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Episode 616 - Rich Vos

2015-07-01 | 🔗
Comedian Rich Vos and Marc were pounding the same pavement decades ago when they were both starting out in comedy. Of course Rich was smoking crack, but why quibble with minor differences? Rich tells Marc how he made it out of the drug-fueled insanity of the mid-80s and wound up marrying a fellow comedian, Bonnie McFarlane.

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A guy. I would do this. How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the bookstore is, what the the the holocaust, what the fuck delegates, what the buckle bury thins welcome, mark marin. This is deputy. I thank you for joining me. Somebody, may be new to the show, welcome we do Quite a few new listeners because of an interview I did last week, today, on the show, as promised, week following the presidential podcast rich boss, rich boss, and I go way back and watch rich boss is a comedian and a very decent man, and I enjoy this conversation with him a great deal and am happy to share with you. Since I last talk to you, I did the brooklyn opera house, which was a, spectacular and amazing.
a real high point for me performance, wise and then I went out to Huntington long island also great. They give me a break the guys at the paramount in hunting. And a very proud of the Van units of fine venue. Fine venue do comedy and big veni an old venue, gutted old movie theater which is pretty amazing, how long we get the brick. Thank you for playing the paramount come back again soon on parchment tied to a brick that on one side etched in it I mean they must get this done it like a place. It makes gravestones you something could etched in the rock in the brick in the actual. mark Marin june, twenty seven, two thousand fifteen. On the other side, the paramount hunting to new york the very proud of the venue cause? It's renovated benyon, it's beautiful! There's all this old detail to it. It's pretty! pretty astounding on you and apparently was a break. The that was part of the venue. A visit, a brick break nigh I carry on luggage.
And I really didn't know where ya gotta be honest with you and with the people, to paramount that I didn't we can end up in the garbage because I like to carry on- and this is something of peoples consider when they bring stuff too shows. For me, can handle a record or two, but if you're gonna bring a large painting a sound, so I'm just mailing its best. It's er. I had this break, but I'm like I'm going to risk it. I am not going to take it try to carried on by guy in the old days. A break was, is a weapon and probably has a weapon. Now, not it's sort old school, it's more of a way for destroying windows, throwing a brick through a window in a brick and hidden guy over the head with a break not as easy. It's it's weighty! I didn't know if it was on the list of dangerous shit. I just went ahead through. I go through preach and I put through the scanner and their narrow gallagher? bag. Now, like here we go again. Maya commemorative break is
Going to be in the garbage and desirable thing about having your name etched in something or your name written and things are something made out to your for you. If you throw it away, it will find its way. You were bribes. It'll hurt the feelings of someone who gave it to you, and I don't want to do that. I do not throw away the brick. the usa guy this dude, like a stout dude, wheelbarrow dude, takes my back. In my desert, brick in there he's like why my dessert brick is like a brick like a brick break and my cat's a brick with my name on it really and mike. Yet it's a brick he opens a bag and I take it out, and I show him it's like the I dunno. What do you think he's like? I know who you are and I'm like, so what you're going to? Can I take the break? He's like yeah? Take the brick and you'll keep, work can keep going man you're going to be you're going to be something he said to me or a fake you for levi, keep by brick and and being supportive. So I have my brick Thank you paramount for the brick and I was in a red, begged new jersey
My man showed up in red bank and I know some. You know that, That would be a mild man yeah, the in and out of it ups and downs more like, but we ve been all right but, but I had to make some time for the old man, not knowing where the old man would be frequency wise. And he sounded good on the phone. You know he retired in his wandering. I don't know it's hard to be, beaten miserable, but he he does it, and maybe that's where I get it. I don't know, but but we go out to dinner at this place, Gitano right there in red bank as mayor of a part time assistant, frank, is dead ones at joint and said: go by there I gotta fuckin tell you man, you can't get italian food, any air, like you can and like these cosy new jersey, new york, I mean that just places just places fuck, an amazing out of its the water or what? But god dammit. It was good chicago to log out of a give chicago, but that's it
where the immigrant population of italians, as with four percent centuries and generations, is where we find the good italian food, and also, I think new york water- has something to do with it. But anyways might talk about food and talk about my father's. Oh, I didn't know where it was at so me and my dad said This restaurant. We pick me up the train station. I can usually tell agony help where my father's, at mentally and emotionally from about fifty feet away what just by his posture the aura of his energy I can feel it because I know the guy's my dad, so I can feel the action of his sadness from about fifty feet, I could feel the the sort of you're non threatening middle frequency, where he just sort of like neither here nor there, and I can feel the mania But from his is posture I can feel that cause he's. My dang feel at fifty feet away and I see him I'm registering above just medium above medium, we're not is not no darkness and I'm a great this work out, but still over coffins.
everything's going great, don't let him take a break out of your wall. Don't let him take a commemorative emotional break out of the fortress. I have constructed, or myself to with a relatively healthy life, so we exchange pleasantries and we go sit down dinner and I guess I just guy order some food look at him. I go so so how you you doing in my father would make us good, fuckin, sick everything, but I've had it with everything, but I'm good, I'm good, but I've had it. I tell you, I've had it with everything and that's it man, that's it in a nutshell. That's that's what I come from everything's great but fuck I am I'm old and I've had it is that a way of communicating is at the the yin and Yang I dunno, but that's what happened. That's that's where it was and he came to the show and despite himself. I think slight difference. You do you there. You either apparent said that are proud of you or you were you
parents are impressed by you I the impressed kind and my mom seems to to tip into pride a bit emotionally. My father's just impressed, which I I I think is is tentative. I I think you know he's impressed but but there is still room to fail for you more towards there's a couple more coming to portland is sold out for the weekend after next, but colorado I'll, be there your theatre on July, twenty fourth and I'll, be at dead. about theatre in denver on July, twenty fifth So committee can I know I've got p There are just don't if they know it's happening, no matter, I do the day after I do it We're always like I didn't know you're coming. I don't know what I have to do. I've said it on my show. Over and over again I tweeted. I did everything I could you want me to come over. So I I'm
I had to do some organizing, because the president came and I and I moved everything out of the garage everything that was on the floor and a lot of this stuff just piles and stacks of shit that I have never. I have not gone through and my filing is horrible. You know I've got the papers and stacks. I save everything and I today spend some time with frank, my new guy, and we just went through the filing each unpacking believable what I say than what is emotional to me. Like I'm, going through this I am thrown she'd aware to save everything like pay stabs from gigs and all that the weird active work. I had to do a round my identity theft. I found me that, three or four letters that were sent to me by the patent troll harassed we need to give them money and a mike. I gotta do something with this that things defeat it's you know there was a victory to it in the just tons of other pay I just don't need every doktor visit ever did in the results of every doktor thing I ever had and paying it sort of like that. Just a history of of of panic and blood tests
I found a month. We I felt like I used to get those calendars. I found one from nineteen. Ninety one like does one we counter that you write you shit in cassettes away. I could see it back. Then I found an address book that must be from around that time. Like ninety ninety one and its just bizarre, I don't know Have they ship? It there's a reason that you should keep it because if you just look at who your friends war and who you were talking to it, sort of fascinating right there on the first page, David tells number twenty five years ago. Craig, time who I'm still in touch with bizarre. grandma, my grandmother is address at said: brett butler, Steve brill. These people that I still talk to greg aren't they Becky. My old manages its it's amazing how many people are still in my lap, hawaii gees wickedness travel hilarious, larry S I dont even may
should beat that I dont know. I doubt it, but this is is weird travel agency back before the t say where you by these tickets from nothing. They had some sort of scam going with other peoples. You know of frequent flyer, points or whatever nude meet a dude at an air. What we give you a ticket and if you tried to change the ticket you you were even a world of shit. Images is scam that bury cats had set me up with, of course, chuck forum. What happened to that? I bob gucci only junior. Now you want to dinner at his house once frank gannon used to book. The tonight show this bizarre man janet. Oh my god, I remember her. I had sex with her in Memphis. I think any ways it just sort of fascinating to see who my friends were. Oh, my first girlfriends in here this. It's just like this. Before facebook, I don't aware allowed these people John Stewart wow John stewart phone numbers in here from back in the day the nose maggie
dean, trippy patton oswald, oh so this must be like ninety two any ways: friends, Jonathan rosenfeld. There was a therapist in san francisco ca. So this must be from like ninety to ninety three jonathan rosenfeld. He was the guy. That said to me, there's no such thing as boredom only fear, Jon Stewart. I wonder if that number still good should give him a call I should talk to him. I guess it found me. Isn't it anyways it just weird that I saved all this shit and you can start a track, your mail, Please? If you can access him of people and places you ve been. If you hold onto these weird little artifacts, he That's right. Ninety ninety one, I was making my living
The taught regency, which was a good gig, was a hotel gig and a conference room primate four hundred dollars, nanda Last week I interviewed the president, the united states of america, Barack Obama day. One thing way from the present with is that nicotine visa ongoing fuckin nightmare and I'm not saying under It's an m chip and on cigarettes, but I'm chicken I'd area- a chicken is get him to the lingo from back in the damp chip in a little bit, I'm sorry hurry. What's a rich loss. I gotta tell you this You achieve something that I fucking. I I dream of. I have a hotel by the airport. There you have a fuckin billboard, it show fuckin vague. For I'm I mean it's so big.
that is probably the most exciting one of the most exciting things you can have. As a comic is I mean the fuckin whole concept. bored stinks. I mean you carried out of the balls, but if that happens, like a ridiculous, I don't know who pick that I like to find them by color yeah yeah yeah colorful frozen benetton I saw who, but in fact it is all these biggest any big book billboard you can get I've only seen one of em, I gotta be eyes with the. I really wanted those maggie was not? It will be like I thought the elite in this town yeah in a way I can get a couple. Billboards is the third season. I said I've seen it so I get yellow and they're like he's, not the most effective way to spend ad money, I'm like who cares? It's l a I'd like to be, and why do people think I have a real tv show? I had a billboard for a week in vegas for a week. Any fuckin boat. I could have got that billboard because I was whoa daggers how it is working at the palm Jia. You know so I had a real built, not not to the club one
one on the street right, ok and those for I took pictures of it, but in life You worked so hard and little things like a billboard here is the pay, it's weird it! It's a fucking pay off! Ok, why should fucking? Indeed have a billboard, and more generally movie, yes for fucking, something! That's gonna go straight from the theatre in I agree with you, but there's part of me that knows like when you want to get a feel for you just got to get someone to pay for it. By the way, but the truth is like I agree with you. I ain't it may be petty. It may be a small minded, but to me a billboard was a big deals. Big deal to me, I think patrice one in a recent heat and re up the age one or whatever area network whiskers. You wouldn't give em a billboard and times where he and his look. I want a billboard and conduct were here. I am
it should destroy my life. I was working on the mgm grand at bragg garage. When was this recently yeah I on a couple months it way, whatever room for a for a comedy room. India, it you're good wearily doing you're headline look really now I was how fuckin moodily I was merely for a fuckin juggling jack's worthy headline really about thirty, years and I just work my right. A giant set you up, I'm just trying to make sure everyone knows you might prisoners are needed too rich vas. I want to know work in there and a billboard. You know when a flash, your work in your area whole cited a building. I mean it's probably twenty five stories high when I get a picture of,
yeah trees aren't rich. It's a lot. Okay and I didn't know you could make insecurity that big. Let me tell you something. Let me tell you some draw on the billboard I came out of my mouth. Looked like fuckin buckets of water: okay, because I'm a slobbering jew bag. So I'm going, I can't feel any better. In our work in Vegas yeah. I'm innocent log into comedy way all the common aims feed or I'm not, but I'm headline and I'm in a good mood. Jan and this happens is my third time it happened. My fuckin manager calls me on Friday. On friday before the friday and weaken, show. Oh, your pilot was in picked up your pilot really You couldn't wait till monday, you couldn't to monday when I grow up. I was that a binding. I did wonder where, for true tv we gotta go
full dynamic fire when I want make sure everyone knows yeah, that's my wife, but we you know what the, how the why why the fuck she marry you walkers on the fucking. First of all, I'm a genius, we wanted to set your club worker stuck uniform. It goes without saying, and I dont fail. We guy, ok, though I shall wear when we started dating the first time I met her and I've told us. I was at a comedy seller among last comic standing. The first season to good she was. The aged difference, yeah, you might not have reasonable quartier. I guess it is. I guess it is looking at you fail your relationships If you're, you look great you're, so great you're older than me right pro yeah, how old are you? How old am I yeah uh? Don't you hate when people answer a question with a question? What am I I'll be next month I'll? Be fifty eight really yeah? They will
great thank you. I'm fifty one, fifty one yeah, but you look good. You know your phone better than yours. Ain't got that that that that sort of rugged jew skin yeah, it's kind of dark a little bit. I play a lot of golf, though that's how I get why I am dark. I have an olive skin beer from you know: from when I was a kid yeah from being that kind of jew, yeah yeah, so Bonnie I met her. I was at the comedy cellar she came downstairs and I knew of an ok even before that yeah mark she was cutie mark comar Cohen. They were dating okay more colony after he did make me laugh they did some live, shows riah, some live so deep. It was covered. A couple of them were me,
marc, cohen and Joey vega right, so we went into corporate, live whatever show, I'm working with wood cohen and he's miserable he's, fucking miserable. I go super ah me and my girlfriend just broke up this and I knew nothing about yeah. We just broke up he's heartbroken. He flung I go. Look I'd been through divorce. It's not a big deal. You'll get through here, you'll get through it. You know, but he's going to do that right then yeah, the fear of the you know the abandonment, horrible feeling heartbreak and all that latest change and get comfortable being uncomfortable and three lady arabs so and that's all twelve step talk me. I didn't make god rights. True, you get comfortable in uncomfortable situated patterns. The patterns, so he's breakin out one years later I am at a comedy, show ready to go on stage and Bonnie walks down the stairs and says oh you're, that guy in last comic yeah and I was the first
Looking around got all the comic that gets gone out with other comics. everyone now realize you're, not me, but she looked hot and you watch my set. I cannot forget, I didn't I I didn't bomb, but it wasn't a good set yeah. She even left in the middle of it really yeah. It wasn't good because I was too nervous because her yet I wanted to impress, I was on a two with a hairdresser from the view who is very attractive and- and I got out of the box just for you, just came in and you're going to you're going to fail in front of two women and now party comes down to shares at my first thing I said oars, yet she even here's oh you're on last comma yeah. I got oh yeah. I know you I I'd hit on you, but I'm on a date. That's the first thing I ever said to so already. She thinks I'm a creep, so I call the clubs next as esky I go ST I go. Can you give me that girl's phone number and ST called bonnie and Bonnie should do not give him? my fuckin phone right, so I went down there to I'm, not honour
down another niceties doktor. She was here so we went out for pizza here. We know we had pizza and in to me going down on her and a car. A little girl and she takes your children, down on her in the car a little bit yet I was the first eight like that. That's unorthodox! That's what you want with I'm gonna go down on her show it I'm a giver, right. Okay! Alright, I didn't ask you to go down on me. I wouldn't kill, hey! Look! I get that! That's why you married me. Okay, a lot of comics would or guys would go blow me not me know. You said on my ok, so your real friends are in a car, No, it was. It was a mercedes. It wasn't. A crappy client was the bags You got that knowing affront to crawl under the boy. Okay, I m really get it doing so. Damn we just starting date.
A little like when I come to l a we'd fool around. He was great. I can't just wait. He was perfect. I was in L ha been something yeah, I'm staying at a great hotel, yeah. She came over in a day yeah when should a pool yeah and we ended up going to my room. We had sex and got up and left here, and you know that was a respectful. I thought I was the best thing. Are you crazy? Yes, she left. I walked down to decline just sounds like love to me. Going out going down on, earned a car. You fucker after hanging out at a pool at a hotel and she leaves you're like I'm in love fish. Is it yeah, yeah? Okay, are you in a minute. I saw so that these two incidents happen. and then and then you embody just start dating. We start dating and what's the name, your podcast, my wife, hates me here. My way, fates me in That's a radio show that we do on tuesday nights and serious, and we did upon the pilot. We did that one would call my way face
let's go back though, and then we'll will bring it all back around. So the first time I met, you was probably nineteen. Eighty eight bright. Nineteen. Eighty nine. Ninety ninety at nix comedy stop you egg long like a multi, jerry curl, the outhouse, at how my hair grows long. I love her your daughter and I'm glad my hair grew like that rightly yeah. You put a stop in it. There was grouping now, maybe oily remain, there might have been a greasy personally and then he had at you. I think you are one of those italian or necklaces with the world. Will curly thing. Other, if there was no way, I would possibly have a horn knuckle. So it was probably a high was a cli. I mean I know the horn, I'm talking to yeah. I know the one I got. in all you gotta do start, maybe a high and you, or you know you had to it- was the late eighties. So you you yeah my grandfather's dog tag from world war, one really yeah, that's kind of cool! There's an echo round dog
well one shall not like what. How long have you been doing comedy that point, as you were kind of like you, nick Hey guys, we well, I don't know you were you doing sort you were like. You are angry retire. You know you what you are. You were intense. Ok when I worked necks see, I think, but you know your kind of dice I yeah. I know that that's what we gotta get to at some point cause. I heard a podcast where you had dice on and you said that you opened a door for comics like voss yeah, yeah dot net but I know what you're saying it's an east coast attitude that makes you feel its dicey and I work probably a little luck it you don't feel your voice, for how long it takes you to really find your voice. When a year I mean I will yeah it took twenty years. It took me a long time. Yeah I mean when I say I remember in the beginning I was running around. I thought I was robin williams, then I would pay. I thought I was going to start. I guess I'm twenty nine years sober. So I guess I've been doing it thirty two years, so you owe our rights. Are you awake
when he five twenty six? Where, where did he live in jersey, where in jersey here in plainfield? That's where he grew up, yeah yeah and it was? It was a predominantly black town neighborhood I went to a school, you know all of I grew up in a black neighborhood. Ah you know- and I I mean I both your parents. Are there now divorced divorce from day one? Since I was a little kid? That's why I love time I'm going to talk about. I talk about this later, I'm speaking at a rehab to get some police promises, I'm speaking to and and and your whole life as a child is formed. You know two or three of my parents got divorced. I guess I was in this third in fourth grade and I I would come home from school every day every day and listen to VON meter, album they're, the villa for jack JFK one year, the first family year and and I a laughed and I laughed,
left and all I was doing was covering the pain for my fair payment The version I didn't know that as well. You would you have a relationship with both the apparent so now Through our light, not I mean look. I broke the chain dysfunction with my kids. My parents were fuck but when we were growing, not what you gotta give. Would your mom. Do, though, would you do well, my mom, struggle. She had three kids. Luckily, you know like you and two sisters, sister and brother, older brother, young, other passed away year and a half ago thy an eye, and I thank you and my elder sister, whose a very successful business very, very successful. Yet, along with her kind a year. I wasn't real close for my fail me because our parachute and bring us close as a phantom. You know I mean like I was not off doing their own share. There was no doesnt know, clear stores, not to notice every man for himself Where would you dad new york allowing do the second every.
Force my mommy and I read a lady in woodland, hills, yeah, and then they got divorced. He moved back to new york dated this one, lady forever. Then he marriages, third wife, who has been married to four thirty july here in his eighties, my mother's in a nursing, home, alzheimer's or dementia shot out what you dead do. Did everything it was a scam. He did re sales, whatever fucking scam. He ended up as a travel agent to last twenty something year, a big you know, but not just flights vacation so and- and so well, one up your wired. We had to do it. I went for a walk right now. You don t. You know how the foundation beer. You know you're, being in a neighborhood, my kind of my front doors, white people, my backdoors, black, all black people. So I
I didn't feel good enough to hang with away people, even though I didn't realize their lives or just fucked up and dysfunctional here, but I felt a little better than the black well down there. You know what I would say right. So that's why I I I drew the r, because I thought it, which I I'd be captain you should apply in the black, never hear more accepted, because I was right, but then we all ended up kind of hanging together. Anyhow show that you are that's where I was and now you're at a point in life. You're growing up, you're doing everything for attention, but it's negative. You know my parents were fucked up. Like my father, what comes here to three times I mean every two or three weeks yale and then, when you get there My mom would have a arrested. Use us as pawns in. Oh here comes daddy than added a pushes two detectives fuckin, a reply from money for cow, severe, show you thinking well who's, whose morphine
drop him not paying or her for use in us as pawns in our country, and at one time I, my mother, took my sister myself and my brother. To my grandmother's house on my father's side and just knocked at the door and said I don't want him take em now as a fuckin kid that's Quite abandonment, when you hear your mother go, I don't want wanna tell em and, and its cause back in and have the tools to say, hey, I want to go out tonight. Can you watch my kids? that may permanently she just may anxious to. But you don't know that you don't know that all you know is daddy. Yeah yeah yeah, you know and just a couple words right- could change a whole course. I don't know I'm like there's, probably true by me. I got a recurrence of behaviour though I did. The patterns have to stick I mean that price hurt your feelings, but I mean just The emotional patterns that are always there were foxy up, I mean she's, a she said,
father couple times. I remember one time from jersey. We took the bus Although we do not new york at the porter already got out my father was there then the cops arrest them you have we What a fucking take the bus to new york you had to eat! You had to put us on a bus to all of us and take us a fight. You couldn't get him arrested halfway in Elizabeth or somewhere what the fuck at an hour hour ride on the bus to see daddy and your son. You know it. It was so fucked up because into as a as a father to see I broke, the fucking chain dysfunction with my kids.
I wish you complete opposite of my pal. You are aware that their thou majority party, your agenda, was to do that. We did some tv show. I don't, I think, was louie anderson show on the fucking peer whatever near, and they needed baby pictures. Member that I think it was commie central without a go. We need baby pictures here. I went to my father gave me here to fuckin pictures of me to it all went up and I have hundreds and hundreds of my kids hundreds might have ever so absent it it emotionally too, but now I get as bad as that. Yeah you're all excited to see your dead. Then he gets busted. He didn't know that he was going to get busted when he went in on the setup was okay, but you know and any too. As a parent backed and like I should they do have the tools tat? We had never giving which added I he would come to my. How can our house and, in addition, fuck your head on I'd cursor, my mother, what our so he'd in my room, he'd smack
four cursor, my mother gimme, a lecture in the uk. It ever see them. He ate I get it all. They don't want to fuckin visit. Yes, smack me like hear me. Take me out to eat gimme money for toys, goodbye, yeah yeah. You know, hey thanks, let's get it all in on that and three fucking hours. You know! Thank you. You know whoa, don't fucking problems here! Okay, but when did you start like you know like what to go through so you're hanging out with the with the black, kids and and ear ear. trying to figure out who you are in this world when you start using the drugs. While we and I started hang with hippies in school. We mix it. You know back then I get to know the fuck. You were well know you, you goin, two different ages of your life. You see them with a black stage, ended young it ended. Probably around six groups, and great sports. A lotta was revolved around sports yearly sports guy.
we are in a neighbor who we play sports. We laid other neighbourhood basketball for Bobby in a week. It was all sport life. You know that at age we weren't doing anything right now we break windows or breaking white house here and there, but we weren't real bad kids here. Ah so it's based on sports and breaking into a house pretty bad and we stole the I can sandwiches and now in hot wheels, are just no big deal they are jewelry housing policy ideologies and we were caught wilson made largest things. You can use up nothing, you could fence, we are and then why you gotta junior high school, in short, hang with each other kids but those kids door, all potheads or smoking junior high. You know you're gone from one dysfunctional group to the neck, get show and an that's yeah, I knew who I was. I was a troubled person trying to get out
I did myself and rarity whatever pain you know and yet be before it was with negative attention now which weighed getting high and and and and you know it started smoking pot going to the party and and next thing you know- I am doing coke and I'm trying to deal aoe everybody in town money. I mean I was a year. When was this junior high school high school by high school junior high was borrowing money for drugs? Now that people would front me, would David keno they give you oh you're, gonna sound and hollow, and yes, I led net. I fucking do all the profit and or or the coke I member I mean I do so. Many fucking scams would occur, Also you sound coke in high school, not ours ray when I got out bags of pound to cope now another found again seen a pound, not a pound. Never know pounce upon our, so called. Ok I'd be dead. I would be deal who we can't tell they give me in. I had I got out
I quit school here quite high school and I had I had a big why to quit the movement. Can harbours. I never went to class. I just one year at a party and socialize: I didn't you fuckin mom, do when you quit school. She don't give a fuck no gave what fuck I mean I will. I will you out of the house where you workin, I started a while. I went to school, told twelve gray right and then I left I just went to school to sell pardon. Oh, but I didn't know you have twelve great duenna, I wouldn't winning. graduated. Yet I was supposed to go back one more year and I drove into the parking lot. I should get me the fuck out, I'm out here and and and and I was pretty good carpenter I worked my grandfather who remodelled houses and I started my own business. We when I was twenty one, twenty, an rpg painting, houses, bases and carpentry riven, but when I was twenty two I had seven guys workin. For me I was a good business man. I knew how you know. I had to
one of the biggest painting businesses in town, doin, victorian houses, beautiful three, four collars I'd have three clues going. You know, but I was a fuck up. I take. I take him money to pay I teach and buy coke in your party. You know I I knew how to sell. I knew how to sell and get the gig to get to get to get. To like I would go in the winter. I would go in the winter and our I'm up all the houses for the spring and people would gimme deposits in the winter, and I even I'd fuckin blow it because I in a rent party in genoa came time to paint your house. You know I fucking say Benjamin. More pain, but I poor, like for dollar pain.
into belgium and more cans you're cutting the paint too. I was fucking with cutler bay, totally cutting coke and the business. I had a great, we did great work, I mean fewer of the funeral homes in town and then it just fell apart because of drugs. When did you meet your first wife. after I got sober, oh yeah yeah showed the drugs escalated it from already in coke. Then too I started comedy inward. You start. Ah, I booked a couple one nighters. What did he want do open minded and do nothing? Oh yeah, yeah yeah, I wondered those there was. I wonder mike, but then I realized. If I book someone nighters year, I can host, get on stage right and make money at the same time resolved woke you headliners yeah. I bought some rooms in jersey and I had guys go bolster
generous, wolfsburg, ah fuck him. Oh Rooney came right here and he brings his. This opening act will be? That goes. I don't know if you know this, but I will catch rising star, okay, so While I go look you're making fucking sixty she'd almost shut up and it was fucking jenny who said that mulroney brought a message. Oh my you're local you're, making sixty the night. Like I didn't know, I had cat cohen, who was real, energetic media, as they show, I think, he's writer you what I'm short show I had match alexander. I gave him his first european idea. I gave him First alexander verse, paying gig, I had robbed Bart I had I mean big big acts at that time yeah you're mentioning names. I bet no one's ever heard of yeah max alexander. What happened to that? Guy ha I've ever seen him along he's, gotta be out here. What rob bartlett worth Bob Barr well a while now he does Imus. He does radio rock art what he's been doing: radio forever, yeah nice guy, the guy I mean
hey MIKE lang where the dead are all steve grove and all these guys became rogue. I and ii writers they became writers, so you're pulling these new york guys in brooklyn these rooms. So you could do ten minutes, so I could host year and then there was other guys that book rooms like me, like phil, selman, Dennis ross, all these guys near joey, Novick yeah. So I would trade them work and they would give me work at their places. So you could you could feature there. our house dry. I would have come home, my room and I holsters so now, I'm starting to start a war you'll, almost like a one night or network out all one idea: mulatto Adams carry stanley Adam, which I I where were they were they were throughout europe, but what what kind of rooms bars where the appellation of comedy bars and but some of them were great, some of whom were really go to a one night or booker I booked one either. Yeah yeah make money on this show I went into places I go. Look you want to run comedy here. I can get you to comic, sheer and
do tuesday night. So your eye. There was a time when people like you ever done, this room alone, I Let it be a con wanted to accompany. It was easy. Go from george just go to jersey deriving from new york. There is our home work gigs, because you're not making a fortune run around club decline. why not do one night or in jersey do twenty five? Twenty six years old? I gotta be twenty eight, I think. Ok, twenty twenty nine year and denied further work, and then I hooked up doing when on a road, do an empty gigs here like foreseen, the paranoia I'd go to lunch taxes, cellular printed book there really good, knights and anne she bogged down. Recommend down yet the virginia issue I hooked up with her. Yes or then I hooked up texas. I did some good humour I worked, would hex like a couple times at workshop or
now. Good humour bar and lubbock textiles and somewhere else here was that it was a man hicks. I we win who was seven eleven has something happened in his girlfriend was broken up, whatever happened, only seven eleven, he went on stage next night. Indeed, probably too, minutes on this and on watch I'm gone Never be this funny. As long as I live I don't even know how long he was doing comedy at a time he's got my back in taxes. Priors twenties his girlfriend broke up with I'm here he was miserable. Is the true story. You wanted to pick up a hook. Something he added. So we can occur But he goes you want to buy one. May I gotta show where in a cab and a camera is kept, it took you to prostitutes in logic, so is illegal in the first place, delay He opens the door looks at him, goes to your to you're too young and slammed the door on him. Right gets back in a cab. The next place did a cab driver
Take him to the lady. Over dollar sham goes you're a cop slammed the door and he does whole bid on how even hookers won't fuck it right and I'm watching the sky, and it is an amazed at how good is that you know he was so far. People listen to allow these commissary. I don't see it or guess what you fuckin idiot was thirty years ago? Ok, your! twenty five years he said he had a real clarity and a real like kind of like confidence to his delivery and a very you know, poetic way of looking at things and it even He was improvising. It was so well put together here, just his cave in jail just away. He murmured I mean we were I was a calculation star one night and and and brenner, went on in new york and gave and brenner. When was this the eighties to be eighties. Brenner went on yet killed. It was david brenner in time. So now, alex scott bill hexes next year and he walked onstage and his.
Opening line. As you know, growin up as a comic I would she roy we're klein and David Brenner, something of deep fucking guys can do it. So can I right that's right after birth, during the whole, she reagan, anorexic candidate and all this stuff? People are fine to draw like a yell fire right degree what's goin on next year to room jeddah jones here, she's pacing, she's fuckin a mass, so he gets off. six. I swear to god. It comes out to make us what the fuck went wrong. He couldn't under It do not understand why he emptied the room. I knew but you're funny thing is to like you didn't know, he emptied the room. He had our time in new york then we're gonna do with now, but it's so funny just that the business and in the whole business is it in establish what the one of director said to him. This is too, he emptied a room, and decree of director said you could work here any
anytime. You want. You can cause she's bill. Hicks right he's got debt that reputation he's bill hex. You could work at any time right. So, ah, in so then, now I'm don't comedy, I'm sure I got into danger fields. The iron got me into danger fields, because I again coke and haughty with armenia. First hand and got me into the eu in the end to the bitter end, all my guy. I've heard that name in a longer working hanan. He does cruises still alive, yeah good. You gave him in He got me gigs at the bitter end in new york haha then hiram we get on a danger, vs and so would hanan and then I never a worker dark place depressing. They underwriting. I might have done. Your improv was still like going how gown How good to shape was it in it was. It was Those are cool results of aid. Is here an end I do. Next, though I would. I was on drugs when I was doing you're here, I was,
I was a coke out. I would do cocoa all those guys by code from a guy in the network in all the guy they killed up during one in other mike. I do drugs. Whether I was a I stayed to build war, the might high order, or there was a crack hotel right. hide the comedy connection right and I go up there and I just how fuckin hall, why am I got so many bear drug stories from Boston? I met a girl, a traditional I've met. Her apply, I'm doing a one night, our plums. I have all this money. I go to work with your coat your honor, I go, I do and we drove to new york from fuckin worst her fuck, you spent all my money. I get a driver fuck him, on sunday and still finished my unripe by my house. I got to drive back to boston My no starts bleeding poor pointed out were trot now what We get heroin in fucking hard, for we just want to get anything just gonna come down and
drop or often I do one more night in Boston, no fuckin money and I drive home my suitcases. Closing a fuckin shopping and I think I ended up go into rehab, maybe a couple weeks after that. What year with that twenty nine year, twenty nine year sober eighty six. So so I saw you were so britain. dude was I shall bring besides. I was working in tow. Eighty eight, ok, serbian, yet cassettes. When you gave me the barbecue shirt near the red bones yeah. I don't know we gonna hit it off. I got along with you, don't seem like for some reason knows a couple p by hit it off yet in Boston. Yet if newly sober, how do you like that then you're a twinkie? I left out the whole frank best deals in all those wanted, whereas the I ran with that guy, while because he would taken young comics under his wings right now, I'm gonna be manipulated me ass, much ass. He could to get dwelling money.
heroin MA yeah, I drove a once. I picked him up, he wrecked his car and mystic connecticut or something I picked him and Karen up- and I didn't even know he's gonna drove them to the wall, side, a heroin going back into my car sweating. We went to Jimmy tingles house. Not expecting us and improved banks on the doors they gotta take a shower tangle whose I mean I got frankie store, so I may we we took I've, told the story. Million ties We were in new york, we're doing a one night are here, I'm DR and we yup, just comic duty, gig and on the way back we're supposed to drop in at the improv I go hold on. We gonna make a couple of stops, so I drove up to harlem via right and fuckin on buying crack you know, there's fucking guys want you out, and I welcome the crack. I was out a year or free, basically I here and and then show he's like get me. The fuck outta, your gimme, you know, and then it was just a little white kid from arizona here doing a one night archaea and then frankly we after he dropped me off. We go one more stop and we went to lower east side and Frankie got heroin. So
frankie's in the back seat. Shooting dope he's fucking panicking here. Can you please drop me off again? You were done and at which it was spayed. When he first cases I was like yeah and when I saw it was him right and when I saw I saw him. I saw him at the seller like maybe four weeks ago. Here he goes. you guys tell me hostage and he remembered a gig. We data will be of packets. One night for gary grant so frank Air of my interview was just some little. Some little doing you doing. Proper use are probably macao, europe exactly so we took them hostage and then I started running you know now, I'm working gettin spots all over I'm a fucking horrible headliner with energy. Just whatever trying to figure it out. Yeah So when I saw you you were moving like you said, you went to a hicks anymore, then, before when I saw you the first time I saw you, your smoke announced aging, atween, jokes and he were stand in real, still yeah
is, I think why I made the dice association knowledge probable, I was probably am I dead, pan right side. That was it I kind of because I light writing deadpan jokes. I just you know how to tell the funny, because so many people go through a dead, panting, etc. It's a control thing I don't know you don't you know, I mean you know exactly what that tone. Is you just go to iraq to shit? Yet Well, yeah, you don't have to get behind it at all real. It was so if you're riding in a cab and the driver goes in reverse, does he owe you money right I bought a wood stove and we got to use at once matters. There were so easy right, yeah, yeah yeah, you know, and you thought you were Stephen right, but he was so fucking clever. You couldn't be stephen right right as she was at another level. Yet you you, you could be his kind of delivery, but you can never be issued and he lay that sober. How are we for you meet? The woman had become your wife, the four hours how this? If I were, I was off on a sunday night when they had a one
no comedy nice sunday night at a place called the charter, how sure gosh whatever in jersey and I want to go to now, with poor lions and watch poor lions work. I remember him, nice dinah, I she's out writing or do whatever is the need for a while or something was. He saw me I'm thinking somebody I you just came out like bisexual online a million I would invite. I was getting the closeted but he was the. He did the best barney fife. Okay, he did the best bonnie funny father. So I went to hang out and it was a girl shinning. At the end, at a bar, she looked like a t, Cheryl tiegs, huge fuckin, so beautiful and I either bought or a drinker said. Let's go out to breakfast, I took it at a diner and to tell you you'd, give her head in the car, nor this one.
I wasn't know what the best way to. Let me back out real quick. Let me just bag a real go down on your car and the car after we eat egg. Let me back up when I got out of rehab, I had like four or five months: sober on the other kobe house, whitehouse station, or so I just go Cathy mm, You couldn't have been any better looking than his fucking problem queen head cure later- allah whatever they call in ituri valid victor. I mean everything here she lived up any hills. She had a built in pool a pool table. You know just like the fresh air fund to me. This is hidden lotta dish fuckin. Is smokin out over mine eating disorders here out of her. My here just complete crazy, her history. I know why and I want to get into it, but he was out of her my ear and this relationship for months sober and I'm not supposed to be doing this, but I've never had
when this good. Looking, I know now in aunt, I am married one idea: animal, like dishes fuck an amazing, but it was total insanity. I mean we fought, I was jealous, I still am in life. I still got work on jealousy. You jump! What can a horrible thing is capitalist, its distrust is distrust insecurity, yeah, while age I shall also to my my mom I beat on josie relationships are jealous jen revolt in general. Working on that your dad in relationships to distrust dear I got for my mom as a kid near doing what she did to us. Kids, morality. Only she did do the best you good for a single mom back in the area here too sixties. Okay, so it was your idea. Yeah, just crazy. You know we got a big fire one day and she called a franco and she goes on me to kill myself well I'll, wait for you, frank, itchy, irksome again blake, just insanity, persons, reconciling watching your back? For that spirit,
going to jail, could get pictures. Are you doing it's out their video camera? Rather so I got out of that I could not let go of this relationship in my head. You know she was crazy. I I was on my mind so mixed up, I did drugs for how many years I look at what it means mixed up. It's emotionally is what it is and where you come from my you know the crazier ones, who have the most impact, and you can't hard to let him go. I dunno how not to be with a crazy person. Still I'm still working on it, but when they leave when you get out of that bad situation gone, why am feeling worse right. Why am I feel, will you you're like the engagement yet comp being comfortable and uncomfortable situation such when I grew up in I uncomfortable light and if you don't have the I'll make it? Yes, a hundred percent, a hundred percent you in twistings fucking job monkey wrench writers to perfecting you're, my just! Do it yeah you! Do it!
invite that every day, because how can I fuckin sabotage? I'm not good enough for you, but right, but his right it's weird way to look at sabotaged because not just sabotage it's sort of like how can I get back to my comfort zone of feeling, like a fucking asshole and having chaos around me yeah, because he's going too good is too small and I feel that what amused? Do you not comfortable with heat of the? U dont you ve, never experience! That is like the joy, kind of shit. It's like the uncomfortable yeah yeah, it's uncomfortable. cause shit yeah. You don't know it right. You don't know it right as I if I walked on hot coals right now. That would be uncomfortable because I don't know it right, but it is interesting to look at self sabotage because self sabotage it so you're always easy to blame yourself. I'm going to fuck it up, but wait the next. Then the the thing behind self sabotage is like. I need to get back to what I'm used to yeah, but it's not only that it's let me me do their show when they say no, it's it's chris. I mean
some say now, the eyes you may I on the recent send now not because the them, because they see we ve stayed on day. Don't know I'm talkin mostly. You know right now, I'm talking entertainment or they don't jobs. They don't know. I know right okay, so this is how I'm doing it my way or even if they tell me to do a doorway fuck them. They don't know that. but that's just talking my brother about this morning and that's the way fucked up people parent themselves is they I say they they stink. Do you know cuz. This is my boy your mind, but I've talked about it with other people when your parents are not present for you emotionally or otherwise. You know what you and your real little kid. You got to think your parents are the best cuz they're, your parents, stuff, if they're, not if they're fucking the only person you can blame yourself. We like and you carry that with you. That's how we treat yourself. That's your total centred re amazed is that's your advice. I fucked it all. anything you do. I need a neutron if you try to fight hey, how do not fall
you're sure I was in a meeting once would bonnie she's just the same she's fucked up in her head. Gotta be as a comic cornish, fuckin meeting. You could any morse and white guy, the asian guy, the idea and the lady or whatever colors they work. But there was a mixed jack you to exact talents and the first a soda bonnie where you from the first sign she says, is my mom's pussy Okay. Why would you say that? Okay tidies? in squares, ok, I want to give us a deal or want to work with us and african meaning was but she's she's. Even worse. I mean she spoke. It can waters so that's why I love, because she's fought so fucked up like when we find the same victim together that we can attack as a team. It just brings us together, like the love, join your right in our hearts. Will we're going after two thirds in earth with workers working in the car gone off? This is in our own and we'll go you know
an hour radio show all taxes are a pie can't whatever. So, let's let me try. back to. Where I was. Are you had the bad thing with the with the internet? With the erection, I met my first wife college. I shall take at the end of a very nice girl, but she had another one. Ray person, great mom. Now I was just whether last we. How that your kid, where I have two twenty four and twenty two. We have to keep her one with bosnia, but she was. She was He was married at seventeen to her first husband, If you have a with him yeah society step kid either step kid, no consistent. She just got into wrong situations, and she, I guess, had codependent issues in life. You know and the third person, but then we got married had two kids, I'm workin, don't fuckin one nighters downward rightly stayin sober though that's very amaze, yet travelling. I did this fucking gig, I'm in full.
Now I'm doing road gigs and I remember being in a florida shaw and I I drive down- I get dared a gig. Is it's like a there's puppets behind the curtain, so chucky cheese were right. This is an ongoing. This is fucking Anne and all I hear and a radio that weak and I think it's with her or what one of my girl ireland, quinn marrow Joe entertainer hbo specials in Miami IA, and I keep hearing that and I'm like fuckin one. Oh my brains out for some doing a puppet house. You know, but I'm not as good. come on. I urge good as a comic as they are in scared, you're gonna, do their chosen come in for pizza and see me and so did it work in horrible gig? Did I do egg and homestead area. Yeah, whose I fucking forty five minutes: fuckin bomb a bomb danny owner dounia, whose a bunch of yahoos and no one too, comes up. Big exe
grab my hand holding my hand shortage, You are very rude to him. Apologize he'll do another twenty minutes. I don't you and I shall How was it neighbour, then I had a drive to key biscayne right this. another thing we saw him keep us gain and fuckin at my breaking point. Some girl comes walking by the stage in hot pants with a wooden leg, and she starts heckling me like come on. I'm like who makes you are right and I'm fuckin loose. I attacker I'm driving you attacker. I mean verbally, not physically from aid, be you with your fucking bad leg or whatever, as I was an years twenty I'm driving home back and on The radio comes homeward bound by simon garfunkel, hears guess poor. He hears I'm just fucking rights of workers,
because all of it I get these kids at home in a fucking house, you not a house blue collar air, where people drive and by you get added a neighborhood. Really, yes, it was right by pennsylvania. Was real blue collar the guy next door to live next to me, his nephew had a big fucking whilst took out- I went on air. The houses were keep their which towards pennsylvania, I don't fuck my follow my ex wife. You know I just didn't I couldn't I couldn't make a decision, a smart one, a rational year because I'm still still had the mind may be of a twenty year. All of what I have your sober I would, however, like to do- and I am always surprised I have four five year show by meet somebody I'd, never right away. Yeah pretty close here, yeah fuck under the greatest ride through the day, are just the best how old man, twenty four one twenty four and twenty two. I went to my one daughters, graduation on friday and my other daughter,
I graduated last year early, my twenty two year old graduated early dean's list. All that I mean and she call me the other day she moved down to euston with her boyfriend. She quit her job at macy's. She calls me the other day and says I was offered a job. Fifty thousand a year, she's twenty two in fucking use and that's where seventy five thousand in new york you know and whatever, and I'm just I'm so proud of my two daughters, they're good kids, Never ever see me high they've, never seen me drunk. I should take him to meetings when they were young, because I had him in the day here. My life was my kids right. Okay, I got a good relationship with them. Yeah, you know what the actual two hours when bonding I got married. I moved close, my ex wife. I move two miles from her, so I could be my kids. I always live close my kids under my ex wife gallery married to a canadian and I move two miles from them and am I got married vonny? We had a case. Can eighty yeah we
how would I know we ve returned each other off to americans or we both when low budget, but my ex wife, you should be said are our daughter so that that divorced in acrimonious here, because you authority divorce once we didn't anything any money, your hearing, so we did our own contract You know we had a note arise with diamond. He had ass yet well, we didn't have anything we have always you ve always done well that when it first course I had nothing. I just gave it all around us. the voice was career I've. Always in my your quivers, you always worked you always but how is it was kind of a square? Believe me, I got like heavy gigs and stuff, but I was the eyes a comical, isn't making a lot of money and the first divorce. I wrote that book, but I made thirty thousand hours for their net for that first can you I made an I gave it like whatever I hadda just gave dark and set him sorry and enter that second thing would nuthin weapon. I want to bring amnesia. Was your first,
worse. I didn't know in yours now get aboard. You knew me snow yeah, you didn't know him. Ok, they ve all got right. I I don't talk to to mishna. Obviously, there's she no reason to buy the first one. She I see her cause she's, my my Jesus she's, my brother's first wife's best friend, and they have my brother's kids or whatever. I see her family things good and admission is doing good. Why need and have cage? Sir? You now you ve got a break away. I knew that for the rest, my bobby deal with with my ex wife. I go In the beginning I said things that I shouldn't have said we had. You know I you know and- and I apologize too- I got you know whatever yeah, I'm not saying I'm fucking gandhi, ride. Mistake right it s all true! You now play, but the bottom line was and get you did yesterday. The kids, like you, said this important point was that you know you set out to do. differently in your parents, but I all she write a hundred and you're right, even in the divorce used the year, the commitment to children- yes and you didn't let even the divorce
would that not at all my wife, I would I'm in the day and then my wife would have em at night and united spend christmas eve. I sleep there. We we were back and forth me in her sexually and jane. You know she kept me on her insurance for five years. then she said: look we got a final isis, you say separated for five years, but we did a lot with our kids to get right at or I haven't you know, and throughout this whole time- and I I pass over this when I was twenty one. I I had major anxiety attack and I went to the hospital, but back then they didn't know what anxiety was here. They gave you a fucking thorazine handle. They thought you were nuts right, so yeah, crazy shit. I mean I was just eight dollars was my mine and I have anxiety in life. Then, when I was forty mike, I watch my kids every day they were out of the house in school. You know during school. Now now I have the whole day. What am I going to do here
going on forty years old. My career sucks here have nothing going on and the anxiety came back really bad and I was ready to quit comedy or I didn't know what you're painting again I didn't fucking know I was just so horrible. I had that moment like five years ago, where you're like I'm, not, I can't get work where you can do it. It's a fitting. I go through that now I fuckin I go. I can an admission. I built up a pretty good fuckin resume and I don't fail on stage but you're some fucking cocksucker headliner, do it for twelve hundred dollars and go in but the allotted, clubs aren't smart enough to figure You know what I want. I want to sell that many more tickets were, but that's besides the point, because I'm a survivor, an you're like yours survive. you figured out a fuckin way here too to do it on your own terms. Here everything I do or we do me embody or we do so. We made our own movie. No one fuckin we'd made us movie and it's a fucking head
it's a head. I never enough wants to call women aren't funny. You know I've done for she, these or myself sure ok are pie which we right. We come up with the ideas and put just. I can tell me product companies want to work, but I'll show you your own fucking destiny. You don't like to be stewart dutch. Why I used to love like d, in all those redneck guys at all that I'm not whenever they did on stage? I can tell you, is I never walk right? I never. I couldn't tell you one joke from dane. I couldn't tell you one show from la cable idea or by what day, that I respect is went around the business and crew It is your own opportunities here. Ok, so, and- and I feel that in life as an entertainer it? Just there's no ending to what you can do on your own. You know I'm not gonna, let fucking the improves fucking dictate. I won't do you know. Just
I would have they call me they just in arguments, but you don't see it or you get to do cedars now. I just knew that the nuclear that just happen is the first time by the great a guy I got. No complaints are occupied I am happy to be Ricky. I think you're doing it, but you know like I always see you, the one thing about you, you're always been a very decent guy. Thank you in that, but that's a lot to say in a year in a wee wee, there's a lot of monsters in this business, but you're, sweet guy. thanks. Well, I don't know how that possible, but it's for you all, because you know and hears it in this business by the gate. Innately. Yours weak, I you care about people. You know you took care The kids? You always stewart, you know what I mean like you've got your demons or whatever by you know the relationship with your daughters. Now you have a new baby. What's that like how will deck she seven how's that going she's great she's, so funny she's the fucking she Oh you wanna hear funny story. We were she's
wherein amsterdam this festival, so whatever fucking fly by night festival in area out me bonnie we brought raina and santa. we tom roads, bonnie later says to me. I don't think comrades likes me. I got what the fuck you now he he's always talking to you. I just don't think like a lot. I've known tom forever. Now he just, Like me, I don't think he likes me. I go where you're wrong, so on that night I had a again body and rain and went back to the hotel here. So referenda raina goes. I watch your body I'm charm tom rose here and she goes on charmer richard. I love you you're the greatest you're, the
hi Bonnie, you are Tom repose its worker. To ignoring, are you hurt, ignore you are so funny you're, so good, hello body and didn't? What's so funny you two bit, he writes bits she seven she said, such a body. She said you should go. stage with He asked on your arm cash on your leg, roll out in a wheelchair and say to the people. Use Feel sorry for me, I'm married. She knows your beard stated that if I can, These great you so much fun to seven. I like, I can't you hold you kiss union. What you know, what I mean you just a fucking dog, he really is. I don't have a lot of time for, but and the bonnie's raising her. You know cause I'm on the road trying to you know or an eleven year bonnie. She has a book
Yeah she's got so much fuckin heat right now from this movie, and you know just what is it but you you guys- are good to get good the solid yeah how we fight we were No two comics, you know you're out areas, but I remember you. Yes, we're good yeah ten years were good. Yeah. Where work, we have our own shop workers. We do stuff together. We you know I have to work on jealousy issues in arm I'm not unite region. when angry lady business are or were I bout both especially even business too do you know how hard when they do and are doing but she's get all this. He I'm gone. You know we a pilot? I can't wait. Why can't we be more pimp like it and say, like that's right, baby bring the money I'll wait. We have you what about me. Now I don't wanna. Fuck is wrong with it. I know what the fuckin money. I don't care about the money I want look. I had to have one fucking tv show before quitters fuckin business here We did occupy the witch who tv here. I got this again picture.
It's a couple of back in vegas, so you're you're in for a year or so now, but it didn't get picked up, but no actually no two tv's call him bonnie to do a bunch of stuff. I'm going what the fuck did they hate me, but was this the pilot when you were about to do the wheel or the pilot? That's what they called and said? It's not happening yeah. We did one ten years ago, for we we've done a bunch. I've done whatever now to deal in this fuck ambitious so hard to get a show in tv, so fuckin aria sell it, but in oh, she said with a kid. I'm bautzen all over the place, but she's great with our kid go she's. She knows how to make crafts she's brilliant she's she's a miles her mom and dad you got the grandparents They love dale or my mom's out gather Riah, know my dad. Still. He swung area ok we're. There is easy. a little bit of a narcissist, by ah in our
in his eighty, so I try to bring the kid to new york as much as I can, if not a lot but helps you to Cambodia. Yeah ya. okay will have yeah yeah. I made a pretty, gee. I my mother's, a nursing home. Go look! I love you, I'm sorry, for she isn't can't talk back here, but I as you know, right you got it so hard. My sister's hang. on resentment and anger more than I am here, but I realize they did the best they can. I guess they just do. No right didn't get ahead or they didn't data relating to it. But here I gotcha, I hate that fuck inciting you write ethical hezekiah. I don't get it to say that we did it? I dunno, I don't think they tried at all. I think I just took it for granted and they didn't know what they were doing. I'd always you're right I don't know he's got best. I can. I couldn't the other day stayed home, but I will play god. I we just got back to play down the road. So in all, that's does exactly what they tell me.
via a really oh here's too. I have best that super state could about about. Maybe you know so fucking unbelievable my daughter's realise how much shit we do with her, my parents, don't do that. We plague soon play games, whether we take we ve taken at a fucking europe. Flawed, here. They are all over here. She sees the world. She sees comic, just how about you're older kids. They get along with it. yet I am. I honour. Kids are greatly lovers through good kids, you know come on. I mean they. I do have to pay them when they babysit, but darn good, kids, yeah. You know you know they're just good. I got you know they drank the party, I like normal right in order, not full blown alcoholics. Your dress like me right. I don't think they do any toby drugs I am sure you know they saw.
They were working so hard, millionaire right. They heard so either way you go the way I did know just no rhyme a recent for addiction. No one knows What are you doing out here? I came out here, I'm goin out I'm supposed to work this weekend in a comedy club, so I came out here. did. I always wanted to do this. You know and do a couple spots and then I'm goin up to venture a comedy colombia. and doing that friday saturday, sunday out about their place, be good hopefully, is right it hopefully of hopefully. Hopefully you know I don't I dare to hope because I'm doing a door deal. You know Actually all these were all ponds. Yeah. You know you do it endure deal and it's about you know the door. Deals are like all now know that this is college night. This is military knights, and what is this deal with adored, the other two hundred to three hundred and thirty. Eight.
Its whatever verse, fifty percent doria, but if but have to, or keeping on funding grew upon. Him passes in or whatever, but I get you to california? Hang I don't get out here that, my dear you know, because I'm on the road or I'm in new york in algeria go speak. Tonight is the thing we can add to rehab offices, big rehab. Is it yeah, so I think I've heard of it. I've never been over there, but it's like I hear of in people's stories yeah and I know you got people you hang out without you, oh yeah. Jeanne I play golf out here. You do you have gulf fuck, you that's what I can. Five hours. I dont have to deal with anything I'm out here. before I have talked to a few other people you are already play with, here. I would court this guy court. Macao, china, korea, he's great play with duncan
I love playing with dunkelman because he's more miserable than mania he's fucking aged grey playing with him courts have a court, never he's miserable, but you don't know it he's such a wifi, dude yeah. He can cook you can't get any whiter than that as something I'm sure. You're aware he's fucking gr he's like a scratch off he's like really good It's unbelievable. He always like you should be good if he was that good in comedy you'd be sold out theaters deploy with Kirk fox. You know I play with him once he I play with him once he seemed like a cool guy, yet he was a good he's, a golfer and tennis guy. He is this guy. You play romano. Now now that's out of your pay great No, I would play with an a and I'd like to show you. How are we going to yeah? I played last time I was in town. I love this guy out, camping, narrow, yeah, junket, an area of chicago funny, guy funny from Chicago I play with them a couple of times: yeah yeah, I fucking he's funny man not really. I like him per year.
For a long time to fucking from day one. I met him. This guy was funnier thirty years and he's got a pasta in it. As long as you yeah, you know it's it's guys, he's on the road. All time I hear is knowledge is a story about you know you, and I was talking to certain I remember doing a thing, would mean dose to know that you'll never be able to do both. I can never do about one. I fucking. I actually can't do it anywhere, not a fucking shitty cover. You know, listen, swore complete. I could do that. I yes, like a hundred percent. I won't be politically correct, but I could be sparkling clia. Ok, I've been doing is thirty years there's nothing. I can't fucking. Do I stay here? There's nothing! I can do. Ok, I don't care if it's a black knife fight or funny george bar mitzvah. I know how to fucking. Do it I get on it. I'm I have she's my last saturday. I
There was much. I took all the crowd work out because I just went straight material because I've already accomplished crowd work here. I know I could do it this way. You do if the survival scare, Do it as well as any comic pretty much the programme was granted. Belgium was good at it right, big k, but I'd rather now, move on to material, so what we say about dies. You know I that as I was listening when you're pakistan, when I talked to dice yeah, I too, and I associate it you with well. Ladies, goes gig ie, you open the door for like guys like voice in foreign. I don't know: he's have loyalty, maybe Norton near and and people will people used to say in What did we compare me to slayton mia in a dice? You know because we did crowd work and we're both our aggressor yeah. He fucking called me. He fought a fight, oh this guy. He called me two weeks ago. He he's out of nowhere- goes hey my daughter, you I got to ticket
A book and warm mormon, I can't go to night, you wanna fuck ear. He gave me to turkish journalist Musical years old you go with body at your body, but elsewhere. for mother's day and I fucked up and I should have said to Bonnie guess what I got. I got your mother's day pattern here, but then I let her know that slayton gave it to us and- and you know, slayton you didn't fuck up. Slain is you know, he's bobby saying he's gay? He he's got his. Own. Legendary legionella gauges, a sweetheart like you're. this, your enemies fox who your guy vs a doll, fucking, doubt yeah. This is so compared to them, but you find who you are you talk on stage? I talk, you know I'll, do some crowd work if it comes up I'll talk about it I know recovery I told by my kids at all whatever- and I know I know but like I think during at some point. The reason I made the association with a felt that it may be gone to a little bit of that. Or when you saw me back, then when we did apothecary against ice nodded.
You're, not alone. Oh yeah, no, I don't like them. Ah yeah you don't fucking matter of fact when we were at a, when we were at florentines waiting here. He is a comic a pitcher, all the complex and bologna went to get any goes now, just a guy comics, you fuck you! So then by We did a joke, a twitter joke I'm going to go Sometimes new are posted dicers, but it was a joke dent ices on fuckin. Ah, oh and aid Trash Bonnie and ignore no go. Now. You don't get her here being funny here. So you know I'm not a big fan of look. I'm not. and it's a different life. I you know what he doesn't live in my head: rent free. I don't give a fuck about him here. He's got he's he's a legend. Dice is a legend. He sold out madison square garden. He is done Things comedy debt. Ninety!
nine percent comics won't to show. So you cannot take that away from what he has done little your wife, but he was rude. Okay, so that's a whole different level. That's a personal thing as a comic. He has accomplished right what I mean. I can only imagine showing out to guard- and rightly so, but we if your room like this comic last week or two weeks ago, brought my wife on stage, and so you might economic her from two girls in a cup and and then I saw the other night I go and I go you don't introduce. My wife, though in my wife has had worked hard enough. To build a little respect in this fuckin business. Ok, you're, not one of our close friends. If by Kelly said that or call india or fuckin norton india, you know, but and I was in- I wasn't like going to fight over me. I said: look she's soon enough respect. Don't worry, letterman's hbo com somebody's fuckin made movie.
you know what I mean reader. I m looking at me like a comic needed some fuckin, broad guide. You know she's done you know, and I say that oil yeah, you said it, yeah yeah, whatever what you said and bonnie yells at me, Bonnie yells at me to car what the fuck you say I go! You don't have to struggle oh yeah. I do because I don't want fuckin people, you know your fuckin, your brill you're, a genius, your great writer she's, I'm telling you mark. If you yes, should honour right, a fuckin scrip. She had won out in a week brilliant writer, brilliant director by a little bit. st smart. She does not in our media and she let people take in a kind of Hey. Can you help me with this and she doesn't know how to say no she's a people pleaser at times, and I tell her to say no, don't fucking. Do that because they're, just
She helped us. One comic punch up a whole sitcom. She punched it up form he never even fucking tanked her. Never you know right back. You know, fuck these self, centered cock shockers, said nice to hear those nice to hear that yeah, this respect, love and any understand it and unite it's nice. That's right! That's why she loves you are we get along she's she's, she's cool? which fund have somebody that gets you get in on a mean that haiti fuckin resume great dude sanctions. Useful debate lucky you're right, you're right, I'm. Ok, I'm all right you know I mean our podcast is fun. It's not This is like an amazing you get so many fuck em, we don't kick. we just do not live in rural or there's my garage weren't. You see a pattern yeah sure I wonder you guys by bigger them. I know it we felt we I've been out house. The two regiments I'm in the house and we bathrooms to behave like a warm bath
yeah yeah one person I gave you, jack had twelve. Square feet. Townhouse I got fucking neighbours but I was I was walking to your bathroom. I just like me. I'm I saw what a obsessive compulsive jack. Yes, you are because all yours, church were hung the same way and are all the same shirking our seas, but Dana that's what I do like. If I may. One should I like you, I have to buy every color of it like you know, it's sad about that. Even by my gun from wardrobe like oh yeah. I didn't do my own shopping, like the show at the end of the season I take them. There take taken my good enough to buy anything that fucking closet. I built that for a girl hoping that she cleaned the fucking you'll put her shit yeah I ever did and now she's gone. So I got this fuckin closet as that
started dating a girl with dashes of that closet thought I was gay, yeah yeah, a guy shouldn't have that many closets with that in that order, a category two to do. I get my everything's gotta be in play. fucking catholic railway misery do with more control its little. We can control almost gosh raising my judges, do not. I can do now. Tell my wife, fuckin taken the mai belts are moved. My sneakers, this I'm fucking out. This is no bullshit. I had a white Tang top like this year. It's not my draw. I He had written a house report. I cannot let where the fuck is my. Why do you are you? Bang is someone left my white fauntleroy went on? I went there entered the I'll go to the foreign furthest where's, my my cut off
I had to buy another one, wallace are even the same kind. Not when I went avenant I care for, I don't know, Do I take on eroding leave it somewhere? I don't fuck enough. All I know is it's not there so like in the old pigs, we get good, draw its soul. When I wish fuckin locked in do it. When I twenty one. I walked. I out some smokin pot research. I dont you deciphering parlour. I got gimme a cup of ice cream, school by the air, so the girl behind a cow, sixteen seventeen eyes, scope, media ice cream right and then I'm like. Why can we do so the lady the owner comes flying out of the back full taster spoons takes out to spoonfuls for produced to swell, maybe once Hence why penknife river thirty years I went over my head what I would say to her. If I went back in time,
thirty years, I cannot like all of this. I could go on. I caught a fuck, to somebody who owns a business. Take out. who takes your small one. I'll, never come back. If I said, if I ever go back in time, I would say to her: it's against a healthcare rules to do that and I'm never come here again I couldn't say it then, but why it's funny to me is that even working on that line for thirty years- and that's all you got that's all I got. I said, that's all I got out of it and dirty years of her living in my fucking head over to things. with such a reasonable alive collar of bug, a better education. nothin I wasn't even on just go, and I'm never come here again. That's all I came up with infant in thirty years is fun here. This was four hundred words. Here's your talk, new men think I'd rather me. What are we fucking guy, my right right,
deputy. I pod needs go to gotta deputy applaud outcome. Gotta deputy pod dotcom swash calendar to see that coming gigs. I got in July and bolder in denver. get on a mailing list, the deputy, a part that common, I e mail you every week. I do that. I let you know what's going on, if you dont know enough already by just listening to me now So what have I got here? Here's what I got I am not a paddle guy, but for people send me pebbles earthquake reasons we petals, and am are as Jim. Jim done company. They You got the cry: babies. They sent me maybe you are, but they asked me the I a mouse I said I'd taken. Amex are distortion plus. You know why because that's the only pedal I hadn't high school and I was shooting guitar arguably instil frazier but they sent me an ethics are distortion. Plus which was the pedal I hadn't high school. So this is an annex are
distortion plus and a telecast of which was my exact set up in high school before I could play it all again, not unattainable with but listen to this boy. Swat implies that the telecast answer record one boomer lives.
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