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Episode 668 - Bill Burr / 2015 In Review

2015-12-31 | 🔗
Bill Burr returns to WTF for the first time in six years. He talks with Marc about big banks, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, playing drums for Slash, and his new animated series on Netflix, F is for Family. Also, Marc bids farewell to Lemmy and looks back at a year of great conversations, including highlights from President Obama, Terry Gross, Keith Richards, and more.

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All right bar I'd this. How are you what the you, what what the fuck bodies, what the fuck years happy now here too Listening to this thursday, we gotta get tonight, to make tomorrow, which would mean happy new year the beginning so make it through tonight. Those of you who list to this on thursday, please dry, carefully. If you, if you can wanna, be a buzz caille but dont I can go out at all. How would that be? if you're not alone, and you have some people in your life, and you love them and you are. You have but if we easy access to getting over there or them coming to you before sundown, do that maybe I am being busk he'll, do whatever you gotta do go party stay up all night do a
a blow get all fucked up, god get a ride, we're just get a ride or maybe just reflect a bit I a bit I do want to say a few words about Passing of let me kill MR lamy, was an honest. Shall I dont know if it was his last interview and dumb? He was in restoring for me to spend time with that guy, because I I know I Oh motor had, I know the first couple records I listen to them, but he yelled Emmy has been a warrior: a rock n roll warrior, and ever seemingly eternal presence- If you didn't know, let me if you didn't know motor had you knew. Let me space, you knew those our buncoed on the side of his face. You knew that mustache, you knew the ad dude that came through even still image of that guy. You knew he meant it. You knew him and business. You know
You knew he was the real fucking deal in a world where there aren't that many real deals. So for me it was an amazing treat and honour to tie the guy We had a nice interview. I knew he didn't look well, I knew heeded, feel well, but that doesn't make it any easier to her to lose a guy and to her to have to deal with that But as I said, let me was. Fuckin, rock and roll. Let me was. The real thing and he lived it and he lived it all way to the end on his on terms with a lot of fuck you and him. what good rock and roll requires the right amount or even a little bit more than necessary of fuck you. So let me You will be missed.
And I don't want you? I did tat ted. Give you a heads up. There were some some great lemme talk a great. Let me story ah now episode, six fifty six of deputy up with roger? He oh and flee talkin base in about. Let me The interview I did with him is still up in available. That's episode, six thirty four, and I just if you didn't listen to it or you don't know who Lemmy is or it's not necessarily important to you. I just want to share this quip with you. It's a it's a clip of Lenny and he Playing a joke and dumb its act, pretty touching hearing him tell it now you have given that that we lost him. And so so enjoy this side of Lenny And then go with an ace of spades, what's your favorite joke lenny do you know,
Where, where it were free to say whatever the fuck yeah the first one I got hoosier. Users working ever nearer to carry out their duties blissful for an option. I love you Switch off those corn cry. for who nicer miserables. Excuse me, sir you're in Heaven, you know remain. Show people go to church. Five times a week. every week alive. She universe you sure near you, ve made it source another russia's role. Sir? I'm sorry, I didn't mean cause any trouble. We said. rules on average support carpenter? You know nothing. And where the little boy.
I know I shouldn't have fallen into the drove into business. Then he said. Is her go away on emission off into the desert roots role followed, I'm me I was hoping they said that when I go to pity you know what I mean some again vote, finally, the jury cracky meal this was Schuman. Streaming. Fish grows, father the ices. yo- rest in peace, let me you have some good stuff. thanks for coming by this planet. This garage So now, let's talk about new year, new year's, the new year again fuck be careful, you could you please just be careful out there
I don't know man, I you know, I really do. Need to be somebody to count down how dies. You ve been justa just a we fully idiots nor I've said before. Everything I say it every year: how many times have you been in the car when the clock strikes twelve It's like out with this. This parties fuckin spent. This party This parties over this party blows go when she's getting, let's get the other place, man, let's get there before twelve. Mary are in the car, with a bunch of other idiots in cars trying to get to that right party. in your horn, add new year's. given a hog two areas in the car, giving them a cast. Then having a minute or two into the new year. Where were you gotta but sucked ghana glad you guys. You hear grudge here baby should
get some need or what. What I do is I stay home. That's what I do you watch a few minutes of the ball. Dropping I never understood that ball drop It happens to every body as fuckin, harmful joke happy new year to you, though, and look what are we do this when it. What do we do this try this, even if, even if it wasn't a good year for you even cause, I'm gonna do this. I gotta I'm saying this out loud to myself, but I a good year. There were send down. There was emotional issues there were mistakes made, but then this is that it does such thing as a clean slate anymore with the internet? Is there no more clean sway, but there is a new year and there is a moment here where you can take a second and just look at the good things, even if its dunk, even if it was terrible
to be something to be grateful for you, gotta be grateful to be alive, even if that is not all its rights doktor, be on any given day this to be some gratitude. This guy These himself acceptance give yourself a break, don't hurt yourself tonight, So what little recovery trick make gratitude list an interest feel it because I blow right through it, but there are things to be grateful, for there are problems. There are personal. Bombs are problems in the world, but maybe just just reflect a little bit. and what you might do differently, but also on what your grateful for and if you have love in your heart or in your life, be fuckin thankful for that, if your capable of that and it exist within you Maybe things will turn out. Better globally. Politically, finance
for you or whatever but strip it all away, but politics fuck the world you're fucked your money problems, fuck broken heart and just find that little bit of Space within yourself that is truly you and anne, and give a pat and the little head and say okay and theirs. out of things in life, that. Make it amazing. Do that we're tonight today. Do that. so bill bird- is some pretty aggressive fans who ve been pestering me for weeks. For this I will chat. I did what billion I got. My friends I come in here. Sometimes I gotta a thing I'll get call from a buddy. I got this thing. and if I come talk about the thing
I their mark and, unlike yes, you're sure, come over and talk about it. for a few minutes, I usually column shortages, but you know it bill and seen him in a while? We are a little catching up to do so it turned into a little more than that. He's got this scott, this great animated thing that he's got going. He's gonna tell you about that at this point. Amway and we talked about some other stuff. So this means that the great human that is built so you know I I tell you bill. I am I known you a long time and I get the screen for the cartoon. It's part of me, you know, you know. The deal is pardon me for a fucking cartoon. When I get back, I like the call a cartoon. That's what I call that animated series is all too highbrow form or yet
like I'm, not necessarily a cartoon guy. Are you do you watch family guy? You want just simpsons really I watch I watch southpaw suppressed, On my own. I agree. We don't watch over the last twenty years on tv by an I watch at cop major. these. Are all that stuff? You do. Oh, my god. I love it's not gonna watch, What's the outmoded states, like my point, is like pink floyd made a cartoon, sometimes some of this stuff that come up I was on it. I was on a couple. Cartoons amount adventure time. One episode of adventure time play a flying squirrel or nine flying squirrel. What she did I could have told you you're going to get that gig. The first time I met you, I got a regular gig on a harvey, become a cranky raccoon. I'm I'm involved. That's good with animation. Can it be just not into why don't watch in the end? They? I don't want anything though so my car, I watch bills a cartoon they're going to and then I'm watching it and I'm like. Oh, this is good seventies. My still cartoon, but then at some point, like completely emotional engaged nice guy,
I you know like eighty of ten minutes like, however, twelve minutes in I'm like what's going to happen, then all of a sudden, like the kids came to life. You know you define there that your play any came to life and the time period came to life I found out very emotionally moved very nice. Is that what I was posted. Do you have a week The mission statement basically was how the whole thing came about path for family, it's If f is for family here, how it came about was, I was initially just going to do, make little five minute vignettes right, I was going to for just throw up on my website, and I was in office all based on how you know we look like the Brady by we look like a norman rockwell. Drawing up of the family right anew and we would always do this. Norman rockwell s stuff, like hey. Let's go get a christmas tree right, but it was all the dysfunction between that idea and then the end when we were decorating the tree. Unlike that's where the gold is that's where the stand up is- and you know, had been telling those stories round my career- and you know as I started yet
older. Indeed, generation that war helmets when they rode bicycles and helicopter parents and play dates. They came up and a lot of him still came up like me, but there was that social pressure to grow. Bullying and not laugh at it. The way you did when you were kids, like a rights, your generation, you mean that has your family now yeah yeah yeah! So are these! These kids came along and then they would just grown. I got frustrated yeah, so that's how we started think I'll. Do the vignette. Then, of course, I'm a comedian I procrastinate. I never did it right and then I just happen to have have have have general meeting with wild west vince fonts company. and they are like. What do you got? You know you got any ideas for tv shows and I was like no nothing I ever pitch ever gets made. I know It does get tied up in a development deal, and then I can't beyond shows that are actually on the air. The I want to get tied up in one of those, that's a suckers game, so you to make movies. I, like movies, can. She warned me in their up I'll play anybody you want and
white guy cool, but we like you blow so that and I was as I was walking out the door. I literally just got this cartoon idea and they will look into doing and they just pulled me in and next thing you know they did. We get my price, the great my price from all the simpsons cocoa the show and all your idea, though, the the the the inception of The show itself, as is literally like you know, twice or unwanted cures, but guess what based on your family. The character plays malcolm of everybody's. Dad did the ironic my wanted my family, my dad everybody be able to sit down and watches and in the show the way you're going to, but every once in a while. We, like I'm doing that. Oh yeah right but not so they going to know what happened or what did nap right right, but then also so not they're, not gonna, be like now, she's to east patrol me under the bus, yeah kids throw me under the bus. I respect the fact that I was dumb enough to pick a job to get into the public eye and they didn't see. I respect the fact that they don't wanna people. There You I like learning that lesson yeah.
Say, there's a line, and that, like that thing, you know I'll put you through that fuckin wall, like my dad, did say that there was a moment. One time he was yelling at us outside this field, next to the house just sort of ran. We pointed towards the woods. He was so right w testimony auburn hair- I put you, don't have put you through that and we at all I do not have to laugh cause it's like dabbler and, worse worst in the woods. But the thing about my dad was like you know. Three days later, you could bring it up and tell the story and he would laugh his ass off. It was you know it's you know that, volatile, headed yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah yeah. You don't have that at all. I wonder I take after my mom. No, no. I have that in spades, but I I think, a lotta times. No, he turns out to be the greatest that character in the show is that there's an edge to it. But you know you easy sympathy. character. You now to me, like the balance of his good yea, does not a monster you. I think that if you that father now you go out and
we're going out with his kids, like you said that generation of yeah of pussies would be. I gotcha somewhat your call child services, but you know you're in the dynamic and you realize the guy's got shortcomings and weaknesses of his own theirs. humility to emulate the guy's hearts in the right rise as a lot of times. I would always say at all: People in my life, talkin about the curse of having a temper, is what happens, isn't even when you're in the right. You become wrong because they can then like our yeah. I should have done this in this, but that's no reason to call me a country, our the everyone's crying just because you didn't have the right breakfast yet yeah. I know you mean right yeah, because once you escalate to a certain point, it's no law about right or wrong. It's about you're, just in Ashraf. Yes, that's what it becomes so that has been made thing with my temper, a really is, is I've tried I've tried to, and I try not to lose my mind a try. The loose like the other night. I was driving with my wife and we will go nowhere to go, see a movie and I mean
it all away to santa monica with raw. Without it we would yeah we're out flipping out ass hard right, as I was pulling into the the where I was gonna park. Some asshole did something and I completely lost my shit too, like, I was on seven be always even close to, but not at her just at the situation, just just it you're, not as yet that that you know the dope the fucker. but lady says that you're at the place it you're out in your not then you gotta figure out where you rat right arm of the gps IA and then, I am not here and I looked rearview mirror there was nobody there. My wife asked me one sec question. I look for half a second And look the rearview mirror that was like six cars coming here. I swear to god. It's like it's like the truman show out here. It's like. Oh, he wants to backup our eye rolling all these cars and a can We lost my shit, but I made- ok, so I almost did it. I almost made it all right, No, I don't think she is. I can't get it. I think it is really affects, or in a negative way in itself, something I'm trying to work on cause
there I was gonna say that I dont sometimes understand attention that creates put its like. Yes, I do because I grew up in a house when you just walking around on eggshells, you aren't that fucking guided. We once get up now and I hate that I became that guy because I always said I wasn't would be that guy so that something I I've been trying to work out how to way. I mean what do you because my guide, the saint like lately, with me. I'm like a move in the mountains get out get out altogether because a lot of it, a lot of it, is bullshit l a lot of these traffic related, I mean it's like I I have a hard time managing that shit in the relationship situation, I'm a little better, but I just I just Stu, I don't yell anymore, I, how are you it's doing? The still is, is more. I I wouldn't say stew out to me that I'm more pouting, oh really. I didn't get my way and now I'm gonna sit here and just not talk to you as an adult, literally acting like an eight year old. So
yeah there's a lot of embarrassing facets of my anger like yeah everything it just all leads to. Like you know, I wish I could be that dead. I wish I could have. chill vibe, I just do. I, though, do we I mean I'd like to be. They turned it on and off, but I mean I don't like a lot of times are gonna want to admit it right because- Bless me all that to all the time. Do you think that you need your ear? You're craziness, your neurotic shit, your anger to be funny, and I'm like. I don't need it, you know, but then it did we're goes away. Yes, doing anything to fits or are being differently around some fundamental shit, because it drive a lie. I choose your way less angry than when I met you and I am to have definite way. Let me say it all right, but our thing as we set the bar so harwood high with your anger that even us just coming down is still like. I'm only brother hope you get your. We all got like a bit of my dad's tat, my brother's tommy, this story, one time riding with his girlfriend. I at the time and you slip into baino, apply le Dana and she just go still
you're doing, because I'm not yelling. That here goes what shall I do it like literally bluer hair back, and I think that was the end of it, because she was a sweetheart and didn't come from that which is just re. I can't imagine. I have a lot of empathy. Mia apathy sympathy, anybody that came from a decent background that ends up well, one of us in a day to day with me with the monsters yeah, I'm not that bad, but I mean I, I was sorry for you live with me. Yet my wife puts up with a lot it's a rage thing. You know it It comes over ia and aids, a horrible feeling when you're seized by it, where you know you like it's happening, you know what's happening oh now, at this age you know it's happening. You can't can't can't stop it's just coming out of your mouth, god damn it would be like. Why is it there's a guy? they're gone what we do and what would we
no she's going to he's going to get upset with you. It's good. You know, you know, you told told her you weren't going to do this. You know what my thing is: technology or yes or you're, the guy with the the the the gadgets yelling. No, I can't I hate all of it. I hate oliver, I am straining it is like the new operating systems and all that stuff. All it is designed to do is fill up your damp things. You gotta, throw it out and get another one here. It's like I, learned the other one viagra, it's like back in the day when I was a kid you know you learn how to read. You could read write and I was literate rhine, the one. I can't stand about these things. It's like I'm, I'm functionally literature the best I ever get right and then I go right back to me. The first great again, like a word, an apple in that's what it is its planned obsolescence. She at least back in the day when they did that cars or televisions, is a good example from the show you had a choice like youngest stick with the old. that only the new window thing. How do you get a fixed? There was repeated, go right. Tv repair person like that,
parents' generation, I think, is one of the last generations that they bought stuff and they have for. Like I go home to my parents' house, I just look at stuff going like dude, luis spoon I ate with this forty year the job of it stones, glasses, yeah, like back in the day that we had like that wouldn't tvs on the legs of yeah. Now we blew the tube, then you just in watch tv for three days, and then somebody came by with due by the he fixed it and then a work to get everything destroy everything away. Now: everything's artist, a vacuum cleaner, yeah yeah you bought your whole business is based on barbarity. of buying new things, and then it became the whole like if we know what you might as well by a new one right cause, it's gonna cost you almost as much and they're all in on it or not, and you got that big swirl of garbage out their interests I always think about that. Every time I just thought about that when I want to go, get a little love breakfast marie this whirl of garbage yeah, because they thought I was get it to go. So then she goes. She put in a brown paper bags,
took it I go yeah. I don't need this yeah. I don't need this and then she goes. You want a paper plate and I go yeah, as I out, is a get to this world garbage I mean. Eighty of EU ends up in a landfill or goes in the ocean. The guenever throw anything out like everything you ve ever owned exists someplace on this planet. Unless it was grateful at least burned yeah it? So it's out it's out there, you rollerblades everything that you use stopped using it. There's a there's, a large swirl of garbage addison. spenders that you had when you in a wholly skating way back in the day, there's there's some large, what garbage it's like two miles, deep and twice the size of texas just out in the pacific ocean, just swirling around wha. What's it doing this while the way the currents move or something cause? all the kind of go there. I don't want to emphasize. It was two miles: dp sent two miles deepen like one and a half times the size of texas like for this is the that, like you, know, you're having a good day, you haven't good morning right, you can have a breakfast burrito
in the end, then there's you want a paper bag. Now I don't wanna and then late yeah in then amazon you're in this world, a garbage here and it's over and then you know what the present just takes the paper bag and the paper plate. I immediately assume that they know about the swirl of garbage and they don't care right right that fucker yeah rough heart, rather than the puppy, has like four kids and he's up all night you, but you ve, got a paper boy. Do that. I think that's part of the angers at you Get angry on principle, but then you can help not you can't play you. Gonna go for company part of it. No women. Nor I went down the river whole conspiracy theory. I've are all about identity out of it and I love it. I just one I was right about a lot of the stock. Was it was about banking? If you do remember, no yeah, there's always the them and they are running everything. That's true. I just don't think it's organised I guy you re only. They say they stupid things. I Jews, one holloway hollywood would be like the level of cooperation necessary gesture, run hollywood,
If you ve been in this town for more than three seconds, it is a nice fight with nobody at working when any one. I had that moment with my my friend Jim. You know who work for Clinton and he's a pretzel politics guy into my aids in Jerusalem syndrome. I used to do it on stage. I think right just go off in this way and to build a burger group. The trilateral commission, the free since look at that, you know again, I'm am yelling at an honorary mall in d c and and I think I that with a beard you're that good, that guy was that guy and he and he takes this weird beat, and he just looks at me because more people here just aren't that organized the way yeah- I mean it's like you, you did. People will try to do it, but you did the end of the day. Within your group someone's going to be like well. Why is mark on top? I wanna be that guy and it just it all. Fall. It's like a band. The many bands. Other than the rolling stones were stay together. He just after while you dislike this guy with the way you get out yeah, but the thing is
pete, but you're right about the banks, because they're the ones that can make the system. If you can read the systems very hard to rig this system in show business yeah, you can close the gates and certain people get jobs, but they don't make money dover in that you cannot make money a couple of times before show businesses, and I work is done. But if you can read this stem from the inside, and people are too stupid or or it's too difficult to find out. Then do run arriving, but even that banks are kept. with other banks, but it's just more like they're, just not regulated soucis. What they're doing is like reprehensible I just went she watched screener that new brad pitt big story. I saw yet was incredible, but I have an equal amount of anger for the bankers and adopts that got selves involved in those loans. Yeah, you know to make us it's just like, like I flat math and I flung math
every single year here of high school right and my brother was able to sit down and explain to me how a mortgage worked in a five minute conversation right how to vote, and I mean when I first got a mortgage and as an island make double mortgage pay. I put bought something I could afford first of all to pay more than the morgan. I may I made the double mortgage payments son. I was six months ahead on my mortgage, but had knocked down the principle at all. I was just making interest payments ryan. Then I was, I ah That's how that works yet- and I was like are its obvious- pan the mortgage and then this up am I right on this line its principal I'm a more. I was able to figure that out. So I know a lot of behind my dad flipped out when the whole thing happening. Oh seven among them should know better. Bore there, like this paper will give you a free house, and you can hey for later yeah and their people it's pre house year. Ok, you're, like when the bank calls you up to refinance it's. Ok, you eighteen hundred a month you want to. Twelve years you weren't breadth of twelve hundred a month mortgage. It's like! Let me get this straight. You just called me
make six on a box less a month. How does this work and what as they go back to like mortgage payment number one. So all the interesting painful as five years is just in the ocean it's in their pocket and then you go to start all over again so that six hundred a month you saving, Nobody'D zembla works out yet with the numbers that you're actually paying more, but most people just here like yeah I'll, safe six hundred a month island what they do at that six hundred they gonna buy a flat screen tv right, which is a totally depreciating or whatever they call it acid. Nothing and where does it end up in the ocean hitting a porpoise riding? This work grind their teeth: swirling yup yeah, What is on an f is for family there's no tidal need working with great people, I mean is the last great people on that show who are the people are doing the voices within the you're doing the father great. You got great clip at that time. He takes you gotta do at eight kind of role with it. It took me like three three times: going in there too. Get comedy club comfortable right right,
and on those might yet we will usually working ensemble. Were you doing it separately, cloacam right both. So I ve said earlier: the scene of the deal. So we just sort of a thing where I am odyssey: complement a microphone wherein headphones. it is true that was comfortable, but then it was just like a where do the whole script, and you know sometimes then it by myself, so that was just a little weird and then also trying to keep the energy yup as you're reading the lions game not going to memorize a whole script right now, you can you and you don't have to know what I mean you just go in there, so it was learning how to do that. Anybody, listen to my podcast knows that. Reading out It is not one of my strong suits it's hard. It's like reading a prompter, so I make it know. So you learn how to do that yet pick up that skill, huh yeah, so I got a little better than that, but as far as like the cast lord dern, my right yeah, just in long crushes, it is Kevin. trying to brother yeah, the stone a brother and then little bill is played by Hayley reinhardt. Who is one of the final? Listen,
american idol, and that was a very key voice to get because a little boys swear where it hasn't been. J idea, if he's whining to him parents can be really annoying young in I don't know. I always looked at those kids like I'm gonna beat the shit out of you got an alas natural vulnerability that for joining she has this natural rasping us to have voiced its that that singer thing and she was able to actually just such a great recently, I was like pam avalon in king of the hill. She played the the little boy yeah that yeah, I think yeah you gotta have a little bit of that too. So it doesn't sound like a little girl right. W dairy very plays Maureen the daughter and, if you've watched any of those pixar animated movies, she's she's done, like a zealand total pro Farley's in their and sam rockwell always a place plays? Vic Reynolds, the the cool next door, neighbor, how that sam rockwell yeah that's area always feared Kevin Michael Richardson, and I'm going.
ireland's oh my god, more collins actually destroys from anti big, actually crushes it. She does the voice of Jimmy fitzsimons, the bully and a bunch of other voices on its if it it's been a it's been an incredible. That's a that's, an all star team, there yeah! Well, what happened was we wrote a really funny script and we got one big fish. I forget who we got first, so then, all of the like whoa. They knows this a funny wrapped in solar cells attached, then all of a sudden it they started fallen like dominoes and it was just die. It was incur well, but I gotta tell you watch and like the actors yeah like more so than the voice over people, because they with such prose they just have the voyage watchin sam. Well laurent, lord dern in justice, watching their approach was just like every year I watched like all of them like every take like it was like when it first when they first eddie you like I'm a guy like what are they doing
yeah and five and sailing why it's really good and then like, like ten minutes in seven to ten minutes in it was justice, different person that wasn't them. Like: why do they do they like that is amazingly fuckin prose yeah. and they had like their process, and I was like I was looking at more like it from a stand, approach like grandparents make funny right now, but it works yet because you got that characterise the other. The yeah. We do all we can within the range we can do it totally Europe basically being propped up by a tremendous amount of talent right now, but that's not true either it's around town or your good actor too. But you know I I mean I I you're you know you seem to be you're comfortable in a lot of different roles, but this one really speaks to you. I mean you know this guy. You are this guy for the most, but we're better for the guy yeah.
It's it's a some what's yeah, what's cool about this is it saw my dad's catchphrase as some of my prices, some of the other writers catch, raises or experiences, and then his politics sometimes are mine yeah, so it's sort of this cyborg version That's right! It's a bunch of personalities in there you get the town, yet The area- yes, I mean yes grated. I've done some acting now. I am breaking bad and shit in sight, but now that guy, I think, was the least likely yet eternal out of things off. you know all you. You know tat to have that guy, but I've we wanted to play a guy named patrick kuby. By the way you know when I found out his first name was Patrick yeah was after I filmed my final scene and then I was just watching the series because I always was flying for one day. I'd do my little
the yesenia they'd send me back, and I remember knowing that my character was not going to show up anymore in the story, as people were tweeting me going like Will you come back here and I knew that I wasn't and then, when dean's character was taught again. You ve talking the tugela. Well, scone like yeah, your your character friend there raw what's his name, a coop patrick kuby, and I was really at home. Watching it I stood up gone are my tears. His first name is no they're like freak out. That's good right! All! You know. You know that I reject that day that they totally fleshed out and but what His great about that show was just the level that everyone was working on like whenever anybody was all you know, you did a great job on that choice. Go dude. You would have done a great job in that show you working with the best actors ever writers direct cinematography. The whole thing all you have to do is just say what they wrote in. The lines and judge try to make it sound remotely believable re, because that's that's one thing that I have learned
bought that whole making tv shows and movies is it's like those of the guys? That really is much as the actors are amazing, like because every great actor has an absolute dog of a movie right. I should, or what did they forget, how to act? Yeah, it's disliked the! If, if you don't have that person knows how to patients on how to hear how to keep that thing, rowan and then the right music to bid Yet all whole ensemble thing who did the music for f is for family dave, cushioning who's excited dave, cushion day pushers from velvet revolver. There ya go I can roll that's right man. How did you hook up with that guy? He was a friend of wild west, Vince VON and all those guys do this thing. Just like I five dollars. Is it trying to do a tv show the one time I was like yeah? I don't have an idea. You know I got this stupid cartoon idea. This is the thing where all of a sudden, the planets all aligned where we're wild This is like the greatest people ever worked with his forest. together. We shall then they go prices, the greatest shall runner ever worked with and then
get with net net flicks who's who's network notes were push it further, which is the dream? It's usually like. Remember when we said we want an edgy. We don't we're going to saw the legs off this thing and leave you out there twisting in the wind, in every episode of that show sucked what was up with that. They were the exact opposite so, and so then, when we had get music? The thing? at the seventies, as it's been so mind. As far as, like all the great songs you know, yeah, I mean the mere movie dazed and confused alone. Yet all voice was half my ipod. You know the costs money, though song yes, So what we wanted to do was picked sums are a little bit more obscure and then we had Dave cooks kirshner in his buddies, come up some original music for answer really some time kind of veal, yeah yeah yeah, and is it If he does, that mean, do you get it? Did he bring rock and roll buddies around or what I'll absolute play
If who comes in to do it? Oh, no, no, no way he all of his all the people that he worked with are all like studio guy and always cause. I gotta take you over there sometime like where they record the music. It's just a house looks like this and they converted the garage where they, lily a room within a room and, like I stood outside the garage, may I hit the drums ass hard ass. He could hit him. It sounded like somebody had. A stereo online two really enjoyed it. Yeah and I was just like I need to know I need to have. I gotta have that once again, the swirl of garbage disappears my own selfish. I go into my own monkey brain and I'm like yeah. I want to have that down some trees and make me that. How do we do this? At my house yeah? I got to have one of those because I'm not a professional drummer, so I definitely need a professional drumming studio in my garage. Okay here you have to have that self consciousness about what you wanna hear good story where I used to when I first moved out here with most of my then girlfriend now wife, we used. We lived over this, this crazy old guy who was at the beginning parts of dementia, which we didn't know
so he had it with a really sarcastic. As Hell, we had hardwood floors any time you dropped something on the floor. He would go like you just hear from downstairs. You just hear: do it again, keep it? like that thing. So what I used to do is our ever. I dropped. If I didn't like it, I just take me: you know a temple and slammed on the floor. Would shut up right and w this habit. I you know you can hear my voice coding. an old building, but when I was out on the road he even really acted up and would always beyond at my wife like like from the. Well below, so she kept going. You gotta go down there. You gotta talk to him. You gotta talk to him and I was just gone. I'm not going down talk. This is an old guy. It's not go well at a matter. What happens on a young guy, I'm going to argue with an old guy. I don't do this so whatever so, like you know, we have the sort of parliament. I am a little qatar set up in dinner. My little practice have my drums and all its staff. So one day it was after christmas holidays and I'm taking a christmas tree down the stairs. I was trying to be quiet but the day and taken a fuckin tree down the stairs the site. So quite you,
be corrected. So I walked by him and he's glaring at me. You know I just you know wink at him or something like I'm just being playful whatever, and I take it to the thing and I come back into the house. Nia. It goes like you need to go down there right now and talk to this guy. He just said this air. It was just a moment. I said fine, you want me, go down there and I'll talk to the guy and I went down, and I start talking to the guy and I got like two words into it and he keeps he starts flipping out screaming and yelling, and now stand in there and there's an old guy. Look like he's, gonna kill over he's, yelling, so bad, and I was in my thirties at that time. So I'm lookin like an asshole when I'm trying to explain do we relax, I'm just saying, I yell at my wife. If you have a problem, just come up like a general but blah blah, blah blah and then at one point he just looks at me. He goes. He goes how's your band and then he just goes here,
It's like he could hear my guitar playing and he was basically saying I sucked through my face literally turned red. I was embarrassed and my wife was above bright above listening to it and she thought it was funny. So for like the next three days, I was so mortified I didn't even play and then, when I started playing, I would either not have the app on or have the headphones on, and I was even picking it really like gingerly and after like three four days or something the fuck am I doing. This guy and I turned it up and started playing a game, but there's nothing more embarrassing, though in so many makes funny you're hobby, because you know what you're hobby, you know you stink at a legacy. You told me you suck as a comic like that fuck I put food on the table. Doing that you just don't like my act, I can It still hurts right, but not to the level like there's a major exposure when somebody hears your hobby right because you're honorable you've gotten your hell, yeah you're right where it hurt yeah you're, not a pro and you're, always fantasizing, like you, think, it'd be good enough to play in a band the same way we're fucking guitar, dude dude you can play, though I yeah
There's pardon me, though I am sure you get this tool, or am I getting is wont to do now. Let's go get some guys together. Now and I've I've gone on tours with other comics, and I I said that which is basically the band experience except you don't have to interact with them as much right, but like this there's always going to. The late guy, yeah, there's going to be the user yeah, but see hound and all of that, but also the fact that I you know I I don't know if I can play with people. You know playing at home you own, time. Do in one take, or maybe if you think you really nailed that saw you gonna hit that song again, I wasn't even talking about being any sort of like band right. I just mean like dying it just trying to do it, but did you get to play with any of these guys? Like did you get to play with the questioner yeah? Well, they had me play drums on a on a track for the for the show. Of course it didn't make it. You know it's funny when I actually listened battery of bone. Do when you told me that, and when I came and listen to the track dude, I thought I nailed it dude airways like every other joke.
you know, there's a drummer at the door, because the knocking speeds up like that's, what's except my was like a duty within all the old are, but I was also like you know, I'm so like that that state kirshner standards they're, like you know what I mean and they always showed up like I may go ahead, get in. There have a hit and they're like oh fix it, we'll fix it. I kept calling it the paula Abdul knob How can you turn that up a little more in stretch that out and then condense that thing? But what happened? Was you David, such a great? I he know he does a lot of stuff for charity whenever he does charity. He knows all of those guys yeah. You know the guns and roses guys evolve, guys like stp. He knows all of those guys so when he puts together a show for charity, it's like an all star band. It's like he feel the rock and roll hall of fame. So I went to a cup these shows here and then at one point he said He goes. Hey man. Do you wanna, you want to sit in a song, you know you do some stand up and then maybe sit in and
I was like no, no, no, no, no, no dude! I am not going to I'm not going to, that guy's an old man downstairs yeah I can in the back yard, but also its just like everybody's geek out there, that close to these rocks diet and then we're going to bring up this jerk off and it's just like. I don't want to do that, and he goes. I a you know he's like the guy. You know they wouldn't care man, they actually know they like your stuff. You know alba and then I was driving. I was thinking yeah. I was like you know what that was more of a fear choice. I'm trying to act like it was. I was being courteous like I don't wanna do that too, but I really I was too scared to do it. So just I just call him back and said: alright, let's do it so yet. We decide where do highway to help phil runner straight ahead. So I show up, The day would do the sound check and everybody is a monster I'm not recognise and half of the guys you I start once I get the names unlike Google Wikipedia
and- and there are all these insane studio guys and I own half the albums these guys played on. I just met this guy. I'm Chris I found is the guy who plays with Jane's addiction, bass, player and stuff. So we end up going up there. I end up going up. I do the sound check. We do the song once media and we went well behind, sounds, go exact. You know you want we're gonna gonna sombre, do as they go far. So that night I show up now, the crowd there, this It's gone down play outside and these I started out I'm looking at the settlers going like. Ok, I gotta be up second or third, the warm up get too stupid again an hour and then they'll go back to being in a rock stars with with professional drumming and unlike through it's the last song or fourth line like what are they doing so they are tearing through ten songs, destroying them, Franky perez and vocals, just crushing it, and it's like these dino these people just going nuts because it's like they get their own private concept for this charity thing and then what
we debated roadhouse blues and I knew I was next to play. I would how so I sneak up onto the bandstand, as I didn't want to get your ip the announcement of or whatever intro as I am sitting down the draw without the base player, tar player, walk off stage right in amerika I'm getting nervous. Now, just tell you this, I, like all, what's corner we didn't hurt he's gotta suckers yea. We gotta gonna have a special guest on it's one guy on drama and he was like, oh my god, who's this going to be bruce, Springsteen, they're, so spoiled they go on drums. We got bill burke, comedian, bill, burr and dude literally golf clap, I didn't think there was a clap was just like a collective who the fuck is that so now you don't hide my face behind one of the symbols and then he goes also got a couple more friends coming up to the stage from guns and roses. Please welcome. Welcome daphne kagan in slash and they just walked up on state as a got How do I literally appetite for it?
interaction in the eighties. I would lift weights to it and then play drums to it every single day, my eldest brother, one of these heroes. Yes me and my brothers used to do a cover. A highway to hell in one of my brothers stood where duff was and the other ones to where slash was like twelve worlds. All meeting and I have three second, two processes and thence she goes down in it. Dan and like I've, gotta we go, and then I had. I still I couldn't films. legs. Somehow I was able to get through it. I screwed up like three. but I came back on time. You know and dumb I just remember the end, you know how the band cuts out beyond and bonds got, does all the way. And then this is a big symbol. Wada was slash, stuff and dave all turn around food for the queue cause. It's on me and do I would have been less nervous if, like literally three oak trees came to life and bent down and talk to me like So I get off stage and like I am grew
like Julia roberts. Like all my mother's, a showing I I couldn't believe it. it's a meat slash afterwards and he said that he liked my drumming. He was being nice. So now I am floating like wow just play with these rock stars, and they like me. So then, of course I eve get in my previous right out I can roll thing ever I was driving down. You know I was up in hollywood hills where we did it only screaming like dry out the window. I couldn't fucking believe it happen, so I go down the comedy story. Doesn't meet these these guys to smoke a cigar? I go down there and I get the car and one of the guys if the store Adam comes out as a bill, I didn't come by to use you you you, you want to go up and I was like nope, no, no, I dunno out. That was the end of my night right there. So I go in the back. I tell all the guys the story. They can't believe it night in my life as I'm
in the story cushion of semi some video of it, so they I showed it to them. They're like dude. That's like make a wish stuff. That's unreal. I literally didn't want the night to end right. So it's three in the morning and I finally have to go home- and this is where I turn back into a pumpkin- saw like eyes the greatest night ever so I get my previous again, I'm driving out of the the comedy store parking lot. I gotta to make way to make the left right across cross set and also This is not my. My passenger side window look over drop dead, gorgeous woman right. This is it's just came. any better. I merely go to my ego that you'd like oh, I didn't down here tonight, I was the biggest fan. Did you did you go up? I love your comedy. I thought you don't do that. I rolled down the window and she stood your whole headed the card. You just goes. Are you They are our a driver about an hour, not Evan. I just drove home in silence. Welcome back to the planet yeah, so bad acting couldn't have too much now
still law was in us and I got to do it one of the time I recently I got to play with gilbert clark, and now it's great here, guy areas, Craig I am and doth again it was tat, was insane given the life man I'll, keep it in perspective that I know. I know that I suck yet you don't. I also know that it's it's one in done. When you do those things you do one song and then I will be as over the just hang. Then it's a job and you're not doing well, it's exactly right. They got the what but the the Emily. It's good to know that, like no matter what happens. You're always going to suck to you I don't know why, but it ought to be like that. The thing that's going to keep us humble is that part of us is sort of like nah. I think everybody that's actually really good at what they do have not is not happy with what he does. I like that. Yes, the shame is with it all, because can be happy with what I've done right but, like I not if you I know I can do better. I know I can get better near because other than that, then you dislike,
It's become mecca, yeah, I've upgraded my hours good. I don't need to change it yeah and then you're like hey. What's up with this new bill, Clinton yeah it's model Wednesday stuff is crazy. What look dude efforts for them great and having to do we did six, so they gave us like half a season to see how we do so. I have no idea what next year's gonna be. It see they're gonna, be us doing a season to hopefully a debate one, how this thing or I will continue my dream to be a comedian. So I look at all this others, you are leaving the dream, your huge. I am not idle hiv snuck in that year hugh. and I ve met. I am living the drink, yes, but no, you are also a very popular comedian. Doing all right. I've already got soon all right. Thank you that was me and bill? You can go to at the and watch dead up is reform. We gotta. Albert right course. You do so here we
the new year is here? Let's look back for a minute. Can we it's been a pretty amazing year, for this show a lot of them. Happened to me in a lot of you. Having on the show many times they are the same thing. I think, a few of the ones that like to reflect about. out of the hundred or some odd ones it. We ve done here over the yeah. I guess we do about probably about a what but a hundred in force unlike dad per year,. been some amazing moments for me, but some of the highlights, as you would expect, were these let's. About the ones, but there are so many there so many For me, one of the great moments was interview terry gross, the amazing, terry gross enviers, terry, grossly. The these with them the interviewer we all aspire to. I guess, if your me, I have a dream, this amount respect for terry grows. The voice of what an interview sounds like their are people and they are terry gross,
one summer. You are both. Those kind of people are these who have not interview. Howard stern, I dont know if that's a possibility, but terry gross is the quintessential interviewer and an opportunity at the at that. Their radio love fast, where she was to be. If you do live event in she requested maya presents, as the listen to interview are, which was incredibly flattering. I was honoured to do it, but it was alive situation dare those are not that they are not always easy, but I tell you when the best knights of my life in terms of me respecting her finding formation out about her- that we didn't within already know as a people and all Oh just a yet being in front a two thousand people at the at bam and conducting this very intimate interview is a challenging thing and it couldn't have gone better. There was a nice guy since it was a wonderful life show. She was amazing,
and and and I felt like I did a great job and again I was I was incredibly am flattered and honoured that she asked me a lover of terror gross our region more, since we had that debt that evening together and obviously Keith richards Keith church was another amazing thing for me, now. I know you know that I I the president Barack Obama, and we had a time- and here we are now we're in here that was a hell of a day It was under the President episode if you'd like, but a lot of people came to her to really enjoy the at the president was here, which is episode. Six fourteen. And that was me and my producer and business partner a brand image I'm talking about what who up to that not. I was an amazing day. It was it was it was it the challenge for me too, to sit in myself.
And and have that interview, be a w e F interview. looking for a political conversation, I was working to connect with a human being, and I thought that that happened in ITALY. A monumental day. For me, I'd like to think for the president, and certainly for the medium of podcasting. But if I'm gonna be totally candid with you. Ok also interviewed lorn michael's as some of you. it was indeed that there was a lot of purse. Closure that I needed out of that episode. I never assume that that would happen. And the end, and many of you over the years have gotten sick of me telling the story of me meeting with lorne michaels. I was sick of myself telling it, but that I was very amazing interview for me. Personally, I don't know what means really, but personally was important to me to talk to more michaelson and have the experience I had with him. and why do you were involved in that in terms of like
something emotionally invested in me. Having that conversation in it hoping that it goes well and it did and I think we all feel better for it? glad that happened, that was a hell of a hell of an interview brought obama Hell an of you were Michael's held an interview this year, terry gross transcendent, but back to what I was, and if I can be honest, a be honest, Keith, richards, Keith richards wins cato church, Keith richards was in my mind it in my heart, since I was thirteen years old and I beg of you. Isn't that episode what you would call that we call it an interview. I don't like using the word interview. I much prefer. The word talk talk with that guy now is a good talk. I don't really think of myself as an interview.
The view is enemy keep richards. I had to do everything to keep myself from crying with excitement enjoy. And- at all of them. For me personally, as a kid. As an artist and as a grown up guy was the one that was the that was the one they're, all amazing, but I that across from Keith richards. And we had a cigarette together, we had of talk and it was phenomenal. Never in my life, what I thought they would hang out with Keith richards, and you guys would here even if it was a little embarrassing, but look there's been a lot of interviews this year near there. Just There has been a lot of amazing things. Happen and and really, if someone asks me what's your favorite
what's this or that I don't really have, because you are all different there all unique. I mention those four because they were sort of amazing life achievements. For me, amazing experiences. I never thought what happened, but but all of the interviews there's very rarely any that I don't come away. with something amazing some. Changes in me. I weren't something I feel something I I I I I I have a human experience. I would never have had before there. So many that are amazing. They in weak, we put together. A bit of a montage here, and these are just too these are just moments People like Melanie, went ski, who I love and who I I've done screen. I never. I never thought I get to talk to Melanie Linsky. That was amazing, Paul Thomas anderson, nobody talks, Thomas Anderson, another amazing experience, David Byrne, you fucking kidding me I was so nervous before David byrne comments
buddy of mine, a comic had one. great interviews this year- that I thought was a powerful educational. Tents funny mike. What are you kidding me MIKE. What I had no idea? Would it be like to talk to that? Guy was like talking to a man from another planet, a good planet, more jane grace the punk rocker trends. Under person- and I was awkward, but we work through a lot of stuff earn. I Shan t in macao I come on white an act that was a monumental interview, James taylor, We do so those in I'd road together some clips of those people, but you know I can't it's very hard thing for me to do They're, just also amazing, to me, I don't know if I could live. If I didn't get to talk to people twice a week in this garage become more than a show, it's become more than a business. It always was when it comes right down to it. Every year. Every time I got gotta, walk out here and talk to somebody.
You dont know I may have an idea of. I don't know. What's going to happen, I'm not really that prepared and are not just saying that as some sort of cute thing that, I say: yeah marriage never prepared. I try not to fucking prepare, because I want to have a good talk and whenever connected talk- and it's like it's not like therapy, it's just good for the soul to have a convert. Station, maybe should do that this new year's take a little time just sit down and may be spent an hour with someone in your family just say: I'm gonna dung and to take an hour. In a talk to this person, I've known all my life But I really don't know anything about wrongly talked this person that interests me. I really don't know anything about see them every day, feel it I'm not just doing this for for a job, If I don't talk to somebody for an hour,
or so at least once or twice a week. I start to get squarely and lost in disconnected from from being a human. Ok, listen to this. I We go, some grandkids right arrive with five. do you love hanging out of the air. The here is worth is worth hanging around their granddad. Did you ever think you would let me times now. Here I am in those five grandkids. and it's another thing you know he takes you on another level- is one thing being a father which is like The only not yet a couple shots at that
Two sets the arduous observe that and they come out that their there were great it will kids and it will have a name for you and just grant. grandad eradicated Yeah him I was bulimic, make ten years and I was never like a been g billina I to too ashamed to ever like binge eight I'd, never, but I had such a strict diet and then, if any, bang over it than I would get rid of it, and I just was obsessive about my eating
and I got in a relationship when I was twenty one and I really open up to this person and he said to me that so violent what a violent thing to do to yourself and I never really thought about it. Like I remember when I was twelve years old and I read about it outside our great idea, this That's all yeah and my body if changing and I was freaking out suddenly I had hips and breasts and stuff like that and was like. Oh god, help me like is just going to get worse like theirs. Or fat bits to worry about pack and so in trying to control it, and this boyfriend and a half was just like caught that. So and then he started crying, and he was like that breaks my heart that you do that to yourself. It breaks my heart that you can't like eat
like experience something delicious like we go out to dinner and have a salad with no dressing as lay whatever aid We still have a lot of feelings about. My body, but it just sort of got better bitter even better know. Sometimes I look at myself from unlike homeless command, sixty we're So round and bouncy think what's wrong with that, I dunno why I was denying that for so long and what you know I was so excited to be able to see all my ribs really not everyone's supposed to look like that. Those women are beautiful and You know it's beautiful whenever one looks different for you work with those who, more often in all three of those first movies, you all the way. Through we d c fighting visiting, guys came up together. Really, where did you first media would he'd started before me? He eat he'd he'd been around
you know by starting out we all kind of out together, was riley or or fill, but they had a little bit more about a resume underneath them, right of which was real. Helpful, even if you they made for five films. That was more than I done right. So we we're starting out. You know they had my back and they were really helpful. Justin. From hike, that's where craft services who even the simple things through just just A few moves under your belt makes makes a big difference. Sure, but you know, fell, fell you know he may be had a long list economy, not so great movies, but he would always be the best thing in it. So you just liked him yeah, yeah, I mean early on, I'm the obvious we obviously as time went on, but as an actor. You thought when you can if the women are dating in boogie nights, you're, like you know this guy's it. I.
Thought that when I saw him for the first time in scent of a woman that I that I just knew what true love was, I knew what love at first sight was, and it was the strangest feeling sitting in a movie theater thinking, ah he's for me and I'm for him in, and that was it really yeah strange But that's and believe me when I was a kid I user draw out like you know yourself in the early the camera and sets just likes eighty nine years old, and nowhere in it that I draw anything that looked like him in irish thought. I'd have like cary grant would be a my moving wares and ford right, but something happened. I saw him really you when you say,
I have a nostalgic bone in your body. What does that mean? Really? I don't look back, it's like. Oh, that was a golden age, or things were better when new york was was variety or or not at all. You don't do that. No doctor that I mean there are certain you can look at certain things ago. There was. That was a good aspect at a certain time, but I don't look at it. Oh things were better than when you, when you think of the talking heads cause a do you does it just feel far away. No, no, it feels a little bit. I mean it feels like. Oh, that was something at that point my life? I'm aware that sir assert saint, certainly a certain generation, knows more of that stuff than they know what around random the last year. Sure, but it depends. There's other people who know what I did We more than they know they all stuff like. Oh you didn't you weren't a ban before this and a really
It is a little bit, but not that much, but there's a little bit. What do you say to that your idea that thing it was a thing. It was It was yeah. It was pretty popular for what did you realize at that time that many people don't even realize now I wanted. I wanted interesting work. I wanted to fall in love with work and I wanted to fall in love with a person and you know I'm lucky. I had both and Your husband, your first love. Now that I really know what love is I'd say yes, but other thing. Well, I mean I mean I I, this gets really personal. I mean I was. I was married before an brow, long or short time, and we will. Close, and it was a year I don't However, there was a very close relationship and relax we're in
it makes me nervous to talk about how how old are you with the very young we were still in college? Did your parents know about that? Yes, he did newark, they were ok with it They were ok, it's ok, as parents were the time my parents, foreign, ok with anything, I was doing that I dropped out of high school on hitchhike cross country with him before we were, we with so I'd. So this before you want to come, what's your this is why my sophomore year, instead of going to college, we hitchhike cross country you and this guy with me and this guy, whereas this guy now in new york or you know, I'm still- we haven't been in touch in a long time. by ok, you're surprise. We have to have him he's a wonderful person. I may I have nothing, but use is really wonderful person. I know I'm just like you have to understand that. Like you know, a lot of us have created a lot.
For you, terry- and this is all the exciting information. This is what we're you know. I you know we can be funny and just brush over stuff all night long, but this exciting stuff to me and then my mom converted at eighteen, because she was a disillusioned catholic and so she found job's witnesses which I think really kind of satisfied whatever need she had. What needs those? How did the just hovered around understand what they do like in terms thousand, was two and too abstract or too vague, too complicated, or probably that problem finding the relief from going into the booth I probably all that help you could waste before that. The guy behind the screen is not helping me. The wizard is not helping me. This is a glory hole. Forgiveness is not helping me here yeah. I think she wanted the more personalized protestant god over the you know, the the ethnic pagan right, fucking thing
doing so. She isn't a Jehovah's witnesses like that. No dancing troop! No! No! No! That's that's! Footloose! You're thinking! I believe us, footloose church that you know Jos, witnesses, Is like it's an it's actually used to be no holidays will not not most of them right, the ones that are considered pagan, which would be christmas. Ok, but you can t you can dance. Yes, you can do you know they had their own peculiarity like we do believe in an immortal soul, for example. They believe we believe in a resurrection, ok like at the end times or whatever that people will be rate. brought back to life and you live in the in the garden of Eden. Again they have a show that depicts at now what is it working again Well yeah. I guess Christ was really a zombie, those thirty's right. I gotta tell you, was lay in there. You know with the fevers, and there is no clock is just
miriam delirium delirium halves like new Guy such wishes got really put together. I think, because it's like you, why not and hurt- yet another hannah had all these thing. She thing when I heard a sickness comes down on you, you think again of time, but it just makes you so weak you, you might I hear you, I am so barrage, I said fuck, it yeah a lot of work to. I can't go nails and then also the difference with this. This intern doc ock yeah- I put them in the opera, in fact You know cause, they all got their theories that got only one real rights. We ve got a hole in your k. I know so, but they got very see. I do think it's fleshy bacteria tsi regulating agree right, doc. kinsey says he. I think you got it Mother of all abscesses. I think this modest, from a groan fuckin here that should have been last no shit holy fuck
you know the way county was in those days all these people for the money. All these people from all the world come there to get exe It's the idea here, their cause. They wanna ride a punch. A claw. It's like music racket, some As you win the lottery. The last thing you want to talk about his music right under his nose when cats are first into it, a big higher percentage of they really want to do it, yeah so human that here so I ain't against dodgers. Like I said this cat say my life. What has it been two years I to that? in twelve, it's only came to three years as a teen, but since you've you're actively been doing the therapies to transition. It's been like three years yeah like now that you've, We have started this thing. Are you I know who you are you looking to do more. I feel like that. I have much better understanding of what I aid and what makes me feel right than I did three years ago, certainly more than I did ten years ago. Twenty
ago right, but I feel like that in another three years, another four years, another five years I leave that have an even better understanding of who I am and what I need. I dont think that that's something that you can ever fully feel like complete with, or anything really at least for me: huh ok, emanate existentialist no, and I, like, I oftentimes, feel locked in thinking about things and thinking about the bigger picture of things and what certain things mean and You know I don't know how to reconcile with my life beyond where my toward its end here end and that that's like a liver, really weird life, I know like well what, if you were to quiet it down, I mean what do you like like see like as I'm a guy, I'm a recovery guy, so I young, I haven't done shit in like fifteen sixteen years. You know that that was my problem, but do, I feel hole in complete all the time. I feel better about myself. I feel comfortable on my skin, but there is still some making a. What does it all mean? What's a fucking point yeah
that has gone away now. I very much thought we had some there. I don't want that to go away away her. I know. I think that with elsie sure it is the other, you should have some piece of mine yeah I mean it. Trip. You know like an eye can imagine I didn't mean, but I can't imagine, though I get took me liking a year or so like. I don't think I arrived in my body until maybe five or six years ago, just you know when I started to get successful and feel like that. I had worked very hard, all my life to do something and he was a self esteem problem. Sure you know Annie and adjusted. Sorted happened organically, but I felt it happen. So I imagine on some level that either you taking this you this making this transition has given you some of that. I mean you yourself, as they must be better and your comfort of asset
Two percent my problems. Now I guess or more just like normal problems of like going through another divorce, he met me. I got a deal with the fact that, like I work and travel- and I have a kid and how do I balance like travelling life with having a kid in being able to be a part of my kids life, and I'm not necessarily getting along with the mother. You know, like those urges site realities of life that everyone has. Those are more problems to what other people s problems are going to give you a bit of shakespeare. Ok do little present! Thank you, the leading catch cold, Thomas Mann. And thomas more as a lawyer and he sent out by the authorities to put down a riot that is happening in the middle of london and the riot is all about the strangers and, amidst all the immigrants via people with the food smells different. They look different and wear different clothes, different language and
better, send them back wherever they came from, and this is how it goes. They are so summoned in the crowd. Shouts at the strangers should be removed and thomas moore says, grant them removed.
And grant that this your noise had chit down all the majesty of england. Imagine that you see the wretched strangers that babysit their backs with their poor luggage, plodding to the ports and coasts for transportation than that you sit as kings in your desires authority, quite silenced by your brawl and you in ruff of your opinions, clothed buttered, you got I'll tell you, you had taught how insolence and strong hand should prevail. How order should be quelled by this patent? Not one of you should live an aged man for other ruffians, as their fancies wrought, will self same hand, self reasons and so for bright. Would shark on you and men like ravenous, fishes feed on one another,
doubt desperate as you I'll wash your foul minds with tears and those same hands that you like rebels, lift against the peace, lift up for peace and your on reverent knees make them your feet to kneel to be forgiven. You put down strangers, kill them cut their throats led the majesty of law in line to slip in like a hand, set out the king as he is, And if the offender morn should so much come too short of your great trespass as but to banish you with it, would you go what kind by the nature of your era, should give you harbour, go you to France or flanders too, in a german province, spain
Portugal now anyway, that not adheres to england. Why you must needs be strangers. Would you be pleased to find a nation of such populist up that breaking out and hideous violence would not afford you on a boat on us? What's that detest? it knives against your throats spurn. You like dogs and like as, if that god one's not nor made, not you, nor that the elements were not all appropriate to your comfort but chartered unto them. What would you think to thus used. This is the strangers case.
This your own mum, to unleash inhumanity. That's amazing! I, and he said you know, I'd love for you to be at the last show cause you helped to build this thing, and so it was like. I appreciate that, and you know I still don't know if I'm gonna show up, but when is it august six. So we just go probably, but has also on those things worth our really don't really. It's the emotion that stuff, I don't. I don't er. I got the pomp and circumstance. Then, really I get you I get you, but dare you know they do it for the people yeah? yeah yeah. I suppose that's it see, I don't I don't, have the connections an audience away.
what you do where it's like? You know, you're sending them books and doing all that stuff. You don't know you do, but I mean to the people that love that show may have watched every day. Oh sure sure sure. So you know whether you, what do you think you have that connection they're going back there. Why re right? But I think it's just I'm a such a sort of an time when she person that it's like, even if like if somebody like bears why it online but dude I can learn how to take a little of the love in value. Ah you know, and I was a tough net crack you about it. You can take a little of love, I guess we're Steve It was there I walk in and you said: do I was conan last night: did they laugh did they live? but you it's better. When they laugh knows nice, it was nice. I'm scared, and you done and you dunkirk than a rifle reactor in thy sack, and then you you do you
is the zoo analogy obedience. Have you used that before monkeys? Yes, yeah yeah, so that's a regular thing, but no it wasn't. Regular thing was just by sorta, beginning to piece together where comedian stood in hollywood, right that the the lions are scary. When you go to the zoo yeah first. First thing you want to see is the lion cause lion is the king of the jungle and and it has its regal yeah, and the second thing you want to see at the barest because of the strongest and the fastest and the third, you want to see the monkeys cause they're funny and occasionally one of them jerks off right and what I said. I don't think you two added the jerk off my ma, because I said his lungs are not throwing their shit. If you get a got, nothin gap, gotta know Lando from young people. I would have gone softer ass. She saw the area exactly and Steve Higgins was I
there's not going well. I write a way, and did you know steed before kinder? I met a much like on the scene and then you just looked at me for a little while haha and- and I and and Steve actually want lorn and you said it: it's a it bored nook in someone's eyes? You can see a lot in someone's eyes. I was trying to exude star quarrel, We have some kind right which did was not successful, you really remember this gap I remembered in then I'd there. In my recollection there was a smaller bowl of candy and a year. that's it at its euro one, but it is a jolly rancher in my mind, no would have it would have been to the rules. I remember a hook one moment you shadow look at Steven and I thought I'd failed. The candy test, oh you're, none, others, no candy. There was no no alternative, just the one. There was popcorn. Probably there right there and I didn't
popcorn yeah and then I had a motorcycle accident broke both my hands and both my feet. Jesus I was in a you know I missed woodstock. I was in. I was in plaster where'd you go back to chapel hill or I went to Martha's vineyard, which is where I was living at the time after I got out of a you know. Rehab I went to the vineyard cause, that's what I knew so before we baby James. You can use your hands your feet, that's right and- and I think that period of time really allowed me to finish songs, you know, yeah get the lyrics yeah and so that when we went into the studio to make sweet baby james, we we had everything yeah we had it. It was all ready to go and be really thought about it, and we have this great band, yeah and and an we knock out fast and then a fire and rain took off him.
We we hit the road and- and that's where I stayed it's a great feeling. Man, fire and rain was a huge song. It was a I was in hawaii, I was it was amazed and it was too painful song. You know in a way but I I think it's not painful to listen to. No, no, no, I mean there's a transcendent spirit to some people, it as I'm sure, but we yeah it's one of those songs that like can be played at a wedding or a funeral right, yeah you're, not a good idea yeah walkin around you're, talking to my neighbors people on the streets like the fourth of july around here and at seven you came than the secret service started to come, and We are told that you know he's gonna yeah, he's gonna fly right from santa monica in a chopper, yet the rosebud attract and which was a good thing to do,
like. If he chose to drive the motorcade, alter las los angeles, it would have stopped everything, and in and name of already being a man but called by name on the radio marin, gaza traffic jam? Yes on the present- and I felt the falcon- that about. Then I was apologise to my neighbours, but everybody run here is excited that the president has come, but the countdown begins, you know, I'm going over. The notes were setting things out. We're trying to call the place down secret services do in their things, was wild when all the secret as was here now I get our so after they all showed up the two snipers come yeah like it. I dont know if they were given a special car, but I just got to do is walk up and why those of the gun It was one of those guys what the guy was on the roof. The other day, I asked roof this garage, and yet there are two of them: do so My restroom was the only restroom for all the secret service we, as which I always feel bad about his adores broke it. Yet
sniper brought all his gear into your bones design and everything going right him with a beer, not gonna, lose at their when I've always been oppressed boat. But when I listen to comics talk about comedy is how much of it is a craft maybe and their thinking it through and its I may have a sense of when it works and what doesn't and then the longer you do it. The better. Your instincts are same. President yeah same would present and also I guess the last thing is you lose. You lose fear. it's right. I was talking to somebody the other day about why I actually think I'm a better president and would be a better candidate running again, but I ever have been and it sort of like an athlete slow down a little bit. You might.
Not jump as already used to, but. I know what I'm doing it, I'm fearless for real, pretend I do not always pretending to be, for example, right and when you get to that point freedom, in our end and also part of that fearlessness is because you screwed up enough times cheaper that you know that it's all happened. It's it's all happened I've been through this. Why I've screwed up right, I've been in the barrel tumbling down, niagara falls yet and and I emerged in I left and, and that's always a that's such a liberating feeling absolutely right. Yeah, it's one of the benefits of of age. It almost compensates for the fact that I can't play basketball. oh good or evil things get started there. We get we're gonna. Tell us why I appreciate MR president was great our I meant that's it bugs happy new year to be safe.
I should tell you the remixes of my guitar if we're done by DJ cope, weak and paul, but they ve been do these for us all year, check it DJ at web copy forty five on twitter, empowered Paul but music on facebook. Our theme, as always, is via Montana check him out. John mine, on twitter jail and am aware seriously but try to get through another year together? We can do it also just remember you're, probably not as bad as you think you are the the
I burma.
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