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Episode 663 - Brian Grazer

2015-12-14 | 🔗
Super-producer Brian Grazer joins Marc in the garage for an incredible conversation about what it takes to get stuff done in Hollywood. Brian is responsible for dozens of the most beloved movies and television shows of the past three decades, everything from Splash to Empire. He and Marc talk about the intersection of creativity and commerce, and why the most important part of the equation is usually curiosity.

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In the let's do this? How are you or the buggers what the butt bodies, what the fuck's there is, what the fuck sticks? What buccaneers what's happening what is happening this mark mare- and this is w e f- my podcast- welcome to it, if your new, to wit, ryan, razor is on the shouted. A brian grazer is a film producer, but not just to producer, I mean you would be astounded and amazed at how many movies and our shows this guy's been involved. With I mean life, defining for you, not
but maybe for him. Movies and tv shows its insane. It's in say all the way back to night shift and splash the first couple of movies that he be. I think he produced solo all the way. Through I mean he did the out the door where's back draft see before apollo thirteen, the nutty professor ransom, I mean like I- can keep going a beautiful mind blue, crush eight mile friday night lights, the missing cheese man The divinity code, american gangster, great movie, frost nixon- I mean it, it on, and it's its astounding, the amount of work that this guy's done. Amazing and he's only like twelve years older than me. He put a book out in Sometimes these or this is how gideon do it. You know this is how I get someone over. Here is our doings
talking for thing. They got going on so Brien's got this book a curious mind: the secret to a bigger life. It sounds like a somewhat inspiration, book air, but it kinda is. I mean this guy brian grazer. This is it and I'll tell you something: I've, never there's never been a wtf. Quite like this. We I've never talked show business with a producer of his stature in the way that we talked about show business I mean if, if you think, he's done great films, he hooja eastern films were just moneymakers but also well made, but it's a very diverse, demography and tv gangs involved in empire than on tv, twenty four, it's kind of amazing, but he is sort of it was introduced. It was an interesting conversation in the way that young listen you're, just how business and creativity co exist and
his case. Would you in one human being? I mean it's, it's just it's amazing how much he's done an end and its also like what you hear with brine grace. It's just out of a compulsion almost tee to work. and then to be able to follow through on things. And ended in maintaining good relationships. He seems like a decent guy. I mean you hear stuff about producers that you they could be hard Caesar or whatever, but this guy seems like a decent guy, diplomatic guy and very persistent and constantly asking questions. You know obviously he's made some your block bus. your movies, any any working to make money, but he s sort of compulsive about,
finding things that are interesting to people ah and and- and he got here- he sort of on the pulse of that he's. Just a he's. Just a curious guy like this is one of those rare things where this book, which is a collection of of of basically experiences, he's, had conversations with them. People that inspired him at in yo in his search for for a for things, but dead some fascinating stories and end just dumb. That side of the business, I don't think I've had as thorough and as an interesting and amazing conversation about your show business from a guy who is major show business and a decent dude. So look forward to at momentarily, also I want to say I'd to unique listeners, unique people,
guy I, because I mention yeah I've been reading, some e mails from people and odd places I gotta at this was sort of exciting, in its own way. This is hello, Thank you hi mark been really enjoying your podcast, especially hearing about the interesting and very places you have listeners writing to you from I'm an archaeologist working in england, my job, Most mostly involves working in the middle of the field, most where my own you're one of my were comedians in listening to your pike, s really makes escalating a roman, ditch or an iron age pit fly by she sent me and pictures and add thanks rebecca thank you rebecca. If anything cool, take a piss.
You're or semi. The actual thing rebecca from the pit- don't I won't tell anybody but I'd like something from a roman pit. Alright, ok deal so creative people just keep being creative. I mean that's something. This Brian grazer episode will will sort of a push through through so many of us work towards, and I really want to kill myself in it. He had this idea that sort of I can I just want to be positive? I just want to be happy. I just one be good, I want these cynthia, you can be those things but like for Christ's sake, don't be them before you fucking. You found your passion before you fuckin yoke, at you know, follow that goddamn, weird compulsive energy. That case creative energy or compulsive sort of I gotta, get things done, energy, the goal. Is not to be positive and happy. I if everyone was, positive and happy and well grounded
be no art. there being no amazing. There'd be no great. That stuff comes from a different place. I mean you can have those of other things once you ve sort of you know you got here You harness your created your passion, your drive, but don't let be the means to an end at the at the at the price of the passion and drive and creativity. Don't do that or else all the it all goes away. All the greatness. The art goes away You can create a good environment for that stuff. To move through. You maybe be, maybe talk about. My aspect I just thought I don't want to live in a world where You got to somebody hey hey. Did you see that thing that everyone seen yeah did see it? How was it ok? really just ok, yeah! It's ok was in great.
There's no great anymore, why would it be in Chicago for a few days. I'm doing a thing, maybe I'll make you know it, maybe I'll well I'll an inch from Chicago go and tell you what I'm doing in Chicago no live shows, I'm not even be specific about what I'm gonna be in chicago blood? Are gonna be in Chicago? but you don't have an undisputed do that. Just gonna tease out like that right now, I'm dying and talk to an amazing dude in show business. As I said before, he's got a book out a curious mind: the secret to a bigger life. I now you can see all of his movies, all nine hundred of them of movies. Tv shows you involve with, but it was really a pleasure to talk to him. So that's, what's in june,
why, together my conversation with Brian grazer, the get on the mic will do the thing you ought to give me an orient, no there's no worry and orientation. How does it is that how your brain works so you're like alright? What am I getting into what's going to happen now ram it up yeah. I always need a framing all right. Well, I'll give you a frame. You can wear the cans. And then, and then we go. It was interesting as I'm looking at this book a curious mind, the secret to a bit life, and this is your book. You wrote it with this guy, charles fishermen bridegroom. these, where the by iraq can be blind where the fuck you have time. Is it like in a unit you producing everything in hollywood and you're, not going to take a little time write a book? What is it why you? Why you doing that? Well,
I am doing it. I originally did it because I thought I've done this for thirty years, producing movies, watching tv yeah, I've been producing movies intelligent for thirty years yeah, but I've also in alignment with that. I've met a new person every two weeks for thirty years, without fail in a there. the letter there, not in the entertainment business, so science, medicine, politics, religion, all art, for you met them on purpose, you're, like I'm doing a thing yeah, I did on purpose Her beside write a letter. I d call I'd me: assistance of assistance in parking lot. Just two Meat Jonah saw a girl, but it has with the intention to write a book or just me, you're, a weird fan of things we're here van of a group and a little tiny neighbour, where much tinier than this. By the way you ve been highland partner, yeah, it was in the van and van eyes, but I didn't leave this I neighbourhood, I never left my neighborhood ice in the valley right I'll it yet, but it
the radius of three miles and I didn't go outside that really is. As far as I can ride. My bike is where I would go with them for how long and your thirty, certainly now until I it till I get at eyes- glowed went to college lawyer seventeen miles from their, which was you see on a group I didn't really have the money to do that, but I went there, but basically just I lived it I lived a tiny little world and I No, I mean you weren't you right here in los Angeles ilo. I didn't know about my bavarian, while we apparently my parent by debt, Dad was never around a good guy, but never what do you do? Criminal attorney out in l a in l a so we kind of lived the life of a criminal while he was defending criminals. Oh really, where's. My god will heed here, always give often. More often get paid would never would without not money was like I b m selector typewriters. He did
apple pan got like one thousand sandwiches. He threw them in a freezer. We need these. So thanks for getting me off, buddy yeah going to set you up yeah, I have no money, but it is what we're getting. I thought. Oh, I thought I had money, but I don't have money, but I got these things in the trunk. Fish albacore frozen. Albacore. Remember! Is that funny the things you remember so you gotta make a freezer full of frozen albacore. Have you eaten for a month. It's the exactly like that in the worst thing, of course was venison. He made me we go said. Red brown it let's go. This is our way of bonding yeah, so I didn't want to go shoot. Deer. Oh, he was a hunter he'd shoot deer. You know he's in the n r a he did a few things like that, not a big right wing guy, but in the like to shoot guns off it was the jewish guy, no no catholic guy or so so. Your mom was jewish yeah, my mom's jewish mom, my dad was a catholic, and so we hey, let's go shoe dear. I don't want to do that. Then he shoot a deer and each strap at on the front of the coup
or, like you just literally you like minnesota, like fargo or something you drive up north and do it at like a what is it angus national park, eight, something like that must have been sorta devastating. It was and then we'd have to eat it, and I remember the first taste of this smoked vendor. said he wrote me a vault threw up really an if I can't even look at venison to this day about dears. I can look a living dear, but as this is very soon as their dead I get so I deliver this tiny little. working world and I Didn'T- I never went to beverly hills ever. I didn't know westwood really we. If raid rear, I wasn't afraid is how we grew up. We are open to look and a cul de sac. We write, I get a free at a car. At some point I eventually had a car, but I do know, broke a few rules with cars. I was a mischievous kid, not afraid of things. No, but Just never went directly
just never drove over the ill. So if you will give you some ministers, society, they didn't leaves ok, arts. central. I didn't leave with advantage is that the situation in europe is a territorial gang situation, but I to myself to enlarge and my girl. How can once it is? So that's what why I created this discipline of meaning a new person every two weeks, and I would Fly- go. There started this in high school lower. No, I started it adjust out of college. Now, let's go this? Gives you really the first made Producer, I think, pry, the first producer, I've talked to an end. And to talk to somebody, your level, which is a very highly I have no idea I've a vague idea. What what you guys do There is sort of romantic idea of what the the hollywood producer is. I mean you guys to the top of the food chain, so I I'd like to know how you you come to show business. What did you set out to do? You know that
in college when you went to college I had a generalised goal of just getting out of college graduating and be respected. either brig use one to be respected. Yours, what I'm telling you I want to be special, my grandmother, Sonya Schwartz, who I dedicate the book to said, is used to say to me your special think: big, be big. You know your curiosities, gonna you all the way use that it's a superpower she Does he really said stuff like that? She was jewish, very jewish idea. I had one and but she well was telling me leg. Literally, every week that I'm gonna be special. I wanna be outstanding human being. She was looking at a straight F report art and southwards literally no empirical evidence that I want to be special. The way she thought I was gonna, be they tell you. You had motivational problems, then
While I know I dyslexia, but they didn't classified as you did really yet the india but I've I've seen a struggle with reading, but I can definitely reed and have improved it and I was able to get through college with actually good grades. But anyway, book and I wrote a book with charles fishermen, who I love and is the your biggest fanned by the way no kidding yet, and I took a little longer charles and I he loves you all night he's listening to. This is a view asia is not a needy guy at all honestly and he, but he said on this taylor interview. You didn't even they say my name, but I'm doing it well, I'm glad I have a fan in charles fishman yeah. Now I have to go look at his stuff outside of this book. He wrote with you well yeah and I actually picture as fishman because he hadn't had no knowledge of this world, this culture at all, how he would of hollywood, no knowledge, and I think, as I wanted a business I wanted somebody that came into this world. I was able to introduce into the world of from like a beginner,
Mind where he was like an you like an archaeologist going in for a dig, not cynical jaded. You can hide this stuff from Brian that he could paint a good picture business yeah exactly but Are you you wanna, be special. You wanna be relevant to want to be respect to be got no clue what it is you wanted to know. I do I have known of no, I think I'm gonna go to law. School is my father. I still think that you know when you must be a doctor. My dad's a doctor, whatever it is so I went to you, see and I get accepted into usc law school, but that summer, the preceding law school? I overheard these two guys outside my little apartment. Complex talk about the easiest. Cushy is job imaginable and I just Close the drapes and open the window, so I could really listen in. I put my head against the screen. I love doing that. Yeah yeah, oh yeah, exactly what's one on a voyeuristic ask, what's going on so
over here. This guy sing the easiest job a forty hour week pay one hour a day work. You know you don't have to do anything. A free corporate cards warner brothers, pictures yeah. I knew nothing about warner bros, so I just dial information warner brothers of mine. The the man that was head of the legal department was named Peter connect. So I hope because then I overheard that say: can I please have legal department? Peter connect got him on the phone. I said I'm a young guy going to us, he loved to be a law clerk. He says come in and that day I got the job because the guy just quit the before you just lucked out. I just told you learn. You really did that. I really don't swear to yes and so go into warner brothers, which is why we want to deprive the biggest studio at the time. I would imagine that in universal yeah the tube- and you have no idea what show business is really no movie fan. Not really I mean no, I knew her whole
I went to the lot of you james bond movies, but no, I wasn't a movie variant as you, too busy not leaving the cul de sac way to get out to the move to be ass. Actually, hazard rights. Are you there you doing the legal cork work when and in what is that job? Essentially, that job is what tiny little office with no windows, a third of the size of your of this. Roger in rio and what you do in their base you sit there until somebody says you have to deliver these papers to somebody so one of the first people as to deliver warner brothers documents to two more in baby at the beverly wilshire hotel, where he lived, you haven't you I had to do it guys. Never been away, No I've never really been across the hill. So now I'm in this pontiac pontiac metapontium covering a red pontiac that they gave. they give you a car, they give lay. Let me use a car, you get a car and mileage and the forty one years
nineteen nineteen, seventy two so big! It was a big car you. Why are you need big red pontiac, DR? Nor does he warm baby exactly and wood jesse warm babies obeys. Yes, I did because where we see at the hotel he's living it though tell the benevolent beverly beverly wilshire yet, and so what happened is assistant down said I'll, take these papers for MR baby and I said I have two handed. I just said. I have to hand it to you're a directly. They said. Oh, no, that's not possible. I sit there binding, if their directly handed by me to mister baby somehow I push that through and all sudden I was in were in babies, hotel sweet where he lived and are having conversational with baby. Would you talk about tat, A lot of things will movies out because I knew He was one of the biggest movie stars in the world's her. I was aware of that a good I mean just as I didn't mean it.
And they re. There was a fan. I wasn't a sinner file when some kids, you knew you knew how he would. I need a yeah, yeah yeah. I knew how to how did he strike you daily, really nice, he elected to not be into not to be intimidated. By any of your. He was united. He does his warm any. He and somehow is able to engage, and he just locks in any way. This tremendous relations do remember about what I dont really remember about what I honestly I went. It was very like well, what do you do? What What they wanted to do the priority that well yeah yeah he'd, asked questions like that. How do you want to do? What are you doing here? Where's it like living in the valley? going to. U s see. You know like that. He's he's in a very inquisitive guy. It has remained a friend of mine, a really yes and a nineteen. Seventy to ease these. The biggest he's ever and write about it and yet a huge movie star. He was a huge movie star, so I'd so here you are now I've done that some now I've had this conversation or invading rise, but thank you very much I'll celia because easing you know
ultimately becomes businesslike. Sure I mean the guy know what you're doing a leader certain pierre he's, a smart guy, so he some demo that and then wrote by filling the next one was william Peter bloody who wrote the book the novelty it the exercise, the exorcist and I tried this same thing and by it, at a party or party is using this party or of experiment. This is part of my fair, but how can I be heard me, a you know: a delivery in railway full meeting with somebody that is getting some im done in hollywood, because you wanted to figure out what the hell you wanted to do. I was trying to figure I here's what I knew that I could never get through law school yeah. I knew I I felt there's literally no chance, I'm going to get through the first year of law, school right, there's literally no chance if that were to happen by some fluke that I'll ever pass the bar wasn't a great test or area that issues Can we, when you were you not interested in the law per se,
Only you you do know what they're watching tell only when I did know do you trying to placate your dad yeah some version of that right. Yet others nea and my gram of beer of really just wondering my grandmother proud. I was driven by wanting this bond, that out of my grandmother and trying to be special, and they were say at that time, that generation respected the idea of a lawyer or doktor meant something. That's right will, though, that's what I was more a television kid via an that's. What was on television, doctors, lawyers and right up right in reno if you could be in so so those were goals for people. Those were role models for myself as well. Even I didn't ruin of the complete details right right at the end, so I use that was impossible. So I'm scrambling like crazy to invent something for myself to do in my career, and then I go out civilian, bloody, www, wavering into him. While I was bring him document because they were the company that also made the extra. This is such a great time and movie make it was very romantic, got you look, I didn't go to
people's houses, which I can't stars really very kinky stuff, was and it was a very- we can't just drop that bomb and not give us some details, canyon, I don't know if I don't think I can look at her. Well, that's not mention names. What did you walk in on it? situation that you are like, I m a little to younger. I may never want to see this. I did go to us. hours, how's action star, there was a pretty good and level orgy going a really- the data it literally in the came out and calabash use and give as much as I can tell you there's like a hundred people. People like twenty years old. Twond, any their rhythm legal documents be. I was pretty weird. I think it was my my boy I had a boss near
asked if I would do this thing because he knew I was like a frisky kid trying to learn a lot and he knew somebody to work. So I was co, opting everybody and warner brothers to learn something and he felt like he co op me some I'm telling you them at all that you I've never done. As on television I mean on river, he did ask if I could stop at the corner of to pang topanga to of art and the one I went to one when I went, I stopped the corner and picked up a girl or not with him, And I took her to this place and I talk I heard she wasn't interested me just a goofy clerk and you driving her to the drive in her to this place, which I didn't know what was going on papers plus the girl and I get there. It was a very you know like easy rider kind of people at rs mechanism, and she soon enough was like had her clothes off and having sex with somebody, and I just stood up like I was I was in shock. I didn't know what was
I mean I've gotta kid where's that I did have so. Yes, someone, though the girlfriend one of the stars had come on kid, but the papers them. But I was like I didn't know what to do was frozen. I was literally so. If you got back to waters, did your boss guy did the guy who sent you how you doing do you know what you were watching and I have a feeling that guy later showed up there. I think it was of like I was just an innocent kid. Welcome to hollywood yeah. I am yeah welcome to hollywood one so, okay, so I dunno how long this show is. But this I can keep there's a lot to say about all that I was at a very very naive kid right eye. And I was ambitious and really hope to make something of myself and accomplish this dream that I had with my grandmother. So in this pursuit during that period I extended my trip. I said to my boss. I think I'm gonna push law the moscow back one year so I was unable to- I was able to stay doing this job, the bronx, your job for the extreme for
entire year amateur and start delivering stuff, and I started to take on this extra thing of saying hi, I'm brian grazer, and I would introduce myself to in fact lew wasserman and lew wasserman m C. A m ca was chairman of MC the biggest movie company in entertainment, and he was the he was the guy he was the most powerful guy in show business and he based, they said kid. I love the questions, but have no value to me. I don't know what you're trying to do any said hole. He said I got, he said hold this and he handed me but number two pencil here. And a legal tablet and said: put the pencil to the paper and its worth more than it did as separate parts had as greater value than it did a separate praha in oh get out and it was just the greatest advice. It was a little scary, but it was like start menu. Factoring idea to start writing ideas, because you don't have a lot of money, you can't buy scripts. You can't do things like that. It is clear, you're not going to finish, go to law school. He could see right
drew me right. So he may be me very very intimidating but not, and he he didn't. He wasn't trying to hurt me or either didn't try to degrade me when he was intimidating in his presence I think it also if they thought that generation. I imagine you as well in your your mind, is that if someone's doing even a small job in show business, there's an element, sort of like what? What are you gunning for? What are you do you are you in this? Yes, exactly and end. He saw that either we know, and I didn't really know I would say reno. I would if he didn't ass, I mean it never was, I didn't get to say producer right, but that serve the catch. All job is: did you know that at that time that you are like, I just want to be in it, because what happened is I got a lot in this year and a half journey of staying. As a law clerk, yet at the same time trying to meet all of the great master filmmakers which they everyone said. Yes, coca cola, every purse. Everyone said: yes, the only one that I couldn't do sit
it said yes, but I never met was robert evans, but just because I Think he made it to his office. Do you know him now? I know him now: yeah yeah. I know him now that you do like value to all these guys, but when you say that when say yes or no, these were, were they still is meetings or you reaching out just to go talk to them. I was just going to talk to them, but I just sit, I'm brian grazer. I work a warner brothers of pictures in business affair. this is not associate with studio business. I do not want a job. I I would like a note, then I would say something I know about them. Can I have five minutes? Please? Would you get out of these? Things are first of all, five minutes always became an hour. Why I I I was able to demystify how this vague operational business were. But show of showbiz has literally show business is like flying
a cessna into a storm yeah you just it's hard to understand it or see it and yeah like you and and mostly what defines are different bit differentiates business is language yeah, and so the language in which movies and tv are made and those The mechanics of those transactions, creative or business, is a language that is different than any other business and it's very very hard to learn cause. You cannot go to business school, there's no school, that really teaches it where was the first breakthrough you hadn't with who were you're like our that's, how you make a movie I It was lew wasserman because forced me to manufacture ideas, and I always had a pretty tremendous ideas from moving, Ideas for movies and television shows, ok and since wasn't in the writers guild what I would do as I'd rate, an idea like
a man falling in love with a mermaid, and I would write that as a letter to myself registered male letter to my eyes. I add otto ran right at old trick here, so it if someone stole I could go to court and say you'll feel protected where you can register with the guilty didn't know didn't know, and I don't know if I could. If I wasn't in the gill, I don't think you have to be in the girl to register an earlier with the guilt. Maybe maybe I'm counting on your your homework, I'm sure you're. All right then ask a writer. You don't writers yeah, I guess so. So I did I started. Writing movies for television idea is based, really. What I would do is I'm title junkie and So I believe titles are really important to come up with a word or array. In joined. One word with another and become a title, and then I build a story underneath the title: okay, so I'd retrofit. Just do it that way, and then I was able to get fired from warner brothers near. But I had this like a been of hundreds little envelopes and
sold. I would pick them and I sold to them as tv pilots to NBC, whose executive very good question. Her name was d n barkley. She was head of all work. close programming and she's awesome? I I don't if she's alive or not. She was awesome creative, very pioneer may present one pagers. These are one measures, and I picture what happened as I picture. Two ideas. got in there and she from new orleans and she had this very new orleans style office with a bird cage with a bird in it. As I was pitching, we heard a thud them bird died in the rule of law, and she goes, oh, my god and she started laughing instead of she too, made her laugh for what first of all, she smoked a lot of pot yeah which, but she was very effective, but she's learned a lot idea- and it made her laugh and She'S- had were bonded for life, and so you are. She
She said you- and I are now bonded for life- had bought the two projects which enabled me to barter them back you, oddly enough to warner brothers, warner brothers, television, I happen to be warner brothers, so they own the idea, but they didn't have a studio. So you could yeah right very good. Yes, okay, NBC bought the idea, but of course that would be very valuable to a studio. One of her close friends was chairman of Warner brothers to vision, who had never met name Alan chain and all of a sudden, I was able to turn my little five thousand dollar commitment into something, much more and so at twenty three four years old. I was then do you were making europe making deals in a twenty five. I produced my first movie for television, which was it was called zoom beach. Susan summers. Rosanna cat, Michael bean within our communities have been ten healthy hutton to represent our care just turning eighteen, ok, anonymity, hutton was
Georgiana headstone and I know each other- we teach each other because I made out whether all the time- oh yeah, good three years at a time or every urdu. Is your idol lottery you're inside three years, you're already a pro you're in java you're, going back to the house in Calabasas, because that orgy was probably still going three years later? Well, it certainly wasn't my mind and the problems you're. Very that's very funny. Is a man made guy made very good, but let me as quickly as you so this is your first sort of experience are making a deal's a cell, the ideas to embassy. You go to warner brothers in you, you young, yet you you, get them involved as a studio. So now you started seeing how that the nuts and bolts of those two things work so You get this movie, you producing them a movie of the weak for tv, your idea also beach zuma, beaches NBC. So now you add at the helm of of producer this first time. What do you know you responsibilities? Are I mean? What are your responsibilities,
Ultimately, what you learn as second synthesize it would. I learn is the best way to be a producer is to either have the idea or incubate or the idea which means a wine yourself with the writer whoever, yes so build it to a script in him whether you write it or you helped it with somebody else, and then that, therefore you are, is the umbrella of all. The idea is the umbrella of all employment, so there paper work involving all yes and you have to be the one. That's fiscally and creatively responsible right like out. Yet this amount of money you and I are going to develop this idea. This script you'll get the old man, a member. Whatever and then you will see that goes, we see if we get an actor attach or director attach or studio yet at yes, so that that's how it plays out. Certainly, if you're the ringmaster in a way yeah you're the ring exactly you're the ringmaster, the contract or the b, you know you're the one that you're the architect and the contractor so you're the guy,
if the money falls out. You like, I know another guy, we can get money. Maybe this studio wants me I'll kick in a little bit. We can. We can produce it with these two people. Yes, exactly well together, some financing, but right and ultimately, what you're doing when you're approaching I emmy writers are writers. Actors are actors, directors, directors, he's your guys at one, a gig and depending on the reputation, though get paid appropriately or or ask for more money. You say no, but the way to get the money, as you gotta go to guy saying that are going to make you money on your money. Yeah, that's the way she gets. yeah that yeah, you have to say yeah. I mean look basically always having a sexy hook is a good starting point and a sexy hookahs begins with a good title and then a singular sentence that defines what you're trying to achieve and then an emotional destination of the south
one of those really what you want to do right, but I mean that I just get a dummy moneyed. Yes, so you basically you you have to tell a story and, like I had a story for a splash vienna and it was basically a guy, it was basically I was los angeles. Just after I produce my first movie for television zuma of bees in the beach and I produced a twenty- are many series on the ten commandments. I became a twenty five old, like superman, your way, so it every girl that you would never talk to me in college was wanting to have sex with me, and so a busy year. There was a busy will happen on zuma beach because one of the most sought after girl- a u s, c by crazy coincidence, that is was sitting at this camp fire seen there was were that were shootings in a beach and she wasn't hired. She was just talking to you nor from school. I nor from but I didn't invite her right. She was just their winter and I sitting in my little directors chair would like my shoe
The t shirt on looking thinking, I'm really a tough cool guy here, but I didn't know how to even use power at a lot of power but didn't know how to use it, but literally the two girls that were stars of the movie like suzanne Somers and rosanna arquette wave to me, I waved I see her name was margie this time five foot, ten chicks, a goddess yeah amid Shi ite way, margie like very exciting and she shook me like put your finger over her mom her mouth like quiet down, and then they whispered to her. So clearly that guy's the producer she gets up and she comes over to me just prior to know you're the producer. She comes the more enthuse as if that I've ever seen margie in her life- and she says I want to go out tonight and I think, should I have some integrity cause she shut me or should I go out and really have a good time? Of course I took the latter. I went in, and a good time here is so did
gee, I hope so, but I did a kind of learn quickly that that that is a type of girl unless Angela's and I dont really want that's, not a future for me, I thought what is my perfect girl, it's not merging, but you knew that at that moment it took a couple of years or take a couple of years. The margins metaphor. Why or is that's why you have the number one podcast so two years, Margie's you're, like I'm, ready to get married to a woman that are celebrity exactly exactly as they are very one hundred and Margie's later yeah. One hundred logically, this is like forensic files yeah, I'm curious, I'm just using your system blind, yeah you're doing it. Well, so yeah few years emerges This is that, as is tiring additive. How do I find them? If girl, what is the proper guys are defining the perfect girl came over? Was that definition? Well? That will help me, beautiful, simple, honest, not calculated. You ask a quick
you get a real answer authentic, You know my losing you necessary and I certainly do not always initial, so any. I rode all that down, get him splash. When I superimposed, I wonder, heighten it, so I superimposing mythology. Go symbol of that. I was wondering if I get we again ass. He was about meeting the perfect woman. Yes about meeting the perfect woman as a mermaid- and it was a well saying it's what possible, what I wanted to make it somewhat unattainable cosette gave our conflict the morgue like, the movie has the better. It usually is an, but you done night shift, but splash was your idea Well, yeah yeah yeah. I had written splash before nature. Ok, so I started splash not long after margie quit on and what was your relationship with a birthday friedman. He wrote the script. He wrote the squire, I wrote two drafts of the script, ah, there were terrible, but louis elements as it doesn't have to be good did just has to exist so telling
I've just spend with more than one meeting, I'm gonna know no one minute like again: it doesn't have to be good. It just has exist right. You just like right. It kid. You know that was you know, that's what you extrapolated from it is. Does it very good, there's? Essex, if I have to Well, let's say it. I have to bring have to build up hey it so that it has a currency and then, if it can exist in the form of a script, then that's gonna be more valuable to me because it will exist. So the fact that that it exists will, I can say, okay, you love? This is what I did with this. You love this. The idea the script exist here. You don't have to read it, but I want to charge you get a hundred thousand dollars right, not five thousand rank, as I did write a scrap right. So that's what happened. Then. I got bridge They Friedman, he turned it into a much better script. So light hearted for him I mean he's, breeders
You'd be right. I thought he read the story, the heartbreak kid or might not, probably right in the area. So I mean he had it in em, so he did a draft and then it was still not every. Script and nobody wanted to do a mermaid movie yeah. So I was able to. I saw I got and I got the movie night shift made before splash, even though splash existed before in and now when you when. Ok, so you did night shift and now That was your first movie withdrawn howard with resonate. First, we withdraw our who becomes your partner in production costs, yes, and allay Michael Keaton, less than who I still love and loving. You know what I saw him at the toast: gonna buy we enjoy using here when the greatest interviews ever did. I bet with Michael cause. It was, spontaneous and bizarre. Do the funniest these great and one at that, You probably did you see him. Customers is when he was doing stand up. Yes right yeah, he came in and liquid to get a lot of stars and age of prior to that. In fact, we
John belushi. But then we got cock blocked by an agent. A really did so because we were too little we're just little punks run was an actor unhappy days and I was just a guy leg sort of ice. Did these for television, but now I'm trying to enter the feature world. So in any event, Michael Keaton just came in He did exactly that scene of shooting the baskets. the points its in the crowd grows wild. He did it Exactly that way we go. This is disguise amazing. We have to hire him he's got the a truly unique energy he does and there and it s just on fire that guy yeah he's just a virus and because we hired Henry winkler. We had the lungs We have higher you're too, by the way while great writer, sweetheart sweetheart, but we had him and that would enable the fact is we had Henry was enough leverage to hire and unknown because with Henry
thing erotic it already get their money back right. Exactly! That's! U area! That's a real thing that that thing! That's it that's the big difference. And in getting a movie made not getting a movie made as the profile of your town yeah. You have to have enough elements either a star director, star actors. You have to have star elements now, like you. like a very energetic, almost down excitable. You seem very open, but in order to to being the business as long as you have been to have the types of hits, the eve had YO a night shifts, splashed apparent I mean you ve, done a lot of movies that were a little off the beaten track. Your cry baby produces welfare drawn waters, the doors you did that draft a mean it keeps going? You were beautiful mind I mean yet power, thirteen which I love, that movie
thank you? Thank you have indeed, as you do, what was the one with the old people and the eggs in the pool with though I didn't do that that was Ronnie did cocoon. Oh, you indicate where you well. What happened is rotten? I'd put. I did to movies with iran in nature and splashed. He said, let's be partners, and I felt he was too famous for me is this kind as he was so Brian? blah blah. Take you know you get credit you take. It is Well, the credit went to ron howard because he was one of those famous american icons, so I just thought I'm gonna work, my ass of and still be an unknown forever yeah and that wasn't what grandma Sonia said to be, You need to be special. I gotta over that period. The other essential exercise that IRAN, I love. You again do so he did cocoon yet and I produced a hip comedy called spies like a squire who is in a movie, and I did real genius at the same time, when genius gives the go to caltech, well, yeah, yeah, wow, that's right,
jerry jason, then accurate o. Mike S, surprise, I guess that's right, gelatinous directed so I did those movies run. Did that one? I fell I am now a guy that feels has enough confidence to partner withdrawn and not feel all like him to be overshadowed, so we then partner, I just kept. the number of not broken movie ryan. I mean like, like a knotty professor ran. Was at the mill, give yeah yeah yeah yeah liar liar that was Jim, carry and ran you did the re make a psycho, the vans aunt remain, did really. Yes, oh my god, I believe in him, and I want to try it in John waters. You take chances. I definitely do yes and you did see before would be a young chris rock his first movie I paid for it in fact, but like a it just like I dont, ok, because he hears me me compared to you and even in relation this book. I may have a curious mine, I mean
well that by the way, I'm talking to you, I like learning about this stuff, but Emily an extremely anxiety, ridden type I get overwhelmed very easily. I don't really know how to deliberate power. I e when I do collaborate, it's it's Necessarily reluctantly. I am happy to do at once a minute, but I dont know how to unify things, in other words like to be me in every situation. In order to get you I I actively have to be present to make money. Yes, I understand but you are a boy in people I got for another friend of my jet appetite the early them yet, who have this ability and this comfort in this ease I deliberating power and- and not losing your mind when things are going your way, but have a way to keep cutting through to get if you want her to at least negotiate something that you can accept. Correct yes and that's a that's sort of a weird gift: it's a it's, not a it's, not a bit this man thing necessary yeah does your very?
the guy. Obviously well yeah I mean as a thank you. I mean it kind of goes like this, the heartbeat of what I think of I. I think I have a sense of what the beat of what I do. First of all, I would characterized that I mean the feelings business that movies and le anything that cinematic it cinematic the the destination of that is to ignite emotion when it fails to ignite emotion than its failing to communicate in that particular art form. So I feel, like I'm a very empathetic and sensitive person, and I am constantly importing new people knew exe birds, new ideas into my brain, and so as a consequence. I am learning a lot so that I can be disruptive. I'm learning a lot by meeting people in this curiosity journey so that I dont replicate what other people are doing. So I have a chance of having an original idea.
I'm learning a lot so that it creates a curious system that might be better than other people really just simply informed Instinct. I'm meeting edward tell her. I meeting Carl Sagan, I'm meeting all those people and I'm learning about there object, I'm learning about them and I am able to mary, that with my own curiosity and then I get a spark so that curiosity gives life to an inch inspiration and then I can hire people and I build it like a house, I build all these movies empire. Whatever the thing is, I build these houses. I dont do them alone, no matter how good working with other people and rain bring what we work with the outcome we are trying to and also maintaining relationship yeah. Yes, we're gonna like get when you marry yet what the variety of the title and television shows you do implies to me that you knew, generally speaking, maybe there's
may be one person out there in the world one. If I mention your name, would go. I've got fuck that guy by the way. I would imagine most people right. I love that guy, vague idea, yeah yeah, what you think there's more than one. No, these words I tried out, you know, I make a point. I don't think there's I've never heard of any one saying Brian, the brain, grazer screwed me right. I think I have strong kara and a lot of that character has been influenced by my partnership with run howard, because he is extraordinary, We are, however, you picked their. I gotta pick the right guy, no one's gonna, india, hewn ron, heroines, character, no, no one's gonna, no one's gonna should talk Opie, the fifth ass she sat and no they're not. They were very, very different guys. We have similar taste. We have a similar work ethic so like he doesn't think eight hour day is like a long hard gruelling day and
and I dont think six hours is another as we both think we both have the same work ethic and we have similar tastes. Qualitative takes what what? What are the emotional dynamics liking? Oh, what is it a common like if we are discussing a property, a script where you know you and IRAN or trying to decide whether you gonna make the movie and who is going to be in it are always going to direct it. You know what whether this of the things that you bring to an idea that are different from each other? How to symbiotic relationship work run is more of a sinner file and what it was and is and I'm not. I understand the emotional eighty of movies or or television. zero lira dsl young some. So he does to this mean something, but I have to sell him too so basically simplified is that he has really good film with
and I have an incredible amount of curiosity. So I'm off the blocks very fast, but then I need to hand the baton to somebody that has more stamina and also more cunning. Cinema has more of the classic understanding of cinematic routes so we ve got to find the director or that, basically simply like, I might say, to IRAN, hey I'll, haven't I That is definitely the code that is very low equally to be an original pop culture idea that is he'll go released What's going on a pop culture day or like with you, I said I gotta get his yeezys, and you said what are yeezys well yeah. I know what all that shit is. You know like why why you're a little older than me bikers, because I have kids and I like to also
his curiosity conversations with young kids, all the time with young people other than my own kids cause I'm going to young young demographic, I'm going to skateboard shops. Sure I'm standing in line for a drop at us. pre, even though I know the owner, so I'd like to bombard myself with pop culture, thing right or just or sub called the things he doesn't drawn. Our doesn't do that interesting. Michael o Brien as this corny and I'll go yeah, that's corny right, but then I'll say to run. Do you think this holds and he'll go now. I dont think it as a movie as a movie. Well, interesting as you make a lot of grown up movies and not a lot of people make grownup movies, I mean frosty nixon is not a kids movie merit gangster, not really kids, movie d, she called. That was a huge movie. Everyone seem to like tat, but it still not kids. I mean you're one of the rare, guys cinderella man, or a mile that was across overriding a beautiful mine, not a kids movie, but a beautiful movie that in an inn,
where people are afraid to make at old movies. You seem to do it. You do too, and by each you know you make a few it's the movies you're in there, and I imagine you take some shots that don't really go over that. Well, I mean I can see the the white guy with the naughty professor that was huge across the board. It was huge because we're in liar liar all my comedies from now I don't say my all the g's supposed to say my all, the comedies that aged for fifteen years they connected to kids yeah, so I did six movies with eddie murphy. They did the nutty professors, as you said, liar liar, with Jim the grinch with Jim So I've missed. You know for sure, but I house sitter word parenthood work. Twenty biggest, mrs, I talked I talked to. I get in trouble about ways it it's. Why just might capitalism aliens? I just wasn't right personally involved in any way as I don't like cowboys or aliens, and I even said that everybody I go- you there's gotta- be kidding- we can call this cowboys and aliens. they go yeah. We love at night when the we,
There is a very powerful people, there's faroe, there's a lot of people. but I you know so they came to you with that no. It was runs thing that I personally, russia and IRAN, and the weird thing is it's not a bad movie, it's interesting yeah, it is, it just was, and you just didn't, find it's place yeah and I'm just like not the right guy made it look, but I don't see a lot of the marvel movies. Although then there are giant yeah, but it's it's beautiful that make, I can offer us Nixon's an amazing movie. So has some might that happen? I like to do If I can do what I like to try to do something that is different than other people. So it has a disruptive quality or in the case of television like empire, twenty four has their entire. You did. The first couple is that you know I did the whole show Lee Daniels, danny strong and I'm men I or executive produce an eileen shaken she's like the show runner, so I'm still involve course we're all still involved and there's no attention
well anyway. I try to do things have got to do things that have a chance of trend creates area. So I tell your where swing yet, when I did kurt baby. I thought this gonna be greece or it can be a flop. It was a flop, it's it's. You know it was. It was in staying here, john waters movies. Where he's got some money are very exciting the watch yet and I like the movie and I think it's prob has an audience. Maybe it didn't make the bread you might thought Diana. I exit gets a kind of interesting that you know your name. Your slightly perverse enough to think that might take off like greece, but a good free imagine if we had Johnny depp sexy guy yeah, I dunno. I talked myself into it, but but anyway I do like to make adult movies. As you said, and that you other sometimes there's little subculture movies, like eight mile was a subculture, We then crossed remove crush, was a girl, empowerment movie that crossed over but serve girl.
The just did one called low riders that for universal the culture of organised, a culture of low on back all far or new discredit. But I mean like the by current cooperatives when I was in high school. I went to chatsworth with high school here and there and shallow writers in its a world, so the low writer hispanic culture exists throughout all of em I grew up in new mexico has been on our agenda capital, there's hundreds of yes, amazing culture and their kind of like, if you think, a saturday night fever. We know he's in that little italian how's the latter. So it's like using a closed world like travel, Saturday night do romeo and juliet aversion, yeah yeah it's celebrates. It actually celebrates the hispanic culture. We would ask, because I've kind of pledge to myself after doing eight mile, that that hispanic
sure, is a culture that is kind of denied, and I want to try to do some about it. So it's it. Let's go through some things. Yes, like like. I don't know why I'm hung up on a pall thirteen but light there. I watch a movie every time. It's on now like something like that like how does you Tom t hanks- would have we involve right, yes and who wrote that script bill broiled? And how does it like that? What's come about as a project like that? Come about it comes about like this tat. It was the intersection of hollywood and a tree, page treatment and me and my curiosity conversations so what happened? Is I met a woman fifteen years before apollo? teen named Veronica Negri that was tortured and chile, but survived under the piano Jake regime, and she survived very you know with so much hope and power and still lives in
washington d c now, so I became obsessed with her. I became obsessed with how torture works as an operational thing and, more importantly, I became obsessed with how people survive situations like them, and just human, the human resources that weaken rally to survive things are we that are unimaginable so now its fifteen seventeen years later, there's a twelve page treatment written by Jim level on a policy. and I know nothing about guy was on the that somehow writer, so he writes for twelve page treaty, astronaut Jim level rates, a twelve page treatment on apollo thirteen, and that involves like aviation and aerodynamics and about which I know nothing about, but the one thing I nous a lot about because of what it because my earlier conversation
about survival. I I a lot about survival and what people can do far beyond what they could imagine, and I thought this is what this is about to me. So I choose after it and I got run excited and we bid against others studios like the literally my only bridge or access point was the survival dimension, which I thought was so humanistic and important putting a square pegging around hole, and so that's what- got literally in the process of trying to save the ship, the other two amazing scenes worthy engineers. You're right mission, control, fishing control, trying to figure out how to keto might have had to keep them alive. Here they reconfigure thing: yes, how they can have oxygen, how they can have electricity all those things and that they were all these sort of like they. They have the determination and the focus of test. Pilots yes or who is pilots of a cray s, so
so brave for that's how it came about. That was what it is about and then, but I was able to champion in champion this little twelve pages into something that we could own and then partner with Tom hanks and the three of us and look thomas a superstar. Where he knew a lot about aerodynamics and ron learned it. We created an astronaut training school on the lot which real astronauts came, so we could learn at all and then, of course, we co opted nasa so that could shoot real zero gravity has no movie, it ever shot and shot zero gravity. It's always been wires and, additionally removing them. So we thought this was the perfect blend of science cinema. So you you reached out to nasa and said: look, you know we're going to tell the story. We're gonna tell it real. We need you, we need you and they said no originally in the only ones who said yes was the russians who said you can use are wrong our jet, but that's it
seemed like that gone down, and I didn't have to go back to nasa. Go go back yet russians are in effect they have had the honour of. We use that as a negotiating tool, but we probably did how he did, but we ended up sort of softening them and then they became great allies, whereas yeah yeah residues. You dont want that to happen. You guys against still a space raise exactly who areas so so that that's so that happened, but he again it was the human component fears. The human kimono me run. Howard was did a quite extraordinary job because, We everybody in the world knew these guys survived. So how is he going to create tension in dorie, where the entire planet knew those three astronauts when to space, and they did the die they're alive, but he found a way to create tension by creating the architecture of the movie. Was these three? world. One was the world of being an outer space and capsule the other world.
his mission control. We are you just reference in the other world was the personal world of the Van. The kids cutting back and forth, cutting back and forth to those three worlds in an integrated fashion, plus all the launch stuff that was really beautiful. cinematic became what the movie was created, all the tension that any movie ever needed and they acted the hell out of that movie there as they are, Those guys were great. By the way you can you imagine a boring. It was to do that. I aggregating in a little capsule there by the way the in order- hours and in order to shoot that zero? The does a floating around zero gravity. There was a jet collar casey one thirty. Five jet would only do like a hundred perambulate of you got sick on The second one you got. Ninety seven more to go so far as it is so basically, each parabola us would The twenty seven seconds of weightlessness, which and you have to lose the beginning in the answer- can only capture about sixty seconds the meat of
So it's kind of like shooting underwater like run, and I did when splash you know when people are swimming from tank to tank rank as you have to get away from the tank to really feel. You see, Darrell Hannah did ocean near the case of Tom hanks floating around you can't you have to sniff the first five seven seconds him going up, yet you and then, and then you capture the middle, and so it's a very tight consuming an arduous task. They work hard, those guys they worked hard. They worked hard for that money, and that was a, and that was a great success. Was that you're like he was at one of your biggest yeah. It was, mean. We all thought tonics run and I thought well god we're doing a good. We think we're doing good, maybe it'll make forty million dollars worldwide, so we're not embarrassed in it like four hundred million dollars worldwide, then again, nine oscar nominations how many oscars, if you one I've won one, personal one, for love for a beautiful mind, but I've been-
personally nominated. I think I've been while I been nominated personally five times once as a writer for other movies and then forty three times and emmys. I think one hundred and sixty times I love the gangster movie american girl. Me too, that was one of my favorite movies ever great moon that turned down. So many times and actually it was shut. and then they fired the studio far the director of two months before six weeks for research shooting here and they said, don't ever say either american or gangster, because there was a big loss, but then I I couldn't live with that. I love this movie. So much cause it's about respect its a gangster movie, which I love, but it's about respect nguyen movie, all of my most successful movies or television or allah access around self worth and, of course,
respect and survival in survival, yeah right, emotional survival, yeah! Well, that's I mean I see I make things yeah yeah, it's an emotional or real survivor, yeah yeah I mean I see the key to it like when you describe cause. I imagine with the beautiful mind you did the same thing as you apply, sir insensitivity. One hundred yeah I'm a gifted guy, but also a flawed guy. I think history show d on some ways, but that wasn't the story you were telling by it, but but it was the emotional perseverance ever you know, a very awkward brilliant person exactly and was stricken with schizophrenia. So you he's trying to survives, gets a friend at the same time, is winning a nobel prize as pretty profound but literally you know he was. He was ready to stab people. I mean here
right, you know, when you go off your mad midst for a second and yet a problem. How do you do with someone like when you work with directors, notoriously producers and directors? I can get dicey? Yes, definitely with budgets, yes, and what will tell me a story of an almost irreconcilable situation where you are like, this guy's kill and make no while well the way I'm deal with people I mean I have what looks like looks to be like a d d or a very a a y. I dunno why I said that the point is, is you have to be extremely patient and words have meaning, so you try not to say you'd, try not to ever lose control. You try not to ever be impetuous.
so you have to work or you have to be vigilant around your personality, so the negotiation is all in the conversation in its about depriving is giving love and depriving love and doing it gently and that's how you wouldn't work with actors stars and that's how you work with starred directors. We mean private well, for example, if there is a directive that says I can run, you know we're now in it and I'm doing it, but is now one hundred twenty five million, and I said, but where deal was a hundred million, that we told them a hundred, they go crazy in their scream and there you have to just dumb. I would just basically I would not talk to them for it a day yeah. Well, I would just ask it's like a child yeah. This is how you do it. You can't you! Are you exactly it's true you just you don't ever want to throw the final card or you know if you're going to do it you're going to fire someone which I've done. I've fired somebody once, but that costs a lot of money.
We hear that there was a minor, it would have cost more money. Had I not fired who was there? I don't want to say: ok, ok, I did have one movie this thing or the other day. There was a movie that I produced road, Harold Rasmussen, I wrote it and it was a flop. Others with john kandian meg ryan and the director who was the wrong director. I said you know you can't have the act, you can have the protagonist say to the girl. You're a bitch we're going to hate him for that he says what are you saying to me, as I said, I think we shouldn't say they think what they should say. Different things in John candy shaken his head. Yes, Brian you're right, the guy goes, you know what you directed and I had to direct the day he left. so was directed the day. I d do the day and I hope that he would come back like that. I don't want to direct this movie direct and go to the editing room over twenty weeks system is not my personality. Let your John hurriedly skill set, but
do what you have, but he did. I would have finished it. You would have I yeah I would have. I would have said- I'm not coming back day because, of smart actors. They help you a lot and meg ryan and John candy were very, very smart actors and the heavy directed movies. No, no did I don't want to know deserve because you can kind of do. I can get as much creed, I can do as much creatively is I'd like to do by exerting may create a vision early on, because I'm I do get respected by fear. makers that I'm working with, or in this case a television in television executive producer, is kind of like the director in movies of courses can stuff. Like you, ve done like the television you ve done. Some of its been pretty pretty astounding and felicity was huge. That sports night should have been more right there. She got, I remember those errand sorkin in the first when a great j J abrams is for show and in the new twenty four, obviously, but friday night lights, though,
the vision of that it was that happy burg. Yes, like you, I knew pieper, org briefly, live a peep burg years ago. Been culver city was a great guy. Wild at griswold. Guy yeah and I haven't seen him in years- I've tried to get them on, but I think he's nervous, because I knew him when we were sharing an apartment with Steve. And cover city, and you are right to make a prince movie I do with him. He's a he's, a first class, very first class guy, but he's also like it's it's interesting for me to do, at me I'm talked him and me a decades by you as a vision. Doesn't he as a director? He has a vision, he's very creative and he can act out things because he's an atlas was an actor first. I mean, I think, he's a person that does well with collaboration, but I that's a how ashby did really well of collaboration. He did is worse movies without collaboration without a strong producer needed is, did his best movies was with you know us producer or a visionary like worn baby. So pete, I think, is one of those guys. I think he's got a bond.
I did ideas and an immeasurable about of energy and creative energy, but I think he's always good where he has got someone, that's sort of gardening, with him unstructured unilateral and am in real in a minute yeah and you did arrested development, which people love my my world of comedy pony as yet highly respected. Now? Did you get that the gate was at something wrong had to sell and get it out of the gate evaded. You figured yeah is a little too complex for me. It a little subtle. complex, not heart. Now it didn't it, it was radical unawares, ironic, you're, very intuitive. It's right. It didn't have a heart. It was really funny and kids love it. It's one of the reasons I don't like it, it's not that I don't like it. I respect it, but I can't walk in yeah exactly I respected too, but I can't login either yeah, but I don't wanna go our getting worse since, if my grandmother's one the better for us yet figures heck, they were
She really grandma s right, yet I meant the world the them yet exactly exactly exactly so. I respected, but I didn't get it right and I route for it now. We're gonna do another round of it at dimming, kids, people love the show, but you write the eye. Definitely got a lizard than more of my. You know: Dave crosses another friend of mine. He was just in here, yeah he's a cool guy for he's, a very funny guy and he's very funny, and he actually has hurt now he yeah yeah yeah cranky heart, but he had ex heckler hate. Theoretically, you definitely has it will bateman too, is a very hard for guy. Yes here, so you out of liking, His amazing career, where you you are the the guy at the top of everything I mean you're in I know the book a curious mind. About you having conversations with people buy, but in terms of all these guys you got to work What was for you you're like a like an honor. Where you were like. Oh, my god, I mean like you know as a producer, you know that a common eu but there's gotta be something
like you say you liked, gus van sant, because you respect his vision, and that was a ballsy thing to do to do psycho shot for shot versa. Didn't do that? Well, right! No! It didn't because it was a weird experiment. It was a weird sparing, but I just thought wow. He just I thought it was such a brilliant artist. I thought in these sort of Andy warhol like india, by the way new, Andy warhol agenda, and I just thought I just felt like it's not gonna, be too expensive. I we should talk. I like that. No one has ever done it. Let's just tried doing this and I convinced the studio do it and they did it and it exists and it exists I like you, but it was in the book. You know you have these weird moments where you know your condoleezza rice talks you out of shooting a mexico because they didn't want you to die yes and then whether Jonas salk thing I mean that must have been some sort of weird childhood fantasy. That was for you to meet the guy because he got so much press for curing polio is a big guy. Jonas Salk. Definitely so he was probably you know in the way that cause I didn't know what she saw the and with people I've met vs
movie people here I would say. Jonas salk was a top of the list, because you know this unique. It took about two and a half to yours, Me with them I did resolved at that time I will be you your use was it was right. After splash I was probably like thirty eight or something so he must have been pretty already right yeah, but he was really vital layer and basically, We had one meeting just the two of us And then he said, let's have a meeting where you bring three people and I bring three people and will do it, house with no agenda and was faint. I brought sidney pollack george Lucas, who brought limbo cronstadt and them, and he brought of woman that sewed did figured out the left in the bright red left and the right rain hemisphere and how they work, admiration and are, and someone there was expert bought, exert nobel prize winner, and I would have these meetings like that with no on yes alone, but I mean decisive
an assault. I met some just the greatest people princess die me now is a tear jerking. First, it was really fun and funny. I talked her into sharing a bowl of ice cream with me at an event. and if you weren't is, if you weren't in the position you're any of the this annoying guy was exactly so. I sort of seduced her into tend to help. We get a bowl of. these criminals dinner, they didn't provided right. When I got it. I said I took a scoop. I said you tries when I handed her is boosted and we both what we went back and forth, and I thought I'd like having a date
I know I'm having we're going to be having sex princess Diana moment is a big day present preserve the big day. So I had a lot of the so I've met. A lot of very interesting, Michael Jackson was amazing. I mean he was like Mozart, he's brilliant and that's all in the book, and then there's also I gave was interesting because you know meeting with Condoleezza condoleezza rice negotiating with nasa and there's sort of this. This suggestion or the the reality that you met with several cia directors that you will not. You can't divulge what was talked about but it is your relationship with with the high level of motion pictures in the: u s, government and in turn, of anything No, I don't know about that. I mean look. I've met with bit william casey and william cold beef also and at those foreseen directors, and I also it informed. A point of view that enabled me to champion twenty four into life because it just like there's so much red tape,
Basically, why I wanted to meet with cia directors? Is they have access to all the information in the world and all the secrets- and I just want to understand- because I'm so fastened with human capacity like if you have access to all of that to assimilate that information reality? How do you really use it? Do you it singularly or do you have many lieutenants under you that are using that information. How much are you able to really how much is one man or one woman able to comprehend just data itself less than we think and he probably and but using it in all the time in world, challenging life or death situation? And that's what heightens my inch? What heightened my interest in that and I said, that sort of blood over into what twenty four was so getting back to. The other question is like one I'm sensing and in white. What I appreciate about you is that you know you know exactly your place
and you you know you obviously had tremendous success with its others, a confidence to it, and you know you can get things done, but you So no your limitations, which is important as a panacea. So that means you know. You know that you and do what a director does. You can't do an actor does, but you know what they do and and who the best is and what what's right for a particular project, and I imagine that on the money and too so you're in all this work, you've done I imagine it's easy to take people for granted on some level that, like workhorse, he's going to do that. That's what he does that rector that actor one right now we have. Been moments where you were like holy shit. This guy is a genius beyond what I hear even imagined, while great question mostly no a guy, a lifetime of curiosity, is far no you're saying you know
they meet their your expectations, they meet expectations. You know I can rely upon my my analysis and bright rife and there's some consistency there. I mean ever really fun times and profound experiences with some master directors. I was surprised with really scott. He was he's so brilliant american gangs on american gangster because he he's a world creator creates world and I wanted to go there every day on this movie, so I could see how he does that and while he's by way when he does second unit all that actions, w he's actually writing that action stuff any like an architect draws upside down and is just have a perfect. I was very pleased this day, like I love em, have my house making martinis together a half I just any just they made the martian. the giant zero though I was, I was surprised with her political
I have worked at clint, eastwood, twice loved working with him, changeling was sort of a haunting movie. It was a really haunting movie and angelina. Jolie did an amazing job and she was really fun to work with and remains a friend will. Your frankie seems, like you got a lot of friends still idea. whatever and you seem like you're in good shape. Thanks and I appreciate doc, enemy of me. Oh having me, I tell you that I tell you a great deal that was Brian grazer again his book. He is a curious mine, the secret to a bigger life, and I beg you put the book out because once the share. God knows you need the bread, but it was great talk. I enjoyed it, by the way the music remix on the show is done by DJ cope. We check him out of the web puppy. Forty five on twitter. Theme music is by John montagnier, you gotta deputy to that come right, deputy afar,
yet on a mailing list, look at the march get those postal orders and do it did aids. Didn't I My poster packer guy, right, yeah he's gonna gotta go away for christmas. Do so if you want order emerge Brian Jones, mugs or whatever you can order, do it what else man, what else holidays or upon us yeah, can play some good to her for those of you are like wait. Wait is market. the
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