I played at montreal, said I told them about the book. And he goes really and I go yeah this one chapter I'm doing is about art, I'd like to steal, and he goes what about the paintings of george w bush, and so I put it in the paintings of georgia. I hangs over those paid exist right, and I said I think it when I say that the sitting I hear challenging art brute, because our british easily done by what they call outsiders, meeting the mentally defective or whatever and let's scheme on how we steal his paintings and if you go to the chinese houses dressed as a collar guard, and then we run,
and grab it off the refrigerator. I'm sure, if you like, you know you were pleasant and you showed up at his house he'd give you what every sphere get out the one opinion the one who looked into his eyes and asked him. You know, you'd have to do so. The couch and talk baseball with our walk with a painting, easy heloc as nasa a couple of nosy eggs, here's one I did a margaret thatcher never met her yeah, he got the ten, the ten smart drugs in the world. Oh yeah, if there's all those lists and all the baseball teams were not something I thought of. As you know, mistakes are what Leonard Cohen said. You know the cracks. The light shines through average. I may make a mistake. I try to amplify it because I find like. You know the stuff, you think of isn't this money as the stuff that just happens and you jump on it and I didn't make it baseball team, but people started getting up into shown going who's. Your turn greatest, who's there, all time baseball team of kings and queens of england
also in baseball team of roman? Ok here I would just do them off the top of my head, so they all ended up in the book. Where I kept the from the show I write them down and just ripping them yeah and, like my friend it nick jones in england who work with whom we may? I know that guy vienna naturally made him you didn't. I meet him with your others were monitored. We made it documentary bottle held last year and I've done a lot of work at it, but he he was in a show and a guy got up and went her short I'm kings and queens having I'm doing the juggernaut, baseball team, and so I did it, after the show, came up. Anyone who I was kind of worried about you for that one I go. I know, I know enough kings and queens of england and you did yeah, it was Ethel. Ethel read the unready and edward the confessor, and where do you get this like? How do you maintain this encyclopedic knowledge? Eg like again, it's because you're real baseball ban right, oh yeah, dna that that's the one that's the left field for gregg proofs is like you know you, don't you don't seem
sports guy, but you are no. I love baseball cause. He grew up with it. Yeah, mostly mostly baseball. I like track and field as well as football. I could I go back but didn't go to college yeah, but I never graduated to graduate graduate, I did they took a long time, but it didn't matter you're right. You need to do anything but like you're you're like- the idea you could just name off what twelve kings and queens of england imagine if I sat and thought about it, maybe I could now what but but I dont what would compels you? Do you know that it's the putting them in the in the positions in the field and in giving a justification for why they're playing the position there playing? That's the tough part about the aid I thought I was like ok with woods. You would use it begins to what do you know that I don't know. I just have one, I know I know a little about a lot of things right. I don't know a lot about a little things. I dont have in depth knowledge of anything my knowledge of sites. And send sites turned biology, arrogant physics and things have got numbers absolutely the completely useless
every once in a while. I get caught out because someone will ask me science question: I'm like oh, no, nothing to do with planets. Oh, no! No! No nah! Nah me neither geometry algebra! I I gave that up at like four if you can kind of bullshit your way through precisely which is what the book as it should have been called the stuff I can kind of bullshit. My way through would have been a more honest appraisal. I think it's called a clamorous compendium or something I'd give it something I gave it some alliterative to make it sound. Nobody like raid, it's great because, like you know, you like I like books, where you can just sort of a it, even in a good memoir. If you can be passionate about something and it needs a lot of stuff in your shit, you like yeah, it's just stuff like well, that's good, right and there's always gonna be some idiot Zurich. But what about like? I dunno that guy responsibility know all of them. This is the one I like nice, shut, the fuck up and that's exactly right. I was required to write an afterword to fill some pages because the pagination didn't fill out. You know how these book things work. Like you finish, the thing you're like oh thank fuck. I finished it and then I get a call. We need like five more
pages. So can you write and afterwards like so I wrote in the next book? It will be more stuff that you instead of the shit that I like, man, you got vinyl I'm gonna, I made it album in san, go over nears, weak and that one's gonna come out on vinyl, probably in the summer. but also on download, never think we're gonna. Do it do it by one Did you some final ones as well we're in the process of like trying to design the cover, and just like that? and I did a long bid on the giants and the new album, because one three world serious, but I'd mostly it's an impression of bruce butcher. The manager me out, I hope, works for everyone, and so it's not to baseball intensive gooseberries road. You totally whether you never that bear cartoon blue bird problem area thats a purse, but she talks I can write it. Just and into a surreal. You know tangible gonzaga center, for you, you want to give him a chance going to. It turns out Gregor blanco barrier to go down in the bullpen a couple of years ago. We really couldn't believe how tender it was one.
Isha hundred pants, made a kill, shake the other day, then put us back on our heels. You know it is nonsense. It's just nonsense. So that's very arbitrary kill him in San Francisco. You know like all you have to do is go giants when you walk on and the place goes crazy and then I haven't been like I I was up there like. Do you miss it now, because I'm up for five terms I've already been up like three times this year. The theme is living their ideas. I don't think I could afford it anymore. Really. Well I mean say we sold our cribs in l a and you wanted to go up and buy a place. Where are you going to live here, you're not going to living in san francisco unless you live in visitors in value hunters point and even then those places gotten chichi. So it's crazy will I don't want to live in cooper, tina, her coolies or whatever you call it couldn't live in poverty and because it is so much I t gone on. Their prices have gone to the roof. I do I do miss that part, because I love how now show is telling us that there were still. There was something great about waking up in seven cisco, like you know,
I like waking up here, but there is a a weird kind of fog and christmas crispness to it and you just wake up, but that was back in the day where I'm like. I had nothing to do right by gaining weight government. I guess I'll walk over to a Valencia go to muddy waters, get a pint of coffee. Right now. I'm gonna go the horse, shoot it right or I'll go get a burrito for three hours you're or go bullshit with my fur. As for the rest of the day, sit in that coffee shop to someone I know walks right right and then we'll go, have a day together and then see what they're doing yeah. Those were the days when you didn't have stuff to do all day in new york. You'd do the bennett, show and you'd be fucked up for our whole day was fucked yeah, here again, I emailed them and ice. I follow on on facebook and he's he's doing good urge to show them. I think, last year he was doing some he's. Not a serious radio show anymore he's not now he was doing a podcast of his, so I did it with them.
Really, I feel, like you know I always like dogs in he did so much for us when we were in san francisco. I came here a little way. You know like you, you know I am. I remember the first amendment you too I get, but I came in a little late to Alex by the time I got alex men and it was pretty much you know he didn't. you gasoline complain about ailment. I was going to say that we talk about us help me. You have seriously burning more recurs. I've gotta creeping it inside my lord, along the end. They need askew idea the sweaty regular deny your neck. I'm not sixty not yet you sit there and watch him interview celebrity that you'd get through and then you'd have to just sort of sit there with her other comics wasn't in complaint about his Alan area, watching me to beg for half an hour or drink a diet cook the I was thinking about the other data, all the celebrities I met on a shell Mr Holland, the director Dennis farina Eric Stoltz. I think of
these movie stars and directors that they would just casually come by. Well, that was a you know me mayor was that was that was sort of the end of when I got there the end of the the morning, radio rain, but yeah I met. I can't remember who I met, but I remember I got into a little bit of trouble. I was always sort of a dick then, some I met. You is in new york, though, at the west way diner around the corner from the original improv or I was with some other comments, and I was an addict you I was like. And doing the tom Kenny thing glasses on hair I've seen that before doing tom, Kenny's look aren't you. I was like that and you were like, and now I don't yeah wise's where in your subject, then I, when I think about how we are to get my authorities and really into my forties. I was a little too. I remember getting I was in like edinburgh- and prevents it was they who am course we're bodies who hath an unknown prevents four hundred years,
What was that show used to do comics only or for comments, or it's just a weird, with prevents that you could be doing a one nighter. You know outside arena and it's prevented as like: hey we're doing the thing around the corner. I stop there. We are with yet yeah, even the international you could be helsinki like. What's prevented, doing right now, he's always everywhere, and this is the no twenty some odd years ago and they go. And his producer. Whatever go. Oh, we wanted to get you on the show. looks only which was unlike the hot channel. Yet romantic comedy essential. Whenever started, what was it was. The comedy channel kind channel- maybe it was called then right- and I- and I want ya- know you didn't you trying to get me because I'm easily fucking available, you can call me fuckin number anytime, you, like I'm sitting by the goddamn phone. I don't remember, a call from you, so why you bullshitting mina and I think in the end they both like what the doctor I've got a big, I'd never do that now I would be the nice person ago. That's terrific, thank you and yet,
instead, I contested has slighted. I know right now, I'm waiting. How dare you tell me you tried to get me online that there's no point in you know like, I believe, I'm all for honesty, but there's a line between honesty and ticketed, sure honesty used as a weapon. Theirs, and it was your ultimate fear he's a very good comic and he still plays- and I played with him in Oregon years ago, when I was playing with them in san francisco and he goes at you remember we play together in portland and I go yeah, You remember what you said to me and I went no know. What did I anyway, you said you're a fucking hack and I don't know what the fuck you're doing up there. but you need to change a shit around and I want oh, my god did I really say that to any. You were right and I did change my shit around and I was like oath. I
because I thought the election was going to be in here. Is europe? Don't you know just karate taught me he was probably middle and four years yeah it was. He was putting it up. Your ass and you're like boom fucking, like by the third day you're like you know what yeah I don't know enough of ricky lake routine or whatever it was late and doing whatever he was killing whenever he was close, he was making an rv vu for the first time that I laid into him for it, and I thought I'd never do that again, and I know you work with some metal acts, you do too occasionally that you know they could use little more focus, or maybe they talk about masturbating. For my good I've won arguing with eight years ago. I work latino middle act to close with, like a and what's thank you. Oh god bless. I or fighters ongoing. My leg is nine. Eleven p I write any. I go staring obey yea. I have people cry marguerite jew is anyone just agree with everything you hold dear you'll, be burning the flag, menorah brutal? The only do things that jack you cause, people got u care who opens for you,
like. No. Unless racism and misogyny I remember, guy opening permit irvine I need a twenty minutes and how much he hated iranian hands and eyes like this is horrible we need to get on. The kinds of lynch mob was the weird thing about this whole there's is weird kind of this idea that your political correctness or that there's some sort of wave of censorship. But the weird thing is like no: there isn't you can say whatever you want. You just have to accept the people that you're going to surround yourself with you can go say that to those people, and you can all be like. Why can't we say you can, but not if you did the other people who are in moral people there like we're, like those people never noticed. I love that people know that
you know the pc police they prescribe, but you can wait where no, they down to its simple common decency. If you want to say something insulting about a race. That's on you right now on you and you, you know you take responsibility, boarding or find people that enjoy that kind of thing and we'll know where you are and they often daily. Please identify yourselves sentence and release. Don't come to. My show. Do not come to my show because you them here I didn't want to miss chicago, and I am sure you let people email you I do in its cargo is on fit last year. Fidget anniversary did Martin Luther king shop march for jobs of freedom, I played a little of speech and I talked about largely king. It was, I thought what pretty well come on our people? Our guest devalue, asked a guy. Afterward anywhere. I didn't like your show. I went to it and all you talked about politics, and I didn't agree with what you said and I want my money back and I wrote him back and I said your hostile tone is not conducive to discourse and I said, and secondly,
you don't get to ask for your money back after the show. If you have an issue, that's a five minute. You no warning if, within the first five minutes, if you're not dig it at walk right up to the box office, and that is when germany, because, as you know me bastard right, you don't sit there, two hours with the crowd, cheering and ngo. You know take exceptional and I thought wait a minute. That was I talked about martin luther king, so you were angry that we talked about. I have a dream that it was like. Yes, he was. Did you go back and forth on them? No, no! No! No! He didn't write me back after the words you entitlement to that, it's like I gave. What are you who disagree with somebody walk away. Why want my money back what you put my high disagree with almost everything everyone's, so I don't. I can't spend the day fuming about if I can bizarre die now where you were there, big trip, I'm gonna, be all around the country and may seem
portland of pillay, chicago l, a and san francisco dunno. What awesome man? I wish you best of luck. Thank you, brother and thank you for reading the book. I really appreciate it's good to see it. Thank you. The gregg proves I know from San francisco. Not when I moved to San Francisco. I was sort of and of one of many of the ropes it I've gotten like. I would swing from roped a rope and then eventually work myself to the end of those robes and have to get it weird momentum going where you now is fall into the pit or get too that the next rope and climb up? and I wanted the ends of those robes was san Francisco. in the early nineties when I moved there and I met a probe, some bunch other people, and I very little recollection of what I did yeah. I know I was doing comedy and I was wandering around our smoking weed it was before I got so bright tried to get so when I was not so
grow at a weed wandering around drinkin, pint size, cups of coffee with brown, sugar and I'm a dead horse. You hang the naked eye video store with their hyperactive steve. Why can around the lower hey walkin around the mission, eaten burritos, talking thinking right and things. steel and my roommates volumes. After doing too much coke one day and then causing trouble there. I was living there with a with a woman that became my first wife and we were living with another couple. He had a gun in the house, which was a problem for for the woman. I was living with a I dunno that I thought about it that much I got to. I played his guitar with that with their stinky food on my hands in that cause trouble. I was not cut out for roommates her boy, san Francisco anyways, didn't have a part to piss in. wander around high wandering around I trying to figure out how to get some action in the comedy game. and then last sunday night
For those of you who were their mother's day, my This night I play symphony hall, davy symphony all in san francisco for nineteen hundred people and change at that we're. Nineteen hundred people there in a room designed to accommodate symphonies. I stood alone on that stage and looked out a man what a fuckin trip that was. I'd never played a room that acoustically perfect and that big with that many balconies. I don't know was nervous, but there were moments when felt very alone up there, and I was talking to the people and ate it it's amazing to be in a hall that is acoustically perfect, where you can just talk and people can hear you. I got off the mic a couple of times on purpose, just to play with the acoustics of the there's a very up and down said there were moments where I thought it was a man using, and I was connecting aromas laughing than there were moments when people are just listening them. There were moments when I thought I
in connecting and so usually I go in and out like that? I feel like I'm not connecting I'll do a longer show. So, in the middle of the said it somewhere, two thirds of the way through I just broke into a q and a we got some thing going then I closed the show is it was spectacular and I appeal create a standing ovation. I appreciate everyone. It came back. It was the highlight of my life, one of them walking around that city. You know would know where to go not knowing what the hell I was going to do with my life. To return narrowed symphony. How was I appreciate it? I can tell you that It is not lost on me and I am grateful for it I so richard lewis came by his book report since from Hell richard louis's guide on how not to wear is available. Now in the same places you get Gregory's book at bookstores or online, where you get books. Ok,
and now you know I love richard Lewis. He was a hero of mine and remains a hero of mine at one of the great stand up comedians. What's talked to Richard Lewis, are you nervous because, like you know about how the way, how do I make that you know me that that imposed to try to get larger, which I don't want it you would enlarge in what way when we all, I can to be intimate like that, the freedom of mine and sometimes when you're theatre, you gotta figure out that my message is this is not the garden know it's like you, so I gave Nine or those you can kindness is my first time doing it time get out of here now. First time I doing a tour always really like that all the usual club a blow you away yeah here, aren't I mean for you wait, wait. Somebody we would be ready for carnegie hall, I'm ready. I'm ready
but this is what I do. This is my preparation. Are you gonna tell me that before or are you? Are you taking his shit yeah? Are you telling me that before you do an hundred nine hundred seats like this is great? I can't wait to get out there. You ask me again, I did the limo java gummy, so fucked up we kept say was arrested. Gonna get saying you know. I can't like a wiser talbot tat. by the way, was the wolf man's fuckin there that is named halbert, talbot, ok, she's, because I'm a professional I got into the cot forty five minutes early, and he was whaley. He can. He was driving holding the mapquest in a car that was twenty. Five years old, I'm shit non gum, the spinning spit out, and he kept saying I'm a professional life and then any money, people besides me, so I am a big fan- is broken We want a music, and I said you know I'm in a serious now I'm going over seen. Furthermore, why won't bother you how this I just one thing:
picked up this comedian, you might you know people our age would know Jack Carter used to be, and yes, I yeah, I know who he is and was then nonstop all the way to finding your house and our forty minutes at his stories. I just heard your whole fuckin life story you driving like a mental patient holding mapquest and about your neighborhood usage. I like hit neighbourhood. Even all the cafes are closed and where here I looked around down two streets every. They had names like the alike. By earlier you idiot ANG one one offences in the bows look. What I was opened, his paws open a b and become an shade and share is closed. I know they don't open the later I do know that was fences around it and condemned r g? U e to condemn property will know that is hip now that that's not it. Let's get back to. Where'd. You get your own question unjustly
I'm gonna. Look. How do I get nervous? I guess it's not even nervous about performing and I'll be fine, but it sure My my issue is: is that like do they know what they're getting into you have done hard fridge care. Wait to hear you really do new, an older, my hunches, when you do all you take it too. You keep writing on its right. Well, that's that as not a comedians. Do that you know who feel like He used to do that lobbies when he went back to familiar stuff. He would get open it up, word. Any, would open it up here. Think if they're gone with you get right off. What you normally would have done very well in europe mastered the ship, but I mean your eyes wait for a lot of time. I will I'll stay away from old stuff. He had asked me last night when I get nervous it do that thing from ninety five big piece and I was like I fuck it I'll try to get back in That's what happened. I just opened it up because your war, the war, the experience after that yeah, no it he's a hollow that it's actually not a bit
idea. I mean to reach our yeah because you have a new perception, nude, adding you're twenty years? Whatever, on a pit, though struck, funny when you write one is yet artes for the fuck you doing out seriously. Well, I'm doing this a good time. For me. Man here I mean my marriage is cool. I'm sober twenty years regulation stag you appreciate and miss trying to shake the dr recovery. Alright I'll show you do you gotta get rating about you how to get all over you gotta. He don't even say that to me. I said is nine hundred the map. Cost is forty pages. Look like the bible he's looking at papers papers while he's driving, but what is the identity of the street named ceo to hire a author or hatchet avenue, or I'm not going to use them anymore? now he's a larry S. Came out or retirement from you. Boys is all time is day emerged, match jason, eight, zero families at cardiff story was great.
romeo. Jakarta was of great comic in the fifties and sixties and seventies and Annie he's, always known to be sort of bitter, a monster, but a killer I'd say so. We had a pickup jack cards are taken into a charity and it was no use of the age to no card. I was a kid watching him. I would, however, this tablet guy would how he says he gets it fifteen minutes early dent I was in doing is fraught long fertilizer, Carter caesium usually go and come early rather than being late right, and he says your ally scream now and then he ran all got scared that jerry jack Carter back to your problem. Don't have a problem happy to see you now know I mean doing. Theaters is where it's at. Do you have
I don't ever see, I've done a couple of them. My only issue is like for me it's best. If I get into one mind thing and I feel comfortable and it feels intimate, I ended up going and then sometimes like. If I, if I perceived that they're, not if I'm not hitting where I want to hit the overcome And say when it's a theatre, there's no fucking ended at the ability to overcompensate, you got up space to get big run around have to run around. I wanna sit down I want to lie down. Do that really I get emails from you you're all over the place. You kill an article. Let me get this. That's one thing I I have as a patron to this artist and Larry David was too are called nicolas de toilette for thirty five years. Painter is an artist painted, it can imply house painting. Our opinion. We have made the right in europe, not a pain. I gallery knobs you're right you're right mark
the joy I've. I find you up with an idea there. I can show people off this guy bagley and it's an art book and but with my he The grandiose but edgar po and man nay did the books. I did not put in cost of the agreement, both family, how really like he would do a palm and then I was straight or illustrates you know I can I be illiterate on a show in front of you you're, an intellectual, I ana a number on short onwards. I use words in improperly me too. I don't know, I don't know what the portal of squashes y. Why is, if you Is it squashes what the fuck the limo driver, or am I here, am I here you know who the last few people to people I talked to on their farm, mick, jagger and Keith richards that They called this farm, maybe not only you know they were called, but they called. Then that is on the purpose. To talk to me, that's beautiful, on tour
The other turn into a north american war started running not starts in san diego yeah. I just got. I got some, how I got hooked up with ten minute interviews with two of em, but above all to ass, there was improved which, which lead We ask you when you were talking about not nervously but with anger. Eighty about theatres, yeah, on a commercial head space yeah you're. So You ve done so much in the less eight or nine years to get such intense right the following year, dead? Just for my experience as a theatre would me would be a piece of cake for you to sell out fast. Why shoot as it ok in some cities, you know in arizona yeah and I'm excited to do it. I'm not saying I'm not excited, but I you know I'm just sort of like. I would do you work. Even it's ok to be you. they are, you are you being yourself up online ray and I'm afraid I've disappointed? I want disappoint anybody know, that's the way we should feel ok.
That's all I'm saying that's almost as good as a larger group of people that I don't know. Internet theories. This isn't me it's a daily theater. If someone was dying, he went to the hospital. Would you care as much about that person? If they wanted to see you, id like an hour just based on that's how I see everybody in the room, but it's only a matter of time for everyone and that these are all dying. We're we're all! That's how I looked at it. How I hope that I am able honoured even I started to think we're in the writers room now use it on the eye of seizure and then let me come in and die in ST louis year and then I dropped that we we would. We would definitely have you on, but we thought you were like you know your dad, the other guy he did do the other yeah yeah. it's done now. I'm done a show called blunt. I know that sounds like a hell of a show. It's unbelievable. What is the angle? The angle is that sir Walter Patrick Stewart Diaz this
progressive, british guy who, as we know like a crazy progressive talk, show we're like the opposite of that. Whacked me. You know what they want the undefined play is a it's a what if the aggressive british guy comes off as an hour talk show, is based on the kind on the british guy that was on cnn for awhile right, but that's what it would be like. But this guy is a drug coke addict, oh a womanizer, yeah, well and, and I'm annette- and he has a butler an adrian scarborough is a great character, really hilarious and jackie weaver, who won an oscar nomination. Yet over linings with the cast is great yeah yeah yeah and I play I guess what goes around comes around it's like a punchline here, but I played the psychiatrist. That's kind of brilliant cast, well figured man, maybe guys like it's a nice turn for years. It did turn it forces you to realise. Maybe you ve made some progress judgment. We thought
If I talk, I thought it was like. I was really high and you turn it. You morphed into a high school principal or guidance counselor you're, making progress. Dick really don't call me fucking dick guy guides kind most below take that as a compliment would do we I don't. I know it. I know what I read that really a thought was very exciting. Workers is parkhurst. Now dare go stoop I guess now you know you you sorta, etc. Yost do didn't you think you're doing call in the questions from another room and they play the way MR holm guy, with a we kind of our duty, and I know I read, and it was great, I heard it and I love the guy guy. They said in your eye just doing google searching just for beef we're getting other speed now? No, I know what you do. I'm just saying I wanted to do about part case because those I've done few of them, but only a few here, and it said that
allegedly or historically mark marin's, pod carrier. Louis uganda is considered the barriers that are going on raiders hard cash in the history of the media while denying way there's no no, but that's pretty impressive, like it's time, capsule I just saw these guys landing on mars would and I put the mark man you see, K pod cares tear on Uranos. Then it is. I know, congratulations to go on other than spaceships in case indeed aliens. I want a good example. Lamp Did the emotion we disturbed the friendship can't get much better than so. We re nice, it was. It was just a few months ago, and I waited there was a few months ago is voted the best part cast of all time by slate there is no is very I'm thrilled. Is it wasn't like a clansmen thrilled drilled throughout should day of trying to feel good? now I was bringing and I was being sarcastic. That's pretty. Fuckin impress bow
it is for you to feel good seriously. Do you feel good lately now it how to do it's a function of age? and right now, tied to bees. Look, I don't preach about the shit. I mean it's like going on stage and saying you know with I'm a Democrat, I'm a progressive, ran right, you lose if the audience, if not more immediately right. If now, if you have your people there, they know what to expect so they here where I met, but when I Talk about my sobriety is so few people, the sober via that they now What did I want to know about this shit, monument of their slamming the outcome should in their non? So I don't talk but why are you got guy slamming shit? No arm in your audience? Now point, the sheets that you can get on line of all donors. With all due respect, I understand the problems. You think you think you ve judge Gary negatively, because you sobers antarctica. So few people get anything you when you They write it right where they take it up.
in general, I mean you do in heroin and you got your aunt jeered it's over here in the nba, because IRA, when good luck, you look, farmers automatic you die march. There there's gonna, be nineteen degrees, land dark hard to kick that shit for anybody. Yet it's hard to. I guess or look here I am. I had some this morning, I'm up I sure I know the crash go. it all. You know tat amerika. I show you my jocker labour juggling, and we really were a true. Nor should you be slam up, you would make liquid out eu jokes and yonder snorting free You're gonna come on time and jokes Google, your material, your material got an erection that we really be the end. Yeah, that's that's my evening, general you listen tapes Jericho, as it is me and my wife would be not only for the leading to nominate, try that the outcome, but here I don't know, I don't talk about my foot, don't worry about it. Like I got, I'm just over fifteen young coming up on sixteen of surprise.
Talking about note, for that's great congratulations right, but it's a thing and, like you, I believe I am right needed to grow. I don't you know, I don't preach probe, I'm or anything like that. But I talk about my sobriety all the time and I tell you get a lot of mail but email people. Thank me, people s what they do where I knew both of his mental yet- and I shall always answering the hat has to be there all tat right sure. The hands were there for us right. So you know I'm a vet. You know I am very it's it's delicate, but because I was I was I was on Chris Hayes the other night where he wanted to talk about pockets whatever, but then he brings up this article but eh a and in order that one on that no one arrives at the great they write one of those every five years. Radio equate sorry it wasn't that he sandbag me with it, but you know, is very delicate when your little thing so I say, look, I'm not a representative. Moreover, they work for me, but all Adam represent the organization or anything so solo trip man exactly so whenever you gotta do. However, you get sobers vine
yeah whatever you gotta do, but don't slam things that helped both my article yeah it was it isn't. That's why I said: that's why I said that haze, I said you know, writes things like that people don't understand drunk, don't understand that bug or outright that's true guided dead. That as I look in the mirror right that I you know, because you know so Brady. The new show that there is great cause it's for two years already greatly working and I'm worker from my old friend and crystal brecht again, why most of my guy urban. All my sea over half barbacued go back the improbable him. We were comics in nineteen. Seventy one is that so he was can't. He had a team with bob samantha it. Would I at the old, improve the original in four year day, but we would find boat year, but we weren't going right arise like an o klein, endanger fear them brenner and priors. Oh, you know we fine, like I played a health club. That was a good right.
The air of a health club and they had always gigs down. The village we do know is that right, yea awoke city with the ideal and when all those guys play that was there was very surreal, backed and one that many comics there's no comedy clubs the gang our you only opening for singers yeah the biggest got the gig right. If you got to get it was all about getting the same shit together. The reality how to get clean, three or four miles back to back to back to back for the and I'd show, reduces I had to know that you could come on three or four times right and you know so. how to do the same suffered, be it'd, be just what I mean. Well the guy now, but I mean can imagine having to do the same thirty fucking minutes, but that's why I stopped doing specials after a while, because I couldn't take it anymore. Where was my head was going to fuck him what is currently they want. You do it over and over again see what you doing they wanted. The directors need to know why I said you know want
I don't need any. I did carnegie hall in eighty nine. I said: if I do that, do I don't have to do the same material for anything any more. That's what I want to do. I just won't do that once carnegie hall, oh, you should, and you will just want to deal once and I can stop now. You can't I sky casino, or this this I I try to be. I was so by had like wondering why not there a great night and I have used to bring here's the deal I used to bring the shit port Adam unless an asshole good, but I had notes so let s do carol. Three times a year new york right. Doubtless he port one. You have the downtown area intercourse with three times a year and I would make it a point to do a different hour and a half every time. Yet so all this, if the one year, caroline, because I've had illegal pad yeah I can't carnegie hall, I had a big piano. I had like books, ten hours and material. Just that might you I mean I had the stuff, but then show,
age. I've had a hundred thousand agents and managers, no more managers. I've had it with that year. I don't want to wait for them. They're looking at in my life when they're, you know right getting a job in your home when I come to the show what happened their father and their young client, the new guy? There are the hundred thousand dollar. What was that show called space? God Are we able to you about the address one. Now my ticket sales are yeah right now. I know his toilet didn't work in any crown and toiled their workers are getting a hundred. Follow the money man you know they do they don't give allow the money pretend to be your friend. Would you do work and management. I do good for you if it were a network and obviously Well, you know it's like. I took we a long time to be careful fuck up the relation. I had no energy. I took a long time to understand that they were necessarily my friends that was working relationship and that they want necessarily going to do a lot for me, but I was with a big for a while, and then I left in the personal with now is pretty great years has actually yeah.
full engage? You man get our joint along. No, sometimes you know that the thing for me was- and I you know I really enjoy, acting and and and and and like on this blunt as blunt talk show yeah, I'm really playing a freudian therapist who's twisted. I saw I'm really twisted how this Jonathan names right. He wrote to Jonathan Ames yeah he's something huh who use of fucking brilliant twisted Radiator mia eyebrows. I mean the words like me go in for curb. Will you make everything up? You don't really that on this show, because these really quite silent man love it. I want to see it yeah, so carnegie. See I one glass of wine yea. I know, but then everybody I was in, and I know I was about five years away from. Bottomed out crystal method that point so wasn't doing crystal then, but I had three hundred people a little party room match at in the basement. What basement thy abasement scotty
then it's over regulating the cop ten now today, It carnegie yet another point: the game, the jealousy waiters. If they had a, what kind that a little room for a party I so the truth is. I did about about an hour. Forty five minutes, no opening act and as I'm work to the elevator. I couldn't wait to get a drink. In fact, Elton John. She said that the only reason I wanted to finish a show is to get drunk it's cool. I mean I, you know subconsciously. I probably felt that I can't wait when I hear people say that, but that, but that they only they only do it to get laid, and the only time I do shows is to to receive love that I will reject. check that you should only want you believe you deserve it s, not I the I'm, getting better at accepting it. I receive it. I'm okay man.
Why not. I realized that you're doing you become an authentic voice of your generation. What will it take to smack you around myths done on smacked? By who, by all that, I I I am so narcissistic that you are going to credit me for the snack now you just smack me. He gave me a second smack just saying you're right, but now I feel like I'm. You know I'm uncomfortable. I feel like I'm funny, I'm in my own skin, I'm alright, but some people feel that you're crippled emotionally in terms of accepting your Your blessings, the niamey me they say that nine comes out on your active too. I am a widow of gratitude. Deficient, that's perfect! and I have to be like, but I had to learn how to be your empathy, they got a worn out to listen that about two things got to learn as a selfish, fuck an end and you have you have the right. That was brought our relation gentlemen before he had shot up genie at the polo, but
but growing up in a maid, maybe someday master the relationship thing, but everything else is fine. are you an hour hour and forty five and two hundred and forty five carnegie hall, your area? If you want to go to the elevator, I want to go to my dressing room. damn? and crazily the time I didn't ask and it should have been done for me they didn't put it on the board. So I have no tape of the fucking show, oh really yeah. Oh, she had really that you know yeah so, but. I got a standing ovation, so I go. I can manage a run, J F, the man he says, and there was cordial you gotta go back on pay. I mean with them. A show that long granted in inner ear shall go back. I do another fifteen because I had a decade of jokes literally I had thousand so I would, but I knew these things to put those Ella pages out there. It would take me months to get. I could find
ten of these if they were all new, and I- and I laugh when I came up with- I wrote it down under. So if I looked down and saw a circus, I could pop my head up and do fifteen minutes on it. I had at least I try to see you. I couldn't remember that yeah, so I did it worked off the magic got me again. You gotta go back, back another time, our time carnegie hall chertoff recently and innovations, and I said to him: I'm out I'm out LEO morning ma am we I thought I was year cycle upstairs and had all hundreds of gifts. All champagne, oh and I got fuckin hammered here and I went down to the den with the porch party and ot a whole lifetime of people there from kindergarten to for showbiz people yeah, and I total falcon mass just staggering around, like poor dear,
wharton and drg and yeah. I I couldn't. I was blind and foods are mad at you, you're sad about that now yeah. I well know. Okay, because to show was the thing: and I was still drunk yeah I, but you know. So why do you approach playing in therapy something what's the angle when he went by the ngos just said it's, you know how they would doctors and neil do anything to to help them. clients, fear omnia network shrink outside hotels, so they brought january fixture. So, you're going to imperialist, buddies brighter me if this script calls for things that might sound That's the guy. He might do it right. What he's doing? Oh all, therapists, her. I've always had this thing with doctors that day were projecting. If I would tell them thing one. I always thought immediately whether they were alone strayed
A married were whatever that knife so who richard lose. You know that neurotic book and betray what he dreamt of is a camel I buy jerking off of ebay during as over any had a a water bed made a matsuda, and then he woke up screaming ah beck. What are you going to get? What's the special zera? They're gonna use celebrities to get laugh They do yes, but worse than that, I think that they, let's say there, let's say: they're, not fucking, ok here and lets say in a relationship. As you know, the less factor has now The thing is better than at anyway, as we all discussed, and they say you know you don't have to have intercourse man, they don't they don't like Sammy Davis, jr yeah man, a man, a dig at man, you don't have to fuck. You have to put your penis in yeah. You can leave it. You can leave it there even be flash man yeah, yes kiss her and tell her you
love her baby or on it, and I should then I would teller nano here's what I like yeah sure she someone for the first time a big deal, the restaurant knee alleyway here and now and then and its men's needed that we both want to come Reilly. Yet you tell her yeah, but she also it's not intimacy? Go hey looking for intimacy. I want to come really in a big way, mere yeah and she is- and she said well, you can you can and do that we do I, but I would say- and my wife and I have a good relationship and sexually too, but we have both been around her and we also that's the secret to my life now. My wife is, I got married, fifty seven so that a different route and in youth you know- I mean I'm almost there you never married before. No, I did so. I did all the drugging. India me, the woman, using without doing it behind someone's back good for you, your nose night cheated on of my wife, where everybody else sure everybody else here, and I was just you know, just my course.
And was at too sure, but you saying that you think that these celebrity shrank state they they might not. Do. I I think the one I have I play doctor weiss. I gotta tell you the trippy thing what I had a best friend who died, who was a Rock'N'Roll star to have the highest at university back in the sixties, when I went as sixty six or seventy, I stayed there as long as I can. It was all others deal. I told my father: do you know curse our his and tufa? I want to stay here and get a masters in cinema that you'll come home curse. Aren't you jack kearsarge gator, because I would have gotten a master's, but because he was paying my bills. I was there was a new working class son, the rolling me price, it yeah yeah,
roles are making a fruit salad with a russian immigrant, with your hands and chanting, gregorian chant coming in curacao, a whoa yeah to rose some turkey up and making nice on a platter. You mean field kurosawa, the gardener nah. This is a genius dad for guidance, but I knew is desperate. So can you wise yet was my best friend He was a rock and roll star in Columbus, and he who is it with the jail gang for a while. but they all wash briefly by adding in workout on on the big. He had a kid and he was only nineteen and itself man mir, so he couldn't make the trip out to hollywood. Do that thing, but it wasn't he couldn't blame them. Can't blame anybody for anything. You just do what you want to do here so worked out with his son. Was a cool head and great his great too great is but
god yeah and, and I he meant he taught me rock and roll. You know we just line up, but he would say back and you got imagined back in sixty six as you have your sky rod, stewart, oh man, brocklehurst, I'm in here and all these all these clear. We realized tat. He was my gaia an eye, but he became a real, really read em. He was a real, intellectually. She cut her with the white room. Man. You got to read everything by the Jud, the read the ginger man. You got to read theirs, you got to read frederick. Actually he got it now. He was so my guy intellectual touch your and my rock and roll touch. A grand was the star and columbus when you didn't go big die right, so buddy once he really had to make a living, he changed and became a psychologist. He was doktor weiss. So
I got the audition sides, they call. You know the the you know the audition pairs. It said DR weiss, I was hit like a fuckin, I mean a spiritual hit like cause. I was a really good friend to him before he passed away, and I said you know sounds like a lifetime. Without Kenny isn't that something help me here. He said now you just urine here. I thought I was having a little fucking conversation and he had a lot of duke. Would you know I don't know when you start? When did you start going? Its age is a point I want to make nineteen year she at the time I had a graduate graduate college. All these part time jobs going to get fed up with fucking life, feel hopeless right and then find your answer through comedy and ultimately, drugs and and sexier, and as long as atlas, but do so he told me- can weiss. all these bans in a lot. Why a lot of our friends, like you talkin about you, know, Keith called you would because they had been
the ten like you were, I'm in college and I'm friends with a lot of these guys who already legends right nine ringle. Wasn't a ring I wouldn't met my wife really trippy really want me out here, but being grandiose. It just a surreal shit, but anyway, so am. I just went so he kenny kenny wise from columbus this ban, tristram shandy, was a novel in the eighteenth century. I think repair hindrance and he loved the book. it was a volume I oughta volumes and I never read it so I get to the said and I looked and I meet the director, the fur and a producer of blunt ogier name? Is tristram tristram same Darling really my one well what the fuck yeah, what a Is right, yeah, I'm two thousand, so I said this is it and then, when I am I found out that day, you know when I read it, it was almost done deal they just now that I'm I just, and so, when I
one stage and me on stage on the said: anne Action, I'm so fuckin com hair. I just feel them cursing through my veins kenny and he let you I actually ass Jonathan aims whose really extraordinary caddy- I said you think it could be done. De canny, wise nieces were never try to clear the name. You clearly area, but it did it doesn't matter. If you see I know I have first names all the time to declare it. No, I couldn't clear it. I've never used the name whatever in your mind, it might The wife s planning and his kids know about in his widow here and there for trips as to how the story, so you use him. Is it like a template de used here? He was a real eccentric genius and he he bernie. You know I knew rocker all day, stove and easier. Through what he had sick yeah. He had a lot of health problems when he died. Real young in his fifties, late fifties. Well, that's how the tribute hell of coincidence is here so right yeah. I think, but I want to just subway into
talking about the notes in Congo. I I like eighteenth manager, I only for two days I was thinking about. I don't even know what it was two days. I was my record I had in because I'm a people pleaser, because I got abuse emotionally that even of man Even if a doctor gives me a bad fuckin diagnosis and I gotta get another doktor I'll say and adapt I will come back or I'll go why, back to a doctor who wanted to rip my shoulder, bowed right for torn rotor and resilience I right yeah, but when it gets into the fuckin health. Very word is with me recently here. I don't want to go to the back to this doctor anyway, so I train it. Could I have torn this bad back here? What are you fucking go back to that guy, sky there. I don't want them a long time ago a bad bad. Forget diagnosis, reproved waving the prognosis. Why did you want mistake? You make one is the right to go to my great ridiculous,
I presume fear change to guess sky the talking to your changed this madge I had for two days. I forget what he said. I said that sit over I'm sorry, forty eight hours game enough, the driver tells I've just sign. Richard lose chauvelin if they do over. You fired something that was so brutally wrong stupid. You know, yeah, it was unbelievable, must have been. It was unbearable. Can't remember it, though, that I can't that's great. I bought. I almost had like a blackout. It's traumatic supposed to dress like post, traumatic management, central p s, p, t m a s. You want to do advantage for four acts that are struggling because of their bad management is never allowed. They like, on its part, is that most issue is this. It is
now that the governing that's, why you can't blame anyone, but yourself, if you with the people that are doing the right thing we get out of it like a relationship it lets. You do know yourself anyway. There waiting to take credit for a well oiled. Nepotism propitiate keep their clyde. I've had some people that, but then after a while, if their as you said, have some new church it was an old woman. I meant, if you don't, do you know of it, that. I realized what my manager we are of shots and then work and yet he did not find me. I don't want to fire him, it's like it. It's like a relationship, you are you it's like you, don't know what to do any more, but you don't have the guts to say like it so where were you thinking, making a mistake to right, yeah because right damn? What am I going to do? I'm going to be out there without anybody, but it all worked out he's a huge guy and we're friends. You know with another parents. We never had that's right and it's really easy to mistake them for that, though fuckin a year and so anyway long story short, he said to me, the manager four to forty eight hours yet
I can remember, probably remember driving back with them mental k and dolphins and he's a lot of final got. It you should do is show just stated, is william its unbearable and funny that over the Joe unbearable, unbearable, dry talbot, the jury legitimate and he had no issues. He was almost gonna park and get a glow about who the fuck a trunk. yeah. Yours is, and why go? Why are you getting the globe? Our professional professor, that's the boot of ITALY. You fucking idiot he so around here, drogba, so yeah. So this guy said richard: why don't you try doing stand up the traditional way and I immediately fought back and said: what do you mean? Don't bring any notes on stage? I said: wait a minute. This was a good thing that this import me. Gotta changed my life on state. He said. Why should why hasn't? Stop me, this is you The carnegie hall and all the special envoy note on he said, because people will think it's a work in progress and then it hit me like a fuckin both when it is a work in progress, but I can't
with the where free associate like you do too. You know it's like. I bring shit up there and all you look at it. Oh you do bring If you put it put on a music stance recently on the floor. Well, that's cool! I mean I up until the eight or ten years ago, and he says- and I said you know what is a work in progress in your plane like I was doing it in vegas. I should hear people, don't they just want to see you do the same. But I can't I can't remember the shit initiative. The thing that I'm sure that's what it was. I said that I think this is a good thing to say this is our way out of the fork and gave me a fearless man right. But despite look down for one. Second, he thought that eradicated that theory ha and I bought it, and here's the bottom. I just I am tortured now on stage I ad lib have to show I spend thousand more out of three thousand hyperbole, I I have my notes, yeah, and that would be like four hours of stuff if I turned it around here, I said I'm stuck, I mean I'm I'm where I'm cool for this whole tour. Yes, and I would make a we have the sheet and just
that one she and I do that too, but whenever I don't have the sheet now now I just have my computer and I had to put in categories I'm in my hotel goin over like our rights, his low self esteem, a marriage- or you know my you know hell you don't bring anything up. Nothing. I have for ten years in my performance of its levels, skyrocket, yeah, because television for seven when you consider doing slacking, do thou need a path yeah, but sometimes I bring out labrum say you just figure out what you want to talk about talk minutes talk thread thanks very much you're going to be in an at and in your cage, you're going to be at three hundred theaters in a row you nervous, and they say that now yeah, I'm not tonight. I just I get hyperbole, no, no scared is not hyperbole for yogi, not just warming nice guy, I mean I think I have to eat. You know each other. I have to do I to diminish the joy relax. Why always dog admiration?
diminishing the joy in india and sitting the possibility of right now this and take this up, and I mean grandiose any which way is his own, because I'm I'm praising you in and it seems like it, so I could start now not pressed end, but I wanna I. So I then, if I were you and you have enough totally authentic voice and I loved talking about you and hearing people talk about you thanks, but when I saw you initially yeah. I know the last scene in rosemary's baby here is. This is only a what's wrong with it's eyes that know that I saw like they never had a child here. If I just felt like this would have been the greatest son an unfortunate you would have been in real and it would just have to in one little bit I went show you would be every sheep here, a little It hit me a little bit of your head, not that you took for me just that you reminded me of all the fucking paint and, as it turns out our lives,
we're pretty similar in a lot of ways yet, and I know so you're a fuckin joy for me to watch. I mean you're, your own man, totally yeah, but when I first saw you sure here I said, there's my son. I never had to go fuck somebody at woodstock. You would have been the guy yeah. You would have been the kid. I think I yeah obvious. We were Jonas, I'm not even it. It sounds like that's. That's half assed praise which meant to be our guide. I realized I appreciate, but are you sure you can garner from all this? Nothing? My hey come on now have nothing nothing, who are you have huge use, fanny earth? I definitely related to you all my life, so I mean you are my son. You know- and I think he did a clinic to take the sheet- I'm real yeah I'd be it'd, be a relief I was turns out emerging, louis's kid explains everything.
Imagine that I would be the heart of an amazing know. You had your. You know you just came at this. You know people come from certain trees. I came from certain trees. I you know, I blown away by the free associating of prior in and bruce and hope bruce how overwhelm a mother and lived in brooklyn and the mother was just overbearing and woody this, thing and get a we need get. No you come from. In place. Here you know, shelly, was real emotional of these I mean these were giants and you're here you're some of their stuff yeah. So there's some people that seemed like I, like you, know the numbers. dementia, but guys like stephen ride, seem to have grown there. Tree in the middle of a fucking desert yeah. They have a certain control over it. You know there's a year that need to like connecting and in the moment and shit. Are we talking about us Oh dear, what oh here we have,
They are those guys like human right, the right they manage their time better, but I mean you know where he came from. I know a week, Avram yeah. I don't know where that, but I don't care what we have to both these others, of course, but you ve been doing it in oak issue. really like in that fuckin mode? Now you know I mean I compelled compelled to even if I have two or three months of work I'll be in new york in may for this book near the reflections from Hell and I'll, be I always pop the caroline german chicago in may. To and I've just had viagra open hundreds- and I myself am you say, Even if I am I'm not that combine early tour, I dare you wanna, go to today's agenda and I do not go to caroline Jonathan, a ban on that day? to a right. Now, right or Sometimes I would mix and match some cities like you know, I'm not going to sell out a thousand seats and knew tat the advantages. I do. I'm doing, clubs em, look! I'm too. I think it's all gonna go wait any second! So guy and I loved you and stand up I just go I'll go the car.
The store. Now I only go to the comedy store. I won't go anywhere else. The comedy stores turned around again dude, it's huge again. Oh yeah, we made a hip again. I don't know how the hell it happened, while like they're selling out the fucking main room on the weekend. Again, it's crazy young people don't feel evil. Bizarre dude. What are I'll, tell you what I'll do I'll go there now we're im, shit out and I'll do these other things, but what about colleges I mean I had to stop that will never it never did them. Oh yeah, when you started you started looking at it. Seventeen year olds, it's not think I'm their bout. I have a very specific type. Her, like a person comes that got like that, I was very happy because the grown ups they kept well yeah yeah animals. I know how this at my age. I was able to to pull together an audience its mature people. If they don't go out, no one goes out. I dunno I tried to have them. Come ye yeah. I wrote a joke. Like forty years ago, I was playing colleges because I started at twenty three four years.
Do you to all of a sudden, I'm twenty eight I'm struggling to go what the fuck man? What am I doing to use your phrase? I'm sure, but I saw the the best thing I got at the colleges which I slowly didn't want to do. Research in college I said I know young yeah exactly the real roof, because I like to just like on peel layers on age. I give up here so I so I wrote One thing I come out of that I said you're not playing his colleges. This is like a joke. I did on our special like forty years ago I wrote, I said they don't understand. premises are going to change it. So I say you know outlay stevenson I mean madonna. I mean what that was it for me and work in a way of working
I had to walk away from colleges. I saw this is good, we're good, it's all good. So we got you got the book which is cute nice and have a beautiful artist called to toilet. It's a really it's a cool little book and that and have lunch hour. Blunt talk on stars start in the summer for two. I love the abra stuff because he was at hbr and he started as a doorman at the employment than a comic germany would the moment of malaga agent, and We will HBO ever review is a brilliant executive. I mean Jesus picks. People let alone that's what we do at age, mamma and orderly and do the thing their blood talk. As I think in october, I shall I'm a recurring shrinking the emerged Dr weiss My name is boxset. What is the box it the dogma things I know and sent me that's. Why can I read a little documentary of my house that I've been in the twenty five years this abundant? saint year box that an age thing either we had to sign. I live diary.
in the comic back in seventy nine all in their soil. Now, yet a movie drunks that that was never out. I only me I saw that movie deny I dunno it's pretty it's. A heavy movie really addict yeah junkie. I saw that yeah saw that yeah, it's pretty cool, then an old special from the bottom line that never got out on dvd. Really from what year, ninety five about europe about six months sobers. I want to put it out there I'd like to see that aids I mean you know when you look at stuff. Twenty is backing, oh geez, but he still. No it's you. That's always been like it took me a long time to realize the icy stuff before I even knew how to be a comic and my I was really trying. You know like I could see myself there. Well maybe performance over, but the jokes are probably still funny to you. I know just wait there that I can identify my voice because I'm a guy I can always start liking, I'm not where I need to be you. I don't have a point of view or whatever and then I look back and I'm like you, always you what the fuck we are nuts about. You know, but you you'll you'll change. If something crazy, As you said, the known we other beyond
stage very soon. He talked about pizza for seven minutes last night, what the hell that was about when you listened you had to b. I nevertheless recording record budget is not that was it's tortured me. I know I don't listen to it. I have I record them all. I used to listen to now and on record. He does very existential for me now. I can't take it and I I record I bring the pat up on stage and I don't look at it and coordinate almost had, he gets it out that you can't can tap that stupidity is great to see a lucky man, Rigid louis always consistently richard louis that guy and I m not like Richard Louis. I have my own version of aggravated the neurotic bullshit I just that's cleared everybody all right. We are kindred spirits. I've got a deputy pod dot com. fry deputy a pod needs. you know what I'm saying check out. My tour dates.
add the merger we're going to. I had to shut down the murkier the poster shop for a little while we're a little backed up on posts. I've been on tour. If you're waiting for a post, it'll be there soon, I'm sorry also you know, go get you get on the mailing list. Now with Send you an email every sunday for check those toward it, because I am I might be an account near you, dvd pod, dotcom, slash, county, now we are playing. Probably aid is slightly out of tune castor through a humming bird earth quaker humming bird. and that is also running through a ghost echo, also an earthquake or device
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