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Episode 687 - Bonnie McFarlane

2016-03-07 | 🔗
Comedian Bonnie McFarlane has a backstory like no other guest on WTF. That’s probably because no other guest grew up in circumstances that could be described as Canadian Little House on the Prairie. Bonnie tells Marc why she left the Great White North to get into comedy, how she met and married comedian Rich Vos, and why she still has trouble telling her neighbors what she does for a living.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you at the fuckers what the blood bodies, what the buccaneers welcome to the show I marked mare- and this is doubly tap the podcast how's it going home everything's well happy monday to yet you listening to this on the day it is discharged, dispatched posted, put up. if its end during your head on this Monday morning, I hope it's going. Ok, it might not, but you know we're probably were built to deal with it. I hope in your life that the possibilities for disappointment a relatively manageable And if are living in a sort of anger, hum of maya- disappointment? Maybe should figure out what's few- that energy. What's what you and that engine, that's what I'm sayin
watching the last night. I was sitting in the living room of about thirty five people watching Jeff tweedy play acoustic to qatar in our thinking about forgiveness in general Maybe I'll get back around that today on the show any macfarlane joins us. That's right! The bonding, macfarlane rich bosses, wife committee, bonnie macfarlane. I say that to you because of you, listen to me! Talk too rich boss right. That was episode. Six sixteen that on how premium and how that fm is a great guy, despite how much body and I bust his balls. He can take it. There's a mutual ball busting I didn't started a bond. He's got a new book out I'll. Tell you about that, a minute let me get back to, why I saw Jeff tweedy in a living room, anyone interested in that anybody, anybody interested in that I'm, not braggin. This isn't a humble brag. I was invited to a party at them,
for an jeff all riches house, Jeff, all rich. Is one of the great innovators and creators in the world of pipe asking he s got our common crime. the ear wolf network and then under Jeff we get there. We get mid role, we get howled at them He created all that stuff he's very important guy in the podcast world in dumb. He assent soldier is his is interesting in all of those ventures and is now heading. Off heading off into the wilderness to do something other some other excel, in thing that does good in the world is, I believe, a from cargo knew it was part of his. He was shut chicago charity event. One of the things offered is a private living concert. Would you have twenty and he got it? I guess it was Best thing that ever done one out of chicago so Jeff Tweedy came to us andrew us. We had doubt nice. A vague in food
it was a non alcoholic event. User is small. The it only invite like thirty thirty five people and the deal was Jeff. Tweedy comes any place. Thirty songs on his acoustic guitar and- and you have dinner and you sit in the living room watch Jeffrey. Well was unbelievable. How does it happen and it goes to a good cause now, look I'm not its other. not a fan of work of our work, but I'm old enough to have loved uncle to blow Maybe there's a guy. The guy who works for me. Sometimes a frank capello is and he's argue work of Adam. I got big uncle tupolev Annie's like who am I really I was one of the people that, after on could tupolev uncle table a broke up. I was right now we gotta take sides. Now we got it It's. Your son vulgar welcome, so I went with sambo for a couple records and I came back around for a few worker records by having listened all the way through, but none the less anodyne and no depression and all that uncle tupelo stuff was pretty important to me, but so there we were in this living room, Agee and there's a jeff tweedy, and he played thirty wilco songs
and yet some of the ones that really affected me. We're songs, I'd, never heard before hated here he played a go out of the songs that point acoustic. You you'd never heard acoustic and is very self affair. sing and very funny, and it was an amazing night. That's all I have to say is that it There was a moment there, whereas watching him. We can't be that much. It can't be that big of an age difference between us- and it was like this Guy'S- a professional and he's playing all the songs. Acoustic is beautiful, guitar player and he knows how to with this stuff yeah. There was a couple of songs that he hadn't played in a long time, so you had to find his way through them, but Amazing watching some one of I generation who has been added, for as long as I have king whatever it is, they do and now sort of middle age, guys that know how to do what we do. do it well, and I was right there- adam? They did. The pardon me that's like this. Beautiful is amazing song and wow. This is really an amazing event and there is in.
Pardon me sort of like he's a pro. We, we ve paid our dues and ah it's great to be in the hands of a professional, some gravitas there, alright, so here's the deal I'm moving into my office, which is you know, don't don't go crazy. It's not like it's in a high rise or somerton a two story building here in highland park. Just so, I have a place to work So my my living room, am I a my dining, doesn't look like a clearing house for books and records and random pieces of paper. I just one another's So when I get done shooting my Oh, and I want to start thinking about what I'm going to do. Next, I can sit in a space and think and and work that's my plan, it didn't work out with the when I bought a bite. for similar reasons that bike sits just beside my garage here. Just sits there. Just it's it's now, just a resting machine just sort of like nay member, not you I do remember was stupid is wrong.
bike. Item rise. How the hell would be yeah, but- I here I'm like I know I know I even bought baskets will baskets for the sides of the bike. Add this image of myself. You know, writing, neighbourhood. Picking up, you may be a carton of milk and some a phonograph records and perhaps a sam a grocery shopping and packing them into the will pouches on the back of my bicycle. In writing around in doing that, just getting healthy. That way, riding around the neighbourhood waving people with my products in saddle bags on the back of my wheel bike, and I took that back out twice. I tried to write at my held twice and that was the end of the honesty of waiving mark pouches filled miles ass. He rode his bike through highland park That is a story that never happened, but I, You have the evidence of the intent. Rusting next to the garage
so buzzing yes, so I am moon in this office and I got this old, the receiver and I'm picking up some major interference only on the phone channel. I guess I'm reaching out to just nerds who understand the stuff. Ok picture me: I'm excited yeah, I'm excited! I get this new space, I'm gonna buy con how do I put records that come in to me, so I can process and at the office I listened to them in the office or I've got this old turntable. I bought this old receiver and- and I got this nice new console and set it up in my office. With these. With these speakers, I got its all god. I can't wait to hear it. And the radio sounds great. I'm going to put a record on peacekeeping, king, king king, king king king eating. What's that sound wait? Why is it god, damn it man? Why can't? I just fucking be you can get something works right away. Kitty, even while she god dammit this fucking things broke must be because I drove at home in the car and rattled or something then
I wouldn't got my other receive or another old pieces shipment receiver to see if it did the same thing my office day, sounds good, but on phone, ok yang our right, so it's not the new old receiver. I bought it some other thing which chaser, fuckin thing down, maybe I can solve it go online. See how he, how do I get the buzz out of the photo channel? I don't know what you're some ideas for right no choke clip on loop things. I would do that plug it all in man. This is gonna work yeah sounds good phono. Can you gene Yang Yang? Remember the game can remember from a roman god, damnit. I've done everything. I know how to do and what the internet told me now what the landlord oh yeah there, the aid and he boy here for a long time and they put the antennas right on top of where your office is ganging. So I never go able to play records is another way. Is there another way? I'm obsessed.
but this is the most important part of my office is my ability to play records that are sent to me by you. People I can have that other space to do that in how do I get that I can buzz out of my head out of my life out of my mind, took months to chase a buzz down in the goddamn tube amp that I have for the guitar. Maybe I should buy old shit. Maybe this quest authenticity through nostalgia. An aging artifacts with expectations that I can time travel through. Those artifacts is maybe maybe a fucking dream, maybe there's a reason why things were made more efficient in better over time? I just wish they weren't. They were to last so now all these at last have a specific feel invites to them our little there there there tired their old,
run current through them for a long time. They are expecting just to rest in the back of a sad store that will eventually clothes then find a home on a good one. shelf where no one will buy it and eventually end up relaxing in a landfill covered with meat products and other decorous dinging earning a but secretly always able to pick up the buzz of the future. I will provide tree by me mark marin, but in all honesty it you do know how I can stop the noise that is in some of the suggestions told you fair, I rings, and plugging all the other rca holes, because is generating. It is coming the receivers picking it up. It's the receiver. Rca output holes help out nerds help me out.
I mention that. Last week I worked with the talented and pleasingly we professional ron, perlman and the I too believe gregarious and enter caning m c gagne on my on my eye of sea show an anna and congo is back as well. She's great maisie action naw man working with Gagne, you all of you know, gaining go ahead and wiki him go ahead and look up em. Gagne usually plays a heavy or a crazy? and ass. You ii was also the fighting, is adding rises and taught you we'd hired him to play this part, but here's the knee a guy in sideways. The naked guy he's them quite a bit quite bet. You recognize him, but it was a blast work and with those two with iran, perlman dino from sons of anarchy and beating the beast,
movies and you know how Hellboy and anna eight was great. Ok, so that's gone well, so bonnie macfarlane folks is comic known her a long time she good person she's got a book out you're, better than me is available. Now she also hosts the podcast, my wife hates me with her husband, rich voss and her humanity. Women aren't funny is available on netflix and don't get too weirded out, because we'd bust and rich voss a little bit. It was all in good fun and we know and love rachel long time. So this is me and bonnie macfarlane, and you know how to do this. You have a podcast, I'm a pi. As our radar. Shall I will already had already with the plugs. Have a gay, I married her advice. He would all now you know you got back down this very started off strong. I mean
I thought you'd be dead by now buy it where's the relevant, and that was that was the bad. I said this kind of them more than four and a half years I like rich, using here. Yes now you're nice but alive he talks about, we asked one you ve ever had. I think he is was the best podcast. That I've ever done? Yes, they have ever done really I mean really get a list of people in and put himself me rich vos, obama, yes, and then obama might have been third or fourth. You know it's like great led weren't stars are like that and they always say how they have the best job who porn star yeah. They feel like they always say that, because people were like you're, not gonna, go into a porn. I will tell you, don't do it then they realize now. I gotta just keep this out for the rest, I live like no. I made the right decision. Yeah yeah, having don't get work at fifty it'll make the with great that's how it with me marrying red come on
and no one. No one can say I made a mistake. No one ever thought that you marrying rich was anything but a nice gesture on your part to get help that guy. But I didn't watch your doc? I remember it came out by maybe I was maybe I'll watch part of it. Don't say that what do you mean? Because that's like the worst? It is you yes, I will they get through about twenty minutes? No, no! No! No! I could the true. The matter is its time thing. It's not a matter of you know like I'm. I'm busy person I know that it was well received in. It was a good thing and it was of women aren't funny. Yes, what was the incentive live, always believed that women aren't funny. Now then I set out to prove it. No, I a baby and I can go, and you know after two years you have to start paying for a flight from child. So I've been take here with me and then you know financially wasn't was outside on the road. You mean yes, yes, there like a potato when their little
take him around what are my programme up? Strap magellan? we're, bundling things that now I never did that, whether they called beard or other car, maybe just go okay. So you gotta pay for the kid now so then I decided I have do something creative, while writing at home, and so I ve no. I pick this movie idea. rich cause. I felt like it was something people would talk about right and that could be funny with anna. He mean he was. I guess how what about? Where do I go? How can I be in more whispering He began he sped on me now and then he said he. Immediately took control and started setting up interviews and he got all them. You know all the big people they see in the movie. That's pretty much. What did you were? during that process? I mean. Was it really a reaction to this idea that trope of now the saying and women can be funny. Because they never really body.
I never really thought that was true. I mean, of course, they heard him from guy comics. Both other urges busting balls right, we're all looking for your weakness in there. I know you know but then there was a moment in the documentary where I was like it's illegal has turned the club owners, that's start being like oh geez, right thrill. They really think that it's institutional yeah and can you get it on netflix, you can get on netflix and you can download it on itunes and how much riches there in that movie cause a lot of rich movie he paid for it. He paid for my big feminist. Did you guys make it back? Yes, we agree yeah cause. I know that the concern of riches at all time- yes, yes, we are, you know I've since I've been married, have not ever been allowed to have my own soda when we're out for but he wants to bring soda into restaurants all the time. That's a that's It's that well, that's like you know. It said
in you don't wanna that doesn't make it good for you is when he does things ignoble that and then he said and anti semitic cause, I'm constantly like stop doing dizzy, popcorn to the movie, yes or no, it doesn't does he believe he will reap. I have my purse is like, They they ever start a policy where they to give us all god. It will be worth measures and he thinks he's beating the system. Yes, we're first, I'm ever went to a movie with them. He smoked in the movie. Data exist, so smug back them here, we're just out your be, but he knew he be shut down. I was trying to impress you just take two drags, then somebody would come in and look around Might I add what pain in the ass nice that I'm in love. well that's! You know what fat very me with them is one time when we were first out. He said we were having sushi and he said to me that he was a genius,
He said he was a really talking about himself as a genius wage. This rich voss, their guard I rise to make sure I know you. I never heard anyone talk about themselves like that before. How did I wholly support that statement that he was saying that when he's on the road he's, you know it's, it's just me jack and no one ever gets to see it right cause you just can't do it in the city and a short said, yeah very uneasy long, yeah good day our you can see what a junior say yes and we go on the road with him shortly thereafter and be like. Oh my god. He is a genius. Well, yes, and and he would always want me to come watch his set, but I would only go watch has said if he did crowd work cause. He really is a genius when he does yeah right, yeah, yeah, okay, so he's got a. This is interesting I'd like to try to you away from this richards ashen now I don't want to talk about he's out around my like him. I think he's a very sweet guy. We had a good conversation is like a decent guys are solid,
and you got you know you, it's not like. You didn't try before that. Now, who does what I'm comedians exclusively because I like reading margo we cover why you thought mean you were because I knew you'd come into the improv and first you always do, favorite comedian, the original improv oil and now I know mailros o back when you have. at that time and and I'd watch, you said, and I would be like, then I'd go to talk to you but you're sitting at. I like, oh you don't it's almost like your another person off stage, sometimes are true Why, then, maybe I think the fame and fortune changes people and I think for you- it maybe better made you better or used validating I mean back then I go on. I do ok. People like you would like me, and then I get can be like oil, tough, I that fuckin was bad and wished. What do you want? Yes, but that's the thinking it's not like
they don't like her. It's like I gotta now lies in what they, like. You would say right said and might know. Why didn't I don't believe that as yet idea right, but but before that, because I, like eight, we had this tweet exchange kind of about termed the mistake that a journalist made it you dated me right: they met my current, I know we're they end and, and then someone tweeted something about a teleprompter and I but anyway I did what was going on. Then I read that part of the book and I didn't you like, yet When you got to town you funny in europe, yet some swagger two years and I was served impressed and the reason why I kept bothering about the tell em after my memory. Who is your manager? Was it aside, investment right because I e
may I call Jeff in there as I get so then you remember collagen. Probably I was. I got an, I got mildly obsessed with the immediately, but that but the problem knocking what am I can do? Well, you know I mean I was married and you are geared to pretty for me. Whatever out I thought so You were, you are up for something like a stamp stand up or something you were being yes right. That you didn't leap. You didn't put that in there because I hosted short attention span theater. So I'm like you, you gotta, like the whole thing, is figuring out how to read that fucking thing, because that's going to be your job. so I was very clear it has allowed. I know, because I wanted you to doing well. Measures like I just got it says, because your igniting when you first are diverted teleprompter, I didn't know what to teleprompter were so that was like, and then I don't wanna be an idiot
I think I also wanted to spend time with you somehow. I don't think like. I wanted to have sex with you, but I wanted to know you and- and maybe you know, fall in love with you or whatever, but I was married, and so I thought, like you know this teleprompter things can at least get me in it's going to at least get me a conversation. Yes right, yes, but I dont really remember calling your manager MIKE. I need to talk to body about this. It was. It was urgent cause you're. He put you on speaker phone I'll ever bigger, I don't doubt it wasn't. Could I didn't want? I do, but I do have anxiety about talking on the phone for some weird reason, we're, like it's like that was that whole new york thing- and that was in the middle of it and you know and all the ghosts and also I think I was completely over whelms I mean. Are you? I don't want it to end a twenty three now is prototype twenty four twenty five and arm so yeah. I bet, but really I you know I didn't know what was going on in life than the work
that I will that's what I picked up on them. Like we're gonna, you got a good and you gotta. Do this telecom you, think, I'm not sure how I thought I was gonna teach it did to retail. there's. I have a job and already high goes faster than you think again very concerned. Yes, did you get the job now I don't think I ever have in on it. I think I ever I don't, but I do remember that than the time when I did use teleprompter. I was like he's right those bastards bank they can control. as usual way that he got bail. Can you tell them to slow down? I was really speed up for the teleprompter they slow down for you. I was really that was my eyes. It was like I was going to help you yes and then it is calling for a while very often on for five years. That was a very
add, I read a little bit about like I feel, like always means is this. This thing is about writing a memoir unit. You got a really sort of wonder. Well, I what Gonna change his name and then the lawyer that goes through the book with you, you're, like the people, will know who he is anyway rise, no sense, so you have to email him, Ask him if it's okay and what he said and I didn't want to email him. The passages cause I'd already finished the book and I was tired of it. I didn't want to have to rewrite so he said I said. Can I write about you and I said the lawyer's concerned about some of the pot smoking stuff and he's like it's fine, we're in then he just said. In the email, he goes say whatever you want just be kind, and now I feel like I could have been kinder. What I think What was very telling in and the interesting thing about markov who I'd like to interview, I dont at issue here I mean that the email is the first time I spokesmen, for I see I saw him once in like he was such a sweet and in very funny there
funny and reliable economic guy. You know like he was the guy new york. It's like you and I remember you had this disposition. working for you. crowd. He was very here he's very funny, but like there was a lot of pot, there was a lot of and I you know, I believe that, after over overtime, extensive pot, smoking can sum, diminish your will to get, in manifest things in your life. Well, there's a thing called god complex that you can get from smoking to it. Really I never got there unless god was terrified all the time you're due and paranoid, and where you think, like your you know, the greatest and people should just really come to your house and get you Why did you do as I described the book at all, I said was that, like he seemed to think that show business which is going to come to his apartment? I never wanted to leave and go out.
oh that's so sad I now but he's the one. I feelings I should probably say, like he's, he's a great guy Are you not? I always getting out some aggressions, maybe from our breakups, while you loved him. Obviously yeah yeah, you you know: a lot of people went through a cohen in paris. smart, attractive female comics went through cohen periods, but what it because there are some, women comedians? I now do they stay the fuck away from comics I don't get it at all, because I think if I was in, I think every professions should just date their own profession, because why would you want to talk about somebody else's profession for half the time, I can you imagine, being married to a dentist, but by about dentistry life, cod were you with yours? you're, saying you gotta young, a dentist has to marry a dentist. Yes,
it's on that. My new horrible know that doesn't have any sanders wants to sell, but don't but it wasn't there an issue because I married a comic and then there's an issue of sort of like who helps. And whose whose where art, where you each other new career them in there I mean like with me It sounds like that had to be some sort of an issue with that kind of stuff. I mean it's difficult. Well, there's I mean there would be an issue, no matter what Riah there'd be if you're in. If you married in somebody, wasn't a commentary an issue with you going on the road every week. Writers will you but what you would do now that liking rich is. It is a great comic and he's a great guy, but I know that I intend: I know in his mind these, like, I hope she makes money. yeah or because we want to make money, but not as much as him you know I mean he still wants to be. I have to make just slightly less than started in canada. How long did you don't? Let's go back because you have a back story like I don't think anyone I've I've spoken to partner
for one reason, your canadian right. What part of canada you grow up and I grew up on the border of l burdens to sketch What does that look like? Where is that Look it up. I am west, it's like from the west. Ok, it's like egos british columbia. He has the right most western. Products were victorious. Yes, yes and then There is then coover embers com, you yeah, ok and Victoria's on bank hoover, island rights, iceland and then its Alberta thence the scotch on oh ok, so Edmonton Alberta, yeah, ok, what's insists scotch one region. I don't know nothing really worth one a peg? That's got going further east. That's not a happy place. Really ah no I've never been there that my culturally very nice had nice. You know nice more people up there, but boy that place gets beaten in winter and shit yeah. It's like it's a tough place to live, know that fuckin city of when it peg looks like it's just had enough. I've never been there, it's it's insane.
I think that there is one of their big tourist stops if you can handle it is I think that it's the way the highest corner in north america actors like. I think that was because of this place. it. Wasn't it like just built their fur trading, the I think so for trading. Maybe french people are involved, I don't know but so wet. So how far up north their people where you were was promised end of the line and real highway, and I mean people did live fight it farther north. There was like but your neighbor was like a mile away kind of shit, yeah yeah anna was what y know I mean my dad. You know his grandfather or his father gave you left him a piece of land there or no. He he had money. He went bought that land there. it was cheaper brought a chuckle answer. Was you have him white? Was you have an assumed name? Mabel? They parents are but living insist catch on their lives. The tiny town car like a farming community is
farmers their farmers from farmers from farmers from farmers? Really the m? Well yeah shit, all right! So he's like I'm going to buy this chunk of land and farm it yes, so there was nothing on it and he might have been drunk when he bought it, and was he drinker? Yes, and my mom was and that's where they got married or is draws knighted, regnant and thereby trunk allowance use. Nineteen. He heard me with you now, with my eldest sister, how she doing she's got no care during grey and so they You know they had to build a house, and you know, take all the rocks off the lands and they did over. They did it all and, and so I grew up. Didn't have running water when I was growing up the shit in shack. Yes, I'm sorry, I was now now we chat in a can at night. If it was too late to go out to the outhouse, what yeah it had a toilet seat on it, the candy? Yes, it was like a bucket with a toilet cause highest,
see there was counter ball when you, why are you going to do it? Now? I don't we didn't know we didn't have tv, so we didn't know how my guards or dislike would stove handbill house kind of sheer wee wee wee melted snow on the stove like for our once a week, baths and stuff. I will only take about once a week with an answer. Yes, with snow. I have it imported from any kids were their norway theirs for kids, for of you in this. What was it like, like I'm, picturing kind of like a cabin issue, type How sad I really needed repair nea was like a run down like a shack. It was a shock that they built while their first house burned down Yes, when you were alive, I was my mama's pregnant with me, and so then they lived in a trailer on the land like a like a camp.
Trailer, not in an rv when I was the babies, I guess it was too cold to put me down. So my mom had to carry me. The whole time was because it was there was no heat, there's yeah. Well, there was yeah sleep, pioneers desire has until eighteen hundred they know it's crazy and that's how you would not even hippy shit, though it's like he's a farmer in earnest. What we're off the great cause civilization is in trouble here. Try to tell people like. I grew up in an organic farm to try to make it seem cooler renault doesn't like those in your some guy. They didn't know. That was what are you supposed to do because, well, my dad really is proud of being a fire or any love living off the land, and it's you know, what were you eating? Is a child? Just shoot, you grew, or did you have to go running, liberating poster? Now everything was from the farm. Literally every single thing on the table was from Burma from gecko them. So we made our own butter. You know my mom made our our own ketchup, which is disgusting. Your mom made ketchup. Yes, everything
are you even know about catch of? Why would you do that to you? If you aren't like this, isn't we want catch up and then it sort of like I'll try to make you some, but how You have, even I don't know about my dad, wanted that he wanted to let you know the house, so there is no of experimenting going on inside I'll, try to recreate something that normal people eat from the simple mark. You know like we were re creating from the sea where you know the supermarkets creating, but there are some light on the island or doing first century. I know that your ketchup was probably a catch of his disgusting homelike edge of his awful, but I bet the army by assuming that ketchup was not a farm item that didn't originate right from If I were you, I'd lose a convenient side and that some idiot came up with instead is something else I don't know. I don't either did I'm sure we could learn. but I'm not doing that. Right now is we're in this. So we do. We can look at the history, a catch, a beer but I will say this heinz is knocking out of the park. Nobody comes now, it's best, it's the best ketchup it really.
Will you because you were. You grew up with it there. So I get anything any ketchup that you get home made her otherwise you're gonna be judging against highness and that's what that's the staple. I mean what was yellow delmonte no good. Now, not even now, actually other big one knows no good, but I imagine some idiot Where are the right? Man can advance guy there fucked up, they don't let them get it. They do not get it right away. Okay, so how? What did the ages of the other kids? Because I just want to picture we What were you cleanliness for girls and five and a half years? So? Well I near this. The younger you, the youngest yes, but I'm gonna have a sister whose mentally handicapped in there, so my second oldest sister lynne has downside so my mom really had her work, have all range yeah yeah and is so so the second the and above you has down syndrome now to up to up. So you guys,
without your whole life. Yes, but I didn't know she was until I was partly six. Seven time realized, sums up, but out of the mental handicaps from not being insensitive that that's a functional and- and you know they have a full range of emotions and found in everything right, she's, amazing, what people you know I've had people say over the years. Like I love down syndrome well because they're, so like wonderful and so happy all the time and it's you know, my sister has a terrible temper and she you know you have to push her really hard, which we did, what he did on a farm. What are you going to do for fun? Why we will push the men to a challenge system
through. The point was yours is our guide we were, we were caught. We did. You know we're means that everyone agrees points, but I remember one time we are called her and told her. She got accepted in the college and the targets that have been raised and I were in the venture, so don't, let's just did you? Yes, we bullied our does. Indeed in vegas, just slightly, but in you she got it. to achieve. I guess my parents set this up. This way. Is it you know she owned the vcr. So if we wanted to rent a movie, she would have to give us the ok. Really. That's interesting, also she had a low power there yeah, so we yankee and she would hold the line. Oh yeah. He had to tell her, there was a dog or a kid in it. Yeah.
So she said: they're waiting for a dagger kid- and I need say, like I don't know- must behave having remember it properly. I was in the previous year So this is a very challenging upbringing, I'm in now, and also you're like the last ones, you're wearing everyone else's clothes. I imagine your mom making clothing, my mom made clothing. Yes, yes, yes and then got in a fight about at once at school, because I really that some girl made fun of so your dad did he farm pride was a successful farmer. Well. He you know once they got the farm up and running, then the house burned down. Then they got it and you know a they got the camera. Then they they finally got a new house house. What was they basically bought an old house and pulled it onto the farm with dirt basement which we slept in and what he merely serve to interpret? Yes, my sisters, and I we slip down
here. There is no walls. No now there was there was walls, but it was. There was the carpet over the dirt the ground. Yes, and there was a lot of mice down there. You could hear mine all for you down there, yes, in one room, yet this is for aids equally within what were they do and apparently, how may one of those irish wasn't there I'm through our words and I guess we I mean it seems primitive but at but there certain me party, methinks I saw abusive in a way he owed sounds like you know why you were raised in the wild. I know it's embarrassing to time about, but where there is it well, for a long time, I was I didn't tugela because I was embarrassed, but then you know they get older. I realized like nobody live like that. Like it's such a crazy, I'm you would Soom that you lived like that. Yeah people seem together. You know how to dress properly properly, not like overall you're, not like not like grunting early, you know
I wonder, and I bought. Why was the world could do, but where you were you home school I know we all gave without an obvious in my mind. My mother was a teacher, oh good, so so you got proper parenting, yes and your father. What was he? Farming so he was farming, cattle and and milk cow money. Here's did you have you have I don't remember how many acres we had and then my father got cancer and we lost that farm issues. The father, No, but we also Joe Biden. They sent him home to die and we, are they doing candidates, Canada held average health coverage way out here about this? Many wit, you many here we're. Gonna luck with it as it is those leg. You got your diagnosis, so buddy lived working cancer. He had stomach cancer. Jesus fuck the ages kicked. It well The story goes out or dunno in the book. The book know how true this is, but a supposedly his
mother came and told him that he couldn't die because he had you know a farm and kids to look after and he better get his ass out of bed and get better. He stopped he got up that day and took a walk in there. That's that's it then he just was better than now. He you know his store. I do remember us always like every day had taken him for his walk. Is he still around oh yeah yeah? So he did kicks down the kurds or some again without matter, patient just cause his mom? Well, he will he he he. No, he did chemo no okay and he did. He had a lot of operations. He was in the hospital for about a year, oh Jesus, so I was sex, that's harv, yeah and then so when he came back, we had a smaller farm and then we'd mostly you know. We had sort of our own farm animals like chickens and cows and stuff, but the main thing was a market guard
so he had like ten acres of garden that you solve vegetables living. Yes, that is hard. That is some serious manually so you had to like you know you had pigs, you killed and chickens, you kill yes and cows. You killed us and probably sheep, no sheep, no goats, and I don't think we ever had but you had to like do the whole thing where it's like. Oh, we know that pig and the ages watch to pay, get older and then eventually you'd kill it well you don't name the animals that are for eating right, you don't we got a friend rule that rule and you are tired of your. We argue, learn like the cycle of life, primarily on I had to kill the chickens I mean now is my job was like cutting the heads off the chickens. The I've seen this happen. Once and not it's not good yeah. I think it's maybe affected me lie. We do that might be why I'm a comedian because you had
Why are you take life yeah, yeah, yeah baby? In from what aid you about. I was lying nine. Ten eleven. Now three jesse grab a chicken, its freaking out, you put its head on a piece of wood and you take a large. Your own acts yeah. And you have to hope. You hid it right, or else it's gonna run around with its head off and dangling from ITALY will run no matter what rag enough and then my others, my sister Lynn. She would then go find all the chickens and bring him back. with chicken, yet as they arise in vienna, we like there's one under the car. Now but there's something you are very reasonable about this right, yeah its veto, it it's it's away where you eat chick you. If I may, I assume you're innocent people. Do they think it's a horrifying, but it's just cause you're up, and you know this is how it actually works you're getting here, but there is an intimacy and there is a practicality to eating.
You raise as opposed to you know. This face was horrible. You know our airport hangar sized veins filled with cages of yes, you know of fat chick. They can't move their down a conveyor of it Grinned labour, just hacking heads yes, it's defy mean I'm a vegetarian, now yeah. How are often on fur. Since I was like probably twenty seven, as one of your big rebellions as you. They parted the farm you're like tat and a black eye and canada have to go reggie carriers- when I discovered the jew done their job? We know that down you wanna magneto that yet now time nine ever doing funny my? I know that's like I just so I you living like this
We abusing your men to which our sister and cutting their heads and it worked. We do have how she doing by the way. She's great, you know, she's she lives on her own good social bitches workers that common na ha check, honour and she's issue. There are your folks know on everybody still lives in canada. My parents live on a farm near by, but they're gonna move on my sister. I shall lives on the the second farm that we we had. Three have always property. Yes, are any of them still farming. Now my mom says a big garden right now, but did you dad he's got by on the farming? Oh yeah? They didn't write. And did the food tastes better, though, in your recollection, comparatively speaking, eggs, chicken beef? What not well, I you know I used to complain about it all the time, because you know my mom would make homemade bread and we take sandwiches to school and the homely bread with crumble, so I'd always have
you know the mess yeah sitting where your friends you can, I please have just so you will be marked for you. rock in your crumbly bread and my sister went to em had asleep over once and they had tv dinners and she would always would always be pointless alike. do you eat dinners? Tell us about the tv? Did your mom would make stews and shit stuff. That would last a week that you thought you'd sort of have to eat at the same pot for a week kind of stuff yeah I mean, I guess, like you know, you know, we'd have to like make butter and you'd put but you never churn. You know we'd have cream in a jar put it, you put a spoon in the jar and then you just shake it while you're doing your homework or whatever and oh right right cause like, if you whip cream enough it just butter, yes and then he just salted a little bit and then you know I don't know assistive stupid. It's completely unique. What I don't understand is like how do you get from there to hear like what? What,
What moment reawake I got it. Yeah, I'm I'm living like like an off the great person do I'd aided. In our I mean I was lake. I fancied myself as I wanted to be a writer But where did you learn that way? Were you at school and there were other kids, it's gonna be living the life that seem less harrowing. Well, I guess what I started baby sitting and then they had tv. So what did you in your dad was boozy use, boozy, no, not after the cancer at yeah, not after the cancer even nina they were too broke. He says he he stopped drinking because there were two broke too by alcohol, but usually does committed drinkers. Why wasn't making his own alcohol either? They did. I think they do yeah. I think that was a part of it. Then he got cancer. He still drinks once in a while you're out, but he you know who are non system who milk, the cows
so I'm milk, the cap, I had my own cow. We all had our own cow, while we my dad, gave us all a cow for a tenth birthdays and then now I shall always your countenance bessie, and now we shall yes, but my fourth grade teachers name was bessie. So I need the cow after her like that was so. Yes, I melt the cow every morning and every night, oh my god, and I sold the milk, my cows, milk, at the farmer's market, and then I started an ice cream business. What and I sold ice cream. We made the ice cream at home. and I made crazy. You know rascal ovary, Earl, roman raisins, like ten eleven twelve thirteen. Maybe you figured out ice cream from your mom. Yes, and when those wooden basket ice. Cream makers like the wooden like kind of like, was wood on the outside you put ice, and then you put the thing in the middle. You were like almost amish homemade clothes churning the ice,
all four daughters at the farmers markets. While my sister is didn't, they just took the money for the cow, so my dad we're just give them whatever in the blue book value the coward Roy S, sixty bucks or some, but I actually took the cow. I got a pregnant cows pick the fattest one, and so then I had you know I got a little business going for awhile and what was your brand? Was it bonnie's ice cream, ice cream, yeah and then my sister lynn would help me, and I wouldn't give her any money. I would just buy her french fries, and that was it just. She was fine with it and but but this was the farm if the market were was it like were city folk would come while an air force base pretty close by yet so they would come to the people. They were city folk to to buy cream from the surrounding arm family day what it was like a lion around the block for my ice cream. Really bored call the house in order. It really yes points. You stick with that
I know I was. I think I should have just been an entrepreneur. So ok, so started babysitting watching television and in what was the impulse there and I couldn't wait to get away, go to a city in our sort of, and then I went to, college. A little bit. I took radio and television arts nate northern Alberta institute of technology. out of it like you like, you in your parents were excited about that they weren't like we're. Gonna take. The caddy didn't like that. I was go, they want. You know, I think they wanted me to stay. I mean I moved to vancouver. I don't think they wanted me to go that far right. You know, and then I am, I will work It is our ties and agents over in vancouver owing to school. I was done school then, and then I I started freelancer. You know this advertise. Egypt help me get alot of sort of free lance. Doing what you know. Writing like menus oral poker in here pamphlets. First,
and then, but has also wager sing. Still the time cause I needed money and then suddenly in vancouver with people and yeah. I like vancouver yeah. It was good. I enjoyed it too. It was a nice end, you're like twenty, yet yeah. I think I was twenty through its work as an advertising at an advertising agent. Writing menus pamphlets near waitresses. So where do you Then I got a job as a hostess at a comedy club which one at the punchline I dunno. If it's still there mark president's voice, no it was independent and in gas town and it was it blew my mind. I wanted to stand up so so I start my took the job because he saw listing. I know I somebody arm at though at the restaurant had said that they were looking for someone. They were telling someone else and I went down there and got the job my stuff, out from under them. Then you are like blown away by comedy that was first semi saw life
I'd seen it one other time, but I mean remember, who was the very first comedian that I ever saw was stanley elman I dunno the same. I know I saw the first time I was in anaheim we've taken us to disneyland that was nice of her here. So I'm in your frocks, yes, so there anyway, so he'd been playing poker at our house for years before I realized that was the guy. I did a joke. I said a joke of the first guy ever son and I like that thoughts m o you, the flames and my colleagues in my country have that weekly poker game and he was one of the guys really. He had a very funny opening joke where he came on stage and he didn't say anything into the mikey just fixed his coffee and moved his notes around, for it was even really long time, and then he goes well. When you go to work, do start right away. The audience fell out.
so he saw stanley home and then you get this job is hosting hostess at the punchline. Yes in vancouver, in gas town yet and so you're, seeing all the canadian did yap like a lady. bag I remember was wanting craig Campbell was another guy. These guys were they ve been doing. It may be like between two and four years, but I thought they were right we'll bury our age bags, I'm sorry jack, or you're young, so he was the one who told me like you can't cause. I was like trying to sell jokes to comedians. I'd been writing these jokes and he was like that's ridiculous. Your kid has that how it works. Are you friends with him so yeah he's a great guy and very funny. Yeah he's really amazing at crowd work if you ever grab worker and then because I was the hostess, I took the call lot people would call, and they say who do you got coming in and you'd say something they are they american and you'd be like now and they like, When are you gonna get american guy common in they? They and as the americans who is the first american use,
like is now you work with these guys. Are me now you may see them a lot of them like remembered me as the hostess. Of course I did there on the there. I please add check I did have sex with any of the paths which more now, but I'm sure they tried. I mean. There's a lot of partying behind drink really comedy is crazy and then actually started doing where I got the upper mike, I went to the uk's open might cause. If you did stand up. There was a all the punchline. Oh you couldn't date. One of the comics you couldn't do stand a really, oh yeah. If I work out to give in terms of yet gets being some serve. You see- the monopoly of the entire canadian landscape. I do to get started there that started there, so we start doing over MIKE's and what did you they went to contest. That was like funny as new comic in canada. One thing really early in like how many years, maybe like six times to regulate what yeah
not idea had done a lot for six times. I write. Well, I never went the content. The reason I went into the contest was so I could get more stage time. You know when you started a wavering and then after I'm moved to toronto, and was there that place a last resort yet in tehran, I didn't. I work for extra course at european airports, through the height of that yeah yeah and then and then did you may go out as other due the the gap that among the crazy yuk comics? Yes, so then I called carolines in new york in new york and asked who book the show, though his friend hi hi bonnie. I I got him on the phone and he acts like I'm a comedian. I want to do your show and he was like alright made talking about then yeah, I dunno why he entertained this, but he said okay, I have workmen in my office. They're fixing the ceiling, if you can make them laugh I'll put you on the show. So I had my notebook out and I
walked in or listed on the phone. This was on the phone, so he put you on some beaker. That was your audition. That was my and I got the show. Well, he asked me if I was cute, was it the tv show, yes, our ones comedy s in one of the first questions I think before I even did the standup it was like. Are you cute? So he puts you on speaker and would would you I did. I did my jokes that I had my notebook. I didn't think it was weird I honestly when I called that's what I thought might happen. I didn't think like you have to do jokes on the phone yeah was there no video tapes, then yes, tat was, but I just I is it naive I didn't know. Did you hear yourself getting laughs from the word? Yes and I started doing a little bit of crowd work with the work. That's the best audition for her. Then I, when did the show in palm, a bad. It was not easy room. I dont think carolines that one though I that none of them were like carolines in times square gets so huge. Well, that's the thing unless it's filled its heart but then quite they eventually they built that curtain ceramic they could close off, and I now make,
feel less shitty. makes you feel more shit. It does but you're like a lion, curtains come and plug it back. We can they ears, like there's a sound here, and then they leave a little open for four comics or five comics to sit at one table, so they could look through the curtain. Yeah yeah. I remember I never played it that much here. I never got along with that. Guy but surprise. That was you moved to new york and I met any. Aren't because it once a well Jeff, sesmond sort of convey. So I didn't know Jeff specimen and he had written me a letter via its united after one of best, comic in canada. He knew about it somehow and he'd seen a picture of me. So ah he asked me if he could manage me, but I just ignored it cause. I don't. I didn't know what a manager was or anything and so then, when louis friend said who's your manager. Here I just said Jeff summon me: I've had a letter from him and then I called you assessment, and I said I told him,
your manager niggers, because I am really happy as he was excited and he convinced me too, stay you still with him. No, no Jeff sussman, who I for people listening, is new based manager, I think famous, for I think he still represents Kevin James and Joe rogan. Yet, who else pageant enough? living large. He is doing what I always had respect, even though, like you know him, and I were not pals or anything, but I knew him and I was probably a dick to him, but those guys that stayed on their own and you know, and in bed on a couple of lucky horses and made a life. I have respect for those because he had a good, I mean yeah. Who else would do Who else he had a care? Remember I just know Brian Frazier. Do you him sure he was? Would you do if I sang out a key and in its bid to key out, but I
I didn't look at my wingspan is he's funny yeah your interview, Brian. He started with me actually in Boston he's here. He writes things. He did a one man show about anxiety. He wrote some books, some books, he also he had fraser. Ted alexandra, oh yeah! I wonder if you still with them. I don't think so, our it so now your role and you ve got your new york. You gotta management. I met you right after that right and then you just started along string a fucking jews. Yes, and then do comedians? Please I'm sorry, you can in all areas because the assumption was it because you just never experienced used for her. You know I've always liked Jews because of jewish men. In my experience of verbal I like your having that ec shady area, so so that This part I was like the never shut up. You know who once cuddle ireland, don't you talk and
or even then how there is an end, which is case I just list and held them, feel better about themselves and listening to jewish men talk or help them feel better about himself. I'm used to struggle othello, phillip we coming together, but What was it like? You did like we're all sort of you. Did those basic cable shows and make those rounds? I imagine your auditioning, but what was europe bearing on the robbery Allen did take. We had lining wondered. Where do I did the road in canada, but I, but I I didn't it'll yeah, hardly- and I think back was I doing. How was I doing here? an hour. I have no idea what I didn't hardly ever go on the road once I got to new york yeah, it was you know city, clubs and then, and then I went l, I got a deal right away and then I went Ella how you go on those two and I want to do and our hundred seventy five hundred and thousand our development it? What was your agent within seconds? Who is area? funny everyone wanted ruth and convert them
Get you that quarter millions our deal now is just ass. They got me that you have an agent, I did the deal. I got right, William morris, which one who were James dixon They asked MIKE august by god. Dicks is another on those independent guys. Now who I am very impressed with in who I gay, I insulted somehow bizarre I hears, I use a character dixon, I loved him. The ice cream His roster is John stewart. Colbert bear came well and roller corolla yeah, but dixon just had these guys. Yeah he's he's such a nice guy, thou too. He loved hanging out with them and he was a little characters, almost like an old hollywood style character, yes yeah, but he's on his own. Now he just gained just as came on colbert and Jon Stewart, and as of what else is great right and then what happened after? that. You got your deal, you. You did a pilot right.
I did a couple of tv shows. You had actually made it on the air and couple the dead end, and then I just got worse and worse. You know just what No, I really just I did want to be a writer and everybody would talk me out of it all. But I ended up by supporting myself by you know. He's writing gigs that I had worked for work. I am game shows in You you're those like yeah, those with those people that just they pulled in yeah the artist. I knew somebody that was writing something that would are you available? Yes, we do. You did tough crowd to write yeah, a very tough crowd, a couple of five times and did you did you write for any shows? It stayed on the erika thing. I know Well, I wrote for two years as firmly longest thing was from spy tv that hidden camera, which I loved working on that show. So was writing if you can stand up amended, you prefer to do you like doing like you, I well. I have such a weird relation with stand up.
I am not as good as I want to be in it frustrates me, it really. I can't I can't you know the email. I it's like one day. You think I've got it. I know what I'm doing now and their next time. It's like a dozen, I had a nice. I I've when we come to terms with that, have never been able to display weather this is where it is a year. I think The of the mindset where I don't anything else. Would I get some point? cross over into the thing where you like them? I m a comic and that you have done it'd go up, no matter what and just fucking deal with it. Yet you know it becomes different, but it seems like you know you, you had success with other things too. Well, I have a lot of shame around stand up. Like I'm embarrassed, I don't want people, I know to come. See me still. Yes, even more so now, because
mom and neighbours and boys will need. I know, I'm a people lead like you know that I stand outside and wait for the bus to come with the kids. We small talk. Nor is it about your standard. Why I just feel like I don't know. I just know they were like. I just think they won't like. Do you think you're rubber It's you honest. Who is it that you're, like that jokes older, that I think it does represent me honestly, but I think my real life doesn't represent me honestly, like I pretend I'm somebody else in my real life to them. It's almost like I'm like a closeted gay man whose married you note, I realize you having a suburban last, like your download guy doing, is set at the comic strip. like I did when I owed to suburban new jersey. Tell anyone that I was a comedian. for years. Nobody here tell them eyes, you know just would avoid that. Will one day do ask comic standing amid at some point. They knew no because I am bonnie vos there. Nobody
nobody arrest. Nobody ever said anything recognized miladi vos in new jersey? Yes, like I have a separate facebook separate, unitarian, there's a binding from facebook into Bonnie vos? Yes, they vonny vos people that you know that's like. Pictures was on my and people from you knows my kids, friends you're, living a double, I'm living a fully double life. Yes, and casually at all, and this is all because of shame and insecurity. Yes, yes I d like to dirty or ok. I did a show at the village underground and when I was, and it went, really well like it could have been better here and there was my neighbour within the audience she came up. She does you never tell me where you have set, so I can You know when I was in shock, loves reeling. sprinkle with eyes like I, like your legs, didn't like right right, but yeah
and then all I could think about. That night was like how dirty like the dirty jokes it I'd done like is she you know, I think I said ice suck, the thousand cox in that set in november. Get a kick out of it. I am maybe I don't know she never said, would double How do you look at her going? Like? Does she know? Yes, I can you not tell everyone else in the neighborhood? That's that's rough. I now it's stupid, What are you track this way you, your books called you're better than me yeah, so you have this fun. Mental shame thing about, but the way I grew up it's all me- dryness spin, it out of leg. You know like for these people. They can know this for these people. They can. that, but this is the memoir which you know where you know you talk about it. comes out because cutting chickens heads off ranking jewish man right media, yes, but that's the thing is like now and in another to asian, where you know they found out. I
book, and they want to read the book and it allows them to read them, but it could give as such. More in. I don't want anyone to read the book. I want them to buy the book, it's not your neighbors, to read it. That's all you want you I mean do you like, but but but but don't you think, be like wow, what a life as opposed to a a pig oh come on, maybe I don't know. I know it sounds crazy. Was Well, what do you want to get rich? Does that rich? Has none of that riches like the exact opposite he's rich voss, no matter what situation he's in rich voss wants. More people could not, like, I remember, doing a show in vegas once and they had my face on a billboard and I was humiliated. I was horrified the people see that, because you don't think what this just primarily cause you, don't think you're good enough. Yes, as a comic. Yes, that you're not gonna win. I don't feel like. I always think, I'm we're like I've never made a cd eggs. I think I'm gonna be a little bit better soon.
And then I was dying myself to the world. I understand you know, like some people just aren't like that, but like there is this idea or I cannot yet. I wish I d better tag now that idea. You know, like that's a good idea, but I think it Joe. He gets a laugh out of a job for you, you do you put something, you know you do something on tv and then you think of a better tagline yeah, I'm tat guy there, you have it, but no one thing: tension right now I know that's, that's the real truth of it is that that the other two things I'd is like. The pressures only on one people have expertise. We are familiar with the I mean like for me to get successful doing this thing you have to Yes, bang twenty years of my life trying to be the best comic in the world and then yoga and you're popular, because I'm interviewing people, it was sort of a tough pill to swallow because it made me it reopened all that sort of like weird insecurity via nato. Not good enough comic. You know, maybe that wasn't you and then eventually just accepted
I'm pretty good and bad as good. As you know, I can be right now and there are some people that enjoy that that I live been better, and I always think that I was pretty good, but it was not the united. I was alienating that's what I am. I feel I out of me or maybe maybe you have that thing that I had then, which is sort of like you. I dont like so why would they? I will try to define them to not less that lots of times going on stay outta, the ads you like fine, I won't like you either exactly well, that's that's fixable. What the fuck is that I have no idea, but I think that means. I think I read that a breakthrough. Oh good glad you didn't go with time's up, I'm sorry go crazy. I had a breakthrough or you're about to don't you think after all these years, that that timing is everything really did turn out to be true? Definitely like. I fought that for so long. It's not everything. So just one of the things, but there's a lot too
no, but I think I've seen people that that were completely socially awkward and and had no timing in life at all. Who were great joke writers were in their time, like I don't I don't say huge. I don't think it's always natural is what I'm saying I think it. It definitely can be learned, as you figure out who you are on stage right, that some people have a very pleasing some people, like especially Jews then good at their tying, a very good at the time you are like, there's a quaintness. There's some people like, as you seem very enamoured with crime, work, and that is all timing, but you have to be quick witted, but for crowd worked we work will somehow and raise a thing you think of the inner. Your instinct is to say it is fast. Can but really the added sit there. For a second time like that, Were you really see you guys with great timing and quick wits is, were crowded, ran eurozone, if you guys do a great yeah, it's really something the watch
yeah. I mean I know how to do it. Certainly, but if you're really good at work. You do that in your regular say you ve got to figure out how to pass your written material, because it's never going to balance out it's hard to go back. The sea save it, but like a lot of people, I imagine this isn't going well. What do you do it? Where you from I guess that's how I do it cause. I I you know when I'm on the road. I you know have to save myself a lotta times like you know they. They prefer the crowd work from me than my jokes, a lot of times so well! That's because you can do and you ve got me if you're good at it. It's it's! It's a crutch! Yeah I mean well the thing about covered, though I think is that arm. I dont think people realise that its. it develops skill or no there's some guys. You can't do it. I won't do it, he won't do
When was the last time you saw him, do it like he used to actually be sort of like gotta. Just I don't it's like. He doesn't want to deal right rhino. Well, that's the thing, though, is that there's comics it will just do what they do regard rice of they don't care, and I have always been a person that, like all of this cave in I'll just our time on my vagina, if I have to let you know I'll, have it, I just got us survive up there, Somehow we, my pussy, you know Yeah I mean I I wish I was never I I never could quite be like cause, even me even going like. Alright, let me give you what you want. It was wrong yeah. Well, that's what I always think about comedians that are just so good like being relatable yeah like I could never do now. People would stand up and be like no. We don't do that. We don't want to hear about your your masturbation thing for an hour later so I never had that. Never I never could fake a regular life. Will you not?
I heard about you- is it you could take teeny tiny little things and make them into your very big break, em open. But that's really! hard thing to do was now. If you're talking about the inside of your brain, that boy, that's yeah, that's where I live a lot of time. That's like a hard thing to do. That's my home yeah, but alright. So we gotta get you over this hump. So what do you? What do you want win Did you have that baby? How will that baby? The last baby ate the vos monsters? Eight, I'm pretty sure she said yeah and she's great kid, she's she's that, yes, incredible incredible kid. so what was that was at on purpose in everything yeah we didn't know. Ah, he said you know. I tried this guy, No, she you know I wanted. That was one of the things you know when we knew we were going to get married. I was like well, I gotta have a kid and he was okay with that
so he's got an older one. He's got two older daughters and he told me everybody gets along you and his ex wife and all get along. That's great. Yes, I mean his ex wife was married and had a maybe the the baby was like two. When I came into that they wanted, they were happy to get rid of rich. You know what I mean the right. Please take yeah yeah. He was hanging out at family dinners what night at so yes, I was like a welcome the kazi lives. Just in a week. They move now his ex wife and hurt new husband by we used to live like just a mile from them. so yeah, so everyone was leaving. When I had the baby. I too, I didn't know who to show the baby tooth, so I took it over and took it to get them. I took this thing over layer, nothing like what are bad here and she would, and help me with didn't. She had three kids that point four kids or something
who a his garish notice. You came home and well run virginia little. Did you teach you about him? She I remember we start to get along really early. I his she. She said. If I'd known you I like you, I would have told you what a horrible personally have you not worn do got better. I imagine, will you know everyone bonds over on their mutual distaste for it, it's like a fun thing. It's exports. Will it's weird thing about his? presence in the in the new york comedy world comedy in general. Is that you know he he's ease of theirs. It is a very sweet guy at the core of all is very sensitive but he's just weird mixture. Like overly sensitive in very defensive, which I guess it's normal, but like he gets a sense, it like you can really you'll get a good shot in with him and then like you at him combust his balls in it. Sometimes it like he'll. Take him a few seconds to regroup around it cause he's like
I don't know what it is about him, but the there's a humility to it. That's very appealing yet! Well, people are always like you know, making fun of him. Then I'm gonna leave or whatever, but the truth is that you know he out of all his friends. You know he easily when they like married someone is challenging. Is me, like you, gotta give credit me. Are you know I would also have the easiest person in the world to be very two year. He stepped up its like I'll. Take it on board so like what I learned about him is that, like you know, in all his insecurity, his insanity or whatever he is like an old in I mean know. I remember seeing him when I was still in boston. Yoni had like this weird ponytail, there greasy as yet or the yeah. Okay. What can I tell you? I saw a video of that him doing a show like that, and it was so sexy, because there is something really sexy about a man who doesn't know like he doesn't realize that that is more confident than his looks.
Did I hear you it's you can tell you is italian or not that time you know I was. But you know he's a stand up guy. You know, it seems, like he's, come through a lot and and sort of taken responsibility for he's very responsible yeah, that's not bad, not bad! I mean you know, there's tradeoffs, that's the plus side, but but you don't you don't feel compelled. He wrote this book. You know if you're compelled to do a one person show about this. I know for what so wait. I mean I got paid to do a book, so I had to write a book, so I wrote the book and I you know- hopefully it's good and people like it, but I do I still am VM people are like about it, your act and so about your I'm not really that kind of biographical autobiographical communion alone, but you even. Why could do you want to work as a car
What I would love to get good now. I would love to to it's been twenty years. I now I you know it's a hard day. Isn't it it's like golf? You never can master it, but I wanted our special. I want to do the hour special and then either one of two things will happen I'll. Just hang it up or it'll get easier for me like I'll, get my own audience to come out. wait, but you he you ain't gotta, be stopping so hard on yourself. I mean yeah, that's the other thing is that I wish that I could just not care. What's no matter of not caring, it's like giving yourself a break right now and it's like, and if you don't think a joke is working right. You live with a fucking comic who's, a genius right. Yes, so like tag it up, hey rich, I need a tag yeah. How often does that happen? No, it doesn't
well, if he doesn't. So you know, riches of sort of one sided in that department. Like talk, can talk about his act for a long time yet, I watch his set, but I enjoy doing that too. Like I like breaking down comedy, I like talking about comedy and figuring it out and so I'll watch is set and then on the way home, we'll talk about a set yeah and then you're going to be like what about my name's mike is fine, but that's that's what if you paid him as a writer for his time? Yes, yeah just sit down it's hard. That's it's! It's really hard to get involved with each others act What was your experience with that last comic standing business harbour, yeah, nine enjoy it. I just another, that's not a good harm me for some comedians. It's great. I was really bad at doing the interviews I wanted to be funny.
interviews and they just want you to like you know, yeah to play it up to whatever and they took stuff out of context, and you know whatever, but you like, being a mom, I love being a mom. And you are now like at some point. Your neighbors are gonna. They must know what you do. They known they do know. Now that I mean they used always introduced me they'd say it's rich voss, his wife. This is, do you know who this is. This is rich voss as well, and now they now, they sometimes will say I'm a comedian, so I'm getting there slowly. I just it, but it bothers me that the that you're, you're hobbled by this and insecurity is this self flagellating insecurity. Well, it's like it comes in waves,
while I'm excited for you, the book is funny and my wife hates me is the part gas that weekly yeah how's it goin smashing. Are you active with your kids school now, I don't do that stuff. Or what do you do? What are you doing? What do you mean you sit at home? I just wrote agenda. Is that's not good enough for you wrote it is when I do stand ballade. I write allied. I've writing we're. Work deserves our muscles, I know, mostly at the stand? Ok, so people can see with the stand. Yeah I've always liked your comedy. I think you're funny, thank you and within an endorsement. What are you talking about being sarcastic? Why now we have a our time getting compliments. So thank you, fine, nice talking to you I talking
that's it. That's it! That's all. is embody great, isn't it great? I want to be more confident god dammit so yeah go get her book, so watch a movie go was in her rich on their podcast. Also, said the new deputy have mugs are available from brine junk. Today they gone twelve noon. Eastern nine am pacific. Go to reinhard jones dot com that deputy pod dot com On thursday I got Jesus zapper come in. Yes, I did data system and yes, it is greater what else? How that at them for the archives of the know this, but no ads in the archives. People gotta deputy, far dot com for their links. To that also watch. My special more later on hulu and amazon.
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