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Episode 646 - Mike Epps / Pashman Returns

2015-10-14 | 🔗
Mike Epps doesn’t stop. The comedian and actor is one of the busiest people in show business, starring in new TV shows like Survivor’s Remorse and Uncle Buck, making movies like the upcoming Richard Pryor biopic, doing standup around the country, and being a dad. It’s a long way from the young guy who went to prison for selling drugs on the streets. Mike tells Marc how he made it out. Plus, Dan Pashman from The Sporkful is back for the second course.

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All I want to do this? How are you what the blogger is, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck's knows, what the bucket delegates what's happened. this is marked mare- and this is deputy- have welcomed the show Do delusional. I am punchy. I am guilty. I am at the end of my tab. I am in Australia. I made it to australia and recording this the same. I got here. I don't know what I'd swept or whether swept happen, or if I swept it all. I took a plane from los angeles. I flew into the future a day.
I was on that plane for fifteen hours, man fifteen hours I freaked out the beginning, but it's a massive plain: seven, forty seven to stories as blind business I'll, tell you men as nice as business is somehow I managed to get the seven year old kid next to me who fidgety and his mom was at sea, was over on the on the other side and she asked me if I wanted to switch seats with the kid and be in the window, so the kid can be close to her and her and his little brother, and I you know, I kind of balked I balked at the opportunity to get away to talk into the window. I thought it would be okay and she said why I don't put on body. If I have to step over you to to deal with my son and I'm like it should be okay, it was okay. I guess before we took office that he wanted you want to switch, we can switch. Is like not really it's up to you and I'm like well, do you want to be closer to, and then I got the sensory, maybe the kid,
and want to be as close as the mother wanted him to be. Maybe wanted one strange dude with a moustache and between him and the rest of his family. Sometimes that's what you need just a wall of a person. You don't know to make you feel autonomous to make you feel like it. You ve got your own space. So I did that for that kid, even though it bust my balls, because I put the light on up top and I left it answer. I could read about reading Elvis us book and and he said. Could you please turn on your reading light instead, because its blinded me I'm trying to watch cartoons the nerve he's the kid he's the guy comply in in business this little man about my by choice. I did what he wanted. I did you know what I mean. Sometimes when I just see a kid yeah, especially a a dude kid, a boy kid there's part of me that just you know
Empathize is an envies, the vulnerability of being that age simultaneously But why would anyone be mean? Do a kid you others, an empty Sarah there, but then you he's just a kid he's all awkward. He doesn't using grown into his head yet or is arms or as well just knowing whether the power of the job as or whatever he chooses in life, he everything's all justice, constant fear gold changes going on that. It draws the drastic, I feel like I'm entering one. I feel like I'm entering the physical change. One enters in their mid fifties where your most your body is, Like I work for most practical purposes, I think we're through. Just gonna write it out, and then you like. No oh no gas day we stay you know and and taught and and and and but loose. We have to react to still be.
I but yourselves, you're, sort of white man? I'm really not really. and a blue the opportunity to take a bath. All that when you were younger now we're just gonna go ahead and get lacks were discussed. lay out for a while. That's what my son we are doing today on the show. I put deplore more damn pash menachem because people enjoy it might gaps came by and we talk for a while. So I did all right on the plain its word when you're in a plane that big for a while. You like why I don't feel like we were really flying and then when it does get turbulent down seven. Forty seven, you like that must be some sick. Spock and wind, if an airship, this huge is feeling it and then then start going into how the fuck does something. This big state here and there they were answers to these things. I know there are answers, is good science me didn't engineering and aerodynamics. I understand that, but when you're sort of in the groups of fear you like this is dick iulus and, moreover, the middle of the ocean and then
get down here to australia, and it's like you not been here before, and I just don't know, I think us for two hours. Then I woke up and I ate a cadbury bar very quickly to get the chocolate kathy in sugar buzz and then I wandered around and I bought a sick. our but you're, wandering around like a guy hidden ahead. You're wandering around like some sort of fuckin dream few, I commend waking consciousness and then I wonder Television choi did the project down here. Melbourne came down a day early to to do so ass, many promoting from my shows here in Australia, where that data be tonight in sydney at the state theatre tomorrow Pele theatre in melbourne? saturday night we're gonna go through with the brisbane, shall we shifted to a smaller venue which will actually be more accommodating and much more exciting, to show to be honest with you, I'm glad, I'm I'm glad it. By our wasn't pushed out of that, but I think it's going to be ok, Alright, I didn't meditate yet, but I'm working towards it,
you know that you were dead. We pondering the Lord Michael's episode that still and in ponder zone, and together zone and deciding what happens after that zone but I'm here, man I'm in Austria. a modern island Huge island far from my home, but I feel I can do and with his international traveling thing I mean I used to I used to get freaked out when they would say the temperature in celsius is at the moment where you're like what, what does that mean in Fahrenheit? What does it mean where we come from, but that's better than it used to come here will be like celsius. They're not can understand Can I do if, if cs as where the rat they're not gonna, get me at all special treatment. Orton. Isn't it is that we are all working towards just being we go a high mark merit
Oh, I can go right in. Thank you. I think that's where people are working towards there's not even a celebrity thing. I think the only reason you know Jews moved to Florida. Is that most of the establishments down there know that these old jewish guys just want to be called by their first name and and and made to feel that they have a special table waiting doesn't matter how shitty the food is. If you just go, I do and John yeah, we got your table now. Here's your plateful, a poop! All right look, my brain is is, is is loose in it cradle because it is quite australia, ovum even dreaming this. I hope this makes the show I wanted to do this because it means. and passion. We go back and in the second we did last week, people loved it. So I wanted to, I have some more of my conversation with dan passion doesn't seem to matter what we even talk about what the topic is. We can always find something to argue about. Isn't it I too have somebody like that. You're right that doesn't live
your by thank god. And lives in new york. But I'll tell you if you like this stuff, you should I got passions park as the support for he's got. Some live sport. Full episodes come in to Boston in brooklyn with guess. Why might cap when, in John hodgman, just go to sport, full dot com to to find out more ok, and now I'm gonna give you a little more of me and then passion doing. let me in dan passion do, which is argue. Over balls, yet How do I chronology regular north, always too sweet, yet only a granola, let girls from the great scams has been perpetrated on people in that really like crack. No, for everyone knows what crack is right. People think the granola is how, The and it's really more like candy ripe. Like many bars that we are all bars are candy bars. Sure
now that we need. Inevitably, as I know, we know that, but you know this one. I wanna get hurt god that allowed. You will then asked me about Lee. Really. This is a hot topic. We beg our way. Oh yeah, it's tear up. There was, there might have been a tweet about it, a lot, people are up in arms over where to draw the line about the correct definition of a sandwich I'm not a big sandwich guy, but I'm sure have opinions on it. Do you think a hot dog is a sandwich. Do you not eu had now like china, the heat You asked me that question as you were nodding, no like I'm playing along, but that was my first might my first impulse when he said that when I pictured I was like oh yeah, it is a sandwich. Okay, why, while some people are arguing that it's not a sandwich, alot of people argue that it's not a sandwich in and John
when called me out on his part cash stiller, daggers he's on that it is, it is not a sandwich mean he says that it's a unity, you would never cut in half. Therefore, it's not a sandwich right. He says I say instantly. You would cut in half. He says by that logic a cheeseburger is not a sandwich or a sandwich is something you can cut in half right. He says that a hotdog is it's own thing. It's it's own category cause! You would never cut it what's a history, the hot dog of any research. I imagine would like some sort evolution sausage again awaited he them more practically it's probably an american thing to add the role. Yes, but like my definition of a sandwich, I I look to the earl of sandwich who, yes, who invented the sandwich, and and so I looked to the way he defined the sandwich. Yes, how do you define it? Well, I meant he didn't define it but like he. He he wanted a food that he could pick up a hunk of meat and put it between two pieces of bread and eat it with his hands yeah. So, like I'm, a strict constructionist,
I've been dubbed the Scully of sandwiches, some of its good are their new rules on the court or their called that the other the the living sandwiched him contingent. They believe that the definition of a sandwich evolves over time and changes with the times can be. The definition of a sandwiches you've got to go pick it up and eat it without your hands. Touching the fillings, what where do you stand on the monte cristo? That's the sandwich yeah. It was like two pieces of french toast right right, but that's right. But what, if you want polo syrup on there, it's kind of hard to pick up french toast? Isn't it so sticky? Hedgie sometimes I mean if you can't really pick it up, it can be a messy sandwich yeah, but I dunno the roommate picked up monte cristo. What to eat with a fork and knife yeah? No, I mean wouldn't have one. So I somehow monte cristo twelve years ago. Ok, I wanted I j ai fridays,
really yeah. Well, maybe they'll make it right all right, but fine. How about this? I worked at a deli. They made a sandwich that was a two potato latkes with brisket in the middle that the sandwich you're going to pick up potato sure o what how do you normally eat, potato lockers with a knife and fork would be. How do we pancakes? Did you put your face in them but it is much bigger than a lock and its, but at its floppy, a potato love with a buds. I couldn't be many sizes. I've seen some pretty big fuckin lock. I may not give it the size of light in its an inch thick, then item Oh, maybe then you talk about it. A little silver dour lockers yeah that involve most lack is I've. Seen are like the size of a ship now maybe a little bit bigger. I while ok. So, what's your point, It's the people that need to understand that. What what isn't is not a sandwich or a hotdog sandwich? I would argue that it is what about a burrito, not a sandwich. Thank you for the burrito right, it's a wrap. Now it's a burrito wraps are pros burrito, a burrito,
type of rap, no, a burrito, the burrito wraps were invented by some idiot said. Why can we make a sandwich like a burrito? It's just that we came up with an an english word to describe a type of food that existed for. A long time it all over the world there, foods that are viewed in subdued dude abroad? burrito! Ok, a rap is arap. What Verbal, you don't call a burrito arap. You like racist. What verb would you used to describe the act of assembly? a burrito rolling up stuff in a tortilla. Would you also say that it's accurate to say that wrap unknown. Burrito no point on. Did you don't? I would never use rapport anything even say by tat, rolling stuff so rapidly. Which you know no arap, is a rap
Then a burrito is a rap and platos until recently were not meant to be eaten with your hands. How are they meant to beaten on a plate, evaded burritos, classic snack or ST food type thing? No, it's neither have. I know it's, not the tacos, the clock. Extra food burritos, I think a traditionally most of the time are served wet with sauce on them on a plate. That's what I believe, It depends on Alice. Everett versus emphasis goes like this cumbria different than he wrapped in the ten point, when you say you do, what will you rather the rio and half you wrap brito? I kin point, that's what tinfoil does it wraps than if you rapporteur de wrapped in your wrapping it in its ordinary in writing that lie at the very thing, that's great about years that you at some point in a moment, you decide you ve won something. And then there is no real discussion of a liberal boils for wrapping, where I think I think of it.
And especially as I run into a lot of resistance, because the word rap is associates is sort of like shitty american, like sandwich wraps that I get like those are often crap and in their so many amazing burritos. He actually out here in the west coast right, so people get upset because they think of the word wrap. It defines this like shitty american food was invented in the eighties, yes, and therefore an insult, a really good breeders and we need a separate your negative opinions about. Should he american sandwich raft and just look at it from me- alexa lives with that, but why homogenous it? My gaze is what a bridge
be a burrito? Why do it if we're just talking about terms for the types of food like like just terminology, just classifying foods, because they didn't? This is important because, like when you look at a menu, words need to mean something. We use words to explain foods and that's important, and so my point is forget what you're putting inside it yup like there's a million things you could put inside a sandwich. It's still a sandwich, yeah, there's a million things you can put inside a wrap. It's still a wrap peking duck when it's all wrapped up is a wrap. It kinda crap. That term is redundant more because when you have peking duck, it is wrapped, like a like to stay home and eat a burrito wrap you in seventy two burrito wrap. You just have to eat a burrito right, but it's understood by me at least that a burrito is a type of wrap fine. So if you're looking to cattle, risings any, but a peeking duck is not a rap years. It served with little pancakes river. Once would you rabbit
the former taco that becomes a rap kindness, more of taco, feel soft, taco or now, wrap away? They hung up on what is this new chapter? there's one more thing I wanted to ask you about and whose, though so you and I got that's not gonna place, a pizza were in huntington before you're you're gig there and you were telling me about It- was some pizza place. You were dissatisfied with yeah got me in trouble. So what happened to me about it? they actually stepped up their game. The lesson I had its wiser was better, but I've told we ended just now alienating my neighbors and mortgages. we just bad vibes, so what it was. So what did you has been. Like that place right. The thing is, I pizza becomes as weird personal thing, and I dont think that culturally pizzas dan join us as it is the new yorkers or people from Chicago. I think that really that's where that happens, everything else can it grows from there
I give you gonna get deep dish or you get sicilian. Are you not or you can get? the regular twice in others, you know he would have in pieces and stuff, but there is sort of like idea of what a sweet should be in new york and there is idea of what a deep dish peaches should be in Chicago and that's where their invented everything, if sort of kind of appeals to that no matter what show trial of its water? What or if it's just my disposition that's what I'm saying is a he people out here, don't know better right and if they are new, yorkers are like what is close enough and I got to know is it you know? Yes, I find it interesting that regional foods, like I said Once I get why you can't get great lobster in Oklahoma yeah, you know frozen right, tails, but like they show live ones get shipped their tanks in some places yeah, but you know for the foods wherefore. She is really an issue. I can understand that, but things like barbecue or pizza, I dont understand
and you know like every once in a while- and you know like I don't understand why, like there's always a lot of people in l, a there's, a lot of transplanted new yorker here, stay stand. Why someone here this pizzeria most says? using in in in l, allays Nancy silverton place. I've been there was to great, but like I don't understand why? Why? Certain? europe must organise its water? That complain I hear about bangles in my new york battles are so much better than the something the water I entered the bigger historian who looked into that an said? It's unlikely ass. She cha. The scientists within it exists and they got a figure. The shit out of cities at add is that it's more to do with the fact that you have. This hike is almost like a free market thing like because there's more competition and more experience more of a tradition there you get the best people there and the expectations of the customers are high right and also the artisanal rayner right than theirs so a power for it that, like you, know like them,
We people get used to garbage nos plenty, people there like valid sounds battles the might really deer, so about sort of like expectation and eventually people I was as best we can do here. Look but right, but I I wouldn't get bbq really. I don't get bbq in places that aren't known for bbq, I noticed a million, but but I won't do it, but all the time you hear this story, like you know, all this guy went down to tell I know I know for a year and he brought here on a smoker with him, and then he still can't that's because its You like. I hate to break out of food is about presentation and environment. you know, I mean like it's not about you, just sort of like knowing the skill necessarily like you know when I ride out our peace and went on austin and everyone goes, the lock hard to one of those two black sir smid, easier to await smart, creates market, the other one unlock criteria or they go out too. The salt lake. Oh yeah,
I'll go. The other way to spice would just cause some woman who was actually a food critic in in austin for a million years. Like turn me on lps and I'll drive, the other way to spicewood and there's nothing out there in about thirty min, india drive you pull up on this place. It looks like a barn and he go in and they ve got free beans butterby the regular beans, bread, all the fix in there and you in there's an old smoker? That's, not an operation, but they take the cook meets in when there's a walking like an open casket by gas walk in someone comes up and obs. Then you see all the meat they have for the days of fucking slab of brisket bunch of ribs whatever. What do you want and then they'll take it with a giant fork in the walk it over the scales and hid it and for me, the x, variants of that and being it and it's all served on paper wrappers, and I know that a lot of places you then in a lot of people are franklin's, but to a certain level of brisket. Certainly in that area worth all pretty high right randy other things again, then you talking about sides and you talk about desserts and then you talking about the ribs and someplace don't have beeper if some places do, but for me, the except
of driving the in coming upon it and knowing that its A lot of people go that way because they're gonna go. The other way is. Is it if you want to feel like you know something other people down. If out of place, you go to royalty, they're sending me at about it, and some of that defines your taste and if you're, oil to something that that that is good in does have integrity. I mean it most like a belief system So you can argue with that. It's like saying, there's, no god, you know. I just don't understand why why these regional food at this point in culture and technology can't be replicated far from where originated, I guess you're right now. I think they probably we probably have to be the same guy, get it like nothing in a layer in new york or almost anyplace. It's gonna be the same as driving half an hour, or through the middle of nowhere in texas, in coming upon a barn and having them open up the fact that a magical experience in europe a going to get that experience. But wow. That is magic. I think that in a lot of people know that you know where you get sort of presentation, and even when you go to restaurants, where you
that's the whole meal. You can't even understand white, so rich and satisfying of its really beautifully done, there's a lot of presentation and about environment that that that is all part of the colony experience. There's all different levels of that, and I'm not and it's on these places a pop up with the guy who did trained with the guy and brought the smoker and all that stuff. You know yeah great but well lot of times it. comes down to turn over. Like you know, if you open a barbecue place in europe, so in a brisk it every day. In that thing sitting around for three days you know made it might not be. good after wild serves a dry outside think a lot of times its relative to that. How much do they want to throw out how much are they really serving? That's why delhi's? I knew or can we work in new york because there is an actual market for it and they guiana they can go through too busy or two things: brisket to corbies, a day and everything's fresh morning did mean something yet, we'll get a rap by which I mean burrito? Don't you gonna come
If you didn't talk like that about about ethnic, ethnic people, I'm going to Allen bees in boyle heights, what is it? It's amazing burrito place, Evan climate from the podcast good food turned me onto it. She's here in l, a and they've been around since the sixties, third generation, and they got refried beans best refried beans. They read my life, oh yeah, cooking, for like sixteen hours. So that's good that see that, and then you can't get that anywhere else, exactly yeah alright, so I you I feel like we agreed more than disagreed. Sorry, that's good! I think it's good for our relationship yet, but don't call it died, dairies go down bees and go. Can cry of the rap Are you gonna? Do that probably not near definitely not right right, which means that the whole rap things bullshit. I do think that it's inappropriate classification but like burrito, is a more specific term than rap rap. Is an umbrella term burrito a specific. So you wouldn't go to a burrito joint and say: can I have a wrap, as I going to a cheeseburger, a burger,
I used isn't saying. Can I have a sandwich? A burger is a type of sandwich. Alright, we know what what sir wrap thanks they might take it easy bodies, and if you want to hear more about folks, I'm on one of the latest episode of sport for pod gas in your here, a lot of great stuff on there like Dan doing his thing, would run bunches and Jim gap again and wise and act. the more. I check it out check it out at spork, full dot com. I did watch a couple of movies again on the plane and watch the departed again. I think this is the third time and I, like it much better. I think I kind of have pulled the whole story together. I couldn't seem to to pull it all together. You know dicaprio Matt, damon, great actors and that woman, what's her name, famiglia from what's her name vera farmiga
That's your name, those scenes with her in those two guys like an outstanding and then I watch wolf, a wall street again holy shit, number talk about them. Only when it came out. I still have it I loved every time. I see it just as greed you, old cash testosterone, fucking insanity, and dicaprio is great again. Why am I do a movie reviews of movies at her years old? Does it matter? Does it matter Jack Nicholson in the departed little clownish little clownish? I so those from some fresh, relevant movie reviews for you. My gaps came by he is currently in the shows, survivors remorse on stars, yeah ease, guided the started and comedy now you can be plain richer, prior ando we did all right in the garage. So this is me and my gaps talking in the garage.
A downward with ever more before no euro. I know you do let me I saw the last time I saw you think you're driving up. I left but, as I was, I was on the patio, the comedy store and I think you drove up and something I look like a rocket. Always I always was it a ferrari? you always in a many cars. You got about a lot about another browser, if you like cars, I like cars, that mustang you just pulled up and yellow dear yellow, yellow, must ve eight I don't know what there s a rental car, because I flew in to allay yesterday and I needed to be some. and I live way in the valley right and I just got a rental car for good, and so, It cares that I need I gave care of and out.
if you've got a weave again, I leave out on thursday nights yeah and I go do stand up on a weekend and then I come back on monday and an m has he has this and up man. I've been doing this so long mark. I know I got a. I got a tv show coming up now and on a b c call to uncle buck they're doing another uncle buck while they doing about google but lack uncle buck. Finally, like fire a girl, a black. We got a black hole in the family, and now we got a black uncle, but you- and rod, gar, Michael What are you uncle buck among about really there you fucking work in her dude, I'm tired man, I'm going to try new and everything I got so busy. Kids now and I just got a ride to the hood and wave shit. How many kids I got to I got for now: okay, Their number you planted on more foreign possible near like a space gang. So what
Why? Just I don't do a lot of research by just got on my what the fuck happened in Phoenix man. Some do was drunk and yeah. You know some s lab is he's gonna sell. Sometimes you can control what happens I know so you just did You're, just not only know who's coming in see me- and I know that club- that you did the tuesday night- we do a door deal just go, try some shit out and they open the room up. Now is it. When I was a weaker, there was awaiting a really any just that you said it pretty like not even insulting right wing has said Moody and, above all, in the guy got net. You don't know what the hell people going through in any given. I don't care what they're bringing into the room now you don't, and I mean you know and then away and should guide the crazy where he stabbed away and yet are crazy, everything worked out? These? Are you don't know? I don't know. I'm here will mark my words. You start out dude. I start
offer minneapolis indiana originally really, and I start yes started out. I started out there. I remembered that without chicken patties club did you know that yeah it was there. They had their club downtown very long room, the comedy connection. Maybe it was called back in the day, crackers, crackers and broad ripple. I know that place. They had that place to us used to get the dynamic crack regime. So you grew up in indianapolis how many people in the family- I got seven brothers and wants us to holy shit, so you know I didn't really start eating real good meals until I got grown so I could afford my own and where are you in the lineup in the middle? Oh, really, yeah! Well, that's better, either, and I guess you got a brother, that's like what seventy it is has made two hundred I got a little better. This way
I think, my oldest brother's fifty four yeah and my youngest is thirty, something so yeah and you didn't touch with all of them. Yeah I'll talk to him, I mean as of lately. I haven't been in touch with them because they want money all the time. So is that true yeah man I mean they can't help the relationship or they can't help it being. I gotta ask for some right right. You. There is no way that they're gonna beat be in touch with me and not really here is that for them will annoying, I guess you're. You seem that we have some empathy about it. You understand it. I don't understand the answer, but you know, are allowed to go on russia, the gametes, first couple years, when I gonna a chauvinist now, I'm like I'm grown in Hey man, I ain't got no extra money right, there's no extra money. I you know I built a life that requires money. Now, that's right, yeah and attack. MA am requires. Money is the richer private there
Is it like that one line where he goes back to a peoria and all the people that used to hang out at the at the place where you go? You got a dollar yeah dollar yeah, you're, still doing that shit, you're still doing that same shit used to do mandela. Yeah. Give me a do that always thought that was like a pretty astute bit. It is so when did you start doing it? How angry buy by eighteen yeah? what made you do it? What we were inspired you to diesel? I was always a class clown. You know here So I didn't graduated from high school. So you didn't you bailed about out why when, for me, yeah school teachers, Breton alike, if every day- and he asked us because in the teacher, yeah. They made their sidney. Teach me stuff that, unlike him up, we're gonna need this shit right girl here and now I'm really needed what you need help You notice
crazy. My mother told me she's like go to school, as I was because you gonna that later on in life and I'm like okay, what do you think you you don't have? I could tell you were actor. Turkey is dissolved tile, unlike in our schools, gee you about it is, is life yeah, because now that I'm an adult and I'm in show business, it's the same shit like a big high school sure You know what I mean: there's lakes and there's people out to get your movies and there's a couple of people. You can trust and then they go away is really life high school prepares you for that, and it never ends high school. Never fucking never ends even worse. Now cause people can gossip on twitter, like now that you're going to highschool at the high schools like a you, have three million people and you never know which fuckers out to get you? Yes, crazy, right, yeah! So you're you drop out what eleventh grade camp knife
He made it. He made it like half a year like this. I couldn't do it. Man did you work. I tried. I tried to work the job here when it was one day then you know yeah and then I tried tried to hang in the streets a little bit. Yeah weren't cut out for it. When cut out for what happened, I went to prison. Did you yeah how old we eighteen for what nineteen selling drugs oh yeah, which one want to be a drug, ok, yeah, so you ve, read your song cover some other dude unequivocally that you got hit yeah? That's what made me leave town? I end up on this guy a bunch of money here and he was looking for me. So you know I had it how many competition one night at this place called there was a place called In indianapolis apple, indianapolis, ear is buying area in my buddy rest in peace, ozma
He said you know what you funny around the bible. Stop in a neighborhood. I bet you can't do this. You know stays. I said I bet I can say, I'm gonna take you to this contest. They have every night yeah. It was a place called club seville. So that was what it was I went up there and it was a buying real and it was like twelve comics inevitable. Drop in all areas and they booed. everybody off, so I signed as like the thirteen back our garden. Because I want to kill my ambition, because you know you get jockey say some shit, a jew Normally when say when you know we are not afraid, not afraid right and will happen killed it I killed it Really. I came back with the next day the next week, not drunk would a soon. I invite my whole neighbour family and got boat off,
it was like go, get drunk and come back. Take the suit off. I was like oh shit, do you remember being up there? What did you just see? Tell the audience to shut the fuck up and listen man? I couldn't do none. They booed the shit out of minoan the first time. What was he just call yeah the first time I was just drunk and I was just I don't even remember what I said, but I have people on the floor, yeah and then the second time came back time to celebrate the added the pressure. Was The program was on that shit was crazy. I said and invited them. Besos was the second time I didn't. I don't think I told my parents that come to us five years, yeah I'm going to make that fucking mistake yes, they can go a year, not near not that they do not new asia air. How many times you Imprison that eighteen months here was a juvy. Well I did some jewelry time for when I was younger lawyer attain and inner when I yet I went to this place,
indiana usinor same prison MIKE tyson housing was he there at the time was its claim to fame by like was here, and I came after the euro graduated yellow was really crazy. To judge who sends them sends me. Your name was patricia gifford yeah every year we have you reached out there just say like how do I know you announce hag ever in life, but gave a choice if you listen, but they did that teach us a lesson. At least Yeah, I haven't been back. Do you feel that that comedy, like kind of you know, saved your life idiot man, you know comedy? Is I tell kids all the time? I'm like you know, find your purpose yeah in life, because it can save your life and
If people who get in trouble when people fail in life, they really don't find a purpose. You know everybody as a talent right. You just have to find it yes and accepted when it when is A lot of people find the talent and say: oh, I don't want to do that. It's like! Well, that's your call, calling yeah! You know they're there here too there calling they want to do some shit. That's not their call right. You know here so after a second time. You went up with the suit. What what made you did? You feel? A moment you like this is it even though you be bomb that night, you are going well, keep work yeah one back the next week and I was good yeah So I got on a bus. Got a greyhound bus and moved running that guy your money to hear. That was really the reason dear. How much you Joe shit, Seventy five hundred is also your money is wrong. As my mother's house, ray nice and my mother, but but in that
the people trying to get information from them as say, my dear me, did you did you ever make that right. Yeah now you do. I came back years later. Maybe right now these ask me for money. Unlike do a page, you back twice. There's no Furthermore, the shark s eager to atlanta and white that words Darth yeah, you know comedy jam at the time. Was aspirational inspirational me so rude the guys that you looked up to Look up to none of them. I liked eddie murphy, but yeah. You know yeah, but those guys. Definitely. paved the way for me to say it in a tired chris tuckers, that's de harvey The word was down there right, yeah yeah. I saw am recently at like. I was doing that little room there that laughing skull at the at the vortex burger place deer on peachtree, right, downtown and seats like seventy five people.
And yeah. It was just a it's a good workout room, but I was doing a a week there and he came in to do guest spots. I hadn't seen him in years. Damn it was rightly because he saw it coming back now, right yeah was just getting back into it and it was like holy shit. You still got the he still got. The energy meant yeah. It takes, I think, I think a real comic man. You never were never lose their right, you use it. You get scared yeah, any guy, get past the scared again yeah. I like it. If you don't do it, while you fuck we're doing up a mighty But you get up there and I like yeah, I can do this. As our committee is man comedy, is a quality I've always related comedy to being a chick mia, because it's like you have to spend time with her and if you leave her, she will leave you and to get her back. You have to work hard in and hopefully get it back and induce a new stuff do stuff differently it
the idea comedies, my bed, so you got involved with death camp I don't have gandhi jam and went on tour, star, doin dates and then moved to california and audition for next friday with ice cube or ice. So what was it? you know, come out. So how are you ve been doing comedy before you come out here we established having year, so we make money doing comedy a little bit, but you weren't draw na. and he returned with the deaf comedy jammer. Just on your own, the comedy jane, who is on those bills with your talent, you no talent. I remember him just comedy now talent wasn't on the shelves. It was like me, Joe clear air was again zoo mare, zoo man there was a man, a kind, and I know the name. What happened a zoo man hey man, you know this work and been is right. Here will knows,
Yeah you never know. What, like you know, you just. Is you reggie make them? that was my me yeah. Oh, you got your butt. He's ready make. I I'd love that guy see reggie on jam. Before I got in. He was funny man. He was What like cause I used to see him in new york. That's where I started. So I assume that the seller and shit- and I always thought he was so fucking funny and then like years, go by and see him then someone who's like. I think he owns an island I think he's like you and I don't know where he is, but I like the am I saw you he about diamond mines in day out of service it to me We even know what it was. I didn't know anyone called me out of the blue one day. Talking about I'm like do what It takes me an anal fucking down like a bunch of kids in like three or four wives. I don't remember what the mythology was. I dunno what's true and what isn't
I read you: reggie was funny old man. He was really funny at you know it s the thing mark. I don't understand. You know I think a lot of comics performers in itself. They they they date. They expect to land something. Yet nl in their careers and when they don't do it in the town If they want to do it, they just say fuck: it really I've. I've. I've also seen the other thing happen where they don't say, fuck it and they just can't just keep pushing on new and here doing those be rooms and still hanging onto the dream, its act more sad man right through a more respectable, say: fuck it sometimes I get so. The reggie look like he was happen in britain was honey as hey, oh man, I am a senior reggie man, I mean people on the floor literally liable bent over here. He do that thing about the about the inner comedy,
building you remember like it. I like it and yeah, and he says that someone just fucks it up cause they hate living there. He was funny he was funny man so used to tour with him a bit. Now. Never to read just knew him just known Then at seven years you come out here. You get representation, the gotta agent, at a manager with that guy. Now, how is it not? mental, ninety agents, ninety managers of civil law, but here I mean you're a push, your man, I mean you really ere. You keep going. You like, as you like, amazing. If you really look at your resonate just how much it you ve done and how much you ve popped up and get to where we are, wasn't no doubt easy thing that so the audition decent bryce cuban. What was that like me to him Oh man, I have been a fan of you know in w a to see him parcel man. I was really star struggles like damn ice q yeah, and then I did. I did three movies widow money all about the benjamin next friday and friday at the next and I did
We got Jackie promoters when it actually didn't come out so come out at last came out on dvd. Ah, but you guys are bodies well, yeah we cool, you know we we we we we go. You know we, we don't. We didn't we just kind of friends. We don't talk all the time, but we've done of movies and stuff. We got enough history will each other worldly yeah, we'll globally, when you see each other, everything is alright, but why don't I don't bug them? I don't think he is not the kind of guy. I think you want a bug for, and so after but the measurements went on any you. Do you want those guys always show up the movies like f's go get yeah, but sometimes you like, if you get right, cameo campione really now it is a big deal right like to hang. Right, there was the first one yeah yeah, thorough yeah. you're like that guy black, the year reform working with those guys it was cool. I tell people at a time when we did that movie was like
nobody knew them. Others can be as big as a worse right Nobody really know who rarely cooper worse Nobody knows Zach, worse edged, just blue What are they re is named? Todd develops todd philips, he's he's like a. He rose the dice at two rows of her. It's erica my drain into no? No, no, no, my energy. When my energy does that around what time? This time, any time like I yes, like you, don't adapt. No, I'm not tired. My air just get like, I know there's that weird jan it's not because you'll be on t v doing that shit and I have to stop and be that they like damn am I boring and like oh? No, I don't know. I stayed up till five this morning, europe till five yeah. What are you doing shit I went to. I went to the screening of black mass last night. Oh shit, is it good? really well really. I recommend people go see. Ah fuck me
I mean I love that story and and and do was. I mean they're, good, crazy, really I gotta see down a giant. Do gangster really man? It is good as american gangster, in the same line, oh yeah yeah, it's can be fucking great? I love those stories are due to restoring. I couldn't wait to see you yeah, who else remember Kevin bacon house. He great he's always get it right, the opposite of what he usually play. Ah he wasn't a bare guidest. Did they go into the whole brothers? The other bulge, your brother yeas me, I'm fuckin site, you'd, better, go I downloaded it and by other, did you extirpate captain You know what yeah ice cube meters, room went, I am, and I watched half of it and I haven't even seen it yet, but I've seen it I've seen half of it. Did you like it idea yeah it was so you know it was good for me and there's also a question.
views, because I didn't really know that worldwide, because I wasn't they weren't plummet, personalities in my memory? It was all new to me, so I can be like that. Dre wouldn't really look like that. Or did you know that, like they all looked good for you right, but because I didn't bring any of that baggage? I now yeah, you gotta play richer prior everybody those richer prior, that's gonna be a hell of a fuckin chore dude. Who are you fuckin ready? I already have more ready. How do you get there? I don't want me through the the audition process it advocates are got chose to play with your browser prior about ten years ago. He picked me to play You know that you had a relationship with him him and his wife year when he was sick. Yeah went to his house sit waiting for a year with the second and last wife when there was back double up yeah when it set.
one where it's okay, wait, so you see him wear. How do you know you? You saw him at the comedy store or something cause. I admit I think his wife initially picked me up for this movie before a movie for to play richard pryor in general in general, just like you're gonna be the richer so you see with richard he's in a wheelchair. What's he said it is not talking, he has multiple sclerosis so I thought I was away into the air. He is so into his eyes is really really crazy. I'm cool gaza, I could tell some days he didn't want to be bothered some days. He did. They sat you down and they said you're going to be the guy, but there was no project necessarily. There was no project, they had a script, they had a script, they. They got a guy named bill Condon. I another name,
directed drain girls right language movies here, and I guess bill didn't see that I guess he didn't. I wasn't his pick right and they pick marla ways to do it. This is ten years ago. I said it. Ok and movie never happen so now this net now comes and again for real richards passed his life out in the script. Yes, she is every scrap. What's your name again, jennifer prior is she's. You know she's the beneficiaries. Rich prior, so any by the does anything about prior gotta go to her and with your relationship with her just call good. Well it. point. She was upset with me now. lee. Daniels came on to direct the new one to what was she married with that. You now I dont know never now, acting as an honour to this day
Let's see it live with that man for fucking decades? What the hell could you have done, nothing to piss her off? Nothing because he was a maniac? No doubt, did you read that fucking book that the the scots book diamond. Read there when I got to read it dude, you got read it yeah poverty. If you want to know I gotta this is such a big as book. You run my to tell me if you have richard, because he doesn't, he does a thing where he just takes it up until until them the them these there till he goes bad. He takes it up to about nine. Eighty or what it like there. He goes through, like maybe silver streak in at the end of it. So it's really richard from the birth threw him become enriched, prior and then once he kind of levels off and he's just doing movies for money? He don't do that yeah! That's what the script is, though the script descriptive we have is sorta like that. I read prior convictions. Yeah. I got that that's his book yeah, it's gonna we're just written like a ten year old road it there
I convert yeah, so it's almost sort of childlike in his you know in the way he yeah sort of receives as passive kind of a beautiful, both books. You gotta read that scots all book it'll give you some back. You know that baxter year now, when you ok, so So what was the audition process? New marlin? Okay, now are you not? I mean you know, it is. What it is is the business yeah. You know I actually did a cameo in marlins meet new movie that it just done so so you're all right, We, gentlemen about it, and what? What? What your audition process. Would you have to do. I mean you know. I think I think I was picked player to bribe. I really believe in real life dead. You know you have people that
real reincarnated do other people in some some ways. I can never ever claim to be as great as that man, but I think that My life has been parallel two years and many many ways with the drugs and in our being in the streets you now. Maria and I think a lot of the comic system they just haven't been to what I've been through. So what was your experience with drugs? that's a selling them dangerous. I've done everything. Sheer mere yeah. I've been an attic still an attic. Mere you know, but though where I get a managed to tape raw full year when you're drug everything we do not yet.
I'm just no! We now yeah. I do a lot of coke or get up not to talk about may it most of the movies. You see me and I was high and really there I might be one all the actors. I could do that and still be animal act here and you wouldn't know it at the time I can't imagine I can. I look at me- doing stand up on coke and it's not good. I mean richard could do it, but I am one of those guys. My eyes go lies. guiding our mouse to now mine. My mouth doesn't move yours now see you, you can hold it! I'm crazy! Fuck though, yet craig, What are you going to do for the prior row? You're going to use you can do now? No, no, no, no, no, no does that have to do that? No more! I'm pass that you like it to do it? Yeah, I'm an actor
and I'm good at what I do and we did make some shift. You know like I I saw I watch the bessie and you were real sweeten that man I mean that was some real acting. Thank you man, and what? Where did you like? What is the process from YO? No one had, big and funny to sort of win. What was the first movie, you did where you like. You challenge yourself to to not do that, and it was okay. It was a movie called sparkle, a deal with whitney houston and it was actually the movie she died in so, but that was the first time I've ever done a role that was really light. to play the series movie. What was it like working with her? There was great when you use them was such a great artist and again she see unites us. some of the best some of the greatest artists in the world, the trouble man, I know
Just can't, there's no way around, like it's almost like does their sacrifice. Yet what it said. What you were saying before that you know when you realize your talent, you, I think some people avoid their talents so that their done kill him in a weird way. you know you're not a mean like to really embrace your talent and what that means. Sometimes it's it's a hard thing to harbour road. It is man as she died during that movie the really, did the movie come out now she died after the allowing out there. Did you guys become friends? Did you did you feel that she was in trouble? yeah. I was doing my shit yeah. We connected. We definitely connected. Ah. You know I think she's one of the women that like real things, she likes real people and I do too so yeah. But she, the great person, man, great artists, great person,
one day I was on the set. Our passer trailer and Michael Jackson was plain and she was in their singing widow like him in her, was in their trailer while scraping so he did sparkle. And that made you know that you could do it. A lot of the roles, though I did movie I've done was. Would then diesel called strays mia then data wasn't a star. I wouldn't go and shit. think the budget on a movie with Hannah greater, but that was a straight role here and you daddy now they killed it. And that is that movie out there you can you see it yeah? You can find it on. You know it's! So it's so bizarre me they're, like so many of these are these roles. driver criminal. He gave to do this
visas are done and done it. I was in bernie max last moon before he died, so man him in my eyes, acadia so little standing out, what those guys and then they went away now, both of em bernie wisdom he's great. He was a base. Did you like what that guy I'll give you motherfucker The real yeah was you know, and as the bang You gotta be real air wake. I stand up. Are you doing Talking about my baby, mama's talkin about obama, talk about everybody, MIA talk about low, but everything tat about myself has the draw now he's gonna take its good. You know, twenty five hundred people, that's good, that's it! That's it! That's the max in the big cities are well. I can do I could do up to ice. The do I said
Given our numbers years ago, when I went up when I, it's got a gone you to do. Fourteen fifteen thousand people it's hard to hold data. Guess it can't hold a shift. So your folks do around yeah how they feel about you. They love in it. Yeah they love it. They they they love it. They must be happy that you made it out the shit yeah. You know. That's the thing. My mother and father there like. it so hard for them to give me a compliment because they know who the hell I'll write. You know. I do it's like why, That is also our praise. You and I know who you really are like: don't they think that you'd you? They don't think you changed your you, don't think you change. still see that you're out think I was a favorite. It's like we're in trouble ikea can't start kissing and gas s because he become successful
when he was never my favorite yeah we're both of em they're, very late. If I think date they would They had a choice. They would one on one of my other brothers to be in my position. Not me that's can hardly always been a rebellious parson man. I've always been radical crazy. Rebellious, but they buy the decency. Their proudly air, proud, Is there a little withholding like you're going to get in trouble? Yeah, there's only a matter of time. They've been waiting on that shit for twenty years now so that to them you can forget. It asked we get trouble every now and again now, I'm on for bullshit, but not the serious work.
Nothing I mean you know like they like to sit in phoenix. I mean you know so that wasn't even you that was just a bad crowd. Ok, well guess what my name was all over. The internet then put nobody, they didn't put the victim's name, they didn't put nobody's in an audience name, they say my caps, it's so it's so fucked up dude. I looked at that thing- my thoughts like a duchess, the bad needed, a common. Why would you put my name any one? they want is. It was at my shell out some guy snapped, but they have used to happen, but you know that she used to happen all the time before this fuckin internet. Then we stephanie. What that tissues comedy just grab some guy get it would someone take care, this shit where's the bouncer, and that was it, but can't do anything within ashley try to kick him out and nodded level before the shop, but or you, gotta jumped off all right. You're like local cool enjoy near, but he started
person with someone in the audience that guy he's a chip on his shoulder turned into one one thing led to the next and then you just see if you travel with a lot of guys, one guy near step and now he didn't have nothing to do with it. But like is he there just sort of like make sure you don't get fucking the the the club security? That's their job right. You know, I can't stand on stage and protect myself to survive. in horrible them. Nor even oh yeah rested his latest, never know where you yeah, you don't know who's coming in the club. They never and calmly clothes. They dont pat people. Now they don't give breath lazarus they sit down and eat, you know be who they are, but a good comedy. About your nose on some it's fucked up, they'll. Tell you like that. Dude, you know? You know it too? You know, look at an and you get a feel for when the openers on your like that table, that's going to be a problem. and I go to our task
and you know what I usually do. I'm like a guy you. It might look what alive his point net It's me my show yeah what the fuck are. They don't know man. They did like. I taped especial in chicago, and someone woman's like that I take a picture with in the middle, yet in the middle of the unlike, would have little bitch. What what do you think is going on here says not that the alcohol as all alcohol there just like all fucked up emergency in Eurasia here and there Looking to hearing, I just mean that guy and I'm just gonna- do this now you're about nine the unbearable. So what is this? The show survival survival remorse. Survivors moors. Yes, a show that executive does bond james and locally based offer he'll him in his frame maverick but on stars. It's good champlain, oncogene, nice.
The play cousin down a all the time and is a good show. You know because it touches on on its own. An athlete via an it. It touches on the things that athletes go through. right in a colleague of ours amours, because that's what it is like it's about, a guy who survived he's remorseful for people who did not survive around them. What survived, what three to bring whatever every year. Whatever was fortunate for here right right now that he's successful, yeah there's this bag. Franz and yet you know like Just talking about yeah, that's a real man. Do you have it yeah I guess I was a more subtle people. Come at me down the monies shit man I'm like. Do if I give you all my money, I'll have shit, you know toby wilds. I'm like My my brothers at am. I do
I told you? Yes, a hundred times and on a hundred and first time I said, no, you got mad fuck you in a slight shit, your folks, they ask you for money. My mother well yeah yeah. I don't. I don't feel too bad about giving them land. Now you gotta give them money right. Mom. I give her money all the time yeah. The only sad thing about that is they they take my money and give it to the people, the other siblings yeah. So it's like when I leave my brother's pull up, cause they know. I gave my mom something well, what kind of business as they are they are they doing all right, then not yeah yeah, live here? They would still in the app was there with her. Oh really see your folks together, then mother, more than five minutes to get near you talk your old man yeah. I had them all the time.
If you have someone like him, I can't deal with him all. The time. We'd like two people talking to herself is hard right. When you see like cause, there's that party, the things that you get pissed off at them about your eyes, me as you- and he does, I said to me- am I do Don't get mad at you, so they survive. So thirty thought stars right, isn't stars and authority been running. a few episode and people really liked the shaggy man, because its we John a lot of stuff mia sex related? money wise. violence. Everything is an issue to some degree, but it's a comedy heavier. In a situation when a comedy club where there was real like real violence, real threat yeah this past, when I was in phoenix it was that was pretty rough. It got pretty ugly. I didn't watch a video yeah, but there was no guns, no
Well, that's good! Now I never been in a comedy club and he got shot up yeah that yeah alright. So when did the ones that pryor movie stars Should we go on pre reduction in january and then we start feminine april and how many years of his life is again a span of think we start off as key it we in a little bit after the fire. So you're gonna have to a lot of haircuts. I dunno. How are we going to do this, but I have a stunt man, yeah yeah, so you're going to go through the fire you're going to go through shooting up the car yeah you're going to go. while those bits all those wives year go through the first wife. You know you got the one wife which deprived juniors mother.
Jimmy deck. I reach guy yeah yeah. I know him back at the comedy store the right yeah. Here, our really deal with kids too much because they died bias about who should play a I'm like. I had to tell him at the time. I'm just an actor for hire yet personally, embedded in your family is rain admitted in touch with you not in a good way. You know man, it gets touchy man, you know with that. I I'm just an actor for hire, I don't write, but they also have their own relationship to this father that might have abandoned them or they didn't have a relationship with all that shit. So what do you get now? in your mind, like you, maybe you read the scott saw book, but what are you going to do? How do you prepare like? How do you start this fucking thing where you know The beauty of it is that, after the mid west he's found a mid west, there are been crab. Ass has been around holes in camps in here.
Not gonna be a heart stretch. For me: of the world to know the world now what people are back- and I have no control over, of course, but not dare to do an impression of rich brown doin my gaps as rich prior interpreting? Yes, we do do you done away with jamie deal would re. Yet I was tricky cause very easy to do a caricature, but I want to do and imitate well. No, I I think that like he, he of course you don't want to in this vein. I want a yell appear that were either. Work is re with that with the sunglass it in thing else, and we need to be very easy to make that impression, but he put that emotional depth in there. but you can do a little work on trying to get there. The delivery and shit I got it. I got the diction in wishing to those records You now have to embody him near.
The great thing is I've always been a fan, so it's not like I'm tap. into somebody that I don't know right. This is somebody that I've studied for years. Yeah. Do you remember the first time he saw the first? if your prior movie live in concert like how old are you I'm forty five, so you'd probably like, I said in high school, and I was like what fuck yeah I had a life changing yeah. I you know was really crazy. Is that eddie murphy was really really from my air, the that was the guy. murphy was mire raw, and Larry. I love you but richer. Prior. was someone that I also knew about three. Did you go through eddied in danger I liked it at all. I know about richard before any right, bade him watch It was a generation right now. Eddie was margin the race yea. He was so fuckin funny man, he was crazy. Do you know him yeah? You guys are like
we are friends. As you talk to you about richard is he's gonna play just father and movie really buck. Yeah luck was fuckin hard, do as a serious role yeah. I think eighty can do. Of course you can. Good actor. He is a good actor. Yes, we want to be funny right now. What do you think eating? Do you think that one day he's just going to come out and be really fucking? Funny again I dunno hard to do cause. I talked to somebody to talk to Arsenio said they hang out and they write jokes. All the fucking time yeah stand up is is once you leave that shit get to his position. You don't want to do this again, as is so personal man stand in front of people and shit. Really, you think that's it yeah. It gets too, First notes gets like okay, and I guess once your life gets that large, where nobody can relate to it. Yeah, how you gonna talk about it, yeah I'll, have shit to say
what you would do to the audience where you going to get up on stage and go at my ferrari's in the shop again, some bullshit served by sitting out there with the stand She is here in the EU target, but your rich problem it doesn't farewell, does it doesn't? Who else it in a movie uproar freeze, plan the grandmother? Ah, she was Well, that's another hard role. She was running the whorehouse yeah. That's big cast yeah man? Have you guys started reading or anything doing anything making deals? Oh, that's it still! Negotiating and you're just doing stand up in uncle buck and uncle book for what network a b c does it look good? Is it funny yeah? Well, you know for whatever it's worth, I can't really be MIKE epps the way I want to be my gaps, but I could still be. I guess I mean you know which did this is for children we
we do in everything you want to do is or something you want to do. What's what do you really want to do any plan richer prior? That seems like a top of the hill, the us, it and after I do that, I'm done. I mean I say I'm done is hey. I did it right, but you can Yeah you go. I relatives in new money. I've gotta keep of these ass, any kids here and you just keep doing stand up yeah yeah, stand up. I got to say oh, come on out on netflix god don't take a personal, the decent rating and that's that's your swan song. That's it the end of a standoff right now you know that's I did it. Do you ever think about produce singer do anything on that in yeah, I've been producing a couple of things. You know. I got a couple of films, I'm trying to produce right now, and I got a movie called nozzle, mister, nice guy, that I'm dawn yeah yeah and that's something he wrote. He wrote
but those pry styrene, after which a price be ever taken too a little more right, yeah and what about music dude I did a little music here and there it just for fun. You know yeah. It was like, I think, every artist at some point starts. They start flirting with music dora muse that's all about music. These days yeah I have even here. It's that's a rather be doing all music. I think murphy to already Why memory thanks noticing it? I did some reggae song spreading a really elite yeah. What is that like? I play guitar too, but I wouldn't know what the hell the deal with it. I think they're, just both of them complements each other music people, music, wanna, be fighting and people are fighting on the music. I think that's true
how many, how held zero this kid? Twenty two? What's he doing she daughter she's working, she does make up oh yeah and you go along with our all of that's good. I haven't always, but you know the kid parent relationships tricky right: yeah they heal yeah. You think you're, a better parent than your parents, doubt it. I don't think none of us will see it and where are you going to stand up for where you going next stand up records university? I do colleges record in new jersey to my brought. My father went there if you do colleges, sometimes aren't they hard nah. The kids wanted it. They just want you to talk about people, oh yeah yeah. They don't go, but you gotta keep it level right, gotta, keep it clean
not really not really yeah, I mean c'mon man, all the naked women and shit on instagram, and I gotta go off on some students and talk claim. Please do they tell you that, though, as some cowardice, they try to tell you this shit, but I still curse. She had kids want to hear dirty shit. They don't want in riot clean shit. Yeah, that's true! You ever get any flags really now everybody guitar, my men. I love you more. I've been a big fan of yours man before I knew you before you for a match Do you feel ok about? We did you hail year? You guys you I tell the people here until all of fans. Thank you for supporting me. And all the ladys it ain't you beauty, issue, bully Anna keeps a poor mamma mark. I've seen it looking at obama's cup. They'll go by
He had obama in this came believe it is crazy air. Yet do vanity. Madame Yemen, one time, whereas at the white house you over there Then there was therefore they asked me for my the thirty times before I got to them. Do fuck em warrant. Would it came up by now it? Yet why are you? at the white. my wife has gone over there for some shit. You don't remember Why you were at the white house Some shit down thrill me, ah here, just something you gotta do yeah was he did you have a moment with him? Was he nice guy and shook his hand? He said he liked survivor's remorse, okay, so as recently yeah alright! Well, that's enough ray Everybody will elaborate everything. Thank you mark. a gay man, women
children whoever's in the car. That's it My conversations with my gives please go to dvd pod dot com brian. thea pod need My dreaming am I gonna wake up in a way, as this whole thing than a fuckin dream hurts beyond my high to physical hoodie scientists sinus,
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