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Episode 693 - Ethan Hawke

2016-03-28 | 🔗
Audiences have watched Ethan Hawke grow up on screen. But he’s also grown as a writer, a director, a stage actor, and more. Ethan talks to Marc about the challenge of playing drug-addled trumpet player Chet Baker and also tells some great stories about Boyhood, Training Day, Dead Poets Society, and that time he got put through a wall by Peter Berg.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the buggers, what the fuck bodies, what the partners, what the fuck was? It. mark marin. What's going on. This is my show deputy. I thank you for listening. I'm glad you're here today on the show Ethan hawk joins me for a conversation. Ethan is in a nice little fell. that I watched you enjoyed called born to be blue eye. He actually put is the trumpet wire chet baker. It is no easy task. Chet was a adapt. during the the movie, where the time it takes place, tat was well to being pretty beat up and pretty strung out and it it is sort of a love story. I would say it is a love story, but it's a little dark and it's done at in a very
is sort of creative way. Moving in and out of a a film that Chet baker was supposed to be in playing himself. He may have shot some of it and and real time frame, and it was, he did a good job in Ethan's, a good actor he's a great actor and he's been. You know he's been around since I feel like you want em, maybe a little. He is a little younger than me. Buddy ideology is one those guys resources grow up. You know and he's done some great work and of his knife have him in the garage and talk to him to afford that I mean literally its minutes away could be care for those. You got no patience, My shit. Let's get right did at ethan. Chit chat. Let's go over these dates again, I'm going be at the mission creek festival at the englert theatre in iowa city on April. Eighth, I'm going to be in lincoln Nebraska April, ninth at the recovery theatre that might be sold out, I'm not sure. On April tenth, I will be at the
Our bank theatre at the mid wind in Kansas city, Missouri tat, is not sold out. So feeding get tickets. In nebraska maybe one drive down the sick, Hours whatever did I not gonna, be driving. If I can, You can do as it for hours but tat either way. Wait. You can go to wtf pod dot com, slash calendar, you can get to the links you can get the links out for these shows, and I, I'm I'm workin on new stuff. This can be a little mix and match of stuff, not gonna. Go way back, but I'll go recent and I'll go new and I'll be I'll, be happy to be in the midwest. I've not played any of these areas before I appreciate all the feedback for the the reposting of the shandling garry shandling, a conversation I had in two thousand and eleven. It is a sad time here in show business and I am glad that I had that to give back to you, people if you had not heard it want to hear it again. It was a lovely man, and I was asked
yet the m, the comedy store last night before you too, that the owl loop, episode. Many of you know I posted the garish handling thing because of the the loss of jerry the day after we dropped out our episode of deputy a few. Isn't that that one, because, as a veteran comic he's an interesting guy he's into respect in a way. That term is not always great and its it sort of attaching store and I recommend that one, if you missed it now getting back to earth, the loss of garry channeling. Last night I was at the comedy store, condemn Bob Zagat showed up to do a few minutes and I talked to in the parking lot, he and he in a garret had gone back to me nineteen seventy eight and they met at the comedy, store and and and Bob felt compelled to er, to say something he needed for his heart and for his or for his friend. He needed to go up
one stage to try to say something in that room where they met at the comedy store in nineteen. Seventy eight and he just wanted to do a guest set. Now he seemed a bit beside himself with that, with grief on some level and in just with loss in just a little a little jarred, and as I always go to sea sag, it he's a great guy, but he got thereupon, he did the classic sagoth jokes and it was funny in a way in do there's no reason for it not to be funny to see him. Try to transition saturday night, your honor and thirty show no less in the original room, which you know that's a real shower, you gotta, do real shit and doing well use killin with his dirty jokes and his bits. But he why to say something about gary that come from his heart
and tat it was just interesting to see him for about forty five second struggling to make that transition and then making it pang of his respects to get generally in the in the room where they met and that and then telling a couple of his favorite gary channeling jokes and then go back to his dirty jokes. so it was like there was a reprieve in the middle of the saget filth, witches being condescending. I like his jokes, but you know he notoriously a little dirty, How dare you ve got your you get your five six minutes of solid young sagged patter full. the and then the sort of like her wrenching short but their honest eulogising of his of his last friend and then right back into the dick jokes. So it was good comedy and it was good that is. It is a great expression of that. of comedic emotion that that it became more it really the idea that the difficulty
I have a feeling the need to say something to honor somebody in there in a context that the audience doesn't know. But you know he obviously set it up well, but it's a comedy show and and then he did to watch him struggle and then fucking do it and he got off and he felt good that he did it, and I was happy that he did it and it was great to see him. It's a you know it's hard. It's it's very hard to. You know as we get older and we start to see our peers passing some tragically too early, which I would say is true for gary, and you know it. It just becomes very a thing that happens and I know it's easy to say: hey. It happens everybody, but you know I'm no old man, but ah, but you know. of its behind me now. You know them sand, so yeah. Thank god for comedy. Thank god for the comedy store as one time there on Saturday night I get to go on stage.
or night. There really is this time after I get done, shooting the shown. I think the same with anybody who does anything creative, her or just works in general. Is that when you want find time to do the stuff that you, you know you you're used to doing or the things that that, fine you make. You feel the best scary one you haven't done him is thoroughly in a while. I got like how the hell am. I gonna write new material. I gotta do another hour. When am I gonna what the fuck and then and then I just start to get back to my life and what my life looks like it's the it's not my head, but that's just too I am man. You know. yeah you know I get up and like I you know, I it takes me a long time to to like I do a lot of organizing. I do a lot of dishwashing and maybe some cooking before I get korea anything creative or get out here, but only was that I was worried about doing stand up and I just having and doing it only once a week for months and now I'm back in it and you just get your fucking legs back and you just start to push out the new shit. There's you know it. I don't
We're think it's gonna happen, but it always happened that mean for fuck's sake. I've done your five cds, a few specials I've hours and hours material out there and they didn't get it comes before it comes. There's that kind of like, is ever going to come, and then you just get on you just have that one fucking night man does just that one night and friday night or maybe of thursday night was thursday. Night thing was thursday night, where these three pieces that I was sort of kind of thinking. altogether just all day, and I actually I wasn't thinking about them going together at all and they just wove together. Naturally- and I realized why that's- how that's how I do it you've got to get present, get engaged and and make it idiot like it has to be talked about nets. Usually the way my brain works like right. Now, that's what happens on stay and that's when the shit starts to happen, and these three things just wove together together beautifully I'd, talked about a couple of them here, but not not with beats and figuring out where they live on stage and in how to me a kind of
I've expand them in fell back in great because despite whatever I'm known for whatever you know me for whatever you think of me or my work or whatever you know, I've been com, go on time and in that's how I identify myself, I'm a comedian. and when it works and when there's poured where you're like I can. I can make things vonny endued. Did my another hour, no problem, because you just that freedom of mind that's. What comes back is the freedom of mind, which, for me, is wrought with a sort of torment income pro compulsive. Now to sort of poetically, understand things and get those down
keeper and get them out of my mouth on stage to see. If people you know see it that way or or or are excited to see it the way I see it, it's just been fun. It's been fun, it's fun to ave bit and it's like that sort of working in it's new and it just makes everything. Okay, the understand my making sense I'm coming back to life after you have doing some gay. I mean I was alive before, but we have work to do specifically, but now I guess I'm coming back to you know what makes my freedom of mind. My creativity, exciting. Ok, I, when such saw Joanna newsom the other night. Yes, I did. for those of you who listen to this show regularly or are nerds about it or compulsive about. As I've listened to everything I hit her husband, Andy Samberg was on the show and- and I didn't know who she was, I felt bad and then people like how can you not know who she is certain people? So then I got some of our record from drag city. They were nice enough to do to give me a couple.
And I listen in on my guy, I dunno. If I can handle this, it's a little too. Definitely I sit down and do this joanna newsome business yoke, it's very unique. It's very of her own and a a you know. It requires some molten, multiple. Listening that I now I think I it looks like I'm going to talk to her. So I you know I went through. I got new record than I want you all the old records in their mighty maya, my girlfriend Sarah kane, the painter was buddies, would Joanna like a deck. They go back in the day in the bay area and eight day Henry they haven't talked at all, really since then,
so she knew a little about her and as she actually had one of her self released c d, r's that you can't get on itunes, so I listen to that. So I got all up to speed and she was here at the orpheum last night a couple of nights ago friday. I went to see her and it was like she's from another planet man, some magical shit- that woman is, is definitely touched. She had a couple of cello players in a piano player and a keyboard player and a brother was on drums and they she had a guy that played guitar, banjo bass and an ood. or something some unique, a unique sounding almost renaissance. He instrument all them kind of moved around and play different instruments. She had her giant harp, it was it was I in all day. Like what kind of audience is here, it felt like some. It felt like a nerd hobbit movie young, when people are a little too sensitive tete to really live
alton the world, but they can't really show that they all came and and and and almost like worshipped Joanna newsom. It was pretty stunning, so that was just an experience. I had harp, though not doesn't look like a practical instrument to me doesn't look like something that could be just like a hey. Can I come over and jam? I gotta throw my harp in the car. The thing was as big as a car, but she was a just magical and afterwards at her and Sarah were able to reunite for a few minutes, and that was she knows made me cry. Johannaeum seen somebody in ten years and emotional. For me any ways. Rambling about Joanna newsome, Eventually she will be on the show. We will do that. Ok, all right, Ethan, hawk and his film born to be blew away place. A czech baker is now playing and select. Theatres is mean ethan
so I watched the jet baker movie good job buddy. Thank you yeah. That couldn't have been easy. No, it was not easy. It wasn't that easy. It's funny. I don't remember the day that I agreed to do it. You know, like I can't like how the hell did. I ever agree to sing my funny valentine on camera guide right. I don't know what possessed me when I do it like him. it's just one of those strange things? It slowly happened to me. I feel like well, I mean who's project. Was it because it's a it's a you know he was a pretty wacky. I think he was a glass worst character, but by the time like into in terms of like you know, he was smooth and sexy and handsome and all that, but by the time you pick up your story of him he's pretty beat up others days ago and yeah yeah. It's like you know, you're getting a fucking teeth. I mean that,
You watch here that documentary to viewers area without well documentary, Bruce Weber made let's get lost, you're, I graduated high school and a lot of ways. That movie was my first. Production, not only the jet baker, but I really don't know anything about jazz it all right and in and a lot of ways is a good entry point. You gotta, accessible right and like nina Simone, some it's easy easy to enjoy. You dont have to have a sophisticated. you're like you re with right. Hold trainer rise, early parker miles Davis, either in sue. You too much My relationship is actually kind of strange because we link letter and I I tell you the truth. The truth is out here in l, a we are at one time in brad. Pitt apparently dropped out of some chet baker project about fifteen sixteen years ago, in a in the It's producer calls me up as a would you be in a jet baker, biotech, and I let me think about that, and I called up link letter
and link letter, and I went down the rabbit whole about men. He was his brain was so interesting thinkin about jet, really, as you could rick at this great immediate hit on Chet baker. What was interesting about him? He was interesting about him. Is this detachment? and that that's like what is cool Chet bigger is cool. What is cool cool detachment, a detachment as a positive move? the and negative manifestation, unlike requisite get. Let's make a movie about detachment Let's make a move that cool it'll be like pull my daisy and would set in the fifties. It was awesome. We got We are all jacked up about this movie and we got a script together and we were treasuries money in just slowly fell apart and never happened. We never got to make the movie, and it left me with this stuff, Disappointment, because I have really worked hard on it and adopt We're tolerant, researching and thinking about chet research makes us
I went to the library and said no, but just in my imagination you know the kind of thing I thought about for a couple of years time: you're driving and you just thinking about I'm listening to everything- is an excuse to think about how I might want to inhabit that world in the is went away was of real funny. The the script we come up with was an idea that, dumb a day in the life of chapter the day before he tries heroin. Really I was idea Finally, one day I was at rick's house in- and I start asking questions well, maybe we should go to a new line or maybe they'll give us some money in here in rick's like all the time. Oh, no, you think I'm too old for this parties, too old for the script we'd written and it taken us too long. I got to all right. Well, ok the point. Then ten fifteen years go by and I get another script and opened up in its. You know. It's called born to be blue and here's chet baker again right. Only here
is forty, zero, toothless and screwed up at last, and I I felt like this part was cut jason me down a little bit and almost also felt like I was reading the sea go to a movie? I didn't make right you right. We started this year. I felt kind of compelled to make it and I met this filmmaker rob woodrow, who would written the script and he was, it was clear to me, that he was a little obsessed with this topic had made a short film about shed. He tat several different versions of the script and he stood. Given me different versions of the script- and I was able to to read all these different ideas that he wanted you to be part of the collaborative process, which is that, if you gonna guy on the rabbit hole with the really scary part right, you want to be you wanna, be dictated to about it supposed to go. You we're somebody's gonna under stand where you're coming from, and I had
philip, seymour, half minute just died and regards to, but he was a real hero of mine. You know right there aren't that we worked together on before the devil knows you're dead and we met when I first moved to new york, he fell As a guy, when you go audition for a movie, he was always the reader, he was so mean he was the reader. Oh, like I have on my screen test for scent of a woman. Rhino. Oh really, you know so Pacino is not there for your audition. They hire some actor to read the lines, and here it's phil, Seymour hoffman read that was his job. That was his job yeah and he he'd work for the casting agent yeah yeah yeah. And he was so serious this guy in an end he he I had a little theatre company and he wanted me to do what his plays, and I said no and and cause I had my hands full the then I'll start my own theater career. What was that called? I think I remember that. Well, here's the theater was called Mal part right and that's an It'll start his own, but we were friends,
a long time than we did before the revenues you're dead together. He was, if you can, about the new york theatre, see india and you care about movies. Yeah does actually only him full of people he's a real was a real pillar that community and he had just passed, and so said the notion of what drives we talented and successful people to do such self destructive in management. Reality you know was really interesting to me. Would you come up with? I mean not not, I saw the performance, but the only intellectually. You know what what do you think was the weight of it, because I think some people who are either blaster curse talent or more sensitive than others, and can't handle life is as well as others. But where do you come Where do you fall into that spectrum? You don't seem like a guy that would lose himself like that, necessarily
That's a big question jurors. I know that I've had a lot of people in my family who dealt with real issues of depression right and you know from by poured schizophrenia at a real serious issues, and I have often felt a member thinking that sometimes the most beautiful and sensitive people that ever met. My stepfather was really touched with grace and allowed. He was. He is a very is one of those people I almost when I was a kid. I felt this way that may be nature puts magical people every year, thanks people out there a little too sensitive for daily life right for their there there put their for special occasions. You win win. Real need because he's a poet you know in and fill was a poet I think at bay and away in his own his horse.
It was a poet young, really really sensitive soul, yeah I ended. I can't navigate the waters. You know they don't have red sense of humour about certain things? The very earnest usually a year- and I think my end up my head on Chad is his is that I think what he really really wanted was a jazz life and he had an ethos. There was a little bit different. I don't think you really wanted to Fit into society the way everybody else wants europe to and and what he really really coveted was alive play music and that was given. in the music there's at great scene in the dressing room, with you in the air, the manager you know where.
If you you are making that decision, you know and it's it's kind of a what I love about the film as it it hits. It drives to a central point, which is where you can have a professional triumph and, at the same time as immense personal failure, yeah people I often think that somehow people they see your success or of his somehow there succeeding is a person I made this. Community about see more and in its about this eighty eight year old penis today I see more introduction in one of the things it see more talks about. In life in the arts. Is it if your art isn't integrated into your development as a Recent right, then, is actually to throw your whole life out of balance and whether you succeed or not, you may succeed yoga gould, being example, jackson. my ray. I got all these different people where, where they're, letting their art and their neuroses drive their life because, its most important to them? Is there art, but they don't realize it if you
succeed at it and lose yourself. That is, really success in that to me is an interesting question. Yet what that would be a boat that in that equation, is losing yourself actually becoming. and send an artist, and is it worth that risk is? Are we saying or is it I dont know the answer to it, but I know right. What are you saying worth the risk like if you sat like if you look at some of my chat baker like the question you have at the end of that movie. It's like I, we did is best work after that annually committed to a life of jazz in drugs. But in retrospect, is he but that is figure or do we look at him- is like you're, just a sort of tormented genius who gave us a great deal.
It's weird? You look at it as a person and in his appreciator. It's a different thing. It's a different thing. If you look at it as a jazz fan, it's one thing: if you look at it as his son run away right, you know his daughter. What happened to that kid? Did you do his? He? He has several children and and a couple ex wives and yeah, and I Imagine that this sum hurt there of course, any like that great thing in the movie: she had the other thing that sensitive people, and I think that you actually possess summit is not an industry the way that I can tell watching your work, but relationship with his father were you know it's sort of the key into? Why he's like that? You're? Why? The love deficiency can never be met like psychologically sort of answered there right by, but it doesn't, it doesn't, really because there's two ways to look at that shit. If you're, not an artist, you go to therapy and you try to figure out. You know you go go to tony robbins or whatever to try to get your shit together. But if you're fortunate enough to have talent, you can drag everyone else through your struggle.
Right. Are you absolutely come through my pathos exactly now, but like? I noticed that, in our view, there is one thing that was you know when I watch dumb what I want my watch boyhood recently and I watched her- I always watching the day when it's on, because I love that fuckin move. That somehow or another whatever you ve had your entire career, which is a and access to vulnerability, you can bring. Even the rough is rose is sort of an amazing thing: do you feel that I mean like that? Brought the sea in boyhood, I'm what we come back to chip or that you know that was a very human and, very you know, sort of you know a painful guide lay in how dare you you? He had the mature young later should and that when it comes first going in your sort of a stand, a guy at the end, that was pretty sweet, stuff, very heartbreaking. Everybody likes to think decide you that were there born done that were somehow that we even ever really arrive and where human
interesting to me about boyhood is, I felt like I was being offered a job that no accurate been offered before is to get to create a key victor, where there was really no script ring, is asking me to create a portrait of fatherhood in use Time is clay. Even read your gun to use. You won't have to act on this year, and I had this, and when he was talking to me about it in my brain? Initially, initially, I'm talking about fifteen years ago were sent in a cafe. My son was it's born he's told me that this idea that he wants to make this movie here and take twelve years to do it, and I was like whoa. I really pictured my father in my first memory You know like around the time the movie start six years old, first grid. What is your father look like in those memories to you, and for me I have very specific image of him. It would that is very dear the image I have of the man who was at my high school graduation, and when I try to look at those, I real that he was growing up as much as I will write in that became kind of
My journey with my character is part of that movie in what what? What would you do with it? in this point that were not finished. We Parents were young weren't they my moments, seventeen, my father was nineteen, that's crazy. Can you imagine having kids at I got a seventeen year old daughter right now and I think she em I hope she would my me saying this, but she really wanted a puppy. This year and now was a bad idea, but my mother's said this one so saw Ethan, let her get a puppy in its it'll. It's the big! If just had a puppy. I dont think I would have had you think he did something to take care of us are the ideal near I've got that man so well, but you grow up. Will it as born in Austin, texas, really yeah, so your texan? Well, yes, my my father still lives there an, but I really grew up.
in high school traveller with my mom and my mom, we to atlanta. We move to brooklyn, we move to connecticut. You look for work. Yeah. Well, she was obviously clearly young woman right am when I was a knight went way. I get divorced me I was around three hour socially, like twenty one: won't tackling a lot just a kid execs, you still college in them so but I grew up with her. She was ass. She kind of his finding herself trying on different jobs and india. We went shoes just stratton mountain valley lodge for a year and for a year I was like the greatest third grade. Skeer you ever met, and then we left there and relevant to atlanta and land. I was you know what it is you and her. Yet, while your buddy, exactly air, it's where those relationship where you sort of gotta stand in to me like I'm, then I guess my mom was worth twenty two when she had me. dad was never round she get this weird? imagine extra emotional pressure to deal with the matter,
Was he really there? Many a novel has been written, but ah so how and up in new york. Well, Let's see how I ended up in new york was that I was when I was gradually school! I really pretty sure I wanted to be an actor or sometimes I wanted to be jack London. I really wanted to be out in the writing about the wily air and land and be a merchant marine, have advanced area in and write about them, and I went to carnegie Mellon for a hot minute to study acting and that didn't goes very well. I was very unhappy there and I heard about. I would happen. Just didn't: didn't you didn't like the system, you know what happened is for me is colleges of too much like high school near. I have this feeling when I finished high school, that I was ready to be an adult, and I wanted to have like adults, experiences and- and I was
freshman again near, and I felt like I was this guy I signed up on the dotted line was supposed to be here there and access to, and you know there was just the culture of everybody just drinking and not that I don't like drinking just was suggest this haze of their ability and I wasn't an interesting. I heard about these additions for dead poets society. This in the movie when your mom was living in new york. At the time my mom was living in princeton, new jersey. Well, actually she was teaching school in trenton at the time and trenton yeah. My mom is a real kind of radical eleanor was roosevelt type shows progress, romania now working for gypsy rights and really, yes, really a bizarre percentage urim if she did remarried behind your step dead. She did it with that. I know I see that she has been she split from him and as a noose I have a new stepdad are good. Okay, as she has her. She has her eccentricities yeah, the rotating stepdad here, but that sac that sac their first step dad. He was the pope.
We kind of sense, yeah, okay, yeah yeah, do you still have a relationship with that guy sure do yeah? I guess cause. I don't. My parents stayed together as at thirty five in and they build better. So I have these relationships with stepped. As is interesting. because you any. I really here but you're real, that here we You only have one father right. You know this is only one that brings you into the universal right to strike, and but you a lot of guardian angel. you have a lot of men, tourism, For me. You know often you know like people will either say it is a positive or said as a negative, that I have tried a lot of different things I, like you, know I've written books enough. You know the active employ is and directed movies. Nana documentary and dry journalism and I've trial in a part of that comes from my stepfather who had
He just didn't see any difference in the arts. He really saw the whole thing like a big fist and right. You know like acting as one finger and music is another finger and painting is one and sculpture is another and they're all about this need to communicate with each other with. I like the fifth madagascar. It has in fact you to accept the hunter S. Thomson, six finger, investing already or solar blacks here, but in any event, must have father had that exactly what you're talking about in them, which is what I mean is a certain fuck. You factor to it when he asked it. Society this allowed wrong the latter games. People play in their lives and is an obsession with money and this, and he was kind beautifully, would see through but yet when I talk about sensitive, not getting like, why was it was the least eighties, right when on gradual, high school and he's a type of person that you know that we
If you'd see all the starving children in ethiopia on t v or people feel bad or turn off the t, v or they'd send in thirty dollars or something while he the addis Ababa right. That's what he did I turn off this tv anymore. I can't be this person, I'm just gonna go there, and this is the guy. I was grown up with in the house and he was really eccentric person, which is I mean by that. He taught me to play football, any taught me sports, but who taught me a real love of the arts. That's amazing, In any I mean, but that's the thing is no difference. Music acting eating poacher member. I was writing this cry discussions. Girls in years grandma, I wrote this little cannot love postcard had left out of the thing any any doing one six his palm stinks said since I've only got a few moments in your life to be eighteen right,
how to write a better poem. This music, you know the he's a giver, something good right about her, don't write about yourself! Yeah! You know talk about her. Why is this poem to her and no one else right in a good idea to do it on work gangbusters, but that sweet you're right about that, especially when I think that you, if you're apparent separate. When you younger, there is almost a crate like my dad was fairly absent, but there's a craving for that guidance and your fortunate You know that you had another guy that you came in to your life. They damning cosette sounds like a change, your away thinking it didn't. You know. Get to be an I'm reason to kill you two older serve me, I'm split from mother and yeah. I'm looking at this from both angles, and I really feel like I was able my my real father is a very different man and has a lot to offer to what's his trip from. He said
mathematician and really is spent. His life is an actual and numb just really the deeply kind. Deeply humble person organised incredible, yeah yeah. I know as the opposite and he's get emotional and of drums, and so he said to deal with this artist sun, which I'm sure it's been challenging from, but he would never let on than rise rise, very young person of a deep and substantive faith behind that guides his life and is really fun to be around because of it. Yeah he's got his ground yet very deeply, grounded way in what is interesting for me. Is I've been able to pool from these front roma, Adam unhappy and anna and that's it. I hope that my kids can do to how they do, and I don't know the when you're a certain aged its attempt to judge your parents by they're, not me, I'm at that, and let the non judgmental phase of parenting, because I'm being judged right racketeering, I always like any other ones
yeah yeah yeah, I've got one graduating high school and yeah. You know, and I've got one is about to be a freshman in high school you're taking the hit. gathered there agony dead as a phony he'll, come around you get along with her, your ex wife. please is lisa move. Yes, I do get, but also that, given that you start acting cause now income background. So you leave carnegie melon you there's a advertise you either casting for dead poets. You haven't done anything before dead poets. Really I had I done some child act into this movie called the explores. When I was thirteen years, and your mama's into which she was cool. was none into which she was really busy. She just a priest me being busy who took into the city. For addition, myself, you took the bus, I did the train, oh yeah yeah, when you Thirteen fourteen member who could do that. I know
I see my mother told me as long as it didn't cost any money. She was going to pay for headshots or brian agent during the day, but if I wanted to go on some open calls, I could Hear- and I had this friend of Mine- who lived down the street, who had an agent and saw it. Train and here, but you know, I'd, have to train with him and go on these casting calls, and one of them was for the explorers and you know it, We were kind of touching on numb phil, but you know that's where I worked as river phoenix in in the export, in the explorers and got to know him in this. I think when this script arrived on my desk, he ran right after philadelphia. It was hard for me to think about fear without also thinking, river and right river was my first relationship to acting wheels were learning about acting together in your both at the same age year. We were fourteen. We may that movie, while an m anna, but so have been a little glimpse of my life like a tiny chapter that had almost forgotten about me. I graduated high school in it would just been this weird.
You know strange like summer camp experience that was different than the rest of my life and then wyndham. I went and audition for dead poets society and I got the part and then just kind of led me on the path where mind you today yeah well, there was that that's. The other. Interesting thing is that you haven't these. There is different ro models. Is man in your life in your mother who you know you had a yankee, your sort of them. I imagined it they're always you with your mother's. Like you, be aware, pretty early that she was busied dealing with her own shit, ano wish he gave you the opinion to air the option to do what you wanted as long as you didn't get in trouble. I imagine my mother placed a great value on independence yeah. It was really like he She had a lot of respect for me. If I just took care myself well appreciated that yeah and if I'd just memorize his memorial kid bigger. Can you give me I kitchen, for
monsieur she shall have to give me out, tree would be line with presence here in any get under their they're. All library book area stay open, and I had to return them really there as big as that was, though she would always she'd get me she'd go to the library, fifteen books and wrap them and put them on, and you know I'd have a month and read them, or do you just take them that yeah, some of 'em, so after dead poet, for that. I guess that was the question he said now you're in this position to be having an experience entice role models like gay who you're acting with joy, When did you start realizing like that? You know you learn from the people you are working with, or did you do I mean: can you working with robin you working with a whole cast of kids at your age in that movie? Was it more? The feeling of like I'm just doing my job, or did you have
It's where you I call you shit, that's robin Williams and he's doing this thing. For me, it felt like I'm Peter we're near the director dead poets. that? Guy? Really, okay, okay, so he's he's made. You know, year of living italy, which was one of my favorite films. Picnic at hanging rock yeah yeahs is incredible. You made witness, ah what a great movie that he made the last wave right, yeah yeah as a major, and when in the room with him it was my first experience with what it was like to be with somebody who is an adult artist, yeah and he he was living his life in service of something larger than himself yeah. He was dedicated to telling stories and making movies and bring out the best and others. This is a major heavy a human being. I felt like I was meeting you know and studied
Sam shepard and I'd studied rent at a door right, yeah, that's the kind of stuff I was reading, write and write, and I felt like I was meeting an artist right like an actual like I'd I'd heard about, men be accessed I'd read about them in the newspaper right in this was a damn. Art is rightly was area and of the old, and he was we were, staying at the ramada inn in Wilmington delaware and he gave all of us it's I mean this is the start of my artistic life is, is that he gave us a challenge. We had to write your characters, biography, which have later come to find out that this is a very common acting. ass. He had never been in their rank class proper sure, and he said you write your character biography. You know so I had to write like ok well, I was born in this town and my favorite color, and this is what you stored collecting a conscious that is a little bit different than your own. That's the idea, and he would say things like to Robert Schuman Leonard was play my roommates. Ok, I need to believe that you too, are friends, says so. when I put a scene in the script that is gonna, be about your friendship and he showed us
of the schedule and on Wednesday the october seventeenth the scene where to shoot it for four hours here and you are going to ride it said you, you two are going to take a need, a three to page scenes about friendship, about youtube becoming friends, and I will film it on this day, I'm going to pick one of em that's right. It and still, but worse, was seventeen eighteen years old right. This is the heavyweight human beings and he's gonna films seem we're right, india, so we stay up all night work and what could it be? What could be someone is another think in it thing it, we handymen these units three different to page scenes, and he looks at how many goes. Ok, I like this one best will shoot that one and it goes the sketch on there. It is seen fifty two part b or how it is and if comes to and use willing it's not in the movie completely out right right, but we became friends ray It was in what I learned was a process that was gonna become
valuable to me working with richard link letter, which should lead people think when you get on. Linklater movie that over her was like play. Practice like it is seventh grade right right. Do you know in play practice with richard is something deeper and more mysterious than that which is and of joining imaginative forces that the most- one thing that really happens in rehearsal here is not that I plan to say this line when I'd put the coffee down on their it's that were actually mean in the same movie, and that we have this co. We start a collective consciousness. Yeah so that the same symbols mean the same things to me that were on the same as they do to you But when I make a joke, you laugh because we know what each other a talking about right right and then thing becomes easy, it's classic teamwork! Nay, I mean you learn this in baseball europe on in a team. The and a high level you have to have a serious non verbal communication right and,
would Peter we're? Was teaching me for source teach me how to write bulgaria's biography lessons in half and he was teaching me. How would it What a cinema experience can be because people of this idea that there's improvisation never improvised well when the cameras or rolling right eye an improvised really well in rehearsal, and then I can rewrite it and restructured so that the movie has the feel of spot, nay, sure you know that when you know that bit to come out of improvisation, I gonna hold onto that exactly rain right which, which wants to get rid of your before. I forget quick question day like that some weird things in the little moments in the new movie in born to be blue. That that I thought were great details like I was you walking off, the plant was agnes greater had now, but you know I read this thing with love. I was
those who are staying up or what I was so fond about. Studying a really interesting person like jazz, like I stay up all night reading, we're doors and weird in one of his friends, was talking about one he was on. You know like a a lot of junkies. He was just we're on the prow, so maybe he's hussy try to leave every exchange with the positive right so that this guy in the scene, I'm asking favour an eternity download. I steal his plan and then the line after that is genius. Where were like, like some power, the movie with the romance its egg. It gets a little kind of like a romantic. You know, but this stuff, like you know with the junky stuff and that's not a negative thing, but like I felt that some of the the details around the. He did with the character was kind of interesting because then the manager guy goes. Is she really pregnant? You go now and he goes well. That's a start. Yeah. If I get to honesty, I'd like to see that it's interesting that moment, you just picked. That was improvisation, that then we did and shot because we were,
joking around doing the scene- and I would like in the rehearsals I was still on the planter and then he ran chase of this guy com. Is a great activists lady gaga, Keith, Rennie's great me, he star, buster I bought right and we found us a real moment right. Ned land you're, always hunting for is a real moment where doesn't feel safe. The word I thought that you and what you talkin about, as I know what you mean when them he gets into the more so if, in a lot of ways be anybody. Cherkis men and women followed her lover. Men and women fallen in love, yeah, one guy ask and a girl, americans. You know this certain right, listen, it's What I love about link letters boyhood is he doesn't do any those more rice. Now you noticed, avoids any virus kiss gone photos Virginia gone. It's all the same view as we all know what that area will you have other, but those still did that the commitment to the character liking and once when shortly is a shit. You realize how fuckin painfully insecurity is
in that year, the whole struggle to get to figure out how to learn the horn again you after he got his teeth, knocked out that just the at the door. To have his insecurity in his own self annihilation and how they were authority. And in handling and see I've spent my life around people like that. A meme actors actors musicians, people who, are so passionate and then quickly turn below they. They turn on. You I've just I've seen that overall we have, because we are looking for love any whether now you can accept it and not. That's. You made your horror. There is not a meme by but most peak most performers. They want it yet whether they can handle when they get it. That's right they doing on it. It's my life, but what's it like the really we ship with link letter. Why do you think cause like not unlike yes course, the indian airlines. Have you seem to be his guy? You know in in a lotta movies like he likes with you in it eight firms that I mean that's a lot of moving. So how did that that big?
in what? Why do you think you have this this symbiosis with him? It's a little bit like any friendship recent and, if you ask me, questions about it yet right deserve kind. dissolves in your hands. You think, there's an exit connection. Do you think that their? Yes? I do. I think that dumb, but for ever reason when there was alike I did sensibility and me we were very different people. I think that dumb you. I really don't know the. I ask myself the same question. I know that I am extremely. I feel fortunate, because its one thing when you're young, I mean there's nothing. I could wish for my kids more than to meet people of their generation that turn their brain on fire and a member rick up. I had this theater company, With this playwright, Johnson martian rejoined his place and anthony rap was
guy who was inducing infuse notes, slacker come out, but decent views and come out and rick came to our theatre company to see plain to see anthony in here, and we were all really young. You know it's right remedy, slacker, came out and then reality bites came out, and so it was an interesting for us to make, as he was like those the director. I was like the poster boy of Jenin right so when we shook hands is, I got. I guess we're supposed to me and I am in his genetics mean anything to you, absolutely, not demeaning to you. I don't even know what it means. You know. I didn't even read that book and I didn't even know was based on a book what you mean in in so anyway. We went out and we went out and hung out all night one night during the whole play- and I did have the feeling that had you with certain women in my lady s, certain friends, renewing you meet me like. Oh I'm, gonna know this persevere After a long time rise kind, it
quick, there's, an understanding, clicking unspoken here- and I remember the rap party for before sunrise, the first film we do together in vienna and world cup had been and it was summer, was gorgeous and a member no one when I left at rap party that I was I was done working. that procedure. You know that we would just starting here and now I dont know why that is- and I don't know You know there might be a time when you know he and I've dont work together for a while. Yet- and I dont know what they'll be like, but I know that the another friendship is been mitchell benefit? I think yeah. Well, no, but I think he I think he gets you clearly and he's a it. It struck me, you know after I talked to him for like an hour and a half or so this is pretty know peter guy in a very earnest sky and in in know has assert. Courage around how he wants to do things, and it is easier, These are very no bullshit person and Just seems like a sort of tat india, yet outside your friendship, dear capacity to to
be open and vulnerable as a man you're on screen, because a lot of those roles require that- and I think he's he sort of like that, and it's not really a the standard way of approaching you know a masculinity on screen like there's an honesty to it, that you don't see a lot and I think you can play it and I think he you know he likes to. You know really young be honest about that stuff. That makes sense it doesn't it's that honesty, yeah. That feels oxygen right right, Guillermo in and he doesn't trotted, be cool right. He doesn't try to be tough right. He just tries to truth, whether it's about a woman or web being apparent or whether you just trying to hunt for it in things I really like about him and I think that other actors would love. This too, is he's allergic to plot. Well, that's good, though you and I hate plot such it's a member I gotta get to do play with Tom. Stop right here in strasbourg.
so this amazing thing that plot is this contract? You have with the audience that the audience thinks they want it like when you think about your favorite movies plays as things like it. You can even remember what happened at the it sure like launch rubio win a big battle. I know me, I don't know I love that movie where love about his, I remember when you stand on. The top of the train is thing I just we remember moments in the plot. Is this big thing that we create that like the illusion that dinner's coming yet or that there is a there's closure that there's going to be closing because life never gives you any closure and it does at the end, unfortunately I I know I hate that, but damn the point being is yet what we like as the experiences and it doesn't really matter what happens in area with its boy means girl, boy loses gore. Boy loses grub women's community. However, at all It's not what happens. It's. How it happened is the problem and rick is completely into how yeah well yeah. That's it that's a tremendous risk in it.
So it's amazing that you, outside of the divine, of boyhood that got the attention it got because It was all about those feelings and about the process and about life and about the moment, said have no bearing on plotter anything else. It was like so much. A meditation I mean like when you watch a movie, it's kind of mine fucking did what was your experience watching the fulfil after ten years of of twelve years? It's bizarre I know that these characters are moving through this time in real time. It's it's it's mind, blowing to watch yourself age. Will it just does this lie? We all tell each other all day, which is that I'm isn't happening. It's happening, we're all dying this. Second. Second, in a more readiness dodgy for when we started this interview, and landslides, and it's a year, but here's the thing you know when I was
going down the rabbit, hole, thinking about chet baker and ran listening to miles Davis. Listening to all the system, I thought a lot about what they were going for with the whole idea of the discipline of jazz and the freedom of jazz, of what their goin for an that's. What watching boyhood was like to me is: there's this immense discipline in the architecture of what rick's doing I'm gonna take the grid, The actual grid of high school first grade second grit and I'm gonna make a movie about this grid. but inside this grid is gonna, be this life just popping in popping in them. I read. The other was great. I thought: on one. You know it three, a m on the line searching. I found some inner. You would shut in Norway like a nineteen. Eighty three when I had a cold and you can find this stuff in it was a radio interview and he was talking about
how sad he is when he watches jazz musicians, prefer tend to improvise that data they do. Oh here's, my solo, we're all improvise, but it's the same. It's like they ve written it and he says what he really loves to do is go, throw himself out throw himself out and then find his way back into the melody and right in that its car. Continual process of hurling yourself against the universe and trying to find some order via you know, right in nfl I really move by. That is, I think it's all doing every day right hey, I'm gonna like go get coffee. Day and see what happens yeah, you know in them But not everybody looks at that added that way. A lot of people are just sort of like this is what I do every day and I hope to fuck that didn't nothing weird happens yeah, but then there are. Those of us who, like have something weird happens, cause it's getting a little tired, yeah yeah. He has this thing that, I think, is what
Not the greatest thing in the world is not the greatest trumpet player, but when he plays, if you watch almost bluer you listen to his last performance live at Tokyo. He plays of Thus there was almost bare its magnificent, but you're, not sure. If he's gonna live through the performance and you're, not a lot of times when you listen to him sing, you think is good or bad whatever the answer. Is your move? It's real our report in its movie, I put a line in in the movie. That was a line of his when some hussein, in the movie dizzy, says: eager stopped sing and stuck his people always said that to Amelia in, but he is, if it's true it may not be good, but there's no lies and right is no lies and in shadow a lot of problems and a lot of you know it, but when he was performing it was with it was void of lies in that's. I think the fragility of at all. It's almost like he does
pretend even care. You know it s here. It is make of it what you will yet there is theirs moments in that movie around drugs and around his decisions and around you know his son burn commitment to. Just being the way he was like he, you know it's going to be sort of jarring. For some people to to see you laying on the floor with a needle hanging out of your arm for a minute, not knowing whether you're, dead or alive, but the weird thing about that is that once you come out of it and you get the thing at your arm that she don't leave betsy like You don't understand that dynamic of sick relationships that liking our shoes, geike gonna, stay there and and pull you added. I thing that's crazy and then ease the device of meat on the side of a movie about Jeff baker. That's actually get it is a device, but that really, happened right now, like what was dino dealer LA broached jet after he had done this jail stint in ITALY. Would he play himself in a movie, and I think that that's what got me on
look of playing this part. The idea that I could actually play chet baker playing himself idea that the act that seems very blue. There is another line. It like daisies word moments in the movie thy through struck me as is sort of strange genuine were the where you're in the movie within a movie- and you do doubt for the first time and then what there's a kite new guide, will I be thrown up, I think, have been thrown out. I guess this is still vague man. I see this should be puke everywhere. I was at his grip now. I love it, because what it does is Lets you the audience. No hey, look. Bio picks are fake right, ok, we're trying to get as it some truth. That's beyond like. If you want to study miles Davis, dizzy gillespie, you can scott weak, a pdf yeah. You can find out exactly what happened which tell you a story that might be relevant armenia with the
is that will be relevant to larger than just yet the facts of an individual life yeah. You know, I mean Chet, baker is not you didn't she music is not miles Davis, interesting, human being right, who happened to be extremely talented, but you know is: did he create bebop? Nowhere you know nowhere near kind of labelled with the california sound egg. I you know he got that thing. Any sold a lotta records because he was doing playing high level and he was white and gorgeous ineffective accessible via he was accessible because he didn't plays fast. He was really interested in melody in here It was an hour pepper. He was a horrible rat heathrow. Anybody under the bus to stay out of jail, that's an art set about which I will have you read straight time. Yeah, it's true demonstrate life straight line straight tides right there straight life has you got your saying tat guy in the cap can write. I know there's passages in that
that are like why wonderingly stirring yeah, I wonder how much of it with lorry category still alive his wife and they really together, and it's what's funny about that book. Its biased taxpayer, great taxpayer, but it's three in fifty pages about jail and dope and about fifty pages about us axes are you know the pages and sexist? So here we are, to read them and uncertain casino. Captain hawes is another would raise up. Me. I always get it titles written this way. oh dear, I not raise above me hampton hawes, it's like straight time. So good is ST life history time a gipsy story. Glass stress here. Ok, ok, it's on the second shelf down right down the ladder net shelf over right, their sex. down in the middle, knows rate life, you gave this great library of here the latter those your aspirations, yet said my library, so it's, let's move up a little bit in one day
Interesting is that you worked on midnight, query work with PETE berg, who I actually was my room mate briefly in culver city before he started acting and now he's way he had bizarre. He knew, if I had to say: okay and I hope he burg listens to the ends. I think you'll find a funny, but is why did a midnight clear why? was really cool, mediating, movie interesting movie about war two, and gary cities of the founders of step, more theatre company, one of my my heroes as an actor. kevin deal. Great, are a gross myself, frank, whaley and paper. Of all those guys while we great time I love those guys we're fun if the one I would pick a least like led to become a hollywood big shot director. It would definitely be paper. I picked him to be I got knucklehead research jobs? Are we aiming personality, bully boy and it p burg once.
Threw me so hard across the room. I mean, I literally thought I was dead. I thought he broke my head. He put a pick me up. We were in. It was on those things where you're like play fighting and then yeah. He kind of hit me across the jaw and I got pissed and then I punched him and then he picked me up and threw me wholly across the room. My head, through all, I did fed to pay that some hotels
Fifteen thousand dollars old, because p bird threw me through a wall and at which you know it's fascinating, but he does that. Guy has life in a life dude. He has life and I am so proud and he's a good director. Yeah he's a good director and he's out there doing swinging his own plane by his own beat yeah like he's like he's the eat. It's interesting that as a director, you know he definitely has a style yeah. I dunno what his relationship would have. Never thought would you have thought? Why do I knew him briefly, like I was living with steve, brilliant, brilliant yeah? It was me and bro went to college together and we've done some riding together in college, and I moved out here the first time in, like I dunno eight late eighties, and I stayed with brill in an apartment in culver city and then pete was bro's friend and then he needed a place to live, so I got moved the couch and eventually left, but at that time pete was working on a dock believe that it is doing so acting, but he wanted to make a documentary about prince, like you had this bad vision like them,
we had a lot of things going on in his mind. He always did always: let's talk about a training day a bit, because that, like that movie is a pretty astounding movie and the experience of work with Denzil and having to play off that. What what how'd you prepare for that thing, man and so to my mind, is you know one of the greatest actors of our era and that doesn't even take into consideration the factories add to overcome issues of race and deal with it mean just by I can speak to how hard it is to be a dramatic actor art, and I don't have any obstacles. Amid the students don't wanna make dramas in this guy is
world class movie star and a world class act re right, I mean it's really only the brits that do that yeah. I know where you can be a star and also like a very serious actor artist arising in denzel is, you know it's it's a hurricane, it's a thunderstorm behind its it's trying to keep your composure and create with him there. You know is, is hard because is it's a real, powerful force. I I studied his movies before I did training day, because I just love his act. He added just great, and but I really noticed it, Can a blue everybody off the screen. Diverted except jean hackmen would ain't them. So I watched the ingenious gene. Ok, the trick is its clear. The gene is not playing Denzil game and then cells, not playing genes, and I just challenge myself, you watching game footage. That's how I felt like
I watch the movie and I thought to myself right. Here's the trick. Man I have got do not care. If this guy likes me jeanne half minute, yet I don't want to go to the laker game with them. I don't want to go out to dinner. I don't want to be best friends, I'm sure he's got a best friend. I got a best friend. It's fine, I'm just going to do job this guy and he worked hard to get me that yes. So I knew that- and I just put on my hat- I just tried to duke come on in not care, liked what I was doing or right, because that's the trick with that, the trap with other actors. Often is it if you're doing what they want you to do what you're doing is making it easy for them and if you're making it easy for them. What you're doing is decreasing sparks here? Ok, yeah you're. Actually it's like gum people so idea about like one lines with your support. I hate doing that because I don't want to I want to get inside, like some habitual, we heated perfect, it's like where I want to have. actual creative act that rightness right in that's good interesting to watch. So this
that, if you're making your seem partner, happy that you're doing a good job. I I don't think so. I think that you, you want to have conflict when you you to stand up for the integrity of your person, and they have to do that and if the thing is written well, sparks offline flying wherever that was my work on that movie was To try to hold your own yet, and I tried to take I know it done this movie tape with link letter- and I done hamlet with Michael, rate of these two weird indy movies, that year, that at all because there was no stress, there was no budget, they were low level movies. I felt my confidence rising mia. An exit few people. Judging me, an authority, and I shall try to play rick. I myself just try to imagine that doesn't set one those movies and and it did so is amazing quality. Remember your senior year of high school like after like the last month and you walk into the house. You give a shit what anybody thinks it. May I It's is a great feeling that that's that something was to life
I just tried to emulate it in my own way right or feel like okay, one set of tape. I didn't care what anybody thought about you know said I was in charge so I'll be in charge here to go and see goes obviously, I'm not sure, but at least to myself and to have the confidence that I am as air was good right. Yeah time, I'm really proud of the film, be it's great. it's hard to do it's hard to make a mainstream hollywood movie. That also is a good movie yeah yeah. No, I I can't not watch it I'll, tell you that and I loved it. I loved it. There's a team where like where he, he just tells you that you know you've got the a hole in your system with the aid of death. Urges you think this is you think The czech resist chess and you know it where to ten zero in antwerp. Again, we just did a remake of the magnificent seven. I know that on the I am dv, that's how fuckin amazing yak should be fun. The yeah it's on the cannes done whether cut in an area in which these agreements.
Well, it was a real swashbuckling western me. We were sweating and latvia. It was a lot of us as a lot a whole, not area to right enough reels. Greater rain offers a great actor Jesus. And so I had all these guys on. You know those a to my favorite all time actors Rio and, inter alia, in them in aunt trying to manage all of our personality. You can be sure that we see in its a hundred and four you known world, ass, the wool and with the loaded shot guns were issued louisiana backyard santa sensation, ny santa fe. Nice too, I grew up in new mexico. So now, working with may on the last movie m before the there Is the devil knows you did? What would you take from that experience of dealing with that guy he's a real he's, an actress director as me, he was, it was suck its words fail here I was, I was in his last film is eighty three years old. That film is the word.
Of a young man. That film is near listers with rage. Its angry, it's weird he I such a great We tell her he's always in service of the emotion not himself he nodded. Just they just want you notice them. He disappears and I have to safety. If, if I could leave this interview with any one thing is that everybody needs the watch network again again. It's in with the election that were under right now. You cannot believe how prescient relevant that film you have meddled with the rival force, made its credible failure in sydney was a great artist in getting to work with phil. and marie real new york movie with sidney lament and the last days of his life was so exciting and here at a one, great story by phil and I went to him because we found out that he or him or herself we found out that he was going to shoot it on digital video, wranglers upset, he said,
guy exactly when we went to Sydney we city menu with the sun film and like all like your other films, you know it don't you want to look like dogs they after noon, you known in incidents what about them afternoon. Did you like the way it looked or he was so raw and real? You in you like that? Yeah, you don't think is what you're saying is you want it to look kind of vintage, a cool way and we're like yeah there's wait twenty years it will I made dog day as cheaply and frugally as possible. Just like I'm going to make this film and- and you trust me- live a little while wait twenty years, it's going to look great, it's going to be so retro. You won't even believe it at all, and you know, of course, he's right that they just link letter screen before the devil you dead is kind of ten year anniversary philosophy from society and we I should again and sure enough. Looks bad ass? An old school looks like a vintage lp right, that's all areas, so
They do another stage wisely doing any that internal work. Either production- and I have the honour to be honest- orilla tennessee, easier, medium. It's great grapes and it has been done in new york and about twenty five year. Some tragic cast right, yeah, pretty big me out. So many when you start put together. I've been I've recently been seeing plays because scott reuben has been sort of championing, plays and he's a sort of got me, the interview, Annie, baker, cool and he's going to have me interview. What's the guy's name, Stephen Karam, is that the guy's name he did the humans, whose, unlike sort of re engaged a bit or maybe for the first time in my life, engaged with your current new york. theatre ever seen hamilton now I gotta see you gotta see I it's really been great go back to the theatre in and see quality stuff? It's him it's! I forget any time I go, I'm I'm amazed like the it visual you get beyond technology area it so exciting in minsk beats five
it's people aren't on their phones, they're not like. You actually have to be in a room and breathe the same air with another person right and be together and laugh together. I would still be to me. I happen to me just the other day: So we said I saw you in numb: oh yeah, they I mean costs utopia. They said it was in. They remembered that there was a glitch with one of my props. They s proper where's, was broke in them. An irishman, I member that day, our member that that actual specific performance, whereas If europe is so, you are trying to its meaningful to me, but I was in the room when we're watched it right right, see me in a play means we were there to go. We hope someone said that moment. We share that moment. Remember the ocean by members somebody I was doing them henry the fourth. kevin klein where in is amazing moment, which is it I had to be dead and kevin climates, giving this beautiful, look. We have made in in somebody, cellphone went off right in
you know and he jumped a couple access it as at the chimes of midnight, and we hurried associate gems and everybody left the promise I laughed too, but I also see that in so my armors just shaking his I'm laughing and in it kind of in this person came up to me on the subway would like and they were like. I was there and I mean we bolster laugh about that great in in that's theatre in winning when you go, see a great play, a real, this bad stuff, when you see a visceral alive work of art in its happening right in front of you in it, it's only gonna happen. Those few turn right, you're, one of only a handful of people that'll see, I think it's like seeing neil young a tiny hundred see house where he was not even supposed to go on right right, which is having a bare anita came up, and I saw you no great theatres show is like me when I saw previews of limb annual doing this hamilton. I saw it I'd. Little didn't wanna go, whereas it was waiting for some previous. My wife is that you're gonna go on with this couple and where I am,
the music ago, I hate musicals. They a distinct starts in. You felt like something wrong like it's not supposed to be this interest, you can't like there not really be saying the lines right. You know the killer feeling you had. We you, you ve noted like two moments in the chip: baker right there really were based that improper. You. I feel that we are very similar, something this is it He goes. I m yes, no candidate and the theater can do. That Peter can do it like nothing else. Oh yeah, it's amazing like even like I had this conversation with somebody, the other night guy don't go to opera and I don't go to a lot of musicals, but every time I go to a musical just if there's more than three people, singing anywhere agnes cry. I don't even know why, but like with opera, like, I was taught me what about op. I've been to maybe two in my life and what people don't realize about our present. It's just people is that it's not amplified you get this idea that it's a spectacle, but when you get
It's like you can hear the wood in the instruments you can hear them step onto the stage, raise your voice or no, and I saw, as I saw gary sinise his production of true west. He was a true ST didier right on broadway, still it was off broadway in that's the Reduction that made me want to be an actor really you're, both that prick since changed my life, because turn the night. I saw you know that weird scene, I wasn't true s: death That was the cherry lane where he will yeah yeah yeah with a with Daniel stern or or maybe with way, John malkovich. So he pointed out with malkovich right now, the one he directed to where barry child by okay. So I saw sinise as director, he directed by John there's that scene where the guy comes in at the end with the corn and the night, I was there. One ear of corn just started rolling down the stage towards the audience, and there was no stopping it, and I was like this is amazing, he's being upstaged by the corn. I know, but be pure surprise just for naught the corners rolling exactly I was in their production
yeah. Why don't I remember that because I probably wasn't in it when you saw it, I did the original production in Chicago. Now I saw in new york yeah on broadway, they moved to broadway and I couldn't come with it, but that was one of the that that production, I loved it. ah phenomenon gary's, when the great theatre directors of our towards a guy that point the character, the even eric name. Why wouldn't and yeah how's. He doing he's amazed. I haven't seen him when he's around all the time he directs a lot of great theatre he's either incorrect. Like I remembered really realizing that he was an acronym that movie was okay, but that the firm member from the yeah yeah yeah, where he's just sitting out there in the sprinklers yeah, he has leg yeah, you remember that image your whole life, I know, there's a lot of movies like that, I got. you go behind them. Those great thank you ve, come at greater length by
that was good. That was, I got that did you eat lit up about data at the end lit up should guide. It was nice to talk to decent fellow good stories. Hope you enjoy that go to deputy pod dotcom, see who's been on the show you You didn't get hooked up with how that at them for the art guide, you can email. You get on a mailing list. Ok have some gets him just copy the cold. You do whatever you guys do shy. I betide and prepare anything The
yeah I.
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