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Episode 623 - Jason Segel

2015-07-26 | 🔗
Jason Segel was drawn to acting because of a quote from The Muppets. Now that he’s been on a hit TV series, starred in several successful movies, and helped resurrect those very Muppets, what’s next? Jason talks to Marc about the changes in his life, the debt he owes Judd Apatow and the challenge of playing David Foster Wallace.

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All right? Let's do this, how are you what the burghers, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers? I admire, and this is definitely have welcomed. The show thank you for being here. My show I hosted. In my garage in highland. our california, here at the cat ranch there are. several cats around right now scarcity cat wild cat been seen for a decade just finished up eating and not talking to me as usual, not having anything to do with me after ten buccaneers Afy net guy, you think maybe a yak come on over touch me a little bit just will touch on the head. Be nice nuthin, let me say hello to my friends across the pond and tell them I will be in Dublin september second, at vicar street
tickets are available. If you get a deputy pod dot com calendar there's a link. Therefore you ah september. Third and fourth, I will be at de queen elizabeth hall in law, in england again. A link at wmd have pod calm swash calendar! and those are the only gigs coming up, because, finished up the mer nation tour this last weekend in denver and in boulder amazing shows me and dell re dean dollar a bolder sold out. It was a tremendous what a great place it was did, the above the theatre. We had a great time and on saturday night we did the paramount denver so that thirteen fifty not bad frame a guy who was me filled, pretty nice. We had a great show great time like denver alot I'm back home and now august is I'm pretty empty and I have to go can I gotta start generating again? I guess I have to go back to the
drawing board recorded this hour and a half chunk immature to get about an hour? I believe for epic special that will be on in december on epoch call them more later, so I just looked at directors cut for that that bobcat, gold directed and it's great and very happy with it. I'm very happy with things, but the fact is I've just got an hour and a half that I've been doing for about six months to a year and debts be time to let it go as it goes. So we're thing about doing and these days, gotta turn over these hours, but you're always get to this point. We're I don't know what the fuck. I'm going to do next? Where does the material come from So maybe in august do something exciting and telling that will generate at least an hour's material, and I think that might be jury duty because only I'm the only ass or their response to those things when they come in the mail, everyone
not you. There are why'd you open the envelope because it Our duty, as a citizen of the united states of america to be a jury of my peers or whoever shows up and and and judge the problem at hand. The legal issue at hand. It's my responsibility. I've I've called them Fortunately it didn't happen. I've been that it might not happen because of my mid level celebrity status. They might not want me knowing that I was back in the day, perhaps a lefty political. Spokesperson of sorts or browser a tv show or appear to be cranky and then a little bit angered, or perhaps it I get on the mike every twice a week and talk to you and talk to you, people in here I don't know, but this part of the kind of want to be on a jury. I know camp united tv show. I know it's not. twelve angry man, but maybe will be. Who will I be? Will I be the
Why be the Henry fonda of the twelve angry men or I, or will I be the jack warden? Perhaps good. I was just get it. What goods get it over with why or out I'd, be the Lee Jacob s They he's guilty I think that all my impressions of men sound roughly the same slightly gravelly voice with a bit more intensity behind them, fit more anger. If I'm excited about jury duty or the possibility of jury duty, I definitely have to engage on some other, whether my life, I've been thinking about, may be doing some service work. Doing some get me out in the world where I feel like. I help people. Did a basis, not just talk. I know the talk elsewhere very touching moment. Denver kid came up to me said he read. Both my books times and to help them get a years worth of sobriety using you're outpatient patient programme and is doing well in that she had just the of it breaks. My heart makes me feel good that debt,
I'm doing or how much of myself I'm putting out their makes a difference to people and helps people. I know, to be true and end up in a very grateful that I have that effect. But yet again excited for jury duty. There something missing. because I had this moment where a year, have some version of this moment when you reach a certain age. Where are you indeed were in denver we're having a good time. We go. This place called black and red records. One it's of these old school places, their books. They have records, have games there still the shit all over the place, the thousands of things tee, shirts posters classic it's and we had a really good time. I usually get overwhelmed that I can't go through record bins forever, but this place had records that I'd never seen before old records. I'd never seen before, so we both thence money that ship as our records and we go to another place this. Where the moment happens. We gotta wax tracks and die for another great of old dirty wreck,
towards guy loutish. Yet again conversation with dean. I found an Earl slick record. I'm like I know that name our playwright duty play with, and ngos both these last ban right now, my I think so then some do I look at these like we'll taller than me. He's got a beard but seem to be another version of me or the surface of me or the me that interfaces with records at a record store the meat Does that for fun? just another version of that. in Gaza was EU? Zimbabwe's ban and I, like I fell, will put off first glad did he knew. Then I look around the store. There's no less than four five dudes look. Exact like me different version so wide variations all approaching if the or in their fifties or in their forties just looking around a record bins, looking to connect some part of themselves that They had to do that because we had no choice. This poking around and record bins cassettes how we travel. That's how we time travel, that's how we go back, so this is like some fair
common midwife event poking around and record bins. Looking for something that worked, back when we were younger or maybe get that the only guy we're younger, maybe a better feeling, maybe something elevated, some defining I dont, I don't know what we're looking for those record bins by no there's, no fuck an end to it, and then I saw this dude can do is eight year old, maybe not probably six year old daughter, I just was. I was at a ban and he's down a few bids for me. He's got this girls record, throwing stones stones record out and trying to explain to the six year old girl why the covers are different, He told the whole story is that before they had all the faces, lucille ball, I think Marilyn Monroe a bunch of women's face. the slight out, but that it take em all because it didn't get rights to those basis. So I just see this bother saying lucille. they didn't pay her asker if they could use your face- and I just thinking like wow,
much of that little girls pickin that seven lucille ball or even making sense of it all, maybe she's a bright little girl, but still the with theirs thing endearing, but a little little weird about it When do you not believe and he's got her over the listening station? This will girls got the headphones on. Yessir stand in their next to her dad and she, the sergeant peppers cover and listen, and he goes trying to get started on the good stuff, and I beg your pardon Why actually says it will try to rather the rabbit holder, wherein because there's any end to it and he laughed notice tat. He had a creative about thirty or forty records. So guess his desperation to connect whatever we lost was a little more intense than mine and he's got a kid. So maybe is not the answer Jason segel is on the show. Today, I'm a big fan of Jay seagulls. I've been wanting to talk to him for a long time. I think he said. Like a sweet guy, if you like, where we have some things in common, I dont know that my
be a jewish thing that I projected on debt to him. I still that thing in my mind, were I can identify and connect with almost any. of my elk and I can connect with other people, but it's a weird thing, but I just just like the guy needs in a great movie that just why should very interesting, independent movie called the ended, the tour and that's about there. Foster wallace. It's about this. writer who wrote an article on play by jesse eyes, hamburg, guy's name is David whips gain its very subtle. A bizarre movie, but jason does. ray job in its it's an interesting role from him. You many of you, know him from his movies, forgetting Sarah marshall d. This is forty the map movie. You know I'm from my how I met your mother e e n. You know when these very funny he's got great way about him. I was excited to talk to him and we had a good talk. And that's going to happen in your head shortly.
Just in hawaii last week, very exciting was flown out to do a scene in a movie, its MIKE and dave need wedding dates, I believe, is the name of the movie. I was asked to do it by the director for me down for the day, luxurious, very exciting If I down to Honolulu, which I've never been to for a day's work where I play, bar owner, and I did a scene, would Zack Efron and adam divine I have not done that many movies and it was the openings in the movie. If all goes well, but we don't know, I don't I don't know where I we did some ripping was. Finally at a good time. For the day I wore some someone else's clothes stated a hotel where they had dolphins in a pool so see how that goes. I've got nothing to complain about folks, I'm just a yea. It just starts up again it's time to sort of. Where am I at? What am I doing? How do I create? How do I find some space for myself to think I'm tired of fucking
twitter, I'm tired of I'm. Try I'm tired of engaging so onwards. We go. Thank you all for being that right now what started sincere you're like this. They helped YAP, it's did you go to raise your place? I went see now. I went to my local little little barber and I embarrassingly Sheldon picture of David beckham. You do give me back if you want to beckham, I wanted the bag and you're late on the back of maria totally yeah I went totally unhappy weight. So You moved always Phyllis did you go to light sweeney? Totter who'd, you know. Do you know what I am? I have a place up near santa Barbara. Yeah a little small town, so I went over there
like one, those old, tiny, barbershops hers it just like have died. Aristotle says it's a salon, fine, but If your native here right yeah, I grew up. I grew up in the palisades yeah. That's nice, yeah nice way to grow up. I don't know. I've ever really spent any time there I have seen on television theirs. totally a reason to spend time there, but it's like this all the way west big. You know I went to joan rivers his daughters house to do that her shut yeah. Did you ever do that in bed with georgia? No, you got it We just wait. You sat there on her bed with joan rivers. Wow interviewed you. How did that go? It was fine, she's, a dirty old lady right. Let's just talk about anything yeah she's throw anybody under the bus yeah. I've done that, but never on radio or anything god is the one thousand interview at his dirty old lacy's target. What was your family? Like? I mean what you grew up in the palisades. That's nice yeah, it's nice! I have. I have one brother kid sister: you do. You have an yeah I yet another brother, Madame he's the best use my idle growing up. We
if any, have a little sister, yeah and you're all like he grew up. Jewish and well it's interesting. You ask my father's jewish. My mother is christian, so I grew up going to a school called ST matthews during the day would walk to hebrew school at night, so they wanted to do. Do both your mama and want to convert, but your day one and have some junior, the you know it. Neither of them are religious sure, so they made this decision that they were going to. Let me decide the, which is like that. It's the dumbest thing you can do for a kid rise. Very you. Don't really care We are. Why would you do anything unless there there's some minute for you yeah yeah, and I just remember one. This is when you become funny, you know, and when I was thirteen, it was time for my bar mitzvah right, so I invited all the kids from the christian school here and then the headmaster came up and he said you know everyone is very excited about. Your big party but the kids don't really know what a bar mitzvah his would you stand up From the school at communion,
Juno yeah explain what a bar mitzvah is. So then you cut the next day little thirteen year old, jason, Siegel standing merrily answer. Today I become a man, literally a direct cut to getting punch in the face, and now you want to do it. Would they devote you got flak yeah they, I I was like an odd kid growing up in general, where ye had long hair I'd been six four, since I was like twelve as he like the working awkward, sensitive, yeah, not comfortable, no completely uncomfortable and then actually is how I got started. My parents put me into acting class not for acting but because ray shy therapeutic there? They found maybe you'll meet some other weird kids right. Am I what we did- and there is this thing that they set out your father- bear on your wall, someone drew that of me interviewing fuzzy, but I can't do anything with it, because it's copyright its enactment eagerly published, but the artist sent to me. That's amazing
there is episode of big muppet, show, fan and the line and one of the muppet movies, where someone says a bunch of weirdos, make a family yeah and that's what I felt like when I went to acting class like oh, okay, no one is making fun of me here. Let's Let's do this right, the theatre, nerds kind of totally and well who is acting class was what there was. It was a place called the santa monica playhouse yeah, the wizard, who else the wizard anyone else in your class that went on to do things someone mentioned that we hear a lot of people went through, thereby, but nobody really that I can that I can think of because I had martin started here, yeah and he started young yet I grew up in santa monica yeah- and I would imagine for similar reasons I martin- is met it is a really interesting, diffrent unique santa guy. Oh yeah yeah! Really! So that's what it says: So you, how old are you I was? I was probably about ten years old, levin years old, so be
or the varmints. So by the time he had that the big break explaining The bar mitzvah was the owl the little staged. I want you to get up in front of a crowd, but I was scared when they beat me, but it's worth to us as a jew or, as you have being brought up jewish. Is you don't necessarily know exactly you? You know becoming a man, but then you gotta, explain the ritual and did you do the whole thing like? I have to read from the Torah yeah? Oh, why did the whole thing, but I viewed it like a performance, I went up and I really made a show of it yeah, and I think I I was dressing really weird the time and I wore like a purple suit and mustard pants mustard pay a lively later. I admire your pants. You did ya, I recently oh good night. I must call I was very joshua. Yeah yeah calandria work, yet looped back around mustard, pants yeah, I always like their color. So so there
look at you? I an oddball yeah. I think think at that point. You just make a decision, especially you know, also at at christian school you're, the jewish kid and had hebrew school year, the christian kid I think, that's the nature of group do not a real jus yeah you're on jewish, no real gerais until everyone wants to compartmentalize people, I decided at that point like ok, it's just it's me versus the world, yeah yeah, and he saw you cite some. comfort in the acting class and a muppets there yet had totally because that's it yet who they talk? New joint, I guess in there you just you, you have this reverence for the muppets to the point where you're like we need to make my pet movie Emmy you made that happen. yeah well, I cared a lot about it and I helped make it happen. I think them they were. Always oil has an unfold. Ok, I
I wrote a movie call for getting Sarah Marshall yeah. I like that movie thanks man and naked in there will be a totally interesting decision. The his legs were at that time. It was like a very new decision. I feel like now like no one doubts and I, but I thought why you know there is actually reasons the same reason that I was gonna get up. It is that the thing about it, anti comedy, I think, is that you know what's going to happen like the guy on the poster is going to end up with a girl on the poster or I and some people can take pleasure in that journey. But A lot of men, for instance, can a roll their eyes added sustained, not an interesting thing. So I thought that if you opened, We, where main guy is naked in the first, seem basically your kind of forced to to let go of any expectations like I don't know, what's going to happen,
the challenge is how do you end a movie like that when you know they're going to end up together and I've been obsessed with the muppets and I said to job like what, if we end this with a lavish publicly, go and he literally looked at me and said it's your movie man. And and we did- and I love it. It's like one of my favorite things that I've ever managed to trick people into doing and from there you know, Something goes well and you have a little bit of juice. We people- asking. What are you going to do next, and I said I'd like to I'd like to bring back the markets and evidence of your crazy. What why this is a totally different thing. They we, like you doing by. stir I went in and pitched it to disney and they said okay and I set off doing that and you wrote it eroded, I read it with my friend next dollar. I know stalwart. All yeah he's there was in here. He was the best do
guys it makes sense cowboy. Yes, we guy yeah yeah, a nice guy is a good run here. Yeah, he directed forgetting sir right yeah, we did a, he wrote muppets with me and we did a movie called five year engagement together, so we've worked a lot together, but the muppet thing was just off the it was that of a childhood loved, the muppets yeah? It is that and also there I've been wanting to why haven't been one in a long time, and I felt like one of the things the muppets did. That was really unique and special. Is they never made fun of people? They never got laughs at other people's expanse rain? I just thought that that combined with this idea but they're. So strange was a really neat thing like they're, so strange custer puppets now, because I want you know their frog in a bag
and gonzo's or whatever, and they all kind of come together, and I felt like you can catch a kid at a certain age and install this idea that it's ok, whatever you are, is ok right am I came in today. I don't know, I think, a lot about the stuff in today's world like there's so much shaming and everything's, either major win or a total fail, ryanair night right that some sang it. It's ok, yeah was important the it was important to you yeah when you were a kid, because you fell at a place yeah, I think so wild man. So when did you like, if you start taking those acting classes at ten or eleven yeah? When did it become a real thing? What was your brother do by the way, so my brother's money manager, investment banker, real smart real alpha mail. He was like a great athlete
high school. You really wanted to be just like him, and so I like delved, into basketball and became a pretty good basketball player, ok in high school, and I one state championship and stuff a really here. plano. No, I haven't played in a long time. I'd like to start playing again. You don't just go shoot! No, but I'm going to start an innocent are fellas. Now channeling used to have a game back in the day yeah. I heard that it's a lot of guys who have games. I haven't been invited to those but hour ago. Well, maybe and put it out there? You I've got another love to play. Some basketball with some. Some deeds deeply. Do that these socialize watch the I'm getting much better about making it look like a concerted effort to see happening right, yeah totally. I like, I don't like I I just realized that recently it's like no one's just going to you know call you up. Yeah you're right you unless you're like I got available to do things, you know it's interesting is a tangent fire. I feel as though the same impulses and nature that like got me to wear,
I got two ended up kind of turning army at some point where I'm just that was really driven. I had this idea that We are going to make it as if you just make it happen and work, your ass off and so at night I'll go home and write and I would watch comedy and study it and watch acting and think about it. And this and that and then at some point like you know, you have this idea of how I need to get there right, but then you find out their keeps moving right, and so, if you, if your impulses, I need to get there, that's never gonna go away actually yeah. It's been the past few years when I have realized, like oh you're, good, like everything's everything's going great and let's focus on life stuff is at it. Well, that's interesting: how old are you thirty? Five? We yeah, so you it's good timing. Yeah you haven't
fucked it all away. No, thank god! No, I mean it's really true man I have like if I'm lucky, I got fifty years left sure man time like you know if you can like, if you can hang onto this this and this new attitude, it'd be even enjoy life yet, and I also have like a hunch that we might be the first generation that gets an extra twenty. Here's. Yeah alex science might science my might going to one hundred and yeah one hundred. Let me just the the basic question is how the genetics: how how how did how did grandma and grandpa do age. Why did it will also my my my father? who is the best guy in the world, but we always like a five foot. Ten short squat jewish guy married like a beautiful five foot, eleven irishwoman, ok and- and I got those genetics- oh you did I it seems that way. Oh good, good, certain! That's great! So I will. So your ten or eleven and what your sister they all have in town still
brother lives in boston. He just bought a place in like central coast, and my sister was unaware of servants. Here If you do dinners and shit yeah yeah, we get along much better now than we did like in my twenties, yeah. I think you know someone relationships are tricky and then you arrive at some. If the same, it's the same thing to happen with my my things, my parents at some point. You realize that everybody is just doing their best. They are a bay it's hard to accept. Isn't it yeah, especially where parents yeah yeah? Well, when men it seems like so obvious, but at some point I realized my parents were strangers who met each other, right that they weren't this unit yeah that had been there.
From the beginning of time. They were just young people with their own insecurities or weirdness met each other doing their best, trying to figure out how to do it. Everybody's just guessing and they're, still together, yeah they're still together, that's a miracle yeah, it's the best yeah. It doesn't happen to most people, yeah! That's what I hear in. What's your sister do. My sister is a writer Well, she really really fine or comedy right yeah. Has she done movies now, the movies etches written articles and blogs, and things like that, she's writing. Screenplays. Now I hope she can get those red yeah, yeah it's horrible idea. going to be in if she's going to have an avenue to get her stuff out there yeah I like that day's coming buddy. I I think that, I grow more and more aware how lucky I was to meet jug appetite. Sure yeah, he's a is east casa, ass. You know, I gotta know where he finds all the time and so a very giving and sweet dude on top of having a million things going. You changed my life.
it was so let's go back to that's your beard, you're doing the thing and you've studied at ten or eleven years? Also at this point, I'm playing basketball in high school, and I saw in school that I have like a very good memory were like all right. You know short term can can memorize stuff and I was doing a little bit of acting but has focused on sports, and I decided that I would this play for no reason. I read this play called the zoo story: yeah alright, and there was like a there, was like a twenty page monologue in it. and I thought I'd like to see if I memorized z, I was really my thinking at the time right, and so I ask that the head of a theatre permit ted watch dumont if a try putting on play. It empowers aid. The height of this is: are they offered westlake in the valley? Ok, yeah
he said. He sure assure you know you can use the small theatre tonight, and so I put it on- and this is some real ella stuff, but there is a woman who came to see the show turned out to be president of casting paramount pictures, life and a week later my parents sat me down and they said, listen. We need to talk. We ve been talking to this lady all week and if you want, she thinks that you might have a future and acting so you have a big deal. So this is a fluke like you decide you and try to memorize, hissing and zoo stories. I recall a lotta monologues right, yeah, it's it's a guy and on a park bench in another guy walks up and adjusted is to people talking. She went out she reach out your birth. Is your what fifteen of sixteen the time he reached out to my parents, and I decided yeah I'll, give it a try, and so my senior year I just started auditioning, and I did a couple like team
When we got dead man on campus, like somebody cannot dom team and then I did a little independent movie called s. Elsie punk was the first kind of acting that I Where was admirably on another mailers abide by. That's not, it was a little niece movie about punk music ends what lake city on our eighties, aha and and and then this script came across, it was then was my first pilot season bright and the script came across my desk called freaks and geeks right, and I immediately thought no way. This sounds like a nickelodeon show right and they were like notices, goose gas jet appetite, and done. Larry Sandra show at that point, but I wasn't. He wasn't judd yet the agony of empathy re empathy, their ends and they said no, you should go in. Since I went in and it was my first time improving
and who do you put your whether one I'm waterways? It was me and the casting director, but I think I have the naive You thought I just thought: okay overdue, their rang pretty. Mark in areas where research I did the I did. the thing a man and then- next thing. I knew my like. My life changed he to doing freaks and geeks and I was surrounded by it- was just like my first acting class and just like the muppets. A bunch of weirdos make a family there's no better placed than freaks and geek right for it to feel thou area, and then we were just in it. Man end and then at one point: took me aside me in south rogaine. and all of us, I sure, but any said. If you can improve the way you can, then you can write Ah that's what writing is you're just gonna. Do it in a more focused like deliberate away, and he literally taught me how to write yeah. I can imagine that in the
relationship that people have with freaks engaged in as some and there was it there's only one eighteen of em. The right is it's pretty profound like came to a much later I mean there were people that they grew up with it, but I'm a modem fifty once I sort of missed it. So I had my first expert. with it within the last five or six years you're, I watch the whole thing, I'll call and its interests. Because your knowing all of you guys as actors is stab watching that, unlike all the kids, a joke, I now so sweet yeah. It was. I think that one of the reasons people two it is ever buddy has this sense, no matter how good they are faking it that they are like different than there than their peers. You know, show is really about that right, yeah. I was special everybody was kind of like digging deep into what it feels like not to feel comfortable, yeah andy, and do you hear outside of like south, because I have this word
that keeps getting shattered. Every time I have people who were in like important ensemble shows movies that they just not always stay in touch by guy like. When I see people movies like you must talk to that guy. Still, you guys new bodies on the screen year. Well, I think that we do talk. You know less as you get older and rival have their own lives and, and things like that, but seven I wrote together for a long time and we always other emails wishing each other well on the same with a lot of other people in the cast, but ya think you grow up, are by nature of torture. it's interesting where people show up you know time like to see What's your name in madman, what turning Linda yeah, I mean was like he there she is yeah she's in the u in, like I, obviously I have limited experiencing show this is by, as somebody watches shows there mom. Are you like she's working, that's great yet? Well. I think that there is also when freaks and got cancelled after the first year.
You're. So young, where you have this idea, that's how it always goes right, your kind all right. Well, I'm onto the next groundbreaking, and then you get some time like I'd, be plunged right into three years of being out of work and then really yeah. That's when I started writing I was all a loss in this age where zero like what seventeen eighty at that point. I was wanting to twenty three that age, I had no were so ok. We're gonna be an actor and you were an act and I didn't go to college right in order to act right and then all of a sudden I work now like too old to play a kid anymore. and too young to be like the doktor right. Martin had that he had a similar situation anxious day, you have changed and he had evaluate and that's when judd said the only way you're gonna make it as a few start. Writing euro material. You know the kind of albert Brooks ma
all right. You know no one's banging down your door to be like the romantic lead in something yet yeah! I wanna see you better. Do it and I just started writing. Would you start right, First thing I wrote was a script called. It was called at the time. Nightmares. Beware You have now turned into a series of kids books that are out called nightmare smear ten years later, and then I lay solid to get. I dont really it's not my main job, so I don't follow it with that kind of. I think you were just doing it because you wanted yeah and I made the best seller list. I dunno what that means. I dunno if that's a thousand books or books, or I dunno what it I think it's well. How long would you publish and the last the the first one came out in september, the next one comes out this september you'll find out yeah they'll. Send you the weird little things were like when you do a book why it sounds like it did all right, but a lot of times when you get a deal to do a book yeah, and then you know after that, you get these quarterly things. That, basically
Your show how many sold against your deal so far in have just got me? I still owe them money apparently total. Is there a way to work it off? We do welcome they. It just, it's just the way they frame it. You don't have to give your money back or anything, but they you know they show you just how many units you sold and what it is compared to what they gave you yeah and it's it's never will for me. It wasn't necessarily encouraging, but people got the book yeah I'd like to and I even add up, if I owe them money with like some one man shows or are going to appear at a dinner party, or maybe it still might be selling great yeah. No, I think it did. I think it did well. I have a few games new york times best seller list thing, but beautiful yeah, but you know that wasn't really the That was really why but at it, but that was the first green point was the first green play and then the noblest. What was the pitch? What was the angle? It's about a kid who is its role: doll styles, about a kid whose mother passes away and when, dad gets remarried. He starts having terrible nightmares and about witches
and so one night he and his friends have to journey into the nightmare world faced face their biggest fear in order to rescue the kids brother yeah. That's great s, call it makes sense. That would be a good kids book. It's for ages, white like a way or not be I grant now how it just now that the agencies guy into an excellent I live. Will I just sort of like eyes like ok, what age with that stop being terrifying yeah? I totally absolutely grandma. I like see, I think that it's really liked to be scared. Just remember at that age I liked being pushed right to the edge I felt like. I can't believe my parents are letting me this right right right today. Now, yes, right totally anymore, your parents, I haven't chardonnay a military one day. They don't know that there are no something scares. You too, you come out here and crying totally totally right
So I was apparently steered by a lot then, by the way, where you do everything everything just getting out of their render me coming out of the room cry measure fear I will. I felt that a lot I dont know cause. I grew up in middle class, upper middle class jewish household, but I did feel like. I was too sensitive, You know I don't know what that is. I you know. I guess my parents were ok you over there or self involved sure what you, what you grew up in or what made you sensitive or of whether you can track it, but it's not everybody's, as in you had this brother who was just to an animal, sounds yeah. Well, you know, I think the find out everyone you think has it put together, has their own style If you know what I mean, that's a waiter, I'm good, because when you spend your wife assuming like that, guy's got a he has it together, yeah! Well, when you're older the centre you're on world via the out. I mean that we are going to crumble. If, if that's the world's you built for yourself,
No, what made me sensitive? I think I've always felt things very acutely like why. I think that is why I feel like like that's what, I feel from you in arose, because I don't know you know, but always I like a yak seems like a pretty sweet guy seems like things hit him pretty hard. Somehow, I've cried a lot in common is that they have cried more in comedies, that's it and what was it with the second thing, you wrote a singling out, was a movie call for getting sir Marshall? That was it wrote that when you were near twenty years was twenty four hung around for a while. Now I may well, you're, not twenty five been that long yeah. I think it too seven years might be off by a year, but some like that twenty five twenty six by that point. You dirty acted in some judd movies. Writer now I had done. I had done knocked up and then I started my tv show how I met your mother.
So we can measure that way. Actually, the forgetting Sarah Marshall was the second year of the tv show okay. So as twenty six god did, you have any idea that that t v show would go on. You know I had. I had no idea of my own experience had been failed. Tv shows and the first three years or so we were on the bubble and constantly on the verge of being cancelled, and so then it just cap, if found its legs like season or five, and then we were just, We are going to like what nine nine seasons like two hundred forty episodes wasn't like that. It's like you're you're made guy. certainly had a real that of knowing. I had a great job right. saves money, getting you're going to be all right, yeah guy house. Well yeah they went away the fear of not having gone to college went away. Yet that's interesting,
but it went away fairly quickly. In a way, not I mean within a decade is good: is you don't want to be the decade down the line got fuck yeah? three years ago. I was twenty more money through- is something like that. Really, and still this thing in me like we're we're talking about before, where you better work, your ass off was a pair. peggy, especially when one things don't work out totally like. Through I imagine after preaching, gave you're goin auditions, yeah and you're, just like not gettin shit yeah, no totally- and there is a sense that its insurmountable right- oh yeah, you been up on yourself and what will your pay saying during that time I didn't totally filled a man as to how scared- I wasn't but where they like. Now you can go to college. I think at one point that was brought up
one point that I have thirty, but you know it's really funny them mentality. That point was to me the alternatives were I'm either going to make it as an actor and a writer or I'm going to move back into my This house, like the notion of get a regular job, wasn't so right. In my view, the experience with it. There is no room, for you know the absolute it's a withering about god We have been in a house where you know I wish your father was what is Oh also, I mean you must add that somewhere in your head, like you know he could be a lawyer, yeah yeah, I I guess I did I just you know what I ok, but here's the thing. I think that anyone who's a performer yeah is op is a very unique personality. Type right in that you believe somewhere that what you have to express statistically is worthy of people paying money for- and
in quiet and listening to you felt that I I felt like I had something to offer early on. This is when you are twenty yeah I felt like I could do something I think you have to. We have a calling yeah, you have a calling or you have something to say, or you are unique skill. I think if you don't have that, I don't know why. You're doing it, yours again beat up the whole time right. You better have this feeling that you have something to offer and Unfortunately, there is a lot of people feel that way in turn out to be wrong right and it's so you know that I guess that would be a delusion, but I only there's some of that is necessary in this business. I think so. Yeah a little bit how many people are trying to do it. I mean people arrive by the bustle load from their town, the to try to like make it, well now and also its becomes so diversified in that like. If you have a a an iphone and neo- and you can post that like third, there is Something now where I think that that delusion,
You know, without any indication of of ability, can be nurtured forever. It sort of heartbreaking in some ways, but but you can't begrudge anyone for trying as who the fuck knows you know, but it is a little bit it's what it's eyes on stage the other night that you know when you do comedy, and you see all the headshot of people that you dont know record. We receive seen that when you, when you go to a casting a something to see stacks of head shouts of just people like a like me, you words or it the pain to it? Oh well, when you, when you're auditioning tours as other totally demoralising aspect of walking into this casting room with twenty other guys who look exactly like you, yeah In the decisions that can be made based on anything but like you know that guy looks right or like I like the way he read that line or it might not having to do with what you really capable yeah. I lived in new york for a tiny bit during that period and a three years.
Yeah yeah around there when I was auditioning and it was in august, and is a lie, eyes bureau, so I would go to these audition than ever car. Obviously, by the time I would arrive at the audition, I would just drenched in sweat leg. Looking like a monster, everything you like this model is not get hurt, Well, how long do you live in new york? I only lived in new york for like a few months like four or five months. What, albert was at a failed adventure yeah. Well, I it was. I had met a girl that age and I went to go. I decided I was going to go, try to live with her in her apartment that had no air conditioning and it was a great in the spring and then by the time it hit summer. It was like a tennessee williams, but what the fan- and when I hear here, I just you- hate each other- the dripping with sweat, talking a weird southern accent for no reason in her dad shows up
did the disturbing relationship, but at so that that crumbled has. I am I came back to outlay ran. Do I did were where there were the temperatures level. Yes, it's a little more moderate forgotten my size now about that's the reason here by death, but for getting there marshal was big and enjoy their movie. I watch a couple times thanks. Yeah seen a lot of your movies. I'm surprised that doesn't always happened. Oh that's, good! That's the alternative ways, because sometimes you talk to people and it's interesting. When people have like in your fairly younger you ve done a lot of stuff, but like sometimes I get musicians in here and like that one record when I was younger than then you will come up like they ve done. Ninety records. What You know. I have an interesting thing where, a few years ago I really remove myself from like entertainment, news or paying attention to what was current or the somalia. I realized I felt better that way right, and so I I have that experience a lot where
I meet somebody and I'm not. I dont know what they do oh yeah, it's nice, or sometimes I think so you haven't got on them on a human level. We would agree comes down for me in this in this context, which is not that much different because I don't you know, I can't pretend is that yeah? I find I you know if you're going to meet somebody in professional situation it if they did something amazing maybe should know about it. Just out of respect right, you know, like you, don't want to be talking to the guy that cured aids right sure just be like, so you got a dog yeah right yeah, so all right so you're, forgetting Sarah marshall yeah we're your naked. Now as it does oh, what away I won't get hung up on that sir Leon seawater dicks onscreen, yeah relatively sober decisions, is a sober decision and not a sober filming process.
Haha yeah. What does that mean? I had to add a drink to get the the courage to walk out there. It was a really it was very uncomfortable scenario for everybody. Really First of all, there is like this make up. Woman is poor a woman who, like it, has to do full body up on you re israeli, humiliating space and then they. Don't you feel about the very confident inured your dick before that, and we were you like I'm. Ok, it's not embarrassing Why wanted it to be embarrassing? Ok, I didn't to be sexy, where I felt like that would be groves right right out, to feel very vulnerable right, you know that leave doesn't get much more. I mean in terms of like yeah it's also during like a humiliating break up seeing right, so it was like a target for yeah is horrible and so I think I think I wanted it to feel as uncomfortable as possible right. I would sneak into the back of theaters to watch it, and literally people
I and were disgusted, really yeah. Okay. I I've thought about this for a long time, so you don't see a lot of decks. Yeah totally I mean, depending on the kind of movie you watch right there in the mainstream. So there are these test screenings they do, for. for movies, where they have like a bringing a test audience here and then at the end they have to answer questions right right right. So I went to the back of the first test, the first move ever written, the first movie, you have been the main guy in and they are they. The movie goes great like people or laugh really the it plays as well as you could hope that it could right right and I'm sitting in the back in the q and a starts and there's this guy's like. So what did you think of the romantic storyline? Oh, it's great, oh mila kunis is so winning You know I just everyone saying the right things and then They finish, there are a great will. Thank you any final comments. One guy here rays hand, ngos yeah is nobody. Gonna talk about disguise, weird dick.
I, like the one guy I ruined my thing is weird: did test audiences always have that we did a test audience. What did he mean? Who knows I dunno? It is used to make you like. Look at your dick. What is weird about my pick at muppets test screening may showed it to a bunch of kid and had them fill out questioners at the end. My characters, names gary and so the court in years they framed berlin. For me, like a eight year old kid- and I said what did you like about the movie he wrote- muppets are funny muppets sing songs here. What did you not like about the movie gary's face I got that kid. That's a guy who grows up to be like and no one's going to talk about his weird dig, yeah same guy totally so outside of the the acting took when you were a kid. Did you work with coaches and, Did you continued it to take
train at all now, I feel like at that point. I can't you felt more like on the job. Training and working with judd felt like an apprenticeship in a lot of ways, but I was paying attention and I was watching as watching performances and feeling inspired by them like by who I can meet at home said when you were in your ambitious compulsive phase that you're watching after I remember watching edward Norton in primal fear when I was young woo yeah I was so I was like seventeen when I came across something that's where he plays the murder yeah, it's worth its first renewed here, yeah right. I remember thinking, that's what I wanna do area shit yeah. I just that's where I was at the time in the zoo story is a drama and and then I'm incredibly lucky, but I met judd and I got swept into a comedy world right and I turned out to be good at it, and so you start doing what you're good at and what
were used to seeing you as I think all during this period I was starting to develop an ich that I wanted to try to do stuff, though, was more last week that the new movie definitely as yeah and yo, or we can move up to that. So you so all all through the comedies like What is it about? Did you cause? I mean I'm a comic in and you have a very unique comic timing. That was what was interesting about about the war just sort of kids like saw like what you guys, you bob and freaks and geeks, because there is you need comic timing to everybody, but it is. It is definitely comic, but What you guys find it? He must have had a sense of it you and sad and even martin. You, though, be all played a very real, but there was a certain natural comedy to it. You know day they did something that I have never heard a before when they were casting freaks and easier did like an international casting search for
They are essentially for weird kids right yeah and they did casting sessions in small towns and they went to canada and when all these places besides casting an ally, and I think that they were, I think, a lot of it is in the selection process and fight people in those improv sessions here either going to be good at that, you're, not right, you know you can't really fake it right, and so I think he just one of the things judd is great at if he and Paul, if you watch their movies they're, just really good at finding people who do Do that? Whoever unique thing right? Why here in it? But did you find that because it seems like that knocked up community is very different. Then forgetting Sarah Marshall or I love you man so like it's always a hard question, the answer, because it you're not. I don't see that you we ve been type cast in any way you know you're just to eat. and a certain tone of a character that kind of
locks into your sense of humor. I added you feel that out. While I appreciate that, I think that in the eyes I think that in the early part of my career like when I was writing forgetting sir marshal, the I was an attempt to be as you, glee, my voices. I was capable of being very vulnerable and also you're the underdog in your veered. You know emotionally desperate. Yeah. Oh totally, it's actually it's actually. very very honest, moving there's like a drama underlining that movie. That is a guy who is really lost doesn't feel good about himself and drink really heavily in that movie like trying to find his own inner strength. Sort of an eye fell on the best way to express them through comedy that's what I'm good and is that, where you are in your life yeah, I think I was, I think it progressed
more. I started feeling that way more as as the year When are you got more successful year I am a little bit. I think, we'll one one thing that Ivins. I think by nature of the business is that you start to have opportunities to do what you have done well again and again and again here and- and I fell into that and it's at the time to be easy on myself doing how I met your mother at the time, and so I was for nine years I was forming a tv show during the year writing the script that I would do that summer and filming a movie over the summer, and it was a real cycle where I don't think I took much time to stop and think about what I wanted.
yeah. That makes complete sense. You know I mean I was caught up, yeah you're caught up and I had this vestigial fear that it could all go away really yeah like if I take a summer off while they forget me in the movie world right, you know that that implies was still in me, and so I think that in its my own doing, but I think that I got caught up in a cycle of ok, I found something that work let's just keep doing, and it and also like being under contract and in having the gig in a tv shows that you know you ve got to remain that character in its action to me, because it doesn't happen in my relationship with you as an actor. Is because I didn't watch tv show you don't live there for me right totally and I think that that ensemble was also big enough, that in in the I was sort of weird and it was its own thing that it doesn't seem like anybody from that cast. Not to me at least, is like how that guy going to do anything else other than that character.
does. It seems like everyone did. You know you find out europe. Europe there there's a very tricky fang about self. Option when you're working in this business, because it's very much based on perception, so how people see you a sort of how they are willing to cast you, and I think it starts to affect your. If not careful starts to affect how you view yourself interesting the ends, you know, I think the nature of a tv show is that it's meant to be repetitive, so that you can check it at every time. It's meant to be comfortable. You know my character. it's like a loving funny, shabby husband right. There is not going to be like the surprise episode where you find out, I'm a cheater right. You know what I mean, so you kind of fall into. standing before the viewers want that consistency, that's what they they love. Those relate the characters and just make them a monster of a scenario and there's there's a lot of value to that. You know, as I've gained distance from the show, and I really like road tripping and- and so you know
travel to small towns where people come up and they say hey. You know watching your tv show got me through rack were watching the amazing here. It's a really really special thing. I think that, while you're doing it and you're so artistically driven, you have feeling of I should be. I should be pushing the limits out there. If I've found out there, as I could value to value to a sitcom. Sure no, no, no! I gave you know even with this in its own way. You know people listen to you and me talk about my struggles, whether it's you know recovery or or my own neurotic problems in my relationship. Promises like I get a lot of fun. like a lotta emails want people like yoga, we held with their dark time yeah and what isn't that enough, gotta, be in it's a beautiful thing. I never anticipated that something when you're in your own loop, you're right I just I don't know if I'm doing a good job or if it is just like a great job or visit, but then all of a sudden you realize, like you, have no
idea, your affecting other people in a good way. That's right! It's a beautiful thing! So I love you man, I watch a movie. I saw that last fun, one, it's good movie. I've done a bunch of things rod and I feel like he. He and I just work well together- are our sense of humor is bound if each other, you boss, guy you're kind of soft guys, do yeah. I guess so yeah. If you don't totally well, we don't have a lot. We don't have a lot of much easement right right. So there's something about that, although I was willing to get pretty vulnerable. totally. They also got really bought for aunt man daddy. I haven't seen these using a lightweight boxer, o re, I gotta get there. I gotta get a trainer. Do you work out, you know I'm starting to now like I'm more fit than I've been, but my body is still like what effect I looked like in those ads from the
fifties. You know where they were bright, like you're allowed to be a little early right right, any you if your chest up a lot like I look like I should squash unearthly linger beguiled. The days if, like you moving into the smaller movies like and with a like, I saw Jeff who lives at home to places where I am totally and that was That was an interesting small movie right, I loved it pretty well yeah. I am actually not sure how did, but I know that I felt like there's some really special about that movie. There was because the character felt like it You know it was a compromise character and ended in a character in a sort of emotional struggle that kind of ends up sending in being the hero? The story, but that guy's familiar yeah? That's a guy!
We know we know the guy he feels like there is more to life than their secrets around every corner area and, as a result, he lives in a basement. Ok, here now gag at that guy, but an that movie turns out to be right, yeah and I watched the in the end, a tour, oh you did, I did know cool. It was great. You were great. Thank you it was. This was the one you are hoping for: yeah yeah. How did you come bout this movie deployed David foster was, you know, ok, while the first whereas I dont know what happens behind the like the eight, the walls of an agency should spare my experience. Was the script got sent to me and said got sent to you. Yes, they get sent to me and they asked if it something that I felt like I could do if I've. If I thought I could play that part- and I read it-
and I read it and I really did the themes of the movie just really resonated with me. It's a lot about what we are talking about. outside of a comedy about actually being the person. What happens when things are going as well as they possibly can, and you still feel the same. You know this movie takes place over the last four days of the it's about David foster, wallace and the last four days of the infinite jest book to her. This book was like called the voice of a generation, and he he wrote it for years and years, one thousand plus pages it came out did as well as it could do, and he didn't feel better right in in like a it's one of those books that is revered
that I have not read the other most people's experience with it that I've met. Did you read it yeah, of course sir? But did you read it before you now is opportune now obsolete? I am when I, when I bought it at the bookstore. I bought it like a little indy bookstore and there is like a ghost world. Can a girl behind the counter and I said: infinite just down and she said infinite. Just every guy I've ever slept with hasn't unread copy on his bookshelf. You read that yeah I did. I read it with with some guys who worked at the bookstore actually What do you mean you read it with them? We did a book club where we would each red we would go on. And we read two hundred pages and then we get together on sundays and talk about what we read and why and how far away where you from shooting about I have four months. Ok had four months to get ready and
while this is sort of what we are talking about, you know the character and forgetting sir marshal and- and this seems to be like a perfect sort of synchronicity for you in the sense that you know through all these years of craving to do this deeper work as an actor yeah. You know you are given the opportunity and immediately you sort of dealt with you know some of the the the issues you are dealing with, but this character. You know how close to your experience was it Was at this point in my life it felt like kismet when we started shooting I had gotten sober me and I got sovereign have here is a clear. So are you not like a year and a half sober at that point and my tv show was coming to an end and I was at a real moment of what do I do now
and there's a line in the in the movie that is kind of verbatim what david foster wallace said during this interview, but he said I have to face the reality now of being thirty, four years old alone in a room with a piece of paper, and that's really what I felt like at this point. Like my safety net was gone, and the fact that I had have a financial safety net didn't really apply to what I felt it doesn't desert. No right, of course, not, and will not, of course not. I, I suppose, looking from outside of it, you would think, of course it does it it. It actually makes it yeah for a lot of people, it's sort of like what are you complaining about, but the truth of the matter is: is that the sad thing you're in that position is that you do have that and then you these feelings in their almost compounded there like what the cause anyway, what the fuck is wrong with me. I can. meet wherever I want and buy that car. If I want to this is what the movie is dealing with and, in my opinion,
me. I mean what the movie is is its basically a transcript of this interview that a guy called David Lipsky did with David foster. Walls were rolling stone, sent him out and spent the last four days of the book to her with him. and what's interesting, because it was the one thing I'm done notice about. The movie in retrospect is like Who is this movie really about right? Why? Because you know you like do you, away from it in you. I was that about lip, but then you sort like you go the other place in its equally about both, you, I think, did you feel that yeah? I actually think that it is about a theme that, if you, if you treat yourself and listened to your speech today, foster was gave called. This is water. There was a can't canyon comments,
read that yeah yeah. It is addressing the exact theme that we're talking about in this interview, which is, if you are place. Where do you place your value and what is going to address this is that we keep trying to scratch. its telling us were not there that were not enough if its success you'll never be successful enough and if its money, never have enough money efforts, talent, you'll, never be adored enough. You have to find something else, and I just really related to that. To that end? It the point this movie, like you, don't get the sense and he necessarily did right yeah. I think that, right when you catch him at this point, he is a man who is doing everything he can to feel normal. It's I had access to the actual audio of these requests of these areas and he's he refers
No one point as mental gymnastics that he is using every tool at his disposal to feel ok, wow cause it's like it's such a intimates ago, movie and it s. So it's a little odd in in in that you feel that these are transcripts. You know you cause it that that the script is taken from real conversations What I imagine the challenge to be is a challenge. I think that, just when you talk to leaders in real life is out what I thought myself doing is As you know, this guy's a genius but now is my pop tarts right, So what are you bring to that as an actor woody? We? U you saw the dialogue and in there are some media parts where he explains his emotions and his sensibility and the sort of tension between you know. He sees this this this guy who's completely insecure and- and I know that lipsky guy
I personally know none of it, but I know that characters because it it's it's us five years ago or, however long it is for you, you know that's what I think is to me that's what the movie is that that was the lens I sought through was a guy talking to himself on the on the beginning, end of the tunnel lips gears other david foster, wallace, sank. Gotta must be great to be you. You must feel great. You must feel terrific. What's it like to be so famous and dim, foster wallace. Looking back at him, saying kid be careful what you wish for trust me if you get to where I am you're, not gonna feel better where they met sad, yet sad, but its very real, and are actually think that. I think that one of the reasons David, foster wallace, resonate people? Is it as a man who had the vocabulary to express something that we feel and maybe you're too scared to talk about openly or twitter
What does existential loneliness that persists here, which is that yours you're promised that by our culture, that if you achieve X, Y or z or obtain x, Y or z or or watch this marathon of real housewives that you're going to feel better, and it turns out that that's not true and people are really operating under that assumption and get HU the destination and find out that its vacant, but but but it's rare that a person can investigate that loneliness like he did like? I think you're. Sadly, some people just percolate along with the weather a feeling of dissatisfaction or anxiety that they can pin point, but he decided to explore the. Paintings of existence in relation to these expectations and the onslaught of of sensations available infinite jest. When I read it, it's it's three pronged are basically three
story lines that are interweaving. One is about recovery in Boston. Why about about a one is about this entertainment that has been obtained by terrorists that is so entertaining that people who watch it basically becomes on bullfight right. This is like a disturbing future and- and the third is about a tennis camp which is achievement. These young kids, who are told like, if you don't make it to the pros, you're, nothing, the real reason you hear my boy I went to that can really be nikolai terry's? Oh, my gosh is in florida. Ok, he and he didn't my brother make yeah yeah. Well, that's the think. Most people don't so if the criteria of success is that if you don't make it you're, a failure than a lot of people are walking around feelin shitty. You know them and you're so and just accounting that one where the that's right, boys or or expressing their anger and weird Y yeah, because all three of those are medicating, whether its boo,
whose whether it's just plopping yourself in front of the tv or whether it's this intense pursuit of achievement, they're all ways to kind of push off how to actually feel so? Outside of reading the book like this, it's all may tragic and relevant by the fact that David foster was killed. Him sentence, reigned and- that you know you're working at this movie that this this time capsule. Then you can't help but like sort of what are the indicators You know like- and I imagine you as an actor you knowing you know how Ended up years waiter, you know that this is part of that trajectory. Somehow right yeah. why don't you how you prepared? Well, here's the thing I what here's? What I thought to myself is that if I five me five years ago saw me now, I would be unrecognisable. Why, how much we drinkin awestricken quite a bit? I got to the point where I felt like
I was going to collapse under the weight of it, I felt very trapped. I felt like isolated. You mean. right away, I felt certainly isolated, I also mean odious very simply, wake up in the morning and say I am not going to drink today. Ends you know by the mid. hey. I was drinking ya, see really you had it pretty bad yeah. It was in a party, Now there was not a party in art. Is a party are you always anxious that always starts as a party right now. The I'd like to me. I'd like you to meet a monster. Now we a good time with the party. Now you workin for this year, no exactly right in a world where you ve lost control, and I got really lucky and that I had a real moment of clarity. Where I said to myself, I want to be the best version of myself. I got really lucky that that
was it a dark day yeah. It was a dark day I had like. I had some. bad happen. I had not been drinking for a little while four months here and I decided you know at a monitoring. And so I I didn't, have a booze in the house for myself. He has point. I had a case of rosa for guests re who's, summertime here and ah so I decided I'll have a glass of Rosie right when we last year, I don't like russia, and so basically, it turned into a weekend whereby the end of it, I was surrounded by these empty bottles of rosy, and I thought to myself This is not for pleasure or I dont like rosy air. This is something this is going on and there's no end to it here. There's just no into real at the thing is about for me that I realize about bruce is that I am not going to win
this is their knocking over? Not only in relation to my plant drink it all right. You know what I am and for me it's like fighting mike tyson right and I realized at that point. The best strategy for me is not to get in the ring. Yeah, and it's weird that when, when you're introduced to that craving thing, that's that's like that's the most fucked up thing about about having a drinking problem or drug problem. Is why the idea that, like me, okay, I'll, stop now and then he stopped. Awhile, but then like tat day, where you are going to drink like that thing that wakes up anywhere it like that, weird, like unquenchable kindly that's when you, when you meet that thing, you like this is fucking problem yeah and you know the thing that you have not told because it you not discussed this openly right. I mean right, but.
If, if anyone out there is like suffering raw, has these feelings, I dunno how I'm gonna, stop it since you say to yourself or just to somebody else, I need help it, if all ye come from people willing to help yeah totally yeah. Absolutely looking for you man, it's a it's a it's a great step in how bout, how bout it when that that day, where, where were you, got That's enough! Sober time! any rise like now, really wanted more yeah great day man- I can tell you- I- can tell you what happened so miss about two and a half years ago here and You know you spend like the first month to month again. What do I do now here when you when you stop drinking or just write my activities yeah and you are kind like you were out in the world being drunk. Yeah. Well, I was, I was good at it.
Like a personal question, Bisher? Second, I want some validation and this I heard I heard that that you got into the habit of getting stage and just saying this or any women they want to fuck me and giving out your phone number that true, no that's a bastard visitation of a great comedy bet What it was was I had written a song, okay, that I would open and I opened a couple of concerts with open for maroon five and I sang at once with with Glen hansard and the swell season, and there was actually a very funny song, so it was a. It was once okay it was a very nuanced version of that is ok, okay and the phone number was fake. Oh okay, yeah, it's so fun! how if and how it finally got to me with like gauges he's just Can you just go in for yeah? Just like you put now's phone number and as you I get Hollywood Nan well that was sort of the desired effect. I suppose, but I'll tell you so
a month into not drinking right. I I was driving down the street driving back from san diego comecon, and there was like ecosystem that all these station, and all of a sudden I realized I was singing along to rock around the clock now and I was like whoa. I feel good I feel pretty happy. This is I've seen this in movies, where people sing in the car read in real happy mood. Anna and I've never looked back like it was the best decision I ever made for myself. It's great yeah good for you thanks clear. I can't imagine your foggy and you must have been cover How would you describe yourself is drunk the people want to hang around. You I bet you surround yourself of people who want to hang around that party yea now yeah yeah. I was never that have never like party
I'm, the guy. I was more like how I pictured the rat pact to be. Ok like all these things are illusions that you're sort fed from learn movies tv, but I was more like back. I remember one time being the improv and I remember Joan came in with a bunch of guys. Were you running with him? No, no. I don't think now the time yoga? May you guys friends yeah? He has a great body. We you ve got. Oh, that's you never a light around you. These days like when I talked to him, he was very sort of really focused and of being. Heard some things that he could be of difficult, but he was like such a sweetheart. Joan. I have talked a lot about life stuff. You know he s very well, there's very few friends that you have who were around your age who Jonah doing. Amazingly, that's right out of your word nominations in doing so, but where you can talk about feeling weird about stuff, that's going on about success. You know it is liberty, yeah others I am, I can imagine and support
annoying thing to have your more successful friends, say boy, so sure it had been successful. So I have a relationship, What the heck asia, where the other limited audience of people? Who can be honest with about that? That's so true, and you know it now takes up a big house- a good friend, to show up for that guy yeah. It's interesting thing. because you know I have I relationships with people. Obviously, a lot of guys work out of my garage and- and you know I have this show, so I have a lot of friends who are big. You know who are stars you know. I don't know, I don't have many friends, but you know I'd. There are people in my life work. I didn't. I just realized recently I you know, I'm I'm pretty close friends with a guy is pretty big and there's there's very few people. You can really talk to in a way yeah. Well, you can talk about. that is the common ground right right, but the rue express people are all the same great and
no matter how well you're doing you are going to have feelings of not being enough you're going to have failed. things of dissatisfaction and it's it's tough. I imagined to find people to talk about that with. If, if sweet sound like your whining or you out of your seen as the guy that should have every year you haven't, you have to have real france the eyes base. We wanted it yeah, let's codified a myth from the beginning of time. Just isn't This is a universal feeling, but king feels the same way. You yeah yeah yeah, who you can feel bad for the care that I thought jack exactly king tut totally. So well, that's beautiful sort of thing that that this role comes to you, where you can sort of processes emotions through this guy well, not like sort of in the way that we are talking now. I felt like what
the movie was was a real opportunity and it's it's an extension to me of the themes of infinite jest of of this is water. Let's talk about this stuff it. It is okay and I feel like when you read: infinite as there is like a distress beacon going out saint of anyone else, feel this way. It's ok I feel this way or do you guys right and I watch the movie and I feel, like James console and on a the writer didn't amazing. Job of it could just be too smart guys talking and it would be such a boring movie, but it it gets at these themes and then what resonate eliminated interesting. The whig got to those themes was by essentially not making it just to smart guys talking because go out of the conversations we're about pussy. Now, They were about you, you know blue dia, an end You ve known me going like because that's what's really interesting about the movie is those choices
of when and where the deeps march, comes out, so it doesn't overrun the movie. Well, you want, you need the audience to want to be in the back seat of a car like You have to want to be on that road trip. It's a four day, road trip and it could be exhausting if it wasn't fun and you into the tapes and honestly like that of the one that I like, the most that doesn't down to the movie is hansen, were handsome, the bearded andrea. They came on the radio and you hear david foster wallace for about three minutes dice. Handsome behind you hear the smartest guy. You know of his generation talk about handsome in a positive way. Yeah just an area pop culture in realising a yes and that to me as the fun of it. You get to hear some really really beautiful insight in some really Damn thing's and it's interesting, Keziah Heisenberg very intense, and I dont like for you to kind of in a hole.
character around that? What was it like working with him? It was the most intimate experience of ever had acting honestly. It's all there is. There is great support. Cast, but a lot of movies jesse, and I hear alone have you worked with him before now. I never met him before it- is an intense character intense. He is incredibly quick and funny we were. Together in our first meeting in someone asked me how I got started, writing and I said: well, you know I sort of haddock my own material, no one was knocking down my door to play captain America here too, which Jesse just really quietly said no, but you could probably play the captain of a weaker country. so he's that smart,
yeah now in quick and he's also the most prepared actor that I've ever met, really yeah he's I I was just astounded at how ready and and thoughtful he was about the script, and so we would we are staying at the same mo tell like a residence in in the freezing cold, and we would drive together in Indiana, where was it shot or wish on grand rapids, michigan or michigan here in the heart of winter, is like negative fifteen degrees of yang, and we are dr together in the morning to work and go over our scenes for the day. Then we would act all day together for like fifteen hours and it was in because it has the movie were acting with each other, but we are also acting against each other. Like I just wanted to win the scene right. You know right and then we would drive home and like unwind and talk about what we had with the characters had talked about in the movie. Get like a oh not at two in the morning, ends and then go to bed and get to go
the morning into it all over again it was. It was the best and did you feel like you now, your friends, yeah yeah, yeah, he's a great friend is really terrific. He also still makes fun of me. I gained quite a bit of weight for the movie cause. We had pictures of david foster wallace during that period, then he just tried to match. So I was like shoveling food into my mouth and jesse loves old time. Candy, here's a little in fact, for you, and so I am, I sent him a video like a month ago of an old time, candy shop, he s going through showing a candy, and he sent me back attack thinking that this would be hey buddy. I miss you and he sent me back a text that said, stop sending me video of your colonoscopy. there's a place downright here on york that that sells all the old time. Candy. Isn't it the best? do you really think they make an idea alcoves? They sell all these soldiers from around the world yeah it's the best! Well, so woody
take away like? Obviously this is about to be seen now. What's your feelings, buildings. Are I want to do more movies like this? You know here I wanted you, can yeah I can, I think, that's the weird maturity to hear this position, herein yell emotionally in and lifestyle wise, but the fact that you have made you know this. The amount success. You have and the freedom you have. I mean the only thing you're up against is: is these expectations that might not even be yours veteran? Isn't it same thing because we filmed the movie. You know a year and a few months ago now, you're and change. And so I have living career wise a year, ahead of them rashness right so it's been a really interesting year of trying to be patient and have some faith in the movie after your dad
say it's been out of your hands just been waiting a year, and what have you been doing? I've been writing and writing a lot. What are you working on? I'm ready one of the new lego movies. Oh god. Yes, so I'm writing mad. I'm writing my my books is that interesting, though, that, like you know these these white childhood passions or the things you know that yeah, the weird kind of turn, the events, the dead drove me to her to a map it movie. I imagine now like you're, go to guy for a whole different thing that never expected. You know. I have a pardon. that hasn't changed. It makes me I think, like uniquely good for that stuff, because I have. I now have the gills of a professional writer right, but there is I have I know like what satisfies me as a twelve year old kid where I had he not I may be here. I know what I want to see thy automated, still twelve right. So what so you're the premiers tomorrow premiers tonight, I'm gonna go put on a suit after this, unlike
where's, enjoy it s at the writers, killed in beverly hills and whose go I guess. Jug coming in your friends are aware. I have my parents coming here and I have some it's coming and I have a lovely girlfriend him alexis she's coming and gets its really in met movie and experience and to watch it with people I care about is is the best. So it's not really public premiere. It's going to be an in house sing or no. I think it is public, but I invented people, whoever I invented yeah. I invited people who are very close to me. Oh it's ok to invent, Well, then, what have you done mad to that ended a few years great yeah you to. Thank you, you guys. We guide nice guy, that guy doc love talking siegel. I think we can be friends. That's why I decided I'd be friends with jason siegel and they try to be friends with them
we're getting closer, probably appearance for me. Don't you my overstepping am I overstepping is the the host show my house varied, pod that com slash calendar. Those dates are in september. We camera, the second fourth and fifth and theirs. Their stuff. There I put all the artist names or on all the posters. All the poster out there now the artist names I felt like a dick, I woke up in the middle of the night. I'm like why don't I put artists names on their what we're gonna do it is that their artists and made his art so they're on their now.
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