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Episode 720 - Joe Dante / John Carpenter

2016-06-30 | 🔗
Marc dives deep into genre waters when he welcomes madcap director Joe Dante into the garage. They talk about art school, Roger Corman, Piranha, minimal budgets, Gremlins, Innerspace, and more. But first, a master of modern horror also stops by the garage. John Carpenter tells Marc why he wanted to make scary movies and why he now wants to make music with his son.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck birds housing I said that, how are you what's happening? It's mark mare- and this is my show wtf of welcome to it you are well. I hope you are enjoying your morning afternoon evening. I hope you're almost asleep, if you're trying to get to sleep with the dough, The tones of my aggravation. I hope that is helping you. I hear that it helps some people. I hear it help some people sleep. I don't know how that is, but good night goodnight little ones. So, what's ring, I am trying to promote some shows the last couple, So what is, though, s three? I think episodes of mariner on Wednesday nights at nine
see what else is happening. As you know, I'm doing some club dates. I think, You know that if you ask in this fairly regularly, you should know all that you're pretty? How shows are dying, I'm at the ice house on July third that sunday that sold out spy can comedy club, joy, seventh, eighth and ninth tickets. elbows spokane washington, yeah, wise guy salt lake city, joy, fourteen fifteen and sixteen in salt lake. I think There'S- gets four, that the comedy attic looming in indiana, joy, twenty, eight, twenty, nine and thirty eight and stand up live phoenix arizona August eighteen and nineteen So those are the shows. Oh yeah, twenty two three days standby apply. That's a big old room, albion, albuquerque hometown september. Third, and the comedy club in rochester new york september, ninth and tenth so yeah go to deputy pod dotcom, swash tour to get them to get hooked up with links to
these tickets, I'd like to see a somewhere if you're going to be their new material instead this coming along. Pretty good, went to a minor crisis last night cause. It was hard here. It's been hardier, not complaining this The way l is away, no seasons, just the kind, I not as high as arizona and then a little chile night. Those are the three seasons and it's it's very bizarre after certain point wonder when you somewhere. Were there no seasons cause you don't know how many fucking years. gone by host I've been here how long twelve years cheese, I wonder, fanatic parking ticket and this is a sort of like right like right. Now, it's like our eye, things are. Fire and their ants must be summer. Los angeles Did I mention? There's a new badger deputy of cat mugs available from brine jones up in portland. They go on sale that twelve noon. Eastern ninety am pacific today go to
our jones dot com to get yours also coming up forthcoming as it at some point in the near future. chuck closer and I will be on the show here Before that happens, I want to tell you about his book, but what were wrong thinking about the present as if it were the past its out. Now you can get a wherever you get books. I read it, and I learned some things and I thought about things differently. Thank you chuck Can it be exciting to talk to you Today, on the show we have sort of a double header gonna do chat with the with the John carpenter, now the directive, two directors, Joe Dante later in the show, the director of gremlins, grimly to enter space. He did that amazing, a section of the twilight zone movie. Obviously John carpenter has directed a ton of stuff he's a fucking genius.
the John carbon other, both great directors, I think John carpenter. Where's halloween, the fog escape from new york. The thing Christine star man, big, trouble old china. They live one of my favorite john carbon, he's. Probably the thing is that my biggest favor he was. Dropping by primarily to talk about his music, but we got some stuff in we got a little We got some other stuff in and mean Joe talk for quite a while. It's interesting, I talk these director, actual junk outbreak is on that. I was never a horror guy. My are- was more horror driven, but I have no patience for thrillers. I don't really like horror it is a punch. my brain a little too hard, things. I remember, I guess that's the point, but but I think that if I watch too many horror movies, I would be scarred for life. I mean that I like them. I guess aliens would be considered a horror movie and I dont know if you ever forget like this
Some horror movie, memories are more visceral than than actual members. Like I talk to a Joe Dante about the fly, the sequel of the fly, I think we're talking about and my been the m, the return of the fly but it was. There was an image in there were: guy, got the machine with a with a rodent of some kind in he had like Abbott hands a rabbit, benin, fucking scarred, my brain. I can't get out of my head scanners that guy's boiling up it. It's my kids, visceral and still, present to me, the dot which, with is a day of the dead. The I like I like harm. He's at ever satirical edge to them. I liked like that. What is at the dawn of the debtor day, the debt, which is the one with the shopping mall scene? What other As I see like. Oh, I talked to John carpenter a little bit about the thing in those with a one guy when he's getting taken over by the thing The dogs in the man there are that really that really stay with.
What was a great cannibal movie, that guy pierce within an ravenous ravenous. That's what I think, called movie? Does anyone know that movie rob carlyle, Jeffrey jim- What is in it? It's a fucking, great We are definitely consider it of the horror genre genera, but as you can tell I'm, not a I'm, not a huge, huge, our guy, and we have seen a lot of carpenters movies, but not all horror movies and the ones like they live that had a sort of powerful satirical punch to em I enjoy those are the most but the kitten. Let's talk it. that could have been a harsh, but it wasn't. Maybe was last weekend that I just heard a kidney helping on my porch it to thirty in the morning this tiny black kitten and then he came to eat a couple of times. and it was really too small to be out there and I didn't know what was lately pharaoh or not. It seemed a little young to be fully pharaoh, but
Sarah, whose a cat trapping wizard wanted to trap it and see what we can do and tired tired, trap out here, because you could trap a skanky could trap a raccoon could trappers It load a hairy trouble in those traps. If you don't keep an eye on him, so he got this little kitten and I don't think it's sir. I think it's maybe six weeks old, so it's definitely not feral it's over it, Sarah's integrating getting fed, running around too much. I got my two cats here I can manage to keep the situation is she's managing it for now, but I think I'm going to take it in and keep it and give. My cats friend give my two cats monkey. Look. Under a little friend, if not a friend, some sort of like a wheel, guided by alpine, but see I don't to do that. I don't want to do that to the cat we'll see it's an adorable black cat, it's healthy needs to be de wormed and it needs a flea bath. but it's jumping around. It was little nuts at first, but now it's just a little.
We gotta. I think we got it and just the nick of time before, before it turned into a totally scary, wild fuckin animal with and it's weird because within weeks it would have been a totally scary, wild fuck. Now I think we just made it under the wire where we can do I know where your parents, so that were doubt that is actually going to be. The first came cat. I've had a long time so John car I was here and we talked for a bit. Sometimes These talks yield what they're gonna year there was a good talk. Day, he came here to talk about his music, which is great I enjoyed the records, is most recent. album of original music lost themes to is available. Now we did get a little bit a movie talk him. We did what we could. It was to meet him and good dang out forbid.
this is me and John carpenter. Has this scared me? Are you left him answer, then? Do it till you read that there are not many of us remember that anymore? I know it's bizarre that bizarre guitar. That guy are that guy going on. What's gonna play the side, one of jesse colony on new record. Stop just call it For some reason it that's the one name in my mind that six out from when I was in high school is a guy. always playing all sides are records. I was like not Fogel burg, the fuck who needs gilbert. I don't mean to shit Well, that's! Okay! I dunno. If he's a friend of yours, now he's not here. No, no, I dunno so John arbiter, not scary in person. Now, unfortunately, how'd you get I did listen to ring start
with that music? As you know, I am a big fan of the sacred bones label and do a lot of great rock of music and experimental music how'd. You get a linked up with those guys were that happen kind of by accident. I am I gonna music authority na she said I ve got any new music, and so I said along some music that my son and I had been improvising. Oh really, oak. and I'd lit a month later she said you ever recorded. That would have what's your son boy, my son's synthesizer guy, and various they Andy this cause. I know that you scored all the films. Actually this morning went india reminded myself of the whole wean theme. My guy, I knew there was a big, a big part of that film in that part of what the scarred me and many others as a child, my pleasure but dab. surprise to him, maybe not surprised, but pleasantly surprised. When I listened to the first wast themes record how nice we it sort of
the place is a whole record. I you know I was in the whole side straight, do on a good good equipment with that you'd over and was ended. Next side. All through is like a yeah. I can dream dream, you know you get that kind of flow. I loved hedge ranger. Do you know I love how fuckin greater than I had then been around for a while to stall round. I dont know I think so there now bomb with Jean Michel jar. yeah. They were on it, so yeah so that was sort of that was in your head high. I guess for how long and me how long you, how about first, I first knew about tangerine dream back from a movie call sorcerer nineteen, seventy away and freed. Can I just had him in here man he's off, who talk sorcerer provide a half hour maris. Her is great movie and he's a great director behind tangerines. I didn't even put that together. I knew they did the soundtrack, as I was thinkin thief, I remember that on that too yeah cosette soundtrack, I write up is bigger than the move, so wet debt,
Did you start right? Music? I well last turn my there was a music teacher, so he cited when I was about eight years old that are needed to start learning the violin. Unfortunately, I had no talent at vienna, but I I struggled and I like wherever about I went on to keyboards guitars and I had a local rock n roll ban and oh yeah town. I lived where resist bowling green kentucky actually iraq man. What year we talk and john talk in the sixtys, it aims to subdue uncovers. You do an original home caretaker save I. What do you do it? None else now straightway yeah, but then I went to California. Learn movies so where's your daddy composer, he was in addition to being violence than a teacher so day so you grew up in a house were filled with music and classical music, the piano! I imagine area the accurate he lay down on the keys to can do it so wise
that's a that's a beautiful thing: yeah yeah yeah! That is where I came from. This is good, it's better than hating the house, that's correct! That is absolutely correct and where did he teach? He taught at western kentucky university, which is a college? Was a teachers college there in bowling green became a university is now growing at university. Still, there, aha and I and he was the the head of the music Department- that's correct yeah, and what did your mom do? Well, she was a secretary, her mom my father was one of the founding members of the nashville strings and what that is is backup strings from four roy orbit and Brenda Lee and all the nashville recording aren't really so he play for everybody. Johnny cash you play for everybody, he's on all those records all on the royal airbus. In my other roy arbiter records, beautiful, irene, o cry yeah, that's really air, all my god. So you grew up with that to Brazil
doing it when you were a conscious person out of a low lay. I was conscious. I would go down with him to the recordings days and I got to see roy orbits and bunch of them doing it it down. Oh, my alsace, that's amazing cosette because I just got back dead. The box set of boys. That's all there on that. One way want a member. What label it's all! It must be all your dad on their cause. It's all that orchestration! That's right, daddy heart wrenching our envoy orbs, and had an incredible voice, just unbelievable transformative yeah, it was, you can feel it clinic cuts through your guts area, and you did you see johnny cash, you. I did not see him now who recently the guys you're, not who I see Brenda Lee ah was renewed teresa brewer. Ah, my father, a court of justice in field back when she was a member of a group, the springfield note now that we're, how far is nashville from a bowling green but sixty miles to our run ere. He did it,
before he was a professor or neural during a guy mutilated, yeah? And how that sir? That's a good, that's good! The childhood experience where I came from sir. I had that my back pocket and I brought it with me in the movie business because make a little movies. You may ensued. Films are low budget movies. You don't have money for sure score. I could do myself and you can write music. I can't write it. I'm not improvising. I hear it and wait wait. What's your primary instrument when you re working in well, I'm they kept piano. Come a cup of synthesizer yards, because I can I notice on on the last themes one mg She brought me to is a game. Additional downloader becomes form a vinyl snobling made area, is that you know there's a groove to it. I mean there's, there's a there's, a drum, there's a push to it. You know it never sit still, and you know you there's a there's a full on momentum. A and- and it carries you through the whole thing, even more so into two is as even as
but further than one oh yeah, yeah yeah, oh good. I got so far to the right and no digital, honey, you're you're a pure pure digital, but if I can get the vine I'd rather sit and listen to it. On that does make a difference. I think maybe I'm crazy. I don't know I don't know either while memory It's the same with anything analogue coming morty stand on films. I well film is kind of disappear, right and adopt projecting it anymore, the united states, it's you know what, it is even crazier. Look what I was a kid growing up in the nineteen fifties: the television was threatening the moon sure. So what did there? What movies do they had to come up with something to get people in the theater? Dear one of the things came up with. Was cinema scope over there yet wide screwing other stolen down over by on sunset, right sense and vine by a guess? What
I hope you watch a movie on your phone with crazy, we'll wait a minute now see this? Is it it's all gone a different direction than I imagined. Yeah movies are supposed to be seen on the big screen right with other people right. I am just an old school guy right but by boat, but I think that the argument is even in the in the will is there. Be something wrong with I kinda movie on a phone because he, like you, said the experience of what we grew up. His movies was supposed to be. on encompassing it wasn't supposed to happen passively or or you know you stop, and start there was. It was a real journey in a real escape and you were able to sort of wheatley immerse your sad ass right. That's the whole point right, People, I guess, do that with video games in here. You know it's just a different world bank, but yeah yeah he's alright everything moves on. You can find it. So you just gotta go you do how to keep moving. So we need this I d get into movies big brother
sisters now I met your it now is all on you, the family name. I was yet winded you decide to to get into filmore do go to. I was eight years old. I saw a movie that transformed me, and I shall I gotta- do- that. What forbidden planet was the name of the movie with Robbie the robot I sure and her head on, and I had a ah it had an electronic score was not noack orchestral me there now is the wind out of the way your eye on me. I gotta do this week. Has funny to you or was it was amazing. I was amazed. had been alive. They got you on a little boy here, Andy, in terms of your other cinematic Violence is early, I'm aware they ike. When did you start your appreciate that the bigger pictures, probably the it all came clearer in film school gazette began to watch a lot of direct work. Do you gave up rock and roll completely now not completely, but I did not left it s. A
I am going to the movies in this debate. Sixty sociate is happening. I mean I'm like everything changing how we will change and music is changing. Bigtime cultural change, big time. and you go and you leave any tell your dad, who I imagine with supportive. Yes of the decision Do you see, and at that time I mean that's, churned out, everybody knew there were. That was It had close ties, the hollywood, so we as students we got to see all classic hollywood directors, orson welles, Alfred hitch cried coming talk to you. They'd come lecturers real, our hawks John for just amazing people would come through there, so we got to see their movies and listened to their stories and its would try we're trying to figure out. How does this always worked right out of this business what does it mean to be a direct and they were laying it out for you, man, big, I mean. Can you look at the like somebody? Like John ford,
You saw him talk liar s, amazing If you look at the number of films, these guys made a employees of the studio, and then you know some of them on their own, but like a lot of movie earlier. So was a real job area that was it a day all man for me, two hundred fifty movie distance. now by the law. Some were silent. He kept me who is until he couldn't walk yeah, but we are back, the film school. Yet we were seeing a little of everything there and we were seeing experimental artists the who and remember their names now cause. I was well disinterested in that I was instant hollywood felt like anger that that kind of thing I didn't particularly care. It was all happening at that time. It must have been. There must have been sort of a lotta influx of a lot of weed and long haired. Dude saying like we're gonna do something, but he was you know it was vietnam right. That was the driving force in everybody's life. We were deep in it
By that point right, when did you are, and that was sixty eight I was there and I saw that that change culture. And a change everybody's mind change movies. the kind of movies that people were going to see change Reilly later right, it is shifted away from that dead, the musicals and the war. stir and eight they day seemed it. There was a disconnect who are you? Can Brazil, when you were there, did you want love roberts? Make us was there in class, with you why he was one class below me. George Lucas was a year ahead. He had just graduated round. And I am what were you, what we working on in school? What did they teach you outside of listening to these great directors, which is obviously a great benefit of having a college connected to hollywood? But what was the actual training plummet now. We have yet to learn everything. Camera editing, sound everything
you had to do it all the way to do it on crews is kept. Building up experiencing started working in sixteen millimetre. You in you worked in the in the lab and you worked and animation, and you got an experience of every single aspect of motion picture. Ah, how does all this got together? Here is how it goes together, any learnt, so can make a little failed like this. You can make a bigger film right magazine, a big studio, it giscard to seem possible. It's exactly. Ah, that's exactly and what going on in hollywood, they you're sort of you have taken up one at that time as european year. Why me she is right here by the what was going on the strip we did. You know Corpsman was plugin out she had over there. He was a was very pressing me since I was a little kid. I we recognised roger corpsman who hath ahead. energy to their all exploitation they're, all like a cat or the crab authors and stuff like tat, pierre great here see, was due in the treaty. Yeah that at the time I was wonderful yeah. I love corner. You never thought
Going out there trying to get a gig as I wanted to, but you know it just never worked out. Did you ever meet, I'm sure yeah? You guys became friends later, oh yeah yeah. I love corbin greg Why certainly knows how to bring a man under budget man and he made just incredible. Movies, almost like a shot for it. different kinds of who is any created, a great place for people to learn whether you like it or not. Actors directors are all the cats who at her yeah they they took a lesson over there. Who is it me, John demi? I think the damage was there, but Martin square says he bogdanov it worked for me. Would you know the strip you talk about the cultural yeah, great time for rocket role or l mary kitty. Yeah yeah was unbelievable here, so we did there did you graduate over? I never did I just moved. I guess I made a started. The student film started a graduate film. That became a feature film, conor star.
That was my first one, and it was I who worked with me on that as a general ban in albania was the b one underwrite some big movie wrote alien. He asked his big deal and I do was what was what was your movie, that was dark, starve, adapt possess, outer space adventure made by student filmmaker on vat on the cheap, and it was a kind of colony in was what it was for the time, and so he always had a sense of humor about it. I think that must have come from forbidden planning, corpsman film, really I don't know, but you did do some things. Some serious space I have the idea at work longer, but then move but I wrote my way into the movie business and finally, in the late seven, these I would start making my what was he so he did dark stars. I was a student film over the first assault on precinct, thirteen with my first thirty five millimeter feature and why what was that a reaction to nothing? It was just kind of up urban western now
what it was that was there's no. There is now no societal message and in that move, there's nothing except guys trapped. the police station fighting for their lives. So what was the next film? Ah, while the next movie, I made it a teepees fell, but the next movie I made was hallway and that was nineteen. Seventeen. Seventy eight the eye- I was in was in high school you or your child. I didn't resolute child you hon fifty two year and is pretty big deal john. How will we was a pretty big deal? it? Ghana, gonna, set the ball rolling per forever. thing in that genre, but let me experts- into what it was about a people, saw movie come out and he has had a look at that this choice. little movie made a whole bunch of money right. I sailors,
at the moment. Will let you want how he would say that's exactly right. They can do this, for this allows any less makes a money like that. Guy out she was it. It was a two hundred and twenty thousand bucks engrossed seventy five billion. Some pretty good, pretty give return, number Now, when you did that movie a week, I mean I know you're as you just at a fan of fantasy and science fiction. Bike was horror. Your thing tat, I loved her horror, was great. Why? Because I grew up with it as a kid. I would watch the shock theatre television with bright, a frank had sign and dracula isles will be that there are great and we didn't have much in the fifties in terms of youth culture. So I we needed monster movies, monster boobies. Was it But did you approached with humor or were you actually looking, because I mean how will I think began something that there were suspense, but the mixture
are in suspense. That was actually your violet. in an end that there's gonna be a Your role and what sort of can a journey through many murders just for the sake of it in a way just where the thrill of it fairly new, wasn't it I mean those like movies. Like frank and scientist, I mean you knew that data was bullshit, it's like there is my brother, like them, I was not a horror movie kid you liked it because you get a kick out of them. Whole point of holloway- was simply the scare the shit I be. Why was it there? Real? Not like you know, not frankenstein scared people in those days. If you ve got to understand any yeahs big time they tell me you kidding the depression ear. Audiences were terrified of those movies ha that really got him. Yeah all big by them. Frankenstein ruse, dracula, scared people,
Can I go cycle again? The slasher cray, ok, I that was the best granddad right rise of the shower. Seen, kick it more famous that right, so I could not do that's. All I could do is make this movie the scared people cause you didn't know. What was? What happened next, but you knew is gonna, be bad and you afraid of what you might see high didn't see anything halloween. There was no gore to it. It was nothing, but is what you thought you might see. We saw bodies so what we You saying you didn't see the act. Necessarily We see the guy's later on. I've done tougher things, but that one was pretty soft and when you were making it you want intention to do too, to sort of do something you with a gene to make money. I wanted to be a director mia, that's all I care about the money was secondary. I wanted to be a movie director
was what you want to do that those kind of movies I any kind of hell. did the same years halloween was they tv movie Elvis right where rise, harassed or, I might add, I don't care with a scary her use of all our western I'm gonna, do it. We are less than shoot, yeah, yeah and sorry from there you worked were kept work in that letter. in after Elvis what is the next big movie line? We did the fog and escape from new york state from you, It was completely different. Sort of movie Andy like you know when I think about them, like you know that he's getting known to work within those budget restraints. That you really had to be creative in a way that that wasn't afforded to young people, make an million multi million dollar budget right. That's why we were low budget movies, so we had we had, we're a little bit harder and be figure things out ahead of time Yeah! We had an know what do and how and how to make the illusion work. That's right and with my escape from
york. I mean you know they ve worked. How old are you nineteen? Eighty one gradually in high school. What were you doing? I reside in deciding the young. Maybe I should go to college, maybe smoking a little weed but I was definitely going to movies when we sure because we have revival house and we got very excited about movies. Coming out. We saw that movie when it came out I you know- and I think eighty one was raging bull year with all the good stuff huh yeah yeah, so yo me and my buddy Devin were were definitely movie. Heads sure, but we are always looking forward to to to what you are going to do and the fact that this was so different from the other thing and Kurt Russell era. I think it was sort of a breakout thing for him, because we all knew him as that disney movie. Kid that's right Andy and harry was his heavy, and I think that that Our general reaction was idea right, dra he did
way to go heard. What was your relationship with him because he is when I came friends. The abu became friends over the work ethic, whereas we both had this work at. He came from disney movies where a man you had to do it right. We have to show up, and every line, and you had hit your marks and you had to just do it perfect. and I came being responsible. May I have to do this, get all this work done today. Right, so we both became friends over there. the work at it like a shit down deathray and believing in the vision gonna like they must have trusted you a bit. He did, he had to do and through this thing- and I said well, you can play all the second directive. I thought you did a pretty good job, as I remember he was good. He was and then and then to that The thing you're really make it a fan is still Yet there are images from that that still fuck my head now good guess, I'm happy about that.
do you feel I feel like I was one best horror movies. I it was the best you know it was a. It was hated at the time why IONA the two strong in what way too strong to bleak fuel need it. I guess they needed some hope that then I don't they needed help from that movie. I dont over we'll get it wrong, if stranded in the arctic right now, but you know I thought oh I've, I've done it and I've really made a good movie and I don't think a lot of people thought. So what was it like? Shooting that where'd you do it. It was pretty tough. We went to stewart british columbia, which is an ice port and there's glacial ice ct so you're out there you will end the year in ice and they have we built a set up on a glacier and shot up there and it's pretty cold offer real rugged and there were the girls and much hollywood ag arrive and no, they live yeah.
at the time. I saw that I was very consumed with a certain amount of paranoia or aware what you hire unite, I dunaway drugs. It got me a little bit of mental trouble and I'd see I was seeing the world as a as there is a conspiracy of dark. Spirits, see involved, which there is but here we know who they are, but when they will happen, I was right. He knows that guy knows No, that was my rage at the ragged revolution and yuppies in the glare, the greed of the eighties. I just I couldn't take it so that direct reaction. That was it and I got work with the late great roddy piper, who was just bundle, work, there are now is one big movie: wasn't it aided graded it till he did? came from another world that Sudan's wrestlings hold another sure sure, but europe so you were. You- are conscious of channeling an attack
Oh yeah, well set up here. What was it for the values they just changed so much since I don't know since I was they changed. So much as the seven these had changed, it was so right wing and anna he's an eye. Now we are Reagan's. I cancer enviable values or not to me is that he brought to the country. I just was so angry about it, and that was the result that movies- Because you have because there is a sort of johan going metaphor that that you know we're sort of dealing with the culture of death and went out that button but the eighties never ended, They are still with us today, yeah, and they live is truly a more of a documentary than it is a case that it is a drum, dramatic, phil, it I mean reese real. it is. These people are crazy out there, True, there are no lizard people. There is no dark conspiracy in the in the sphinx. There's nothing like that,
neither the eye in the pyramid is made out of another. Does free free nations are scaring, however, business does run us. That's right runs our politics. Our country and of unregulated free market will do nothing but destroy the word. You got it. That's it now What that reaction? That's all it is it's it's not this! Not that free markets are bad. Markets are great bright, but you can't let him barriers. Is fascinating. Dunham can know what it is like you have. This idea that capitalism is a functioning says which it is, but you know, just on tethered. How are you, how do people, nothing? Greed, isn't gonna consume anything good! That's correct! You got it, you! I don't know where the logic in rio is surprised. Bankers figured out how to read the system, but capitalism is that religion that EU money is not a pure right virgin at you. Mustn t touch exactly exactly like to survive a little vats way escorts. So what
when you saw such means. like now, like horror, couldn't be more mainstream, couldn't be more you're getting marketable executive? What the walking dead? and in the end, the vampire stuff I mean it's not my back but some are making some big bread out regularly in Britain we put it that way in terms of the walking dead is true, it's crazy, but you you understand that was a movie that george romero made better sixty eight yeah and they have milked. People have built his movie and they are still milking it. Now, all its island rate at Andrey. Somebody will eventually are you a good friend what those those that three I mean crazy. They do yeah come on anyway, why you should be getting a little bit right gave a piece of that, but I think horrors due for a new beginning here, and this is due for research, its we have to change it. We have to change it up. We can't do these. These cheap poltergeist
Movies, either right paranormal, my heart, I loved her. I write. Stop, please stop right, it's just a sheet. Boogie come on it. We're due for change it it'll come what what? What? How do you see it? horror movies have been with us since beginning of cinema, and there are always the same. Most of them are bad. In my view, fewer average and a couple, a really good right and they keep changing with a culture where I all case it's like vietnam, he saw them Let change of horror movies changed too so they'll change again as the code the changes as we have all been moved through time now, Would you like working with your son, its awesome, are you kidding was a family, a highly. Why? How old is he he's thirty one year, my god, thirty four, and where does the little family operation anyone pop shark, any do it out of the house, emu. We do downstairs. We have a computer system down there and its logic pro computer set up with a lot
plugins allow sow we bring guitar, and we bring whatever we need exists. Fine we're making music. I gossip it's its Is it selling the music? Is it selling yeah, yeah people seem to like it it's great man. I mean it's, not I'm not making as much money as it did in the movies me. I don't care yeah. I just don't care I'm an old guy now and I just never thought I'd- have a second act, because usually people in america don't have second acts, but here I'm abroad playing busy. I'm going to go out on tour Are you kidding? Are you? Life is great yeah work during this year, who you can tour with his kids and a band. We have the the tenacious D s band playlists it'll be fine, that's a boy Man is, but you I tell me you're, dumber movies now know maybe we'll see, but I just don't care like I used. I got an old I've looked
on my career, I'm happy about at me- I don't have. I dont have The same consuming drive that you doing I I don't. You know what lie darting you. You know we have to let that girl. You have to embrace the the zen of life right like saying it on your microphone. of life was at a struggle for you to do what, What browser you get addicted to do what you do your work and honour? I got burned out. I thought stop. Well, I love the records and united bet. I appreciate you hanging. That's fine for thanks, John divining. Thank you, those man, John tight chat, etc. it's as much as he wanted to talk. I will tell you that, right now, Joe day was here again. The movie gremlins great satire in my mind and when the whole thing
pop out. How funny that, and so you feel bad gizmo, then you I got poor gizmo, although that is more but dare theirs. well things that Dante? Didn't I talk to him about it that they really had a profound impact on on me. You can check out web series trailers from AL trailers forum held dot com. Yes, so now it's what's join me and Joe Dante. you're in the garage It's an interesting thing to say united. We agreed at the orphanages something and grow up. What I now I dont think and not many people use that word, but me must have grown up with somebody. My dad was the orphanages. Where were you sent food for like the opera? Was the other place? Oh right right, these be off. That's in africa. Correct
but that's interesting! That's, like a catholic east coasting again. When you go sailing elsewhere, which is what I am yeah where'd you grow up. I grew up in various places in new jersey jersey. livingston, new jersey, mama guy morristown. I was born in jersey, let's all it's gone. Have your back! No! No! I don't there's no reason. For me, there is the right. There is no reason but yeah it. We used to be very verdant. It was called the garden state. Yes, now it's the macadam state. What's that mean it's just everything's sort of flat, Flattened out and strip mall strip mall and lots of pharmaceutical companies. Really I always remember, in the summer being human lush in you drive, use ie almost felt high because it was so humid in there is almost like a missed to all this, the human here. That's it a haze and it was all green and they had those tomatoes. Member jersey, tomatoes, metals, and that was the thing you can't find good tomato any wherever now
Then they were covered with pesticides, letting their right. Never big could eat him like an apple. What happen to those day, I'd in those days are gone along with a lot of other things chasing fireflies. We do that's right now, chasing fireflies all round and member when they he'll paramus park at will broke more willebrod amount eyes a big deal. Big deal. People came from firelight zero, general mall. I think that was right, what defined more culture, but that was we did you are you I was I was. I think I am. I probably had escaped from, thereby them. I was probably the sixty something else, but is that when you ran away and the sixth I runaway went to college that was in philadelphia Oh yeah, right in filling in the late sixties, philosophical depart from sixteen forty to sixty eight august so that was it. That was everything was shifting. The entire world is a completely different world. That was a very interesting place to be during that time, because it was, as I wasn't, political visa until the chicago can
engine a high and eight. I was radicalized watching television suddenly realised that stuff going on here that I needed to be a part of and back then the new york post was a liberal rag, really yeah it was and it was it was. It was was like the village voice, I mean it was no really I can't mad. Imagine graham ran up and dumb. That was where I got all the jimmy brethren typewriters right where their Jimmy as when did you know that he was we ricans, first choice or second choice for papa Doyle. Yes, I didn't know that crazy, don't be great. He just that he wasn't really much on at that's what I hear, yeah. I talked to freak and he said he he was a little drunk he and he didn't show up and he was much an actor but Jackie Glenn, good writer, Jackie gleason, was the first choice. Yeah that would have been interesting way. It would have certainly he's a great actor sure he is, but he and made that run it there's a lot of running now. I think the Dublin workin,
did a lot of running rights. Are you there sixty four, like literally the country changes when you from when you start ice art school to the end, and while I was there so you gotta remember, this is the beginnings of beans and the academic year. A well established is basically creeping up and it was all tied to the vietnam war right and draft media. As you may recall, the the one of the reasons why they were protests- the stuff was because people were literally been plucked out of their american lives and sent into the jungle, whereas in the iraq war yeah I've always volunteer right. So you didn't get that love of back home panic. People were still outside, but but there wasn't really much organised resistance, particularly to the beginning of the war, and it was most each year, letting it was mostly while great fine. Let's go, do that's that's great. You have become more, they were common offer,
A string of were framed is victories other than korea really gets. No one could assume what would a clusterfuck that we all wanted victories. We never have happened. Anything we did we had mia so Did you were you drafted? Did you? I was I had my number one. Why so does that mean when why that I had had our epilepsy. When I was a kid and so that rule me out, so I didn't have to shoot my foot off. I didn't I didn't have to go to the draft board with my finger twitching as if I was going to be shooting a gun or fill your ass. Without peanut butter. I didn't I didn't have to do that, but am I or go to canada, but a lot of my friends did: did you have siblings that were drafted? Brother was too young, oh yeah, and went to. When do you start because I mean it seems to me that lie in terms of film that you were. Certainly your generation and at least as a film fan,
Well, yeah I mean I was a. I was a a movie kid. Basically, I said we didn't have a t v when I was a little kid and we had radio and but- these were bigger than life up at a big screen. It was the disney cartoons. Of course you know peter pan and nobody to those kind of things that really got me interested, but in it they used to be a quaint custom called the We might lay we're every saturday. The first book and girl I would get in free, was importer have you got in free, could spend your money on candy, which was very cheap. and they would run two features. Ten cartoons and cereal chapter. We could you could dump the kid off, then for the day, and then he comes home and he saw the stuff that- and the fifties was an interesting period, because almost all adult movies were still suitable for kids right and there was a lot of kid movie- stuff you're as also the atomic farrier at right,
the the the giant, insects, the you know, the the the the the idea we're going to go to space to the religion, his stuff and what we find there while they'll be enemies like the communists. You know- and this is what filled your child's imagination, my childhood sentiment along with comic books, because I was a huge comic book fan and the cartoonist, oh, you did yeah and my favorite comic was uncle scrooge, conscious written by a guy named Carl barks, who was known as The good artist disney cart to his whole duck burg, saga of the back stories and all the stuff. What light years apart from the cartoon donald duck culture? Basically a daffy doctype, but this this character, investigate at an intelligent, meaning that they were. They were really well written stories and, for instance, the last arc is based on a rock. A scrooge comic event called the seven cities of similar, it's admitted as it was. As you use. A barks management which caused was script, in Gaza and as though
So a but Spielberg conceived of the story. He was a huge Carl barks fan and when I would go to his office to have these actual commissioned paintings know all barks of the of the ducks which are now worth a fortune well how's the generational thing cause. I dunno, I'm not a big comic book guy, but I dunno anything of it. I dunno what it was when you were in the fifties. As a kid there were different kinds of comics. There was superhero comics and the kind that were always popular, but there was a little qadri, nerdy kids really identified with the dollar back world, and so at aunt. Billboard, but obviously was one of them, and I went to a lot of trouble to seek out Karl Marx and I'll get paintings from him. Really it was alive. Him is that some of you, that was an option, the donald duck world gap. And, dare I say you watching all these vizier cartoon freak out and freedom, carter, comic book, friggin, a cartoon freak and they were the ten cartoons
we're interesting because the disney cartoons with a vast and everybody would applaud, and then they warn about this cartoons. They were great. Go down the line and there will be a little less applause or maybe sometimes groans if it was little audrey yeah or the paramount carton and handsome awful happened to proceed with the area under the eggs of her herman and cat and dog stuff that we're copies of copies of copies and then you'd get to the territories with Paul, terry and heck logical, those cartoons were so poorly animated. That kids would can I get a little dizzy and sick? What repetition? Well because it was sloppy. You know they don't want to spend a lot of time bright. Nonetheless, there were some gems and all of those cartoon groups, but-
after a while you really they would all sort of run together in your head, but there was a constant supply because they were, students were still making cartoon right and they basically stopped in the early sixties, warner brothers kind of gave up on their cartoons, but which had been suffering for quite a while there they were much for they had to be tv, animation style and the jokes worn is good and right and when they got to the pink panther cartoons which are actually really terrible, they work into the audiences. To consider them an annoyance like. I want to see the future ro, while we running a cartoon. So that's what happened so. The resources ran out. The intention was wearing out turns, got that the ant and the aardvark was not exactly something were sitting around like. Oh, that's. I want to see another aunt, an aardvark carter. I mean they just weren't funny era, and they were they were made by some of the same people who had made the great cartoons, but they were getting older. They have a lot less to work with and even when chuck jones tried to do tom and jerry, he just didn't. Have the kind of tom and jerry mind that Hannah and barbara that, and so as cartoons, while artist
are not really very funny right, and so it was the actual cartoon era was dying and it has been partly killed off by told him I also like I imagine, generationally things are different- are changing right. Well, yeah! I made it on audience and when and audiences more sophisticated right, and so when you were a kid watching that what were the features that you were going to that region with you. I did hear them. I liked westerns what has been going murphy fan and but it was that it was really the science fiction pictures that we really loved and end I'm going to see them, which was a giant insect movie hand. It was very well done and it was terrifying and they made sounds that were kind of like crickets I had outside my window and they had antenna which, which would run up against my window, sort of like tree branches, or I could imagine that there were major ants coming out of the the lot and back in my house that attention to detail and my parents would,
What? If he's pictures, give you nightmares? Why'd, you go see him. I said because I have to pay me say something about being scared that was exciting men comforting, it was building at the standard. You because you you're you're playing out your fears of whatever have death or or whatever your fears are in a safe way. The theater yeah. It's the reason why people go on roller coaster rides sure, and and and that's why the genre has been so popular taking at home with you had taken over me as did most get right? You know Work is not an enclosed experience. You still wake up in the middle of the night and if you're been your own little bed, the only problem is, if you look under your bed, there could be a large economy, size tarantula down there yeah. So what? When did you see the fly?
the original, oh of course, that thing like I was older than though yeah. Well, an hour later, the fly came out in fifty eight. You know what I remember about that one is the guy who was in the machine with with the rabbit or whatever, when he had the big doofus. That's the return of the fly. Oh, it is yes, that's the same. That was if I there's more horrifying than the little head on a fly was just guy and only it was like an accident or something I rather than they matter. Transmitter is not quite perfected, the out and so that any thing gets in with you. Obviously, you use up its atoms now. Why? why the atoms would cause a tiny human head on a fly area, giant fly a guy I never really actual actually manette. Now, when you see some like like your krona, merge, remake or something like that deeply. He didn't amazing job. Do you know it's it's it's a remake in the sense that he went back to the book, ride the story, regional story, so not them.
We are all now here. I think he didn't. He thought the movie was kid stuff and he wanted to do something different and an. I think when you do remarks frankly, that the way to approach them is not remain the movie that was made from them? But if this, based on a literary sure could see you go back to the original book? I hope that in my twilight zone episode for the toilets and movie, they wanted to remake old episodes of twilight zone as movies, and I thought well. This is a bad idea, because all the twilight zone episodes they are based on twist endings here and the end plus they were beloved. People knew my heart right, so the idea of paying and seeing it reenacted in color didn't really seem that exciting but the deal they they said you have to do or remains that it was at first. I you work we over.
Yeah and, and so I picked a story that had been done really well on the shell, but I chain I went back to the original short story and change. The delegation made it about cartoons instead of about two farmhouse and the kid still had the magic powers, but he'd taken all the adults in his life and he trap them in this cartoon world and so the idea being that, hopefully, the oddest won't realise exactly which episode this is until they get halfway through right, and I was- and that worked great for me, because the George miller and I who were there the newcomers and that group were we a lot of great press him with its that one? Yours is the one. I remember there was something terrifying about it with that. I remember the sister being stuck in that chasing with the walls of re horror are doing and then an uncle b I just having to be you just I room was so terrified tat. It was very to find a lot of good actors. I tried to use actors have been on the show cause, I'm very sentimental about this stuff and so on.
I tried on the twilight. Only director who used to actors almost entirely cast were people who had been the climate work when in the kids, what thou? How did that lake? Where did you so you got away from where, I need to be a cartoonist like if it got away from me, I mean, is that what you studied in in Philly? Well, no, you can't study and I found I went to art school as the philosopher called the college of art. They said this is all well and good, but cartooning is not an art, and this is an art school soft. The thing you have to take something else: now they had a film course a burgeoning film course, the visa thirty students into cameras, and I took that
but that's not really where I learned about movies, where I really learned about movies at that period was going to the movies in philadelphia. There were a whole lot of grind houses still operating on market street right and that one of them is called the news theater and you had a square screen and a long haul yeah. It was originally built to run newsreels twenty four hours a day for people who are working in the war plan. Yet now it had been changed over into a grindhouse and they would run. And was got movies, but it also the middle of the picture because the rest of it would be on the wall and then ended, but they ran a lot of old movies, alot of thirty's pictures shrieks and things like that but not as a revival house as it were, it was well know, is that it was. It was a grand house. What is a dimension thousand years. I've rightly a definition of a grind guide, has never their lights never come on, The movie grinds on over and over and over, and they never came, and there was another one across the street. The the inaptly named family, theater yeah, which never ever turn the lights on it, and even when people would get knifed in the theater, the police would come the movie. Would
restart stopped. I was there when it happened and then the movie just kid that continued the guards came into the stop programme. This year. With his reaction, I don't think they wanted to turn life, because what what? What? What with scurry here on the floor right and how? Many by Let me tell you I gave up. But it was, it was a it. Nonetheless, it was. It was a great operator. I couldn't go to the museum of modern art to see these movies, and most of them were kinds of movies that didn't play the museum imagine tat brownings freaks in all all the all. The fifties are pictures or the forties harp and honour in value. Picture that closing done out of respect her eye round. I was just looking at what is a growing time and it was triple features. Yes, all you'd get three right and the prince were not the best friend. Sometimes there are completely faded, but it didn't matter. It was like and was exciting it just small bed and you couldn't go to the bathroom. That was the bad thing, earn a triple feature and you can't go to the bathroom because you don't want to go down those stairs real that place.
Yes, who knows people have not come back changes pisa, where's that movie job or movie where they kid goes to the greenhouse bathroom and enters another world. I fortune, unfortunately, it's too late for that movie bright eyes. No one point to run greenhouse came out. Nobody here, which was too obviously right, that people left over the personally, because there are so unfamiliar with the concept of greenhouses, they didn't know, is a double feature and you're right. I did mean anything to fear and so even I was very, very noble attempt to try to replicate that experience day, didn't do enough homework of explaining to people what greenhouses were in order to be able to make it work interesting, you, you know, you talk about nostalgia and I feel like you. You have a lot of it still yeah mainly in the sand, said he I just who I went and poked around the new website, the truck the trailers from how website in your set. That's your thing like what?
you know I didn't know what to expect, but its very interesting to have these new directors and screen writers and people reflect about about these things. in the end, the business and about directors the unjust based on these trailers. Well, they talk about movies that affected them, and sometimes they'll about a movie that was very instrumental in there I'll more, a movie that your change, their life or maybe the they didn't even really very much like, but but they think you should see here and the nice thing, though, for me as when people come up and say you know I had never heard of this movie before I saw it on your site, since I was talking about the trailer, so I found him b. I really like that, and I want to see more movies by this guy and its because, in our our car society move self ass. Now you know we remember, I was hooked these movies in a world where there were only three tv channels,
and there was, and there were no video games, there's nothing to do. If you you couldn't have a movie in your own home, there was actually space to to sorta decide what movie you're going to see next weekend. Exactly and now there are so many things are changing people's ability to fill their day that the old things kind of get lost and are going to get forgotten, and I this was just sort of an attempt to try to bring the past back to life for people who whose lives may be moving so asked that they just you, know, skip it sure any you know I I was on there for two minutes and I saw cutter and bone was featured cutters way and that movie was a life changing thing for me, when I was a kid cause, I when I started, I think at a revival house or maybe you might even didn't. First Rondon wasn't a big moving up, but it's a great movie. Yet I remember a bit compels me to read the book by now thorn bag because I wanted to know more about those characters, not that's that that's the way movies effect, here and there are so many will be like that. So many pictures that are really good but didn't exactly cracked.
that guy right in this time- and this is happening with records to now you gotta- go Yet you know now I'm in this world of vinyl, All these second and third string rock bans it made masterpieces it never really been saw. The light of mainstream radio play so becomes fascinating that Oh, my god. What happened in these guys and has the same These are as it is in its it's an archive offering and end the the interesting thing is that there are more movies available to see YA day right than ever in lifetime movies from the early thirties that haven't been seen in seventy years are now finally coming back and you can see them on video the problem. I found it Nobody knows who these actors are anymore. nobody knows, and nobody relates to the period a hawk. Is it so distant from right, I mean certainly is distant silent with his word to me when I was a kid yeah that that you you need it.
sort of a way of looking at them, which is why they were from courses school courses, yet you would want to fell menu analyze it. When the kit talk about its right, and I miss that I miss going to the movies and coming home and. Having a drink and arguing about her fighting with people about this movie and that movie I like this and I think movies have become so throw away. Now the people don't do that they don't. They they see a movie. It washes over them by the time they put their car keys in the car. They ve forgotten what they saw right. no challenge people anymore now, but it would for you now you'll be We talk about random bunch of movies and where you start to learn how to tat, put movies How did you and in in essence, learn how to make movies but in the grindhouse ike really answer that, except to say that I would be honest, sat and I would say way of shooting a picture, and then I would shoot it allied later, movie that I stole the idea from Andrea.
but I had that image in my head all the time in programmes, your brain, I'm programmed, I carry this stuff around with me and its it becomes instinctive. While you you find a way to I miss the million ways to do it. I'm a hitchcock used story board everything very carefully and then professed that he was kind of board illustrating his story boards with actors by a, but I not many people can do that and write he didn't awfully well, but for the most part, it's the excitement of of new things happening on the set that gets you going with its is working with actors and having somebody come up with a way of approaching a scene that you haven't even thought of were actually better than what you were going to do, or some guy able to make up debarment comes up. It's as I have an idea. What, if you did this? Yet its anything that makes the movie better collaboration exactly it is a climate of medium. It's not, I mean it's not at a one man, one film medium, any more, I'm not sure I'd ever really was because it takes so many people yet to make a film yet but- and there does need to be somebody in charge that does- and it's it's great being a director where you get to say yes, I like that,
If there are no I'm not going to use that idea. So what were the? What? What do you remember? As being you know, some of the the the more powerful templates in your mind, as as a kid that you see resurface in your work what the movies it really blow your mind earlier on. We are like this. This movie has at the answers to many of the mister Well, you know I. I do believe that movies often do have the answers to lax great mystery. Yes, but I think their different for everybody and interesting about movies is that, regardless of what was intended by the filmmaker ia, it's what you take away sure from the movie, that counts, and yes we'll for you and it may or may not be what- a filmmaker had her mind. You may have interpreted the com italy differently and the guy next, you may be interpreted as yet differently again, but that's why such an exciting art form. For me,
in and there's a certain amount of instinct that is involved in in in the way you see something it's an emotional response to a page or to an actor to a scene in the way that you presented and which may change by the way, between the time that you read it, the time that you stage it and the time that you edit it right. You may have a completely different, take right on what it was that you were trying to do. Is you ve lived it and also you you? When you're making a movie, you have to perfect the movie that you're making it can't and if it's getting a little bit off the page of which you intended, you have to go with the best thing about it. One of the best thing about it is taking a minor character who should be in the background and moving up to the front and giving him the business yeah that's going to make the audience interested and, and maybe for this scene, not paying as much attention to the leading lady or whatever and right. Then that's what's right for the movie.
yeah and if it's right for the scene, it's right for the movie, then you then you come to the problem where okay, now my movies two hours long, I got a rough cut, it's two hours and I it's really pretty slow. I know directors they're just release it like. I got it non cancer that the movies are very even used to call programme movies are really along, and I I I like on movies, I love. What's bunch, I'm in the west, I love lawrence of Arabia. I love movies that are long for a reason and you have to go with the movie. That is the best movie that you can do and if it any of it, turns out that your movie is too long. Then you have to take that wonderful scene that you sweated yeah and that you worked on so hard and you got it just right and you discover Jesus is in the wrong place. This scene is killing the momentum of the movie it shouldn't be in the movie. He ought to take it out, yeah, it's very hard to do that. Yeah! It's it's like pulling! The arms of your kid is really tough, but but if you once, you screen it without that scene and it plays better, you know
it was the right thing to do. Well wait! So when you graduate from college in nineteen sixty eight you you what you are doing, sixteen millimeter films in college is that what you were doing. I was doing sixteen litre shorts in ca in black and white, often with no sound. Now what like? How did like you changes a person, you know creatively politically, the whole culture was changing between nineteen sixty four nineteen sixty eighty. So when you walked in to college walking out into a tie in time in different worlds. We, as I believe, probably most college students do be in general, it does a particularly volatile perry. Where do you how to add is that where I went was to work on a motion picture trade magazine called film bulletin, which was for exhibitors and is in thought off where I had been visa and it was a very venerable magazine, run by animal wax, had been in the business.
Ears yeah, and it was also on it's last legs bright as that aspect of the business was kind of being phased out, and but I did get to see lots of movie like once upon a time I got to see the original uncut versions of the wild bunch, all the things. that later got chopped up when he was there at the beginning. In that was grey. There was a perk, but I'm not satisfied, so my friend, Jon Davison, were goes to college, goes to ca at n y. U he leaves the work goes to the west coast and works for roger corman as an advertising person, and he says why don't you come out to california and make a trailer for this movie called the student teachers which another friend of ours, Jonathan kaplan had directed, and it was part of the three girl formula that roger was doing at the time. There would be three pretty girls and they would be get involved in leftist causes would take off their clothes and you know sometimes get raped and whatever
series of things and there were nurses and and teachers that was the the the the template right as I did, I came out and did this trailer and it was the movie came out and made money, and somehow that made me liquid yeah, and so then it was like whoa whoa, the trailers, the way in right. The trailer is away, and it's also a great way to learn about film editing because you have to take scenes and cut them down to their basic parts. Cinematic high, you know an end, so you learn what you all you, this any ideas which later helps you when you're on sad began? You know you don't need to do this angle, you don't you to pull that wall because there's way go from here to hear right anyway, The true the trailer made money. The picture made money. I've got you another trailer for a picture that made money. Jonathan cap, Jotham, demi slot dolphins were era, shot dummies, caged heat, and so I became the trailer department for new well pictures where roger had been hiring people piecemeal and try and explain to them how to make zircon embassies accompanying trailers. Yes, that was a new company that he had just started, and
as eleanor cash. Another friend of ours from new york came out and join me, and we became the new world pictures trailer department. We did all the trail is for the exportation pictures like deathrays two thousand. That it was make and what what do you, like? You know when you start working this man who has had such a profound influence on so many filmmakers not me, I was probably the biggest over of fan and john I'm a rabbit just before going to Roger ever hired so you knew his movie armenia with you like that that world of movies yes, they were made, those edgar Allan poe, always react and price, and he made the wild angels who made the trip. I mean these were movies that we are currently at the time, but not, but not by. but there's not may not rumours accessible movies. There were still considered niece so, when you met him, what was it you know where you were in? Are where you well
When I met him, I was supposed to deliver my rough cut of caged heat to thee the trailer and then the rough cut of the trailer. Yet to the screening room at two on sensible of mosques springer, where there was more oil, is anyone else in california and on my way I didn't drive on the bus. I got off the bus and dropped, my real of which started unroll santa monica lord and ended up in a mantle, come on a serious the truth at everywhere own anyway, I managed to somehow what together and get to the screening about fifteen minutes late and rogers. First words to me were young man. If I were you, I get to these things on time.
I figured if monetary ears over and its in it, and I ran what must have been a hotchpotch of terrible editing, any had some notes and stuff, and I I fixed it and picture made money and they know didn't fire me. I calling the man whole story. No, I didn't. I could tell a guy a story like that talk about desperate sounding yeah. He wouldn't believed anyone, and he wasn't, I didn't believe it yeah anyway, we after awhile, and my we're doing all these trailers how an monarchist allocation. I would do, inter alia, with pictures, and we decided that we want to make one and that they were some of the more fairly artless and that we could probably to a big.
Just as badly, and you know he had made of a very long student found, which was very fast, very fancy on end and so as to get. I mean we're not but tat we managed to convince roger to let us make a movie provided we could still provide trailers at night and book should the movie during the day, but had to be the cheapest picture that he'd made the studio- and we had ten days to do it- oh my god so and John David did he have a studio, he didn't have a studio. He had her office these were made around town in on various locations with no permits you. you often no permanent and they were sag, but that's about it right, and So we figured. There was no way that kind of scheduling budget that we are going to be able to make anything decent, especially for the drive and market, accept that we did have some knowledge of the contents of all the movies
We've done, the journalists were right, so we figured well, let's make a movie we'll make a three girl movie, but it'll, be instead of nurses or teachers will be actresses and they'll be working for a cheap movie company and they're, making all these different kinds of movies, and we can use the action scenes for all the pictures that we've been doing and dress our actors up like the people in the in the clips, and now those will be our action scenes which we could never afford to shoot on. Our own and it'll be murder in a movie studio, and we stole the pot from a Bela lugosi movie called the death kiss and I basically have the girls have technically up and shoot machine guns and and guys fallen trees in the philippines that were shot. You know, five years before and we managed to cobble together this movie. That is the kind of a spoof of will making? It is also a kind of an act documentary about what it was like to make this kind of exploitation movie and go for me, and I did something about it with
mccormick with roger common, as it was originally called starlets we held out for a more classy title. Hollywood boulevard, the street, where starlets are made and It didn't exactly set the world on fibre, roger thought. It was funny and He must have thought you guys were were clever. He had no did he thought action here. He admire that. He admired how we have been economical on how we had a product that we could actually watch, which is quite an achievement. Although the movie didn't exactly at the world on fire, it was good for us and we went back to making trail is only now we were making trailers for pictures directed by people like federico, fellini, francois truffaut anymore. Bourbon, because roger in the interim had taken on the distribution of the foreign films that the major studios had decided, we're not making money.
I have more re roger had been able to say to these these filmmakers. I can get you seen in places that you've never been seen before and hung out by people who are not just art house audiences, by dubbing, the movies and running them and playing them and driving, yeah and so driving and driving Bellini Fellini at the drive and cries and whispers driven, and am so we were doing trailers for those kind of which is great, has got to meet these and and Fellini. He thought that the trailer that we made for 'em record was better than the italian trailer, because we put you know it was we're doing it for roger sweet but lots of reruns in it. We put lots of the media and lots of cars on china and the us is better, etc. Solved that was all swell and then finally, we got a chance to Allen, got a chance to make a practical rock and roll highschool, and there was another project called piranha, which I thought was a little shopworn, because this is like several years. two jaws, and then he got right or ice cold. I got brought yeah and do we want
high school, where the remains in that the roma. Yes, that's right, I remember the normans make the movie yesterday. They are them it's they were. They were ever Talk about making it with cheap direct, but it just wouldn't. It wouldn't be as well remembered today, because there were moments or almost satire of of they were ever Your parents had warned you write ryan, ass. They were all wrapped into one. There were gleefully inarticulate which made them just perfect comedic, very funny, and yes, we guys we will, and it was really. It was just such a great experience knowing Ozga and parana. Now, turned out to be a pretty big move. Your honor turned out to make a lot of money and which was very surprising. I thought was a disaster and going in while it was his neck in texas, which is wrecked right to work state that the union's were sending speedboats out to blow their horns so that we could not use our tracks with a very contentious shoot but
if we didn't have any money- and we did a lot of tests at the olympic swimming pool downtown at usa, trying to figure out how to shoot our puranas and make them look real, and we put a lot of caro syrup in the water and ah if we create a fungus that started to eat away along with them the flora and fauna that we put in the pool, started to eat away at the poor and so, when the picture was over, we had two empty born sandblasted people sacramento came down and said that a new kind of fungus had been created a pariah movie. You had to get rid of it, so that drove up the budget. I've- been the next movie I had Mcallen and already had made but was. It was good for me, because the visual successful and more so as soon it was a corporate actually the united artists and they distributed overseas, where it made lots of money, because you didn't have to explain what a piranha was to bright people in south america at places like the, And what do you think made the movie wait? What do you think was in a wider
wait? Why do? Well? It was the jaws rip off, I mean, and it was a. It was a gleefully ironic and obvious jaws rip off and we we we cop to it right away. It was. It was sort of a spoof, but it had social stuff in it. Cause John sayles did the script and that his first its grip, mrs first commercial, scrubbed ha ha, and it has a certain vietnam era. Overlay. That's funny to this dial of movie did write that line of spoof a lot that there was an element of satellite. but that was island. Why has these kind of pictures had been done and redone to a point where the audience was catching on right of the commission, right and that, if you didn't give them a little nudge that, yes, you know what you're doing yes, you know we know that was has been done before, but just stay with us and we think you'll have a good time, and so it was an entertaining picture. Apparently- and it was good for me, because I got offered a lot more underwater movies? I even though I had an eric from being in the pool and
which I putting on a website is one thing taking off a wet and whose five pound areas taking it off. I it's really are, Can you I didn't really want to make another underwater pretrial? I was offered germ orca to buy dino. Do the reckless did you have to go through Do you know I talk to you know a lot joy joy It would work for me. We make a beach together. Glad to meet you and orca is a kill. Everybody has come out of the water is gill. Anyway, I talk about making them, so this relationship with the the the parana open the doors at united artist is that we did it just open. doors in general to elect a better? brave new world was that if you re a picture that wasn't terrible, you will probably worth looking at ok mistakes with. It general expected by the movie business yeah expected the movies wouldn't be any right, and so somebody showed any glimmer of talent and if they knew that you could make it cheaply because you had to already so that they would they would you
to get interested in roger knew that roger knew that and roger would say you know. If you make two pictures for me and they're successful, you never have to work for me again, which I said to run our epoch when it was like a grand theft auto, and it never doubt it's true It worked out for yeah a couple academy awards later he produced a move from movie. Did he produce yours, did run the numbers burma right right. So so, this way due to the howling. yes, I did. I did the howling first. I've tried. I was briefly on jaws three people, zero, which was a national and poon co production with vatican brown, but the problem was that the two entities couldn't agree on whether they are making an hour rated company or a p2p rated comedy, and so it was started
well apart, and my friend MIKE Fidel who'd, worked with me at new world was working on a werewolf picture called the howling where they were letting go the director- and he said maybe one might want to come over here and make this picture, and I I took a leap. I I assumed that my movie was going to fall apart, and so I left it and it did fall apart yeah. So I went off and made the howling wishes. Another low budget movie for ethical embassy, which is accompanied they'd, released the graduate, but they were now it has been taken over by it was Joe Levine's company in it, and it was taken over by the afghan people and there were making. There is a prom night kind of horror, films and the scanners was theirs, ghana? Whether then was hunting and so doing during this It is run by gonna bob ray me who later became president the academy and This was one of their horror, pictures and, and it was based on a book and the screenplay wasn't very good. I I tried to fix it with a writer named cherry winkler, friend of mine, but we couldn't quite like it, and so I asked john sayles to come in again and he put a whole sort of an essay
attitude about the werewolves again made it into a pretty hip movie, and then we had robbed team who did some great special effects for us, and so we got a lot of attention for that and the picture was much bigger. Had them brown, had been, and that really did start to put me on the map to the point that that Spielberg sent me a script for I was here and that in that that genre of modern horror was sort of coming into it's own at that time too, right yeah, this was the escape from new york period. This was you know that there were a whole bunch of pictures made mostly by that one company and it during the early eighties yeah, and that that and we're still is reaping the rewards of that now and cause they're all getting remainder yeah over and over. So here you are it's like what is it starts. Nineteen eighty one and and Spielberg sends you a script that must have been a big day. It was, I thought, I'd gone to the wrong address. I figured this. Has gotta, be a mistake, email. Yet no one alerted you know agent said this: is it came in the mail from it came in the mail from from Spielberg?
my crappy little office, where I shared with a lot of other people, and and we're down the hall or orson welles was helping Gary graver edit his porno film three. I am really because bulgarian and or somewhere, but together at that point and they were doing them. The other side of the wind, Heine orson, would comment often and help bulgaria with the editing of a porno unaffordable. heroes. Well, it was a funding, and I much as I didn't want to leave that world. The idea of making a picture for Spielberg was enticing his studio picture, and that was eighty So what is eighty where he had just done? Eighty two right now you get this group from Stephen phone call, and I guess you now who taught you well, it turns out that I did go to meet him and During the meeting he was actually talking with John landis about the twilight zone movie which they were going to do together and it just sort of I was there and it was like well, he could do
and then early later there was another meeting and george Miller walked in talking about, saw the old george. He can do one too, and I thought boy this picture is going to have every director in hollywood, invitations keep letting people in the door and it was a different concept. Originally, it was going to be the characters from one story. We're going to appear in the other story. So it is like more of a continuum, but then you know because John was going to go off and do another film, so he needed to do his episode first and then they had this horrible accident and they shut down the project and there was lawsuits flu and I didn't think the paper is ever going to happen, but I'm talking about VIC morrow's that yeah and I and I and so My months later, they they reactivated it because I think the studio wanted his spielberg movie and he was the producer and was going to direct one of them, and so I think they just sort of close their eyes and said: let's go ahead and finish the movie, so we we we got to shoot the rest of the movie, but georgian, I work enough completely alone and was episodic today.
steady, connecting this story to how their eyes operate, enemy, always lot radius meredith end to do over a voice offers, because you know he had been on the train was Some weird, almost comedy bit with there was an accelerated, an accurate opening. Our brothers Eric, whereas right right now is also that was also attack at the right right rum, and so it was great as for georgia, because it was our first studio movie- and here we are in these huge sets with these big. You know big studio, backing and all these technicians and and you're getting to do exactly what you want, and it's really kind of offbeat and you're thinking wow. This is really great. You know you the studio stuff, any leave you completely alone. It is a great way to make working at what we discovered later on our next pictures and really wasn't the wayward unique situation right it was. It was an exciting period because I'm
we're standing on the top of the sat for the twilight zone, which is all sort of a twisty out of focus house with strange sight lines and things- and I was looking over at the corner of the set and a grip came up to me. This is a kid. You see that corner there I said yeah. He said errol flynn pissed in that one, no, I thought while arrived here. This is really what that's beautiful, so now I too, then you get so grand comes into reality like what what is it what is even tell you that the well it wasn't it. It came into reality because they will want to make a low budget har from like the ones I had been making- and this was his first project for an one has nuke, is due composure and I think he figured well. Let's play it safe. Let's make a low budget foam.
He thought of making it an organised at the osman studios, nonunion, and but when I read the script, it seemed apparent that it was going to be pretty difficult to make. Some of these things happen, these these little creatures running around all how we gonna do that here and it also occurred to me that we. We decided that you can't put gremlin head on a monkey and have it play the part. He had a try, and we tried it and he he took it out and now he he went berserk and ran all over the editing room and put on everything, with every lobbies, that was not the way that we will not give me the gives kids love so was obviously there will be some sort of puppetry rather ironic and end. My feeling was that if we had more realistic than will be looked the lesser mystic the the puppets for luck, and so I said, let's we've got to do this on the backlot we gotta make it look like a capra movie. You've gotta make it look like an old movie, and so the people will be automatically familiar with the world that when we introduce this weird stuff in it, it'll seem more like it belongs.
and so there, never really ex outside of muppets. There had really never been any kind of puppet movie on this scale before we had lots the puppets anywhere and because of the animatronics it takes several people to operate any one puppet. They have all these wires and stuff coming out of them and they have won. monitors that they have to look at the minors are reversed, because the way people react minors as if they're looking at a mirror, but you have to hide the puppeteers, and so we had to build the sets up on, starts and put the puppeteers underneath we had to build walls and put puppeteers behind furniture and the just dr shots to do not show the gimmick of how it was done, Is there a hell of a learning expert? In that way it was. We were inventing the technology as we went on and tried a lot of stuff that didn't work tried marionettes, they didn't work, there's some in the movie, but you can see they don't work
and so we were. We were sort of learning by doing and it finally got down to the point where the studio said You don't go ahead: here's here's the money, eleven million dollars a million low, remained, always go and make the movie yeah and, but they really didn't have any faith in it. They kind of thought. Well, it's steven. Let's give them the movie it's a movie. He wants to do. It doesn't cost that much. Let him let him do it. Hopefully it won't be terrible here and, to everyone's surprise, certainly including mine. Ah, we went to this preview in san diego it was, and there was nobody never heard of the movie. I mean the only publicity had been some bad publicity from siskel and ebert, who had gotten a hold of an early draft of the script, which was much more gruesome yeah, where the grumman's ate the dog and killed the mother, They had often promises in anywhere on their anti hark. Yet I'm right so I'm. His is good for business so that the army
notice had been this one bad notice, and so we we went to the preview and nobody knew what they were going to see, and it was a phenomenon I mean the audience was they had no idea what they were going to see they bought it. What the rules they bought all the stuff that we were worried about. What, if they don't don't get them away? I get them wet. What, if that? That's just so arbitrary what if they don't buy it if they wanted. I learned that audiences want to buy it. They spent their money or not, but they're sitting and they want you were to be good and also there was something about the animation. There was something about that puppet. That was not unlike e t that you do.
An almost immediate emotional relationship, while because in Chris Columbus's original script, the idea was that the cute cuddly gizmo yeah mogwai character here, would turn into the bad evil stripe character. The idea was that you wanted to get people interested in in in in the character and then surprised them by having one. Oh look he's got a bad side, while about three weeks before he started, shooting stephen had an idea which was sent I have to panic, because we were just about to shoot and he said I don't think that gizmo should turn into stripe. I think gizmo should be the hero's pal and stick around for the whole movie and the reason we were so horrified was because the puppet was so small and there was so little room to stick gears into it We have basically engineer it so that it would be good for a couple of wheels and then we would not sitting right, but now,
it was a major character- is going to have close ups is going to have. Emotions is going to be another character, yet so we had to think how are you to this we have to rebuild them and we had to build a giant gizmo had here that we would photograph, because it was the only thing that could express any kind of subtlety because the other ones we just do. We just two the avenue and we managed to pull it off an end at the preview. The audience fell in love with gizmo, and then they believed the problems and they, both in bonn and they had never seen anything like it, and they were. the ceiling. It was just a raucous, great preview, of the type that some filmmakers never get excited it was great and also stripe in the whole, like I think at that time you know with with rock and rock and roll. Where was that an analysis? that they were these puppets that the comedy of of the bad gremlins was was so. I can t know people could see themselves in it. What we
We ve found, as we were, shooting that the interesting thing about the grandmother was that the more you clothes on them and the more you made them look like people, the funnier they were and the more interesting. They were, the more character that would have, because there are basically all the same design visa, but if you'd just dressed them a different way had to do something different than they would be aware from counters match, and we like a flash or grumbling and nothing to flash buddy flashed and well. That was that amazing moment in that movie, where you know, I realise that you know you're sort of intellectual capacity as a director was like you made a movie that worked onawandah levels there. There was a man went there where you know we're seeing them election of the movie theater right, The bad gremlins are all in the audience or the movie theater and they're watching snow white and the seven dwarves right. But that moment where you see the movie theater, you like that's us exact right, exactly
and to me and that's and that's, I think, one of the reasons that the audiences loved it because they saw themselves yeah. You know in in the bad word in the van was, but also the battles was so cute. The way they liked it everybody likes. Yeah that's it was it was unexpected head and it was but put me on the map and got me studio jobs for good or ill you know it was the most successful movie I remained entered this gang. I go. It'll save gremlins director hit by a bus, or what did you does it hold up? have you seen it recently? I I the the with kids actually in france last year, they they ran it for an audience of. I think it was like a thousand children in this huge auditorium and dubbed in french. And they had the same reactions as the audience in nineteen. Eighty four, that's that's amazing!
here's now. This must have been around the time. Now I got a weird story, my producer and business partner, who debt produces a show. Brenda mcdonald told me a secret, had about you, which is that he went in when you Eight years old and in general casting for little mandate thought that said you are involved in high audition, for you got into the final makes you are looking for. Regular kids, not act, their kids, and he did for you did all right and it was I do like five kids. and then I went away did a light. Where were we here was that eighty seven hours, waiter yeah? Ok, went away. It was great group by Scott frank, I location, scouted, we're gonna shoot in georgia. subsequently on one of the few blocks that hasn't hadn't been destroyed right now? It is and We had. We had found kids that we like, but the
he'd character is a mother and her twenties, who It has a genius child yup and is doesn't know how to handle it and make some bad decisions in the zelda character, who's a a sort of a child psychologist, and so the studio said. Well, we want share to play the mother yeah and I said: I I don't. You don't understand the character, who is forty and makes the same decisions as a person whose twenty is stupid, character, an unsympathetic one and moving won't work with an older character. Over elder act was plainly mother, so that was it. That was it go by talking folded and an a heart was. It was actually going to be in it too. As the as the guy who gets you, I discovered I with exports. I just had him in here. Dementia is great,
was a river phoenix you and explores whoever was an ass reminiscence wars as good a fighting gives yeah in then jodie foster, Jodie, foster, who I wanted to play the psychiatrist, and I, I think I'd even asked her to play the mother and she said no, I want to play the psychiatrist, then she knew about it. So she, the picture eventually got made with not with without your your friend friendly. So you don't remember Brendan it wasn't that I had no idea. He was one of several caveat right and they were but the kid that they used, I didn't think, was as good as the kids that we found so oh yeah. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah, and that day I can't remember. If that movie did all right or not. I think it just did okay, but by that point, you're done you done explores you've done the twilight zone. done they space at the interests of a house. That movie, do, I can't remember, I didn't do well and what was the premise you're in a ship in sight was based on an amazon. Iran has the promise was what would happen if you shrunk to dean? Martin down and injected inside jerry Louis, that was there that
the premises are working from and which had originally started as a straight spy movie and then became a comedy. We're just bomb rewrote it. and it was a very funny movie cast was glorious and people love it today, but it just crashed unburned when it came out in part because the title of this fund because what is happening with a lot of your movies is not unlike what would happen to me what was happening with you in some of the undiscovered movies that became more called movie. I more appreciative where I am a firm believer that movies do not yield up all their secrets. The first day you see them, and I think that movies play a different way. Sort of this sort of like wine in the sense that they age, but a lot of movies that I made like the birds as an example. Whitworth roundly denounced critically. Dark comedy granting about her and it was in it. We did. Ok is in a tom hanks that right is fairly popular right, but it
it's nothing like the kind of popularity that it has today. It's now a cult movie. People have parties, they they speak back to the screen. There's a there's, a burbs trivia book. There's there it's it's it's like a touchdown. And and yet those things don't happen overnight. They don't think they happen at all right right, but they they happened over a prolonged exposure, and I think the home video market is responsible for probably the current existence of many directors who are still working whose movies were not especially successful theatrically but were very well seen on home video and on H b. O is when H, b, o started. They just kept running the same movies over and over interspace is one of them. They just kept running them over and over and over and as people bought into the system. That's what they would end up seeing
and so a movie like inner space is much more popular from being seen on television right that ever wasn't the theater. And yet, if you see it in the theater its, it works great when audiences, real funny movie and there's lots laughs and it's a sort of a shame about the current system? Where Most movies, go directly to the odi and comedies, especially suffer by saint being seen in your computer with you and your friend. You know the marks brothers used to take their movies out on the road as they used to do them. Its before they do, then, maybe the bits of in front of an audience right see what works and what did right. when they made the movies, they do the joke and then is a us right in the pauses where the last No, no! You got him yeah, but now you see the movies on tv and it's not a pause. Its weight This right is it there's a stage, wait there and you like more, what's happening, nothing happening while there something happening where people laughing there are and so to watch. Those movies on television is a far cry from the actual experiences.
in them with an eye with an absolutely, but even when you cut comedy, villages have minimal experience with december doing my own, the show is that you gotta let the thing land you gotta be aware that you gotta know enough, know that that's where were supposed to happen, even that does not be a long pause like you waiting for a theatre of people well, but that they had, there's that the marshes had was that they knew exactly where the house was short down. lynette was the only outlet exact. So there you are they weren't babbling about what about netflix now, but but matinees the same way that movie that you know that there is an item over. There was discovered under the what it's about it's about that here tonight about going to the movies the ironic monsieur now, there's a couple our target now gremlins to sort of like you are ripping on there? It was all satire of the regional grimly arriving on an and everything. But basically they came to me and want to be to make another grumbles right away, and
Money comes amid a lot of money and it doesn't just make money on the investment. I made a lot of money, and so they will have another one. That's what they all think what we do. So I was pretty much grumbling doubt at the time, and I just a fucking puppet. I can't do. I can't do the popular cause, we shot three months and she has puppies. I mean it's, it's it's in your brain falls out your ears, so I said no, and so they went away and they they. They hire a lot of writers and did a lot of scripts and none of them worked and the reason they didn't work as they didn't really understand what was successful about the first picture, so they came back and said. If you make us equal, we will, but you do whatever you want her and that's not offer often hear. Hence it alright was like ok, fine, so might for now the producer and got charlie hostile, who'd written matinee together with me, actually unwritten it yet, but he is
and- and we came up with a take on what would be grandma's too, and the idea was what what can we do to grandma's to to make sure there's, never a crumbling three right, and so we made fun of the movie. We made fun of the fact that it was a sequel we made fun of sequels in general, we made fun of donald trump, which has now come back to become make the movie from being more popular. It all took place in a trump building or place in a trump building, as a combination of trump and ted turner wanted to have him have a cable network, sure sure, and so then we then we and he's supposed to develop Then we are john glover to play him and he played it. So boyishly, gosh wow. That he went from being a villain actually being very likeable and through the entire movie off a little bit, but that was actually perfect, because that was the kind of movie it was it was. It was like what everywhere education is this, isn't what it is right and So it's got is filled with jokes from house upon regional, my favorite movies, which is unfortunately very obscure today, acres of a rights brown
like breaking the fourth wall. I, like all that hope, gas, vista and and Oh, we made this wacky kind of moving That was got great reviews and was had the screens. I went to people were having a great time, but they'd just waited too long and then the same thing was true of ghostbusters two. They cause both our pictures came out the same day, ghostbusters and grumbled, and they were both very popular and and yet they waited all this time to make the sequel and I I think there's a window there's a statute of limitations. On sequels I mean I, I there there's another school of thought that says it's better to make jurassic world after your last year pardon movie was seven years ago, the attic as a whole new audience for right, but back then there wasn't the kind of penetration for older movies that there is now right and so that it will, it wasn't like they got to see it on stars video like every hour right across europe. like it just happened. Last week, right so
was a disappointment. Financially also costs low cost three times as much of the first picture, but we made such strides in terms of technology that now it can have the romans fly we get at them talk in tony randall. voice we get away, they had a day. The mouse could move. I mean it was. It was and it was it's for my favorite things, I've ever known because it was it so me, it has found an audience. Now. Oh yeah, it's very it's it. There are many people who, like it more than the first picture, yeah you're, you're you're, like a called movie hero and away yet the plan, but that's how I was your age, but will you in deciding liking and wait you're, making the decision to stand up for the material? on something like little man mandate, which is, moreover, a mainstream movie That is what it. When I wanted to be him. I wanted to make mainstream movies. That was why I naturally made inner space, which was originally supposed to be a serious, but then, by the time I was through with it,
lacking and helping us to do so, the idea. You disappointed I am right in my career. No, no just in that that that and that in manifesto. I was, I was sorry not to make the movie, but that's not. The only way I haven't made sorry. I didn't put that, but that now you're you're revered for these amazing movies that were you, know, signature movies, for you and and and have grown to be appreciated. Do you feel like there was a type of movie that you'd still, I like to make that you didn't get to. I loved I loved westerns, but it's I only got to make one which was a short western for showtime, with Brian Keith called lightning is an gray story, was part of a series called picture windows which didn't last very long. It was all adaptations of paintings, that was one, but you know they just I'm out of my time I mean you know, did they dont it'll make westerns and if they do, they really don't make umbrella right and you ve been You ve done a lot of work in tv to now
that's where a lot of us have gone, you know they ve. The mainstream movies that we ve been talking about, would never be made for theatres. Today they would be made for television and and also the you know the the rise of long form and the fact that you now don't have to compress of pride and prejudice into ninety minutes. You can do it as a you know. Five six seven hour show is: is it four storytelling, and I sure why you see so many top level directors are now getting into web television. I think I think Steven sort enjoys the neck more than he enjoyed making features show well there's a lot of. Amazingly cinematic thing
being done with that with people that have the ability to do it. It's also. It's also partly a function of the fact that the delivery system is better. People have better screens, they have. They have good sound. Now they have big big screens and and there's not that much difference between the way you would shoot a movie in the way we shoot a tv show. When I first started doing tv in the eighties, it was pretty. It was pretty consistent thought that you had to have a lot of close ups, because people had small screens yeah, and so there wasn't a lot of wide shots that weren't a lot of kind of cinematic I'm a move that with all that pretty basic sure and then, as as things went on, I mean people ex billboard showed with dual yeah that you could make a cinematic movie for television and end. the screen be damned annoying. That was when he was at that we went down as we were was a tennis. We Riyadh was says seven d, what five right for the area and white? What are you what are you afforded doing now? Would you working on now? Well, I'm
I've gotten into some producing. I I I've I've just produced a picture called the executive producer picture called dark, which is directed by nick bacilli, nick bassil, a new yorker with whitney able and it's a story about a a girl whose sort of losing her mind during the blackout in new york in its place, some festivals, and I think it's opening in june and that's fund, because anything any time you can use your clout to get somebody to make a picture is: is roaring I've been doing I've, obsessive salem? I do a lot of hawaii five o's restaurant, yet it has gone back. I'll, never get rid of the issue down and why sure? It's all in honolulu in that's nice and it's it's better than her sharp stick. Anyhow, in an that's. What's good about television, is fast. The ushers who I started when you made a picture requirement. You knew that this is the first day of shooting in four weeks from there. It was
playing on southern drive in the screens yeah. You know, so you can be topical in features. That is not the case anymore right. I did looney tunes. It was, it was a year and a half that was a passion project right. It wasn't so much a passion project, it was. It was a movie that I felt I should I had to make because chuck jones had been a friend of mine and he had not been fond of their last big studio, cartoon movie. How is it when you made lunatic each had just passed away and I didn't want it to be space gm too. So I I I I sign, I hoping to try to preserve the the characters, vienna right and dumb It was, I don't know how successful that was, but it, but it turned out that in the near term the cartoons hadn't had not been shown on tv for years, and so, when the picture opened, the characters were less familiar than my little pony till the audience right, and so there wasn't really a big groundswell of interest in going to see another picture with those characters. I have explained the pick characters a year.
I graduated. I grew up with on on a big screen on big screen and small. You know because most of the kids, I they stopped running, theatrical cartoons in the early sixties. So most people didn't see those ones on screen when I saw them on tv and you had a relationship with chuck chuck was a good friend of mine. He was a great guy early as it was the closest to mark twain that I ever met really ages like you, because you have because it was definitely an undercurrent. A very sophisticated do not always a very very break. I will you favour once because I'd like to watch some like if I want to go, watch some chuck jones, A mock is very good. That's a cartoon where daffy duck is, is a fourth walk. Archer is constantly being waist. Oh yeah. I remember that. I know it's weird. You see these when you're a kid. Of course you do and anything about being a kid. Is you don't have the titles of course, that is the more is the one where he did: yeah yeah yeah and that's that's a great cartoon. What's opera doc, obviously be at the the parody of opera
that's what god sings. Ratan like things that's and at a late one young added, though the really the really great ones or from the late forties early fifties is great period. And they're all out on these in a golden jubilee warner brothers discs: aha, that that the funny thing about cartoons, as I discovered I went to a text every retrospective at them, Is the hilarious as they are. You can't watch like twelve of them in a row, and they were never meant to be. If you get to our narrow, will you get worn out that some of the jokes are repeated, but it is that they're so exhausting to watch, because they're so intense that, after like about the fifth or sixth cartoon, I mean you find you're just you're, not laughing or just stare, and in this effort has moved on to the superhero. Is exhausted. Where what you get is you get twelve endings? one with bigger special effects than last year. By the time you get to the fifth one, it doesn't mean it,
our ear, and it doesn't matter how much money they expand, our, how great photography is or what, how big the stunts? Look it's just too much. It's it's almost like some sort of like very mild form of ptsd at a cost of yeah and can say so. We was elmer fudd, porky pig part of that palmyra the whole gang ass. Our was deafening He used a he's too. Have a heat went through a number of different personalities, but what was it was the other one. Second, with sam assembly sam, he was wont to do use he's, got that saw the same voices, sylvester cat right, right, right, rum and jasmine onion, devils, minion devil, of course, which is that you know pretty great yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah people don't know them anymore. They don't know them as they should know they don't, because they're just not exposed to them as getting back to what we were saying, I mean there is just so much stimuli out there that there's that you have to compartmentalize your life now and you want to
some time watching khartoum evolutionary on eight minutes to watch a cartoon. It's all competing. All their content is competing for your attention right and we only have so many times exactly exactly and which is why, if you have kids, you can channel their interests by going on things that you think they should not yet begun. if you just leave it for them, find on their own on youtube. Who knows what kind of idea they're going to my watching me? Aardvark might or might not only the r and d do? How is that it does? The looney tunes movie is irc following for it now I don't think so I think that even Taiwan's, you wasn't moliere whenever you never know with great talking to you too, that was me and the amazing Joe Dante, and before that John carport, so yeah deputy a pardon
for my stuff in the show stuff, posters and tore dates, and what not the how app Brian Jones, moves coming out today. We'll tired today can have to forego forego this for good. we talk forego the guitar right boomer
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