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Episode 729 - Roseanne Barr

2016-08-01 | 🔗
Long before Roseanne Barr ran for President, even before she had the number one sitcom in America, she was a giant in the comedy world. Marc and Roseanne talk about her tumultuous early life, her first days doing stand-up, and her memories of The Comedy Store. She also explains how her life in show business prepared her to be a political player in the Green Party.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you at the border is what the bodies, what about your reese, does what the fuck turkey and add a couple of what the fuck turkey into my shows in blooming over the weekend, as you can probably tell by the slight difference and sound quality. I am broadcast sitting from a hotel room. I am still in bloom In Indiana I've been here many times before I enjoy it. I walked the blocks. I eat the food, I take it in operate at the pace of indiana so the shows where fucking great, The comedy attic here and blooming ten is a great comedy women. I know that's been said before, but it's it's interesting. Do too to find a room. This place it's about one, sixty its tight and
he's right on top of each other in a way, snug right, they are in frontier as a comic its great one mind room I'm workin at the new hour and a half, and it was beautiful. It was beautiful. All the shows were just to exciting all the shows were a little bit different. The audiences were great, just a real treat to do real club work in a real comedy club people traveled from hi o from Chicago from Kentucky from where who word, I meet people from from yet from dayton from Louisville from Cincinnati. the cargo and indianapolis, of course, Dakota south Dakota. I think people came in from and its units humbling for me- and I appreciate you travelling to see me if I might not be coming to your immediate. Market to renew your by, but I'll tell you man, it's it's worth the trip. It still, I think
a person who knows me pretty well, I think it's it's a good idea. A good investment have time to come, see me in a little place, because I have a better time. I had complete freedom of mind over the weekend, and I was definitely very present but anyways. I had some good food here and blooming ten. I ate some sketching gravy and I had some good coffee and I worked with the imo mitchell, whose young comedian and she was grey it nice, roseanne bars on the show today, I'd like to practice at by saying that this was recorded before either convention. She probably would have been a little more worked up, added been done say today, but I really do want to focus on that with roseanne reasons, when the great comics and she's one of the great comic performers and she's had an amazing career as a comedian, she's important she's, an important comic, and I wanted to talk about that
so that was you know my agenda. That was my gender, so you do and here's some hotel room observations, observation number one. The chair at a hotel room desk has been through a lot when he had a hotel room chair just now that some stuff gone down and that chairs cradled alot of dubious behaviour, questionable moral activity that happens between a man and his computer and his dick. That is the truth That is the triangle of it of sadness, right there them in the computer, the dick so just know that that when you sit down at a in a hotel room desk chair that you are in the the the ass, the budgetary throne of god knows how many people are. Actually I had that realization, while sitting on it naked. I dont know what I was thinking. I wasn't doing that, but I was just
my email, but I was naked and there was no towel between my ass, then the sea and then I thought we probably don't clean the seats out. Well, what the fuck am I doing? What am I doing? I mean what I don't know if anything's gonna crawl up my ass, but I I still it was Is there an uncomfortable moment. It was an awkward moment because I respected the journey of the chair. And in a now I was part of it and I would do be part of it. So the cat showered. The other observation I made that I was sort of them interesting and end positive in a way, and it gave me back for a new respect for for some working people? Is that term is a maid staff at every hotels, innings death. I see a women in the hallway were this. This to me was sort of beautiful in and required some wisdom in some sensitivity and summits. variants of somewhat dark sort. I am well
I eat my nicotine lozenges and these nicotine lozenges they break apart sometimes, and they like, if I break one it'll it'll crumble a little bit and I had some some nicotine losses crumble on the bedside table, be right by where I swept and, and I et? I woke up in the morning and I looked at the nicotine losses, crumble, the powder, the white powder, the little chunks and unlike holy shit, that looks like blow. I had my time with blow. I know a cocaine looks like, and I'm like that does look like blow kind of funny kind of nostalgic. I didn't I didn't get to get, jonesy, but I was like I remember you know, but I went about my day. and I came back in the room had been cleaned but the, the little piles of white powder and in little crumbles of rocks of white, remained now, I'm going to give the made the better the doubt and say that she made a choice there that wasn't an oversight. She said
Oh, I don't want to don't want to wipe that up that guy's, probably looking forward to that he's, probably looking forward to that bump when he gets back and he gets ready to take the throne. So I appreciate your sensitivity of a hotel, instead of america that, even though it was not what you thought it was it provided you to evil will freeze on the bed room table or on the desk. Dont wipe away that that little bump that that. That guy was looking forward to later in the afternoon for breakfast and next day. Thank you for doing that nets. from a guy that doesn't do that shit anymore, that Jeanne roseanne bars on the show. Today she isn't it was. It was a pleasure spending time whether she's very intense she can go way out there. If, if she wants but tat, I felt felt nice fell nice to interact, there to be engaged with the great rose. Bar great comedian, now look, you know, I've been it's been
For me to stay out of it. It's been, hard for me to stay out of the cultural conversation, the political conversation and I'm I'm not great at it, because I'm maria active and in you I get angry and in in like anybody else, I transfer, my own personal problems onto the struggle at hand, some ideological problems with some produced personal, righteous anger, and I get worked up. I get worked up you know. What can I tell you just the way I am, and I and I connect with insanity. I have weird moment just just just moments ago, where I was. I was just walking down the street to this place called hopscotch coffee. Which is you know, we're a little ways away. Nice walk brought, my running shoes didn't do any running, but we did some walking very hot school little. Humid too, will pressure cookery out here in the in the great america,
and I walked by. A woman over by the kroger market must been in her forties or fifties just screaming into a phone just just screaming into the phone, and it was he he was he. You know you feel the and city man. You know there is an issue which is yelling. Now I don't want any of it once you shooting me up with anything. It was a is an odd fragment to pick up. It was a heartbreaking fragment, but it was intense. It was, it was loud, it was who loud and it was whenever it was revealing, was dark, and I want to get my car. I got my cup of coffee and came out, and I heard that woman's screaming. I heard her voice. Still screaming and then I realized that she was holding a phone. I dunno what kind of phone or how old that phone was, but she wasn't on the phone she was just screaming and the phone was a prop for her anger for whatever intensity that was inside of her whatever broke this person that
phone was an outward that enabled her to to yell freely in public, with the not very effective illusion that she was on a phone and when one got out and I saw her across away and I was watching. I couldn't keep my eyes offered it. She was yelling, What you have can't be medicated, you need to go to prison dude. You push me out of my house, you shoot people up and then but their hair dude and she kept walking It took everything I had I dug at my desire was to contain. To follow her and listen. I wanted you're more of the crazy dark stuff from the from the lady who had problems but was venting, was venting freely in in her fantasy world in her mental illness. I dont know why I'm telling you this, but I got gravitate towards that type of intensity towards that type of insanity, and then I started thinking about where we are at
your politically because there's some times or some moments where I don't understand, I don't understand. I I now people feel that there's a lesser of two we It neither choices good or whatever, but sometimes I don't understand what can pelles people to gravitate towards buddy. I can mention names. I can mention donald trump name. I dont understand the intelligence of the rationale. I understand. You don't like the other candidate. No candidates are perfect. I get all that I had. I understand you dont, like the system. I understand that may you think america has caused your problems that may be amerika is to blame. I got a couple of questions. That I mean, have you really gone deep? How much of your problems can you really blame on america what's going on at home, what's going on inside? What's going on with with your luck or your your personal problems? Now
I'm not rationalizing anything in and I'm not trivializing anyone's issues. But sometimes I don't understand they have done some reading. I know that there is an epidemic of addiction. In killer, diction, oxy, codeine addiction, this country, that it striking primarily white, lower class people who were angry and desperate and and and have given up hope that the country is the issue ding and leaving them behind. I understand and I can be empathetic with that anger and the tragedy that the mortality rate among that group of people white male specifically comes about being liver disease and drug related. The tragedy is very high. I from what I understand. That's it it's almost at war time levels: the mortality rate because of painkiller addiction to tragedy That's happening is a tragedy that that spirit has been so crushed in that their there is so much desperation in so much giving.
And in ireland- and I empathize with that. I understand the nature of fiction- and I understand the current of that horrible anger and sadness and and and desperation and just lack of hope, and I understand why somebody would shoot up. I understand why some would relieve themselves on an involuntary. Almost choice was basis to relieve that too. Just just I feel the release of floating into the freedom of of application of a drug that alleviates that desperation, that anger, that hopelessness and you just float? But what is the opposite of that? How does that get relieved? How do you really that in the world of being present How do you believe that desperation that anger, that hopelessness and what is that relieved, as is at relief rational or is it not unlike drug addicts?
Is it a rational, thoughtful reflective relief, Henry rawlins? What's once called track marks hateful little holes in one of his books of poetry, hateful little rules- and I remembered that because that's what it is when you do that when you jack yourself when you can needle on your arm or you take a pill there is that there's two things happening. It's like I'm going to feel better and I'm I fucking hate me. I hate me, I hate me and then you take it and you float so when I think about the appeal of of of donald I think about the opposite of that you. How do you believe that those feelings in the real world, young people? How do you believe it? Because I can? understand, intellectually what the decision is to vote for.
and like that look if you dont want to vote fine. I suggest you vote. If you don't want to feel like hilary fine. What what are you gonna? Do I'm just dealing with this one thing? What is it why vote for trump? What is the defence, the defence? Here's why people vote for trump fuck you? get off. That's the that's gotta, be the rationale, it's a fuck, it all vote and when you say why vote for trump, the answer is fuck you. So it's fuck it all fuck you that should be the cancer the campaign slogan in a way because it is, it is the counterpart. It is the the perfect counterpart to an opioid hi. What's compelling about out engaging with his vision. Is it's a rush? It's a rush of shameless hate. It's a hit of arrogant ignorance. It's the satisfaction in moments of empty
victory. It is just the nihilistic intensity of potential chaotic upheaval and destruction I mean there's no other way to look at it. There's no foresight, there's no vision of the future. There isn't it. It is just it's it's the possible annihilation of all progress with no real plan, it's the elation from the fantasy of complete moral bankruptcy. It's a possibility- and I believe this and I know some people who are my fans and it was enough to show our conservative you're republicans and you know in your heart, this isn't the guy. You know it. You may not like her and that might be driving you and I get that, but what it is, what is really at the heart of people at her passionate about trump winning is it is the possibility of evil winning and I'm not talking about winning an election. But I'm talking about
the eternal struggle, and maybe I'm being old dramatic. But I don't, I don't think trumpets hitler at all. I think he's fucking satan and I know you rational conservatives in you. national republicans, I know you know, and I know that you are banking, on the idea that you he will be schooled. He will be harnessed. He will be held hostage in the oval office and it will be ok. I know it And I know a lot of people have intelligent people. Men specifically, I know I know I know tarred man I just see that woman lose its hard for a lot of men who were secretly in thailand feel gyp to have issues with their mouths These are their daddy's. It's you know. When you watch a woman with authority speak with authority to deliver a strong leadership.
vibe grounded person for a dude. Sometimes there's only one way to take that in and that is I hate this teacher gee so mean his teacher. I wish a substitute was here that guy grow up. That's all the righteousness that may come at me for this cycle we'll see, don't get alienated. Just let me I my feelings. Ok, can you do that kenya so Roseanne Barr has a documentary out about her run for president in two thousand and twelve and it's great it's really a great a great little dock. It was fun to watch. It's called roseanne for president. It's now in select theaters and available on most on demand platforms and, as I said before, I was nervous because I respect roseanne bar and end. We had a nice conversation,
primarily about comedy. I'm trying to build the new our myself and had its heart right. I don't fucking dream last night that I bombed outdoors in ireland. Why it was ireland, but don't you are thinking of that scotland festival. I bet you're, probably right yeah, I bomb there for a month. the edinburgh yeah you Bob We already know what it was. I was there for a month and you know my dear you go for a month and now with common, and it was like. In people whose right do any I do in the original room at one thirty, oh christ, for my idea you wrote some material sure, yeah yeah, you get angry and you write the material now. While I watch
movie last night and I gotta tell you I was I was like kind of I. I was surprisingly moved in the movie yeah thanks. It's good, isn't it It is now. What would I found an interesting about? It was that somebody wants to do what they have every right to do, yeah, but it is really sorted out of the mainstream to run for office or get a platform are or make a difference It's a very human looking, Do you know I am you're going to rooms for people that are angry and sort of different types of people, but doesn't work. It looks like people trying to do something here. They are that's why it says at the end of the movie, if you, if you really want to build a third party then get in there and help them build it. They have no infrastructure and that's the only reason that they don't win. Yeah, but it was it was it was in. There was a lot of stuff. I didn't know about you that that I could write my mind. gee. I'm though ass I talk to her, beg oh yeah, yeah, I'm to my city,
and now you're a star, and I have to go to your fuckin stew, to address its easier here. It's nice house, like its cozy in here, is the same as my candle up. I'm starving is that nice you're nice is a good one. Does it that's the time Does your mind your childhood. My grandmother used to make melhem balls young mother amnesia to rule. good now, embalming or sell good YAP. It's like a jew thing. I think it is a good job on top the arm. Chair back member I do remember that brisket I remembered it, but like I knew you kind of, because I was a doormat. The comedy store, but there was after you, but we, I know you started like you get once you're part of that weird mythology of the comedy store, knives, ended and start, our starting colorado right but began after the show business. I started at the comedy store for sure. Did you have you gone to see mitzi since she's been sick? No, no! I haven't, and I I felt horrible I got to do it while she's
like she's, not pr yeah she's. Barely there I mean I've been told that she can still kind of recognize. Oh, but like she, she not communicative. You know she's gone it's it's! You know it's it's! So it's kind of his last time. I saw a screen monitor. You know we were yeah, but what you have a disease. Oh she didn't except it. Oh, you knew she had their patents and she goes now. I'm just nervous Now you have haven't degenerate disease and that's why you're shaken you're out fuckin shaking cause you're fuckin, nervous it's going to go the I think polly goes over their line. You're certain people over there like argus, I think, visits nicely tat, sweet too Oh yeah, united I've talked to some of the old timers in here till I Jimmy walker, and you know, and pr yeah about, like my I wonder I had in here. Does I sort of
I get sorted obsessed with the comedy store yeah, I do tell you do I'll yak as I was there for some real mazes. I know right and the most amazing shit and the world happen there square I wonder if it still does. I went there. I have to say I did because I went in there on this one night and they got like africa. our candia, and then I made your black shadow area. We ought to call this tuesday. The I used to. I don't know if you remember it's all right, but they still do black show sometimes in this area, because aid shit is unreal. It's like fourteen times next level. It's amazing! It's just amazing people to go down there and look at em. They were kind enough. To allow me to smoke a lot apart found Diana had some good shit and then they let me come up onstage and dance which I love. yandah. do any stand up now.
Like I. Why do stand over there like now? Don't pushers people want to hear any white women tonight you had your time, China or they let me dance, and that was really for people every put music and ran shit in their act at its unreal ever dj on stays on fuck a real damn thing. I've seen in twenty years. I felt the same way, which is why week, I was in the o r and it was just like a regular o r show and then down. The main room was a black show and it was like going to a different city. It was like that it was excited. It was interactive. New people yeah I it was just a whole different experience and it was right down to the old comedy store. That's where I thought remember, or you weren't there them. I was there in eighty seven, eighty after I was there. I just missed you. I was a door man. It was when SAM got big right that were you and him out in the parking lot was fuckin bob.
blow with rising shit. No that got again later. dismiss them guys got guns out there and I lost my mind. This is like zeros again there was a little weird and my measure zeros. Said her there. That asked why the commission was so excited because got all of cereals gotta handwriting it s totally haunt was devoted to the main room right yeah, but like now it's weird. It's all electric against packed out again like it's like popular again and went through where, where wasn't now, it's like huge, it's comedies can get so fucking bad. That's why I want trump to win cause it's going to fucking rock com, but you don't really want to win. It'll fucking make comedy bigger. Anything or you will have something to me of, but you know I mean I fucking job for my truck
so for the economy to avert per year economy. Lorries that fuckin present nobody's ever tell any goddamn jokes everywhere be like. I am offended by bad luck there, but, but don't think that there is more power and being offensive when it actually a little more thought of as bad yeah cause. I European armhole cries out man, I'm with seattle or be aren't one. Therefore earlier and its right after the hollywood reporter thanks a lot hollywood reporter. I denigrate interview with them, so they always have to headline from click beta and a goes bar says: we'd be lucky to have trompe l right right, ass, south fucking irate and- began you now and they tried to boycott my portland choke has all they do. Is fuckin reared a headline for albania. most people as yet, then click on see why I said what I said. I was out of context and everything out. That's what they do. I said clayton onto the media, she's gonna win
fuck. I worry about a sherry. Has a fucking receipt worry about. Tromp is all theatre, she's gonna win, my opening act, which I can't remember her. No she's a great com but she's like people were pressed her not to open for me on based. Headlines, guy that before I came out for trump assemblies but from my fuckin south by my set at ten million times, I'm right myself, until I fuckin win cause. I know I'm not full of shit and a liar, and I I know I care and now I can't be bought, so I don't know that about them too or any of them. Well, I think That's an opening out one when I is watching the documentary that you start to realize about your history is that you know you're, not a push back. You fought for for everything he had and that, like you know, some people it's like will trumps. It
while in an certainly he's got experience and being a slippery slightly immoral business. Man in our data functioning, Rosa scandalize gave one guy come. I had not made by the right party, I get that and they always work that re sustained golf sense. What's his name and are ever commercials yacht welly welly horns not just tromp toronto. the most liberal person. Who's ever run a geo pete. I know that What is more progressive than hilary out so many things that is just how their fuckin with our minds, whether he should inflate such moronic hatred and I've, never seen it inflated. Like he's doing it, I never somebody videos why you're lying I reach wheat, star, David from and
I see where that was not a fucking star of David lesson. I accidentally re tweeted, trae Zimmerman's address and got sued for it. I got sued and I had to go to court. Thank god I won just because I was like are: are re tweeting, anything that spike Lee put out there and I fuck of me going to fucking court because I read We cost me a lot of money, so yeah dont retreat share but did happen. star of David, the star of David, sir. You should know this, no a jail. What that face. Our thoughts here is to internal locking boy, triangle. I know that. so you know I just it's just a theatre, you come from holocaust survivors, of course, like I mean, like you, know right, but I didn't hiding grow up with it in that way, that your your grandmother was actually got out and that she and her two sisters got up.
Yeah and we're in what happened to the rest of. What's his story, she had worked. She was sixteen. She worked and send money home yeah. She had ten brothers and sisters and two parents and four grandparents yeah and the money came back. That's how my mom tells him the money that letter came back note known. No such people known to exist, thou halt and my ma they call the red cross and the red cross says all that said that town doesn't exist anymore. It was called up, arbor, Niki, way nea and they said all that time doesn't even exist anymore. There's nothing left that town and they had had a big farm and they were farmers and other they raced up. Horses in.
That's how they may their money. They they sold workhorse. Yes, here there was another short haul things gone and they had been marched, fourteen miles from their home and put in a pit and shot buried buried alive most month and- and it's like. Ok, then, that that affect my grandmother and she had been a performer before the polio. and at that point she never did it again. What kind of reform she sang! She played the mandolin and sang Rudy valley. So on a farm riches and stuff it. She had a lovely soprano voice, though,
and that was the story. You grew up hearing where'd. You hear that later, like the story about her family and everything I didn't hear it till later, but I grew up. Ah, I grew up in an apartment house there and salt lake city utah, with my grandparents, had sponsored a bunch of people survivors over from concentration camps, germany, poland and stuff, and up so this big apartment building, which my mother still owns. It was full of survivors and people with numbers on arms and stuff and asked where I grew up so pants, my humor, how they end up in salt lake and my grandparents sponsored down, but not how the your family and have been salt lake of all places. My grandfather was that there is a small jewish community area there of fifty families merchants who lived with greek people. You right right
that they sold their breasts reward export out of here, and my family always done that, and so they all live with greeks and chinese people. Also that's what it was for they there before the mormons came, they went there and I think the mid eighteen, hundreds sat on a one that history lines up as prior on the same time, so they were there a long time. Yet they were there a long time and I think they came in the eighteen. Eighty nine and you know how there was first, the eighteen. Eighty is a whole bunch of people came from Europe. I think they re not group and that's it. Why did use ended up in the midwest to like in minneapolis. First, they went to Kansas city rise, like you know that big jewish population and then from Kansas city. They, you know yeah If you add like western history of utopia, alot of the cowboys and stuff, they were jewish and black, yale, there's a big jewish presence in in utah. For me in a way
anyway. Bang had a bouncer with the mormon presence. While I was just going to say, my grandfather was a kosher butcher and he was that's why he was in salt lake was to serve that community right. and what about how'd you get along with the mormon continued more they are our neighbours and stop yandah enough. As long as you were just like them, it was great sea. He had to act a little mormon while so you had to get along with them. They thought I was and honestly they really thought I was a freak yeah. They knew I was jewish because I always you know, everybody knew that but They didn't really know what it meant like. Every christmas they'd always bring us christmas presents to us. They felt sorry for sweden have christmas, you they were sway, and I ask dad too. How come santa doesn't come to our house, just the neighbours with press. how does he know it? Doesnt my dad said he was so fucking funny. He goes because santa is an anti sunlight and they were
your dad or your grandpa. Your grandmother was socialist or were they like old jewish socialist? My one grandmother, my mother's mother, is completely like a nixon republican right. If I get you know for the beast, she had a thick lithuanian, which I can't do, but it was like for the business woman over. I know not what they had, but the bees, not my favorite thing. She ever said she used a kosher. They were butchers, so. She is too kosher her own chicken fear and sump n hurting my lad, yeah and kosher. reverends ray I'm wherever area she? Maybe she be cut in their shot in the back yard, nod watch their body run when no head on it in the reverend was the rabbi yeah yeah, it was called the reverend therein softly are really cause. I was a bit canter also was the reverend I'll kidding cause. I was like, What army people there? They have a reverend, they don't call it. Ok, so yeah he'd be squeezing,
one out of the headman and shoes, but whatever praying yeah do in the prayer, but then she explained it like this. You cut down your goal, our wine, you caught you. Of course, the yoga norway freaky is like a farm. I can't I've had a far mish mulatter farmers have that back and you ever do- you still have always formed. I have my farm yeah yeah. I let my point what what happened like it seems. what I didn't know. What made me in curious was that this this car accident, when you got hit by a car, oh yeah, I mean you are like already a kind of a kind of opinionated. You know full on
in and out yet no no, I was up. I was a shining example of everything, a really good girl. Yes, I was a real good girl up until the accident yeah that I changed, so you got hit by a car how the how the fuck did that happen as crossing the street, and this woman hit me on the street to our school was at the top of the hill, so the sun, just blinded her you know yeah, she didn't see me and she ran over me and the hood ornament. Let my head! Oh my gosh, you drag me. They said thirty feet. My legs are like hamburger me three broken link. I would now, if I hit somebody and I'd check on the brake, but to cap on long for thirty feet more yards and she stopped there be yards. She stopped I think somebody said hey on you. Ve got somebody stuck on your heard, her head with his cousin, the jewish kid under the car. I don't know she ever saw till, oh, my god
Well, somebody pulled her. So you broke your legs and your head didn't break my legs, but I I you know my skin was gone skin, graphs and stuff and I had a head injury like you know football players scare yeah. What do they call that traumatic head injury and brain concussion, the skull fracture? Oh my gosh like to an end, and when did you realize that you're different did someone have to tell you No, I always knew eyes different. You mean that I had changed. I was a me that was inside before gotten bleached yeah came out your real name.
if one of them want to get those kind of it was like a kind of a twelve year old yeah. It was you know so uno, and it was a boy, oh yeah, so you know it confused people right and and what? What led to the institutionalization telling people that I was a boy really just other things committed to it and then like design, my I'm calling that people found distasteful, those of it for the symptoms, failing school drop out totally here.
Is that when you had the first kid, oh no, I didn't how my canto after the mental institution, I also don't have any kids till I'd, hitchhike cross country back and forth by myself. Then I had kids Do you look back on all this stuff that, like you know, happened immediately after the accident after the institution as being because of your your brain injury or or you or did you find? Did you feel like you were fucked up I knew there were, I knew I had parts you, africa fucked up, but I know there were different parts of me reside here and I tried to. mostly. I tried not to manifest them all. to pass their. I always say- and I am sure in my in the language on people who have dissociated identity.
The authority will really try to pass as single tones right so as like anybody else, that's kind of closeted, your stuff, not climate, closet clause. you just try get along the shore and along the go along and bright. You like notice people, so you can copy what they do. So they won't know that you're fuckin. How was it I find that out. You do get thrown the mental institution, they do experiments on you and they they take parts, your brains, new fuckin, do all that shit, ning shock yeah right and they do. You know you know they throw. What whenever they want to do and I've seen it all, I saw every bit of it when you were in the lot Harold and some mental patient shine this country turrible. It is horrible as I had to live there almost for a year, what people that sometimes run good pair and run after your homework try stab in the neck. That was the Actors, not doctors, drug you rather get paid, give drugs of people.
remember the worst time in the mental institution was one. My teacher. This was the height of freakish. This is just one of us here. Are you know? I should say this. I memorized elected class president and the teacher came in and said so so shit in the sink. He went to the bathroom in the sink and your class presidents are you have to clean it? What class with the class president? I said, why did you shit in that sink to the teacher now to the kid shed and sank and they should be you, don't talk abusive to him. It was like the height of crazy. Like right, I go that's not abusive d. Tell somebody ass somebody why they shit and sank. I go I want to know why you shouldn't sink. You tell me, and he goes so you'd have to cleaner. Go you dirty mother, hocker, and then they put you in awe relation here and I got put in isolation with Syria
killer? I didn't know it like. This was an interesting issues at the hospital yeah. Fat marge found out about school and I'm like well is where I went to school at the hospital yeah, ok So I in our marge is big fat lady. Under she kept on Loring me, I guess groom and me and I was unpeopled people pleaser nice now might be a nice help. People girl, she's, like you, know, gonna tell you a secret, like it went over days ass. She liked captured my mind. So I did what she said was. I said I didn't want to go down I said on the ward and I snuck in the office and got the key and one and unlocked her cage. and I went in there with her and the interests of certain and talking to her and about four minutes into it. I realized. Why was in a cage weather? and I had to fuckin fat man my way how to them
one for about twenty minutes and it was terrifying, but I did it so says like Jesus, that's where I got my gift, a gap that was the first The diner instead of shove yeah, I don't know when you got That's when you left home and cunning went out in your own right. Why ya got out, then I moved to up in the mountains in torture. Colorado just at it like what what what compelled you, I got pregnant with mental institution in the institutions, And that was the right one eyes. I all situation right when I got out some parts may or consensual, but others I don't know what you do about that. You are right. I had a baby, I gave her for adoption and I met a girl there and went to live with her on a commune in colorado. This is like nineteen, seventy, so that I'm new to vienna. And how is that powers? Why,
I'm living on a commune, fucking awesome! Yeah! We had a rock and roll band upstairs oh yeah. We worked in the kitchen and wash dishes and stuff, and I had a boyfriend and I got to go live with half the time? It was all happy Heaven area and those cool did you. And we know where you worried. He just didn't. You just checked out They came and visit us yeah. They were. I call on member my dad talking all my freak friends and asking why they hated the government and shit running right over there and we're how'd. You make your way down into were words. that, like in denver, did we are first. I got married to a sum and the nome king, and we had three kids and we are. We moved down to the city. What do you do you work for the post office? Was you know a guy he's an awesome guy? That's good he's a great dad, awesome, grandpa great person, that's great yeah,
so and then why, when you start Ella could good friend yeah and you get on with the other kids who your kids. you. Do you know how we have three kids together here you got a good relationship with everybody with all my here you are healthier variants I got here so got six grandkids! Oh my god they do. They come down hawaii lying. Some on live in hawaii, Alice, great yeah, I'm afraid from there. I know I made a conscious decision in quite a while ago to want to farm, because I just love it answering your behavior. I tell you my genes, it totally as I feel it like that soil whoop and feel that gone way way back here. You know it's beautiful down there you get about peace of mind. I can write there, the other quiet quiet you here in the manner what seems Ex a guy he's pretty sweet yeah. He saw
These are all grump destroy. Sixty seven crises, really grumpy turbines acts. I play six instruments I have so much beautiful music in my life at sweden, oh yeah he's a great musician. So when did you start doing and up in denver. What? What compelled you did you see? Somebody do it were you a fan? I was a cocktail waitress and I always wanted to do it because my dad he wanted to be a comic, oh yeah, so my dad was always where he always tell me about all the comics. You know you'd be like this guy this. This do you remember who oh yeah, everybody? Oh yeah, he just loved Jackie Leonard, while here's what he's July Leonard and he had that he's like look, how ingenious disguise with just the click. You don't even see Jackie jackie vernacular and there Jackie sheldon to ya and terrorism. What do I need? Jackie landed right? Everyone took the name because someone got successful with it. I was going to say about the the comedy store in the in the big room. We are talking about being special nights. I saw jack the greatest
mc I've ever seen. Jackie diamond did you, Subject: Michael Rosenberg, yeah, yeah, yeah, sure sure yeah yeah, I went bowing with Sammy Davis Jr. He patted him on the back is glass. I popped out of his head rolled down. The alley picked up the spare. I remain that kid. I did a special with him when he leaves from newton Massachusetts. We did that care, and we both audition for certain? Then he came he I think he became more thought stoop. He did. days, raleigh married, they had kids and they went to south america. but here he was just beyond a genius and he used to do the jerry here to do a fake, jerry It was telethon surgery right back room right, you have it, it was. It was. amazing comedy all its, whereas beyond anything it like right now, if he was on that black night, it be like that big,
you can do that exciting yeah that level of combat. At that point, people were like not what you have was an exact wondered. These match the wada mail, but I sam can assent, Harry basal and sam kennison and jack. You diamond fuckin go off on each other on stage in the big roma and I was like this is never. This is so legendary, ok, crazy, there, all the fuckin time it was crazy there, you think they were really doing them. Devil, worship, things over their sam kennison than them worshipping the devil, and I were well I lived in crystal you know damn well worse. Now, that's why coke? I think I think that you know the mythology, the store and the weirdness than the haughtiness. I don't think it's beyond sam to not, unlike some yo hippy shit, to try something bad a lamp he was. I think he really believed in Jesus
and I think that, like hazy definitely did his plan was I'm going to be the worst mother fucker I can be in at the last minute. I'll apologize and I'll get in yeah. I really like you know, I'm at sites rom exterior right right. I think so that were made differently again, thank god or whoever I mean The beautiful thing is that I realize, as I get older, that we can just go mean you can just hang out here and have we know. We know what the deal is, and you know I can go to the comedy store and just like right away. You're talking to brilliant people, funny people, people think about shit paper on your same wavelength and then you and you live a different life. The fact that we we we have to like the the funny thing about comedy is that, like we have to entertain, not because you did the greatest sort of liking or social. Aware. You know radical shit. it was for years for it for real You were people and we will complete fucking weird alive it, sir, but you know
did your time. I mean it sounds like you know you Definitely had the responsibilities of somebody that you struggled yet kids, yet husband, he had you know you live that life is solid, look like. I don't think I ever lived that life. Really I've been a comic since I was twenty. I live like a fucking, gypsy well y'all have any kids I'm doing I managed to get out without any. That's why I yeah I used sad about another set of moving more right, but I do my kids. I said whatever you do, grubbed, I have a children, your own it'll just ruin your life. Trust me down, but you have those grandkids right. I sure do I gotta make heads too I got. I got two sons and yeah above my son's. I don't have any kids, but all through my daughter's, they have kids. When you see we're doing comedy what was I guess I know you know. There's I held my son's I'll get a bay pregnant cause. I don't want them, they were a bitch. I know that's like I just I do think.
so feminists issue and they won't. Let me say shit like that. What that I dont want my son, can't with any holes or any bitches that ruin them that hurt them. Take advantage of them cause they're going to come against me, and so that is a feminist issue. When I have to bust some bitch down, see what I'm saying I see what you're saying because you know both sides of it. I re earnest feminism any know how women can be horrible. I know, scam. There worker get on my side, I found one now, I'm not gonna say can't drinks, I'm looking for these nice girls have forced my son's Mary yeah. I've always been doing that, but you gotta work right. Yeah we're gonna have bad ass, the YAP yes important. That's all that matters, and so you gotta get smart one that do what you say they gotta have and assets lotta things the fine
together when pact pack, maybe maybe the outreach will work here on the help, so it would be a woman who would have respect for me and want to help me grow my family, not her bitch ass, am I right and we would help her family, of course, but she's not going to come in there and start fucking treating my son like shit. I won't habit yeah. No! No there, there there's some hurtful people out there, women every bit as horrible and abuse of his men arm, nobody says, but they do mental abuse and shit. to go now. I know why men hate us do because of that cause were just terrible, fuck and painful some time we are manner to but Jesus thank god. We won't have to be here much longer to fuck and work on the ship. I really giving it's over.
Well, you're an uncommon and sixty four yeah and sooner or later, plus. I don't think the world's going to last that long seriously, I don't know, I think, the world we fight off people that the world would be like. I thank god yeah Now we can breathe and how we can grow could. But let's go. In about a bit about the this sort of the wealth. Comedy like, when he started like white where'd, you go up first kind of doing comedy, and this woman's collective that eyes part of and an interest political time in hamburg area. I was also a cocktail waitress in that same time had like a whole, these different lives, and I was a housewife via a mom Also. I have a lot of things anywhere anywhere still holding back as many of the different uses you could yeah trying to trying to just stay straight cause. Why did you feel that, like like with me when I
are you doing stand up? It was like you know. It was something that you could truly call your own. You could say whatever the fuck you wanted, it was your fucking space and you knew exactly what needed to be done up there yeah exactly right, yeah exactly and you can I got into my god. That's all I want to find myself. I don't know if I want to be an entertainer, but I want to find some space. Absolutely fine won't voice right, exact, let's voice for sure it. How do we must have felt great like when he first started Jim, I first nine on stage and I were I reckon I had written my five minutes and took a year and now. First, how much oh, I just killed naga. I got hooked, you know the first ones fray care exactly so then I was talking to other comics backstage and they were like hey. You ought to do this and do that siesta new right, then here. So I goin, yeah, ok and sang in time I came back. I did what they told you yeah, which was
you know, you're gonna sell that line harder is, in our view, the rancher dispute. that booed Nan. I just tried to chase that first one got it thirty years, yeah I believe you knew nailed it pretty good I did have a wonderful man. I've done for hbo specialists, but this right new stuff at this age. Tat took a long time. You know you get a little bit of what the iraq war you're, but also you've evolved person, so you know what you know. You don't make that funny exactly right. Tarred yeah in a different place and you feel good about some things in worse about others that you know you. You know you have a voice. He won't. You have opinions that you want to try to figure, but everyone knows you is you know whatever we were in god forbid. You feel good about yourself how the fuck you gonna do comedy yeah, it is
definitely right yeah. I did do one act that I took to new york to have people see they're gonna, put me on broadway with the lower. I like, I one person show clear and they were like you. I do it in a church because I did tat. I'm gonna want himself and Where'd you come out on that and find a humorous are really fear. What was there was the arc of it java vienna mites map There is in what I ask no guy for cause. I did try to repent one topic, as I too, want to burn in Hell pfeiffer. All. Returning, though, why would you your jew, now I'll figure out a fuckin money, fuckers aunt I somewhat but anyway, I think the devil's in interest or do not now canal falcon, Why? I now so I'm to god alone, who just go. I gotta reboot,
so I got my rabbi and this is true too. I go on shyness. I think. Maybe I should start foundation. I start talking to hollywood, should I give you know, set up a scholar, blah blah Here's my rabbi? He was the greatest person I ever met. He goes that's all well and good, but I think maybe, instead you should learn to be nice. and I talk about how that was a walk through Hell. I thought can be easy, but has actually like a walk through fucking hell fire. Nice I had to give up on. My soul was on fire, yet a fuckin, hold back when I really want to say you know, you're a comment. I know you're out there be a nice coming. I couldn't even do come. but it is doing in that for me at all, but I being nice off stage like like I've, I've I've? I was very defensive, very insecure.
very angry for a long time and preemptively hostile, because you think automatically think think someone's with you know they are, this. What I realized, after my after my walk through the fire dark. Neither solar yeah, hey, I'm not a nice fucking person. That's like that! That's when I got enlightened, I go hey, wait! A minute saying: I'm not a nice for comparison at euro comic comic yeah yeah, but but not because I can feel a certain thing right now. I think that the people than no you and they they see you in a real way. You know you're nice to yeah. I tried bay, I try labour small negative carbon footprint with both right, check yourself. now I dont even around I. I ran my family. I can't take it but up in Many of you know you gotta somebody's gotta be gettin, smacked her. It ain't funny at her right
We are an usually it's better. If it's you yeah it you yeah, but if it's you to everybody right, yeah, yeah, she's out specific that doesn't allow merciless about Kosovo yeah. They. I think that was what was amazing about the sort of thing. of your original manifestation van character? You know was It was something everybody felt yet drawn in securities. You know, you're empowered, and you know in how you saw the fucking world now want Scholars wait a minute now here you are an underdog. Is well yeah, naturally, in the As you know, in view of the current situation in life that you were depicting As always, the hundred we were always the underdog, my family, and we are now. gone and being a woman, your eyes, an underdog near who are you working with wendy, did that you liked comic wise Damn you may I want. I want before
Our guide guy, all everybody all the denver, geyser frigging grey areas. We all grew together over the three or four years, worked with sinbad tune. Soon bad was a blast work that's great I had him in your great great guy. He he can go on forever. That's funny, and yet we just off the top of tat. He was a guy, he was from Denver Now he came to denver, we we were bringing comics. in a week I'll watch him and learn from a weary anderson. Of course he was one of the first headliners or ever saw he blew are mine. And when he came to data he's just in harry's beautiful your visit henry common christ great on that basket, jellies and mom YA. I I think I hope he winds and Amy for be sweet. Re he's as great as that. As you toward within waking. They laid eighties numa, our I was sent back to before that I was in albuquerque after I lost my mind on drugs why'd, you lose your my on drugs. When I heard about you guys hanging
so yeah. I wrote about it and yeah I've talked about it before I was hanging out with sam as epic crystal and they would come up there and party for days and days, do you know what a blow as like out. I got psychosis. I guess I think I was living in some sort of evil conspiracy which I might have been and that sort of waiting for instructions from voices that I was hearing it got pretty use good. I went out there and I and I leave you I finally like a voice said you gotta, get the fuck out of here and and emanated, had some falling out. He was a little bit of a bully and that's an understatement. So I do not I freaked out. I laughed. I was just a yo unpaid, regular belly room, comic door guy. I went back home I got clean and I was at home in our turkish. Just lost trying to get the fuckin psychosis out. New and louis were were plan, I remember I knew Louis. I didn't know you, but I knew him from the store. I went over there to to to see you guys at. I remember where you were staying or whatever, but I went to the hotel and you nice, I said hi bye, didn't I didn't go there
how they was weird. I remember what surrounded it, but I just wanted to be a few like I'd done something at the store. Do you know what I mean like? Do you remember me? I'm still, I'm alive How long you been sober. No, I was seventeen years shit. What do you think better or worse, some good? You know I drink a lot of coffee, I'm a nicotine lozenges. You know I, you know, I I'm okay, I'd better a lot better. I got myself back that you know because, like a lie that stuff, it is avoiding. You shit yeah, you can avoid the guilty If you are gonna be malignant or its can be positive. Try absolutely so why Was you when you got to hollywood out that work with miss you just audition for yeah yeah? What made you come to hollywood? They are sam sam one that canada yeah he's. Are you in Denver yeah we worked together in colorado, springs a noose like you, gotta come out their miti. He was like the fifth guy who's
I did too, for you know louis set it all the time Alan seaver said it all. Typed out my friends, hey. I love Alan yeah, he's in love him and he's a tough guy. Yeah he's mister new tshirts. now in order to analyse the star those you just work it right? He was the star in the club right yeah. He go into the ride me rodney movie or the rodney rightly unhappiness cause young commands, as were we I went to the next level right right right then he got he was in the movie. Did you? and when he saw him first, sam I'll fuck here there is nothing that good. Ever I never saw bill. Thought till waiter thing. If I were to say bill, hicks infer, I mean there. They were working together in texas though I am an here. Yes, bill is a care. I wish I were to say that I have to say there both great but man they hit.
It has five more levels: highbrow lag, awhile evaded yet, but SAM's was great first time there in colorado springs and he was approaching Lenny bruce material, he it was phenomena like a different time zone. You like what's happening man him hooked into a friendship. You know, and he insisted to. Are we He came up on stage after I open, for you know. He said that that's it! That's the real queen of comedy fuck, joan rivers, which here I mean You that was with some to hear sure Give me my sister and he told you everybody was like Jesus that guy you know like a fuckin tornado hit the place. He saw all my fault then my command francais come out and audition for four minutes, and so I did I
I came out an arm. I get five minutes in the low room, What you call them downstairs now observe downstairs our original region, riviere and- and she came up after I came off stage- go go! Do twenty in the big room and all the waitresses said there never had happened before two skull from five minutes. Twenty there. She walked out there and what you see here and there George slaughter was there and he was due in the show funny and it was featuring funny women of the comedy store and he they're in the main room, and so after a came off. This is one night came off the stage that he approached and said come back and film funny so I said: ok, sir. the phenomenon I think Mitzi and george in thy went home to get my kids together and came back out three weeks later and during the rehearsal
funny when You know in the in the main room near macaulay what their preliminary all again and he came out and he gave me a cardinal goes. I wrap roseanne. I love you and you know, come to this- I go move thanks, move cause, you know, guy in any herminius card and this fucking jamaica, mug, look for sister. She was there too, and I go were running in the street and sunset screaming. He goes on on Friday night always yet that was like, within a month, then I went on the tonight show and they had Julio show here and he hired me to open for his for him in eighteen cities. And there was always a mafia assembled yeah that was exciting. A shit excitement shit and you had to get you had to go.
How much time to georgia like an hour of entertainment, the fifty that's all I have, did it warm up for hulu and then That's all! That's all you can hold their attention is pretty sure when Europe no longer the right one. Seymour read what were you doing on the railway meddle in all that time or were you? I guess those with earlier are really that I didn't really go on the run too much to do. Damn until now round gone on a road trip for two weeks in set amber alter canada and come in Saint Louis and some other out of nowhere. Work at the store regularly after that emits he had a round the dunes in. las vegas, ass. Well, ass. She did. Let me she let me have to to night nea big room, you know, and then she let me go to vegas once a month coats than I care afford to bring my kids out rent a house. So you know I owe everything to Mitzi shore like you do and like everyone does she like her
I love armenia. Yeah love, love! Her she's a genius, hundred years ahead of her time and all those dudes that you start, with those your hard deeds does Can a real deal like a sam and Alan and like their karma, yeah, real comics, comics Allah knows where all the bodies are buried. I know I'm going to interview him and make him tell the story. So are you all? My god? Have you heard his stories? Oh my god, and I for a lot of them too. Did you get along with sam all the way through he turns on you after awhile grey he's, he was kind of bipolar yeah. If you'd like to one day, they didn't like you- and I bet all comics are like that- yup yup, then I didn't like him. one he was bright, be nice to me. I was like I'll fuck you, and then when I was very very nice, he was like fuck off and stuff that's how it is that's. Why have you got any friendships over the years and real lucky because we're so all fuckin bipolar? It's true the ever. Even if you don't see,
but for a while, if your comic, it's alright Yeah yeah yeah, sharp right where you are standing. Talks about tromp he'll, see solely for thirty new york. It exactly it's fine, so when do we all live in our heads a lot there, tell a lie, but I'm like I'm ok with their little like sometimes were people. I say like you, I think I'm done by judges. go, hang out somewhere there. I go crazy, I'm like I'm ready for that kind of crazy, being alone. I can do nothing all day and I come occupied yanking do you know what media and some food absolute? That's enough, it is absolute. I don't like the pressure, especially now with so many eyes on you in everybody will and a terrier ready to tear your pardon, ranging you say it's like fuckin, exhausting man. It was hard before all this shit law. Also that old act. I said I realise that people who tell the truth, nobody fuckin like some-
one you realize latvia and may I time may like somebody who tells the truth is five hundred years after their dead, no life, they are tortured horribly. Guy, that's true: you're not invited eddie, it's a guy, she's, just gonna run a party with a where a bomber idea right, I just tried it need not go to many parties would be nice. I've gotten nicer item of it's gonna help my comedy, but I feel like I've gotten nicer, I liked it all- came together, my head novice during the making of this movie, where I could put everybody on the same bus. The parts me like our poem for good and the documentary and the documentary and lay like you know, the greatest feeling in the world is when you know, you've helped a whole bunch of people. I mean seriously after you really focus in on. What's important. That's such a great feeling, and ah I did it for narcissistic reasons, because you know it made me feel so great to be able to. You know, see people
hear me, tell the truth and get it yeah about an and, and really I did show all your as many as I could like. I was I thought: ballsy movie. I didn't know what to expect. I didn't even know if I was gonna watch it cause. I got a screener, I dunno how much time, but I'm like you know I gotta yeah, for his hands coming over, yeah, you had to do favorite part there's couple we're parts like I like moments that you know they're there on your favorite movie, was why there's a couple like right off the top of my head when you said that we held before the sheath, and he said now right now. Anyone I've just walked away craig horn goin in your like. Ok, it's just a really find your relationship like yeah, just you're like. I want two fold, the sheets now and he's like not now but he didn't really have anything else to do but play his sax, and I thought that was sweet and you just walked back in and waited for him, but you can't disrespect musician one
back. To see me, I mean you know cause I have, but I've learned the other parts were like you know. I, like the europe yo really show the personal sort of challenge. dealing with jill sty annual year. This sort of the the the party that like do. I won't be a team player in honour that, or do I want to just like find her annoying, not like her right. That's a real. Drug it was it was, I know I could see it, I give you really mean it shouldn't. You just be like. Well, whatever the party needs but you're like fucker No, I know I get it, but it was great ass with I was you're staying here when you switch part, and he found more support with the freak, your people that work, because there is a level of organization in the green party that that is not that different than major
politics only doesn't matter. Is they talk? Talk that same corporation right, but you know when you got me into the peace and freedom either. I thought these these before really my people in a way Yeah they were the about. You know they all got. They all got people at the top other than gatekeepers. Sure they're not going to let the voice of the people come out, no matter what their that's, how they're getting their money, but the weird thing about the voice of the people that like it can come out. But now it's how it's framed. I mean, I think, the you you we've lived in a better time to say she and you're, but it's like what are they gonna do with it? Howard, in a neuter it. How are they gonna do? Take it out of context and make it you'll make me bear my partner headline we'd be lucky of trump one yeah, but fact of it is that you know I agreed to run as vice president, if can't mass play, whose jill stones may you're contender there in the green party, and they have their
action in august and if can't mass play, I get the nomination over jill stein. I I've agreed to run as his vice president, so I never really laughed I'm always leveraging I'm never going to give up on. Ah you know: china build a third party. Firm people so you're you're, actually in a way learning how to be a politician from the ground up. Why won't affect their platform cause? I got a couple offensive things in their platform: that'll keep them from winning, and then they have a lot of really great things in their platform. That should actually be in the democrat platform. So I'm going to keep pushing it until things get better I'm one of a few people who knows how to- what I'm going to continue to do its bit growth process again from process in england. I, like. I saw that in the movie that you're sort of getting better at yale showing up doing the speed,
is your working hard are actually the whole time during the mechanism. Everyone it put any of this in their by eleven hawaiian, I'm a farmer year, libel and There's a lot of interesting farming stuff going on there in hawaii and we had a week. We forced them to have citizens. panels and community meetings which their training rid of everywhere and we kicked monsanto's ass, offer the big island of hawaii and arm I wrote a lot of those speeches that help kicked monsanto's ass out of there and they knew that they can come back from it. I was working my narrative, and that is like as a comic. You know this, the narrative and the words in the power words there's nothing else, and I was really work in it over there in hawaii during the making this movie but yeah, we did kit Monsanto, their band off the big island hawaii, because we want to grow decent food and food
I, like you, know overnight. Their cows here live in a pasture of food and social people. food grows. Railways. If you dont, have tat factory farms. All that shit, you don't have to do it for the himalaya gradually opposite of it, and then Monsanto went and soon the state of hawaii, because what is really at stake? Is there? Try get rid of small government and small farms small government near they don't want that They don't want the people have no say while I grow right right, and it's all about that. So I mean all these things still interests me and people say: oh, you should run for something in hawaii and then I'm like yeah, I dunno, but you also want to do showbusiness I like yeah, and I got yeah. I got a lot. I got a lot of.
And that's why I can't write. Will you or you look back at like you're the the roseanne show like in in the fight that you fought for that and what what that made? You know what how that changed. Show business. Do you have mostly pride about that? I've taught I've taught pride about it near home cause. I worked really hard. We on it and to make the argument once again this. Why I like politics, causeth roseanne, show to make the argument that it was me and I I convinced higher goggle of republican and conservative television executives here that introduced. gay characters during the family. Our work was actually a smart thing and a good thing to do, and that was very hard. took a toll on my on my nervous system. You know, but I, but I did at night-
I see it everywhere now you know and a lot of things to on you know women characters and such so yeah. I felt like I had a lot of victory shirt. Did you meet sandra at the comedy, store, yeah Sandro Bernhardt anyhow did outlawing mecca, get the job in the laura and John were in great broadway plays and car. She warner wanted both of them, and so they brought them and they re read together and that's how they got the jobs. They were great lorries. Amazing, it scary great. She did a light that the third I think it's a episode of horace horse impeding louis show is all or lower mecca. It's like twenty five minutes of her doing this monologue. Then I never saw that, oh, my god, I gotta see there. Oh my god, it's it's like it's one of the best I've ever seen louis say k. Yes, he did at ten episode
thing that you can get online called horace and pete it's wake up, so I can play I'll, have to see it, and- and she did this thing- he he roeder this this piece and it's literally all her talking about like the struggles she's having with with young. Her sexual lie heard that yeah. I heard that with the weather, mother in law yeah. I was fucking, amazing, it's crazy, but now I'm getting chills. I was like this is kind of odd subject, but kureishi can make thing great, oh yeah. Well can John, I may not all the actors on the show or just great he's amazing. He scary greater May I have used to watch her and go all look at that and then me in her used to watch him and go look at that senior shooting in it and just that little piece in in documentary because, like working with him, you so much room to yourself
He rang, eventually you when you're doing that just a bit about you know it's getting the money. How do we save money? You are what you can, that is from the pilot. Oh, my god, ya think roy deeper than that year. Aga course. I mean we really. You say really became dan roseanne on some level. We were all really our characters. some level when we work and John had thing. He dies make up these circus games for us and I, like you, can't go out of the eu if you walked If the set that was the forbidden zone, then we get into much trouble. Yet we had these other games we played for ourselves and it's like she's gone, she's gone into the forbidden zone. The lawyers are gonna, get her back here, but also we pay and that we were in a circus, sideshow mad, so much fun nea due to keep in touch with him I say hi to everybody. Yeah. Do you feel like you?
over the years that you know you have any enemies that that that net Never really balanced out, like you d, feel like there's people that you pissed off forever shower! Oh yeah, he shit, yeah, yeah, but Sicily, is not just how a goal as well. As you know, if you can an opinion and you fight for what you want you want a hole in your work. if you're not going to. They don't like you for that. That alone makes them hate your guts yeah. It's like what you're supposed to ten percent of your work. Will we get the other as for is fucked up, show business sometimes so what would you like to be do under the right comics time broke? Every four condemns the fact more than some amount of you, I don't know what to do. I don't know either some of them that, like that in plan, it's like you know like we got lucky, I got lucky. I was about to be one of them before I started this fuckin thing in here:
do I get at least I got to get on health care, Jesus they're off on their old and shit dunno. What can you? What can we do? I dunno I got to think about okay, what in Showbiz- why you're going to tour? And what else do you got a tv ideas? You really want to do. I have like a hundred, I As my problem is. I got two may options and no focus. That's my problem. Vienna, what do I want to go to england and saw I got? What would I want to do? how many england a show yeah. Why not shit yeah word here then, I go now what you negative in england, you can buy a castle about two hundred dollars or the now, so I might go. Get your castle Well, I I love talking to you. It's great talking to you. Thank you. Thank you
I love her almost unconditional hope you enjoyed that can always go to wtf pod dotcom. Go to deputy ipod outcome com, slash tour! I got dates coming up phoenix coming up august, twenty That's one night two shows I'm to be in albuquerque on September. Third, at the albuquerque journal, theater in rochester in september, be in vienna, can be it the Wilbur september. Twenty. Fourth, that's in boston I was street music hall in new haven, connecticut, the twenty fifth of september I'll, be at the ridgefield playhouse October thirteenth. That's in ridgefield, connecticut, troy savings, bank, music hall, troy new york october, fourteenth the carolina theatre november. Teeth and durham, the night theater and charlotte november eighteen I'll, be the James K, fault, theatre november, nineteenth in nashville, the big theatre december. Third, that's in chicago great place to chose and more dates, forthcoming, no guitar did I m in a hotel
in our lives, one
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