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Episode 641 - Jake Kasdan / Fred Stoller

2015-09-27 | 🔗
Writer/director Jake Kasdan inherited some good show business genes from his father. But he’s paved his own way, whether it was through his work on shows like Freaks and Geeks or by writing and directing his own feature films. Jake and Marc discuss if it all played out the way Jake had hoped. Plus, past guest Fred Stoller drops in to explain how things have changed since his last appearance on WTF.

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The guy all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the pot bodies, what the fuck's there is, what the buccaneers, what the fuck colleagues, what the fuck toby's what's happening: I marked mare- and this is my show, deputy up the podcast as can tell mine, I might have a little nasal issue. I don't like it. My birthday yesterday, my fuckin birthday I was sick on my birthday but I wasn't immersed in a nightmare of drama in horror like my fiftieth birth away, it's gonna happen, oh god, Let's ha oh god that why can't there, what feeling that is
my god, how great our sneezes when they happen when the build up is just like it was you heard it just a little to build up and then pay deliver. The goods that wonderful feeling how fuckin fabric is this: how pathetic is it sober dude, I'm sitting here said breaking the bus of a fight in sneeze, wow right look. I know that some we already know this, but we got some of which we have new news and a reiteration of some other news you already know that the deputy, archives, are now on howl premium. You know that, well guess what how app for android is officially here we got it And to celebrate how it is giving you a chance to win a piece of I garage I'm going take we saw or a knife or something and cut off,
yes and I'm going to I'd, take photos of me doing it and I'll sign the peace and will have an official certificate of authenticity. to you you the piece of my garage premium subscriber and you haven't gotten is news you just go to deputy, have got howled out at them. do your email address, even if you're, on a free trial, anyone who subscribed connected to a piece of the garage if you use how on android iphone or on your desktop, if you want to become premium subscriber go to how that at them and used up macao w e f a check out how bring is the only way to access all the deputy of archives, whether you are on a iphone or an android or using the web, and if you're, already a deputy supreme subscriber and have been transferred your account to out. Yet you can do it day, your price
and planned stay exactly the same check. Your email deceive the transfer instructions at the house and came in there in your inbox or send an email to support at how dot at them fucking. Is the garage where am can find that I want to give you a real peace, so a real pieces fucking garage. We what kind of a mixed bag of a show day I've gotta Jake cast into the film director of the executive producer of their grinder a new comedy with their rob. Well, it's gonna premier, tomorrow night, his dad lawrence Caston writer. star wars and many other things. His body. He one of my favorite movies, and- lawrence kasdan is sort of a big presence here in the show. Business and Jake is his son, who had direct. Couple of movies in its own right and I ran into a man in new york once and we talk verbatim. It gives you the other Joe So here is on the show. Also a few minutes,
he gasped for a quick jack, fred, stoa, always engaging and entertaining to talk to me. Stalwart he'll, be up soon, and but what about? What about life? Man two years, although I have a lot to be grateful for Thank you for all the birthday greeting. Thank you for listening. I am for I am happy to provide the chauffeur you I do I do need to figure out what I enjoy doing, and I do, to learn how to relax, and I do a fantasy of disappearing, but you the problem of disappearing is disappearing. Terrifying. But if you really disappear, you ve. No, no one really cares. If you come back that seems like that seems, like your parents That seems like some issues. So stole, are always make me happy. Freds book may be, will have you back the life of a perennial tv guy. Stars available now, wherever you get books for also,
a podcast, a mild adventures of bread, store. You gotta. Fred story dot net for everything, fred stoa and I love when he comes by this- is me infrared store. It was this farmers markets table. You know a poem is our steel right, so we have to do in your pockets, people studies, wake up and sitting down to be. There as I mentioned, is already dollar, is back the garage talking at I am introducing like that. I never did. I thought you were going to say I thought you'd say: gotta know why he's here again now there's this table at the far market poem is risky passed away, but you were saying like what do you do in the day. What's your routine, do you have one and the only real one I had was this this morning table of the late Paul mazursky george segal? All these people would sit there like riley graphic directors,
I go. I sought acidity and like the children's table, cause I'm sort of people but don't have to interact the area. You now end and then the people will just sit down, just say: oh there's a table, and I heard it on mock marin people go who you goes. I heard your deputy f. an end, yet joint seagulls, a very private persons. I've got mad at me and then what they do they have moved the table were now It didn't have it. There was one guy. He brought a really pretty girl with his girlfriend, so yeah kind of use that and he was she was flirting everyone and they watch themselves into the conversation for they were just sitting there and like staring like? He was like a show? Yes, yes, we're here for the show you see anything sadly, poor mister risky died, but he then the table revolved around his dialysis schedule. You used to be every day near, but there was just Monday were hanged, stays on fridays and then He died. So people are quite territory,
Sharon's stone when come. You know what these people would come to the table because all measures right. So then he died, and now it's just two days a week and whose there now There are now a guidance, charlie brag, whose famous for being a painter two stars else paintings One person I won't mention his name he's an actor, but he won't look me in the eye it's so soon. I never was one of these guys at the comedy cellar. It sit there with colin and and argue about race relations fuck you so this one guy won't mention his name he's a very aggressive comedian know him and they they argue so so you just sit there frightened level. I again I'd like I don't like being isolated. I sit like at the time
I spoke to the side, so it feels like I'm with people, but I'm not in the mix. You know what I mean like the children's table or you're just a quiet guy and I'm not committed. So when did you write this? Maybe we'll have your back, but will actually the thing was, I had this in the making for like ten years, a memoir it's in there I see, I think you're a sports guy, not really. I like not or more accurately, but I like following people I used to love it's cold, our big time, that's him, a garbage shine player when they're up by thirty two when these guys I'm rooting for them. This guy gets the make up ass. An option: also I felt like being a sick, come act right. I've never been irregular so I always was attracted to stories of people. Excuse me that what it's like From show a show, the guy, like a forced kid we're going from, showed a show, hoping one keeps me on your. They mean right. So I had this idea when
doing a lot more guess: spots cause you're, not gonna, seinfeld raymond, what it's like walking and egg shells? Yes, or ass. You, let's you eat lunch with them right. I thought that's interesting. So then many years ago. I rode up a draft and this is before P. the act right. So then I get a lead on a literary age a year and I'd send them an I printed up united apple spain, the area and go to kinko's requests me forty box descent and they go. They say things like it's greedy enough, but you know they want thirty days and we have now a messenger made on kids in the street and mine just a guy. He walked around the grove but Edith.
the table and doesn't yeah, I'm really cell in the book of some of them, some Adams, one of them, was interested, but he said he wanted a happy ending because I didn't have debt yo. Now, I'm a regular on you now boxer recreation. I talk at the table yes and wanted him actually said. We wish it was more sex and then a joke guy is me too? You know cause it's not you know so then, and I sat in My- computer cause. I kind of gave up the I now and I gave up, except maybe one day a really be famous another memoirs, but then you know it peter. Some sable assent that around with it I costing sixty bucks and peoples it. This is kind of interesting yeah, I'm not so much. The perennial guess start die any more that unites, as these are still good shouts of someone had a lead, something called kindle singles. Have you heard of it? Won't besides me now. Ok, it's really really got big cause. It's these,
on amazon, these books mighty job, what I'm right on the candle in the year, you can sell, publish, but I was lucky because I the editor where it's on amazon's main pay. Rather anyone could do it, but this is hey. These are the ones amazon like a right. So it's called my seinfeld you, I just siphoned off the chapter. What is like riding on for every season, so that was from the book that you have been working on. Yes, I I I sent the guide the boy. He does this funny it's sad, it's good, but how could this be a single than I thought, The seinfeld chapter stands alone right. What it was like: china, over with jerry and Larry and they did it? cover any did really well. So someone we get a literary agent and then I'd did up, and then I get all the same rejections like who cares about
guy use you don't know you sorta know those face. They. I was getting emails at a light really putting me down. We think the seinfeld is always wanted. Him said. I'm glad freds though at this moment in the sun by we don't see this as a pocket, and actually because your pod case, like our own market, play so yeah and it to an end. It did well and was funny as I was getting rejections. I was put buffering it up alright. So then I forgot, I had a one night stand with kathy griffin, so I put that in that's the sexual stuff. She wanted to punch me. That's the big sellers. That's the big project found what I found a celebrity sad fucking sexual experience, exactly a very sad one and Then I got some publisher and did you thank kathy? I shudder. Yeah, I'm thinking horrible might even without the funny thing is. Is that dumb
she you know. I know if I want to get this no united pursued me and stuff, but the people I was afraid of, could care less. Like. She went on howard, stern and somehow stern heard about this said this guy who's, the schmuck, you know he saying you slept with them and you wanted a punch him in the face of the sex and art you mad, because now I love it. If I see Freddy stole or I'll give my high, so he kicked it out. Nor mcdonald there was a chapter called norm stole my jacket, ray and nor this will be on its part, guess they said nor my gotta come clean. I said you were a boy goes I give a shit, No one cares, but that the people who I didn't think would would and I did things like I died. I had to do
in a permission so sure the cover had logos of shows, I paid someone to make them a little bit off, so I wouldn't get sued by this. This came out as a real book and it's funny when people there's one guy, ronnie schell. When you mentioned the morning table, he used to be on gomer pyle, and this table they love when people are suffering because Jeff Garlin comes to the table near and and they don't lie, I shouldn't say they don't like that. He's got another show, so they go. I heard it's not going to do good in the midwest citizen. They just love the schadenfreude of show business. They love when people fail. That has nothing to do with them. Yeah I heard the new fantastic four. That's not going to be good! That's what the author! I see that showbusiness all the time yeah just sort of like negative speculation about things and it's nothing to do with them. So this guy, when I had the book running shocked, health published right, we're right like he was hoping it itself published. Sort of a real box sort of? and people can get it. They can get
it's yeah anything it's like. It's got a cover and everything it's got a cover. It's on amazon, it's a it's! Even in libraries, someone someone just on facebook said they got it a library yeah. I haven't made a penny from it, but I don't care. It was ten years in the making. We meet a gun advance and you define it where books are hard. Do airways? Yes, I was so thrilled. I know we say this a lot like the money, not important labour love, but that's what I wanted to do in ten years ago, when it was getting rejected, because when you're an actor get rejected in your arm at new york, jewish and I'm not gonna, be in our sheriff, may assist you don't take it personally, but when they sang who cares? If had disguise life, all our agents? It was at that point. You weren't you and stand up really nine and, in my view, the expression rights are enshrined in some of the work which you had dried up on you, yes, and
This was a and so did writing the book. Got you out of the darkness. Well done, this came in everyone's or who cares that none old years ago, but then there. Yes, when the kindle single did well in the book it really sound dollars. Cliches was my baby was really expressing So, as a stand up I really do feel like. I was like you expressing myself. I remember I did when I tried coming back I did a show in Steve's grove energy did a benefit for, can should be like model, when you sit, you sit on a stool and just tell a long story. I can because I'm at flappers and I'm following guide, seeing a mony, mony and yell at a really strong moral america just sit and talk about mel brooks vs. How I don't have that I can that's why I quit stand up after seventeen years. I came and stopped again, but the book. Guy renewed interest in your stand up, as I heard that you were doing stand up, but what happened as people too.
I dad that I didn't know there was a jewish book festival circuit. Did you know that? Does it use books at the festival circuit and I think, there's a jewish comedy circuit I think, a long gold is does very well on the juice circuit. I this window, it open for me, but it didn't quite happened, did ok what happens to the jewish people sell. Did this woman track me down? She heard about the book this things, what they called an imprint? Someone had no that's what they call galleys yet out a galley right and she said in detroit with the biggest jewish book festival thing, the eldest and you- and I thought why I thought it's gonna, be like the comecon wig jews from all over from everything sit there. Then. I was on this circuit, they know they asked me to do a few few of them. Wanted me. Do my act like a atlanta louis la jolla moment who has done me, did you rat. It was like seventy. years before that, so So am I right? I got a kind of remember my how'd you get caves.
try. I tried that than I thought I should try to get in shape a little bit, so I was doing these like little events pushing my bosnia, where I stood a thought. I was coming up with material like I say, and I can Griffin they let us we would is my sex me too. Then I remembered I had sex with kathy Griffin right. He suffered enough. Give him the bug right, it's just to get a laugh. He you don't get a laugh or I which people what else was part of the like I thought part of my act where people think I'm rich because they such one seinfeld, and they pointed We would healthy, must live up there and yet I point the hand where really live iron today nonsense. I thought all right. I got some jokes, you not from doing pie has so then I would try. Go to these comedy clubs to try to Remember my agri and was weird because somebody strokes of thirty years old and they still work-
and not the weird morbid one line, as I did when I first started but dating we're, and I thought I felt oh, I feel like I'm like three dog night yeah, you know are getting their heads like these thirty year old thing way: joy to the world. Yes, I go and the first cycle I'm having fun, because I don't have an agenda, I'm not going to netflix special or a c d or cyprus, the guy. I thought I was because I said you can't dabble right, then I thought well. Maybe I could dabble again so so then, so this jewish book festival circuit yeah, they have they Jews in air that volunteer and in every city. They pick you up at the airport, yeah and, and then you have to schmooze with them before the show, yeah and and places like ST louis or wherever they're there like they don't look like juice. We know they'd, like every city, a different you some had at let it booking tall danish, looking jus, lesbian, big juice, picking up at the airport, one of them
young people because they like fifty five and sixty hey. I was how would have you met a pigeon vodka, india, and so one They told the back Cathy griffin, so this kind was following I know who else, who else but we're talking about He won't, who else you sleep with. I wouldn't ma and so at Detroit Some of them came up to me the gambler and you haven't done the audio. There were two blind people so that experience did they different, then you might hope it was well I kind of like being flown to different cities, and I I could tell story out dealing with Larry David and I actually wanted to do the juice but festival circuit again for the paper bag mia. So what happened was with the hard back. I was lucky that someone sought me out, but they have this thing where all the jewish people from alabama they're from everywhere, and you come to this thing in the art right in
jewish authors, everything here if they, even if their self published to a two minute pitch and they and you hope to get right. Combat yeah. So then I said I'd like to do it for the paper bag. I said: are you Do the the pitch thing likeable? Don't you know me? I didn't have to do that for the hard back year. They said none are now, so you have to pay six hundred dollars to hold yourself up in new york and all these jews are getting phone to new york and I, like him, yeah so it, It's not I'd like expressing myself, I loved you, the first part ass. I went on here. I didn't know what a pod kissed really wise. I feel, like my mother people say you gotta get on w to yeah yeah like yourself out, though I mean you know, I mean there is like a certain element to you: you're not gonna, leave your brains knock and let you win. I can Yes, but I still, I still like expire
sing myself like this year. It's not joke doktor jack. I don't know about the eye for the reasons why I like it too, so wait. So you wanna talk about the real kramer. You do I guess it's all right, yeah he this guy, see me for information for this, a million dollars for the sign failure. Maybe you'll have you back for ever, but for the seinfeld section, yes, said the part that we taught the guy. That Kramer was based on his name. What's his name, Kenny kenny kramer kenny Kramer? Yes, so he decides to sue fred stalwart for a million dollars for why would you say? Well, I ruined is standing in the gay community so he says on the thing: what what what was the verse about? Ok, so, basically, When in ninety six I was in new york and he's here it I needed a place, They cause any my stay with my mother. I should stay with my mother. That would have been less stressful, so he says stay with me, but you gotta
my kramer reality towards the special guessed he has a bus tour where he should say this is where they bought the cookie. I know that it is big racket, his pay offer the same thought. Yes, yes, so I thought. Okay, I was just making jokes because it's true that did he had this sidekick running around the bus scream at expressions from the show everyone, the pig, that pig hulu new men- and I was writing how the second day in the tour I was holding my hands to my ears. I can stand the guy running up and down the bias, and I was begging with kramer. Please let me the by side. I can't take this year. You know- and I said things like I was surprised to show like sign folk could be so laying down here. You know cause yet you have a fifty year old guy with a list. Scribbling not did that anything wrong with it or whatever. So It's so then he writes open. Led me on facebook
demanding a public apology? Why her well hold them an opportunist near which your lawyer and and so he sees me for klingman opportunist and don t he just livid, because you I said side was laid down with this buster which, yes, that's the probably too big don't come history and a bus toward a guy running up and down the bus is, I guess I could say a lame aversion near sea would say this is first amendment free speech Yang you know- and I said things like he gonna, whatever how'd you ruin is standing in the gay community. Able did this is so I said the guy screamed out when the in the village, where the guy, these are not. There is anything wrong with a comma. Not that is anything wrong with it. So he's he said he was torrenting gaze and it it made him look like a homophobe for taunting gay, any of the other guy. Well,
the guy doing it, but it made him. Look I almost up, because Can you say anything like that? No, I said Is that what happened? Yes, the guy scheme that not that is anything wrong with it, and this kenny was just, he just got pistol, when we deal with pesto off that, I hurt his feelings: hey. How did it end? seven months of litigation- my france's because he said the publisher and we had a right first of elisa but to call the public euro and all its staff. So then, after seven might finally they had oral arguments. The judge says to his lawyer: if they support the torrents was in the bus air condition with the windows down, so his lawyer, what? If the gaze on the bus and then the iter is what they know: that's an expression from seinfeld and that there is anything wrong with it and that the law goes. That's the worst thing. it say to a homosexual in two thousand and fourteen. So so so then the judge
throw it out here. So then he appealed based on his work, you never saw seinfeld. He tried appeal What it's hilarious say as it over. unless some I'm just kidding is all in the book. Yes, and the books you can get it on amazon. Then. Hopefully, though, a heavy back on the cure for use by george bush, for I I'd even on the book torres, I was a guest because I wanted it strand in new york city, bigger thing: It said all what we'd love to have you? What celebrity can you get? What are you talking about? They go on to bring the people in, I go, but I'm the guy they go. Well, we. This is the strand, oh no, really yeah! So then for you now Amy Stiller, I know from new yorker daddy's jerry, said I said our. I got jerry stiller, they said our. And then so then they call me up someone the publicity saying. Will you and jerry stiller go on some big
running show after mature in new york, and they got he goes get your of jerry comes so he's co. Signing for make our market ask him: it makes no sense sitting next, the media, so it was kind of yeah. Did you get jerry to do the event he did, and I was that it was a lot of fun was a home coming in the eu are come. He was grey I didn't I say and do it it was. very nice, see you got here. Yes men? She I got god I learned about getting blurbs, see how good re remain about the forward in its great it's, it's it's. So it's updated the ets a ten year old book. I I put in stuff that vienna that are, why think you're hilarious and I entered in it and I'm glad you came back and I'm glad things sort of get it when I was in some ways worked out for you, so when I would do podcast, they would end the pocket
maybe we'll have your black freddy outside its lead, that the good tat can always come back. Hey ma, I really again. This is, I hope I was in I love you man all right, because sometimes I'm trying to get all the stories in our right. The first time I was on this day was I in trying to score. I was just trying to talk Well, you know what I dont, you didn't feel like. You were trying to score in any one of my time. You have no now this time either was exciting and you know it, and I think that people that their listen, if they remember the first time and they then the I think, we're all happy that this being worked out a little bit. If you don't wanna do stand up anymore. You have to I love being conversation I'll do it. I was first for nor mcdonald in austin, and that would have been fired me and no warm rang. I have it yeah, but just but just to just I say I still say you can't abble and now
Ninety nine percent, the comics. I know rather do that and anything else, and I think you can. I gotta be that all right for a thank you thank you so much mark. Oh my god, it always makes me feel better to talk to fret go to this website. Get it. You didn't get involved with red stalwart at deference dollar dad net we're kenya. So cast in the good guy. Like I said, I met him once before. We have some common friends, but is one those situations where young pretty fan of his father, and, having a lot of you might be, you know, I'm sam. He you know he wrote the empire strikes back. He wrote the readers of the last arc, he wrote and the body he he wrote them turn the jet. I he wrote, directed the big chill
The grand canyon was an interesting movie. He's done a lot of movies that I didn't see any back in business with the star wars that franchise by, but that's his dad so you know part of me sort of like. Was it like growing up with that guy? So I can avoid that stuff. But Jackie is done when he was kid. He had small part in a few of his dad's movie, He was also involved as a director and producer, I'm freaking geeks. You know him a couple of movies zero fact. He direct orange county? He put used road and directed the tv set. He directed used, rota walk hard. The dewey, the dewy cocksucker story that some people know directed bad teacher like any and directed sex. Tat we did some other stuff but you know, he's a young guy. That's you know, that's obviously capable and has done some great work and it was a. But you know, they're still part of me is right: glaring chasms your dad, but I'm sure he gets out all the time, but he's a sweet guy, and and it's a good story. It's a good career story, it's guided sort of add to it.
And learn how to do a lot of different things in an age talking to the the MR cashman, as I said earlier, he's the executive producer, the grinder, which is that come that's coming out with rob loud tomorrow, night tuesday september, twenty they'd, thirty p m on fox so this means jake can then at the comic comic, so I could use it then. Well, we could definitely use the car, but he is going to give me a couple of grand for it and then part of me sort of like nah I'm doing alright. It gives them take the car. Maybe this is a moment where you give a ghanaian a car right yeah. I hear ya yeah those moments. I I relate to the moment. I guess- and I say not that specific moment, but I the generosity you found anywhere else. I hear ya yeah. Oh it's an impulse. So now that might be something I'd regret,
I think so, ten years down the line, when I had nothing, I don't have a pot to piss. In and you're wishing you had that car, but yeah yeah resented every fucking to grant. Who said that two thousand and six camry a the the two grand or the car, so were you and from man you're working I am it's a new show, then I'm workin on called grinder yeah, rob lowe and fred savage really and on fresh off the boat, I'm workin on fresh of the It is well and then at noon which have worked on fur. Years now is starting to figure out next season, the writer star workin next week is waning. If the t v works J and will move back. I feel like I feel, like you know, a little about nah. I don't pay to bet. My manager tells me like well since you're doing this now we're going to get you this yeah yeah and you show up. I get em yeah this one they ve
been a little bit different, but this one and new girl as well. Where shows that- somebody semi the script and asked me to direct the pilot, and In both cases I sort like dark and on the chosen worked well, with the guys who created the show and yacht in the case of new god, sir, was merriweather and on grinder it's these guys, jerry, Paul and Andy mogul on both is is writers that I had known and been a fan. You know where your brought in as a director brought in the director and producer, and am which in which means different things and in cases where a lot of times is just sort of you know a credit and our vision, yeah and I've somehow done it no way where it means that I actually stick around for a while time and help him figure out how to get it going, but not show runner.
That's, not a shower and are working with the sheraton. Ok wagon consultant but like a consultant, there's there all the time. I was a kid. I it's a lot like a guy with a job. That's for so its production is an actual producer. John yeah, it is like producing not arise, are not right. And with them in the room now. So you to it to your ear, greedy everythin watchin. Everything had only heighten the kind of consideration The summit adding yes exactly this isn't funny exactly this character doesn't need to be here. Does this feeling of a piece with the last thing where I add that, as it is about any vain going to care, whether it's about anything, you like the in house, fixer worse Jake, the picture a little bit, sometimes which its for better or worse. That is what it has a lot of its own, but let's go back track tracking keziah. You have a famous name to some of us too. I think
movie baths, and perhaps sir, star wars nerds effect this act certainly, does it ours lawrence It is your father that, yes, finding is that I really learned about him through the first movie through body, ether, body, heat and yeah. You know that was like when I was in high school and starting to get into film yeah. We saw that movie and it was like holy fuck man. Air feel like a noir, it's like a contemporary noir when he first started, throwing around words like that contemporary noir air, and it's like an insanely cool movie It- is a good one and holds up, and it's so good tat. She girl. with that guy, where we, where were you born, I was born. detroit, but we moved out here when I was really young right. Am he said that he could start china do that work and your do you remember that? Do you remember their struggle for him or amoral european we do
Your first were met memories on the set being held by harrison for ethical running up, pushing that bolder suck it. I remember the ball is now a we're I, remember when it starting to happen in the excitement around that. But I was a little kid. You know- and I remember. I remember the transition from a little point of view of from nothing going on like he was working in advertising his in and how do we writing copyright. It interesting that that sort of, like a creative persons outlet, sometimes initially like like creative people who are either note clever and visually creative, but also literary, do that air and our forestry. By it I court, as is right, part of it. You know- and I think in his case there is a little bit of lake it was kind of wilfully doing
I'm saying that he was frustrated by knowing that it would help. You know, sir, come on teresa, a really so he's that guy like I need to hate myself, because he might find a little bit of that it ain't needed to to move on a little. I mean I think he was you know he was very, It's done what he wanted to do when he was writing like crazy, but am scrap twice. He exclaimed. then you have a younger brother. I do now so you remember one body he'd opened well pride, I dont really I dont really remember that detail. Have it I remember when he was making it. I remember my going to visit where there are shooting in florida meeting william hurt. I remember that and as weird nasally like, oh well, how's, he talk, he's got a he's, got a very specific way. It has a very specific rhythm, yeah yeah, you sound yeah, that's probably more memorable than green writing and all that stuff is meeting that weirdo. I remember
and then you know they made a bunch of movies together, sir, he was kind of around ya for four years, at the house, a little bit them in their way again outside dad William hurt outside he. He was initially like the guy who you know he was in all the movies that that my dad made that time do you ever have incline right, yeah. Those are big actors at that time. Do you I? When do you remember good, I'm assuming you get along with your dad, we're very close, yet this nice. You seem like a guy that gets along with his family. It's a nice that strikes me as a pleasant disposition. You can tell right away yeah. I actually am sure you can yeah. You've probably talked to enough people about their family to where they walk in your door. Sit in the shower. When the president got here, you probably thought I knew that he had problem with yeah well documented problem with his father. I cheated on that one.
By the way you were like you. I think I mistook I thought. Maybe you were the kids in the bathtub and now the big chill, but no no, that was my brother. Ah, he got that the big he got the tat, the bastard I am in there, but he is that he's the thicket and about them. They're getting because you were only the younger memorable saint yachting environment- was above wrought, exact, that's how he got his sad card I suppose it is yeah and you were in the movie. I finally got to say: yeah, it's a long haul for him exactly what a nonunion, commercial or secondary baby food. Frankly, embarrassing work so is so you're gonna tell you are right. I wise I have I am in the funeral. Sane am. I. up to Tom barons, yours character and ask him for an autograph, ok. I remember that I watched you shit. I that movie did you sure
as in any way that, like you, can return to every x number of years and it will have a slightly different right as you get older little bed and you know, as you get older and then suddenly the characters of younger than you would like. Why I had that happen once recently- and you know you you have said- which I believe are the younger than us. They are. I mean they're like that, while they were thirty year, mid third it was interesting that movie defined. A generation evolution in to sort of everyone. class middle class people are you know there a media? It has a lot of stuff in it. It has a lot. It's not it's not easy to dismiss no yeah. Now when you're going up in it with that guy you know when to zoom in here star wars after body. He right he got body, he got it what are the up already right, starting out, actually. It was the other way he he he was writing screenplays just like in
and talking there are not at all known here. He was writing. Screenplays, like at night kind of and while he was doing add work while trying to think of slogans exactly catch phrases, That's exactly jingles may affect its economic interests, catchy stuff to say towels yeah and does he have any to his credit deserves some? You know. I don't really know like you. Never. I can point to exactly that's not very cash and early. Then there I know you like raiders, exactly exactly it's. It's like a talk about them. I would ask, wasn't that good at it I dunno yeah, I mean I feel like people would talk about it everywhere. I I'd love it if he didn't a nw campaign that something ridiculous doesn't exist anymore, I mean it was a detroit based ad firm, so it was probably car centric,
no staff and they like amply governess asked. Maybe I have many you showed up absolutely here, but he he was like rating screenplays a night, come a thing, and am he wrote the bodyguard, humour that movie with hasna near midnight used yeah. He wrote that many many years before it was me right and am for who, from a queen Steve, acquaint where many years younger and am. I was sort of like on the strength of that. I believe he he got the job to and then another maybe carcano divide, actually indefinable. Who is there is to hope that browser movie, it was pollution, bright, and am it was so like on that strengthened. there's two speck scripts. He was hired to, I believe,
I want to say that it was Spielberg's company had had bought cardinal divide yeah and he was hired. sort of on the strength of those two right right, as the last rock and worked with those guys wrote that script, lucas and spelling out. I guess they had a good time in the course of doing that, and. story, at least, as it's been told, the man is, he saw her and that they act as I've heard, acknowledging that you let it not quite but very little, but I've heard it Thank you, mrs that also, you may be altered in your head and I think that the thing is that he turned it in raiders raiders and basically like that day Lucas said the
The person, the woman who is writing amber strikes, backed passed away, and will you take that it will you do that and so he went, directly underwriting empire, sir, he wrote raiders and ambrosch likes back like in the space of several months. And am not turn out to be fairly big movie. Those were popular and ethically they like those men they did and and then off of those he went and am a body and and locust cannot in aid on credit positions are to help them direct direct. And so he learned how to direct lucas on the sly yeah. I guess so, although I don't know if he was really there, but he was like he helped make. It happen right, ok, one on the right which other star wars movies, and then he wrote a jet. I lay out the third
yeah, and then he had nothing to do with the next sat. The came out fifteen years ago, yeah, but now he's back he's back a candidate in the credit I'm on my way back. That's. I think that, as a comment, unsubscribe home, exactly and then he was sort of recruited into two game on the this new. and then his role in that is, has gradually increase. A little bit and he's he's really involved in that citing form through korea, yeah and its away thing we're like thirty years, later yeah guess what we're going to agnes space and unlike more interested in those movies. People excited about him and let no one, I imagine, excited that he's back as bt, probably repressed to them the integrity of the franchise. It's on in some way
from the old days. Like I imagine, there's plenty of star wars. People that are like they haven't been good since gadsden was writing them. I'm sure there are people who feel that way, and I I think that he, it certainly represents like some continuity to the original movies. I mean he has it's not even just representing it. I mean he has direct continuity to the regional tourists union and he's got a great sense of story that guy yeah yeah so sure let's move to you, I didn't don't don't be insulted wind, Jacob Dylan, and here it was more difficult to get him to talk about his father. But I ask you you- you went into the same racket, and I'm not at all insulted by the wording on the fact that I am a bit it not at all happy. Why thank you know what what happens So much with, You do battle with somebody like Jacob. You know you're sort of publicly, drawn into comparison to your father. If you're going go out with a guitar,
it'd be Jacob Dylan people can be like really yeah. That's a pretty radical example of that thing to know you know what it is, and I think that you on some level in my mind, you know Compare you too, but you think in terms of light the decisions you make. Obviously, as a writer is a director you you're not, as like in there in the comparisons are going to be different, but there are a sort of thoughts of like you, you think about doing something else. Was it easier because he was your dad, but I mean: when did you start realising that that that show business was the business you want to be well, I. I think that I had this incredible sort of s point of view from her like a really young age, Let me see what it looked like: unwanted black- and am is really attractive like even when I was a little kid right How could it not be yeah me one sec. It looked like the best job in the world in the end and am and
certainly reinforced, that idea, you know directly like this- is incredibly fortunate circumstance and you now realize how lucky you are like, even as a kid right you now to be have yet to be tough thing. Top right is what our life is like random. You know that we get to that. He got to do that, at that time- and I think you know- and he paid sums Those of you who is working support a family writing scripts at night probably turning in dozens of scripts yeah that didn't go anywhere that land he has. You know like this he's got this thing frame than his office. That's like everybody who passed on bodyguard Really, you know it's like a lot of people and now and then it's like so saying it the of that kind of persistence of it, which is another You no real em.
like lesson and worthwhile thing did that I guess I could see close up. You know that there is you have to know easy route. Yeah, you gotta, keep working at it and you gotta keep working and once you do get your break, you gotta deliver right! some level right, that's a big! That's another big important! any brothers in show business. They were runs out really quickly in certain goodwill little bad men as much as there is a need to begin with, which is quite you know, but there's that there are certainly like gum. So you the jump between so you're Larry's kid yet to like all. You did a thing or in a little bit it doesn't quite follow to like your larry's kid. I can't wait to see your movie yeah, not a direct line. We go. We gotta take what we gotta do something Mary's kid yeah, it's because now I think back on it like a slightly different perspective, and I imagine I mean I think
the things that have asked a red or- or you know it em I can't imagine it was like that exist. to read. Larry's kid stuff, you know a couple: like. I can't imagine that people were stoked got that opportunity north severally on that basis with their work. What were those groups I mean- I don't know they like I mean I started writing scribes at a certain point you now and and now old, was like that. You know early twenties mia. Did you Why did you go to school and she dropped out of upload of different colleges then started basically doing that would also you went okay, so rub pretty much here and less and better health the valley initially in beverly hills. When I was in high school and you have that life. Health teenager life- sort of like an a I probably
a slightly odd version of oh yeah. How so little bed I mean it with them. I went to high school. I finished, I school alike, sort of small kind of artsy private. gone down in santa Monica. which now my brother, you think in across Europe. Yet, where my brother went and where my now wife went am I went to different. One called Winwood That was at the time sort of their one kind of like that clear and firm and as a sort of a slightly different thing now, but it was sort of like a progressive artsy kind school, and so it wasn't an arena with it. With Surprisingly diverse conner, student body there a lot of whom are still my very close friends. Actually like. I kept a lot of close friends for I score these hollywood kids people we would now that's. The thing is that they weren't mostly crossroads, was Austria was a little sort of
are developed and had a little more of that at that time right you know there was a little bit of it, but not that much and so on. It didn't really feel, like. beverly hills right, figure out clear, although I'm sure in many ways it why But it wasn't damn you know it fell like everybody, came from slightly different right and then people that I was close to or sort of had a very diverse in our view are running around with their celebrity kids now wasn't really like running around with celebrity kids. You strike me as the the a guy now I've, never
in that guy yeah, it's that obvious slack stroke. You strike me as the the thoughtful kid that hang around with the the delicate ones yeah. It was like a hung out with the divers, the thoughtful one with the delicate ones. Exactly he is the perfect read yeah, maybe still am like. Maybe fain changes from the time you fifty I ass along. Well, I think- and I am a little bit easier to do so Finally, europe, your whatever you were with a little more confidence, hopefully yeah and a little less anger for me. Yeah yeah yeah a little more confidence and a little more. although I don't know actually, if I Confidence I, as a prior too much confidence than in some way, as I was very comfortable with my thoughtful
as a hawk, delicate for anfal, delicate, french, exactly and then you know, I think that yeah I dunno I went to college. I like all the same stuff I liked. Then I mean I like the same movies I like go out of it's kind of like I loved bob Dylan, then what about movies? What movies were the ones that made you outside? As movies, maybe the major want to pursue things in this business. I think you know I had like initially like I was definitely a kid who was like you know, just raptured by comedies of that time. You know that they'll maria Harold ryan rice cannon men. Then you know those kind of man. But then there is it, as I got older sort of started, go more sophisticated, hopefully a little more in you now, as I was kind of really
starting to try to do the work. I was more focused on, like you know work and all the present. So, you go to college, to study. Why went to college briefly twice went out at eight. I just kept dropping I was unhappy in the first place and and laughed and then I went to another place where I thought maybe owed Would they biodiversity is the first?
this: was hampshire college you're hippy school, so you went right progressive. You must go to these places now progression about. You must go to that. You must play those like you know. I don't know I can't and now by like it's funny to me that you go from a progressive. Why was the thing was owing to another one too, because I went to santa Cruz after that? Oh, my guy, I just kept going to be easy for now we have real school and they didn't like them. So is like didn't, learn my lesson this quickly. Let me try and the same thing and freedom of not having structure was appealing to you act that way so much so that I mentioned we have managed in the hall and diverted way there was no structural. Did you get credit for that, but I don't think we're going to think. How do you want to decide here? Education? I want to abandon, educate to that's your thesis that was in school, and I really follow through with that aim must be proud. You should go back and get some sort of doktor a fact that things. Unlike what do you do, that kind of education right right, like he's back, is guided majored in leaving exactly that's exactly right. I was made drain and leave so ok, see you get back here and you just compare. You knows that the grindstone right, shit,
and then yeah your dad damn, I'm projecting everything well, Look if you put some together I'll, give it to my agent not exactly, but I mean he wasn't that He was kind of reading stuff for you. and giving me great kind of like feed. I can relate to how I learned to do that when we talk about that. So what was the first group that you said our data guy? I did it. here's a hundred twenty pages of mess that I made It was that you now why, initially before that actually had been writing this organ. You a real sense. I was writing plays in high school. it was never to arizona vaguely absolutely especially in high school libya and am so started doing that like really young and he could be, he was
he and my mother both were like a great sort of she's, a writer on well she's she's probably wouldn't call herself writer, but they have written together much they've written a couple movies together, which ones exit, tourist, no grand canyon, oh yeah, yeah and am a recent movie called darling, companion, ok and am, but she is like a thoughtful person and a great reader and am an aim. like in that at that time they were, they would read stuff and they were very supportive, but also could be strong about like this is not really a play because it, No drama that kind of thing he had allowed legal kind of I mean you know, maybe slightly more you're gonna will already worrier delicately
I don't even think I was. I was more. There was just like learning or trying to learn how how drama worked right. you know and am. And so, if you know that we'd it started very young. I had this kind of like commerce I'm going with them. They continued into the first few scraps, and there are, we'll have like I'm trying and you know would try for. long time to get something to be really, and yeah have all media mediocre attempts that were, I you know private sort of embarrassing and then got to one that seemed like maybe listening to it, and I kept writing that for a long time, which one was that was called zero effect in that became my first movie, actually with Ben and bill. That was while I did not do well. There's no waited. He need now is barely assertive
well like that enough to where I was able to make a credible case, that I could more. This, maybe there's a big undertaking. It was begun to an end and throughout the course of writing zero fact you are in touch with large caused in your father. I was and an hee hee. two in structuring it and directing it as warlike. Locating what the big problem was kind of in that in the writing. Part of it and what are those proms look like? Is it likes? It turns out. story. Emmy is the big a third actor away. In that case, it was probably like their server character, comedy yeah central to it, but it's a detective story right and the detective story. Part of it was not totally figured out and took a long time to figure out. Can you have that figured out? So it goes some way yeah a little bit, and so it feels like it and has an ending and that's tricky. It's tricky and it took a long. You know it was like I spent
other year, working on it or something before and once you got the gig. who produced a movie, did you're dead? Did your father produce it now? It was that cast rock oh yeah, because Iraq was it goes in Glenn there. he's the anti gotta vega back. I remember meeting with impose seinfeld give a fuck about any of that. They are at that signed, rather is very good, for there will be a very grave guys that martin shaver was the president accompanying dam and rob reiner. You know is his company and rob was kind of her hand as well and sort of had. I am you know, would would risk bond and give notes and thoughts. You gotta do like an early voices I. Finally, I like his voice here, I'm giving notes. He was great. He was In writing. I voted for watch the movie and suggest that you cut out your favorite scene and like make it
Talk at all the way through respect has filmmaking yeah, oh rob, I mean absolutely, and he had just this incredible all run of movies. You know back to back movies, yeah started with spinal tap right, which is one of my own favorite comedies, you have them and then the kids, stand by me and by me, and then, when herring that sally misery, I haven't, you always ran to that hard to think of anybody. Who's got a first five minutes. It's quite like yeah and that are that popular and that and sort of broad an audience appeal varied. So that was your first movie experience and your father did he come to set the you know? Do they came to visit at that time, but what about figuring out your way around a camera and shit I've been around it away and I had been around one of his movies wyatt earp, like really closely
a few years. You're all have to take it in here, and I wish I was I sort of had at. I was there sort of fur most of that production and I was like the idea was that I was like writing book about the making of a movie and am one another. but come out, What ended up happening was the I wrote, The sam I sort of like put together This kind of promotional thing from these interviews. Trudged like crazy. lots of interviews with everyone involved in making the movie, like a lot of like behind the scenes, like the cowboys who yeah take care of the horses that you know like this in obliquely detailed sort, a survey of like everything that goes into making a huge west last area, and then I wrote like a hundred pages of a book like an actual text about this idea the synthesize. It end some thea and then
you know, the movie came out, and it was certain like that the appointment, and I think that at that time, like movie the merest great so that what happened with that was disappointing to the people and made it, but it was, it was united, marries, really call monster it's a monster and it was in our seven month shoot, and I was just that this kind of scope that like an unusual thing, I believe any or yeah the last of them right up. There you know said it's a certainly a dying breed a little bit? Isn't it interesting your father's compulsion to make, though we have the second lester? I was the second one silverado? I love your ass down here. Because there's and so did cossonerie you know, and they had that partnership. and my movies together, and it was just the sum, but you know is this mass? it's such a film thing. Yet to sort of take that the young. I think what he's like your old man, my liked about story. Here
put it all into a very human package with a western create these myths. Personality yeah yeah, thank you. No. I grew up on. My little bed was just like those guys, love cowboy movie. yeah, see you watching his relationship with the us and of a tiger fur. I was watching it really closely and he had the most amazing people working on that rio. So it was like His own rise mannerses it just like a genius. Dp, I am who shot french connection. network, amazing movies and them and There was this incredible sort of me and I sat there quietly basic. Taking notes for like seven months, and am, and then actually beyond that all the way through the editing and everything and am it was it was a real danger film score was a little bit of a film scalia. So by the time
got to zero fact? You, you had a certain amount. I had a sound. I have you way around to set high dead and I knew it. Everybody did and I had some sense of how kyler mechanism of it worked ryan, rina, the intention behind things in and then I saw I myself with really good people was the other thing and I had no dp nimble popish, like it plant guy. That am taught me a ton about how that work, and then in. But then you didn't do another movie for years for a few years here. Would you do I did I went and I made the pilot for freaks engaged and then how'd you get those guys you know he can. Me up out of nowhere, it happened
basically, we had met once or twice through ban in the course of making their effect and basically hee hee hee called up one day and said there's this pilot that I'm producing. I need someone to come and direct it, and I remember he said and help me with the music was not here in his head what that was there? That was the whole that he needed fell. There's right, an arrogant and he'd described to me and I had been that time then about a year since their effect had come out and I had been sort of I've been writing. I was living in san francisco. Mostly at that time I went up for a little while right after that, Mary came out, suggest conaway run away, get at it and for a minute now you re a lousy. If my hands and staff, we were disappointed. you know. Initially, I was
a little bit of. Yeah. I guess I was sort like. I was disappointed that it it wasn't. Quite what you imagine as you're, making it in terms of when it came out, but it was also like a great experience and I was really proud of it and it's just the first time you you put one of those things out? It. It usually the hell I do a little back one way or another. Why wouldn't it? And I have no matter how you frame it or what you ve been through. Your family's been through their party. This, I guess given did give me, say, hope, Fred, the barrier in area and even if you know, as I did like that it can go any different way, it still unite. The truth is It's always like that. I mean whenever you put these things out here, you certain there can be any kind of my anger. I value your computer. Our aid can be brood all arrive at you now we're. So I yeah when was it will resume I've already made. It was a minute
then I had no legitimate complaints. Write any, and I- and I can't do that to you know I mean like I had a I ate. I knew exactly what I started. You know that I had em right gotten to do this thing. It was all I had wanted to do it was Thrilling and all and all other man you gotta, do it again, so it's just like, and I think that there was I've been working, for a long time. At that point now is just kind of like resetting and wanted to see. You know some friends who lived somewhere,
it's kind of yeah it'd, be somewhere else from find the seek refuge with the thoughtful delicate, exactly I'd lost track of the thoughtful, delicate people and I needed to find them and where were they, they were in san francisco. Obviously they they were dropping out in a different way: yeah, that's where they are towns built for their graduate till they felt like they had finally found the right place and if they probably hadn't and then judge calls you up to direct and pick music. He called me up and asked me if I wanted to direct this pilot, and I a he driver to me over the phone and described the opening. The friction gigs pilot opens with Ike. In the bleachers or football game. It's like a cheer later in a job guy you're gonna like having an overwrought very emotional sort of typical
go on television show conversation about their relationship and then the camera like drops under the bleachers in you meet the leg freight dirt, bad guys who the shows she's gonna be about right and then he certainly get into their commerce and then swing over to the gate. Kids, who are like you know, reciting dialogue from caddy shack to each other right and am and then get confronted by a bully and thought it was. It was like in that description, I mean any price said about that. You know it just sounded. I just I loved it now talking to him about it. Fantastically said right, moment like I am sure you know, and I hadn't worked, and television before him didn't really know that much about it and it. with some. I was interested in and kind of on, a whim, decided do it, and then they sent me paul scrapped and it was great
but I mean all this happened about thirty six hours and it was just sorta like yeah sure why not an end being this experience, that kind of. Jane changed a lot of what followed. all the impact that a lot of seed directive that pilot and then for other ones, so directed about a third of it here and now a great guy brandywine, where the whole time you know like stuck around it was the first show that I directed the power and then ended up sticking around kind of, and that's becomes very what you do it's one things idea, you're going out he's ever get. Does a pilot huh stick around forever?
staying out a little bit producer. Credit he'll still do whatever the thing is I'll probably go do whatever you might at least want to deal with. He'll probably run down there and do it, but so that was an amazing experience, because you know that crew, a couple of life who I've talked to has gone on as you have to do amazing things and continue working from that from that, juncture forward it was an amazing thing. I mean it was just this. You know the kind of couldn't have anticipated, really meandered if you would have projected to now from then wherever We then described it, everybody you would sound insane. People that all three guys will be loyal, bankable leading man my neck out for that is like and Throwing will be the first, as you know, I'm in everybody involved which has kept going, and it was certainly the other side of the coin of mine. It was their major formative, mixed bag
and and also that that that show is, is pretty filmmaker Three caramelize, that's right! So he always more in your we'll house anyways coming into it was, and I think that that maybe that is something that I helped bring to it. Without knowing because it was just that was started. That look and feel that I That I knew and related to- and I felt like was- was right for that thing, but there was also just huge learning curve. At that moment, but what about comedy? You know about like a classic kind of comedy process, a joke oriented comedy it s really yeah that acres that authorities had about made in that anyway, as well. I mean it's not against. the audience show it's not become, very comes from organic place. You not doing the joke to joke. It's, not
Punch in the way that certainly a lot of those people in other subsequent work has been better it was definitely a world where it had to be funny and if something was funny, it was going in the show that would be to get it in the show. You know it's a way of thinking about whether something scoring and making check marks in a script, and all of that you know just sort of like cause. Jud really did come from, as is well documented you know, a kind of strict comedy back right and am I was really interested, but just did anything about that. You know, that's really what you had to learn and it was a big thing You remember, acts every ass, active and also like that. You know the idea that they could improvise the idea that you could depart from the script and what happens might be
better right at your good. Am shoot, alternate jokes and Part of it was me sort of trying to figure out how to build a sin. For doing that stuff. That kind of allowed, for that as a director as a director and then I think, a lot of what we together figured out about how that would work, has informed a lot of what a lot of us have done, since he knew sure in terms of like how can you shoot something instead of a fell mc way? That feels like a movie, but has that kind of looseness to it and all of you have done it all of you have directed pretty big comedies. I mean you're John Paul. You yeah and I guess ban was off doing the stellar show at that time right during freaks and gave her a visa ban was not involved in fixing takes in not apt that he came to do in a sort of like because we could feel the axe coming down on free
it's really almost the whole time it was on the air and because of viewership yeah. The ratings were terrible. And we didn't really it was, then it had it had fans for sure, but there is, there is just a strong sense of the way the network would talk about it. There was no can last. long and am as sort of elastic effort. You know trying to come up with everything we possibly could to be able to keep making them. Ben generously came and did like a cameo and in what in retrospect seems like a fairly for story idea, which is that he was finest grit service agents. I am area in the accompanying the vice president to speak in the auditorium of theirs but he was really really funny and then, when you started to do the bigger movies at me was most they after freaks engage. You did Adam
that right after friction gates, I did the pilot for undeclared, which was judd's next show sort of like the follow up here and there was going to do my standard hang around thing, yeah and instead gotta call to make orange county, which had been written by MIKE white, who is a writer on freaks and I knew from there. so we got word and was making that. Maybe, with the with the hanks kid in them was popular. I was a good movie. It was somewhat popular here. It was popular enough and then and then wait. Then you start making movies scenario, make movies well. I was always sort of bouncing back and forth, which is not a bad place, had been used to do certain, both things a little bit and after orange county there is, there is a little period of figuring out the next thing, and then I ended up of writing scripts that didn't totally pan out and stuff
and then I wrote a movie called the tv sat, that's like about the television business. I saw that I saw that one, the jacket, satire, yeah the inspiration for it somewhat current irritably, maybe was had been the m watching me this. unravelling of John Kerry presidential campaign and am which felt like this very acute case. Of those prosecution of everything where this some really worth, guy, just sort of gets chipped away by this process. that unity out very well funded process of of character, assassin a little bit air the character ass, a nation and that the screwing us over that, for somehow from that frustration. I started writing about this other thing that I knew much more closely
and am were originally intended that maybe be like an improvised movie, possibly but then ended up just riding that end and put it together, small. But then you did the walk card which is big movie. Then I did work hard with judd he was producing and he brought you and he. Why had had that idea? He had called me up and am because part of God sort of genius is that. At exactly the moment when he could first sort of anticipate what about to happen with him and he really did sort of anticipated in a way that I've never quite soon one do when you write at when when four virgin was coming out. He called his friend sort of and said: if you ve got anything you can think of, let's get a bunch,
stuff goin basically and we were- we had remained close in the tax since four, right and am And one night, you know part, in response to all of the like biotechs there had been a few of these kind of big, very important elegantly made by opec's with you know that always sort of feature these like staggering perform in the centre of land but have sorted this very You know the kind of like trappings of thee. And by our graffiti out, for I am. I had this idea to make light Fake one sort of like in in like Ben stellar, ask you know when you with a lot of sort of films, veracity that it would be. This cannot crazy over the top journey by opec about a fictional musician who you know goes.
who everything all the way to eleven all of them, combined every musical style and also you know I I I love music and I am while my friends or musicians and why there is a decision, redounds igor on their right, original sancho, yeah yeah had you know where we tracked forty original song. With John railway outside the character during cox, John singing, the songs and we're so we spent like I mean something Eight months. Writing these songs and working songwriters, who alot of whom were friends mine. You feel it a big VON move. It's definitely like no group of fear What has ever worked harder for such an unbelievably sally idea. Kind of animal, as you know, is this year's long process right and and John was perfect person, adieu, I can really
saying- and I just do- I can amazing act area, so he right, you know, can could do it. Why and act could actually be cast in a movie like the ones we are kind of he apparently area now and am and just put everything heap had into it. So, like we all hope real, kind of like a left on the floor and the most insane way for this ridiculous movie, and it was like this really fun. couple any guy, you're gonna roll out like one of those they do. You know how the promotion, yet only to wait. Wait I mean maybe it may have that is in the ass a little bit, but we definitely were very into and judge you as you sat arrived. What you're doing with the thing your In spite of all the way through it s, promotional, we now know really adds that trailers there. You know judd somehow them to do like, like a parody of an oscar campaign for John,
so. It's like you know it be like him running down the street and diaper. Looking just overwrought and dramatic kind of and he's a good berwick comedy yeah anyways. He was awesome. You know me so that was that, like the high point of the fine you had in show business, was morally right up there. That was, as I don't know, if anything ever been more fun than that I've had some really fun ones, but that was a really fun. moving to make and am and again like with you now. This didn't really work commercially, but it was this crazy thing and then, as soon as it doesn't you kind of look at each other and you like, of course it did like my wife? Is the time like what did you think we're gonna happen?
it's like the weirdest, you know what I think was going to happen. Then everybody would like it. Yeah you'd, think everybody's going to you know, and it's one of these movies that like people return to and we hear about- and we all still hear about it and also like rock stars. and it has ended on the bus and apparent about that which is great to like a war I'd array of pillar while the relate there, a guy like our and while approach John various places color, we add psych its own little thing you know The bad teacher do alright, yeah did good was there was a did, did well, the same one that way am had. You know there was just a really funny scrapped these guys. Miasm burke, Jane, submits netscape written, and I. thought it were again. I mean that's a sort of the inverse thing where I just thought this was a really fun little movie that you could do. I just thought it was a really funny scrapped and then
and kind of weird and dark, and then it ended up being this kind of commercial. Maybe someone harmony like a you, always great now getting is real. Is great experiences on with them. It was the first I had worked with cameroon and there is a great great things and jason was in it, jason resent it, and it was the first time that we had worked together in the time. You know sin greeks freaks we'd remained in touch inward friends, and three guy really get guy just one and they do some more tv and then do the sex day movie, which jason as well, that you didn't say great Ass kicked on that one. Never no man, that's a thing is like it even get your aspect on it. Given the difficult battle will you seem to be like you because it seems to me The ones you have a great deal, personal investment in which would be in a zero fact tv set
and walk hard that You know you you, you appreciate what they were, and an you're able to put in the contacts in the other ones are sort of like jobs that either go one way or the other. You know it fully ripe immersed. So writing something in darius different, yet totally riding indirect, but he seemed a fair, pretty well with it like you, not, it doesn't seem like you to beat up by. The degrees of variation in the success of these movies or tv show you just ideas it, because you are to sort of frame. It is part of the job I think, It's you know. I or are you hiding from now on and yell at the? Why my eye when it when you get when you, but you know what a movie comes out they're kind of like you made it through, and you can be happy about that or you feel like it's like you got in a car acts
and I've have you had happened a few times in rail. I've had both thanks and I've had it with the tv shows too, where it's like some. started cat, for whatever reason right and maybe not and you don't really have that much control over it right and when it doesn't go the way you want it to. You feel it more than that? gaps where I'll write you now. If you continue, if you keep enough staff goin in your then hopefully are able to continue doing the work, which is the main thing I Finally, like feel at when it's hard yeah and can can get knocked down near, but I do feel like You know there's certain basic perspective. The ear try to keep in, is something where my father, I think, saddle think it partly at something that I learn from other he has taken his head. as well as well? I mean how does he handle it?
down in any part of it. Is you see that so you know that it's there and make so much time is vested in the same year, Then you also just have a little bit of work. I mean it sounds trite right. Maybe, but it's just your luck it'd. Do it and I think that had stuck with a little bit and I am, and you know it did it did I tried it hang on tibet You know when I was making my first movie. As I was in the middle of. I guess. I'm allowed to say this, but, as I was in the middle of making my first movie he's talked about it. My brother got very sick, And am he had? He had hodgkin's disease when As you know, they always say like the most tradable lead,
the character of the cancer. You want right, which was still you know, geared you to your bone, canada, terrifying, he had time an and am it right well. I was like in production on the annex their effect, and there was something about that. I really do feel that has truly stuck, may, which is you know the best Most exciting phone call you, forget, it could be separated by ten minutes from them terrifying phone call you ever get that will make every. and in your world same incredibly all that your brother has can't yeah, yeah and- and you know he was then traded and his you know now and knock- would have written a talk about it, but it's been a long time that he's been healthy and and you guys are quo and we're really close, and I think that it- and we were really close-
we talk all the time. You know, and I think that you need to have access to the party that remembers that a little better perspective, yeah me now, because you. You can get wound up in this and the work is it like. You say it's, you know you can get You can get lost in a little bit and it's a lot of time and its lot energy in you can take up but you do have to serve, keep some access suggest. You know What's some somewhere else of scale scale what's important in yards, it sounds like you know your family's tight and you know you're making a living. You do not have the right and the thing is continuing do the work which I love. You know it doesn't mean that I don't have be tougher myself about what I'm working on some times, and you know like it's two long legged I've been in their management,
no, not exactly like its beneath me, but like it's like I do him I'd swinging hardener. I kind of you know what I mean you're, like a my, and when I went down a lotta tv I have a certain kind. You can feel it a little and you're exactly. When am I going to write a movie, yeah yeah, and then you know you can get all the way down the road on a movie and go like. is this: what am I doing? There's this direct thing it'll be at a t, v jobs or some kind of massive insecurity about whatever it is that you're working or you know- and but yeah I mean you know I can so. I can certainly go through all of that. You know process about certain neurotic price thus about hard on your work better, but I do you love doing it and I'm you try to keep in touch with that. I guess you know the tv stuff gives you a great opportunity to continue to hone very
yes sure, MR elles, which I really love and work with incredibly funny people. It's interesting that you know you are able to. Above all you ve done big budget movies. Yeah, and you know you continue to work as a tv director and then go, do a big budget movie, whether pairs well or not, that eventually Jake. When the moment comes, when they've got the idea exactly it's going to pay a fucking, knock it out of the park years or so. On top of that shit, maybe so I mean you definitely know that like when you do big thing- and this goes back to the freaks thing- is like. You just never know what you're going to decide to do. One day, that's gonna end up affecting many years of your life and I've had this expense and through television, a lot where you
find some major collaboration that you that I will put up there with anything you now and like that's. Where I mean that's, where I met John the term at sea, all you know to meriwether. I work with a new gods were years into that now. That's like a great thing you know has has had a lot of different. You know she has helped me on other stuff nea it is never know where these things are: did you know, I assure you, I m me up sites. I take it offered I figure this usually Sutton get an overview of what the question are. You working on a movie a little bit. Yeah, I'm trying. I mean right now, I'm in deep on these shows, though, for the fall yeah Jesus, you got the grinder and you've got the idiots, actually a sixty episode, fresh off the boat, great, so you're in for tv for ottawa. For this year, I'm from in deep yeah. You know august, colonel yeah chided,
But all in your head, but you do do make no sort of like yeah okay, this is the scene. I continue to write and look at the framework of the film in your head and just like a scene will pop out sometimes or more like an idea, and then the framework is like the last thing that okay find a place that alright or what I mean we'll have fucking. You know good luck with the work and thank you it's good to talk to you, it's great dear. Can I say one thing to you: yeah, I think you're, the best talker two people go on thank you. It's true. I mean it. I will tell you honestly, I was I've. Had this commute for years, and there was this moment two years into it, where I start listen to your show a lot, and it was like a great moment. No good air. It was like a thing where it was like and its partly because you ve talked to everybody and you ve talked to them great, but there's this kind of.
Humanity to the whole thing you get to something with people that makes everybody feel. Human and highlights the connected nests of people in a way that I really do a priest gate and admire, and I love the show. I will thank you so much. How do you feel about our conversation? You're right, I was oh yeah, that's great sorry for you yeah! It was great, I'm glad we did it. I dunno and I dunno how interesting it'll be to whoever, but that's not my that. That's not mine, to judge you I think you will join me and if you stand the people who are interested in this, like I think the journeys is, is always interesting specially when you, it's interesting to me about. can somebody like you is- is sort of that Paradise people in show business people outside a show business. Make these assumptions about families who continue to work in showbiz. Generationally are an end
that you, the matter, is a lot of times. It's it's no good than any other job yeah that you, you know you grow up and something in you. You, your father, your brother, your mother, whatever they work in the same and you look at it, you learn it despite whatever level anyone operates on him. I think what was interesting about talking to you is that you know you work at your father's track record and there were some hits and misses and he's a very thoughtful screenwriter in in his his high minded in, and he takes risks yeah and and then to sort of learn about your evolution and growing up in adnan and how he had an effect on you and and and seeing your ability to sort of move through your own processes. Pretty amazing and then on top it all your dad's, back in the day grace, the star wars, game and the sort of exactly what you're talking about. And what do you know it or not? Your weird kind of practical optimism about about being open to collaborating and new experiences in not becoming cynical about your own. It about you career in any way.
by whether you love what you're doing here not on and the level of of of actual le product you know it is a testament to two working hard in having a good point of view about it, yeah I'm I think you know. I usually love it for enough time to do it fully, no use him. I really hate what you do and now you ever ever, I'm never working on it and I hate when I think that I do have probably something got from him and probably something. if you relate to and some level I'd imagine which is a sense of you hope to be Building some larger look I'm a hundred percent in support of the day. Jake breaks out here. I am with the on that I'll, be here for your habits waiting when I mean that even the little stuff that they are building a body of you have to look at it like that, you think of it like the
what you're worried about on any given day. It's of it. In the sum of course, the power all of your lies variants, doing the work is going to do. You know ad nothing. Nothing can take away from unless you shut down and and and term party yourself off the other party that that party that you talk about that, I can hear right underneath your throat that way, you're sort of like I get some sky The thing I gotta do another thing that I'm like completely transparent or again you never were sitting directly beneath the president's throat. Why am I doing this yeah good to talk to your target event sweet guy good talk,
career in show business, that's a real career in show business right there, people gotta Debbie, apa dot com, get that howl app for android and everything else. get in there and register to win a thing, peace or my garage. Get on the mailing list check the episode guide, Susan. I do feel those questioned gets him just go. frida kahlo up over there god. uh. I
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