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Episode 699 - Susan Sarandon

2016-04-18 | 🔗
Susan Sarandon achieved tremendous success as an actor, but one career accomplishment remains elusive. She tells Marc about this major goal and why she is willing to split it with Bruce Springsteen. They also talk about her impressive filmography, her thoughts on evolving as an actor, and why Bernie Sanders restored her faith in humanity.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the fuck's? There is, what the pocket delegates, what the fuck do very thin. what's happening. I mark marin is my show. This is doubly t F, the podcast gotta report jury duty. Today, gotta go tried again out of my civic duty. Try, too, I have to go tried a weasel out of what we as citizens should do. in the system we are in or what's left of it system. We are in I'll, let you know, That goes in an excited about that. My gotta be honest, so the last time I went in, I was ready to serve I'm pretty ready to serve today. But I was honest. You know the case was a class action against a drug company.
I don't even have a class action, but against antidepressant company I got that brows, honest it feels. Will heavy in court will see what happens? This is positive, though new batch of special w e, F mugs uranium go to brine, t jones, dot com, starting at twelve noon, stern at nine, a m pacific today for the mug law, while b somewhere in the m l a super: if the court system trying to figure, a way out. you will get a nice mug alice, next monday. My guess is Steve. Oh who you know from jail, gas is showtime special guilty as charges. Now, level on vimium, starting today in check that out before you, Hereupon here next week, I guess I'll just kind of tell you what's going on. I have nothing to complain about
are you not go out? Maybe I'll make some dinner a go out. Do some comedy that come home sit on the couch Maybe watcher yes, m dvr, better alsace and do you eat some ice cream play little guitar, quietly but Pardon me some some part of my brain is sort of like men. Again I've been it there's. Nothing. Better than sitting alone eating ice cream with the option in the choice to play. Guitar watch any show you want this way thirty got me. Where did out a little bit the yeah I hung out with some friends you nasty, steve, brill judd in it was after comedy and we'd all or at the comedy stored Judge was hungry and I already once with Steve.
we're going to all go eat again, because that's what you do eight at night, it's a good thing to go, have a a full fucking dinner with pasta, mac and cheese or chocolate, bread pudding with ice cream, grilled artichoke meatballs, and fried chicken good to do that? Eleven thirty at night? That's the smart thing to do, but the these guys. They they live in nice homes, europe put their families and I talk to another. I my for now, who's got a family nice home and yet I'm doing all right. I got a freak out or worry right now, but did they cannot set out some level? they cannot understand why I'm living in the same house. I cannot understand why. Why do I? Why do I have to get in the game there's some system in place that it does wired into some of our minds that you know
struggled my whole fucking life to get somewhere now, I'm here to a degree this is worth be yeah, I'm doing. Ok, I'm earning an honest dollar, I believe, but white I do I. Why do I have to move up a good idea I just figured out what to do with my second bedroom. I we have two bedroom, not just in the last three months, figured out what to do with that room It was always clearly supposed to be a record storage room. For my weird obsession that will soon become a problem. That's what that room was me. Needs to be. You know a women that I was living with would move their stuff in in in and out of that room now just records. I it's a small in in a giant closet that I built for a woman. So it's just a room with a giant Closet filled with clothing that I stole from wardrobe of marin, some outfitted and then
two huge record shelves jobs? Now! That's that's what that's so my mom I am certain asked, do I need other room, They have a room, that's a third room. and K somebody wants to sweep here? Rarely happens. I bought a chair that something but a nice chair from crime. Barrel. So why do we need to move up the? But there's this weird pressure to it. they were going to go home which was down the street and then Steve design We are driving our now. I might not going home don't this is not the center of the universe here and where we just a food and where there's fancy malls and people up in the hills and houses they see from the street and go what the fuck that house Zan fuckin house Jesus Christ. Who is there I have on those houses, I'm fine, I'm just I'm happy this.
My small living room eat ice cream play guitar watch dvr by myself. I've I've arrived the other thing about you know moving up. I know what kind of life you have and I am grateful to be you know doing okay for once in my life, and for that not really there there's no real possibility at this point in time of a a woman taking after all my money, but you know it's like I come from the school of hay it I don't know. If I'm ever going to have money again, I'm going to save it and then, like you know, I got a small office space for a reasonable price of money cook. My house needs my house. repairs I put the driveway in, but I am gonna have to like start putting walls in or I'm just going to going to be shaken awake by a collapsing ceiling or something starting to look a little.
We'll broke down appear, but I got more space because I took that office. There are so excited about we define that. I am being you know, just drowned drowned in radio frequencies of different kinds and wifi frequencies from being inside el tower, I'm so some level. I'm so glad that we are my little stereo they're, my new off is picked up all this stuff in that its relentless this sound relentless, but that just me that the waves a relentless and then you ve got the efta. a the fcc. Whoever decides that yeah! That's! Ok! It's not too much of that stuff. I don't know I am not clear anymore, not exact, clear how of that frequency We are not supposed to be inside itself tower, no one supposed to be working inside self, except people who are there to repair the cell tower and then leave
when you walk down the hallway of someplace, you working there's a door. This is warning ongoing year high stop that now oh machinery making things connecting with saddle it's in here the I mean cellphone baby? I'm literally we'll see what happens. Eighty teens been pretty good about trying to figure it out, but now starting to worry about like him, I like how much of that shit. Can I really take it's one thing that I can't play a record. That is a pretty luxury problem, but am I gonna, become some sort of 'em? Maybe it's going to end up being a gift, for power that I end up having at the end of my in your? If I am able to even stay in the fuckin building? Maybe I have some super our being able to email and receive phone calls No with no phone or computer- maybe that's that's going to be my gift. I don't know how I would use at superpower, it be more like a parlor trick. I think
Paul, I think I'm getting a call in my brain. I hope that I hope that I hope a tv services good. If I stay just picking up in my brain Emmy were run on an electrical system right. My our brain is an electrical system. on some level, whatever I'm picking up My stereo equipment, that is relentless. pounding in has got be pounding into my skull. I would imagine if I yielded wire than I can over and copper is still taking up this intrusive frequency. I've got to feel I've got to think that brain is probably less shielded than that I am an electrical system off fuck I'll. Let you know how it goes I'll, let you know if I start picking up static, I think I've I had. I think I I have been picking up static for a long time.
so my guest today susan surrounding, came by four our. We had a tight, our I'm a big. I am not a fan of the heart out. I am not a fan of the heart out. her new movie? That meddler opens this friday April? Twenty second I had interviewed her once before with her then partner, the tim Robin and it was for air america years ago, and I asked her. If if she remembered that- and she did not so where were were starting from from a fresh start, clean slate, no recollection of me though I remembered her. So there's me and susan surrender
Do you remember air america at an amended? It deserved No, but I did all kind of has landed if you give me enough details thing snap in but really There's a lot of the years and people in work. right, yeah, it's gone away. Now I'm in, I think a lot of it is good that it goes away. That's ok! This is how you forgive. It's a! U forget it. Yeah things details lose their relevance, they lose bill: you know what happens as you like, especially when it comes to suit surrounding a project. India. here, go high and I got a high and in my mind I'm thinking too. I, like this person, was at a good experience,
member excel. I know I know them, but which movie was it, which one might say I know I didn't have your baby, but what else I can remember that I know that spare I didn't sleep with you, but grew me another way right. Maybe you did I'm not like kind of get to a switzerland, I'm not like air kissing, but I'm not cold. And you act like you know them now. Well, I well, I know I know them, but they come in and know you know them because, but producers are so. Ah you know producers on a film or you can have that title and be the least qualified of anybody on the island. And so there can be six people that you don't even you know. Maybe you actually interfaced with one producer, but they claim to be a produce. So nay, the amount! You though yeah I had dealings remember exactly.
Or there are a lot of people on crews, that I've worked for the number times, but I can't differentiate exactly I member summum, I mean I remembered them and the other the sound. I know growth there props, but I'm thinking like which one was that in the forty five years that I've been doing, crazy yeah! It's great. Have you wisdom movies. You ve been in ways that well I had two. I had to look because they gave me an icon award last night, it's an icon which was everyone goes to cynical, gets an award of your kind of like rivoli. You know like most, it proved a layer right and I got the icon award, and so they do a little montage yeah. So I saw every category of cynical on on the screen that break out performance, the new being than they do like your career flashes. Before you and your I get
see it off. That's that's. What's gonna look like when it flashes before your eyes, just a montage, but maybe not of my film now it'll be of my life? Is era like a bit desert there's a big differentiation. I guess they imagine. Your wife is marked by the films, isn't it kind of yeah yeah, but I have a feeling that you know it'll be people who have surely- Yours Alyssa! Russia's do you grew up in new york up in queens for a while, and then we moved to new jersey, jersey, because I'm the eldest of nine that's crazy tat way Do you know all your siblings yeah? I in their all younger than you yeah and there are still with us yeah and today's my mom's. Ninety third bertha she get the fuck out. and now re? That's good, and he probably got tons of great grandchildren and granted she can't him keep track. Do you have grandchildren?
I have one and I'm going to have a second one, and it is so much easier than having a child thea measures off a little bashers. So you can just be the great I'm just unclasped gelatin. Have any of you have kids? I don't. I don't know how it I'll eluded me there's still time, that's here the f b, careful whatever ever. I talk to my age. Does that has the first one in their fifties? five years in there. I gonna get you not all think about it a lot, but I'm all its is the sleep deprivation if you're rich anew, picket baby mama, you know I rose, you could just I and there are a number of people who are just collecting children at this point. get married women, but you know it depends on what your idea participation is. I love this idea of having Keziah you're. Never there. I ve got a few women and are having little use in
the different thing I'll get started on encouraging you that were on craigslist m available to have a few little meets with various women find if you dont pressure, we just don't ask me anything except maintenance. The physical get messy. What part new jersey was it and I went to edison high school, I'm in the edison eyes. Gall of fame, actually just like the icon, were you really building up like you, can ask her and you're in the editor. Little thing I do not have yet that I really am working on, and I really want is rest, stop natures, It was named after me what the susan sarandon rest up. Yeah, I would even split it with Springsteen, doesn't have to be all mine. What is edison near asbury park? What part of no but he's not in asbury park now know so
What he got me anyway, it can be anywhere in new jersey. It doesn't have to be near where I grew up. You wanted to have a restaurant and coffee or I wanted to be a rest up, but you know the bruce Springsteen and I talked about splitting one, because if we have to remove somebody right, then we thought. Maybe if we So this brings things to random rest, and maybe you can have one of those ones. That's on both sides of the road. Once that'd be Springsteen once surrounded you could call it boosts and sue yeah. Do you talk to bruce a lot? Not a lot. No yeah when our kids were younger, we did like major memory, events that, where we you're making memories at their place or something you bring neighbouring over to swim in the pool and stuff, after all, even more detailed than Do you know how we trips and things- emily them in a while, but I love him and I love her issues like very and this sky yeah very thoughtful works, hard yeah talented, is almost an hour ago. Someone here that cuba is gonna, hang annual, yeah but wonder juice
acting? Are you the only one out of the nine that decided to? I didn't really side. I kind of fell into it at twenty. I did Joe, but I was I I was in college and indeed see It was a very george washington. Now a catholic university went run up really catholic thou. As the end of it was catholic university. And I remember every night- Well, it wasn't. You know the more you learn about institutionalized religion, the more you realise its flaws. We realise that, as these good ideas became institutionalized, they really lost translation, sure was about controlling people whose back and telling people and be, and then the lid and says to be exclusive and actually gets aggressive towards people that are not in and out I also really always had a problem with the doctrine of original sin. Yeah I'd never buy.
Add into that one that was tougher. But how was the childhood if you were the oldest and you're taking the hit for the year? The first one out I mean like, was it strict oh yeah yeah and I have the most pathetic little picture of me and my catholic grammar school uniform. I was very sincere. was praying all the time to have the faith. When the communist came over and hung us upside down, then I wouldn't deny my faith and I went to her edison high school of high school, with five hundred in my class. In the very first day we did the lord's prayer, the process, the protestant version, and I just rolled ride over ages ago. Sold it out a media law that immediately with peer pressure to do that. Would you and words and war was a family, do what was your dad do when I meet with my dad started out as a ban singer
you remember that? No, I wasn't around then, and he went to the war like a big band swing, big band singer, then he went to the war and he had- and I was in charge in italy- of the entertainment there and there was pictures of him with Suddenly eileen idea really and introduced actually bert, lancaster to his wife, really and then when he came back, he knocked up. My mother and before they were married kenny. married before he went away. How come you never thought it would come back, but he said she asked Should I be letting the girlfriend said? Why not he'll never come back and say they got married he did come back and Then he got into the early days of tv and was like a stage manager and director. And then eventually, as he had more and more children, more mere responsibility. He.
I ended up a vice president ogilvy a matter in Amman It has to be one, that's a big one, and so then, when madmen came out, I really was curious to know what was going on with dad. What may be possibly was you I don't know who I am certainly not at home, but he commuted when you watch a thing, do you like astounded by could they really have drank that much all day long. You know I dont really drink, I'm here a stone earlier. So this idea just having a few martinis at night. I dont understand really what makes an alcoholic. I don't know how you define that point, but it seem like that generation drank a lot were planned like a social thing and smoked alot. Yet why you against smoking both right? Three I mean I was a drink or to buy three martinis launch, I'm done with They go on
go back to work. I don't know I mean, but now people are on antidepressants, some, maybe its name. You know. Yeah, maybe that by a coke I mean there's a lot of drugs and all kinds of coke back. I guess this background here. I don't, I think, there's certain professions that never laughed like wall street sure, movie where I played it drug queen of polish raider with women? Well, so I learned a lot about the drug trade to which Andre light sleeper. I have to see that yeah, it's pretty good. I liked the traitors, the dark dude, and this was kind of the continuation of willem de foe's. You know various apple yeah, yeah yeah, so wait so you started. Ok, see you go to college, you do throw away catholicism now and you acted there
not really. I had to work my way through. I was living with my grandparents, which meant I didn't really have a college experience, and I was working in the drama department on the on the switchboard and the switchboard now a real switchboard the cleaning apartments and doing stuff too to be able to pay for school, and I met a graduate student and I was seventeen and he was a graduate students there. He knew We think right. He knew about black. My film and. telling your mind blue that guy and was my first sexual experience maha. So of course I was so grateful. I married him. This was the survey, this was surround, and so I married at twenty two because also I can stay in school if we were living together right and I definitely needed to get out of so eager lamp, hamley boy, your mind and then you're in love and no
was kind, he was very pretty good actor great actor here when you, I got a nomination for dog they or their ingenuity, and I was it doesn't work again for years after he was so good. Really and thought he was actually transgender yeah. He had a really hard time after that can in work, and you like who so Joe that's. that's a horrendous! We disturbing movie at the time it was everybody's nightmare. It's not really very good movie by my thing. That happened though, and it was john absence first movie that he directed, although he was an officially in the director skilled, so he wasn't listed as used the dp. but what happened was that they had hired someone else who I won't mention, but who was to play job? and he was crazy and he peed on the escalator at his wardrobe funding and bloomingdale's? Haven't you Tell me that is. Are they still lie
I'm I don't know, I would be surprised if he was in and anyway they hired peter boyle, who had been doing a character at second city called Joe Wright, and he arrived with that character and all of that fabulous improvisational stuff, but was it a comedic character before came Joe and was a big it. It was a big it it s just tat guy here and anyway, so he did the movie and it was you know I don't know. is doing, and I at least had the sense not to act. You know damn well make a pair was the first film that wasn't porno film that this company had done? Can and I was in new york, Hannan and I done about. I had been newark about five days and what happened was the Jane Oliver handled sylvester alone and handled, and she saw she saw
and apply, and you asked him to come in and audition and he brought me with him. At the same time, yeah we were married, He was at the long worth and I had graduated, and so we in new york, and I read with him and she's all. Why did you come back to you know in the fall, so he went by. and within five days I went up for this and they ve been looking for some one and they to do. An improvin explained what that was that wasn't very difficult, the right at it and they said okay and as she's had just come back, did not say and and- and I got the film and he admitted to you- chris also got work. He was broadway shall immediately. So I was like oh this score. And I had a scene where I got to completely trash a little store on fourteenth street love that I owe so much fun and draw over myself with
some unspecified drugs. I was on I'd known, even figured that out right anyway, while they were editing it. Was an incident on wall street where some, ah, ah construction workers beat up some hippies and they very cleverly refocus the film and called the Joe instead of just some kind of a generation right, conflict thing and so have worked big adding more. they because of him, and because the idea, if you were an affluent white family near daughter, ran off to the veil hedge with a heavy down the street in vienna. That was last. She was lost and and they called it- the easy writer of its of the next year because it was made on the issue. it got very. Do I remember seeing when I was younger, is very disturbing, ending
yeah like horrendous I guess I've. Member does a kid registering appear boil is terrifying. In that in that in that scene, but it's it's her own feet They came out there. I by accident, see uncle shooting people. It could be your own daughter, no shooting people generally. Never you aunt girl. You had not done any acting before that you did television or no television by before right now, and I am done nothing. Then I got on a soap opera and I was the girl they happened to, and that was really taught me a lot because you have any training. Was there any training real and have to be trained to be an actor? Everybody can have I know, but I surviving is what's difficult when you're an act or not, writing and also it is a profession that kind of rewards, mediocrity, so in our? U can get in a situation in sis, develop terrible habits and whatever, but at some point you earned me the job? That's the best, that's what I'm saying a great way to learn, but if I had been on a soap opera for ten years,
I probably would have developed pretty bad habits, because It taught me how to work. Basically live with you with cameras and- and very lucky to have built prince and augusta dab needs stephen elliot Susan Sullivan. All these really people they did. what they were doing around me and now and then I just kept working. I think I just thought it was hilarious and. We are by and then eventually know what I mean I just somewhere yo. I not gonna pay back my school dat We got an agent, obviously eventually yeah. Well, the gao, Jane Oliver, who who was handling me eventually. I did, but they weren't really like at looking back. I I think they picked up on my kind of not very m ambitious vibe and they weren't partake of and they matched and they then and goes. I really was this kind of on saint around and there wasn't it. Plan and they would didn't. I didn't go up for the godfather anything. You know at that time. No, no,
No, I never got a shot at some of those things. You worked where were you in, but you are inability, while their film earlier I I got that and about age rampage, and what happened was I I then lost it began as they wanted me at that time I think, was universal to sign for some other picture deals which was cost. marion right time, but without any script approval- and I that It seemed like a good idea to me, and so I lost it, but then I call them I just want you to know that it wasn't the money or anything I just didn't wanna see. my life away, but I love you and and
Eventually, they call me back and I did it and I got a lot of they wanted me and you worked with jack lemon, reduce them in every value, either with tat both of them. They were great and actually, while I was doing that film, I was staying at the chateau my mind and I was going to go into an apartment, because I was there for a while was the at it was the first time had been to allay. I mean I didn't have any idea. You know it's me was all just scandalous was crazy and came into my room install the night before I was moving all my money and my diary man, a number of other thing that has resurfaced, maybe they're waiting office and I went to this and I was distraught- Needless to say, and do and not jack lemmon two math thou here said I
up yard and he took her because he's a gambler is huge wad of money and just peeled off. You know a bunch of it and said you can pay me back head or not whatever, And- and I had never seen anything like that- and that's how I that's how I survived until I could pay him back because they'd taken all my my money, and you have down here then just what I working I've never lived out here to live out here. I've only come to california. When I have been more keen on when TIM was working, I would bring the kids and stay, and so I got to know. I lived in rustic canyon, a couple of times I lived on in law, canyon, I lived in santa Monica and seventy We're crazy here right was it fun. I mean it seemed like a much more intimate business where you're hanging out it was my intimate everything was intimate. Of course it was, and I knew Timothy leary that made it. I was an iceberg oh yeah, when you right here in the midst seventies, see Some of that original acid yeah how's that just what you expect
you aren't anything, did you get to take. You pointed change your life. I think that, like me, chris random? Did I think that I think that those kind of drugs mushrooms- and again. We hear you know, are more opening drugs, then I never was in to cook that kind of stuff yeah I mean it was I wasn't. I didn't, do a lot of it right. I preferred I dont like chemicals, I dont like things with. there's the area. I prefer things that girl, like mushrooms, I was eager I've done I'll- ask recently- yeah pursues in a trendy thing right now. I didn't realize it, but there seems to be a rope therapy community around the. I ask a louder. I've ethic, that's probably better than other medicating with things that don't autism last june if you can handle it, adds defined at that's, not a recreational drug. As far as I'm concerned sound, like is better.
We have been doing a lot of it, but I attend to taken more seriously in so bobo. When you say that when you say take it seriously like do you have a goal in mind? Yes, really, yes, that's part of that. Yes, proffers time. I did it now for some I did it be. I was offered. I have been helping these shamans from colombia. Actually I too tried to preserve their land. This was years and years and years ago, And they would come and my went before congress with them in and they needed to map their land and we were trying to assign value to their land, showing what an ethno biologist said. I know I was explaining all the different using drugs there. I mean plants that were there and other things to try to establish worth two to map it, and then at one point this, Well, you know when we come back to you on. It is my task, as this is all too a translator cause. I don't speak spanish.
I said I'd and really know what it was relay and dumb so the first time was kind of just a general seeking, but then recently I was looking for some answers and perspective, and so I had that intention. When I went in has its it is a bit of a year adjustment Did you get what you were going in for I got what I was going in for, but it wasn't the answer I wanted a really another was none were Okay with it, though yeah I mean I was okay with it, but I I was looking for something simpler and it was hard it was not. It was not now- no more complicated? Well, I was I was. I wanted to kind of get a perspective coming out of a relationship where I was dislike thinking that was ridiculous. Why was I didn't write and be done with any kind of
feelings there, but ass tat, I kind of got. You should just keep your heart up and all the time you should never closer to anyone, because the whole point is to be open rio that and every person in the world, and you shouldn't be darling it out. Intellectually, and it's ok to be heard, and it's ok to fer to be different You know right that wasn't what I wanted to hear. That's true, though, if you're gonna go through life open hardware times hardened, yet cynical were or were closed off for your eye. I think I'm all right. survive. So when you started, when are you going? to the movies and and going back to your education has as it actor in a creative person. I have to assume, Like each movie. You were learning things, and now I mean that's the hall gift of this profession. You everything
The thing that you draw to you and I think you draw projects to you the way you draw people at certain points in your life sometimes their day. They present themselves because of some issuer interest. Or something that you're trying to either avoid or or examine, and or sometimes Will you go into something in its you meet people that you wouldn't have met and that are very significant in your life And gas about was the question. Well. The question is not really question. It was just sort of a conversation because you work with like you work with you, George Roy hill and louis mall, and all these people- and I dunno actors, I mean you had a relationship will lose him all right light. So in financial. They not before I got the job wrote goat avarice, one was pretty baby right and that was a fairly provocative. Uncontroversial movie, correct, yeah I think more because he didn't see her as a damn right? You really don't see her naked, I'm in their work.
I think that it just was a child prostitution. His way of framing it was what disturbed people because she was actually the most together of anybody in the movie right and when they were threatening to give it a acts rating. They could I mean they wanted the word nokia caught and nay you never and see her nipples? You never see her touched so they were hard pressed to figure out exactly what was so disturbing and I think that's what it was. I think it was first of all that she was so beautiful in a kind of mean way and people lustre here didn't like that feeling, and I think, because she was so strong, it wasn't the typical framing of a child victim where'd. You learn from, like you know, from the relationship you as an artist with lui mall new in terms of your crap in what year, how you approach things? Well.
I have I've. I've found him interesting as a filmmaker and spend nye quest, who I worked with twice to as the cinematography cinematographer was amazing, because the the his his away again of framing the story was very european year but spends lighting. We were working with this coup that had done kind of bee car crash. movies and an aid didn't have any idea who spend like us for us and they just the gaffer just the first few days putting a lot more and more lights and all the time and he just kept taking them out and and them in those days of course, that was film near so we didn't see the deal, for a while, and I finally saw the dailies, they started to kind of give him some respect, but lay were very out of control I think it's the only said I've ever been onwards. The cooler was is filled with beer and and people were doing all kinds of drugs and things are not assist wild group of of god.
And eventually he can. I shall end louis has in his ego. Centric way you know of not carrying of people are actors or not just when and got most of the cast during Marty grass and those girls work ethic and way of of functioning was really very professional. A lot of times like we were not supposed to shave our underarm hair and they didn't listen bad and they would you know half the time people were showing up and so it was of a very crazy sat and it's a miracle that actually got done. There was a lot of things that happened on that were cast members didn't come back. The weekender- oh my god, I son- committed suicide during my shoe
and so he had left for a week in there, and just there was very brooks mom was incarcerated at one point, There was a point where you like this production is cursed. You're in you were in new orleans and I love new. Oh yes, I but number films, all of whom have been, which have been crazy in but turned our appeal may well. It's got such a strong personality, my gas, a lotta music down there now to a lot of musicians, movies links, I loved you and it's great beautiful jack lives at home as a new orleans. The client was in new orleans that may walking with forbid, were you know we were annoyance, half of that beautiful andy oh, did you have any idea the rocky horror would become when it became known nobody. They didn't even release it. For years I mean that that is, I've been in the lot of movies that have had a very strange birthing, but no, I did
because I had a phobia about singing tim. Curry was a friend of mine because I had girlfriends that were in the stage is a product in l a so I had met him and hung out and at one point he was in casting. I just went by to say hi, and that was one of those things with it, I read it, could you read it and I was like yeah, but I can't really sing and they weren't like just read it and janet. I was a part that people had some very well but had never found a way to make it funny right, and I felt like she was a kind of like a saturday. of every. I knew I had played up to that point and I so I read it and then they said well, you know, can you sing happy birthday? Can you sing do this can an Oh you know. You should really do. Of course my agents weren't thrilled that! Well, when I get there, you know they'll give me don't get me wrong
it is something that will help me saying because I'm still terrified re, as I have always been told that I couldn't say it is a very good thing, scary thing, while it's ridiculous because Nobody should be able to exist, saying right, not great why I shouldn't feels that's your ego the sound masion where it but his vulnerability to it. I think that for some reason for me, when I was just terrifying cause, I felt there was vulnerable than anything today, as you won't get in grow up in a culture where everybody is just allowing you to saying: ok, don't ever richer central america, south america, africa, certain rights for people to sing when they wake up their share we're singing and they join in or if you belong to a church in the Sarah, maybe you have been singing, but those of us who are repressed in this area are self conscious and I thought okay I'll. Do it because then I'll get over this? This is ridiculous. Of course I didn't get over it. You still have it
I'd knock. I've had to sing badly in so many films, and I am self conscious. I had. A mammogram walking when I sing sister Helen is a good thing or by the way, but when I had to sing and then I do you know some him to him toward the very idea, and I went to one of the focus groups in new jersey, see and when they all complain about your performance? You know the part. I didn't like was when she's got her face off squished between the bars and she sings so terribly and she's like I was the only one he heard was the only while. I remember it. Obviously the accuracy do shame on that person. I remember it, but the do your experiences. in working with these with women, we again on atlantic city, which is another very european movie. I know that this score of it is so french and it's kind of like a play in this ace of it like you is, oh, my god, it's over. It's strange, I don't know that holds up completely jaguar was applied.
and here I mean rover that guy repton intense car. He is a friend of mine. I introduced him to Louie area and that's how that happened, and he put it in a linux city which it wasn't written to be an atlantic city, was from It- was based on a play of whose now a wig it was. There was a script originally and there was canadian money and they had to spend it by a certain time right and He wrote it and placed it in atlantic city and it did have a voice thing happening, but John really made his own and changed a lot of it we are thing was like very and it was not menacing sort of now no resist him across the way right, yeah I am putting lemon oliver myself. I've still never figure to get this bitch smell yeah, but I didn't open them with my breasts somewhere as I do. I got it from my hands seriously, that was a showcase for your breath. Yeah. Well, you don't see them they're strategic. Do I think right the winters to the wind,
cells right there right now any it down like that crazy late, cassavetes movie right. Yeah yeah, that was fun. That was really fun. What I, when were you on an island? We were in the mani peninsula in greece, which is ways like seven hours below sparta and had taken over this little town and the quail. We're being sold over the counter at that time, so the murmuring langley people just oliver littering the beach AL. Can we just passed out here not may, because again I don't really respond to those kind of drugs. Road we would take over the discotheque at night was called studio. Fifty four, even though, were empty, except for Saturday night, and it was beautiful. It was gorgeous and All of us were there with promises. Ski leading us in case of edison, deter goslin gina, general and send them and we would do talent,
and things because we were all stuck at the mill and no fun people sell fun, so fun archy strikes me like. with what jenna had like that whole crew. Jesse might, then you have a good time totally eddie you know they were so interesting and so great and I actually tried to get fired from that movie or well. We were doing rehearsal and you know he just He wanted her to be in high heels that island my idea of what she was more modern and kind of adventurous, and I that she really love the guy, and he didn't feel that I love John, and so I cut off my hair in that we get me fired and that didn't work, and then suddenly just said, I'm gonna quit and I guess I thought I can't I can't go the sky on denial here, we're just so don't you
John, no man, mazurka right went to John, and I said he was staying at the wyndham hotel and I said you know I'm sorry. I just came to tell you that I really have to. I can't do this anymore, we're just not in the same place and it it's just not gonna work. You know he doesn't think I love you and he I I just don't understand the player and he's had a view leave me. I will break your legs, which was not at all what I expected them to say he's a loser. You don't have to listen. I am you, don't want just you. I love me, you just judges, love me, don't listen to him. Will just do it come on you have to come. You know that you can't leave me now. You have to come just, do it you'll be fine. It'll, be fine. We'll have fun. Did you yeah? He was right, we just didn't. Listen. I stormed off the set once and I did storm off the set because there was some issue because my underpants, I was just wearing a t shirt.
Their underpants. I think there were a number of movies with no brawls. I don't know that was like the thing at that time that I had under anton and, and it became all about he said you're under these. Are there the two on the nose mazurkas said there and as I got it, I was so pissed off. I took them off, unlike through them and as I walked bear asked. I thought what are you doing here? It does so stupid stupid. Anyway, we had a good time. He would. We would give molly Anmol deny it he. He we in our boredom worked up that little singing number. We would do in the pool at the hotel. We do water ballet as to. Why do fools fall in love, and so he put it in. Movie, the song but anytime you wanted us to singly, would charge him money and that's how we got cash. Creepy
at a restaurant, Raoul, would saying and rear and then he'd ask us to do something that we really have to pass through your crash and then you work with both got brothers. I now there are too many people who have done that and like a tony fur, tunny fresh was his first them. The hunter crazy move. It's a crazy movie and he was so wonder, fallen and die. You know that was a strange experience because the middle of it. Somebody had stolen a lot of money or something from the production, and suddenly they were cutting things out and and changing the ending and and the catherine and I you know, tried to stick up for him and and to protect him yeah. We did, he was, he was great. David was right. That's when I got to know David here. Is that amazing yeah did you? Do you stand for them. It said he I together for like two or three years are really
answer you! You know you were on the inside there I was on the inside and was. Did you say in touch we we state and enter. I mean like I I I so admire him on in that part of his life, and we did stand We didn't hang out a lot, but are you know he was in new york and our paths cross? I would see her a lot too and I really respected him, and I thank god we connected with him before he passed. Yes, and I was so. That was a real gets. Its very interesting to me about him. Is that, like the eu to make at the core of it, he was a very sort of new classy person. Grey area that the area have a lot of intent, Greedy worry traditional on some rice, especially where his kid was concerned and his life. You know scared me great movie that, yeah. The moon me ass, absolutely zero. good move. I love that movie tat, yeah, yeah and us
like even behind all of the theater was a fairly private and well, I think he evolved. I didn't know him in the early days in berlin. You know I write that. I didn't know him then, but I think, like all the very interesting people and artists of different kinds, that he that the temptation is that when you find something that works, you keep on doing that and preserve that and I think that an oak- the really interest an ear encouraged to do that now, whether our southern africa area, while and as an actor now they if you're successful as the boot, then I want you to be a sound all near you, no longer byways nausea works and I think that's true in that odd combination of art and commerce. You know, that's that's where you get in trouble and rifle like oh, I am in no other their other artists. Beyond that. I really admire that. Are they keep?
looking and have their. I you know to the culture and their finger on the pulse their. It may take two different people take chances and- and he was doing that right up to the end, when I saw him the very end he he said you know. What's amazing, is this been such a productive year? It's just been such a productive year because he had health issues and there was a period where he wasn't ah riding that much and and I and then he just exploded with all of this and the play that lazarette said that was going on to yeah yeah, hear any seem to sort of be very aware of the time running out him. What to do with it. At a certain point. I don't know how we'd be as productive as him. That's it. I also know that that's a whole other thing and plus, and then he also had this amazing. You know younger child and and and as I said, a man, I think, matched him in terms of someone who had this
credible, beauty in and was so strong and also kind alien, like from another culture, was a really beautiful union, that's nice, so you did that lloyd. Carriages of east work was fun, I'm sure, right now with our values that we had a really high time, because George Miller really had worked with the studio and and the script kept changing and nobody knew what they were doing, and it was double dish d and went from three months to six months and you know as for me it was very hard because yeah everybody else lived in l a and when we got to l a oh and it started off, I show up for work and they give me a different part. So I've prepared for the part with has all the scenes with. him yeah and for some reason, my lame agents at the time couldn't do anything. Bad at and I ended up doing apply where I now had to learn by the cello in like two weeks to unhappily. I have never related shows you any instrument. Oh my god,
and I had an eighteen month old baby that I was single mom and dad. I couldn't, and they said well, you can't drop out if you drop out will put a cease and desist on any one. The tries to hire you in it just better. Oh my guy and awaited do as you in doing so, or don't work for a while, I'm here, and so I stayed and sat there and listened to share complain about my part. But all of us you know everybody got along and that whole part of it was great, but it was very difficult and I didn't even have. I mean she gave me a wardrobe from her show and a wig from her shout didn't even provide was going on, but it was not a very easy shoot then he do both germany me ten. And you get Heaven and and ryan right. get involved with him, then
yeah not immediately, but afterwards, then I had two boys with him, so that was a I saw, one of them the other night and he's a director now and a writer and right maker, and I think my assistant, while dish a forum for something oh but why that relationship whatever happened? Ultimately it seem pretty pretty, active and very active, very productive, that's a sign of a good relationship to as when you lotta good stuff commandement, we saw you a sharp, and you know- and here I I imagine it was compelling to be to work with the person you're with like life, For me, the hardest thing you could possibly do is to create something it doesn't have to the film, but and writing you know to to actually have something outside of yourself. Besides your child, then he work on. I think if you can sustain it, I think that's just keeps the relationship alive and- and as is so
it's fun and you are so much fun and new item as an actor yeah I mean I, it takes a really smart guy to play that kind of an asshole. You know he specializes in and he did he brought to that project and it was funny because the studio really wasn't high on either of us and- and I think it was me at such a great given- take the three of us in terms of the music of the character and you're on the back
one of the characters and Kevin is so generous. He was the one that stood up for us. He was the one that made it possible. He was so hot at that time, both as a person but also career wire, and he because it was a first time director. You know there was a lot that because of Kevin happened, and as I said you know, then they they really were interested in hiring me or TIM. I had to audition and although women that they wanted wooden audition and at ron mill, he really wanted to hear it. So I was living in ITALY and I flew myself over a great expense left my child behind. So I turned right around and went back ass quickly. Ass, I could came in, did the audition got on a plane and went back and but the audition was the entire film reading the entire? Oh, my god
and I we didn't even have a phone in our house and in church chair, which was where I was living and I a few days later I got the call to come back great yeah and fellman always did like that's another movie that like changed wives, the great you feminist movies before there was really that in the main but we didn t know it. When we did it, I mean really. Skype is not known as a firm nine over like you buy them. We love it. I well what we thought it was, but casting the sunday kit and why, I think the dynamic of me me. We provided a lie, and then it was a great idea and everything, but I think also really put us in this heroic This stuff, we I mean he put us in A- could- have been little tiny movie right, but his eye that the joke we were doing it was that as we just shot so many sunrises and sunsets and travel shots, and we were like the whole movie.
gonna be a voice over your number gonna see us at all. You're just gonna see all this amazing stuff and every the guys on the coup door him and they were all bear chested with there t shirts around their heads and going off into the sunrise and sunset catching this catching that Gina would, and I would just go back and go. I dunno you think we're going to be in this movie. At the end of the day, we're going to survive the cut I dunno. That character was so like you were so good, you- think I'm here now we're having a rent You know we keep seeing each other because the anniversary is coming up so everyone's taking pictures and asking us to do things together. So, as great we've been able to see each other more how's, she doing she's great she's, great she's. She just did a pilot and you know a kid. She came the other day to the after party nor the theater. At that I ran out yeah. She she came just to say, sweet moment
she's a great shout and with with dead men walking like so that was, was would any been nominated before oh yeah firelight right time. India for atlantic the atlantic city. The client. That's a good movie yeah. I guess it's a very good daddy. He was great that guy brad ran funny said, sir, I can story. May now I see jaw often in new york, and we always allow so sad but like a dead man, walking that that movie was had like you Did you feel that when you and him are working on that that I'm your both poles glee active. So the job I believe that, to create a sympathetic character out of that. Out of that character, I met sister helen yeah. She gave me the book based on people that she knew that were political. That gave me a good recommendation. She had no idea,
and who I was as an actor. She knew I was in thelma Louise and she was worried. I was the other one and I came in and met her when I was there for the client actually in new orleans, and I had dinner with her and and over a handshake. She gave me the book, but it took me over a year to convinced him to do it. I took me having the little mail down, saying night that I'm going to give it to somebody else. He had another film. He wanted to do that. He was writing and he really wasn't into it and so, after a while, I just said, look I'm going to go to somebody else. But this if you don't want to do it for you, Bob said. Well, I mean you know. I felt that
For me it was a love story. All the movies. I do are love stories, and this was a question of unconditional love d. Can you I mean that's what religious people do they love you unconditionally like Jesus? Did they don't ask if you're guilty? They don't you know we except for having children, don't really love that way, and maybe it's a good thing. We don't, and so that's what I thought about it. I thought this is this love story that is compelling a story of redemption, but has this other framing, which is the question of the death penalty, men, it's a very personal story. That's why I thought it would work so finely he said he would read the book and the people. That had given him money for bob roberts, which was a great film which should be released again yeah. with the aim of really interested in debt in Milwaukee more than the other one you know which he didn't like, and finally a car
I've gotten his imagination and he did a brain job of combining the two people that are in the book and changing it from electrocution too, the most humane way of killing somewhere. We ve known lethal injection and, We never thought anybody would really. It was a low, but in a little bit less than him, media. It wasn't low budget was definitely how'd. You get time about. he just ask them, and I and there were problems with sean's availability- and I said you know, there's just so few people that will be scary enough and sympathetic enough. We should wait for him maria, and we did and die he now. He knew a good wall money red egg as your great great living and I'm not working with him. Yeah great.
After ah yeah, and you know I've. Never. I've worked with a lot of people who have bad reputations and films and I've never had and they never had those problem Is it like? It is astounding movie now I watch to the medlar. This is an independent phone that, like how did you come to this project, to do just love it came to me and I met fluorine, the writer. Director who was riding it about mother, your family and very, very personally, very personal I liked her and I you know I always ask somebody from I'm to do a film. Why do you want to do this? Film and you'd? Be surprised? How many directors don't have an answer here? She had an answer and she was very passionate about which was seductive, damn. I knew was a good part, but we didn't you know, wasn't the script needed another pass, but anyway, then she sent me a little sizzle real. Her actual mom doing those the actual beginning
they found them all beginning under the thumb timing, the car add waking up going to the ground and I just was while you know that she's great, what a great care, what she so open and so funny anyhow propria constantly. I thought this is gonna, be really fun. If we can find you know a good, caston and and then my agent really hung in there and tried to help with financing and pushed it along eventually JK said he would do it, and then he got the academy award and I was really worried that he wasn't going to do it. Then he said yes, he was still going to do it and he's in You never seen him that way. we talk about J K, seven's zipper,
Oh you're, yeah yeah he's great he's great, but I mean he's always. We re may never see him like that. We and our kind of sexier your hand and then rose said she would do, which was of innovation and made our she's great nine new, her share a friend and so and then the also the gift was just this army of stand up comedian. then great dorani payment. You right now all those gao so that all around me. I was really surrounded even in the tiny parts by people that you could improv with or yeah. You know that you and we were working needless to say very fast as it was a low budget foam and no in our trailers area and began to new york accident- josie new, I yeah that was fun here. So when you, when you prepare for like how, how do you put together,
I could take. You got two material on the mother, but in general you know: what's your preparation process for role? How deep do you go? What he would do you start with Well, I dont forget my own name here that I do not go that deeply, but it and I mean the the the you know: it's a tradeoff when you're playing on a living person, because you have a wealth of specifics which does the job of an actress to make it as specific as possible, so it becomes universal. Ah, but then you have this weight of hoping that you're goin to not patronize the audience where the character not wink at the audience, especially if it's a comedy and am and that the approach to this one was to be as rooted in reality as possible, you're always trying to determine what the tone is going to be and you can find out by asking you know what would be your ideal cast and even if you can't get them, you get some sense of fear.
What you're talking about here and so I listened. I had two monica great dialect coach and I've worked with many bit me. No, we couldn't afford to have among the sap at her went through the script, and I had on my phone seen by seen. You know- out of the words that medical words and and I was wearing her clothing. I you know I then tomorrow to figure it out, and then I think you just open yourself up and fly with it. You know just jump in and kind of leaded take you, and I think that you know I I We know what it's like to be lonelier to miss some one. I thank god haven't lost a spouse, but that I've been with four that long by air. He still you know, I've had relationships and a night, I'm definitely not comfortable dating. I in arms, still trying you're that out in its been crazy,
and so I I you know it is not. I think if it's there, you kind of just sir, or two at the end of the day, and so I went from me her mother to beat me to being something else that just happens and work. What always has the surprise and what's it's it's? The thing is addictive about this processes. That, first by you, never feel you get a completely right. You know you're, either not brave enough for specific enough or you are on to something, but you didn't really commit to it, and so you see it and you got ah maybe next time I'll get that and also and when you're working with people and and things happen. That are surprising, and I found myself surprised a number of times, so that was great water, improving improving a lot, there were there's some. There are lines that I did and business I did that are in that were impromptu. You know, and and- and it was great because, like one of the scenes is a very quiet little talking scene with jake and he says well, you know what they say about check
in our eggs or something- and I go now- I don't know, wasn't the answer. I spoke to give him and he just Kosovo, you talk, you know, and I went into something else and that in the movie and he could go with it and that's the joy of working with people that are that are flexible and com they are here and if your hiring Local actors that have enacted in you know in advance in movies. Sometimes you have to hire people that are there that are really not done any and then you get in a situation in something changes. They just three girls They just stay. I she was she going to she going to be saying that ireland and I just had the loved Scott that were there and in sheridan was very special. I've seen him since so yeah you got me. I see them about at the comedy store weed yeah. I do stand up and he's Why had never gonna like a stand up tour where you're going to one
and then you can see that person in the next squatters hanging around depending on the audio grown, how the timing changes in that was really fun here, he's good and he's very wide open and sweet. So sweet eyes. Sallies got quite a schedule that tv show now the argo is effected a little while everything will work. You know you were great thanks. You sound good thanks, and I am happy to see you well, I'm I'm glad I made this pilgrimage, feel ok about everything I feel good about. Yeah did I give awareness Chris, I should know, I don't think so I mean no. No! No. I don't think so we you know we talked about you. It was good and when we didn't get, you know mired down in politics, and you know we talked about stuff, save that for the the day or yahoo is, are you gonna do about? It comes up
cause. There aren't that many women that aren't supporting hillary that are in this business and so when they find one that they could let her talk and I think I'm doing bill Maher tonight, a car you yeah, are you gonna like get into a deep. I have no idea what I'm going to do idea. What's going on, you have Bernie, I love Bernie, restored, my faith in humanity in the united states of america swerving only some real guy coups whose righteous an end means it. While he is that here, in the same guy for years and years and years, sixties standing for this thing your hand has not accepted a dime from everybody, so it's kind of like a sports Everyone's on steroids, and then you need an athlete. That's not you go why there that can happen, have it out with us and also as somebody who really got battered and the leader
to the war when he stood. I still even now. When I talk about it, it gets me emotional, but when he stood up and was so clear and so brave at that time, because I was a hard thing to do when he voted against the war and he knew every single you, google, that speed, Can you see what he said? Then you didn't. I got you know he doesn't make a false move, because it's so authentic and I are people respond to that and it's been real special to go around the united states and see so many people who felt disenfranchised her in a farm people who care about the environment and running the only candidate, that's against fraction order. You know gmos are to be able to see them gonna believe again, because you make yourself so vulnerable when you're not cynical about the process and assume your vulnerable. If you should knock on your way. You dont get angry and he's not maintain some hope. Yeah to help hope is all
though, so you know I'm encouraging hope or I will good thank you for stopping by. Thank you for having me now. I know you I'll come back again. Please any time can we have a barbecue, a sea of a barber it's surely to do a bbq out there. Just you don't even have to call to come over just find a driver that should find it just to get a knock on the door seasons. Here. I guess we're cooking, you never leave. Sometimes I do you can wait, but I should bring my own groceries. If we're gonna have a barbecue art will then get in touch with me on our help, prepare our alright. all right, honoured hard out got a gun, Gotta go now food boom onwards. She went there were some photos with foreign press. Ok, jury do go to double thea pod. Dotcom bro, you deputy cod needs. I believe you, that get a link to my upcoming shows my work
I've shows my ravage shows a t attributing house Steve Allen. Here, in LOS angeles, I believe they'll start mating, We can run through june on tuesdays, go get those tickets for cheap benefit. The theatre benefit me gotta, you're. Some shit, I've gotta, put together the new stop, go check out our new website, deputy afar deck bleatings still email but no comments section Those words are so great. comments section. How great is if the others say that I wish I was everywhere. That should be some sort of unspoken. rule. No more comment: sections. Yeah. That's it the MR rack has reiterated? an apple fire- and I you know I just doing this because this,
I do at the end now yeah in the. At an end and and and
men I do. And- boomer.
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