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Episode 733 - Werner Herzog / Godfrey

2016-08-15 | 🔗
Werner Herzog is one of the only people who could make a great movie from inside Marc's garage. With a new documentary about the internet on his mind, the legendary filmmaker talks with Marc about the achievements and follies of humanity. You know, light stuff. Also, Godfrey stops by again so he and Marc can trade insults under the guise of promoting his new special.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the blogger is, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers? What's the fucker weakens? What the fuck turkey and what the fuck annoyed. Without one came from what happening. I mark this is my show. Welcome to the show stubby t F, it's a pod cast Welcome new people, as I see it here at the beginning of this, I hope you're doing all right. Today on the show, a chat with the can have a slightly contentious but fun ball. Busting chat with mild, buddy Godfrey Godfrey, as a a showtime special that is now available on demand at showtime his his special. It's called regular black sancho time, but you can watch it of course, any time
oh time on demand later in the show verna herzog, they film director humanity, director, writer, actor, but A force of nature will be on the show for a bit more going to talk about. His new film is new documentary, which was I found to be frightening, but also very life embracing, but I tending towards a frightening his called lo and behold, reveries of the connected world, it's in theatres and on demand this friday august nineteenth. I was great to talk to him. It was a was nervous because he is a very specific and defined presence and an astoundingly prolific artist, and I joint having them here in the garage- and hopefully you
enjoy our conversation also tickets going fast and am happy to say that, as I was always there about how things will go, but the carnegie hall, pre sale went very well and now tickets are on sale in a larger way. I dont know what that means more outlets. Promotion, so Congratulations to those who got tickets for my november. Fourth show at carnegie hall in new york city during pre sale, cost a lot of those seats, one very quickly and now they're open to the general public in a broader way there, on sale full on. So you got in and why comedy festival, dotcom and why comedy festival dotcom, find my little mug my little face. Click on it and get tickets to mine amber. Fourth, carnegie hall shown very excited about it. My buddy nape our gets. He is getting you are the opening slot, I'm thrilled, but there's pardon me the things, maybe that
be it may. That should be the last thing carnegie hall and then, like I'm good, going to live island off the coast. Of seattle. Now in a small house with several cats who are fraid of coyotes bad, another wolves up there anyway, carnegie all tickets on sale and why comedy festival, dot com, so a couple of things: reading this book and I dont lock in the books that off in a way that I'm like holy shit. This is the best book. I've read in a long term. Send nonfiction book had been sitting around in a books. I had for a long time, I get a lot of shit. Folks, people sent me a lot of stuff publisher semi stuff, so like a radio station, almost I just get tonnes is sti to get an office to process stuff and a lot stuff moves through I just have moved on some books. I'd die, don't they the library some records I used to harder for other records, but this book it just sat there and a mic. That book is something something in that book. I didn't know what was in it
by held onto it, it's gone dream land, the true tale of america's opiate epidemic by guy named SAM quinones, I dunno know some things, namely and pronouncing it like that q. You, I Oh and yes, you known, as I'm going to say, I dont know how we pronounces it ip guys if that's wrong sam by I to try to talk to sam. But this is this book. it do. You did you eat nation, fast nation, fascination about the fast food industry, was an astoundingly compelling journalistic endeavour that changed. My life change you, I thought about a lot of things. This book dreamland it does the same thing except for black tar, heroin and oxy code on it. It is a move through several different, dumb trajectories and story lines to sort of give you a historical point
active of the painkiller epidemic that in turn led to the black, our heroine epidemic, all the way down to geographical locations, economic realities, pharmaceutical posturing me information, but it really goes all the way back and all the way through the the pain management, racket that my father was involved with for a time and yo and into the mexican. heroin blacked our heroine racket, which had in it a very unique and distinct business structure, That was essentially nonviolent. This is it what's amazing that this book in a lot of ways, aside from everything historically and we is that this is a story of a massive national drug industry, black at your black tar heroin, a
we go drug industry that has very little violence, and that should be compelling. It is the great book hopefully we going to find sam and talk to him. I believe you have down the street well my mind, pick it up dreamland by sam can owners. I hope I hope, your job, SAM. If you listening, you know You know I have blaster, I bravado. I have a certain amount of cockiness I do I do I, but I am not a fist fighter Are they puncher? I'm not a punch ii it's surprising that I have not been a punchy. I would think that my mice, myself, seems a you know, a guy that would you would get his ass kicked a couple of times. So my girlfriend sarah painter lives not far from me, and she was having some problems with the neighbor who
did the the house next to hers. From a woman who owns the house, it is a couple young couple who had a couple of dogs and these days started, shooting down in the yard and now the way my girlfriends houses set up that that the backyard of that house next to hers is right in basically in front of where her china's, so these dogs are just shitting and sharing and shitting, and this guy who eyes do you have not cleaning up the shit so there's this waft of horrendous shit smell dog shit smell coming in her fucking house, every goddamn, in building. So their starts attention like launch clean, after your fuckin doggies any says he well and he doesn't and then she stages oh shit, dude. Now I'm talkin hymns ike up the dog shit. Then there was an issue: this guy parking his car in front of Sarah driveway, because he can't find other spaces on the street and he feels like he deserves support. In front of the house. He's ready, I don't know where he comes from, or what is situation is and has always in their yoga shouting about
this, in that it is the ode to his girlfriend. Agent is just one. Those escalating neighbour situations, words don't find a parking space in in front. Your house welcomed, big city fella, take a loop loop round find another place grow. The fuck up clean up after your pig dogs gets back story hearing about it. You know so I I've offered, I say: look let's go over there and just talk to him. Try to reason with this dude about growing the fuck up and learning that you know. Sometimes you don't get the parking space you want. If you have two big fucking dogs, you gotta clean up their dog shit that. so, I get call yesterday from sir and she's. I come Can you come over now? Please, can you just come over its? I need you indenture young up by guy could hear him yeah hammering- and I didn't know so like I am- picked up, but I'm not I'm not think down, and a kid
this guy's ass, but I'm a little worked up and I drive over five minutes away and I drive- and I see him he stands out there in a short, would know shirt on a little guy with his we'll see. ways hair cut, know you're half a beard. You have no certain sandals and he's now Sarah stand there and I just fuckin pull up and I do that thing where you just swam on the breaks in the middle of the street pop open the door step out now go what is the problem? What's the problem here, and this guy immediately start back peddling. There's no problem. Why do we need to call the cops? Do the cops need to be involved in this problem and she's like? this he's parked in the in the driveway. I was MK. I was going to move it. I was going to move it and I was going to leave it to you and I just came unravelled and I wasn't gonna fuckin here guy was like I right away said we could call the cops and work this out. Why? Just? What is the issue and he's like? Well, I'm sorry, you know, just as I was going to move like, and then it gets to the point where I I think he's going to cry and I'm like, oh my god and like I'm not
they ve? Never, once you my mind tat, I think I was gonna, hit him or have a physical altercation is wanted him to understand that behave the ways behaving and he just its spinning and it looks like you can get a good you gettin, choked up and then I was so like our I did just relax. We just take it easy are eaten. When I got the car and I found him, a parking space and drove off knows what the fuck like it like. I Not only did I not have any violent intentions but, like I didn't want to have to deal with the guy sobbing software We like they started. He started screaming laughter. I left in the house like there. There are unenlightened people who solves the problem with fighting their animals. Unlike Caserta Well, when he sees who you are he's gonna he's gonna feel pretty embarrassed, but how do we did that guy not know who I was, which is an unusual. He thought unenlightened animals who who only knew how to solve things with fighting how good you miss
me for a tough guy driving up in my camry hybrid, getting of my car wearing my egg ii in the stooges T shirt my glasses, there most unenlightened animals. That's me, that's me just a just a a monster neanderthal in a camera I bread. With my redwing boots on that animal, complete fucking computer, just a low life monster. I wanted to. I wanted sir, and I dare to put both of our books on his front porch as a gift. From the unenlightened, by the end we decide against it. I just I just hope that guy grows It's a little bit. That was my only intention. So now we come to godfrey. not, and I go way back. I enjoy em, where it's always funny. I eat one. These people that I like to bust his balls. He receives it well and he needs it. He needs it badly, so
This is being godfrey. Doing what me in godfrey. Do you can watch his new special regular black on show time its airing here and there, but you can watch at any time on showtime demand. So let's go. Let's do what's new of me in godfrey. Do You're, gonna fuck! You might like a professionals wanted stand there. Like an idiot We will have you want to handle it. First of all, when set up the obama shit, and I was in your list its right after mind you, I was getting mad heat. I any it's right streets! People like I heard you on marin, one of the best interviews, I've ever fuck, her, I'm no evil.
No, that's right! You are right before obama, yet I say you need some more black people on this bridge and I couldn't tell you I can tell you we don't know- and I know you're not what I say more but as I said, but why does it have to be the super super super super famous ones. The medium once yeah medium, all, eighty, a mere medium black me, I am famous. That's me: Qaeda medium yeah, yeah yeah, I'm all I need is that one thing that'll that'll, take it to the next level. It's funny. I forgot like you, because what we read, I would write it up and then you're episode, that's what it why you have so got so much fuckin hits. because a everyone you never even heard of the park ass before they later it was if obama like what's another one. What's this one before obama, it all retract, like Have you ever huge? You see. because of obama thank obama. They go fuck that it's all right.
I could do him agony glad, I'm here, yeah, that's brayley s, nice, it I heard it. You need more black people end up, it's good, yet get ready, go right up, you like it, you re out. I wouldn't Do it impersonation affront to you. Why? Because you just make their face now I don't know I guess. I guess day a guy here, yeah, that's a good one that you gave me be impolite perhaps now, I'm not gonna. Let that acknowledge. You ve done something in front of me good for you. That work it out for you,
I know what that's like walking into an audition room and there's a dude on a series already actually- and he actually like comes in for that to me- and he goes hey good luck, guys mock young as he's walking out, but everyone's laughing and padma yeah yeah yeah I'll fuck you as a witness to one black part, every black dude scenario, young fellows, keep it up met forgot to hear what you hear you guys. I want my guy on television that one black guide you guys all know, em back the only one audition near that I dont faked the fog man. When a certain guy walks and got come on yeah because he's very vague, Don't know you got two shows already. Why are you here why everyone else goes? Our subdue wasn't was good and how you ve been. Unlike this, never
it sucks right now: yeah yeah, nothing's, fucking, good and yeah. Are you here? Why are you taking all the work while you take? It all got their wildly yeah. You know what black actors, actually say why are you take it all work as an ally yeah, I ll actually say reduce gas agent yeah. How splendid around spreading take a break? Hey man have up. at the buddy? I got this whole thing. Steve harvey host everything the abbe He really you write us. He knows everything. I know it's though, like you watch him in, like you know, you decide you you're, not gonna gay, either Steve harvey. You know easy. Just sort of this thing that it's like it like the tv being on thursday, Are these involve I guess. I don't even know what they should always be talking to a kid. My boy I enjoy this, it's called big shots. Yeah lot little big shot I was so. I will actually watch you a minute that those, why aren't link leadership? But I watch you without sound. It must have been on a plane, assumption
and I was watching him listen to kids. You listen, listen and cause I'm I talk to people like you would be very easy to study easy thing not to sit there and act interested in a fuckin kid little fuckers. but he was like with any news like you know the kid felt comfortable size. You may kid record: all those people feel comfortable astro and then he was really in his spots and I was watching all without sound this kid most diminish some sort of will. Asian, kid there, a piano, wizard, that's so redundant to me we're done in other asian kids that can play piano fuck that like, if you see her, they should have a black little kid doing. Math had an asian kid tap dance at ten am impressed, Oh fuck, it don't challenge the a's heads raising kids doing concertos. That's all they would do that shit in the eighties. The way a few of their many are there. What there's a billion know, I know of them that can play piano, okay out of the billion, at least at least one hundred million,
a hundred million and I got an ally and immediately on birth, or do they have them play concertos, but an asian kipling concerto is boring a black plank. Churchill more interesting. Yet not as in all that we know what can share tools are family black eyes. Even really tap dance emerges that one guy well out. We had our dishes were killed. Don't you metaphorically, poems are never stop right. And I like that that is a view that other accounts, he'll duration. So what are you doing out here? Ok, I had a gap. I had a gap and I said to my girl said Joe. I think I should go to allay an eye air be indeed for the first time really. I never did that where the word they put, you ah well aired use it yeah. I I blame on beverly the eye well coyote, oh yeah, it's in it's this painter dude he innocent little room. It has a bathtub shower whatever. Whenever I have my
able whatever india and I have this old school. Ninety twenties bed, like one single bed than you could pop up. Another bad old school show that trundle bed the trundle bear dassault. It's it's cool is clean. I paid like for like ten days, seven hundred some wow awesome yeah. You know what I mean refrigerator and stove, but now you're in though you can be air bnb and hour from tire b and b in my fucking ass off and it's not, he doesn't live there. He lives next door, but He has ha. He has allowed artist friends, so many people do that they just that they buy houses. To do that. do I get the shit cause these hotels try to fuck you mad like how much for dick cook it. If you want, you see, that's when you let this, let you know that I haven't made it made it yet, a fucking araby being being You have to tell me that call me that's all: I come here to get bogged down.
Now. Let me show you where you see where it out in his There is no way out on the street. I can tell by the emails with the two. I did say that as I do thanks a lot with exclamation important, but can I can I come back on yeah? I have no problem begging. I don't give a shit but wait. So what what so you just hanging out know? I have a bunch of meetings, yeah, a bunch of meetings and, of course, doing a laugh factory and you know the improv and the comedy store, but I I to come out cause I needed to face a further me. A face face based my agents, probable obama and I said I need to call marin and I want to come back to this. I didn't know you didn't do repeats. We do the shore ones, which is
I didn't know, though, but there's only certain guys that I get. You know that I have a thing where we can talk. You mean you're, good, funny, girl, Yana people have when we talk. You act like. I ask you to be at a comedy team but don't feel like, You guys you got a good together down, so glad, I'm doing ok because levies We share the idea. You guys ever think no, no, not help our Debbie does guys will have in each other heard each other's kneeling. That's what, I get why you're such a loader. You don't even hang out with your own people, but that's the thing it's like when people like you don't have any boyfriends. I don't have any friends
one dude I go. You know you're the only person that can say I don't see. Color yeah cause they're not over here, and they have no one's that white black. I don't see cohen, he's not bullshit to you yeah yup, but I'm saying this mark. Yes, I don't give a shit, I'm putting my bit. If that's how you I see all these dudes going on other people's podcasts, because they gotta do that. you're you're too? Do you actually let me come over. You ll, hang out you talk you like, me on your shit, yeah and everyone gets that. I'll, get that yeah yeah the mean gimme a break. I'm giving everyone has to come from this, so fucking be. If I have to fly out too play just to do your shit. I would do that shit, our air bnb for two days to do meredith. I don't fuck around if it's like once a month wherever
I put my debit azure, newbie and friend. I've changed lay about black anymore diagnosed. Now, nubian fuck Why would I tell you? Why was the katrina doll again caicinus capelli capelli a but less new hope I owe you. I want to know what about will be enough. Why are you are you knew be afraid of me? Tell you why businesses I get sore lighting, it's it's almost space a yet. It is why not hi tech, workin era is the new hook. Nuke listened dies real right, like you, naughty put the bids up it when it was first, it was colored me rose colored, the average american fuck a newbie. Let me tell you why? Ok, because I understand why you ll see black people who are half black, whatever felt dealt they'll talk about everything but be in black, even though they look it they'll go! I'm swedish rhyme, irish right, I'm and you're. Looking at him like, ok, you skip and we ask you in your skill and we used, but they go then I'll say black. But if you look at fanatically
irish sounds amazing. Like I'm, irish, swedish, danish, that's a sweet words black fox it all up fanatical black. It's just that horrible worrier yeah, I kind of like one of us, was going back to around it exactly and check Are there there's like very gown rough? That's why I see that's what I'm saying that with pissing me off no way. I do black, it's fuckin horrible wonder people deny it black, it's a color, you put on a career black. If look look at what I look like when I say, but black, like I vomiting black, the black, you and spitten say blacks, lack of black black black now watch me do white white. I smiled and, as I say, white, you know what I keep it there I'm I'm white, I white it. You smiling what you're using your smiling muscles ranks forty. Why back
we see he's the. Are you look the black black black, I never thought of its almost derogatory blue. I could go on with nubian, but what am I african america? I don't mind africa, I'm really african, so I say I say nigerian specifically, so it adds some exotic shit to as I go, I'm nigerian cause specific on congolese I'm ethiopian congolese. I, like that also amazing, but listen heavy place a heavy place here, like nubia in phuket, so african americans from america don't deny their shit. They'll go watch this, I'm I'm irish, I'm swedish
I am newbie at all: nubian, okay, yeah, my dad's nubian is part dubious yeah, fucking, amazing, I'm changing the language. What what's holding you back? We mean, what's holding me back, I dunno shitty managers, I don't fucking know my agents are great. Like I said, innovative is the shit. What what would you do? A comedy central they? Ah, I just got weirded out. Oh really, no commies. I had a meeting and I was supposed to meet with a protect the guy who didn't come to the to the meeting or that's the worst, where you have it like, that's the guy who supposedly was on there and I'm still going to try and meet him. I am like bullshit or mike he's a good dude. You know what I mean yeah, I just I just sometimes stand up wise on where I need to be, but when it sometimes when it comes to pitching, should I get it secures fuck really? I just don't think I go on like this shit. Really I'd get we, it out man, I'm not gonna. That's what's holding me back as I have a lot of good ideas by get afraid to flesh out.
where's! I here's the trick that was asked whether they have no idea what they're gonna like one where the they have a lot of open spots in their day and their like what bring a funny guy and that's the way I did he's right. It's ok, yeah! That's why they're they're they're taking the meeting, otherwise their basic needs, a cry for help level, you think it's a cry for help. Get network television getting me used what I did, but they're viewers don't even know how to though I we don't know where he was watching anything it's going away. It's kind of cool, it's yours, we re getting me. You want here or the power out of their hairs. Your confidence like our guarantee people watch your network with this all there it is well. I am. I have to admit, though I am better at my meetings because, I'm by more straight to the point, a more honest, not in a bad way on a but I'm just more to the point, and I caught a know what I want my kind of asked in the car
more dinsmore and I'm a little smarter from he added just like an old whore, yell prostitute. Then I'm trying, as you know, when you talk to the young hose you like, is listen baby. All you gotta do go in a giddy. I said dick and get out and maybe I'm telling you if you don't want to waste too much time. You gave me the money, I'm like. Oh I'm, an old prostitute from me or zed, so yeah, but I don't want to be a would've could've, should've manic and looked at like freaks me out a little bit. I don't think you are, since when do you ve tried to do everything you want? you know I like how your may, whether it be right now you didn't jab it out of my pocket. Got me, you got me you don't! knock out pledges figures knock out pledges which you away. You know about my iloveyou by we're done. You like on Clayton. I give up throw it out here with l is good
don't even mean two thousand, where they would know what just happened so natural to another job. You get a lot of points from report is now not out there. You have it. I love because its article, because no matter what you do to me on the show I it's the it it's better than I rather have more. Married fuck with me on his show. Then you not invite me here yeah. Why are you kidding me cause? You know, you know what you try me but I see right to issue. I know there's not through your pay me. That's why I like you, buy hawaii I think I'm really mean and I'm like they don't know me, and I thought about that the other day, because I think it's like a bit I'm working on it's like like, and asshole, but I'm a, but I'm really nice guy. I saw I so anybody thinks I'm an asshole like they should. now it does. One brazil have to deal with
now. You may aggravate this like all our mother tongue. I heard good great. It was like, or even my heart good here we go I know exactly who could see it? I know exact right, you know get their duties. it's alright, I'm not gonna put up with the pretend last all weekend as our pretending, yeah yeah. I want to hear that shit yeah and then you offer me coffee, you're, you're, hospitable in your house. Shit like that I saw I don't want to put one hit. I shit, you know, I think you cook, for people to have I know it. I package I was on people come over. They dont forget d. You got what about us. I just eight hour thing I eat all the papaya there's? No, I don't have any good snacks right now, a good snacks. I had some cereal, it's it will consume. You fuck, with puffins, put the fucking bored ugh. What do you mean you like puffins The bird that's to want to be too can't say I always get the fruit loops too. Now give raisin brand crunch puff
or dry or you. Let me ask you a question: are you a fucking grown up yeah? That's why I asked you to get me some fucking cereals, fruit, lieu of get me so got there froot loops man, what the fuck? That's? What you do love you know, that's what you do as a grown up. You eat cereal when the fuck you want and you have to wait for your parents to tell you I know, but I eat good cereal hell, help orphans they're, just wait through a captain crunchy that I know those little corn crunch pillows yeah they're like little pillows. That shit is whack too alright whack it's, but it's not it's not as bad hominids. What do you want me to eat raised?
bran crunch now. I know I can make raisin bran bran flakes. I got raisins raisins crunch. You know what else is good life cinnamon life cinnamon? Why can you just go with the original ashes? White cinnamon life is tight. I used to eat cocoa pebbles whenever bed, cocoa, pebbles good cocoa pebbles is good fruity, cocoa pebbles. I like the fruity pebbles. No, no. I got problem with it. If it gets soggy yeah see I like a little milk, keep the shit top top crunchy yeah and then once it gets saga toss it out. Now, like a soggy, puffins fucking
Sorry perfectly with that sounds like that sounds like I asked the a I think we've covered it all did we cover it all yeah, so why? Why are you here I'm here, because you said I could come and promote my new hour special that I filmed. I shot. Okay, whatever you wanna say I shot in chicago at the vic know they they did a bunch of those at vic. I decided to go at rooftop, comedy matt, Schuler and crew you're, giving them credit, Matt, Schuler and crew and rooftop, as it was at second city at up of good. I considered good. You know I had it and I can do anymore, my own o j B, who is awesome Jb said they were not going to do any more comedies anymore, which is sad that room. I never got to play it great room. I used to play. I did mind the vic I'll, gladly showtimes doing good as shit man yeah good stuff. What you need to be on there, where people could just pick your shit out and watch it? That's right.
it's good. They still needs to, and I think I d to account are you sure you want to still be, despite as they were buddhist by now, the good work but I love. You know why I'm so good at it with your very dad. Why I need to come more often than not it not not on some crazy shit, we're just rights or not interesting due to you. You notice. I don't have a good time. Your time will be so crazy, interesting anything you talk about. I could talk about with you to mount. When are we talking about country music? Let's save that. Let's say that one! Yet I so want some puffins fuck that I want to maybe dry puff Eric by our peace ah yes, god, greed and marin, the funds sparring funny kind of all
crying engagement that we do again. Reg black is airing on show time on demand and on showtime in general. I believe vernon it's august here I was thrilled, talk to him he's one of those guys who I've seen a lot of his movies by how these we haven't seen all these movies and- and there is always some part of me, the things I should see- We think are listened to everything, a read everything that my guess is written or shot or done recorded, but it ever matters. I knew what I wanted to talk to her in a way. I just wanted to talk to him about things. It was an exciting honor to meet Verna herzog, so this is me and burner his documentaries called lo and behold reveries of the connected world. It's in feed There's an on demand. This Friday august. Nineteen
What is the lasting? The finnish ring obscure historian. Greek antiquities yeah the order was sucralose, so it in actual greek a story from bc, yes, and when you read something like that outside of the dates and information- at what are you glean from it? In this case I would say it's a soap opera story here about her father of alexander, the great yeah I leaped, the second, market on her, and the order was sucralose is a fairly unintelligent writer, Martin, encyclopedia ist ah, but
all of a sudden when it comes to the father of alexander, the great ts, brilliant and while gin believe it would appear. Currently the order was sucralose had exit two sources set us didn't have in antiquity right, so he got the inside information well we never know exactly. Is it really inside information? How much is made up how much she is sort of slightly inclination into propaganda. You you don't know right, but You find is a I mean when you think of it: even watching, the new movie that it seems that sometimes you're, he really kind of focus the this sort of vulnerability of humans and there needs and desires and where that takes them. So when you look at something like like a propaganda,
MR or somebody that perhaps he had seen history around. What are you it creates a dynamic. Do you think he was working for the state or do you think you know your? Oh, no! It's, sir, History is always a question of perception raw. So you, when, whenever you read history, any kind of history, it is always perception right is always attend, see unbeknownst up in known to the writer right you have to read the historical context and you have to read the mood. the time and you have to understand. The argument, within the context of of the time right it becomes fascinating raw hates? Could he have the whole world? You can look at the whole. What's happening. You have the full context.
You will never have the full context sets an illusion, but you can get snippets of it but when I was watching lo and behold this than the new documentary date, I it was not night for me I enjoyed the movie, but I didn't sleep well, I had dreams of spiders for summaries. I don't know why, but I found myself terrified at the end of it in that I should be doing something to two took that that's the odd thing at the end of that film. Is that, like should be doing something to protect what there's no there's no way out really. Yes, of course says why are you so negative, sounding so doomed kind of weird, is it yes, of course, So do I not show some of the glories of the internet, for example on oh yeah? No, I scraped yeah, but at what I found in the most glorious was dead. The passion of these of these scientists. these researchers and even there
security. Analyse said we have the challenge of now managing the the monster or or the door. The beautiful thing, however, you want to look at. It is Israel. He's going to be they the humanities work? It's gonna, be managing this monster. You see that the internet, not good or evil right, norris electricity right it does If qualities beyond the technical qualities right, although if we strap you onto an electric chair near and execute you you, recalibrate your opinion, a few minutes, before we do that, right so in the hands of humans, this This amazing force can go either way you will humans. Are good or evil they are and and much worse so much of the time a very stupid.
This a danger. stupid and evil are not mutually exclusive in any way like a lot of the very yet classic stupid evil people have done great damage in there's. No, you know, I sorry that I, I would like to tell you a dream, because I hardly a dream. What had happened not long ago, but a dream? be a once in a year really- and I was sir running- in the street in mexico, somehow Pursued by god knows what else at an intersection I bump into a donkey. That has some sort of loud pact on it and knocked down and somebody a priest, pics, me up in shakes me and screams at me.
Do you believe in the forces of evil to your renounce Satan himself, and somehow perplexed as I was. I said. I do not believe. indeed in the devil I only believe in stupidity. That was what I dreamt better figure than about that like a good short film itself, as he did, you grow, with religion no, not at all. Well, had a deeply religious face in may, lessons had nay converted to catholicism, which didn't last very long hours, varies thirteen fourteen. What compels you that's too complex to discuss it here, but it is affected ahead, a very intense
dramatic religious face, it in a way threatened to break the family, a part which a family of militant atheists? Ha that would you do you look back on it. Do you think it may be? That was the reason you get it. Was know right now I had I was dependent since I started to think in depth currently even before that korea, because, so my brothers and I grew up in an environment where they went. Fathers, so because the war- yes, we had to take care of ourselves. We had to shape our destiny. We understood it. We have to be self reliant, so would you what year was that what we are were you born? Nineteen forty in the middle of the second world war. Oh, my very first
reminiscences, are connected to the very end of the war like like very visually like like sounds and destruction actually no destruction? I didn't see distraction because my mother fled to the mountains to the most remote valley in the alps nevertheless, where I was born, there was a carpet bombardment. Enter We were really in danger, so my mother fled good in term. I do remember, however, that she ripped Older brother me out of our beds in the middle of the night and carried us indeed was cold into repped us into
and kids in sea, said children boys. I had to wake you up. You have to see this and at the end of the valley, very far in the distance. The hurrah, isn't was completely, of the night dark night, the horizon was pausing in red and orange. The entire horizon She says boys, you have to see this. The city of course, and I miss burning in the sea. of have gotten thirty miles away at least was levelled completely as like pretty much every major city in in germany. Seven hundred twenty cities We are completely levelled but level the way ground. Zero looked like we're in it was only a tiny fraction of new york city. He advantages review of very citys were not actually bombed by virtue of some states.
To kill errors, I think, oh really, they weren't that lady need to be bombed. You mean no if there were forgotten, maybe are tipped. Somebody must not keeping track of what had been destroyed. I didn't want to us. Still out there yeah, so your father died in the war. No, he must in captivity and then right after the very soon after the war divorced? When did you move back into a city, When it was time to go to high school, that means age. Eleven? Aha, and when you got back which city did you go back to munich, where I was born, so it was. How long did it take for them to reconstruct that city? But these are not lie still, some of it is still filling up. There still gaps that feeling but I would say basically
the time of the munich olympics were held nineteen. Seventy two day you some of the mountains that were built up, as part of the olympic landscape leah, and these mountains were, is I mean Jake Jake? Dick amounts of fair cubic feet of it was all rabble really ended. Flat, but now you do have we call it shut baggy that that debris mountains. Right in the end, and now the overgrown with grass and trees, and they look very normal landscape butter are Knowledge is of the future a thousand years will dig into it and they will find millions and millions of of cubic feet. Billions of cubic feet of fur rubble, Kabul, pieces of history, whatever yes so
when you knew that, when did you start your thinking, yoke Natively in terms of like wanting to pursue filmer wind pursue a life of art. That was the same time I converted to catholicism. I started to travel on foot. I knew was gonna, be a poet a filmmaker end. Thirteen for you know it say I fear and then things it was all in a very short space of time. And somehow I'm still carried bite until today by the that the purpose of it by the no accepting recognising my fate that, as a That is what you are yourself out: sound, well a little bit pathetic, you're, better crap, this time this term accepting them The stand your fate, you better only with a pair of players but
Can you know what I mean I do I do it. did that you understood what you are here to do, what I? Yes, game, meaning to my life, the idea other wise, meaningless and aims see universe yeah so it's it's almost like it is saving your life and somewhat, but no. no, of course, not ok, my life was given to me by some stray coincidence, statistic improbable? But now, I'm here, sir, you better had to face what to do with it, but you I mean because if I, when I watch documentaries and some of the future fellows a year these their challenging, because there
their amazingly human and their completely compelling, but the but sometimes dark. Obviously in some time you know, very I'm theirs when the ability to em that that that is disturbing. Like wonder, if, if I think of of grizzly man- and I even watched, I watched the even dwarfs started small recently- that you know That leaves a wild when a radical when it is because you know it's a very challenging thing when you weren't even doors, were small to not laugh a lot. Of course it is very dark, humane. In its black humour- and many of my, Adams, by the way have not a few may need to know. Yeah. Definitely that I I feel that if you have a great sense of timing and a great sense of of where to cut he has a right to let things hang for a minute. Documentary on all the time or even poking fun,
internet in the use of the internet. In allowing p out, I shall buddhist thanks with their backs to it. The skyline intel tweeting so in by commentary of course, makes it a very he lariats event right, yeah, and I know how to how to deal with the internet in a way strangely enough, my my hugh, on the internet has quite often become viral. I must- ask the port costs for the first time when I showed I will be held at sunday in asia and became a a phenomenal success, saying I was in a podcast and I asked tat by, but I have my laptop open. But I don't see you and I was instructed, will you don't see me like in the sky? consideration, because this is a not cast rice only like radio and ask but how do you do? I
access and they gave me an address right. You just type in this axis this key. I and then google us in comes is, of course, my kind of joke. I asked how, for Heaven's sake, do I have took a hooker screaming So I think I understand my type of humor. No, I do I I've. I've watched a lot of the movies in, and I think that that it sometimes it relieves a moment. There are moments in this cetera are humorous, but they're also powerful When you ask that guy, if he loved his robot, I mean yes, indeed, does robot eight, he really loves robot eight, they are they all love, robot ate. It seems to be something that you explore we're alot there, vulnerable and- and sometimes life you know, gets away from us in certain
and an end being human, is, is fragile, right and yet what they are doing is a monumental achievement. The heel ingenuity I know, but it is with a certain dangerous, of course elapse bright. It is, it is very momentous kind of revolution is momentum. as, for example, the introduction of fire. Yes, for early humans. Yes s introduction of electricity. That's a huge thing! Yes, it's much bigger than, let's say printing books, the looking back I believe so on grinding it's much bigger than all this and its bigger the discovery of fan of america. columbus. Yes, they seemed in debts. Why the the log book that you find it you see a dubious actually did the very first
to the ever connection it between. You see lane stand for it in the very first message. It was sent us should be logged in libya and had they spelled ill l, a right. They asked by a telephone, yes yep and his her. I think I see oh arrived. Yep, oh, has arrived when they typed in cheap computer crashed. Yes, I did Leonard Clayton rock the pioneer the aisles us this a very auspicious sort of label all of a sudden loud, lo and behold right and they didn't. Even there no clue how momentous that moment was and he knows it was more momentous tiny little in treating their logbook, had more signify in sin, colombo-
it's a logbook on the ship this morning. We spotted land vs its bigger than that. I think it is, and I guess maybe because it's a good documentary, I'm bringing a lot of my own cynicism to to everything. That's being discussed that I think that that's what's compelling about a film I got. Is that, like? I can't not think of darkness winning ultimately like him when they talk about like went when are we going to be able to walk about you? Don't look like like a like guy, I mean I see where you sit opposite to me. You don't look like being riven by dark forces. Now I'm sure you love a good stake when sooner wide had won the other night. Ok reach your face correctly. Yes, I occasionally estate eater, yes,
your laughter isn't fiendish it. No doubt I think. I'm, u being out of fear, I don't think I'm necessarily a dark guy, but when I hear these guys you're the guy in the planetarium saying liking, I don't want to think about that. I don't want to think about, a world where this thing goes wrong. Guy, don't even want to entertain that thought right now. We should, of course, should, of course, because we can a very easy precautions individually, for example, this constant talk. We should get rid of cash, honey and we should introduce sir virtual reality, a virtual currency like bitcoins, should only pay elect, Naturally, we know, because if the internet is down cannot buy you a hamburger. The joint down at the corner nigh cannot flush your toilet anymore. India cannot, going, the elevator to the seventieth
floor in new york city, and you have no connectivity, you have no radio, no telephone, yeah, nothing right. So we better provide ourselves with her, the small stash of dollar bills. Small denominations, because with a hundred dollar bill, you can buy a hamburger, but they wouldn't have to change. To give you back so you bet I went on, bins, five, ten, twenty dollar bills- I nobody in the movie, it seems, like you know, within two or three days- is not- can mean hamburgers either that it could sleepy, yes, no one and no matter what you do to safeguard yourself, that within a week You're too it it's gonna be ugly. yes, but now, let's on the technical level, let's try and find a certain safeguards. to reinstall things, I'd least regionally d. centralize these.
and realized that the entire system, so that only certain parts canopy affected, like with electricity grid, If something is sums generation, generators his blasting away you re route, currency and, inter in a similar way, you can do so with the internet. Does not much thought going in. I am sure that, for example, secret services, very much interested in that. So when you make Oh, my god, you don't find yourself a feeling, bleak No, not at all. It's it's a phenomenal phenomenal thing to to look at it in two conceptualize and to see things attacks, Nobody has in predicted, fifteen years ago in there now, do you believe changing our behaviour and yet changing our. Let's say at least
the organization of technical civilizations. Yes, so the amish couldn't care less. Rather, they have very good survival rate. If everything I was down because our self sir rely on. Yes, homestead, farmers, yes- and they don't you neat electricity dry. But but what about the rest of us? We will have a hard time and ripetta look ripetta, look at what we are. You can go out for hunting and enforced. but the parking los angeles in downtown los angeles is very small and you ve got about two. Maybe fifty squarely for fifty million blue live around their view. Coyotes, you gotta, learn how to feed coyote. Yes, you have to eat the coyotes, but there are not enough for fifty million ok. So that's a problem. the problem, but that you have been
I said I thought it was a beautiful movie that wait all this not is yes, it is. Endeavoured aiming to do like there. What was being about the end which I sort of get obsessed about. Is that like at the beginning, conversation, we're we're talking about you taking an ancient greek story and- and put in the context of fully understand the possibilities of the times that he is trying to do to talk about and in that one of the things that I have said before about about the internet, is that eventually you may have a generation of kids if they're not there. Now who will say you know like Adolf hitler, oh he's the guy with the moustache and that's all they know so in terms of context and honouring history and actually having like they were taught about the, and how do you beat continued to inspire kids to or or young people, to engage your imagination and contextual eyes. What has happened before that it has to come from them. I cannot play the poor
simple? No, I know for all of us, but but you don't be careful no end, and I do not think that young people will eventually ask the essential questions, Why are we here? What are we doing here? How do we doktor our lives, Do we touch each other? How do we cook for each other How do we I raise children, you believe able continued ask what he s it its inevitable sure humans, let's face it, but that whites it's a wild, it's a wild time of trends transition. So that's it we see that we're in a transition diseases. Not we do not. We do not know how to how to deal with instrument well enough, you see in the fifties cease. Obsession of cars, sphere, elvis in his car. In the us is big buick or whatever it was entered
rise in restaurants and could do in LAS vegas, still. I think you can do a drive but drive in wedding and I have seen a sign in las vegas not long ago where there was an advertising and drive I've by divorce. Here you see butter we address this kind of obsession with cars. Yes, it's a little bit. david and re. I've wreath king, our cars and we are trying to have cars It happened, lower emission of fair play. Of gaseous right of toxic gases or any are moving into electric cars. So we have to the started to understand how to use this tool again, Nine hundred deaths, no no drive by divorced, any more right now you got it, you gotta, do it the old fashioned way, but it that way.
All. Those technologies require human engagement on a very organic level that you there. There are so many in obviously you're, not a scientist, but I mean your stand, that we're adapting to a new world in a new technology, but so much of it is, has nothing to do with us. In this we don't know anything. It all. Has to do with us, for example, a gps system, yes, has to do this fundamental insights into movement in time without the theory of relativity. Einstein we could not have achieved a system that right you see the end and its it is not visible for and it is not palpable, but we are doing it because me Einstein end in vienna
pay your grocery at the cash register. You do not have to go into the mathematical principles that rule that. Ass register calculation machine. You don't need to do that, and yet It's it's a normal thing. You, yes, your by certain So yes, you pay a certain amount and it has been calculated how it was calculated is an interesting now. Yes, that's true appeared? Ok, I mean I I agree with you. I just get no when you know you have the darker elements at you explore. I thought that the security analyse guy was great. The one that was not able give you a lot of information, That was very fascinating, that you know they that even securing What is happening you from another human being or maybe a group of human beings? You have
identify patterns you have to live in this world right where, where patterns, become suspect and then track patterns, I thought that was all very fascinating. It and end. Of course, sir. It comes right at the time at the right time. For him, discussion win everybody was into thing of hacking. Democratic convention erase. Yes, there were machinations against Bernie sanders himself number one. It's not really clear It was any of the russians who, in the cave, maybe you are the modern form of the kgb, would call himself cows. bear nor nor has the illness a or the cia ever confirmed. The ape almond, silent at this, in time, we should understand whether massive, monumental, siphoning off of knowledge of
nano cheese of science, of ad details secrets of men, ex rings is take place. He has not It's not an individual hacker. It's not the russians. I mean everybody. Does it america's? Sadly, does it but there's on play out there that sir citizens of trillions of dollars of of birth values here and there are still out there still doing it here. So named the name. I don't know the name. I know and everybody knows it here- name horse and dried. Just take a guess: the countries that is funding of nature fans of dollars, trillions of dollars, Dukakis China, you pronounce it in a beautiful way. We do not exactly know, but we
should assume you may have come to a smart conclusion and ask asked, professional hackers back? I was grey in the movie mitnick mitnick, yes, Kevin mitnick! I love him. I love him too. I end and of course, sir, I must ask you why do we expose him in the firm and give him a platform t done. Damage actually hit hasn't unreal damage because he never sold any of the good He said he I heck tat. He never did it for profit. He did it a trophy as of that moment and in peace. aids. We have to consider Man has spent five years in federal prison, one year in in complete isolation will does he like twenty behind our young at the time was very young. I mean he was nineteen and he was the most famous
I want it or phone hackers who is mainly sample and he has been brought to justice. Yes indict. I do leaving rehabilitation, yes of a criminal by the way. Mitnick today is running a security company that advises you. How do you protect a company from prudence and hacking and stealing and siphoning off. Yes, good it tat. He s a very reliable business man now and also the interesting thing in dealing with the human factor, was used. How how she knew had to do with his ability, Coax information laana on a human level, except in dessert yeah, that there were always hackers. I mean technically reactor there, better ones, but here one who could Google, you out of your wits, end, would give away secrets- would ever give away. She has
eleven minutes flat. Yes, in eleven minutes, he gets all the secret codes of new motorola. Yes, settled fell at a time. That's that's an eternal human archetype. The smooth talker no, he he has, and he says it very well. He does have the gift of gambia yeah. I like this expression net when you make It seems that you're out put a document areas in the last decade or so has been a lot, and you know you you make a lot of big feature films as well. It is what is more, the passion is it just a different approach to see them is equal no there's a slightly different approach, although everything is sir is movies for me yeah and when you poke into the clay, I can give you a statistical answer. We at the moment I have for finnish tombs on. If I release yet on the nineteenth of august, it slow
and behold reveries of the connected world in telluride very fast, days of september, a new talking, tree on volcanoes two days later, a feature film, salt and fire, which I shot in bolivia about it serious hostage taking. They also have a big epic feature film out, sir, which is called queen of the desert. So too two fumes ready for release to documentaries, ready for release, and my next projects are basically all at the moment, each of whom problem but it doesn't really matter. Don't don't start to count I don't go into statistics now. I was just wondering like in terms of your approach to them and what you can get out of them, or there are the feature films. Are they your scripts, both of them are are future films, always my own scripts, with very rare exceptions, so went when, like just in the crap doing both of them. What is
central, thrill or search when he right. In directive only have complete control or a or as opposed to when you are putting together footage of interactions but I also right of course said a in re, a somehow stylize a stage then yeah like, for example, the appearance of buddhist monks, the eight the skyline they after chicago musing about have they all left for yeah, I mean that inhabitants, millions of inhabitants, of chicago right for a colony on mars yeah, because it looks very lifeless, has no movement nothing around, but were they just there? Did you put them at that, but now I, by the way, if they had been just entering their that bus me. I would ask him. Please can you step out from my camera once more and please do the tweeting that you did before sir That's the nature of my kind of documentaries. I do it for enhanced,
spend of a deeper truth, vs, something that's quite beautiful out. There was something that sam next us too, to poetry? Yes, I like to take audiences, and I speaking now, if documentaries, I take them, in writing de in I take them right into their into the lads. Out of sheer illumination in poetry? having aussi I I I claim the right trespassing. If I can take you the audience into the landscape of poetry, yeah, to anything of trespassing easily, for example, at the end of my film cave or forgot dreams, which is a film about a palliative care, the recently discovered with cave paintings, phenomenal beauty and quality made something like thirty two
years ago, and there's a postscript in the postscript is about her you turned out by no radio active crocodiles, completely wild in audiences love it and it has to Obviously, these connected to the film loosely it has to do with perception. How did humans like us, they were homo sapiens. How did they perceive their paintings? How do we, too? a in the twenty first century, perceived these paintings and how would it Good dialogue now been albino crocodile in in a biotech near by nuclear reactor, how they when they escape and enter the cave, see these paintings by the way is crazy, as it may sound. Yes, they suspect Tell per for tourists. with hundreds of rocket eyes. Five of them escaped
last winter. What at the beginning, if we go, there was a huge and refer to the ideals shoe hunt include helicopter searching for they had some. Somehow some of them were found dinner in a harvested corn fields. in a frozen harvested cornfield and one of them is still at large. Unaccounted account at all Gallagher. I could. I also my wildest, tend to cease overtaken by something real react there or yarmouth prophetic, but, like the poetry like I read some of the the book that you wrote narrowly seventies of walking on ice of war, in nice that was a fairly astounding poetic katrina that just the way, you're yo aging and in the life that you were
that you are moving towards, obviously was in the wake of of an ill friend by, but it if it was essentially poetry. Yes, you see it correctly. Iter, Sporran outer set necessity not just to sit down yes in front of some empty paper. then starting to write poetry. I was travelling on foot at the beginning of winter from munich to paris, because my men to an old woman, lot eyes now was dying and I and allow her to die by just coming on foot jack. Wouldn't I actually she was out of hospital when I arrived- and I know that these written texts- of walking in ice and another book which is very intense. It's called to conquest of the useless they will outlive. May films yeah. Why do you think that
Because it's a more direct sort of expression, you really have a pen paper in between you and what you are in essence? Yes, in films, there's always finances and organization in technical things, camera and mixing area. Psychology of actors in you, just name it? so there are many layers in between and besides, I think, There's no one who writes prose as I do today, knife and that's as no one true and- and I say that probably in complete misjudgment, said It's. Why don't you do more of it? asking myself the same question in some of my best friends tell me so, but I am doing I have too many
things going on. I, as I said, I'm producing very fast death. Nowadays, and I too things set. I haven't done so much before I am acting, for example, yea area continuity including as a real villain in czech Rita. I I do you like it. Yes, because I was good here, really good in it, and there was pay ten suddenly to be as s frightening as it gets. Man, I frightening, but you do did you always I mean they took a long time to act. Have it having, in working with actors forever. It comes easily to me now, rice, yeah, sure. Why? Because you don't united self conscious or no, I think it was. Always in me away- and I always understood actus Oliver deep level. Until
actually understood. Much of the technical societies of Christ, s craft, yeah, there's craft in it, and you can see it when I recently published to master class as a company that us master houses, and I watched to see how the format functions. I watched her to actors still hoffman and Kevin space. Yes and dusting. from a word in any one speaks about craft, yes and very, very interesting, yes, he's really good at explaining idea. and are you learned from him no because I saw it only very honest indicted on my acting before it out before seen but term very interesting. I now I want to watch it it's worthwhile because sir, it is what things we obviously pact than any of the other,
If the classes that are available out there, but with or without craft, having worked, you know for years with with Kinski who you are close with and many other different actors do you do agree that that some people just have a natural thing, word right. I mean there are some people that just belong in that profession, but you should not forget that kinsky was in a way X, ray into rehearsing witness times. Yes, he would in with his sir pronoun noun ch speech. Here stage voice, his doctors of light great Chinese was he was fanatically rehearsing the idea and he always denied it now I ma am, A genius fallen out of the skies in melbourne, his ever being like it is before, and he knew it. When you told him klaus who were you
wonderfully work rate would scream oh hi. It's not wonderful fool. I was not great monumental. I was poor, come bits and homes, but in do not forget, for example, great. I call in acting like her Marilyn Monroe, yes so, when you look at some like you taught as if it came with complete ease, and she, when you look at her proof Life was finance, technically rehearsing training herself. Yes, she was, she was we're a chorus of of great great intensity there and she worked with the demented riot. L forget about them so tat. She only. She only was decline-
after she, she was with them as yet and milan Brenda only declined after he had been with a method, sigh would say seed only with their great sir amount of doubt right, but She was a real, real work. Course, it's a little bit like when you watch. Olympics and you see the swimmers ma. Am they rightly with great grace, yes and fluidity, yes, and at the same time it's ten years of of training, I each day swimming at least ten kilometres in training. Yes, not a single day right without ten kilometres right get put the workin yes, boy, solemn fire. You work with the Michael shannon who I like a lot. best of his generation yeah you.
Clearly the best. There is no one like him. I love the man is it I did what with him? What would do you see the work I see somebody of extraordinary gift and an extraordinary presence. You see, presence erin in a way. it is inexplicable, there's something mysterious about it, because Not everybody has it. Obviously it some people here some sort of charisma yeah? comes from somewhere else, and we cannot even name it. Yes, that's enough fits into the poet yes. So when you talk about lahti, eisner rice, so is the early seventies and you call her your mentor. So what did you? What did you learn from her early on that sort of guided you through your first films and whatnot? No, it's it's not that she too
to me anything ok. However, she put me in a context where thea site movies of their. Why mar epoch were now freed slung, yet again later it was an encouragement right they encouragement from first film on she said there's somebody out there who is The ordinary him in her opinion, inter she was in close contact with fritz lung who lived in hollywood eddie I time yet, and she wrote letters. Three men she said fritz. You if all said after the barberries move, the third guise of the nazis- yes, there cannot be. real legitimate, great joy, sidney makin, never ever and she said to him fleets No, what I send you a print of, by a young kid, who made a film signs of life. His first feature film and she's. Tim, the print
its lung site and, and he said lotta, you are right, say something it coming yeah, so it was encouragement, that's it because at the time nobody wanted to see my films included. Gary the wrath of god. Nobody wanted wanted to see the film why it's I cannot explain it. I dont know why, do you sometimes it happens. It took three four or five years until the all of a sudden heads breakthrough, and do you think that because of of germany Do you think it was because I know that the film was so such a novelty in its roar in its raw approach, It was not at the horizon of anyone in Sometimes it's very strange how these things happen. I keep thinking about the Franz kafka of his that the novel the castle, I think during his
I time thirty two copies were sold and we know that at least he himself out of embarrassment bought ten copies of himself. you you never know now at the time did you was our community? Like was why are you friends with them vendors and fast bender? Were you did you were really embrace? We respected each other very deeply yeah, but We knew our stylus but different our subjects where different, not like the realism in italy after the war, when I was a common style, rind common, so sort of agenda in india movies, but that that, but it was cast
I heard a movement in a way writer, or was it considered german new cinema? Let's, let's not argue whether it was a movement or some some sort of a renaissance, but you are around each other. You are in in in the same world, yes, but different, and we and the stood we would be perceived as a as a movement area which none of us, like short re, did you like their movies. not all of them, but yes, sure down. A very fine movies from that time, and you know when I did. I carry the risk of god. Yes, I took eight prints. I mean thirty five millimeter prince as ugly took carrying heavy. I took them to Peru and Rented a theater and I showed them for free yeah, and it was phenomenal success, so many people were excited about them. Three of the films films by fuss Pinta, for example
husband or even didn't, know that I took them. only a year and a half later, he said well verna what is You came to my office and you saw three prince sitting there in the corner and you were the one who took them you, whether one confess I say tat, I know em, oh yes, I confess I took them and shouted and- and you know He he it just came at me with his intimidating look and then he stretched his arms and hugged me very heart. That was a ta at gray. So he was took yes, of course, because I'm a very, very fine movies that they had to be shown which movies and really recall, but one was, I think, his second film he made cuts. very, very interesting, film where they were? We began to talk about even dwarf started small, which was you know, you said darkly,
honey. What your was just right right away here will win win, because I was trying to look for something in that film that you know was a portal into something that lasted your entire creative vision? Do you see that in that movie do do you see the beginning of something that you can t to try to resolve or or incorporate now I dont have a real agenda, However, I know that sir I do here coherent worldview yeah enter film. Lo and behold. Yes, it is surely somehow in my worldview and with in may curiosity to expand my worldview yes, and and when you see the filled me with without having any credits, he would notice very quickly this. the film by by me, of course, zealous. You hear you talk
and even if it were only written, caption seawater. Anyone get. Message- and I guess what I guess. What I saw was that by using dwarves and by using little people that there is de in due to what was essentially a fairly harrowing story if they do not appear as Mitch, twice eyes right, a film, because the entire world is only little people right, whereas, whereas the cadillac they drive spy or the motorcycle chaz. Yes, I the nuptial bed, yes, sir, is for us, but all of a sudden all these daily tools, every day life become like monstrous. Yes, all of a sudden, all these goodies come monstrous right. So that's that that kind of nato, they are, they are the regular size on the dutch
the motorcycle everything looks like a monster all of a sudden right and when, when he did the volcano he went up to that of the first volcano of yours. Releasing another volcano movie. Well, I'm just finishing film into the inferno. Yes, we will be shown in three weeks from now and what was the one that I will write lust? korea about a film about a volcano night was about to explode our yang, caribbean right, and I went there because I was fascinated by learning that sir, there were very very dramatic, quick, either duration of the entire island. Yes, Five thousand people One sing, a poor farmer who lived at the slope of the volcano, refuse to be about the guy with the cat Yes, and we had to wake him up while started filming I believe, philosophically a poor black
far by who lived on the slope of the volcano and renew, it would explode with the forests of six seven, eight, a tom, bob's hiroshima size. But do you might be there for that too? in a way. Yes, but I must somehow prude noted that was the own two times in my face: in my work in my working life, I took some sort of blind lottery yeah. Otherwise, I'm a very, very prudent safety security, oriented person and I can read the difficulties and I can read the dangerous very well. Well, better. They nodded however, the moment that done filming we would flee is fine. Is- is faster. This wise, we could and we went up. the volcano a second time, but only because of her
be sorry coincidence, one of the two cinematograph has at lockman a wonderful, great cinematography in the industry. He lost his glasses right up under Ok now and I set it orator, so helpless, down there and we can't get you anything Since you know what I'm gonna do, I'm gonna return up there and I'm fighting them, and I Give me your camera and he said now I'll come with you and schmidt between the other cinema, talker phones, how came along and once we have, reached the summit. It was completely changed. It was ploughed over india and fish had open miles, steep and toxic gas coming protruding from it. So there was no to find his glasses, but we,
on filming for a while and then fled taken, and in my view, the I get asked you cover questions before I specific ones that before it for in grisly man, which was primarily assembling right, there's no half the film is shocked by me right and that the right person, then you had a lotta, held up his yet him a few treatments footage. Yes, there's a beaten there that I think changed like that to me was one the best moments in film for me what because it would, then I think you must have been aware of it. That of course you buddy, where there was a moment, worry you sort of discuss how the animals are not, they dont have personalities per se. That their wild animal knots and trooper morphine right. That was ill at ease and then and then quickly. Oddities had not the disney not disneyworld, qualities, right being fluffy little creature, ice
that you can cut island sing, sing a song to them yet and then there was at some point I think, shortly after where you cut to the face of the bear that probably killed him. Yes and it was impossible as a viewer not to project evil that there that, because you would establish it care in you knew it. I knew it logically anthropomorphized, but when I did see that bears face, my brain could not a wrestled with it and white bet, but do not forget my commentary all the faces of all bear sit I encountered. I do not see. any sympathy. I do not see any I don't remember exactly. There's only monumental, indifference me. be the only interest is interest in food. no affinity, no affection right. No hostility rights,
monumental, indifference here, What you see in the face of the bear put it in the right context. We did yes, I won't talk about the p. I say that it is because that that document areas, brutal b, texting and driving. Here I don't know how I like: that's it. I think that's a great little film it I have no doubt, and I can quantified. Millions of people saw it on youtube. Yes, and its way too long from youtube? Youtube always made further sixty seconds cat videos, yeah crazy cats or Anything that's over eight minutes long is prohibitive. Here if you millions and millions site ended, has triggered legislation. In various states of the united states, and it is show now on forty thousand high schools across the united states, and I think
Think maybe I'm wrong, but I think it has become a man, the tory viewing for those kids who do that driving test everybody strivings licence in high school, and many of course do it like that. So that the has had an enormous enormous effect, people tell me, you must have say saved me. Many lives instinctive. I know yes, I did, but you cannot quantified, you can call If I only events you see you can quantified accidents. You can quantify fatalities, but you cannot call. If events at that did not take place right, but I cannot quantified How many times did you miss a woman of your life She left, the plaza sixty seconds before you arrived
not quantified, rivah dancing in direct way too, to see the effect in that's d: the status can curve, that's his altered, its direction, Inciting cos? in siding with the release of this youtube video, it's a thinker got, goes on some level. The way you talk about it, it could be one of the most important films you ve ever made it to pay on what you call important in practical terms. Yes, ok, practical effect. Yes, I do. everything your films in that way. It did no no part in this case. I knew it was. There was a clear goal. Right and left, sir, perform as good as I can, and if public, how do you, colleagues service Yang public service at that, but with all the intends it? and all the craft. Then I can muster you see. I do not like it
elections were little charity. When I give I give myself, yes, and you know who said that it was walt whitman who said that, once yeah. I have adopted it. What inspires you in this will be the end of it to em. To make a documentary, I mean when you, how does it like you know, grisly manner this lo and behold or or the one about the monks as well. I mean what what how do you find the topics where, where come? Very often they stumbling to me, I have never been like somebody who plans, a career and after I am finishing affair I am looking at the new york times best selling list of novels. I that one should make into a movie. It never has happened like this. Very often films have found me
many times they come is uninvited guests like the burglars at night, but term, since I am a storyteller, I would instantly instantly now this is big. This is so big. I have to do it here and it happened exactly like that with grisly man, for example, do you miss film, like actual film celluloid? Now I'm not nostalgia day? I still. I love it here. Of course, I love it yeah, but digital filmmaking has allowed me to work faster, yeah and to work less expensively. So that's why all of a sudden, I'm coming out with four phil all of them ready for yeah yeah yeah,
to abuse. The system of distribution is too slow for my output right what did you lose with cellulite? What are you lose? well the kind of magic of the flicker of two If frames in a theater here, sailor night, you always if to understand it, is a layer, a three dimensional thin layer of emotion. That stuff. Where is your? Information ways a digital film is only a file of zeros and once right- and they said strange we free since then the different life to it right. anybody, and also I imagine- that editing processes a bit more decisive when you irons illinois to better come too
conclusions quickly and what I see today digitally the team, that directors who don't know what they are doing and they create twenty, Who parallel versions and never can decide, but I'm editing almost as fast as I'm thinking out without so that we currently along now have to search for just stay in terms of film, and look for, I some pen marks on it and gloomy splice it together and feed it into a system and roll to the right moment. I'm I'm editing much much fast and closer to writing close it. A fairly sort of the review, I know that you are close with with roger ebert and that debt that what was once some fairly sort of their there are few champions of of the cultural and artistic importance of film. Do do you d. I do feel that it
is it still has the proper place in the world of art d feel that eating that film is still being reckoned with in the proper way, culturally and critically. When he was afflicted by illness near and he couldn't, speak. Ree configure it was his voice said, would answer so the glory of the internet. At the same time, he said to me more now, watch out there It it was his voice said, would answer to you so the glory, the internet. At the same time, he said to me: why watch out there's something I will die soon, you better, be vigilant and watch out, and you have to be a guardian. Read it. I said sir roger ending what a brill red retreat retreat, but I mean books and at this
time. He kept saying kids, young kids, should go out and dig a hole in the ground period. If I'd beautiful god bless his soul, there are three, but that's a nice closer. Thank you burn wheat ending what abril come? What may we should talk to Verna herzog. That movie is a really great it's what you know fanny as you know, that his documentaries always powerful and poetic and disturbing, beautiful. Lo and behold, reveries of the connected world in theaters, demand this friday august nineteenth, go to deputy, applaud dot com for all that stuff,
ok rocket. merla.
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