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Episode 732 - Lauren Lapkus

2016-08-11 | 🔗
Lauren Lapkus showed up to the garage as herself, but she clearly could lapse into one of dozens of characters at any time. Marc and Lauren talk about how she honed her talent for improv, how she missed out on her dream of SNL, how she found a home on Comedy Bang! Bang!, and how she got away with the unthinkable while making Jurassic World.

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The guy Our goods do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what the fuck a belize, what fuck, turkey ins, what the fuck navy and what is happening I mark mare- and this is my pod gas- welcome to it here. Joining us. I wanna keep saying that just annoying they told me not to say because, despite what you think, we get a lot of new listeners and they want to be welcomed properly. How welcome well, to you on your bicycle or it work right, the train or running in the air outside or add jim wherever you are down in the mines, digging up things. whatever you're doing welcome. If your new today on the show- Lauren lap. Guess do you know her. She has a podcast
called with special guest, Lauren lap? Guess it's new every week get on the how app or wherever you get your podcast and she's body does characters and stuff. Before I forget it gets, are on sale. I think they're precept today. Whatever that means you don't need a code but tickets. For my carnegie hall show on november forth at the new or comedy festival, are are available. I know it's a priest, Today I dont what that means really, but I know you don't need a code, so it doesn't matter and why comedy festival, dot, com link you to the carnegie hall site to get tickets for my november fourth show carnegie hall, and why comedy festival, dot, com, dig, it carnegie hall very exciting right god damn yet it's a tickets, if be around, you make the trip.
Be it and then it might be the last time I dont know anyway, so that that house, going. I'm not I'm not at a loss, but am I don't know I'm not sleep and well. I don't I don't know what's happening. I get up over and over in the night time I get about four or five. as a sweep away can around in a daze all the time It's weird. I guess in that you know, I don't have children to worry about their future my future to worry about, but how long is that? Really you? You know? That's that's! That's worth that sort of the area I mean now it's like how much time do I got in what the shit am I going to keep talking about doing that? I never do why can't? I just fix my house people. These are grown up things I know it's anxiety, I know it's like I can. I should do it, it would be nice, but there's some part of me just thinks. What's the point or I'll get to that
And I imagine that's what a lot of people do you're going to get to it and then you just never get to it I gotta make a list not really a bucket list cause that be sad of my bucket list included, like you fix the back stairs. That's that's one year I gotta do before I die things yeah, it's a sad as bucky. Listen the world thick backs air, so nobody heard themselves clothes area under house. So animals don't corral in there and die in shit, fixed a hole in the war in the dining room where you pulled out the antique heater, and now there is just a or their clothes that weird cabinet in the hallway that used to be some sort of ancient old timer, hamper situation, permits close add up. waste a window that was put in backwards in the second bedroom. That you dont use except to hold some records.
boy why an exciting bucket list may fix wall in front of housework crack is that marie led to wall falling down, perhaps j Change ugly linoleum tiles you put down in garage when you first put the or in the garage and you had some dumb, fuck An idea in your head that it should work gay nineteen fifties theme strong floor. Why? You get a little jukebox for the garage. Initially you dumb fuck, it's quite a bucket less area. Go to scandinavia, as my bucket list now. get to that stuff. On pretty good, because I just head maya Seventeen year, sober anniversary, that was on tuesday. I do that peace of mind to a degree. I'm happy to be here
doing what I wanna do but yeah I got it. I got it it's my bucket list seriously, that was That was a sad baculus. Not even you may take one of the first spaceflight flights not to do that. I'm not gonna do that. Have. I am I'm nervous on rower posters tight. Maggie tighten the bucket, lest it should look like a homo pair west. That's fucking, tragic right fix gay that's after I go to scandinavia, I want to do, and I and I I've talked about this before and it's not it's not even your business. I'm just tell me, what's on my mind, I know used. I used to want to become a chef and I was going to go to chef school, but I think that the bucket list, gamma time I have left it yet I'm not dying about sick, but who knows you now? I use that time efficiently.
god break. I gotta do something: go skydiving, maybe some pilot lessons private, should learn abba. motor cross, moto cry see I may that's it. There's a I gotta learn as an adult, but I'm not much time I have left. I dunno, I just don't know. Ok, and there's nothing wrong. Everything is good it just. There's gonna change man, something you have one day, I'm gonna get on these mics and I'm you. I guess what I'm a mormon I dont know. That's not gonna. Be it gets what I'm in the landmark forum, to tell you some things: nope, that's not gonna happen guess what I'm a buddhist possible but rob Not guess why born again christian. I think it's going to happen. I think I can. I don't think so guess why I'm here, public and nope, that's not gonna happen guesswork
I but another bike that I'm not a ride. Does possible, guess what I just bought a couch for my office. that was really too big for the space that happened yeah, so so I have that go in for me. Very large couch in my office. ha so loring lap guests, and I had met one time before briefly before talk to her in here and he's a very lovely, talented, a person- and I think we talked pretty in depth more in depth, unusual about creating characters so that dumb, that's thing. Do it for you and also her podcast, which is called with special guest lauren lapses. And lower and will be at the now here, this festival, doing alive version of a pot. Guess I'll be two with my producer. Brenda mcdonald duenna will
q and a little back and forth. That's october, twenty eight, through thirtieth in anaheim, go to now here this vast dot com for more info and now listen to me and Lauren lap guess have you ever done? One of those like when one person shows where you like. Do I just write? It's amazing. She does nine hundred characters in our like and what's her name, anna deavere smith? No, no. I know I've never done that. I've only done like MIKE in terms of like performing on stage with my characters that I've only done like showcases and things where I would like you know, do like five minutes of characters or whatever right but yeah. This was the tat, I was able to do it on like a beggar, what your show the eye than other characters. Yes, the character. I didn't call it that man I mean I've got. Another series is called you.
At Dwyer who came up with that name. I don't know someone at netflix cause of stop it. You add some control to your show, no cause they're, all called that. I just like the series is called the characters and each one is named after each person who did an episode. yeah wait there. Not all you know. No is basically Netflix had alternative comedians, do especial and then put under one umbrella the character. I like how you use the term alternative to alternative comedians, as if that that's exists, I think what it means is in my life. You know I mean I was part of it- of the invention of its I'm curious to see how you would have preferred it. I was going to say I feel, like maybe I'm talking about a different thing than how you might typically or what I mean by that is just like someone who is not doing typical stand up, unlike whenever early, Don't do stand up and royal. This is an opportunity for me to do what I do right right, sketch perform yeah yeah yeah, but some of them, some of you people do stand up but is still a little bit more like out. I wouldn't say it's just like: no, no, it's not
in Austria. The job sell, some drinks, lace, kind kind of stand up. I did my job so, okay, so there's a bunch of these episodes with different alternative comedians and who are those who are your peers in this? Are you undertaking and for land John early henrys, eyebrows ski paul downs, I dark brown and tosh roswell autumn robinson and me I im so fucking out of the loop. I know none of those people well, a lot of people are like people that you might not have heard of which is cool. It's just. What's so great, no, it's excitedly. I pay that guy's pretty funny by going to see what he comes up with next. Yes, you should watch John early. He I think he is like the best comedian the junior no fucking funny I he then he does characters he does, but he stand up and after a really yeah after looking
where does he do that stand up at one of the nerd outlets? I don't even know where he is, but he does stuff in new york too. He goes he lives in new york and because he like, like I've, I've sort of like done this weird thing where started out in comedy clubs, and then we did alternative venues now, everything's turn of anyone? I seem to be moving more back towards comedy clubs. Yeah. Like I talk to you, I sketch people and I've been brought around by them and I understand it's a viable and exciting and fun when I'm actually jealous of you're our abilities to work with other people and be pleasant in creative. I've done that I I but late in life, but where you from from the midwest her yeah, a cargo person. Yes, I grew up in Evanston if you're familiar and I feel that there is as yet that's Evanston yeah. I've done the aim to do the opposite, theatre right, their main stage. Oh yeah, in Roger S, part. Yet that's right by their right get right here.
He's right in the border. Evanston right, yeah, yeah, there's a little area in evans, thinkers by college. Yet, and there is a frozen custard voice, yes, writers I stand I dunno. If that's the one that might be different, we have mustards last stand, which is a hotdog place. Oh yeah, because chicago is about meat yeah, we love it, and so you grew up there like in that's a nice suburb yeah. It's I think it's like the best suburb I mean, maybe I'm biased, but I feel like it is like it's like a liberal town and like it's very diverse cool. It's not like you know, there's a lot of like really boring suburbs right around there also. So I feel you've got the good one, I've have grown of chicago? I think it's an amazing place and I am very unhappy when people come from there now. Where are you from we're up in new mexico, primarily cool, but like I spent a lot of time in new york, and I spend time in los angeles and san francisco, so Chicago was sort of like I was late to it yeah and you get there and you're like holy shit. This is it's own place completely yeah, it's got it's own style, it's own sense of itself. It's own kind of ethnic diversity,
we're dumb can have like like what like a lot of the people who came to the midwest were from the baltic region yeah he having that's too, You know a lot of the ukrainians. Piazza foolish Oh good, there's healthy my amendments with waning and lithuania. Have you worked with the way? We think you is that possible? Yes, I mean I'm half with money and I look very lithuanian. Like I mean do, do they have accents lithuanian, I mean they have lithuanian accents by. Couldn't do that for you, I wouldn't know how carrots do. My dad is weighed like speaks of latvia and stuff, but really american, its first generation american here, yet they moved when he was a baby. So not like now, only chaskey reserve yo killing everybody now matters at the guy's name. That was I like to think it was there was trouble in romania with a fairly corrupt leader of sorts that did some bad things enabled some bad shit, but has probably, after your dad,
because I remember yeah when they occur. I don't know the history with which I don't know anything about that really, so he had no interests have sort of like where my culturally from I'd like to go there like I've, actually thought about taking it with my dad and going there, but I, besides that, I haven't like doesn't go. Gart he's been back a few times with just two of them with really yeah. I don't even know what what what to expect. I don't even know what will where is it I mean. I don't first of all I'm working on my geography is actually think that I'm trying to get better at right now, which is like learning where all the states are in all of the continent's idly you had as well, it's actually like so sad when you like it do have you ever like I'm sure in school, like where you have to fill in like an empty map and like fill in all this unlike the new rising, how little you actually. No, I think I could do it now I think, so I did the it the south gets a little can yeah, but then the middle, the left and the right I could do it all the little ones and the top
but how many little ones there's not that many little later like AL aware in handling vermont telling all those little runs pretty big as it's better than a fact, but delaware road. I wonder pretty tiny began at it. You know, and in new hampshire in vermont, that's tricky, yeah, virginia west virginia tricky south dakota If the car, you should be able to figure out yeah right yeah, but then it gets a little confusing around the you know. For Genia the the to Virginia is the the North carolina is, I think- and I think the like four corners I get confused about like, but you private knows would know those better new you're from new mexico or like new mexico away or colorado. You talk utah. Right now, man. This is fucking array during horrible now, never know its aid understand words confusing, but I know new mexico's rednecks right next ripe. the colorado right next to arizona and then utah's up their yeah yeah I get in and go home it will peace, Oklahoma, their yeah cause. That's what I want. I now let's go pot as
that one. I private tricky without noise and no high, oh and the other one. I guess I oh yeah indiana em, maybe I've gotta times you are with us because they live around drove around yeah, really made wrote european my families in indiana and ohio. Just there Just in iowa, oh yeah, is that, starts with an eye yeah? I don't I've never been there actually and you and you're going to say to you. Do you say it's boring? I just thought I had my guess. I it's beautiful how you look at it. I had that realisation I'd. So what you got big family. now when I have a brother in law, catholics I know I'm greek orthodox sect. Really. I don't subscribe to any religion. Have that happen. Mom is greek and then that's how she grew up, and so I thought it best selling church. I really gone too, but I won't girl nostrums near the gorgeous. The priests got good cost basis,
say cad incense coming through I'll be out right right, the full thing it would all be in greek. I don't I didn't know I made very frank, funerals or alike christmas, easter yeah. I just airily than I fell off at a certain point we are not saying we would government, I'm got mad and no more easter. She goes there right now. Then she sat lousy. She works at a catholic school, so she goes with her skull censure. So she's got that taken care, I your checking and she's all set yeah but yeah, but that I mean greeks are that's good group with good food rain yeah I mean I don't care about food, I'm like merrily someone who cares about that really. Yet what do you care about worn, come on, don't make it so hard, I'm not. Maybe I just I don't care about bottle of odd as a mere like making it harkov us pretty threshold you got, the tastes were died, doesn't throw me. I saw piece of it the other day and I ain't going. I gotta yeah it's hard to find good back over yeah
few of dough and general, like his gabby, really right on the money area. Are you know more about it than I do we then? I just I thought I was like a plain hot dog person like I don't really like. No brought in ireland, broad slowly? I don't put anything on my food like I've. There's a lot of foods. I've never had that's like really! Well you just you too hot. I wouldn't nothing on the air like I've, never had like an overall the bun whoop backup, you'd. Never what I've never had a pickle I've. Never like I've ever like bitten into a peach, what I have never. I didn't have a blueberry classic twenty so, but this is the best pathology something wrong with. I dont know what I mean. What how do you go through life and not go? Have a pickle us very when I little and it is really don't want anything I didn't know so you and those persons that when you, kid you ate the same thing like every night yeah. Oh, my lunch was exactly the same from kindergarten all the way through high school of any body out. He didn't get over it. What was peanut butter sandwich, no jelly
I like the bag of chips and like a cookie or whatever and like a drink like I just have like the peanut butter sandwich every day for, like my whole life Were you picky about the peanut butter I mean yeah, I buy the same one forever like like a skippy or a jiff peanut butter, regular email, creamy or maybe sometimes ever chunky. Also that was the big. Breakout thing like what am I going to do today? Yeah, but I just like to I just like I eat to live kind of thing, so I don't really care about that. Do you get no joy out of eating I do, but I feel, like I have a sensitive stomach, so it's like not as fun to just like have some crazy meal and I feel sick after you eat a plain hotdog yeah, but I like I like. Actually I moved to silverlake recently and I'm like there are more vegan restaurants and vegetarian things. I'm like I've been leaning that way and it's been making me feel better. I dont like do it for everything billingham ordering. If out I'll turn out to get not to cheese which place you go, I like score all skirting. Like me, band
And there are a lot of fright stuff there, but I always get latvian pizza or like when I normally would think was disgustingly out. It's really good. You ever go to f k. I have been there this gun, I fancied it would their very like pretentious there. I think it's just act like everything is port and I don't give a shit about any of you has three tables yeah and there's like weird shouldn't. Everything like there was like her recent dust, unlike some links. What is that? I don't know it that by like her risa wouldn't even know what it's like a moroccan hot sauce? Oh well, ok, then they resist on it. Yet what they had the dust skinny little yak. What why'd you bother just come on This gives us the idea of it are so, but so you're you're, moving away from just peanut barcelona. I haven't eaten one in a few years. I will be with you all eat a cheeseburger plain I got on. anything on the cheeseburger. Ok, some not a freak! Now now if a guy in its I go out of my way like I just wake up like a look like if it's good cheese and birds
catch up, another that yeah fuck with it. So when did you start doing, you're running away from your emotions in life with characters? high school. I started doing in private eye owen like when I was a senior and me this, probably something to that. I don't know I dont really analyze it that deeply you'd bio willing I mean I don't know, do you feel like you, and the comedy cause you were like fucked up. Is that what I feel everyone always wants to say that, like I dunno that that's like necessary, true for everyone, but I can only speak from experience. like if I, if I wonder I guess the real answer comes from What compelled you initially might well yeah. You know like some of the class clown or somebody's doing a thing he usually for attention?
I love some kind. So then we kind of pick that apart like. Why do I need this attention? What did I not get her? What do I need an email and then sort of like you? Can build a whole sort of a sea of inner life? itself based on your your your needs needs and insecurities yeah. I mean I definitely needed attention I, but I feel that I got a lot of that, so I also don't know why I needed so much like my parents who are attentive to me and they were nice yeah, stable yeah. So, like that's, that's the thing that remember when I was altogether yeah forty five years or something that's crazy remember when I was doing it- improves I was with like I was like eighteen and all my classmates, like twenty five hundred, yeah and I remember hanging out with them and then they'd be like kind of talking about why they're all
fucked up and why their lives are all bad and then like they made fun of me because it mine wasn't or whatever, and that was like kind of a thing where it was like I'm just I just like being funny or whatever, but I'm sure there's more to it, but like at the time, especially that was just you know. You're you're, like that. That would make you the rare thing, but I didn't think, like I think innately- and this is just my own opinion- there's no real proof of it by younger people who are involved with sketch out are certainly a bit more well adjusted. Then comedians generally has just by sure their ability to work with other do not add a thousand like there's a collective to yeah like you're, not so fucked out. The I'd now need nobody right. Do if there is something you want to do, yeah is so much standup is right: god don't fuck, you yeah, I'm doing it this way right and you really can't do that is with improv, especially it's against the rules. Well, yeah, I mean you just everyone hates you Peter
people like that, but they that democracy s orders you voted out by cold shoulders and and and back stabbing yes, yeah there? Are these types within the improved community like you like the sort of committee, Adela Artie things like there's, always the fact guided drinks too much. It seem right, yeah yeah! There are the true, so it every hour there, but not even onstage tropes. It's off states troves that! Well, because heroes through, I imagine the heroes of people and sketch her our differently. Other sketch me yeah you in that can go back to second city or back to us in our yet ever- and I guess I have I, like you, I guess I'm gonna be that guy's farley level here
yeah to drink a lot earlier. I think for those types of guys there are like clear role models where it feels like you're allowed to do that. Are that it's like right, I celebrated so that new funny fat guy is there that's not important yeah that are important to tv and movies we need here. We need a multi brand guy. Every few years I don't know we ve been have one right now. I think it's oddly Josh gad right now in a way that, like no unexpected, I think that's true yeah, but not not new as not open, a movie kind away right right right, but yeah he's there were like cool. How is that true? I get sort of true when the one with the o Kevin Jane. I was right away. Kevin James is a pretty pretty big star fat guy. yeah and he had the classic sort of not self destructive but kind of I can't help be uncomfortable fat guy funny, yeah, sorry. So improbable epic I'll talk to our people from different strands of improv
yeah, I mean not so much that one. Why did you pick that one well? It was actually recommended to me by my teacher in highschool, and he because I basically like wouldn't get into any play at school and like really wanted to audition the audition for like every play and musical and I'd only get into like. We had like a variety show, type thing that we like a sketch show, and I would get into that, but the is it and why don't you get into place? I dont know I love like seem audition, I'm sure I was really nervous your song and dance person, I mean to some extent, but not right I like therapy. My school had really talented people also like to us like amazing, so it was really talented in very specific way. That enabled them to do like musical theater in high school, but they didn't have any real creativity, so they're not doing it anymore, but probably yeah yeah yeah. There are some that are really successful like to highschool with yeah she's a little older than me, but Jessie mueller is currently on broadway. She was playing carole king and beautiful and now she's starring in waitress like she's. a big broadway star, there's some people like that who are generally funny
funny there. I think she was, but I didn't know or per cent our brother, but was he arguments funny to their act or family apparent actor, really urge all the kids are actor that that can happen in a lot of places, but I guess account chicago. You can sort of like be an actor unchecked, I like theater yeah, I mean yeah and there's opportunity for everything, so your high school teacher, he told me to take classes at io and to not do second city because they had a teen program, but he thought that I should do the adult program at iowa and there was like a a limit on the age at at second cities good I'll, and do that. So that's how I have faith in you, yeah dec, Erin carney yeah, yes, those whose name is still alive and his hustle thank him publicly, as my hand, is balanced in him a few times publicly. Yes, it's, because I I really owe it to him that I started doing that. I wouldn't have done it without him. We need that guy yeah he's great, believes in you. He did. He did I dunno if he still does. Maybe he does, but I you know yeah, I'm sorry, I'm sure he's just sitting there going. Why did I fucking tell she sucks
I'm not so who was there when you got there, like my teachers, like Peter gwen, insurance on jason, chan and susan messing tito jacket, susan meddling bugger up like that. I don't know any of them so they're, ok, those are all like big improv people from Chicago yeah. We're in that area is like a no one's talked about in problem. Pick that much. I second city, yeah yeah. I've heard a lot about second city and I've heard about second city touring crew, yeah I'd into any other area I was improvident big different there. What what was cause- I know second city- has sort of a mythology. Too. yeah they're focus on like writing to sketch right. things that I didn't. I didn't do any sketch classes or anything like that. I just did an improv, yeah and sewed long like have yeah. They did.
If they're so were they an offshoot of second city where they're like we're going to start own thing, I guess in the timeline that would be true, but it was so different from what they were doing. That I think it was just like I dunno, if as an offshoot as much as like a different thing now you are coming up. Did you know that term did? What was your goal to be on us now. It was right, yeah yeah. That was like what I thought was the only thing I knew my whole life as like how you would do this like. I wanted to be a comedian, but I don't really know what that meant. Besides as an alec. I really watch that all the time and admired those people and which ones like Chris farley anatomy, that was a bad David Spain. When you're cute ass is my favorite people growing any right yeah, he was funny dave. I talk to spare. He suffered, he ice, think he is like one of the finest people live issue with another interview, because right now, just you just. naturally has a way like he. You know you cause he's a lot more open
still, this weird wanna bite that he had so dry, yeah alone, throwing it yeah he's amazing. Yes, that was, the thing and then doing, but I, but it still wasn't like the angle I think doing improbable. I really want to do improv. I wasn't my thinking like and then I'll do this and organised and, like I think now, that's four p. That's a very obvious, like plan you, it wasn't so clear before that you'd. That could lead to that right. It was just mark a step of like performing unlike Did you know I guess what Time did you know that they will involve a second city like Chris in those guys, yeah yeah, I don't doubt yeah. We I'd really like read all the books and do all that sound, really hear your full on half an hour. I knew everything about yeah, and did you know how the audition process work? Did you know you needed characters e yeah? I guess so I mean I have seen some of the additional staff and I am, I knew up enough
I mean from watching the show you kind of infer that a gas but like I didn't really know about the process until I was older, unlike heard more from people and right because they don't talk about that. Much that the addition as much like in books and things like that, it's just like to talk about the horrible process, yeah, the weighting yeah, the not knowing the horrible dry empty feeling of the room. When you do your green tests, yeah You are dishes were yeah await with don't talk about other hope, with building a crane the story is no. I mean I I don't know it's. It was crazy for me because I don't want to build up that way why the war with wait. So, okay, so you're in high school and then you graduate high school. You did alright yeah yeah, I mean yeah. I just really wanted to like be an adult. Like do any internal college. I went to college I wanted to paul in chicago, but so I could keep doing problem
oh yeah, you in arabic, how'd you just placating your parents, yet I wanted to get a degree like thou, assuming that was important to what you get it in English. Oh good, smart, yeah, fuck, you! I know it's worth less. I have the same degree while you're here I actually y yeah, my garage yeah ivy, but that's what so wonderful? Is that you're doing what you want to do? I think it's great well, but like would you what what part did were you involved with the anguishing? Did you write some poems? Did you read? Do you have a focus like romantic literature or something? What is really focused? I didn't have like you didn't have to do that. No, thankfully there was like a point actually my senior year, where I realized like wait. Am I supposed to write a thesis like that? I didn't have to you're not really works like some, my friends, we're doing that is agreed a second. I myself you doing that designed it surviving in letter, and I did the minutes lumping but so, but you read your shit yeah yeah, I mean like I loved I love reading and I love letter turn like a good idea. I think something for me. That was like a perfect major. So dear.
during college, you you're just going over to my own doing yet at that point. Is our company here you're not doing classes ray? I graduated. I got a team and I was on teams for like all of college and that outperform almost every night at a few different theatres, around town, all improv yeah and that's how it works. There ya mean Would you like shows at io and the like? The theater called the playground, which was like an indie theatre to be on a team they're into and the annoying So this concerns the annoyance of the other one. So in theirs are, and so there is actually a circuit and if you're if you're at a certain level, you can just go jump in yeah, I mean yeah, you get on teams and then you can perform all the time and so and then, if you're not performing you're rehearsing. At that point, but you always perform for your team, is it possible that just show up at one of these other places and there's a team on stage like lawrence jumping now that we're jamming know I mean yeah, I guess there's like jams, but that's always horrible. It is just not I mean for me. I think why cause it's just like a mishmash of like horrible things happening like it's just a lot of times like people
never done it before you just like straight. Would stress me out to be like so you. Used to your team and am each person. Strengths are and you can move as a unit yeah, even though you're making it up yeah yeah. And if you do it, You do a gm or damages who the fuck is that guy yeah? What's he doing like this is not like a cool thing, but I would like go to iowa and watch the jam. There's a show called the jam. That's like your, where you kind of can wait to jump in, and people will like get up and stuff, but I would just like get drunk and, like go out- and I was like kids that super annoying they must have loved yeah, but it has done so. You do this and now throughout this? When do you start kind of like david and characters it stay with you you, I think I,
over. I mean it for what it was kind of crazy for me was it. I never use my own voice and improve until I moved to new york. I wooten hearken, to like you see, be another kind of learn to like use. My own speaking voice aurelio characterises all the time, and that was like a big turning point for me in terms of like really understanding how I wanted to play and, unlike from that point on, it became easier to have characters that I brought back essentially one eye, but an improvident only one, I repeat the same character like you don't want to, Oh here she goes with that guy. I do like some things that are like I'll pay, a teenage boys, but it's a different time, because european indifferent situation, and so the characters who are not necessarily the they don't, have names and they d, and you don't know one they're going to come up because your improvise yeah, but one one starts to sort of take shape a voice. I guess it starts with. Then added fr in time. You can kind of bill.
Personality around yeah and for me actually, when I really did that was through comedy. Bang bang like that was how I kind of started, having recurring character once you got out here, yeah and like just having the opportunity to do a character that you can bring back, speak in the character voice for like an hour and then bring it back again, and you have like a built history with it, and so so, when did you? Okay, so you're you're kicking around these teams and you're like dude? Were you making money doing improv? No There is no money. No, I was babysitting yeah really yeah. I saw babysitter character. That was funny. Oh yeah. What was that from? Oh, like a video online, it was yeah. It was like a web series that terrible babysitters what happen. So you spend all that time and you get you get polished as an improviser, but what happens after chicago where's the move I moved to new york when I was in a sketch duo with my friend candy lawrence and she's a stand up now, but we moved harsher. Do other she's great so funny she are here, yeah, I'm going to new york together, and we were she in your group. It was just a student
gotcha, so that where'd you meet her. Oh we met doing improv on an all female team called the misfits that was like. How was that? that different and good great? I was really great at that time, especially because it was just like that is a different matter. it'll be with all women. I mean. Usually, I'm the only girl on a team or like one of two, so it's like when you're with a bunch of women, it's very supportive and cool and also like it can get very catty and weird. So you know all the things you might. Back in the and did you play out a male characters? Yeah I mean you know. Everyone kind of turns which is why I mean I do that an improv anyway, like with man but rise, more obvious when you're with, because it fund payment, yeah I think it's great, so you meet this oh candy and you guys are writing sketches and yeah. After that, you're gonna write sketch the abbot. so very loose. We really improvised like most of it. We'd have like beats to it and we d
is that different than like a comedy team kind of vog is not something you can do in a comedy equipment, not necessarily a yeah. So we do a lot of shows like we're. Standups like we'd, be like the one like right. You know stand up thing and then that was like kind of how we started going around we'd do like lincoln lodge like different shows. that right, right right and then we moved to new york and captain nemo, then I started doing you see being gotta go into that, but how? What? What do you mean? So you audition to be like? Why were you just started working over there? No, you have to take the classes like if you've never done, went through classes again yeah, who are your teachers porter, Sin and Kevin Heinz, yes and how many years did you do that for just one year earlier, really wasn't that long ears, like probably six months or something, yeah and then why'd you come to l a. Why did you decide to bail on new york? Why didn't you just become one a fixture? Well want to move to l a my plan was to move to new york for a year, and so I did that I just wanted to go. There cause my cars candy wanted to go, and so it was well while go for a year and then I'll move to l a and
You move out together ago. I moved alone. I was in a long distance relationship and then What happened to that we got married, then we got worse. I found that last we're gonna three and a half years, but that's about it. We got yeah. I've had couple about seven years, where you you're with them for a while and then and then I get married further to my three three and a half years and then got devoid EDA eliza laurance. Once I didn't almost the exact same thing twice. That's so interested in the timeline yeah. Now at the same table, chip at me. Now I felt differently bite, but the timeline sort of was similar, we're just gonna eyes. when you got married, so you'd been with him for like five years seven years we got married for a year and a half so yeah yeah, so
waikiki was at when you got married. Was it one of those things where it was like yeah? I guess we should yeah right yeah, I mean yeah that yeah I mean It still happening now. So it's like, oh weird, I didn't mean to walk into that. I did that. Ah, you are in the middle of a divorce. Yeah, yes Has it got an ugly? Yet actually I think it's about as good as it can go right in terms of they have heard somebody horror stories and people that, like you, are you mediating? No, we wins it all handled in everything, just a matter of like time now, both other official. So there wasn't lawyers and bob We all these were located at our side, then its it. Not only is it amazing, that's the best tat could happen. Yes, I think so. I think we both felt that way. So that's gonna be both wanted out. I think we both felt it was the best I can happen. I know no, I saw a very confusing thing. I kind I you now Y know working through my feelings That's gonna go on awhile cool.
now you're divorced person. I know it so we are- and I didn't want to be, that I don't wanna be than welcome to the club. It's weird thing when it's also like whatever who cares and others like some part of like. I think when you think about that before that happens, to you I want to be that only the person is married forever or whatever I am forever. I do so in a way that, and then you just like, Finally, I am not at all without a video and although I hope this works person yeah, I think that's knife with yeah, maybe it'll work Alice, zack fucking around that's bad to have a mentality. I don't think that's like better and, as I am sure, the whole thing relationships are so difficult amelia like what do you want here? It's How will you I'm thirty?
So you know you got freshly yeah man. Do you still do the babies? You can do it. I know, as I do that if that is not our role in terms of like life plan into society, chap yeah shitty to bear that in work, I mean exactly. We tried yeah right. Yes, ok, you won't babies! Yeah! Ok! you offering you take care of our guy grins. You now there's a yet that's down a good idea. That's all dammit decision arthur and like I guess I could have one, but I don't know how active I'll be bring em. at around would you want? Do you think you're going to have kids in your life? I think I think that ship has sailed. I almost did a while back, Are you know added an yeah yeah because I was not so I guess it's, the but you I didn't, have them probably for reason. I'd any really thought about it was never go right. Do you know me like. I was too selfish, too anxious you're too self involved,
yeah. I didn't really necessarily trust myself emotionally for that shit yeah. You know, I'm glad that I didn't it would have probably been a bad thing. Yeah. I think it's really interesting. When people choose not to have kids name, they purposely know they're not going to, like, I think, that's cool. Ok. I don't know that. I I think I would have been willing. I almost it was very close yeah, but it's still like I don't again like you like, you really gotta want him, and I know everyone thinks that he is just a natural thing that you want em right but like I, I don't think I ever really had that, like my brother had that and he's got three right so like it was never like, we gotta get like his people time their lives around yeah and I really want kids like. I that's something I've thought about my whole life that I can't I've always known. I would have kids, I think you're gonna yeah man. I think I will like within the next three years. I pay organizing a psychic. Psyche frightened? I have an understanding of the biology.
I'm thinking in the next five years, one way or the other we're going to have a kid that is true and that's what's cool. Is that like nowadays, you can do at any? I could do it in so many different ways that it's amazing, you might be doing it now. Surprise said that phil was one of those pillows one of those pillar, don't like it, but even just like being like. Oh, I could have like ivy ever I could adopt, or I could make sure all these different ways that it can go and there's a million ways you can go without having another person involved gap between you and your kid. It's true so nice see moved out here, yeah, when did the snl audition? Have that happen? I want to say two thousand people, left new york. No, no! No out here I ve been here for cleaning So you come out here and you start doing what an agent yeah I got an agent a manager and then I got on a tv show. What kind of earlier it's my oranges. New black no is called, are either chelsea. It was Chelsea handlers, rearmament, NBC yeah. That was
I like her. I have a lot of respect for her she's, a tough cookie It was a great experience. It was as exciting as I like, love sitcoms growing up and like that was then there was the strait of circumventing the ammo like school, like you're on a sound stage, yeah yeah yeah and I've done a few of those since, unlike its it's, the kind of show that, like I really I enjoy acting in it, but I don't. I don't watch multicam, so it's interesting cause. I'm like I love being it's the best way to perform, in my opinion, like it's so fun, the audience and the thing and whatever- and you have jokes jokes, yeah. I think it's fun, but I I imagine it's fun, but isn't it a widow? stifling you create if bitty. So that's like the goal now is I do and as an actor you're just sort of like here's, the shit that's going to come out of your mouth yeah and you're. Like I dunno. If I can say this like, we think you can. Why don't you just
would take for us yeah, and then you can say it how you want to say it right. I mean it's, it's so specific and like meticulous in the way that I mean most, the council done. That's why you like it when I, incidentally, butter sandwich a totally as I beg I when I started when I because my first job it was a kind of an easy transition out of theatre performance, you know you're being a stage in having the rose you with the audience here and then to go on camera elect was a very easy thing in my characters. Pre big and select I've law and over the years a bike how'd. You like me, no home that the low more and be more I toned down like for I am altogether MA's great was perfectly right for me. need broad care like a dumb area is like saying a crazy thing right. I was like that they need it. It's absolutely necessary for the ridiculous. None of the narrative, yeah, hey workers at the door, was totally always open door. It's crazy, olga! Never I never fully noticed it as like. Like it, it's not J, I didn't know it yeah
but like I was watching on datable once and it was in a sort of deconstructed thing. I don't even know why. I even said that not all of them are like that, because that show is kind of different yeah. I dunno, if it's like, I dunno, how much is on purpose or or just yum is really a testament to how stupid viewers, but do you know what I mean? They can literally go from two people and then just sort of move the camera and, like oh, look there in the middle of a conversation and they're coming in in the middle of a converse and you're like this is fucked vaudeville yeah. It's then that's just what it is yeah, I know and and the only thing that makes them work, you want one worked better than the other is if you're, not thinking about that right like the ensemble is so strong and and then the characters may be broad, but they have enough depth to worry, you can get emotionally hatched and not going I that person didn't just really drive a car in the house right totally what is going on ass. It did,
one drove the car and was at a jump the shark moment that, whatever that I shall ever jump shark it of his great tellin, you I love that's the box, I get one yeah yeah. I see him around him last week. He's call yeah everybody's, getting old, it's an interesting thing to to witness he's a little older than me yeah. You know these guys it cause. He still goes up on stage and he has to identify with that right. It must be so weird, like I think, about actually those guys a lot, because there were a few stand. Ups on that show like to be doing something. That's a family programme emanates like actually, so not your humor, no matter what You are right, but even like just as an adult you're like I don't wanna say that argue about this fate cater whenever like they did have, in ten years I mean that was. That was a funny thing about him. Is that like I? Never I don't think I ever watched an episode of full house. I dunno how I miss almost everything. So it's not personal to you like. I literally do not. I miss.
just about everything, and I don't know what I was doing as a child, but I was not watching comedy here and now I just now and stuff, but but I just I missed at all of it yeah He may be three seinfeld, that's it, saying I don't wanna know how but I've seen like bomb in the opposite. I've seen like every show over and over again, I feel, like I re tv, show my whole life. I watched him all this because their comforting to you yeah it is drugs. Are you now have woman that I dated? Would kid watch friends and go more girls What are all this? I feel great friend on all the time now on bs, and it's like feels great It does feel good point and every episode is good and over and over again what other ones like I mean I watched, say bye, bow like now? to all these acts of shows great. I loved, like teenagers when I was younger yapping, like their circle. and I mean I watch sex sexton city, that's like when I watch as an adult that I could pick up at any episode in the grate
about being me, is that, like I can like in almost every show, is new to me, yeah by wait, I have the weirdest experience with the king of queens. I never watch that show I never seen a bunch of it on by no Kevin yeah and then tune in and like these pretty funny in, like like a seinfeld come on, I'm like wow. This is a pretty good show. This is like a week ago, everyone's like we know like how we been talking about forever yeah two decades yeah lira mean he is very funny on that show or what have you say less, which why many remedies yeah, she's, great yeah, she's so funny on that show yeah, it's a silly show, but, like I you know, I am a big fan of his because I keep just one of those. guys it like he can't you like. He has to be funny in every second anywhere and it just from his discount yeah as soon as he's on stage it sort of like he just him. Standing there is funny, and I always envy people that yeah that's interesting.
Why do you know those people? You must schedule or an emperor. I dunno, if you know betsy, said arrow she's an improviser but she's like that, where, like she can kind of just walk out and people already think she's, hilarious, I know where that comes from yes, like she's, just naturally emanating that use money so you come out here. You do the year, so you jump right in your fortunate and talented yeah. It was good I got. I was like coming out to look for an apartment and the auditions timed up, and I auditioned and got our team. So I came back to chicago and got all my shit then came back and was like on a team which was so great.
on eight on a tv show. You see who know that on the team at you see, but I really am I getting on the show but like having the community right away, is so what's so great? What are you? People then? Was hers zol, a team that you wouldn't know really janius collars, eight, our little falling running the poison? No, it was this guy neo campbell we Marianna younger than separated after him right what is theirs before in the alps. I never know, maybe that's right, ear and murders, gwyne right, here's beforehand, ochre, so neil new young man, I think, might still- at the old hunter. There was someone in between. I kept me when I'm frank what yeah by the way, I see you there they meet you there. Then we might we never man until at their Jeff origins, Jeff Tweedie, we
weird sort of situation where, like I was so happy, was a charity event, not just some weird van and he re going into it. I'm like who the fuck just pays, Jeff tweedy know to play in their living room and then it's like. Oh it's for okay, it's for charity yeah. It was great and I was so relieved it wasn't. A spectacular house like I didn't know what I was going to walk right right, you're, not like some like some mansion, because I know Jeff he's he's been great to a great friend and we do business together, but I don't know his life yeah and then I get this invite to a jeff tweedy thing and I'm like holy shit, and I thought we were going to walk in. There's gonna be an infinity pool, but it was just a regular. How know yeah he's so cool yeah he's great yeah. That was super fun. know what to make here the abbe. He said this aid then the personnel projected onto you, which I do immediately without people, is like
Exam likes, she's, already scared of me. It's not a good situation. I've overwhelmed her she's. Did you really think that she's a fragile sprite like this well yeah? That's so interesting! I felt happy to meet you because I was like oh cool I'll talk for like two seconds before I do the same right. It was like, but I wasn't like scared of you. No, no! I made it all up. Mikey easy. I decided she comes from a different type of human well rand. I think I'm interesting about that parties visited there is that I didn't know anyone. Besides scott accra man and then I met a due to. I talked like the one that was at what are ya. I didn't like. No anyone for me and maybe, if you got the energy of like a nervous persons more dislike, I'm like. Oh, I don't know anyone we. Sky net and that's always awkward, even if you've known him for over a decade we cannot describe for being initially awkward and then eventually he starts can
so funny with him, because I I feel like I basically only talked to him on the show like doing characters and shit. So I'm going on tour with them him and pollen, neil and so I'll, be I know them all neal, who Campbell he's he's a bang, bangor yeah he's doing he's opening for us, so I dunno, if he's doing, characters or what he's doing but er you're. Okay, so now you're used to be got a team. You got a community you're in l, a and you're you're with people you're hanging out backstage you're having a beer, yeah yeah. beer is great, and then I got on that show which was great and I can stop babysitting. That was like huge for me to stop babysitting. I had a couple of commercials right before that I did like four commercials and that kind of idyllic, a snickers commercial, Joe Pesci. That was like popular really and then like so these cautiously running along now. Is it working with passion you think he was and he was basically directing the commercially when he wasn't the director right. Unlike he was wearing platforms Is it a little guy anyone from him? No man, nothing, that's what exactly they want. It was nice, he was
finally we don't talk. You know it wasn't. Hang out now in tunisia like crafty it again now. Two totally different forms of humor. There would just be no way to talk. I don't think it'd be possible, so that didn't happen, but that was cool because I think the commercials allowed me to like quit babysitting and then I got the show and that helped and then they asked an audition came while I was on hold waiting to hear if we'd get a second season of Chelsea Chelsea, which didn't happen right, but I didn't is that so I was like auditioning in that window. So how? How did the snl audition happen? I did a showcase at u c b I and there were like it was for people like who are scout river, and then they flew me to new york to do I had another showcase that lorn would be. It was at the pit theatre in new york and when I leave that place well,
and then I then they flew me again. I did on the stage at thirty rock or never so so the peers, weird it's like a big stage in theirs. There's like proceeding around it, but it always focal dirty and beat up in there. Actually, this was a newer spoke. It had an old space. This was different, and but it was very like the audience went up very high right only like right and I could see him. I looked through like a peep hole in the curtain whenever I could see him in the audience here, and it's crazy cause. I was so excited that he was actually there or he just kind of felt like. Is he really even going to come ridicule yeah? So what what character did you do? They are all things that I haven't really done since there was like I did like gum- well. Actually one of them is in my special, so one of them has last of the old eminent and you can see it. It's a stripper who strips till the saddest song ever and so am I I strip
to fast car by tracy chapman. I would hump an audience member during the chorus with dead eyes and then so in the special it's brick by Ben folds, five cars. We couldn't get fast car, so a little cheaper yeah. I guess it was Tracy. Chapman, apparently doesn't let her songs be used for anything. So it was like not even about money, it was more just like she just said no, and then he got thought was cool. I dunno if he has any idea what it is. People have been tweeting at both of us about it and I'm like very curious if he has seen it because it's such songs like excited to hoping that he's seen it. Yes, we fine and then I did like a couple of things. I think they all kind of together at this point like I think ahead, it's like a woman who alike couldn't stop crying. She was like talking to a guy that she was like trying to hit homage to her crying and then like a woman who is like looking for her date, but everyone was not her date like so she just got embarrassed over and over and kept trying to like play it off. It's fun so then I baby getting left your own way because we had a looser awesome, but that one, Lauren being there was that there was a full audience so, like you actually got real laughs and like it wasn't just like you,
kids show him that it is funny whether you know right and then I can't believe you didn't get it well and then I went and did it again and basically had to do a couple of different things had to do some impressions, which I don't really do, but I kind of which I wanna Maggie smith head up, one of them. Colleges from hoarders new kind of the head, and then I got a couple of the bedside and before again and yeah I mean it was so exciting. I mean I was so happy to be able. Was it hard in the studio I didn't think I did as great as I could have done. I think I was really nervous Did you meet worn? No, you need to get to meet our. What what would have been more? I don't know I mean it was it wasn't. I eye like fire. About it. You know I didn't like leaving like I suck, but I just was like I don't know, and then with such a where time for me, because I was kind of I had done a sick com and I hoping we get a second december didn't seem like I was gonna happen, but because of the hold like
Wait till that any way and they like the I that I am not saying the hold, is why I didn't get it. I didn't get it cause like they didn't want me to have it by like. At the same time, it was like there was this weird thing I was like, but I might still get this other thing, which would be like way better for me. Actually, in terms of light, money area manner. I life when I brought it better than us in oh yeah yeah I mean like succumbs payment ourselves can live in los angeles and keep my life going. How I kind of thought it was gonna go like I do. I wanted us now my whole life's, like. I think my ego would really want to get it in arousing chiquita. season even sure, do whatever you want, but it's like the idea of getting. It is more important after you, one of your whole life than like doing it's like I feel are for me. I was kind of I had to realize because I was letting go of like a dream that I always had, and so it was really hard to kind of go like do it, Yes, myself, to even want it if they gave it to me what I really I do, of course I would do it, but what I really want to it. So we, I'd like that.
I saw was like a like when you do us now than you leave us money. I do a sick com, but, like I did everything right you know you may say I've got to do that thing. That's interesting thing! No! That's a very mature thing to sort of acknowledged that you spend your home, if moving towards this thing and then and then like for different reasons, because you've had some experience, you realize why guam, maybe it's not the best thing? Well, you know I hear about people. First of all, like I still have the dream of like hosting it like it is allowed to like do something different. I that'd be amazing, but you, when you hear, people talk about all the things I read out. I knew it. I knew it was like it's one of the hardest, most stressful jobs ever you like. Don't sleep you're up all night in these sketches earlier. It's like it sounds like something that would break me. So many raising it's like I don't know, that's actually I got kind of customs and my little like multi cam lifestyle of like it's broken people before you, and I mean you know it's that scary to think of like pint of kind of
we have this dream and then having it not be what you wanted to be a teacher. In their words, there is probably a seventy or eighty percent chow. and set use. You saved your talent yeah I mean I don't know it's you never know what it is, because you like you, the the heartbreak possible. Oh yeah, being benched oh you know, and that's that's so. Sadly I mean I seen so many people that I think are incredible. Get that show a knock at the opportunity to do a bunch of characters that you know they can do another so funny, and it's just so crazy to watch. That happened, a seminar for someone who I know to be him, like an amazing town to be like, oh so soon after being honoured just like that is mainly sends everyone's funnier than any of these people are not like. I don't know them but like that is a great person don't even get the opportunity and you get what you have to jump through, so many hopes to get it. That way, you have proven yourself to. Everyone- has proven themselves to be very funny by getting on the show right, but then like gated, they don't let you show it
There's something out there like this. It's all it's it's a mystery in I've talked to learn about it. You know just like the decisions are not based on. You know what you would think they would necessarily be based array, and it doesn't he have there. It really comes to some choices by a few people right for the benefit of what they, is whatever you not diminish the nature show business. So ok, see you come back after that, and you No, no second season chelsea. When one anyhow doing bang bang at the beginning, starting bang. Bang like three years ago, or so I wasn't that long. Well right. It was like a year after that and how did that come to happen? Scott, I perform an ass cat at Eusebio. He came and did monologues there, and then he asked me to be on the podcast or ever and that's where we kind of took off right yeah, but I didn't know anything about it at the time and I didn't really know what I was supposed to do. So it kind of was lucky that it that it,
the freedom of audio enables you to maintain an illusion, a lot longer than you would on stage yeah and you can even live in a character. A lot longer I mean cause what's so fun about it. Is that you can like create the way your physical, like the character's physicality as an engine to do any of it? You can just talk about how what you look like and what you're doing fun and it's fun and then you were in then you made your podcast yeah, and so that was like the device or that's pretty clever yeah, the the premise or whatever, whatever you call it is like the guest is the house and I'm the guest and character, so they, the the my whoever I have come on the show, will decide what the show is. They don't tell me anything in advance. What determines the after that you do. They decide it, so they make up what my care doesn't mean. They dont tell me until we start recording a heart is kind of like give me a name and label me and whatever hijjus. We just talk for like an hour and you ve done its use, like I see your name associated with with the p s yeah. We are. We do a lot of stuff together me like through coming. They may in my podcast a harder we
the pod he a great improviser. He is he so far. I think he's so awesome unease. Somebody who I like had seen tv, like, I remember, seeing like a special is like a million years ago, an almighty. raw drinking? I don't? I don't remember what it because I want to thank all the coming special or company central national. Just watch television, o nonstop side seem like every thus all my I remember ham and unlike meeting him, a so called, unlike he's so funny in nice and warm, how did the oranges, the new black happen that we just like a regular audition. I like self taped at home and scented, they were casting in new york and I got an audition to audition liquid, like two seasons. I did two seasons yeah to be like a correction officer to that would like never have like. I was just the first, the first relatively serious, acting thing. You did ye I think so, and it was so interesting because there were no like netflix shows at times like I thought it was like a wire theory
What is this like it, but I want to work so whatever I'll go do it over and then you find out that it's like so awesome, but even just like that kind of figure out the tone of as I was shooting. It was interesting because it's not you know, I think I m sure you know every year that kind of awful between like putting themselves in the drama comedy category run award, shows So it's like, they really is like one of those shows where you dont know What did it and I my character? I be doing some in thy. That was a very serious debate that was so funny and, like other, not just on anything like I don't know what's going on, but it was really not commit. Yeah committed I think of me, just trying to be a correctional officer, is funny cause, it's like sure, together, tight, no fucking right right, I'm not tough at all An end. This sad, the the m, the jurassic hark role that everybody talks about his money, I thing think I mean jurassic worldwide is huge. I mean to be able to be in. That was right, but the fact
that, you were improvising with J gray, yeah yeah like that made the cut yeah yeah that was like it was kind of we shot up. ways, because you were sort of in the movie for comic relief, right, yeah, we're kind of those people like hold onto your butts people or whatever thank like and his character is more of the comic relief even than mine, but I, by the end, like we were supposed to kiss in the script like that was the whole thing and then ah bryce dallas howard and Chris Pratt's characters, kissed kind of like that was like improvised as well like their castle, like that kind of made our kits not funny anymore, like they're supposed to be like kind of funny that these two reserves were cancelled in and as like. Well, that's not really that good. So then we shot it that way and then we shot it which What thought was good, like, I still thought, it'd be cool if, like cause, you never see the underdog characters. Get that moment like the kind of hero moment, but and then we shot at it with like kind of the improv of me tearing him down, and that was really fun and obviously way, funnier so way better and who directed. That
talent own so like in end. Like eight, it seems like a rare thing that you improvise much as you did on that budget of a moment, and then they have it happen. astounding, while he so quick as a kind of has like an indy background, and he had done like a few indie movies before this. This is a big thing for him, but he let us play like it was, Indeed, it was just like with every We improvise, like small, talk before, like everything that you see I didn't make it in. That is like who allows you to do that when I had shooting this huge where they were. The important thing is like all of the dinosaurs, unlike bryce, coming into being freaked out around like that are obviously ryan right. Yeah. That's. Wait. Yes, I lucked out yeah, it was. It was people. Remember that yeah well, because that boyfriend MIKE I have a boyfriend like that was like. It is a big enough moment that people remember it. That's cool yeah good for you, being down so proud. And now you like me, scan I'd, never not like you and we're on animals,
yeah on h, b, which people seem to like. I love doing that showed your funding. I didn't know what it was, because the duplex mark colonies like yeah, you're, good, The thing that I'm like okay, so I get a house same so you just go to this house will look like four guys are living there, get any record this things like this, really in someone's bedroom and yet one two guys making fell. I don't even know it was a dupe lasting until like later library. I just got for me. like all they'll, you can like do this voice everything my colleague I cool our work like I like right like to do that, so that, in the fact that it may turn into like something so cool and they're just so towns like them? The way that they animated is so awesome in school getting to improvise with the ass great, a higher and I'm ok. So what so? What people can see where I think we talked about everything the people see you in yeah we're gonna be on a new show on hbo called crashing. That's pete home show our athletes are different com. Hey. I play his wife, who leaves herman for the minister,
no, it's not it's for like a hippie dude. He afterwards, story! Yeah, I didn't know there was a minister. I knew it was based on his real real life, but I know she left him for a minute. I think so there are those interesting yeah. That's awesome, and be shot that already we shot the pilot and not always aim opposite. It's so fungi appetite directed, and that was like a dream of mind to work with him. So the nice guy? He was so nice lets you do what you do. We know. I think he was so cause that he, like he's somebody who so interested in comedy, like no matter he's, had all this amazing successes up when he still wants to know about all the others have been listened to. My pod catholic added value. Listen to that, like blows my mind like I'd just was like that was those so nice yeah. Oh, he very well he's a producer yeah? Or do we want to be on the pulse but, like I just feel like something people can get away with not doing like that? It's like, oh, if you he just seems like a real comedy family. He wants to know you make big movies.
but I know it might sound so obvious, but, like I just feel like that's not true of so many people. Think that way, I think your assumption is that these people live in a different world and they're not as accessible as he is. Yes, where does he get the time like yeah, like he's gonna wanna, listen to my dumb thing like that cool, like a person he's not doing stand up again, it's crazy yeah shouldn't you be running the entire comedy industry in hollywood right I got to see em at carnegie hall near shooting the pilot, and he was so great and the what I thought so awesome is that he incorporates so much of his real life and stand up like tugging, famous and without people, I think people dont really touch on that one year, comedian, you ve gotten fame. Right? You don't mention that right, but it is a we're going to be a stand up and then he stopped before he got very good or Get it, and now he's like started back up again, yeah and he's just. It is kind of interesting that he's just taught he he has to, because no one knows that yeah I mean like the like, as if he's not like, he's really got to show his chops stand up because people are like
japanese apatow. Not stand up ray, he makes movies right They don't know the history of our yeah. Well, I'm happy that you know the things now for you and your branched out from peanut butter sandwich in that. your divorce. Wasn't so awful we're gonna go on to earn that you're doing funny things you seem like a decent person thanks. I say the same about anything You seem cool, oh yeah, yeah yeah, did our I, like you, yeah. That's all this was about if there was note in my email to judge you at the ends, yeah really be sure not to let him off to ease what the other question I was wondering like when you do improve when he improvise. What have you ever been sort of like when you think of their stripper with the dead eyes, dancing too sad tongs. I mean that that whole conceded very funny painful and weird rides align, but like the difference between doing
character. That is supposedly has an emotional depth like you know I could do between these people. That would do character. Driven shows that were heavy yeah verses comedic. Have you we've been sort of you know, challenged to yo, explore the depth of these. You know sort of comedic characters. Why do you think that, like most of my characters are really sad inside their wounded, people write a whole write. Another that's why I'm like attracted to right- and I think, what's so great about what is backstory impulsive, or do you know it or what do you mean like a cat? victor. Why do you have it like? A sense like an actor, would have a certain type of actor like where they come from well yeah. I mean it. I think I don't like the consciously think about that right, I see it. One you're doing to really intensely and specifically, you know everything they would say to anything that comes at them. So that's kind of what that is to me, like just the automatic. What this person would say to that is like tells them
story of where they can, but like your guy, if I were to ask like that pizza lady, like you, know, though character, the legs pizza obey a big sue exit, like if I were to ask her, God was your relationship with her father. Like is not good. I'm such a long time now, good idea. do you not know his name, I call on jerry but this is our response, It's like you didn't use now right. So it's instinctual, yeah yeah and you, you know any sort, a yeah, then yeah, I some improvising- and you know you have to draw from your own experience. People and yeah the tone of that personality, because you kind of know them right right. Well, I think, and with improv like when you walk on stage with a scene partner, you're, getting everything the way they look at you. I mean it's like you know it's a little bit of a happy dippy. When sure, but, like I don't due to explain a vanguard. Oh he's thinking of some kind of sad or he's like this, or that until you kind of like immediately make judgements about the person so that you can
the scene along rise, I think, when you're doing character work, it's like you have to just aside those things immediately: Erlich you're wasting one time right. You have to know it yeah yeah, and that just comes from experience. Yet I mean I've been doing and perhaps along now that it's like you that is it become it is experiencing. When people when you're, starting with I think my carriages were very shallow and I was starting right, but it's just because I'm like just trying to say something like I'm just gonna talk and right relief on airbus, yeah and then at a certain when you get past the heck, as they are the ones I seen the three or four the out, they are mediately sort of have adapt the new identity by their there. Their sadness immediately. Do you know Daniel Klaus you know the cartoon. Oh, no, I dunno ba epimetheus lie like a ghost world. We asked on his comic alcohol, I interviewed him about the characters and he said that how he usually find these character. Is that your look at people and ill somebody face and in if it
interesting to him like a what you know, what could that face? What is the wife of that? They act like you know what you feel in that moment when you just you kind of walk into somebody on the street yeah. That seems to have something yeah, usually a sadness or whatever, and he would base characters on that first sort of taking in of somebody yeah interesting yeah, and now I'm like looking at people's faces and the ones that really are heavy or like you seem to have liking. It's like how does that fit in the world and then that's where he goes with the story, and I have to use whatever feelings he gets from that person's being in that, like maybe even a fight second interaction. Yeah, and I imagine improves like that. You and I think I do inspired by people that I see like a lot of the things you'll see in my special or whatever, are like based on real people. That matter seem like it's fun to to. I mean like I just am really excited when I someone who's like weird, and I were you. I do acknowledge shannon yeah she's like she's. Really,
yeah she's She'S- has a jug new wants to her face like she's in her eyes tell a story and she very sensitive to sadness. Yeah I don't even have a pain. I should like the amphitheatre yeah. Who else do you any such areas like my favorite marathon yeah? She so good. Brady's amazing girl likes, being from another realm once she like, I am fascinated by their family, like I read a lot of David Sedaris stuff and, like I love when he talks about her or his other sibling, he's been in oh really! Oh, I didn't know that. Oh that's, cool Allison is very he's. He was very nice to me. Yeah he's very interesting. Yeah he's, you know, he's very funny guy? Oh my god, I love him I'll, download ongoing I'm
then we have scott set you up with the howl fm. Like look, I have that I have to publicize that all the time I pod or you know, yeah the the scenario yeah and that's great all he has to juicing them, as I did listen to that one. So her life- oh, my gosh- I was blown away by that- and jenny slate's. I also really loved her episode. ass, an artist or islet cross harper than it was. Then I talked to mikhail awakens yeah, who, like gnp why that was who replaced her over these two wows over her. That's until it from experience, hacking and pretended to out of nowhere, probably because it was kind of midseason. Only right. Well, you know michaelis said there's a feeling were you know who we Finns dating now. Can you re right ryan yet who, at any rate, I must feel it was pretty intense, that's com did the on any that computing gas,
yeah, see that's that's a frightening idea, sure yeah and, like I love any polar. Obviously that's somebody who, I think is amazing, she's, just so fascinated with the city or this an heiress family. I guess I, unlike the way that they tell a story like I mean he of course, obviously he's an amazing writer and he's he makes everything so funny about her and though They also interesting to have these kind of different artists come out of the same family and the way that they explicitly and then there's two other siblings. You knows now hear about it now you hear about them, but they're, not let our some like it's like gretchen, like I just like no name, but I don't know. I think you know that other guy, that what's isn't it rooster, whatever the hell. I don't remember much about the brother, the southern one, the one that I am I don't feel like. I retain much emily looking for Amy's name and a red rise, even know the other brothers very funny character, all right. Well, listen to that on the road, I'm sure Scott would be thrilled to listen to that in the car. I'm sure I think he likes more than to have marked marum podcast pumpkin. At all times I wouldn't
can share headphone splinter with. What does lesson to you? Not to put it right in the car, our paul to polly, I don't even yellow opponents got, would just what they would jump at the opportunity to listen to his many deputy, oh yeah. That's it. I'm gonna make it happen at least an army and listen to our own episodes of company. Bang. Bang. That recent erika I wear fun thanks thanks for talk in vienna. as war and laugh kiss she's a very well adjusted comedic entertainer and you know that sometimes submerge indeed the character and death. So little disconcerting and a good way of wmd ipod, dotcom, so ass, to or from my tour dates go to deputy pod dot com swash march for the march, oh, do do whatever you gotta do right.
Man, I feel good, that's not a question,
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