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Episode 637 - Matt Sweeney

2015-09-13 | 🔗
You’ve probably heard something Matt Sweeney recorded, even if you don’t immediately recognize the name Matt Sweeney. As Marc discovers in this conversation, Matt has left his fingerprints all over the last 20 years of rock music as a member of several bands, a sought-after session guitarist, an unlikely A & R man, and a guy who is a lot of fun to be around.

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The guy all goods do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck's there is, what the fuck dialects what's happening. It's mark marin's w p up. This is my pocket how are you today on the show is being made Matt Sweeney, don't know who matt Sweeney? Is you should I'll explain it to you later? Alright, okay, but let's do this now a couple of things: australia, sydney, melbourne, brisbane! october, sixteenth in and around there go to deputy pod dotcom. Go to my calendar and you can get informed on wanting to be their things- are woken up. Everything's. Ok, I'm lookin or to come to a I, Think I'll be worth it only to put out a good I'll. Give you I'll give you the extra added, and I now hang out and press the flash and take some pictures and some babies. If you'd like I'm not
urging anyone to bring babies to show I that was a troublesome september. Nineteenth thou be pod fest and my guess on the wifi gas will be a los angeles, radio, legend, Jim lad and, Sandro as other radio, legend fraser smith wheel. about the old days back when podcasting pod, with some sort weird, futuristic idea that no one even came up with what do and approval court radio shown your house come on. That's easy talk. What the present united states, going to come to your house no way you're out here. my man, you should be a medicine. What else yeah John hodgman was supposed to come on. We were going to hang out and do something because he's got a thing going on and I like to help my pals. I, like mister, hyde, german hodgman, I've been through some shit. I lost two of his
episode before we finally nailed wedding lose one last one, the other one stock, not because him because the situation it was alive situation, but then we, a good one day. He's about he's out on the road he's on tour with New show vacation land over the weekend kicked up even see him all over. The country of the next few weeks go to John hodgman dotcom, swash tour de the hodge man so mad sweeney. Here's the deal Matt sweeney, blake males, met sweeneys our player, but is also a guy that I think he's a guy that but like to have round, and that's not a bad quality wade. Mill said you, That's when you gotta, hang out of my coups. Matt sweeney sized are working That's when he does this thing fur on youtube for vice, I believe of guitar moves in it just him sitting with a guitar player him trying to learn shipped from the guitar power. I can appreciate that mad seems like a pretty good guitar I still don't know who he is. Then I find out mats in this ban called shadow
I don't fuck, you know anything about. Javert does not lead to the party. I just missed the fuckin party completely, but fortunately now the parties ongoing there's no more missing the party. So I get that as great as heads, which is like a double cd, I to that sort of overnight. again in florida, it's kind of punk rock art rock kind of math rock whatever you want to call it. It's a thing. So there now in the mats weeny situation, I understand mats. We then I remember I got this fuckin record from drag city by a mat. Sweeney embody prince Billy willow. I allowed a world records. I can only take so many at a time. I listen to them slowly, but them sweeney, well oiled and record super wealth is a fucking great record. It's one, those records, I don't really know who mats winning was. I know a little bit about. Will them in Bonnie prince Billy, but super wolf? Put it on without knowing anything like what is is magical piece of fuckin, wax god dammit. What is this
the super wolf album is fuckin monumental, swung the best record fuckin. Have I love that goddamn record and that's a mite sweeney? Will of them joint. That thing So now I'm a little more hip to match waiting and finally meet him. A man like what we are now new york? He went with me. We went to an app shop. We played some qatar, he show me some burnside lakes and then we hung out he's pretty part owner of the vote. Veggie burger down there, and these village called superiority burger, but he's one those do you know, you know those do. mean? Your life really like that? I wonder what that adds up to its call him up and see What's going on with him, he's that guy I've been that guy. No one has ever said mammy. Called marin and have him come deadened, never happened unless it was at a sympathy but sweeney seems like one. Those catchword survive
I want to hang around that guy. He seems cool. He may not cop to that, but I think that's got. I think, that's sort of who he is, but he's got some fuckin stories, man because he he was sort of around it. He likes. He is kind of like I dunno how you describe it, but shit happens to him and they in a pretty important somehow and he makes great music and then I find out from him that if he was vault involved with the endless boogie record. They is involved. With them like him in breaker buddies. He played the epa, it's crazy. You just have to into it in any just told me that he is part of this other thing, though, of course I mean- maybe pitchfork reed. You know about this ship I'll fuckin know bout shit. I don't know about anything, but this. His years of fortune record, which is like I'm super group of all people, kid milk, It's very london jasper act, Brad trial mike bones.
No any those people to this morning, but He weighs I'm happy manner. Friends, we send back, we send out. He sends me musical isn't too and we chit chat about she had about guitars and things is good cat and add. This was a fun talk for I bring you met swinging. The music on today show is summit guitar new doing that's been mixed with full instrumentation by this. Do dj copley he's on twitter as web puppy. Forty five! If you want to check out his stuff Matt sweeney now now, the I've had. This is the the ninety dollar charges from where the fuck do they make this. They make it in bread right and I'm friends with the guys, and I ask them because they will give it that gives a shit to me for free and I got addicted to it. So I was eating like two a day
site like I was hooked, how can I get you guys? I ran step would like suit. Like here's the thing about about you met sweeney this who the fuck aren't you friends with me now I give you gotta check. Good connection? You got you know, dear johnny cash, I mean old sam. I want you to play guitar, not even a deal in the place, get are he's the basketball player, Dylan, amabel and eighties, his ease and credit card. You know that guy he went to Hampshire college. You like a hampshire. Now I went to north western, but three, my three best friends from new jersey all went ahead. your college, all kind of separately, eurogroup and now new jersey, aha in maple, wood and south orange, my dad taught it seton hall university look, but he teach whose chaucer I'll, chaucer, Judy canterbury tales. All done on that and classics mediaeval english was was a specialty and he's taught there for fifty years and by the end he just got to lick demon honours class where you'd like
one taken around the world, the value and the huge it would have like a month. Long trip that you take a class tune stuff is he grew up in academia yeah? I did you and your mom was she teacher my mom. My mom met my dad when she was teaching at seton hall, but then she became a lawyer and then became a judge, your mom's a judge, federal judge to this day to this day and your dad's, an academic key that he or she is no longer with us, but he yeah. He was what I use. But he never published he was he. He was a jesuit right, yeah and at at in nineteen fifty seven he left, which is Vatican two. Does anybody have about a contusion I'm sure I mean I'll I'll pretend like I, I remembered being something the catholic church changed all the rules and they kind of got lax and they got rid of the latin mass and they got rid of everything that my dad was interested in, like all the kind of incense and kind of all the
grab yeah pretty much all like the cook, because the jesuits or into the what's the word, you know not magic with a k but speed actual end and then the swinging the smoking orbs. So he he bells and he's twenty seven. He moves the bleaker and mcdougall writing fifty seven of gets his mind blown a virgin. You urge Jesuit, you must stay that way jazz away, yeah, yeah and and he he got a tenured position at seton hall at a really young age, and and so he just he never cared about publishing he. Never he he just wrote it out, wrote it out, but he and he was a bagpiper who's really into music, and he played in like ten different bands. The bagpipes yet did he play an ac dc first, album know cause. I don't really think those are bagpipes. I I don't need it. There's the there's, the way that that it's star
in that in that song they it sounds like a yacht. It sounds like a synthesizer to me long way to the top, if you wanna rock and roll yeah yeah yeah matt sweeney here on this show, has said that it's a synthesizer, I think I mean, but I know that guy. I just want you to come down one side, the other bagpiper synthesizing it on the requisite says it, but he's got used to play the bagpipe live and apparently was really difficult and it was a huge shore firm and is like a profit area here, shore for a dwarf alcoholic equated, bagpipe, lower of women if the little man yeah yeah but yeah. So I got I. I grew up around music and with that, but that's very sick. Investigated the you know high brow upbringing. It was cool that they weren't into rock and roll, which was really nice, but the. What was your first instrument was it? Did you learn to clarinet, really yeah clarinet player? Well, you know like because back when they, when you had to play an instrument in schools yeah, you know sure I think my dad
It shows it for me yeah. I think my brother played clarinet briefly, you got what you read: yeah yeah, then ned blow a few tunes out. Did you have any have a proclivity to it? I couldn't read music well, but I could memorize anything. So I I was, I kind of got far just bullshit and you know like I so I could like I sat unit like in first chair whatever. That means sure I could play, but I really didn't know what I was reading. I was just like here at once and then just kind of figured out really so you had that and you could play the clarinet yeah yeah. You got brothers and sisters. I got an older brother who lives in l, a who makes he took place music as well. He does music for kitchen nightmares yeah. I don't know them in her kitchen that I could only we should note of those really gordon rifts cordon ramses aids, the guy going like the idea when Gordon Ramsay loses his yet and the elderly. People they get it together and storms out into the street. Your brother's music comes and you can watch ngos as my brow. Yes, he does all those key
of its and god bless him for helping out. So our rights a year in new jersey savings are closed to Hoboken, you're close to new york. That's correct! You have access. How will the now I'm forty five to you, we'll younger than me, but world guys kyar that gave, but you are yo! You were you're old enough to be young enough to sort of get into that ended the punk rock shit here absolutely yeah. I was really lucky because so you know I was in highschool from like eighty in the mid eighties when everything sucked everything I thought was terrible, but but there's really hey. I was out there in the late seventies that was better a little bit as as kind of shitty too. That's what I mean by that is that there is an underground like as a really there is such a need like what what was mainstream with so terrible that there is a need for an underground and there is tons of great music. So, like I got a hard core music kind of I escaped board so I guess that's what sort of when that happens. I remember when I was in high school from like seventy seven eighty one like this
we saw die, but pumped into integrate, later so we get new wave right was what the mainstream music became and then than men, dream rock was like. I was in high school when the first man hail and out came out the greatest right and the first dire straits. Album came out and in foreigner was around. There was a lot of I blurted. I think that was early on. I love that shit. I said I really love foreigner. I think it's just it's music. I liked. When I was a like a little kid. I heard it at the amusement park and I remember sir man, but he was like the first time. Oh yeah, so you're in high school yeah so assessing the skates she had yeah yeah pra. I see a picture of his band that it's a bunch of guys and it says the sun city, girls and it just kind of and- and I think I saw a picture of the bubble surfers in their eyes. It was like I had to know what this this stuff in the end of the animals everyday, does require that if you like what is, as you know, this is like eighty three, eighty four in your like you at that point. I m. Now, my guy, you know it was your enchanted completely
and I'd already gotten into music, and I really loved like rush and led zeppelin and stuff like that, and I was already playing music. But when I heard that stuff it just blew my mind and I really got into that stuff. So then, by the end of high school. I had a band and we got to like we got to open up for sonic youth. You know when, when I was much bandwidth that that we are called skunk like famous though like aren't, you isn't that relatively well known were goofy were were well. We were good, I mean I I I cringe when I when I hear it, although the guitar stuff is really cool, but we were, we didn't know what we were. We were really really young right and, and I I was caught very minneapolis sounding very like whose go do that weighs placements and sole asylum who were already they were so well, the sun's lame actually, but the other one is there actually, but the in the eighties. They were so incredible that ban in particular. I remember because I grew up in this arena rock and punk rock and then saw soul, asylum opener for husker DU and they kind of sounded like aerosmith or something like that, but sure that there's
what I find violent little neutered really vile. They were bad really, so good and ask anybody who is there and they will swear that cell phone for, like the for, like in like nineteen. Eighty six was the best like kind of post punk band no. I know that, but then there's all sort of like all what the fuck happened. I don't know I don't seem like a cultural turn more than a turn them of them is a ban. Yeah I mean it was. It was weird of actual interest for us when you're in hastily love abandon them like a ban anymore, yet to make one way, move you wouldn't like I've. Fucked up, you know, but like how old now much older is your brother but brothers, two years older, he was like more straight kind of like he had jersey, shore type, buddies and stuff like that, so he was playing bracing. That kind of stuff- and it's been banned, was likes, yeah. They were like they would play high school down. He had a band yeah. He was he's an incredible drummer. He like he was like the rush guy. He like worked. A couple of summers got the giant neil peart rush.
did you get a gong? We gotta get out of the whole fucking thing motives. It was like the most. It was like the german so then did he play alone at home with earphones on a little bit. He always had kids to play with them. Yeah we had like the rock house. You know we have the house that my dad was was like. You know. We didn't have a lot of money, but he was he was like if you want to play sports or do music old, like of foot the bill right alexa, and then he what my parents divorced in high school and my dad kind of what sort of depressed and the house, I was completely unsupervised and completely, and it is amazing, and luckily I was into drugs or anything like that. I was listening to music, and so, if my house was what you're damage that is written in the room? He was kind of like he's pottering in the base, and then you know hang out with his with his bagpiper buddies and he would just was kind of Do you wish us add he was sent on about and occasionally would weigh bagpipe with some other men yeah pretty much everyone.
What is a really great team, so we got to you know I got to play tons and tons and tons of music and kind of figure stuff out, and I got to like hate on my brother's friends who were like kind of technical, technical kind of rock jocks yeah, but then, at the same time cause I was kind of good at memorizing stuff. I would like act like I hated them and watch them play and I'm like yeah you're right, I'm just telling you that you make you make sure to pieces where you do that. Yeah guitar moves right, yeah you go like ah fuck, I'm playing with this guy. That's some of those some of those like the gibbons one. In saying. That was that we had a weird and sad to see. Billy gets a lupi like you got him got already knows why this one moment eternity see, regos done deal the hague,
it great. I mean that was the while the you're asking them, how I know a lot of people and and other than the fact I was. I started young playing in bands. You know that and making records at a pretty young age. So I got to meet a lot of people that way and talk about skunk, though, because like skunk kissimmee only good but like you were what fourteen fifteen, when when we I want to start playing with those dudes. What what what guitar are you playing? I had once I had like a yamaha guitar, and then I didn't. I got a les Paul. My freshly you're in college whack one. I I had a. I got a black one yeah. What were they gonna? Be black beauties, yeah yeah yeah yeah, two gold, humbuckers yep yeah? That was your
That's not a punk rock guitar. No, I you know, but the thing is by the time that we started doing a band we'd, already kind of bins, punk hardcore as we knew it. We had kind of the first wave had run their course meeting, meaning black flag had broken up. That's when we putting it in writing and, like I think you talked with with with Kirk from the puppets about this. Just like this things had moved on. So by the time that I was playing a band, we were kind of post punk and like arena rockin intellect guitar, solos and stuff. Like that really gay, I like it, was really goofy. I went which guys like recovered iron maiden, knowing that it was not cool to cover our maiden. So there is ironic, it was what we look my own and lighted. It was the right for the audience. You knew that it was right. I we're kind of pushing it like a bad luck. Red cross at the time was like our favorite, with one of your favorite rice
and again they were really retro and they they would cover kit songs, yeah, but they were one of the first punk band. So you know right so it's cool, there's cool yeah. They didn't take the piss out of this by playing it perfectly yeah. yeah and again through there's a guy called Andrew weiss, who was wins got like us, and we both got recorded by this guy named entered weiss, who mrs skunk this a skunk yeah I met wean when we're in high school. Are you my words? I I I I I have and I've not entered the world completely. Oh, my god, But what's the guitar moves I did I gotta watch did it? Did you watch with me and from these great yeah he's wizard yeah and, and they were they were like our favorite and then we kind of came up with them. You know and are they bought? They were kids too, like a year younger, yeah and and they started when they're like thirteen or something like that. I met them when, when they were like fifteen or sixteen alter this guy andrew in trenton
and the jersey and jersey that has all the jersey, jersey, weird diy stuff. You know what I mean great post punk, like city gardens. We played a lot at maxwell's. We played a lot at and yet what's the story of her maxwell's your era at the door like a high school band playing at Maxwell yeah, I mean yeah when we were such dear, Oh my god, you're such as the I played. I play yellow dango hanukkah weeks. Yes, yes, you tell me the story again about how I reassure you. What was that about this poor ira, add two cases if the owner of Maxwell's really like skunk- and I and he's like you guys- have to get a sound guy cause we're really loud, you know and he's come and he knew that we're going to go on tour and it gives you have a buddy who's going to. Who can do your sound, really sure so we got my friend Paul to come to maxwell's as like yeah I'll he's like I'll. Have our house sound guy teach your guy
I do sound I'll, give you guys an afternoon meanwhile like if I were IRA. I don't think, there's a note of skunks music that he would like, like kind of, I think everything that he hated right now, because we were like really obnoxious and like again doing our maiden songs like that and unlike got so he He has to show up and he was just like he's one guy yeah yeah. He had to show up and show our friend who didn't know anything about sound, and so we were just like. We just made noise and played like awful heavy metal for like three hours. and knowing renewed. Exactly how much he had undergone that you you doing sky uk sounded so find some success. I mean sort of I mean like with six then getting to open up, for we were, I think our first real show was opening for sonic, youth and dinosaur and
and it that were jersey, that was at city gardens and then we played with sonic youth at seabees and and and at that time it was really for me exciting because, like eighty six, eighty seven all those all the bands that that we really liked just made these really great records, like a dinosaur, made your living all over me, which is like a separate record. Vm sancho, my sister, you know, like all these bands really kind of peaking. You know- and I was I'm like in high school- just like all I cared about was the steps are really really stuck right and then we all the band kind of collapse, because we went to college and go into different schools and but over breaks we kind of got a little better and we made some demos and with it with that same guy andrew weiss, and then we got signed to twin tone records, which was like a replacements label right and soul. Psalms label and ah we were kind of
really a banned at that point as well. We're all just college kids than we can live together, but we kind of got it together and made a record and we kind of started to suck then worker and when he got tight, I think god tie. I really can't get tat. We are just we're just really of noxious and we could have we kind of blue it. Like really yeah, I think Those were the records, those those are like why you were in college or just post college. That's when the skunk records came out when you were a kid, no yeah, yeah yeah in in in college, like we had, we were playing in senior year of high school and doing these shows, and then we got the music together over the course of like freshmen separate college, and then I think, I think, for a skunk record came in eighty nine writing like that, and then we that was a really weird time, but put it this way like by the time the broke up. I felt like some sort of grizzled veteran. You know at least was one. I wasn't really bitter was super bitter, like every everybody's fault that that there
We, the people out there there like those gone records, were the best. You know there there's you know, really likes a set of fully fucking named dropping, but he every time I see him, he's really sweet about his jack black, really like skunk. He does. I don't I don't yeah some. He was here the last time I was here, yeah he's he's fucking awesome and he really likes it. So some people we didn't. We do have a couple of fans. They're they're, like the vocals, are goofy and but there's a lot of ideas going on. There's there's a lot, the app and and but but it was so so then I I quit. I dropped out of college skunk imploded and I just didn't know what to do with myself, and I thought that I was just done with music. I was really despondent and then I got a job in new york working for c m J, which is like this college music, turn only note right that was used to put out packages for the four themes for the words that thing that I think the idea which was like was busily. Would south south west
right I'll, be around these in the murky lounge everywhere, and I used to get those packages is e m J collection, the idea of banning exactly compilations area, where you are per player. Yeah, I got a gig, you got a job, I I get a job and and but I'm like posts muse I I was just like kind of embarrassed about everything about how skunk went down. Thought that everybody hated us and I, as your hanging up your guitar, I totally did was awesome because, like you, I thought: there's rama, you know like yeah, I was really yeah and then I but then I was kind of knocking around new york, and somebody heard that I was a bass player. This guy named Dave reed heard I was a bass player and even though I was a guitar player and- and he was like so you want to start, I'm starting this band with James lowe from live skull, who's, a band that I really like yeah and I was like sure yeah. I play bass so then I kind of I I came in at a yacht. I sorta came in like okay, I'm just competing
I never played in a band I'm to play in somebody else's band. It's going to be kind of music, the bass yeah. I can play bass and like a really noisy kind of like the sky played with Glenn Branca and the band sort of sounded like like helmets, but more arty and and more noisy and kind of morse code. More interesting, and so then I saw play music again. I met this guy james and around that time I also road each for, though I was just fully human and myself. I think the whole thing was like I don't play I'll, be a experiment and shame. Yeah he's gonna beat the shit out of myself yeah totally. Not only am I going to give up on my dream, but I'm going to go society others yeah the most menial way past. Exactly I'm going to serve the you know, the the the the your you're like a jesuit yeah, exactly you're. This is self punishment. Also so clay tarver this guy, that this guy, who I still do a bandwidth at that time, had a band called bullet.
Volta and they were a band. I remember them yeah and there's that kind of like this around the time that before nirvana blew up, all these bands are getting signed and la Volta is one of these bands that was really huge and by the time that it was that they definitely weren't going to be huge. They had this kind of big tour and I wrote it for them and I became friends with clay. His band broke up and clay moved to new york and we went out karaoke ing, and this was when there wasn't karaoke machines, bribery, correct machines. When there's there's a band, there's an ninth street, a place called candy, be one that had lived and he's band. That new like took two thousand songs and you just get up in front the band. That was that they were. It was live carrier lack erika, but that's all carry if you really was was live with. Rightly you get to be the singer yeah. So we,
I had never met the matador guys. Clay was friends with the matador guys and me and clay at this point, we're friends and we were like we would like smoke pot and talk about music and stuff like that, and and also he was sort of humiliated and burnt out and play music, and at and at home we carry Wilkie and we did bridge over troubled water, youtube yeah, but you don't play and and then enclosed like we should do a ban. that we should do really. That was the end of the other guy was there was Chris for mandatory. That was was the other. Do that weird parting with right like that night and that's that was how this chavez that was worth of chavez straight up, job losses, he's. Bands were like I'm. I was like wait late right of veto the about em like and I started, seeing you on twitter. They start seeing you on record I didn't know who the fuck you were, and then everyone said there he was, you know shavers, you knew everyone is I dunno who everyone is twitter yeah I know and I'm like of, and then we start like talking to each other on twitter
blake mills and now I gotta get the job as records to go down a flower to visit my mother with the double album, with all the shadows and just run in and listen that shit. Oh cool m k. I plowed into my brain in my car. I gotta get a handle on this guy, but then that guy doesn't match up with the dude is plain wood billion blake on oh well, it does match up with the body. Prints believe that in a super wove last night, a cool and now and then like then it was buggy and then like and then then I start looking up your shit and I'm like who the fuck does this guy play with well, so it kind of went like this. Oh so with chavez, we started the band yeah and I got a day job working for a pr company that a guy called steve mark. I know I work with them to see more and the actual, not a jerk, as they say. That's why he had to say
He was an agnostic front news in some other cool bans and and who is- and this is when Oliver friends bans are going to try to major labels and steve had sardinia, like let's start appear can be so are so we could represent our friends. You were there at the beginning of nasty little man's, the air, so you were there you're kind of part of this do you not committing the music? Yes, totally your light again serving at an end and part of the game was like not telling anybody that I was in a ban, because I was you know. I I wanted to be national areas currently doing chavez pretty much here and in doing pr for hope. We did like the beastie boys. We did, we did dinosaur junior rigid. This is like early on. All of them knew you, as the guy at the office kind of yeah yeah. I've like like, like Josh from queens like didn't, know that I play guitar.
Years later, a lot of josh homie yeah, a lot of people that I was like friends with. I just wouldn't tell them that I you know that I play cause. I thought it'd be kind of, but you're secretly, jamming, yeah and anise and chavez did well. So so we ended up doing pretty good, but we had this whole thing. That ban was like. We had decided that we wouldn't do anything that we did not want to do, meaning that we wouldn't play with a band that we didn't like that. We wouldn't go on tour, However, if there wasn't a demand for it that we wouldn't stand some junkies floor economy becoming about the drama that these aims he's the best guess it like somebody called them rock, and I haven't seen you didn't let s racist goes. James is chinese. I think that's! That's when really, I think so. I just got like out of these recommendations, but when I think a math rock, I think I can crimson yeah, I was trying to place it together can couldn't hear frustrated me at the time. Actually gonna David climber invented math rock to describe the noise
ban wider that I played and because that had a lot of weird parts and david climber, I swear to god. He called it math Iraq as a dis as a joke, he would view pretend have a calculator when you re watching us our and then with which we which meant that this ban wider, that was the noise ban, that right and like wanted to know what I was doing right. Ok and that's when you do annoys me, yeah at an end, They were really cool there really great, but they were complicated this guy David would pretend to have a calculator at our shows and he'd like to leave he'd be like calculating and then then he would kind of like you know. Give give a look like oh yeah, you guys are being a dick. He was being a dick. Then then people started straight face to cult like there's a genre called math rock. You know which was beyond me and then shot I started getting call that I really do think is because we could play If we had a chinese drummer- and you know I mean we were just trying to do, and we still are just trying to do like kind of like the interesting were the weird parts of blair, sir blois or call or or
like cheap trick or police the big, the big buildup and Juliet yeah yeah yeah, you know or like at rocks aerosmith like the legs, it's kind of like if we wanted to kind of play. Evil rock just to reel tape just want to build part. And like just like the high drama like, but without being like. We just signed a letter thing so Jane Shadows is doing that in your dear doing proposed. the publicity I'm doing shop. Where do you learn how to finger pick from sam Dylan? That was around around that? Okay. So around that time, my friend dan, who, who was one of the guys went to Hampshire college, was as Helen of SAM dan. We have to college How can it be cowardly? The old man I know tell me that's one and am horse right now. There's read in Hampshire, read in Oregon. and then there's another one that close Antioch that one that one was so happy that they just they they imploded themselves.
One was majoring in leaving school. Yeah for real history doesn't exist anymore. I dropped out of college and and all my friends are going to Hampshire and they're friends with sam Dylan and the they were the anti hippie contingent, and then there they were really into like death, metal and noise and swans, and all this kind of music and when sam was was like not a hippie at all. This is Jacob's older brother, correct, yeah, and at anyway we got we got to be friends and in the quest for extreme music. We somebody found a charlie patton record and that will leave a blues yeah and a others that song and at end at by my friend, dan margulies who's who's. The genius historian guy. Now he he got. He got us into old time music. So we started going to he started going to these festivals
these bluegrass for the area of this one. In charlotte michigan, which is like we're the only young people there, and so every year we would go to this festival, and my friends are to learn how to play and sam dislike tick finger. Picking- and I remember when I saw him do it. I my mind- was completely blown as like how the fuck do you do that what would you do that and I've been listening to stuff. You know I've been listening to drake and you know, like I've, been listened to fingerpicking stuff and I love it. He was doing like almost ragtime fingerpicking yeah. It was just like I mean look. I also love LEO kottke, like I let six and twelve, but I just I just assumed it was impossible to do. Yeah and but dude. You could totally weren't really yeah my juggling through repetition, yeah yeah I can show you look one pattern and that's what sam showed me two patterns and everything that I do is based off of these two patterns and a tick. It took me like a week, and all I remember is the most frustrating things you want to do it so bad and it is like juggling writing and eventually get that third ball. He goes yeah yeah, it's it's endued. It opens up every sam put it this way. Sam Sam goes. You know why that you know like why there
old guy sitting on the porch for hours and hours drinking themselves happily to death is like because they know how to do this. One thing yeah he's like he's like that's all. He said it was like okay, you know, I wonder if his dad can do it, you know weirdly, he can't he doesn't and he doesn't sparingly, but he doesn't buckets of rain. That's how about divinity, what about on Corina corina yeah that that too yeah? But he doesn't do it. He rarely does it's weird. It seems like he at some point. He gave up his fingers altogether. Yeah I mean he doesn't play guitar anymore at all. His hands. Hurt right. Is that what's the deal. I don't know yours friend, so that so that says so funny that it's not the dillon the place he plays, but he's not he's not the guy. He tried to be a musician yeah. He's he's he's he's he's amazing. I'm going to have to ask him it's okay, to talk about him, cause he's super private and but what we're not doing anything other than saying you weren't, adequate yeah and also I mean I do want to give him props because he's one of the best musicians and that that I
no, and I love no one that the deal and that doesn't even deal of music is the best measures should have one he's he's a criminal defence attorney he's a bad mother fucker. So I was doing chavez Bogucharovo started to slow down a little bit. Just the finger. Picking thing was just like a separate thing. I just but then you put down the pecking you are you only finger pick yeah pretty much really cause. You don't really need a pick anyway, I mean, if you have to do that. You just do that. These are now the thumb yeah, but the finger picking. I I really got into then chavez slow down because of of a bunch of different things like our bass player started to get you too many jobs working as making music videos, which one is the writer now the way. Ok, so clay, clay, Tarver he's a guitar player, as it is here. Yeah me and the other guitar, the band and and and bridge over troubled yeah and clay's kind of the leader. Even though, like I'd, sing and read the lyrics and stuff clay still is really the guy who like drives the band and stuff and and he he started getting a lot of jobs. You know
writing jobs because he worked at mtv and he was the guy. You did the cab driver promos as the guitar player for fur chavez in a row, the other donal, those promoting just bike. New knew Donald knows how to get them out of their college. Roommates so they have a right for him. So then he gets rector. What's his trajectory he plays trajectory is, is he writes a script based on the cabdriver react, which of course, that we have made, but a lot of people see and- and he started getting everybody love that script, and so I think J J rooms was the gun right. We're giving clade work crazy, it's so fucking wild yeah, and then you will use your guitar player, oh yeah, so so meanwhile, so he is, he starts to have james or drummers as genius who, like who designs I mean he's like, does he did something with like the computer mainframe of merrill lynch? did you make to make the chain of command like a split? Second quicker yeah? You know for money things as one thing that he can do and helped as on stance he for heart for hearts usefully eighty years drummer.
Yes, he wins bessie awards for four for modern dance compositions he's like so fuck in advance, so he's doing I think clay's doing his thing and you're just a guitar yeah. This is fucking idiot. You know, like I was like August- will get good at finger. Picking take some time to play yeah so yeah so doing, publicity, yeah and and and and it was that job was really cool because I could kind of you know take on as much as I could take on and and come and go and but right when chavez was kind of done. I saw Andrew w k play yeah and I think I had taken ecstasy for the first time and I went up to him and this is when edwards played by himself to a tape and his white pants white shirt yeah and whose eighteen you know and- and I was like- I was a mid. Can I be your manager, I mean I was. I was
I was hi shin and he was like okay and in like short order. I gun like a really huge record deal and is the only time I ever did anything like this in a in r, yeah and or managing you know, and so is this the first one the bloody nose, yeah yeah and- and that and I kind of made a little chunk of camonica got it and a record deal so like. Then, then, what happened.
oh yeah, and then I'm I ran into Billy corgan, who I, who was a big skunk fan back in the day. Really, yes- and I he asked me if, if I wanted to do, do a project with with him- and we ended up doing that for for two years, what was the name of that band was called this one right and it was really fun like the first half of it was really really fun like we were for a year and in a year we recorded one hundred songs, we never played, and then we just played lots and lots of music and it was really really anything he's good guitar player he's a great guitar player. Yeah he's incredible, and I am but then that that thing- and
it because I think really he didn't really want to do what what what we were doing. I think I think it was kind of an experiment. What were you doing? I don't really know. Is it on record it's on record, I've never listened to the record, and but some people like it. I remember that the record take a really long time to make it just. I think I think I wasn't the guy that that that he hoped I was an invite and maybe vice versa. For me, when the ham and stuff like that, it got kind of weird I mean, but he's a he's, a character got kind of weird Ok, but everybody suppose I could just plain of nice things. I do the same for like two years and then then, all of a sudden when my early thirties and that things done and are at odds house, and I was like a professional musician. You know I mean what I say had never be now you ve managed you remain. Are you don't either there I'll get a kind of right?
you know how to finger pick sam. You were in chavez and just finished with corrigan, and then I remember I remember I had done and also I started playing with again what he did. Excellent job is slow down and start playing with with Bonnie prince Billy are playing with will iam, which was a huge huge thing. We had a mutual friend who is at the the mutual friend Britt walford, the drummer from splint, and that I went yeah. I went to college with actually so much college. Well, that's! I guess where it all starts hits every most bands are like upper class kids go humbling, ivy docked. Vienna vandam apparently will do both like you're drummer
while he's make a stint he's amazing, yeah, but anyway, so I started playing with. Will we met through through Britt yeah and then then the billy corgan thing all of a sudden, I'm done with the billy corgan thing, and I thought I was going to make some money from publishing stuff and like not all of a sudden. I did a tour with will. I was in I was in tasmania at the tasmanian devil park and somehow I was again I was still pretty spacey about money. Just start things would work out me. Indiana emma was again, you know, must ban, are only going to get some money here and I managed says it's gonna come through vienna, so I remember going. I wanted to buy a t shirt at the tasmanian devil park. I put in my my my card in the atm and I had like negative twenty five dollars in my bank account and I was in fucking tasmania, and I wrote that that was this incredible mountains. The moment they alex a couple hours like well, I'm completely fucked. You know an error not to like
I was embarrassed. It took me I didn't know what to do. You know like like and like walked out of the kind of ashen faced wheels like he, okay, I was like yeah I'd always just stupid. Are we getting cash on the stores? You know, this bad tone. What im just wondering I mean I was wrong, incredible you know like, and I d never day, job and like to know what to do and and and then will kind of sin. that I was mother fucked in there, and and he he he wrote me any said: hey, I'm a really big, John london. The pity I money we're gonna just have me and you play show right and then also thanks here yet rate and then than he
in an email that said challenge and there are two lyrics and he was like and he was like how about you make songs out of these lyrics and we'll play them at the london show. So I was like okay yeah and I've never been asked to do that. So I did and and that's sort of how super wolf got started was was was we played? The songs on was fucking, terrifying prisoners, aussies playing loud rock bands and all of a sudden just me and a singer with some song that I just like really big crowd and- and it was It- was terrifying and exciting, fuckin a super exciting, so that she is just you and him on the record, and on an hour an hour and a front p terms, and not that when he pieterzen from little place plays drums in that and a pretty record. Thank you look
Is that so will really help me out when I was, you know like just didn't, know what to do and then and then through that super off record I rick Rubin, I guess heard it yeah and I called me up out of the blue yeah and just asked me to start what he said about the record. He said the nicest things in the world- I I I I would sound like I was lying if I, if, if I actually- pretty excited. I sound like a dick, but he said really really nice things about it. You know like are. I was just like that, like my end of the conversation, was yeah yeah really woah thanks no way this really regrow valued. Well fuck. If I'm cool really and he said, and he said he want to see if I was available to play in records- and you know so I said fuck no getting the hell. No! No! I didn't. I was,
of course yeah and and then I got a call like a couple of days later. It was like, as I'm calling from Rick Rubin's officers mess when he yeah checking your availability plan and johnny cash sessions, and I was like I'm assuming. These are overdubs cause, johnny cash died mia and then there's like this beat. On the other end, mister cash recorded two albums with material with the express purpose of them being finished after his death are you interested? So I said yeah you know like uh and then I kind of asked around a little bit about exactly what was going on, ensuring that sure enough. He had just done like twenty songs at his house when he was going, you know and that they had been sitting on these. on these recordings kind of dreading having to do it, but it was agreed like this right is like his will write like is last week. yeah and- and I was the m because rick like that, this record anime with will. I was the new guy and everybody else was like the guys who played an old is big. Business is
my came our brain area, you know, and so I've I've and I've never done any fuckin studio stuff. You know like and so it was insane you know like like like so I show up you and I with your guitar- I you know what I didn't bring a guitar because I was like I don't know. Am supposed to do. I didn't I didn't even own an acoustic, guitar And- and I and I figured they're going to have a lot of guitars. It's like Rick Rubin and also I kind of figured I can't bring anything to the session. The camp. You know what I mean like. I figured that I just have to improv right, which ended up kind of really working out. Well, because I didn't, carry anything similar to ours, just like fucking tons. You know like, of course it's like you can use this guitar. Yes, your you know like like good ones. My cat likes us it's like a hundred dollar its growth, and it was, I remember, going.
to Rick Rubin's house, where, where he, this was in hollywood, where he used to do a lot of recordings and and- and I went in through the Basement- and I heard this laughing from from the I just found found my way and I took like a weird door. I took like a side I entrance and I didn't want to meet anybody. I just want houdini house. Ah, yes, yeah yeah, that's laurel canyon, that's not! No, not not the actual house. The thirteen thirty one miller drive, which I think he's gotten rid of, but not the houdini- has this other house, which was, which also was a similarly fabulous, haunted rallied mantra and are ever going to and through the basement, and not telling anybody I arrived and and hearing this laughing. They are this like her although my god like this, like yeah kind of hillbilly laughter and a walk in and there's a guy sitting there, looking at a computer screen that I can't see. What's on the screen and he's like who are you this scary, it, and I was like I'm mad when he's like. Oh you're, the new guy he's like I was like yeah. I guess I am
well. I hope you're ready to make the best goddamn record of your life, and I was like I. Yeah he's like well, I'm fergie. I worked at johnny cash for thirty years and I am so tired of doing this. This is killing me because he's like bro. This is like really this sad shit. I hope you're ready to get into this. I mean that he was really like you just like That was another big moment for me, was like wow. I have to make a record for this guy yeah cause. This is the guy who is seeing through his his kind of mentors right thing and, and he was the only guy from johnny cash's world. Think that rick brought along when right, ragged, so and then he was laughing the computer screen, because I had a picture of Jimmy Martin, whose hillbilly singer nea in front of like a thousand dead squirrels cat. Like looking at me, like hillbilly, porn or whatever, and then and then all these other guys commitments like. I can't believe it was. It was the most surreal thing like its little corner, rakers now
Like they show up in that novel yeah, I'm fucking freaking out you know and then and then I never met him before he just said yeah. I was just this idiot like and I'd, never that they have no idea who the fuck am, I didn't know dash areas where the area will them chavez, what no than in any that's so I'm just the sky and and There was a giant catch, his voice to a click track and we just sit there and figure out the the songs We ended up recalling the melody nope guitar there. They would be like if we know about the key I see and they they had isolated the tracks and he would just have his friends play when he was recording of his friends played just as like a guide track, rail and and out. So then those guys' record right cleaning. So we would just come off voice. Rama has been haunting, it was fucking cool and we just stated alive and we and we ended up, do it. It was incredibly fun. Economy mean and end. I
a time you ve ever been the studio, an errand normal that level yeah easily with the heartbreaker playing to the disembodied voice. johnny care at all and I was really strange: their end But that was with these original songs or covers both lot covers. Some originals yeah cool and then and when it works so well that then, like Rick would let me stay late and Manford would kind of mess around with, like that song, ain't, no grave and and god's gonna cut you down we're two that we kind of got to be like really mess with. You know, unlike like I kind of turned into a minor key song, even though it was a major key song and stuff, and I haven't just read it's so fucking nice that he let me it was just you and rick and Ferg yeah, and then Rick would leave me like yeah. If you want to try something go ahead, those tracks is it only you, and no I mean that smokey and mike and stuff like that. But my campbell smoking hormel who's who's plays on the tons of rick stuff and smoky made it all. These guys were so nice to me. That's the other thing is like
smokey in vermont, word so friendly. And there they could have been total jerks if they wanted to her and rick had the best advice like so it can I just whatever every one he goes, yeah do whatever you want. We could always had a race just you know, and I was like alright. I guess I can just do that, but I know being able to like I'm featured on on five and six, like I could there's there's the there's a lot of if you hearts a lot of low to medium they're on they're on the cash fight climate, sexy posthumous, one yeah well and then they're hard to listen to, because the voice is he's dying. You know what I mean like like the the the vocals are tough, I mean I'm I'm proud of those records. I I don't think that the for everybody I mean, but but Ferg loves him and Ferg, who is Johnny cash's guy, that loved him? That's what I you know that so then I then it just er working for rick a lot, and so I get to meet all these and I live in new york and they could go to l a and you know play with like cat Stevens.
But what was it? Who else did you play when Neil diamond too? Did you do those alyosha acoustic actually is kneel down and gave me this insane? If use a guitar, and I was at the stream I was like- I can't afford and martin media, but, like I was like. Maybe someday some rich guy, like can be a martin, I dunno right or else what had happened and then after I was friends with neil. I went by when tommy and smokey went by the studio cause. We both happen to be in town he's like come by the studio and there's and his son was getting rid of all these guitars he's. Like yeah look at this one- and he says his beautiful beat up in l, a yeah yeah he's like right next to cedar sinai, it sam cooke's, old studio, it's the it's! The liberty records studio has been in there since the early seventies and it's fucking awesome. It's like it was an in time wow like nineteen. Seventy eight like amazing, while you go over there after you record with neil, so he knows: yeah yeah, yeah, yeah yeah, the rick again similar, so the the rick things that it just became. This thing where it was like, I couldn't believe that it was happening. You know any session of I just couldn't believe it.
Which ones did you do as far as like crazy legends that I couldn't believe you like, like neil diamond cat, Stevens rick recorded cats, even yeah, the last one yeah he he ended up. They heated the broad tracks, I reckon then he ended up finishing it and in different studios, but neil diamond, and particularly like. I am crazy about it. I love neil diamond always have really always yeah yeah, just like little, because that's a pretty sparse record you're right. Oh it's yeah, the the record that we did as like. There's like ten minute long, really, sparse weird. Songs that was so much fun. It was really really so you get to know Neil yeah. He he's a pal he's, so JD such as like text me and she or he is fucking ours recording with a rapper recently- and I was like- I just got a text from neil diamond. I could tell the references as I kind of bummed. Alright I was just gonna. Like you know, I just I just won
know. If rap is about being like cool rapper lp, whose whose great he's a really good friend I love working with him, and he does a thing called run. The jewels now, which is great, I really recommend it's gets kind of blowing up in you and blake mills are buddies, yeah actually yeah. I brought blake and actually introduced blake to rick because witcher again classic kind of career career suicide, because that guy is a wizard yeah. You know like I'd, use, pencil sketches and he's like a sculptor. Rightly qatar was Ricky didn't know him either. So what does work just sit up in the mountain he gets? He she gets, he knows guys and then he has guys that he trusts right on and stuff and so like. In this case, this was a kid rock record and and that and he that rick was like yeah. You know you know anybody else, who'd be good for guitar. You know I was like well, this got blake. You know that was blake's.
rick session and then all of a sudden I stopped getting recessions and then like now, actually a couple of times, but that's fine because I live in new york and you know, what's neat is actually blake he's the best guitar player in the world, but I I he he doesn't step on. I never felt like right right right, like what what's the Amadeus situation saw area. There was a moment that the river was like. Is this going to be this? Did I just these illegally for myself, you, didn't get the tour with cat stevens, how the fuck that is so what's great about the rick things. Is that sometimes I'll hit it off with that with the artists and then then I'll just kind of do stuff outside of the rick world? Just you know just play, shows and do some stuff, so I mean again the the it was like the biggest golden pile of shit that I stepped in with. While I don't want to call record golden pile of shit, wasn't lucky just it Was that heard the record yeah I mean that's the weird thing about it: it happened we had integrity to. It is like who is that guy yeah? It was cool,
We didn't do any press for that record that this rule of record The record. I heard you on yeah that I've I'd been fucking ten years, that's ten years old, Was it you and blake and billy givens. You did a well yeah. the thing were I rick had got good. They are yet that that's that's another obvious when billy givens. As far as a rick thing goes, I when we are working on the cast of did he do at the top record yea to the last one. He did. Oh, that's right, that's good! It is good in did you here? Did you your billy played fucking the bow to billy the kid on working awesome? Why didn't you do hope? I know dwells.
As a dude, so so that that's been an obsession, but now let me just like preface by missing so you heard billy play that thing I might on my pocket. Yes, an incredible, so I was talking to rick about Billy. Gibbons is like, while I'm friends with them, but I never really checked out Zz top like hardcore as a really you know and he's again, there was a dude investment ever like the first five reckless. There are the greatest things ever: yeah, yes, and- and at I mean I can't have- I can't have I'm obsessed and so rick started talking to bill about making a record right, and then I sent rick an email saying you know if you're talking to Billy about making a record, I think he should talk to him and bet Peter. I mean because I, as far as I can tell that, could be a good dialogue opener. You know what I mean like as far as that should be the dialogue opener with every guitar. I know it's true and peter green for listeners. It is the will know, My moisture has no, I never shut up about peter yeah yeah to the original. If we would naturally like that, guy that the best the wizard of blues, the best booze player, yeah and and somehow it doesn't sound like a white guy trying to be black,
what it is transcendent resistance and it is right to absolutely set so given is that email that I wrote to rick and he's like Billy wants to meet you he wants to. He wants to write with you and are just like. He knows the great that you know the greatest phone call I've ever gotten, so I got instructions from recchia meet up with them and and play music that he likes get him back into music because it seems like he sort of hasn't been that inspired. You know, like rightly so. This is like my job. You know it's a fucking hang out with billy gibbons and like listen to flee like like. Listen the boston tea party, fleetwood mac, you don't want you played hockey. I want one we're just like Jesper from endless boogie who's, a who's, a friend of mine who she was like a music. You know he second was lazy. Wacker record actor right, yeah, well, Paul major and yes, we got to the guys in the band are like an endless bogey. Yes, yeah they're out in the island right there. No! Actually I called the record long island just because I thought it'd be cool, but
another alter their all around here. But he s versus is a great, but I made this crazy mix tape with my friend who like who has like them. libraries of me ass. It would have yeah and in his hand, was bookie he's in our employment endless buggy, and we made like five cds called vibe action for fur. Billy givens have just like inspirational ribbon him from final vinyl ever left everything at an end, and that was like hey billy, you know I'm this guy mad, who wrote the thing you're trying to re prime, the gibbons pump and dude he took to it. It was like it's just like to check that this you know and and we'd listen to music and then play bit and like when we did this for a week and it was it was the greatest I mean. I remember like that at the end of the first eight games was like well, this just couldn't have gone any better completely. This is awesome, and then what were some of the other sean songs, you're playing, I mean what was a plain and like he knew the peter green shirt day of the Peter crisp idiots and listen to it for a while, but he's you know he's like this is the bit. That was that
this guy had yeah yeah and then a lot of african rock like there's a good accomplish. It called africa rocks of income. Each addled ominous rich, I know which would not they richard their via the great yeah yeah. So you know just like us authority that givens would like, but maybe hadn't heard, because that that's what's cool about rock music it is. It is infinite. The amount and linda that that that that means that you haven't hurt rice great in any of you sat with him and he fell you get the guitars out. You follow him. We're just gonna make shit up here and in the. I noted none of these songs ever got used, and but we had this incredible hang then I went back to do it again and the vibe was completely different and and gibbons didn't seem to be into it any more and then I and then they started working on the record, and I was like
shit did I just like giving somehow you know and then then he met blake and then the blake was like gibbons wants to do something with me and you'd like lets us do it you know, and then then there was the full circle back to the to doing the the single I'm doing a fleetwood mac thing and I mean I was hoping that that would be the beginning of something where we could, just, I think, he's afraid yeah. I I I've it. He he's so complicated he so elliot that guy and but it is interesting that cause like that. Rick ruins easy top record. It's like it's in the tradition of those are rigid, rick rubin records, where it's like we're going to we're going to make us easy top record the way it used to be yeah, yeah yeah, it's good! It's okay and his riffs are good right, but it's weird because he's so like these guys get older and you so want them to to honor their
their their depth threat and I think a lot of them are just nervous to do it. If there's that, and also if you forget, I've learned this from talking to these older guys, like us gibbons about those seventies records right- oh god, it was we'd just be sweating in the room having a hang out with each other and just work and work in a disaster like yeah, yeah, yeah right I'll bet, but like those memories, partly aren't that great, you know like when I get out there. That was something to be transcended, Obadiah but, like skinners, you know working in a poor in like a warehouse there. That was so hot and it was hot on purpose in when Al Cooper found them. There are just a sweaty guys had been pound in these song so hard tat. They knew him in their sleep here and an answer. You look, you guys want you get back together like because I do not like and hated you in that that that's one thing of battle and also a lot of people like great work, was they were kind of miserable in their personal lives than they become fuckin million. as they live in iraq of wealth in fame. You know
They are not a sound yeah. I know that, but that I really think I swear. I have noticed this that, like gas, were hugely successful, there are not interested in people who aren't hugely successful. There are not interested in the records the play. May that didn't sell they. It's just, I think, is something about money and and and power that makes people not, interested in going for something that doesn't equal money, a swear it. But after a sore point like I mean they already made their money, I mean it's not like that. That's easy top record didn't make money, and over this way I know they still think they're going to get to the next Zz top record it's over. I know I know, and also it's like. As far as I know, most of the things that end up really popping are things that you just made, because you think with refunding awesome right now and then and then and then people pick up on it. But but I just seeing this with with some beard like acts who were disused to how things godlike out. We need a hit that that home in
quality. You know it's weird, because it's so got like leave on helm knew better than others. You know before he died and he was recording those I think he recorded on vanguard, armor stuff. I mean it's a it's for the people that want to find that yeah you've got to stop thinking about it, yes, I know you know it's like even the rolling stones are right, make new songs or a new record, but like when I talk to Keith richards for ten minutes, you I said you, you guys make a mangaboos record is likewise been kicking around for a while. It's like we'll just do it. If you listen to if you live the elmo combo side yeah, it's like where's that fucking record with that outfit that they can make in five fucking seconds in a second I know it's It's again, I'm sure: did you ever see that thing we're we're we're ronnie and Keith played with the with dylan on the sun city record, not like you're a witch weird because our member states and the council, when they recorded the early ladyship we yet
it was thrown together. Renault is Bob Dylan and then in the middle of Keith in and I think, ronnie and they all had guitars in it was it was pretty great and then there was another song and record called silver and gold, and I think Keith played on that record. The sun city record kind of interest, how called there's some weird players on their but but I just don't like it's like you guys have already done it. You you're done with that. You, and yeah. So now honour your roots. I would be great if it's this I don't know, I don't get it either, but I I just came to understand that it has something to do with these guys, not wanting to lose money, not wanting to appear unsuccessful. I think is their years earlier is up here. It's absolutely fischer for sure you don't I mean I don't know his anything. We can do like that. Like I, just hold on to that little. I have it on my desktop that I think I was so excited cause. I was listening to that to that interview just enjoying it and then, when you do, there's like no, oh, my god- oh my god, and it's so fucking good
oh good, it's how you like, and I don't want to appear disrespectful tiber fuckin millionaires, bull blob, but I do think it's true. It's like it's like they get you soon. I think, it's being entrenched in in what they think they eat. They are supposed to do like you know you cause you it's very hard, even when he was in the daytime petty the guy was the greatest american songwriters in the world. and then you know where your expected to keep churning out this thing right in and they ve all gone through it, but I think that still in their head, they think that's the thing they choose now yeah and I don't know that, like I dunno that billy wouldn't necessarily even see that big of a difference between seventy zz top and what they evolved into. I think he knows that the syncopated drumbeat was not a good thing right and in his answer to that is that we were trying to get chicks to dance to it, which is fine you can but like. I don't think he sees any difference between any of that. I think he would just want yeah,
I don't want to talk about a light where we would have liked kind of one kind of circular conversations about it and then it really did occur to me, as I am just some fuckin like it like eminent, I think to them like a guy. Like me, look in obscurity Who's was into things that are cool and eventually the guys like you know what just because it's you're just this guy who thinks that things are cool, and you just you know like if it's obscure it's good. You know what I'm not like that That's not really. I am sums yeah. You know it again and an end to be fair. Givens really does level lubs now either and also he was a lot of hardship for sweetheart yeah, yeah yeah. He d have, he was weird shit, you again that story telling the back as about like hanging out hendricks and
It's dragging the stereo down the hall to hear like Jeff yeah. They sit there and go like what the fuck is Jeff Beck doing so awesome people like gibbons talking about Alex Chilton yeah, I mean big star and fucking Zz top were making records at the same studio. At the same time, which is blows my mind, I were given actual it's interesting cause Alex chill know he was interesting. He he was a guy who, who really could have been very successful, but he chose to be homeless So I think that, like you know, you forget like in in our in the way that music is fragmented in the way that you came up in music, that you know these guys came from the time we were like we're going to make a billion dollars. Yes, yeah yeah I mean, I think, that's right, yeah, you know yeah, I mean yeah, so so gas like that, I would I'm in love it. I think the bill is absolutely got it in him. For sure I mean he's a god
He is he's just so so tell me about this endless boogie thing that was another one of those records where I got outta nowhere. What labels anna that's on a little label called no quarter, which is a really small but really good label. Somebody sent me I record and, like you know, I'm going through records and it's so it's weird with me cause I get like a lot of records and I'll throw them all on for one play and and and occasionally like you know, throw something on, and I'm just go about my business. I walk back into the room like the fuck. Is this It was like that was that record yeah endless boogie was one of my dark. Ui was the weird sort of melancholy island yeah, oh yeah, which and that's a painting from from Norway from the earth from like nineteen. Oh eight and it looks exactly like Paul major. It looks like the guy who okay, yeah, it's freaky and it's endless, but here's a band that was started as like a fun bunch of record collectors playing music in a rehearsal space. That was my rehearsal space and eventually and they started playing shows out after years of playing just
their own guys right public sixty. What's his name again, all major! That's his christian name, Paul major and he's right. Is sort of notorious yes yeah, but yeah he kind of defined. He could have invented a record market of of a wreck where the people called real people, music or private press records like records that major labels didn't make that people actually made the cells, but let me they may I wanted as being reassured now. You have any put their paul, it kind of invented people finding that should really yeah he's he circle, and so we, like the dark one or do you know that we have found the record. You can't find the real one. I mean gorillas worth something like five thousand dollars right so like like there's I'm getting one of those wishes because you know do you know you know he must have been. You know, Daniel cook, dino, Daniel Dr cook yeah well he's he's got his joint now is out now way. It's right around the corner poll, fucking dude, say hi to Daniel he's, fucking great guy, so easy, but he gets all these re releases of those records and I get them through here.
Your stuff. That's yeah yeah! You have your weiler, yet exactly so Paul any esper from buggy were those guys for me right, like always remain step, and they had this band and I've there. My favorite ban forever, like I'm, I had seen I've earned a crazy horse and endless buggy and same night, and I swear to god. There was it was like. I could not pick one from the others for his like what was god like guitar, It's a perfect yeah yeah. You can really do it yeah and then then I just started playing when they started making records. I started playing with them and kind of sort of co producing the records and stuff, so I kind of ended up being the third guitar player and an endless boogie, and that's so that's the thing that I do whenever I can make records with that whenever I can well. I guess my question to you than as a guitar player in as somebody who I appreciate your guitar plank as you're. Not you know, you're, not a stand up out front. shobo, acknowledges and eight seems give learned from you know, from insecurity and answer evolving, thrill, nature and others that up.
So that the reality of like showing up to do those cash records in realising that you can't be a show both in europe and some real shit and you've gotta be sorta, honest about how you play right and that you found the honesty of how you play. My grandmother was influential because she was really into accompany accompany is yeah at she. She worked for David o selznick, like they've gone with the wind, pretty yeah she's really into movies, and she would always talk about the piano player like that, like about how how beautiful this piano playing is right against this vocal and yell thy, how the music's almost invisible and stuff and the arab that it was kind of stuck in my head. I remember I, as I had that in mind: when all of a sudden. I was with these great singers. I was like okay, you don't play when they're singing with is what you do not have time for lead, legos, yeah and then and then play something off of what, when they're, not singing play something simple that sort of like what they sang. That's my fucking that that that's what I do you know like and and that's kind of what most I think,
people would do, and I never thought about that, like I never thought about that, like as as simple as that, and that's that's what I learned kind of I really I started picking up on that from playing with with will oldham and stuff you know he. He taught me a lot about how to play with a singer round. I mean right so that's kind of what I do and I'll see it's. Why gets a queen sound, yeah, yeah yeah, even if the guitar is dirty, you know what I mean yeah for sure yeah I mean yeah cause again. I am such a luddite and a spaz that I can't deal with petals and I don't think my hearing is particularly am not like I'm not great at mixing. I'm not really
but I'm not a tone freak and but I think, if you play with your fingers, you just you kind of will get a good sound and, like I like, I wish we had some guitarist show me that thing I can I almost brought: when will you be entitled or what will just come yeah you could come come. Do it seemed? Let's do some uh come to a comedy, show yeah dude, I'd love to alright, totally look to where you gotta go eat with your mom. Yes, I do. Alright man could talk great thanks. That sweeney check him out magic about superwoman, wretched nothing else, however, superiority If dude you gotta do Go hang out with Matt, fun to hang out with Scobie, that co op you get the deputy up blend again. On the back end up words that fucking guitar man.
The the furthermore, lives vendor champ forever.
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