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Episode 660 - Brian Kiley / Brian Posehn

2015-12-03 | 🔗
Comedian Brian Kiley has been writing for Conan O’Brien’s shows for more than 20 years. But prior to that, he and Marc were doing open mics in Boston, and Brian was living with Todd Barry. They revisit the good old days, and the bad ones too. Plus, Brian Posehn returns to the garage to talk about his leading role in the new movie Uncle Nick.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the blogger is, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck is what's happening. I am art baron. This is doubly t. Have my podcast welcome to all who are listening. Thank you for coming on the show today, Brian Kiley, there's a comedian that I've known literally since I started doing comedy the first time I did open. Might I think in college Brian Crowley was air in Boston, been a writer on the conan o brien show since I'd about the beginning of the car o brien show he's got a book out now. It's a novel, the astounding misadventures of rory collins, and you can get that where you get books were talking to him in a couple minutes, bright Post same is going to stop by because he's got a new movie out. We're gonna talk to him a bit of table, play an amended because it was I've been going
I thoroughly. What well at least three plays. No, six months and I love it. I just that there is an experience available in a theater in in a play at a play. it's good. That is, unlike anything else a guy him immediately, just ripped open, just just by virtue of being in a goddamn theatre where people are about to take. The state there's a there's, an expectation there there's an excitement to it. There is theirs risk there's danger to some degree that actual hugh are going to be occupying that space up there in moving through something emotionally, I'm just is blown away now. Obviously, bad theatre expect These are bad and the experience of that risk in their vulnerability can work against the actual experience, you're supposed to be having if, if it ain't workin, but I went to see
show the humans by a guy named even carom, and it was devastating. the interesting thing about the year I mean I can. I can tell you is a great play and I can tell you it was bleak in a lot of ways, but incredibly human, like bleak in the most q, one way possible and it all explain in one long act hour and a half or so added thanksgiving dinner. this stuff that was covered. It was so like raw just the human relationships that were on that stage were so for me, here the way they were set up in the way that it sort of move. Through these conversations there was a bleakness to it, and this is every day stuff real, I dont know if I would call it a tragedy, because it was all sort of lifted by the fact that that there was a family in there was humanity in there was humility in there was some humor
like I don't even know if it's like a if its uplifting, but I get up lifted by where things are not yet. One of I thought that the short cuts by IRAN, robin was when the most uplifting ever made about people. So I thought it was a uplifting in in the sort of persistence of these characters and how well defined they were in all their flaws and an answer what barely sort of health together was was a humanity of it. I don't it's hard for me to be the even explain it, but but it was pretty It was pretty amazing and I didn't really know always drouet directed by Jo Montel. Oh, I think that a serious name he's done a lot of stuff. The cast was red. Bernie, Jane Howdy, shell, casey access to steal, Lauren klein in areas more weight, and it was just ass. It was like a daughter who was being in with her boyfriend in new york in chinatown. It was the sister
who is a gay woman who had recently broken up with her lover, her significant there. It was their parents and the grandmother who is resolved timers in just sort of mentally incapacitated throughout the show? She started the evolution of of of the day. Log around that family around who they are and their own personal weaknesses and illnesses and and what they endure and its there are funny parts, but it's definitely not a comedy but its its powerful man. It's bleak and beer for any ending is completely is theatrical in and bizarre, I recommended highly. I don't see enough young people when I go to the theater and I think you should engage. I I know evolve. gotten very acclimated too, to up to seeing sketch or or or improv, that's a theatre experience of the new generation is like a you go improv show
to see a well constructed play move through the emotions and the arc of his story. Sir, certainly in one setting is, is pretty profound, but I guess the message I got his. I hang a lot of my analysis and and and thoughts around the idea. That were terrified existential terrified of dying. and that's why a lot of our behavior is what it is, and that may be true, but no if it is as powerful as the existential fear of living and I I look out of my girl heavy cause. You got on show here. You know by now, bad things in the world. There's some bad things in all of us, but this this this play really sort of handles it. Well and floats. You know there. There is a a a sort of a a buoyancy to the a to the pain of this play. That was
called the humans and its at the outset. The round about two of you in the new york area I recommended at the embassy the champion of the theatre, so imposing friend of the show friend of mine, love em. Remember when he started back in their backing, francisco we want he's, got new movie, come out exciting for him he's, but he's the lead in the movie. It's called uncle nick, it's produced by doc, mary film, legend Earl morris and you can see it in theatres. during tomorrow friday December forth, but right now it's talked to to to the very funny brian posting about to, but his new movie uncle, nick and also by mr shown by comedy and about maybe a little bit about it kid. We, let's see how it goes. Make sure your right brian posts saying that's amazing.
it's right right, yeah, I let you get, I let you do something else for twenty years or so per se. You always did through and I never correct with what's happening now outside of this movie, we're about to talk about what are you doing just got off the road. You did out early date. Yesterday I was in DC how I got it. I was in DC arlington draft. As already on board you do for chose. five five show yet nicely like a movie. Theater tiered seeding, and my grounds they could have. drink yes, but it's not a bar per se and the people there. Will they have comedy very and they're, not gonna? Let us it's one of my favorite places, just great worlders a handful of places are still. I go into action. Another one before that it was in denver the week before an hour we entirely out it's about the other week before that I was in Denver
those are two great rooms. You must feel like a fucking rockstar right now, yeah. Those are great yeah you're only as funny as your last shows in my last show are pretty good in Denver. You almost feel like there's something wrong, I'm doing so yeah I was sick phoning in a casino phone it in one aspect but like when I wasn't on stage I swear, in coughing india, and then I get on stage and power through those sats and in our own right crush the ways it yet electric in there. I'm not this funny tone it down a little bit. I don't want to fuck this up just so, I feel like I'm at the price. Level yeah when I'm in grand rapids or wherever else and has the kid he's awesome. Man he's a six year old little person, a really yeah funny little dude. I went to his first show this Your way took him to see weird AL you it yeah. How do you like it loved it yeah? Is he wearing black concert tees? Sometimes? But you know,
He knows the bands like if you, if you went up to a moon yeah. What do you see the easy song you I can tell you we don't want to do. I feel like a bunch of old ones, yeas kind of all over the place that we ve done more work on, and now russia's the latest thing. Why is rush? Seeing this amazing? Resurgent well I've loved rush. My whole life fine and he I kind of captain away from home, cause I well much like I'm just not alone, I I I would always play the basics in the car. I started I'm off I mean what the idea of I dont want this kid like pop music. In so far he doesn't right right, sir, Oh lot, easy. Ok, I got a black sadovaya zap land yeah, beetles, YAP born of the beatles hawkeye. it has a guidelines line of it further
on the romance. Ok then scatter Scott I'd like to remind my wife play the cars form a couple years, how they got all the cars you really like that stuff yeah we're keeping a were keeping a solid base and the now he knows that daddy, like these other bands, more. He owes metallica rush, metallica pan terror, so he asked me about those bands and its awesome, like he's a little dude, but he knows This is something the day you sat him: thou art, a passion for Saturday Twenty one twelve know you know what I did he's into the peanuts movie, and somebody on the internet took that old, rushed on Xanadu yeah did it with the peanuts from old, special are your sneak in any loveday right and then I'm playing a moving pictures one day and he goes and ends and he s area kind of wanting hosanna do. Can you please entity that favorite rush song and I'm like all right man without the peanut yeah. I can definitely plays entity forty and he's still dug in it like he dug it just listening. I have
You know nice turntable set up an era in our little library there and he and I ll, do legos in there and then it's always remedy playing spinning records. Why were building lad, sweet its dude, I could. of it more my fair apart and an wait metallica you not that much yet, but he knows a round. I mean if their, if you're in my office, if you walk out on my door, there's a picture of james, had filled flippin everybody off so right. He knows about it. It's a lot for meter at my head around metallica MIA. I was there. I, like my trujillo in here last week for the jacko movie great girl, alia and with Ozzy? Here I read rye. That was a really nice dude. You met him. Oh yeah, sweet guy right, yeah yeah. I love that guy, but, like I don't Listen to our metallic. I almost bought a metallica record today, except they didn't have any it had a lot of megadeth, which I can listen to Megadeth and a little more technical than metallica is
Straight ahead and just more kick, I feel that the weight of it for you metallic is the thing right yeah yeah man, it's what really its rush iron maiden metallica, because they all made huge. X on me when I was a kid and about our maiden that emma's, like those irene, o the kid I'm played much, he hears it like. We have seen assign when he's in the van yeah and so the it'll come on and daddy. Like turn it up a little yeah and he can read. he's reading now. So he'll read the whole thing and go daddy. This iron maiden eddie right and I'm like yeah man, eddie yeah man. Is he playing an instrument? He is he's playing the piano really and then we got him a little squire, I'm going to get him any app for christmas. Cause he's been plugging into my amp just recently, ah and loves it. He he's got a band. He calls them so organic submarine writer thing made that up not a metal name, no, not at all
I just want my kid to be musical. I mean I was really kind of important and you have a sense of it. If you like, an absolutely yeah the piano teacher said he had a perfect pitch and my wife can sing and yet, while its own workin out it's going good yea mega who, when I'm on those parts aroused regarded fourteen, doesn't decide I complaints but yeah, there's so many things or yeah. It's not even football. Don't hate sport here, but there's other things like. I think if he said daddy, I, like sublime I'd, be like for We again your guy move out early. He I say, if I give me back, The target of political things to a few of these are in ways that my christmas longer little more than being a jack. I did what I had to read but I'll meet. You can negotiate that stuff away. I rebelled against my mom and high school here. As soon as I was able to vote. I voted for reagan that year, why because my mama such a liberal and indonesia Noma. I feel guilty
I'm tellin you because I think it's funny react as it was kind of the high school deck of like total metal kid. Trying to grow my hair- and I knew my mom- would hate that I voted for reagan. Fuckin dead. Did you tell her? Perhaps the interface like came homeward I voted sticker like gag do you hate advocate now every told this story before, as this can now, that's new sites have been only imagine yeah pretty much hand everywhere it's out of their way of getting out of people at the one. That's a big For me it is big, but it was like rebelling against traffickers added. I asked a liberal ma. I get it. She work for the state she hated brown she hated. You know we're lefty yeah. So you do. Is you are mad at her? I was sorry Why don't you ok with their now? I love her. Some show. How do you want to do you want to make up for this mistake? you're doing it already? The kid sounds good, you d in the world
you're only end in her. What are they call the ballots where they were you not there that perhaps anti youse, and that in four tromp will now know that would have it. I would add, make it worse every they get. Where do I undo it? Yeah yeah yeah do it. So I cleaner this weekend when she's at my house, which he knew that use, did you she dies, but I mean come tell her that I would add now she knows. I didn't give a shit about reagan right now. But now I think a lot of people. I was gonna your father, I didn't know. You had enabled second term that one there was one vote. Joliffe allowed fuck you all right, if you're a movie star now, is that what's happening! No, how come on! I haven't to build it up. Thanks man you're the Lee. I am the leave guy in a new fisheries movie in almost every single seen, yeah and holiest serve. So if you like that, like me in in the end. You have an hour and a half
god, I'm watching on your neck calmly, a colleague of ours, it's very for helping to take issue. We painted on a couple weeks shut in pasadena too. We yak was composed, total andy that's a load of total well yeah, but we shouted and one house in kind of made. It look like a couple different houses, but it's really on the whole movie takes place in one night. The whole story is I'm uncle neck. My to this girl, my rather was a total douche. I hate him type produce just pretty boy damages mug. I took on the family business which, and work my ass off landscaping and, after my dad pass in my pass niger go over everything here. Do anything. He was up.
or tender, and I really look down on him and hate him and I have all this animosity and it was a lot of fun to play cause. I don't have any siblings, but it was fun to have the animosity. Oh yeah, I can be a total dick, so it was nice to channel that into somebody, and so he marries paget brewster. Friend in and hot lady she already has to kid. She has a sixteen year old son and twenty year old daughter, a nineteen year old daughter, and I get a crush on the daughter at the wedding and the whole time on. Thank your staff needs yeah. At christmas, I'm going to make this shit happen. I will carry around face. It's super creepy and start software. I dunno if I liked this guy yet, and I love that, like waiting that that appealed to me more than any that seems honest, yes, yeah, yeah yeah, so
its boil and my chat. Does it and happily it does it as a bit ending in its earned. I feel and there's funny moments in there's some shit where you find out what my characters gone through the I have, this kind of drunk rant. Our table and kind of holy shit, some sadness about what care to went through, and it was one of the hardest things I've ever don t to perform a yak, because I had to cry and I had do bring up some dark Why does a lot of fun really acting? I was very great: you did the whole thing I gotta how'd you get in, acting current yeah. So how'd you get involved with this movie well these guys wrote it their escape. My damn ski and chris case it was gonna director and they were producing it together was a dim skis idea and Chris wanted a direct movie and then really early on they thought of me and then you know Joe
dug in my body who I wrote dead polwarth for years that each eu seen him in the scene is not a comedian, but he's been around. Did he writes? yeah. I know jerry agent, writer right, yeah, yeah, we're right now. He's writing deadbolt zone he's a good friend of mine and he talked to them and said that he would produce it with them and try to get me to do it and just a total posts and like they sent me the script I didn't really for a couple of weeks, because I was just like he's like do a fight It took him just going you asshole, they wrote this with you and mine mending really. Why doesn't happen? That of and yet never here in the inn. Do you think in wine like every time one of my friends gets another murray in our area,
You know what I mean. Patents been handed a cepat motherfucker, but yeah was patented big fan. You know there is a little bit of like. I want a big fan, I'm sure, like your thoughts about pattern, know and then, and then this comes up it's on my computer for me to very easily read weeks and finally was jerry going. You know, jerry knows how to talk to me like don't be a fucking asshole, just list read it. If you don't like it read a couple pages.
It's winter actually do this now with the fundamental insecurity thing like you know, because you want to do something like that, but there's that your initial ten years waiting for it, then there's that initial and things like that- probably not going to I'm not going to do it. It's going to suck and oh yeah and the whole time we were shooting it. I'm like this is going to blow no joy posts, saying no joy right yeah, but it was a great experience. It was and I'm super proud of it. It's nicer. The guy was his first movie yet so everyone's learning efforts are very collaborative yeah for sure enough. Then we got to bring some funny people. I was involved in the casting like, so I was the first person cast and then he was like who do you see as your sister and we talked about that and we talked about another friend of ours. As my sister didn't happen, yeah and then missy Pyle came up. It was actually my wife going what about missy Pyle and I'm going. Oh, my god, that's perfect! Yeah! He acts like tall
would be the attractive one in the family, obviously obviously, but the brought the guy play. My brother already is more attractive, so on the black sheep escape a balance or he was actually Chris, his cousin, ok, but I don't know the average I've killed it. Yeah did really good and he played he's supposed to be I'm on likeable, but he wines of being the base station the movie our maso near? He did really well so you're you're like a unlike able underdog guy, that's not wouldn't be like. the boy in most contexts. Yes, but somehow come air do at this is just another guy hanging around and what happened languages that I won't give away like Europe bigger eat, your moral struggle. Yes, yes, for the first time ever, you're, not even in real life or movies. Have I had a moral struggle ever finally kindly and then Scott adds it. We had come in and play my sister's husband he's funny he's
right and enemies he's terrible to be around a few normie such a dick. Always the nicest guy a worry area, but we that are more, is produced in the document tearing he's at odd guy. Had he get involved casino chris Chris had done some document, work, for him before hand is so they hooked Adam Chris, he wanted to see it and it does have a through line of you are you baseball based, bogota, now, I didn't know it, but I guess so. It takes place in cleveland yeah and I guess there's a famous cleveland indians game in the seventies or sixties. Maybe where it was ten cent beer night know how and it turned into crazy riot. I think I know that's why I tell I neer rate that story drew out any kind of its inner twines with the outdoor than I am.
It sounds like an interesting movie. It's cool man, while I'm proudly a man, I'm happy for you thanks buddy yeah, let's, let's talk about when when does it open december? What are december? Fourth and fifth that weekend it's a it's doing. Some midnight shows in some city. when does it drop on itunes and everything else and that drink almost writer, if not that same day, right at wild? How it all happens at the same time, yeah just see the fucking movie right yeah, I would say, seen in the theater, I think it'd be fun and it's doing some midnight showings in some cities, and does it all the time should we like christmas called movie. I want all I I you know like anything I do, Alright, that was question for you I am always the last gaddafi's ina dunno unless stuff, like other people, stuff where
I have been involved, I'm like. Oh, this is awesome. He a mister, show or silverman I'm over here, yeah yeah. There are the main people yeah yeah yeah. Well, how don't make this suck? I was Bob and David. You guys seen him. I just than the other day. I posted a little thing with them the other day by day it's you might get one in good time. We dead man, we had a blast, and you know fingers crossed faggots You know I don't know how numbers work netflix in that kind of thing here boy when does yet netflix. As of now, they now. Hopefully they pick us up and we go back after bob finishes. Or call Saul again. Yeah he's out there doing that right now and then I want to do more because those are I you know. You know how I've talked to you about how I feel about both those guys They help me out a lot and I owe everything really to them. We are because stand up law that other step I was doing it before, but now
put that was the year in their good day, o my favorite job for those who do it was agreed to see everybody absolute. We was in ok yeah, well, there's none of them were all grown ups now there it was a little bit of weirdness, but not like the old days or no pencils were thrown and no vr stomped was dino. There too, yes, notion, of course yeah yeah. He had he has to be. Oh, that's crazy. I love him, and so do I. I gotta watch those fucking things. I gotta watch your movie. I gotta watch it. I got a lot of things to do, trying to remember. If dino gone on camera, I think he snuck on and one thing or two but he's behind the scenes. Through the whole thing, yeah yeah yeah, he wrote a thing with Scott adds that the cant sketch They were just call us out. You'll know what I mean gave great mangold with a brain thanks, buddy driver saying I wish you the best they can
mrs on very excited they got. That part sounds like. It was finally sounds great of talking to him now. Another brian, this detail to Brian said a Brian Kiley. As I said, we started together, we genuinely, I mean we were really doing open, mics together and I I look like I've aged. He looks like he is not This is actually a great conversation in it. I've always the loved brian. A lot he's always been a stand up, dude and a great stand up. comic. It was great dead here and full of the great today for the gray stood at his new air. his new novel. The astounding misadventures worry collins in get anywhere. Where were you get books, but right now I will talk to her. Novelist, an conan, o brien writer and stand a comedian Brien Kiley, whose like what president biography very well, I I love like l, b J and I love dixon- are really parley.
say from my childhood. You know, but also their such characters like truman, and I can even j k where they are still can a normal guys. Those guys you like will no one would do the right. Ribald do shit, I can to death toll in different ways, but they both do things for you. I know no one acts like that right. Allied of the way there such characters. You know who I ll be J Nixon here and there they were on the other, the opposite, sobs sides. I guess that's right. They were part How will the fifty three be fifty to lobby fifty four in a month aurelia your two years older than me, but we want where kids Nixon was everywhere everywhere or to have absolutely me yeah absolutely, and you know I didn't I- I never found him. I think I was fascinated with him when I was a kid. I think it was tat of a morbid fascinations remit, finding an impressive, oh, no, not that I am not a fan of, but the bottom am fastening.
I remember, caricature is more than I remembered the actual got your irish like mad magazine and unlike you, seeing that the pictures of him big, no yeah yeah tricky dick. So I always in my mind, even when I was a little kid he's like you, this guys kind of slimy yeah. Well, there was that there was a cartoon that was like a cartoon show called like way to father gets home or something at and the next door neighbor was Nixon in the greeley. Yes, and I remember seeing as a kid and thinking this is a really intellectual smart show, and then I saw it when I was like in my thirties at the museum of television, and it was incredibly bad. Really, oh yeah, I was like see him and tell yeah and that's when you lived in new york, yet you go there out yeah I go. I went there frequently you didn't because well, that's it! Well! That's interesting thing like you,
in writing for conan since almost to beginning right, yeah. I start six months in so ninety four. That's amazing! Well, yeah, it's ninety four, that twenty two march marks the odds of march in ninety nine, or sudden twenty two years on, the area between two years and next march, they even conan rider ia. Most we monologue yeah. I mean how help out tough, but that's my main focus here and there is we started together behind a right right, wait, another We ruined, I mean we know each other, whatever almost thirty years,
it's crazy. I know I know it was like we went out to dinner or anything, but we've known each other. No, no, no, and we were always friendly. We did have coordinates together, yeah of course, we're off ball and whatever off ball Boston with the fellas yeah with know waiting for Matt, graham to lose his shit. Yeah wins Matt, graham going to ruin a game yeah. Well, it's interesting because you got a career, I mean we were both doing. We. I think I met you at open, mics and it must have been in college. I think the first time I saw you was probably the first time I tried to do comedy, which is probably nineteen, this I have nineteen, eighty four, maybe yeah we thought about when he started yeah that I started a little bit before that, and I remember one of your members senior at sam's that was at the basement. Yes and you have. the joke. I don't know if you're going to remember it- I probably will, but it was a joke about your time with the flemish artists, and you said: where is flam deal of that
I was I remember that I always loved jokes. I don't know if I'm proud of this word. I thought it was. I remember laughing at that, and I remember thinking. Oh that's a great joke, but you know you are always so aggravated. You are so comfortable on stage, though I was so envious of that. I was a nervous reckon you are always very relaxed on state aid from the very beginning. I was taken it, Well, you did a good job of faking it. I think that I was a. I think I was terrified and when I get terrified I actually relax in a weird way. Yeah. When I get terrified, I get this paralysis and I'm like ugh a sort of surrender to it. I am I was so envious of that I didn't know. You were like that until you and I were driving to a gig when Tom in rhode island all know, and it was what we were right. It was it was like a military thing or something to remember. There was like it was it that one with the car, in the middle of the room now that was in, but that was I did that one to me in connecticut. I think there was one a couple of hours out
yes, and there is another one. Where was near like a naval base writing and they would come right and I remember you are nervous and I was drunk it went away and it was like I remember being like you're nervous. Like I was always nervous theater to me, but I was always like what are you worried about re opening for you? Well, it was it was you mean cybele, yeah he pass. He did we certainly right. I did like a month or two so yeah he was grey. He was great put a character. Unbelievable! No one would believe that guy always is always worked up and excited happened. He would- and you know he would like- run the marathon and then do a forty five minutes at them like like aged sixty. hey. I was unbelievable. How you such and why didn't he call himself that, like the madman of revere or the fuck, was he wrong? He was from lately when where'd you grow up. I grew up in newton, oh really, yeah! Oh, so that's a that's not as
prevention, no weird, we regional, no, no you're you're, not from like yeah yeah yeah, because they like the further out you get, the accent gets a little different. It's mine has gotten a little better since I've left, but yeah yeah yeah. When I hear it like old tapes like oh, my cat, but like which part the the the the the rich part No, I mean it was. We were like a. We were in a little bit over our heads in the sand and you know I think my dad got the house and, like I when I was like three or four so I I dunno, I think there were rich people near by you know. We guys were just hanging out yeah, yeah and under the illusion, yeah, absolutely how many kids were in the family of five, so it was big irish catholic deal The middle of five really got older brothers and sisters like brothers, your sisters, I've got an older sister and a younger son an older brother, nay younger brother, so I've got that completes and everybody gets along still
Pretty much. I mean that some weird baggage, but a week we can actually get together and a family evanna fingers. Oh I've ones. For you, I mean it's about locate, yeah yeah. Thanks about folkestone life. Now my mom died when I was twenty two and my dad died a couple years ago. Sorry here, so you got it. So it's gotta be this going, thou yeah, yeah yeah and it would do, I'm leaving the Boston areas. Now I just my younger sister, my older sister lives san diego, my older brother lives in fort lauderdale and my younger brother lives in phoenix out. I've won spread out, but the couple of mark at the close yeah yeah. Well, I always thought like when I, when I used to see you I my first time I was like well there's kylie, how the fuck is he in such good shape. Yeah like I like, I just picture that you you did comedy and then there's pretty much. The gym was probably that was how I picture it,
I did do a lot of german, though, especially in those days yeah like fucking, raped, know like you and Brian Frazier, were those guys doing well, I dunno what freighters deal with, but you know I. I went bald when I was twenty two. You know I was like this freak of you know so I think I need to do something. You know at a compensate. All my got absolutely was like you know: I'd go into my act. People like this guy is twenty two. You know what I mean like murmuring in the crowd that sad, bald guy, big dope, yeah, don't fuck with him. I wouldn't make a joke, but what kind would you do in highschool, your jock in high school? No, you know what well I mean I I was on the baseball team, but I bear lazy. All right, I barely play on purpose or you're. Just then puts you in No, they just didn't put me. You know like that kind of thing, but you're a sports guy. I that was my obsession yeah. I love sports still yeah yeah and, like my heroes, are sports, guys and stuff.
who like Bobby or in yassin and might Boston guys like dottie order he player, yeah stream, ski the baseball player and are there those are the big ones. your grown yeah. Do you get to meet him? I did get yes autograph, but just like in a pilot, kids yeah. I can see that can also get the balls. I resign my bomb. yeah well, what was it about that? What was it about susie. I don't know anything about that, because I don't have that part of my I have to say though I was you were always a good supper player. I remember surprise! I don't wanna go right, yeah! No! I just got you ve always been druggie. Well, that's just it you, you! Wouldn't you, whenever the guy that you talk about the game when you know the gig lego hit me, but you can play in us as a native, what's it like, like anthony clerk, was good nose like I would not like, like their players, that you didn't think all right. You were expecting as they never talked about sports
that I'm physically you. I have ability right I do she right and also we're talking comedian level. Do not I mean but for a couple of you guys it was, but you are the guy that would get up and just be like I'm not going to get in front of whatever that guy fucking hammer out here, like you had a you are able to to to like hit it properly. Like you get up, there need a bonnet gods. Our guy had really. what about those are funded? Didn't you have great? I think you are no. No, I didn't do that. I didn't do and I didn't want to do that. I projected that the other guys were the case, but I was not one of the clique kits guys. Well, that's the funny thing about like he. You know what people think about comedians in like in in a lot of the comics I talked to. I think the only time we really talk about sports on this show in terms of us doing it was gary shadowing had a fairly famous basketball game that people would play You know that guy who arrive uterus ready but always had this sort of air of kind of, like you got to play in the shed
and gave a user's was networking thing, but back then, when we were in Boston we told me that fuckin feel yet be dip. levels of hangovers going I'll get you some different level. Yet some people were smoking weed, but it was like. I was like nineteen eighty nine- maybe I dare not eighty eight, eighty, nine and we'd all just go all this, but all these gypsies in weirdos at will and was fine. I was fine and it was interesting and there was even some sort of culture clash in the sense that, like there are certain comics that they worked them. next and they didn't work at catch, but they cut yeah. You know what I mean so it's kind of like I know who they are yeah yeah because, like I was one of these whatever reason and yet or as well. We you work both ways. Yes, every sort of surprising that I could it was like when I really think back on on the type of comedy I was doing at that time, for the type bodies are doing or or I was like, I must have had some bar. I never knew exist it does we grasp one now you're us, oh my god and I'd be like
angli, jewish ban and we in the eu they take it somehow I did all right, but I could work next. Yeah yeah and I found a few had a joke that work at nix which in downtown Evan you had a joke to work in cambridge, which was very pc before there was peace light than you to me than you had something you know who you are always like, like jokes, where it was, we, like you, know, let's talk for a sec, I now I wish I had to do just that. I would go, have my little jokes and then aggregate. That's all you are. You are so diligence that you're such a joke writer, which is completely different than the than the way I work right. Oh yeah, absolutely, and I don't think there's many guys that do it as specifically as you like, you know, you write yeah yeah yeah, you you do for a living now by it. terms of like having doing monologue jokes, but but back then like let's go back to softball, it's short shorts and try and remember the game. I remember I hipped a cross in the eye with a bar once and that was bad day
and we weren't even playing. Yet we are just warming and you just throw and yeah we're just drawing it and he wasn't paying attention to cheese, but it was like it used to be like it was John innes. Oh yeah yeah you anthony clark, sometimes matt, graham and dave while sometimes bob wilson fred Wilson, Wilson Jr, was originally fred, yeah, yeah, bobs, past yeah, alright, but he and tony v, sometimes maybe yeah, but you went in let's see so so we're doing the MIKE's in eighty four eighty five edwin college, eighty three with what kind of degree english from page vienna I started doing ah open mics in college. What compelled you you know? I I wanted to be a comedy writer as a kid even like I really like that interesting, not as stand up
Well, I I wanted to be a stand up, but I thought there was no way to do it. Do you know what I mean like this? There's? No, like people don't really become like it's funny. In those days you never heard about anybody was a comedian there weren't any comedy clubs. There wasn't that kind of thing when I was growing up yeah, so as much as I thought about it, I'd thought while ye that's not practical yeah, so I thought, but I didn't know sht I knew shows had comedy writers, you know sitcoms and writers and stuff and I'd. Dick vandyke show when I was like I'd like to do that young. So I started writing jokes when I was like thirteen of thirteen and are you yeah I'd like dismal no cards and outright my jokes and keep them in like a little like makes like a little recipe but like based on not watching stand up by watching by watching sitcoms, primarily how'd. You know that people wrote jokes per se. That's a good question. I think I guess I just knew. Comics TAT did jokes
when I watch ruddy danger: writing asia right yeah. You know that sort of this school that you come from, yeah yeah. I would say that to yeah so and I will listen. A show. When I was a kid there was a show on from brookline masses guy did it out of his house and got. I can yet out of his house, and he would greatly have shown a radio share and he would play comedy albums play like a whole side of now, but and then he'd do his little commercials like he'd talk and have a sponsor sphere. Anode people after bob newhart, album or half a bill, cosby album or whatever. So that's where he got it and I would like lists you know, I'd, be and also be in bed. Asleep and I'd have my radio and I would be listening to these comedy and it was once a week was like sunday night or something, and that was when you were like eleven or twelve or something I was probably like, fifteen or something, and so that's where it went in
yeah yeah, I was I I love that stuff. You know yeah yeah, well, yeah. Of course I mean it was so well. It's such an amazing thing when we were able to laugh properly yeah. That's true We became a cynical and weird as a true and have to like you. I guess it doesn't make us alive. We haven't, I get you something good tat, that's true! Good tat If my daughter gets so mad at me, because I'll she'll I'll watch something with her and I never laugh. I just think I'm nuts for and she's that's why, It's like no! No, it's good! It's good! It's good! Yeah! You have to understand it's my job to it's like I just yeah. So when you do do you still have those know, I don't. I am sure they jokes were terrible. Really I imagine that they they would be like. I wonder how you don't remember any of them. Why do remember there was I
we're, seeing actually that guy Kenny Mare had a column in the boston herald year, and there was a joke about. This is a ninety seventy six. So I guess that was fifteen and I was turning fifty and I remember there was a joke about that which did about ronald reagan being an actor and you know be evin gerald ford being a stunt man right If I had written that same joke, oh yeah- and I remember him quoting this in the paper like what a great joke- and I remember thinking- hey I- that is a fourteen- yield- That's come here only the mood I feel like I can, but yet now, we just made me feel like. Maybe I could do this are, so Europe must act together like that very sick baker, like I like, I remember when I did a pile of common sense when we were going to do a monologue, and we had come up with this sum. This we'll of topics that spontaneous you're right, monologue, jokes. Four, because it the structure of a of a model,
Joker one liner is you introduce one thing and then another thing, and then he twist yeah. You do a twitter, shariah, baser kind at this level, absolutely I mean there's sort of different formulas, but that's definitely one but yeah, but we had like all these different things on there and I and we'd spend twice to get the two topics and I have to we pre wrote a bunch of sure sure course, but but there is definitely a method of writing jokes. That eludes me completely. If my my jokes have to happen like the beats after wise. I'm talking, I can't write and yeah, but you know what you have that thing I mean you did Conan the old show. Than anyone, rightly thirty, five times or something. I think I've done a total on about fifty seventh, that's amazing and you would go in and it's you would have that answer if it was a conversation, but some of it was just the illusion of a conference. You have to argue that right, because other people would do bits and there'd be some great stand, ups that they would do panel. And all of a sudden there talking about this tv, commercial or some writers, and it was so contrive that right deny it worked over there doing stand up right, but it didn't work.
I mean how chant loaded into convert, but you have that ability and my and my things as they are just jokes now I I I did forty five minutes at a at a to this. I headlined at this casino gig in nevada just a couple of weeks ago. How was it it was yeah. I didn't. I didn't thirty five jugs, why it's a lotta jokes, that's crazy! It is what you have it. I countenance No, I just had to you know I had to go over all my stuff I'll. Take in l a do. Somebody short sets. I'm like. I don't even know what my forty five minutes is. You know what I mean. I had to write everything out and- and it was that many jokes- that's kind of fascinating, because if you think about people that work in that style, that that must be what our sat looks like the army in there and how to string. Those together sounds like a toward him, Well, it is, and is hard to remember here, know if you're not doing a lot. When I did my company central, especially half hour, you known two thousand six or whatever they have bullet points, they ve got the teleprompter. right, and I had ninety seven bullet points and they, like that's a record
cause did I. I wish good to have like three. Thank you just tell three stories. That's a half hour and right for you know, like all those jokes, you ve done stage. For I mean yeah yeah yeah, it's not like. You still have to to paste them out right, but you have very set sort of tone and the way you do you're sure it slightly detached I think, if you didn't know, you well didn't points you knew. I do you think. I know this guy seems well crazy, we're not gonna sort of like outward way like glass, some going on and on this large well milled involved man with a kind of detached town, it's sort of frightening there. DR every way, guys like me, I wonder what his personal life and I got hacked guy well yeah by my I buy stuff, can get darker than people no doubt realise, yeah, yeah yeah but like to do a hundred and what thirty five his hair, like at least I fall back like I, when I look at a chunk of mine, that's why twelvemonth
It's as it's sort of a conversation that makes sense right and then leads into the next day, or, of course, I can't imagine trying to fucking line up one hundred and thirty five jug clean jokes at the yeah yeah I mean it's getting ready clean, I try to be tv, clean, yeah, always yeah yeah, who the guy, when, when we were starting out up there, that you you liked working with and looked up to well, what happened was I I was you know as that I went to boston college and I'm a sophomore college and they had a show that a comedy show up at my ca cl and the first two guys I didn't really care for, but criminals went on and I thought this guy's hilarious great- and I went ahead just had great jokes and use any was just to stand up and he was a me he wasn't political at all. it was just a regular stand up and really early. I yet and I turn as like. Go you I want to be a company rather wrote that china has still it by jokes. I've been, I didn't have them with me, but I read them in how you know you ve been writing since fifteen yeah yeah. So I had all these jokes and he was running the doing how so
if I made it to his club and I met with them. I brought my I brought like fifty jokes that I had as for the end of the bidding. Her know about yeah. This is probably like eighty one or eighty so has gone strong, yeah yeah, and he so he can have critiqued my jokes or whatever and he's like. Well, you can't really make money in Boston. Writing. Yeah, you have to perform and I go I can never do. I go to scary fear, so he is like Whenever you want to come to dinner, so out, go the deep hole like once a month, you'd, let me and for free and I'll just the poor and rage. I was under and yeah, and I would say the bar and watch the comic and I had to take like two two subways and a bus like women's. Where was lay newton from newton, yet it was just. You know. I had to take the green line to the red line, that it take a bus to grant a miserable yeah so but I've gotta shows a lot and then I took a summer school class, top Dennis leary real and it was long haired density when he had the braid. Ah, he didn't
the bray, but here he was, and it was, it was in one coming from Boston called rape with. You know some of your teachers or jesuits yeah, and then you come here and like the law like someone with small patent class, whatever in a way of dealing with such a language, teaching that as the adult education at emerson it I am there. I summer school thing- I got yeah, so he took a summer classing comedy It was comedy writing and they had us do stand up and class in the class, and so I do the shaven they were kind of like. Oh, we, you should keep doing this or whatever cause you did it in class cause I didn't, at like for you, whereas it was a small class. Oh yeah, yeah! Wasn't that like there's like six people, but the last class, we could bring people in whatever they like that, probably were twenty people right. You was nerve, racking, oh yeah, yeah and but as exciting you know, and then they will only should continue with this or whatever. So I went to the ding ho the next week and I signed up for the mike and crew
This was the host so I'd. So I did that in and when great and christmas gave a great intro and all good spot and all that stuff and then the next week I went back, it was Lenny and I'm on at one aren't horrible, just totally tanked in the news. You know when my contract yeah and I had some friends that came to the first one. They like holy shit. That was amazing and they came the next week like oh fuck. This is real that reality literally you know, so that was that that was to be out of it. I am yeah yeah yeah, but you are, you are hooked. I guy was here I mean I, I really what yeah it was so exciting fact and it was so filled with dread. Yes, going on. As you know, you wouldn't be able to go on every week and it sometimes you'd wait weeks to deal I've manager or whatever and liking him by the thai ear to spend all that I'm gonna I gotta do oh yeah and then like like. There is one night work, Sat there all night and he forgot about me. I guess you got shit faced and yeah sort of like I
I had to say something, but I was secretly relieved in a way, oh, that you know Lenny one time. The same thing happen to me. He forgot to put me on the show at, and I was so like. Oh thanks I even though I'm here I was totally felt that, but I remember he came up to me the areas thing now I would totally wear what he came up to me at the end. He said lists. Oh no, you know what it was. I went back the next week yeah and the list was full for some reason they had kept at it young people. So he goes. Why inch on the list- and I said well, they said as for phuket, you get fucked last week, I'll put you on you, dear five fucked. minutes you get the fuck out of here and what it whenever he just said. That's what I'm so the next morning but I fear you caused by a well just money. He's just showed this like like that next morning, after you like yet at that, and if I kind of like so the next morning, my friend calls me I didn't realize that my mother had picked up the other end and he's like well let's he goes why, as an I just tell them exactly what lenny said he said: fuck it you get fuck last week get the fuck
do you find it get the fuck out of here s. How many talk so my mother's over hearing all this or whatever and she's. So my friend she's like what she comes to me. What is this shit and funk out of you You couldn't say fought radio who grave, but she was like a paul. Do you ask Quoting this other kiss. I grew up in a house that was really kind of like oh yeah, yeah yeah. No, oh, you didn't hear it yeah yeah, neither one of them haha. Now I mean my dad would driving once in a while, but but you never heard fox, I would ask the rare yeah in that in the year how severe mind too. I guess, but that's it. It's a funny thing, though, that that we choose to do the saying that in at the beginning, like there's, there's there's no excitement about it. It's just a compulsion that used to be that need to be honoured.
because it s the idea that, like the bigger relief, would be like I get out- and you tell us about it, you have to act is because you are, and parties pissed, but also you're, so relieved Y know it's kind of weird right sure think like goddamn, and I was so ready. Yes, you to do it, but no that's not it you're, like god, to guide me formulas, he'll kill, du Har. Oh, oh all that stuff- and I remember I would Lenny had the show on Wednesday night and on tuesday at noon. I would get a not my stomach for like a day and a highlight and one I remember one time, I'm in school and had been a monday holiday, so I'm in school I'm having lunch it's not my stomach and I thought today is monday and then, as I oh, no, no. It is too late. My body to have the you know what I mean, even though I was like off a day yeah that was crazier and then did we do what was your big that finally got you workin did you do the riot we in the riots we now you know what I didn't do the right. I think I was. I think I just I just.
MR I wasn't around when the first one have yet or somethin. The first gig was a bury micro, the connection this guy or next there was the sky in some way. Some thing how hero in it was called sidney's on green street in jamaica, plain ha, and it was a little this guy did it it was. It was almost old fashioned show business like he had a couple of guys in the band behind him and this club and J p with his public ten people air and he would go up just the only joke? I remember he would say to one guy may choose your point: appear with him, because otherwise, he's playing by himself. That was a job here anymore sensitive. Rita airports up right and it didn't really work any the tyres. But it's like
I remember thinking you know you really shouldn't do the same joke in the same set vf like four times yeah yeah, but that aussies supposed to give me ten bucks and he gave me fifteen like he was just trying to beat this like nice, older guy he had ever so that was my first real paid gig, but then out the thing how they would have me that had me come in on a sack alright, and just do five. Ryo and they'd give me ten bucks. What was what was the structure of the show on saturdays at four guys or three guys? Yeah, it would be like four guys and if those guys would be I'll be doing twenty five minutes and they'd have like a five minute. Guess right for me- and I remember maybe it was three guys, but I remember my first one. I command them in the they were doing shows in both rooms on saturday, and the acts were upright burying lenny and who is around and Kevin meaney was around and Raja and and and and What stephen writer DJ has yet Stephen. I think he had kind of popped already by then
there, but that was back when dj has with just dj maynard. Yes, that's tran. He they had not become the pirate, carry thought tat story with occasionally, where dark sunglasses on state. He had no facial here now I was out and develop their prisoners, yeah yeah yeah. He play guitar through most oh yeah heat email, stanhope, but then he was with big him jean Louis actual. Rarely I think, we're on wage and J Will you gotta all that's interesting? Wasting iran wench movie yeah the early louis yeah- give you anything about early lily when it was just a sound effects. Him weirdness, yes and the eye
see that yeah yeah, I wouldn't have said well. No, I think what he got from DJ was that largeness for no reason? Yes, that's true! I wouldn't have put that together. That's so interesting yeah, but I remember my first thing: whoa do do my five minutes and I do my five minutes. It goes fine blah blah, I'm in the back and I'm staying next to bob battle door by Ben. Yes, he was a great guy, so I'm sitting next to him. He had he used to close with the sign his closest signs, which would kill right, so he comes from key drove up from kentucky if he had been up all night wherever here he's gonna go on next, he has an epileptic seizure. Not right. Next to me, collapse and you know been up all night because up on any had apple of so I called what they come in. They get the endless and may put a month, so they alike you ve gotta, go on in the next room and you gotta do twenty, because is not on the show where we not happen. I don't have twenty and I am also just totally freaked out that this guy just have this only like. I also
caught him when he felt like goes like that kind of thing like yeah. They make me a glass of milk. I'd call from the exterior, so I went on and did I did fifty years- will have no recollection of what I said: I must just been like in shock as a baptist. Yes, that was it. What was your? What's your batch story? I've told him before he was just what he did. He snap yeah yeah yeah he's such a great guy too, but he would snap, but he had this killer bit with the signs. But that was the funny thing. Is it was just the whole. The whole thrust of the story was that yeah we drove to that gig one that was weighed down like new britain or somewhere that one there was near another navel gazing. negative, was yoga bury one night or yeah yeah, I'm going ahead with our us yet would take our area. So you know in the whole way down he's like. I don't know how to fucking get on letterman. You know like. Why is everyone getting you know? How do I like just a few sure bitter so I go? Do my
twenty five is right. When I start now- and that was about all- I had twenty five thirty did everything I had and I go the bathroom and I come out in batches on stage. Basically, yes the audience. The same thing we saying in the car to have now think I wanna be letterman like and it was bad. You know just like in a few minutes and it's a nightmare and there's nine people in the play in in my recollection there was someone in a wheelchair and he's yelling, and I never this again, but I literally because in the eyes of those, why said? Hey- hey: hey, hey, hey, let's just wishes! I take it, take a breather like it was like. I was a regulatory sure. Am I got you, you know which is chill out. and you know, and then Bob does and everything calms down and he's like what am I gonna do now and I'm like do the science through the cipher signs would kill, it would kill my god there was a few guys had snapped. Do not see it anymore, it does. really happening more, but it was something we all knew about because it's not in the vernacular anymore, because people they don't really. I don't know if it's because there were so many.
Mix and was more professionalism bit, but seeing people snap and we are coming out of sheer night- was it happening all yeah you like in it was a beautiful amazing thing. It was, it was suddenly. The show is ruined. and there's always that thing of people that say charbonneau always at first, your first top rate snap yeah, but, and it is that they always picture people who had they been hearing a lot about stand up comedy in his comedy clubs opening been and they go there for show, and they just see someone I can just lose their shit and yeah. So amazing, I'm trying to think of something like Barry would do it a lot yeah, but he always it seemed like he had a reason he he could snap, though, and get them back right was he which was miraculous yeah. He was one of the few people most people once they snap, that's it it's over, but he could somehow not always, but he could often when them back, which was incredibly you in how our desire,
because smuggles the original head right and how how how do you get that job and the first year conan? Well, you know I it's I had, and you know I always wanted to do johnny Carson. So that was my whole thing was then I was trying to get on Carson know I got on. I got on leno like a year after Carson left, so I did leno twice. I guess Conan saw me on one of those actually well I'll. Tell you so so then, Louise working at conan yep and Agnew Tom agnes working at conan and chuck sklar working for conan Boston. yeah, so somebody gets canned so they need another somebody to write his monologue yeah. So I just I just sent in stuff and at the time I I used to do a lot of topical stuff actually for cause. You know especially going to do forty five minutes. I you know I would write jokes about the the olympics year of the presidential election or whatever is going on. So I had the job I had.
Jobs are just type up like fifty jugs my act and sent a man and they were like the ok. You start my or whatever right yeah, and the weird thing is when I was a kid you know. I grew up in newton and I went to this sunday school that was at this convent yeah in Brookline yeah. I in cones brothers class. You knew him yeah, you remember and conan was in my brother's class, so evident brother and I'm gonna harvard with conan so they're both the same year, europe. So I'm the ding ho on wednesdays, yet in cambridge and my brothers at harvard, and I would go, have dinner with him and then I ll go to the show at the hall was I may every wednesday and where he friends were conan. Now I d I knew each other and right and conan was writing for the harvard lampoon right and he would sometimes go. I remember that guy conan and he would give me like the harvard lampoon's, that I'd read stuff that tumor things that Conan had in this thing. So I kind of was aware of him
but we see that aware of you are now now he well. I mean he knew. Why was right, but he knew your brother, the any new, my brothers, but but barely new energy. At and I would have walked past my street, like I wouldn't known what he looks like rain right, but I kind of you know when you somebody growing up, then you see their name on a s analysis. They name on simpson. The us is kind of like they're in them. eleague has you kind of are who they are and also like. Does it seem more possible for you or at that time, had you given up on your tv writing dream, and you just saw yourself as stuck in stand up while I did so, I did see I I would kind of. I would still write like a spec. Script cheers episode, or something like that. I will try to that kind of thing and wood You send them out, or do you have representation or nothing? They went nowhere and you know it was you know and then sure there were bad. It's it's a hard weird feeling that, like it cause, I didn't really have those aspirations. Knew what I was doing stand it. I just want to be a stand up here, but I have
I assume that you after white, like a like six seven years in the business, do another stand up gigs to have that more. You like, I guess this. Is it right sure? I know if it's funny I I'd, I sort things. Would work out I'd that well cut back. You know when I was married to thirty and my in law. Were totally cool of heroin. Are you just stand? I'm just a stand up and You do your wife she's it does. Computer consulting and so she's got a good job and she works was workin for price waterhouse at the time and yet making good living and I had my little meager income going out working in nightclubs still and just to think that it's like really I got married and I had this. I was at the I dunno where I had the most confidence. Yes yeah, absolutely you guys stay together and I think now it's like what were you thinking you know and what we parents have. You ever asked your parents, okay with that. Well they just want their kid to be happy so yeah. But did you ever ask her that well yeah? She said,
They feel like she's, like my parents, I thought your great, where I I thought if it had been the other way around like if my sister braddock My call me out ever get married. My press me like what you mean. I don't think that beyond border I'll, be your good guy, You know how it I guess that do you know, I don't know, I don't want to tell you so you the gig notices of things. Always fascinated me is that I remember I was doing the show by then and couple times a year, and I saw you as happy as you I'm always happy to of air. And and and then, like you lived with todd, Barry, did. You have, in my mind, was a decade its. It seem like a decade well, you know this is what it was like. He was it, but you were never there right. We ve got to brains in that room down this hallways, like is ever hear but like you like, it was always sort of impressive me, and I always want to ask you: why did you not think it was gonna work ok bye, then he had a kid right. Well that yeah what happened? Here's the thing, I'm the structure and the show was very shaky.
Right and people. Don't remember how you know it's just seemed like it was gonna, be this temporary thing and I get this job when I said to my wife. Well I'll go do this for thirteen, you own, a house, software yeah ends. We had a house in an newton yeah in in auburn they'll we're like little starter home here, and it was like well I'll, go to this for thirteen weeks here, put a little money side and then in house may be saved a little bit of money, Rihanna aids at that time. Now so and every day you'd be reading the paper about who's going to replace conan. You know I mean literally, maybe the not the new york post, the daily news, while Conan's got off, of course, but it's like who's going to replace them and it was like oh shit and one where I'm in the office with Agnor our assistants, accountant comes and she's like. Ok, you guys have to computers, tv he's like other taken, take inventory. We must be gone off the there to call a meeting chicago. No, they take inventory once a year when not go you're like that's. How shaky rise you know so
I we have thirteen we contracts at a time every thirteen weeks it afterwards. Yet the thing in the mail like ok, you been picked up right, so you didn't, you gonna, be canned river and my wife had my wife had this great job, but she was making twice as much as russia. People like we should move to new york. It's like will not. Let me you mean like getting so it's more like. I should stay home gee, I don't know, but when two long going back, but Also. What would you do you you you'd come down on a monday morning. I would come well the beginning. I come down on a monday morning here. I'd take the delta shuttle other not on a friday night and in those days you could just get on the plane at six twenty five and get on this. Get there at six twenty five get on the six. Thirty plane rail. But then, when I had a kid they let me work from home like two days a week, a really one or two days a week, yeah like you
stay like friday, through tuesday yeah. I would I would show up tuesday morning and then I'd go home thursday night, and so it was you know or for you know, depending so, and also we got like ten weeks off so then I would then I was just home with my kid. You know so you have to now have to yeah so It kind of went up here for a while. I live with tat, which has color hilarious yeah. Imagine well he one of them. and I I think I think, maybe through cause Lasky, I don't remember somebody said in todd- needs a roommate or something I remember his first roommate actually vaguely they knew each other fired. I think many had that room down that weird, that there was not a great apart no now, but he had this little hallway, and this is from there is like a bunk bed, and there are some yes a widely warm, but it was it was in their vessel hake. It was like a panel of like this raised.
and a crouch under it yeah and like like he couldn't. If he you know he he had to lie flat. Like you'd you'd bump your head up, you couldn't sit up. You couldn't sit up yeah, it's so, but I was there like three nights a week or so. Week and he was he was out until like two am yeah: oh yeah yeah, so I'd come in, I'd, do a sat and then I'd, but I'd only do like the early. an early show being because I had direct one thing I learned was: if I one I am gotta get a leap and I had to get jokes on the next day. It's like what am I doing, some don't send set in eight people in ravenous, austin, comedy club yeah that Canada exactly so. I was I. Let me begin by. You know: go to bed at eleven, do whatever so I didn't see that much I didn't have anything I just had like this mattress on that the right his thing and how many years did you do that? Well, I did that. I guess I did that for a year or two that was it well yeah, and then I did
I remember somebody out for a while another comic she was. I was a woman who did prof and I didn't see her either. She was out two in the air, but I remember what toth boys I had nothing yeah and at night I would go in the bathroom and I would that was the only place. I had the light, so I put the toilet seat down and I'll just sit on top and I had the light from you know what I mean and I would just sit there and and it's the kind of thing I still do that like when my kids would go to a hotel and my cousin, my wife. They go to bed at nine o clock like watch t v or whatever I just go in the bathroom. Put the toilet, sit down and read. You know I've done like one hundred times, so I would do that in Todd's room. So every once in awhile, he'd come home and he'd knock on the door and arab like oh sorry, because he needed to use the bathroom at home in their reading. So finally, my wife came she's like why didn't you just get a lamp and uh? She just got me a lamp and a chair is like here sitting here. Nobody is coming,
It's like these basic things are a ah yeah. I I am just go: buy a land get something for myself, I'm kind of like fuck it I'm fine. If you came over here in york, is a nice house cause some comics and I dunno manages to live in novels. It's true that we are like. I do if it weren't for women in my life, I'd be living out of milk crates on a futon. Oh, you know all my clothes everything here I got it now with the clothes I wouldn't have closed. If I didn't have a t v show like I just in the wardrobe of sturdy, like you want these shirts am I yeah? I have four shirts, I'm glad you got my style so now I know it's it's kind of crazy. It's true these books, I've been carting around forever. Well, that's and that's the thing, that's what she gets mad at. It's like you know. I have all these sparks and it's like you know the kindle. It's like It's like fifteen dollars for occurred, Vonnegut bride. I can get for a buck eta use bookstore. Why would I urim? Oh really so it's like I love have then that gives us a good book, not well yeah. I dont do the kindle either but I've you I've done it on planes now yeah
as I travel a lot and I used to travel with two or three books. I wouldn't even read my gang and get to this and do that all the time and every once in a while is like a long, layover good thing. I brought these three books, but most of the time it's like, I don't have time to get to all that traveling with books are heavy there. So you had. No, aids. In doing what you you got a job to do yes and not always learning curve. Really I mean, is it just right here that the us it might jobs? Do you know yet? I well you what I I was fortunate in a couple of things in the sense that it didn't take me long until I got his voice almost right away only because we had similar sensibilities, like he's from this big irish catholic family. From this big idea of him- and we did the mapquest one time- and it was exactly four miles from his house to my so- but there was just in terms of sometimes somebody would write a joke- that's just too dirty right and I'd be like oh, I
and I'd feel uncomfortable to delivering it? You know and he'd be like hey. I can't do that, it's too graphic or because, oh you would have to tell him all the jokes. You are the head Manoa guy! Well, no! Not at that time we would just we'll just we'll just give them the jokes, and sometimes somebody would push from one. That's like that. I could tell he felt uncomfortable and I felt like I'd, which generates. I didn't write chokes like that. I kind of wrote, jokes his warehouse for the most part. You know the only thing I had to do was there would be like a word play joke that I would think is a clever joe yeah and he hated that in their eyes I had to learn like oh, he is like working lives like their workplaces, so I kind of- and I got from my aunt just because I got you so you are not doing that, but something I liked the time. Ok witnesses- and this is ever whatever it's like now, it's courteously out. Ok, noted yeah. So yes, I I I was able to kind of right from pretty quickly
I do have one eyed co. Do the shock is ivy, usually like the second gas you're, but to be funny like all you, marla guys would have around the monitor deceive you're jealous. Yeah worked out. Well, let's just say there are times you attack. Remember what time you know that the mind like just tanked at one nine, so the next day he comes to my office, is like how do you feel when you send me out there with and I said to us that you know that in in the movie the window. You know Jimmy Stewart skipped the two broken legs and he's looking out the window and he thinks that raymond burr has killed his wife yeah. So he sends his girlfriend grace kelly into his apartment. To look around and Raymond burke comes home, and he's watching, helpless and raymond burst us manhandling harass. That's how I, yeah, when the mind is just helplessly watching him that he will have the oh yeah but you're, just like oh no these go and check out.
And now I mean he's got them where he's able to learn to deal with it save himself yeah, but that's it. You know, but most daisy, where ever you so terrified at the beginning. Oh yeah, can you imagine doing you're you? You have no evidence standard before, as on national television, the egg? I get my you know of my mics, were on t v or whatever it's like. I definitely felt for, oh god, you know and were you big carson venue where I was yeah yeah? He was great. He was great. He was great yeah. I it's so fun, need to see who learned from Heaven who didn't necessarily and like when you Are there museum? A broadcasting could what back, when he had to do that. You get like these for our blocks. Sure you'd have to you have to sign up for something they have to find it and they'd assign you a little cubicle and you'd have to love the. Would you go watch I would watch. I would watch like the jack Paar show. I would watch like woody allen. We stand upon tv, exactly what I watch andrews prior. There was hard about the jack like tourism, like jack par, had this reputation.
as is the guy yeah sure we just sort of shoot the shit your way was denied it wasn't. The tonight show that he hosted or was another show the jaguar Paar show, I think right, but at life I think it was that was I think, so yeah I dunno what I think I remember going to watch jack Paar. I remember going to I watched a woody allen's and NBC variety show. All I didn't see that I would like to look billy gram on their no. I didn't know about that. I would say he had Billy grandma, oh my god, and all you watch the richer prior show. I will I watched richer prior, do stand up on jack par, something and I watch I would watch woody allen do stand upon jackpot. You know that was just to see them You they're sets a sort of unknown comic. Yes, fascinating and I'll see. You know Bob new heart, you know a guy like that doing mostly stand up. Then I watched. Did you watch? I'm sorry go ahead? No! No! No! No did you watch at the I used to watch Jonathan winters on jacquard yeah, oh yeah, yeah. Unbelievable is too much man, yeah, unbelievable, but even watching jack paris monologue
they'd be subjects we like we do that you forgive me. I didn't do that. You're too the eta. It's like you know it, be Elizabeth taylor, richard Burton, but would do it about brad pitt literally or whoever you I mean it's like would save structure would still take a joke. I don't they structure remains a matter for worth yeah. So ok, You're there and you finally do you ever move the family idea, yeah yeah, we moved the forest and we moved to well. You did yeah yeah yeah and she kept as she got her, While she will this kind of what happened I back and forth a van well, what you know we would we sagging nominee for mps, yeah. So one year we get nominee for me and my wife family with lives out. It would like her sister and her brothers were living in southern california rife and her.
Parents are going to be visiting. She said well, why don't I go out a few days early with the kids, see my family and then you come out the weekend and we'll go to the emmys. So we're going to go so she makes the all the arrangements and a week before my daughter gets a hernia, so she has to have a hernia surgery and then the doctors, like you know I it can only take them out on that tuesday, for whatever reason eight, I can remember if he was I didn't take her, is my wife did so I don't remember it was at the hospital. He was either only at the hospital on tuesdays or only at his office on tuesdays, but anyway he had taken a tuesday, so my wife had to change the flight So you know as it's so it turns out was nine eleven yeah, so they were booked on that flight eleven on nine eleven, but because of her hernia, they pushed it back a day. So we had to you know, change our flight and whatever so as kind of a you know why yeah so so, both my wife and I'm type, MIKE both my kids and my wife, were booked on that nine eleven flight. All
Why so and I went to the airport that morning I was flying out to to new york. I was go to the coach to take the delta shuttle, the flight it took Conan and I get there and they, like all this, a plane crash of the delay. So I'm just get the today and I'm at the dunkin donuts that I'm writing my jokes. You know and then the other one crashes and it was like oh shit and then they close the airport and send us home, but I I didn't realize what was going on and I'm in a cab and the guy in saying that the towers come down and I think what they know me in the building It must be a tower on top of the belt, like a radio top of the belt. You know what I mean, and it's like talk about tonight. The idea now and I get home and my wife she's, like that was our flight. That was, you know when I left them. I should like us to baby I can go to the airport together as planned. You know Gaza, I know I know so it was really crazy and that's what drove you to move well, what happened was
then a bureau and if you ve been moved to new york at zero yet, but it became hard to. I couldn't just get to be important, get on the fly. You know it because I cried hassle and then She was unhappy with her job, so was like once she quit her job, it's like well, what are we doing yeah, so she moved to new york, and then we lived in westchester for several years. I and my kids loved it there actually and then, and then we moved out when conan moved out. So there is so you're you're like a continent basically here that we pride there the longest this one guy was from the very beginning who gonna Michael Gordon, he's, not a monologue either right, and he, sure in office and veterans, yeah yeah you ve been Who d know? Oh yeah, I am every all the aliens good oh yeah, and its unbelievable in some of the people I own bark was it. I was in Babo and kirk with the other. He was working. He was mostly living in l, a yes would set in stone.
But do you know was in town right. Data was in town, oh yeah. Maybe it's been crazy times. He knows craze any you solve so funny, but but he was the beginning with the bare yeah, absolutely away louie and you know it smuggle and a mouse. You know it was, but the sketch guys would be there till two in the morning or whatever you know it's hard to make that ridiculous. Shit yeah yeah and especially we didn't know what we were doing. We were kind of finding cause. It was there there's as they're, always sort of like a not a wall, but like the Manoa guys have the motto again: the sketch guys yeah they're, ours has kind of been there and you guys just sit there, hammering out jokes and occasionally poke around and go like. Can you exactly yeah. Here's the setup yeah. Do you do that? Oh yeah, absolutely and there's also there's and it's like. Does this work or it's like I mean I'd, say like this, or that can't say no but like we would do they said having us go, do shows four days a week and give us one day too
Which is a break, and then we work on each year to thousands or other stuff us get off, that you could feed jokes, india that were established dialysis. Yes, absolutely! Ok! I wrote of real joke recently. About getting. I gotta sonogram of my heart to see yeah them and I'm proud to say it's a girl great. I love it is your help? Ok, you, I'm ok, cholesterol july, but death following. Just ass you. I appreciate your concern. So let's talk about that position and the panic of the so you know you get the tonight show
then you're going to be writing for you know what karzai the house yeah that must have been like amazing. Well, it was. It was weird in that there was this. You know it's two thousand and four and they call a meeting in the show and conan said I just got off the phone with mvc, whatever I'm going to be hosting the tonight show, I'm going to take over the tonight show in two thousand and nine. So here it is five years and it's a little bit like someone saying five years from now on may thirty. First, if you have some punch in the face, you know and you're like okay, I'll put it in the we got. This thing that's going to be, you know what I mean and you're kind of working towards that yeah know. So it was just. It was crazy. How we are waiting for this thing. You know most about in the back. Your brain, I mean oh yeah yeah, but you know- and my son really wanted to stay, new york and how old he now he just turned twenty he's a sophomore in college, while yeah and he
you know in our little town we are a town of five thousand people. He knew all the kids it was. You know how old was he then so he was, he was thirteen. I was as tough time yet time if you know where my daughters went to school with a lot of mean girls, she was kind of like what grade. What's going on? if you're ready, let's go yeah so and it was just like it was just half where it was a tough transition for him, and then she embraced l a right away. What part of town you live in a studio Okay, that's good, and that's where you started right away. You got a house right out of the gate. Yeah we did and we thought you know we thought we going to be working at the nitro for twenty years. The river you know- and it's like it's like people liked traffic is bad. Should get some place close to work and write all by can stuff so Little did we now and seven months a bit would be out of there. You know, what's it like They start writing on the on the tonight show, and everybody was excited in what how many weeks,
Is it before you're like we're fucked? Well, I have to say that that was tremendous pressure and and even though it you know when I first started conan, he did like four jokes in the monologue and he'd get to jokes on Ambien yeah. Don't all right, yeah Yvan! He slowly got a little. Sorry. I bring it up a little bit, but he never did more than say seven or eight matthew white, the old, the old yeah, so that with the new show, the tonight show has this long tradition of having long monologue. So he'd want to do like thirteen to fifteen jokes right, so you went in all day and you never looked up and you just wrote you know you're writing fifty or sixty jokes at air I had a not my stomach every day like back in the old days, yeah yeah, I really went home and I you know in new york, a good day, his picture bunch jokes, I give my daddy call how he's doing or what every right larder this you, where this pluses east coast, cuss I'd, get home at a gradual day. There's no check time
to call him any or any day that we never a good day. We'd have had an easy day. We could relax and get home at seven. Thirty, eight it's like well, I can't call him, you know he's been in bed for two hours, but it was just. I was like a dish rag at the end of every day. Yes, it was so much pressure and so much stress. So, even though we took a hit finance, lay and were not, as you know, as relevant, as shown our whatever cause we're not on the network, but have personally hit this a lot. Less stress is actually a lot more enjoyable. My aunt and I think the show is much more fun than that than its now jaffa night. By like, how wake all the way through the stress was happening in them. When you actually got taken off the air, what it must devastated by yeah yeah yeah yeah uneasily.
I mean we were all crushed And- and you know I I remember, but two weeks after we got kicked out yet or he let whatever I guess I mean he basically said he didn't want to do the twelfth of five show, and so he so he didn't really he didn't fire. He told you first, the let you guys know yeah yeah the decisions as they did and he d It is like you know what I don't want to be treated like this, so I'm a mighty here, which I I understand so, but it was suddenly it's like you know. I moved my family across the country, my wife wasn't king we bought a house. We put our kids in these two private schools and now we're fucked. Yeah and I remember there was about two weeks later. There was an earthquake and it was at like three in the morning: oh no and I'm wide awake like I, I probably start at four in the morning by the three in the morning, I'm wide awake yeah, so I'm sitting there just lying in bed like what am I going to do right and then this earthquake happens and the next day people like
that earthquake woke me up or whatever, and I felt like. Oh no, I'm wide awake waiting for yeah yeah and I do remember when the thing when it first got the news that this hat was we were getting pushed off the air whatever. I think I was just in shock for like a week, and people were crying and people, and I had no reaction whatsoever and then my wife's birthday is a week later. We go out to dinner with this other couple and they're talking, and they start talking about it and all of a sudden. It just hit me- and I don't think I said a word- for an hour and a half like would just having dinner enormous and, unlike a fuck, Miriam they are talking whenever and I'm just like my own world like job it's over, you it, but it was. It was reported
you know Conan. I covered everybody for a little while he he did, although he didn't that the writers weren't part of that, because we kind of had our own deals right, so I'd still have I'm still getting paid for for NBC. For you know, for a few weeks after that, right and I had taken this writing class in the fall and I would write, I wrote what I thought was a short story right, evans teachers. such short story. That's the first chapter of a novel ya go. It is so the next we get bring the next chapter, but I didn't know where we're going right. So when this happened I was like you know what I'm gonna work on my part I need to do something and we have the, but we have the, but yet about this happened. Yeah the border, the astounding misadventures of rory college that article, the bottom you're the buyer, is at the bottom yeah so that actually helped me through that period places like yeah a really cause. I I didn't want to see and be unshaven incidents. What pants all that gm euralia, so I got up regressive.
Mixed area eyesight got up by short everyday, I shaved Evan. I would go right for like three or four hours and just having, I think I need lecture and having that something the dew carried me through that you know I imagine that that writing something like this book is. It was new to you telling the absolute I love to read an island, but it was so liberated, actually have characters and have a story and say fuck end. You know, do stuff that that exciting sense of discovery. Yes of writing. A book I have tabled is sort of like see like I do, have an imagination, yeah yeah narrative, one yeah. So that was really what's it about exactly it's about this young guy who has his son. It's crazy mother, he's gay, I sort of saint childhood and he's very passive, and he is in college he
virginity with this woman, this man, woman and then her remade is in the bathroom crying because, like I've won, always with sleep with her and not make as she's, not to say that having sex with the other one too, yeah whatever which? Actually this has happened to a friend of mine? Oh dear yeah, so that story always stuck in my head and then suddenly that woman started bring her her lonely. friends to him, took to lose everything. And the huge liked as passive guy who just sort of another sudden he's having sex with like the tricks of the in yeah and advantageous leave. I kick his his passiveness wanna get some trouble in an right yeah and that sort of this I guess it is the end. Well, I don't want to give away the ending please it's actually much. It's pretty dark Finally,
you know a real guy. You go in a room by yourself and it's all like it's super dark and absurd, and you come out like wow. I had no idea that was yeah. That was. Did you finish? The book in the interim between between the I did yeah yeah I mean I had to rewrite it when I was sort of interesting that this was you know your your your way of managing yeah. Oh absolutely! You go out and look for other tv jobs. No, no, and I did I did do some stand up, but I didn't yeah I didn't cause, I doubt how quickly after the word NBC show going it was conan starting to talk about the negotiations for a show with the writers and that's a good question. I you know we got we were off in january and then I think we, came back in september. I then we so much like always double with price. Pretty quickly after that, you were
form that maybe there was gonna be something yeah hate me. He had told me that he would put me out. You know he would hire me on this I think it. I know if he hadn't was getting anything right. There was about a six month period of like any wrote the book It's amazing how things that you might not have ever gotten to that's true happen in the darkness of times. That's why this part gas happen really sure I had nothing going on. I just been divorced twice. I was broken. This was born out of that. Like I don't know what I'm gonna do. Was the pike s your idea? We We will you know I just we'd lost a job at air america again we're doing a streaming. Video show and me and my producer were like: let's try this thing: let's do it wishes commit to a couple of days. It's great. Yeah, but it was definitely the darkest point of I marvel. I had no idea what what my future, because I didn't prepare a writer tv right. We're short well aegis. It's true it's, but it's funny, though, when you read biogas of famous through easy people who think wait that long
you know that famous artists was really starving and he was bought your I worry and I waited starving artisans real. It may not literally not being able to eat right, but certainly not with many prospects and no real choices in your my yeah. Absolutely so you get these so the new show darts and it must be very exciting. I have the freedom and have the support of the network. Oh yeah, yeah ep it's it's endless. You know it's weird. We can actually swear. Sometimes it's it's just looser like we were also it. We kind of just doing the show for our fans as opposed to trying went over middle america, older broiler right. All these yeah you're trying to do in its night show you know an audience is holding pretty well he you know he has a real love. Oil following and also we have a lot of people watching. You know I have fallen zero on the computer the last day of that kind of stuff in and are you going to work today? I am yeah what time you gotta be there. Well, I told him I'll be a little late
doing marin. We don't have a show today. So that's right and the way you let it slide, yeah well plus, when he's taking his kid to college. So it's kind of worked out perfectly sweeney's. Been there a long time too now cause I've known like. I knew why didn't know smuggle, but you know John groff had his first writing job for me. Oh all, that's why I couldn't come a central yeah, You and sooner we're doing it right now right hand. Cinderella was on the show with yeah. He was my my sidekick yeah yeah, it's sort of funny, but graph went on to be there had writer acone now he's now he's busy right now he's running that blackish yeah yeah, I yeah I did. I had breakfast of them like brunch with them like a couple months ago, but he he is super busy in a book is outright yeah yeah. You sit on amazon, adventures of rory collins, Brian great talking thanks buddy, that was great, seeing Brian great talking a lot of stuff. You got wtf pod
com for all your mercosur by some posters are things w e F related for christmas presents. go there and do it get on the mailing list fell right. You know every week, I'm so tired. I hope it didn't read obedient here. The tiredness I have to go back to work now and worked on my show amalgam play guitar because after run, but but I will do this boomer lives,
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