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Episode 685 - Scott Ian

2016-02-29 | 🔗
Scott Ian is a founding member of Anthrax and one of the most respected metal guitarists in the world. But despite being in one of the four bands that brought thrash metal into the mainstream, Marc finds out that Scott’s musical awakening was spurred by Elton John and that he’s part of a storybook romance that wouldn’t be out of place in a pop song.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what about bodies, what the fuck stirs? How are you mark marin? This is deputy at my podcast. My guess is scotty and of anthrax today, anthrax, record for all key This is available now scots book, I'm the man, the story of that guy from anthrax recently came on paper back great guy. You know and I immediately I'm not It knows a lot about metal, but god I learned that I love this guy who have scotty and I'd met him while you're out I'll talk about this when I'm bringing them up bringing Where am I to comedy club holy shit taking a little later than usual tonight on sunday, because I watched the oscars because, as some, you know as people
been listening to this show, perhaps for years I I do enjoy too, spend any knowledge. I have of show business in the personalities, involve, would show business and the actual business of a business and and a lot of other things. A yankee now I believe I in the magic of me. We stars, and I HU I try to I try to buy. I just something is fading. I never thought what less transparency when it comes Mr the truth of a particular business by day in a business that manufacturers fantasies and season and powerful. Illusions that reveal important truths in and elevate than, the human spirit and heart one, no less about it.
And here I don't really want to hear all the jokes about the millions of dollars people make and I wouldn't have minded a couple, more dance numbers, and I and I do like to not know a lot about my move, stars. I have this reverence for four old hollywood, even though those people were probably just as rich injustice horrible as some of the p that their that exists there now somehow or other. I just stare I feel like. I know too much now. I feel like I and be charmed any more until until I actually get a nice laugh out of my friend. Louie are given iceland out of my recent guess, the sergeant cohen and chris rock and tina fe and gosling and crow were good, and I never thought I'd I'd, miss song and dance numbers, but it's interesting. The experience you have there was something let me they get around this
I was at the comedy store Saturday night. This obvious role you through it and you known chris Roc- had been running a set there for about a week or so I'd run into him a couple of times at what bits and pieces of it by usually just go and do my work and get out Saturday night, this exciting night louis town Saturday night. He was doing a to show I was running into new material at the comedy store in the main room. He does that on the uh yeah he'll just to announce a couple of days the foreign sell out the main room for a couple of shows and do what he's going to do. I had a ten thirty but the original room down the hall from the main room. I got there about nine thirty. Would sarah, sir, came the painter, the girl and yeah we just eat dinner, I went in and it was between shows for louis. So I went and said hi sarah and I went backstage and he was just there lie. there on his back alone, thinking we a chance for a while and sara. I left and then is, can go down the hall to do my barton and the man
is. Your adam ran up to me and said louis want it. We must talk to you, so I went back and he said well. Chris was coming down to run his stuff for the oscars, be it it doesn't seem like he's coming. So do you want to do it Do you want? Do I fifteen twenty in front of me and bring me up and it's weird you know I don't I don't usually open for people, but it's my friend louie. It's my home club been feeling good in that room. My yeah course I'd be a blast. Vienna was packed house and what ultimately happened was chris Rog did come and louie, and I said, looking Chris god do this work the work, and you know I don't need to go on a yo ass, nice ass me bees like now, both ie go on both do ten, so I went on and I brought chris on an increase brought louis was a hell of a night at the comedy store, which is a hell. a club. I can't say this enough: that places ass, real she had in this town as through. real place too
comedy, and in los angeles it's it's. You can feel the history you can feel the place is electric when its electric. I cannot tell you enough and to tell you know I just oh go, take it in it, sort of mine boiling man. It's you can feel all of it going all the way back to the forties. So you I watched Chris, do this and I was killing. It was great, get nepal breaks and he presented it as on this, this stuff, I'm doing tomorrow and been doing all week and is a test Do I don't know why, but to people's decency or marine? Perhaps her excitement about being part of the process? It You know one week, the jokes, india. They still had some weight to him so after. Why, seeing him do that, knowing that they are both gonna be the oscars and I was gonna, be on my couch exciting, to watch for me and to see how those jokes did and to see the process. You know Chris had a few I just with him louis was helping them out a little bit and he was trying to make this thing really resonate and to really ride the line that Chris rock can ride when he
when he's on the mark in it was interesting to that. You know that there was this balance to be made, you know between a celebration of talent and the un stree and and you're making movies, making pictures on all levels, and you know the sort of stark reality of a certain type of a your prejudice and- and it will even if it's just negligence way, whatever wherever come from? It is obviously exists increase had a right that line and I think he did it do you did a beautifully, but then it becomes here is. The interesting thing to me is that there was the theme of the night. You know that the idea that it had a lot to do with Chris that. You have. This was gonna, be the theme of the night, the lack of diversity, the lack of a black nominations, the lack of a black actors- you rolls being available in hollywood. Any it's been around for a long time and chris few attention that, but there is a moment where
you know you you think like well, you are, they are they are they? Are they hidden it too much? You know, art is this. Bed is this, Are they are they are hitting it over the head too much either? this area, here's another bit about that any other. Is that instinct disorder feel that I imagine some people will say that, but there was an interesting thing. I learned you know from doing a week with Paul mooney in sacramento you know I was middling for Paul mooney in Sacramento I got it has to be fifteen years ago. He may maybe a little less than that and he would do to ours two and a half hours and not enough? Oh, the amazing, Paul mooney by Paul mooney is all about you telling white people how racist day are and celebrating it. So there is an interesting thing. I learned about that because
no one's gonna argue that racism exists, institutionally and and also yeah socially and in that you have. Certainly there has been progress but tat. You know clearly from the news from a reality and from this made the sole lack of conversation about class in this country, There is no denying that so when. When you watch the oscars in you, I got really to do another bid on his hard. They hit hard data, hidden it to her guarantee overdoing it yeah this bet. We get it. We get there's a notion of we get it. You know it's, ok, ok, but but do you get in here the thing I learned with monye is it yeah? He would sit up. I didn't understand it first like he would do, when have ours. These are primarily wide audiences and I just don't know I stayed up there. I dont know what to say. You know
in any. You know you start to realize it now yeah, I talked to him a little bit about. Is that if you think you're, not racist, you know and you think you're progressive and you think you're you're, where you don t you just don't, have that india, any citizen audience and watch a black, I'll call you out on it for two and a half hours and he gonna find it in. You is going to find it in so there the single you know we get a net jesse units, we get it and that's. Just shy of ones is black. I gonna shut the fuck up about this, so I dont think that there was too much and I and I, and I think that it is important and it did occupy a tremendous the proceedings? The venue had become politicized in any. We had to be addressed and I and it was addressed and but again. I think there might have been a balance to be made with some merch with some fun dance numbers. I wasn't, I don't think he unnecessarily creases the host to be involved in that, but they could have or they could have a
done a little more celebrating of of show business in the old timey way for a verb for this getting old guy. For my tastes, you dig out right, o spotlight. I call that if you ass my producer, Brennan mcdonald s I called it I said. That's the wonder. When and because you know it is an amazing movie, and it's about a horrendous thing. It's a very graphic and engaged and well researched, and compel description of what journalism used to look like it's an important fuckin movie for the fact that in a week passes journalism now is you'll referenced, spontaneous irresponsible garbage, mostly mostly quick bait, mostly yo unconfirmed,
a substantiated. So when you see what it looks like to take the time necessary to construct a narrative that will reveal the truth, that will speak the truth to power and and and and at least shake it out its foundation, if not topple it. It's me. Linking the watch- and I have not seen anything like that, since all the president's men and quick I'd like say that debt, my friend a friend of the show douglas rush cough, has a new book. If you have a how premium subscription, you can go. Listen to him on episode. Four of four of this show where he talks about the book present shock. His new book is called throwing rocks at the Google bus how growth became the enemy of prosperity that comes out tomorrow march. First, like douglas rush, coffees, unexciting thinker and he's an exciting writer, so I wanted throw him a little love but scotty, and now here's the thing about scott.
is that you, I've been NEA s been around the comedy seen for a long time. His friends were brendan small would proceed with age, nike around. I see him at these shows we do the music chosen like the nice guy and and people ya. We said like all come on, but like I'm always nervous because a lot of times I have musicians on I'm, not a metal guy. Really I mean I just got into black sabbath five fucking years ago my ex wife missionary the huge metal had not just was not on board exerting grow up with it. But now time, you know you're as as a man in his that fortys and fifty's, I'm getting into metal. Finally, thank you and you know what I was just nervous: scott on because I I didn't listen- do a lot of anthrax by I search we did before he came on. I gotta say what a great fuckin band I had no idea, how important they were in metal until I started listening. I start doing. Research a little scots book, and now this guy nice guy with a funny. Bearded was hanging around you. I realize he's a very important fuckin figure.
In the history of modern music and in the fucking of debt. The mission of what metal is for in its current state, but what I is a united talk and do it and other nice kid who chose to a creative life do you know we had a lot in common and in some not uncommon, but this is a sweetheart of a guy straight shooter, decent dude and then the guitar player for anthrax. So this is my conversation with the with scottie in god I seen around for a long time. Yes, implanted I'm doing this for a while. The up and you're. Probably at this point we are probably like wisely blow me off nine ever thought you were Oh me, off, I know how busy you are. If I follow you on social media, I always see who's going to be on guys that guys, bigger than me well,
here's the thing up, I'll, be honest with you tonight I feel like I to you to be honest with you is that as much as I want to be a full on metal guy. I just I missed it. Sir. I missed like when you guys were huge. I think I had to be bab. Fifth, maybe ten young were the same age right, so I have to imagine, when anthrax guy huge it was primarily teenage. Do right, yeah. I was people, our age didn't and younger the astley here. I just somehow like I've missed its right feel insecure. Like you know, I, like you, I've known you at the book is wait. You wrote a real book yeah, I went got all the anthrax record school I did my homework, but not unlike when I had who is it maynard in here, I'm a little old start getting into tool right out but what I want you to do as we move through it. If you could,
I need you to walk me through not only anthrax but ya how what? What is the basic cause? Look like, I, like all the sources, is of of metal, but you guys sort of invented, metal, thrash metal right one of those bands that they give credit to. Yes, so what are the other ones, metallica, slayer and megadeth? What makes exodus is should be in there too exodus yeah they're also from the bay area. What was the shift? Was it there? Was? It was thrash metal, the first shift out of like black. both into a new thing well now, because after sabbath ye had either he's than then you an iron maiden motor had Riah and so for us. We liked all that stuff right, but I would say our generation, certainly for me in new york and the other members of anthrax for us maiden and motorhead were the two. Those are the two that I think we felt the most akin to cause your sabbath. That was thorough. I love
since I was a kid, but they were even before my time. Licence like zepplin right, yes at a serpent, arrives in eighteen. Seventy some, I wasn't by south organs when I was six right. this isn't a game. Later I went back and got you know. I think my first sounds like it might have been like, never say die, and then I went back and got all the catalogue. But for us for me maiden in motor head. That's they were like. That was my thing. I felt like they were mine, like the older kids. They they had zepplin sabbath, we preach the maiden and motor head, but like when you were a kid like work when you start to get into that software, thirteen or fourteen yea right around the seventh grade. Whenever there they were actually in a rate they were new and that it was a small audience. Wasn't it. I mean it at that time He was short of light. Punk rocker like right, alongside of it in a way of maybe that was a little later by, but it seems to me that sabbath and zip one and all those fuckin bands you have they were
huge, but like iron maiden and motor had were like, you had a fine those yet to go, find those record was nineteen, eighty nineteen He really was the year caused in that year. The first maiden record came out, and that was the year motor had put out a spades, and I bought both those records that year, knowing nothing about the bans just because would go see the racks at the store near my house. The idea out album covers look cool, so I would buy em right and usually the colombian government. The ban was great at I'm so- and you know, is in eighteen, eighty sabbath wizard of they put out when in hell, so they put out their first record with deal. Yes, amazing Ozzy was already out, Zepplin was done, for I guess from ten support. Re mighty. Aren't I attended in through the our guide around then yedo, and then they were a sort of neutered by point no way at so's for us
maiden in motor had elliot, they were small, mean maiden supported priest, their first time in new york, open for peace that the palladium and but we all knew who, with they weren't. You know, young. Happy to see both bands and saw motor head open for Ozzy, my first time in new york as well as you oh oh foresaw oriana bullshit of oz, and we just last. Let me you know he says it best. Every time he would start to show where motor head and we play rock n roll and that that was his life with that he lived in breeze, did for seventy years so have many years he was in motor head, but yeah. You know what I mean he he he was the epitome. You know I I'll get him uneasy, is the two biggest icons in the world of let's say: oh, let me always said we're rock and roll back there. Ass metal heads in all a punk rockers in the hard core, kids and hard rock people. It was the one ban. Everyone agreed on like every
are you all day long about everything else, but motor head was the one than ever. Read everyone like and use. You used our the with yea I met him in eighty five in london as a kid go nearer to introduce for my second album and and I realize we mean, like overdue promo for our right right, so you're impressed you're, right, yeah and, and you know, and then my band started to happen and we would cross paths quite a bit and motorhead were kind enough to take us on tour many times. Oh yeah yeah, so yeah we get to know each other yet are now when, ah so, you're going to go, speak tomorrow, huh yeah, where is that gonna? Be it's gonna, be a pretty interesting, attended funeral, I think so. Yeah, I think
be pretty moroccan, rounded heavy mean yeah. You know I was really bomb the night. I find an ovum divulging too much information here, but I was actually we have say management have for a while and I out of the blue. I get an email from my manager, Todd singer men, any he's been with Lemmy, like probably thirty years or so really area, and I get he said. I wanted you guys to hear it first. You know before it goes public tomorrow, but lenny's got terminal cancer and he's got two to six months and yeah we're in woodstock perl and I and our son on vacation over the holidays, and I get this email like my heart, just sings it. I I like pros like just coming out of the shower. I was like. Oh, my god, you and I I couldn't even read it. I just showed her my phone, the one and I she started crying and I was like two super bummed out and I like what you know and I write him back and it's kind of
emails back and forth back and forth for about fifteen minutes. What happened, blah blah blah and is filling me in all these details and in the end I just find myself getting more and more aggravated by the whole thing and I wrote him back, as you know a fuck this. If anyone could define this, if anyone can defeat this bullshit, it would be him he the life he's he's lived. You know yeah no way, he's only got six months. In that I I wrote the bottom of the email. I said long live Lemmy, fuck cancer right right. Thirty seconds later the reply replies they just call me he passed two minutes ago. Oh, my god, I couldn't, I got dropped my phone like just I was in shock well by the time, only then it wasn't it like way. I mean how he had lived it. My impression was it he was so used to feed when shitty the add on, gave a new a cancer wait. I may see Michael pretty far along yeah they from what I
told they didn't know. He was terminal until just a couple of days before what I'm talking about, so they don't like a week ago. When I tell them, Cancer is like on my fucking deal with this year. You know of a guy didn't get to see him or talk to him from I could only surmise that he made the decision that truly go out on top because they had just finished a european run that were some of the biggest headline gigs they have played in the history of their birth. And yeah Lemmy certainly wasn't the kind of guy that wanted a waste away in a bed for two to six months. Yea, that's not the way he would ever what he. I can't tell you how many times she would say to me over the years I'm going to die, onstage scott and, unlike I believe you He almost did yeah almost a couple of time. From in this last tour I mean I know this sounds crazy and morbid and everything, but truly if he would drop dead like playing a spades,
at their last show in germany, then what could have been better than that would have been great yeah. It would have been that truly would have been like Chlorite end of story. So let's go back scott, let's go back to when you were just a you know, a jewish kid that's a nice guy doesn't know em that we give you re. I still about. I'm still doing my learning the same way I did when I was fifteen, it's like it's, so it's so funny. Man like well there's part of I dunno. I guess that's just respect and I feel the same way about people like when I interviewed Keith richards, almost shit myself mad. I really like fucking nuts here, where you been able because I never followed through the music dream. I yummy been able to play with almost all of your fuckin heroes, some way or another who have EU asia deasey. Ah, My big ones like beer, the there
tell me that the best fuckin guitar player in the world for sure both of both of 'em yeah, that my favorite ban ever most influential on me as a guitar by really yeah yeah, Malcolm's rhythm playing. It just is his pocket. The air feel somehow I I do my best to just transpose that into what I do in in anthrax. I know we don't say anything alike, but it's it's a feeling. It's where is put in the cords and how he's his way right hand is moving in, is hit his economical playing tsien allow. I always look at its very economical and know how it is that they can be so fuckin simple, yet no If I can do what they do is the thing they so fuckin magic here it is it's a magic trick, because it's the most difficult thing to really get it right right. It's easier to cover. Russia is the coverage dc and we ve done both and that's why I know he's done both in asia. Deasey is much harder.
What is your eyes? The groove like what he sort of a true is a tricky guitar prior because he's all lakes there, the other guy nice space in oh yeah. It's she it's all of it. It's I think it truly is how simple it truly is in you I'll, be playing the alike at covering their stuff and I'll, be thinking well, there's gotta be more he's like playing the chords more, but then you re listening you like no he's, not he's literally just like hitting at one or something which covers usually do. While we've we've recorded, we court t and t we've recorded a whole lotta rosie. I feel like amiss in one eye, but lie I mean I've done so many have been in anthrax with friends I mean let there be rock yet in times, downpayment blue downpayment boys best as many reduces the theme song? That's my favorite cdc sunk. So my two that so I thought it affects away. cassettes like not. You know, that's not one that everybody has to de jacket it it's. I don't know
it's a darns yeah in digital opening cords and then the second guitar comes in the crazy. His lyrics to that song. To or just you know, it's just tell him the story in it's. I don't know it just for me: it epitomizes that ban so reason where'd you grow up as as a jewish kid bayside queens while bayside, but like your bar mitzvah everything only because my grandfather was orthodox and he it was really important him. My parents, in the seventies weren't real. We had a christmas We were they were. We have one or tail anyway. I went for him. He didn't go to hebrew school know why my they asked my mom asked me. My parents divorced So when was at five, so I was eleven. Oh really we were living. We lived in queens moved out of my you know. Parents bought a house on long island for three years that turned into a complete nightmare and the parents divorced. Then me and my brother moved back to queens a few blocks from where
we had live before in bayside in and with your another beer with my mom and right in the seventh grade. So slight prying time, perfect, nineteen, seventy five, I was just gonna turn twelve. You know we pass in the city. No, I was impressed. I could have been happier actually like as they were miserable scream at each other. Up screaming and throw mine and my brother's g, I joe toys at each other or my mom- would throw the g I joe toys at the wall. My dad wasn't a threat. It's already, your mom was he was the passionate one. Yes, so I was. I was actually intimate happier. I was back in queens where all my friends were who I went to first, second and third grade with now. I'm back and I'm starting junior high and, like you know, first day to school, some kid hands me a joint wow things are different in the city than what town and I long island where you we rely, can seaford by wanta see area your out. Yes, it was the aspects that will happen.
the picture the view in your dad when you were born, I the same fucking picture with my dad. The same job profile right. The same confused look decade, the same fucking way like what am I going to do with this thing? What did your dad do? A jewelry business really yeah in the jewelry business in the city are out there in the city. in the city, so you're you're, twelve years old, you smoking weed before your bar mitzvah. Did you see a serious man? Did you see that the Coen brothers movie. Now I know I haven't seen that kind of watch. I'd have to see that kid gets high in the bathroom before he goes bar mitzvah. I do that is hilarious. I got pretty drunk that night, though, as at the we had a party in our apartment, my mom's apartment after er yeah, the bar mitzvah party, all the kids come yay. All the kids came. I I I never went to hebrew school. My parents gave me the choice there, you wanna go to the risk like Hell. No, like all my friends, you he was cool or miserable, and he school and I'd go to these permits.
Can they be singing for three hours yeah? This is insane my mugged. You gaza, nope I'm gonna stay home and play guitar remo skateboard, like you, that's what I'm gonna do. So when I do It was trans liberated. For me it took up a four minutes, yet literally bah gotta. You know our english writer couldn't even easier burma the father was happy. That's all that matters, and he was up there with you for a minute yeah yeah, yeah yeah. I remember with some weird place in forest hills. They had a hard time finding a place that would bar mitzvah me because at villa because I really didn't know it, but also like I dunno it had something to do with all the docks or not with all the ladys had to sit like in the battle really. Ninety I was one of those places was like an intense room. So, oh tough rules that the way are in in a lotta judgments on the faces of the bearded man. Exactly oh so your grandfather set it off somewhere. Yes, they he price with them a few bucks,
nobody's doing the jack who help me. We gotta get him in, so I passed in good. So what when did you first are playing, though, before that when we were in long island like guy was probably, there was probably like? Seventy three saws, nine years old I saw I saw the who, on tv on something I saw pete Townsend deregulated as he was doing his windmill yeah. I just thought was the coolest thing. I'd ever seen and- and I said to my dad kid I want to play guitar- I would love to play guitar and there was an acoustic guitar in the house. Not quite sure. Why? Because, like my dad knew like two chords, but he never played guitar, that's the way. He probably do what my dad did. They at once they got near the grade three folk songs here and then it sat there. There is a harmony guitar, my ass though some acoustic etc
sitting around the nylon nylon stress anna cymer pick it up and trying to do a windmill and, and all that and and I started guitar lessons and I loved it mia until my teacher was like it became homework like right now, charts and theory I was like fuck this year. I couldn't do sucks. You know you don't want to. I would say I want to learn. You know teach me communicate in breakdown giving the court yeah. I just want to learn how to play songs. All you have to learn this and he was like a cool dude. I came here. He was like seventeen or eighteen with long hair and he had a strat and he played in a band. wizard getting really play teaching our year yeah yeah, I verily primers name Russell alexander, oh yeah, and was the coolest guy in the world jar. It are ITALY wanted me to like do homework ass. I am I doing homework. I just want to learn how to play songs by bands and drive. Had the eyes like. I don't believe that I dont think me page ever sat around me probably probably did
of all of us to probably so then I got sick of it and after six months I said to my parents. Basically, I wanna take lessons anymore. I I want to do it on my own and I'm sure they probably thought. Oh, that's it. The guitars clinical yeah yeah yeah like dust, but no, I I work twice as hard cause. I would just sit with records and learn songs, and would you have chord books? No I just ear my ear. I was able to just listen. Yeah you're out what they were doing a really. You know you're at that point, when you're just a toll beginner, unlike government, we do. A sea cord seems like I'll, never be able lawyer this re exactly. I can remember that, like we're, how do you actually go from court to core without stopping, and you know I carry my feeling that yeah and then the sudden one day, you're going from court. The cord like, oh my god, scuse me. Yet it was the first thought you were a dollar,
Why bout all really oh yeah, firing without the yoke is you can do that by ear right there in an hour and lie to learn? I learn that I learned that badly Roy brown and I learned blow in the way we are used, white badly or abroad to play does at a talent show like in the fourth grade. So when did you start, playing with people. I mean what was what was it that compelled you to start paying people cause to me sitting in the house, just playing guitar was literally jerking off like that I still do yeah. You know what I mean. That's all I do it's like for me as a kid. Even I, it was the same thing both parallel. For me, I wanted to play guitar with other people or, like I wanted to have sex with girls yeah. I didn't want to just stay at home and go like this, so see. I was always looking for other kids to play with and when we moved back to queens, there was no other kids playing guitar on long island. I was there was tomato know like where I was. Nobody cared all the all these kids.
All the care about street hockey. That's all anyone date in my neighborhood was likewise street hock, really yeah. that and night they would go to the overpass and entering tango, which was like some crappy vocs Aren't you make per year yet here in these, like twelve year olds, lack and I- and I I wasn't ready for that- so I would sit in the basement and play with my hotwheels and play guitar like louisiana records, yeah yeah yeah and I had to my cousin, eighty, even more my dad's cousinly as my second cousin, he was like a biker dude and They live not far from us once in a while. We go over there and down their basement. They had all absent these unc and drums and of the way it is the first summit. Walk into that kind of place like what the fuck blacklight posters in all these dudes invest long hair smoke and we I'll be down there. Just jam and I'd be like this is the coolest thing on here, but they wouldn't. I couldn't jam with them like that. Why? Because I was a kid, just sit on the side with my
on the floor, but over they play like all hippy rock who even knows I just remember like wah wah petals man, but once I got back to queens I am merely started. Eaten kids, seventh gray, like in the neighborhood who play guitar play drummed out on the island. They didn't do nothing battery the hockey was out on the area, but when we don't know that can cause that's where they are all we're right. Yes, everybody with play india and the eu, would you me where's. It did any of em make it and anthrax not at the initial initial quantity of what you re. Last name, rosenfeld Scott Ian rose and fell. I got rosenfeld, we fuckin related felt able What do I do so? No, no immediate advice from the original crew now, because that didn't anthrax really didn't starts alike, take shape until price
lee. It was probably unlike nineteen eighty when Danny worker, who is the original base player and anthrax, we became friends in school. The problem I don't know seventy nine or something like and then we would walk to school together every day in talk about metal and music and blah blah blah, and he was in a bank all white heat at the time. The area actually already plain gigs in the city and they were like we're all the same age of fifteen sixty what would they play him? What kind of music like they had their own songs? They had originals and it was like, Hi, Iraq, syria idle area enabled by gigs in manhattan, which restrict the cool thing in the world. The outer me, while you are you guys actually playing the city in there, sit there singer at the telescope. Marco he's, I think, lived in manhattan, which was like five, the mobile to me you like, but you, but you can grow up buried alive there. I'm not sure I don't remember, but
and I would always say to danny cause, he learned about anthrax in in highschool. He learned about it in, I think, was biology, class or something yeah, and he said ireland learned about the stickle anthrax today and yeah. That sounds really cool, like that sounds like a metal band name one of these days, so I would say it all the time when Y heat breaks up you and I are going to start a band called anthrax cause. We would jam all the time every day. We were at one of the other's house jamun. What would you play? What was the sabbath year tons of sabbath? What was the first blew your mind, though, outside the who, where you're like fuck this, I mean it was in non. Stop it just non. Stop lawyer early on Elton john was probably the first thing. I really really really fell in love with. I, like with dad, took me to see Elton John in, like seventy four nasa calcium, oh yeah, yeah. What album was? U turn like was echoed by overgrown or something like yeah. Our shoot me on the piano early right around Elton John, for me, kind of really kind of
the door, I think for me and then after that it just not long after that was kiss light than that, for me was because my parents, like Elton John tour parents, listened pretty cool music, like I remember the woodstock album being on all the time and and I they loved the band. You know yeah There's a lot of good music in the house, but kissed was my thing they didn't want anything to do with. That was that thou special virgin you in there you know kids of that decade. In that age, the kiss army, thou yeah. They were designed for a fuckin. You know, kids, you didn't know to do with their dicks yet, but we're sorta exactly how they fit the main line like that was heroin for, for from my me and my friends for real yeah like was in the three things when I was twelve years old, I, as in the comic books out in horror and ours in the rock music,
and I put it all in one fiery, bloody package. When I her rock and roll, I heard rock and roll night on the radio in them the car when my mom, I seventy two yellow ford torino station wagon maria and heard that on the radio and those like thou, I that's the best on I've ever heard, but the dj never back announce it haha oops, I didn't know who it was and then, like a week later, I'm watching something in the afternoon on T v. It's just on here, and I see these four dudes in kind of like who the hell are those guys in my view no, my initial instinct was that date look really stiffly stupid. I dont like that. It's like I don't it ended like here they are kissed with their new hit rock and roll all night. I was like whoa, that's them and then instantly just fucking needle into the vein, like you got that was it your full on kiss that was it done. If I get from seventy five from seventy
I have do. Seventy eight cause I kiss alive. I bought kiss alive that year yet for my dad for his birthday, because I had like six dollars to buy my dad a birthday present, so I bought kiss alive knowing he was just gonna say thank you and hand it back to me, and that was it from kiss from basically so from, and I went out and bought the first three records and then, of course, every six. once they were released and lies, as bans did in the seventies every six months there was a new album and but I only lasted till seventy eight to like I'm gonna live too, and then they put out the four solo records was I only really like aces, and then I was it as hard as I was in the room, like seventy nine, I went to nasa calcium, c, kiss Judas priest and left after Judas priest like I didn't even care about kiss any more, would they open form
greece open and you're like that yeah, my friends, we went siege, we're all going to see. Priests are really don't get me wrong. Those three years of kissing all those all records. I still love em now, like did in nineteen, say right right, but but by seventy nine just musically I had moved for. exactly and emotionally you don't like it, it's sort of funny. So I you know, I, the the anger whatever was in new, that compel jude towards metal was sort of that. I needed heavier hard to disaster like just everything, you know, and you just priest was like, oh my god, no, and if they were lights like like, how can anything be heavier than sabbath right right like it will cause this to get our Ziad Ike and they brought speed to a too I added endeavours like double based, drumming innate in, like just like you'd, never heard and was creepy in, like even darker and
jumia and rob Halford singing those high notes, just like holy shit. You know and yeah. Of course I was in the tons of shit, and I mean everything great in the seventies from every rock band, hard rock and even disco, I love disco. I never told anybody I love this guy has ye. I had my disco sucks, t shirt mature, but I fucking loved it great layers, grooves gray I'll keep are apparently x ray. I've got great pop song, no doubt, and if you put on you know you can put on their sheikh record at a party, and maybe a girl will dancer caesar and possibly kiss you dare not doing that. it is now no girls in the room and if they are there, drunk yeah buying up on themselves like when you, when you sit in a room arguing over we'll, Admittedly, guitar player, richie blackmore Joe Perry, that's a as a pussy, thereby or might be one sweeping girl with a feathered erika, might burners over their cigarettes on the couch right at so disco.
It doubly had its purpose that discussion murky, blackmore Joe parried. What yeah I was in everything and I couldn't get hunger on yet but our yeah yeah, forget or other remains. I you know most lived in far still so I seeing them. Sha la la tv show August guys to watch them. When my parents, they loved that shows. I used the watch on an ivory week that weird yeah yeah yeah, when an outer remains run one time and now, like woe, who were these dude z hike play it super fast and they like me, they were when revising the leather jacket and they had long hair. And I and then a murmur like picking up a copy, a cream iraq seen magazine or something and finding other the remains or from queens like from far still specifically, in like circus or cry daddy or yeah, like all those magazines that aren't around anymore. So I'm like that's just a few miles from here and look those guys are on tv if, if they can do it, I can do it like
we say that about kiss thousand reachable, but there remains as, like you I can do that yeah. I can play guitar just like Johnny ramone yeah. So I was way I saw him at queen's college in seventy nine like it was way in what's funny. If you really think I didn't I'm sure you have. I mean it's. It's just funny graduating from you know kiss which you know. After a certain age, they are sort of clowns right and then to to to Judas priest which there. They were more menacing in their stage. Even there is why stage you know shall yet the it tricks. Theatrics but but they were, it was different drives, and now we know it was like you know, will gay yeah well that and the then I come the remote because I thereby listen anthrax correctly, I mean seems like he probably influence you more than most people, John, Johnny remote, I oh yeah, his down picking style. You know it's just that the adriatic just constantly. Of course cyber music, we play we added in the palm mute when we're done.
Pick, your right right right that chinking edge the alyosha open strings. But we're more distortion to write yeah yeah. I guess you much more distorted tone and then remains, but yeah his his aggressive right hand was. It was a big influence on me, yeah yeah, So when we, when did you put the for the original line up together it was in eighty one. I had a ban we just graduated college in eighty one, then we are a highschool graduate high school in eighty one air, and I had a bank of four x named after the condom, feel that I have no idea why nah nah, I know so we not that we didn't do anything. We would rehearse and we'd play like at the highschool battle of bands and things like that oda and we put together one night. We had a jam session at some rehearsal studio not far from, we lived in bayside anna, it went. It was mean day locker and some of the guys for for action and this kid job
Connally who we knew from high school. He was singing, and just pseudo germinal cover some clear, but it just went so well. Something sparked in the room like it really like we played made covers better than we had ever played maiden covers with anyone else before you, and I and danny lookers ban had broken up way heat. And we looked at each other, and I said this is it ran. This is anthrax. This is the ban these, I ok yeah and you guys want to be in a bad girl, that's being a man, and that was the official stars July, eighteenth nineteen. Eighty one cause I put it on account the summer graduation tat with the night anthrax was formed and we just started rehearsal. recent ganny already had some songs and some rifts that we kind of hijacked from ban white heat yeah, and then we just kind of rewrote stuff. So we just dough vain and just did our best to write our own material. from the start and end how take to put together the first record when that happened.
started eighty one. yeah numerous line of changes going through singers replied. I look like not not being a full anthrax nor in the light of changes, are ridiculous. Dude, but especially dude I mean no one even knows the liner changes from eighty one till still end of he too early eighty three, those two years trying to put the ill line up to get out. I was actually going to record our first album right cause. You know you, you get a dude in the band whose, like a great guitar play or something but wouldn't chip in for the rehearsal spots. I got your out fuck you Rio, one's got, shit range and box, you ban chipewyan, no pay, rumour Maria you're fired, so going on? Do you be in the back for a week right? who were there like that, the core It was you and danny re was mean daddy looker, and then
and then Neil turbin, who sings on the first album right. He went to highschool with us, so we we got him and then and then the the key, the real key was when we had this drummer greg deangelo, who I was a great jammer, but really couldn't play the double. Kick writing play that fast double bass, drumming that we wanted in our sound and he ended up quitting the band after anthrax and metallica played this. You know shit, a club and in jersey and after the show he tells us I'm leaving I'm leaving the ban of joining this ban cities which, at the time they were kind of this hot than they could like pack le moors in brooklyn and anna it was a really and I got up. Am I really like those gaps that that shit? I ain't gonna last, you know that's like dirt The main helen you know their that shit. I ain't gonna last include it's kind of what it sounds like right. Right, anna
is a wall whatever. Anyway, you not join in cities of my eye. You know, and I was kind of a dick in india about it in and we weren't friends for a long time after that, But it was the best thing that ever happened, because through a mutual friend this guy tom brown, he said you guys need a drummer. My friend charlie, you know he's like them. Tremor in the world and now is charlie banana day. Who then Danny Loker? And I soon after that went to his little at his house is moms house and he had a jump set up stairs and throngs neck in the bronx rags back there and that he had a drum set up small half the size of this room beer. He I'd like to twelve peace, giant drum kit with the times and symbols everywhere, we're like squeezing there was too little anson. We just start non maiden and motor head in and there was a sound by a band called, except at the time call fast. As a shark nea was the standard of like they had set the bar for double. Kick. I think it a good thing.
Did you think it was like the fastest double kick in ordinary ever heard a noise like. Please don't ask me to play fast as a shock. Em like you, you can play fastened the shark and ass his eye. Yeah airlines are. I we don't know that all somber. We know how to get in newgate india and we start germany and he placed typically they get explain a faster than accepting danny are just like you know just bone: You want in a band. You want to be in the ban and it took a few months of like. Can we seen in this and that it but Charlie the band, and then that was it like, then we know we, basically that has all sour yeah. That was it like. He heave. He completed us and wow. So by he stay with you, sir. danny and stay though danny I fired by, are then singer, neil because million like the fact that there is somebody taller than him get the fuck out it. Neither let that happen to respect the singers here.
crazy right. It was it it's the worse. Still to this day, the you know the one decision, was made at. I wish I would have just, but at the time we have finished the record. We had a record literally done, it's gonna come out and he gave us the ultimatum. It's either him or me, and we know how could we have lost dinner with a record about to come out, like you know, u, everyone was like, we can't, we can't lose or singer. What are we going to do in an hour sick to my stomach is danny was my best friend so that that was the worst thing that I ever had to deal with in the context of being in a band was like literally that making that call danny. Does he call me whoa dude, what's going on neal just called me and said: I'm out of the band now say what and you know I'll I'll call you back and then we're all on the phone and we're talking to our manager, Jonny z and every blah blah blah in it. What are we going to do? We can't lose our singer and it sucked and johnny
He said you gotta know he didn't tell us, you have do we know we have our decision. Did you and danny become friends again? Oh yeah, we did we, we, obviously we kind of lost touch. He started his back on nuclear assault. and in that, but then, color years later, I did this side thing called s, o d, the structures of death- and it's just this ridiculous inside joke of a record of kind of hard core metal cross research, which one that were sleeping indochina. I had written vitality songs already, and then I called danny, I said hey. I am writing these crazy, like thirty second songs and sixty second songs, and do you want to come up to ithaca as we were? Anthrax was recording our second album and you want to come up and just fuck around with this, and he did- and you know we finished that record and that's that's a different thing, but yeah we reconnected on that and and you're gonna get yeah your a koga yeah is right. Here you got over the eighteen year old yeah,
the moment. Yes, hi was able to get over that so, but dad that that ban dead record, so good right, yeah yeah. That was which, like I said, it's just the thing that made us laugh and what was brutally heavy at the same time and and yet it did really well after anthrax blew up when anthrax started to blog and eighty seven cause decay. Eighty five and no one was paying that much attention to it. There we have like a core group of kids in Work and nobody really knew about it, but they went anthrax started to blow up people found out about lcd and then that blew up as well. To have the first record. Do fiscal did? Ok, like you know, whatever that was backed ended. It sold. You know in tens of thousands and got you like on the road opening for big acts. No, we want with tobacco raven, who were also just they were from newcastle, england, india. They were from that kind of scene. If you in the anvil movie via raven same exact story, but for an I knew
yeah, but from newcastle and but seem exact story on the cusp of making massive and then but ah, but at the time, were bigger than metallic his first tour of the? U s in eighty three: they they supported raven and then in eighty four. We supported raven summer of eighty four, with the last show of that tour was at the roseland ballroom in new york, sold out thirty five hundred tickets instantly raven metallica anthrax. And of course that's when record labels were like huh. You know who are these bands selling thirty five and your tickets? Without you know it just in the good deal. We were all on this meal mega force records, Johnny's label and you anna mallika, yet tune. You ve got a real. Is your with metallica fur? Like thirty, then what do you know them in new york? In the? U s is Larry the day they pulled in four separate cisco s. Almost forty years. Do you I ate tools crazy, yet, while thirty gear
I swear that night at at roseland. All the labels were there scouting and right after that, basically metallica assigned to electra. We signed the island and ravens signed to Atlantic yeah and the story goes yeah. I was ever every right. We arrived and gone. raven made by one or two records ireland again, and that was it done. So how did you guys you? Why not do you you guys just got offer, did, did did am electra offer you a deal as well or was there a bidding war? Did you what was that at the time, and I think it was kind of cut and dry? I they were all under the same time: warner, cable, atlantic, electra, an island and right. You know wasn't behind the scenes with johnny, obviously in an area that dealings, but that's how it all It out- and I are uneasy yeah in ireland- is very very excited for us and we like the fact that we were going to label. I had no other hard rock or metal bans electron atlantic had tons of,
of the birth of the new generation of metal right yeah exactly in the new stain, was a metallica at the time he was already at a metallic already gone yeah yeah yeah. He was Adam metallic. He had Megadeth already yeah and who also had their first record out at the all. You guys yeah we're getting the deals, and then you did you now me stay with John easy yeah. Yeah Johnny was with us all the way through to nineteen ninety three or ninety force. So, but you want to have labels know we're on island that whole time. When did you hook up with this thing, with Joey, a joey that that happen we fired at for that? neil right after that, you are right after that roselands willing to become a bigger decker. While yet we it was it, he became impossible like it literally became we ve never could have moved forward as a ban if he was gonna stay in the ban and we made the decision to make a change and
and so he was gone. We had already written most of spreading the disease. We went in the studio that albums, like basically done recorded and we didn't have a singer and the guy who was producing that record called Kennedy. He had seen joey playing in this band, called bible black and somehow got his phone number and asked if we wanted to come down and and just check out what was going on with his band anthrax. Nobody, nobody knew who fuck. We were we weren't anything yet and and this before the second album yeah yeah, yes, yeah and and I he came down a the gun walked in and he when out on the mic and we're all in the control room, and it's like what do you want me to do? He didn't know our songs yet We are now seeing whatever any like started like just singing. I, like oh sherry from very india learner, like whatever in that year and his voice, was incredible. Like we like wholly crap disk, what a voice this guy relating every was I look at each other like it has all the,
bands of our ilk just said guys who they just do you have the least defensive bark you you could at least bark all night, the area you know so now we had a singer. Singer liken like our memory, like Johnny z and like I was like this is the guy. It's gonna set you apart, and it was true, you know cause we are like. We always looked at anthrax. Even though we love motor head yeah, we always looked at his aunt. Anthrax is more of a Judas preacher. I and who ride like real singers as much as we love motor. Had we wanted a guy like that. We wanted like a broomstick, dinner yeah, yeah, yeah, rob alfred and weave. We found it with joey and an he. He did the sector record. The third avenue either no amity record photo. Yes, he did. He did so in, among and steady for your persist, the time attack of the killer, bees and- and that got us into like ninety two and then that's when we made the the change and joy was out and John bush was.
so those records among the living was the big one right. That's the one that broke us here and when, when like, what was there when you say, What was the build like so among the living when you're? Turning among the living, who return with wished, No one we're here lining. Ok, that that tore started at like the penny arcade in rochester in new york is in. Like may of eighty seven we sold out, but whatever it held, five hundred people are some by december of eighty seven. We are playing a five six, seven, eight thousand people, holy shit. Happens is like that fast and would do in but that was among the living there yet and then that ages spread cassettes things spread, then with metal heads their ways are the ones the wave we were a part of, like literally broke with us in metallica slayer and negative your metallic definitely opened the door for because they were, they were like six.
Ahead of everybody else or year ahead, because their first album came out like that bout, that long before the end of our Debbie records right. So metallic had already like, went out open for Ozzy yeah Anne had spread This new sound around the country in a very big mainstream way and right people are so people were looking for more of it and you know so for us right, album right place right time, but the entire culture of metal changed in your part of the show yeah and and then there's all these new fuckin fifteen year old, guys we're like always like you were when you were a kiss yeah for sure. Through the nineties, european arenas the way they know the eighties yeah pretty much through the late eighties into the into the early nineties. We had become like yeah, that type of band anywhere from you know, five thousand to fifteen thousand depending on the on the market, and you know, started playing festivals. In eighty seven, we played the castle, donington monsters, iraq thing in england, the eighty thousand people
not head lining anchovy headlines, but but that day went cinderella. Lanyard, though, that punjabi headlined and even with the power and so the music you are playing those hard, guys they still fuckin held on loans. Also europe where you'd have bills more. I, like right right yea. So you could have anthrax metallica on that same bill that day with bonn, jovi and everybody was kind of there to see every body right, So, even though I guess that's the way, a big festival works gen. Forty fifty thousand people were losing their shit for anthrax and metallica right crazier that even though Bajo he went over just fine, there was a certain intensity level and of course, then that opened the door floodgates I see you gonna. Let europe right, but here, like that's like different armies. Yet What did you think you could never have these bonds We showed up on a billboard, negative or or metal a garage. You d, like Y yeah. no one, no art, no no case in point. we're out with Ozzy, were opened for Ozzy,
in eighty eight for like two months. the end of eighty eight and Our last showing the tour was new year's eve in long beach arena right now, and then he is going on in january, but we were done and we what happened. Wasn't there was never an announcement with that anthrax wasn't still gonna be out with ozzy and he shows up the next show I think, was reno after l a couple of days later and I you have an arena full of kids expecting anthrax and he had winger. You remember them at all the kid for me was a butthead. You know with a visa, and I will comes out on stage and did not go over well. The fact that at so lets you now basically are what you were saying that you get to know ozzy yeah yeah for sir he's asleep.
Time? A guy would come in our gesture. More time and couldn't have been nicer, nicest guy ever now, you guys you got pretty the this sort of cross over public enemy was over. deal right like it was like. I was like because people are like were like you, how to add that all transpired that you guys were you covered up again it isn't? A short story is three of us, Charlie Frankie and I being from queens in the bronx where we were caught in the upper center of a rap music. The early eighties and many of my friends, you hated it. While I loved it, I loved wrap in burundi of sea. Moved me. The same way maiden did ya anna, so Ganymede? We had already did this song, I'm the man who anthrax did this call, I'm the man which was our first platinum record and which was literally a joke. I played the riff to have on a gia and we wrote stupid lyrics, making fun of ourselves yet over it.
It was like you know, like the rat, we were listening to at the time right right, right in and it blew up and became this massive thing and and but we opened the door for ourselves to do something better, yeah and more serious, and as soon as I heard public enemy- and I just knew- I had to work with chuck d at some point to me. His voice was like the heaviest thing I had ever heard and his voice, and my guitar together, would just be the ultimate thing, so we just made that happen. We became friends and then at some point it we ve just able to make that happen by force. Will we I like we, we recorded a track and we sent it to him, and we said we want to do better. Noise and the whole world was against us chuck, as I that's kind of redundant. Why, right. Some new and rick reuben was like it's kind of redundant wanting. It's something new in our labels. I we don't want to work with def jam and def jam's. We don't want to work with them and blah blah blah blah blah and then chuck. We had some. We mailed the tape from l, a where we are in the studio
it takes a week to get there yeah, I'm in long island. He finally hears it. He calls me up scotty. This is slam and it's on here. Let's do it, that's all it took What are you out of? Finally here it and then say: yes, I understand now: let's go do it yet the r and d, Are you guys overruns yea? I would just thereof public enemy in the prodigy would just onto our while we were on tour in europe just october november december, We had a night off in munich, so Frankie our bass player and I went. We did bring the noise with pe at their show and then I just saw chuck because we did some interview together for metal hammer magazine the uk, so we did a photo session together in sheffield of all places in december. Like so yeah I still ask touch of chalk, still talk how to hear that I have given like I m not, what I have actors or musicians are invite just assume are very buddies. So I like, when peoples have to you. Have people it's that most of the time it it's
otherwise the x ray I it's not and oh, I have a lot of times just or I'd never see that guy right, but, like you, you know, I mean seems like you. If you ve kept some relationship throughout the years, I have yeah, and especially with chuck he's he's like he's gotta get him in here. He's the man yeah yeah yeah. He yeah change to change the world yet ray. He and you seem like a pretty pleasant guy on seem like an asshole Who me of your love? You bet I may. I think that I am. I think I think I can be pretty anti social. My wife sometimes just gimme, that you know click be nicer or likes talker, you know, but that's cause. Sometimes I just I get bored worm somewhere and I'm just came in my head like the listening to iron maiden in the agrarian or something why everyone else is doing whatever their doing so. You'd be merry twice three times three time. Yes, when you get married, the first nine eighty cents,
oh yeah that lasted two years almost to the day, yeah yeah nightmare I just should have never been married. I was twenty two years old and- and I just like the band was just starting to happen. It was like bad decision. I was basically too much of a pussy I would have to say it time to break out a break off so yeah. I was just being a nice jewish buoyant doing what I was told that man ass to orient two years went on for a while, yeah two years, and is that weird, where you have that decision word sort sorta like I know I need to get out, but you won't get married yeah. It was terrible. I was you know. I was cheating honour, yeah, we're out on tour. I wasn't being fully was from the day. I wonder why, yes, you blow not big senior but yeah queens and there, and You know it was that everyone had the plan for us when we married you can have kids, you buy a house in forest hills, blah blah blah. You know she had a great greeley good job and am yet, but I was like
no way cause no way, so it badly yeah no money, though I had money from the first record, No, this is, eighty nine is like and then into ninety. In so yeah I was already making money and yet- and I literally that I was tat after that. Every I bought an apartment in queens, had a car and had money some money in the thank you and I had nothing. I literally like moved to california at the end of eighty nine after the divorce, he had nothing yet I would, however, like whatever I had I put in the truck that was driving x is geared to allay the record, an album and ass. I ought free move, I'm gettin out in new york, I put whatever had on a truck and came the los angeles to record which persistence are signs of time here. Wow they did that woman turn out all right. Yes, I dont know she's fine, I mean I'm not in touch. of course
things are even hear things. I do here things but yeah she's, fine, sketch kids. Yes, this bet it's nicer when it works out dear. You're the assholes better. What units nice dear, like us, should better off way. Better off me, I didn't look until I met pearl. Anything I did previous to that was you know I apologize that way like everyone in anything that the second one everyone was I I moved that's one of the main reasons I came out to california she's one of the women. I was cheating on my former life with, but that was I put that more on her, then on me I was I was in in for the law on that one here and I'd have to say she definitely wasn't tell on that last What's her name Indeed, to ninety seven, I we weren't married that all time we got married in that. In their ando and but then no yeah, then than that was done.
andy for me. Ninety seven to two thousand were like my that's my crazy years. I was pretty much back in new york city back and forth, but in new york a lot of the time going out and just really raging, and we were touring to the bounce, still touring or you're like nuff enough. not gonna be tied down was just now when I started drinking like I started drinking really in eighteen, ninety seven So that was your primary thing before I never I we ve been doing Well, that's once in a while drink beer or wine, but I'll bet you start hitting it a hard core. Ninety seven yeah, oh yeah, yeah big time bottles of whisky. Ho again, your level down from pen. Terror taught me how to do that. It's a long story, but he literally he was He was my yoda. I was his party and after this, divorce darrell is like going to teach. You had a real. I asked him. I said to him. I said tame anchors patera asked us to come out on shore with them for a few months is at the end, the ninety seven.
and I said to him, hey I made an adult decision at the age of thirty three, I'm going to learn how to drink. I want you to I'm going to drink whatever you drink he's like. Are you drunk now, like no dude? I'm being totally serious like I want to learn at the hands of others. they didn't have the compulsion but you're like dying at that time. If hard, I needed to make a change in my life, and that was I felt like I I'd I'd failed twice in relationships. The band was not doing Well at that time, in the late nineties we weren't doing so well was really really hard for most metal at that point in time, and there are drifting, everything in and when did to john bush come on ninety three. Ninety two he joined and his first record with him sana Y Nos came out ninety of what happened with Joe, which did eight year, but but then by ninety five, the next album, like everybody disappeared. I don't know where everyone
the sound white noise, I love Eric and what happened would Joey. You know again. Like I said I apologize, I just truly didn't have the patience any more weed singers are for you, they were yeah yeah. They were, but not anymore yeah. I I think my biggest problem was. I was writing the words right and I couldn't. I couldn't deal with the fact anymore that someone else was singing my lyrics, but I couldn't sing. There's no way. I could be the singer, you are that that was it, that's what it was about. Little really really did come down to that that I have that. I bet you couldn't stand it anymore. Would you felt it was your your emotions or you you? the way they were phrasing enemy? What what both both like people that that that is just these. Are my words? These are my feelings. It's my emotions and me you're, not you're, not me here. You know, and yes in any, even like learning the songs and like hearing them back like that's
how I hear it in my head. No, no like this like this, that you have no illusion now there was my solution at the time was Turning around to the rest of the ban and saying it's either him or me, I pulled the same shit, neil turban, pulled years before that I said I can't do this again. We need to make a change yeah arab and it wasn't just me holding a gun. Everyone was on the same page right. Everyone felt like what we had done his anthrax in the eighties. To the early nineties. We had already move past that we were ready to credit. The sound was changing. We listen the persistence of time musically. That record has more to do with china, white noise yeah, the first John bush record. Then it has to do with steady for you that the brightest anthrax album musically. We are already rye, going somewhere else, but joey for us. I guess at the time felt like he's not representing us anymore. He was the eighties
course exactly. Of course. I spent a year my life writing a book in like looking back on their time and really kind of getting back into those shoes, and you know we should given the guy shot? Why we didn't given the shot? I really dont know why we were unable to because even remember I remember John easier magic is. Are you sure? Are you sure this is the decision you wanna make? Yes, yes, yes, you know, how did you feel pressure be? d. You know like even that the nature of a front man stylistic. I want to be your harder right. I wanted I wanted. I couldn't do it, but wanted someone who can almost you know some just I wanted it to be harder. I didn't want. Let me right, you know I didn't want to sell like tat. I just wanted it to be harder and John brought it yeah John brought it up for sure and and so so that was a change in you went. You went deeper and harder and it sort of EU aid. It was metal itself by guess, because of what, because
grunge and everything else that yet there is a more alternative, hard rock. Happening that it swung the pendulum acts. You know just I thought a lot about this new, because I guess Sound a white noise, the great here out of the box, you no good. record and then you know, went on the self platinum record in replant big shows an and in ninety five, when the next record stomp four four two is coming out, a lecturer went through a shift. We had sinew electra as well, so he's crazy, big, Oh for satellite noisy ended up in a letter. Yeah and I stop has come electra had gone through a huge up here. Everyone we worked with his gun bottle. Now who's the head, he was a true record. Man he's gone bring in this woman sylvia around who she signed in vogue? She was really successful with that. And I and I swear it. Other recognises works and it's just product man in the first
I think she said your imagine when he walked in to have a meeting about starting to set up the new anthrax album. She like drops the contract on the desk and basically says like I never would assign the spin. I would never would have done this deal. Will yeah? What are we doing here? What's going to happen right, oh, a great way to start a meeting, and I I could always think there were about the eye I learned over. I used to not be able to point the finger at myself, rougher sure I would I blame every one. Everything from a long time I live, but for a law. time in my life, I've been able to point the finger at myself and I not say that we made a record that was terrible. It's not because of the record. We made stop forty two. We did not your record that, sadly, we made a jazz record. We alley unaided? Our ADI awry, something you know I I I I just think it was. A number of factors are, one of which is so crucial. blame your label, but what they just pull. The rug out from under a state did z,
Oh right here I mean satellite noise. That would first week it came out in ninety three. We saw like a hundred and seven thousand copies in a week of that record Style comes out two years later in first week. Does I twenty nine thousand? You know what I mean on a cell about a hundred fifty satellite noise gus plays a platinum record. How did you go from like a million to one hundred and fifty thousand, who years there were like yeah. Those fans couldn't evolve this, like what ha I still to this day. Don't have the answer and what are the? What was the fans' reaction has stopped the people who got it loved. It was the production different, no, no, no so different than sound a white noise, a harder rex. The satellite noise like some harder jezreel. We had time Baghdad play in solos on the album like seem to have everything going for we drink and then no not yet.
Oh, I wish you and after a while, it was only after that there was an album went in the toilet. Basically, our career started that the money, rightly money, started the dry up years gone in the toilet. Second, marriage. Yes, second, marriage is done. We start on another record: that's gonna come out in ninety eight vehicle volume. Eight, we don't even have a record deal so yeah. So nineties ninety seven, that's when I'd like ours like I need to make a change awhile if I were a worse others thought being responsible for really I side. I dont want to be read this guy anymore, I don't want to be the captain of the ship. I don't want, like I'm, going to go fucking crazy for the first time in my life and I did for years and how did it and what do you think of those records you made like that. Would you make up your? Did you not do any longer? I didn't make irregular like that. You think we didn't really matter regulate their volume. Eight was just the beginning of it. I really I wasn't in the depths yet and did you lose friends? Did you lose any members? Your band? Did you
No, no, I wasn't an asshole, I'm a fund drunk cook, so I wasn't and ass all. In that way, I was moved to a just war raging like It wasn't just doing shows that yeah yeah john bush meat job was my drink. Your partner years, like we. Got what like in the early nineties John and I got way in the bukovsky, kosher, you're right and, like everybody, does its point here. We got away in the book Caskey and we tried are hardest, like I may grant we weren't fuckin whores anyway. I live in an east hollywood bright, but when it came the booze We are trying our hardest. Oh yes, in what? What? How did it? What did it get back I mean. Did he get tragic? Did some shit go down? What stopped it? Oh! No! I just pearl and two thousand, who is a fuck, an angel, get, but she wasn't there. it wasn't. She was what she wasn't she out. She get out drink me even now. Still
I die, don't I only know her for meeting or a few times and she sort of transcendent type of person. She is absolutely- and I saw that in two thousand when she was in a blue latex rubber cop dress, singing backup for motley crew who anthrax was opening. boy, and I and I was like love at first sight, but I I have no game nothing. I don't know how to pick up chicks that I you know that guy beer, you well my drunken years because you just biotic bars drunk idiot- needs god how, from anthrax you'd end of the day be like you know, I kill the fucker yeah exactly I gotta go, I gotta say your beard doesn't imply game right away. No, not at all my my beard basically says stay the fuck away from me. So so how did You are charm pearl we became dragon bodies visa because molly was that it was a sober tore at the time for motto.
Yeah and I so pearl and the other backup singer Marty this other girl. They were hanging out with anthrax on the anthrax bus because me and john and and Frankie our bass player, we're we hit it pretty hard. at night yeah, and so they started hanging out with us wish we were drinking buddies for like a month and then a motley management calls up and says we need to take a cut in pay on the tour because tickets weren't selling so well blah blah blind. We can't where we're just scraping by as it is on this run, and I will we can't keep paying you you you'll just have to go home and I bummer. I have nothing against Nikki or the dude in the band as I get its business and I was bummed because I wasn't as he pearl for six more weeks till she got home, the los angeles I was losing my mind like so I would go to this bar. daddy's every night on vine, where my neighbour worked out with a get awry with him ass, a drinking at five and then drink it till the bartenders redone trotted out like for no other drugs.
No, though never urartu drinking and I ended, I would walk home like back to where I live right by carriers at the I walk back home for miles. Iraq is a thing. If I didn't work, I would literally die like I would so you are assured of a beat man, a Muir sort of washed up. I was, but I had this light name pearl that I had this focus and I knew she was coming home, the beginning of september and she she gets home from tour, and I, like color, hey there's this these bands playing at the troubadour a night high on fire and nebula with a really cool bands. You want to go suck sure you know I had written, I'm sorry, I had written her a letter yeah cause. I ain't, never told her. Yeah on paper wrote her a letter and fedex it to her on tour, and I told her how I felt the ball and she never answered that. Oh, we would talk. A time, but you never did you write or a drug that she'd never
Oh no. It isn't like a really heartfelt for pay. Your ear it yeah like I'm in love with you and then we would say top, but she never brought up the letter, and I didn't have the balls to ask her about the letter and I just figured out we're friends. That's it we're friends, I'm crushed yale, but will be friends. At least I can be friends with his red lady. anna and we went out our high on fire that night at the troubadour. I brought my friend kenny with me because I was like nervous and add, but we just you know we just all right back. In the same thing we we ordered some drinks and hung out some bans in thy hung out that night and they want to see what are you doing tomorrow? Nothing, you, wanna, hang out and we ve been out september. Ninth two thousand: we ve been together ever since he never brought up the letter. Oh no off course it did Eventually, what about the letter in- and she told me she said it was so amazing- I every time I would try and respond or right
I was trying to respond and write a letter back. She got, I would just tear it up. I couldn't I like I was so blown away by by your letter and and of course, Like me, the idiot lay waiting around. I make a move on and like three miles. She she felt the same way about me so yeah. Well, obviously, obviously everything worked out cause sixteen years later, but you got a kid yeah, so you know I finally met the woman I was supposed to meet, but we raged hard like those first few years up until about probably sometime in two thousand and three you know we were still hitting it hard and then it's like you, we've kind of like we probably don't need to go to the current five nights a week anymore, like we're, we're really happy like and then, if you started, we started to taper off after that yeah and did you you just slowed it down, yeah, just kind of started down. It's like we, we were, I think, we're both fulfilled in our lives, and I might lo and behold anthrax his career, the you know the new.
William came and then things started to turn around again. How will you know how those parallels in your personal life and professional life? what was the? What was the resurgence? We've come for you all yeah we've come for you all at that kind of reopened the door for us, for whatever reason whether it was because we wrote better songs or just people who All of a sudden. There was a new new blood their labour higher asia ban. Yes, you know whatever was but yeah yeah everything just start, click again great fuck and storing. You are able to play yankee stadium air, yet two thousand eleven. Let me know the worship. Music thing is the real. You know, that's the real come back, but yeah yeah, playing yankee stadium and two thousand alone was on a tour that was the big for right was Magadan hu as its way or magadan arson, metallica yeah and you know, metalogy calls ounces. You wanna do some big four shows with the four bans, the ford thrash bands. You know, and yes, of course,
you are one of the euro. The wayward were left behind me forever. You, though, that phrase was coined at some point in the late eightys by by a writer where we were known as the big four of thrash metal, the bans that basically brought threats to the world. I always thought it should have been the big five, because it was a banker exodus at a severed cisco who are just as important kirk hammett from metallic. It was actually an exodus he replaced dave in metallica. I was so exodus should have been a part of it and now gary health from exodus is in slayer too, so it kind of all worked out in a weird way. But oh so the big four thing you were. You are part of that idea from the beginning that yeah yeah always year, and how was that,
who or how did you all get along amazing amazing, yeah metallica, the first big four show was in poland in two thousand and ten in warsaw, and you know we know, there's gimme like one hundred twenty thousand people there in this airfield and and so we find out from management the night before the show metallic is booked out. Some restaurant and it's bands only no wives, the girlfriends, the managers know entourage. Nothing, this, the seventeen dudes in the four bands in the room or at my initial reaction, was kind of like. Let's we're, we all know each other's wives and girlfriends and pearl was with me and, like you know, was kind of weird. That way. You know- and I remember even calling Kirk gone. You know not bring in vienna bring Lonnie, you know what's up a gear, we just want to be the dude. It's ok, fine, fine, just to make sure that everything was clear. Well, they just had a really good idea that this is gonna be the first time all of us just gonna, be in a room together. We ve all seen each other
like I'm, but is mistaken in mega there, but they ve seen each other areas, but not altogether. I once like we ve toward which land we throw it magadan, yes, layer, stone, metallica, we taught metalogy, we ve all, but it's never just been all of us, together in a room at one time in the history, never happened right so and eyes It was a historical event. I may be mistaken, but I think it was James. I think it was hatfields the idea to do this and instantly. I understood why, because we're all standing in this this room in this restaurant just to do just the dudes and man the vibe was just. It was amazing. It was electric to be in that room and everybody just hugging and shaking hands and talking- and like just smiling and laughing and dislike. Oh there's, mistaen and unlike hatfield in this mistake like I was like standing there like. I would cite some one, maybe from slayer, just look at it like gave and kirk like hugging. Am I never thought I'd see that you know just like
I was it was incredible night like went on for about four hours and then they said now why, If anyone else we call you heard about it, by whatever and then governs came in, some credits came in and you to turn into a big party and but for those hours. It really was like really made a connection. If you can't see me by uniform, got my fingers in the earliest and we all in europe. In year we're on our forties that boy here every year in its wake, you know what it go right: yeah, exact, and and adjusted to be able to say like. Can you fucking believe this, like you like? guy iran for bulgaria. Thirty five year, you're a budget asshole kids in nineteen. Eighty five hundred all really first started the role and, like you know, just do whatever we could do to to survive and get people in nor bands and we're gonna play to a hundred twenty thousand people to morrow. You know because they love this
Is it that we created there? It was an amazing moment to turn like two x to own, that I don't think I ever sat around I've- thought about that before that night, like a light to own, that into really feel it into being the room with peers who were there when egos resorted put aside, our meals were gone. You know and Metallica really set the tone for all the shows we data on those big for the that the big four tour? They really set the tone and- and it felt like that from that first show in poland to yankee stadium a year or so later it really felt like that all the way through they they, they really did it right, and then he did a record were Joe yes, well, Joe up parallels in your life like go back to spain disease in nineteen and the rain for we have a record that recorded without a singer and we find Joey right. Joey joins the ban, elevates anthrax to a whole new thing.
We go out a tool for a year and a half, and we become the ban. That rates among the living wages have nothing to worry about we're just answer and we re among malaria cut to two thousand and ten. We have a record called worship music, which is basically done. We don't have a singer. Joey joins the band. Again we go out on a tour of mega death and slayer in the fall of teeth. I haven't john. John had already been out since o five is allowed jumping around in these years, but in o five and o six we went out and did a reunion tour with joey and the original lead player dan spitz yeah. I basically to get us to clear our slate got us out of a lot of bad deals. We did like a record in a dvd and blah blah blah and at like cleared the slate for us, because financially just yeah and with contracts yeah cause yep.
We weren't, we couldn't move forward and make another studio record in the deals we are and it was something we were going to break up the band. That was our choice and our manager said. If you go to the reunion tour, we'll John easy down a different man. Yes, we could deliver a dvd and a live record, and this will clear the slate for you guys and it was a business decision that probably could have been made better. But at that point you know John said look I understand you guys gotta go deuce, but I don't want anything to do with it. We were hoping we could go, do a tour in o five with John.
And joey yeah together right. Make that happen jones like no way. I I don't want to let stupid go. Do your thing with joey. That makes the most sense for you guys, yeah and go do it. He was very much a man about the whole thing in the year, but after that, in oh six, when the reunion tour thing ended- and you know in in my with uber thinking we'll just go now back to work with John, you know he's like no. I've got a kid now, it's that last. I don't want to do that anymore. I'm done yeah and he's alright, though a great okay, yeah, we're still friends yoga and I in two thousand and ten, so we've got worse and music finished. We don't have a singer. We call joey belladonna. We go on tour anthrax, slayer megadeth. We do this big tour around the states. We do yeah with joey. We start playing them the new music. We record a bunch of it. We
it's stuff. He goes in the studio records the vocals and we listen back and we're like unbelievable. You know like this: is it's the missing piece of the missing piece of the puzzle like and I and and worship music blew up. You know, put us back on the map in a really big way and and eso, and now here we are at the beginning of two thousand and sixteen with a record about to come out. You know it's the best thing we've ever done because Joey rejoined and and we were able to go out for three years and just be anthrax again and become the band that could write for all kings, the new record and it's such a parallel to how it was on spreading it among. But it's so sweet that that this stuff, like that, these changes an end with you and with the ban with everything else that this full circle thing and this sort of amazing respect yo from there.
bans from the fans and ran and then here to be rejoined. You abide by this anger that made you guys. It's it's a beautiful story. It really is you're still in a functioning relevant ban right. Will you ain't? You didn't become a fuckin monster now I know it or a joke more. That's why I didn't realize. I had a story to tell until I started going out doing my talking shows because I have always in a sense, I'm a frustrated stand. I can't write Joe right, but I could tell a fucking story: yeah yeah and in two thousand and twelve I got this offer in london to come. Tell stories as I a fucking doing that because I I would see Henry rounds do have the area you like our. I would love to try that some hay, but never never, was out there actively pursuing it and then fell in my lap. So It was the night before we were starting a tour with motorhead at the end of two thousand and twelve, and I got up at this this venue
in in london, it was billed as rockstar say the stupidest things or something of that, and I am not yet I had no idea what I was doing, but I knew I had great stories and a on stage in that I opened my show with this, sir. Four in the morning- and I woke up in a sweat like in a panic thinking, I dunno what I'm doing I I came. How am I getting on stage and talked to people with my guitar? You know here and I, how do I open? Would I just walk on stage now. I have jokes like what am I gonna? Do I like? How are you guys I? What? How do you even the show and right and an egg. this idea media like somehow, If I would have I actually, I was reading from a book and people thought it was my book and an eye but it wasn't, it was, and it would be something like that. Be so not my story, and I call my body nah, john wheaton horn, who's, a rock writer and a and worked on this book. With me, my book and as a hey. What's a book like motley crue like the dirt you know like,
super sex drugs. They caroline all that kind of shit. Something like that. So far away from what I do and he goes well, you can read some from the dirt to an audience, because most people have read that book, but check out anthony kiedis his book from the chili peppers, because your audience definitely who hasn't read his book yeah, they don't care and I go online. I find it a gift. book. First, chapter iii study he's writing about sitting in my house in the hollywood hills in may a reverie is interrupted by a fine lady who comes in sustaining upper works in injects me and blah blah blah like this is fucking genius. So I walk on
Is that you don't say a word, I sit down on a stool there's, just a little pin spot on me and I've got it. I typed the whole thing out into my phone here and I sit there and just start reading. This thing is super boring, deadpan rhea is, and she injects me and I start feeling the familiar warmth in and I could see people who've known me for years out in the audience. I could see them like what the fuck like. I had no idea. He when was he a junkie, yeah right right. So I finish, I finish the this little short tail like three minutes, and I and I finish it- you know I lay back on the couch and pass out whatever. However, it ends and- and I just gotta, get really quiet and take the mike off the stamina stana. Might you fuckin people thought that was about me fucking asshole? I say I did acute as says, and I get this giant like sigh of relief and laugh from the crowd, and then I own them for two and a half hours really, and it was it was the best
I dont know what I have. I had ever felt that high on stage ever even in the and I walked off stage after two and a half hours of talking, and I was steady, it just seemed like with the smile, the joker smile on my face, and I said to my agent: I gotta do more gotta do more, so he booked a uk tour like it. Six months later, I toured the uk with it, and I've done like four tours. I fucking love doing that, but in the midst of all that started writing out my stories because I was doing these talking shows chauffeur. Got about a hundred pages. The shit written in a mike. I actually have a story to tell you. I've got book, then that's that's kind of how the book came, the guns, greek and he had a baby yeah. How will tackling hours? Four and a half, it's amazing and empty iraq or to raise your hands. Sayings are ass if she's finishing I could right now I get to like when I can, I get to play in her band and then we also have this other thing, motor sister, that we do, which is a rock thing with another singer, Jim Wilson, and
it's all music, all the time, her father, your father in law's meatloaf father in law's meatloaf, man, I'm glad we did this because we, you know, we see each other over time. We never got to talk to react and great guy, I got moved very touching. You know how I got choked up where the fed ex wider that got me. we'll have to I've, got the latter downtown and ever that's like. I feel like tat letter, save life in a weird way. I could, I could actually say, like that, it completely saved my life is beautiful. Miss bankes retardants got cheers that's it. That is our show. Does I want I want warning. Our progress got and again. Anthrax is new. Album for all kings is available. Now scots book, I'm the man, the story of the guy anthrax is just out in paperback and the new record is great by the way. It's great. What else noted deputy
pod dot com for all your wtf pod needs I need to. I was told I needed to push kansas city dave. What are they here? In April I've got three dates coming up and then I'm gonna have to take. the summer to write a new our. So I can tour in the fall but I do. However, I do have some days announcing that it has not materialise sorted do somethin by friday April wait I'll be at the mission creek festival of the english theater, and I was sitting Iowa April. Nine we were cocoa, theater and lincoln nebraska in April tenth harvest bank theatre at the midwinter kansas city missouri work, I've, wade. The mid west. Let's not make me think I knew better so if you, if you're a kansas city, fan kansas city, Missouri fan of April tenth I'll, be there and I'm not going to play guitar today, because it's wait to get out early on going to be working,
with some exciting actors tomorrow, I'll take by thursday I bomber lives
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