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Episode 740 - Billy Crystal

2016-09-08 | 🔗
Billy Crystal's early love of show business put him on the path to standup comedy, which in turn got him on TV shows like Soap and SNL. Marc talks with Billy about his own show business footprint, including movies like When Harry Met Sally, Mr. Saturday Night, Deconstructing Harry, and Analyze This, as well as hosting the Academy Awards. Plus, Billy fondly remembers his relationships with icons like Muhammad Ali, Mickey Mantle, Jack Rollins, and Robin Williams.

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All. I words do this: how are you at the fuckers what the fuck bodies, what the fuck your weekends, what the fuck stirs, what the fuck nix yeah, what the fuck? Next? How about that old school hates may mark marin? This is doubly t f, my part cast, I'm in new york city, I'm here for an opening of famous artist, Sarah kane these Sarah came her showed dark matter opens tonight, thursday, night september, eighth, here in new york city at the gallery, led along
gallery with an I e the anchors, it's fuckin fancy some fancy business. I went over there and looked at my partners girlfriend lady friend person, I'm seeing I still don't partner, does doesn't it doesn't work for me. I know, that's everybody you know partner partner was I mean I got called brendan my producer and business partner, my partner, but then I have to qualify it with like business partner. So obviously I know that the word has implications but uh, maybe my chick is that still does Anna kosher, no, no good I'll go with the lady, I'm seeing the woman, the woman in my life boy, she's gimme the thumbs up in her bathrobe on the bed.
So I went over there and looked at the show, and I gotta say it's pretty spectacular, so I go into a skype going to an abstract theme park. Very full body experience full body immersion in nea. the art of Sarah kane. If you want to go to the opening its open to the public tonight here in new york city sick, the eight at gallery, long guy. So what else on the show today Billy crystal the billy crystal the the great one of the great jewish funny men can. I comment pure wanna o before you a fast forward to billy new debt, Do you have cat mugs are available from Brian Jones up in portland? These are the same mugs I give to my guests. They go on sale twelve noon, easter. Nine, a m pacific, go too bright,
our jones dot com to get yours, I'm in a motel room, not drinking just got him drinking. Tea is kind of cold. I just spent an hour and a half with Tom darling. We just recorded another marken tom show that should be forthcoming, we'll get that out, t assume we had there. You know our standard somewhat midwife, chats about this in that, but dead. Very few people make me laugh as much as tom sharply. I don't love you listen to the best show, but you should listen to it. He's one of the great broadcasters very funny and we have fun together. So look forward to that. I just got here yesterday to new york city from albuquerque new mexico, where I spent a few days I'd like to thank everyone who came out to the big benefit for endorphin power.
Company at the hispanic cultural centre at the albuquerque journal theatre there, my home town, it was a spectacular show. I had a great time for a good cause. while a lot of the people that I haven't seen in a while, very it's very wild man, it's very wild to not be part of people's lives. For caves, but having had them in your life for a short pause, if time at another point your history, I've I've always had a hard time wrapping my brain or on that iran. Yes, seeing people cause, you have these very strong connection. so I guess I right. When I got to albuquerque, I went to a durant's pharmacy for some car, nay out of, and I was just sitting there- the counter and there's some middle aged dude at the other end of the counter, since the stout little dude and he's looking at me,
and I got no idea- I'm not I'm not connect in it, though, I'm not seeing nothing. That may be recognized me whatever, so I'm sitting there, he gets up walks over knees. hey mark mandate. You remember me it's me, John MIKE. What am I a holy shit? It's john, the guy who lived across the street from me, whose house, you don't worry. I got stone with him in his tree house when the first time that I really stone and I've told this story before, but it was one of those great moments of bad parenting that we lead me to where I am now, but nonetheless I couldn't I could bear we see John, and this guy cause a lot of times. People put a different ways like I mean Tom, choose to do a bit about seeing the person that used to know inside the person you're talking to they're just surrounded by more face, but he almost looks like these people have eaten the person you knew in high school and they've grown from within them. Inside of that, whatever
in case you got to see who the person was, and I I recognized him once he said who it was. But you know he did have this awkward, sort of stone or laugh that you know he kind of interjected nervously. After almost each sentence and unlike dad's the john, I know there's that guy and it's me John and I'm like ah yeah there. You are there you are but yeah who's, the guy I, whenever this house him, we want a mystery house, get really stoned. I freak I went home to my house. I walked in my mother onto it. She said you ve found. I go. Yes, I'm stoned and she goes aren't. You go to your room and play guitar. They say you played better when you're like that. thanks the hang overhang punishing. But I appreciate that because I mean that kind of creative support is what
sent me wandering throughout the world. Aimless waited to find myself in a creative way and that's why, in it appear, because my mom sent me to my room high to play: tar carnegie hall november. Fourth, that's happening tickets are going fast. I would get them if I were you. I will be in rochester new york at the key many club tomorrow, night and saturday night ninth and tenth for shows, I think one or two is sold out, but I think they're still tickets available the wilbur September twenty. Fourth, two shows- that's happening- might be some take us for that second show I believe there are largo in los angeles october, twenty second carnegie hall already mentioned that anyway billy crystals here today, and the reason I I didn't know if I could get Billy crystal on the show. I didn't know that billy crystal would want to be on the show necessarily- and I was at the very
at the very uplifting and provocative memorial service for garish handling- and I was talking to Rob Reiner, who I had on the show, and he was standing there were billy crystal and you and I we were talking about right, doing the show- and I work at billy crystal and I'm like. Would you ever do the show and he was sort of white gum yeah? Of course I would do the shell he he it's kind of had that vibe of sort of like. Why am I not on the show? Why are you talking to rob about the show why you asking rob ryan into the show and not me, and it was one of those almost like? I just never thought you would do this. You would do in these, like yes, of course, I'd love to do the show. So that's how that happened. So that's what built billy crystal! That's a that's how it happened. I didn't think he would do it in the He said he would want to do it got it so pretty new york right now. I used to live here, but now I just like being her for maybe three or four days he get grimy. You eat good food, yet exhausted
and then you go way back to the cat ranch. Our right when you say we spend some time with billy crystal who just the got back from a big tour of australia, new zealand and is in the process of the in that show that he did there to america? So look for that in the near future. This is me and billy crystal in the garage no way I sort of fallen and add a lovely stand. What there That's where, because, like I will, when you start, when you were a teacher, is where you went right near. When did you start and it your first passion always was by what yet always was. I would from junior high school high school leaving earlier than that are a guy elm Just go off book What do you know the air? I would say I was always able to improvise in front of people and who are you calling
say when you were a kid you were listening to because in my mind, your part of a very important tradition. Well Greg, because we had great television comic sent a you know that the real can a heavy lifted. You now feel so, since the other right and that but fit Sid's voice, was really the I have no simon and mail here and danny side and is here and in the end, Larry gilbert rely so amazing, guy yeah. So with that filters, True there was, there was an ethnic city to what said did and in a very kind of subtle way that was fantastic to latch onto MIA city being jewish yeah, the beer, but it wasn't overt, it wasn't the board rivalry. I was out of bush, both I and all right, more fish, oh yeah yeah and sketches inheritor right, the guys it said we're like you, progress hornsby was a stone jazz musician in my
I knew the real guys. You know, because my dad was in the music business. Where was he in the music business? So I can and because he was a real guy right. Oh yeah yeah. What what did he do? My family owned a little record store on forty second street new york between lexington and third call the camera music shop, and it was the center of jazz from the late thirties all the way up to one in the late fifties. So the important time coming out of swaying leia into the new jack year and new jazz was really created on record by my uncle who's, a legendary produce and a milt gabler. The milk and turn My grandfather into a sort of an entrepreneur say it was a music store. They so radios and light bulbs and cranky people would come in one eye on the socks and other socks where the way rooms and that is a dead names like work. after high school said, he took one of the speakers of the radio and put it over the transom of the door and run a forty section and turned it into this gestation. It plays let a big spider next year
and so the jazz blessing industry will come and go and do so records here too, and they didn't and mercosur we should so records right, so they started. Buying up old records from like was ok okay, okay, yeah, because he asia and reissuing them haha. So then they created their own little label called the kamado jazz label. Cos was right down the street from the commodore hotel. Okay on forty second year, which is now, I think, the grand hyatt or something right right regret, and I remember colony, records yeah. That was a big me android. What yeah, This little hole in. Why was like mine feet wide right now comes this- that everyone's wants these racket, so them my uncle says to his father by why we why we selling other people trackers, let's make her own right and he he starts producing jazz, requisite jessica. it's all over the olive. I call the guys god there is eddie condon. It was on the great jazz guitar player, yeah well time, pee wee Russell here. later evolve into billie holiday and billy, did all of her original great records on
I want to join with the europe of yeah, which included strange fruit and Then, how old were you with this? I was not thought of until I come along in nineteen forty, eight right or am I d- pay my md page nineteen. Fifty cent and dumb yes, oh my dad than marry. to the family and takes over the store, milt splits, ghost decker record, but this your mother's side that they are ok. So my most big brother was rail right mill, splits dec records. We has thirty five gold record career, including I call on the clock, red rose for blue light the law we close with him. Oh yeah, he was a mentor me, so he was around all god yea or a new york eli. Until all only work from new york producing less than ever Deanna you have at any rate fly to germany. He was like a celebrity yale and I would like sitting features. He did Sammy Davis. His first call record, which was There you with the stars in your eyes there was some pics, so he took them
sammy and said, watch him. He does a lot of things. Do a lot of things does he knew I had the shining in it. We re right wing and why does he won't be show business or your kid like worthwhile of eleven all younger than I am alive and you're going to show him? Oh yeah and airy neri by sea feel that that show business I give backstage angle that my dad's producing jazz country all over new york, besides running the store yeah so now in order to be with them- and this is sort of was the basis of seven hundred sundays- was we'd. Go to the clubs with him mean Abou rikers weekends. You know it's friday, saturday night till three o clock in the morning and he's hanging out these. These are heavy cat, amazing, the greatest guys, fats, waller, woolly, the lions, psmith jack tea garden. paley rustling did he had right now and digital drink? No now so he was just witness cm while he also emptied the shows and I was another threat because my dad's sage, bantam evanna microphones,
light. It was, as you know, in the area in a shiny suit. It was funny lucco yeah, very what a guy who was very witty guy and your mom It was my mom was this: they ll If blood at the family. In that. They were remarkable pair. He was quiet and really witty great sense of humor, Yes, on two and television, it was not the three stages it was laurel and hearty re was ernie kova. Here. Ok, if you stay up late, I know you'd at a fourth grade teddy tomorrow. Right watch cover watcher, highbrow shit watch what phil silver the idea big fell. So with an end, it was a great influence had to older brothers, all very fine, they around here and would end yet, and we like, we would steal from every sure. So we would then I really do impressions yeah, we're nairobi trail from article value. I was so we and we were the two thousand europe one that album came out forget about it. How would we, when that came out? I was twelve. Those are my baseball cards more
What brooks did that album came out when you were twelve? Ninety sixty no kidding those are my baseball career right. Those word you know, I love the music, I still love the jazz, but the the comedy albums That would be home from the store thousand my baseball car right. That was, you know that was hook. amazing alms, fella Jonathan winners had now mount every month, Shelly, burma. when the air and m nickels and made right on broadway yeah yeah did he like any other those yiddish guys like myron colander and he always left him iron cone, but because my rencountered, all of those guys here, were really artists right there. So so special thick who they were and who they played to react, and that's what chemicals was at its height yeah. Did you guys go up there only once we want. That was not. That was what we don't have any money we're in a jest business and an dad that's why so. My first committee, in which Nina watch in disguise, act who
I think, as they was pat henry and The ball guide and easy. I my eyebrows really long saga sweep and back over. My head was the stuff like that area and, of course, every sunday night, in addition to these guys during the week was at selwyn solvent had a comic on a recent who'd. You ever go to show no but the comics were the hell, hid her guys and and the novelty acts the law The novel plates renters that yeah, but there was still the guy visually nine of a more united and advocate exited the lady, spain guy here and The we are brothers You should watch them. The egg google we're brother dioxin levels; they they was, I think, with swedish or norwegian three guys were there. And of play. Clarinet one play guitar one played violent obeys here they were hilarious physical. These me
a call performance. Well, it's interesting about like a bad. I was talking to a friend of mine, about about you and your style that you're equality in your sense of physical timing is so right. Like you know, it's a natural thing but you're aware of it yeah and in like a in I've, always envy the day because it it is a natural thing and you learn how to do it. I imagine it sort of addictive, but there is a moment where needed to do takes to do beats to do Nickel stop their choice riah, yet it also in front of an audience and helps them see the joke if they don't hear right right right or romania, but there's also that an amazing beats that those guys took those pauses and takes you know like You know any and now many guys do it anymore. You know it's a lost art but like when I watch like analyzes. I guess I'm not the narrative by the narrative will be.
it's like there's this there's a few scenes and analyzes where, where I can watch them over and over again in your reaction, is so fucking classic. It's so hilarious that I, like that were there there? I don't know they were with the hugging pay him. I don't know I was thinking about but deal you were so you you were on that, but it wasn't. It didn't come on research in a way, no, no and aid, but also as a pretty natural thing from here. It was a pretty natural thanks here when you grow up with answers. Those who were very animated- in in a very jewish ethnic. Why? Yes, very specific, but it was in beast and it wasn't that there must have been one of those there were. There were twelve of them, but at my apostles yet, but they everyone was very, they speak with their hands. In short,
I'm they were dead. There was the handful covered with solid dressing or do a zone. Macaroni is something which is not attractive when they speak. It grow yiddish, russian, really, russian. For who grandmother yeah now, both in russian and and and a lot of yiddish after a while when they didn't want us to know what they were taught exactly. That's where my grandparents they're like what are they doing? What is this gibberish going to the movie? They catch you out of the corner of their eye, so max to me. Whose conveys analyzer humans and you wouldn't. You knew that there was something you didn't they wanted to hear what did you really just say something already day? And I was so funny about you know: listen I I I I love my religion. I love, we add the world. I was born in brow, I'm not the most just guides rural, but I love the heritage of it again. I love the things that it stands for.
And I ve been very open about. People will come up to me and it always makes me either laugh or get annoyed when they'll go as total stranger saw Billy. How are you, what are you doing out? Oh, why you're talking like that, Oh, I I thought you might like now. I doubt if someone has almost anti semantic here, see here is a cultural representative of the jewish, see me and suddenly, I'm in like a tollison, a young and about the black hat, and you know that these events. The yankees got enough. Pigeon boy, Is it like they're trying to connect? Yes, they are, and I do have I I get it it just it always baffles me, but the funny thing is: is you familiar with that character? Grew up with that like it's, because, like I, I I didn't you don't like my grandparents were from jersey and everything I grew up with a jewish thing, and I've always been a fan of that comedy, and it's definitely in me I somehow like for years. I fought against it
so I got you I wanted to mention. I was a jew on stage, but I like I do know how to do it without going a the loose. How do you do it? Is there another way to do that? You think I do. I wasn't doing it now. I wanted my early stuff, I didn't do it. I started doing it on soap, the last year of soap, Susan Harrison whose amazing rider who created the show, brought on a young right in him stew, silver, given now still has a great comedy rider, fascinate story, as as stereotyping jewish comedy rider, as you can imagine the added he was a young guy right well guys like that. Are there guys that are just born old men? Yes, they are born old jew and he was a delightful guy yet, and we came up with a with a storyline that my character jodie goes into hypnotherapy to figure out why he's attracted to women?
that's odd and it and it's confused. I don't remember this yeah and he he takes me back in time. It was sort of like the search for bright him. I remember I remember, and I become this old jewish guy my past year and I'm stuck. I can't get out of the sky. So here I'm looking like. I looked back in my deity by thy. I talk like this and I am talking to My mother, Mary Campbell, reaching about how god tests, god will test people my first, I remember the lions frontier a redhead, she was raped by the cossacks repeatedly. But since she looked like a pumpernickel bread, it was more of a test for the cossacks this and it's and then I started doing instead of filtering into my stand up. I was doing luggage. You know a lot of piano so yeah. So that's where it sort of started it's not funny cause it's like it somehow ingrained in us. I
No, I can talk to like you. I gotta talk to just go boom. The other day needs its it somewhere in its history, in the inn, like those those people, stereotypical or the characters, but yeah. I had one though there was a woman, my group, my grandmother's aunt, used to say she didn't speak any english and they had a maker kosher food and she would sit in on a on a plastic covered, sofa and eve by yourself at family events. I mean there it's just part of the thing: yeah, oh yeah, the european jew thing, yeah, it's a it's, a it's a brushstroke, it's it's sam and it shouldn't be denied because they would really kind of amazing, oh yeah, in the language of comedy per year here well for, was the the timing of the timing, the emphasis that the lean I adore Alan king. Did you appear? We came great friends. We didn't movie together where we played father and son.
Sweet movie, called memories of me and we became very close ah, and I I would. I would imitate him to him or her not doing his voice or just the lean in it, because they want to make sure you hear them, but he did it on a cell and show here folks. I can't see me, but I'm gonna lean and they like it may get a little out such as this is now So I believe that is so. What am I doing about that? Crap grass lean right, hold you your most of you in the first row. You just wanted looks back. Well, I think I can agree they move right, but I think you think that's crab grass, because he was really the first of the jewish comics to do the middle class jewish thing that you know We're not you know we're not tat old people running away.
I pushing racks of clothes now where, where, where in, where on long island while he was- and he was very wealthy, yeah Allen was different than the other comics of that time. He produced broadway plays movies line in winter mia. He had great taste, he was on the board of directors of schenley and he had this house yeah. There was oscar hammerstein,
his house in great neck. He had great neck and was beautiful for it's right on the long island, sound here and he I know he had a huge ego. He bought it because it was on king's point. That's what it was called kings point and he was Allen again and we, when my friends, I was the youngest of my graduate class. I didn't have a driver's license away from where high school, yet we would drive to Alan king's house in great neck, look over the fence here and see the rolls royce or the beautiful tudor house here and it was like. I would love to have that when we would whisper, he tastes a comedian, a look, what a house and then he kept when I was little he came into an italian restaurant near my home town.
which was long which lie here and there was a hotel. It had a big showroom and everybody work there against him as a medium is junior there, and I brought in our clever idea- was big hotel here, big supper club here and Alan came in to this little restaurant and we actually wrote this and to MR saturday night whereon silver plain to direct. It tells me of the entrance he saw me make an arrest, right and Alan her, he just come from the show yeah. He had a mohair suit on a white shirt, beautiful white tie white on white. I must have been nine here and he came in and everybody applauded and he like glided into the room, and I had recognized him from the Sullivan, show ray and we were very modest people. Sunday night was the one we could eat out here and I saw him and I ran up to.
my ass mister king. I think you're fantastic and he looked haven't me. He said well, look. We just fell out of my nose. and I thought that it was like getting an autograph from mickey mantle was like he insulted me. It was like so great and we put that into the into the into him into the movie with no malice. No Allen was amazing, I'm so blessed to you know, that's one of the fringe benefits mark of what we do my grandfather deserve. You hang around long enough sooner or I'll. Give you stuff yet the people we get to meet the end up with the area and become part of their lives is is for me, at this point in my life and my group cannot, I looked back and smile gone holy right, holy shit. In analogy I held a mean, you know what
Did you like what, like sir, the so your nine you watch in solving you're, doing all this stuff? You don't stick and in school and your brothers, they did. They end up in show business in any one. I middle brother, he's too I'm the youngest usually is older. My brother rip is I've, been a producer intelligent lucifer years out here and em, and my elder Joe was in our teacher. Thirty, six years, really funny great witty guy and he's retired. Now, ah, so you say you have a creative ban. We have a family that open minded at least enjoy, show bothered about how many shall arise. People, and- and and on top of that my mom was a great tapped answer, oh yeah, and if she was voice of many mouse in a macy's thanksgiving day, parades and late. Third, she would sit in the float as it came down. And would sing for this year. we usually on forever blowing bubbles to this huge float coming?
inside the four year inside of it there was a like a little cabin. However, at the base of many feet, and no one would see her and said BP, a little pierre and she'd sing. I can get so funny because either They keep sticking with me as I like, even in Mr Santer, ninety in and because of the way you were brought up that we're difference between The show person and backstage you're in Well, like you, know their liking too, I appreciate that which it sounds like you must of, because you sitting, I hear you're going to use these gigs, what your father, you see in these jazz guys in there just sitting around smokin before the shower do whatever, and then they go on its like a right. Am I you know it is a weird kind of like the appreciation for show business. feel that yes, and not only that there's a the word destiny is, is different than fate right, destinies, more important.
Fate is like by chance right right. Destiny means it was meant to be sure and when I think about getting on stage in front of seven hundred people when I was five years old and tap dancing to write. You know this said conrad janis and the tail gaiters, dixon ban. Not any fear just one to be up there to the flame, yale and being endorsed and and supported by my folks- and it wasn't like- why did you grow up that we don't train you're, not supposed to do that here? They loved it yeah and is not buddy push me. I d just knew that I had to do so to do this year. Soda, like I was arranged you yeah, I was rangy, went back in my house, writing jokes watching with comics loving it couldn't wait to get up and-
and you love it love them. I still do, but I liked that I, like the idea of that loving it. You know, because I you I just personally and obviously we're we're different people have different careers, but you know I If, like I needed to be a comma, because I had something to say, that's what I thought so so taking the love and yeah, I would fight it. I was that kind of comic where you aren't going to it's going to be a little tough at first for us, but you may not love me right away exactly, but you you just took it union, he felt it and it was great he has I also had a little mantra near which was dont settle in right: you can stay vigilante s down to relax man, it's my needs to be hide the hate, that's it.
it's a little more dramatic limo or, I think not hate, that's a great album title. Book title yeah, alright I'll make note of it yeah, but but yeah, because I feel like I've. I realize that you know your last few years, like I miss you as the host of the oscars, because because you love show business, I do, get out of here. You know it's like this is a nitrogen business celebrates show business. You fuck you, is the guy. I never thought I'd have a moment mike. I miss billy dancing. but I don't think there's I didn't really dance. I don't want to. I e all wide move. We entertain right, you know cause you answer utterly that's what it was about. It was this year because that's what it is about it is about. Everybody knows too much now and I'm not even that old. No it's shoe and end in a social media really hurts that allow sometimes-
it's like everybody's on this equal playing field. So, like no idea, I'm weird, I know I want some privacy I'd like the mystery to be maintained. Debate if possible. Yes- and I don't need to hear from jack fifty nine. In whatever the out at night. He hates me. The actors Allen had a good king having married line about the which was surrounded by assassins when used argue about other comics made me. Maybe a ban, So when did you, when did you decide to sorta pursue it like you in earnest, who I date yet like? How did that when I got out of the draft haha? sixty nine. Yet a first draft has televised. I was if film directing major it and why you studying direct really. I still don't know why I did that. I swear to god. I have been in nothing but musicals and and play in high school in high school in college,
went to college, it is their graduate school. You tell you why I went to years of I went to school was reacted west virginia fiscal marshall universe was that it was while I want one. I? I had a good time goes baseball player and it didn't work out for me there, and I trust that what you wanted to do, the air- and I were- I came home, my father just passed away. I was was young. I was very dear fifty for her. I was fifteen, so I was very, I was really depressed and I will go away and west Virginia was little to off broadway for me and I was lonely and you did he get again. I didn't give it the best chance. I could give and I think you're in greece, Well now your first time away from home- and I was seventeen- I was even horrible and their drink- I couldn't even drink with the guys and doing stuff like that. So I I came home that summer and I had a job in a in a day camp jewish day camp. No,
regular yeah and this girl walks by none of them on the beach playing ball with foreign stevie come up here and I'm gettin ready for go back to school, so and she walks by innocent. I'm gonna marry her and I did- if four years later and so I didn't go back to school. I transferred to this junior college around her yeah. I knew if it was I'd love to much right away, that you know Have you ever been like a long distance relationship sure they don't work out now, it's easier now with skype, but yeah, but back then difficult, and so I said not going to go back and I got into a trench with this great junior college called nassau community college and had one elective which was enacting one a one per year and I walked in there and it was like I'm home no kid yet great teacher
You remember the guy age. His name was george Oliver and interesting man. I loved the students started, doing stuff started, doing scenes started doing and I just gave it for two years at that solid. Yes, then I transfer no stand up yet or know yet, but I've met these two guys who are actors and we started doing improv together. I would have just done stand up yeah, but I was terrified So I have these two guys and we had this really fun act to those guys that day forth on an and AL fanelli and we became known as we the people and then we became known as three company. We had more names than really grow. Tansy with yours do so now transfer and why you and I get in. I don't know why mark I applied as a directing major. I didn't go into the acting program. You don't know, I still don't know why the oda
make little home movies and stuff around I loved I'd, like being did you think? Maybe it was a better job. I thought. Maybe I was very practical right that if the acting thing. Didn't work out, had something clo lug directly to hold back, and so on. and why you, and whose mike my film professor of of the year in production, as a graduate student, martin scorsese, no hearing yet who had seventy. What this is sixty eight sixty eight sixty eight am living in east village, with my best friend, david chairman, was still causes of france and damn, where does little apartment on east fifth street? next to the police station and a reason police stations as important was under way. I'd shot of the police station on kojak. You can see my poor area and he pointed that out. Alas, riot- and you know you show me miles, Davis right is miles, would get busted every week
because she'd be coming down to the lower east side, to look for the aria and his red ferrari would be out in front of our apartment by and he'd be yelling at this red haired detective named sergeant, and he beheld a matter of fact. I Vicki second fact about stalinism. Miles, don't become down here, no more don't become, thou look of the drug and what you stupid, equity is still be saw this, my all, yet we seem alternative, So then so that was sixty eight Seventy three s fifth ethan we in the eu, twenty five east vestry between verse and fresh and second yet and now vietnam's raging, it was the greatest place to live, was east village. Then it was so extraordinary. The filmore east was there. A third world is run on six street and design avenue. I would on second between may be in the eighties right here.
And it was right next door as why so my first movie was that theatre. My dad did these concerts at a place called a central place that which has one eleven second avenue which is now an n. Why you building right? Where is at their film archive white way, it was a movie theater, it was a movie theater called the original is called the lower commodore oblong finally how commodore name any idea and it became the former east- ok yeah And that's where you know everybody play, however, as a maze and that by the great hendricks abandon gypsies, wreck yeah zapper, everybody plain, damn the village, then was so exciting to be part of, but our country at that point was in the middle of natural childbirth is screaming all ass yelling. Here we hated this this war, we hated Nixon, we hated what was happening.
and I mean lbj, knew what he was doing yeah. You know. lemme see. Nor will I accept a nomination. I'm gonna fuck out of here he could see what was happening and now we're faced with this? and suddenly you look kits today have no I saw my gown, your twenty I see this- I was just now was uh twenty year and now it sounds like Alan king. Yet yeah the kid, but nobody in today were you exposed to the draft, not I'm fifty two. Oh so there's you, you got a selective service card here and they talked and they told us that they're gonna have, as the war was heating up here, that we're having this televised draft, which was power ball. Basically, three urgent, sixty five,
these ping pong balls, you don't really put into machine, live on television and as they came out, if you were in the first two hundred you. You had a report right away and do more than likely we're gonna go to vietnam and listen those of us who didn't believe in the war. This was terrified thing for those who made their choice. I retorted the respect that I was. I had no idea why I cared about the eventful I didn't you know. I don't know why I didn't if they will come if they were in If they were in jersey, then ok me or bombing, jersey, yeah, right then Simon rack, but I did. What would what did we care about the right it made? No sense does much like this would that we ve been in full. Twelve years now doesn't make any sense, virginias souls television
so it was like the it was like the anti lottery yeah. He didn't want to win. It now re first, two hundred eugen yeah. So I had this production class. Read: does tv production class read this at n Y? U here so that I think it came on at seven or eight o'clock quarter was and we were able to watch like the first fifty named, I'm not in the first fifty ps, the tension. You know it spins spins and the ball comes out April. Third, so it was just birthdays, just birthday's April Third, next of you, you know me a march second augur edgy. Can you imagine your life has been decided. Some guy in a uniform. Poland is balls out of a machine and no music to this, and how will we write with the draft was terrified. So now I'm not in the first. Fifty all right, I got a chance here. I run home and I ran to the play son on a street called the gems spot member gemstones second area
way way to them, creams, yeah and a little dead chocolate raspberry think they are well anyway. Why would look when whetstone. That's what you wanted again and I think it's still there yet is there yet they make egg creams yeah. So I run up there. I run across town from from washington square park. Thinking I'm not in the first fifty I'm not in the first fifty how many balls have been pulled since that I left the new york times hits the payment and we would like it was like a association. Cut me I'll, be bowman like an accent after britain, twelve still marked by the time I went to print now. I run back to my apartment, run up the stairs I am I I call my mother mom. Do you watching a lottery? No, Is it a bonanza has a two hour, especial hoskin bit by a snake He has a good report now, I'm watching the Joe franklin show I would end up imitating on Estonia, and one of the most, I think was one of the first ticket tapes on television came through the bottom, with the numbers.
so now I see I'm not one twelve to one seventy five. I'm not modern one. Seventy five to two twenty, I'm not! I don't get called into three. Fifty four and that's how I got out of going. to the also they literally went through the whole year? Yet three sick? I get three and sixty five days and have just the order yeah. So I was three Fifty four I never had to take the physical. I never had anything like that. I was out so you one though I won the lottery and wanted to show business with my two friends, Alan Dave. We form this act and we started doing, improves and fake improves and sketches and stuff. It places and please we started on. Oh, I was our vaudeville. It was called the coffee house circuit and we would we would get a hundred and fifty dollars each but you'll be the three days and you'd livin adorn
Nor can the air travel newer travelling? Yes, so we were on the road and my blue volkswagen. Usually not. There is a big volkswagen. There was my volkswagen and with David out, and we had a I had a great time. What were those rooms where, where were the rooms in new york, that you would play we play well yeah we ended up at the the bitter end. Rice was great. There was in the car x it that time so you had. The committee was around. There was a precedent for driving a trunk. He come a trucking was really good. fred will it was in the near the committee that was, more of a west coast, the area and- and we were really funny- we did it like a mike douglas show, and we did you know he did yeah, but it was. It was hard to break through with three guys and Was there four and a half years with them really, so you were in that. Let the urine job as I was in shelburne yeah and not making any money, and most of may was eleven before grand a year.
The feature actor, the headline actor we'd av opening agro. Sometimes we with headline but it at the college's. We were always the featured a right and then always be a folks. Sure and us in what they introduce. It was called the coffee how the advocate right every campus on added thing. After eight o'clock, the cafeteria became yeah right The night club of beatniks, yet the area and that's where we that's where we were, but I was already married in nineteen, seventy so for me. You gotta make a live here and I was so a substitute teaching yeah at the school I went to work. weird being long island, yeah language. Junior high, where you are living by. I was here as the living in them and how to grow up and upstairs is like a second. It is after the where we say yeah, so we like all awaiting linger on scorsese you. So you got this like email, hyperactive graduate student teacher.
oh my god, he would stand behind you and we were working. You know there was filmed then yet so you got white gloves there was a machine called a movie yola. My movie all had the film on one spool. sound and the others bull and you think them up we're ended and through a machine right and you couldn't touch with it had white gloves and if you wanted to make an edit you'd stop with a break. I put a grease mark on your cut. Take a razor blade, make the cut yeah. Take the tape make the go to the sound, hear the sound roeder? Yet a yacht, your own or eat art a need, your ie, or make the mensa and the heat stand behind you yeah. He had this big beard here and then why did you make the cut? I don't understand, why would you do that? Why would you make that cut howard hawks would make that guy said. Howard hawks, isn't a student here and every time I see him. You know
I say I assume the same question. Why did you give me you see when making little movies about it was. He was amazing. He has any of those movies, the movies the amount that, if I have them, our that it basically silly there was just yet but did you feel like you learn something there. I did. I learned basics of staging. so you know that the camera dictionary of you actually direct ear of were who stands where and how you come arise. I back. He said that that basics coverage ye area that kind of the area- do you have any substitute teaching yeah you're in it at three guy act? right and any I'm to have yet nineteen seventy three. Ok, some gettin getting weary and I'm getting anxious in. I know I'm hiding high so I do you. You mean like ie, you just your protected by the other guy here and really going into the big?
and when were you know, it's lonely at the middle and we get noticed just by chance here we're up at a record comical buddha records, gira cats Stevens. I think the area and we would I do an album move. Gonna do a very. I teach jogs made a record already and yet egg on call your radio and uncle wordy we're working environment babo, and we were working on the sound with his two young produces there and and we were, you know we have. We had. The act was good and we were additional.
Two open for china and would do in Iraq. I swear in a conference room. The three of us do not beds for one guy and ed Somerville, two things, and he says: do you guys know who bunny more is echoed in only said he's robert clients manager, and they would the jack round charlie jaffe office, which was the sure the best officer them woody Allen the habit and was want to bring him in body more yeah. Yeah see brings embody.
we do have stuff for here all alone in his room and he doesn't laugh. You two miles a couple of witnesses. Okay, let's see, let me see what we can do so much so it gets us a couple of little rooms in new york so and so forth, and I know a good it's not happening, but we're in the mix in his office. He admit right. He then, with a great man who just sadly passed away Larry prisoner, come to me and say: have you ever thought about doing stand up, and I said yes and I said because the act isn't going anywhere. We don't think that it's! It's a poor jewess. I yeah right. It's it's not gonna happen here, but we'll be there, for you
and we'll work with you right from the beginning. If this is what you want to do, because we think you could be a stand up, comic summit- oh my god! Yes, let me think about this. Yeah now I know I have a support group write a big one, yeah I'm a home and I was I was mister. Mom yeah janis went back to work here. She now working at the college and I went to see system dean of theatre at nasa committee college how'd, you view about I was well listen. It was what you had to do your and you know what she had faith in you because this is one who said to me: you can do this year. I'm gonna go back to work, figure this out and am m. Therefore, and we had a baby was six months old and she said this is important for this. Seventy three yeah yeah. So the call from a friend and anyway you
his name is iris, thirty and and said a listen. You do know, do you know a comedian who could do like fifteen minutes in front of singer, it does Ebay tea house. On friday, we haven't had already in my dad's fresh air it so I said, yeah I'll, do it first gig said well one: when did you start to? Instead of oh? No, have I been doing it for, while lying my ass off I'm feeling my baby and is it It's a great, it's a it's a friday night and you get there like at seven, go on at eight a I'm a twenty you're done and and evokes a great eye, and it's like twenty five bucks. I want great label yeah. I hung up on him what what the hell did? I just do here as I called a buddy more as a buddy. Listen, I I I I I book myself to a fraternity parties, it's friday night, it's twenty five bucks and I don't think I should pay. You commission is great,
Given the information I said, where was a mercer streton? So now I put together stuff yeah and I, through this image, Adam s who I was doing who sell em I'll lay a little bit with the act we should do. Is why world sports thing it I'll do it? So I had old that I had but two minutes here, maybe three as a couple of things through together did the wizard of oz and a minute aramis was the. I was but not so much a television, it's all spliced up and so you do their bit for years with a yeah yeah. So I get to the fatah it's pouring rain. It's like horrible area. I get to the fraternity house, they were all sitting there and just smoking pot and all that stuff yeah. I see the stage and here like I'm like panicked, I think I'm you know how much time can I really do here right and ivor comes over. He goes listen. Ah, can you stretch
if, when he made his work as the the focusing adjust called he stuck in traffic with this rain here, can you stretch a civilian go like from remarked three and a half minutes so I dunno I'll have as would talk my this and I'm getting more worried in walks body, more right, Larry business rollin, so cells, yeah, yeah, yeah, all common rights, his place stared at the back of this suits, what the raincoats umbrellas and stuff and hats yeah and they introduce me one marc otte, unaware came from I did in our twenty come. I swear. I still don't ever remember what I did. I just went. It was belch. It was a vomit of epic come proportions, because it was all in as fresh traded right. Try with the group. He just came out right,
and ruins loves that right, new ice? When you push it out, I just went the edges went in. they stood up and focusing and then arrived and he sang. May the circle be unbroken, and then there was a nice. Was a nice night and they came up to me afterwards. I could, I couldn't believe it. It is a crying and embodies says to me: I'd, listen, that's stunk! So, let's go to what did he say you get laugh. I I was getting. I was killing yeah, I was I don't even I swear. I don't remember what I did right, but a better that time there were sort of seeing the new comics come out. I imagine that you know you replied doing some crowd, work and stuff right, oh yeah but it was like it was a. It was like a miracle as beautiful It was great here and then you know you could do yet. I believe you know your first weird gig out you some out there now and a half years of unites all it's just trimming now
and yet the here and now I go. Oh man I cheated on my friends. They had no they re right here and now I know I don't want to do that anymore right. You know them but you gotta do that now I gotta tell them yeah what I did yeah and they were my best friends and it was four and a half years of of stuff together and living on a road and dorms together and all that stuff and was more than just being an acting area, not sure- and I told him and he was shocked that I did it, but they went good for you no kidding. I said guys, I love you here. I really do I get an eighteen month old, baby that sleeping in there. I gotta do this and I'm going to do an and if we had one gig coming up right, opening from melissa manchester at the bitter end- and she was hot like crazier
coming from the rain and issued goods, good songs and a great perform. If nothing comes from that I'll. Give you that as we have already bought me. I want to do that with you. Then I'm gonna end I would get it sold out is like a perfect set up for us here, everybody's coming record people right right. It's tv people coming to see her and so and we were killing and I'm saying to myself police a body bias you, nobody focus for anything, believes no, don't die out down and they didn't, and then it was the largest did. Those two guys day in show business, David did David is still really funny. I saw him real pretty recently seen him for years and years and years, and I still the guy's, an analysis in new mexico, but really what's his name out finale,
used to play right now and in them and a photographer end and in the arts yeah, and I just when I left them that what that night, the next night I'm at catch, rising star at the beginning, seventy four yeah now hold on again on hoping again I'll, just wait and yeah rick newman Eric was great to me cause. He knew that I lived in over an hour outside of manhattan and I had a baby, and I said he knew my gig yeah, so he tried to get me better times, I was so fertile here, wrote my ass off and very quickly. I had a really good twenty minutes to begin with, most impression, driven some a little bit but yeah, but it's interesting. in it that I'll get to his anger, but because I come home, I'd come to catch
yeah and I'd get on it. Maybe one year and I'd be done one twenty one then, then you hang out, for so the hell is going on before you at that time. Eddie blue, stone, richard lewis, Andy kaufman bells m cia friday friend right lenin and then david it would come in and do an hour rides to eight going over to bud's place to know because he was too far west for me right so I could catch was on the east side. I could get animal rights, seventy eighth or something then yeah, four and forth in the like. Eighth and ninth yeah yeah, so I could get out of the draft eis right yeah. It was really about that year and I hadn't become a dive dive, Oh did in private guy till emeralds, california rank ass to me with just a great room reality and programme or the original one. The idea was great, and here is so I would its Get home by three up at six jazz
for work at seven got the baby. Then I got the baby. Was my life? You know its firm. Did they leaped like two years every night, a catch, every night that he eventually moved down on the roster a bit: oh yeah, yeah yeah, pretty quick, last it'll work in pretty quickly, which was great and my first, my first big gig. While I should backup yeah, I'm doing really good number of feeling like I am. My purpose in life is being fought. Rise was a really romantic fantastic time for me, after all of us and rawlins comes to see me for the first time since the had a friend and he wanted to wait till I had marinated a little bit and annie sharing all this stuff. You know I was I was really. I was really doing good stuff near and I know is coming and we're gonna talk afterwards. So jack jack was he looked like the jewish
gallant and had the big I browse vague, but the big bags under his own. I always a little step of a cigar here and tons of drift, almost like epilepsy suit, he looked like a brooklyn college, english, professor I met him once when he very oh yeah yeah and he lived two hundred air and I just destroyed. I have twenty minutes so just boom, and I was you know I was I was doing I was doing only then I was doing a bunch of other stuff that were more a bits year and I I just I crunched yeah, so we go out afterwards and sit down and I'm Like I'm full myself, you know that feeling when you just, he had. Disability is like an area. So I just like him what
walk on your own sweat for world's good at sweep yeah. It's so exciting. Let's eat yeah yeah, so jack's looking at me and he spits a little bit of the cigar thing. How did you think he did tonight, now I know I'm fucked ea and I know to the honest, is great and he says yeah and now I I I feel like I want to stab him. He asked cause. He does what he does not say anything and it goes yeah. You know bill that I didn't care for it and I'll go. Why really? Why and I'm trying and trying so hard, not to leap across a terrier, you didn't leave a tip, I go. What do you mean? He said all you did a lot of bits there
I call them toys and games. There was all bits, but the addis had no idea about who you were when you left the stage em, you didn't leave a tip, a tip that little extra, something that you leave, because it was good they this had. So they know they that I, like the guy. Who did the thing, though, he's a nice? Is it that's important right? You didn't leave it to you. Never once said. I I think I feel you know it bothers me you never said that area I know what I'll leave things. I know what this guy thing. I know it mister rogers- yes, is a bit said. Why are you so? You have to be ready and be prepared, ready bomb. You have to know what that feels like in order to grow in order to grow these alike telematic huge
things to lay on a twenty five year olds. You know Oliver just killed, do and who's six months just pay a substitute teaching feeling like. Oh, my god, my future is happier and it was it was gigantic. But- it totally changed my perception. I have a lot of do he said so come back tomorrow. All these things can work, and we can wrinkled amend as we go right right, but for europe personal welfare on stay there, don't don't do any this tomorrow, you married. Yes talk about that. You, young man, you married! That's unusual! You have a baby s. Talk about that! Look at you who else has a baby. Eddie bluestone doesn't have a baby bells. It will never have a baby, but look at that did not happen. If I talk about that and I and I went home, I didn't sleep and a all day with Janni the next day
who's, the mother of two herself and am writing stuff about being being the only man in the play group breath? You know. Romania and bulgaria and identity talk about how she was born. I did a piece about natural, childbirth and nineteen. Seventy four year He knows that. So that's what I was it any pointed me in there. direction, and I and am any comic who young person comes up to ask me about that. I tell them that store here be prepared to bomb. We. I was so did you you, oh yeah, but till you find your way right till you find your way right and then I learn. Oh, if I get experiment with that, but I need that thinking.
and with yes and then enact salted devours you're always got alley. Yeah yeah. I got that an end. It grow in this in the right and suddenly you you'd you'd be area, but it was the approach right. It was the approach that was so amazing and when jack was a hundred, this was last year he died, short lived, and I haven't seen him in years and I always kept in touch with my s call them, but he was your wisdom filled men. She man get a wise year. He was my yoda yet way and end the company had fallen apart had broken up, and I wasn't with him any more in and you know robin rest, his soul and I were like we would like the children of the divorce when when Rawlinson jaffee broke up here, but who do
go with we love jack, but we love buddy and we'll still have David Steinberg, the manager and we're right yes with jen and Larry here. So I didn't get jack right as much as I wanted to. I go to see him in new york and he's a hundred years earlier and was sitting there and my series. The comedians was gonna debut that night and I was in town to impress and stuff like that. So I program his vcr with his year as his helper is give her and he was in an out and I knew I had to get out of there. It was getting emotional for me and I and we both there was the last time we probably gonna, see each other here and I said so Jack ten o clock tonight. It's all It up, don't worry. If you miss it, you'll see it in the morning. He said, don't worry it's all done.
love seen you I love you. He grabbed my hand and he says, are you happy with your work on the show? Do you feel good about what you did on the show? I said yes very much so I says that's most important cause. They can never take that away from you. My oh, my god. It was like so amazing. You know and I m carried out a reality. You know I've been fortunate to to have had good guidance here. That's of new magazine style. It really amazing jack was amazing. It was amazing. I end and article mommy area but great stuff, and is so so when does he knows how to self happened? How does the first, Can I come out here and move here. Did not three originally regionally right way. we had a night at the cut. This is interesting and night. The comedy store
is traveling on a row with Melissa manchester her opening act, and that was a great gig for a comic at that time fantastic year, but it was, it was kind of cool and he lived on a boat Do twenty minutes right, yeah and sold out crowds yeah? You know nothing on my head damn came down, Ella, which was intoxicating ella back Seventeen whose like amazing you now will you could be it. It's boulevard, smelly, orange blossoms and evaluating valley mean it was like really. It was different, more made business yeah. I was really cool and exciting and yet was happening here. So they have a night. The good the office sets up a night for me at the comedy, sir everybody comes here. it was insane in the main room, the big room, no doubt with them. I really don't think that wasn't they didn't have the main were me. I wasn't open yet a little box, romania and I look out in is Jim books and there's call reiner and his norman leader,
and there's always that- and it went really well here when really we're there now a meeting. All of these guys is like being a in you know no yankee, locker, yeah, yeah and and go home to new york. norman lear, Calls me at home himself. I so enjoyed you the other night, I'm like yeah, We have a part on the family you play when you play my, best friend he's gonna get married on the show at mike's house, Pretty good episode, I think I thought united, you would you come out, and would you think about doing this, but I come out when I think about doing Yes, MR lear appointed a norman, did the next day plan of common I'm doing all in a family is,
Stymied met, rob yeah, aha, so now cast as his best friend we added its. It was the week after the this device, Baby had been seen on all in a family, ok rights, in the end and makes baby. So is it huge audience. like forty nine million people saw. Like a medium, shall we no archie, you know no edith, it was me and robin and sally. I I end up getting married on the show, but it's many episode, but we became we had a play. As friends and a sort of stock right away here, and we should listen. The moves good honest shows, let's just keep going with this year and that's it has remained to this idea and through it I saw you with him it that's why I think that the only memorial yeah yeah yeah. So it was said that was a big break and then Paul wit, tony thomas susan harris com call us they summing up tonight show
yeah and and they were doing the series and they they offered me this part, and I played jody Dallas as sky gay director of commercials and esp at par big ensemble. I had one line, pilot was an hour. They were too half hours put together as a pilot, I had one line in the pilot, but the second I had this great episode with my mother, where I'm in her clothes and she catches me and we talk about as she sees me, she has white get out of my oh, you wear it belted. and it was smart in it and I met with him and it was a great pedigree was J sandridge who was one of the best tv directors, Mary tyler, moore channel and and Susan. I just thought she was a genius and an amazing right here and that's a soil ok and it was a groundbreaking show groundbreaking, show and and- and I thought all right well, but wait a second, mrs nineteen. Seventy six when the pilot was America's elective
wasn't his tolerant. I said you know, but I have my stand up and You always have that your guilt, you know so I dont want to be the gay guy soap. Someone, my own identity, actually crystal. I just was starting to really get what's being stage, was getting better, and yet I was, as is now happening at no one. Yet did the show been on end you up for that? I was bumped from the very first show europe, but averted by day. Allen did you we Madame la Michael's, a long time but I you know, but I understood it at the same time. At that time you and I didn't understand because of how it was told to me about what went down in a friday night before was a dress rehearsal, I'm sorry to have it was right- and I was addressing ursula united Lorna had been all add, had been coming to the club
in ITALY. He loved what I did and they liked my dad and he signed me to the first shower. We had this deal and NBC were like six six appearances. and as an hour and then and then this then I become like the first non celebrity hosts right, which is what we talk about the time zone paper we have Two, the first, the first show end Sir George Carlin, as the house is to musical gas billy preston genesee in and I knew everybody knew cast because they will come. See me at the bitter end and instead jarman Gilda everybody fried in that we have the run through for the network and a full audience, and might my thing disk. It just killed beer, but it grew grand like five and a half six minutes. So now we have notes if towards
one says and billy. I need two minutes. I said you need me to take out two minutes. No, I need two minutes total. That's what we were running very long and I I I I didn't understand that and and throw in the fact I'm twenty five years old rice. How can I kill you just it was. It really was one of the stronger pieces and shall be strongest peace while it now, I gotta call everybody in bad buddy, identical jack and a modern five to one, a minimal em in the dungeon spot. And more than likely I'm gonna get dropped because the show was running long anyway. So it's wives you waiting yeah. So now I now would go there in a room would long ago, by alone had other things to worry about he's got the premier of a network show yeah. I understood that end. Belzer is doing a warm up and buddy and jack mountain says camacho gone.
Why wont do what we want to do? Is I didn't have any other material to do right. I didn't the two men and hung andy had mighty mouser. You know he is so he had this Amazing little pisa I didn't have. I was too little right, so you know that I think the office as for fun minutes in the first, our police have the first hour and he'll take out whatever he hesitated and he couldn't guarantee it, and so you know we ended up again then leaving right and it was horrible. A feeling ass, I knew that it was gonna, be groundbreaking where it had to be right, and that was my than has been the other As I came back the next year alone brought me back. I was on this that run essen hosted. Who was gerald ford press agree? I write funny guy here, and I did I was on that issue
I didn't. Do it again for eight years until I hosted it, went to capital was their produce and then he became it ass member here. Why do I hosted a twice that season air in an end and that some of the comments it listen? I got a crazy idea if I could get Chris guest and marty short and harry share to come, would you would you would you come as a chasm, and I thought about it for like six seconds and said? Yes, I just now It was the right move, it's funny, because you guys did some great stuff, great stuff, and people think that we were there for years. We were there one year here we were all there one year, but out of that one year came at great. we came, synchronize swimming became fernando. You know I never see again and they I hate what had happened. The eyes ballplayers, which was a peace, deal with Chris, where we played to negroes These will play right, went on. There was so so my favorite thing that we did that near christen. I will always together doing stuff, and that was the
can you work with him? He ever we will have good friends was first and we really right. right now. We must integrate our great. We had a good and was fantastic time pages how much I enjoyed the moment where you want it's, and I told him to have told a story- does a great artist velvet. So is so then you know after soap, you're you're kind of you doing to stand up, and you get this. I guess what and so you you're a guy. You can act you're gonna get it when I get a variety showed NBC right. I get my own veronica guerin at article f, give me my own show how their run to episodes rate, we voting rights, we did six year, it was a sum This must be a summer replacement. Robin have meant something. Yadda rock cousin was alive milon, wife. Whatever was has a heart attack.
I can't do we shall we. We had already taped a show nea, and he said your honest we had. No promotion were up against. The island and love boat, maybe see which was gigantic among NBC here ten o'clock, and it was you know it was just to find itself here we do with writing. I could never known if I was. You know. As far as that, when I was the guy tell me, and I knew you were doing in ottawa- you don't song and dance about micronesia, yeah yeah, always young and ass. I had a model on my first guesswork, John can't Rick miranda dave thomas from from sketches, do doing sketches here. Damn that's what fernando born yeah yeah? Oh so we did the first two aired: wouldn't do any didn't do any ratings?
but the show was getting was starting to find itself. They showed me times her everything these time end and we were coming in to do the fifth episode. to adhered air, and I go to the office and I was in, I was like always fried mere cause. I could feel wasn't quite working. You know the ratings for good reason and on the way and offended called and said you. Ok, yeah I got it. It was doing a good children. I agenda innovative, it's really good would get the Shelly Duvall in manhattan. Transferring and neither was. It was good she's a good. Shall we some better stop and I hung up my refers lady, so I could get into the office. trades are on the table that change around my desk and
Is NBC cancels filmmakers laconia, nobody told me break the fuck is wrong with job. Can you imagine it Nobody told me here and then I had to go and do show. for some reason, because the pressure was off, the shows get better, I don't give a shit anymore of that year. What I knew we were done, but with the shows got really good, and so that was but that wasn't. That was a terrible, terrible. To do your eye? Yeah she's softball gather. why? Yes, the guy erodes the surprise party so have a good time tonight at the park where yankees yankees so it is an easy scenario
back on the road or play vegas in all kinds of places, and it was you know, because, even if you fail you with their rear so You know you could make alabama mining play little but bigger place and had yet grounds told you what he told you any was a hundred. Maybe it would have enabled the not take it so hard uk now, when you get cancer like they're nuts, are like everybody in the country looks at you and goes now. That's right. it's a terrible regional showing the business. You know you like you, it's really! Maybe they were in the surprise party, but Still he s going to go out there, you gotta do a show and everyone around you poor guy, yeah. I was you didn't sign up to be the victim of anything you show now and so then
I did my second h b, o special, which was a really good show. I've done six via second one was called the comics line, and it was the opening was a parody of a chorus line. I played all these people auditioning for this special yea. It was really fine. I remember that yes, good and that Michael Fuchs was there, yet damn it get did a really strong reviews, and so on and so forth, and dick episode call me and gave said we'd like it has to show. So now I was hosting snl. Now your big Alec. Now I no! No, no. I mean you're one of the guys. That's when, like I think that the nation started to recognize that you were the guy that did all the stuff he did the impression he did the great comedy. Had the h b, o specials, like you, were yo a top comic near me as it was a. It was a really good time. Yes, really good time, but but when did the movies come and move,
come at the end of sarah alive because when Harry met alleys s later first movie was running scared here with Gregory. oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, right there that was right after snl and and So I was there for a year now and then than that, and then that then comes through model from the train, funny princess bride, that was all before her. In my time as salaries is private, carol came near by the little old miracle: medea great, have funds dome of the castle Nathan, and dumb, I'm actually spinal tap to nine other might be a great and then them then heron sally Ann and city slickers, and and yes It was a great was plus you know. Hosting and eighty six we started comic relief sewed. That was a great thing to be able to be with with rob
would be, and all the other colleagues who have we always runs would rob and all the way through. Why did you guys work together? We was a really that they brought. You got that that got us closely. We knew each other in right, but you know he traveled in a different world. Yet in in late seventies- and I did in their slightly more dangerous world year via air, but we always had fun time. again, but when we started to get thrown together and eighty six it deepened here And yeah in yeah, very sweet man, yeah yeah, sad thing be. Did you know her before? Well, now I had met her backstage at her. One person show so whose big idea was it was. It does a mood as idea at Chris O'Byrne. It was the model years and all back, but Chris Chris is bringing them together. Yeah huh and it was great- oh yeah,
It's history making day was fantastic time said and be with all the other comics who has to read any meat into the that all the new comics every year it hurts. It is beautiful in ice when, when I was in Louisville fur alleys, funeral. And I was he had asked we'd be. I got to kind of go back and change the narrative, and I had I done my first tv show yet with him or just by chance, so I could imitate him and he loved it and you have derived and we became really good. France is so weird. It's so we're it's one thing: it's one of those. The idea had it with my two here as making mantle and Ali, I end up being big parts of their lives it at a time and their deaths, making to the.
now he knew he was a hard character. Yeah fantastic interesting said elderly here, but I ended up. Helping cost us right is right, the eulogy, ah, that he gave from making Dallas here and allay, and I became great friends and important friends and at his request I was one of the eulogists so backstage at what he was there. They had like a green room, and I see day Japan and robin- and I went first come, I think, was the first comically got christa put him on movies like seventeen or eighteen amelia, and we we fought for him to be on her and
I saw him. He just ran over and grab me and talked about the and got very emotional talking bout. You know what that means. I forgot at ally's funeral yeah. It was really sweet, it was released, it was released, become very sort of like he's a grown man now yeah and he's got a lot of feelings, and you know it's nice air was terrific yeah. And in when you eulogized alley how how what was the experience? It was awesome because now sitting there, I first met him in seventy four yeah, I'm just starting out. I heard his voice. I do this voice form at this big dinner that was had become up. a television special. It wasn't a roast now until I gotta wear and did him and again nobody knew. I was here. I told the story at the eulogy dick chap whose was the m c in them enter of sport, magazine air,
they had made all the sport magazine manner the year for beating foreman retail gettin the title battles and he had well, my agent looking for Robert Klein and cause Bob did a lot of sports stuff here, and so he could do five minutes on a deus within and they said a bob's at a town he's not available, and she said, but I got this new kid and he does this great imitation of ali and cosell stream minutes long dixit sounds perfect. Just have them show up, so I get to the I'd, get to the plaza hotel and idle at love, dolly I
and I so respected him. And yes, I mean there were two things you look forward to at a certain point for us, a woody allen movie in an alley fight- or you know those are two like huge event right ray and sometimes that you couldn't tell what was more important to hear indyk said. Ah, how do I introduce you? So I suggest same one of ali's, closest and dearest. Friends are thinking I'll go into the cosell and that'll make sense here, and I won't have to talk right. One have to introduce it I'll. Just boom bear right in the air another scorsese kind of edit yeah and I walk into the ballroom with journalists in whim. Like oh, my god, that's franco, harris from the steelers is gino Marchetti from the colts Archie griffin, heisman trophy winner. It's everybody is here, there's neil Simon at george plimpton, oh my god, and I am led up to the day as some sitting three seats from
indeed an ice, told a story that it is looking at everybody in seeing Ali in person for there's time here. Oh my god I mean he was thirty. Three he was the king of the world. He just defeated foreman people. Thought was gonna him here and he was he was. He was a float. Was just an ice capades flow ear. He was like a big. His head was enormous costs. It was shining and like MIKE. He is here, is in these looking at the news that he knows everybody, but me right, and it looks a minute with a look that I described as him thinking what is joel, grey, doing and were digging. Introduce me o neill, Simon spoken, plump and spoken as you know, and the rumours electric electric casale
and now one of Ali's closest and dearest friends- and I get up here- two people, clap my wife and the agent and I go into this I'd- go into cosell air now someone's yelling at me in the audit I'm getting heckled. Remember banditti brown, always a trainer drew Bundy maria heaves, darted rumble young men rumble jim float like a butterfly, and he was allowed mouth guy here and is yelling at me as I doing my fate Marcel yam, where in zaire its bell, Z, a I r is somewhat pronounce it. They're they're wrong, mama and they start someone's yelling at me, and I really What he was saying was you got a man, you got a man be doing that me too, that men and I had to shut him up. I'm literally thirty seconds into my career and I'm dealing with a heckler right.
Shut him up. Bandanna I'll handle this I'll handle it bring the champ while we're just bring the champ. So now they get big latvia- and I could see. Alleys, like laughing, right and then I go right into the allah Abbas. Talk about george follow talk, george fallen as it was not kill. Me george conquered by big big punches. I wrote the Davos and I'm a announcing tonight, I'm change my name again. I got new religious beliefs from now on, one be known as yes go. It's easy time is good, because I am the grace of all time is george jewel. Box, and how would you don't hit demand just make him feel guilty given killing killing killing beyond killing? He is next to me And is now a big saint bernard puppy he's partners napkin over his head, he's trying to he's gettin up their own punches at me. it was delightful beyond belief. Air get huge ovation year, he hugs men-
whispers in my ear you're now my little brother and that's what he called me for forty two years until the last time I saw ah yeah that was my that was yeah. I was pretty amazed. Earth amazing yeah what a fucking beautiful thing yeah, but those are those weird things man. You know those are those weird things I know You know when you get a chance. I saw you on them. I guess was let letterman mia talk about being the melancholy yeah and you know you get a chance to to go to the museum yoga you get a chance to to see. Did that ten commandments that minister there that, in that I was talking about one of those moments but being out would pave yeah panel. That was the first I got to do that you I'd
in stand up on his show a few times, but I never get the sense that he really knew who I was or anything right. So that was the first time in my career and that's only a couple of years ago where I was able to sit down as a guest with him, and you know I can't even like. the case he was my guy and I were review right so just to have that have a go well and to have him to that way, you know you got that seven minutes near. Are you engage. Is this going to happen? And you know you don't even remember that you're in it and then it's over and it was like that happened yeah, but he was. You know. I felt him. Oh yeah, the greatest thrill was. Was one eye Kamal Carson right, yeah, but but Dave thea Davis like appear Johnny was a god right. It was differently. I was in a totally different play here. I loved coming on one day I loved making him laugh right I I you know I loved
our relationship grew yeah. You know as a panelist right, that's what you want. Yeah will be one of those guy yeah and it, and it got great right- he's got great. I I used to you know the three times a year. You would do the show like it was like side, so forward to making Dave Laughin hanging out with him. For you, that's what I did with conan, because I wanted to be one. Are you guys? but see richard and you and leno on Dave and my god the gonna wanna be a standing guy. I can do that, it's actually a pain in the ass. Yes, it is so you know I can do it, but it doesn't represent me well. Why can I be the guy who were they going? Oh here comes. I want to be that guy yeah now like, let's just go through the movies a bit, because you know I would imagine that, even though you did all those other films that, when Harry met Sally with such a comic masterpiece, that you know that that change the perception of the industry about you, yeah yeah, yeah, I guess
I don't think so I don't know a lot about me but, like I think people what's amazing re unite, and I mean this as a compliment. Was that it's hard, but when you can do when you can carry as much near comedies you do to sort of surrender the stage and be a shriek. I yelena comics waste either. I dont think that people appreciate the significance, in power of that. Oh thanks yeah, do you know what I mean like you know when it's happening? Oh for sure I mean I, you know, I'm magic johnson. You know one championships because he passed threat. And it was a great pass here and he could score when he had to do it, but there was he made everybody else better here I you know, You know who can do this alone right and I've been fortunate to be with paired with great funny or interesting, with great dramatic people Nowhere liquid with with bob deniro, I was, much a statement and we had no aim was, and I loved it yeah because I kept thinking
Listen, I love laurel unhardy here, stan solaris. Oliver was more interesting to me. Pms he had a hugely was under. Is this the recipient of the of the unintentional hidden, aphasia other whatever gray, and he would just look at the camera He would look at the cameron. Go do believe this shit. I have to deal with it right so I would bob I you know I it. He was the funny guy You know I developed that script and wrote the draft for Peter Tolan, who was the first one yeah yeah the first one, before Harold came on the gray screenwriter air and in I would have to be bought
invalid in the riding sessions. I would do him and as best I could, then we got the script frightening. I called deniro. I did not know him very well, and I said I have something I think it'd be a highly it's if it's really funny here and he said, send it so we send a script. Two days later, he called mrs. I like this or I like this. Let's do reading. I want to do reading, so he flies out to California and we cast the best. We could. We got actors and we go up to the board room and see a and am snow, I'm sitting across from him and he saleratus and right away. I said I know my job, you know I know it. I know what I do and I'm doing it in the reading and laughing at me not doing much right. You know anderson like taking
because I played a guy who listened for living right, I played a shrink right and shrinks. Don't come right back at you, write he'd, listen then, I was intimidated by him, which I was. I was scared of him, which I was a little bit, but I also was loving the fact that Robert deniro was having a good time and is sitting across me and holy shit. This is gonna work right and that was that was fit. I love it. I love it. So I like to I love doing and I'm a good listener and noble lady. It's like I dont think. I think that you are equally is funny the idea, I think that the dynamic is what it is in that you know the way you process things open. Ok, you're! Here when he says it. Listen. If I talk to you and you turn me into a fag, I'm gonna kill you right and I said well worthwhile, which should define what you mean. Face. Look if I go fagged die. If you got an coming,
his mouth was just it was genius z and I was just genius and nobody be offended dislikes from moving right. So in so It was very fascinating, though, that liking or with like cause, I watch him now liking, even in network, though ass movie, I talked about it recently. The intern that he's a very amazing actor, obviously here, but I can just tweak that, get a gangster character and paid me over and over again it's one knob turned a menacing like how he does. The comedy is kind of india will. This was his first real funny ran right and he was nervous about it. A little might enable play these guys again, pia into the royal has a year. I said Bob you're you're, I erect you and I can't I'm just saying that to the atmosphere you different, you can always plays at those guy, because you so honest it so real that give the sky needs to real here and my guy needs to be real and we're gonna arc. Arts styles people will die. What the hell are they doing together right but it'll work
of course we both can exist in our own realities, the best we can do it and he took that yeah and it was great the both of them are funny and for the first one you know hc he says this was, I think, pretty fantastic and he tells Harold, and I want to change his shooting schedule. I don't want to see. I don't want to see Billy until it's time to see Billy in the script I don't want to. I want to do all my all my anxiety, stuff, all my stuff first mir. So when I see Kim I'm ready to see him, so they change his shooting schedule any, and I was a producer of the movie too, so he asked me not to come to the set. Also I just don't want to see you tells the police and the end. Ok so peter, and I did a lot of rights and stuff. He adds up together dinner time. Sir,
now we're gonna shoot on set in my office and its bob's entrance in the area of right with them and would jelly so we made at six o clock in the morning. Whatever's asses frumpy and his son, shaven and some would go, would go a preliminary blocking for the area, an heiress thanks. move in here. I think my managers, let's just run over and unease looking at the script and it just very sleepy idea, and then what do you want to go cause? They said that heralded the shots going to break down once you come in and said you know me and Billy says yeah. Yes, I do and then he goes. No, you don't alright. No, I don't ever see me in a paper.
I don't even get the paper, you know right, then the shot would break up here and how will say cut so as I it's going to be been an hour and a half to go and get dressed, good news that and I'm nervous, I'm a little nervous yet or heralds were set in and then Bob appears and he's not sleepy bob he's the guy here he's poor vt is dyed. His hair he's shaved he's in a gaudy like sue.
haha and he's scary. Looking it's the heat, it went to eleven really quickly. Yeah, yeah and we'd do a quick, little rehearsal and he doesn't says: lindsey isn't just I'll, be here again an action he walks in. You know me. Yes, I do know you. Don't, though, I don't see my picture in the paper, I don't get the paper and cut cut while he goes to me. The neuro calls me over here and I'm thinking he's going to say is that how you act era instead, he says to me in a very he started. Whispering Jonas may makes you come to him ear. If you see anything that could be funny or something
yeah. I think I could do better. Just take me aside and tell me- or I don't don't say you don't have to, but you don't it cause. You don't know me at Robert deniro was saying to me. If I see anything I'm as acting partner and his co star, see anything help me here. It was It was amazing year. Next, take right, you know, may not the same thing here and cut. I got me a swat as it is at that how you gonna do it. That said, and he starts to laugh so hard, then we will wait then we would disgrace, that's that's it and he loved it and he could take a joke and you know I I took a chance, a one sided de niro: that's that's the best. You got yeah yeah. It was fantastic the town yeah. I great experience, but what it? Let's just talk about.
Directing and about a little bit about MR saturday night and also about woody Allen, they d this very night. Like I love that movie, because I was, I was thrilled that tell you This horrible thing in EU air yet like you, is what those movies and I know that guy yeah there was a lot of violent and that there was a lot of buddy Hackett and that there was a lot of these. Did you have a relationship with buddy? Not really not that we knew each other pretty? Well, but not not like I did with Ali, I loved buddy, Hackett yeah. I thought he was hilarious, so funny hilariously hilarious so but like I was always happy about that. Take on showbusiness well god knows the guys. You don't make it the you knows what a possibility for any by anybody else. Generation was not a success story here. This is a guy who is his own terrorist, who had come handle pressure who screwed a big moments in his career. We made them. As far as we can make a yep. You know he's the guy who followed the beatles annette Sullivan.
excited. I just bought a house and it was a comics comics move. Yet now that felt that and I've always respected that it was lonely and it was he was edgy and and indem. It was a risk because it was coming off. You know a tube really big. While we see movies, herons and city slickers and oscars, and inner was like a really good time here and damn in a movie get mostly, I really great reviews and no business. We didn't do any business and that was that was hard to take I directed the movie, in the movie, I call wrote the movie I put, just the movie and I had we had a seventy two days- schedule. Aha, fifty three or fifty four those days I was in severe old age mia So let us work, it was exhausted, but I loved every second of it and you
retroactively. Take carol, Ann rollins advice, and appreciate the work you put bigtime as it took a long time, We had a screening of the movie two months ago, something malibu film societies like turned your fifty p. I came here. I had seen the movie since the premier maria and played like a brand new movie. They loved it and now we're we're making it a musical really. For the needle Anders who loved the moving chaos and said this could be a musical. and so ganz mandela and I were we'd britain first draft every reading the other day and it's it's an edgy. Has totally as the spirit of the have the film and in it could really excited. Are you gonna? Do I probably well Finally, while haven't totally committed yet, but more needs much make up now.
I had David David payment who is nominated for an academy award for play My brother no move here I he came in. He read stands part and I said David will be a lot easier, so you don't have the five hours and make Andy you do directive. One other feature you forget parity and then them which I really like that movie lot and I gotta see it on and my favorite. I love cyanide special to me, but sixty one and I directed for age be: oh, oh, yeah, a mantle and Maris yeah. That was a real passion project at that. I think, to this day is like their highest raided movie made for asia, yeah yeah. I think so. Do you Directing I love direct to me? It's the best job. Are you gonna do more of it? I wish, the done more up till now, so we ve written two little movies that I hoped to get made that
direct? I really love, and I see myself doing that more. Hopefully, as time goes on wine at the end there and in being there, sort of establishing a woody allen was very important to us, and you know- and I know that feeling of the new woody allen movie here, even as he just kept making movies in you, you even able to go. I want I want now. I was Ok, so I don't know all I ever I write, but I remember seeing you you know in deconstructing harry which I like, that movement varig move. It's very good movie and when he as you say now reads like: oh, my god, my god. Why did he just offer that you? Yes, Did you ask him why you? Yes, and what did he say? I I think you'd be a very unlikely devil and I think we have to understand that that then, that I see in the movie you my best friend, but I
U, I imagine you, as as this guy who's gonna, take this girl from me, so that you're the devil and end and that I think you'd be you'd, be very, do very well in the pod. So when you get a letter, you get a handwritten letter, gesture pages and I had known him on and off a little bit and through jack rollins. Is they who managed him here and we get along great chris, where I I just went out and people were afraid to talk to him and just went, and I talked Yes, and I talk necks and adds an eye in. It was great, you know
He knew my family background. He actually knew my dad a little bit from used to go to that place. I second avenue of its records, the add to listen to it as sidney bitching, you know, and so would I knew all about style who we are, and I said, woody to me- the devil guy here is you half an hour? I wanna play him like you have now. I think that the aid is in. Oh, I think he's got like playboy member that the playboy penthouse tv show right right now. I am in no doubt that share would come from the playboy club. The cargo loyal sin eye for an eye out for something that nobody from James baldwin tribe tell it evolves right. You know and, and he loved that idea, and so that yes- and it says it's a great cas- and I think it's a really good move- I think so near, and that was the only one who deal with him: yeah yeah. Sadly, I'd love to work or the many times about hosting the oscars is a diner opera.
Labelling is so many other now do you like it? I had a great time doing it for the most part, do you get when you're up their hosting the oscars? You look it out out at the people there? and anthea like you know, there's my community yeah especially the earlier one year when my film korea was was rising here? and the show needed house. They had had a couple of disastrous hosting experiences when I inherited the job and I was ready for it. I dont three grammy lords right. I did the grandmother. seems like a harder gig yeah to bigger room. It's weird Well now I mean the grandmother, the idea. Now it's weird, then it was rare. Radio city was that our I know right really small scale, the area now it's now. I don't even know. What's going on now like arable basketballs, arrogant yards, terrible the venue he added the music as always great, but it's it's
so on ice. You know I presented one year in the night and then then I hosted the first time I felt part of the community. I was, I was never phased out and I can't say I was nervous I remember walking out in is jean hackmen in its scope, latinus dustin in his jack and worn and the first night, the first hosting John was a complicated show it As I recall, they had satellite feed from all over the world, so we had I shall write from india here. We had guys on the space all right who does somebody from reading opening a novel, open power, it was like a complicated thing I had one writer who is a rabbit wall. Robert violent, I wrote the first. We did all ramey just the two of us around me, frenetic yeah. How you want me to
at one time, he was very much like scorsese, but a terrific guy in a good and clear show for it yet, and we were a good team, and we had jacket Nicholson head The room was he made like Gara sixty five million for the first bat reacted meals on sunday at some huge deal right. So I mountain looked around and jack Nicholson or so doing, jack jokes, yeah jack is so rich. Yeah, morgan, Freeman drove him here tonight it is driving, miss daisy was named. Big left jack is so rich. He bought land in japan. Big laugh as sony had just been purchased had just provided universal, whatever was jack is so rich John Peters still cuts his hair. John peters was now the head of his studio right. It was a famous right away. Yes, so that was I'm gonna, that with insights to stuff, but the egg jokes right, he was laughing like great advantage over an hour.
Like- oh my god, Johnny stood here right, hope stood here, come doing, this It's when I'm in my dressing is an eighteen minute break yeah I have eighteen minutes off. While they do sound effects at a luncheon am address room anna mammoth. They were refreshing, my makeup and take a leak and all this stuff in agreement, a sandwich and who is it? jack and warren. jack and warren HO era laughing. I opened a door, it's jack Nicholson and warm baby, saying to me how great they loved the show so far. Thank you for doing it Thanks should make fun of my money here. Jack said to me: big hogs, round keep go and have a great show and may, we can hang out afterwards. I are you kidding me.
I would add generous generous thing to do here. It was, and it was amazing, it was amazing- truly made fuckin beautiful. So I've had it. You know. I had very good times doing it. You know it's nice, you know every year that, whereas with rightlier right you get there. I do get then that's nice in and software decided, you know how can we and we did it with the grammy's too? How can we change what the hostess near? You know and we did it on the ground, which we did lot of funny. Innovative things in a grandmother The yam leonard Bernstein young people's concerts leah of yourself. You people listening, he Lenin bars. I was lavishly composer in conductor in
he he would have these specials with the orchestra and he pick out the instruments and and do it for kids, young people any would teach you wanaka was put together and so on and in a different sounds of the different ngs and so on and so forth. So I always loved that, and I said to to rubber walls it. Let's do a young people's concert, but the orchestra is bobby mcferrin and Bobby could do every instrument was vocally here. He could sing every selling at her and was so that we added as a peace here that music start in the end, in caveman times now he's doing some sort of drums there, s mouth and end. The rhythms would become infectious and amused comes and little did the caveman know that some day, Michael Jackson would only publishing that was then just then he went on and on and but it was different. You know different. So then we can-
ask us, and we end- I decided in other- was this the year before? was at horrendous musical moment when rob low sang big, we'll keep on turning back. Yet the oscars announces does no music to be no music right. They. So I said to the honest to be no music this year on the show they applaud. You won't hear stuff like you, won't hear those medley about the nominated movies ere. You won't hear this, and I did want right and march aim ingenious, mark shaman and will end up peaceful, launch, an island and bob. I won't wrote this. The first medley, where we did songs about the nominal loretta became like a big yeah, then overtime. We created the movies. Now, let's put me in the nominated the area, and so that became a thing and then so do we had we had different things. do they created your own sticks for yemen and we did a very successful thing called. What are they thinking? Will
where you are longer amran idea and I would say what they would think and I wouldn't provides the writings, and so we ever that became great fun and end. he had a good time with you too. You felt it here sister, it, sir. It's sort of a thankless job and you can look at it like that. No that's! That's nothing in the ever wider respect for jokes, which is good, yeah jokes, are always good. How do you like, I wish to talk about it, for a second comedians was a show. You put a lot into your goes to you wrote a star NEA just gad, with you guys, a funny premise. Yes, it was something I was close to you, and indeed it did not take off right. So how do you find that your head? What do you think happened and what do you live with? I live with disappointment that dead. it didn't succeed. The way we had hoped a word of yours was working with Larry, charles and now he has a great pedigree in the ash was great and fantastic, cast: stephanie weir and matt, Oberg and and megan ferguson. Like great people in them
forever and I think I'm totally thought the shows. A really good vienna got better over the course of time, and you know we will fall for ratings. Where are we with a lead in for louis and and fx? Is a tough place to do comedy where I think and wc we had? We had a very devoted to smaller, audience right right, which is not unusual for television now now the watch tv in different ways and and fx wasn't streaming the show which I think her or does he feel like they hung out to dry a little or I'm. Let's just say, I'm disappointed that they didn't give us a chance for a second season right in that the shows need to grow right. They need to develop and that's true, from my own experience, funded from the third episode on the third episode wearily pipe with the public. Pilot saw Josh and I were team together, the third.
So there was a really funny scene, well we're on our way to kids critics award, show it was he and I both been nominated for voice over work because he was olaf array and I'm mike was ascii from monsters inc and he gets me stoned yeah and we stop or away awake us we're hungry. We stop offered a supermarket in the valley on a way to here too, the nokia sent wherever it was an We just wrong the supermarket ripped. It was really funny so now those who slammed us little bed a writing wait a second folks. We were wrong. This show it's hilarious and it's getting better and better and benefit and I started to happen So now we had a little surge in ratings and so on and so forth, and the shows are getting really good. It's on hulu folks, if you want to check it out for those who didn't see it,
and then, when we came up for I picked up, which I really wanted to do as I felt we were just hitting our stride and you were in it and you liked it yeah yeah and I love the people and, and it takes them like three weeks to decide what to do, and I think, oh boy, you know we're in trouble, we're not going to get picked up and which we didn't write, and I had a long talk with ahead of the network about it. Who said you know strikes and serve, and when I said, but I said so, let's do less. We'd have to do thirteen. Libya do eight. Yet we does seven to eight lester. A great ones and he said well, lui does whatever you want to its move past him, and then I was you know so then his eyes. I feel terrible and either you know what unladen picture. I'm over it now sensitive guide. This stuff hits you very high now. Of course, yeah like you know, a lot of people they yelled in retrospect
a diplomatic, they say it show business, but it seems to me that, like for you and for for people, like us, you should hurts and, of course, on earth you know you spend a year of your life will developing riding working with them. To give you your, you know, good its listen, I get, it is part of it. The worse, the reasons why the worse, by the reasons why they didn't pick us up, piss me off right and I felt a little embarrassed about that. An area that they were knows that neither the money that the show is gonna cost too much for the next season right. So I said, let's do less We'll do less shows we had to do a full damn, you know so I'd I'd a mad that they didn't believe that working at the office you like one grits, do line one one the guy one thirteen hours ago, you can get up and too little it did the Nicholas nickleby of comedy. I was now you know, so listen itself happens, I'm glad it's out their people can see. It is on hold. So, but I was really proud of what we did our good. Well, that's about that.
and that that rollins visor gonna remember now it's so important and in for anybody This thing I, but no matter what you do you know if you feel good about what you do, that No one can ever take that away from you and try to make that enough. Yeah exactly right, that's just, please Well. Well, look here. I think you're, one of the great that is very sweet that you came and did this and I hope it was good for you. Let's bulk bags will were really join it. One of the great instability Christoph crystal and me I'll, be enjoyed that gonna guitar, her faculties and so my hotel room. Just then the known to do The
bad. Bob I hmm. boomer lives,
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