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Episode 615 - Penelope Spheeris

2015-06-28 | 🔗
Filmmaker Penelope Spheeris was born into a traveling carnival, so it makes sense she would wind up in show business. The director talks to Marc about her early work with Richard Pryor, Albert Brooks and Lorne Michaels, as well as her experiences making The Decline of Western Civilization documentaries and Wayne's World.

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The guy guidelines. Do those our you at the fuckers, what the bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck's there is, what the possibilities, what the buckminster fuller where's how's it going its mark baron. This is devotee app. Back to business as usual. I guess it would be. There is the the open with the fuck words intact, which were removed from my mouth. out of respect for the president of the united states of america? Now am I gonna milk that in no way, I think- I guess it was all done, very nicely, and it's a memory in my mind I still have not die, will be honest with you. I still have not watched any television since I talked to the present united states, but dead. Now we're back we're back to a we're back to the show,
and it might be a slight adjustment by, but the things go on, life goes the president had a big week. I had a big weak, not comparing obviously yet does from bigger possibilities and I did I am in new york city. Currently, I'm recording this over the we and I am I just- did the I did poor chester on thursday, which was a fun last night. I did the howard opera house, at the brooklyn academy, music, which was amazing, two thousand people there. Before I tell you about what's happening in my life, can I tell you that I have some gigs coming up. That would like people to come to primarily bolder. theater in boulder colorado. The boulder theater is Friday July, twenty fourth Saturday July, twenty fifth I'll, be at the paramount, it or in denver colorado. Those are come
I believe that portland is sold out for the tenth and eleven that the latin and revolution hall to different tat places debbie colorado dates. So we need to see me and these data that you have opened I d colorado. I will say this so that penelope spheres, as on the show, and her daughter will join us as while, briefly at the end antenna foxy they work together. Penelope S, fears is the direct or have a. I guess. Most people would know her for wayne's world, but, more importantly, she she did the decline, movies, the decline of western civilization, one two and three, the first one being punk rock the second one being metal and the third one being the crusty punks, but the first two, which are
was familiar with are fucking great movies, decline of western civilization. Part two is a is sort of this weird life changing movie, for whatever reason and and and I watched it, I watched they sent me the box from shout factory, which is where you can get em. I watched the first one, which I hadn't seen in years and a lot of it focused on acts and John doe, who had had on the show and to see him as young sort of sweaty kind of high dude was wild man. It's you know ages, age will humble us all. So you know
don't talk about enough. I actually don't talk about my tv show and I have seen maranon I have seen in its third season and I think it's true with the best season. We done it's the funniest season and its on thursday nights at ten o clock on. I have see wherever you are wherever you may be, and I'm trying to you know that I am just I'm proud of the show it's funny and because you know like I shouted a while ago, and it seems far away from me- I sometimes forget that did sir it's there it's it's it's an eye. Oh I'd like you to watch it because it's funny this week is a good one. On thursday, it's the professor of desire episode, written by the amazing, jerry stall, starring me and Adam Goldberg and die it's it's a little crazy. It's a little were a little dark will sexy but its, but it's a good one. So do that I can put myself a little. Can I ok yeah? I think I can wear my gun
tonight I'm going to be doing huntington long island and I'm going to be doing new jersey, red bank, new jersey and I've been told. I've been informed that time that my father will be joining me in red bank, new jersey. I don't think I've seen my father in months. I his sister lives down there so that I'll have something to report to next week about the excitement of the the old man, in whatever condition he's going to be in showing up at the show, and I think that's why I'm a little heavy hearted a little skittish, I'm a little weirded out. I know I just talked to the president and and that's wonderful- and I am my father- it was a. He seemed to be somewhat impressed. I I think he sent me an email saying maybe this means you can be on tv interviewing people which I think is it reasonable? I don't think it was that contentious. but I'll, let you know how it goes when I, when I see him over the over the weekend here
yeah, so I got a little more tour left and then and then what happens? I seriously think I seriously think I'm gonna have to take a little break from comedy. It's been, It's been, it's been rough, going in a lot of ways in terms of just doing all the dates. They've been great. I take the special, but now I got to go back to the drawing board. Who is MARC Maron now, who is marc, Maron, post, a taping of comedy special and post, a discussion or conversation with the president got to sort that stuff out? Maybe she hid actually circuit up? Might that or maybe I should just hold up, I'm really will confer awaited his hole up. That's my dream before just to disconnect see you later, not engaging anymore anyways. I was happy to have penelope spheres and I got rich voss on Thursday people thought I was kidding when I said I'd be following president obama with the with rich voss and that, but it's true,
It's true and I'll, be home for the fourth of July, which is always exciting in my neighborhood. I can just go into my neighbor dennis's yard. My and Dennis, of course, is the guy who had the snipers on the roof. I guess I'm going to I'm going to be referring to it. But I will say this about portland, there's gonna be a bring a little extra bread if he can Brian Jones. The guy, who makes the deputy have mugs the hand thrown mugs, the potter dude up in portland It's going to be selling them at the shows and there's a limited supply those, but he will be there, but at the house for the fourth of july, man, I remember doing here in new york. It's weird. I did another one, these articles, where some kid from the voices like we walk rather lorry side and just be in new york in the sum of the weather's been perfect for once you start norrington David have at two amazing days. They near the humidity. The pressure cooker has not really started, but man did. I spend some sweaty days:
is sweating out toxins running around the worry side. Doing comedy in my shorts yeah we'll nostalgic little nostalgic, oh my god! I just, I can't believe the life. I can't believe the life. I am grateful. Okay, I'm grateful today do that once you do that it ain't yo. Until I get my or my aggravated chops back, be thankful for your wife, okay, it's hard, but Jesus man, surprising surprising, where it can take you so
now, let's go to the garage and talk to penelope sphere, as this is a good interview. Man there's a lot of stuff that I didn't really realize about her she'd been a lot of places. She knows a lot of people, she's made some good movies and she's a pip and add the relationship between her and her daughters. Pretty touching and and I enjoyed talking to them, you can get the decline box decline of western civilization. One two and three factory. I let's do that with doktor penelope spears, penelope spirits sphere is like a sphere dearest work. I name is that its greek really and that's the whole of it. Oh no, my mom was irish yeah. My father came from greece and my mom came from Kansas, really yes, that's exotic! So you was your mother like out my god, a greek man way
He actually on the carnival. My dad did and he was traveling through town and he would she was she was. Ninety and he was forty. Your mother ran off with the carnival. Basically, yes, forty, and ninety. Yes, he already had a family and he just ditch dumb and then pick my mom on the street and then married, and they he had far more kids, you with or so you have a whole set of siblings from a half siblings know their face. What do you mean? There's a whole that whole other family a really totally ditched out on him. Really. I only just have brother, two brothers in his sister, and you have no idea about those people what they try. Get get a house from us was was to be ours that one point, but then I had a good fight with them and I one really really out It was out there. What do you mean causes an ark and suck my dad had a home in
cancer. Will we weren't travelling around, he would go. We will go there, and so the other family tried it tis, snagged home and so yeah Anna was a terrible ossified because you It reminded me of my father dying, and so it was just like brought up all the horrible stuff. So this was years later that was years later see that home state. I was in an eighties really that home state in the family that long yeah my mom just kind of let it sit there and some lawyer dude just took the money and they never sent it to us. We we might theirs and sisters, and I were raised and trailer parks after the carnival. Ok shows You you're born your your father, earth, family sport. So it's your mom twenty years twenty one years younger than your dad with it. the key element. You, the oldest oldest there are two other ones: mice sister Linda and then my brother Jimmy who was a singer and he passed away. He got killed by a drunk driver in eighty four and then my brother Andy who's still with us. Yes and you,
traveled in the carnival up until one. I was almost seven we traveled than the carnival, but I think you know your pick. Your personnel is pretty much form by the time you're that age a carnival personality. I believe I do. And I think that's why I kind of fit into the movie business or eyes or saw you know, yeah. What kind of memories do you have of that, because that's a fairly impressionable time and to be in a carnival like I was always fascinated with with freak shows and add the midway in. I would go to the albuquerque state fair and I was we can indeed that date do you have it there's something I I guess charming and haunting about a carnival. Yes and it was both for me as well, and I have lots of memories of sawdust on the mid way, and I have lots of our shared lots of photos. in a little bit of moving footage of
carnival and my daughter anna fox, who I work with, is going to be or she's already has got a cut on a movie about the same subject. So, oh yeah, oh yeah, it's a good movie. It's a good piece. It really is because they are the carnival, yes, a home you're, a documentary about your life my life, more my mother's life on the carnival and the fact that my father was murdered in toy alabama, interracial incident, nineteen fifty one. Yes, that's that's what happened and so that's why we had to give up the coroner. What wow that's are so leading up to that I mean what were your job. What was your your mother's job? The carnival did she, it seems like a kind of everybody has apart. Oh yeah, buddy pledges and well mainly my mom- was the ticket. Take her right and I would sit like right. In the ticket box there win win, the people came in and paid she
their money, given some tickets and they were go in my dad. Was strong man, he was a wrestler actually, and so he would do- they call acts outside so any withstand out there. Like do things like put chow on his arms and where I like cars, drive away and all the cars with the wheels what's been. He would be like the strongest men and the whole wide world in general. Even timely, hey. You never saw the trick, well. They did put a little oil under the tires so now whizzer other oddities it the carnival I moliere, I mean it, wasn't like an animal based carnival cause, that's more circus for yarn of all, that I was on. It was mostly objects, freaks india, kind of freak, psychic sayer caesar what kind of freaks. Well in. Oh there there's your basic
fat lady, can, I say, around honour air jars, where they're going on jars cut and know that it's really funny he's ok ways and bearded ladys in siamese twins, army twins. We did actually in their pictures of old time, he's twins my mom used to go all there's violent daisy I mean violin days. Will my mom would now these characters because they were on the carnival by violent days? You are on your carnival d yeah, I'm just making these names up. At this point, though yeah they will. There are people that my mom recognized, ronnie and Donnie Ronnie and Donnie were the ones that toured where do those the wall berks that thou be terrifying. They oratory. They will rise to analyse daddy and mark wylder anxieties, twain which is constantly being each other over the head. That way,
if there, with with their boston, accents spare arm yeah. No, I thought I saw ronnie and Donnie and yeah, and I know there was a. I just became very fascinated so yeah bearded lady, the fat lady at times, futsal, that's a full freak show we? And so that's why, when I got into the film business, it was like a full freak, show size, pretty comfy with it sure Do you have recollections of? Where are these people? Nice people was a sort of a community setting the jolly other, and oh my mom, cooked and end to enter the tickets and anne. She would cook for like a hundred people as fast. Now, though, it was a family and that's why, with when I did a decline. Movies is those does kiddos punk rock kids that were kind of like expressed out from families. To me, I felt like the day it was the same as people on the carnival. You know they they kind of reform a family. Your punk rock was definitely a carnival rita totally, but what would happen
your father. Let's get to that move up through the rest of it, I mean what what happened? Well, there, say there was a black guy that was there was a young man actually probably late, teens early twenties that heads joy. carnival and. he home a lady had twisted her foot and ankle whatever and he had been told to go, get some ice, so he stepped in front of some p oh, who are waiting to by ice cream and to get some ice and a guy in the line got mad because he didn't wanna black guy get in front of him, so he hit him on the back of the neck with a cane and hurt him pretty bad and he went to tell my dad about it and one. My dad approached the man. It was in town The alabama dad approached the man. He pulled out a gunshot m o my god that is insane and and and we're talkin early fifties here. So
mark. Where do you think? Did the guy go to jail or not and troy alabama now not for very long, not at all, not at all. No. He was. Father was wrong because he was protecting a black man was the premise of the defence, but was the daily say it was self defense or something they just, That was enough that there so that, me. I don't know what the was whereby the obvious we segregation was still enforced and employed bigtime horrible. My dad used. It gus around to his friends. Does that were kind of any goods through the south, as mostly where we were unknown and we go and visit friends along the roads around highways there in black. We sure really wonderful people, and on the way back. My doubt say: ok, don't tell anybody carnival, we did that now because they are not going to understand really and that was the carnival they're pretty liberal mind again.
sure, but your father in really seek our wines. Eu cannot emigrant himself my mommy there. He I learn from all a young age, yeah and after your father was killed, what happens if the family wordy under arkansas, yet we went to live in that house. We hadn't arkansas and stay there for a short time and my mom at some guy named bill Stanton, who was in the army and he had to move to california regan ok. So we move to California and then she gets german. She found I'd seven step fathers. I swear to god. We never gave up non us yeah you're funny. She never gave up. There's always another one around the corner: no, she was a trip. My mom was a trip. I did a little movie about her. She passed away now they call her gypsy because she was from the carnival, but she was a trip. She is
you don't like if she needed tires, she would marry a guy that had a tire store because she didn't want to just go sleep with him. She was a moral moral person. She want to spend at least a year or two isn't that exciting yeah yeah ants- and you know I had all kinds of you- know: strawberry pickers, dad at one point: oh yeah musical did antonio dilatory and we got really. Strawberries at that time. Sure I know your mom married a guy for strawberries. Well, I think Actually very cute. Pigs unions. Drivers really get laid on that one twentieth pies, so Kevin Hart, so you moved there, but you spent most of their time in California. Once you got here, oh yeah, we we just moved when we were long, be angry when we got out here, probably eight nine, ten, cycling and you're here you carefully and their way here and that we would be in trailer park down in chile. Vista
in national city and midway, say wow and different trailers, or do you the year we were ever was while we'd bump it up to like a twenty four footer yeah pretty good for six people have ever people having sex and a trailer. It's just horrible. The whole thing must move now thing moves it. It's just cause. The angel. When I was going on. Oh yeah, you know what kind of made me cannot like just not enough They want to be involved with sex at once. I get it. I mean you're wearing God is shaking the damn trailer house. we can now well when you finally did get a house. I didn't hear it too bad, but you know so there's where our guy was their six three four five fought for kids and then a mothers and fourth one for children. Yet two brothers and sisters in me it was off, was at all from your original father,
if she never had other kids, no, she got I'm having my tubes tied after this one, because you know I'm doing this again. Then my dad got pissed at her and started going over and fucking them. The trapeze artists, lady, the other key were her. You know maybe I have a half sister somewhere of the trapeze are stuck in the trapeze or there you go. That's carney life. She didn't know about it that didn't start some shit whom your mom yeah. She got penelope over there. your daddy, he shouldn't be over there with that. Ready had been like all exciting life, so grew up in all these different locations here in southern california, and then what what compels you to tipp to pursue film well. I actually was in art school at the same time, in language day, at the same time, Steven Spielberg was there He was doing there cause. There was no film school, but did you know him? No,
didn't my wish. I would have, though I met him later on the little rascals movie. He produced that one that I directed, but then I you know I went from the art school kind of the people in score a little bit, poser read me, so I can swung the other way and I went to use you irvine and study the sciences and ended up focusing on non cycle biology of all things, which is actually the study of human behind really how yeah and I- and I really love that I found a professor. That was just fantastic, doktor george falcon, and he really did me through, and I was just falling, that and then one day, a guy who's director still they'll Norton who was going to school? There said to me: he was gonna go to school. At long last, descartes I mean at u c, l a to film school and, unlike what you mean, they have a place that will teach you how to make a movie. He goes yeah, u c, l a the film school, I'm down, I'm gone there. So that's why I took off, went to use your way and that was that. Ok, there we're
is it. Where did Spielberg end up at? U s? U s c yeah. He ended up at usa and then the the battle began between the two schools. Because of that who has winter now, so you got out of psychobiology. What? What do you think drove you to that? go biology and I think my dears factors that I really just love studying human behaviour and that I was really on a constant lifelong quest to understand my mother's erratic behaviour, and I think now, in retrospect I looked back his brilliant and his genius ass. She was and his kind and loving and sweet. I think she probably was bipolar had some other personality disorder airy. Why was it? Was she g show symptoms. She hasn't bad. Ass mood swings yeah, yeah, is how you did it did. The mood swings coincide with the time the man spent in the family. Could they could do yeah yeah yeah necessaires, you gotta new boyfriend. She was fine rival, depression ended, I know now I do have my dad was a bipolar and it's really a musician
ricky disposition a lot of it and which may account, for my part or all of your dear intelligence and brilliance, because a lot of those people who were on the edge of insanity are also extremely bright you know and yet know you throw you you're, certainly as the child of one year we wire to interface with that, a broad spectrum of of emotional and psychological frequencies at being polite. None, I know in it it's good training for dealing with a world. I guess so, but it's not great for relationships how'd. You do I'll tear yeah, I never got married, never know I mean I didn't see the purpose of it. You know I got married and never wanted to still don't want to. I know, but he had to do
it had some lesson. Like my mice, my stance are usually six years. I do six years, that's about right, yeah! I don't do no weekenders. I don't do know like a you know like in month long I do like a six year deal and it's over with and you're just fizzles out later. Dude does not angrily just sort of like. I think, there's only one that I totally fucking hate, but I think the rest of them. I still love in a way or that her dead oh, her dad was a sweet high. I met him when I was going to school use your way, and I was I was put myself through school at I hop and I he was he walked in one night was a hippie days. You know he's wearing a tablecloth and he had hair down to here and he was gorgeous, as you can tell by looking at anna's. He was she got her looks from somewhere and he you know back in the day. Him is
Jeanne, crusher, good dude, but those guys man. They did a hell of a lot of drugs. What kind of show acid, oh yeah years- and I did to you now and then I mean you know he was inferior. Like was that stuff? DE I got serious was diane. Then anybody really really love the downers and unfortunately, he passed away eighteen. Seventy four from heroin overdose anna was four years old yeah. So I was, I was dumb numerous harold. You know to have to go through that, but I was there you now to take care, my daughter fur ruined. As a single mom said, this is widely early. Seventy seventy four so so for your film school. You working and I have you got a man, you gotta baby, your man dies of dope light. Which was an unusual at that time, right, and you're still studying filmy finnish from school. That's,
in school, when I and I started a company called rock and reel- which I believe is on I'm waiting for someone to dispute this, but I might that I might be right that it. It was the first music video company here in los angeles, and I made yeah music as for the record companies, mostly cbs in my film, yet we shall film sixty meter. Furthermore, quite music, videos, they were promotional pieces to be played where well, what happened was a friend of my name, Peter Feldman, who is still awesome. Dude you work at sea vs records and he says to me call me up. One day goes penelope Let's do a music video. I said: what is that any goes? Well, we just We don't have to send the whole band and around the world and haven't story, hotels in everything, and we can just like send a piece of film, so you shoot the fao. we send make a bunch of copies and we send that around. So that was like nineteen, seventy three, that they figured that out
so you open the company when he graduated in seventy four seventy five year? I don't remember when I graduates they kicked me out. Actually, I graduated, but I just stay that way way way too long, a really waiter you. Are there other people in your programme that day you still our friends with their became people that we would now yeah posh raider? Was there I really I trader and on me now I think them dear friends who him which radar, oh yeah yeah action. I think he kind of like me and I would very exciting because he introduced ha ha theatre, dismayed at Bobby, deniro and and and Bobby came over to my house a few times, and I thought whom I keep me I got something going on here. So did you, did you get together with the narrow? Well, you just like us. Eddie visited a few times on comes over one day and he goes. You know I think I better come over and see you anymore, because Paul like shoe and unlike any
I'm doing this movie taxi driver, whether I'm, so I don't think I better step on is to allow no no problem so regaining trader No, I wasn't I'm like Bobby. This is a ridiculous excuse, but later we were to find out that I was actually one color for a body for dinner yeah what about shredder? Now I was color for him, but I dont he didn't lesson, but he wasn't. My type he's a year is a dark dude was so my, but at least I come out a whole hole. It's just to see how light it is. Maybe get a little color, yellow back in comedy gone here, yeah sure, but all right, so so that it seems like you are, you are part of the crew or on the periphery that crew now, their one when the entire industry was changing. Oh yeah, and you probably of that. I imagine I mean because the seventies outside of culturally everything, that's going on me
wise and drug wise in everything else. The hollywood system is shifting right right and you knew some of those guys it seems yeah. I was kind of slipping innocent parties and stuff like that. I didn't really understand hollywood and I didn't get to know it until I met law, Michael's in around nineteen. Seventy four free whatever writer on merit- and I, like you know, because I he? He was sitting in my living room one day and he goes. I got an idea for a tv show. Maybe something live from new york. I dunno really swear to god. You sitting, I was making. Does you doing anyway? a friend here named John head John lived in a way he come from Terranova who just visiting friend of yours, John friend of mine, and that's why I knew worn which unite people hung out more than like. There's always, what people's houses with us, because it was
social media right. There is no social media, can't text, no cell phones, no cell phones, yeah. You had to actually look at each other and talk. You had to make one congo or combine yeah yeah, or else you just go there, and then there were parties and people hung out. That's where I smoke. Some weed talked to all night that stuff the whole time Lorne Michaels is at your house and it hits him that he's going to do. A variety show where I might have had the idea before he was at my house, but that's where he told me about it, haha and yeah, so he and he has some guy from Canada right and while he has show up in the worn in the comedy team yeah- and he goes- I wanna know, what's going to happen to my show when I leave anyway, so what he did was he asked me if I wanted to go to new york, and I had my little daughter anna and I said no, I'm going to stay here. I didn't know I was going to turn into saturday. Night live right and I said, but if anything I'm here, so he can we have one he goes. I found this really funny. Guy outbreaks and I really would love it if you could teach albert how to make movies cause it because you know in our doesn't and
so he can make good movies on the show. So I did I pretty six movies or whatever number it was for for shy nightlife that albert directed those greg. Those are great the shorts yeah I never. I never was able yeah. I wanted to direct and laugh and kept saying. If you write something, that's good enough, you can direct for the show alright. Well, that never happened. But aren't you show albert how to make movies hell? Yes, I did from beginning and he sat down with albert broke, yes, I said you put the camera right here albert and the lens goes that way and if you got a long lines you can do this and you can. I thought out we're gonna make movies. I will say that publicly and he he would I'm sure agree, but the trade off mark was great, because I knew nothing of hollywood right and albert, was born here and raised here wherever we are normally, I'm have you, but any He knew it inside and now we grew weak, corrupt yeah, and you guys
friends as well. Downward and I were friends- I was working with him for four years and I have just left stent with richard prior. If you can believe that when you do upright, oh wait a minute, we working on that fuck, a movie the uncle times very calcium, doesn't have an eye guides you that thing would never came together. A review the when he hired to sit in this house and do the editor. Yes, that's being all my guide yeah, I spent I spent two years in the same room with her your prior and for years. In the same way without were brought. You want to know why I'm nuts, but wait that long that period in priors life? I mean that was when he was. He was pretty you. It is a comic he was on the edge right. Really he was just on. The edge was just starting to make some money. And in where did he find you? He just found you I was walking with Bobby and his dad across that you see I, like campus and Bobby said. Oh my god, look at that guides. Richer price and I say, was wearing like all long pimp coat in our anna hat in eleven.
thing and in an ice and whose roger prior and he goes, the funniest. Madame face losers. Who said that Bobby Bobby her dad? Oh okay, yeah, so I I went Bobby, went opposite him and you really cool. What are you doing here? I'm looking for some film students to help me make a movie, and I'm like you found so yeah we were. With you in Bobby, did you Bobby shot the camera produced by god were always at fucking hike on real holy shit, cause he's our jacked up and but used to walk mark he used to walk around in a samurai kind of coat. The thing had his mansion? Well, it wasn't. It was over on he caught part I'll catch limits here. Just married shirley, bonus and and you know, Paul mooney was around all those pitcher and rigid
walk around with a a plate of coke in one hand and a bottle of courvoisier in the other, and we he would tell me well how he wanted a movie cut and I was changing every second yeah, oh yeah, big time totally and and so I had to like do whatever he needed and I did and the movie about changing every day negotiate the basic pigeon padua, the premise of it was there? Is this white guy that had raped a black woman and he was on trial for doing so with an all black judge and jury, and so you know I was a comedy- help well was a dark comedy sort of like. Where was he basing it like around like putney swope, or something like that or yeah? It was a little more. I dunno radical he and then putney swope, as he was still you know just out of like oakland and stuff, and he was still sort of trying to like he. He was.
No at politically minded in an and kind of radical right, o richer, Was there we definitely oh yeah. He was after the man is funny, though, because one day there was a knock on the door. And now he said you go answer it am I ok and- and I got rich I gotta during richard- is it somebody from iris and he goes tell him I'm not here as ok. So I go back. I and I I'm sorry, sir Mister priors out here right now and richard comes up behind him with a pair of of bar gotta shires garden. Georgia is like some snare. Bushes cuttin leaves enough and he's gone on, just the gardener- and I don't know where MR prior is either like all my god words, but they didn't know what he looked like back. Then you know I mean he hadn't gone, that public chattered warner. Yet so that's what seventy three seventy four and well actually richard.
told me. I was pregnant and I had an. We were shooting and I fainted and when I woke up he's, got his white pimp coat on at that point. Any points down and go to bed you're pregnant and I said what now why and I put myself up. He was right, and so I had anna. Oh, my god, for how long did you spoke with him on all of sixty nine, the new year, nineteen sixty nine dollars and dollar. It was that early gear, yeah. I was yeah. I just got here, probably give or take a mere yeah, but he was doing you now. He still hand that feel of he was a big somebody. You know right to all of us here, I'll show you and mooney in Bobby and new sitting around and he's the ear you're all doom blow and he's trying figure out what the movie isn't everything changed, how much footage actually shoot if there were quite a bit actually an it. We can.
Together and I spent a long time because Anna was born in sixteen. december here and then rain rain his daughter was born in July. So I was like six eight after that cause I member anna being in the little cradle brengwain next to the next The movie over that I was working, I'm reign was in the brain, is around yeah yeah, so ass cute little babies babies- you, everyone, sweden, doing blown cuttin movies, yeah You know why we survived. No, no, you look, I'm a judge and is now already exciting year crazy yeah on the job training yeah. But what happened to the footage? will one day shall we got mad and and said you were she came down and she said you you're, spending so much time on this movie. You don't care about me and here just bought this really beautiful,
well, although the animal lovers when like it, but it was all the way down to the floor red fox coat, he had given it to her and it was sitting right over there in an hour. was griping that he wasn't given are enough attention. So he got up and I just shown on the whole cut of the movie, they re teacher Yeah all is about an hour and a little over an hour and a half, and he reached into the as the movie oh mark, any tour. The film into pieces about five inches long and I was just horrified because I had just caught it and you can't digitally put it back together back in those days sure what I'm saying a guy, and so I'm just like horrified Shelly. may I ran upstairs and then richard gets out, gets in his car and she hears the car fire up. So she runs down and I guess she was naked at that point in jumped on the hood of the car and he took it. was showing naked on the hood of the car, and I picked up the fox code
and got in my car and chased after him, because I thought well. If I, if I, if I get to her, I can give her the coat to put on right, which I did all my guts. So they had some fight and he said fuck this she jumped on the car naked. You follow them with the coat and gave it to and he was in her now was, in her hand, was at the end of the movie no I pay citibank to hear now you're to enrich prior here. No, I painted a back together in it and it was function and then at one point you says to me penelope. We need to show this film to build cosby and I said: ok, I know the story gets thicker. Doesn't it? Is it ok unease? So he goes. Can you get one of those rooms there? At? U c l a and I did got a room, a projection room and bill came in and we showed him the movie and richards. That he needed some money and he was going to sell the movie to bill cosby or that was his plan. He's going to sell the movie for bill cosby to produce it.
To finish it to get it out and how is it that was his coketown plan is to get the MR clean bill cause. We want what we know now makes it different biting right. You I get that time. The biggest black comedian in the country in a clean act, not a revelry airy right unease in merger, whereas we got this, do we got this movie and then cause he's gonna buy well that, though the law, Did I think, from the other side of the fence? Is that cosby went this? Guy could be really competition for me. I think I'll just take this thing and put it away somewhere what happened? I he did the body, I think so, because none of us ever heard of it ever again or none. No one cause. We gave a money took the printing. That was that's my best guess, but that's you by the deal was made I didn't see that happen. I know that was richards intention. it was at your only experience with cosby. Well, there was do you know where that? Yes, there
the only experience, and then did you keep in touch with richard after that, I remember he only a bunch of money and I went out to get it for a moment. He was sent net is big old table there with his. You know If you're a boy yeah I said you know: I've been working for like six eight weeks here. You think I could probably just get paid little bit of something, and he goes we're not working on this movie anymore by that was at most the end of it yeah so ok, so you dead. That amazing experience will richard than he showed that the young albert brooks that were young sweet non coat up. Albert brooks always takes me back up on that, one that hello hollywood. No, no, no, but I mean, but I mean it must have been a different genre. Albert tell you about that. I'd love to, I believe I was on twitter with him for an hour the other night. I can't get him to come over here. We tell each other, since I recluse that yeah, I know you said I could interview him on twitter, so I did for a little while all that was funny.
but ok, but you do you, do walk through the the paces of filmmaking without work and get him on his feet and what was your credit on those films. On the note my my films probably produce are not, then I also produced a future without offer which want to real life. You producer. Yes, I did holy shit. That's great movie asked me about that the other night and that's when I decided I you want to produce anymore. That was it yeah. Why? Well, because he has History, guenaud god bless, and if you can do it go ahead but of kind of having a girlfriend, the lead in the movie or other way around and so the friend Lee Mccain cannot go on out. We are in and he had given her a couple points in a movie and then they can abroad during the miller, the movie unease in any said to me you know penelope. I need you to go, get the points back. Like hell I don't think. That's quite fair. I mean she is doing the movie and she's gonna complete those get the points back, so I go into her dressing room and, unlike the deity,
gum. Maybe you'll, be ok. If we cannot take those points back started thrown shoes, You know so yeah I've got point I cited well. Why don't? I tried the directing thing instead of the producing thing. I want you do after that. What was your first from others if western civilization, that was the first document, yeah yeah, just watched it again and all you didn't yeah yeah cause. I got this box yeah, the real like I gotta twice I got I gotta before was packaged. Oh, The package version they like you mark, oh no, I I loved it. I mean I am watching years and I just had John doe and here about a month ago. I heard it and great right, yeah he's pretty pretty cool but like seeing them as a kid, and seeing them all lupi and seat, like the amount of time like how right was and how much time you gave everybody on camera in all, they did this the non talking moments where they're just sweating and nodding and and darby crash, and all that stuff I mean
it was really raw man. Well yeah. I mean it was raw partially because we didn't have a lot of money to shoot and also be as you know, I just can't like things that were were your inspirations really when you were coming up as a filmmaker. Who did what movies did you like? Who are your guys? I was a big fan of cat cassavetes sure you know and as for documentary, and I have to say that my biggest hero is frederick weissmann at a nose Can you hit me with a couple man yeah book camp? He did is most amazing work to me. Is he shot inside a mental hospital caught and it's called kitticut follies and I just love his work because he puts the camera there turns it on. Let it happen and lets the viewer decide if they like it or not. He doesn't try to impose an opinion you now right right. So when sir, studied that stuff
big time. Yeah use your way and when, when it came time to do like what was your involvement, what inspired the movie where you you saw punk happening you're coming out of the sixties and seventies. This is what seventy nine right, so so you you felt something happening in l, a yeah you know mark. It was at time when you just didn't want to listen to the radio is way too much beaches and APA going on. Okay, so sure I remember that I was in highschool is hardware you yeah yeah. I bet you are so cute waiting for round chubby jewish face chubby back then I was a little chubby I might, but I dunno it was a bad time for music and then once I heard the sex pistols and started going to the punk clubs around town, here in los angeles, I realise that I needed to shoot the scene because there was like a big shift in music. At that point, rio de punk rock just
tried to tear down tradition in every way possible, and I like that, and I like the chaos. I liked the confusion I like them. Gresham I like them ass. You know yeah yeah, yeah, n n n day. Sir welcomed you n d. Were you part of it? in a way I mean I mean before the movie, I mean everybody I shot. I knew already right right right and the like so you knew your hanging out with john and examine your anger. Darby you're hanging out with what im Claude yeah and with the furor guy was leaving leaving yeah still talked to. I talked to him yesterday he did yeah he's a really wonderful person were still in touch with quite a few people from the movie use journal jerks. Yes, we love keys- and I are our friends and anna anna- actually is more in touch, and since we put the dvd box together, she's been in touch with them and words to kind of reach out to them and pull it altogether. So, but like one
were in it like. I guess it was It's like watching the movie and the one the choices you made in editing and stuff. A really you know the the feeling of it was was raw and it just matched the music perfectly, but the way you held on and yeah, sometimes no dialogue and not necessarily music, and you were just sort of moving around in showing these kids that day You ve really felt that the time you know that's, my frederick weissmann, you know react because that's what he did. That was his style and that's why he was brilliant, and I really command is found film to any any document arians that wanna you know, do it all the young people that do want to do that stuff. Go watch fred, weizman films, so so is that what you're plan was to be a documentary, plan was to pay the rent and to feed my daughter and I'd ever Why did you do all these different kind of movies penelope? Well, I did because I needed a job or how are you gonna sell that movie? Who is giving you money for that? All this,
Therefore, man named Jeff, pretty men. And he was a businessman. from the valley. He was actually like my age, although back then, since he was so much more adult adult he because he had a job, he felt older, but we're kind of the same age. But my friend ron Hugo said- and you know my friend Jeff wants to make a porno movies. So we wanted to know if you would help him, and unlike while I'm not going to do a porno movie. My mom was like so so straight and narrow. We didn't do any porn. I didn't do no porno, no boredom of nah yeah. I could've done a good, but I didn't deal is creepy here but anyway, so I ass gave me the money to do the first decline. I told him in the beginning, I said as I all I need something to shoot soup on super eight mark All I need Jeff has like twelve grand and I can put this whole thing together and and then it took him down to a germ show and he goes, and this is
it is more important than than we think we better keep going here and I'm right yeah. He was cool. You know it's like so we're gonna bump I bump it up bump it up, so it ended up costing like ten times as much as it was supposed to, but he's never bitched about it in the cool thing is weeks later I was able to put him in some of my movies. You know like when I got actual real studio jaw, yeah yeah I put in some of my movies. He still got scg insurance, so he's real happy all that sweet so yoke, but you went from decline, one which did all right it did our. I didn't make my own. Now I didn't make any money poor jeff, but It didn't make any money and I never made any money on it, but it was the most written about movie of nineteen. Eighty, so that's kind of cool put me on a map is sure on the map as a director and then- and I did do in decline- two, I guess was nineteen. Eighty seven would you do between eighty and eighty seven I didn't
will be called suburbia next, oh yea, it is suburbia that was sort of like a it was kind of almost inspired by declined right and you built out fictional characters who wrote that did you. I did yeah yeah, but I remember that yeah. I remember seeing that really yeah yeah a lot of a lot of people say: suburbia decline, one changed their lives, which is really gratifying for me. You know, and After that I didn't movie called dude that had dumb crier in a kind of a punk rock cow western and people are financed in these movies. You got enough of ours. That was her jaffee, that financial deeds and your corpsman financed suburbia, oh yeah, along with a lovely man named bird dragon, who was a furniture magnet in cleveland ohio that came out here in one movie, so I put bert an right. Together and they financed, and you spend our time corpsman
but a decent amount. You know roger was core. He was he gimme a list like of things to do like as a door. I still got that list. Was it's a trip in in you know the first thing on the west is set down in the directive chair as much as possible, but they have sit down before I love you gotta set out in a rock come on here. Up lesson is still around: I rogers deal with a sweet talk to him. Ah, well occasionally at the directors guild. I see them so, okay. So then you do those two movies and then you decline, to which I saw, and it was like holy fuck that movie made. Some money right no, no. That was an egg mining. I dont know what it was amazing. I knew guys in that area and yet that it was almost like you, you, you can't the essence of punk in the essence of what killed it dad movie. I had a profound impact on me: oh yeah, well, good. I mean, I think, a lot of you, but
You know somebody said the other day visit. You know you get. You get dark, credited with the birth of grunge, because you that movie, so as a reaction to that movie, grunge happened I've lie with the people were like fuck, this we're yeah. I guess I don't know. I don't necessarily day one. You know tat when you make the third one. Ninety seven in which their capture content, is more of arm It's more really about homeless, punks, gutter punks, you know right grass, like is yours, cried the cut it come with the green you now green. I always noticed that their clothes have sort of a patina rhyme. we need, and we all know of its malta squatter drying. I love em. Now those are my family, those guys in decline. Three, I love those guys obeyed, but after, after declined to his our lorn regroup yeah? because it wasn't anybody else in hollywood, really that new much about had bankers- and you know waning garth thought they were
head bangers rife. So yeah. I think part of the reason I got that gig was because Lorn felt there that he never let me do pieces on Saturday night, like we ve, been in touch with him. During that time not railway, but we were close enough. I think over from baggers ay yeah yeah. And he just calls and goes yeah and penelope yeah yeah. I know a video on you know it did this doesn't really matter but we're doing a movie, and if you don't mind we can just squat. Mr Charles, after we talk about it, you know what I'm saying is that this is lauren. Lauren has like. He only cares about where you're going to eat and nothing else matters we can go to spargo if you want, but forget the movies and it was gone. So you go to Mr Charles to talk about wayne's world like that was so he was here. He came out to meet with you, oh yeah. He had that company broadway video yeah, you know, was at paramount and in new york and so yeah you like him Do I like Gloria
I have a look. You know: everybody love hates lorn. You know no one had mr hating or not only show what what do I have to lose at this point. You ve got pissed at me because I wouldn't do, ladies man? So Do that movie any kind got pissed. Could you called me like four times? call me after that. You know, I'd probably it had done it, but that was afterwards world learn Warne is one of those genius, the crazy people, yeah, okay and- and those are the people in my mind that change the world, and I have a huge respect for him, just as I do with for for MIKE myers and all the other brilliant comedians. I've worked right. You know he's freaky day,
lauren is a freaky dude and he laughs at the weirdest stuff I mean come on. Michael was, you know, have a bs in the hour and the gigantic. Ah, you know a corn guys with those green giant guys I mean what the hell does that come from. You know it's like whoa, but were you there when the for the first season taping? Were they like the premiere taping? Did you go to new york for no? I wasn't there for that. None of the alright, Okay, so he takes you to Mr Charles, and he says you want to direct wayne's world. Is that what you're telling me well, I was of the most. Mostly the meetings were at paramount. You know, and I was actually on. I could either get one of two jobs I I could either do it occupy entry of about patton state hospital for the criminally insane or get the gig to do my first studio movie, and was my seventh movie mind you at paramount pictures. I was not in the director's guild or anything, and I remember they had wall phones at that. Why? I remember, being in the
the metal. spittle over there and I thought she was meagre. I think I'm gonna go make a car, so I go on. I use the wall phone and I call up my agent while you're shooting them and I didn't shoot I was trying to do. We were talking about doing the move right, like I said I was going to do either one or the other, and I call it my agent and I'm like did I get the gig and he goes got the gag for I'm in this mental hospital and the lady over there are just two to show me around like or there should on the wall everywhere, because when they go and really not stay, just mere should everywhere, so I either guy I either got to do either got to do the crazy
that old movie wayne's world and I'm not sure which one I did that go boom now? It must have been an amazing experience being given some money, big money, to make big movie too. When they drove me. They took me to the set for a pick me up at my home. They had a teamster guy right there driving in a limo, and they drove me to the set, and there was all these trucks- and I looked at it and I went. I think we must be ethical- in place. We don't need that many trucks right. You know, because I never welcome to a union shoot exactly yeah yeah welcome to the to money and power now. So all right, so you did You have me with MIKE or YA, a part of a process and MIKE had to give me his blessing and that's the way learn dustings with MIKE. I mean. I know that I've read that you, you had some issues with them and if we are in our view him oh yeah yeah, I spent an hour with him in his place and he was you know realm. we candid in india, we have obviously a brilliant guy, but
I can imagine it was difficult. It was very early troll guy. He is here's the thing it was early in his career and hurry heavy first movie. He didn't really understand the process and he was low and secure. All of the genius is extremely insecure, onset europe. I think so you know. A lot of them covered up with drugs in everything. Right MIKE did not mind right, MIKE's, clean machine right, but was ok. You know Dana's a pleasure to work with. It really did the shit and hit the fan until we were done with the movie and unfortunately, my extended pass away. So he wasn't around for the test. Screening india and really really well and so they got back. You want to make some changes and I was a terrible. I don't wanna. Do the story again cause ike I like might create. Last time I saw MIKE the first we did with parties cell phone and
gimme big hug and show me the picture of his new baby. You know what I mean: soccer, that's heart warming and me and mike are all good, and there was a time when in that way, but I'm good with it now, because that's what I saw about is getting through those things. You know learning those lessons and for banking, the people that put you through Hell and so that's the way I feel about it, and I love I love worn. I love. I love my and actually love you might get so quickly. I now also quickly so you Now you wrote, television is well yeah. I did a little, but I did some tv work with jennifer the birthday. Five and they did this huge ad campaign, for it was on lifetime and I remember being in a cab and new york and in
is getting in the cabin I'm like Jesus Christ. My pictures on top of the cab I get and I get in I'd- tell the cab driver hey my pictures on top of the cab, because yacht charlie, and then I did Roseanne here so I was on roseanne for a season and that was seen as The community in which you know god through in my yeah I mean it's, not that your writing is wonderful. This one story editor this wonderful woman named marlene rothberg, who I don't even remember how I met she was a manager for Carly Simon, that's what it was doing: music videos in new orleans through that- and Arlene said you don't penelope. You just really need to get into something here. She said you're, talented, and you need to push yourself, I'm so bad, promoting myself. So she got me a gig over with roseanne story editor and the first day on the job. I was
being led down the hall by the producer and and there all this broken furniture and a broken computer was in the hallway, and I'm like, oh my goodness, what happened here and and the guy goes. He goes, well, one of the writers. Don't want, doesn't want you here and he's pretty mad about it, so he just tore up his room like Jesus gonna, be fun why the fuck, when you want you there, that's it was crazy. There that whole it was as insane. You know like how long I've been going with its later in the run about halfway through nineteen nine de ninety huge hit puget yeah. making money. He and I were being an rosanna dressing room one day in their work. His voodoo dolls on the dresser and I'm like. Oh, these are so cute and I started. Then she got don't touch them, don't touch them. We got them, set up to kill somebody or you know it's like whoa crazy stuff here. So is so high. So it was not a great environmental workin
Well, no, I mean again, I don't want to complain. I could have been back at ihop. You know what I mean sure, so it was interesting. I look at it all like. It was lessons in my life. You know when one day we had gone to lunch and I was in the backseat and got out- the car and, as I pass through the window, arose and was driving. I noticed she had left her wallet in the sea to the car, and I said I m our reserve not left your wallet and should tear ass. You like the well and she looked at me and it was just like WHAM. She hated me really up like jeez. All I do is tell you left your wallet and after that it was wasn't happening in war. I think ass. She was having a bad day in that was it, but me we're we're friends. Now we see each other out and it's like all good good. You know she got skinny and everything. Why didn't you direct wins? World too because I wouldn't make the changes might want to do, and so
Were you hired on to do it no longer have lawrence said. If you don't make the changes MIKE's going to kill me for even telling the story again, I don't even want to, but MIKE said it you know lawrence If you don't make the changes are not going to be able to direct wanes world to amend this. Do as I want you guys tell him. We don't want to make the changes. The studio does no. We want mike to do wayne's world two and Lauren wants him to go back to the show. So you have to tell him so I I took the hit: oh you're, the fall guy yeah. I was okay, it's bit so you have to be seen. How dare you bury somebody here there was a guy and he didn't. You did a few movies. Someone did their another's right. Yeah I've had my my mega here to my mega bombs and out outside of them. You know, We can talk to anna now your daughter about how the box it came together and in your relationship by
What what would you like to be working on now? What are you working on out? Well, we're on. You know she's finish that movie on the carnival on your on your mom yeah. You fear we have We have our elements of the decline for already filmed. What's that about, I can't tell you mark vi, I really like you, I dunno. If I can touch this, can I pick it back up? Okay? That was me. He really liked me. What is it a music thing again ne yeah? Yes, it is yes, it is and I are. The reason is because if I tell you and its public than anybody can go and do it so That's why I'm trying to keep it a little bit on the download here you know what part of LOS angeles do you live in I live in laurel canyon. When I, when I started doing the movies, I started buying a bunch of houses, so I have an end. That's why, four years ago, when I ask you to come
work. For me with me, I need you to help me with houses and with various other scripts and Dana. Whenever I'm doing- and she goes I'm not gonna, I'm not going to unless the first thing we do are the decline. Dvds, So that's why it happened because we'll be wanting it for ever- see, jazz of american. Yes, I do like woodrow Wilson well we ve got up, I'm we got to my mom, how I now one and by mount olympus two and now what do you write them? Yes, I do, yes, that's nice, so you you're smart, and I got place in santa Monica they holidays. Now, now you buy said I rent she did the did the smart thing, the idea I accidentally dumb down, though you know, I have this boy friend, is calming the waiters. They got lucky
and he's not my boyfriend anymore, but anyway, I don't know if you want to talk about this are now I want to say, and I cleared it with her before I came in with anna about five year ago. Anna had an issue because I don't have you noticed or not, but you know diction is pretty much genetic oftentimes genetic. and her father had a really really bad problem. In five years ago, she had a bad problem and the reason I asked her to come to work for me is because I wanted be with her every day, and I wanted to watch her, she crash car the kid in it in both but then we're fine, but I I I I made her start working for me and that's how declines came about the box it came about is because you now get her back the right path, gator back on the right path and she kept ass when she did it to you now you go What's going on the mai, Ghana fox right near you full pothier later my face sure like that
yeah, it's great yeah, we're gonna, get fat, tat idea, it's good, so anna, yes, sir, you you got all fucked up on drugs. I did I've been there, I yeah it's not fun and you have a kid as well. I have three: you have three kids, yes, one of my kids is actually an adult, which is weird grandma so a white now how even clean clearer unaware coming up on five, we're through to its great. Well that's a sort of touching story, so we you guys close before this. This new role and you came or was it strained? We were close I a more codependent way, yeah sure More angry way from my side, so you're virus, and you I her here yeah yeah,
making a lotta. She should have been my own head sure about her and how you got fucked somehow yet right now, absolutely absolutely you guys know all these things hey. I got the short end of the stick with mom and so was able to work through a law that stuff recently. I was there when you hit the when, when, when the chips are down their ultimately now my husband was there. I had a lot of support. Oh give me a little together with a yes woven together twenty one years, and he does into the cult yeah he's playing with the cult. Now really. What did you play? He plays? Keep I like since synthesizers keyboard are so you rock and roll girl and come from those movies, jihad dragonette upon club. That's what it was. How would you you go. Where was she heraldry and seventy nine nine? Did you didn't take her to the clubs? Did you she did,
I didn't mean it fears at one time and she seventy nine year. Oh my at me out on the stage thinking that would be a safer place to keep me. So I don't know if we were in the frying pan or higher, or what do you have recollection? I do yeah I went to x shows I remember falling asleep at the back of the roxy in the booth, no in the whiskey in a butchering during axe show because it was just getting too late for my little brain haha, so I would just crash out in the booth. How great was that? in that movie? They are awesome. I it was just like it so magic there's. No one of my favorite bans. I got all their us how she doing exams she's got yeah yeah yeah and now what what was your idea to to release a boxer yeah they it well. We both new and needed to be done. Really,
how'd. You know that what was happening does it was eating away at her a really because the social media to and are not really do. You know out their cyber surf in his eyes and she is. She came to me one day and she goes mom. You have no idea how much people want to see these movies and you have no, idea who you are, and I mean What does that mean? and she went people a lot of respect for you for doing these movie right now and in the it is my life's work? That's the way I look at it and not world night black sheep- not any other right but a, but that mine is my life's work. I need to eat the black sheep too yeah and the little rascals and stuff like that year's week. Yeah you done you worked with a lot of geniuses yeah Chris finally got that required a story about here that kills we every time. this guy newman chicago, I think in the improv days and
The island increase was in town, he's been success when they were up all night, they did mushrooms, are drink and apparently, Chris were just sitting there ages threw up on himself and he looked up and he said I some fall yeah. Oh, my god that is hilarious, that he didn't. He wasn't fucked up when we were working, though he would actually ask me if he could leave when we were doing black sheep you and asked me if he could leave I go to meetings. The amy degree of everyone tries man, it's weird now people fight the fight and they lose the fight. I see it all the time I got I'm coming up on sixteen, wow! You I've seen a lot of people come and go, and you know it in its: it's always very its once you get you know you get into the hearing. The stories and in india has an effect on you. They really connects you something very tangible about about life in about struggle and about you know that redemption now I mean it's like
go to a meeting, and I know that will start where this publicly, whereby don't care when I hear a story like right right at the moment where it you know where a where they find it? the story girl. I just thought I was terminally unique. I didn't think anybody else could possibly relate to what was going on right. Yet now I can no one's like me, possibly understand you walking like everyone's ituri senor. I know a flock one of what is new imagined when I was going through with the poor me when she, when I saw tat she was a deck data after having gone through the death of her father because of drugs. That's all I could think about my daughter's gonna die of the same thing, the amended at an end so it was only you know, then that we really really got back to go together. You now and and it's hard to believe that you don't know bad or good. Until some time has passed- and that was the most horrible time of my entire life was when she was drunk
or no when she was strung out when she was. I was able to take it better because I knew Bobby was going to go. It was no other question about it, but I was really secret and nobody could figure out what the hell was going on with me haha, south, just alaska design right right like what's going on. Yes, yes, I know we do eat grits. I was taking a lot of doctor prescribed medications and the scary thing is: I didn't doctor shop. I didn't go to multiple doctors for it, it was all from the same doctor and it was excessive I dont know how they I dont know happens. Work eight years was astounding to me that doctors can do that. I think some of them are like, are not really clear. Because they just a lot of them, are not sensitive to addiction and they listen to your complaints. Yemeni. You underestimate the charm of somebody in need of drugs. well, then I got good at complaining exactly I'm still in pain, still hurts yeah yeah, it's
more and more than you do in your dependence gets higher. What is more, you tolerance, re well, so did now I guess, through this process of you getting sober, you guys have gotten tremendously a closer and did you cop to your shed. She must have been right about some things. She did amazing grace. She did so much work. She still works on a daily basis and I am constantly noticing adjust and change with her to this day. When knew, I was totally humbled by that experience. With her I mean I for about a year and a half. Two years all I did was cry all day long. I would go to like try to go to workout classes, and the teacher would be looking at me going a young right. I'd be just like snow coming down my face. You know, because I mean it was the devastating to me. I didn't think I would ever pull out of it. You know, and then, when I got idea to make her come to to ask her to come to work with
and she said she would. If we did the decline movies. I like tat, is so freaky. now. I understand why the decline movies have not come out, Before now, because I needed to have this happen, brought me and my daughter closer together, and you know it it mended of we terrible situation, and you own the movies. Yes, that's impact that helped yes, but I could never put them out as the island, it was so press to me: an identity, so much with them that I didn't want, fuck it up thy I I was just like and I just want pointed out, you know- and I really wanted to do it right right to be right right right right. That's why, when we met we, we we we for two years for the distributor and we found shout factory. Shout factory did this prior box, I know
generator, you go yeah melbourne, xbox box, great, shall factory those whose brothers and are totally rock, and then my lawyer, David pierce, put us all together, That was the magic moment would got together with them and us I did to work and she had to drag me into the editing room because I was I have in my life flashed before me. I didn't want look at the stuff, so that's why he didn't put it out. That's right, you're, writing yeah. What? What were you ashamed of? Not Did you use that word? I was. I was ashamed of anything. It was a lot of fear and hurt actually about. not being able to get them released you now having to controversy, surround them for so many years ago. Why why your expire? getting people, you know you know you didn't represent me right and in the number of people in the movie. You know, and I don't want them to be unhappy. You know, and generally now, like you were talking about people work through stuff rhino. Somebody said they talked a christian
The other day he not pissed anymore. He used a yell at me at clubs. High batch yeah me some money really in eyes, like we page across Well, I don't remember you wonder why wow and so have you are dead to race. few you to what look I'm thrilled, that it came together so now this is a beautiful box. It's available! Yes, it is though. In june thirty yeah leo, I learned shaver. It save my daughter's life. That's the way I look at it not only does ever live. It sounds like she's working the projects for you. Oh, she is, she is she's issues when added here in arm she's really good at what she does and she so good at handling people far better than me and on what is your? What do at? What is your role like? What are you? What is your title right now and you know why it is so weird. I hate titles, her other than dog rescuer, I'm!
and I'll do whatever I do know she does. She has a producer credit on the bronx produced the box, like with this documentary project director you're, to recognize to it. Yeah, you guys say your director has told that by a famous director. Yes, once you start directing, you say: you're director, Well then, I'm interactive there you go how they feel and adapt, dog rescue or that dog rescuer, so they casey workin on that and you guys are busy. storming decline for yes, we are, we started, shooting it a little bit already, but now we have put it did aside. So we can get the box out, but yeah welcome, graduations and I'm glad you guys are getting along. I'm glad, you're healthy and I'm glad you're you're. You seem to be getting lightning up a little bit wedding Things go panels.
Experience. What mark what years you're such a charmer? I could totally understand why the president would call you up and say if he could come and visit you. I can totally understand that you are a total charmer. Were you like that when you weren't clean? Were you a charmer? Guy was a mess. I had some charm, but it was. It was to a very select group of people right, yeah, he's very passionate and just to get what you wanted exactly when we appreciate you are talking to us, it's nice to talk to you, okay, That's it! That's our show that was penelope spirits, her daughter in a box there at the end, and that their boxset of the decline of western civilization to build what shall factory gotta deputy upon the dot com for all your needs? what else denver and bolder come on out vulgar theatre in both the colorado fry july, twenty four,
paramount theatre in denver, colorado saturday, joy, twenty fifth what else I gotta get together. What
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