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Episode 624 - Sinbad

2015-07-29 | 🔗
Sometimes people ask Sinbad if he’s “still got it.” But as he proves to Marc, you can’t lose funny. And Sinbad’s been funny for a long time, from his time as a cutup in the military through his career as an actor and standup comedian. Sinbad tells Marc how it all went down. They also discuss how difficult it is for Sinbad to deal with the revelations about Bill Cosby after regarding him as a friend and mentor for decades.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what baxter's, what the fuck get down how's it going I'm bearing this is my show. This is w tap the podcast. today on the shelf. Sinbad, don't miss the sinbad irene im at the airport a while back and we'd talked about him being on the show in a it's interesting how you identify sinbad in your mind or what you think of sinbad. You know my associations were Guy that that the devil Definitely where some outfits, and you'll move around the stage a bit. And always seemed somewhat off the cuff he's fuckin comedy monster man the ring deal Now it was an amazing chat
It was amazing to get to know him in and get to talk to him solid dude. And if you want to see him live, will be in new york city at the resorts world casino in queens this saturday august. First, the next week ends at the are the theater and jacksonville on Friday August seventeen, the capital theatre in clear- why or florida, Saturday August ape he's out there. Man and his is in good form. Talked about him doing some music doing there, you justice. Process, it's weird that I can do this show for as long as I've done it but actually meet comedians at that have a very specific journey that may be similar to others, but is uniquely theirs and I've been having. Conversations a lot of great conversations way. We that I share with you, obviously on the show what a great people coming up lot of emotional conversations cried the more in the last two days for reasons that are beyond me. I dont know if
things giving way I've I've heard of this male menopause idea. Don't really what that means. I know, I've been very emotionally close to this. Surface, but I was king to a woman in here and, as you just telling me, her story wasn't even necessarily that. That that emotional Maybe it was emotional, but am I was listening to and I'm just scored now tears at in disappointment, We should stop and take notice of it It is going on these are not sadness, tears. I don't know how to explain it, but I think it's a good thing I am not afraid of scored now. Few tears appropriately in emotional response to a visceral. stimuli in the form of a story that so is sharing with me. I I feel it I feel these transitions. I feel the emotion of it. I I guess some sort of another state served for it or is it just cause? I'm connected,
but that it can that moment, but man I get We're wants me it overwhelms me. like weird moment, some finding extremely touching. You know some dude, he had just an hour ago, some homeless, dude ina twice. It's a outdoors sitting there putting a quarter my meter, it goes you guys cigarette I got out Okey goes yeah Not many of them do anymore, and I no, how we were separating us. Yeah. I don't know how I became a dam and I'm not sure where he thought he was from, but Many of them me being one of them smoke yeah, I guess man I used to regos, for you say five hours a day, not the whole thing, the money thing, and I understood that. But
Now, after that, weird laughed the you up when you acknowledge you having a moment with somebody that that is kind of awkward, but nonetheless a human moment, but you want some clothes that moment up in in a nice way, so you get yeah man and you walk off and I felt I felt a little bit emotion, my brother's here, My real brother is here: who boy that's something? Isn't it isn't it weird? Isn't it will people on the fifty one year old man? Fifty two in september, my brother's forty nine, almost fifty years old, where couple of middle aged man sitting who the fuck you thought that would happen It's weird when you go to your brother, much which I don't and he shows up it's like it's, I it's barely identify the dynamic, sometimes but its exact same dynamic theirs. At any moment it can just crumble into a cam penitent mirror of miss- standing in defensiveness and then we have to work through it and One of us will cry a little bit and be like
just siberia, earn. You know it's good to see you a guide. such an intense swam. We I come from The motions right on the surface at all times, except for my mother, who is perpetually acting for. Years old. Emotionally, that's that's what I'm living with before I forget You dates coming up in the uk and in ireland when they September second vicar street dublin, ireland, thursdays A third of the queen elizabeth hall in london, england, friday September fourth community The top in london, england, you gotta devotee of powder com, swash calendar for those Links to those tickets, come on. I've been there in years. I don't think I've ever been to Dublin ever very exciting, also I want to forget this has ever we mention it, but I'll be at pod. Asked movement. Yes, I will I cast movement in forward texas with She tower roman mars, so yeah,
If you know what that is, you can go to podcast movement, dot com, it is in in in forward taxes, and we'll be there. I will be speaking on the second on august. Second, I've. I'm feelin infer glenn back so yeah that's surprise him his fans. If they don't know, I'm coming what you do, What are you gonna do? I'm night, I didn't know that was built in ten o clock I now come on Sunday august. Second, I am in conversation with adam sacks. admiral media at podcast movement. podcast movement dot com for for tickets. If you're in that area, if you're in texas, yeah or you wanna, come too It is on short notice, all right. So that's that's. What's goin on yours cup, with things happen, I'm going to new york on going up on the charlie, rochelle charlie? he's gonna interview me and very excited about it. A little nervous he's like the real deal Are we taking mental notes ways talking to me and I,
if you listen to me carefully when I'm interviewed by people who interview generally I attended. I did shifted onto them at some point. During the interview, I'm not saying it's, a tactic hurts my plan, but I find it in listing to do that in the middle of an interview of me. I wonder, I'll do that with Charlie. I don't know It's gonna ere! I will let you know deal deal so I think I'm just gonna go to now to my conversation. What's in bed is educators, I'm feeling vulnerable feeling choked up. Ok, I'm feelin boy. The struggle continues. I let's now enjoy very fine and engage engaging conversation with sinbad hmm my job? Is that an impact assessment? Oh she started. Do you actually see some sees the same musician asked her. But the guys over levity man, as mrs pack has steadily use. I took on a role as a look. A plaything. Backpack
cause. I'm a member take four year saw the quickness. This. Isn't s runs so she put a man. She was good. It may do any views, our own kingdom flow and other shit. She don't work for her reply so I wish you talk about she's, not know just about pop culture. Music, like what's your name pay why it's called keeping a pc. I was impressed man yeah, you didn't know she had it in or what I understand about, and those who would do it. How old is she she's twenty nine now, okay and she just took to it like duck to water as a damn girl? kids, you got three yeah now see the oldest. She is the yes she's when the sun is twenty, six mother, does twenty whether where they are they all in show business and just finished film school he's up to he's a hell of a filmmaker really but he's a renaissance man. He would school for audio engineering. He could wrap it vienna, he produce music delicious and they all grow. And the algarve, we, you That is what really work,
work. Ninety five, I knew that. Do you come from a big family, six of us wow, six. Kids, six kids where'd, you grow up michigan at where michigan didn't harbour michigan solar west side closer to chicago thousands, chicago southern border, and why was it work? What kind of war was that when you grow up and crazy we're up minos? Funny me ass, a small tablet tell me no job. Brother, yes, everything. That I am everything I became as far as calmly wire is, is what, from being their yeah, forbade the kid communicating the mid west man. I can't I can't pay for them, like what will only way lightly with a buzz word, madeira, where we were factories. We have big drain. Eighty one day my dad was working in factories, but there was a preacher. He worked two or three jobs. coming to preaching later. As a kid may was cod. Passed away by his mother. She gave well. The boys and girls gave him away, get remarried. We out like puppies men and women,
How nice and my dad do my puppies! Do you like it was like it was nothing ada monday to relatives or no to anybody. Is a kid in the neighborhood? and so I pray just not die. ST may be the moment of our taking really these days Did you know that woman yeah she was unless one I think that my dad for as a zero days right ever denmark out now, so you grandmother just gave him away and then he wendy star preaching that was like in this one is what he's right here rustler, my daddy, all this kind of stuff is a russell and then I used a guy called them to preach and he became just do if he wanted to play the bigger audience if he decided he was ready to resume the elkhart Indiana area. Brother is the home to bruiser the crusher yeah yeah prince pulling all that stuff, somehow thomas. So when he that man this
I became the snare with no skills have been. The is a grave was a great father. A great man was one most respected as we never just anyone. the end ass. He pimps hustlers. Just like us, everything, a mouse, so I didn't see the difference, because if I ever had problems, I didn't see the difference in people cause. They had money. Yeah or not, money right cause, they all reject up right. Yeah. My dad was like the pride, the most honest man and was a hard working man, but he didn't take no mess. He was at bri between he and take no mess. They give you a chance to destroy your stuff out. We already have a reasonably ideology. I give my but yeah practical, thereby playing which you man or you got a little time, yeah to figure it out. Time figured this out if it is I'll, be back in fifteen minutes, if you figure this out so he s up hamson all kinds of people, yet it has carried out a costly I'll came to my dad gave wondering what it costs them when it needs to help or some I was in trouble, so
kid in jail assume I was sick, it was the man now yeah. the cat that can make things. Did he did he ever church yeah? How migration members. I too would like these mega churches other my day, another in examining at him I don't think he wanted a mega church. I think when he got older, he saw these mega churches, like maybe condemn, was a non man, because everybody in knew church knew his church ebi. new happiness. He was the cat do that will come to you to house. He was a wanted He was a job. He goes. Is his word strong. So at my desk, Go for somebody immense something you know right say he was. spected community leader here and I did any of your civilly go into the air into the church Have you seen ass out? I'm doing this? mary who didn't look like you. I was like this because, when people are to deal with,
maria may it yeah people congregations and especially that guy you got to yeah. I know man you're awake and I'm crazy I'll leave you in jail, so yeah yeah, but I think all of us were influenced by what he was as a man, him and my mother, so we're all in but somehow you see him for each oh yeah alzheimer sir. Good performer. He was at best best me funny. Yes, I did everything. likewise italy and asked what he was sixty really clear mutton. He was a renaissance? Didn't caught it does. dinosaur manual magnum what we're not data. We are now we were just talking about non action. I rueda we're like the seventies if these dropout black panthers every care that next generation have no differently. We still all hustle kids youngsters, we look like elegant young comics. I said I'm not a house, they think Joslyn the hotel. nobody goes my arm grind and today that's just a word. Yeah don't mean nothing ma'am on the grind, I'm on the garage. Not really you don't know. It was like to be going to comic comics.
The five guys in the car. That's right! Ideas, Roland here! No cardinal play no in a hotel calmly, candle brightly ass, a young grind more than that. think that idea of what you came up within me of maybe just a little later was its idea of yours. Job victor job is comic. Not I do comedy to get something. This is my career. Does this job right now, because no? This is because I don't want a job right. I did this I don't want to. I don't even think I know would know how to do it. I guess I'm a man. Did you have any jobs that we have managed, I would like real job before commenting worked in factories workmen, nothing less career like widely out like ours in office, rice, unwelcome wafer, comedy right now it was like I could. The military. I was dumb jobs, right, well, yeah. I, like I, did restaurants shit these stubby job, but none of them was like him as working in that IB You have the sidewalk awake. He I knew doesn't work out for me.
I knew there was no. They were just waiting for some guy, like said, but can we talk? Can we don't talk to you're going to have a boss can't talk to I quit I want to talk to you. I have a very particular Georgiana, our work harder. like you, we were just pretend and yes, I ain't chinese garlic There are no longer medical I've already enclave robust. Why was in bans grown up, drives us it, it will it will be. A man would be dead. No the thing it was different yeah. I won't be the thing that people that work like oh, I wish I was him right. I would be funny, though, because you weren't sure what it was going to be yeah. You knew it was going to be about you or I got yeah. I like to believe ryan is wrong about me and I'm gonna be asset and it gonna be the best right so us, but when you you're drumming like they can't see me now Maybe I should like as yet yeah I got it. We re going to get bigger return five years ago, an obligatory. I was a basic. I was
dark out with my kids, realistic. It's our camp for love, at the base I submit and I'm playing trombone and trumpet now and look talk box would keep. Was it supposed to have eighties? I can't play instrument. Writing a plain. I sure. Maybe you do pretty good with a man. Is music comes to me so well, that's a gift. like music. It I love music. I love my god. I wouldn't come at. The music doesn't want for into ice the magic, my magic calmly, music, a cousins hours worked on for bans where are you working on the comics? I want to work with. Ben. Did you do some of that year you did a lot of dude. I was show up at venues that a band and I will wait outside they look man. If you need to make your time, I'm a comedian really and it would leave me outside. Treated coming here, go get the girl. I have this legal going from one of my dear. I live for their eyes. with which tracking wordy figure into this kids in the middle he's like your second, yet she almost all this year.
everybody storeroom ever seller, that's nice! They motor brother he's is not too far. I will let you go right now. That's right! There he's not to fuck me. What's his ragged, I you know my brother was classical penis willis, some of whom leads straight aged My brother was like so when I went to school. To go, are you Michael? No, it's not that kind of party under one of them they one that makes apparent real so he was using the night S, business and, finally, that we know it. My brother should be playing pianos unless it may want you he should be play. Is that where, when then shall be teaching pianos reworking piano, music, fair breezes, he's- best heart no worries most patient due They busy lose the love for the music or one not just think. I think you think ethical do this job again with it. to give you a jealous man, come and do music man moment
is making money with the job, but there was no because I'm big and crazy mika is california, yeah man, unless you do this, this is the weirdest place, it'd be making a little bit money or a lot of money. there's no way between nah nah nah. Now, there's no room for that now so you're, the second oldest. How many? What's down the system of voice. Some me, my brother, or by the meme, unto the brothers and sisters Wendy, entertaining when you we went in another eighty. Three that started comedy, but before that what we do in your undesired ass. Well play college basketball, you did you up and then I guess I was good. Men have problems. Universal dimmer was a pie was worse for you, my life back in denver. There was worse lie why was it till the end? Roscoe withdraw it by was applied education, a cod. I call it the voyage of sinbad. The places I was at I was supposed to be, I think, but I got recruited to the air force academy. Popovich was at the air force academy. I turned on efforts carried out and look up my afro off. So then the joy
you got your afro I so this is, as you know, that lack power there. This was like I'm not going to the airport. Do I can cut the fro can spend is this the highly alarming to service elaborate. No fruit priority should be to do it. will prevent, stated my ear statement. So you had an issue with the denver in what was a problem in denver must know what we're lovers came out there and whose scope of my guys I play where and what it's bad experience. It was meme. Racism was still high white white colorado was, it was still hard, now isn't it. This is how we know it was not near what it was before, but we see look what we watch the news. We read the papers, you see what's happening. That's all and god has to die. I always said I'd like to see what this I wish. I could see what this world will be like when the generation before me dies
I generation dies right because when we talked to our kids of racism, now you can be as mills as you want. They like to have the world's changed said. They have no concept of what you went through. Thus, why? Isn't those lovely? Why should we have as it is not dead, is now brings. It was whether they no hibernating, they didn't three. They stay readable civil rights, they read about things, but they didn't go through working. That's it that sort of the complaint of the generation for a lotteries, yeah yeah, not just sort of like what with the internet? They don't know that we had answering machines or that there was no answer machine. Just somebody to call you, man, Bob I'm trying to find you that was it I'm here. Okay, that's it yeah! Well, I think! and I'd say it's. I don't want to trivialize anything, but I think that they there. x rays is limited to just pick. An instant gratification, instant text messaging said. Look my! We had it. We ve done the same thing, but thank god we didn't would endeavour to music. We had where we would. We,
wouldn't spend time with people the way we do all what happens is we call it social media? Now here, nor do we was social, is right exactly such a meteorite, we will say the least social. I only know why they call it social media, knowing your dog each other hate you I saw you, she fell on stay. Do they can't wait yeah they go and acum keyboard gangsters. Here they can't wait to go in. You, look gutless, yeah, Fred, howard's little more ear, sorry, go to denver and it still racist the college was school was a. It was no. What it just was when it was me MA am a guys. I play ball, what we term, while some guys it will effectively. I was lucky cause. I got this, but what you didn't get you didn't get are eating you out brand. Remember that time back in nineteen, seventy four that time you were in college yeah, it is given time. You didn't have three black plays on the floor. If there was to play as levers for them. come in. One of us was coming up we're, so do we both rented a bit more
why? Why did? Why? Was that? Because they didn't want to be outshined know the world wasn't ready to see that just want them ready to see it. The blackening of college best member. These were sports. There were still kind of white. in their but being a black point god, because we were was recorded that's right. We were was reply guards or worse, not smart enough to bring a ball of cod in so doing it was? It was snowing. If we look at it and What would you experience there and kids? Oh god, rich kids, who was called the harbour? The was the way which the talk and do you smell like me, I'm about to slap you. I think you can say that to me they touch it there was great. It was, I feel, like poland bro, you write any may do wrong, which you want to touch you yeah And then also, I was going to my thing: find myself and who I was so? That was you're playing ball, and now you end up in a military. Was at the next thing I was I was there.
I came home. You quit how it would cause last year were like six emma without anger, why don't you ask him out ass? I want for the man I went to school to ever say when here, whereas two books in the air made this big statement didn't realize, I got nowhere to go and no one gives a shit about you and I saw it. I can't pick the books back up row. So I was, I was drummer back then or and so by some will be famous I said of discovery somewhere near somehow saw I get it through the books of the books, and here is the best I'm go mass thought. That, meanwhile, is several. I need to know about without eggs will get there. I didn't like, so you could talk about unlimited time to do through bulgaria, so I got famous because I'll meet you. There was a state aid latest statement. We know is looking man on education, aim our rooms in the air
I see what you did he ever found out has been reduced of his boat. People will say: hey man, that was cool, yeah yeah, educational, yeah yeah, but you gotta get off my yard yeah. It makes you stronger yeah sure. So I go home on an amendment basement my dad's house, my mom, when the base at my dad comes down I think, he's gonna- think we're gonna go at it, but it's my dad. His mother goes look the man! Let's blame everything on that kosher spent everything that everybody else yeah. He said what you do with this from this moment on. It's your fault. while, in other words, responsibilities age. You always have the biggest greece. Now, since this would benefit, is here. And asked our rinaldi's books apposite, think it the papa's a thick india normal disappear. alma ata believing that stuff is still right. That's the whole philosophy has not changed right. Well I'll, be the body I knew not. What I can t bear to reasonable is doubly boso, because we can be
I didn't want to be, and once you decide to make a turn, how many of you say man, but look at your entire discipline Sometimes other egg would make a term. We know it may return. You just did something. You know becomes a problem with comedy You, like you, get far enough down the rodya thought this, and now I can't do anything else. Now. What do you do? What you say, I'm are due to different way. Sure you don't like me, I don't know. That's right cedar who do you like is we're all gonna like richer prior onstage and biggest. He was a clean comic. He said because we ve been caused me, Daniel stage is look. Ideology does exist if, wow ever we're, not the niece idiot. He had to sneak off tomorrow, estate cause the dukes were waiting for. I said to go through this pipe and it tore his jacket off here and he made that statement. Hey. They went to oakland paid a price. I love about it. I look at cash now, when vulgar, where upstate Pricing rewarded for their cause me george Carlin Lenny Bruce paid a price cause. We didn't
because we're data used cars. We cause. We came out man, his first reviewed its the bikers lobby, is angry blackmail. He said really his first visit I will just talk, so he wasted. I guess I'm for you. I got some four year he saw duellist awakening touching it couldn't touch me was doing. Now look at what he did do. This is funny cats act like he was not as deep as rigid right as it please. Cause was one of almost molten cats ever met. He was once mars guys ever met with if he didn't needed, he was. He was not what people but because it awaited come when he was what they, because he knew the game away. He work within it. So our you feel about yesterday within NATO, mop erika came comprehend. Mum My right, because I know what you know. You know somebody eve: well you know somebody and not just those. Why we're almost every did colleges given twentyman dollar, two thousand and eleven do you do? I can't thought it do
can't negate the egg. I can't hard right what he did for me. I can't he I can't negate that way. I talk to get cause. I have like my experience bill caused. These workers is relatively new york. I knew of him, but I was reassured guy: uniting grow a black, you have the familiarity with the right, but I had that x since five six years ago, I watch cosby himself and am I attitude was real yeah right there and then it go back and I wish I knew he was great, but I didn't know why and the reasons why he decided what was funny yeah he's going to sit at you. He must sit it's right almost sit and you can wait or you are with regard to the punch line. The bill said: don't be scared of silent right. He could go for seven minutes. Yet after essen boom boom boom us it who does it This is not yet right. So that idea, so the challenge becomes as somebody who you grew up with them and in respects him, like you, got a separate now you got bill caused me. The comic you love and bill Cosby, the guy rape, women.
What would you do? Ok, it's ok! You say I can't, I can't say it the thing is that we all these young comic marginal patent system was, he said we all knew it liar. Yeah I'm a missus ray liar till it was a joke among comics, bull bars, it man down. That's a lie. I didn't know it. That's a lie. I didn't know he said well, we we knew it. You didn't even hang with bill man shut up now what's your relationship with him. What was it like? Windmill he's already shown momentous. This is the case that put me on a different world. This has got to hang, I win and talk. What is it my god may as this is. He was a one. I work he should have a game were sybil. Show me where I found military was the view put up with the after he Was it may not? Saga is like this
movie called the spook who sat by the door, his movie came on in the sixties near about a black cat. They thought was an uncle tom, but he was most militant crazy cat start blowing up buildings and stuff mere because people, decide what a black man this is viper, Black man wears a suit and a black, but if he was at the Ziggy's black, I said well, a lot of cats were infiltrated. The black panthers were police officers award the seekers yeah, so you can't always go by what the cats were right or how a guy talks, because some guy has talked to most trash do the least right. What are you gave a college torn in man dollop october's how much more black again I'd be then gives public. Was twenty man? How do you feel what's happening. Now, in your mind, suits. You got me nordic party gummy, how quickly people turned on it We have no before. We know it because its terms like they wanted it to be true, but now the kind and no it is. How do you frame it like you haven't friendly I'll, never turn my back on. Never No, I won't. I know what it is. It is wrong, but I won't
thus also much right. You know is like it. way. What I'm saying is no, it's not! I understand you gotta get horrendous complex. I think everybody had the same experience, even people who, yo, R, r, r r outspoken about it, is that they have to deal with the same thing here. Are they didn't know him but they're? Like I love guy knows a monster where we do and No look more at I see, damn gamma hoboes is excellent. Does his legacy mean nothing doesn't everything he did positive tv shows, therefore, does it all mean, nothing now wearing oj. You know, I think that's what's happened. Asked applaud them, makes me crazy, You know, that's how you be proceed. May in fact it s about the ones who don't know enough. Well that way, you knew him, but there is always some you didn't know due to somebody.
Look what noise nice about me? I don't know. I know I know I've killed and we re talking about a priority area. Comics knows him bad idea. We all knew. We all know we killed a couple people, but that was the rodya me old, but you wouldn't give people grow back into seventy. So What was the military experiences, so you decided when your father laid it down you, I got I joined the service it was. I was going to. I met my high school. I think it was think about finishing school become a coat. nanda in syria and the last semester yeah? Maybe back home, I'm eating cereal man. I see a helicopter ass. I think I'm gonna fly headache. It was a coastguard ad hoc cereal, always of cereal. I was rights are made. We are where we are in a eating mass sabena. What I'm gonna this guy, I'm not a fly here, but when I get out almost all our service, no questions asked our fly. You anywhere deliver anything so
gonna stewards of crazy world right, wrangle, breeders, midnight midnight flies you cause. We have no questions we'll get, because I had to many if you gotta, that movie rid of their movie montmartre body drugs wherever he there. Please don't tell me what you got right the language and helicopters, god no for helicopters, jets do out. Ok! So now, but I go in a phase where all the military stuff was at a visas for marines army coast guard and goggles air force? Do? Does it mema wave offline? Of course, grabbed him on the fly should be able to fly, as I say, yay as a man, but I can be a pilot to finish college now mere personal caused. The lie here was saying: it was a really major tourist places. Train will send your calves have basic training, as the dear man joined the air force here. So I joined the air force. May I go to enforcement. I've realized, oh god, I have so messed up.
I have set up under forward restraining, I gotta get thrown out Did that quickly that quickly what happened first area, both good god bless us all, is how all this yeah. I know, but no one messed me up. It wasn't an argument. It was the younger cats can remember. I was like twenty one, so yeah he's eighteen, ninety two or like little cross. It are you crying. Why are you crying All the do is how to get off the bus. There's a real women will just look. Look man, I'm like I'm out. I was gonna walk off the base. I was going to walk off, Basically, britannula using all our affairs the day. Here I let it go. Yeah, that's my mind right. So I found it. You gotta, you have to dumb it down for the dumbest person, so you can go into first day pick up. Proposals do not bigger proposals. Do we say forget the pencils pick him up
you're, right or left hand already castle. Pimp depends on the messing nope. I said so he gets mad. As I said, I can't get jacked up because I don't can't drag it out so now when basic training you and your squadron yeah. I said I'm going to be that guy, I'm will be a buzz from being a funny dude yeah. I am. I want no responsibility. I know how tech sergeant parks knew. He called me his office. He said. Do you look old and rusty cats? I need to be Madame chief, no sir, no sir, no sir no permits are sir, as I'm not asking you as I can't be, and talk to these people because they're going to hate me now, five over to fund- do under fun do so. He knew I was gonna. Be there he's taking you down so do he put me in charge. He get his insight, he's watching it from the inside degree in charge of my god, but I got some of the guys to get something that goes to, but will the
only you can hang out that companies downtime. For how crazy we're going all. May I wish you wouldn't dodgy. May you so gave cause, and now I'm no alan quine are getting bigger member to deal with all that crap yeah, and then how did you get kicked out? So I'm a boom operator? I would feel airplanes in air from when I was in you were flying yeah. I know I was when I flew you're in the plane, but you had to run this the back of the plane flying the boom down, but I learned to fly. I was a witch. What did you do through? That thing did a hole in the other guy yeah, the nozzle yeah man. That was your thing rubbing the air that was good at it. Don't coordination basque above? Did you do it by and see any action right now came after? I fear not so weapon is. Am I crazy, ma'am, I'm growing an afro. I I use a stocking cap to keep it small yeah, I'm not slew novices I'm wearing the wrong outfit
I heard that office I had kept his bosnia as well said. I would still like to be a captain and got in trouble for that face? It now had no strike, took everything dude, but no one got me kicked out. What there's a air force? Talent show. That's how I became comedian at all, as I always will think the military tops in blue. Look it up. They perform a super bowls. It was the oscars of the and I was like I saw the comedian us it on winning at next near win. I'm way, I'm a ran. I would have given after my friends a whit unethical. May you for your goddamn funny right as I'm funny, and it was. The wreckers center I will run, workers and they d place last I do plays at once local business. I got, got the bug act, bug so who'd you play in that I played chief brand, you do yeah, I wanted to be the main nerf. I wouldn't be merv so bad. She said, no, you gotta, let her be quiet. silence strong as it
our breeder restarted, our wish. Is that what you don't? You will be in place near, but new essay. Sometimes people not only do we killed. We cannot. down somewhat, doesn't like seventy five, yet this night noticed seventy eight africa's for years knowledge no gets it is the seventy eight. those who know yet I want something I gotta wait a year before you go the contest oh yeah, so it goes bombed and places the contest comes. Do not ok, there's two categories embassy and comedian. I've, his jokes, I did this debo thing for the comedy category I only one of the category mighty loathing, diva, bang, bang we accept another. I didn't. Comedy, but I do know either get right sketch right so out of escape. I did their evil thing ass of a payment.
face in everything I get a committed here, either poised to beat me, I lost and combat competition, as only one in it but the empty category came up John salem, who do the music for national and always hang out and talk crazed seamen he jokes. He bottom of the trash so doing us man, daddy funny, you're funny. I said what that a funny you, funny yeah and then the curtains opened. I said: oh no yeah and I just started talking trash yeah and the base. Commander's fallen out, everybody's fallen out. So one scenario command level Dr all of us, the commander and I drive the whole way cause. I'm talking. I got eighty, these I'll need to sleep. We get there. I won. I set a record for remain so for points scorer. So now, the rest of my crew has to go home because none of them made it yeah. So I got a worldwide competition. This was in the air force, yet worldwide competition barksdale louisiana.
so man saw life works out and even though this world, the odd man, the entertainment world airport, yes, is real baby, so Luckily, and the last thing I faked works up on the last him see the week, what this guy there, whose he's want three years rodeo. When I got there was there a hug me so they could see the railways can people to girl. I sing unipolar bad guys, singular whose is crazy do and I'm like a cycle of man. I'm a thing, in other words a singer. so you have rehearsal, tighten mountainous sing and terrible, and I'm tellin ya out where you are following my key changes. Goes I can't you follow. You want me to fail, so the guy's, a jerk either nut and then at leanne bayley, available sister for earth and fire says you can't possibly be as saying she said. What do you do in the summer? Comic, I'm just mess with people, because I don't like how they have
jelly like like they were special yeah. She says I'll watch it yourself on willy willy. The way would with his mc and you gotta have a gimmick. Man, you gotta have a gimmick, so will the waves he will wear wigs and stuff man. Samir you gotta have a gimmick. As okay, we go to a costume shop in new orleans, they get. Did he get? Will we assume a yo yo would escape? I said nothing. What playboy costume nah nah man in it. Now now that's what I'm saying man like a boy I bought a. I got a bunny customer support, bunny costume. Make me, did you can't forget? Don't I don't know you told me, I knew costume. I went by cost, so Bobby was a dancer Bobby. Those six to cut up Bobby was gay, so no by wonder room a body sorry guys, as our body may you gay, I said yeah so stupid. Did see the girls he danced with. He's gay. You dont want none of them. They all belong to me Now, look at us and number two lake general think it up.
So Bobby man is show me some days moves but prone to playboy. Bunny customers, a barbie member, but I got some tight- So give me some white ties to wear That is why tight here sought on the last one. I woke up where do we go out, I can just play mobile customer yeah Tom Edwards is still in charge and possible gorgeous, but we do acid. This is my gimmick. Will it will eat away is to many. The gimmick was. I didn't tell him that he can't wear that. I said then I had to be naked because I have nothing else to wear. So I just work for the intro. I want war for the intro man and I did the whole thing about being a male playboy bunny. How were sexually exploited yeah do they fell out? but the guy in charge when it when I saw that show the year before he was sitting in a bar at the inn, yokul armenian, ass, a man
How do you wonder how you want to mc category? He has what have you when he said he wrote on his paper, say the name and act super category in telling a couple jokes cinnamon and get the f off states here. I wrote it down here, so I came back the next general terms. It is what you wrote for me. He said that you're first kit, so dude I won't attend the exact we did. It said you have routine. I said no liar said: gimme them talk about survivor for a walk onstage. They will give me a word or two words I'll go out into routine on here and like this tom ever goes, I don't care. If you win or lose I'm taking you so dude, they scored everybody so high. I had perfect score, but they said they scored. Why so high they said they had to re. Look at it without without looking at me as they rent the tape back, but it would look at me being introduced just legacy the act funny? Yes, I was like this, but I ain't paying attention to get bubbles manager. It's one of the judges. Other people do I'm just doing I do. It's funny cost
years ago. Nor mcdonald was in here and he's great tell a story that you two working together, I think in vegas somewhere might double Billy might been happening for you and he said it before. The show you guys want need by sacks or something you do actually realized. He said he said he up there and is eight shit got enough and you and at their knees that you know how hard it is to buy socks and just kill, There was always the thing that both my whole life has always been icy stories. As you know, but it happens and impulsively reacted as you like. I know, pictures massey actually see but you're, but when you get on stage at the difference between having an actor wearing a silver face, is that you know you on stage with nothing, but you, your wits, yo yo
actual reaction when you you, when you're cornered, like that you somewhat like your corner, I saw it and you gotta be funny every live. Are we live? upon. My word is river, took my ride, my bike We have to talk about writing, but you remember what's funny about. I remember his writing and I remember other people writing and then I and then you tweak it. The whole thing is allied will all those things that got me in trouble. Vienna made me great coming how'd you get kicked out of service o last fm straw. I come back. I when I met were why I'm gonna you got back unknown, unconnected based. No, are you with the right? If I catch up with them much What about military as much as I call my base, he said, call your commander up. I said: look man as I want something better or worse, and he let me go because he doesn't make a fool of myself as I'm the best. I said it's good for the bass, the script for the base and the command He says to me: well, you know. Sometimes we have we nowhere. So when awarding we have to
I up inside no other worth as a want. You, sir except in. If somebody says you can be a general and it'll. Let you be a general hundreds suck data. He said that, and he said I'll see, I said maybe and I'm going awol. after I went to a lot of georgia enrolled at george attack, a some girl beard, I'm a black man would be. It did never find me and my mother, my father, call me, but what have you done? I'm at college you dropped out of college was in college. He joined the air force, I've done air force. Now he said, son you've seen a pattern, a desert. I seen parent just a little by several. I'm too computer site he's like this. I'm please you. I've never asked you to do what you please go back for your mother. back them up ass. It man, I gotta figure out this time said: please, please no more schemes. As I go back
based maggot his beer. How many months later I was got three months: psych affected base do an attic espies scruples. Have friends like this. Do man we pause the rest of us, then arrest me. Do you want to change clothes? No, so I get back this new base command yeah. I could take us, make us. Do this youtube militaries, have you you've, never blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah? Yes, sir? Yes, sir, and all the guys are watching damn he broke something, now, as I said, I said now. That was a good speech. Sarah was like. I did my part like it affected me, and you did your part. Then I did my part like it affected me as a non conical, because we sleep here What I said that was good. You did a thing ass. All the army, I did my role as a keg of sleep now say like me up here. Thats it codependent zaki DES leave em. mere, so they got me locked up for the next one. It was illegal. The base. What won't, kill me so much as I'm not going to like what I'm not going to go come on. Somebody don't to make me be the one.
I'm not going to restaurants. What am I going the same as going nowhere going to get him out, get him out, get him out so all the other guys in the staircase that are not going. Is it a prison revolt? Yes vote, so they took me out of the they put me back and he said you will sit here and you will do duties and they started initiate kick them out of the military. Right but but but fortunately you know that what you did was just belligerent was in criminal law. I was always sure criminal right. So I want to give section eight without like mass because it s actually not raising anna in writing. Ukip Brooks brother man, he saved. My life is worth section eight. He put me with a mental bee, bread and mental people know you not mental, gathered around me. We as it I get out of it. Ok, ok, ok! You want such really Put in a hunting. Ok, we'll be you won't be sexually asked. Other works, there are just p.
I was like. Oh my god, I'm gonna lose my mind. I mean you really. Is there a need to shave yeah? It's got thirty five, ten yeah everything's as it gets new pants everything's, and when you're going to talk everyday now, you're not going to get a honorable, you don't get a general under honorable conditions I can't get an awkward but not dishonored. Now I got general on animal conditions in which as he is smarter. It just means you got issues yet is smart. So you know when I got kicked out. I said that to me out: the cross street got my beggar thing? I said you know what is the lowest I can go, so I can go nowhere, but is the lowest I can be your work. You had outta. We put your mind to getting kicked out of the military air when you were one. Fine just didn't want to deal with it, and now I got kicked out. He said my boy does another cat dear me, you will get kicked out quick. You say you want to stay.
Doesn't matter in the middle of a site. I would my commanding officer now just seen it and my ways that I'd like to stay, I go to go to school, become an officer. My paperwork was two or three days: yeah. He kicked me out in three days because you could have made a stink about it in a way. No, they were like this. They thought I want to stay right, so I thought it could hurt me right. I kick me out, Oh really, I everyone with officer there was it I've seen air my ways as the edges. Oh, so you think you acted that as that, like we're going to really crush his gas, I think it could be an officer like you got here. He said what I'm going to flash it so I like to. We could work this out work hard. my paper was through that hilarious. So then so then you do that and what your father say after all that bullshit I could go home. I was like a really I said: I'll be home when I can buy your house that some are committed because you what I'm a comedian he says so is a hobby. right cause. I will call on three: could you sent me twenty five dollars
my parents just stop saying that like last year did it is that there is no one more like those of you we debate Dana space, somewhere in the seventies and eighties Wendy. Was no extra how'd. You make it. How you make us, a time. It was a devil bouquet, it was some bicycles yeah. I bet you not the cause. And that's what is mother him when he's there. Somebody somebody yet so ended, going on? I would just shop places comic. I will show up at the level required. Azure music was not worship comical. I will show up coffers and say I was of a name for guy was my manager, So I would call like I was my manager and they said we can't our job. As a major said I was booked here illegally, we told you manage a dog like ames third time this week and they will look back. You can go up to three minutes, but I knew if I did three minutes and I killed, I get a place
they may be full really so many clubs is it before there were john congress club giggles comic club nash, the I will just short of where we live in. Nowhere that a ride, a bus really yeah. would you set a bag shit back, any writing and yet on pay phones, a bus station and do this manager scheme the hustle ha. And that's how it started? I had a little list of work. Comedy clubs read- and this was before the boom right before right at the saint legged. I would conceal a notion which our and I saw the comic club Similar rose them cassidy, but these are black clubs, no women. When I close with a black lives. It now know the fur work themselves, Marie's go colson saint louis, but this ever became a comic. it was on one not a weak. So this is what I have just those the eighties clubs. everywhere all over the side, the clubs. What do we do a club and workers as club, it made a comical right. They always have niver com because can be was beaumont right, so scientists,
I get Agatha can't say, but we forget there, though ambition places now what I did. should a nightclub among us and get rid of managing the weakest. The club nightclub, hey, look. he didn't even know, I must do stop stop. None of this is funny he's real estate sms time to stop there. Ok, maybe some time I want to time our due time as I do if you know you hire and fire, so the dj. Starchild man he's djing, he's dj on there's a microphone recover. This law also the guy was withdrawn, cutie pie no more song country yo, do think he's funny I hell no us said, becomes sebastian. My name is Sebastian, if I get up our might, how ya doing good. You got here here and then the girl said Joe. After my guess. It don't way
dad's. Would you anyway, sunset duck a vastly about light by my it as it? Thank you very much and I left the disabled here, but I will not the door, the door to get out yeah. It was a door to where the alcohol was. I just I don't alcohol. It might come out the door again staying here. I said from midnight through the morning and I wish to commend to you want anything just city most committed. We know you and emma go home. Is a committee massively so do those are the cap with a plate myself? comic club people sitting down and listening? Is it possible? this, the calm we do that there was such a fork answer to me. So I gotta get this continent's comical up macabre down three Three time. Will you devote weeks now I remember a magnet was right, so I get their funny I'd kiss If I get my car I catch me. No, I got to import as a cobra now jumped on bus, turn hooker car was that it was about do
Sorry, I just I should have made it solved right, no good guys from a piece of crap sob yeah that the kurt the the glue on the hitler fall on my face was driving output pins up to hold it up. I thought I was cool, I thought I'd forgotten now. Do is I therefore beg yet it is to have alerted them at sea. In the kansas city. Kansas city against the comedy club and all the comics are there an american man, John penny, and they were like look dude well, you know you do three minutes or we can do three minutes ago and my girlfriend was my wife now as it,
In minutes I can talk. I didn't know what has doing what a sat was. I didn't know that was special I'll, be doing it for like two weeks yeah I was like man three minute. I go forever yeah, so I'm like this. They let me get one state. I took a newspaper. I remember more songs to adhere to the audience pick anything and I did a routine on air and the club wanted it. This he'd gone here, so I went from three minutes to half an hour air. He goes I kept most days. He book me for that weekend. The comics intimate to like Four weeks later, we hated to course, so we can't get. We've been here for a year if a year he might David Nestor might give you time. I realized what I was doing was different. I didn't realize that there, all the other guys, you're doing jokes comes like this. Now we'll get. You cannot wash meanwhile, Erika didn't dude. The test was, we have moved bay right.
There are other ways, one a random. Fifty minutes- and I like this- this is a momentous and in eighty five, although it is eighty nine eighty five may, although the comics balmy, he goes to material he'll turn material like this gentlemen, were robin. We have selected now may either he's a sponge. If you hear something it becomes is on like this. He take must of so they're like this man, so robin, isn't he won't do pretty minutes and he did it for five minutes. and who knows what makes us a me why Oh you think you're funny I said: do you were never my competition hears him bill Cosby, which uprising why we could be reduced. By knows, as a mother knows you guys, I said and didn't get what was coming from. I said if I can't stand on stage with these dudes, I'm not a comic, so wrong
what stays as man just buy gas I'll? Let you make the coup he's, leaving I start doing that. Then he stay within three months of the innovation. After he goes watch in l a as robin wales, article l, a I said, I'm gonna be alright. I was like this I'll keep our wins competition. Robin Williams said ic, go to l a yeah and did what right africa this year, you're funny move down here, your hated by yet went to improvise way It still had it or now master yeah, and then I went to the comedy store man I could get on. I could get it man that somebody hasn't yet we'll get some. I said with her some as a similar yeah, so I think it was Louie Anderson did. I think that what yeah so Louis did it for me louis cycles, somebody to sit with her and cower this guy's good of the system. Remember I was on a roll do ready made. I was his money and people planning vacations around me with no tv nothing.
so I m by eighty five of us up in one year near so I got there. Well, my desire to prove nothing funny, That's what I'm coming right away: rights over there, Mr Zalm. Wars have got their economies- I hear you is. Yeah, I don't understand your style. Is a rather be back and bud freeman off me materials. Look! If you don't have a company store, you can come here. You showcase might be want no kidding, he said Kevin Dillon said man, that's crazy. The forgiveness and this of them fit what he'd it did happen happened with Jimmy walker. Yup. Could Jimmy walker fucked him in his mind Jimmy walker betrayed him. This still exists between those two guys like I'd jimmy walker in here and we're talking about I was doing everything else in that back in the seventies, there was a real tension, It was tis right when we're both right. Exactly but, like Jimmy was buds one.
If the first guys from new york like he knew Jimmy and Jimmy started working at both and they they they're still fucked up about it. What yeah that they were, but but freeman said the only the only thing, the pessimism off his dad too, that one thing Can Jimmy walker betrayed from the seventies he good. Let it go hasn't america. Jimmy knew it it's kind of tricky man, Why is who gives a shit now know me right here, no way address, of the place anymore, crazy man so bud. but said to you. I don't work for her now. He would do him. One like I said, do but, ology shook, but let me kevin. You live like this isn't happening well, I think we we would begin to make people understand that at that time like before became just a world of bringer, shows him yeah. We would be coming now that bringer Riah paid a bring vessels
Look at the recent comes to come stories you come to combat club is because your pulse Evan audience what they do, but there is also the bringer thing but like they do by, but the point being that at that time was one night and use it. Ok, you saw twenty guy. Yes, so he basically said I'll. Give you spot any time you want to show guess which could be every night of the week. Just do just stay exclusive yeah right. that's out, starts moving is, are you? Are you really do that, because If our highly was no longer me, I was showcase for stuff. A chill and these young anna forget these young agency. Junk asia, like wow what actually abc sky symbol. And are not forgive. She told me. They say any by him. Here europe will be the only next rigid the next big on my mama I'm at the next. robin williams, bill Murray, I'm like this aid by him and ass my mind: what is it about meat, and now they couldn't forgot what our
was the answer. Is it no was? Isn't it goodness militant. What is it couldn't? Figure, broadway and employment are what I didn't take much junk well, that's it. They was just a thing that that that's a that's a superior officer did yeah. You know, you graduate utility armies do kay, say stuff to me right, honest and also a sort of like you knew see this The thing is like if you're just fundamentally incapable yes of playing by of taken any sort of or like a thief. eddie programme authority, some some stupid years. That do. Let me do this. I can do this item I must say that I was somewhat camera, that's what they're doing stuff we can do Wait like this. I have a point of view. They really just want you to my good man you're funny I'll, take you alone funny right, there's not much. But if you play ball aga nor can score, I gonna write. All you put a broader, I my hand I want to buy the integrate. Don't hobble may adopt millimeter get me to go near, so
almost like a double edged sword couldn't forgotten, because I was clear Do this we haven't got the hollywood, they see he's clean them. Is these clean He's all american clean, fawcett ya just kept. My group like it was no funk about me. Right leg was unconscious, these people whenever he saw me they lord clean through them off. Like I said I, it was pleasant link on it. I'm a comedian matches up what must happen, as anybody care who you argue gives in front of me by me. I don't care what you do. So having do your dirty material dirtier than you, I can do dermatol clean as a do you get it and then I thought Get it because I'm doing movies, I'm a play. Everything is there can be no limits. So they'll say there's more than one side to sing better than the movies. They will remember the movie as they go. I don't think you'll do that, so you thought so they were projecting yeah like now. He has his own thing ain't going to, and I made a mistake, I should write more movies man. I should I should have got mad as such. I do so so what was the first big opportunity
We are one I can remember it was. It was on china, Furthermore, we was was Joe rough men. Give me a chance to do house guess and I got a chance to help punch the group up. It funny add up, but I think a happiness. The director has Noah's girlfriend yeah yeah yeah and I told the crew look I'm not going to evaluating. Having is in here ray scope. The first day phil hartman, as if they'll. Let me just go with me my brother. He goes whereas Phil go with me, my brother, I can feel that she was mild and the words no hurt javascript, and I want to know if those are the words us. I know if I'm being honest but you'll, get all the credit for it yeah just, but you didn't see it That is why would you do as it Y know minds? One? Yes, but no and he became cover fight right, sir,
I really do. I will sit and watch. They watched the dailies and I was worried about the dailies and I was you knows was tired as hell cause it back the next morning to go shoot one sunday we're off when pittsburgh's unit Eric Sears was the editor hours, hay and she says my dad. The editor as he was you come over here if the comedy building I watch to edit is like this. He said see what you're doing you'll have to come. Any more dailies. I got you know. Yeah I was like this. He says funniest is funny, goes, do is funny. I'm only sending the funny stuff right, I said is always guys like that. It was always The other cats are great. The girl who who answered the phone, the girl when I go to go up for auditions right and the guy he's letting in the girls this like, oh, my gosh so funny, but well I got your honor stronger vonny. I could play the game go to bed like you know thing is this. I can't I can't from what I am I am when I am tat was like that
way after you did tv in shit. I first tv oversee was what firstly, The gandhi I did think are permit beer. First, we got here. Bob gerardi is directing, who did you know, beat a video, and always sit near here is the same saint. By black. We were removed, use elsie, ozzy it was robert house and it was me mario. Van people's they'll mars and it will be too so may submit what we auditioning. Though, what made me knock as I've gotta wonder I was wonder: if act as if the kiss of death comic Hannah, So do I went in a red and Gerardi says this, because the paused for a part of this guy he's a comedian. Also soap, but he says to me after reading the promise much action he said, if you find you got this as it women, So all these details of inviting us to do so home near such, as did my face. Oh so when we
The club med do was made certain scenes, but dude I'm plough and what is a tv show is that any visa mood wait. What with a movie with my love, linda hamson from terminator, she hasn't it man be sound when she was in a dual music air and bill morrows injects julia was the obama played a box? And if so, why would down to doing this movie he says, look man. I know you never know said today. You just keep they laughed so hard to do is put me in These were the funny stuff and then system assistant is me down three. Let us show some: there was a data from lore. Martin lama was for dex cutting back in the day. Here is it. This is not a sinbad movie cause, they said, put me in there too much. Alright, he says. Ma'am, you get kid. I dunno even tell you I've never gotten like details. He calls this. Kid is killing the ghost. This is not
I seen that movie. He said he had one of those personalities. It won't take you days which he said. Will you still come hang out as a welcome everyday yeah? Just isn't that weird, though, that you know they're like we got, we gotta take him down. It is not. It was my ultimate dad was so frustrated dude. You walk in a room, you're six five. He said you know what you're talking about you. Don't back down and they're like this. Most common like that, with what do I'll get a job your comes does give us our do it I'll? Do it right nature of each of us might have funny you I'm here to be me and I, the funding of the comic and I'm not here, hoping you find me funny to my mind, means as they do have a man here. Even now my asia gwynplaine, was a man. We do you still have it. Ok, I'm who you lost it, who asked it that would do in droves. Apples. What comic did did did milborough lose it did, did george burns wounded, who lost it right?
downward with some I lose its re, but their release yonder, waterways, amabel realises I work every weekend, yeah they are thereby guitar avoid demagogue ozma. Who was it? I work every weekend, I'm having a ball being a comedian and play music. a primal, fumbling music. I want a club, ms laughter, oh yeah, yeah. Eighty york were red fox. Yes, first show. Chauffeurs tv show a play: riff oxide. damn it s like I, just riff arguable, chauvelin book I was really tell me about rare, because great great read is right, because I've talked to so many guys and I think about comedy a lot in the history of it is why I, I think I don't think like he's like the the black robin, like you get the respect that it deserves. He wisdom one aim CBS! Do How do we save NBC float, wasn't saved, abc and and re foxy many others, those guys don't get, that historical recidivism deserves to far back see red came from what time is too far back there
they owned a cloud of unless one last, not just on the club duty at boxes he was was based. Nobody wanted to do was hang out with you. We want box of films once more with red light, hang or people here, and I think my mother making breakdown hives was real, really other shorter want. I desire masquerading as a yes and saw a letter on the lot, as the muzzles that boy he broke out. It is a novel davy broke out? Mr Mann has given his money. He loved his mom to domestic job craze, give as much You had to pay ridden cash here, it's kramer's weekly salary bays and can say he's one, those guys it was so like him? I can their those guys, you're funny, obviously by her when those guys like you know he couldn't help, would be funny if you
I said, no, he was beat cause they're brutally honest rare was read. It taught me how to tv when they put me in may, when it made me his son, they re. them to show him the day the daughter? It was a work, as his son byron, who play provable came back home near so do rare my first I do and do my thing and do my lines. I remember I was lagging like that that that that that's good I like how you did that, but you know you you all over the place they got taped down here. She can stand the tape now. You know you're damned white and get a white boy to play. Your part. I laughed so hard. He became a friend, he said to me I'll, do stuff and then that the guys that produced him, you make him come alive
could ask him every how about this will try this. He he will do it. We did a scene where the the oven was supposed to blow up, and ours was the jump over the counter blown up dude, the obligatory bloat red push me down and jumped over the counter for a laugh. I said a lot of accolades at like this? It was a so called their day. Show me that you? I was excited a heavy dagger job. He ever jumped over ghana blown up created this thing as these young man you made it look fine and versa. You made it look fun yeah. That was something I loved him and I love red fox and one of the great yeah I love red fox. So I got to cut my teeth and then they became an argument once one to smother brothers, not the one with the mustache tommy smothers was directing and duty
oh yeah. He dreaded episode of my eyes once mothers but sir was doing a little stuff improv thing here. That's not funny. And I didn't ask another say us anonymous: the cabin crew amid the crew, camera people they. Yes, it as way was going to happen. He said I said, does not funny it won't be the show a stop being thomas mothers made that point now- and I did this I said de maybe you don't know what funny is ass, every upright on fire me and the whole room, just Why he's easy know? Who I am? I said: if you forgot you, I can write it down for you. I don't get it city, your house for theory pushed it. I said, plus. I never said you were out your brother he's actually dunno. How funny you say in this year saying this shit cause. Now, I'm going in a number
And now the other side of me comes out. Boom boom boom am thorn. Ma am slinging idea as a house that was that funny red vacant, When I said tommy, we don't keep what he did cause you bought to get knocked out. I think, but as young man yeah, it's a rare, far says to me: don't ever change and don't have a backup. He says because it was funny. He said awesome see how far you will go to stand up for yourself and leanne Lim aboard stage manager said: don't do in your career this week. He likes mess, is gonna get worse than this some time to submit to. Why would why would somebody fight being funny I didn't get, I didn't get it, I didn't understand the eagle a moment there was the outcome of our oceans, no, it's funny cell and eighty nine directive, one episode, even when ups also wasn't your nerve. Now, there's my shot we have together,
this guy's just a day player and taken down there, and he looked at me. Man I mean. Is the waste It is said: centimeter I said is not funny get cut out, I said, will cut it out, you think that scares me. You cut me out and showed him last now submitted to us these days. You remain friends were red, yes till he that day die cat tat. He would do. He would do a show table friday gets a flight and go do show midnight in vegas yet of minnesota base. And of his mother showed up. He wouldn't cuss his mother's uncas and state. and that's what you were someone told my mother was a noise. He would not curse. It's incredible grows ever saw him do thirty, so can I get them? The party records that shows that he can work. I took guys were dirty if you can't work dirty and clean, even enough funding right sure, yeah as The including this same thing is a choice of words but was had funnier dirty beth, there was no use funny both ways
does one say: ass, a man ass, a I would just as funny the other way. What is interesting, though kids like when you started doing comedy, who who were you mean guys what it was cause being prior cause. We prior robin whims, We didn't see what I do in standard after winters. It was way before us, where we resolved that I had the records and- and I want I had all the old footage of red yeah. You can see stuff his timing, man this time was god, damn it right he was. He was the cat, so. Flip Wilson was one my idols. So after red fox yo. That's when you, the the relationship will cause me starts work then, after a fog show them. the audition, for this show for different world an Yet the show not remember this would show there it was. It was spent,
so from the gods were so right. There we had to catch, so you are, but he producing it. Yet they were looking for comic to warm up the audience. No shit, a member those jobs a hard job to get because, as a brake closed very close job right if the comedy gets it never gives anybody else could have to be there doing funny. Good money right the union covers. I the game. our audition right, so I had to lie so I go in carson when almost like member cars, you must have made to my already shows I've done in at one of the eyes, for this shown that show. I could just stop but delight, couldn't stop I stopped a lot and, as it also warmed up for magnum p, I and they said it wasn't on location. I said yes and that's it, but matthew this up to this point. How good was I doing? I get up. I said why can't you stop lying to you could
You just you didn't need the last did as I'm walking out and george Crosby as a kid about. The guy was six of six a work for cosby yeah he's my career manner manner. Pr man did, you was in there, he said, look either. You very paladin year- are due to a mental yeah. I'm going to err on the side of a mixture of both and I'm and tell them give you this job and don't make me look stupid as a what don't me, because I figure, if I wanted to show Cardinal put themselves say it was never to warm up, going to be a woman comic. They didn't know that right so now for Dave Dave, David Cameron, I won't be bill. Cosby may I came to a boom the sosa producer up to me. We don't we just any. I say well away because we, u away for cause me, you got there, you got things ready, I say
no, my name is in I'm a comedian out again stand was going on right now. She said why don't think you understand was gone. I need you to get out my face. I'm getting some replace you go and get him. He comes. Cosmetology will say hello. So cosmic comes up, so I got this goal. I could speak to him. I was like this he's a moot definition. The trick is, and he goes We love Hannah grimy strengthen your right. Do you like Are you didn't? No? could shake his air browsing. May ribbit ass men, it was. I know we all do our don't do all that about, like I don't do that we can do this man, you got there you just you, don't you what will you do a thing and you do it? You be cool and you do you. They am. I guess I'll here will ass much show off every so do I'm out, for warm. Yes, some woman bodies and I'm do my thing, but as a woman
in the ios it might be easier. If I sit in the aisle- and she goes, I'm six three. She stood up, Kimber rigour, borrowing to produce in my first answer. She's, a cumbersome, argues amateur woman rewritten the idea as a glimmer. That's how we met and I got another gig, because that night so I'm won't always for today's cause. We takes the mai and said this man should be on tv as egos and I'll play. It has been. My bank. Do chimera well. It goes to dick clark as a show called keep on cruising and say I know you were looking for a black host, but I found the guy who she hosted the show. So I'm like this. If nothing comes out this cosby research bianti well to ease later man I gotta
I don't like having for my address. I got a ticket and invite I I'm doing the cosby show I like is how he found a house. There was a ticket hotel and fraser come to the coffee show, and I did the casual it was the highest rated episode in tv history, since the beverly hillbillies, the one you around the house blessed would give a godfrey is, but we were, I played, the car salesman saw him a car, so I get there he goes. How would you think pretty projects up soon. He goes now. You'll like like this. No time right, you're be funny right, so do I'm doing to see William and I'm trying be respectful. You don't be out funny during the
Wake me up start clowning that saddam sought a boy, thus roller war, the gimme that he goes Jay we're going to re shoot it. He said, go loose when wet built nor bills thing is Oliver him. You can't be off on him. You can't have fun of me. Give me all you cause. You don't intimidate me, so you have got all the shower. I started from him. I want the coming from I want you maybe like. Oh, I want you to make me leave my dressing room, so I can be a my ago. I used to live in cosby, let's go loose, did he did one for the audience to give a godfrey for the artist to give me gilbert? He let jailbird go ballistic. So you did this or that from that you did that you got a different world, putting on different world and as big for you yeah there's a lot of episodes. You are working hemet had a job
and I did different, was a different world and I was hosting showtime at the apollo and I was doing a luther vandross to all the same time, opening for luther death and that's how you should think coming as it did for the fresh air for normal. No, my dear said look fires like fire. the gig ass it I will go back into the same cities into smaller theatres and, as I did Nor do I know you build minority rights building and was a high raised enterprise. We owe the brain damage. Yet everyone knows who you are is funny. People know I am, but they dont is six years old next year. I remember you weren't orange jumpsuit, oh yeah, brother war, colors the war colors, nor did I used mother, I can't say I think December. If I'm walking down the street is that we, Think of ourselves in bed there can be no body but simba right yeah. So yes,
you were huge, but what we say that the people are a member here. It's still, I think people believe no, I mean this. So much more, that I got you movie wise and stuff I want to do it. Was such a box everyone keeps her busy tomorrow, but why did you take the name simba? That was my nickname, doesn't think they might have in college. So I just for movies tv dumas perfect? What it are woody this embed show how that will happen without simba show thirty episodes at a pit. Something ok, as I have I want to do a tv show gerasa this dismal movies but disney. mia deal, I had to pick a tv show a made up. I was going in a pitch and Joe roth Comey said you can fake a suck pitch. Can you ask me they bought the show, as it shows not real. Is that what he's they bought? The show now you stagnant tv show, I said, and I should have flubbed it,
it's so now, but the best thing that happened is I went, I had to go get produce, but I was on the road during the talks. Wait so they reach out to you. They say you got anything. Anyone had a deal. The deal was with disney to do movies, but I had to pit atp one teasing like a deal and new and picked up a rotten I'd better out, throw the fight. Is it thought if I regret this, It's gonna make movie yeah right and my patient. I think I'll buy this about a guy adopts two kids black man and he does the internet this internet. It's about ninety. Ninety, four, I'm chinese, just by the internet. They are what he's he does video game He programs video games because I'm a tech, freak mazur like this. What, as trust me six months will be hot so mangled by this. Yet they call the great congratulations. You messed up here, yet the tv show. What's so now, because one role road, they start developing to show it to me. So don't I get there might is right.
up in us already have. Unlike a guy, he didn't want to do it, the guy I'm. How to work now might be the guy's liberal to hard to work with. I think every comics first show is the winner through hard work, because you fight, you thought you thought writers were funny and they would hang out with you. You don't relate writers, some of the most antisocial people in the world. But the good writers, they could be good colorized, but they have no life. so I didn't know that, but it will be cool and the writers were told not to talk to me and I was like what don't talk to him. Are we supposed to come off the plantation? I wasn't in the main house. He was called to the massa house great, where are the bruisers, but that betsy, but that was the thing then yeah they're, like we know his point of view. It's just fucking right to show the only way to look at north point of view, some of them and everything we do stand up. They don't even know your point of view, they're writing from their point of view, yeah, that's all I have sister kind like that yeah, yeah, yeah man. a civil war minor with sneaked the window, it might just room ass. It were sagacity. Do this. So he would sneak and get. My idea is real there and he take
Maybe, but that's intricate recognize it take it. But you are not as a career, you weren't on his yellow us. Ok, but they did they had given it create rack are the scourge of your views. It then I did this hey guys. I said nobody, religious, faster, as the biggest ever editing bay right here on the set this it does not pass, was on our shores the technology other realized. They knew as possible you, don't want me in the editing right, so do and this year and worst nightmare. So I'm not What's going on, we get. This far stuff, they won't. Do it right, I'm a guy who don t kids, your brothers sisters, I don't want to die I use them for ireland. My video games when the woman goes like. Will you let your mind uses kids ones, adopt them?
play boys, a single duty k, dogmas, Gideon is of dogmas. Kids in it now said this is partial. Were the first year he's a fish out of water when these kids second year, he hasn't get let it was some friends that the third year he says the good woman guess who's. The girl was on the show me That they let go some high, we have some a hike here and they let her go ass. I do I'm leaving a right. Her name down, cajole, said dumbness move up ever seen in my life. I says she's a lad and highly bury our young crazy here. I don't think so, so you feel in in that process of that show that you didn't really want to do that. You lost control of it and it got so crazy. It could have been so funny. Hey, I didn't know the inner writing in the hollywood reporter he knew what he wanted. We should let it left left him alone.
Just didn't want you to have, could just say so. Does he got a better idea is not to do not hard. What would you like this about ideas, data, your I deserve it. When we tried this association, control, memories bar me asked. I give her writers numbers look when it took Lakota crazy but Were they wanted her to be? A rich woman rose roses arrive, amount arose, roseanne said no. I lived in a trailer park, can't we show a person who don't have money to buy good clothes and stuff, What is your worked? So It stayed true to herself said trudeau. She was on the shoulder and memory they tried to fire and they told John goodman he could have been john goodman was relies, does not work without her. Somebody would have jumped the chance to make it their show. Mia. you are you spend a lot of time with her one guy that met rosie when I was in colorado, I came through there and she was even talking about quinton yeah, and I said you know what is was hate you, because when you get done women, don't let them say stupid stuff. I say you kill in it
when she came to allay man cinema now as it. So she went to do that. Because the show We called over bam. Banks the store she was a man she's been there. Today's does yeoman there two days in time, then, maybe you, our friends over the story anyway, right yeah, you know, I know everybody, you not just of works. I think I just works. Much. I never really hung right. So you do lad tv do bit part still. He do some big parts. You do you're here and there, but you work in your ass off because you want to get a like. No, I don't I don't like doing some, I'm doing some things I did back in the day I don't like, as I got Alex, I don't like a bidder. More common clothes have ever done, which is good and bad. It is you gotta do more days, but it also gives me the chance to rest and be somewhere and a kind of violent people. It's nice themselves is only for a few I'll. Do it every couple three months ago? comical, is it humbling? Were you ok momo?
but it was was humbling, is one other comics thing to say a giant trip there, but we think, as you did, glove. Him everywhere do some together. Now you were, they don't know why I mean like is it you want to play with Allen iverson we may be. We play an assembly together, netizen irish vote I don't think it like, sometimes like I, when I hear what what young comics do, that that's sort of like well, who the fuck They think when we have done that, I mean like not because our respected cats, what's funny, but I mean maybe was easier for us to know who is who nine knew whose for a new horse funny. I knew that guy. New J level, jailer with unless jabers damages for Jacob certain J was his legend calmly collusion say, was given a door. it was a legend wreck and I got transport were J zombies in nashville that little places
I slice yeah, I'm gonna, do I'm gonna say it's great. I love that! I'm going to saturdays and at three I love that man yeah to the theater nashville. Sometimes I do deniz deniz, great. I have one last don't get it last run. I got one laszlo. We mean view if one lovely blue you'll like it for another job. If maps and sixty madame grownups by blue here, I'm just whenever, wherever assessment, they don't have the ban, I'm gonna play whenever I get a cold. I love it later than a beggar, distinct nasty band. Yeah do we do fuck, but I never played with people. I was there. I sit in here and play. We were but then like when I start playing with people. My life changed in early october, you gotta, get out your room and go play with people. It's like great cause. You were not all about me how guitar will travel but be like that how this they have them talk to strangers based play a year relies only to hit always plays, gets right That's right! I space that sea for people like me, new for fucking yeah go testicles but lacks only nobody. We re in a worse leader of bans. I tabled a key
My band was on the worst one, my bad guys play with regimes These guys are so good. They make me. Oh yes, Those are not the that's right. That's the best thing to realize. Is I'm not them? I can just do what I do. I get such good guys behind me. I look like a fucking get away with murder playing stuff. I'm talking trash. Do I get away with murder percussion for a second, do my daughter's things? What else do I'm having I'm having a ball now after I did? Your did your phone? we have to see your success at my mom's alive. Are there too? Am? I took my dad with me away at my my dad too, when I finally, when I did star search my dad two miles? Davis? Man? Oh my god,
in miles Davis said to me: I did star search. A set in motion was going to happen, my life he said and I'll watch on stage up to you play music as good could as jazz. You know a note, but you play him the way you want to play them. Dang on, like you real, he said you want to keep moving for what year was it that was nineteen. Eighty two rivers gyre the first day the stars of back then yeah. He said they're not I too, like you, but you gotta. Do it anyway, he's doing panthers, no rules- and I didn't know, do as I said, but not to allow those
as David know, I was like this. He says he said you get what I'm saying acid wow. He says you make this. Look like you ain't doing. None you make it look like is easy because you just flown with it, but then realize your backstory in your new comic, your backstory big. Your life is right cause when I became a comic I've been to by the time I became a comic. I just want some kid. Eighteen want to be funny. I was a kid being: kicked out of the military dropped out of college, went through jobs, went to others, but to make him a comic, you couldn't move me, you can't hurt me yeah, that's what guys understand. need a goblin stage. It can restore improved too. Thou jokes work out a joke, it's because most days I'm working, I were going to Regina I'm bringing a legal pad up. So you don't have this sucks hey. I got this legal pad here, so this is suckers. I got it on his payer. Here may have some heart man do the job of his sucks, don't bring a legal pad up man So it is a reason, sucks, mother, goodbye identity, legal petworth, but made of it.
Do what you do, but Doug I've seen guys like this. There are no, no, no! I just put it up there because it remind me I thought, oh shit. I know that's funny do I have mentioned. I thought I was on that have an afghan yea. I talk about running. He had not only that the idea, but I got millions of parking pieces of paper. I went back to shit, I'm a journey to save my dad do. I know I take type rapid, Accordingly, I am do. Does it do That's my! She did that it s my seeds, my that's my shields and they go what imitation yeah that's it. I do not make a purchase of it. Let's go for that, for ever the sheet, always Oh shit, that's gonna take a picture which are found their way of a lucid. You got it a good idea. a man. Why can we went on paper? We
If we lose it. I now know I do pick like there's always this part of the bag, we're going to go to the book bag gorgeous, Now I ve heard of a bag and have dinner with his eye this book. Got the way it's gonna have an order. Sheet of paper is right book, but what for my entire life, I've been like. I should get more organized with this shit. of the hearing that we were organize whether we will be incomplete. Lucy- and I know this sounds like a cop out here- everyone This has ADHD all comics. I read a book for the first time ever set is now diseases a gift they ve been telling people to adhd. It doesn't mean you can't focus image. won't focus on nothing you dont like and that's what makes com expresso don't like it. What I don't like it a dealer, what it is gift to be able to know. I don't want to do this. Did you receive gifts? Yeah? No, I I agree. Did you ever do that thing, though? It's like I'm gonna sit down with this stack of shitty napkins and just
we'll put it all in one place like I've gone p, I did. I did and we moved it did I try to type it out, but as about something else he has, I was typing it up. A t v show came on man that was driving it up. That way meant a lock on type it up. No, no, it's not like a night of one. Would it right, but the thing is just like, even if you type it out and said, okay, but I'm never going to look at this year again, I'm going to give it up, you haven't done the napkins, I save them and they're around, but once you do the bit, it's learn it's endlessly, but the napkin thing is: I tell people. This is how organized is as organized it'd. Be your box of negras be walked. A comic club just grab some raccoons animals. Would you grab yeah I swear I do the night. I actually stand on stage every time before a performer said. I know what I'm talking about. I walk as I'm walking on stage. My first job was coming. Yeah like that I've walked us elected, I'm a guy got nothin got nothin sword. Nor have done on this item or, as I have nothing,
What do you want me to start as they have both been level logos and it goes they love. I must tell you. I'm arrives my pain ya. But they like yeah. They love tell me where to go now. The artist loves it is always coming. I took comics, don't ever listen to commerce A bit halloo, they look comic the idea of edward sort of acknowledge what you got ready. I but unity, I'd love comic. So I come here. When, in those days when we were
It comes to eating breakfast yeah I like comics hornet cargoes, were I like comics was my trezor luck as a club we can get in a week. Come in here I like the boldness of comics. When we do stand, that's right. You live in life, but that's the funny thing about it is like you know. We get this privilege yeah. He hang around those brilliant mother, theaters and just go eat. Yes, you'd go to the movie with some brilliant mother fuckers to everybody we have there. I try everything we asia and the people who brought our food that we hate. We get to talk about everything. That's why we shouldn't have to get therapy. We are therapy. That's right! That's right! For everybody! We are therapy broke. Yeah, our job for the cult- yes, that's what we do here, where the court, just it it means when get killed at any moment at any moment, the king. What is it yeah? So we got to go like my one was like this man we don't have today is having a bad day. Let me go. Do my thing:
we can only combat comedy, is only our form that the act of doing it is the active of learning it. This is the only out for me. a burglary school of company law is no berkeley speedily. People take calmly classes, do you? Ok, good luck with the air, but nothing is this is the only our form? I think it's funny really, ok, give most days money for three minutes. Ok, let's do, as I say, I think you could drive, look man, I'm giving keys for three minutes. Drivers buddhas uganda, it into my will do some more drive. You learn play instrument. I can practice. before general stage. What guitar comedy do I think, on funding, really hey guys years ago that like no no mia and it puts your state in the act of doing yet is a bonus that nobody, no other art form, has our boldness great talking to you right on man,
That's it. That's our show what it, what a great story, what a good dude- and it was interesting to hear him wrestle with images cosby, something that that work another interview soon, it's hard to ignore What a horrible Person, he is in contrast that with somebody you may respected your entire life. It's it's interesting struggle for them. Before that. I was glad I talked to him and I I really had a nice time with the with the city I'd go see him. If you can. I, go to dvd. I found a compromise that we have hardly get on that now. Ngos had to put a little energy into work. writing that email for you, and also just coffee, that coop haven't done that one in a while get the wtf plan get a little get a little something something with that and I get coffee a mom had on my mind right now. Out of my mind, that's it!
I will let you know. On monday, one charlie rose is gonna, be on and and and how it went before its time. Maybe I'll give you a little teaser. Why guitar sure I can do that. the
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