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Episode 647 - Mikal Cronin / Patrick Stickles

2015-10-18 | 🔗
A garage is a pretty comfortable place for Mikal Cronin. He’s been making rock music with his buddies since high school, especially with his longtime friend and collaborator Ty Segall. As he tells Marc, it’s always been a DIY affair. Plus, Patrick Stickles from Titus Andronicus returns to get Marc up to speed on his new rock opera.

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All right. Let's do this! How are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the fuck him years, what the fuck's there's how's it going? this. Mark mare- and this is deputy as this is my pod guess- work into the show hope, you're doing well. Hope What are you doing? Well, globally? I obey my foot around the world are doing well. Everyone is listening this all of these different countries. I just got back from, australia this morning and I'm out of my fucking mind. I was only there long enough just almost to adjust to the difference in time, which is why, like fifteen sixteen hours ahead, of where I am now so I flew back in time this morning. and I'm fucking. Out of my mind, by I'd, be asked where the given, panic and fear And everything else I
and I mean this. I had some of the best shows of my life in australia. This last trip I don't know what it was maybe had something to do with the jet lag. I don't love, you know how I work, but I flew out there I and I yeah right when I got there. But later that day I went did television. I slept like three hours and then night that Wednesday I am melbourne. I got to do the project live, which is a panel show, so I get there. I'm like a fragmented on sweep aid to a cadbury dairy milk bar amazing british chocolate. I believe it is a had a bunch of coffee. All the coffee, there's espresso based there's, no just regular drip coffee side. myself up with sugar and capping, and I went on tv in melbourne, australia killed it announced at about myself much, but it was good. So I went back, crashed out and then the next morning we would you sidney after I didn't know
tv show in australia morning, programme to anchors man and woman that, when pretty good got on a plane for sidney got there, not all this candy in the fuckin many bars. I just went to sleep, for three hours ate a giant piece of chocolate with marshmallows and then some other chocolate then drink a bunch of costs. And I had it over the state theatre in sydney nervous, because As you know, I got a little anxious about the trip because I didn't know we were selling tickets and there were some panic. Apparently, everyone who likes me in australia bought their tickets immediately months ago, and then very few people bought them after that. But the fact of the matter is, I got there got does Michael hang guy opening for me, did a great job, the state, theatres and amazing things when the most beautiful theatres regime really in sydney, and holy shit theirs. Eleven hundred people there, which is fine. Even if the play seats more it was fine and they were into it and I I don't know
jet lag or what? But I didn't. I rambled through, I will have you get Marcel myself more credit. I professionally rambled through. Two hours and change. Do you and I, in the middle, for no fuckin reason just feel in it out the on that lag. The thing about jet lag. you feel its common. If the only feel hung over, but then you when you feel that night yeah, I know I don't drink, it's like being hungover with having nothing fun to regret it. It's just the travel and you fucked up and you're kind of queasy in your brain's, not quite fucking, working by did like two hours in ten minutes, and it was, it was fun and the audience was great. It was a great show we was one of the better shows ever done next day. We fly back to melbourne. I go to sleep again, each more chocolate drink. Some coffee and then I go to the ballet theatre right by the water it's day kind of smelly old theatre. It's pretty.
Stunning now, but it's it's dark. It's got. Thou haunted, vibe, sort of like yeah, there's a lot of stuff that one on here and I know it you got, but we're a mortal exhausted is a structure and yeah that's I'd say that I felt that there was you. Do you turn the lights on? That goes like my. What what's happening now again? What is this I am as it music or some needy guy. My open Edmunds did great and I got out there and I was kind of I produce dont, do it, this old house structure with about twelve hundred people in it plenty of room. I began look at a disorder and experimental our peace, exploring the empty space of theater, but it didn't matter they both those leaders were so hot and the crowd were oh good, I did in the sky only way there and sixty five and I did another to our show, but this one was pretty fuckin tight and it was really one the best shows ever did. My life was very exciting than the next day flight, a bridge
in which I was nervous about as it were, the shy must cancel because the tickets were selling soldier three. Fifty three, seventy five! and then they found a room in the same structure its in the actual city hall of brisbane to have doing these two huge theatres and really just putting on big shows for me all of a. I was in this intimate space and I stripped bear the jet lag and rip me open, and the show read me open, as it was almost too fragile in some ways to do the show, but it made show even more exciting, more interesting and a melba oh, who open for me, was hilarious and wages. in his conference room in city hall. It was all good and I have to tell you, Australia. I apologize and I have to tell the people that are listening. I had no time to do fucking anything that sightsee or nothing just eat food, eat, chocolate, drink, coffee, sweeper radically and do shows three days. I was in fucking australia, it's a hell of a trip for three days, but it was great and why, thanks
people of australia and thank everybody for for the amazing momentum. We move towards australia. I wish I'd a longer because the other about jet It is now just seems like a fuckin tree mount, even if I was very just feel like you're moving through waking consciousness, mean that you have just a little bit control over? But the your brain is still firing like yours sweep, so everything just sort of fades quickly and very we're in Austria there's there's a lot of people have different kinds of people, but there is also there seems to be this large tribe of spiky haired. Alpha males who seem preoccupied with various types of football playing me. I'm projecting, but they all look kind of similar. They all look like they they're on a mostly protein diet and would probably smile why they hit your face, but I maybe I'm projecting
Thank you. Australia is what I'm trying to say noack today on the show. I've got the the ah, the I a guy. I really like a lot of his music. Michael Cronin will be here, a play, a song and then my buddy Patrick stickles, from Titus Andronicus just happened to be down the street and I snagged him It's going to happen in a minute here, quick. We, let's start doing this We're we're heading into the worn michael's episode it's in the future a bit, but we're heading into it more going back to the history of the show to test here from guess, said that no lorn and you get a real sense of how lorn has loomed over so much of what we do as comedian any worms large my mind. I don't know how much had to do with what I do, but it certainly been an obsession of might so. We ve been sort of kind of going through the back episodes to sir, to get these more stories, and there is a lot of em there's like three or four especially
those are just lauren stories if we really want to do it, but as we had into my experience, my new sperience will lorn Michael's. I want to play this clip. This is two thousand eleven. This is from episode. One sixty four. It was alive, show from brooklyn at the bell house, included bill, haider and fred armies, and how often do you have It was lord, like one every I must ask you really enron- use variants in his very cash already how paranoid I am. I and I had one meeting with him when, like ninety five or somethin, and it didn't go well and like? I think he brought me and was one I was starting downtown and like the first thing he said to me was like I don't know what you think you're doing down there below fourteenth street, but it doesn't matter it didn't matter did not around and but this
no fucking nuts. I have it and how self important I am is right. The wall street journal wrote up this show and- and I told I told the interviewer who is, it's me about Luna and and and you guys were coming on and then I told them about the snl story, and I told them that story, because he was asking me about alternative comedy and I I called him back and I said: look Could you pull the morn thing out, because I don't want him to see and then saying in and keep bread and bill late I thought you nor Michael's was going to see that story and say you guys aren't going, we are not going to the fable, no beauty. Well, that's crazy! That's a good move! That is, that is a good move. He did the right thing to do the right thing now, yeah, I mean there's certain things like he'll laugh really hard at. Like we ain't wake will forte. It angry and scared along. I would really are whales,
forget random eu agenda like that's. If airlines to inspire the priorities are laughing, you will see it on the horizon, which does that make everybody built like does. It is welcome that got book and made the king. What are you doing here Sometimes you know, activists baked was laugh yeah, that's a point after read through it or you're, doing something you look up and he's not laughing and you're like ooh yeah per se as he ever given you any weird notes likelihood that just made you go: oh okay! Sometimes you have to like think like what. What does he mean by that? Is that kind of thing but there was concern us they'll, do weird psych out think not weird sight, but he'll think being honest, but it becomes a site like the very first vincent price we did up and he was lake- is it bans plan addresses vincent pricing? and their might really nervous some kind of like my fifth showers, something came up. Music are like this, but why
now with this. Why did you say her? Mother? All I really like to know is good. I like it, I mean yeah man, seated has had the zap on my head for a long time and, and we're hear where we stand, him and I now and what what gets, what guess? Hashed out soon, my friends, I let's talk tickles Patrick tickles, patrick It goes is the front man of Titus Andronicus, you you might have heard him here on episode for sixty two was one of maya when my favorites, the guy his mind is on fire. He's got a brain. On fire all the time. I like guys like that. And here's what happened he's got this. This this amazing new, double triple record out? It comes with three vinyl discs. Full too
lynch vinyl one. You gotta play. Forty five keeps you on your toes, but it's a rock opera and we had talked about him doing this rock opera when he was on a couple of years ago, and I just liked his records. I don't even know where I got his records to monitor and local business and I and I just felt that meant it man. Isn't he means it he's he's? You know he's at the play, rock and roll to live mentally and physically It doesn't get out of them. Role in trouble So I really I mean I liked his drive and I was I was excited em on the show. So here's what happens he gave me the test. Pressing of this vinyl. When I did my showed bam and broken, he came back stage is going to come to the show, but but you got there, an hour and a half two hours late, but he brought me these test pressings and he gave them to me as a gift which was great, but I got the vinyl. I got the city of the most lamentable tragedy. That's the name of the the rock opera from Titus Andronicus,
their first album on merge records. You can get it at merge records, dot com, slash shop and use the promo code wtf at checkout to get twenty percent off all music and merch. Also, you can hear my full episode with patrick and, as I told you before, it was episode. Four, sixty two and you can get that on how premium so Patrick, take is in town, tells me coming to town when at the rocks, you can't make it that day I'm driving down york boulevard in my neighborhood and out. And permanent records. I see a bearded sickles just Now talking to people like what the fuck, I knew count. I know he's doing it in store permanent, but they just done pull over, and I see him he's just on fire the duties just like mentally on fire. And for the spirit of rock and roll and trying to crunched thea the big existential numbers in his head at all times, so I said: hey man, come over to morrow hang out and the mike forbid these like yeah. So this is a
a sort of impromptu conversation with patrick sickles from Titus Andronicus anyhow just informed me that his his new music video is going too far to be preparing. I believe today Titus, andronicus dot, net right, ok, I'm telling you that now and now, you're gonna hear me talk to stickers. Fuck is at ashtray agonized, others asheville, I just I thank everybody for tune in to what the fuck with me or host patrick stickers come in from the there. I said you all have imagined so many times I'll. Let you know that it is real. It's a real player. So what's goin on is just works. Shit out
Let me tell you driving around his neighborhood big trailers. Tough, can I tell you folks sure scared myself a few times trying to park that thing on those hills around my today as mark merit You may know him from doktor cats, professional therapist he did it Patrick. hello, hello here in the garage again what it, what an honour to be back here for your work- and I am sorry that I miss the fuckin- show that so that was vengeance for me missing your show at the verbatim geo up a very excited and yet late, and you media. What was at the test pressing afraid of the of the masterpiece of them? your work. If you want to call it that yet let me look this thing. Man, the most women, we'll tragedy, a three album rock opera, yes
though, to to be fair to your listeners, one of those l, peas and a joint venture. Forty five, I ain't it forces you to listen in order. I noticed that today that's right well and not in the order that example, we would thank you. I am trying to make a more active listening experience, rather than the whole period on make dinner. Sure does more active me like not fuck weight, so this isn't the I well ok, so I guess I put this one on well there it is. Is China people on their toes. Basically, and are you listen to the first? Lp is Jeff two sides at thirty three Third, the outer a normal, and then I go to reach for the first sight of the next desk. If you don't you If the speeds the track will be playing a lot slower, and this is one of the ways that we indicate that we've entered into a dream sequence, because it's like an altered reality is that forty five supposed to be an altered reality. That is that's a dream sequence. Yes, that's the one with the you know, my father's brothers, that's right! That's the that's! The the ancestor
of the main character like his great great grandfather sunday, who is the original person in his family to emigrants to america from from the old, country, which all countries any his ireland yeah, but it could be it mostly any country. Any country where you know dreams have been dashed and where you know you're happy future seems impossible. It seems after all I talk to you asked that tell you can do a lot of your own shit and this record. Yes, I mean it, it's true. The journey through through medication, and through the mouth down through owning your your brain, owning yourself and for fur. Better for worse and more aid warning, people of the possibilities of personnel The trouble is tat, the eye they write and when I tol- and I told you all these things the first time I didn't realize that you
discuss these same things around in your own words, yeah yeah, it was pretty ignorant coming into the whole thing. Aside from the dog two cats episode, which I enjoyed very much yeah. Well now, yet we talk about that should allow, but I mean I remember, because the last summer doctor, you're kind of fresh out of the fucking whirlpool, yeah fresh out of the the I thought, so I thought I was out of the whirlpool. I thought I was on the other side of sub them and they were like no medicine guy, I'm just going to smoke some weed yeah well, I was on. I was back in a doctor's care about a month later I saw the fair it is and what happened Well, you know, I guess could say that. my well, my dear some of those decisions were probably a little bit selfish. Now I may be. A lot of them came from a genuine place of whatever area, concern or self preservation area. You know a desired her out to do
not eating? I wish my artists artistic tenancy ride over and to feel alive yeah, but this is one of the morals of Iraq or we just talked about. You know that we are all valid things but ultimately debts. business in your still accountable for the decisions that you make and how they are genuinely? Yes, exec right. You know it's not even though I'm fighting my own personal little war against myself, the alive my dear shouldn't, be so many casualties in the house draw a god. Inevitably there are boy journalism, People do not even really I'm from a very lucky guy pull, and I know that I you know hey we're everybody! Everybody there is heard this this tale before the tune, and hence it is program, you now and would be just
but I dunno you around, but the thing is angry. Angry man style, you know, but I've heard that you may have heard the tale before. But like the thing, that's great about the record and about how you deal with it is that this is. The struggle is definitely on this record and in the in the songs themselves, you read the lyrics because there's a fucking, if you get the vinyl, it's a beautiful, a beautiful bit of business. drew bulgaria for designed by the great artists, nolan straws, yet to more maryland, it's great former singer. The great ban doubled dagger. Here we are now in the greatest of all time and place in a really good, some beer now called pure junk no one's straw to my hat and a beautiful lay out did as some beautiful art in all the lyrics you're here. Why did the lettering for the lyrics not to break, and also you did the lettering for your famous a logo? I guess to that now you no! No! No,
I didn't design that logo either. That was our former keyboard. Is david robins, whatever that guy with the aim of avoiding the following burned him burned a man, s likely, and he was you know he was like he was a. in the fall guy. He was like a a beautiful soul yeah. So in a lot of ways who sensitive for the stickles mammy, maybe I dunno. If it was, I mean I was I I contributed to it, but it's the it's the life. You know, I don't necessarily make the life easier on people, but I'd like to I don't know man. I think that if you like them the records doing while the responses good right, so I mean I think that a lot of people identify with the with the struggle and with their. The drugs with the your wine to be yourself with the you not going to be on drugs with the thinking can manage your own shit and then sort of drifting in at sea and in kind of that, come in through a bit on the other side. He seem ok today, yeah. Well,
I want to. I am in a much better place than when we first met madison medicines. Yes, for medicine, I take one hundred milligrams of lamictal a day. and I I've got the the client and as needed reactor as neither their very elastic termite at the slippery slope. Overtake line ok and take you in your anxious. Well, all right! So nine am let's go on lending funk and anchor like as I like the whig over on the been yeah. Well, I mean a gaia in those, though is well, I know we will make that. What is it that the that are anticonvulsant right so as oregon a lot of my life convulsing? So I still, I still do my fair share. You do a lot of it. Onstage yo! Thank god. I try to keep it up there as much as I saw. The live mic does not going to bring the polls together. It's just going to try to level the high. So when they get too out of control, you knock it down with the klonopin, I suppose
so. I guess yeah that that would be the planned right. I suppose the choice other than that is is is with them, which will suck the balls right at you. Re arrive. You know what you're Thompson's work. The guitar I've ever I've heard of ammunition, but I haven't done all the homework yet well. It's alright he's a good guitar player, but I ran into him in ireland and I'd interviewed him and I was backstage talking to him and I told him that I smoked a cigarette with Keith richards and then I said to of gave us a bad influence on me and richard Thompson says usable Influence on everyone your rock n roll euro. I wonder if, if the choice is that I would have made had I not studied his life as much as I have the past few years, who keith key Yeah! Oh really I mean keys ridge, like if he had on the things that he has done and not the rocker genius pard right leg work. Let me know
You know what I'm saying like air like he liked Keith riches or neil younger somebody can make lots of sorts decision. Yeah and come out on the other side. Look like they were right right by it then again, they also, you know, wrote jumpin jack flash via whatnot down by the river yeah and they're. So they can. They can mostly back of like history is going to forgive a lot of the things that they did and maybe yeah that's right. This feed their myth, vienna. there was kind and narrowly what's his famous thing. I never had a drug problem, those the cops that at a problem, my drug shoved. Then I will now he says that the entire drug experience was experimentation. Pretty honest about it. He knows he's lucky to be alive and he saw a lot of people die and I think right now, oh Keith is just trying to make people realize that whatever they think he is that's about a thirty year old story The matter is here, is a seventeen year old due to seventy two year old dude with grand kids in still alive and making music as
as long as we're talking about him and I have this platform, but I just want to say real fast at his daughter, Alex Andrew rich area, she and I have the same birthday: ok July, twenty eightth, okay, I was nineteen eighty five. She was nineteen eighty six and I just want to also say that she was photographed in the pages of self magazine holding that It is in your his record. Local business. and that may have just been because it was a red vinyl, prop dan again, maybe not same birthday bia, I don't know I can find out. If you like you, I would appreciate you want, and I mean I well, I got an I really. I want her to like us. Ok, One of you want is everyone will know. I got it. I am again up here and I'm just saying to the world. There is, if there's like theirs, connection here. Folks like there is, there is the will of the universe.
yeah, I to make itself known the same birthday and the video fur trouble from cross. I had heart that de on July, twenty seventh, okay, there may be Keith didn't know. Maybe that was intended as a present for his daughter, but that was my thirty of birthday present She knew Keith richards video anyway. keys, hands skull and just like they should like. Oh man, I was birthday, you know, but I'm just saying I guess I'll just come right as it is you gotta, like visualize what you want right now make like your vision, chart one. I feel like the eggs. As if, why knows and Keith we're gonna go play some shows. He said He said that the problem be some expensive, winnows show here and what a great Steve Jordan. We have anyway. I really think that if the
shows do happen that Titus Andronicus should be the opening act. Ok is pointed out that out of their alexandra richards and I have the same birthday. No, the out there is studied as much as I have in our little field anyway, maybe like some much older guys we're come on come on come on you: throw bachelor phones, do it. Man like you, would think I was cool ethic would marry her mind and alexander this birthday thing you already held the record, let's go and let's make this happen. Like connecticut, is pretty close to new york city I swear we, Libya, whenever fucked issue They will come over the house jam, the intervene I leave when jan because you sit around smoke cigarette you you guys were, I think you guys would get along. He likes to talk smart guy you're, going to talk your smart guy. Well, maybe I should talk less, listen, more
Really, maybe that's part. Is that going to be the new stickles? Well, no cause they're way down. I will be out of a job yeah. We will you do both of them bear city scenes How ya? How do you do? I just force myself to shut up hard. It's hard. It took a long time of of talking to people in realising that I didn't need to fuckin talk. You know sometimes, like I just don't talk, well yeah like yeah. Just what you said. You don't have to always fill the void. Well, yeah, it's hard, though man, it's very, it's shall wait. So play the Roxy senior said comin in that you know that day. You get the same number of people that burst did have you was it were that, except for further accept further the vip ip section. Our vip section was was baron several, maybe like two people who had a whole bunch of elbow room, but then the dance floor, but that's a testament to perhaps
and you know at that point in your life, where it's just real rock and roll in the the ips are not that will be nice, they're, not happy. If they have. While I mean the vi ps, maybe they can just skip it. Yeah vips man. Would it make you feel better refer? If ireland was in the corner. Our lend me a different sort of me. I did hear a year anyway. I die active ramp up. Like you know, I don't know made. I guess I wouldn't mind we have some like network executive or sub, there do came to came to the show and gave me the same deal. You guys sure I wouldn't mind that if they want to have they wanna put me tv here in the movies use of the lake and stand back there, but you wouldn't be in the movies now out. Not really, but I met it says. Well, let me This way here, last night at the roxy theatre, quite a big fan of bridge springsteen. Ok I'll, admit it, I'm from new jersey just like he is he
very legendary cancer recording from roxy, J, ai, seven nineteen, seventy eight it was the source of most of the first disk of his live. Ninety. Seventy five eighty five box said So that was what we were planned over the p last night between the bands baked from brooklyn and by the banks from north carolina. I beheld she made a mention these great artists. Anyway and at the beginning of the concert, Bruce gets out there and says something like I know a lot of people waited a long time online to get tickets for the show a lot of people didn't get in. I don't play Private parties anymore you're only play my own parties. Now, let's rock said, that's that's that's what it is you know like in it. I can these these vips or whoever these culture all taste makers. You know these people that have got the keys that have got access to the apparatus in industry
you know? There's! That's that's just the present company secluded. Obviously, that's like a means to an end. You know I'm saying to reach the people that are going to fill up the dance floor right. You know cause vips, you know. Maybe you know we might have been the hottest. Take it in town last night, probably not think cartier wedged or somebody was in town who I am I very much too, but you know if every all those people were say, and I need to be in there tonight, because this is the hottest ticket in town. While you know where these people gonna be in two years, it's, not a hot is taken in town sad and how much more important to foster and nurture the connection with the people who yeah yeah. We have a real J, a connection to the art and and and are concerned with the status that comes along with it and if they are trying to be part of any scene is just seen around the bend
in august this year you two full communal, the whole rock and roll thing, everybody together as a little fan for one night and a little temporary autonomous zone task, tat year. How can convey, as I that's pretty good at that son, such a bad, acronym, yeah, I know it's it's a real act. There's some, I wrote. There's a book autonomy media put out by gaining hakim bay, called the tears tomorrow. autonomous own god, I might even have already met and talking about it for years. I don't even know where it came from Y know. I didn't make up that phrase yeah my I'll show you but, like I said I might have its does an important concept right now in the in the movement, to make the rock and roll slashed seen less violent and more inclusive, to people. You know who maybe can't or don't want to participate in those kinds of like macho right.
Beat the shit out of everybody here, an hour yeah caters of bloody I mean you know even it's not even if people aren't, breaking their knows, every single, my good sir, and so called punk bad day. It still has often been the case. Dad. You know a show will begin in the front. Row will be a lot of people that I am really very interested in sharing my c average feelings were not that I am trying to like plays super favorites I mean I am but like but meeker people, Who are you who I know are probably there? who you know to be like fishing. Not oh, you know what I'm saying I wanna be. You know at the front. the stage to do to feel what its about a struggle dude yeah yeah, but then you know a lot of times. You know
they'll, be there and they'll be singing along for some kind of sensitive pensive opener and some then, and I'm like wow. This is the life man like, I feel so, there's so much mutual validation going on. I feel so safe and loved and they feel the same. I know I want to three for buying into some giant head in thirty seconds. It's a bad result: shortlist, frat boy, another against those people. You know cause I've. I may not have been in a fraternity, but I've been like definitely a dumb punk ro we had like made the scene less inclusive. Just by you know, they are thinking that armed is gone wild and this is due to the war ago, and that fine you know like, but instead send their questions of affirmative consent insanity. I any action and be taken for granted that if you step onto the dance floor, add upon show or if you are in the front row you wanna be by the ample fires or whatever you want to be freed up
really the time all, not that's, not designing, unto gay ticket pommel algeria, clobbered, but don t. You yeah you're such a fan of bruce because- and I dunno- if we talked about this the last time, but there there's always you really good at knocking out the anthems building up the build build. It up the pace right, getting it going I like kids, like whatever punk rock, is you know. I've talked to like people who are part of the original punk thing where it meant something a little different, but you just play fuckin rock and roll songs. Dude that's right, Well. Is it there's a distinction from me between punk the ideology and punk rock music? like you said the first wave has got cern, aesthetic, signifier has just made the applies to idiotic ugly. I was different from the dominant culture right on time, which is very excessive, so they say we have to be more economical whenever there remains varying in earlier
you said we mostly just play rock and roll. It's great man, everything kind of weaves into the next thing. You always did that, though I mean you know the the monitors like close to an opera in a way and that doesn't have a linear narrowed rye exactly, but it's a deadly economy, F, reynard of frame story and in kind of a more series of vignettes more like, born to run in that way. As long as we're as long as we're giving credit where it's due to the boss said, the river too is sort of a separate? He made a few right I thought a lot more about the river will make that one, your new one yeah, just because some I I I get that one for a lotta years, because it has a certain bipolar quality to it. You know what I'm saying is: god, like sherry, Darlin right? Next, to you no point anger, whatnot or you know they are super dark songs like some of his dark is bleakest stuff right next to like is most uplifting. Joys of announcing was somewhere that, and I see now, and I had to have It-
wayne to me by a couple different books, but I see that dad some kind of a richer experience. Dan, say darkness on the edge of town right, which is like purely bleak. Like is very you know. Finally, stilled so the thing, but it did as it's sort of a little bill, one dimensional and I would have to level the same accusation you know most of the ties and drawn Agus albums prior to this one, that your hold an area, because I thought that it would be very corny to sing about, say, Roma ants or to write a sign that says: hey everything actually is gonna, be ok. You know, I'm always had moment site that russia, I didn't see how they could fit into my particular artistic purpose, but
Hence there with a rock opera and emotional camouflage of these so called fictional story, and also when you got three records you can just? U document the perseverance of the human spirit exactly in a glimpse real transcend. That's it buddy boy. You did it man and try and why job I'm glad we talk for a little while I should get sick, it's a great! pleasure to be here. Thank you for all your support,
over the years. Your man, thank you for all the laughs. Thank you for all the validation yeah, and thank you for the the original test, pressings of the most lamentable tragedy, hay and owners. I know your vinyl guy. It was sweet buddy, it's great, to see a patcher. It's great to be here. Thank you mark, but don't forget to pick up that album the most lamentable tragedy and if you get it at merge, records, dot com, slash shop used a promo code wtf to get twenty percent off. It's good record people, I mean it. He means it. Stickles means it. Titus means it Michael cronan he's right, tie seagulls bodies I loved his last, occurred, m c two and now there's empty three and actually he's on merge records too. So you can go to merge records, dot com, so I shop and that's twenty percent off with the wtf promo code
but I was always sort of curious about Michael Cronan. I thought you some sort of wizard. I thought he was older than he was. I thought things about. Michael Cronan, then comes he's right. You just this guy. Just as young do do as the play really fucking great music, but he can. He does that the full spectrum, of these, some noise musical do some psychedelic music and then these records these last couple records good rock pop. He lives down the street, so here's a me talking to Michael Cronan, so we're inside. When I told you, I watch the legal commissioner. Now I come on either side of this place. The eagles put me to your or maybe here in the mill yeah I mean I don't I don't mind it when it comes on, but right actively hated I would like I don't understand what makes some bands cool for hipsters like that. The ban
those guys came from kind of like that hope that the birds, and but that's where it is, the birds and Fine burritos brothers, I am there cool yeah belinda ransom, the eagles, not cool echo, how the fuck you said you witnessed an argument. It seems that keep coming up really recently yeah. I think because some people are getting some young people seem to be getting I'm a little- maybe an austrian- I am not on the for now mean either, but I mean just the idea of that kind interest to me so there some there's some If your arguments and heated discussion like one eighty eight units with some fancy glass, It goes! Oh! No! I think the eagles are okay and some guy goes no. No, no eagles think it'll come back around it's like fleetwood. Mac seemed to get cool again a couple of years ago, like lanson lives down at permanent records. They say like they sell at least one or two a day.
all of a sudden really well, that's because, like a lot of the people that are buying records, are fucking old. Guys, like me, find some part of our life that we lost. There's nothing more. Filling them being in a record store going through bends with chubby. Fifty I'll do. It was kind of like me with a sad face over these great did you buy rumours. I have rumours sure you like it yeah where'd, you grow up buddy and I was born. I was born in l a here but then moved to Laguna beach. When I was like nine or so yeah suspense those formative years. There guna beach down orange county on the beach on the beach. So is that where ties are where you met tie yeah, we went to highschool together, you and Ty segal went to highschool together yeah. So does it like that think about you guys that, like a lot of people Don't know you guys or your music but you're, not
in thirty, and you have white fifty records out between the two of you ever just think about that. It's it's kind of gun, really lucky to dislike, stay busy and have a venture. We have people just one of release, whatever yeah it's weird? When I first saw you or pictures you or when I saw you play with with tie at the echo and at one time I was there. I I assumed you like, because you had your long hair and some scruff you, you seem to have sort of an age was demeanor and I decided here you're like the old wizard, but it turns out you cut your hair and you just just upon like the rest of us, the dude. Here I agree. I just wizard that are the amazing we because you know, sort of showed up on your allotted time, step in hi, I just got into him- I guess a couple years ago, so when you
coming up your on high school and I dont even- and I I'm afraid as what year. That is what is it like? Ninety eight thousand when do you I graduated in two thousand? For my guys, tyres are three right so you're, all down there and Laguna is the who the other guy that's on to the Charles moot heart. So what kind of shit are you? Are you listening to what's the deal? Ah back then like in high school? What brought you together, we I remember like in the leg early two thousands were kind of all listening to while there is there is like punk ban seem like like flagging old stuff yeah, but then there is also like the stuff: those come others there's like dance punk, you're moving units, a hunt, the rapture this kind of legged disco be right out really hip for a second really yeah. I've missed everything. I mean that was
there was a quick thing, but I was very old and sad yeah yeah, but we all we all kind of listen to that and then ty already had a band like a a duo band where he'd played drums and sing, and then our other friend played, like bass and keyboard at the same time and writing and he kind of had like a I love this guy, but he had a pretty like affected Tom the voice of sixteen year. Heavy he's amazing he's and then it was kind of there's a lot of like that disco kind of punk thing going on really you a little bit is called the love this and they would play their alike. There is not a lot of music going on their high school is really small or in our town no really place the world. How are we gonna do not really so there is every just
happening at the school and at people's houses is just like house parties like highschool parties, so they would be like the resident band and then so. I was already a fan and then word got around. I I played saxophone in the school band like the marching band and the jazz band. Was that your first instrument that was from when I was ten you played sax, folks reich once play an instrument he I will make my my moms this so she started me out and my siblings on piano, pretty early professional musician, now She she could be. She m she just retired, but she was a. She is an e r doctor at cedars. Sinai appear, yeah, really yeah wow, so she commute a couple of times a week from Sir south orange county I do, though, all night shift trying to think now about you know she had like decent shifts by the end, but So she was like internist or like just a general doctor
general near this guy of dealing with all the gnarly shit. Yeah comes in here that guy's in trouble yeah it's brutal, but I'm not sure. Yet I do he he does retired as well, but he is he's a lawyer wow smart people who do not write down there. This was a hard tat hard up. Bringing now I mean how my siblings, you gotta get three others. What are they? there are men. There are smart people real ever my my eldest sisters less than a year. Older than me so where irish twin so speak, a hobby assets. if one without the other here within like eleven months in a couple days, and then he got what bread there. I got a younger brother psych, fifteen months, younger wow, apparently not let's get this over with and he does he graduated law school were always work at it my my youngest sister just move to allay to go to law school
there are doing anything these me here in this thing or how have your folks feel about that there, really, supportive, really yeah, especially now that I mean for a while my mom was always supportive, guess, she's musician. She kind of liver cares. Oh play some. She plays piano and harp. She plays a classical there's, a harp in the house, yeah a big harp, big heart and she can do it. She shreds, wow, so you you grab up plinking around on the harp yeah little bit china to break it. China to tip it over, a kind of regret, not learning harp like a two way, no, I never to eight argumentative around any stand. It really is not its. Not. He can't apply it very well. Right eye is no one groovy har player or join any some
a new, some yeah she's great, that's right, she's, the higher player, yet she married Andy Sandberg. She did I'd, say you're plan, so she gets you answer to found the know how to read music yeah network. I music you plan on sacks: where, were you but who did you get involved? Did you get interested in jazz or just marching band? I I mean I did they had. You know they had like a kind of big band style right of high school, sure, jazz band, which I really liked I play like the leads. I got the solos and stuff the value at her here it was kind of it's. It was kind of an unsaid rule that you had to be to play in the jazzman you kind of had to be in the marching band cause. It's the same kids and I you know hated marching band. It's terrible, yeah see you in the march yeah. That was just a that was the price you had to pay the two he added decent leads happier. That was the only thing happy end as I got the none, the main sacks dude as I guess I gotta go on.
ray. I guess I've got to play the baritone saxon, the marching band, which that is a big its heaviest shit, it's its awesome. It's got the best range just low, like honk, yeah, yeah yeah, and did you do parades and shit earlier, the stupid little capes and Do the things: guinea, flag, format, cool guy? I was never cool guy right into that too, I was not the cool guy you weren't, but I I yeah. I hung out with the you know, the nerds and the the band nerds yeah a couple of em are really the computer nerds and then eventually like the state borders and then like the punks, so we went from computer and then somebody turned turn some drugs Then you, like I gotta, go now. only. I was totally clean living until you know my twenties. I really I saw him and I don't I don't do a lot of drugs or anything, that's good yeah. Judging you, I'm not going to be like really what it was
man knows, is the hours a stone nothing but has a blow up, though, like that, because the way you know you do in fact boneyard marching january capes what changes was your mind into aching, o playing the base and then doing punk rock Was the moment you remember I mean it was. It was really joining that joining that high school bandwidth tie in common, the love It was a seesaw them at a party here like not an was getting to know like ty a little bit and what was he like when he was younger cause. You guys are both very soft spoken but seems like you're kind of you know. I mean he was yeah. He is he's a madman. Yes, he hit I know you soft spoken in here. I heard the interview, but ah I didn't get the real tie. God damn it all now he does. Is he just know that that was a real? You get the real guy sweet guy.
they are. One side, the coin right where he, when he gets on stage, seems like a guy that just sort of comes the life of their yeah. That's how he that's what he that way. Lives it out a fit see I am like yea becomes it are here, sir. and yeah it was. It was kind of it kind of felt like an old movie or something cause. I heard word that, like the love, this kind of wants a saxophone player, only the sacks boy area is so and then I like, I think I was seventeen yeah hasbro. Sixteen school ends were in the parking lot seem walkover. He was like hey man. Do you want to or were looking for a sax player? It kind of felt like he can't come from jam come sit in with us, was like yeah, of course, and then just went over a couple of days later and later joined the band as the third into someone's house two ties house or word yeah? It was out played at coleman's in coleman's like garage, your own basement right
now is got my first time being in a being in a ban. Would I invited? Did you jam I kind of I can't I knew their songs in annex I see. I saw them so many times, so I discovered jammed over it in her so it's a real thing, like you saw them many times at many party yeah a couple of times. I mean they all they would strictly. They wouldn't go out and play any like public shows or anything. None of us knew how to do that at all. What would you like seventeen sixteen yeah, but there's? Just no, you know, there's no other bands like going to play gigs in town or anything. So no one comes through. Not Laguna too had like we had after we'd have to get, cannot delay easily. Did you guys to make the trip them Yeah we started going to them to the smell. a lot downtown beer place? Now it's like it's. I got all ages dear why space has been around for years and years.
Maria and that's where, like all where all the first shows I saw, were and that's where all the mai bands. would play for the first time. They are very open sure what the all ages sing for the punk rock thing was huge yeah I mean is like five works easily. They knew who the audience was yeah. I guess all kids and he's all kids and there's a whole there's a whole strong scene about it. Now like it. At some point I got I've talked to tie a couple of times over permanent shit, and you he's turned me on to record What's it seems like there's a garage psych sound that is popular or at least the you know. Like the thing sure there is another l, a band that does sort of like even more kind of you know, lyrical less garage more. Six thousand want. We want the others are buddies among the their amazing them yet favorite right. How really are you guys all the same age?
at a little younger that the they're younger or that you're they're they're a little younger but we're around the same age. Kids keep out. Oh my god, you're already there, these kids, you have a mean the like. The main songwriter is Corey Hanson. We we went to college together up at a cow. It's here and we are roommates for a couple of years. So it's really good to see him like have a band that everyone loves and because he's so talented and like the songs, are amazing, like the whole vibe of the media, it was, I think, lands in ways term yonder them. I don't know what I'd do without lance and live I missed about. It seems about thirty years of music. Somehow and then like aids, the ep. The weird thing is: is this white them network? Could I pray for you and there is now you know music. In america, are going back into catalogues of completely off the non mainstream off the grid, people that were labels yeah, you would never know their shit jelly or or
besides in any start to realize how much of a fuckin stronghold mainstream music and has had on our brains, yeah. We, you know you there's no way you can get turned on to that shit. Unless someone goes dude here, it is pumped the same shit over the radio that right, but there is great there's thousands of fuckin record out there at the same time, even at any time in history of music of unheard people. Yeah I mean like god for the internet, for that right, loan or restore clerks right. You know living back in Laguna, like after high school in an laden high school to have shows at my parents house. They were. They would allow that, so it must be like those bands and at your Are you an apparent? You would certainly be the the host. I be the house how many bans there I'll make it. The fingers like people would start there.
No, it was no real outlet for music and then eventually, there's a bunch of music, kids and sir Everyone would start a bands like four. These shows and play like two or three. song right, and it is just the same group of like ten people like wouldn't match young from bands, so there be like ten to fifteen bands per night. You know just makes it, but intended earning like you just can't yeah, I guess I'll do that. Yeah. I guess so it's more fun. There will be more than just the like, but see that I think that's all but if we knew thing they with your crew of guys, it seems I mean It was a lot of studio, guys that show up on a lot of different albums better. It seems like all of you guys, like even on that meet the what's the record. I just got the meat bodies. The meat bodies, like you, can hear, tie all over that thing. If he's not in there, it sounds like there is something florence only play a little in that year? He does you kindly some drums idea when it's just that
there is a sound to a better. It's interesting that that whole idea I imagine it's not that differ, but I haven't heard from talking to musicians where you guys were just kids he had no outlet, so your parents, thank god, like you can have your friends over to play music. Other amazing about that, and you would have these part. They didn't get out of control. No, everyone can. I keep each other in check there, even a lot like drinking or drugging. everything it's just like very positive. What a respectful bunch of the kids! You try to be. I mean, of course, there'd be palms and the cops would come all the time just from the loudness yeah and I would like to to tell my neighbours like little it's me lay ass. It were gave a little birthday party needs. You should have said we're doing something very important because it cutbacks outward building a generation of psych, rockers punts stay off our backs Yeah man Jesus
also, occasionally, as so any you just inner changing bands and did all the ban sound different kind of I remember me and tie played in this. This metal band called goat herder is like a thrash. Metal band were like me, and him would both switch off on bass and drums and like try to do w, drum and area like four songs that, but it always crazy and like the the singer, Tom would like spit? He get like. Was: is that picardy one? Fifty one thing lame it yeah they have a tv, which were all wearing lake. Hawaiian sure in short sea, valued spitfire inside the house, and that was a thousand. it a guy. There is There is always a site this little window by the by the door that somebody would amazingly never get hurt by. Inevitably somebody would fall through that little window and it was
don ground floor. He knows I get. fire windows. I I yard I would the next day I have to go and buy like plates of class and replace it about. Like is out of contract. So I have one party at my house with two bands when I was a kid because my parents, let me they were out of town, I turned the entire house into like a club and it is packed out disaster day ended and I address it and a very obese naked woman in the hot that we couldn't get to leave now so that nobody knew the course you come with. I dont know does in that area I saw light, so Did you guys get turned on and the influence he really I mean like as it like you. I know that I gave you know who the fuck hawk wind was until tie, told me, and then you get into that. It's like. Oh my gathers an hundred records yeah wended, who started sort of like
having into some at older shit that define some your sounds now. You know I was. I was always really late too late rock there wasn't any wasn't really any like rock music at all. In my house, my parents were like, like my mom, was a classical musician right and so there'd be like light classical and smooth jazz raw data. Listen to like several of talk. Radio and the car is right Russia combine his long pauses again. She grew up with it. Conservative mine say yes, I too, as it didn't even at anyone. No, I didn't know what rock me it was really a member. I think I was like nine, eight or nine. I was like a nun. my siblings, were really into music too much either mammogram. We just had the harp and the piano near sack. By a member of your member and we're going to like the public library, some like Alan check out rock music, which rock muse
really. I went the eye when you said that to the librarian height is had wandered over to the cassettes. The adventure cassettes heraldry. as eight or I picts. I just picked one out and it was like Well, the guy with long hair and a guitar shredding as like us looks like rock music. You take it home, listen to it and it's like forget what it was: the scorpions. Some is like some via hair metal, crazy, yea, ridiculous it and then, and I had this- do- make an impact. I think that when didn't stick how I do really soon. After that we had this when we move to Laguna, we had this this really is worn horrible, but you know not honour and it was in my view it is worse since or something is something worth queens right now. You know what they do and I guess I did
so ok that agnes had this cool babysitter type we weren't babies, but he would like my parents- were so he'd like pick us up from school here, the lifeguard yeah we had a string of life guard like babysitter rumple. For some reason, that's interesting. Yeah might want to knock your mom about that. yeah, but then he he would pick us up from school and he he introduced me to nirvana. Really. I was like my first favorite band. I was like ten or eleven like so I immediately bought everything I could and like rye, that that really changed that really like, change everything from me, so that was pretty when that, what the last that, whenever mind came out it was, it was actually like right. It would be right after he died Oh really it'll be like I forget when you die, but it would have been like ninety five and six right and that did it huh that did it. That did it, thank god for the
guy yeah laggard, I saved your life. He gave you nirvana is it is amazing. I remember I totally, I didn't see anything funny about it at all, but as we are listening to it and say and I want to start a ban. That sounds like nirvana think they call it. Nirvana too did you do that? I'm still! anti sunday. As I love it. I didn't see big shoes to fill, but I remember him laughing and, like I didn't just the the It was her lifeguard busy when you said then nirvana to now and now you are you're like ten. We must now, however, is because they're fine earnest idea noise like, and that is why why wouldn't I caught One to I love nirvana so then I from there I get ya, got until I like metallica,
really. You went from Nirvana metallica cause. I never went metallica, but a lot of people go metallic yeah. Those early records are really cool, no they're great because they sort of like a both of those bands. Kind of annihilate that that kind of blues base of of most rock and roll like the kind of go their own way asher. I got away in iran stuff, that's all pop cords alot of Why are kind of sad, almost beetles eats beetles worship right like through a piglet yeah, and and and metallica like, I don't know what the fuck that is as far as progressions are, where they come from. the shredding but like there is no like there's no one, four five kind of coursing: that's it it's only. Our world is interesting near so those were the two does or the defining fat. Yeah there's a green day and link you like kind of really the offspring. Guy anti I've accident the last week or so then, going
im listening to old offspring, really yeah, I'm like really into it. Blasting down the freeway, the like smash, yeah yeah, I dunno that, and when did you get into like some of the sidewalks up there was that tie was yeah. Those tie in that group of friends really were into it. It was it was really. It was really like late highschool that I started getting getting into some of the music that I still listen to, or you know like garage rock and some punk stuff and stuff ever it took. It took that group of friends to that finally had like music friend right now, and when did you decide to go to cower tattoo, that, like it, did you pull out of like all those high school bands and then, where is that place it's up in valencia so that was commuted. You live up there I lived there. Thou is years after high school. I say I I bounced around before I like, went up to portland immediately after high school and in which, which bans are you
If there go no, then no bands, no ban, which is whether the czech chick the school they like college, I wonder Jim portland yeah, kind of like a kind of thought done with music yeah a little bit I mean I, I thought I wasn't. I wasn't like providing this direct pressure relief on my family, but never as they're all lawyer academic, like doctors, lawyers brilliant at all, so they didn't, they weren't like you need to cut out music, and right go to school and get a real job right. I felt I felt that, like on my own right, so I kind of I kind of yeah I kind of started trying to study. How long did that last, but not not very long year, yeah, it was a crazy time up there I get depressed yeah.
Yeah. I had a it's actually yeah. There's the story of that time is like kind of the the beside of my last record MC three. It's really like a mini. It's like a narrative, a minute cept record out the second sight of michael grounded yeah. It's a first like us through line series, a song of done, which was what was that through. I It was I mean I was up there as in school is a tough school. I didn't really it's just like. I had no idea what I was doing. I just like. I need to graduate school. Well a I wasn't playing music stages. What, if, like? Ok, the high school's done now. I've got to focus and do what I'm expected to have a cultural there's. Cultural expectations, yeah right, right, yeah and yeah- I do want to stress- know: they'll. Listen, it wasn't wasn't like my folks, our right, no religion or like this is what people do and that's what that's what people dead, and I would like all my high school
There are no county man here near and light, That's it I dont division, how it that's just what you do when you come back. people that are educated, Natasha yeah. You soon get educate right. It is time to do this at all. I, like Yeah there's a there is. It is a time, whereas the same kind of something was wrong. I was, I wasn't doing something right. You know Vague Michael, I know was vague. but I just didn't feel right. I didn't feel it didn't feel right. I started like you know getting depressed and anxious. For the first time oh yeah, like anxiety, attacks yeah, I had had a few. Those are worse. I was just like outside of my. W. I grew up in such a bubble like wright, and he had friends and everything now you're up in portland, where it's dark and weird and the town has a certain vibe to it. India and you're with the you know, I imagine fairly rich kids from all over the world share that seemed to have more their shit together, that kind of thing yeah, and
like, at the same time lake I develop the slate, create this really bad back injury from from years of, like skateboarding there I see it turned out. I slipped a disk by I had I just felt it in my like leg. Yes, I Attica said yeah yeah, I thought, it was. It was coming on slowly. I thought I like pulled a hamstring or something yeah. I got worse and worse and worse to the point where, like I couldn't, even really like walk anymore, your first year college issues the second year and now you're like not only comfortable, but you can't leave your room. Yeah you're limping out limp around like a like, like litter We like an old man like that our guide now a bunch painkillers as a snake,
happy. Like the difference I had so yeah. As I had friends, that's good. Then there are good like interesting people, and it was like a classic thing where, like my worldview, is getting expanded. Yuk here for college or whatever that's good but like so much is wrong and something was like very wrong and physically. I was all fucked up here and so yeah that just fed into like depression, anxiety and like what am I even doing here and you have a breakdown. yeah, I kind of I had a. I had a snap snapping point. I called the parents yeah. Well, you know the first, the first time it was, it was a I was. I was going to doctors up there and they're like okay, figured out like a slipped disc and mad right, then
My mom, my parents were looking unduly necessary area, so it's like easily. You dont often have to go to surgery, for that For that thing, some years you can work out on your own here, but apparently mine was so far blown out that, like I needed to get surgery, oh so as all fucked up and there's like this really long waiting lists for some reason really like your way to being a doctor I can get in, but then usually the doctors are like. Let's go to bob yeah, I dunno, but but then I still know if she pulled some strings or something. But I got a call and, like let's say saturday been like you need to get here by monday, you're going to have surgery, tell a yeah yeah we fit you in right. As like. Oh okay,
sure- and I was already like so you know I was so blurry and like painkillers. So much like chronic pain is is is is like a chronic pain, which is a crazy thing to deal with your horrible yeah, it's hard to it's hard to describe. You just try to like your brain gives, trying to live with it, but you can't yes, just like right cycle concentrates it's kind of failing out of all my classes. Anyway, my social life was kind of falling apart. So I just a as like. Okay, I had I had my car, so I just loaded up my stuff, my car or all of it yeah. I didn't have much stuff, you know, but you were like I'm done with hollywood. It wasn't like I'm coming back here. Will I
yeah. I wasn't sure at the time, but I just thought I had to leave. I couldn't tell anyone, I didn't tell anyone at this school or it's only told like a couple. Friends like I'm gone and then so I was gone. I had surgery and then I was like laid up in bed for a long time. Yeah like now really just kind of like what the fuck am. I going to do lick laid out in bed, I'm like in school, but I hate it. Yeah something's wrong. Seattle had time to think yeah, and then, and then, like I, I mean I recovered. I tried to go back to school for a little bit, but I still like depressed and fucked up, sir I just I left I went I went back to
I know we lost a very happy to be has as last, but like the silver I mean in retrospect, cause that was like ten years ago, but in retrospect that was like one of the best things that ever happened to me because I was home as like aimless, it's like something's wrong in my my friends are like hey. Do you wanna just come over and play music in our basement like join our band like yeah sure, like can you play bass and, like I probably learned base I dunno and then so he started playing music and I started like writing music for the first time who were those friends with a tie that was a that was the the first, the first band in that period I joined was with this guy got Charles moonlight, though not compromised voice. Not the guy from five from five he's the guitar play. and some other like some other old high school friends and we started a band- did have a name we turned into moon heights. Ok, who have
like charlie in the moon, hearts yeah, you can find those records their canada can I'll bring you on? If you want it's fine, it's it's like it's a pretty! You know it's garage. your her pretty like aggressive, like some surf, some surf in there, so that saved you. I feel like it in retrospect it I was just going with it, but an iraqi is really important that we start writing songs. I rang songs asserted singing there. We jammed out something who's gonna sing in this band and, like nobody wants to do it right and I never like before, as like. I'll. Take it I'll give it a shot and are now already waiting like saying First time ever recorded, like in garage been done in the basement. I came back the next day with lyrics in a melody had written. Ah, as like, he has every one out of the room like go outside, and I want you to hear this fear like me doing my
smoke will take over here and I did it and there you know it wasn't good. I've heard it sensors pretty awful, but there it is like all has great man this singer. Now she had very good. some that are now in the rock and roll piazzi anger. I mean excited really great the song. The songs the melodies and the lyrics and stuff, but like I've. Never I was always a noise like the shaggy neurotic and as a lawyer, I'm getting out of it now. Yeah like as my in my late, twenties or whatever, but like in highschool. Like I didn't talk to anybody, except for my friends that I was so please I so the idea of like singing in a band was insane ria, bear the whole process that really help me like just to my normal life like get out of my show, a little more to that's great man, thea
it was like a crazy, so that was the first band charlie and the moon, hearts yeah and then and then like that, so that started the rocket the rock career in a way yeah. I guess so and we're just we just like having fun. There is no there's absolutely no ambition other than just like. Let's play some shows and if we can record, if we figure out how to record something that you are also right, there you just make like cosette, tapes If that was the thing huh yeah I mean that was. That was all we could really do it. We could do c d, ours right If he can sort of mass run him off, no, I I I just found cause. I just moved a couple of days ago into this area. I found some of the first like moon, hearts, demo tapes. And there are just now. I now know that there's like shorter lengths of tape set right, fit the music better right. but they're all dislike ninety minute, a sea like four songs on it,
Having said all that, I just hand drew the covers with like stupid, hearts and stars and like and in what way, and with those he just given the fans but yeah idea of like how do we make records it no idea, but I think like ok, so this this sort of what's interesting to me- is that okay, so you're making these glittery cassette tapes with his band charlie and the moon, hearts and you're doing shit. You feel, like you, have something you sounded different than other people. I imagine yeah tried to yeah wait. Was the sound I mean it was like definitely basin garage puncture, you kind of yeah releasing the lot of like the mummies. Unlike the galleries and the oblivion slight right How does it? Because you you work at you or tie and record on at least three or four, maybe five record labels course five or six years I mean word. How do you get from making glittery ninety minute cassettes before songs on them to sort of during howard or trying to make a living ya
and on record yeah, it's it's such a so hard to I don't even know I mean it's such a slow burn up, just no expectations and like signed a you know, play your shows and then like an italian, a guy with an italian guy with like her small record label. They just print like three hundred black and white. Seven inches right, contacted me on my the space at the time yeah just like in broken english. Do you want to make a seven inch and as a yes, of course, that's my dream playwright? I never so is myspace important new I mean there is it was. It was crate It was that was the way we like mostly book, shows music up on my stay here and you had a page yeah and then find other bands and they find you and they believe what you want to play. The show to employees party, really
yeah, so that sort of replace the the weird kind of fancying. Your writing letters that the old punk rockers did that you know you yeah. You write a letter to a guy in a band or call sure we're here to try to book a gay with some other punk bands, so myspace really function that way, yeah and swayed because myspace is gone. All these and god they're gonna be gone. but it was really important how we got our first couple records made with these tasks. guy italian guy, who is the next record? Well is this is yeah? This is on myspace till I come disreputable, tick Actually, I've chicago chicago, have a small rural like one dude working out a grudge, now we're? U finding that you are building a fan base yeah I mean, slowly, but surely we started beheld place shows like out of town
plain allay lake at at smell yeah. I think those that was one of our officials are our first shows at my house. Yeah, of course, now is also the most popular venue that was the place to be epic cronin shows as they would be called. So what made you decide I go to calarts in the middle of all this. I eventually figure like maybe I should go to school and graduate from something he acts. I still like still play. Only shows like I'm, not gonna, be a professional musician because, like how do you even do that like? How do you the living in ideas, as has been said, that the way to do that was to go to school no, I didn't even think that I was just like I'm going to go to school and the only way I could get through school and get like a degree would be to play music there right, you know and so cool school. It's like really experimental the acid, the basically like the john cage school music. Really,
yeah, so he started getting into that's what you learn there. You know I Is this really? The John k to him is that he started or no I mean all the all the professors like contemporaries sure sure. So it was just it was that contemporaries of john cage yeah they like they would like play plays. You know they'd play stuff in there they're all like yeah a awaiting with the junkie silence. If but really cool because they reduce really out there and within it, wasn't like us, conservatory, allowing I've never be able to. I I additions edition was like with saxophone. As he only I didn't play a lot of saxophone. At that time. I was mostly like playing in punk bands bows, like that's the only one I can read on right side. who played like a buck peace, I brought my mom up to its history with near. So she back to you
She ll see five people and I wrote like a piece for saxophone in harp. Did you play harp too? She put it. she brought the harp up and they had a piano air, yeah yeah, that's crazy to peace, We never did. We get a third one, those kind of like eastern european, like fast kind of klesmer peace with like piano playing, saxophone, and soon your mom me and were there was never a momentary like we should get to some that recorded one of them that it is this. Is this kind of small ceiling, herpes, sweet, vassals I get her on a record sum. I dunno how to I dunno how to tie a harp into my music yet, but I'm gonna it'll happen. It'll, have you You're out my you might at least you sound like the window to do that would have been well in europe. Cowards sure is
I see like three years of critically thinking about and playing music like all the time, all kinds yeah. So no matter and a lot of people it's. It seems a lot of musicians, they're still cliche about like if you go to music school you'll, learn you'll, lose all your like spontaneity and kind of And I say: kills something around the us musician. I don't know, but you you entered without the illusion of being some sort of concert set. the phone player I mean here, you'd already been in the trenches in a way yeah, and it does sally gets a noodle school. Like me, oh I mean berkeley, I think, give different musical schools produce different types of people, and it seems like this one was more completely creative, and you could find the education you wanted, whereas you know you're being to be a proficient studio musician. Yeah. Not I mean it was more and more just expanding europe
Mind about what music is and what it can be then, like. There's still amazing, like session musicians, have come out of that right. Of course, we of course just with a broader sense of like what they can do on their instrument or what they can do with me, generally. Well, maybe that's what they were setting out today. You are setting out to be a rock guy yeah. I guess so you know, and I can like any return to it. return to it. Like I'd, I graduated and like a few days later, when on tour of the west coast. Did you make a record? There's a record? We have a one sided twelve inch record, and so you did that right out of school because you guys were in it yeah. So this to mean. That was about it. For me, because I did that to her, immediately jumped in the van with ties I got back to l, a or san francisco or something, and he was like dude. I was like he's like you're back in the
and I ve played in like early incarnations of his band is like tie siegel right and then I was I mean he was up in san Francisco. I was down there lay at school, where there were version in fact we did that yeah. We did that and shoot. When was in two thousand and nine yeah we did. We did we recorded that to sell my parents house, and I was living in orange county in the famous cronin studio he ever format. Space is garage band with one mike one amp a jump set your tire base highlights that the media right. You worked out real organic with that shit. You have. Your last record seem to be low, more production yeah. It sounds good the house yeah? That was that one? That guy does some amazing work. We want. Record, and I I I did the string arrangements and played on a song
I play based on a song, so you are the wizard you're like to get like get cronin in here we gotta get some. We need a french horn. If you need a french horn in the shallows, we are sorry player. I've played sacks on so many up in san francisco. Bans are down here, whatever I played saxophone, so many Song sets always the same thing. They're like right. Here's! Your solo do something melodic for like four bars and then just go squirrel squeak, I'm like okay. I know how to do that. That's that's on all your friends records so you're in the bay area for awhile yeah. So I do that too, or actually graduated school and like a duffel bag and my bass player jumped in the van with Ty no break when another west coast tour with him and ended up in san francisco and just stayed that's where he was yeah. That's where him and
it, must, must have friends. I grew up playing music with were, and he was he was already like they're all in the bay area defining themselves. So, okay, but the the point is a. You guys raw working and making records on whatever label. Would you have you and you're playing on everyone's records yeah and at that time, by the time I moved to san francisco, like I, I hadn't haven't, had a like a proper job. Since he asked me to start, during my right, maniacs and like taos, we're all recording We were making money off the recordings at all, but we just touring like crazy, feel ass, like you know, for four years and now you're both like I saw you play with him and he put you tore him, sometimes or or or always when it's a legal. There are always very much yeah yeah up in like since, since that time about four years ago I like region.
And then it s just it strikes me that I guess he we should get into the three solo records, because the first micro credit markets on trouble in mind yeah, that's a good label, their great yeah day. I have to give them credit. I only sorrow because we we I got to know them through touring through chicago play, with their old band coca cola a few times and we'd like they'd. Let us stay at her house and stuff right, so her friends and then, as coming through tyson, in may and bill or listening to music or into the same christoph, renders like psychedelic del shannon However, the other yeah, that's a good record, the young, the one that everyone knows so just got that. So we were really connecting on that now as like at that time, as like I've been through in about like putting out some music into my own name, and I kind of want to be something like this
I kind of like a delegate pop year and he was like. You definitely should, and I pretty much like ninety five percent- guarantee that if you send it to me just record it like we'll put it out like restarting this new knits kind of new early record label seems like just do it I'll put it out like unless it's in terrible right. Of course, I hope they are hit so that that really like lit the fire into my ass to be like a cabinet, collect all my musical worlds together and try to make this, like, sir, try to make this record. name, and it like you just struck me because I we knew you and whenever I projected onto you from ties world and then like these rex and my colleague shit. This is like full on production, big sounding near pop music. That really be is like all the songs were like jazz hitchin the head. In a way, words were like
this is beautifully realized. They didn't like it didn't seem. like you know we're just kind of point around your fuckin, just like roz fuck. It sounded like new, produces records, thanks to the retired on here the last one, and so do I go on these records are like this should be huge record. I don't know I mean I'm surprised that so hard. It's not even a question, but like I I know the last two are emerging. I, like him and mac and he's been doing a lot of great stuff, but it's when it it's one of those records where I don't really know what the life of records is now, but it seems to me that it's very accessible, it's catchy, but it's also deep and got. You know this amazing, orchestration and stuff that, like their time. Yours are like this would be like a hit record. Will. Thank you. That's awesome yeah, I mean. Is it sir? It's amazing that people's still want to hear like guitar, music
You know he's alive generation, as I think you guys in in of the people you're talking about defining sort of this, this age of music, that their step- the yoga community of it is always my blowing to me that you guys all know each other and you play with each other and their sort of this kind of people moving up with that are getting. I am ties getting a lot of attention here and now you're getting a lot of attention, and- and how did you get tired? while the comedy people do Jonah yeah. That was, I have done, really and calmly last couple years? Oh yeah guess yogurt eyesight! It started out like hanging around the meltdown. I've been there a few times, that's good! It's a good place! Yeah! I was touring so much and as I needed a break from music, just in my head, just be surrounded by musical. So I was like shit
the audiobooks. I do this like. What's a podcast right has really laid onto that and then like I, I started getting into a lot of podcasts murder podcast. I have listened to for years and a lot of comedy- and I started like learning about comedy through these podcasts learning about people and they started going out to shows when I moved to l a or once in a on seven cisco- and here I got a twitter- can you answer all our twitter and I, like you guys, don't I dont know what he's with musicians like? I get boxes a fuckin records and am I disagree? Accordingly, tweet disguising no as he tweeted from three years ago, and you just care you don't see you guys do like there's some party you guys are sort of like I'd, rather not promote at all, if that's possible, if there's a way that I just think it's fun, I don't I don't I'm bad self promotion, but how do you like reading comedians tweets? What's good, just our presence on their someone, one of us like your shit there can only send you somewhere. Myspace is over, but yeah
like an honour for like Jonah, I think conner to me. Where did you know like ass? I I did alive, went up in portland at it, didn't get recorded, they fucked up but the Jonah radio, milan, joan radio thou hast thou in I know, but you didn't do an interview can hang out thing now ass I mean I actually I'm. I live a couple houses from that water or you if he That's right! You know he's not a house down gazed answered everyone, if the street now, where he would probably like every band. You mentioned that I'm like what he'd be like. Oh, I love that record. I have that one yankees right right back acknowledged here his he knows all the records allow. What is I just got started you know there's a couple comedian his who liked my music and then I like their stuff to like him. The community on land here, brawlers gray gods. They both Jonah, encourage both directed their music videos right. There's the one
it's a rip on. They call me out or that one and then there I didn't, watch the other one, that's bruno or Jonah a joint as well. I will now the joint, but they are both in it. That was kurt directed that I'm christian, It's stalled. Starred in you, with all the groups has been groovy rock comedy crossover. I What can a lot I've been and I got to play you know I've gotten to play. A few comedy shows at like nerd melt and I saw a play to curtain christians oh yeah on the verge of yes, I I saw used to sign up there when I was when I was at school. I don't remember eliving finn. Thank you, I'm trying not to like geek outfit. Why I like, whenever I do those rooms where it's full of, like all kids, there's part the certified in their teach him? Unless I now hear car yelling at her louder politics back in an hour buzz. I guess this is exactly. Is I don't know what
I saw a man I want to share, sometimes it musicians in here like mike, richer thomson or niccolo people. Like that, I'm embarrassed about my set up like this is like how you recorded half my life like this. This is high tech, for me, is a great. pardon the and the Please
the the I The the
the others this, The the the
yeah great fit for his thanks. Man facing appeals. Court at the end will be a good idea. if he shouted to be talking about things like nice, I, like one, play music in front of me. You get
of music and stuff from Titus Andronicus and a lot of other shit, they got good stuff emerge records, oh my god, so fuck it one jet lag. so go to dvd of pasok embryo devotee ipod needs yeah. You know the deal too tired to play, but I think I got up I the and
yeah and I the.
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