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Episode 626 - Jason Bateman / Bob And Barry

2015-08-05 | 🔗
Jason Bateman wondered if he was done with acting. After finding success at a very young age, Jason thought about hanging it up. He talks with Marc about his career rebirth, from Arrested Development to his latest movie, The Gift. Plus, Marc’s friends Bobcat Goldthwait and Barry Crimmins stop by to talk about Bob’s new documentary, Call Me Lucky, which is about Barry.

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I do I do this. How are you what the plug? Your is, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the buxter is, what the fuck the holocaust hi mark marin. This my show this debate here on firing in my garage. I think I thought to myself somehow I think did myself an almost died almost died today still trying to catch. My I'm serious, almost died, yeah stay tuned for story, god dammit. Can I mention right out the gate, australia. I don't know what time it is there ever, I think, Like five nine fourteen out fifteen hours later than here, it doesn't matter. Does if that's not the point, my dates australia going to becoming coming to australia in sidney on thursday october fifteenth. The state theatre, albion, melbourne on friday,
october sixteenth at the palace is a palace, police, I'll be in brisbane on Saturday october. Seventy that city hall, I'm sweating right now tickets are on sale starting tomorrow, august, seventh go to ticketmaster dot, got a you. Barely all the tickets are, on the same place there looking forward to come about. australia been a long time who We got a pretty loaded showed tat. I got there some bateman had blast with jason bateman and then the galileo before jason bade me. I will talk to the wonderful bobcat gold plate. barry crimmins about the documentary commie lucky, which is about bury criminal, so heavy film, but its handled with delicate balance of a funny and depth and pain. it's it's a hell of a documentary that things will talk to them about that. Oh my god. What did I do to myself? You guys work. I couldn't you talk. I did you, phones,
in australia- and I I couldn't even think properly or speak properly, because I did dumb. I tend to be a little, not self loathing, but self critical- and I I tend to you- know, judge myself harshly, especially around body issues and I've been a on the road and eating freely for you shoving. Shit in my mouth would knows the control irresponsibility, sure all the pretzel role on the plane, I'm flying first class, I'm entitled to a pretzel role and a cookie and of the ice cream. debt, you it's wearing the air, that its meaningless its erased automatically flying ice cream does not apply anyway. So I'm feeling a doughy and feel a little shitty and there was a time in my life people. I don't know if you know this, where I exercise pretty regularly, I went to yoga. I do that every sunday I'd eat healthy as the time. Why do sit ups and core exercises and work on the ball a little bit? You know I mean resistance. Training I like to think I m pretty fuckin good shape on a core level, but that drifted over the last couple years ago, It gets away from you, like I gotta get back to that
when I really think about it. I've been fuckin been on a regular exercise regiment in years now this bathing memory that I hold onto. I go back and yesterday so I'm being the shit out of myself since I got home a few days ago from touring extensively. In now, being at home to plant my ass into my life, and am I I gotta get running again. I gotta get a grindy and I think I'd talk to you guys about this before I was running the hills around here I was able to run these two massive hills in this little circle that I do, and I got to that point- rose able to do that, but sir now have just sitting around chipping away on the fucking passengers again added interview today than it was like around twelve thirty one o clock and do some other she had gone some she had done and then and then I'm like I gotta run. I gotta run any when you're, when you're on the fence about running when the spirit moves you you better moving you better put spirit into some sneakers and take it outdoors and hid it but I knew I should go to Jim to hottest fuck. I know how I
was ninety five I didn't know I close to a hundred degrees out, but the spirit wanted to run, and I was going to run with that spirit. There's not a complicated spare, the z, a very basic jogging spirit, so I'd get on my shoes. I do my stretching. I knew what you gonna jimbo. They have time to be back for thing. So so I went out in the ninety five degree to run my circle up hills and I done it really in months and it was a class stubborn old guy bullshit thing to do just that. You know you know when your dad says not fuck it were driving or when the pilots. As I don't I got my own plane. I get this store means. Nothing was one, those dumb pride full bullshit things to do as a guy. That's fifty one years old, so I hit the hills made the first one, ran it then I felt a weird numbness in my chest that spread through my arms a sort of excited numbness. I imagine excite numbness is what is the first symptom before the lights go out indefinitely, so if others,
weird excited numbness in my arms and mike I've kind of felt that before and I keep running MIKE woe, hard time catching my breath and then, like you know, getting a little dizzy and my guy alright dude. It's not it's not you're, not failing. If you walk a bit and I'm like yeah, but I am so I keep running and then I got choice to walk because my legs, The excited numbness so now had excited numbness and all my limbs coming and going and make this is fucked up, but I stay on it. I didn't run, but I walked the whole way. I had a sit down twice and I was sweating and I thought the lights were going out. Man, I texted my girl. I said hey man, I'm in trouble and called right away. She sam a whole foods during the guy get you that'll help here. My idea, I don't know if I'm gonna make it home. I just want to give you a job I might not make it to later and it's been fun so make it home barely see on the couch and to start sweat, and I got a headache. I can't move a star chugging water. Am I getting any potass
a start in banana, but it's no good. It's not ripe yet taste bad. Eight Yogurt pilot looked up potassium. could the president decided a new potassium yogurt cantaloupe? I just potassium doubt Then Sarah came oversees like any saw here, some I love some. I'm not there's not there's no way. I'm eating post run olives, but it took me like an hour to get my shit together. Cold compresses think I had a little heat stroke cause. I was stupid in my defense. I did the I did do the entire circle did not run it. I think I wait some pretty good, dare muscle memory groundwork for the future, but The lesson I learned is a dude, your old you not that old, but you're you're too old to be running. in a hundred degree heat. If you're, not the fucking marines. Jesus Christ almost died, could even talk to them. And the phone nostra could barely put words together. Let us now
Go to my conversation with bury criticism, bobcat goal twain about Bobby's, a document call me lucky. I would playing in new york DC alain elsewhere this week, and it opens another location throughout august. Call me: lucky movie dot com for theatres, and you know I love these guys now known them a long time. So, listen to us talk I had some weird memory like that. I can't get out of my head of that back room at stitches when you used to have your night at stitches. What was it done? What what night was your sundays? Well, I was thursday's half the thursdays and half the saturday, so I was there on thursday. it's and then we'd hoped you'd hold court in that little fucking ticket, both they're, so I'm in there and you're talking about you know about racism and how you are I dunno what the hell was- and I was shit faced- garden it into my mind, but some our another because danny
veto is so short that he was being used and it was similar to do what you are talking about with racism, and I just remember my point not at some point very just goes out of what the hell's going on marin's is danny to veto is racism, and then I don't know where the conversation that happened registered with you re you did. It made no sense out of thing you did makes in her. In my mind, I kind of like here is being exploited bigotry and that it is your letter step the exploitation of any debate right the way I am all for that very criminals, bobcat gold to wait. People have had on the show- I think bobby- of have you on several times. Yes, yes, many times here. Berry have had on once but it was a monumental event. Yes, thank you during that commerce I remember we have we
We had a good talk. It was very intense and then he came with me to the club, and you know some some comedy yeah and then I and then we hung out with Sarah and I had no plant yeah. I know planet talk about what I talked about. That's do you get the idea but you are you you had been talking about it. You know I'm very comfortable. Try out the fact that I been raped survivor because I am doing wrong right. You know part of me feeling that very comfortable in making a documentary who asked me listening among you, show guy quiet- and I gotta say that was a game changer doing that in real with you and thank man. You're welcome a diamond I did, and I today I heard from a lot of people, some of whom are you know I was able to provide some sick in Sweden that helps and continuous trailing yeah. You know we go back and forth, they would sail. A like that happened. It's amazing how people really
well the he think everyone exaggerate what most of the time I find that they start ups wow, you know nothin like you went through, then they tell you this heart breaking story in new york man. We get a few things that chip away at the power- as they help people in terms of a of other of a thing them most be, I carry with them as a secret or they're ashamed of, or they don't know how to speak about it. It's pretty profound and you shouldn't and that's the whole thing. That's why I'm really he now we I mean people too strident by language pretty easily, but when someone says, oh, you admitted you arrived. I ali lack idas clause, men, That makes me complicit name one of the big tricks, particularly with child sexual abuse, or you know she was asking for it. Mentality is that you are somehow plus it in these crimes, their dying, ass? You, you wouldn't say you admitted getting hit by air. hit and run driver held up a gun pointed it's this. It's the same thing, your crime, victims We are changing the language yeah, but when you made the movie bob, what will our emmy? Must it,
the awareness, you're gonna, have to balance You know they're there that the second story of his rape and and then also the the humanity of his comedy right. I mean what what was the trickiest part of making a movie. There was yeah, I I I I wanted to lay a bunch of pipe, so on new, very wise and in what he meant in the comedy world, but I also on in a kind of totally some things in their, so it wouldn't be such a big. You know Joe. when we start discussing is his rape, so it was very hard you know. I mean I mean by that.
as soon as I said to him ago, it was really hard making this movie up areas like really yeah yeah really really seriously kill him, but he's been through. I think it was about as hard as you know, a variegated very disclosed onstage in Boston. It was during a show and Steve Sweeney was going on and steve really funny, guy and guy that influenced me a lot but but but was like the kind of insisting on closing and very good luck. I go to disclose. He knows he's gonna. Do this and sweet saigon. I gotta clothes in his eyes. uncertainty, then, when you get up there is this going to Jesus Christ. die a guide dog bear I removed, but they are very good, but that was the interesting thing about the film to. Is that these guys, who I knew when I was a kid doing comedy in Boston, the these are working class? Do they come from a regional sort of
position around homosexuality around. You know whatever the right guys we're supportive. They were understanding that the community yo came around him. They felt bad right, yeah, I think I think, has basically it I think some people were sceptical, aware they're scared of the story. You know, but there was It's amazing, slightly more than enough support. Bob was one of the first people I told, and he was amazing, and you know it was weird. He almost went like a ride because it's like oh, the the criminal mystery, is a little bit solved here. You know right right, right, yeah. Finally, we know why cause I was trying to figure this out. You know all that anger and you know well when he you know disclose to me it was a sense of relief. Here's a guy, I've, I've, known and loved. Since I was sixteen years old and I was like, oh okay, this all makes sense. You know what, and then some of the tough shots in the movie. Here it's ten
fuck in the morning and bobs go on. Let's get you a couple of beers. Hang on it's technical, I don't drink tastes. I think you gotta have a couple of wow. I mean do you, I dunno the rio, so when fairy tales, the the the stories of his right, yeah, rapes, rapes and he the the First time he did. It was ten ten thirty in the morning and an is the only time I have ever done this as it was hot. It was, I said, listen I think we're doing this movie for the same reason, and I. I got going to get berry beer. I don't want a beer, I got game. As a dubious legume another beer, and I thought I need I need not tell the story, I need you to remember the story so and that's the take. That's in them, when it goes into the basement, yeah here, and so, while no, that was, now when you went in the background, when you told the story of beginning
when he went into the base that we had a huge argument. I mean a real fight like like I didn't. I didn't want him to go into them every time. There was something I don't you think when you make a move in independent, filmmaker yeah your lan your whole career on the line? Every time you make a movie you, my men, ever get to make another movie if you fuck up so every time there were there was a change. There was a chance. that is to harm to me, we would he would see potential danger power harmed me or something for the movie. He for the you know. He was for me and then I died. I was for the movie so uh, but I mean I wasn't gonna go into that. I was gonna, go back there and now, while that place to have that kind of power, I wasn't gonna- think about their place for so many years and have it in my head and then do be afraid to walk in there. I had to go in there as a child. I had no choice. Isn't it
I can walk in there. I also wanted to sort out demonstrate, that there is some sort of supernatural power that these criminals have roger view these stone walls right, you know, evil right has like aids a place. I hope a lot of kids playing. We only dynamic church has the power I think they're, making imbue walls with evil quite easily euro stained glass window up there. Now the absolute as production is a purpose. I think you know what was great movies that when they, you see the footage of you on on on tv doing those jokes that you, you know what I didn't remember was they were they were so accessible. So so up relevant. Now that there are of great jokes and you're funny there and you had a whole angle and it was all complete. You know you're. The whole package
and then he shows us down there, given you know you're performing for the sandinistas and I, and that was very moving like the the thing that I think people should know about this movie going into it. Isn't that it's not something movie, where you like, all my god, how we gonna get here, we're talking about about using rape as a child in and how you move by the balance that you were able to get bob with just that the part of bury that enabled him to survive and function, which was You know his wit and and his desire to to help Warm to use comedy, as as a way of expressing his his anger, really kind of is is a great part of the movie any kind of moves along and then to see bury this age neutral. Through the winter
estate is a is a you know, I don't think he. I don't think you realize how hilarious you are wow that whole I mean that whole thing. Let's just talk about their form and so goldthwait yeah, I mean everybody knows I cut wood nasa, but the thing is right before we shot two months before that I got t boned and my knee was broken in places. So he's got me hauling a maple log up a hill. How many years would that take yeah, maple log up the hill and then trying to split wood standing on one leg in that knees? Bad too, so I hadn't hit a They had a piece of firewood, not split a free. Now all these people work contacting me to advise me and how to split fire when slick go fuck yourself, another spitfire when raised, but I turned a gold coin. I say this isn't clerk and work and in the movie I was Ok, we're not going to see this in the curse doubts at the top of the moon. You just want to establish the character and our group is very quickly the fact
your life, though I think that you as a comic and the importance that I'm did as an act. But now also you'll, be and advocate in and a resource. Well, you have through this right, since you close disclose is now you know, culturally, no identifiable relevant and in your more available right out for yourself and for others, never sure. That's a great thing at any time: it's unbelievable and- and you know, helping others. Is a way to really not any anybody's in a twelve step programme. Nazism, when you, when you, you know that gosh. You made when near when you're, helping somebody else sure, You see where you were a while ago and you feel fortunate for me. How much further along- and I get that all the time at dealing with abuse, survivors and also you get there. They d be the selflessness they d get out of your own getting out of the way yeah yeah, and I mean that in that to me- is rare and really
the more very moment so worried about me when I did the job pornography investigation they had. I didn't know about tat I had it in me, was the most devastating part of the movie is echoes you. You know that yeah, you looked emaciated and an where I had been depleted that you went down the rabbit whole, but you changed your legislation, I mean what I did was a change to the corporate. jody a well they had to get rid of that. You know what was going on there they were making money back in those days, the customary for but now to be online, if your online over ten or twelve hours or whatever, that was in and then these saliva. They always Gaza span a thousand. twelve hundred bucks a month because they've never had a community they've. Never you know, as does that, of files in for yeah yeah and people who shared those things great, and so I and I'm telling you owe on their planet dumb, because it takes a half hour to upload one picture and they're getting paid so they're, making a buck and a half every time a picture gets goes, but I'm one of the first people witnesses
you know who saw an almost real time. Photographic evidence of cat katy was raped ten minutes ago. It's terrifying and market and they're playing it dumb with me, and there was. I went back and forth with him forever and then. Finally, I end up because my friend, while lawrence hooked with she somehow they knew they were gonna. Do this hearing in Washington, with the hearing was going to be about kids in pornography on the internet? Was like my sixteen old son stood up. Lay boy magazine, ryanair, I like you, know now, but if I hadn't been at the hearing. You would have heard the word child and you heard the word pornography, but you wouldn't hurt him in a row, and I saw that I didn't you I cared about the children in the pornography and I and I size ruses, photographic evidence of rape and sexual assault and exploitation of kids and and if you ve seen it, you would never called kiddie porn, which sounds like the bunny hitler somewhere I mean it's like its top,
If you know what really is its top stuff and then I and then I've talked with so many people who hoo hoo. No, no, they were photographed and whenever they talk to me about is really heartbreaking. Cause. They, though, other be fifty man crying sing. While I was kind of a pine cabin the priest used to take me there in an you know and there. You know he was kind of bald and you know they're really. Then they think. I saw it and I, in their embarrassed with malaga, look man if I saw a picture like that- and I saw a lot of pictures like that- if I saw a picture like that, all I saw were your eyes. I was trying to see, as is this kid, how long does this kid have? As you get what's going to happen to this kid you know what's going to happen to him or her, That's all you see if you're there, after witnessing it the right reasons and fewer and fewer whether one of the masters into that step. You don't you
never recognised this person, particularly as an adult, but they ve does name in a register with them. So I mean I was happy that I could at least convey that to a lot. people, but anyway we went in and they had a okey lawyer from aol who just figures as a nightclub comic, bring it on shithead and and and but here's the thing mark mrs washington, for I went in that hearing and and I gave my testimony clearly. The aol guy had been given my testimony cause his printed testimony was direct responses to the mai, testimony, they act ass for an address. Nobody gave me the key defending the rape. Kids, they advanced testimony of that of the other guy, so someone did in oak tipped, ok like lead, did ya out to him. We, I am, I still false modesty aside.
It is ass if, by the end of that thing like that is one thing bob has in the movie where the guy's saying well bury, doesn't care by. He doesn't seem to believe parental control. Southward, where works it works great. If the parents aren't the rapists rifle, wants the parents of the rapists it's kind of a useless thing. Now, isn't it so I n n, you can just sort of sea by the this thing this guy would come and pretty cocky. Why? snaps at the end and tells the truth by mistake. We do we said well, we yet I just want to stop right there, we it work online, have a strict three strikes and you're out policy concerning child pornography, and I was like you know. I love baseball as much as anybody, but now that a three strike offense at any fucking lake and Annie league is so and that when that happened, that was the cable he was done. Right was done. It was like There is no backtracks if he publicly said that they were.
allow people to stay there who had been caught too. Oh yaya. We don't have any fourth time. Offenders and ronchamp are like. Are you kidding me so it was over and but when he said that, if you look at him, he he's a beaten man. At that point he had taken. You know it was like the fourteenth round of a fifteen round flight and he had stop have. I think the other thing that that that makes the movie is so beautiful is that you're outside just in talking about the stuff in the end, the weight of it and and and talking about comedy a little bit, though, is the love that you guys have for each other for so long that, like there was an intimacy there you're around, you know your trust, bob sure and bob is a your knowledge of you and his trust of you and also you know the line that which you could operate at you're not crossing each eyes, line right and also learning new territory in terms of what you get together. It was a beautiful thing, a couple of things there Bob was a man I mean he was so protective and thoughtful towards me out,
I trusted him when my life and then I stepped back. It was hard not to say he had the. I mean you know your friends in the air, and people are talking about you all day and I and I was never there because I didn't want to skew any. You tell them the truth. and so I I had to I mean It- took some self control to not a bunch questions, but then I got used to it. but I also I was Gaia. I I trusted by yeah, and I and it was It- was a very wise investment on my part and he made a beautiful movie and what I love about the movie and Bob said some stuff to me. Early on that just came yeah. I you know he said. Look I don't to be one of those documentaries were thirty. Eight people are sitting in front same bookcase and they made this beautiful. cinema, about bradley stone, cipher the sinner I prefer did amazing workin and an engine striker, the editor did amazing and by an bob pulled the whole thing there than the hulk
was tremendous and there were some. So I mean it was easy on one level, but at other levels of a certain like I wonder, what's going on in there, they are outside the maternal, but out of every year, Jaso robin was robin them. Now is my best friend, the oh, so The movie yeah. He got here with a meteor in the middle of waiving emotional and his sounds corny. But as soon as I got cairo you know what would he want? You know, and I and and you know I assume, while he would want me to finish this movie, so I spent yeah so but it was just insane the year was just you know: divorce and loss breakup with a girlfriend decorating. The christmas tree and my best friend killed himself
but at least I had a baby rape documentary for twelve hours a day to cheer me up, and I will say yes go ahead. I knew he was gonna work his way through, but I mean I knew cause he's such a hard worker that I just had. I knew that even though, the stuff started tower, and so on that I I glad he had it to tell, because I knew when I heard it is getting back to work that that was the beginning of the path to you know. Getting through the grief, the incredible grief, a ban. The courage he showed and the profound? nor is? Were get off that deck and get it done So the we ended up at sundance can unbelieving heavier. You know why you are both able to do this thing. Goes your fucking, comics yeah right, I think about it.
I mean you know, that's what we do now watch we shut my emotions, yeah most entertaining emotional shut down. You'll ever see. I beg you, my personal ass tat. I beg you really. It's an amazing, unique movie and I am happy you guys earthy in such success with it takes case. as somebody really quick. You know and you can cut is that if you want to pay, you know you're kind enough to have me direct your new special and I've seen you do standup over the years, but it was really great what I loved about the special that you really brought it. May I really, I hope your happening. performance is because you are really on that night, like you were really dialed and why I was one those tying. You can't say that so I wanted to. I daresay he call me up and was in lieu oozed and sand marriages absolute besides, I got my fair, madam president, I was laughing and I forgot the car cameras
a dumb dumb if you're directing watching the show well. Thank you man. I think it came out great thanks for coming by fellas. Well, it's an honor to beyond the show again yeah so relatively soon and or be unaware. This guy and both you to Hear- and I know you guys- have been working on stuff together- it's it's all world. Recall where I was really great, we're doing. Ok, where it seems like the time for an untimely death. g and ideas that are gonna, be that's when this space debris one of those guys. I thanks guys fine balance between brutal dark emotionally, devastating and funny? Very criminal who lives in that and bobcat gold tweet understands that and it's a it's a pretty raising movie as it again
look he's playing in new york in DC and allay in other places. This weekend, opening in locations throughout august in all around the country, hopefully You gotta call me lucky movie. com for theatres was great to talk to those guys heavy shit, but funny shit, surviving man surviving and learning moving through and helping, and also maybe dry you're several crazy jason bateman I've been very impressive: jason's bait jason's jason's bateman, both of em, the two of them had been very impressed with jason's work in movies, rightly, and very funny is great straight man, but always one What kind of duty wasn't I read I actually reached out to him years ago at a phone number. I don't even know if exit I talked to him about it, you're not going to spoil anything. I had a great time can a jason bateman some now, but why Do you enjoy us out
for you enjoy us, I'm sorry before you enjoy us, although that was agreed zimbabwe Jason is in the new movie, the gift which is in theatres tomorrow august seventh. Now please enjoy jason Eight men and myself was acrobatic weaker, our, though just do it hmm, ways on everybody's parallel. What we always for the other. Now, let's go together. Great, I think, are really to us. If I were you, I too have valley professional school, which was school where. Ah, if you are professional right, you know yeah if you're pulling down a lot of auditions you're going to want to free up your afternoon, so he's got his These guys take here, probably thirty grand a year. I don't remember what it was causes is, agritourism, celebrity kids get JANET jackson. Was there This is how old were you at that point? This is eight grades around fourteen ba
sell school is nine to twelve, say here, go home and bang out your sides, you now and then you know, get on it. like I did with skateboard ryan, go down to hollywood and do your addition, aha, so that ass. It was Diana jackson enjoy visa l year, one year, I d, room. There were a couple of olympic skaters juror. work as well as they need to you. Gotta get out there and the idea in cameroon, school. You know twenty, oh my god. Is. It was in a many mall on sherman way and like wineland, never someone's big idea. It was. It was Iraq, edward, every, not an accredited institution, and did you do any work? but our guide in, but you I basically grew up in show business, fr. I started when I was ten did a lot of arm of television,
our telegram from how do you have that happened when I was born in rye, new york digest around a young. Dad was a writer director producer and he for in new york in new york. Yes and then boston with there. We were there from when I was too till I was for what do you do like why? I don't know it's it's it's a little. serious hush. This essay, Keep moving around here is that we then went to salt lake city, which already throws you have sent a little bit right, yeah right on productive activity. There there were some postponed an insult way using run in a film. Laugh you weren't mormons, no of grandma grand power, or they were so how's actual on inaction on dad side, I think but I don't remember any of that. How old this is free four to seven had get out here. How does that happen
and another one of dads moves to another, better opportunity. Yank, I think again and postproduction perhaps now, but and my mom was a stewardess for panam. So her situation was a bit more fluid. You know we had job was to travel survey would shed over what they call a dead head. you, wherever her right right then fly When can I was an airline yeah, it's over it's over but before was over, we did a ton of travelling were before I was old, and really appreciate a euro everything, not somewhat europe more. Actually I think they were more pan em had asia down. Aha, so I did a lot of trips to you know Hong kong and Japan and a just. It was an inconvenience it was you know they don't have my buddies. Aren't here, my skateboards, not sure you are like just imagine your kids going on that trip now and what your parents must have gone through.
Where's, where's, nick junior dad. I see not seeing nick junior anywhere on the dial here and Justine's older than you the three years in there just two e there's just the two from this marriage There are two boys from the last marriage the dad had for you after me. Ok and one boy from the marriage the proceeded, He came in with a kid, so he remember the kid and and left with two he's not around anymore. That still here north, though he's in Oregon. What you're doing birthday. Washington is unclear its uncle I have not been there yet, but he hasn't been here either. So how long's it been this. The friction. There's no friction there's just there's a we kind of had a very a typical upbringing, my sister and I in there
since dad was kind of this somewhat of a bohemian contributor to the arts, it's unclear what that was unclear, what you've seen any of his work. I smelt a lot of development, fluid in the basement and mom was. You know. Flying around the world for panam india we had. miss on the twenty third often thanksgiving on the fifteen. Ok, can you know an interesting I started acting, and so there wasn't anything very traditional about the way in which we were brought up and consequently the the dynamic between children and parents was was not traditional. Therefore, there isn't that obligatory draw two call every sunday org or visit where you live now or let's I'll get together for christmas. So are you saying your parents were self involved,
I don't I don't. I don't know if it's so much that I mean. If I'm to look at it half full, I would say that they weren't hamstrung. the traditional familiar obligation. That's it diplomatic. As I am me, I have the same experience, whereas I don't feel I've. I feel, like my parents are people. I grew With my vote, I don't feel like a like there. Is this sort of like this? Intrinsic kind of, like you know like nurture in going on, I just feel like yeah. They were these trouble There are a complicated people. They were kids when they had me and we all grew up together and now our work friends? Do you remember that transition that every kid makes where your parents become human and you stop that sort of that that deferential dynamic work. You know mom and dad are that's where I that's. Why I'm goin? That's why I want to go. I want to be just as good as dead or discuss moment. We mention
get old enough or smart enough or enlightened or insightful, and act to see that their justice flawed as you and I don't go there at all, or am I going to cherry pick that they want it anyway? I urge trim that a little bit guys, it's a really it's it's a heartbreaking and hilarious transition that I think every king gos sure everybody I think They usually they go through it when there forty and they don't know what the fuck is wrong with them for a year in that way were like I don't know, I don't know what he was. So what is the ideal age and circumstance to go through that that sort of curtain pulling I think that what happens if parents or good is that they allow you to sort of detached and and and have your own space and in a way that still kind of like we still love you in any sort of kind of grass julie, go into that in you. As you sort of find you identity by thinking if your parents are needy or there, actually emotionally detached you sort of on your own and then we that realisation comes with that with a good keeping a vital fuck em fuck, that's right
I don't know what you like. I like the idea, cherry picking, emanated sound it. It seems a little easier than then just that Keziah you end up having those elements your parents were, I gotta get tat. One was right and and by definition you have it in yourself right now you can see it. We have is a wired you, you know they put the board in. Do you have those things? Oh yeah, I'm loaded with all the things that I think we're. I think we're all loaded with the things that we don't want from our pair it's a aimed at our ability to become equality. Human being is, is, is our ability to kind of navigate and cannon neutralize those elements of hard right as their there, are there any other, literally in your debt, so it makes us good. People is the ongoing struggle. too late roy elinor incentive of its hands down remnants of your parents. I suppose it execute those the parsee you do like, but by deeds of buses. Talk your dad you're lucky and your mom's dora data. So long
but not not not in the traditional frequency like one as a week. We are, I call you don't do that not via its once a month and its and sometimes it's email, yeah, it's it's not force, and I will give them that it is a great thing that they don't they don't jam. You may I end, but they have a relationship with your kids and stuff no food. Yeah. That's not that far, although my my mom's a little bit better than my dad but I'll I'll I'll attribute that to her being in the same state or she's here, yeah I don't. I don't have kids, I don't have that, but my mom, when it's it's odd thing, but it's not a choice right now: they're, not their staying away from london. Keeping them away and there are not making an effort to stay away. It's just more like hey. If we met going down the street? Would we hang out now? I don't want that. If that's relation to you by parents, I'd say that's more, I think my sister and I have that really kind of healthy relationship
words like hey man. You know like we don't have to be every day. Every week, every month, every holiday ask her brother sister right. Well, let's earn the relationship that adults should or could have that that is not. That is not you're, not handcuffed because right of the blood, but you do dear learn at you, go on with her the guy. She has relationship you, kids, if yoga am I issue with theirs, for they got cousins which I come. Where are the wiser than other now here's the officially do have caused the worse. You, though, she's like she's about a mile from the dollar I could be a better uncle brother son, mark your guy you ve done it, you pulled it out areas and early is what would anybody He wasn't easy being you right there
in some challenging moments, but I I think kind of weathering it pretty. Well, I if you ever really know whether you're really happy or not, because you honestly cannot compare it to anybody else, I wanna be great to be able it isn't just anybody's mind? It doesn't matter whether they're there they're sick or healthy, tired or you know, happy or sad just to get a little bit of perspective about well, I might be like you for right. Kite aired, everyone out, my everybody might just be just beat to shit insane owner or I might be the most that are the darkest cloud kind of have no idea. I think it's all how you interpret your daily work? what will your traffic? I think so I m, but no, but I think there is a way to sort of like you. You can assess peace of mind. You can assess like you know who we are
which fear your living in how much anger you have here that I think I'm I'm really honest with myself about I'm you, I'm I'm I'm a real happy camper yea seem good. I mean. I, like, though I think there was the weird thing was like one years ago when I first started to show you garage below love her. Yes, she said you gotta go. The abatement on you gotta get round the idea. He said you gotta com, and then she gave me some weird toll free number, Is it one eight hundred blow job yeah? Is that the wrong number? Yet I've discontinued that I was getting like really weird looking car, I don't know why it doesn't make sense to jason bateman dot com was a gay porn hub, bub really for awhile until I had buy it, what are they gay writers of the show? I was doing he said: hey man, I haven't talked to you per se. said he said. Ah my partner and I were dual surf surfing the other
and so he told me about this- I said here- are you Who knows a check it out, so I went there and it is not a site. It's a hub from which its I'm going to like. You know that bradley terminal sure you can go anywhere in the gay world for a survey but dug up other pictures of you or no. I think it was just like well, what name would really resonate with the community? Do you know gay following? I think I might you must. This must love you, that's what this is telling me yeah, but yeah. So we- we we snatched that up and how much did you have to pay to clean? Don't remember gay hub, I don't remember I I seem to remember it being pretty affordable. Otherwise I would but no Bravo given this number and I called it, causes like at the beginning. I wanted to get gas and, and now? I remember what it was, but I left this message: hey man jason's mark marin,
and I think we ought to know if you still with a vacuum, but at that time as well, the iraqi gay- and I like I couldn't get through to him in an at some point. I was representing you- couldn't get all the very difficult but I'm no longer with him, but we're ok, him and I are fine, we'll get pointed I mean you must now you ve been in the business awhile were where, if you're not really do Anything I don't know what to do right. Andy Don't get me started here. You gotta horrifying help, you oh, they have no idea and and and if they there are many traction with you you're, not union. Bargaining chip, your ear, I can you, do me a favor. Will you that guy he'd have big clients, and I know what happened was hey. You know you, you got louie. For that thing, you think Mary you get anything for marin right, it's crazy. I don't like knowing about yeah, but it's pretty common sense. It's like the market dictates whether you're gonna get hired letter. An agent it get you hired. I dont want to be little what an agent does, but you can be the
stage in the world, but it's not about advocacy in oak is right. It was our mothers would be our best agents sure it is not about picking up the fontaine. Hey mark merits fantastic you at a high that doesn't mean shit, it is another matter really. What asian your with a marketplace wants you, if you're hot, if your relevant or young, They may have something to work. Would right like run money through this? Yes, you have to give them the bullets to fire which means you need a job before they get you wanna. Such acts are right and if the end in the problem is if they, if they, if you don't have that and you ve been with them along becomes like this weird marriage like in their started yesterday like to do. But I wanna young. I asked oil, but I can't I can't stop representing a multiethnic, I'm out of here yesterday. Just stop calling they just stop calling and they wait. Maybe some opera that guy they try to get you to fire yourself. They try to get you call them and say: hey man, I gotta make a choice. We know not
I move on right and, and then they kind of have to say whoa really, and then he got to spend ten minutes trying to talk you out of everybody not to emphatically and then leave and then they're, like ugh, he may god. Why was with them since the beginning, I was with him like for twenty years so like like. I knew him. That's the weird thing of that. You realize about hollywood after a while that, if they all come up together, you know they. You got your agents, you get your managers, you got your publicist, you got your talent and the general Finally, they sort of like im up and they make it. They don't make it and if they make it with their guys, then they they have. A lot of you know whatever, but there's a bit more of a natural ascension, a a sort of a up, a perpetual. You know an escalator, almost in a lot of the other channels and lanes in enacting like there. Isn't too
you put in thirty five years. You don't get that that that sort of entitlement of a raise or promotion- you know job security or you know no, no it. It actually works against your terrifying Now him now we're dead. They were tired of surely wireless somebody with no experience what so. I guess you know someone you no one knows in and made a rookie it any other professor. That's it it's a negative, but what you ve been in its europe can the. So, how does that start? Like I've talked to a couple of vat as you have been doing that long here, I know that it's tricky that once you sort of play out of the young roles, then you get that weird like what what is he now register the jason's eagerly other death here, but but you are really young, so has at start your parents I didn't know where you're found are not written with the court playing with my penis now. Can. We have no such through return I have a vetted as you
night sessions, MAO's jason, baden back how closely So what happened so dag, as I said, was a right it or if your producer, and so he his passion, was movies, and so he would take you. Never these does nothing. You do. None of your father's were a human now well, yet he did me made one, but he, about them him who he knew. What it takes to. Like a good one and is so heaped hee hee, turn that on in may he shall be what was a good film was a bad film, and why was a good director? What a bad director was actor except? I wasn't. You still call him a writer producer director will go guy, but you have no evidence linking up unless I studied the myths still arise. In your head? He d drilled at home. For me, one more money, it is true, is true. You just gotta be paying you just.
so in other words, it keeps saying that list like fox news heritage, is keep repeating spit it out enough times. So he made you watch like what were it way. He said you do anything that was playing at the new art, which is an art house. Here in a hurry You go see it wait. We go see stuff that had most of em had subtitles their eyes just after I started learn how to read so I'm surprised kill movies for me, but do remember anything from that time where you're like holy shit. I remember what was the fitz caroll do. Do you remember that oh yeah yeah, the hertzog move right and what was that? What was the guide? The last kinski yeah yeah? Wasn't there a scene where he was, he was I burned in my head. I think either here one of the actors was having sex with a woman at the base of a tree and he was in a squatted position, and she was in a seated position on his squatted paddy, where his back against a tree. I fear- and I take some outdated-
I don't want the ear, but I mean I well you get the bag. He's got the tree here for the support. You are right and then he just needs to move up and down where I would imagine that now that's hurting your back out of them, thinking that through but anyway, that that to me was the most. I couldn't believe at terrible that whoever was that discard me also. I do remember fits girl, though my grandparents took me to see deliverance by accident. Oh yeah it when it came out, so I wasn't even ten. Well, you know I was surprised to see the release date on jaws. The other day was me, five and I was six and I remember seeing that in a movie theater, you can take a six year old, jaws. I'm, I wonder I my fear of sharks is comes from. I can't swim in a pool at night. Wig no, it's annoying attack annoying to be up lane. What a pool we I know. I know its, not logical, rational, but I think I had discovered my group and the other day alot of people forget that you have betamax
videotapes were introduced at a certain point. So, like the memory of jaws, she thought it was her childhood, but it was ten years before it gets videotapes piano and suchlike, member one it is. First came out those I everything again beside everything we saw earlier, you're pretty sure, but to adopt If I saw I remember the movie theater, so he got into into acting: oh, you got me excited about it and then a neighbor of ours was an actor. He took me to an addition. I ended up sneaking into that audition for the for the for the kid part- and I got that part, so I thought it was good, then I'd my dad take some pictures of me and send them in an agency, so I could like start doing commercials and burgers and stuff, and that worked for about a year and then they send you out for tv shows after to a few coercion. your agent was like he's hot. We got one year zactly through. I can smile so I'm so then I started doing tv comedies like silver spoons and it's your move. or actually a little hustle prey was the first thing that I did, which was a a very a very special trauma. We had a one hour,
yeah. I remember that want Michael landed, Michael and you did a lot of those I did. I did a year of that really. The final year before they all went away. You work yeah, I got it into the land and family ingles family You showed up where you like an abandoned kid. I rise. I was a kid. The story line of the of this, this very special to partner that ended the the one season and and been triggered dean of the season that I was in with with mild, with a little sister, was an embassy francis played my sister sandra. I was James and the story was we were in a stage coach with my parents and they they had like a sick horse or somethin so where charles angles yo Michael anna's right by his stage coach and they say hake, we get a lift or a polar tug generalities This is sure, but maybe the kids should rightly be sold me
If the girl get in the back of landon's stagecoach, we start going down the steep hill, and course the brakes go out, and our parents stagecoach and there's this terrible lie, see, that's really viscerally shot of their state got going over the edge the mountain with eminent with it yeah just terrible barrel rolls down the side of this hill and and and my sister and I you know running screaming in a walking up be dramatically in the cameras, cameras darling towards us, and we cannot meet in this hard close up of us just screaming, crying mama, no pop now and then you know like turning to Tom. Landon. You know like war. What now, then like Lena than a push in on him. Like I guess I'm to have to adopt, you too was kind of right and and then that's what happens we get adopted in the family he fucked up on the
How can we ve got is a gale of aid given improper tug with we'll get you in trouble, adjacent bateman, dot com, so that was it so you cry I cried well. I remember auditioning for Michael Landon and in his dressing room while he was shooting an episode. Ah, and we read a scene together, really took me into his dressing room, just the two of us shutting the door behind him like it was like a trailer I want a big dude to write, big dude and I'm a small little ten year old, and that was a little scary and I just had to basically lay he said: lay down on the blade out of the bed. Yeah cause we're going to play a scene where I'm talking you into bed and you and release the the size where you need to cry, and you say I don't want to. I don't want to go to the adoption agency tomorrow. You know and the crying and the the the the drama of that needs to kind of trigger in him. This this desire will all fuck it I'll just adopt these kits so, and I cried and edit at ten and say it's can you make
of cry not really it's a hard thing to do, I don't know, maybe I can feel it so easily I've come up. With this terrible method of, with with iphones, which I didn't have back. Then I don't know how I did it then, but I'll just look at pictures of my daughters and imagined terrible, terrible, like going over a mountain in a stagecoach and and and that'll make me start to cry a little bit I have to time that out with you know guessing when they call me ready for the scene, you're ready and then you're like hold on no lit. That's what I do. I walk onto the set and I'm looking at, they think Taking my email look at his dick actor warring riotous, really important scene and he can't get off his fuckin iphone one. I just saw the trailer gift in you like it looks like you're really broke down. There's I did that attached to a movie. All those tears are because I have ash. In my mind me, daughter, going into a blunder with love,
some song in my in my hair and my head. You know one like you got it that's hilarious areas, but when you return you just summoned it yeah previous pinch, my leg There are some really remember, as it is gonna hard hit hard. Can take any acting glasses earned my data improv hey man where'd! You know he's gotta make some scratch. He taught a provid adventured would but yeah. This is way before their improv. Craig is is way before the improv. Korea was ahead of it that it was actually it was very beneficial who and who took those glasses. Nobody have any sort of. Oh my god. your dad's teaching of your dad filmmaking got to add to the list of dangling we're notes, yeah acting coach, improv teacher what was it dad do you know what he was doing. He did. He actually did teach me everything. I know too too, to be, to be honest, a you know. He started me with sort of this proper perspective on what this bullshit
is of acting like gimmick, has no endeavour. We ve been able to tell me like well. What do you remember? I mean sure that I've morph this into my own kind of thing, but basically the way I see it now. Is it it's really not be little what the real actors do rang out the data they louis's of year of the world, but it's the easiest thing to do in the world, because we all do it like you're, doing it right now, I'm doing it right now. I am, I should be crying, but it but ye, but, like you know how you're different, where you know yet year, your mom roses, your best friend right. It's just behavioral manipulation in order to fit the person that you're trying to in order to caen and then that you are genuinely interested or if you really are interested you, my goose it a little bit to get them to.
to tell me more about that's right or it's just it's just being engaged yeah and everybody has a keen sense of their of the way in which they come across. Right and that's all acting as unless your morphing into of a character this completely outside of of of of your goal, I like your idea. They leave us yeah when I was a kid and I look at that stuff and there's just allow acting going on here and I'm a little cynical about that and and and and I'm not saying that acting and playing these do not work. Eccentric parts bad thing, but for my own taste, for some reason, I become a little cynical about that, an eye for yourself. Yeah and I dont or even as if as it as a movie gore, and I don't like to see a lot of acting. I really appreciate it when, when actors and actresses are art somehow, funneling, whatever characters written on a page into their their their their ability.
of those ask the idea and you and of course you want to put that you know at one end or the other, to make it interesting. You dont want to just kind of just sleep walk through it right. It should still be inside your skill set so that you don't have to get outside of it and therefore start sit right. So so, knowing your limitations as an actor is important and knowing tat you are and what you can do and if your ear for your kind of fucked up and you ve got multiple personalities, it's it's helpful beneficial. Yes, do you, I'm sure we'll be not be Look if you start acting at at at at at an age, for. You really know who you are and yet is like ten right until what eighteen year developing as convincing as possible parts of yourself that have just as much right and and square footage, as as the part that may one day actually become who you were right. I show you two hundred developing schizophrenia. These these resources are running at the same
be sure, especially no one. Do you like a lady? I liked what twenty episodes of something I mean, how my having those little houses did. You do. I was a full season, so that was some twenty three twenty two your joint airy and that, while twenty two plus a very special to part or mark so after that, you either like I'm going. This is it happening yeah I mean I think so I mean I wasn't that deliberate with dino here's my career plan, but was your dad we're here? yeah. He became my manager. Mom became our manager. My sister showed acting a few years after that, and you know, there's isn't there there's a somewhat of a necessity to that. In that you need a baby sitter literally, you need unita leo guardian on sat right. and so you can either higher one that's over eighteen, new, effectively babysitter, ah or if your parents have flexible hours like mom did where she's only fly two weeks every every for you and dad whose pumping out you know, citizen kane in the basement in all, and he can do that on the set
I hope as well as he could do in the bakery right. So why not collect fifteen percent? We are doing it working on that movie yeah, the ethics of it in hindsight are a bit troubling, but I'm still looking at it half full. Well, that's good yeah yeah! So alright, so you do the silver spoons, which I I didn't watch it since that was the ricky schroder vehicle or a little old for it. Yeah, like I graduated high school in eighty one, so I was on to other things: yes, yeah yeah, but that was the big one for you that was yeah. That was a good. That was a really good one, and then that got me my own show which didn't last year, our home is that that was called. It's your move visa and then, after that was the whole family which lasted five years. That way, The valerie harper vehicle, all university algonkin vehicle aurelia. You work with both of them. They were great, I loved them, but valerie pissed off the brass, and then she got burned in an in it in a very special to partner in a house, fire
and for some reason they went ahead and shot the episode where I'd. Do I I ride my mopeds up to, the burning out after the burning house and she's your mom and the fireman are dead son. Do it do have an action a here you, but that's my house, sir. You know and ripping through the police tape and run it into the house and a chest so cheap z in bad. We even though only way upstairs like in literally grab a photo of me and mom together, and you pick up the photo and crumbles and ashes into and let it go mike s act. All the boxes you went to a lot of shit is a young actor. Amelia had watch your parents go over the cliff and his eyes. Could I was a facet of two years, an inch through with manoel crying talent whatsoever, fire god now they just started, replace, be born before so stupid. The right way,
at your regret that actors guy we set out an entertainment, is entertainment, jump six months. No reason for closure explanation now, none that they really have hammered in and so sandy as anti duncan shows up, is nevada. Dennis sandy Duncan shows up as the sister to dad and she's just like one of my favorite people in the world. She senora yeah algeria. So after the hogan family thing what happens after the whole family things got quiet cause there was that that transition thing you're talkin about where well, if you're like a team. actor or whatever. What are you at twenty brow and how'd? You ride that out. Ah I I kind of I didn't I mean I took the opportune. I mean I tried to keep working, but when things were quiet, I took the opportunity to party and catch up for all the all the
Can I did as a kid hollywood? Are you a party style who yes and I'm gonna go at all the de now the cheesy clubs in and you know, do all the drinking the drugging and all the other sort of that kind of living for about ten years, yeah and and then luckily for me, when I'm gonna caught up and wanted to have a career again arrested, development was the thing that that came caught. A writer on that time, and and it will how many years was attitude which, like that break ten years, yeah that was that was it at the beginning of your question, in a room for sir talking that that was a tough period you know like is the rest of my life. Gonna be anticlimactic like there was a time when I thought. Why should I just liquid ape what little I do have left? and start over somewhere else, literally go down to the airport in and just look upon the tick aboard, and and what with I would like a book duffel bag. Full of you know right
dollar bill, so that was so that when you're mine, that, with the choices like I'm washed up it's time to disney, yeah or or before I really kind of get sucked into this depression. of the only thing on tv is entertainment tonight and are not on it right. Why don't I go, and you know, by a coffee shop in fuckin, spain, Joanne, like learn spanish on twenty. You know like I had that's what people get not a cause starting their lives right, so low If you don't do it right and I don't have a wife, I don't have kids, I you know I got this. Do you know? distant relationship with my parents and my sisters like I have. I am untethered. Let me go and I got a little like maybe a I did you think like how People are gonna. Know me over, like net was always have like I always wondered about that. That weird thing where you get to a certain point show business any really can't stop just that a pride because you gonna work at a stereo place.
And people want gaining like a year and cried gets, gets in the way of a lot of really good decisions and passionately general right value as being one of them like how do you How do you rebuild and I've got a lot of friends it that that dead did not make great decisions with that you know. Well, you know screw it. If I can't get, job, then I won't work at all and all just party all night and sleep all day cause there's no reason awake on their stow at it. I think so I think couple of a more in its you know. It says it is this a tough town to business. It's a tough business! and the town is a lot of the business and if and if you're you know, on the fringes of of relevance or an access, it can be really challenging and you were you felt yeah, it's it's it's uncomfortable, sometimes just to socialize and because you do feel that pressure We know what it. What do you do? An old, not much you know and, as you know it
it's a very it's a benign sort of just question, but if I download a loaded in its admitted, I feel for people, because all of those people who have filled with talent they just don't have you know right. They did everyone's a job away from me. It was arrested. Development like I didn't, take a talent till the morning. I went in red for us develop how much work party was partying are a lot, but I was still making it to the few auditions that I was getting and you were doing little starts here and there yeah yeah. I was still definitely a working actor. I wasn't you know living on the streets. I write still united. I had a house and a car, and- and it was you know, things were things were good. I was working actor for sure, but you know this was. This was definitely on the backside of have a bit of a of a fame peak that that would that was around when I was what nineteen or something you sister was huge. Yeah Justine was big, big, big, big right. That shows big yeah
ties is enormous and and where their ties where she was huge and you weren't normally up. That was all the time, but for some reason didn't jealousy or can witness never really flared up between us I'll, be mostly cause. We aren't reading for the same parts right and there was maybe just sort of this unsubstantiated, but confidence in eager that I had that like yeah, don't worry about I'll, be back? Ok, I'll, do exactly what I can't do it. I hate yeah that governance, gallia sweaty competence, yeah disappeared. When the sun comes up. That's right. I mean you talk yourself out with them due to deal expanded. You have nine hours,
talking about his new car or right, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, had it all figured out. Oh yeah again from two to six in the morning at it all with all the answer. Yes, you wrote down every era. Wake up for those quick tear them up. The screenplay idea, yeah delicious workshop, this a little bit more. Let me get one more of those and then we're going to get back to nuts. If you're not playing, scrap, that's right right, Is there any more boost to having collars pager again here lisbon saint Sophia the day. Last time I scored any cook came there were still pagers and pay phones, raw yeah yeah. That was you, people. Now it's like some weird relic from the path on him who uses oceana by that living pagers waiting for the guy who's. The guy come in
worst by that its again, oh, I guess he just talk, and I now I dont crave that one anymore now mean either, which is why it's done. Yeah, I don't I don't really crave. I don't I don't crave the booze or I don't plan crazed any of it anymore, because I did it and that was there was a little bit of the method to the madness there that, like, let's make sure I get all these boxes, checking I know I want to be a dad. I know I want to be a husband and I know I want to have a career yeah. so leo aware that yeah and I knew that at you know I'm forty six now like, if I were to you, know, start scratching itches. Now I indeed he does as it's not a good look o be a disaster, so you are practical enough to know what you do learn in the programmer is like dude once you start, there's, no ending that there is no like you know if you're in it right like I, you know it's never going to be satisfied. seen from from me. For me, it was for me, I did get it out of my system, or at least a curiosity was rising so that I'm not susceptible to any sort of well. You know I never did that right
let me try that. Meanwhile, you know I got a drama kids off at school. That's not good in any. I imagine he sufferins go down here I mean we everyone here in this business, you see people go down like yeah me, anne and people. People have said this before, but it's a pretty apt, the things, the things that allow you to feel good about yourself, r, r, r r, pretty on their slippery yeah, you know so sure it's gotta be locked up inside. Also like not, unlike you were talking about limitations in in knowing what your talents limitations are. When you have it and being responsible that way as a professional, you know he he also to realize those. You know those those things you have some things in you live with discomfort like in in that's growing, right it like you, you don't get to be like a challenge. Now I want to help me I gave in need something to make me feel about units were not sometimes just
after what yeah I was trying to you said it very well, I did say half his. What am my eight year old yesterday, but it was basically that thing like what you know just because you want it doesn't mean you can at the recent mean life's, not fair? It's just that's just like right. and can your ability to navigate the things you don't get is kind of cut. It defines the quality of the you're gonna, have your character, all petulant cause. You can't get everything journey. not being realistic. That's a drug addict right yeah, so my job as a parent is to let you know it: ain't all gonna work out and that that's normal right. That's not a that's, not an ea that doesn't signify the thing But your failure right just normal- did you tell her like that now but I m going to argue this idea to run that for her sister. I give up your dreams or eight, There's no reason to think things are gonna work out for you right now, just temporary your expectations, rightly ivy right! That's right! That's right
I want you to shoot for the stars, but yeah. No, at the moon's okay, yeah yeah that that's good too. It is yeah. Do you have a pen sure I'll send you the thing you want? It gets tricky. You have because, like specially when in this business, where were you know like like, I can't like you know when you go into additions or something, and he just in the casting an office mate, usually a temporary one, when the temporary casting agency stacks of hundreds of hedge yup- and you like what I know it- it's hype because it's such a childish dreams or I'm gonna, be I'm gonna, be a movie star. It's like that. The whole drive of this business on that side, camera is, is its infantile, yeah and an end. You know they tell you to really follow your dreams and be passionate. Yet that is counter productive. because if you go in there with a whole lot of passion, they can smell it and then do not give We had a guideline line between passion in desperation that arrive, but it's a guy
The walks in there with a sexy indifference, regrets it than either Don't know how you genuinely yet that indifference without without not really caring, and so how can you compete in something that takes full dedication, If you can't, I don't really care that might write like that at that's a mind, fuck cocktail that it better as a challenge for a lot of people have not been out for a while and sometimes it's hard, stay at long enough to kind of get that as your be broke right time. Kind of gilbert- had broken a lot of ways broken broke. And broke yes, yeah. That's why keep your day job? How god dammit just go uplifting hissing be helpful. The young actors we get out here is demanded. Shots going off now get out so so arrested development was like a lifesaver
but you didn't know that going in don't wait! No! I added that the audition happened because people love that fucking show yeah. I was a. I had an agent named Lee liberal steyn. She was at the I c m and we had just parted ways and a couple of months later to her credit, she called me- and she said you know I'm seeing in this. This breakdown for this, this great pilot- I read that you haven't been in on it yet, and I know we work together anymore, but I think it's really great for you. You should go in on it. You should tell those new agency, yours yeah and you in- and so I asked my new agents about, and they said, oh yeah, you know what the cover sheet on this thing says that if, if you're not interested in in less real how to live in a bare bones. Environment we are in a shitty, did really know dressing rooms, no make up no eyes no marks on the floor. It's kind of a documentary style growth. It then bear
downplaying it yeah and it was it was it was very, of sort of progressive and and and provocative, I suppose, and and so they just didn't, think that it was going to get picked up. It was. It was very, very risking. So why send you that I was there spin on- and I said you know, send it to me anyway. This point you've done some movies or you are still yeah a little bit here and there, but I was real I'd. Have I had some baggage on me as being more baggage? Yes, some of that hair was still on me in the end a lot of the you know, a lot of the sitcom coniston shirt was on me, and this was not that this was not only had to division kind of move television comedy moved into single camera here and away from that studio, audience multi camera stuff, but this was even a step beyond that in that it was kind of this mockumentary style, and it was you know if it was ron. Howard was the executive producer and he was actually doing the voiceover on it. So it kind of had this great pedigree, and I thought well that they don't want my baggage on this thing and, like you are
it's like they. He thought they saw you as a hack a he exactly. I mean that was my. You know this. This is my perception of myself. After I'd wake up after the you know, the coke nights so said gavest don t move killed me exactly so I didn't think I was going to get an audition for, but luckily for me, the guy who created at this guy, mature, what's good eye of great great guy right so he remembered me from from some audition I had with him years and years or even out for what it was. It was first multi camera shelf refer pilot, five or six years earlier, he was doing that that that he liked what I did so he said yeah yeah I'll, read that guy. I thought I think he's good, which was lucky for me and then their luck, was that I guessed right when I went in there. He asked how they wanted a characteristic to play. Played here. And what do you mean you guessed right? You know you ve. Now you can read a script and I,
is no right or wrong way to play a character. It's just words on a page, so you gotta go in there and have your take on as he you are sort of the one guy who had his shit together in the cast. in a way you were right. He anchor my character, was yes and and and but the way in which I played, that was a guy who was not not didn't hate his family, but was kind of frustrated by his family and that there was there was a. There was a seething and a a comedic boiling. That was perhaps I guy's way what they saw, and so he Followed me out of the audition room after I read, and he said he hastened at that was great
to tomorrow. You have an audition, for the other show that I'm executive producing right. The wifi was called, and I said I said, yeah yeah. He said he said rice said, but this right this one I said, yeah love this. He goes yeah. She don't come in for that one tomorrow I said: okay at hawaii said I don't want the network to see you. You know I don't want. I want I want, then, when I want you for this one bella, yeah and like this is just like as an actor's, wet dream. Berg, you know to get good feedback in the room for the guy to actually follow you out at you and say: don't come in for the other. One remark as I want to protect you for that, so all I called my agent leaving there and I sat feeling very bullish about this. As this does this could be good. And then more old agent, the one that set you up. I know it was a new one and then once I got the job, I call them thanked. Thank the alumina wherein when I won the golden club, I thanked the state are first and foremost I, like you know who this is
so then the show got picked up in and we were waiting for us to get axed. You know any day because wasn't getting great ratings and but but the critics really save at the critics, put a lot of pressure on the network, keep it on because they were saying this is great and you fox would be done to cancel a sudden, so they hated ass. They hated the critics in generating they kept us on as long as now many season, six, just none at all, two and a half hour. Was it yeah yeah? Well, and then he did the new ones, the other new ones, where these episodes on netflix that that were meant to be the first act of a three x story the mitch had in his head and the second to acts. The second the act two and act three and are still yet to be told, and he thought that it would be fun to do the first act in in in some epic so that's what that was yet netflix called it season for of the original.
yeah, we're, which was a little disingenuous because it it you know, implied that the show was coming back in and we did it and and these geyser Anne and that's not what the show was cause, each episode was about an individual character, and so I think it was a little confusing and underwhelming, ultimately, frankly for the audience. Aha, so that was unfortunate. It wasn't wasn't branded. I think, honestly, right correctly, I should How was your plan to do more there no plan to do more. There is. There is those remaining to axe it. I don't. I don't know what format that they'll take right or if it'll ever happen so rested development pulled you out yet gave you a whole new cultural relevant yeah, because the people who handle jobs were watching at america was watching it, but people here now were and erased your past and awaited me. I had the reset button,
an end and I've been trying not to screw it up. Ever since. What's interesting, like you in in in how your caston in movies, you know out of the comedies, like there you're sort of rules that guy there- they rely on yet give or take some ass wholeness, yeah yeah You know that the arrested development guy had a lot of heart, but sometimes you get cast as just a full on dick or right yeah right, but it. But ultimately he usually is us. He is the audience the center a protagonist and- and I really liked that that role- because it's it's a it's a it's a vital part. for the comedy that I like he had to have writers eat things need to be grounded, it needs to be relatable and tangent sure you need. You need a proxy an audience and you get sort of in with the the the that crew, who you know the the the
comedy crew by gatt evinced bond in those guys near they invited me and for a couple of their parties, it was do was a virus that was nice, it's a vital, because that help that help you know validate me as well. and also it's it's. I never really thought that there were these camps, but there's definitely movie comedy camps. You know get there was. This or the appetite VON crew in those guys. Who is definitely the guys you make the big comedies yet it is a bit insular. They they they do, stick with one another and and you're you're lucky to be a part of any of em yeah yeah we're ear your your step man, europe, your rock with everything you do thanks man, it's good, rightly I love it here and now you doing like this, the new movie seems crazy. Like I watched her, it's not a comedy this year, the the thrill, the gift itself. I go watch the trailer and, unlike holy fuck yeah, it's it's! It's a joke! ten is it an actor. I just really admire alot, not only first talent but he's just cool issue.
Now he's the guy who plays the bad guy here that the scary gaia is staying huh yeah, so this is his first film as a as a director and- and I had just finished doing my first film as a director, which one was that ah it's called bad words and, and he he asked me to to to to be in this- and I thought will I I I so approve What? What? How important a game actor enshrined at trying to help make things work right when you trying to direct something and act in something right. Our great yeah means just if you're really appreciate of peace, that are that are there and their willingly and and and trying to be proactive. So I said yes,
I immediately and am I'm glad I did, because he did a really really good job with the movie. It's it's. It doesn't need to be as good as it is because it's it plays a little bit in that genre world that as long as you scare somebody, you know, they're going to be satisfied, yeah, but there's a lot of sort of. You know sorry for the word, but he has some sophisticated dub execution here with with the way in which it's shot and scored and and edited He did it really really tasteful job. What's I say you guys are supportive of each other, and now you know you get as a director how you ve done a lot of dragging though you ve done some tv right and I started yet started doing tv when I was eighteen and and- and I just finished my second fellows a director a couple of months ago, but that I didn't see that words himself
this others. Fine, not not many dead movie and ah yeah loved it and loved it. I gotta watch it. It ethic you'd like it's about it's about this asshole that I play who crashes a kids, spelling bee, finds a loophole in the rules and and it's a hard r and he's a it's. It's fun. Any right! Now, none of this directive, the area. Something is that why you want to go out you know who I mean, look it. You know we're talking about before about we put x number of years in something you you'd lighted they have job security, even promotion arrays, all three right or or or or maybe even a job. That is more challenging than that which you started ensure because of your speech, here too the apparatus and kind and know how to do other people's jobs are familiar with them or would like to challenge yourself to to do those and from for an actor it's it's directing gum and it's a really complicated thing to do.
two to shape and audiences exe. france yawned, just kind of the acting prying allows a director. Yeah you're gonna have to play with multiple departments and and and kind of four wallet from people, and he got a trust. Your ear. Dear dear, dp ya. Gotta have people like you know it's a collaborative thing. I argue that a delegate, but you also have to have to lead with a certain amount of specificity, were that that day, when, when you delegated. It's a safe delegation. Alright sound, like I'm, not sure what the work is. Can you give me some options? Yeah, you gotta, you gotta inspire them in some sort of specific world. It's my first time doing this. Can we all just to have you guys, put some cool shit together and and put it on my desk? Because Look at me, a lot of directors. Do it that way you can yeah. You can just basically say yes or no to the results of other people's work right and you can get it done better, but you need a need, a long schedule for that.
what's the what's the new one about another small movie, it's another small movie is more of a drama about. I play Nicole kidman and I play brother sister were looking for parents that have gone to sit there. We're missing and we're not sure whether they're murdered or whether they're hiding as part of their latest and performance art piece or these old hippie performance artists, and we think they might be faking their death? Who wrote this and it's a it's a. It was a new york times book that was then adapted by this pewter prize. Winning writer David Lindsay a bear that Nicole kidman had it, and she she had him, adapt the the book and it's it's a really really cool trippy script that I read an and made a run out, and then she saw bad words and said great. Let's lisco, wow yeah, without cool, it's great chris
I can plays our dad. Oh man and- and you know, he's just perfect for not a guy that you know would be a a a a a an irresponsibly passionate performance artist it sounds like this might be kind of close to home away. You ve been listening who are you have thus does those cancer workin working? I it's a it's there's a there's, a lot that I was was passionate about in the movie. Here I mean it my parents are nearly is as as fast as this right. Nor am I in norris, nor is nicole, but you know you got a heightened things a little bit to to entertain. Portlets it'd be great to see walking in a non ironic part here, it's been a long time since he wasn't sort of point hired because he's is correct.
right and he said he said as much. I don't think I'm talking out of school for be enough for me to say that you know he doesn't even want to be the crazy uncle rhino that he I think he recognized the fact that he is. He is an eccentric guy with that has a very unique style and yeah that lend itself to some very interesting and colourful character right He doesn't want. He doesn't want to just be known or harris here for that area and have scripts minutiae, it the all we got Chris will, let's to a rewrite attica, really fucking crazy. He's he sensitive and an eye, and- and I think that's that's that's good of him, and how do you do he's? Amazing is he's like he's just he doesn't do anything the way, any other actor would do it right and it's not just contrived. I mean he just has a different rhythm yeah, oh yeah, and it's genuine. He really just hears things differently and will and will
shape it in a way. Word it's like will yeah that's the way. You'd say that line with you that guy, if it's it's amazing because like if you watch him and even in the in the bit power nanny hall in you watch him in dear hunter that there was a sensitivity in dear hunter, the sense it video that you're here I mean it's, it's mine blow its authentically I'd. So like if you are, if you were to take that through in my theory of like of acting, then then that would shortly take you too will Chris he's got a very a very interesting make up right, like he's kiss goalposts are Quite right, there's a lot. Their rise, a really interesting guy right, kind, thoughtful professional higher guy, that that is not simple, vienna enjoying the best. right. It's like watching era. When was the last time you watched like a dog day afternoon. Sure yeah like these guys when they were young and they're wide open and are sweet and sensitive and like really putting it out there right and saying it's god.
A part of them were yet. It is always there ten that's right and there being connotes it over use word I apologize forbids there being very generous ray. I would write, I will add to me walking phoenix. Does that now yeah languedoc? I just lets you see right through every part of him in an effort to be genuine airlines with him yeah did you up with him or you a little older. Well, no, I mean he. I knew river a little bit river and I worked together a couple of times and and walk ins, his younger brother. I I knew him a little bit via that, but I know him more now, just a through another mutual friend, ah that's cool yeah and who played your mom, who plays your mom and the santa her name's maryann Plunkett she's, a she's, a tony award, winning actress and and just really tasteful, and and did you feel intimidated? to be working with georgia, walk and give us your directing to you and you gotta act alongside Nicole, who can canon of china's issues do until so a? But you know my
style of directing, if I have one is just you know, figure out what an actor's trying to do with with their you know it's their prerogative to play the character any way they want. I, I truly think I think, an actor if you're going to contribute. Yet you can read this, you read the the pardon and then you can make him or or her will you wanted as long as you're in the same movie. Is everyone right? You know ever a mutually agreed on finish line for the movie or for the scene or whatever and how you get. There is up to you. That's your artistic contribution, so The directors I really like are those that that recognize what it is: you're going for and help you kind of stay there and and and and not drop the ball as opposed to trying to give you notes that get you closer to. at the way they have always imagined micromanage. Well, but but could the control you into plain the character than with the way they rarely seen it and heard it right, because you know directors been with the script
longer than you have arrived. They probably developed a portion of the script. They then were improve production, its informed alot of their decisions. How that character? kind of grave sure, and then you show up on the first day and your plane the character in a completely different way. That's frightening for a director and it has now. We got a problem well yeah, but it's off. os negative right, because the audience you know we're watching the movie we haven't read the script, for I have no preconceived and so all go wherever you're gonna. Take me actor me as long as you don't drop me right. It's it's. A tough thing to ask a directly to do, because you're, asking them to give up, control and part of their job is to keep things on the rail sector so what's? It is somewhat of a of actors obligation to make a case for taking things a different way, and I am sensitive to that. So it's not I'm not just obstinately the like fuck you, I'm gonna play the way. I want to play it I if there are comfortable with it, I you do
They have to negotiate yeah collaborate so at half hour wrongs that film we're done a really now is a direct That means you got it. You know you oversee, like the sound I get so you're so cool. It's that's! That's really! You know, editing it is is, is is a lot of fun and and- and you can kind of on fox hangs fifty if something's really gonna, while moon, editing, huh, yeah, yeah yeah, and then you can. You can augment things you can. You can support things, you can juxtapose things and then you put the music on it and now the music and can really help support something that may be wasn't delivered on my day. I never knew that until I did. The tv show like how you know I I directed a couple of episodes of my show, and it's just in and when you're acting in it like when you ve got a bunch of take I mean you can be in editing and end. You know you see what you prioritize, but then the backyard, I can we do one young and innovation that one that was garbage in your mind, He's a fucking thing right right
because now you've mixed a new cocktail. Now I'm actually, I don't really like without actors doing song and after I'm going to have the the camera on the guy listening right. So now, when I come back into this guy's take, I might actually like that peace it. He did. It now works in this new restaurants, exciting yeah, but it's it's it's very. It's a a work have more work than the shooting right that but unhappy that sounds like its engaging unloved yeah now very lucky, you know, do any writing I mean. Does it mean I did a little bit when I was when I was you know a lot younger and and and and and desperate frankly, I mean I was trying to write my way back in or tv yeah, I wrote, I wrote a, I wrote a script and you know no one's ever going to see it cause it's garbage, but I it was. It was good for me to go through the process. I'd like to know what that scripts about it. I end the process.
concepts not bad, but it's it's it's it's garbage, but the the process of trying to fill a blank page is. Are you gotta give me story? It's really daunting right. You gotta, give me the story. What's that what the community's economic area it's another one of those kind of like you know that albert brooks argued defend your life yeah, it's it's it's one along those sort of you know one of those existential sort of lie guy for a minute yeah. If I could do it all over that guy right now can I say How the hell do you and he wrote that twenty one, maybe just when you known when you know Ro at everything sounds eliza was the last time we took a look at that script. I I don't know, I don't know However, I will I will what I've super brave, but it there are so many pressures either with a story lie like the fat, you there's inevitably a half dozen, if
a dozen scenes where there's some really important shit said tee, thou hast? Yes, I will it'll just be aired savages youthful elder ashes here, god it's great, but what it for me. Was it really it ruined I'll, never forget how difficult that is right to day, but it did for years like I'm not doing this or I it's really respect what and at what a writer goes through I mean it's. You literally need to stare at a wall yeah and and get yourself really quiet and eat a lot of bad food. Like pace around of discipline is insane so when you do a movie like arm? Was it tat the the rotten bosses movie a horrible boston, harmful bosses who now I can't were wrong bosses in clear, didn't horrible bosses right? Yes, sir, the second one, there was two yeah, and if
once funny irish ones, if only for how did it go on a second one was garbage. As far as box office goes a day. I who knows whether it is on the merits or their order or when they released it, but it did not do any money, but when you get an opera that you know what the score is. oh yeah. No, that's a paycheck for everyone, if everyone's getting paid, it's a freebie and and it's it's the audience's fault. You know, don't don't go out and buy a bunch of dicks for the first little se will circulate, because we don't have any discipline in this town. You know it's the path of least risk It's and- and you get offers of the like- that, there's no party, the sort of like. Let let me see the script like how much you don't want to be that guy you yeah, I mean. I know it's not abide in our defence, though we we did, we vienna three charlie and jason. I ard were were pretty cynical about about-
This semi would we were we had this conversation like we're having writer I like, we can't just make it I mean everyone's gonna know worked its allay up yeah, let's at least try to make it lets little hold up tiss to some cynical scrutiny. You know, let's make sure that it's plausible, perhaps, and that, let's make sure we play our characters dumb enough to join certified. These shitty decision right and early, we tried to make sure, was a fuller halls, and so we worked really hard on a story and and and had a really good time shooting you did oh god yeah I like I don't I would, but when you watch it until I had a hell of a cast, I mean they were really banking. On somethin yeah Listen! I love I lobotomy they're both really early good. It's it's just a question of doing but you really care right, alina random. Over yeah I mean a lot of people saw the first one, but there are plenty- films that made a lot of money that no one is in
putting another thing when something like that tanks I mean. Does it come back to you at all. I come back to me in the sense. Like that's a ding yeah, yeah, I'm sure it does in some respects, but your somewhat insulated and that its and on some ballinger and right he's aids to preparing it on Jamie, hey I get on Kevin hangar. I have to think that you know. Will we hang on a second jason payments in an I'm, not seeing that shit and I have to I have to assume that that I got my soul repellent right right. I think it was I it had to have been. Basically, I people just weren't interested in seeing an eye the one right we saw the first one had fun, but I don't need to go. You said one. thanksgiving and I'm with my family and I'm not going to take my mom and dad to go see. You know right, cock, jokes, yet you know sit through ours. I guess there is a reason: r rated comedies don't get released during a big family vacation shirt where you had a good time making it. I did well
Because my allotted here- oh yes, it was easy to read out of the family and the families good you're happy. I could not be happier I'm very lucky knocking on the. Why I'm happy for you to have a story and then the movie just directed sounds great. What's it called family fang announcing a dog movie, but it's that was one of the rulings, We are now we're gonna sell it die in the next couple of months. Great in the gift works compelling yeah. If that that's a great movie at some time. I think people will really really dig that I mean No one believes in it. So don't go in thinking. Oh great, it's a horror, films, flash of film it it. It would underwhelmed that that's were up I have managed if the trailer o things managed very suspense full and it's a thriller and you will be scared, but it's not a slash or phone right, our right. While it was great talk any you too. I am really glad to be here. My girl have great talk thanks man,
I was born, was at bonnet was bond jason payments fun. I like em, good, dude, appreciate him coming down. I appreciate you listen and go to deputy ipod that compromise devotee of pod needs get on. The mailing list, get a little merge if you like, the posters books are gone, but the posters are there, get some just We got co op. Why you there? You? Can you see. The episode guide is helpful. If you knew the show w p, dot com, swash guide, that's ever when he's been on what else, australia I'm common sidney? the october fifty four state stay theatre melbourne on Friday october. Sixty that the palace brisbane saturday october, seventeenth at city hall? they're on sale, starting tomorrow august seven go to tick, to dot com that a you ain't even prepared to play guitar I have not I'm not even prepared poland
in the yeah. At the I do yeah in the yeah and I or lives.
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