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Episode 703 - Garry Marshall / Open Mike Eagle

2016-05-02 | 🔗
Garry Marshall went from writing jokes for comedians in a deli to creating culture-changing television shows and directing blockbuster movies. Garry takes Marc through his entire show business career, from The Tonight Show to Happy Days to Pretty Woman, right up to his latest film, Mother's Day. Also, Marc's friend Mike Eagle stops by to talk about his new album, Hella Personal Film Festival.

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Though, the alright? Let's do this, how are you what the fuckers, what the fuck buddies, what the buccaneers this is mark marron. This is wtf. This is my podcast welcome. Yes, my voice is compromised at yes, I'm not happy about it. Yes, I am in new york city on a press trip form for me. and season for that starts. Wednesday night may forth the fourth. He's in of my show- and I have seen starts- is wednesday, nine p m excited about it. I know some. your pride thinking like our unity here, your voice, sound shitty. Why? Why are you doing? A shout came just throw in a greatest hit, show or whatever that's not what we do, that is not How brendan an eye of design the show we go?
We go no matter what the show must go on. I am not thrilled about this, I'm fine, in livid, to be honest with you, and I know, get sick, you're supposed to relax. but it is very hard for me to relax when I'm sick, because I'm fucking furious. I came york, I mean I've got literally got sick. I came on them warning, then I got on the airplane to come here and I rarely lose. My voice is bad. I'm kind of fuckin panic to be honest with you. I have to do. Charlie rose today do the tonight show tomorrow. in. If, if my voices to too fucked to do Neither of those things it's very hard Sometimes, in my mind, to just accept that these things happen, they happen, everybody everybody's been in situation. The timing may may not be optimal
for having a? U not a, not deadly illness. That could compromise a couple events, but I can't help it take it personally This is the I don't. I don't generally believe in some guy or or or higher being that that certain that dictates data day for all of us, but in my that's where I think that I've been fucked or bad luck is upon me. That's what I believe. Those are the moment said, I believe in god. Is wine like why the fuck is this happening? Oh I get it. It's, guy that I know that. I don't gender we believe in and down on me for be in something. What what could I possibly be punished for how bad of a person who am- I I'm not fucking, donald trump, I'm not fucking. You know ted Bundy,
You know why why would get, and why would that be the punishment? You know what I'm gonna do, I'm not I'm not gonna really hurt him. I'm just gonna fuck up is weak and a couple of pretty big opportunities for him just to remove and in that the that, yes, sometimes he irritates me now, that the truth of the matter is that I got a fucking called lotta. People have gotten called and it just so happens that I'm on a trip. I got Sarah with me. So I don't know who you are, what you do when you get sick or what kind of baby you become, what kind of child you regressed back to, but my default when it comes to being a chair as usual, the belligerent stubborn mean one. I don't know why I can't just become the why? needy. willing to accept comfort, one that one just that debt doesn't have a voice within me I imagine it's. The same voice is just a different way to handle it, and the way I
used to handle it. The belligerents stubborn mean way. I can sort of guarantee he that whoever's dealing with me has a hell. the challenge on their hands and it could be a painful process. So in other words, I'll be amiss. If my relationship last through this week, which I would turn to allay on Wednesday, I'm saying that sarcastically by tat and I'm trying to manage shit, because now she got sick too, so now we were basically we come to new york and we ve done some fun things, but it's like we're both in in sort of you know mild hospice over here, it's a small room and we're both sick boner noses spit. Now gook she heard her foot it's one, those memorable vacations when those ones where, if you get through it you'd be like, that horrible tripped in new york, man was bad of you. I love you too, or that that trip to new york. That's that tipp the scale. That was it neither one of
good deal with each other after that, so exciting, except. Where will this end, where it is historic take us so yet and the show I've gotta said it. Sort of a double had her I've got Gary Marshall director of many a movie brother of penny creator of happy days Laverne and surely more in many tv giant. Also, after that you ve seen on louis, showed also more. What am I feel, great comedy moments in the history of film he's on the show Couple minutes I do a short talk with the open mike eagle MIKE eagle, hip, hop artist right, for he was really my air. I had the show years ago, I don't know when exactly was now, and he had mentioned me in one of his wraps I am a sort of not egg, In fact, the I only know mainstream wraps so MIKE eagle years ago, came over an educated me on the world.
alt rap. Basically- and I recently at me on his podcast in any- I knew he gave me a new record which I enjoyed so that more come on over. Let's talk a little bit about the new record. What else do I need to tell you ha a couple of things? I did a movie a while back. and I was called frank and cindy the director G J act during camp. Is known for this weird kind of you to document or he did about his mother- was married to a one hit, wonder based player and that's called frank and city. But then he did fictional version called frank and city, and he wanted me to play his real father. Not the stepfather play by implant or the mother played brilliantly by rene russo, but the guy who lives out in the desert, and I did it, but then there was a year or so where I didn't know that happened in the movie. There were problems of some kind or another, and did it ever make it out? Who knows, but now I find out it's out on netflix- and I watched It-
I watched myself in a movie and it was pretty good aspirin be with me and the movies very cute. So if your interested in that. you should go watch it frank and cindy's veil by netflix. I've also been told that the at the gate- job movie that you know has been mentioned on this show by many people were in it, as never possibly coming out is in places you can rent it on most digital on demand platforms. I have no idea how I did at movie, but that's out- and I know it- sort of a sub text rule nine It is to this show, as I talk to you, Anna kendrick, in the house and breathe the people that were in that movie. So now I hear it's out of it I have no idea get back to me. Let me know how I didn't that movie, also before I forget and I'd like to plug my upcoming trip, and he shows you can see those dates. It's going to be tuesdays in may and june. You can go to wtf pod dot com, slash tour and come down to cheap
get the benefits the theater. I usually have an open her with me. I believe the first night dad tenth deemed I'll raise gonna, be there and Do you work through some stuff? Ok, is that is out good? Are we good so what? What do we do this now? Why don't we? Obviously I can't many. Factor that day, you know, I'm I'm in the roger or not sick but day, let's go now to my car station with with mikey well his new album. How a personal film festival is a collaboration between an open mike eagle and paul white. You can also hear his podcast secret skin. I appeared on the last one that is doing in this version. This is me and MIKE eagle, my giggle. What happened? What what? What is it? What what the thing I did, what you go, one great gay feedback.
Don't tell me about me. First, everybody loves how vulnerable will you be, which is surprising to me, because how else was anybody expecting you to be a half have no idea. What expectations. Well, maybe they don't know me at all plans. I mean they wasn't your show there like have that guy yeah that mike likes that we don't understand. I'm sure there is a small segment of my listenership that was liked it, but I think there were more people who had never listened at all, maybe riot that heard this episode right yeah. I know my podcast network was more excited about this one. They tend to be about my my usual indie rap guests. Oh, you mean you think some of my people went over there think a few, while I'm glad that damn glad that it went well so now you're here, what's going on in your wife, because I like it is the last is this record, the one after the last one that I that I got so it's been like a couple of years before you, since you put out a record year, will give thousand and fourteen was the last solo album and is the next. This is the next way even working you always always
So let me just add a show up on people's records I put be last year, and again shown by the people's records in Am I wrong in feeling that, like last the last record, it was about you know nah mundane stuck by your kids right and, I believe, tat in the regular life That will be our greatest record. I know it is a little darker out. Agree are right salaam, more inward, a lot in word but inward yeah yeah, well what's goin on all sides, of magic. I just came out of a therapy session this morning. You know like it's gone down. Wendy, it's going down Is that where how long is the first time you ve been there be? No, I wouldn't college, but it was useless in and wasn't I didn't treated correctly. I wasn't it make it shut up
oh really in college. You are what you felt like you had to go your way as you go. I think I was just curious here and then I got there and I was like oh, I can just tell this guy. Eighty thing sure just made up shit de vere, dime yeah school's done right, right man, so in What's going on with the with your life that you felt like you had to go to therapy and exercise some demons on this record, even the cover, I believe how a personal film festival. Can you give me what and who's this other guy Paul white Paul why he made all the beat, so he did all the music on the album, and I did all the words how old's your kid now he is seven. it's getting kind of real right for you ve I can. She's, gonna, always real issues. How our much reading any particular moment. So when you so you ve been in therapy for awhile. What what? What compelled you? Just you're. Gonna dark just dark feelings in general, like when everything is quiet near I get sorted it that baseline understanding of how I feel this moment. He I snuck good.
No really know I'd like like a dread or sadness, her despair or just anxiety. There is a certain weight in there's some anxiety to, but this even after the anxieties dealt with the anxiety, is usually about specific thing right after that, there's a does await me as a half ah it's a yeah. I I know that one sorta like right below your heart between your heart heart and your stomach, yeah man, and when you talk it, it feels like it might turn into crying about it. Yeah yeah get can't say that that's unfamiliar territory. For me, Martin, I can't I can't say that either it's it's via its like a chemical thing. Are you you feel it dear rework in your brain with the therapies. Well, I think I just have a lot of unprocessed stuff from childhood, and that under the media on the record all year course it always does wallets.
It's good talk about what your work during this record, like you know at. Why why the title help personal film festival, because just at one point when I looked over what we had made their to that point, I saw that each one of these songs kind. I had a little premise to it: yes little weird idea that I was basing my writing. and I'm like. Oh, these are like little tiny movies. Oh yeah, okay, okay, put them all together like that and why the the the the the the sort of grim cover? What what's this art africa to feathers, uses world renowned artists? But he just let us for the record and urges that I like tat pierre, I liked it peace yeah! It's I did. there's a lot going on here. Yeah guy and when in kind of food I face paint and with our fears and affairs and he's playing explain some percussion there, while a man and a woman looked like they are about to have a sword, fight,
oh, is that a man and woman, I believe, that's a man, one I've. I saw it as two different types of women: ok, but maybe you're right, I see it as a man and a woman, but I that I could be projected met and I didn't ask him so really aurelius him and so I think this open to interpretation and I'm, are things to be that way. You god voodoo depth, guy weren't affairs playing congo drums and then he, a woman them what seems to be some traditional tribal garb with its sabre. That's why I look at it and then a woman whose dress A modern lady, who I believe, is why you have with another sabre me. Am I thought that was a guide but I could be our mandate now. It's with I'm right is fucked Maybe it is, but I chose it the way now you know that could be must have. Is your entrance into the record because I believe in record covers and
The song is admitting the endorphin addiction yeah ma'am, but who doesn't have that? I think everybody has that, but this was this character coming to this realization character now. Well, it's me is kinda. You songwriters with your character. Yeah we are. We have four. It ourselves a little bit of license. I dunno yeah sure it's a trick. I was very upset when I found that out because I just assumed everybody is singing the song. He wrote it about himself and then the next. prove wrong by some pretty good songwriters. You tell me this character, not you. Well I mean it's all based on feelings that are happened right. You know truly inside of them right, but I I expound on them in ways that it helps me to say that this is a character because every bit of it isn't exit actually true and, of course, right yea, not everybody has to speak from the first person. Rapier afforded the the luxury of just making up yeah, now and wrap does not expected of people. Do expect you to be telling your personal truth on every breaking the rules.
So what s? The other reason for me to call it a film things. Look I'll fuck that I'm doing it this way by ever but there was a you may like. Maybe they want to be people, think you're too fucked up in certain ways, because, like this stuff, you talk about again is I think I would just run of the mill stuff yummy seen that you want to. You want to dig a little deeper and define things in a in a more nuanced way, more self aware in a way right, but I did I do do with honest out where some solemn liked as me, some of them like this, not all the way yeah, and maybe this sum. some bullshit going on there. You know yeah, maybe some of that is avenue, and I liked it and like it that you you can continue the the the movie theme you know. Even in the titles yeah yeah quirky re stock yeah me smiling. I dunno I dunno. If I like, I can't I can't sing the songs for you so long as I listen to last night, but I cannot sing the songs for you by the annual do a disservice to you. I would have loved to have heard you try. Ah, I will just take me to death,
you know I like it, but it's like I I I like it. I like the record I like, like a wrap in general, from what I listen to my girlfriends rule into an cheese or group like it. Where I can different. Listening must at various very much. So she knows all the words without even like having to be like. I would have to sit there with the words and yet work on them. It's tough, the word economy and rap music. Is it's a lot coming at ya, mere isola and if you're, not, if you're not used to listening on that level? Yeah it's hard. Now. You have two songs to two, wraps of dealing with it, security. What is that? Okay, the first one like a guy in a girl, and I don't know what it is about this relationship. But he only there's some sort of see dishonesty and this he's got always kid those guys.
His girl. You can tell me anything how a out no judgement here, just just let it out, let's create this strong foundation of truth, I'm here for you, yeah and as she says and in his leg, but you don't have to say it like that. I mean I know it's It's it's a difficult conversation, but you don't have to and in he starts to get offended and body and he's like fuck, it's slimy. He added and if it is based on its insecurity. And why is that? Well, that's something everybody feels I certainly have felt it and yeah so yeah. I wanted to. I just watched some of those things cause. I'm getting older and some of that type of insecurity just turn into complete defensiveness hm. like. I know it's air but like it's like. Maybe maybe it's not some. That's gonna get work through. So what are you now, I'm thirty, five yeah and you're going to the shrink, yeah so
yeah, I don't know if it's, I don't think it's giving up, but I- and there are some things like I am starting to realise again- maybe I'm not gonna fuck that maybe Jesus Christ, we now you're moments in big things, make up some things you get itself. Acceptance is very important on all levels where I saw it. even if your flawed, which we all are you have problems. The first step is died. This is me- and I got some issues with this, but if you at kino. If you don't have that groundwork of self acceptance, some things you can just make a little better and you train yourself differently. Yeah, I'm not trying to be negative. Now I gotcha. I think I get it because you can strive to have some type, some sort of like perfect itself that's it that's exactly the problem here, but that does not ever really gonna have a lot of people. Do that, though, in them to me that keeps you in a state of whites? I always think you're, not right right. Why you? You know you're right, you just one get better right any interfere, always thinking like I just gotta. If ireland
yeah. You know them, even if it's for mental health reasons you spend it, I've. You realize how much wifey yeah yeah I'm way. How would I like to spare, maybe spend a little of that thinking, my damn? Ok, as opposed to fuck. If I could just fix this, but is I guess, hard to know which flaws are one to chew, can truly be happy. which ones are the obstacles to the year? the air so like this sky, and this almost come from his place of like maybe in the past I've just been a jealous piece of shit And- and I feel I could be more sophisticated and deal with the truth- that whatever is going on in this situation right when it comes to find out. He is not yet that's absolutely not able to deal at all. You know, but who knows at the end of this? If this person is going to be able to have a satisfying relationship, if they can't accept the reality was going on, if they need to be light, if they meet is filters and obstacles right and so much of this is just trial. Did she had she so I'd be in it?
baby mind certainly is pretty much. Every therapy session is coming back to you. You know it's gone. You fuckin baby, who I believe, is that there is no unlike oh yeah, you want do some weird shit, so it makes sense did. Did you feel weird, oh yeah times here you can track, it will she's helpin. Did you write about going to the shrinking arap? No at the time when gazette doesn't seem like here in our young presumptuous, but that doesn't seem to be a sort of common trope in black culture or rap music was the visits to the psychiatrist or the psychologist yeah. It's a tough thing to talk about incited of our community, which are not shit like that and does not talk. Well how it? How does this stuff affected your work? In the end, your relationship with your kid, I feel like it's good. I feel like I feel, like a lot of my attempts to be very present in the life of my kid or in response to what
light was lacking in my life. Yes, I feel, like dat part, is Ok yeah, you know, but I do believe, allow among a a lot has echo its goal. Well, has the the draw in better, yes, getting better man, I'm I'm still in like two hundred fifty cap rooms, but I'm putting two hundred. People, and am I so that looks better- that it. that is good and in who were one of the crowds like the young americans man they look. They look all kinds of different ways and tour with a bunch of guys or what no I mean. I have different artists that I do tour with the originally. I I'm a I'm a solo guy. I do my my thing on stage pretty much by myself, what's a k which go through some were songs, a short about a guy that dies every night yet so that's literally this idea, how would it be like for this does does do just to die every night light
that mean like, would I groundhog day but bad canada here exactly like grandma's day, but but sad and never really getting happier like I'm glad you therapy I just some about that seem poetic mean there's a little bit like this little tiny bit alike. Police brutality, murdered black and stuff in that area like just a hint of that like, but is it was moses? Literal idea about imagining dies every night laying, while was his spirit, like is easy dies every night? What does it mean to die every day, every night Well, do you know it every day know it every day he wakes up, knowing he's going to die soon, as the sun goes down, so he's gotta get some shit done. He or not he's gonna die the way and what I should better good. She exactly that's just the grounds date thing, but we don't we don't don't. You must discuss. What is? Choices are it s, not a morality thing, but it should be so maybe they'll be applied so that we may at last april the curse.
provisions. Okay, so that was like a whore moving beer about being around a guy who thinks he knows everything right so that the first verse he's like he thinks he knows everything about like conspiracy theories and a political system, so he doesn't like to go guy? Yes, he talk shit about every candidate. You liked erotica. Second, first he's like he's like relationship, and he just thinks he knows everything going on in the girls had or whatever and rise annoying in rhino, like employee self, involve terrified control, free gang paranoid. The act is the sole, so hyper vigilant as to induce paranoia why? What It's not a good character. Type. Is not now fun what's in it gets a guy that invents or religion every day for himself to its d mark that, but it is not thorough belief system based on paranoia That enables him to to deal yen and a self filling prophecy, erudite sure
and you know you don't do anything, azured convinced, everything's, already broken and fuck. You know. What's your way thinks the most our four song on the record power- Why me like? What's the single man, ok to single check, to check, because if this cute, as about how check the phone all the time and how my phone was checking for updates all the time and getting checks in the mail and check in check and check to check and stuff gotta hook, yeah Scully's yeah. You know a little play on words. People are in it to slow play on words. Alright, well we'll play that one okay and I want you to find out just that Positive is not going to be too much of a buzzkill. Whether this is a man or a woman. On the cover of your own record, I may not ask you're right and I always as always. I wish you nothing, but the best mike. Thank you mark appreciate him. Yet.
Imagine the photo won't work without nick I'm up for my son when I'm second is don't work, the world's gonna know them they're like piper. My mom has her second they're by the walmart, the category protecting my card I want to football. Then I take every olympic olympic brown, jackie peck olympic, technically a month to check. I keep like a living from paycheck. I keep checking incoming calls directly rejected people wanting to leave message. I expect like every three seconds for a while now and then I'm checking between texts, every notification in my pharmacy makes it put it down whenever, but it's never been claimed break. I should get a heavy phone and pretend it's a free weights. Second red likes my school nosek, the headlights like sound made sec but dead mike's, just like emerging seconds left lane a planet get home, so I can check if my check came. Second, if what I say looks poorly written, but that dude had no policy, my laptop, don't think opening the mail, while the second for updates. My last happening, my man Adam Gopnik, to produce counterfeit matter, because you will watch the water, the executive, from check to check a second battery getting low but didn't know quite how to make your house now that I need to get the map. Is I don't know that I need to see an email. I don't know what nostalgic cash the dog from the outset on your couch, a movie ticket, is out with an outlet when the ground gets back. A tank back in the day back in the game and the jacket keeps the constitution may never turn me down. I will come hunting for humans. No longer the machines do anything even supper.
dig it man, good groove, am I right am. I now is MIKE ego right right now it was it was fun. It was very fond of talked Gary Marshall. His new movie mother's day is now and theatres, and we had a nice guy. precision in the garage air is very happy to come over and I was happy to see So this is me and Gary Marshall actually met once before. I hate thinking. I love you know when we will remain. We did I used to house to show on comedy central years ago new york, called short attention span theatre and I thought maybe I don't know how it came to you with a serious and it was. There was a full our interview. There get around the the eat, the exit, the eden movie, not my biggest here
and a sort of amazing when you look at the you know that don't any one of you call it a resume. The and the amazing history of Gary Marshall. What the problems. I have no regrets and now the nest goody. Do you remember like like wait? We would you come from originally. From the browser or notice. I talk funny now. I know that you grew up in the bronx your poor to bring about here, and I wait wait. What would your old man do, What are you gonna drive? There was no bury within an advertising, but more My mother was a dance teacher who is working mother where, after she told me and say, and there were no were baby citizen Lisa I couldn't a word, but she made me the drama. So I five years than I was german. Then they beat for, though, for the euro, the Earl sheep
may I had to keep the be that's starting show business. I wish my stop. My mother is very funny, but I always do you know what to her. She was told her by her, but she said this kid. This kid is this zip there's a magic did something big here and to this day I looked for that. I find it very often. Did you learn how to dance? At least You know who am I to assist this dance than actually danced under jackie glitter with the june tell a dance. How did a penny did penny, and rightly there was a junior, oh yeah, they come out were present them as the junior dancers with kids, and now they were kit. Why kit? There were ten, twelve thirteen fourteen. So what what what was to beginning for you in legitimate show business the gin when I went to where I was a sports hazards of did news, which is their high school. The banks were all arise, wine, beer
Lee new Simon familiarly know those guys not out in the same way new and I do know stanley now, oh yeah, we have were you in the same class year when he was older than me, but they all went there. They all were there. So after high school, you write in sports, but when did you start writing jokes? My father, my mother was very funny my father wasn't, but he said I should get out of the bronx. So I went to northwestern university in chicago hog to get out I loved it there and the great city love chicago. I needed a place where I was now by now not a bit a drama least good work really show. I knew I remind me, how much money so I knew if I were,
the college near a city I play drums, which way it ended up, played a lot around like supper, clubs and stuff yeah, and I would visit I was a fraternity- was a PA. Eighty, oh humble. We played proms all over with a couple of guys from the frat yeah I joined a frat yeah. I was going to north western or Missouri I figured the women play in Missouri there I write, I didn't play, cowboy music, so I know right version I play and there's a lot of clubs right, there's not a kelly's. We always that's where what a comic used to play. Mr Killilea, right you are when they did one of these four reports, all right, yeah, shelly, Berman, while they were there, story. Nobody of ass there was, I was with a jail ted la mon bobo's judge who attend it was pretty good.
Yeah and we headline displays their campus room. the other acts with these funny, probably nobody knew. I was an irish fashion, Is it by them echo we will be who, if we all, we will be active reopening here and we We go in the eye. They go in the alley stay in watching it was because in may Andrew Duncan and shelly biomedical is wireless. Your comp is played right. I was the band opening, for they are rene. For me I mean that's where I kept. They talk much the band, And we didn't drug them at all, but you were hanging out back in the alley. I came in from the alley every night to watch them and how? How was that a what a week gig or a weekend or how long did you I played two weeks so was that
did that's bark anything in you? I mean, like a committee. Equally, did you did you always acted? I never saw this area is going. I lately I have rendered my name because she says: don't tell that story too much. It sounds too long ago. I used to know your kid bike. I was very oh yeah to know it sparks a lot of inform yeah. It must have been amazing because that's really, where Nichols and may came in did their thing Shelley Berman too, I guess yeah, he didn't do phone stuff in the ice trade him. Why heard a I talked to Shelley, and I heard that device was created because he wanted to do a thing with Alain bailey was doing something with with mike, so he etiquette with a device where he could play both sides of it and then later he said here that new heart stole it, but that's not the way that touchy business did so when did you start to get him performed comedy though?
Not really, then I hear was issued, it knows worse in the warm. You shall, I say, ready and I met a guy. Who said I write comedy and I was a journalism major sure and the little discourage that truly in my class were for pulitzer prize winners in the class I could see in my class. People were better than any, but the one thing that europe and the the occasion when you're trying to find yourselves and I've never got a great great, but whenever they should read them out loud, the other kids, you say red galleries. Yet, as I always vote like right outside yeah, I realize I was funny mostly sport. Still irish exports, as it gave us western paper right force me to accommodate those outta. Here we launched a lot used right
by the time the mango bad always over. We were behind by fourteen point now, but we had a good. Now there were great to otto, so this classmate, the comedy writer, yes, his name with fred, freeman, wonderful right, a very ambitious and I Wait, all no drums. You got girls phone numbers on my downtime, I was happy yeah, but he said we he's a right and the way the plan to right after college who all said anne sam dared not yet gary, and I were to career for two years and actually still played some grumbling, and actually did radio in oh yeah, I did get to do some common, our armed forces, radio, yes, F, K and was, and so hurry and am weighed up the agenda percy in any action or regis stationed or what you know. I was there. The levity action
yeah. I guess incidents in, but it taught you to work with go up who marie the fine line between north and south korea had crawl on your stomach You know and go from tax old, fax machine gun s. And tell you that we will at the time I got really say. I had no and now I say of course mean that dirty humor low, but still it was pile of getting used to enter, and the kind of crowd that is crazy. I've never heard a story like that. You talking about like five six guys in a foxhole, how I am from a fk and I and I interview them and tell them oh no kidding I had no guy named John Graham marquette university was the other comic with me and he was a little heavy, so he had trouble crawler, but they just ended up, but then we
Detainees are yet to stick on the radio that the two year dating then you'll bring into the guy's, nay all new yeah yeah. We were uncle john and longer garry out. I have no idea why he made it, so it's all base new year's, so they were happy to see any gaily with them and we did satire hands of air and we learned to actually do a few korean jokes, but that was also good comedy experience, the early hurrying verbal Humor is not so good, but fear humor daylight there. Then we do have a forced through physically humor, where we had detained live here. That's an egg said that is an interesting, a trick to half the world. that day, hey, hey, that's the only thing that crosses a kind of language barriers. It is slapstick in a way slapstick and yes area theme
it is a big stuff and you couldn't rely on. You know clever little loins, but we've worked a lot of audiences truly where they just sat there. with their guns. Mahars was it's tough, wear out everything, I've seen quite easy and they were that. Were you really started to learn how to write jokes, yeah. I wrote jokes and a lot of thought I was a magician I mean it because when interesting things came from the stage korea to the soldier, the north koreans knew it right there. Jam the airway and the thing they loved to Jim was D. Ask is over, so I knew Bob. I change new perfume,
and so they jim the us is that we so I should. I think I can fix it, but her effects. So if I heard what hope this day in the red line, I could figure out where you go with a bunch signed relieved and when a bunch. I knew how to get straight to do. Guy imitate there? Who is hosting the oscars, mom hope hope our sitting. The ask is and then the shoulder together all made sense and they have did do as we did, that on the radio you're going improvised, naming revised made his whole, who teen made sense they never heard of such a thing. Their captain people, that's amazing. Suddenly I, which kind of weird, but only and could do a trick. You have a right and an improvised spontaneously did you know help. Did you grow too? You know waiter not he came to korea danes next, I was there up
businesses, and I was amazed that he had so many cute but he knew how to do tat but good humor. I d. I said hello there we all went ouch on new year's eve receive we weren't. You never met him later. What actually see I can't remember. I did is better for day me then thomas with the bob hope and bing Crosby co road to lebanon and I met him and he lived across the street from me in toluca lake, oh yeah, I won't live there anymore, but I live as the other side of toluca lake. So I would go take my kids to his house for valid. Times day, I'm not voluntarily easter holloway or we are right turn. We read flickered korea and one year he gave out so but the eyes, oh, you am. I cage whether keep back at and somebody must have said something
acquitted next year. He gave a picture of himself all agree that way around the block three times the size of ours is just now, so you come back from korea. And I found the same body. Fred Raymond even go to korea other guys want that six months program right right, go here. Had he been writing he was writing for publishing company under way? together in the halo cod. We made a card that there's always the beginning of a business. Yes, we its two hundred percent and virgin material that traders a premium on that? Yes, we who knows of a people called as we vote for wanna be comics and everything and none of them were again became anything not really that rich but you're getting practice. Did you go to the clubs and watches guy? Oh, we always watch Who is around them? We? Why lowly, who well
buddy Hackett jackie, Jackie, The guy who help this was, will foster and I used go places stage, delicatessen sure and they did pay you, but if you did Josiah had an inverse, they paid you in foods. I give their kid sandwiches here, no dessert, just a sandwich say: hi, here's some jokes: some of them threw them in the garbage. But oh I see so the comic sitting at the table here. They all hung out there and they had a lot of rowse yeah those days so who are the guys there? There was a buddy Hackett and Joey bishop there and Alan canton ohio that never became bebop. A bell there, okay here and on Gaza one with various. Always the nicest was for forest.
Yes, I had an accident and they like back, but he help does yet meet. Joey bishop We vote for him beyond the monitor any up. This major revision who hire seduce it night show where each hosted in the then at from going bishop and there we will work, and then you are on staff on the tit at the nijab yeah, and that was at embassy, my father's yea NBC watch ice gay. I brought my lunch in a bag. My watch ice you and do you live in the bronx again another? We had an apartment, yes and with five for a walk up. But it didn't matter as a blocker. You didn't really mad and you were married by then no, no, no just just live in la daisy, but it wasn't today that I I just didn't want me there may say wasted or their money. So I actually the first job job
was read the daily news as a copy boy in sports or not even if I say sports reporter, but it's a lie. I was a sports that distinction I did the box. Alright, you had the numbers yeah, you handed the guy. I knew how many hits batting yeah yeah. This is dick young was my idol anyway, I noticed that I was making forty five dollars a week at the They're? The news- and I was making three hundred a week under tonight, show so I was thinking a jobs. but jack Paar was apparent. He didn't, like paper from newspapers, ceases arduous. There is no euro tell em anything As I said, I do not see that box and that it we would look with. What would you like it because at that show I I've gone back and watch ended it as research into because he was really the guy who set the standard for that show in a way
and he didn't. No one really did it. I came here long for monologue sitting on the shelf. He set the form there and he really, as it was a little bit square. Compared to day by day, to allow the jobs and went into the rio yeah. I remember, woody Allen came on the. lukoil. Nato is dick, have it The big arise very was devoured, a really for jack, far for jack paw and he brought moody because they are both represented by rawlins and job. Yet they re all that was the crew near. But when I left, to go to hollywood, dick cavett replace me as a right jack. I said I said your talent coin and is very funny name dick cap or the kind of look. Oh yes, I really his. I said he's funny, forget ivy. you turned out to be right here he was good, but then we went from jack.
Da we have nice man in his way, india, joey bitch, called in a word with terry thomas and said, come out here and you could be a punch. Uprisen naturally italy would enjoy bishop. Was he like in my recollections of him because of my age, and I I really think I saw him first on the roasts and- and I know he was part of the the rat pack and stuff, but it was was he actually funny man. He was very again everybody I learned from everybody, I've brightening, Josiah, The jack call another guys. I've got a guy got a jelly and I will write and he were enjoying bishop Pritchett. No, no, you can't say their faces We really liked the here's a job she says. I like people to overhear, oh hi, Joe used to work facing the band. He turned his back to new orleans and you're just here and that
bone me well and all my movies a lot of times. I do jokes you just at that, instead of throwing them right out yeah, and that was his style that would have a child and smoothing away smooth- and you know when you became frank and sammy, and they never did you ever see those oh yeah. I wish they had a cup arises, and I guess people say you highlighted with one Sammy Davis, He is went by. I gotta be friends with with him. He said you know, we knew you it I had my pot then Joe rebels. He says we knew you guys were writing stuff for us, but it always went through this head right. Oh yeah yeah. It would, I even had he just wrote for them, but we would feed them. He said we knew and we went So, while we meet those two kids- and he said Oh they're, very shy. They don't want me really want that and now you're the brains, but that was nice said they did
Is that a hell of a show to watch the rat pack year? Something is fun right, but they are higher good time had a built in that too, whose job it did. You do like find yourself like as time when I mean this is obvious. Would before we are tremendous success. By that I mean it was, was show business more fun. I It was fun and was really you. In my ear I wrote the early sitcom, in their from the joy vision, Annie thomas was a very good guide to me and we want clear and I was trained. I could blow so my training. I wrote for the declare their children over four lucy and I will go back and forth and worked out. Who showed up at the same time same die and what you It is aimed jerry binary bells in and bells in any in. So so you wrote
work on lucy annual, dig vandyke at the same time and you're here on staff than your staff writer lou, freelance, is for high. What how it? How did it work? Was your room full of guys you, everyone go right there on scripture, you come in and kit kick jokes around with you and I have received five or six rise again. Call rhino would not say don't gimme Just tell me what happened to you that embarrass do without it What were the script and lucy in the event that you start with that idea, and he took her to the end with Lucy. You did the opposite. You start with the last seen the big funny crazy and then your job is to get to right right. Our euro show you is one point Susan lucci, who, very nice to me and after I said my by you know, defended www or the awards and so sophisticated. We we shouldn't do slapstick anymore,
and I said all right, and so we were thick. Then the producer called me- and he said this in schmuck. It's a nice man from you, just a baby right now. I will marry with baby. You know that van dyke ones amy. I wonder he said lucy will be forever. peace is value. Lucy is to buy an insurance policy for your kid. Every scrap, interesting. I shall wear that makes sense. I dont jerry coverage, keep rising and is while two thousand sixteen last year, gotta rescission of lucy, that I wrote in nineteen sixty by really Really it was only life for thirteen dollars. One month, one point: twenty seven. Nineteen sixty
hi unbelievable joe plays all around while she was a. I that's very funny, though, that that weird kind of a the the high brow versus broward the assumptions- I guess Carl Reiner brought a lot of that to dick van dyke cause he he sort of that sort. This thing, yeah yeah. He was greatly was one of my meant is, but he said I was confused vision, but he said do both the ashes his big ideas out there to both? I used to like what three networks. Now you got everybody. You know you got a good chunk every by and was lucy amazing what she is sweet woman. She was I have a. I milan occurs here. She murdered my first, if the and I wrote she wrote an avid on the cover said, this is shit. She wrote in big letters, so we went back and said and produces
No, she wants to see. How would you re right to fix it so effects it, and then she was very nice and when he whispered
Wait like dick van dyke and and lucier are sort of similar in that they're, just natural comedic yelling. He walked off the stage. Somebody's gonna be right. It's amazing! It's a real gift. You'll see it a lot right now. A lot of them are mothers, a man of quality, we're going to be fun right, exactly yeah, usually louis CK, who I yeah yeah yeah. He pauses. Oh we're going to have problems. He was just in here the day before yesterday, yeah yeah yeah. I love that guy yeah yeah had a Julia, Louise drive, northwest and then good July said, northwest yeah, definitely and she's also very naturally funny what I mean like, I think, like a you, she's, comparable to lucy, really incredibly natural, but everything I learned from Lucy. I taught my sister penny. They asked why we had Laverne and Shirley really did you edit, like a when she started acting? You said this is what you do. This way, learn yeah! No, we learned how to do the physical and aversion really did some great physical, but you are done
Who are the ones you? What did you do you work on? What other way you work on gum, pile now yeah? Oh yeah, we were all over the place free as jose. Her men is the moon, goma, pile never wrote for any, but met run howard yeah when he there again. You should always. I love sports. So I remember he was like ten near all he wanted to do- is throw the baseball or was on the set of the air. It was there and sets it as a lower wing. It always does and nobody would throw a ball with him, so I threw them a few times with RON howard yeah he's my name yeah. She, hi the logo. and then I saw the show hey landlord, then the joy the show on the lot in it was a ninety nine in the ratings where it was
the first effort yeah. Would you still go with this data? I remember I carried a card that had a ninety nine happy days of number one. I used to carry that my oh really to make sure that it always is perfect right, not always suck so, but in four comic see where you would just sort of you would know the guy's point of view enough and then just a right stories in bits to that point of view. So they tell you, I did a book, I will. I will go away and some books and one which go wake me whether it's funny here that we still feel forced to use the same method. Take a nap now doing is to day this contact lenses is way women, it's funny and votes
My second an iron. We wake up good pressure, we right right, so some of them would feed you, stop their ideas and yet some difficult, but pressure that I learned has really help through the years. Joy, bishop He was always get nervous and then we'd be its literate, besides hotel havana and we'd, be backstage any say sakharov. Nobody lies not near, so you say well how about this about this? regular idea, and neither is it a mom. Ladies and gentlemen, the sand return and you're talking about what you get
such anxiety, yeah, nothing, gives me anxiety, yeah and he was at a regular thing, but he'd probably like to do it that way: oh yeah, by all I mean all networks are the same you're all a pilot and the last minute I hated everything we got nothing right right, called insecurity of showbiz, never stop. So what was the first big breakdown further with the odd couple we tried movies, and what do you do Get a movie cause Sweden is with every rose and again our real him. We were. You wrote that you about this. Play in them. I did another movie call him, which is quite good. I saw a called grasshopper with a jackie beset Jim brown act are yet to be friends with was an early seventies, wait sixties, they take your heart nature, hands and then in the middle of the moon,
we businesses, vision, slow and we were that's it as the only really, but in the middle, They said, hey, you paramount call back I said you do yard couple. We got yard couple and we only you can ride it. This is new in Boston and maine bells bells and we wrote a script and they said this is no good is just like Neil Simon writes what you want. Why wouldn't you want that? He wrote good characters, don't exist, they anyway on. The air was ahead, a minor my happiest stories nearest in is us and the show yeah, because he you know they made a deal to help with the play one of the greatest plays ever russia showed they. He he he sold the rights out of desperation at rally, for very, very cheaply as that megan two hours right avoid after he had nothing to do with the tv no and there he shouted.
I I don't take. It should be a tv show in this, but believe their view. Longer love would is see. This right now ensure and by sheer luck. His daughter said to him once in a day, that's funny odd couples. you guys nuclear ran the show he watched then rhodesia, beautiful letter, Tell me all really. Does it see you there you're doing a good job and and just be nice, we said we. We like to come on the show and he appeared on my I'd. Come jerry, and I and the any I did you gotta worry- had no other hand to calm yourself, so he did ass. He was on the show. So we became known we ve been friends. Have is that sweet boy? You know there was because you honoured his characters right. I imagine oh yeah, whizzing yeah I, pirate yeah yeah yeah, so so. Okay, do you do this great thing with the odd couple of vibrators on the air five years
and finally, that was the benchmarks five and you were writing all yet staff right you, what what we all want? An average have. Ten rise in the area, we was a sure I was the first we chevron, hey lane library, we didn't know that yeah yeah, do it right, but we did not when you grade. Two shows they make you a producer. The first thing you have to do is produce as high yourself as a director, because nobody else will write so we cut by jerry- and I both got into a new direct physical, but I must say we we we learned to show run on the odd cup and in ensuring runner was, I guess it's It been around a long time, but as a job is a relatively new job and television yeah. They used to me they went from radio tv right. What they did originally is take off. radio right,
ouch story right wrote, this sits, come out of the rain harry the beaver, and then somebody said why don't we get some of the girl? It is from Fred Allen, jack benny and they sit there or how to make her story and they say well we're having trouble with teaching story writers how to write jokes. Maybe we can they the joke writers stories and that change the business that Huygens yeah jimbo chain, bright, horizon and all the comedy writers word now go quietly and that's how without modern television was invented at ms comedy and and, as a show run out, you ran the roman, you end and right is and how to be not only the buck stops at you. You had a big way pick and why I seem to have a good talents as a picture. Writing was ok, but I could wait wait.
That guy over the area, member new Simon, never spoken, sid seizure, only dailies right right and they ve and once in a while college, airway wait news said something say loud and clear, and so I could pick them got right is and you and you would run interference between the show in the network and yoda yellow yale between I gotta say that the network didn't, but in so much. Oh yes, Oh yeah I mean I know it. They them much more. On top of it now They were happy was working enabling liking money all right here, happy days when, eleven years after, like five or six years, I never saw anybody from nobody came overhanging came out with doing and it so the odd it on and you do and other stuff right before it. Why did you actually work? an on american style with a I did, but the thing was
those days, they had a good plan, you made a pilot and it was no good. They didn't throw it away, a year. They would put a love american style and just changed the higher so just scripts floating, yea, or so I wrote a pilot near we're happy days didn't sell by date right. I love americans. That was the first time those characters appeared yet new neighbourhood love and a new name. Is there something they call, and that was the beginning of happy day. That was my first pilot, then nay, same characters, pretty much No know, Fonzie was rich in patsy and empowered in may and was an original had what and how it s marian louis ha, and there is a whole story. My mother, my best friend from korea via the back tell business was a casting directive for europe. Guess america were thea. Anything we're doing. Fifty
If you got the role of fifties pilot you did last year, I said yeah I said determine that right now I ron howard for refusing. No kid was out of that, and that is the thing you wrote for glove americans and out of that mammogram we're pretty wareham ass may reach on broadway became a smash and the tv peoples Do we have that has dealt with? Who did that im. Do it again and bite both soon. My part Going into movies we broke up, I asked them you wanna come on. I got news, show carried day, and he now days. Jerry said this. Certain funds z fancy some crazy by nice family. I don't wanna, I like edgy, I like this year in there, game with me. Busy regret that
unfortunately, passed away. We went to the financial aid was not so very right, some good movies. He worked for bill by a lot of punch. Ups, oh yeah, he was probably a phoney is varies should I have met with my mother via, is, however, with jerry both saw case or not amazing to me because I vaguely remember love american style from when I was a kid has around nine or ten, but I remember it was a little racy and it was always different in every funny guy on tv showed up day, I wrote some special. I will some episodes later I wrote. I was fascinated by the fact that I had to buy like music Can you tube with using dixie, which I play so I said how by right, trap to people to where I live gathered to and made my wife is even under the tube and obviously william
it's. Why we had to make a special tube and I did love into two, but that was the psyche. Avalon and I forgot to grow up. They will sketch. Basically, yes, but that was sure I'll, sketches catches and indecision material. They used to call it Well, I will allow me I remember it was funny gonna get to see like like jobs may, where everybody was on was on wow, while rights and then happy days it of the same that then the stout crazed was upon us and in how did you? How did you bring that altogether algae cast at? What did you see winkler and words of flat? well sure? How did that work, or was that later? That might have been later right that no first run? How did it? You know? I people keep saying you create these I have never created tell we create and then, while shore and if you stop it, from evolving jago thea here, but we started with. I thought is sure chauvinism.
Poverty and richie howard and is whims, but then my eyes there had seen american fiji and they were the agent at the time he reached ahead of paramount Michael eyes. I hadn't disney later year by year here that we went to get weapons. It is, but he said I I shouldn't be about to station. we should be about a gang. I said, I'm not sure well somewhere yet again, and I say it is: we have the money for a gang how do I get one guy who represent the air, so we got for this sector we did the pilot. I added a fancy. winkler. Yeah where'd, you see him. I didn t came in and I was a tall tying from the streets of the bronx and they sent me very sure, jewish guy from
three of long island, but lo and behold, Henry was such a good act that way guy put on their jack here and there with monday, before my eyes at my office, I saw said, but that Jim here that I am and they hate me came while a better human beings ever met, no business henry. He I talk to him in here. You swear very sweet goodbye yet and a net foggy character. I mean I was a kid. So what so happy is. He runs what seventy for ten years and that's why I'm eleven through whatever twenty one by but I remember when I was a kid you know you are gonna gone, a hidden things. You know it was not now those guys in my neighborhood, who never spoke much but one day later, Javier, you and ahead so were silent types work.
Well for me, and I think eventually, that Henry weaker became such a star that we shifted. happy days to him, because I always by which you too have an older brother here am I had to have a clear and they will They were gone, people still less. Whatever happened to chalk. If you try to come back like that's right, yeah, yeah yeah. I remember he was like a college kid right, yeah, yeah, yeah, move and try and did was now you know over the years. You know it was on t v longer than most sitcoms ever was long and most marriage, and they now so we get the you get the term jumping the shock from happy day. Hatchway now wait when you're in position where you got a good thing go in and you know it changed the culture change people's lives, people loved the thing. What was the decision process has? I will cause you stay on the air so long they just kept can make money.
Ever kept playing partially, the industry that usually people busy. We run out and said how my was wholesale right, they say if you buy They show you get this joke. Why am I happy days a very smart man? I paramount said bid on it. There's no place habit is bitter right and everybody worried about one of the other stagey edge syndicates. yeah you do. I the rapid rise in the price of an up, and now everybody does right, but that was a verse without their leader. They left it all right the incentive voice day if it had such a big indication market. Let's just keep making them yet and then they understood fred, so hey man then understood that you wanted to get to allow I so he said to be great behind happy days quick, so you could partner.
and that's where the furniture I surely and now what was your relationship with your sister at this time when she acting was. She was a stunt. Lady and my mother, told me Many marshal was a stunt. Lady, yes and savage, seven knocked off a bite. and you out there. You are both out here, though nea slaughtering I'm here now my mother called said: get justice to a job. she's daily more on every member has a bill. Actually tat is good and that when she went on couple secretary right, jack, cloven, tony roads a lot about acting and then she was a rider where we did Laverne shirley and we made It shows they were on happy days that so hard to find people when they were on one show fed to them and which the king of spin offs and he'd always say.
act is a fine find out who's. Guess thing. That's interesting! Reg then make sure we study. That was him really friends, because it does not too much any more than there were in the same way, not to say my right, you can where they can coexist, like you- could have both shows on there, where they take people of seinfeld, sure sure, but not with the same character, know them that way and yet lenny and squeaky. I just remembered Michael mckean genius, yet oh have giant yeah yeah and he weed private pilot for them. It didn't work, but we got robin williams of happy days too, and now he ain't. So you got your sister doing. Laverne shirley she can becomes a big hit her and say Cindy. right. That was an s night. She was an american graffiti. She was great pneumonia, right, namibia, and that one for years. They have both of these running yet again
cindy within the conversation was one be real activists and just capitalist accomplice, mobility yeah there she did a favor rule of I won't sell ass, you go and immoral what a market. who came up with a how'd. You you come in touch with robin was, I've told but ok, I have three kids and took girls and a boy and my son was watching happy days. We watch it here, he's the youngest. I said: why won't you watch happy days. He says: there's no space people pretty love loves arjuna, I said, but the fifties and gives us my. He was seven. and he said they could dream. Maybe I agree and I went to revise it
He doesn't have any new adversaries. Let's get the alien you shoulda seen the staring at me. Is he going, but we created the more. from walk and the poor mother show and was now you can robin come in an audition. No, we were hiring people like john binder and yeah wonderful, comey, yeah, and nobody wanted to do it and my sister rani I work with family was my casting person said. There's a kid. I talked to an agent allen. Swam in some He said. There's a new kid and I literally said what has he done and she says it stands on a street corner and he makes noises and invitations and, and he passes the hat. If that's the credit, he has to be a number of issues that you said he has
very full hack here, he's a street performer here to taiwan, a highly came in. I think he did one job for george slaughters away. But nobody came in and he really did the audition standing. His head the never miss a line, and we put him in that we were so desperate or restart monday to friday. We didn't have a at the end, when your alien didn't have an earlier, I said, and luckily some people- a nicer than others and run howard and Henry waiver. I said this guy, is in it is the area in these little red and so help did and he did did the oppressor. It is the area and at the end, I I I announced fungi and run our life, and they still rob and no kidding me today.
Late in the day in the live audience. Libraries people just turn up now kid who is dagger, I shall I said, maybe he somebody might be but no my cameraman etc. And you know those two girls you've played from the other side of the tracks. That's a two shot be good make that show. So I listen, but I must say when, when again. I just said when the network hated all their pilots, less his eyes. They came in said. Why do you got the desperate anything here and I of course called network, and I said: did you see the episode? with robin way. They said no, but again, there's always hope. One vote It's girl, I heard her say and they mossy costly. She was the law,
when she the love. She said. I thought he was very good for her and she said he could be so. I said yes both from or where we're. Where is it I said, and I'm crazy. I think when they say where is it? I think we can. I where can I get a better behold, I said: have a in both I said to me However, I totally unique place perfect. What's the name it, I said it was the more chronicles. Here and then there was just silence- and I heard we know is right. Chroniclers mean yeah yeah. I did data the phone. How many of you don't know I'd call me why can't name it and marshy smile had no, they buy their name pets. It's like Laverne, inter alia, hudson Morgan mandate may openly. I think I should
walk and militia than in the area. But that challenge Marty cars, you went on the Mccarthy warner. Yes, She was smiling whipped, higher and higher production company. Yes, in and again random live circles husband john cause. He was when the associate produces on jack. Paar show no kid, that's how he is, is this: your business with a smaller businesses, right and made it all serve the area. show is amazing and robin became a huge store. I became ass sweet I wish he was. The eye and Some demons is your. I always said I had how I My shows together had softball teams travelling sophomore year travel
Stevie ahead. It is in that, but rob in mumbai saw poyser. Might she didn't he mostly just like were working, but he will do the best. I ever worked with this version Mary Jane is drawing near any, could do anything payment. you gonna make you live anytime. Midday night in any way was rising. Do any movies with them no we and we wanted to do, but he did a wonderful movie. What my sister penny called awake, I thought you have one jump prize is I was a wonderful. Did you give penny heard directing job? I imagine the by director, Laverne, shirley, yeah. She directed and did pretty good yeah. Then, you wanna hear the feminine side of the world. Is she went to the studios lighted rector that actually said to her? We go. Like women directive, we don't say they have a mind set and they won't come.
With ideas that would reach a mass already, while they did that is not really a feminist budget. Our showed him. He was the first woman directive ever to break The hundred may entail a benchmark. She made two pictures that made of I remain bankers big. in their own yeah, and There is the first women directly ever to do that. Others have by penny was the of quite proud, that's great, that's amazing and an you started, making your own movies I obviously did a lot more tv than you still involved with tv, but the movie started when like later right in the eighties. I I I said I'll try these his trivia near what ways the dish oh it's a winter, all new york before cats. I should know, tell you
It was called the roast. I rode it lasted three nights, Kathryn eighteen years, origin. Added. You add me as a guest realizing as eighteen year is. Our major realized maybe plays aren't my thing though I know it truly was not the greatest but again I always have these stories you, as this comes that it was in Boston. They, terrible using boys, but this has usher loves it. He said this is funny, it was a good blog about it was about me and be roasted and by buyer, who guy who was his son, by a turn down him and at all and that some drama, but there The twenty million hung tat we really funny, but to russia we died with over, but the usher I owe you remembered him. Is they were
asian alexander, I always goes. There is later trying to find him if a pretty woman and they I said what is that kid, the like he's either of these vibrant but whom the song, and there is no Let me did you know your decision. I wasn't there on tape with rigid year, and I said he one the visor. What I said rigid gave funny perfect again. what were you really woman? Yet My dear that's not shirk the one guy like if I may ass. Well, we very boughs and yet well. He has a good you're really heavy we're going to were, I think, was a very funny the very funny guy a hazy, but there
but the other movies. You know that, like four mingle, kid was a huge movie great year. My face, one was young doctors in love and I smoked in aid. Andy buys, and I was a mess really her. I was gonna quit. Am I quit? Why correcting a vision that for me resting business? Why? I said it through? stay right for aging there, and then my sister actually said how you may be. This was a bad you will see in and then I got familiar. Hit that nobody was made. Make was about poor guy was about fathers inside me again, I know about, and that became a hidden that was fun making now, dylan right here, but who is he was. He is great and great movie. Guy he's good bye, forget it, we reach tried it I had Matthew broadway to play the lead in the wave two weeks before.
He had a leave. Do something now kid so mad daily I'm gonna have to do in that outside is yet hope, version and he's running there's two write said hi, added high it says you know, I don't do comedy good, I'm glad we hired you for a boy that good thing and I said I'll, find much funny and we found the tbs game very good yeah. Now he he's very funny. I mean he did some the mary something about mary, a great know. I wrote him, I said funny way of saying, but richard president was the guy who has picture together. He passed away right. Yeah he's really was great and my biggest asset. My first book which was that a hit was hector others. I know when he's in every movie. You do eighteen that eighty you'll love that guy I do. We come from the streets of new york. We play basketball because now we play
so? I know my mother's day that guy doesn't look like a ages leads to a boy that idea, we have replaced thursdays he's always their gaze harry is always at the fountain and mother's day. Eight in a play say, as so many characters she does. the he has more to pays is anybody. I know. Always as we prepare to pay us is what your mother's day with you very funny and his his balls yeah yeah. He let it he just let it go after he said you got too many stars in this picture. You don't want to wait for me in hair and makeup I'll be bald, because the three girls are going to be if he wore a hat, yeah yeah and you get go right. Yeah you got kate, kate, hudson and Julia roberts, and I had never work with Jennifer- gave ass- she spoke rarely heard sheikh just with terrific she so prepared and
do anything she can and really is. genuine people say this that, but she is a genuine personal. It's really juno here and I feel like it. She has and this is like here: what are you, the fifteenth movie whatever how eighteen eighteen s character eight days? That's right in some of them were it's like. I got a question because you know you do forming a kid beaches, woman breaking Johnny was pretty big movie right, though the says: diaries was a big movie. They were you yeah like we started with the with the sort of admitting that sometimes go. Then I know my words in television. Was me and the chimp yeah yeah hear the applause this and that and and the movies I had a few failures. But how do you? What just respect. You know in terms of you know your logic around me. Give them, and I imagine that you know you're,
of a guy that you know you ve got a sort of final cut, would most things right, it's harder now, but I did hear so. How do you? What do you? What do you think happens when something doesn't work? Well, I think some. It all depends on what you call work right, who are my best pictures didn't make a lot of money which was nothing in common with jack he's. Always right- and I was a terrific picture- came out the wrong time. Some didn't make money. it's still very good. At railway that movie, that was the listener to fathers. Yeah yeah, it was, it was a painful and beautiful movie and Jackie was great. There was one of the last films. Rivers is less from my god that was a good movie outrage We got him to do it here. I tom and I appeared how we should be in the moon We had all this speech is here. When re start? This produces a jackie in that fairly well if-
don't go in the movie and you go your less picture we'll be smokey in the bandit part, two Jackie said, give me the fucking pen and he said that he did nothing and he was ill during the show shoot a little bit there, but he soon died after that and he was a wonderful man, but that was that guy's got a very good critical reaction, very good, critical in another picture. I did about a mentally challenged child, which I always wanted to do was call the other sister. Also great critical reaction didn't make. right and then women their money in this him, but I would say the others say did was picture. Can be for exiting he and I had acquired rosy odin. Yes, I wanted sharon stone and dont johnson. Look at this testing worked out here, but and now I thought. I truly believe that I love love story here. I
it could be a love story in every situation and I did delve into the world, invest in them and said: can they be low whether that has and there I based it, both of a wonderful way. They may rise reactor queen of Van vampires Asia and she has some tragedy and alive, there used to write a radical and took her book every day, but they work out to come. That was doing. Wasn't a studio. Didn't think it would be good name. Measure comedy in may was it a common to lots of things go wrong right. I think most they were very big picture is when and the money people and not making the same film right now happens and that is theirs. Arguments about yeah then nina go you compromise, camera mightier, sometimes Monday winds and bring you win but ray. It's never would they
void in a lot of times, and sometimes I haven't and when you also ip outside make movies. You d like to show up in things like tat, my acting I tell you man, this scene in you know, like I didn't know who you were when I saw last in america. I don't know who you were. Then the alive was in show business, it's one of the best scenes in the world. Thanks Now the brooks in you with this year. That was how languorous, now, how did he cast you and eight rob right? Am I the petty, were, merits your lifetime. Yet I had the best parties in how they were here and I would No do them inhabit. Finding people would be here and now, but said to me was I need you. He says you talk like a gauge. he says I need somebody, nobody knows yet, Nobody knows you agent, known, exley, very his views. If you see no later than was the case in all, and he directed me in
We did like seventeen take and he right here. I must say again this random sir, that picture, but our bit wrote with jerry. Both insist, no kidding no getting my luggage, said, miss jerry burdens, kids is it all comes around, it does come, but we had a good time that I will that both the lie where you go. We're finish talking I wonder who had by bacteria are pretty good right. I'd make me laugh at the lowest. That's what my argument sand. finally, I abbot bushes she's got another great key.
yo he is yeah and you'd get what you did a lot of acting and people see. I bet you that's where a lot of the funny people started to yell, to that was your big break as an actor funny stuff re yeah. Well, I I do like it and I eh sounds corny, but I like to act and I try to act just before I direct. Because I remember there were lactose. right and with a bow, Well aware that- and I must say, spend as much time before action before and after cod, as I do between algeria at you. I know what's going on and how I felt and you did well yeah. I mean why we can't go through everything, but he did work with my friend louis and you did louis. Oh, he was great yeah. You know how stupid I am. I can always keep up, and this guy call me and they said hello? Louis UK, I said hijackers you play bosses. I said year. I have assumed that I,
It has so I was you be my show as my son, who should Well, my second, you are a shooter. Yes, I see who is Louis ck, yeah and I have to write the greatest and I when I met him, and I really liked that we had a great time quite fun and the new movies out the new movie mother's day mother's day, alright. Well, it was great talking to you. Yeah I like it and jack stories. You get another one another one that we didn't. Do you like to tell that you didn't tell. I was tired, because I'm a little you do journey. Okay, sure you got it dirty go ahead. I just robin williams, love to to dirty stuff here which we had to call out, but he did it. But would love to do is tell riddles to
and and we'd be dirty and she would blush where is it? day the right is found out. What joke he was going to say and they told her the punchline, so he out in the middle seen. He says what happens when you called A donkey was an onion and their guys toes pair imperative get a piece of where's that will make eyes water and that's the only time I speak this. You look Winston was also one of my favorite province series. May he rest in peace a year. Will thank you for for sharing all this stuff, and it was great to see that and I went to see I forget now. I remember you. Did you remember this one? I will thank again. Do you think I was one
We will get sweeter is a goal of yeah. They get older guy. You a lot of it like I'm, seeing that my wife, like there was weak guy twenty guy good stories. Eighty years, a great pack said great talking to him go to beauty a pod outcome for all the deputy applied leads deputy pod dotcom, slash tour, the trip lake, for my shows, a manger. Tripping house, in LOS angeles, was at the steed island theatre, and anything else. You want my want check out the lucite very exciting, very exciting. Besides square space made us, golly one on thursday from a new special right, applause I hmm, both lives.
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