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Episode 634 - Richard Thompson / Lemmy Kilmister

2015-09-02 | 🔗
Richard Thompson and Lemmy Kilmister seem like they exist at opposite ends of the rock spectrum, but you’ll notice a lot of similarities in this double-header episode. First, Marc talks with Richard about his brand of guitar wizardry and how he keeps the tradition going in his family. Then, Marc and Lemmy talk Motorhead, the Beatles, dads, drugs, Ozzy, and what it means to be Lemmy.

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The guy all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is, what the fuck delegates man. This is up my pod gas. Thank you for listening. I appreciate your patronage inch jody a double header. The amazing genius guitar player richard thompson talks to me for the first part of the show and plays the full song and next up the amazing and singular. Let me for motor head hangs out for a bit in the garage we put, I put them whether for reason browse I'll pay. That reason they both been playing a very long time there, different musicians, but was it thing about them, as I dont think whether they settled or not. Maybe I'm projecting. I dont know
I've gotten the of the day, the the fame or the risk that they deserve either them in their own worlds. In a way levies, well. You know that that may not be true. I might be projecting that, but these are not huge. Stadium arena rockstar is never word. These guys are specific and they the kings of their worlds, though I to be interesting is that they both grew up in england. Not too far. apart from each other young age, wise and also Yes, they both had amazing stories about who, who is around any who came and who they saw in england when they were kids cause. So much of you, the second wave of rock and roll. He came out of england, yet you know, and I just there- I thought there was the connection there? That was, my reasoning, is for some reason I gotta asking these guys about. musicians in about who they saw who they knew, and
and in a way that happened? I hope it didn't seem disrespectful, but that sort of web I put them together there you have it I do I do want to say this. The days of the whole are over here at the cat ranch many of you who have been with me since the beginning know that I have a fear and a dread of the powerful. porthos had happen rarely but do happen here in LOS Angeles set. At times I hear and l nino is coming. That will not only end the drought but will wash away the badness in los angeles, There's going to be a storm so tents that people are going to be morally more decent? Afterwards, it's going to be a cleansing storm, I think of it called the great flooded one time when god did it the first time I just hold my garage floats, but I will say this in some. You follow me on the instagram and or maybe on the twitter and our people save the anything's, but I just did it twice
you saw date Standing some supporter I shot, as a morning greeting, video form. My driveway, I replaced my driveway, my driveway redone, and I now have a voice strain that runs along the front to the garage, so no more mystery hall. For those you listen, you remember the mystery. I had this whole and right next to the garage that when it rained the water Go in the hall. No one knows where the water, when no one knows livestock. Is down there to try to track the water mean. Dennis my neighbour tried to us Maybe it's gone down the hill. Maybe it's gone under the garage, maybe it's gonna denisov yard nope. We have no idea the mystery hole just water went in dont know where went not a good feeling could be it. large hole beneath my house, a sinkhole perhaps those days are over. I know have to rely on the mystery. I have a new driveway with drainage. I now
my guess who park in my driveway. They don't need the fuck up their undercut. urge- and nor do I I'll tell you. And cement finishers, there's a fuckin art, thou, There's an art to watch guys work cement and I look I'm not even a fuckin truck guy I think I was a truck I when I was a kid, but man, D, c to some men, trucks pull up and they have the supper motor car, not a motor car. I can just that trailer that runs a cement through it and then into these giant houses and adjust it just he's out cement and then there were Can it and are going up and down there on platforms or and we're boots and their justice there, When that surface in those lines, your spock and beautiful watch. It was like goddamn movie production over here. It was exciting here for a couple of days, people drive by you know, if you know of men, love to do they loved it I've slowly by anything, that's being built or construct any kind of construction, tell you how may do just slow down from the house right now job
looks at rebar, good job, good work, yeah, and I thank them as if I did it because I didn't know what else to do. Anyways don't forget about the whole thing: yeah, all the debutante archives are now and how premium, if you sign up for that it, how that at them and used a problem, w tat that'll get you a full house access, three ninety nine a month for exactly three ninety might nine a month and if you already have a deputy a premium account, we have that account make sure you switched over to how, by emailing support at how dot fm Doesn't anything more than what you already paid and you'll keep your current rice I know some there's a couple of bugs and system on top of it were working out this tv. I sometimes it takes a little bit, the finessing with the new plan forms and technological things, but I know We are on top of it I'd so its move onto richard Tom. Many years ago, and I was applying the college's ip. Do the universe, indiana lymington. Now
sort of like weird kind of fragment itself uncomfortable? neurotic can used. Young Man- and I went to there, are indiana. Remember the first time if flew on a small plain to the campus, I stay. The night now wandered around sort of like weird a media. Emotional amoeba, not knowing what I was doing not knowing. Why was working at college, not knowing What I want to do not not come both my hair cut or my pants, when jogging up there, and that was awkward. I can't explain it, but I wandered around for many years like lost. And I remember I wandered into this antique store in Bloomington Indiana. I don't remember where it was, but it must have been nineteen eighty, and there's a woman, thereby immediately became enchanted with, because I was just denied benighted talk to people that well, I felt uncomfortable and I just wandered into this art deco antique store in there beautiful woman. There I tried it
talk about music anything. I just learned about Brian Eno us trying to an presses, woman there who is probably twice my age, bad, not tie anybody who has very needy and I just remember at that time that she told me about richard, Linda thompson and wasn't till years later to one move to los angeles for the first time that tom, I knew nothing of airport convention at that time, but it was years later I moved to los angeles and live in what steve, bro and peat bog and for some reason they had the richard and Wendy thomson a shoot out. its album and there's a song and there I believe it's Adam called calvary cross and every time I heard It almost made me cried a guitar plain was so insanely perfect and that I became just blown away by richard thomson and those two richard wendy thomson, arms which are stunning and then- I follow richard thompson, solo career and no one
guitar like that guy nine years later, not too long ago, I realized that he played on some of the nick drake stuff, and then I decided that martin offer kind of stole his riffs and his style, and I decided that I talked to richard about that. and I dunno man, I've just I've always loved the guy and I've loved. His guitar playing was a real special thing for me to get to talk to him. He's got a new album out there tea was working with that. Jeff Tweedy produced it and it is there with him and it's an amazing match, and it was amazing to talk to him so it sir, let's go to the richer thompson the last hour you data generated yesterday's loved actress, a great experience in this. to call the new one. Still so now, recording with that guy, you know, Obviously like every
guitar player in the world is a great fan of yours. Methane is now that you know I'm still poor, given that they will that's the difficult thing about being a genius that everybody aspires to be, as argue, invent, something Well, I think I'm a genus rather genius. Thank you anyway homo sapiens, one nobody plays like you and that's a rare thing. You know I do have a sound that so aspects, the clear own is it not did not common one tries to be different in a land of guitar pleasant? You know that there are so many gets up less than eight in the number. The millions that it's it's desirable distinctive, and I really tried to do that since I was quite young since I was about sixteen, I I really thought you always knew that. Well, you know in the sixties, in Britain it was as all blues, guitar players, you know: you're you're, you're you're, a you make tylers and you're peter green or a clapton. So I thought
I've got to do something different knuckle sound different. Somehow that had sixteen because, like is, Where did you where'd? You grow up crop in london I ended in was your. Was there any musicians in the family? I mean, did you ah yeah mommy? My father was it was it was a bad guitar player that he played fairly bad does playing guitar, but we had great records. He had younger on her records. He had les paul rudd yeah, so I heard that stuff growing up my grandparents had a scottish dance band that, but I kind of missed that and as another generation was there, but there there seems to be something that kind of that, Take an exotic about the plane. Workers also mean that that's a reflection of some of the music of resistance to see some progress. Listening to the junker reinhardt, you know you're rock n roll yeah scottish country, dance music, so you know my grandmother's a sang in gaelic. Can I say she says she sank, a gaelic folk songs. You know, so I got this real mixture of stuff.
when, when you started playing with the first guitar festival, it was a pieces, crop wink. Us here was it your dad's guitar He brought it home in every. It was barbarously broken into spanish guitar that have been dropped in ireland, strength yet no strings vandam. This is so he repaired and and with the other, he was apply. Oh my sister was applied, but then I grabbed it first and did you just teach yourself pretty Whatcha sounds mum and I also had a sister god bless her who's too. For everything from life. solar boyfriend who come pick her up right, chibi. Chibi too, I was getting ready. I said so. I I get a guitar listener of her boyfriends, also that she dated musicians, yeah yeah. She seemed to Amherst musicians, yeah yeah,
so that's how you earn these guys would come over and let me show you some chuck berry yeah. Sorry, it was. It was yeah, chuck berry, but maybe you know about mama a lot buddy holly. You know that at the time funny hollywood say he's underrated, guitar player. I think any. He was great guitar player. I mean awesome of his records. It's a guy called tommy, also provide yeah. He was also fantastic, guitar and so that sound so that so so europe in in when who's popular in pop music, like when you're sixteen, I don't know how old you are, but, like you see us and and buddy holly, and what what? What? What I'm sixteen of the the you know the who? What where were they already banned? Oh yeah, they're, a great band, so I used to go to school or go get onto the marquee club in soho and see the who on tuesday, and they were almost like an r and b band, then right they weren't already been, but that they were doing all the this other than nihilistic pop art stuff as well. They were smashing gear and they were I'm wearing flags and it was all terribly exciting they're, just incredible club enemy. I imagine that energy right right in a four hundred,
so you saw all those those people playing and you knew that you could you needed to transcend that. Regular sound of blues will absolutely have those blues and soul and that's about it and then your pink floyd song started to get rolling on the psychedelics and comments. So did you see them? Oh yeah yeah we used to do shows with with pink floyd wood said. With their. We said Anne and there was not a court the same off to sit. I didn't think it was different minorities, like the ghost have said they are all just reckoning with his absence equipment and ex twenty records, yeah this extraordinary kind of whimsy to utter to his music here in an incense of fun and such a humor yeah. That was just extraordinary. You got fairport convention, you guys were we how long we with that band about five six years. Toward heavy with which we watch a lot. We went and you open for all these people before them. Some point people psycho open for us that are less idea and where are you and when they met,
Probably yes, probably because lucifer understand it any. Who is an infant vanier, yes saw iconography. I got to know how that way. I am and you guys. When did you two decided to sort of do it? Solo to I was playing assent is burned. She was being groomed as a kind of a pop star, but but we didn't each other a bit, because what we both be cheering at different times different places into it, was the dilemma of having two musicians yeah in relationships. So we thought well, we could just team up, you know and do stuff together. You know, but we just play around the folk clubs will keep it small, but at least angry dating at that time. New area of minces afterwards we started in air dicing net must work so yeah that I just seemed illogical, move on and we can have a lock to go. What shifted in You could. Those were big records, the to richard
thompson. The thompson records sense sense. Big big big climbing mean like, like. I knew about fairport convention, unlike like fifty once or everything that most of what you did from that period. You know I'm getting after I wasn't in. I wasn't conscious enough to know, but I know that, like I want to see the bright lights tonight and and shoot out the lights likes it. I'm point when I was maybe a freshman coward. Someone said that this is the shit. The ominous is important. Records were in the way that you trot mosque replica. You know which sold sixty thousand copies We, like we record you, there's a little more accessible than trout. Mass wreck. Look good personal assails, probably less actually mean we were talking about coat records are mainly the bright lights, was a coat record sure and I swear so a cult record out there that these were requisite that never quite hit the mainstream, never never hit the charts related. But so where is this a deal? I'm in the charts now right now? Wasn't then yeah with a tweety produced record? Yes how's that feel, feels immensely rewarding seriously?
I mean. What will we we hit? Number six in the in the uk album charts, which is a congratulations which is actually incredible for an old folk rock dinosaur. Like me, was that way. Fifty years coming up perfectly has come out when we were up there with with taylor swift, oh my god that must feel fucking great. It's! Ok, it's ok, yeah! Well! If people still sold millions of records, you know why you're always going to figure out a way to frame it. So it's not quite right. Is that true, like it, but you're telling me that that those two which in the wintertime some records were not, and they never so big, no, absolutely not absolutely and who, like who is guiding you at that time, like production, wise, you mean how who was like who made sort of decisions that you eat I cannot quite understand how it works is. You are obviously singled out as like this amazing guitar, where me we're doing less studio work at the time I could guys if that was your producer, that was like you're, the guy I will
from from place to place where, in fact, what joy boyd were, what was a tremendous influence on a guiding handing over economy I mean was greece- lays bare, got twenty two at the time of purchase knots grease yeah yeah. It is eminence and in what way was he known for? Ah JO, was the he. He was the stage manager n newport folk festival. What we, when dylan plugged into an electric, how he, how he was there yeah. He saw the incredible string band fabric of interim pink floyd, but made the first pink floyd records, such as one people with really good ties, he's an american guy american guy, yeah yeah, but he's lived in the uk for as long as he's still around yesterday. Joe is a great guy great a guide for us nearly ties, and then I mean numb did the earliest our producing. What, with the engineer john, would the the the richard and Linda
well those two records of richard winter thompson record. I mean we like the cavalry crosses on one of those right yup. I said I love that song. That was like the one, the first time when I first heard that it was like so haunting. I couldn't stop listening to it like an over and over again weird. I am yeah picking the weird songs word you're, just not not the normal demographic we expect. Will I get that. Would that song, in light from the so ever went when the spell is broken that one brutal brutal but debt? But there is a heaviness to most your music and my misreading that serious moby may ok serious, sir, as well You know, I really love songs and I think it's a flippant to try to do so.
I love you, you know, here's a few flowers isn't isn't, isn't, isn't love great little to it. You know, yeah I mean the the that that's a nice song and that's good, but but to do justice to love. I think you have to go a little deeper and you have to say well. I love you, in spite of you know we were together in spite of this and that it's horrible yeah and you know what we've been through together. You know, sometimes you know, loves like you, I wanted to to a life raft. and in the middle of a storm, and I mean that there are other things to conceal, So I like to go a little bit more to write and there is also the the element of our sometimes love is, is fraught with drama young and aerodromes and pain and find new and you're, not sure whether that's why you're in it yeah, so it some there's a lot of fuss. It says to do with her. Why it right in Acta, I talked other songwriters liking. I had day who, like like niccolo like I made this mistake, would Niccolo yoke. Is I soon because if we
I do as a comic that do you guys are living every song by guy eight, when the beast in me, I've decided was niccolo talking about himself is very jarring to me or he's like now. I write songs, I don't I don't live them. Do you and it did you write songs or do you live them right, songs, festival. I think you have to be able to live them as well, but the airports, if, if you did everything. I had a great interview with a classical opinion. My dear she said if I truly fell everything that, by having put into this I would destroy myself every night, I wouldn't be able to collapse and state. I would not be able to assist have the whole back something right. On personal as its professional year. In order to be a professional utter somehow contain. Did this. Incredible emotion, ragged comes in the music, I don't know, I feel from performing. Annie unreal
As well, you know sometimes, if I'm writing, there are tears streaming down my face really yeah really harm regatta and then autos. You say: okay! Well, you you can after now contain that and kind of put that in a little box and kind of bright, bringing out occasionally for a concert, but right it's well times. Maybe so it may be one hundred times, maybe a thousand times. That's interesting to me, cause, I guess, that's the that's the the difference between them. That's being a pro, action of years as managing you know that the magic of a song is managing the power of it yeah, I think so, but music is powerful stuff and if you, if you feel it deeply, then do you really have to have methods to invite. People than you've known people that have destroyed themselves music and away having with music, I think more with lifestyle them with music. Where one is you relationship wouldn't drake, Nick drake was unusually nineteen sixty eight in in saying nothing.
You know in given situations and you don't a conversation between myself with who was incredibly shy. Yeah a ninety, sixty eight n nick drake would be pretty sparse. You know, a word will not be spoken, you're right away, because a cassette sit in a room as we used to occasionally and just sort of 'em. You know not. Looking each other and listen. And if you don't understand in Burma as much as you say that this is an unusual behaviour for their work people in the folks ain't firefox sane, rowena, roxanne, psychedelic, seen that everybody was too high to talk that people, people with wood drugged up here, but but also it was considers kind of ok. You noted to be on his is psychologically inward. Looking
as, as as a as a way of life that comes just fine and in the few that were able to capture it. You know in music, where were the gifted? I think so. The other people just drifted away quietly, yeah, that's very true, and another was a few people sort of study on the edge of watching unthinking guy market. This, based on that they became the managers right. Well, thank god for them on some level, or else you'd just be wandering around the street being quiet and playing somewhere. I don't quite safe and clint good for them, but now that I mean they it it's a it's it's another, a painful
troubling relationship. There doesn't seem to be any way around the business sometimes, but I mean in until you get a reputation for yourself and you can say, like you know, they'll fuck you. I can fill this place without your help. I suppose so. But you know the ot, interacting with with commerce, is always a a slightly uncomfortable friction. Yeah. Have you had a lot of problems in that area? I don't know anybody who hasn't right. You know at some point in your life. You can assign some stupid contract that that never goes away. You know if your whole life, you have one of the I've got lots of those yeah. Why would publishing kind of years at what yeah lots of publishing you know some record stuff, although that that's changing now that you know the the laws are changing in some cases, with wit, you can now recover your old records after He is an end in the: u s ass, he could. for you well boy you got hit on the charts. Unfortunately, the majority of my records were actually recorded in the uk, so that hasn't quite happened. There yeah, you know the the laws is slowly changing. You played on how many nick drake records too
I can't do that. You referred to this three yeah. I know what happened to him. Jim I think he he had a mental issues. He was fragile yeah. I don't know if this was brought on somewhat by drugs. I suspect. Maybe it was that better, but he was fragile. I do think he is intending to to to to kill himself or I think he just a mixed up some medications. imad mexia that you know he was put back to his parents' house. Yeah, you know to live and and, and it just went down, yeah seem just just a fragile human being. The idea you can, you can feel then the music, and I guess that's what people gravitative, where you guys friends or just hired me, I wouldn't say: friends are at an ethnic honey, for it was but a yo yo massimo. It was a friend of next job as a friend and expert, but you didn't have a lot of fun
he was really really difficult due to to get out of here. At the time I didn't have the skill to do the right, but he played some beautiful leads errand, some beautiful background rights area, but that the different ass it requisites some some of those track, suggests na mine blindly Do you remember like it? You know as a cater. When you were point is I mean I know they clapped in talks. A lot about, the band sort of did their first recorded. Where, or riker were p townsend's our talks about one hundred showed up for the first time in london. That was that I got us. Oh my god, it's over nk that guy won. It was incredible and they were all there. You know they're there they're all sitting together. I think you know erica and townsend and clapton and know all of them were sitting there and It is the weak salt and pepper was released. Will you around us until
So a hundred underscore comes unease learnt that the first track of salt and pepper goes on how familiar so he opens without an it's it's all kind of fairly. True to the tune until the sex to. I was just like you from spice o or slight one at current. Suddenly so bright started channeling through me. I thought you know just the whammy bar under mouths dropping in the audience and at the end of the song. You know You start unity, Johnny says hey man are you out there? was a little of what this is. Could you come in june? Is formally man? Aka may have its own area just It's just the fact he had the balls to kind of do that. I thought was calling him out and say he had the definitely had something to prove, but he was over there. He wanted he wanted to show. Well, you know he he really did. Do you feel like that changed everything,
I think hendricks changed it for a lot of people, a lot of people and it wasn't extraordinary to kick up the ass for these people. I can't being in that room? You know why, Can you remember, like real gaiety, feel it was this of the several theatre? Homies etsy obama be a thousand hundreds of thousands, and even so I shall probably less maybe six or eight hung yeah, and you know it was a western theater that that put plays on and on sundays that they were dark. So they ever have music on sundays right and that a series chemicals sundays at the saddle and a half- and that was the day he played yeah yeah yeah. I get that it was a it was. It was great fun what, with the things that he was real yeah and always english guitar players that have already been learning the blues of records. An and american blues. Come over? here and there in a few of them, but by hundreds, kick cook, I'm gonna be embodied. The whole thing is very sexy. Incredibly fast
plus it? You could do anything with the guitar he's like the history of american music yeah. In a sense, he just went further yeah. You know he does outright outrageous things in august, so showman stuff, yeah yeah the that the british cause never even considered her as as being a possible. You know yeah it's interesting that cause. I never really thought that in it. It seems that, like the british interpretation of the american booze, whose it's it's it's it's kind of, though the way did they went where either you go the way the stones did or you and they are you got away if we would act it like that, there are the purists and then they're the guys that seem to pop it up a little bit. While we are in a sense that I mean the the purists to me, are less interesting: what weapons lot like the yardbirds get interesting a swizzle is when they start to write their own material here and there writing stuff that there's somewhere between tin, pan alley and and the blues, and then that there there adding something original in do you when you are, as you approached it say, did you in your mind, just sort of like overstepped, liker or just did, or go the blues and
stick with traditional? I mean like everybody else. You know I grew up listening to blues records for about the age of twelve. You know where your guys who'd, you like well, that that it records, my sister had, which was a sanitarium, brownie, mcghee I'll, hear acoustics lighting hopkin the air. Oh really- and I didn't really hear you no electric blues until much later and did you have a relationship with the stones? No, I mean I saw the stones in early days. I was very impressed with them. Actually, yet it is yeah. There are really sloppy furniture now that to get a good but know that they improve later. I mean, though, that this does not mean that there's still a a kind of sloppy at the they vary in its of universe is just occasionally that a thing charlie occasional hit this thing right it's just the greatest growth. So when you were coming up there, I don't like to talk about that, like I love talking about these guys, but whoo hoo
if the primary like influences, if it wasn't, the blues I mean say, like Leonard Cohen, I mean obviously had people that were contemporaries or or influencing. If, if I mean, if purple is abandoned, we were always a lyric burns, what we love lyrics or so Our earliest took cover versions. What yuppie people like Leonard cohen, obscure, dylan you, but what we we we we do. We went to Dylan's publisher so that you have you got any songs that that the vote, the bob hasn't doesn't really. We are you, are you boys? They have set up a pot of acetate recordings. Are that were mostly that the basement types here, so so, seven year that they gave us the basement. Such we went to journey mitchell shouldn't. We said that we did this disclosure dimensional yet with up to here, which is the same thing up part of us attacks on what we have stopped before a first out and they they they just give them to you, because if you record it and they get the publishing yeah, it's it's in the publisher's right interest to dry it. So you know what we are always front of an obscure stuff that you know what we go to great lengths to to find.
Percy song, but by bob Dylan what weight which he never could it? Ah, but but but it's it's gonna, it's an important some book right, sir. We found the sun book and an enemy found. A version by jump lies in these things. You have one most of it in in in in don't look back. You know yeah yeah, he says so. We got a piece of song together from these obscure places. You're not, but but we're always looking for you know besides, and you know, is what we asked that so you sort of like capture that yes, something exciting in the magic of these guys in any making your own you and us both it this a boob at a certain point where we decided well, you know we. We really have to be our own sun rises and, and so then then, then that whole era kicked in and and did you do? Mosey writing alone, with the with the banned or with how much did you write with Linda, I didn't must the rising that ninety eight percent rising nea. Ninety eight point: three percent of the writing.
I know she helped out on a couple of verses serving right, but but yeah and- and that was a nice challenge to what was having to write for you know from a female perspective as well as soda. That told me a few things Will you make as you get five? I do I guess I'd. I only know a couple of the music of a couple yeah thrill of my kids musicians, actually saw you at the pretty hind show o roy at the back of your head- and you know- and as with my girlfriend, I'm like switching jobs, right there yeah, and then I didn't realize why I knew that was your daughter is cammy is coming yeah and her husband's a fucking hell of a guitar player. Isn't it a great cause? Oh my gosh, so so so so he he was playing Chris he's been with. What's his name again, James James Wilbur he's been playing with Christopher
He is right. I was crazy, like he ate Louise with your daughter and there the rails his aim, thereby anna and he's one those guys from like. Oh, my god, we're Zack I come from is like some like It's not like. I can't think of a better uk guitar player. He is a place where we, at with with rev Wright Davis, went when rico's how he plays with the pogues when the posts go out. So he's a he's, a go to guy yeah he's in demand, which is good, but that the rails first album I thought, was brilliant and undone and that that the that they won the best newcomer award at the BBC folk awards. So you know that in great did you actually live on a commune of some sort No. I didn't know that I lived in a kind of very loose community, but but communism implies certain things. You know he implies those sharing everything right right right. I am a beings, a socialist
it was it was. It was a career like a sufi and community. It was insecurity that followed a particular teacher. Morocco and they did you. Did you stick with that and I still do he do yesterday. Yeah, that's interesting, so you like he in in in the sixties. You had sort of a spiritual awakening of sorts, but probably seventy to seventy three. He actually I miss bush awakening well. You know that these called cliches that never were. How did you end up? You know you're shifting gears, I've always been. I've always been a spiritual person. I mean properly. I started I started. Reading spiritual things right, perry was about fifteen sixteen years old yeah. You know I start off with zen. I think, and then work backwards through the alphabet are too excited to try them all out a for anthroposophy or something yeah, yeah and, and I she is interested in scifi, as in my system, friends of mine who just come back from north africa and and so I went to to to meet him and meet meet this teacher and and I'm still there really what what? the basic idea like if you could break it down,
He's my it's like the vienna teaching of islam. Casually like gum, resolve family in that and everything else yeah did here It's is interesting that that your kids They seem to be doing the righteous the fao. Not only your footsteps, what the type of music in a way which is entered. I am here would think that they will be like nah fuck, dad I'm going to jam yeah some of them do that yeah. Certainly, today uncanny and you know kind of sing sing, a song writers. Do you kick? It can be actually more of a british istana a british celtic influence we are yet, which is kind of appeared more recently in the music was just fantastic, but my youngest son is twenty. Three, kind of doesn't follow them? if he's more into kind, trance, music and under our anxiety and slow, sure, gazing, stuff, an end. Is everybody get along
I'd say: everybody gets along and rights. It's fantastic. Do you These some songwriters wrongs are decided. I have some songs here like what's it like one of those I mean we're. Probably. What would you know about a well known a great song by ray Davis would be something like waterloo sunset. We as just a killer song, actually kill kelsang. There's some great dylan songs or lily rosemary and the jack of hearts or something he a tangled up in blue. You know that cooker going to well known brilliant songs, are visions of Johanna is fine, but Hannah. That's a good one. If you've got the time, yeah yeah yeah, I think all the answers are in their desert. I've decided decided the out it. Have you ever work with him to remain with us, but It's just a matter of a couple of times what what? What what we did. We did a tour last year called the american or amateur which which is ourselves and unwelcome and my money jacket and bob in a condom this guy? He was charming in oak generous describe. Did you go up
way with the work where, where we did frequently area this is like it every night there was some new saunter german have had their relationships are with you and tweeting. What what what started there. I mean what we don't shows with we'll cut going back home. Every twenty three five years, but put some we got another will not, but on that and yet what we sought to enter interactive bitten, undone, you know at some point on that. Sir yeah, I think a few people said that that he'd be a great person to to to to do a recording project with. yeah and it turns out they were right huh. I think so. I want to talk about the the family record too cause. I got that recently, oh good, yeah yeah. I liked it. It was great a way it made me happy to see everybody together. For some reason, I don't even know you people yeah, I get it. Finally, you knew the agonies I can't imagine a, but as a guitar you know, do you find that you continue to
evolve. Something I mean. Do you find new year You have to? U have to you, you cannot stay still are yet to be looking for you his new ideas, new techniques or all consist of a new path, yet you think about it. Is that this they like neurons in iron, yet keep looking for a new in it and you can it's a bit between notes yet and it somewhere worked with. Eighty did an album or two with the fred Fareth, and because I am under trumbo from two before now. How did so because it
is not antithetical, but something kind of adventurous for you to do. I mean what was the idea there, because those guys are kind of experimental out there dudes. I see myself, as is experimental in a slightly different way, but but like what way? Well, you know I mean I, I love. If I'm playing a guitar solo, my mom, I I love to throw in dissonance yeah, you can get out there to do it, but but because you know I I grew up listening to to you know two twentieth century classical music, among other things, a little listening listening to john Coltrane and an oven as well. So you know it's not such a leap for me me to play with with regular Henry kaiser who's, a very experimental guitar we asked for it out there and fred frith. It was a who's who's, a more trained musician. but but also but put place come about in the edge. Did you like those records? yeah, especially the first one I think, the first one or what we weren't thinking about it too much yeah yeah, the second second one. I think it was a little more. You know what now can we have the rights of persons great record? What kind of you
The finder are coming to see you I mean really. I mean you have a die hard like you, like the cult of thomson, he's gonna, be strong are their all ages. Are you finding? I get? People are getting older with you how's that was this the original audience or just go there either the diehards are actually dying off he. I know this point yet I suspect yeah. Yes, those people, my agent and even older yeah yeah yeah younger generations are coming to subject you out or something embarrassing on oh yeah yeah. I heard your visit. with my parents, right of course yeah god. How old are you? You know a forty year at a evident yeah? So you know you get the kids original fas yeah yeah yeah. They get the grandkids original fans and people who found you through other means. You know people who find you on the internet or they find you through playlists and stuff like that, amazon recommendations, yeah the onus is all ages these days, which is great So when you re ok, let's talk about the family record cassettes all of you as this, thus all familiar
and whose roots who who spearheaded that effort teddy yeah. It's teddy's curve concept, to put it all together and, and he stuck with it and I'm gonna get us all to contribute and send out. types in and and so no you are now in the same room not much occasionally we were but not much. I I think, all of us together that never happened, but but some with it, so we can resemble bits and pieces and under the rules, I hear you, you didn't play solos and you're on your own track. He had to plan somebody else, isn't a hot kind of thing to to to make it a bit more homogenous. You know And do you get along with Linda phone? Did you buy did that take time, because I know that, like IRA, only two thirds to her that I don't know I mean you know always put up, but you know what what we had kids in comments, so we have to deal with each other so yet yet to do with each other and then in the autonomous. These go away. You mention, and how many times you married to a less rigid
it's buffer musician here and you ve lived. For how long were you for me or twenty five years, me for what we call commuted between here and in london, family those assets like about see my family and then you come out here and to work and then think about europe's so I suppose. But what, when my youngest was a school age, what we have decided to send a school, in the? U s! but you never wore that at the time when you were sort of cutting your teeth. You never wagon moving to hollywood, a move now ada to make in the music business. He always stayed over there. Well, you know, I. I don't think that you know musically. I never wanted to pursue an american started. Music, particularly yeah, just saw- I was better off by being in the uk where, where I could find music of similar mind. And now I'm insulated for front from that kind of, you can't change me.
So all the way through. Even when you were doing me, a music that wasn't net thoroughly specifically informed by by you, know british routes in that way you still were like and I'm not I'm not going to try to I'm not going to america. This is not an american record. This is this is like a just a part of what I do pretty much. I mean what what when it did start started to make records in america with with capital. Do you know that you know that that the the the musical con, the songs silver very revert. British. The idea incontinence. Even though I was using american musicians, I you know sometimes I had to to slap slap their wrists with her for putting in the wrong stuff. You know
haha yeah, so so what if the musicians are flexible to the than that they get these things? They pick these things. What is the? What is the the primary differences, or is it a chord progressions as a e in the sense of different feel, I I mean and rhythm, as I said, I'm trying to trying to to bridge the gap a bit between celtic and rock though he had looked at it, so solve some elements of rock music. Absolutely fine! other things it's more the modes of the music. I think many of us here avoiding cliches avoiding over, but your blues cliches rock cliches right of which there are lots, many many many. It is your ex We avoiding that like nope candy, no turn around their yeah yeah yeah. I guess you're right. It's not go to that cord. It feels right. There should be a chorus, but no we're not going to do that to incur see what we can do it straight through
Thirty three versions have no refrain. Nokia, absolutely not not forbidden, and were you like I did. I read that you were. You are needed, but you were awarded something some great honour by the year the queen, yoga, think odin o b, which it which it wishes friends ass. It can cause it yeah You hear that is that this is dishonest system. In britain used to be, you know, get given up by king on prime ministers, but but now it's much more community so the community elects people the community of arts data, the arguments of everybody organised the whole country right. How can you give us some fantastic schoolteacher near the community around that school says you have that this person to design- skinner, recognition yeah, so you, If you elect people now that way says so. I suppose that the folk community or something you know you elected me- to to to to to receive something
and in what? What? What does it entitle you to do? Did you get a much not much and you get a castle and I get to use a certain chapel boy in westminster. Abbe you do extremely reserved for a visa. Have you guys had a look? I haven't yet had a chance to get in there yet, but what's up with as soon as possible, but get you get letters after your name, especially the cool thing always be open. Algeria is made. I'm sorry, sir colonials, I know I know we're horrible. It seems to me that some years like if any american music, that you really wool kind of play around with its kind yeah? Oh, I still country likes you mustn't, pedal still licks, So you are you? Don't you yak as you just you mean you recapture you reinvent them with just your fingers, I suppose, I don't know how you also about, but you give a trick to it that their yes, partly true
and you get a country music. It is not merely miles away for it from your scots music. Irish music ceramic has come down through appalachian. Exactly as I saw has the same route. So am I just on steel something that's not too far away? Well, I mean, is it stealing really or is it just being part of a a chains that someone wise said steal from everybody, except yourself, uh huh? How bout you, but if you, if you one of those people that just try it is there anybody that really doesn't take anything that dead? a pure music. I may even be heart, like idea I recently into their went down that rabbit, holland, it's all Helen wolf at the beginning, so Your hollywood wanna be really oh yeah. I tell you tat, like all that stuff, so so there's no!
You can have to sort of build on. What's before you, yes totally, but but but but sir, you know the the great moments in music sometimes happen when the two styles come together. You know that the the birth of jazz is a collection of european music and an african music in making this new thing. You're, not Rock'N'Roll, is a sort of hillbilly music made midst midst. right? So you know I sometimes you use. Emphasise that your references are yet you love that podsnap has no person. point yet you emerge as this pure synthesis of others. Things that you listen to? What is something something new reality. You become a recognisable player we at which he d, I can also tell me if I'm wrong. I think that I get stuck in my head. some reason that that its seems when your biggest sort of, not steelers, but the think the guy who may be warned the most from you not enough. You know him as martin awkward
arguable. I shouldn't comment on them. A really should I sure, I don't know. What I mean is, is that he he uses the same kind of out of phase stratocaster sound that the that I use where. But I was probably ten years women are probably. Why that's what I mean it seems like he just sort of like you know you were as guy. Maybe maybe not I dunno you never met him. He never. He. Never. He never said show me something richard na came up to you is there? Is there tension between the two? You have the press. If I knew him that there might be other up, I dunno him. see my get a weird response. I d give even asked a question before in one or two sits at whether it is to get a little refuse or what was I out until the guitar reminds me of monopoly, not the other way round, and I was recordings nets in his book before, among others. I will never make that mistake. Thank you. I am here to say that martin off were ripped. You, the fuck off, well
I would not say that, but but yeah he has his own style, which is very different from mine. Is one guy I I do not know him very well, okay, you know, but but but but but I was not rabbit, ripping him off at night, which which was a common perception yeah, it's a mistake a while and the uneducated. Exactly here. Do you do you use your fingers. I do you don't pick you up. it is apparent fingers. This could help picking here. So you basically use is a fact that for some things than any use your fingers rather things cover combinations integrates, is very useful for a lot of things and his things that you can't do in any other way other than with hybrid. First started playing, I mean what were, why did he come now alter your diet practice I mean. Do you still practice wicked ogre for hours? I mean how? How does that work? After a certain point, I mean, I know you play almost every night yeah you have to practice. You have to
if ever it requires a certain amount, a certain amount of his physicality he added implying. So you have to keep that up. And if you work on new ideas, then yet you have yet to do that that that's that takes time. I've heard sunrise at coming. You president, is required. I point by playing. So If a varies from having not no time and in the data to play. You know you airplane or die of good practice to do. You know working on a new album? You might play eight hours a day, judea, you might you might play twelve hours a day right. You know your oil, you want to practice something that you know: you're, not four hours, six hours, you know or just keep things going on you purchase watching tv or something prefer now keep her fingers were shown him. How much touring. I mean how much you play if, like he dates wise a year. I think I do but hundred and something oh yeah, one hundred and ninety, which one hundred and twenty last year, where we at which, which medea love it.
But I love playing life. I read it out of my life. What do that you have to travel so yet you have to deal with travel. You have to try to not kill yourself yeah. So are you and what were we if what stuff so you want to play on shore then be on it. Let's let set it up such as row, the
me: why is this the murder of going back to leave the breeding things come down on the corner of the room? Was a mixed signals about the dutch show you care
that was great last year? Thank you. So much man. Thank you my pleasure. It was a really exciting for me to talk to you and I appreciate you coming. Thank you for helping me think that was amazing. I love when people playing here. I just like. I just get to sit here and pretend like america producer with my one mike. I just use them. Did they talk into on the mouth and then I run a second mike. sticking into a guitar. I ride the levels ride, the phaedr, it's what I do, that's what you're thompson, I would highly encourage getting into his music and listening to that guy play guitar, it's fucking, astounding, so lemme. lemme promoter from head right. Let me I think I'll know em you. Nobody, like you gotta, feel form bowed to talk to. I am for years like I'm, not a metal gang but Alison yeah I've gotten into a more I've. Had
you gave myself. I don't like to say late to the party I just I was not evolved enough in wonder action or another to appreciate the metal but I do remember, you're an ace of spades. I remember hearing that album. I remember hearing that song when I was trying to understand what was up and who motorhead was and I knew let me was motor- had a new. Let me was the front man and I talk to Creasy Heine creasy Chrissy hind about. Let me and I've known about. Let me now watch a documentary on. Let me I'm gonna fascinated lemming then tie siegel got me into hawk wind and let me point out, I think, three of those records. Let me as a character now he's ali would character and he's I can roll character and he's a rock n roll originals. I jumped at the opportunity to jam over nervous about talking to him. I didn't think it was happen, but he showed up dude brought him over. He looks like he's: fuckin lived, Annie, you know and he's older now and I didn't know It-
HU? I saw my say how you doing is thy. I now go need a beer. So I gave let me a beer accept thirty look. I can either to beer need. take a little better than the hell of an edge off that guy must have buddy He is fuckin mummy. I do have beers forgets if they need them, I do allow smoking in the garage and people can smoke we'd if they need to have not dead. Mental were weird about that. I'm not encouraging it. but sometimes people need a beer, I do keeper. I do keep plenty of tea on hand. For my british guess and I like to offer them t. Let me did not want to gave him a flat tire ale. That's what let me drank during our view, and he drank half of it. So now for motor head maybe stay. This too there is a new motor. Had albums got bad magic is available. Now this is maya
I will check with. Let me from her head. You don't drive it I'll, never did. How are you been in l a Twenty one, a passenger in LOS angeles, receives a pretty good friends. I'm sure many have yeah yeah yeah, hey dixon. We shut that air off for a little while, so I don't get the noise. I was just in new york city and I I interviewed Keith richards for an hour. How is he he's? Okay, he's: okay, have you met him now? Were you ever a fan, Ella stones? Alright, then, as soon as I liked him the best, the guy right is like a he's, sort, you in a way in this sense answer you can define a certain thing: you know your honor
This is a gun fieldwork Look around you, the deity oil, the OIE warrior standing. Usually of all the female ones. Yeah, my female workers. Now now you gotta have a Y y. You think that is and I mean there is- is the music dead too? I mean it still seems like there, some people out there doing it measures. So right. Five radio station. The I never. This is your what twenty? Second record. Twenty second record loved ones, right, it's crazy! in the liver and Brian may played with the on one of these Roger launch right through the sword, you in the studio with them no either royals outrageous fills on sugar You start. Would you grow up? saw an old woman, so loans, breathing about england? There was at nice, there knows her arm.
The village outside of the whole, might lose his life. The country, Bulgaria, slow when you start plan will succeed. Guitar I like what inspired you play with the guys. I saw no fabian Elvis presley fat, lamina foolish tuna yeah and you just do it. Just want to be a little. Rock band to reply. The blue flag, through? All of us have been eagerly boy, lose replace him loose, but even set out in a boost banner right now, roger and who knows already yeah go and what was the idea like a hawk when, like? How would you define their music so near? and where did you when you were playing there, you did you. It was at how you learn, deploy based, basically, Yeah
blue ambassador join now Is that a debate? That sort is how you d find your style re like in terms of like for you: Now who you were on the base? It was true hawk when right along new era was rank. As your point guitar, true jovi guitar player, yeah and there's just no. We don't need one because they're just gonna play right. So this is good play dimension does You won't lose another spray, three servers. Suddenly the first pillar- nor do I figured it out, the impression of what thou was the speed back then, what what what was it was. It was pills like Ben's dream, Oh drawing their dogs, dexter dream scripts ali sri here
you're, sure everybody you met again. New life isn't about four hours talking jack down. What's gonna, what do you do? next three days you. Do it anymore, more, a little bit the idea, the original intention of it. It was just a buzz of air. Does your are traveling What were they huge when you are in a park on whether a bigger with their big ban? on the first, the first song I saw none two. Yeah I don't know if gave me more live with that neither do yeah and you He just work because you get that they be where you had trouble. What the law nor your five year for why her given the rules
canadian border. The charge move erosion her they didn't walford was right. Well, they did yeah ever the ginger news as lucky I chrissy hind in here on a crucial. I know yeah. She she really started credits you for kind of m, saving our life somehow and away when she got to england. She said that you know. Let me was like you know, like who care me almost. What was it like greek? Because I can go out a piece. Can I tell you in with with what's going on there in the seventies with the punks in everything else, and that there is a lot to do? When factions in the midst, these in england right there goin on me. Where did you sort of sort out ways of punctions long ears, none their minds. The ex model yet heard Rona nea loser, euro rock and roll crowd to there
da around thirty borgia. So they were how old were they like in their forty or fifty that their salaries are really soak a day? What did they feel them slipping away. Did you work with them? play for anybody who comes in the place Your mother, yeah why they ll engineers are in here again the idea- and I guess She told me that back like scar was a big thing too. so they we locate the irregular in general, because acting happen in the states to later. You know like it's a little late back ray, there's two lame well to lovey see you peaceful, in the area of the motion,
Anything reggae we're the only people who columns old gangs is rife. Planet here is surely laid the music there was here don't call no alleged sure enough. No I I mean I I I've listened to it in my life, but I I don't you know. If you go back to it, then you know you gotta start dressing like that and dance and stupidity I it just to you know: when you were figuring out. I assume that, right when you got ad hoc, when you don't wanna, do psychedelic shit No, it wasn't. I didn't mind you, I didn't want to be open yeah. Only surveys you ever be them. She five did you see them, when they came over their yeah flood of los angeles? you'd know their records or did before you who are new through the jungle yeah
what value I gig yeah, no yeah, sure sure the attitude that I'd like I did. I did to break the categories of shit into your. What exactly defies shit the algae explain moon edit. I think that's the next book. Let me guide to shit the shit to avoid lemme shill, shall I know leah exactly so, but you eat, like it to me that you know what I was talking to chrissy that you guys have sorted built a scene You like around this around the whole image of of what you kind of invented and in is that true, So here we have the same, manage you know it s, creasy yeah, tony stark and and have you sung at his office chafing all his albums. You know so that was great. I'll always like this
I used to answer. We had squat sooner journey streets in the area. her, though my future needs close erosion squats, you argue hazardous holed up in places there in athens, close, How does he story house? Scotland did not know whether it is just empty yea. Organ furniture and yeah this covers. yeah you're right yeah, the only thing was we couldn't get the water heater, so yeah got will some resume our survival sailors no. Residing another buses twice a year It's sorta how our motor headstart came together, withdrew too going to places do take bat rights, Communal, the original ban. How'd, you meet those guys how'd, you guys come together. Initially
The then yeah lucas. On the other van dinner right. That always helps yet so is mirror for yeah, Larry a lot to do? oh yeah, I always complaining dark or just sort of like a reason. What does your sister knows his mana yeah yeah, but didn't go for much and then and then you ended up with the with the the the lineup that lasted for the first couple of records. Faux film idea: Lucas the sugar and wildly yet he was sure to match me. Yeah speeds right in this vein: prisoners for a driver. Gender freer world sees the ruined and
in those into a play by one day right, the newly, nor was she yeah yeah no erosion large fell over those drink, thrice the destiny when she is a new era. And was sure your nourisher download most vows rivers, persons, a fuckin flame, That was it those who speaks not for them. faint of heart and mind. Is that do fight? Did they did speak What defined the pace of the music and me was that intentional? Do you think This is the way it works. Please use the rover? Bertha Does it was better for measures and not the do now, so new romance savonarola. Yet here, where did that?
that was going on in england to kind of what its everything seems to be coming back around, but I am not always sure it's the best thing to come back or not. Coming back around the mood. heavy metal explosion, yet another one to real was, would what would this The third one. Fourth, wonder whether you can the first one. You know people really in rock. Did you ask them when you re out before you start playing motor had never did after yeah. You know, because somebody, you have to know. What about the measure yeah and gives you mean again? Are you could say something here I love the seconds long yeah yeah, that one song I listen to I cool now, yeah, that's right! Yeah with the drums yeah, something vague.
when did like the sex pistols, and all that should happen was that, alongside when you were there six, and so you are right there with all that shit. Yeah yeah, and did you mind being lumped in with that shit long as well as I do that you recall long hair, oh no, no cold,. by most people have metal at that time. Because those other categorize things the arrow Commissioner, so the first record, who is that record with reading pearl and then they release it, who you I, Sure remember the shoe over thirty unfilled sailor doll, again and then when we already had to three who albums flourish, it because they're like okay, these guys have a little traction. Let's bring that thing you have in the vaults out yeah, but then we couldn't get arrested.
there is really really from one what like seventy five to? Seventy eight or nine you lose lonely. Life is real. The ones who really dead. Yet you were there, life like ours, symbolic of what they would like to be? Do you the hell you do. You handle that all right, knowing that there are so many people. Now I mean more than that that that sort of aspire to a dilemma- penis it's along here in the Then let me I can't asylum designate that goes wonder and that when I was talking to key through because it seem like he was a little tired of it to their liking, Do you feel ever that you have to keep going to maintain cleanliness in order to appease these guys? I don't know about that. We
I feel I have to keep goin. I think I should cruel. Even I will happen with the legs. They just went driving I will say once again that in the area they do take medicine watching your day, cutting back on shit here either. it is a law goes up. Do you wake up and find it's amazing to be alive. Love now that you it's not soldiers and seoul afterwards. When something is amazing, when you these bans again because you twenty two records and you ve been through a lot of different players, but it's all. It's all motorhead music. So I guess, after a certain point, you know people who come and want to play with you. They know exactly what they're getting into yeah yeah The news of roma people in this country, especially
yeah herders riazanov kisses is outside the right. yeah. I would like that when you two are here, though, do you do all right right, Jorah, because I know some dudes, like my buddy Jim florentine, he thinks that ace of spades is the the the best record ever made really to lose like hers. Were you brought, with like any religion or anything now now get leclere lucy breached too? He was real father. We had to others they really just. I was that too late discipline had already learned to everything. That's that's shepherd sale yeah did you track down your real dead, though He always in your life
Oh no another were again July, twenty five ere he loved to remain so, and you were Did you during all their time? Did you want to meet him ridges weight on it? No, were you to meet him. You know I was here punish he saw her guilty fell about listing the boy. I didn't even know my for night, so mother, so you come soon, might give you some money in this fucking piece of work. If your road is a little weasel with a bold engine glasses- and he said, oh sit down sit down, sir Roger yeah me too what can I do for you, we're on a nonproliferation thousand grew older, so for some answers,
should all normal? No reason I couldn't do that given this situation, what do you want here for me? He said the measure is become travelling salesman. He made arrangements So what does your job is done with it? we give to you after twenty five years. The big thing I got your hookup to go door to door and sell shit. You got me a hooker, a member of embedding the so then go any. What did you say? You said he was a priest, so We got thrown out the church for leaving another for leaving saw was in a catholic church, was a cabinet now the other wages in. So that was the end of the exchange, and that was that was it. The jews good thing. Precisely roger. I view earlier leisure, hot water.
The solution that was it the moment to lose go along with them to learn. Did you? Could you tell your dad. Nor was there any things. like area remotely visible, really so your mom remarried another dude, and you grew up with that guy to his ear Where did you get along with them? No, no It was really dumb, So music was the outlet. Then that was all you had right, yeah. Well, you know, I mean all of us: conscious Allow me just to involve the area to survive in who, so I knew I was and rock and roll another visit here so first is concerned Tunisia, algeria year more, was the first band spineless rain. May his guy music oval.
first bones? Always: oh yeah, ever you were you doing covers, did now what about the You man did they play in it all. Do you Did you like the wheels of the vision funds are managed there, hulu burned liable don't worry first meal here did you it is here. How is this show structured? Then with their several bans or just them yeah I abandon as falcon amazed. those are easier was now surely difficult man, you know. I mean we gotta do this. This right should be hers always another like father? Didn't you do in the first place, we're only as a light improvise, and those who is wrongly sunlight. shows why military action as a crazy did I barely ever go to concerts anymore. You know, but now, like it's it's inside,
in the amount of money and production that goes no one just fuckin place anymore, though Rita dual. Now you just playwright, it's I don't. I guess they, I guess If people get older, they get scared There is a world leader schedule, clever clever, right right though they I don't know who they think they're fallen. But I guess I think that people were sitting there. Just one had the same experience had listened to the fuckin record is where's the Vienna heck that what they are getting so he saw the beatles liking. What in sixty, what five six You own holy shit, two three, four five. You saw them all the way through me, times It's like. I can't even imagine what the fuck that was like was it electric it was in the imager. You could feel it the bounds of measure for measure yeah, like who else
three the now safe, when they were magic. Magic is the beatles. I guess no magic. Measured the wheels ya around the world measure the vague magic if the big three, what would they would they play like? Oh this room though, while they're at it would make sense a few guess. Yeah they were very good software grief suppose you run no written back then oftener around my neck, like a vision for him, the tree well most amazing user the liberal group and the roma centres rural speak, reached right, sir jack. journeys again, the van and full of pills in the back the research a runaway yet again and then on the way back, I imagine in a little more panic.
No more open? usually lying down here. you ran down right. I could take away but does alone ass to where the queen there. What do you think that My experience angel. What I did some and it kind of changed the way I thought during it, but I dunno. If it changed the way, I thought for the long haul Change will also you did who's, your hullo movement idiot, I'm sure I was bright better. Yet it was rightly, as my real acid? How do you change your perception? He made me judge people different, he made me see? People live in a better way here and worse what you feel like it tell where they were coming from right away. things. So you know who you are not everything. I don't know anything
how many colossal growth training cleaners air manage over all the same, I wouldn't miss it. I think that's it That's a key to having to having good drug experiences, is going into it with the right framework, lie So if we can so the big three the needles in there and ended the band your plane, and we did did you Do you miss guitar? I mean did you did you need not worry, mediocre users? good on rather than action no more rhythm game. The area should devise just the right time. So I'd say you got through acid start date: d gone through. Baby, don't ya goin to do in the fucking mind, blowing can break out their music in any just can focus in on the embassy five and he just nail it. You start rocking hard now creasy, and talked about when the heartbreaker first came to london and she said that it d blue everything up,
the ruins of the auction with you were with her no now reaches a number of issues in the rear one other on produce. They were great for about one month late. They hung up. in in london for a month, oh yeah, but then they got back into her and ah fuck man. That dude is a I see cause. I have no sense of that. Like you know, when you talk about seeing the beatles and having to be blowing, I can't even imagine what that would have been like. I mean no one's ever going to have that experience. Sarah and you like and I imagine you boy you deal with hendricks right. Why sure? For you I mean I can't so you were you there that sunday, when he blew ever, went away when he first into england that night at when, when my gingham, towns, and was there all the language versions? Oh sure, good pledges, the idea
it wasn't it would meet. Lay men are really actual. So sooner. rather lost it. we're still around like when I talk to talk to a richer thompson, That's the amazing thing about london. It seems like all you guys were there at the same time different ages, but we would just sort of around right. There were just sort of around looking at other people thinking it was over thinking they were over and all the stuff a bands are like the new and yemen. Through the water. Why everybody else cocky see the stones, yeah yeah, sam, hide, poor thing for brown, bright soldiers, butterflies, lillian, sunday, ground people charged on soon organ do this motion imagine butterflies, that's it. I guess
an app tribute to Brian, I guess after one of those phuket where the hippy shit goes wrong, then I dunno, whose longer I released two hundred frogs through the roundhouse kebab. I'm innocent worries right work. For what band they live in the version on my shoe, The revolution there have an about turn on a sad. Frogs everyone, how nice said the refrain got the frogs girl faces, fuck they were good banner. They were small versions, burden the faces, where there was a difference. Mariette yeah like I could sing her voice, leather, pink floyd, too. yeah. I saw them with said yeah man, sorry. Buddy Jesus
Most of you voted into the roller blades. I just didn't get to see him because I was in in london or something I haven't the who, a signal from from early on when they're just arm be too, when they can, it did something else. there were Cover band so soil right, so Who is the ones it like outside amc? Five words Is it really compelled you d like serve? I got a fucking get there. Oh you already compelled near. So the shown to release all oh boy under review. you're doing it in on it. And he resolved Elvis right, sues over surrender, buzz screaming checks. Hence on railway area, his job as that, good reason to get in a lot of people get into show business. For that reason,
the vessel and think of did they start coming around was it was before motor header when, when had those on the area, sure you got game. He gave you It's right there here and there to north two and a half the way at the way the half is the one where you don't know that one of the authors of on the roedean me here for this church on two several nights right, you that your motion so little money in air I was but among them all road users for me why there was an end one one found after many years or where our happen, when a new certain on beer. First, you dont birth, so you never nevertheless wayne for that knock on the door. no other mine julia,
None of I don't should interfere. Rightly this life shore is your privilege, then there's your real parents right well, yeah sure for that pin, and I I watched the documentary so that that was your third son built. Are you relationship with him right get along our relations with our concern. That must have been that's good to have raised Yeah. It really just you owe me- is young, record it all. Now don't play together in man motor had no decision on again pleasure song. You know he was here to users who so when the harp breakers came, how did that the game fujitsu do he couldn't really fears here. strange and now thrown around long enough The whole yeah, so fuckin, sad man, so may guys. Went down from match it now you never got involved that you live because you, dear
Well I mean I'm a either you're, not geier down guy. nah. I love the idea that media. Terrible thing is killed somebody and everyone one person in the land the rushed in her right. we saw a few disease takes out one due to turn everybody on. Then everything just turns to shit. You ask people in your bans from a heroine I no read around me Are you really you're not catch it? I I kill my lady. children, are my friends. I know it's talk. The records, and so Motor had that record did I. the noon overkill. Georgia first read: have I am how high the charts trawls,
then one number four dispersion and nothing to. We never got the number one god dammit who we go to the record loss to the live on yeah? No sleep til, I'm a smith. People love that record yeah. They do still. Oh yeah man, metal, heads vikki. He you know it seems to me like from my in young knight, specifically a metal guy, but To me that you invented the what came modern metal like after that, whatever the de purple generation was that you brought the pace to it, I dunno all illusion, yeah yahoo, do you consider alia we are no longer the same. Jobs may live section who else. for who know. Northern wages worries There is a whole wave of it. We've been jailed for about a year no way
thousand lunge yeah yeah eve with tear of talent twice here's to anyone in that apartment? That's on television! Now no moved! You did war candle while was heartily that apartment? No, hold your pocket. I saw the russians girl among certain. I saw you keep the apartment. Let's get you as a kind of bigger nicer maria shit, it's more elegant, sousa, gets finer display cases, europe paraphernalia and what not loosened balloon together again, you know. I mean I'll, do them all. You know individual right right. I my advantage and from a certain organization and then soon- the hare some overflown, but when did that obsession star
suddenly circling sue you the flying through the air. That's a real cross rule first world war, what's fascination there, they just like the theirs this funding. There is a free market. I grew up and albuquerque new mexico and there is it If we market there in the fair grounds- and there was his jewish doctor they used to go there every week and sell nazi. She it was fascinating. It's ok! the chief still new york, there's a big jurist really found a given shit about it you don't like it by a certain MR byrne, its still like its is expensive. That shit I mean it's a get pretty prizes were children about. What's your most prized possession, got a couple of georgia, sk the steelers? May I add that
Less interested in yeah yeah, those expensive things for no sir spends run. I ever saw herman, goings, hunting, dagger, haha, those sure them yeah his brother in law. Had one page then want himself the browser and wars die. style hundreds of Jesus Christ, The minutes talking about everything scanners is here. This is due to the does your sailors cool in, but there yeah. You know I got to admit and I'm a you know I was brought up a jew, but that shits heavy stuff- and it looks you know It- does look. Fuckin, gnarly and cold. This is just a jewish, so so long, that's right!
it. Didn't it didn't quite catch on, thank god we'd all be wearing them right, yeah. It was pretty close. There. Man has touching go for a little while them tattooed on doing for exactly what is that hat? the duchess that that's a lemon. Insignia Lemmy yeah, you guys it did you or your outfitting. Now, we all know the hurons on them. the unusual, usually we get a nice were white decide on the insignia under odin unjust. germans physician, oh yeah, you don't know what it is What is this you're calvalryman lou, grenades it is ok, don't Do you go on shoot now the guns our daughters and much more personal go under close review. I've been somebody here. You gotta feelin jerk
and yet the blood on the mere solution. to him die if you re right right think of those were to do everything. kills me the alone, around here. You certainly think twice. Parliament is an intimacy to its emmy, even even with the classic dueling there's a sort of weird pre age- to all what you get you makes you guys think about it if you have twenty paces- and you know alright for the whole were only a gun. What the fuck am I doing is this that important, as that chick's honor, really that important yeah really. In the german calling for so now. What was your relationship with you? You worked with them with the icy right. How did they call you in like what? What were you to? What was your assignment lol? I knew them anyway from Britain, you saw him when they were starting out no no are so often,
Loves him, the news on his own inner ear much better by himself Lou he's getting their own site There's a good signal easily the azores, india and the guy how's charisma here all over like a fucking loca here you know cause it doesn't matter that the Van's great he near us again, everybody, watches and yeah yeah. You know those guys you gotta thing here as fuel those guys around. That too any benefit. But while we wonder what the fuck was hendricks was right there you would you for him, how just wrote in for how long he wasn't around that long right at eight months here Did you learn anything Yolanda, the to employed vision was you, guy who's growth,
for us and for the two of you have given interlude me three, the answer some examined here. So out their houses had got into the air. You do you knew the deal, who'd? You seem like a pussy environment sure. Did he ever get too far out there to play na we've pulled it off huh. No, actually you know he didn't do anything you're like yeah. As long as you got the concentration, so you gotta hold the frame. Yeah yeah fix yeah yeah. Does that there will be a fine thing, start shaken undecided soon came forget the illusion that the illusion it so but as it as a band with those guys I mean. Did you pick up anything when I, because your bandleader really I mean
mentally right. Origin. Then right, but did you wizard was your things you picked up from that experience and other men hendry subversive. If you moves herman user. You saw me I was never gets up certain, in organs and from that? But writing was Did you to hang out with him too Yoda flight within through all here, a man, never one no understood call LISA. in the of reaches rosa Wasn, cool now. I he keeps the fourteen, andrewss haagen, all alone right hours rush you throw blaring. Can you know It is all really didn't get it completely bitter, just dumb near lame Amelia, yeah how'd! You pick up those guys why you chooses
Guys can do edition in britain. You said you guys the experience wild mecca I have appreciated any of it. So when you moved here, What was the plan? Man where'd you leaving oh another plan now. Impulsive, and we did citizens given a legit, Oh, no more wars the challenge to move the year fisheries, We were managed by Phil course emerge. Offered a job, a virtually records in japan and left her. Turning This is untrue. Well managed by a surname for you know, she's right sharon shown there and then she bailed as well
I don't know for sure you spend disaster life, we're pretty good So you proud you only people's disasters. Now I can catch true, it's interesting life. It would you live as a fuck, an artist bitter about it now not removed. What seems like everybody. in the world, respects motor hen respects you buddy Would you have liked to have been a bigger band yeah now this new record man. So how do you feel about it used cry yeah of the best ever ever done what matter. how come. Why do you feel that way? whose we heard a very clever on this one here who builder loss for here. moreover, on the surgery, good Andy in terms of production? Who did the production, in corn, so you do it all now, yeah yeah, the you can trust yourself.
The common good weather, yes or no You need somebody who say no, what people's intimidated by us near those who should be they just like I'm going to make any waves? don't let me I d ever reputation of being angrier. danger now people who don't know me scared, right, in the actual will nervous. What's your favorite Joe gloomy the radio yet where, where it were free to say whatever fuck story the first one I got hoosier. we can run over nero check out here blissful for you no option I love you. This will also soon and I call on crime,
for tunisia miserables, Excuse me, sir, You're in Heaven, you know remain, show people five times a week, every review their lives universe you sure near you made it source another. The reverse is wrong. Some sort of mines are causing trouble. We said. On earth average to pull off into nothing. and the little boy. Those who didn't have fallen into the children to business, the new service or go away on a mission Doesn't roots role, follows I never saw me and said Those children who said the little man some again vote
finally usury crouching meal jews? sweetest criminals, fish grows father. The guy says pinocchio yeah Well, thanks autonomy, man and have a good time on the tour. Thank you. As that's the mummy. That's lobby god speed. Let me I'll be all right, and I want the language of thomson as well as a kind of an interesting show. Both these do it grew up from work. at the birth of rock and roll for whenever it got to england. Whatever came out of england and the boat had very interesting stories about growing up and who they saw, and I like that, like that connection, go to deputy The compromise deputy applaud need, my today Australia, they're going to be there in october, in sydney, melbourne and brisbane
state theatre had said the Australia october. Fifty the palais theatre in melbourne, Australia, october, sixteenth and bridge city hall october, seventeen, in brisbane australia. Please get your tickets, so they know that going to be ok, I know it's gonna, Ok, one way or the other I'll be there unless something goes weird, but yeah yeah knocking play guitar weaving, I'm gonna fuckin play guitar to richard Dawkins derision, Do they come Where is she
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