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Episode 631 - Jerrod Carmichael

2015-08-23 | 🔗
Still in his mid-20s, Jerrod Carmichael already has a reputation in comedian circles as a comic who has the goods. Marc talks with Jerrod about his rapid rise, which includes an HBO special directed by Spike Lee and a new NBC sitcom called The Carmichael Show. Jerrod explains how he stays grounded through all of it and why he still has an impulse to make things messy.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the placards, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck's there is. How are you what the fuck in ears, what the fuck is delicate? Yes, yes, this, mark mare, and this is my show this w tia the podcast, I'm talkin, today on the show we have the the wonderful gerard car, Michael a young gun, a guy with the goods is good talk, man's intense and and funny and lit up he's all lit up this dude It's got a show on what is it where where's that show going to be happening? It's going to be the carmichael show premieres this week actually wednesday at nine. Eight central on NBC, and I'd reached out than before, because there is a lot of buzz. There was about a heat on this man, car michael, smart, funny, fucker.
I did real time the other day. I was on real time with bill Maher and I think it went pretty well, I felt good about it and I enact, Approached in a different way than I usually do now, I think bills great. I like bill, I know, is a difficult personality for some people. Some people love data. Some people have eleven, but very good at what he does he's very on top of it. He does its homework he's part of the day, log, it's all real and happening right, then his monologues or written by brilliant. I know a lot of them, Billy, Martin, Chris Kelly and you know he delivers jokes like like a dirty johnny, Carson he's a classic television managua just and the show is what it is. It political, but it's it's it's been around for thirteen sees, or so it's a working machine and and sometimes it packs a punch, man, somalia,
the world when I get to go on there, but it does mean I have to reimburse myself in the world politics a bit and get up to speed and I'm always surprised at just how far I've drifted. Yes, viewed the president, but I used to spend a lot of time on the pulse of politics. Every fuckin day crunching the news figuring out the angle getting valve would be the pace of the bull shit and I gotta be where the shoes Nepal myself, out of that was the best decision ever made my life, but some Be a little out of the loop, so getting up to speed was exciting, doesn't take much to get up to speak, but the point was or is that generally, when I get the topics for for real time, I I just freak out of my guy had a right of unto jokes together at a bunch, a joke thing. I find my place to put him in there and I had submitted on some stuff, and I had some things I want to talk about, but I also didn't want to come off as a self righteous strident, angry asshole! I,
that guy, that guy was within me. That guy is a guy that wants to take me down from the inside means punch in my brain right in the room. Yeah my eyes right now, sometimes but I know for me that when I get that kind of fire going when I feel that crack hit of rage, that it's not is about what its coming out of my mouth or what I think it's about. It's usually about that crack hid of rage, and we think we there is consensus on car not good boy, enrages great for either, but this time I just tried to do something. When I tried to honour who I am, and I want to honour who I am and every conversation and where I've been coming from, so I just the I got up to speed. I talked to my producer Brandon, whose political wizard of sorts knows going on. In all things, don't even know where he gets time drew out his brain up, which it but how's everything about everything on a day to day basis, I think actually has a some sort of usb plug in the back of his brain that day yet
plugs into the back of his head and he just downloads the internet every day those guys but he's up to speedily. Get me the angles it I need and get me the employ needs or idea. I go over this If I go over the trump I go over, the hillary, a gopher will be social security, but that gets in the weeds bit governor, but the obama care business Ashley madison. Stop I get up to I office and my group in view in the news of the day. So, instead of being compulsory for I myself am panicking about jokes. I just panicked in general and I just got an angle on stuff and thought about things, and you thought about I'd responded, things may be if I had the opportunity- and I was on the show, with Senator clare, mechanical representative, Donna Edwards Charles The british dude rights for the national review, sort of a hitch in desk into actual sort,
and a guy named Dan Buettner, I believe, is how you would say his name. We wrote a book about a blue zones. I think they're called where people live longer. Whatever the case, we did the thing and I felt good about it, It's always great to see bill work, as he is one those things where you deal with it. A professional comedian he's been added a long time that is broadened his spectrum and is able to do what as the unknown really does, what he does any mixes it up. You know just solid, his is he's been out of the long time he's got it s got a thing. You gotta, you gotta, hear hats off to those eyes, but he's also I like to watch go work and I like talking to his very quick we do. The show knows about this about anger. Really, it's really about anger. And I got a guy. I know who was in town. I am not going to mention names, you know he's he's trying to get the racket get into the business one way
the other not even sure how based or guy like the guy, but after I do the real time I go. Spot. A run up the comedy stored. Do a spot now run into a mile. Tom road. You haven't seen in a long time, tom roads come in from the road and he's now got himself an apartment here and now. Ass angeles Tom rose, gray, comedian old friend of mine spent about it. decade out, there live in them for the other roaming gipsy internationally doing this, and up women, hotel the hotel and live in the life, but he's these settling down? It was nice to see him so me, Tom Rhodes, in this cat go out to canters to er to stuff our faces with some uh unhealthy, jew food after I got off stage at real this cat had said to me like them, I'm a little surprised that you didn't call bill out on his racism on that one: joke he's from taxes,
like why didn't registered as racist it already familiar with what bill? Does he sort of she's young boys, but little bit by registries like I was just ass, they felt races to me and unjust. I'm surprised at you didn't call em out MIKE who the fuck you like. I felt it right. then, mrs right, after the shows, like you what I'm going to see- they're on bill mars show in talk. She had to build more about you. His choice is just like not only not register as racists, but like who says that to a guy you think you would like it just hiking up. You would have got it yeah, it's like you're lying to yourself. It just is right. The fucking, went in show business of some sort of them arm. Chair quarterback, you guys of dave on very little to show for themselves than just sit there in india sort of like yeah you, You should have done the. I know what you should do right now shut the fuck up, but you know everyone's entire do his opinion so
we made it through that and MIKE. Why I get where you're coming from, but I just think you're wrong. So then we get to a cantor's and he just starts going on again. He starts continuing a like he's. Waking up he's like I don't like bill murray's now he's not a he's, not very good comedian. I'm like what are you talking about he great comedian and his monologues, and you know he does like a carson style monologue. He did a very tight and I just say he's like I just I just don't. I just don't like him, unlike this guy, that he built a thing that works and that not only that he's a button pusher, we need button pushers and he's a he's, an antagonist he's a provocateur He's a shit starter, so he had no matter what you think of him or what how the show is now what he used to be. Whatever you know he's is, is good, at what he does and its necessary that someone as out there doing that. Ok, this isn't about bill mar this is about where myself righteous comes from.
now, the last time I'd seen this cat. He was so I did a show his it hosted in Austin him. We would took place it in a bag. In shopping while we had a tv operation set up and yeah in in I yeah I talked to I liked the guys that is not an issue, so how about not liking the guys just like you were sitting the cantor's he's like I just I just don't think that a bill marra worked hard enough on his comedy at his own, like what? What does that mean? If he does a weekly show? That requires a lot of research and organization. I mean I just I'm not getting it is. I am okay, with the show just don't think he worked very hard and his company took what what fucking differences make. I get your I mean I got his opinion, but he wouldn't I go, and I just. Finally I was like who the fuck are you to sort of shit on a lifer work? If, if you're a comic, I respect and we're sitting there and we're shitting on people that happens they come from insecurity. Does it come from bitterness? Does it come from your honest to god a reasonable
this is all of the above. But if you're a guy that just a calmer and in you. I don't know what you've done yet the last time I saw that guy he was wearing a bathrobe and a wig will find. I am either we I dunno, what kind of show he doesn't it? Maybe it's my fault, but the truth of the matter is it's like. I just blew up, and I felt that that that crackhead of rage, which is sort of like what the fuck and in I felt it congeal and come out of my face like a phone the arrest and fell good in a moment but afterwards. I feel great now to apologise and- and you know it and just rephrase it and just to agree to disagree but tat. I am a very me about our emotional I'm getting about my business about people who were in my business, respecting the people in my business and your underwear. ending the struggles that we all have an end and what he ain't, how hard it is to get successful. Bicycle become very emotional about little things.
I just would not little things very obvious, just emotional too seriously where's? Your opinion, coming from, where does it come from Why am I saying what I'm saying about that? That person is something I really feel through, is grounded in something intellectual, actual rational? Something? Is it reasonable criticism or is it just me, be it dick tricky? hard to tell I m very excited now to us with you. My conversation with the dried car michael, a new comedy star, the the car michael show amerika Wednesday, nine, eight central on NBC, so check that
now. Let's talk to draw on your face, you, you fear the earth, like you hear your voice back. Sometimes it's terrifying. Because every year, if your hearing that in your noticing it you're not going well, if I go sometimes sometimes it's like it, I feel, like I'm record, your song and I'm immediately listening to play back. Doesn't want this rhythm, Bear river, so are you? Can you can detached remit enough to me a certain amount of persistence and perseverance, no matter how its go If they're just oh yeah. Absolutely so I guess sometimes do I get it's nice to it when things aren't going well, you can hear your own voice just go ahead. That's enough! That's entertaining another thing! If yeah it's like it's his, it's like it's, it kind of is like sex where it's like. If you had, if you had great sex before you know what, well, you know at strasbourg right and even the new model of not so great sex. Mozilla. Ok, it's ok!
and you still know you still gotta go you're going to you're going to get back out there right here, like the onstage you I was shaking Add that into it's not at all, not locked in. It's not we're not connecting the way I want to, but but she seems to volunteering for it, so we can get through this. You know next time a check different said locator. I wish I had that dispositions. There was always a why me I I didn't when I started, but I think I have a more. Yeah used always be a fight when the idea is just as it has provoked these fuckers yeah and see how far push him yeah and then and then, and then in even come around which make it worse because no reward there was no reward, and I really really like you- did you out why was it? I was your intention to be an entertainer.
I mean cause. I sometimes when I started, and I know the kind of shit that you kind of push yeah, that there there is something about there might be a difference between being a comedian and being an entertainer, sometimes yeah, and it's it's funny, because I do have this innate desire to be an entertainer right right, right, right, yeah, but like when I went on stage, especially when I know an audience hasn't been pushed to that place. But you know I mean the part of the benefit part of the beauty of doing or think comedy like new york in L. A is that, like it's, these alfonso. So you are, you are finding out where you fit in and like like, within a line up. How do you? How do you define your shit? How do you define yourself right how? How is this exactly like? How do I stand out amongst all these other guys, so it's like in twelve minutes and twelve minutes and twelve minutes. So if you feel like an audience hasn't been pushed,
you feel like everyone's just giving out yet Austria, you, like you, gotta, put a little medicine area. Here's a bow shit, it's hundreds of them. We have some few garotting put it. I just did I just didn't fuck your heads I remember that last march, we remember you're, never forget that's right, you're, which is a major problem. It's not that it's not bad thing, yeah, not bad things. I've laughed at some guys and then What's his name, yeah, oh yeah, yeah. Sure, like a lot of times, do you go to clubs and it's hard to differentiate between the the point of view that that's the thing it's like? You can hear different voices and shit, but you listen is a point of view. Sort of the same detachment from it- yes yeah absolutely, but I think that, like what you, and have been doing. Is this taking the risks to define like, in my mind, the stages your territory you'd? Do whatever the fuck? You want absolute as rightly we're talking about with miles Davis in the house, is that you,
We should all you want and by doing that, even when you you pushed too far, you know you really know the space you have to work with. Yes, yes, you know you got you know all the rules right then break all right for a little while for a little while, but I mean you you, it's like why why the fuck do we want to do the same thing that everybody else is doing know that that's the most boring? That's not all it stops being art, and that is it's like wait. I gotta get off board. Which is so boring right in there's. Also that point where you're like well, how much of what I am doing is like there's a difference between pushing people, farther than their willing to go and in just being truly yourself. Yes, do you,
That's I think what you're trying to find out what's in between that's like I can fuck with them this much. But why am I really doing just went when it stops being honest right? You have two because its rights like we would, you know we both say things that are edgier, but you So I think the honest stopped right. It's not like Ryan! Then you take that yes, knocking yet alive like because as fruitless, there has now that you're not waits life. This is an honest thought like a really. It's been may be fucked up and it may be, but this is the honest feeling that I've heard is an honest thought of her by that honest way are viewed some right and I'm not afraid to share that would in that way, even if it yeah provocative more or shocking at least day you, you have this connection with the audience with that's authentic just because if it is doing shocks yet that really defensive, when I hear you're, actually hiding you're, hiding you're hiding behind you,
buzz word. Yes, it's bullshit blah blah blah I said they said blah right and then I fucked up like you know it's like what are you? What are you even saying much of that around anymore? That's still happening. I mean like a little think so, a little bit, it's a little tight. The right you see because you feeling that did you try and law now what's goin to wear shock exists that now it's been replaced with thirty yeah you know, we went back the fit yeah, the the the the absurdity of just say I am. This is the most absurd thing we can ever say you know what's funny, though, what some guys had a friend angelo bowers who who know the guy die the guy passed away, new york thou those here I was here in the car with a car accident.
our boy, a member that guy and using our did hear haste. He started here starting. I started here as well. Yes, and he was so nothing he said on stage was the truth. Everything that he said was kind of like this. These made up things if you knew him, you know
If that's how his mind works, it's like when you watch, you know Jim carrey, you know have watched. You know robin williams, and in these these things they they aren't just saying so. You know the other day, my wife, it's not like just these personal stories, but it's true to their sense of humor. That's right! If they're, if you can feel who they are, then that's cool, yes and with it Angela would say some of the most absurd things of the world, but it but the- and I usually don't necessarily connect that well with some of that sense of humor when it feels contrived right, but it it didn't feel contrived with like because he knew him yes feel for him yeah, he more than anybody inspired me to be more myself right, like more than anyone. I've met just like that guy. Yes, it's probably my like my a dedicated special to him because he was he's probably like one of my biggest inspirations and comp. Really absolutely it's nice when they're your peers, it's a mate.
And went every day more just hit him MIKE's, just mike after mike after mike with Angelo, was one of the most beautiful experiences of life ass. I really was always news that, and we will always remember we did a montreal of mine, I'm afraid I'm actually all odds we were there during the audition, and I saw him right in his notebook and I was right in the mind- and I remember walking over to them and whispering, like you know, we're probably the only two km comics in the country trying new shit and montreal. That's the right way and we we just wanted to like we just had to take that risk. We had to take that chance in life to comics willing to sabotage our sets. cause where the real deal exactly what these people up these people, but really kind a right man. I fully- and I know that, may I love the people about real, but like forest industry is like it's like, if you can't be yourself, there was a point
that that's true and I like it, took me a long time to learn certain lessons about that, but I think there's there's it's part of our nature, as comic usually like. If you got the bug to do this. When you were a little kid and there's a lot of fuck you and nobody, but have you not know, there's an insane amount of fear and gravity of glory but, like cook like a a talk to guys about even saying oh montreal, and I would talk to guys and they and they would say why people montreal like it when you do this or you do. I am I who can do you're being yourself. you go at many say like oh down do that yeah I don't know why I haven't done a late night set because I was like all women have. I can't just go be exactly what myself. Well, that's the trick man right yeah because, like I think in back in the day the late night sets at least you had seven minutes last minute, eight minute, maybe you had a shot nightmare
Yes, now, four and a half four and a half its hard, you almost half to write these set up, punch things. Yet if it's it you are you gotta find the three joke? Yes, that you can match together? Yes, no, I mean when I was, when those sets. I knew. I wasn't going to be exactly what I am in a live situation, but in my mind I was like well this part of the job, I'm a comedian. I get to be on t v in this context, yeah one of the available outlets. How do I fuckin master that that is the way? I thought that's what the army, which was a great way of thinking it, is almost in a good sense as a great business way of think, like you know, we're comics as part of the job in their at some point, I got that in my head. Every one of our heroes did dashes. Yes, yes, but about its it like anything else, right like with the sick com, with everything when it starts becoming a thing. That's wind acres, dangerous because I heard doing tonight shall set something
see guys some of my friends and I like they get the suit on the other. We would never do that. You never do that. Why think when you were younger and like you coming up in a different time that you know when there was just like three or four outlet yeah you know a thing was a ladder, men or aura, or org or carson. You know or leno afterwards. I didn't I didn't have much. I didn't do leno till the last year. He was there just because I got my shit yeah. Well also. I I'm eye my my personal philosophy is: like only do things that would look good in time, capsule right. So like you're the last year. Like one thing, it was one of those things where I I never. I never had that much respect for him necessarily like he used to be a great comic, but he was sort of a pander monkey on the tonight show but like when I was hurt paired a monkey. But when I was a kid and coming up, I gladly was the guy and we would like that was the grail. Yes,
did you first letterman you're like bali, fuck yeah was pretty amazing because it was a huge theatre, it was cold in there and it was a real theater and you respected dave, and he wanted him to like yeah by war, fucking suit, and I it was a shiny suit, really yeah. I didn't know how shiny it was, but I I like I look at that. First set. It was tight as fuck and was good and it was me, but it wasn't like me that you'd see in a club there's no way to do that. Really in five minutes: sifma yeah yeah! It's so you just avoided altogether yeah. Just that I attempted to do one of letterman got a note was I have sent in a tape and it was like we Furthermore, it set up punchline night light of that more that structure as our uncle. What say you not downsides? like I don't know how you work by feel like we work somewhere like you know you right ideas, and then you just you just talk em out.
How would you do? I mean you're right, you're, right ideas, thoughts right sooner than either through a certain amount of repetition, polishes itself, and in It grows up in public, yes, the joked yeah yeah, so, like isn't like, I just had experienced last night the store. where I I've been doing this vine in this bit for for a few months now, but it just never what didn't click as hard as I wanted. I never understood why his ties back into an earlier part of the bit and last night it just like it did what it was supposed to do. Yeah took months- and I can't tell you why, yeah it just did it right it just had it had its night, sometimes a line. I wrote in two thousand and ten I just, does that bright or oh, I know. Oh, I know how to talk about the riot yeah. I thought it back in sometimes are different pieces of shit from that or how about when, like when a punchline is delivered to you, you know when you've got a bit, it's not all done, but it's funny. yes and I'm just doing them one night. This thing drops in your word that fucking cut,
Oh, at the time that should have yeah. That was that's. What happened right this whole time, but oh man, and for you I get to go back and do my special again yeah. I did that. I put I put unfinished thoughts on this special it wasn't what was called yeah yeah. I still don't finish, thought it was a the wound up and then and then they have that well worded, like you started here by getting grow up here from north carolina grouping of caroline. What part I was the sale, really yeah I like north carolina. Do you yeah? I was a it's a. I I tell you weirdly, I you know I as as I get older for some reason. I was very judgmental of the south for very specific reasons. A lot of them were probably real, but they were my life and I had to do it- stereotyping in oh yeah, but
I go back now, my like fucking, this part of the country, although the aims to do it, a joke that was like it in the american southard in ignorance, it run so so deep. It actually has integrity. Hurt me what the that's the whole confederate fate via its eye it for it its ignorance that transforms into integrity we ate it teaches, is alien, alighting, almost euro lines today. Why? Yes here, even if its thank god, it's not as active but your queerly racism exist, but that the region, the region, is charming for country, good people, yet most barnett. What I admire is sometimes just the ability not just hold onto something that the problem is sometimes it's the wrong thing. We would just a hold on something just have a set of values or even savage that you just hold onto it life just as its a bit
We are wrong minded ship, buddies, committed. This committee is committed, the grab the ground was of the cake or even mother fucker, but I know you and models of wit think about how simple his life, but he wakes up is I did you still hate mega yeah, still don't like that Reflect proceeds is so what, if I was pretty simple, latest chicken and watchful easily here, can allow things which is. I ran across exact. We said it ignore what it's like this this guy. This is as a civil life is like a whole or if it is a justice that just change one, to love her right, staves, simple life is here: that's the weird thing about and you know when I talk to president obama, we sit right net, I away yeah, that's a copy of that kind. Yeah. It was discovered that presidential seal I saw who brings this in a little lady, lady, with a level little idea that none of its always when a lady, but they david food person?
with his tea and as yet no puts it in there, you do you offer you off and he says he I e what she came in before so you set up here. waters. So everybody even before going all out for me it aerial. When my can offer me, I both area, galicia in the house, maybe doesn't brand plagues, raising it got them. Why not, I would say, as the say they would have had a lot more my mind. Do it would be no by the way? How does that was a great thing It's an amazing thing I was like I I think I was supposed to be here. I got bumped for obama. I got thumped by the way he told me to book you hear about osama fan of that carmichael kid. I was like cool
bump by worse. That's right, you did give them by barbara was like I was like I got bought by worse, so wait so north carolina. What was what when did the? When do you leave there? How old we have twenty you're twenty left, so you just said: mom, I'm going yeah. Basically I was at. I was going to sue store. in investment, which was alum and and a guy came in, and I was thinking about moving away. I was what months to get going back to want to be in an attack, but what you in high school, I will just add a high school, is this grey area of justice. nothing sure sure what am I going to do? What am I going to do? You know part time at a shoe store wherever like shoes, shoes or sneak later real finish line sneaker about do what you have on land and I'll get out again give young information online site. I got nice, you got boots, man boats and who we didn't. So you would have hated everybody s daunting if I needed sneakers, I would be all right. But, like I said I m, all we had met all out of me.
male models in alma, but this is asthma beeper ready to eating even at the check. For I mean that's exactly what I mean have Patrick play a lot. Those burger king there you can. It's. Only telling about that is there was I mean you ve, been on you a local chain, you've ve, driven by one a she on your way to a hotel, it's a little. It's a food place, some places a food place and gas. They I didn't say it was classy. It's a food court, okay, yeah yeah soldiers, all of the and And- and I was thinking about- moving to l a because comedy to do comedy. I wanted to be an entertainer. I always wanted to so I always look it's these. They out the way, those that vague, not yet, not specific. I didn't on Monday and she obey them one being so. If you want to do didn't, know specifically sand up. I thought that it was like it, I'm almost arrogant To this, I all really on that got like oh, I
what's funny is I'm not one of those guys grow up with you got siblings? I have older brother and older brother, Joe. Yes, he do Joe is now like a stay at home, dad and yeah. I like loves it here. Why wouldn't you who loves it? The wife's working wife's working my sister of what my eyes, my sister in law, about she's, been in the family for so long. I just say sister yeah look at the chairs, sister and she's a you know, working she's in education, nice and how many smart they have to have a niece and nephew and he's just doing that thing. He's yeah and like like a great debt which is weird watching your brother, be like a great day how much older guy he's eight years older than whoa. Really and yet and so that the guy that usages punch me in the chest now here's older punching all of air. You like punishment, yeah, we wait it's house three it has gained respects its hope here. He waited cells, three, the hedge irritate me and access because our lead
but yeah he was eleven so jealous of this world fuck that yeah taken all the while. I was also probably I was a bit over as a lot as a lot as an adult I for the love of god, love guy. So so you know older brother wanted to be in showbiz a guy comes in re to the store to the store yeah. I don't even know how we got on the converse. I think small talk who just what do you do and he says, oh, I'm, an actor out in l a right now I don't know what his name is. I dunno why he was in Winston salem I dunno, if he's from Winston salem, but he said I said oh, I was like oh that sounds so cool man I was like I want to. I really want to do that. and he said, yeah just move. I was like what what and then he said I had never heard of craigslist I'd, never heard of west side rentals. He told me it was like just go in there and find a place over hour.
I saved up what little money I had. My sister bought me a plane ticket and I'm in l a in like six months really yeah. No plans, no plans. I wanted to do stay I by that point. I knew it would have a great friend ashley, who kept saying it stand up. You have to do someone bigger up with someone. I went to high school with grow up with great friend of mine and she was very she was you have to do stand. Did you listen to stand up yeah? I loved stand when you were a kid yeah. What pryor Cosby knows it sinbad the usher, carlin, yeah, louis black sure you know like like the ones I just really found out that I imagine there since I was imagining then tat bottle it took on the rain. Anything now put on shows me a big shall send effort. Also worse a mouth at java. Verdict about this text to the use of a hey may seem beds. I watch and assembled special where you got a reward.
yeah. I haven't watched it in a while. I saw him in on at south by just destroys sure no, like just a real entertainer get real entertainer end, and so you know we watched you know into That thing are like sinbad cat, you know the guy, I suggest you accept cat wanes, rambled, darkly, ryan and blow your mind and sinbad is going to ramble and bring you up. He's gonna bring you up. Whoever you're mad is going to be for afros and bell bottles, yeah and he's just a great entertainer, and we watch a lot of stand up. We were we were into and we really watch them. My my dad was very much so this is where
prior. This is what why I like him and really what your dad would sit down with you and says: oh absolutely, here's a record, let's put on the cd, less and less listen, and why and because impart a lot of the exploration of my my stanhope is like why the why my family is very much so you know great at articulating. Why something why they like richard now just he's funny! It was like this is why What your men do? Ours he's a truck driver? Okay, so he loves it. He's in the truck he's listening to the yeah yeah, he literally rows yeah, listen to all his life. What did he say to you? Why? Because, because it was important what he was saying, it was important.
It was interesting yeah. You know what I mean like like it was and and that that always stuck with me like it's just like I didn't. I don't wanted to say nonsense as I. It was important, provocative, yeah provocative, but in in the best sense of the word, you know like like going back to what we say, not shocking, provide like genuinely provide a heart lotta heart, like the men really exposed to so when he's when he's up the rough stuff, man, yeah, russ, stuff any and just going there and talking about of bill cosby me about a scene which, prior on stage, which was by the way, a great show what you had an audience with bill cause me I'd I'd two onwards vote, as it also talked about before the sheer hit the fan. Was it the failure so bill cosby? Has he reached out to you? I get a phone call from my agent. Says: hydrography donaghmore theory of MR cars. We like to speak with, you did before animal dropped. The bob is before before him.
We'll drop beforehand will not knowingly unknowingly unknowingly drop about ok, but on on information that was sort of out there anyway. Just so ok see you're like fucking I'll go talk to build yes and forget its eye. If, even if I had to let them go into your thought, that's interesting to me because you know they're they're. There is a he, I think, even in in your relationship with a with vitally yes that you know when they see a guy, that's got the juice and that's gonna, you know, represent black entertainment on some well yeah that they're going to like what we're we're. The guys we're going to we're going to sit this bet there is a a bit of responsibility. The idea that was why cause be magic yeah. That of I'd just signed a me out. I've been with a deal wouldn't be see four years yet so I'd just signed the deal we had a deal to he had a deal to actually this is but for he had a deal with him. He said
The media maybe said as a threat who's this pie. Let me go see how to take puzzles about yeah. I could yeah and and- and he told me a story about seeing richard pryor on stage one year and like early seventies, okay. So when richard was bigger right before this was right before this is during the transition said, he said he saw, he saw pryor lose an audience for third, Five meant something that he would never do you bill John had always has prior. He said he saw him not have them, and he said he was just explaining. He was just explaining stuff for like Thirty. Four able was like emotionally exhilarating waning.
Links plan then at the end, like the thirty fifth minute. Is it something click? And then he said for the next hour, and this has come from bill cause we, which controversy aside, I mean you know it is Bill costs will cause be right and not bill caused not appearing on any yes built, because we, the committee, the vote, the ex wikipedia aircars lisa that he'd never seen so someone have an audience e out of their hand so well for our foreign. Our what's interesting about richard prior seems like evenly Did you read that scott's all book, nor how give it to you cause? I I love to. I got it like. I read it, but it's like it's about that time. It is it's only about up to like seventy three or seventy four, it's it's right up to after the when he started, making the bed
these, like after his arc yeah. You know it yeah and in that's worth stop so it's it's! It's through berkeley through, you know, he's transition like it it it's good in its journalistic. He talk to your family members that were willing to talk like he did his fucking home. All. That is amazing and it's it's and it's a sweet piece of a of it's a portal into that period prior, because we all make assumptions what the fuck do. We know yes, so, like you know, when he was in oakland. You know he was like he had thrown away being a clot, a cosby clown and he wanted to be an artist. We want to be an artist, but he was doing weird shit like poetry, you know and liking a theater stopped like he was really his sixties has going out there, but even in their documentary recently where he was taking, that special one of the special and he did a whole taping, and he said I didn't do it had oh yeah and oh yeah mythological be bombed right first night of his welcome back, live on the sunset strip at the palladium, I bet this everyone, I'm tired and maybe wonders ideology.
that you don't have any uses and it just it just wasn't as but because he lives, because he puts so much into like you know like, like you know, there's very few comics and maybe you're one of them, and you know his at every performance is sort of a it's a it's a life or death thing. It's not going out their protected by an act. All you're going out there on the fucking ice fly right, you a fly yeah and its. If I don't have to feel connected what I'm saying. Oh it's just is worst, it's like you. It's like yours, a yeah you're! Not yet why I mean I'm should have. I will just be an accounting me if I wanted to just repeat:
right. You know what I mean if you don't feel the juice of connection, and if you don't feel that yourself in the in the audience yeah, so what else did cosby say and he must have been teaching you a lesson you at school you a little bit. You know it was. He was. I told him about the the idea for the show yeah yeah. He thought that was cool. We talked about comedy, we talked about, I mean he said he's, actually you know not anti of he kind of, what we were saying about law. He just doesn't like shock, he doesn't like curse words as a crutch as right as opposed to you know, he's like because when you use like you're doing the clubs, you know late night, you know right. Sometimes you know it's easier to just throw in these words, and if it's as a crutch. He doesn't like it was right and unite by his interesting because cause be defined that, Modern black comic thing. You know that was in political, family oriented you I was clean storytelling, but but be provocative and his own.
In its own way. I actually just talked about that with someone recently about how, when talking about family there there, it was kind of provocative when you think about the way spoke about his children when spoke about was, can aurora short run. You know this is Israel is, is kind of provocative in biblical interpretation, yes, and yet for the times in a concept, but by a little harmless but along At that time you do have de Gregory yeah yeah, godfrey cambridge. You got people that, are, you know, pushing yo a different direction, but, like but the point I was making his at that time, even in the late sixties really seventies and in how he would you know, yet he had the cause be camp, but then he had read fox who had its own fucking nuts. Yes right down on my glossing integral I wanted out or do you know? Where was because I was actually trying to google this recently because price,
I recorded an outlier and I was like, whereas the hours are where's the club. What what's the build understand on the build? I want to go stand in the building so now like, given that you had this conversation, he didn't give you any warnings by he didn't say. you know, you know be careful of this or that he didn't give you any. Do you give you any wisdom that you were like? Oh yeah, I'll cow, look out for that shit. It was it. It wasn't the cause that we've read about like the one. That's just very you know the condescending. It wasn't in any sense it was. It was almost dare I say, in a very respectful way, almost like a meeting and almost illness? Hey you gotta. What do you want to do what you're? So what do you want to delay? Yes, this? He s as many questions. We nourishing revision
I didn't want, aren't you that it was? I was excited hours jingle excited because he really once again I made you always have to give the disclaimer now, but controversy aside, ass, a performer just as television star with it. So we think just as a business man you know is over for him now oh man. How how're you had he position him in your brain. I mean. Are you able to except because I know you do bits on it. I grew up in an environment and an end. This isn't to speak to the hood verses. You know whatever, but I know that my personal experience. I grew up in environment where you had to extract to separate the two ah fourteen in asia and in legal and people would eat like an exact up your but my best friend, you hope europe, so drugs rival, ah here, but you number of months and my brothers, closest friends, have murdered people right and so just this attack in the dead back in
that's right. It's all religious grown ups now just noticed them is taken care of what is needed to take their I, whatever age yard, so we get are unfairly tart. What have anyway, but you separate. Four people have done bad things may arise when I'm saying right, and this is not the popular pink, but you you learn to separate, to have remove you, it's not that you need to associate all the time, but some people you don't need to sort, but just on a purely viewing someone right you, you learn to separate the two red you don't like, because sometimes forces so when you, when you grow up and you don't and it's not, money right and light. There may be a guy who's, a piece of shit right, but he offers some valuable to the group right. You re like a baby like europe, this guy's a piece of shit with girls like em right and he gets girls right saw,
you don't hang, you can hang up or those guys risa, but he has a car right as I always and ass. All the stolen covers only car and we are all in danger right now, but we're gonna getting as you know, the relay at so even if it's just a thing, do you offer light? Will you think about like, like you know, it's like like a village? Rightly you think every cave moves great guy than others, and they know another agonizing national. They kill lion hidden. Who else knows how to cure? Why exactly? He knows kill lies, the rest of us. Don't know how to do that. We put up with sure he fought my wife right, yeah yeah, I think that's a line
but it's a lie, a mere think about like yeah, but you know, but but it's it's a thing of separating. Not only that what about justice I mean here's the thing my mom always has this. Ah, the saying she says she says I don't have a heaven or hell to put you in, and she says that you know a lot and here's the thing I mean it means it means that it means. Once again it does mean you associate yourself that you know what I mean, but it means that I'm, not god, I'm not god and I'm not and am where judgment suh like I'm, not a judge and jury and if, if he did it if doing anything wrong. It yeah, that's disgusting yeah, but I I you feel, like you shouldn't, have to say it just so it's clear because you're not a fan of you're. What you're saying is you're, not a fan of bill cosby the rapist, I'm not a fan of any rape fan of any horrible disk. Like that's a disgusting act.
Really worth eight, it's a disgustingly addressing at yummy as its up there were murdered. ruins lives. You don't mean like I just you know, knowing women who ve gone through that right, it's emulate. It's all right, it's out We horrible gray autonomy, so it's like in no way I'm trying to say you know of a path its body so great a you know, but but but it it, but it is a thing where it's like. This is horrible. This is disgusting, but where, where the level of judgment we, I can't you kit and knowing should, I think, like torment themselves with being a judge because, like like being a judge, takes a lot of weight and has a lot of pressure and it's a lot of torment if you don't as my mom would say, have a heaven I held a put anyone or aid or a cell, to put any one in or whatever it now. If you take that up as you cause, that's your right. Yet it is absolutely right.
If you want to push toward that justice, and we all have a bit of a responsibility for that. But it's just like you know it it's one of those things where it's like. You can't torment yourself on a personal level with just like, oh buddy, because bill cosby We still have a great. Never do that that didn't you know about the levant by bill, as be that here, but here's the fucking difference is that the fact that he hasn't you know you're publicly cop to anything yeah is that you there there's, obviously a pathology. These got problem, but richard pryor would have talked about I do worry that you don't like it. He I doubt he would have done it reverts for our target of our suit and his wife's car out and does all these things yet he's exposed to so I mean you, I mean that's the beauty of we know that any becomes a questions like this man cause be so is in trouble. What's what do you have? Things do nothing. You know, romania, you know I don't have anything to do with any one. So nothing to do with the other,
a! U can have opinions and he can. I tell you I once again and and hopefully we will have the same opinion you're a matter that hope we all have the same view on the issue itself. Does I, who else? How did your relationship with despite lee old erected, this bad, even the right. The dispersal I wanted, some one that could capture like a documentary type feel you reached out to him. Yes, a call to love, I mean the hollywood version, the This reversion rather of you know, told my guy called a guy, but then I mean we. It became really direct, pretty immediate what you think of him as a man as a man yeah, ah spike. Is that he's he's? I really respect, I mean he's convicted like he's convicted and like what he believes in he. Leaves at and we had. You know I mean I think is right. The shit like we had discussions about things like white, like mean I may in the in the bit. He was very, he was very adamant
about me not I open talking about how, like with the trayvon martin thing and how, like these horrible things happen, but you don't really care re and, and we had a disagreement and what the perspective of that was that I had to explain to him what the perspective was because he took it as you like, but people do care, but I'm like, but do that you know and to me I I say it as challenge and as a very real harsh personal realisation of our man, I'm allowing life to go on and I'm not saying you should I'm just saying it's. The reality of a lot of times, these treaded tragedies happen it's about social responsibility, social responsibility and that's what the bits about, and we had great conversations about it just talking about like yeah. This is what I meant by that. This is why I said it does, but he was honest and he was open with the and you know like in any, was very much so light. Yet there are few things that I was his anger was. Is it not irresponsible for you too, to say that I care
have to say that nobody cares, and I said I think it's irresponsible of me not to save it right, because because it's like no and and because that must be why it's not my life is yeah, that's most people and and once again going back to even what we're just talking about. Like me. At some point you do have to take some type of social responsibility and there are certain there are things that we can change and we need to actively change. That's why I said it because it's this challenge and if it made you feel like well, I do care out the The hope and the intention was that people, if it if you thought I was wrong about it, let it winning that it. What motivates for what did you? What was there? The community of your childhood? Ah, lower class, You know you know, but people doing things are needed to survive latin factory type jobs that type of thing by better Working class working class was not like a ghetto situation. Now. It hardly
as the line I dunno, I mean there were people selling drugs where people like it. That was because my if, if I didn't grow up in, if it wasn't a ghetto, then I mean someone needs to change the wallpaper. Look you go ahead anyway. I saw his they. I don't wanna wayward right. You know I rise. I would love for that matter have been. How like were you in danger many times? I saw this all hey yet I don't know yet you know right. You don't owe me like, where their drive buys a right across the street from my house and directly grow yet Oh I mean here tonight to some people that sounds like a vacation spot. Gotta get up right to me. That's what you end up with a real once again by a real life. You know I I you know, but with that said also want when you make it sound like it was just the worse there.
There are, of course, both back to getting point. Is that you know if you grow up. You know up in in that type of community words, not unusual that kind of shit to happen yeah. You know like I guess maybe what he was trying to address, and I don't know was that and he you know we can't know speaking. I would say as him is that you know black people can't disassociate yeah. Is that so so here's the thing yeah? Are there ha as a black person as black comic? There are there. There are so many rules right and there The difference between larders they are, they are behind the spoken unspoken. I really like like what it's saying that as a black comic, especially I'm not supposed to,
say that, and you know I mean like there's not a thing. That of policies that are spike was coming from yeah right. It's like you're, not supposed to say either I and an end part of like listen, not to sally will. This is my but I do want to contribute to now me comedy now. We the that you know like that. The of the artist experience here that you want to contribute and push every experience further, so part of my job is to turn will say those things that are true that I'm not supposed to set due to break. That rule is part of my responsibility because, because its inhibiting its inhibiting the are its inhibiting the consciousness to to it to not say these things to not. You know what I mean I have to write, but it's also interesting that your trajectory he was not the standard black. Comic trajectory you got. You come out of black clubs. Now,
so you are able to have this year. This thought provoking james with a mixed audience, if not white leaning, audience yeah most of the time, yeah, yeah and you're when you're at the store, yet the insurer have. Yet to you know it's not it's not all black audiences, and by the way I mean love. I love when it's when I, whenever I'm in front of a black audience there, there is a certain amount of light comfort and like
excitement of just like oh great, you know how it can really do yeah. We can really go for it, because the whole thing I really believe my purpose is to contribute to expanding consciousness via within, especially within art. You know you try and let it go, let it permeate and go beyond that, but but it's to expand consciousness, and that and everything that I do is rooted in that everything in the spat saying these things that you're not supposed to say but honest, is of the even the way we shot and did the special all of that is to was to expand cash. When did this? Ah this idea, this vision of yours take hold, I mean like it wasn't at the shoot door. So when did you start to acknowledge the idea of art it it's a thing:
I've always respect it right. The things that always gravitate towards things. That means like that that that kind of mean something aunt and help explain. Tat is rightly so even before wanting to do like why even at the shoe so were the reason I'm always watch the daily shows because John Stewart, I think genuinely does a service to society right because it is the it's the source of news flooding true: hypocrisy, cutting through apostrophe and and getting to the the the the truth yes and informing people yeah, because it is a thing where you know. If you try and read about you know, what's happening in politics through the associated press, it's not as clear, as John stewart explaining it to you at a lever rachel, mad, oh yeah, yeah, it's a dance to its clear and its humorous ran it, and it's like this. But that's what artists to me. It is medicine and applesauce which have it it's it's fine in its, but is it really is saying, makes people see
is differently you so like. So like you want to blow minds like you know, you guys you people walk through life every day and all of a sudden you make them think of things like you just tweak the knob a little. I never thought about that. Yes, I'm responsible the expansion of ok, you don't owe me and those are the things that are always gravitated through its you know. It is always at the because because other what's a get wet looks good at a time. Capsule right, you're aware what does but to be an attacker ass, you know, like that's, that's always been where my my head is even in the end, what I would watch and how to spend my time and just and self education. It's always like. Let's read the guys that lasted those red, the guys that mad it looks like you, the site it by franco here right, a wrinkle. Here's this poet who are in power from the new york school poor young, who just in is the way he structure poems. The way did things me mad,
lewinsky. I think he was the poet laureate for awhile wasn't yeah. He likes it. Just like my favorite poem is, is my heart, Frank O'Hara, I'm not going to cry all the time, I'm going to let full time you don't like these in so I wanted to read all of his or anything that I could anything I can get my hands on from here on as much as I could just at barnes and noble shell is like it was a mere it it's. The same thing would like our I went into the whitney of a new one: the new ice rise really really great, exhibit that when they got up was their collection through the years right, just yeah yeah again, I just saw it's fantastic amazing. It spends half or through the protest to the periods, yeah yeah, all the different types of our german and like the sixties, and the seven information, it's amazing. Yes, oh there are brought up to say like the same thing would like poetry, anything it's like I, it's always dangerous territory, because then I don't wanna go to. You know that the classic I don't know art but under what I like. I all those my interpretation,
so you need to know what a and b that that comes back to the same thing, I e what you do on stage as if your honest thing is it yeah, yeah, there's always gonna, be people with an education or intellectuals that are going to question your reaction to a because they're gonna put it into a different context by the pure reaction of somebody who, just like I want to feed my head, yeah and you have that thing hits you like. Yeah, that's honest, yeah, that's on it and then, if you want chase down the pipe and learn more shit about where came from or who that guy was? That's all other, that's. As other exiting get right and you can choose to go. in a row that soldier and ruin it for years, so yeah a it for yourself? Yes, just a just, that's a whole, you gotta go to college again, that's a whole lifestyle change, but just you know like reading like just reading reading educated, like just trying to educate yourself, will feed your head feeling head like a cause. Those things like even like, like specially, if you don't, if you're, not most people, aren't educated.
in in poetry. You were contestable o hara in where he came from poetic that if you just deal with the meat of his expression or the painting like sometimes when paintings are supposed to be provocative in the same way, you do comedy it's nice to know the movement yeah, these mother Cars were trying to turn. You have side now go if you go to a car bomb geo exhibit right. Yet, if you, if you see it, you need to know the concepts of the movement and you need to know A lot of the hour is in the shadow sure Roy you don't ever do I got it. I went to work, but our competed kevin christmas. We want to lack my any just basically ice cold. You, he schooled me think that animals are out and you learn the kind sexy scooby. Unlike the content of our an end so, and so it's like with comedy with all of a sudden I'm interested and where I am
in an art sure you don't mean why I like it beyond comedy here. You know like it's. It's I mean you just look at what this show its right that you at the president of the united states. Yet this is Just you don't have any. Just like you know, like an mba favorite reading over the present, there is just like net. They have to deal with you the they think it's like it's just I write say writing about like a thing. First, what comedians comedians, it hasn't been. You know, in the context of especially comedy here, has been a little thing since it started ray. I write but then event and then use watch. It grow much good. Watch it grow and they have to deal with you and now. Even this show itself is in the context of our here. Isn't it in the context of of of journalism in the context of the documenting thinks so he's like it's like this show exists in that context, and I won't bite state of a war.
by whatever to exist in our right unity, romeo, and so you need to read of a red about artists. You need to explore art, yeah, explore chairman and the art of every fisherman you known and address poets and painters. There's a I would argue, doesn't ought to be in a reality stuff. You don't realize sure there, where I don't think the, but it isn't the hour of actually argument. You don't have to context. Eliza conceptual conceptualizing, Kim kardashian to even the way. Paris Hilton that sure fewer mistakes, so about. It happened, eliza off it litter every nook in black re, any of it. But but ok, I understand we sang, but I think there is a young skill set and craft and an end in itself, and also you have putting ambition together with how to to get your hustling to make a few hours, but but you
by expanding Constanza. Alzheimer's. I don't know I don't know, but I'm just saying is we have a good is that that is a skip, that that is a scam. Here's the thing. Rather, we like to admit it are not kim kardashian. There's gonna, be remember ok, but this everyone makes you lord and biota, but about nominating the phenomenon is gonna be, is going to explore, which which then I mean it to a certain degree. Red I've been like this, but it in whence it sure you know what I and so like being in which it was a part of art, like that's a big party, where about liking. For my like for one hearing. It is a skill that is, I know, I'm not arguing, I'm just saying that you know there. There is something about being remembered and historical. You know you can do that by by not expanding any consciousness and actually end, if you do it might be in the wrong direction. Yeah! So, like a second, then there's, there there is the idea of art to expand consciousness yeah
and I think what you are saying is like you'd like to expand consciousness, but you'd like to be well known for yes, yes, thank you very much so I What are they a separate Joachim gargantua that it respects? I really appreciate that. I really appreciate that, but it with the sea would have saved, like the art of any big, is just just really with within anything in context. Just getting the most no. Not yet again. I don't like that for anybody to rise out of whatever their life is and have an impact at all at in a lasting one requires some set of of skills, yes of some kind. they're, good or bad or whatever it get the yeah and and and for you to make the impact that you want to make a you know you don't have to trust yourself. An end in the machine. are in place because it become
that thing, where you make a choice not to do a four and a half minutes at cause. You don't represent yourself. If all of a sudden, you know you get big, and they're like well. We need that form a four and a half minutes at new. I I think I can do it now. Yeah, oh you'll, see A lot of that now you'll see a lot of the cut to me just in a suit as if I ever, if I they it's a concession to surpass the india makino you the embassy show with we picked it up and it's like is not doing great. We need you to to go. It's reality show to do a little you! It's like you, maintain your integrity as an artist and you try and do things that make sense what what listen the reason I wanted to work with him. He said because it's such a machine sure it's such a huge machine, but I really think you can get something could and
interesting. Are a lot of people have said that idea? A lot of people said a lot of people that we don't no longer in the business. I know I know I know right as I as I prepare for battle suited up just like alright, you guys this is like people watching you talked about a lot. see, I thought this. Is it there's no talk in your mouth shut. Your mouth after suits about caravaggio idea out. Here, though, I would try to sell sharm it with us about, but when you got here like I like I had I gives like there is a lot of a lot of my peers, who see new yeah yeah. I don't know I get you. Maybe you gone they the mayor. I wasn't going to the governed by spent a lot of my guys, like You now I get caravan and AL madge go in bran in now these guys like tissues, is a miracle
if don't know where he came out of the clouds is a matter of fact. Fuck never seen anything like it am. I haven't. You got me twenty five years. I've never seen anything like it is inevitable. You like me, as I saw my couch and why there, but this pretty accurate, yeah, the second comings on your couch, the duh. What the hell happened, how that so you get the l a and where and when did you? What was the first set where'd you do it. Our first stop was at the comedy store for some sunday. Sunday. I didn't your life ever my life, ok stuff, so How long have you been doing it now? Let's have her start in two thousand, a of almost seventy okay. I I would tell people I would just why people would say how how how long you been doing stand up every a couple of years when I first moved we had, I didn't. I didn't want the crutch
I am I. If I tell you, I tell you, I don't want a mythology for yourself, you, ok, I've didactic, w w, just very vague about who they would you words, groundwork start yet another just kind of yes nematode again that's weighed and talk to people they get in and out get it out bigger and bigger they're onto you yeah, but but it's because I didn't want that. That light not there for for as honestly as a set ratchet as a set right, because this it may be better. When you told me out you prepare for that person just paste the same web barefoot, this move, s, amazing ass, you think noble ideas, thoughts, go look first at the open might no audience members comics! back. The word on is shining through the window. If somebody, easy, romena manatees Well, that's why I want to especially because it's just it's the first place. I have a dinner missed you hit or miss easily
yeah easily too much bullshit, it's the! It really is, and I know comics say it, but it it really is one of the hottest light by by heart, meaning it's. It is something you have to figure out every night. It keeps you on your toe. You got like the the first trick of that original is like how the fuck am I going to get comfortable in here, yes and and like cause it it'll that place or pull it. It'll bring your fear right to the surface. So you have to battle your fear for, however long it'd? Take for you to be like I I own this stage now there is a table at your feet. I know the table so I'd say right. You can't see past much past that tape just and now that food is served where people eat. Gotcha garbage yeah garbage If figured it'd, be like that's a you know, it's it's a lot like there's a rawness there like he just feels that room is like this. A couple rooms that are like, despite the reputation, are hard as fuck. The comedy cellar is another one hardest. Fuck love it yeah, love it because once you, but once you pop that place
if you like, fuck, I'm not afraid of anything yes, yeah, oh and then, and then in the the comedy cellar momentum is great. Somebody's gotta hit some of my favorite moments. Incentive is also also like going it's like. After in the lewis yeah. You know areas other than europe Lena and am once again. Where do you fit in this you don't worry. I met, and now you better make them. No, you realize what you better hit right out of the game. You don't have a fucking chance, that was one girl in the toilet. Eudoxia. If I asked over Europe Europe there's one does what I love this. What I love about, following dane, will we ever got you at the factory? Why all these things? Because it's like you bet like you too, would you start now? You does this unknown person run nobody's there to see you, but but you have the heat, a widow.
So you own the shows right and you gotta know that the the the biggest trick is like you know. You earned it like once or twice where you are going to fall. That do he's got that energy, I'm just going to go full on and then attract at him. We're now. So then, eventually, just iraq and suck it right down to me trunk. Wait truth wait what what have you bill, burr's good at that, yet the yeah? Well, you know it's like I might have to eat for six, Maybe you don't owe me by like this- has to be me: right, arrive every home euro. I walk into it. You gotta redecorate amounts. We gotta. Just let's get you I gotta do a quotas by unanimous just by famine just by your energy, just unspoken. You have to do that it! That's that that is the crucial moment worth if you have your women that moment, be a law- oh yeah, long, fifteen minutes the hope of a strictly breadth of your life. And were up we're sitting that your weight. It puts a green light now, what's the last place, usually long, how much
How long have I been here here? You have, Those are two nights when the next guys, not yeah. I got it now. I gotta do twenty I've been up here. Why gotta do twenty one and you know what's amazing about that feeling it can always happen. We can always. We have a saturday we have actually in the o r? U like! That's it! That's all! I'm gettin now think again, I can go higher than that and there's places full just to get more tech is back and that's what I love about the are the o r could be full and dead. Yeah yeah crazy pets. Usually what is that, under most circumstances, just by the nature of the room, be people the whole room full of people any other place to someone you're going to get something. Vr can be packed to the brim, nothing yeah worse sitting there like what is the fucking dark, I believe the build
on certain night, has a mood to less hey. Yes, I know absolutely our seas with the moon, the man just with some producers or something but it keeps you and your toes and you gotta just identity assault on their up first open mike. Do it love it? oh, I've got those horrible. You got the bug, you're out his decided and unreliable. I'm excited the sheer thought right. Random words. I m excited ass, your thoughts and related to say, hey rather bizarre, about this thing. Do you not feel that way? I right because I want cause. I want to talk about it excited when did the? When did people started, noticing you like it, because it was the store guys right. neil and endow men kneel and alan pray uh. You know, like genially of maize art. You know, I mean bill. The I mean you know was very miami said very. He gave some very
nice, compliment me early on my hurry and you know I was just do those coal signs in front of you know here at the time tommy at the comedy swords, as I put his kid up. You know my answer. I mean you know very, very bless just as they have light. people feel about. Algeria is economic, cynical fuck. So I When everybody starts talking about this kid carmack, I'm like what I can't wait. How could I've seen this happen before it was it's patrice yeah? You know, and this is why you've got to talk to pre, treat. I got to talk to it must have been something one of the most amazing one of the most amazing? It really was. It was one of those like who the fuck, you think you also have a neil. I can remember if it was neil or ian because of our unit was that introduced me to patrice on the patio outside the store,
and he said what was he doing out here. So he was at a ways he was out yeah. He was there for a few days for some meetings holding up the patio just holding up the patio. While these fucking holding up cause there's a line. You know I'm with afraid of it. I think it was near or may have been, and I dunno but either way they'd say: hey have you met gerard and the first thing things that oh yeah, I heard are. You are you supposed to be that next nigga that supposed to be the next super mega everyone and that's what he said of it, and then he talked to me for thirty min and it's really a blessing. I had some great conversations with like that. He said I kina a striking yeah. There's like the beauty of patrice, was sort of like I feel good talking to him he's gone right into me, but I'm not sure it's right. I do have honest, not lie, but you will sell. It was honestly- and this is the only conversation I've ever had what thirty minutes arm, and I remember because it's the first time I ever mr show,
because I haven't got us talk. I was on my way to a spot and it in his I'm not Pull that whole. I just knew it because I don't know I just I just for whatever reason you couldn't walk away, couldn't even do the polite, like I gotta, run, I'm sure he would have understood. As did the end. I just missed my spot. You know isley, given the context of this was
pretty close to when he went to the hospital. This is like months before so, like obviously you're like oh well, thank god that I did, but but but very kind of a vulnerable conversation he's he was a. He was a. It was a weird sort of it was exciting to be around neck yeah and there's not a lot of guys yeah. He was so he talked about mistakes that he may he talked about it once it gets same thing we cut it. Wasn't that, like. Let me tell you something right: it was like a this is my experience. It was very much so they you know it was met with this level of like respect it was it's. Never. You know. I've been really busted like, for whatever reason, people just approach with this level. Of like honest, like respect and like this, what I went through, and I really appreciate that I think there's a brotherhood did to comics. You know and- and I think that comics especially guys in my generation and and sometimes older, but they get a little detached, but guys who are still in the in the you know at the clubs and stuff yeah that when they see something or they feel talent,
they feel like you're, one of us that they're they're, decent fucking, do set. You know nor do I know what can do to help this gaia because he's good for us in his great at what he does and he makes it you know he ate. You know if we believe in comedy yeah I mean I mean down to kneel Brennan gave me shoots yeah, you don't owe me like a magic, luke, heavy clothes and of not like some of my first paying gigs bread arts would just slight me cast Oh really, you know what I mean when you came out here. You didn't do the craigslist, you didn't have a place to live. I've found a. I lived on a on a love seat for a month, then I moved into a studio apartment for people. We shared smart. Like I mean just the most uncomfortable couch lived on couches like that type. they didn't have a day job here. It me well, you can buy the grace of god that you know, but I only thought caught a focus on comedy I focused on just like, like being given that the data no danger now. No doubt
at the point now. Why that's not what I want to do right you and here's the end and mean once it's a blessing to be able to do it, and I and people were very like you know, I mean think about that. A lot man just like you know, like neal Breton, all these guys. Just believe in you. You know like early on all my ghana, and it's just I mean so beautiful I never I've never seen anything like it really We know that this was a beautiful thing. You know that the eu and india are you tell it was that they d get in new york. They knew your commitment of David, often Brian Cowen bought me a car you You know, I don't feel like I'm just like genuine believe. You better not lead is made up of a fortress europe. Everyone is like all right if I knew better focus on carbon You know me lay because it's just like you know, if, even if not for yourself for have become regular, obey these beautiful People will have a really believe in you. Look out ass, a sweet story, man,
It's amazing worked out a man guy glass to live now, I'm donor. And by IRAN, pat sewed. Ok, I got a couple appear now. What is the embassy show? Windsor happening do and how many would do in five more up who did a pilot and then five more six toad six, not going to run the pilot gonna run the pilot love the pilot. Who knows how we feel about the plan b c like in visa yeah? They listen. You so love out of the genoa love as it is doing right. So you do that the fight any fights yet? Oh, it's always a fight. Nobody with the suits do on the ship level. Oh yeah, absolutely yeah, it's always a fight. I mean I mean it really is an anomaly you want to make it sound like it's only contention, because I mean they're like what you said with the the letterman like there are some.
It notes. There's some oh yeah, I guess story there and the end came just be lying in. Wait are unaware that really believe in the idea. Like really so I don't want to make it seem like us versus Joanna, but it is you trying to change prospective consciousness or wait. Something's perceive what what something can be. What you can say what you can't say, your you know: ain't ague, wheat battling that it's like to change. The habits is the hardest. That's the world ever of liver, my girlfriend, it's my favorite space on my family. It because of what interests in relation with the family is it is. It is people there believe really strongly, and things like we were allowed arguments growing aim of an area of over everything between you and your mom and dad you're between all of us over every eight only got the owner still to get over any given, think give parents, though together and that still drive and still driver. What's your mom do ah she's now early return,
I met haha. I was a secretary at a children's hospital for thirty one years and I'm sure she won't mind me sharing she. So she just let go from her a job. Thirty one years loyal service, same children's hospital, just let go right, cutbacks or whatever pensioner, We would not the amount of respect that she deserved fuck. You don't owe me last very only too fast for children's hospital. Just not the amount respect. She deserves just gone. I mean that europe is a woman who sits with who set with children who try to commit suicide. inwards, hot and prayed with. You know what I mean like and just thirty one years. I am gone right, how she handled it. Fine, my mom's, was one of the strongest people I've ever so just
so everyone's strong opinions and opinions, strong opinions in the shop, strong opinions, some unpopular opinions just trying to see both sides of an argument, I'm crazy, inspired by norman lear and and then I have a. I saw him speak of an ea twice actually once at a bat robot. They were nice enough to invite me to just this very private thing to do to see. Normally speaking, then, I saw him speak to Rosenthal. The full Rosenthal it just this conversation about his book and about you know crazy. I talked to him in here and deck job, so you show you like mean I love to. I would love to say, he'd love to come see you ought to be correct. I wonder man, it seems like he likes to go out and shit he's I mean just I mean by the way I I had a great conversation with rob reiner about you, just like, even in making this like between the conversation where cosby and talk with reiner, LEO, speak out, called, feel rose and things, and we just saw model, is all in the family.
there's amalia, it's all in family, because because it's just its tree wanna go. The revival of galway juice, yeah yeah yeah, like honesty on television, because you dont soon into a sick com to see when I want to see you tuna for character and am perspective, you don't soon into see. You know, oh that story's crazy, because that's what netflix you know these dramas are for and even on NBC, they have dramas that do the enlightening to see you build a relationship relationship with the director exactly and and in building that relationship. The people that I want to build relationships with are people who have strong views and strong opinions and aren't just saying just sassy things every fifteen seconds. You know like it's yours, you just jokes, just jokes, it's just like conversation, real who's playing your dad David, Alan Grier, yeah yeah yeah, this fantastic berwin he's like I'm in an actor. You know to relay it's like he's an yell job, you talkin tonia,
you know I wasn't in Loretta divine my mama ice. Also amazing. I, as amber Stevens amber west. Rather excuse me, those whose fantastic images like funny place, my girlfriend low rail, how replace my brother and dog another comics. If we had a place, his ex wife that he can't universally guy she's a mate lay its it really and honest that the chemistry is there. You don't owe me like a very real chemists, hideaway the acting feel feeling it I feel. Like like you, take any lessons. Guile John
I on hand. I spoke with the inactive coach once she was really really great ma. Have this relationship with all school, where it's a very cautious relationship, because the it's it's why and without respect in was done. Time declared the reason I witten not like an advocate of comedy claudia, because you don't want to create this black box for yourself, the assistant, someone says a system you know, What that's? What you want to create your own cetera seinfeld, very much so has his own system that goes along with your own rhythm. He goes on with your rhythm, but you need to find it for yourself so same thing with acting. Yet I remember reading this thing that denzel Washington said he went to acting school for long enough. it has guided us long and not be via our belong it up. He got what he needed and then you get out of here before you're following the same rhythm wants europe to everybody else is don't you know, so you want to know your authentic
thinking would say it up again figured out how to get an idea of how do you sell you view yeah yeah, you know really hook a couple seasons for me to get our act about your mark merit on mere rhetoric, united, mainly at which it, which is the same thing, that every act that we love does geronimo. is that everything about jack Nicholson, but as but he like those guys yeah, though they took classes now the weird thing about like about and being a comic, I'm just telling you this, because I put this in my head. It was one of the few moments where we're where I I knew something that would frighten me before yeah, but I I I had no choice and I had to accept it. I know every mother fucker that in art, in our trade that got sitcoms comes, I know I know bread. I know ray. and a louis, I didn't know jerry by sight but, like I said like alright, every one of these guys it it took at least a season for them to figure out how to act. Yeah like themselves in their use, surrounded by real actors. Yet aware, were us
we were in em. We just think what would you do it? But if you like, you watch first season and eva shows like north will, yeah we'll stay figured it out right- and I knew that, though any like before I would have been like a fuck man. I gotta figure this out before I do. Yes, are you able to just I have to eat it. You're up up up up, get to take them. What makes a heads up I know you're going to do the best you can do the best. You can and you and then you're going to grow into it and you grow into it. I find you know your miracles. You might be fucking the olivia in the first week. God bless you yeah, alright I'll, take it. Take it. Take a look you I want. Best of luck and end in let's talk, I want to talk again either at the pick up, ok or when it done work out. If you know what that's the deal, ok, that's a deal thanked. Her is amazing.
why they recovered a man back. I eat like all lit up that gap. Just beaming, Beaming with youth in energy and creativity charged me up Let's make it a little less dirty it is a new guitar, though I do something meditative. If I can, if I can try to do that, that would be make me feel better. So, just just enough to skin do the three cord thing, maybe I'll, throw another one in there. I don't know I The I
the Thank you, boomer lives.
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