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Episode 743 - Geoff Tate / Nick Kroll & John Mulaney

2016-09-19 | 🔗
Comedian Geoff Tate always found it a little odd that Marc needed to squash so many beefs with other comics, because the two of them hit it off so well. Marc and Geoff explore the shared parental connection that helped them relate to each other and also gave birth to a lot of their comedy. Plus, Nick Kroll and John Mulaney stop by as they get ready to launch 'Oh, Hello' on Broadway.

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All I goods do this, how are you what the fuck bodies, what the fuckers, what what the fuck happened here? Oh my god, brain skid right at the beginning, it was barring did jerry like our some, you sort of hypnotized with expectation that that that things going to go well that that first three, the list of what the fuck people are gonna. Just drop right into place. Like always, I had that same expectation in their moment and it went south army, right there that right out of the gate, our eye how do you know who you are welcome to the shower mark marin? This is w E f, my podcast here at the cat ranch working out of my garage, which I'm for some reason allowing to be hot
just. I turned the air off now say during the era out here. I guess I was it's sort of a sweat lodge experience this morning. I wanted to kind of feel it out Where did the toxins I'll have made and jimmy, but again fear, you always got a few. I think the toxins can just generate themselves with bad it not all about what she eater. What you put in your body. I I have this theory. That's probably and be proven or disproving that debt bad thoughts or make ura what will create the chemical, in your body to generate toxins, a corsair. True, of course it is. Why does sickness come from stress? It's an inside job. It's right there! there. You go there's an analogy for for a man. The station of your own self destruction, even you're behaving properly. Why am I say It's an inside job! No one had nothing to do with this by, but you it's gonna, be from the inside optimistic beautiful thing.
not for a monday morning or wherever. Whenever you listening to this I apologise everything's, all right, I'm just sweating in my garage in its fine. I feel ok, how you do you, ok, everything our. I will you spare, we'll show today waiter, and shall I got my friend Jeff Tate, and here is a funny comedian. We get into it get into some real shit about narcissistic parents and then that in a few minutes, are going to have a john mulvaney and nick crawl doing there. I do in their thing They ve got their show. Oh hello, I'm broadway! So we'll talk to them about that but what's goin on here, what's going on Would me tour stuff? I do want to get a poor dates out. I know I do this, but it is it is. It is what it is this week in september. Twenty four two shows it to but I don't know where we're at, but I know they gotta be close to sell out. I hope I that we're doing all right on october, twenty, campbell hall at the university californy santa Barbara on october, twenty second law,
go here in los Angeles october, twenty third, the ice down the street here in pasadena and over twenty ninth brenda mcdonald, my business partner and producer our owing to be at the now here this vast about taking place anaheim, I guess there's gonna be like thirty great pod, ass all live in one place and where you guys s for you, can now get single day tickets to the festival on october, twenty eighth, through the thirtieth, as I said, brendan I will be there on the twenty ninth, but all of us who is friday, saturday and sunday for all, the info you can go to now here this fast dot com for the tickets and what You can also get there through wmd pod, dotcom november forth, we'll be carnegie hall. As you know, there's a few tickets who have seriously selling. Well, I'm happy about that, but nervous I wanna pushes won't do november nineteenth nashville tennessee at the james K, poke theatre,
I am excited to go back to nashville. I'm excited to eat in nashville I'll, be at the vic theatre december. Third, that's in Chicago. I just have to do this because they're coming up and some of them are rescheduled- and I should want people in my shows, which I do all right. I did have a few. just moments recently and I wanna I want to give a shout out to the heroes of shoe repair. I repair I kind of shoes, you wear, look at what level you operate with your shoes, but I wish you'd need be resold, unaware, sneakers, much aware boots usually and they the EU needs you guy. You gotta have a shoe guy and I need sue guy. That feels like a real shoe guy. I again bring it to the aegis. got a walk into a shop, a shoe shy a shoe guy shop. She repair dude, you gonna walk and they always have like laces, usually belts and some horses and stuff. Yes, is somewhat
displayed in the store, maybe and display cases, but it doesn't look like any of that shit is sold in decades. Then there's gotta be weird pictures on the wall, may depends where you live. You have liking maybe a yes, celebrities at her got off the great a little bit like a tony dan's a shot. Signed is used I cleaners out here to but the shoe guy, it's important that he seems to know what he's doing he's gotta have that that feel that they are old, dude, that's been doing shoes for a long time sees it as a craft. Probably smoke cigarettes and right there in the bow, they're in the shop there's a lotta leather pieces around there's a smell to it that there is a sort of course to it, but you know he understands it and you just gotta. Have this focus where you gonna trust him with this craft. It's a craft shoe repair its beautiful thing it's and I imagine there is still plenty these guys around, but they're, not it's our
find a good one like I went to this. Do george George we're pared down on colorado, eagle rock anyway old guy, but he was here abrasive end and it felt that there was in anger to the house. we put on you, ve, made a car, and tibet like a because my heels aware in a certain way said that young unity walk is fucked up. Since I say fucked up and says you got problem what your walk when, where this way my I know, can we just not attack me? I stan. Can you put the heel on then he told me about red wing sub subcontract their heels out, needs to do him for red wings and I believed him and then he just you just sort of slap spock and heels on that day I'll be at the right size heel. I don't know the conversation, you smoke which I like he had pictures which are okay. There is some mother old, guys hanging out. They were doing a thing: fine, he also sharpens knives, which is a nice plus because it, you needn't, I've sharpened occasionally, but I didn't have completely I felt like he was over. It knee was sort a kind of
through emotions with the heel that he put on bananas back to this other guy, because I didn't want to go to george. I went to this other guys I went to once years ago at her routes Are we on eagle rock and I walk in in the end? I feel bad about this, but He had no way you can and do I walk in the old man's air without I mentioned, but he's gotta he's, got a portable respirator on so he's got the the two going up in a under his nose and his tail how you know you guys hospitably feeling ok, but he's gonna nail. swell but he's getting back into it, not felt bad form, but then had that unite what if I leave my shoes yearnest guide and make it is, it can be a problem getting these boots back. I like these boots and I followed you care. We think that way. You know if you want this guy to have the work and he believed in his work. He should given the working and hope for the best. but I was sort of ashamed of myself that I had that thought like I'm. I might never get these boots back, because this guy might not live.
And then I I really didn't know, and it was going to take them a long time because he's moving so our so. I gave him a few weeks and I went back in there. He called me I went back in there and I looked at these boots in the bottom of these boots were like art. They were like fuckin art, he did a soul and he did a heel, any sort of like trimmed around the leather on the sole. In a way that look like he was focused on it, there is little david in their that he put in. That was obviously a stylistic decision any April code of polish on the sole in and the heel. I just have this kind of soft perfectly placed vibe too, and I look I couldn't stop looking at the bottom. These fuckin boots, like this guy's, a genius this guy's an artist and he is any got this respirator set up, so he's got about thirty feet. Align he can move around the whole shop and I I thanked him and I thought it- beautiful we did a little fish pomp and he seemed genuinely excited that he's back in the grove and dangerous
afraid to walk out on, but I can't stop working at these fuckin souls and heels. It's so beautiful to see a craftsman, do his work with passion and focus and experience. Even if it's fuckin who's in most importantly, shoes are So here we go it's our a party when I have the young fellers on the young guns comedy some people think I'd bus tomb, balls on the young guys, but they could take it. It's part of their training right by avenue nick crow and John maloney in there I show. Oh hello is now on broadway performances. Begin this friday september, twenty fifth in its running, very limited engagement. Fifteen weeks, so go get your tickets at oh hell, broadway dot com. This is me and the incredibly the and talented nick crawl and John mulvaney here, the garage,
it's great mulvaney, the gun the esteve ass she and thick diamond philip. What so ice Your show How well I was on it. You were he started larga I do not always did I see it. I was a guy, you work, I wonder you were wonderful guess I was a guest on it in the tuna is at its boiler, no no new kinds of elected in june. Sandwiches- that's, it does not escape, people are gonna, go see the broadway's island time spoiled. But it's not a spoiler. It's been left out, but it's no surprise. So my I thing is is very funny and I enjoyed it and I'll just get right into it. Let's go you know, I am notes. I know you guys I'll I'll give you notes at least going abroad with family
We all our work as a theatre in broadway you're doing we're lyceum theatre at nice. Later I was fascinated with the characters: george gimme, the full name- saint gig land. That's you yet at an end guilty. on because these are new york characters that are so ambiguous like you that, like books you know. Where did those I mean I kind of like there's no point of reference reed guy through these guys right, Had I mean therein albuquerque they're everywhere now I know The guys are grindingly artistic endeavour quite also ran investing couple of artistic, also rans. Who are super liberal roy you promise agnes. They re a little raising, kindly gay. Yes, he well yeah eyes. As John describes, george san diego, when he when it yet characters, neither female nor jewish, but like many men over seventy, somehow both
yeah and it's just a it's a it's, a and, and then gill is like a a you know, a little baby, yeah he's like an old man baby, and it's probably always, but I think it is that kind of guy who, who is was an artist in some capacity, and so he sees himself as such then, if he's not creating art anymore and is not actually the liberal, the bastion of liberal thought that he believed himself to be like that of that baby boomers. So these are those guys you just see walking around the west side, the upper west side that you just wonder about their wives or their clothes. Look really, I wonder about their money. So much media live in that building. Where did it come from? Where did it come from? How does it work? I wonder if it's rent controlled, how does it work yeah? How do you get a couple of hundred dollars? because you're working you're, not working you're saving catch ups yeah
where does it come from? Where I won't I wandered out about everybody liking, then you just one: did they manage your money well or did their money there or do they scrape? I mean, I think social security, I think they're on social security and just straight up pride yeah. I think, like there's lots of addiction laws. We don't know about that. Are super byzantine, it's hard to kick two guys. It is hard to keep people our seminar on it and their living. Unlike the the roman flavour pack, yeah, like you, I went into their home you'd, be like housing crowd. If you, if you went through their budget point by point, it would really like it scared that you just like you know you, you think a lot about like what you're going to do and then you realize you just talk about doing it or you think about doing it and all of a sudden, your wife's gone then the whole. That's where you meet our that's where you meet our here. They never became rich and drivers and fill abroad are kind of still not realizing
That's exactly it, though in a just like you can like. If you don't have kids, you drive a wife and you just have each other like they do or whatever the hell action raised. Is that you don't really is sent your aging No, if all you have is that the mirror to yourselves as other person is in a similar but the same relation you ve had four forty five fifty years than you still insist with each other, you gonna hit it big deserved, would know No reality check area without knowing how did you guys start making the show it was the? What was then the kernel of an idea? Was it a sketch? It was sort of a sketch. I am. I was, we hosted a show together, receive EU member fiann york about ten years ago, and I've been hosting a show with Jesse klein. she moved out to l, a and- and I asked john to to host the show and we were trying to figure out what we wanted to do, whether we would do stand up or something and we and we we had started. We had started talking like these guys yet he had seen these two guys at a bookstore at the strand.
of course, and they were, they were their own bag. Yes, they each have their own bag. Valiant back in the old strand back, which we used to say was strand, is eight miles of books and twelve miles of loneliness and So we see we go in there. We see these two guys lying there, individual copies of Alan all those never have dogs dog, stuffed ever whatever to grub up by the great book. I just talked to MR oh, yes, I know I went over those commerce, amazing such a real of actor and artists thea, in a way that a rigorous guy, yeah yeah we die and, like yeah, think ernie's liking like science. Yes, you hosted what thirteen years scientific american, very indeed making sure kids like science yeah, you can imagine imagined bring about that guy. I know a noble. I respect that. I, like you, that's why don't have children, because I dont
Can you imagine pointing the stars out to them and lying and making it? So we we see these two guys by their book by that book, and then we see we just immediately kind of become fast. Eva them follow them out of the strand to like a diner coffee shop, you're allowing them now- and we are now following that you're an end and we follow them in and then, as they sit added coffee shop and both start reading there sink their copies of about all this work. Never every day now talking too much but clearly like can join twin yeah and we just those they just became a they became the focus point of of guys that we ve been interested in right. This results at the time of like what was this two thousand five. Was it when a lot of people like you, a lot of people through the new york times had just heard about John, Do it or something right of young people get the news from Djinn daily reality be like you're. The word, unlike those like it was those types of folks were really
we never hear there was neither like there is a generation that that maybe we're on the pulse yoga forty years ago, has like when, when when new york was like enough, when when de cabot was I yes when dick, it- was on one s couch before and after became my literary lions yeah. Something yandah lanes was still going all out it out, as I gotta be. They ended up near cb, gb, one night you know or like they were outside studio. Fifty four. At that time, when new york was dirty and sexy yeah and any kind of poorest, they had made it downtown and at vienna, probably our our actually a part of that scene, but they were close enough to it all that they could feel like they were a part of but the funny elsewhere, the fighting about this shows it it does take on theater and away they like there is an idea about theater and what theatre should be and with it I don't know what it's become. Necessarily, it's definitely a big money. Business with NEO shows it are based.
We were we're, gonna be as big as line can yeah. I think so. I think we ve It's going to be as big as you are lacking because you may just a man made about seven and a half billion dollar by this unity economics that worked out since we're a limited run, but I have heard out if we clubs ask your clothes within the show you kind of play with like your armor, needs to do one measure guy young, so you guys gonna play with amateur theatre a little in the way I am, and I are an amateur and prevent wee wee, wee sort of who I think the idea is that we, both like love and hate, feeder, right and so as data, fans. Do I think, right into the cellar. Add one right like the jobs, environmental matters, a new trope, the john added in recently that george of when someone coughs into her handkerchief. now that their dying and they don't have a large part of bloody right
They show the eyes like our skies dying. Ok, that's the idea! You spot a blood here, or the one sided phone call where you get all this information out about what the other side is like round. My guilt kick takes colonies like a janitor. The police It is that to you, yeah we've seen great plays and then you'll see plays where you're like. How did you know or think this was done? Yeah you know like if they just and besides, amid line you're having a well run, I honour the entrance now I dont understand a lot of place. I don't either and yet I love going. I do a good piece of I do think. A good piece of theatre is good. It is the bad is it isn't when it's really good? It's amazing jonesy those any baker play yes, she's great lick idea:
I thought that was unbelievable humans, stephen characterizing, that when I was very good, those are new people that I was introduced to yeah my friend scott rude, and I your dear ass. Yes, it is If you listen to their haste gotta, let us see the value of see it. I know it was we solve. I saw flick and down and I thought it was a three over three hours, and I was any point board normally could be in an hour and one set three people here. the hours and I was enraptured the whole time, but I was sitting there watching the play and this woman opened up a plastic canister, a plastic of blueberries inserts eating it, and I was thank you and then there is an old man who was like a george, ST england type wearing like a nantucket hat right. You know, like I've, met Martha's vineyard, like pastel hat, and he became superfluous
it's on the woman eating blueberries right, so I was annoyed way, is in an annoying gesturing disaster to Ellen ends ever so angry to his wife. And can you believe this? This woman is always the veracity making new capacity was making noise, so he was going not so for me that an end we I walked out of their homes. Like John, we have to do a bit about how people everyone should be welcome to eat food during our show yet and open you can and slowly. I've got a lot of noise. I don't have anything is like when I talk to any baker, it's like it's a subscription theatre, goers. I dont know what they're going to see how we want to remain involved and I think it's important and they show up where these shows that they're not gonna, understand- and that's you too, yes, you're. The one I voted yes, exaggerated the euro farrell about it. He was like just wait for night. Fifty, the people are staring up at you like he's. If you like it, the best, but also it'll be an interesting thing with our show, because we are georgian
you are those people given that you are I'm everything about them is subscription, including that was right. So we will see We will have anyway. I owe you, people wrote what were an we normally, the very small people, the very small group of people that you're directly sat right, yeah yeah. What will actually come dear, say where they are, they will decide whether we live or die there. There are literally a dying breed. As you know, we have fleshed out of their homes and seriousness sadder together there there's going to be people in your shows in new york. I got. This is too having like its leukemia, and it's only you're a strange brother as the bone marrow to keep you arrive. Although someone said of once about like comedian said about fat, jokes like they always work, is no one thinks they the fattest person in the room. I think all of them will be like I'm not the most failed writer, and this is great for that. The bottom line is that in order to maintain a delusion long enough to still think you're going
You don't think you yourself that where, of course not one of the saddest things about show business also, I think that we live in you're still out there going like I'm, not the irrelevant. When you're gonna happen, then it's that you never now you ever know louis collect was forty one. It had a driver and our guys are only seventy five thriving and ninety dangerfield was sixty one iota gay. They hold both of those men up as yet like lou black was only was body when it happened at work. there. Are you friend, lou groovy, ruby still not happened. How much improvident around given night outside of the guests section given night can re. I mean twenty to thirty percent.
Yeah. I realize yeah, there's there's a there's. We forget, we forget our line and that's what keeps it I think part of it is like we're kind of constantly trying to surprise each other with new jokes. That will keep an even keel, keep us eating and you know, invested and engaged, or you know so, there's always a moment right before we walk at where birdland by the weather report is playing. We do look at each other and go like. I don't remember it tonight, yeah for those nights where it's like. I think I know it in the next there's nights. They I dunno, but we will sing the riper for the birdland comes on backstage and we will sing a song to each other yeah to the tune of birdland, about being close friends with the mets. Yeah started off as a member of an airing thing. They matter amount ardashir day. You know the matter, but all that is that eighty I grew up in new york and in in the eighties mats that eighty six months seems like a real key for me, but it's all of that stuff that I think is an end, but for some and we sing a song about how you can become friends. The mats I mean
honestly, though this was be. This became like this. Both started dead, serious and the biggest joking well like, what are you going to do is like george and gil are going to be on Broadway yeah, it's the biggest fucking joke in the world, and yet it became the thing that was like to them. It's a fucking natural. Next rage according to realise a victory, lap and or in a you're. Welcome to new you have court. Are you gonna do special things because you're in new york or you can all euro area we have special parent Are you gonna get a met? We are working get math we're talking, guess already I mean we were going to get a met cat are, we are if we don't have Alan all down the show when I will I will see all of this as a fail who are who you are. Why couldn't you, of course you could get. If that's the goal, I mean he likes to do things we don't know of the cat ranch. So you know what I mean we're now, but he likes it too. Yes, I think it would be. That would be a dream and will have, but the goal is to have when asked her mother, a hopeful guests. We had a call this morning about getting trump's doctor.
We were drums darkshire guy little and we want. We want burial. We're gonna go hard at Bernie sanders cause Bernie that the ideas that you Jan Gill go back to the burning, burlington days with Bernie sanders, sure yeah, yeah area, that george gill were in the burlington three and learn lie gel about that. The one gay experience yeah, there's a footstool other preserves. but the preserves watching have arriving on regular. The georgian gill were in vermont when Robert jurists, it open the health food stores and we drove them out of business with you that act go get out of town, you can just time travel with these guy everywhere east coast, there's themselves anytime. I start getting irrelevant like Bam. Robberies serious! Does that and it's like yep, that's them to him who
ok, burn learning, how annoying trumps doc worried about that yeah! We're gonna will get all the a bunch of broadway people on, hopefully, oh yeah, we'll be there during election is properly in the election season. I would assume trump will ass to come on. What would you do that now? I guess not he's, like a super funny comedian, that, like a guy who far now ninety five, it's like thing was so funny in the next picture, the diet and then the dwayne way. Thank him out as a dude. Can you let us have your doctor for twenty four. I just give us fly minutes yeah. I enjoy your doctor before your own boss, yeah broadway people like what nathan lane or somebody all we'd love, yeah Nathan, patti lupone, oh yeah, I'd like if anybody's listening we want you all to come on the show and will the georgian gill will be every gary, and if we can, oh god, that the every hour and has ever growing out of agreement. We have two different deals, ones for his hair and then the hyena
we have. We had him on them. They are probably run he's the hour. He's our security, the green aerial angels, who buy We had Jeff green on people, don't know Jeff grant he's the king of comedy, Google, Jeffrey Gary and JI you are. I you've seen. Have you seen him? I have I seen what I've seen in my whole life that I did I just I don't know. Is it? Is he still a practicing dentist zero marian ddt s? I don't know if you know how many a lot but he's a healer, and he was a dentist. He was a dentist so heap he was our he. We have the single degree and angels he's our security, like the guardian. angel. Yet we made him a red, satin jack, and we later I euros. We made him I worry that he would hold, but won't where, because it will memory ass at an air go is wrong. If you could get trumps doctor in jeopardy, hurry, I'm one child the odds that they don't know each other thing I gotta know so we so Gurion comes it. Does our security, for we did a press conference that we held the gig georgia go held themselves,
accommodate matters, gets that already in sight and we lay down so so girl. it is our security and then he comes. He comes and sees the shows he goes. You know I'm actually have been. Third friends with It is like a courtesy were from the garden angels for thirty years. I do his teeth, so then he brings her to see what to the show who wears the jacket and a bird as he does. He any event, and a king and arm is sitting of this at a man there. Armrests armistice was our guests that night and I've never seen fred. You know one of our strategy more starstruck than when he met courtesy were over the long island kid. You know that he was like a guy you're, Curtis Lou. and there's a guy and he's a jeffreys down. We want to get my teeth knocked out, so their arrangement was like eighties Curtis Lila gets punch in the mouth subway greater gurion, gurion, patty, minor back out on the street yeah gurry might be involved. Gurry emerald green will make sure that a one more amis weakened who also rules them in like the young pisca we ve,
We are where we have an independent copeau. We want to go to her aldo. We want I was watching this thing on cabin. Aren't you going to have it can't? I will have an opportunity or we will have them back. We warned junior was alive, would have more indonesia. I'm a girl would go to those takings, oh yeah sure he would go. But, like you know, there's like the John makin rose the world. There's like everybody. I mean I'm also there much in all one of those on time. We won't last on I'm harsher and want to get the item. If you listening, where huge friends do when america, which yeah, our market will break now actor great actor. Listening great actor. William, hurt? Ah ha a dream, lays a dream dry. richard driver is tired. I rascals my own, I think, that's u go. Physician, has is easily audio chronic shapes of dirty kravitz in Missouri, ireland, at my mind, like the joys juries? I could have been eaten by a shark. Is everyone
see, that's not an embryo is actually know what its right to be great. Dr yeah. Here, though I think, but will I mean that's? The goal is to adjourn. There's not meant, but will fly. Peggy do add we'll do chris and channel what do you know and then we'll have like that you now, hopefully our friends who were really winona Kelly, If we want to go on georgian, go want to go on the view they want to go on yeah. We really want georgian get really want to be on the view. We actually be doable its work in albania or workin on georgia. Guilt doktor us will you All this money goes into advertising in doing these things is not a pricey production. The two issues Surely, as we have a proper broadway said, we a million guys union guys, but it is, it becomes a much bigger. We are trying to take a show that and scale it wherever it is. When we started to do bigger houses like the wilbur in the warner, it was like. Ok, let's, like let's project a little
so like by doing the tat shows in these other markets you realize like it. We know you could build a scaled up baby right, but you didn't have a set there. We had a beautiful backdrop that was different than the cherry limber that was just for travelling readier wells over like our yet at a new york army, rodya is going to be able to return. Maybe turn around and you're at this time, and I got a little lazy susan, genuine the middle just for us to turn just read like you'd dumplings, yeah. The time has passed and now a slow turn and there was slow turn and we dip egg roll in the ducks for a turn, so that we can each pop a pill that we've pocketed the whole time it's fine. The plan is you're going to have a guest air or are they the? But we also on the road? Did we would pull people out of the audience so we will need? My guess: is we'll have a mix of broadway people, political people, hollywood people comedy people, but then also we would pick like a
kids out of the audience who in you know an end and we all the geologists out of the audience in Boston who is working on the big dig in early, yeah in a way that's almost as much fun as an ad. Listening to your show, it's like. Sometimes it's the discovery of someone's life As as interesting as knowing everything about, I get a lot of requests for people to work for me to interview just people, people have you done that a person person yeah, not a mod? There's just have become an artist up about someone with an artifice selling, so I dont think I really have just like a guy who, like, like you know my optometrist is a jazz. Trumpeter relay gave you gotta place right down here, but he's a he's, a jew from indianapolis. I believe, really father, I think, was like a pharmacist or something and he grew up a jew in I need to be a jazz guy and he is part of the indian. Like most thriving apple is irreplaceable goal bloom. We know, but he play down here at the york like one week with his tree, he's got records of the island,
to me. I will have the same. I would lastly listen about energy talks like jazz guy. You know you're a man like that is again get a cataract zero. Yet no browser like yeah yeah man. You know ass a doktor once it was a lord Buckley enthusiasts devoured buckley that now, as it was a full physical, where we talk about lord millennial, aided its stated that buckley good yeah yeah, I would love to. I would love to have a mean the blog will take, will take. The blog will take our sharp him we're hoping for an owl sharpen. You can get there. Wouldn't we want, would you won't rudy or no? No, I think so, not anymore. Well I mean we. We we lay in we're. Rudy gets it. Rudy gets a piece from us and, while that, oh he does yeah like he is,
you guys. I think you can handle it but like, and he knows how to play, but you'd have to go animal and we'd. Let em dress up like a lady. Would you already, while more than a year now and focuses on that anymore, that, like ninety years, that he ruled new york with like gestapo like tactics within ones, air would once a year be like I'll look who's in Iraq s commandment? I think it's time everyone's arrested, everyone get a new guy, so you are you not worried about booking guess for every night Oh no, I think, because I want it always really fun to play it's fun of people from the crowd and I think the crowd, if you want to just make people feel in it, and I- and I too believe it to be true like like you, everybody that night is having the experience of being in that show on that area. It's like I mean it's an auto, my not remembering airlines and help you have you guys, try crowd surfing at all,
guys. Those guys have, I think those think I think I just added to the china live by the way. There's like the calcium supplements at these guys are not taking. They would literally, they would literally crumble backwards, hit hard flip phone when you hold their part. Have you we're gonna tell you, tickets. Are these actors are on suckers or on sale when we like, but when we all realize broadway dot com? minors. Oh we own a low broadway dotcom I came on weekends is enough. I mean it's it. I will both John and, I think, are super comfortable, pushing this so hard. The like of just because it's like the most fun thing to do the outward becomes like it. I have no. What are we going to lower its integrity thing? Girls? You got my sing academia more expensive than you think. You're gonna pay more than you want, but I'm going to the night out good writer on forty four yeah three have cleared meal. That's italian tell them
I tell the waiter you have to leave by sicko, enjoy go eat, expensive, bbq, that's not going to be exhausted, come to the show and be exhausts, go to dinner at five thirty pathway to Allah right around the corner for an Eminem sugar boost and then crash yeah, so hot cup of diet that look exactly the same right there. If you buy a soda you're not going to get the cab, don't know your whip. It at this stage to be terrible, spaghetti and then comes at a shout visor jetty that even a college student make outside and try to achieve someone will call Oh, when manual get him we're all yet. Oh yeah, there's a big ask at him, but you know oh hello and hamilton. A big we're doin here did him here were taken. All the steam gather main guy left. Could the guy road to short story is reality in russia? Yeah did it was. How much did you pay for tickets? Is it a lot of money? Is it my fault? I think it's your fear
classic marimba ring. Who do we have names? I get these weird com. was the new york area selling thing to a political campaign now. Is that what it is yeah cause I donated to our main man, yeah bernie or seven eight months ago, don't jump down my throat as a while? and it was one of those one is cute. And how I can only cause these. You certainly know I'm getting. I get about three now two or three calls a day from like kissimmee sink or let me we're right now. I don't want to refinance things like this is the irs you are. We are proposing now that would send georgian gill into my guide. All they need is our credit card number and that is very dear to you I'll make diners club. It's ok. I rather I said well, thank you. Q, great, I'm so happy you're going to be on the show in your area, guess when his run will run from September twenty third to january eighth, and until we get until the
gets it'll. Show that I don't know. If I'm going I'll tell you come come you hear the business and georgie gill. I ain't a goin hardware before a few days by don't off I'm goin back again, we'll be there every night god. It every right even monday on days were dark monday. Our undazed terrible monies are dark so than george and gill can take an absence of already our they d. Like a will, They do and altered states floating loading attribute on in there they do in there with a blind eye is, can be planned. glad you guys can thank you, my marked by mark VON right are those that was fun. go see that show it's something: it's it's like a beautiful, hot, rotted vaudeville. Go see! Oh hello! Alright, right, you got oh hello, broadway dotcom, Jeff data
Gonna be your momentarily last night. The comedy stores. Talking to some, some guy kind of corner me banned, but it's nice to talk him australian fella. and I had a p. I like talking. to the band's, try to make some time make this guy was talk in it and I'm I gotta pee. And finally, I just said there I mean, gotta. I got a piss in this guy. Just welcoming goes, I do kill it. is that really the right it made. Is that signal the and of that term of the phrase kill it. My really gonna kill it p. Am I gonna nail it? and do it out of the box Am I done that little anyways, Jeff, tate, funny dude ohio, do As most recent comedy album again is now available. You can check out his tour data, just another clown dot com and this my friend and me my friend Jeff tate chatting
couple a comics. in with I met you the first time that govern right, yeah, the next time was there when you were there was the weekend I I and my separation was a divorce. Let's right, you're sad sat guy yeah we're driving around euro royal you're in trouble yet, and that was That was when I saw you I see. I never remember that. First, one that you were there, there were the first one the first one was a very I like that First, one was interesting because it Like the first moment, I thought I could be a comedian yeah, because I did you know him marriage. I did. I had my guess: my seven minutes and I front loaded it with all whatever political scene. she'll commentary jokes, I had at the time yet and then I just to talk about my wife and her parents, india, and
brother, was in the back and he said that that was when you came out of the green room yeah. So as I like, I try to do all this our marin influenced malaria and aids. our talking about my own dumb life and and then and then so to stage a new back in the green room and then, when you get introduced after the feature you walk by men in the room, he does go good show man and I was like holy shit. I might be able to be a comedian. I hope I didn't miss eg Jeff. Well, I mean those ideas, certainly that that shit about them, fuckin, wife and stuff that was going to that was going to hit home yeah. I remember you like you were in it. Your leg was really happening, yeah yeah, but then, when I, back. That's when we went to the creation, museum and created that classic w e f. Me you and ryan there. Some girl right, yeah was. There are other ryan, with sand from baltimore, o b, No you're, not. I think we she was nice there. Yes, she was smart nice and I can understand the after what happened.
yeah. That was that there was a great day for europe, you feeling bad so so that means you are doing comedy when two thousand three, maybe too early two thousand three. I grew up in ohio. Sort of I mean I move there when I was twelve m of their ninety ninety one. What was in philadelphia, my ex wife parents and I started. I started a comedy and then, at the end of two, the very beginning of two dozen fora Something happened like her mom was her mom to their health turn. Here you wanted to go out there be near them so yeah just we does move out there and lives every year and a half her mom got better. We move back to cincinnati. Narrowing fell. I met you. Then we moved. Then we had a movie de ville it over for a little while, she was workin for her dad and then we moved outlay and then we split and then I'm then, as I that's right, it was now get some sort of coming back together. The disastrous allay run yeah man.
It's a way towards let's walk through it. So does ohio to me as a very bizarre place, but you two, you move there when you are twelve from where. Southern illinois years. The play the lead right before then. He was born in inglewood yeah right out here. You are here, Our house but other became a sound stage la legs on moldova. Where, like I was born in the house, what other scrubbs was filmed? It really is that Is that what were where they do things our children's hospital wings? Yeah? That's, I think so positively like a hand. Now I get at their dead, Jeff tape, mythology yeah, that's what happened there. Now, a sound where you born, lived withered around southern california. Until I like five year, then we move to a mere modesto laplace got ter lock. Why? What was going on my dad's minister? Get the fuck yeah, what kind all of em, but I was born. He
decries, like the no music church of Christ, the very funny and it was raised. Then we switch to the christian church, which sounds generic right, but that is a specific version of christianity. Just christian yeah, but a christian church but it's it's their, thereby laws and their dogma. He ass different from other thy church of god in his arm was a god here. So we are in the chair. Christian church for awhile, though in when we move to Cincinnati here with we started going to a church, was more non denominational like unitarian. It was still still cristiani. It was like non denominational, pentecostal light. There was, like speaking, two tons of stuff very weird, but it was vague, is still Jesus or vague, yeah, yeah, still very, not affiliated yeah. So what you're saying yeah? It was like a one off yeah like a mom and pop. If I
by now, the more I find out about that the ministers and been getting into the ministry and being a preacher at its was all kind of mom and pop net. You d, like he was he be ordained right gauges. Now, that's the interesting thing about being a minister like that one The things of as fucked me up was the believe, unlike psychiatrist, and stop and therapists right, and that's a weird blind spot in religion, diaz mental health right because they have the faith and the Jesus in the a veneer of russian scientists than on what you get surgery, Again, you can go to a doctor. You, though they are, if they My parents are those people were crazy rag of you, fucked up to a doctor. But when I would have, I would not have a panic attacks on other eleven, really yeah, the earthquakes MRS go broke me I'd like weird survivors girl,
we lived in only be a washington at the time, but I saw happen on television. I ought to know baseball game here and I just saw like that was it like once I haven't. Parents were fascinated by their there, my mom's from the barrier yeah pacifica here, and they met in berkeley, unlike seventy two maria yeah, where they were they there will I dont squares in berkeley zuyder, my mama they usually berkeley from sixty four sixty seven and doesn't any of the cool stuff. None not did you just missed. It you remember, if you remember, there being a bus, though a park on the quad, and it would make her have to like walk around it via to get the class, and she would just be like why don't these people just go to class, but it was like was it that was keys, bus or is prankster the merry pranksters yeah. She just missed the bypass that she's walking by like who are. These idiots are like: oh, that's,
everybody. You are so close to having an interesting childhood that in a in a in a fun way, yeah eddie, I dunno hippies can go bad too, but I've, had a less interesting adult right. I feel I am no hippies fucked up their kids. How different way they are the Jesus discipline. and whatever the hell you grubbing up, then no discipline. Vague and we'd now saying that doesn't always pan out either No, no! No! I had a there's a very real chance. I could have turned into an alex p Keaton, the guy from family ties, Michael J fox, his parents it'd be liberalism, so wait. So you grown up with a preacher that dad just shifts nominations that you have with the market. I guess yeah Was that really it pose. I mean there's a couple alike fan. Jobs between me and my brother cause? We would hear that area. Yeah yeah. We would hear the same sermons when we switched towns. Now so is almost like my dad wrote seventy five sermons and got tired a ride, new stuff right, so internet its town. There also
I was so worried were ages there and he couldn't keep up can keep topical yeah. Why would I do about a year in one place and then just fucking bolt? So what was the goal? like where you grown up white. It was trying to amass a fly. I mean how the work was he a funny? Guy now add those now Was it funny? The things he did that were funny were only funny to me and my brother right. They weren't even funny to him, not on purpose, no, never unintentional funny like everytime, he pulled his goddamn pitch pipe out of his pocket to start to lead worship. That would just make us giggle. It was just so dumb, but so did you grow up? You had to go. Watch them in to dvd have his own church. How does it work all? Yeah? We are to go all the time. It was easier for me to skip school than it was escape church. I would have to be like all my death bed sect and I go to church. It was kind of it. Looking back, it was very bad near a lot of
but what but like when you go to another town or you'd move did How does it work? Is Eric pre, existing church after rent a church? To I don't understand now, there's a pre existing. They Churches word. I hire you yeah, you hire you resume yet was basically like like these jobs so very similar near the jobs, though, that we let me, the job that I have in the job that he had, because neither one as wherever really successful at it. I can. apparently you go right. You buy and success and live in a garage you have. Yours exactly from home yeah. I had to do hard to be a preacher from the house. Well, not really, I guess, with a microphone, but you can't people over yeah you're going to have your own or your am taught our tour for that it was a so he was a failure as a minister. I don't know I mean I don't believe in god it anymore. He did. Then. This is the first time I've publicly said that really yeah, I
wrestle with it all the time I had cause? I I what saying it or believing believing and I try to fight they cause it's it's comfortable yeah, it's comfortable to say I believe in it. But I don't I don't ya. Are there's that others will use it. You don't use it because it's like the gathered they describe as such an asshole Why? Why do I have to have that? What was the pressure like many were grown up any you got these different churches and what you have to show up in your suit and be the the preachers kid on days in oh yeah, holy shit, man, the the most trouble I can get into. Was. If I made him look back right and he would end in matter what it was me I was just eight year old ben eight, with a bunch of other eight year olds yeah. He would lose his fucking mind, ami really, yeah art. Does you like you embarrassed him? How was it I wasn't representing
or whatever and Jesus. Here I but what about these other kids? But it didn't it did. I was up. There is our perception base than we give. Who did they make you We've been hell, yeah, yeah yeah. I was terrified until I read something on my own we're right dammit. He realized they did the interesting thing about the bible. Ed, never says people gotta right, the virgin of how that everyone believes that is from that, both by Dante, yeah right right, not to be inferno, yeah, really yeah! There's no there's a there's, a lake of fire, whatever that, where the angels that turned lucifer yeah, where they go right? It says the people who die, who are? Believers are just separated from god, which is also a very logical at like proof of reincarnation, like. Why? Wouldn't this be where you had to come sure if you fucked up the last right but know how
I know how that there's, no helena, there's no, how in the bible evil, but when you were grown up. Do you have to pray every night now really every night every meal all the time it was very. A boy who was not I'm starting to get though panicky just think about it, the more that with your pack, it acts, or rather, the earthquake in god. No, I just got. with just so sort of, I suppose it was the fear of a legate instills, an unbelievable fear of die yeah, because it's such a fucking crapshoot right of anything Our view down. If you do anything wrong, then die you'll go to hell right right! Then you see pleasure was just like a sensitive kid idea and watching those watch and all those people die on television and then every night at six o clock beyond the news for another month or two right and they would
watch it every night and we only we had one tv yeah, and it was just that footage over and over, like their? The air is catastrophe, yeah man, there's like three things that pop into my head very regularly that I have the kind of push out and it's that the top level of that two story bridge the drawbridge yeah the challenger explosion, which I also saw alive and david direct, his arm breaking that baseball player you yeah I'd like those pop up in a loop indelible here, yeah, I'm I'm what there is a period in their pop culture. History were people who try these horrible videos of shit, bad shit, and there's a couple who took years to get the fuck out of my head. I saw and I saw one of those shooting himself people put to you, those videos, everyone got it yet within a batch of whatever bull shit. The freak who made it would give you They always ebby ears.
I don't know man, it was going around it. We had a collection of not just horrible shit. I am I dead can be imposed a pool issues like fuckin an assault of morbidity. and I ve no doubt cells there was horrible, yeah, yeah, I've Jim short, how really get back I am yet no. I know I might guidance some source to like his eye mature in san francisco back when that she was happening pat mouser, always in the loop they're, just you're, mad dark shit around weird magazines and his dark shit. There was those faces, the death, video they have a those of those women who are those were bad yeah, death by stoning. But if I watched when I had one, but these were just bootleg videos like fuckin morbid, yet I felt the buddha ones foe worse, other faces. A death was always something that was being filmed mia right. This felt, like you were, in early piquant or a window where the fuck they get they soon as poona sites
Are your panicky kid you gotta daddy's administer the word is ending and you're starting to freak out and get they dont that'll help you That was the other thing was the the rapture and lives and all that shit like real to you yeah it was, but it was constant. It was like down there. You couldn't see why any moment I would say that you would hear the trumpets blast from heavens and in all the good people would descend. Yet I haven't bolt into the air, and so it was like it was weird leia. I give I would hear music with horns in it just out of nowhere near it would start I it. I would jump yeah yeah yeah. It would turn out to be like sam cooker, something from a car at the stoplight where's. Your dad that kind of preacher yeah he became a became more of that as he kept,
moving along in the relate like that was more when we were in the assembly, the god and the church. Oh god, what is at one with the assembly's I've got a summit god, is very panic. Hostel spigot in tongues, rightly roller beacon, tongues, yeah, really an and my mom did to my mom admits now. My this is my mom admits that he was peer, pressured into faking it yeah and my dad won't admit that he ever did it might did you like. I never did that. Never spoken Tom yeah. Really I remember I remember you doing it and it's like gibberish right, yeah I realise that here yea, and it also has the same yeah And now I heard about your arrival. Haven't you ever yet very easy to mimic? There's a style in times like zones, where you very make sure it's ours, like everyone else who does my my my youth pass, your when I was seventeen is it
eyes for made us speak in, was suggest fake it until it became real outs. It's just a weird sort of urge. It's not really speaking times it just like a device that now is our lungs year, nearly every levies in your letter, even relieving them. What is it? What is it? What supposed be happening when that happens, the holy spirit as taken over your body here and now you're speaking in the language of the holy spirit and the language of the lord, which is gibberish. Apparently it just sounds. It is just symbolic capital to your loved ones like that yeah you got a warm ever gonna. Do I get it? I get a little Hannah gave. Every we do it. I tried I had my cigarettes in particular you like? That's it ha, I'm doing it yeah do in it. It's all it takes is a true.
so he became more fire and brimstone when he realized that's the way. He closed the show yeah. Oh that's! A good, closer yeah yeah scared, the shit out of people was he scary will they more so to me yeah, then the people in the church but he was. He wasn't a whack job minister. I dunno man. Like nobody me like he wasn't like you see him on the fucking pulpit in europe. I got. What was that monster yeah now you and did I ask it he was, is It's I don't even know how to describe this like I am you're not gonna, tell my parents. I was on an issue. We write my mom, is much more christian and my dad right, my dad seems like one of those guys who was like well is this this work. I could do this angle near us off his enemy, get moving and also there's like my dad's, my dad's parents, weren't
parents. His dad was a real dickhead, yeah and and was very resentful. towards my dad right and so my dad grew up with, like nobody really like, given a shit about em right, so someone had so I turned into it. So he did it yeah. That's interesting, Now it has turned into like I'm late. Providing a bunch of books and it s really seemed like he's just got like that: narcissistic personality disorder! Oh really, as one of the things that explains the fifteen or sixteen months in each town. That's about how long a group of people can take a narcissist yeah. Oh that's interesting! My dad did that to like when you moving from town to town working as a doctor, so narcissistic, it's not really a depressive cycle like you're dead, never get depressed. No! Well! It's narcissism is a reaction to depression and loneliness.
Of a lack of self worth and self esteem. So that's why that's? Why? I mean like I dunno. If you're I dunno, if your dad does it, I I think so. For me, listening to the show and watching right watching a show, but my dad can't a criticism at all Rightly it doesn't matter how big or small, though fuck up as yet always someone else's fault? Oh yeah. I guess Is he admits that heat that he did something wrong? The whole thing starts to follow, but right the whole the cards. I think my dad eventually couldn't help it take seven then did fall apart. Well. My dad is not you give em line, it is still minister. to all now head teaches a class, sometimes like us on this. What class does a company stuck with it for the whole run of his wife? The whole ride that he stuck with it the whole run of my life yeah, like I I still, find out about jobs and estonia that I had no idea a really do jobs.
now he was like a bailiff for awhile. Wow even after you grew up now before before I was born before he met my mom, like he didn't go into the ministry until he was thirty, two yeah and so before daddy, like a worked on the railroad as a teacher, bartender. It was a bailiff. He told me a funny. You tell me a story that was accidentally hilarious here, where Also, he worked for a while at a furniture store. Where is in charge of giving people credit. yeah for the furniture. This isn't like nineteen sixty one, so there weren't computers and stuff right, so they how you decide whether they could get somewhere credit knew that there is a list of questions we get ass like the first one was: what does Europe when do for a living and the second one They hang on the first one like you, don't even realise how absurd and hilarious that ends is that of that what that means,
that they train the credit guy at the furniture store they'll be like okay, the wife is going to come in and do pick other furniture, so he had to find out her husband- does for a living and adjust. Never. It is never thought about it again. How bananas that Socrates is way which probably timely yeah. still like he does in forty years or whatever? He never went back and thought about it. They probably not, so we so what and so you grew up in illinois and then he like, you want the. What did you do in in highschool, where you fuck up? I doesn't sound like you sound like you what your parents are right. I guess I'm ok now that I understand my dad's, brain chemistry a little bit yeah. It's like you're, either here that there too, his ego or you're a threat right, and so it's, I can't remember more of a threat to him than my brother and that's why I got the brunt of everything where'd. You fucking pick that up. That's pretty good that that, because of that's a narcissist
I think yeah you either feed their ego or you're a threat. They're interesting as walk exists. Does the this book was called the narcissist next door and it's very fascinating and it seems it's one of those like gladwell books, where it seems like it's going to be super boring, but the guy's such a good writer and also, but if you, if you're like sitting there going, that's my dad, as it will more relevance, I read mended to read right now, because the first two chapters are about donald trump and above was written like six years ago, really here, no kinda narcissist next door. Now I'm gonna look like that it's a year either a threat or you feed his ego. There a lot of people we come across in our business, where that's completely true sure I give you ever done radio and had a bad experience. Oh yeah, then that was like some usually because you are a threat without personality that, the local there did you know the shock jack with them? market shares. Those are always
These mega maniacal mart narcissistic deeds. Yeah area yeah me, I'm I'm generalizing and I don't want to offend any of some of those guys are good radio guys, but that's true if they feel like it, right right away, you're getting its can be shitty there. I can undermine you. That's interesting. So you're running around with your minister dad? Then he level after you go to college. We do. I tried a couple of times near. I believe I could. I believe I have enough credits to almost be a sophomore I hope I do they always at oddly we have. You can always just pick it back up time to go back I dunno, I dunno what I was doing because I was I was majoring in journalism in two thousand and two yeah and I quit college because I started doing open. Mics I was like I just want to do that, so it was like I took I, I left one dying industry into a jumped into another one of my comedies thriving. It is now in two thousand and three was when it was still like death rattling its way. Yeah I mean. Where would you start cincinnati
but I do when I was that with their home club there that's a good club as a great place. To start there was like twelve, in total yeah, when I started work, compelled you man, what we're? Who are your guys? I mean what you, why would you get to carmody? This part is gonna, be dumb. Now does what about you, I thank you my brain, I we knew me in two thousand and two. I know you and ninety ninety four, ninety, ninety three, what from conan from a short attention smithy get the fuck out here me and my brother would get home from school, it was our car. It might have even right right, became comedy central or maybe one of a still the comedy channel now's gummy Sandro. We we would watch that they haven't Dennis reagan, how's it over a wide area and then you'll know all you earn mark s. Alan like that we're DJ guy. Is that I just remembered Dennis reagan in you yeah, but we will I watch you on that show and we were white. We would see a kite like did you do that a list yeah? I saw that
I did it. I was me an amazing jonathan faull out What are they may be used with the headline or first going anyway, nay, animals like he had done. I remember it because the guy comes stage. It's like we're going to get you right up as soon as you clean up the blood because he used a closing, cut in his arm off in a way, I think go is who is hosting richard louis, I think was hosting it when he was drunk. He boy you knew I was I read. Is I rested eighty with you, because we both have narcissistic dat yeah. as I mean I was I I I don't know why you resonated when I don't like the I liked. I liked you, style man. I remember when this shows started. Additives Every day, videos like man's got a pike s. Oh sorry. In it or right away, and there was all these times where I was like well I met you and I didn't go well and whatever it does, listen to be like man if ivory
to do that. Show I guess It has always gone what those from them Oh may a singer joke that were like pennants, yeah, some paying everyone back by you guys here? When did you start booze it? While I started I drink I drink heavily into thy twenty two and then maybe twenty three and then I quit I quit where I started doing equipment Mitch died did you work with Mitch? Now I never Madame or anything I just when he died. Like oh, I really want to be a comic and if I, if I just let all this, if I just keep feeding my addictions, then die right, because I know how I am with drug and alcohol that catastrophic thinking working in your favour, yeah, yeah and then I started again when I got divorced and I quote again on September twenty first of last year I got today's April twenty four year, governor them december, Jamie seven march,
really a fuckin good. There was so when you, when you're at the carbon in ohio in you just like me. Ok, you gotta club where you aren't chose whipping. Where did you meet everybody? I mean correctly. Your friends would stand up to now right, yeah thing. Why the guy's it you're watching. How are you learn in us and from like added gosling, was well guy that I saw her through the club and I just couldn't believe how far can hilariously was when he was fat or be just. After oh yeah yeah Wasn't he meant for me in taxes when he was big? As a fact, I told this story on the fuckin show before we're here. Add me around we're going out to get barbecuing. He says it's a little like toyota truck and every time we turn it. The horn would on yeah, and I was like what, fuck is wrong. Your car wiser a keep hog and he goes my fat.
So it is had addressing it up or gets it was pressing ever gave a car that didn't fit. I think of my car stopped fitting I've bought new genes before coming my weight fluctuation habit of my car stopped bidding. There's our I really starting work on who you screw. You lost all that waiting. He saw him, he just killed yeah I I woods is one of the hat are only fallen out of my chair laughing twice a year and one of them was a man I learned I learned about being being trying to be myself on stay right for You instead hope right and the idea was also used when I got divorced. I think like that weekend, singer was singer. Had that girl in town. there was some element of he was too busy to take air. Maybe I, like Andy, was any end. It was busy with, You are distracts away like kind of matches up here and you talk.
We had a buying an EL camino which was rather good and you made me: do you made me do I guess on that sunday night the day you got divorced like three days later, and I was like I just don't none. None of this works like nothing's, good anymore right there you go just do like ten minutes. I am I'm going to fucking bomb and then you said, do you think I care? If it goes well, I just want you to know you can get back up there? Thank god that it was very, am not a bad guy. No, that was very helpful. I didn't go well no, but if it proved to me that I could still walk up there right, terrible when you for when you got the fear or you're all broken yeah, the worst we got married in two thousand and six, Ass put up in two thousand and ten, so we we were together when I was twenty two to thirty two right and we separated on my birthday knights errant, like a bird.
What was it? What what was the problem? You did? She have higher expectations. Out of you it is a right you're going to like saying that there are, every week for the last fifteen say so. three months as last january. Right now, right now, Yes, as last january, I see I see this lady every week. If I'm on the road which autonomy One trailer actually usually usual They see her twice a week, so there is a new thing for you yeah. Why I want to be like. I was like a fuckin does she's here now. I know my therapist as in cincinnati aristo, I still technically live in Cincinnati, I'm on my way more than I am and sends an attic here, but this is like I have. an emotional. I was all that panic attacks of, and it stems from that lake for six or seven months of having panic attacks all the time my parents finally decided to take. into a therapist, but where religious
and go to like a doctor one. They went to another minister right and The thing about ministers, as you don't have to be ordained right. The job We are so similar between job in their job. It's just you could just decide to be a menace right. and then, if people believe you today, we are administered right and that's it. That you have in your college or anything you could make a class, but why would you yeah? So what was the psychiatric experience? there's one was nothing. My dad came with me. Into the room which is not how therapy is done supposed to be a safe space right where you don't do you think he was the main problem, yeah yeah, I do well. I was It was because I got so. The main problem really was so I say to this guy what the problem is, which was that I just I see these people die in my head, like we wash
Don t be all the times in algiers in my head, and I just can't handle all of this, and but I kind of I probably ass in a way, whereas I dare there always watching this, and so the next thing that I hear is not from him my dad just my dad just kind of gruffly goes so it's all my fault that that right there is the problem. Right is no, it's not your fault, in the photos you're watching the news you didn't make that happen. Why the fuck yeah yeah, why? Why can I have a feeling yeah? Why am why? And so like learning about this idea. Might myself my mom, and my brother are just what sort of raised to be unbelievably codependent on him for our emotion, interesting so getting around that. That's why he would so if he we have our times now, where it's very volatile, because I now am trying to establish emotional boundaries within a year and man that's a threat,
I just don't cave yeah, it's it's like it's all this all I get is helping me because I don't know that I ever quite framed it like that that, like you, Fortunately, for me you know my dad is scared. Mina Louth yeah, but he took a tv show book and success, because, although we won there like this, they only see you a sort of this weird kind of annoying extension of them that they need to behaviour certain. And am, and when you don't, you know it's, it's like part of themselves is rebelling it's a weird fuckin thing yeah it so, and you know, like data Want you to succeed. They don't want you to have your own life. They don't want you to have your personality really cause. That's all the threat to them there it's fucked up. I never really thought about that way. It's either a threat. We feed their ego and that's that he sort of aid, but he still thinks I'm a kid they used know. What is,
treat me like I'm fourteen but undermines eureka, the idea completely and just don't like when he is mad about something I don't hang up yeah, I just let it like. This is yet this is not about me, you I don't I just don't even like to. I just don't even take the call why try to like. I still can't I still technically live in Cincinnati because I'm trying to help my mom, like my dad's back, is so fucked up that he was earlier together, though yeah they're together, so you gotta deal with him yeah I gotta deal them. My dad you can't really move around very, I saw it needs help rear, but is a guide that doesn't ever want? how like not that he doesn't want help he wants again. He doesn't care of you. Everything form he does doesn't want, he does away I know that he needs maria gazettes. Now now he's vulnerable right, interesting, they just be old. Man stop trying to fight
just curious sex. What the fuck like, let it go where I who you fool- and I now did stubborn so these interesting though so you you! Actually you hit the wall like white just before before you sober and you're, like a guy, get my shit together. What was the cathartic moment that made you decide to go to therapy it was. It was another break up where this time I find out she'd been like she's like together I would like she's already married to guy she kept secret from a for a year, the entire last year, we were together, she was. She was friends with this dude that I did not know about ever heard, is fuckin name, and I would just work the road and stuff and you just bringing you along she's out anything with him. I guess I have no idea where I really really adds above me. I kind of had to head that point, whereas I decided it like, I had to shatter near just completely.
And I figured out and so a kind of goes back to my marriages. I was I was absent the about her husband and my dad was right, but that doesn't mean I was good at visa is it me out a good husband had it when you two went away, we just ran out of money. I couldn't I was co. Ike I've seek out relationships of feeling or more fair to me, whether their good or not rand. So she were kind of my wife. What kind of training where my dad would ride my last euro propaganda dream of the website, I would write and Our normal here, but not good, not good, we have to rely on their yeah, yeah, so comfortable, but only familiar, not color, valeria right right as I can. as I when you like. I don't want to be on the road like We want to go home when I'm on the rodya, but that fuck embedded hampton in is way better than my bet.
as what is this shit in my head, as I just want to sleep in my own bed, yeah, I bet is garbage compared to some of these hotel beds. I yeah I took a total flip on that, I'm so thrilled to fucking get into a hotel room. If I don't gotta do shit in here yeah. I try to keep my stuff neat so that I'm not. I learned a lot of this from the girl. The tours with me, she's, ahead of man. Thereupon, stuff she's, help me with emotional boundaries and says very supportive. Her name is Emma arnold yeah. She's a areas: comedian, balls of life, just very emotionally smart, her q, is very high here. So is very helpful when I'm the phone with my dad as she's around she can hear me not me containing my boundaries and so then, when I like, when I hang up, should be like you. Let him get outta here, like death, fuckin guy just get to me, there's really: no, you don't have to let them you don't have to like you decide whether he gets too tired
it is our but it's nice to have somebody around who knows who can help and be supportive and she's very she's, very supportive and helpful with that, and I just was emotionally closed off. I couldn't handle that guilt and the fear of Hell an earthquake and all that stuff, so I dont know what to do. There was no real help in an church, or I didn't even know about a real therapists here, like I think popular culture and the views on things are very fuckin harmful, like I'm not breaking any ground. But the idea of going to a therapist and all that stuff about getting getting in touch with the emotions and the aid. They called it your feminine side, where they that's garbage like that, that that pushes p well away from it? Why think the weird thing is, I can, I know this value cause. I know you that well is that, like all ultimately, would have
is when you grow up like this is a sort of denied a sort, comfortable sense of self serious, weird fluctuating. there. You are kind of needs to latch on to charismatic people, people better familiar because of your triggers and shit, and you don't have any billy to maintain boundaries and you eat it. You can. We back on anything you just falling yeah. If your trust falling into nobody right exactly you know, and it just sort of like. Why always can just go and like I'll, be sad, yeah, yeah and if I trust fall and a girl would just like, like in this matter. Or of a girl's, walk about. As I hear your fallen alright, let's get married yeah exactly you're, the only one that caught me right, exactly yeah. I I mean I definitely relate to that, because it's easier- and you know you you, your self esteem is in a place where you like you're, not going to get yourself now. It's better entirely on on how other people feel about ice assorted like it it's
my blogs. I out of work at have done their homework around. You might my father's situation because my dad was volatile, so The one thing I got from him in that following thing is, I was always angrily falling. I would I choose anger over sadness. Ninety percent of the time may do. I do that. To that end, It was my go to emotion, right because doubtful, as the only emotion I ever really saw my dad show right so I learned how to express that one and that meant that ray emotion, I had would be expressed through anger, right right would start to anger and their work its way down to now. You know what I'm just lonely or hungary roar shirt. Tired or whatever does all this garbage. I did not know how to process my own emotions are identify them because to stop feeling guilty. I started to just not have those like try to not have that guilty emotional, but you can't pagans.
I would just all love and kind of boxed them all. So are you doing the recovery thing to what you mean on the maidens now and then I go, there's I really enjoyed the let's say: come roguery, I arrive being like. Ok, I'm not the only one is doing this, but I also don't feel like like. I know how I drink and I'm not a straight up alcoholic I'm a binge alcohol yeah. It gets. I don't wake up like I need a drink. I just know that if I have one there's a chance, I have forty yeah go Ottawa yeah and I could still united. It took a long time in my life to reach a place like yeah would love be a guide. The gave a glass of wine at dinner year to year and have that an just know that that could be it dear and you know four times five times it is. That is all it is, but that other time it just goes off, rails and then it's nine, a m and I'm still drinking smuggled cigarettes in my brothers
jane, he doesn't even spoke, but I'm just so drunk he He came down on your older brother, younger way more together them here, but his able house and he comes down on new year's eve two years ago. That was the day I found out about the other. Do they they are like a way you're too after we broke up, but new year's eve I found out about the other dude a big days for you finding out bad shit yea, it's easy to remember thank god. So whenever I get around to writing a book, I don't have to ballpark it so new years day he comes down because he's gotta go to work at like six in the morning and it's fine thirty in the morning and there are fourteen bottles, a beer, de in front of me, and he shows that a any discuss this guy's back now that, our god damn it is that when I do like- and that was a moment I gotta go see- adopt at like guys,
yeah, because he had dealt with that for two years or three years after the divorce, and then I started getting better and I started seeing this other girl and stop being such a mess yeah and then the minute it happened. It was like I suddenly it stopped being I asked in a sort of being a patter yeah yeah right right, whereas I was the first time typhoid people outside you can see that she there for when he said this guy's back, like I don't know if he knows how profound and impact that sends out- or maybe you can tell him yeah, I am sure I have, but I don't know like I dunno have a really registered right cause. Also. We were raised in a way where we don't have very much that we kind of force ourselves sometimes to have like weird emotional conversations, because we never hat right right. It's weird, you don't have a right ether, you're in and you're comfortable, yeah yeah yeah, just like kind of push it out. Yeah yeah like it's! It's almost like those weird moments on razor when he and his brother have like like a real weight when they stop talking about costs.
Yeah yeah yeah gets awkward, yeah yeah. We do that and so when he said that I was like. I just got to see a doctor because he's right, this guy is back and this guy wasted three or four years being drunk and blaming everyone else- and I don't want to do that again, but you were doing stand up through all olive yeah. As far as I know, right out, I was ass, black ass drunk for some shows. I couldn't. I was such a mess and I a kind of a developed, a style. on stage kind kind of lent itself to sober yeah yeah, where the little loose already yeah yeah yeah, but it's I could have been better right, so much better. Today. If I done that I and drag my I don't love. You should think that no, I'm not I'm saying I think that way to keep us from doing it again. Ok is because it was easy waist thirty two through thirty six, but I don't wanna ways. Thirty, seven. Through forty, we I want, or whatever I'm getting to that point career were like if, if I do kick the bucket
here. I am now have now been doing this too long and I'm too old. for people to be like man. He was gonna, be some right. Is that what what did you do? What is there to watch? Yeah yeah, it's gonna be like the one record yeah he had his shot. How many records you got out three yeses! I just released my third one, oh yeah, I like I've gotten better over those like sent, I quit drinkin adjust. Those are the longest I've ever try to do. The same set react as I just getting is going. tighter and better and more interesting, a total about their religion, is fear and then getting from it and all the shame they build into I don't know how long these usually, but we are raymond guide to the sack part yeah. All that really the shame built into sexier and all that stuff, as in every other takes eggs at. I was never. Well well well, what attitude manifests itself I'm very boring
to the point where I was born, like I thought my reach a point where a kind of that sex was boring and shore like because I didn't know that you could just get real fucking, weird with yeah and as soon as the I had I, but what we taught I mean we just talk to stay away from it matters just for kids. You you just have kids, that's it what was. I was taught sex sexier from a religious cassette tape series from James Dobbs. haha and they never actually abandoned the family. What was the focus on the focus on the family? I haven't heard that name in awhile yeah yeah the focus on the family than ever. They should there should be the follow up like like a secular version that focus on the literacy. I worried actually learn things about sex. Does this work was not about it. Never once talked about sex. ever told you what I was. I told you when and how to feel about it. Now why popular culture presents,
I m a jury and these things and like the Things are really tells you about sex. Is that something that you do with your wife went you're married, which is there's? No. There's no information in essence, right out of vietnam is joy. There were schedule it so you just had to figure it out yeah and I it out from just. I don't I dont think, like my my Why was raised very catholics? I, like she wasn't particularly adventurous only out of face to face yeah yeah are you gonna, be, I would say in a week and and then I had like. I had a weekend last year, where I hooked up with somebody, and she was very yeah liver and he was very that's a progressive or whatever yeah turns out- turns out. It's fuckin guy and it can be really weird and fun beer
you weren't in here just learning to finally get thirty seven to get time alone, yeah right right on the cusp of a unique I've been comic for a decade or more immediate, listen now, these guys, you hung out yeah and open a tell probably I mean Why do I worthy? We won t think we are all lying. No I've never met hotel and stand up the stuff. This then hope dead or whatever, about the necessary a weary I did like those are way too many steps away from where I met its vague. So I guess fairytale lands yeah, yeah yeah they like, not on a scavenger hunt right, I'm just trying to figure out how to have a nice time. Yeah I'd have a nice time yeah. So what I'm saying is my dad hit me enough that now I kind of want her to yeah. Whoever that is Timmy was. Remote controls, a good sized away, an unusually nearby
Now, no, our! That's! Alright, you're! Ok with it, it's unbelievable, you're dead punch. Punch you every now, and then I've been here with a bunch of things are really those guys whatever was near by whatever was whereby he had a paddle for awhile like a big piece of wood, the handle no shit yeah, just for hidden, just written kids, mostly just read me. My brother can remember my boy, The girl remember again, however, that paddled twice I can remember getting hit their paddle more than that on my birthday, Very, unlike my ninth birthday, my eleventh like just various ties, I'll fuck up, I got a lot. I was confrontational and a group to be confrontation with the dates. The memorable dates. yeah. Well, it was all new year's birthday is not good for you. Well, let's a matter.
I understand that there has been other breakups and other times I got hit. There were just on random days and those are gone. Yeah yeah, I don't even remember the right, but there was a my dad was so volatile, angry all the time that when he would start yelling at my mom or my brother. I would kind of jump in right and it was I just as we like. I cried so hard like six months ago. Could I saw a cut the end of were hunting near and I hadn't seen that as I started to come to terms with some of this other stuff here and also hadn't seen it since Robin died right and there's that same in he's like I would always pick the ranch cause. Fuck him
it was like I never like he never laid it out like which one do you want to get hit with, but I understand that, like that idea where it's like this isn't even about like he's yelling at him and I'm just like for fuck this guy and I would just get in the way yeah and it it was so like. I just really broke me down wow like exciting time for you, yeah, like I, I you know there. I can focus on the fact that it took me this long, but I'd rather focus on the fact that I figured it out at all yeah or that I at least figured out that I'm trying to figure out right, so you, I guess, So like your unlike this rebirth mode, yeah everything's new, yeah everything yet first time, it's very very interesting. I notice I noticed mistake. My turn around time is a lot faster. They good. I do get upset about something here,
I fly off the handle, like it happens, way less now than it used to, and also I have now like there are times when it'll take me like ten minutes before I'm like I fucked up like. I should not have reacted like that right and I just so desperately but so much time try not to be like my dad that I never that now, I'm trying to figure out what that means like what that means. For me, being myself like just not being like him is not they does not an identity. The trait I yeah, who are you I'm a reaction to my father, yeah yeah, I'm the new domino's pizza remember how they apologize because it used to be garbage yeah, I'm that I'm still not very good, but I'm better than the old one. Now I can relate to that. In the end he see because, like there the ray- Action in the wiring is so deep tat. You know you can identify him in you. You know when it happens. You know
and then you can see like all their shortcomings and how they fucked up, and he can see that shit in you. So I guess the only trick is what you're sort of do bye, bye having boundaries. You can have some. You can at least asked him for what he is there and disarm now and there may be accepted. things you knew that are like him and try to change them, because you can't change our mother fucker right now you care and I can't, and it makes me crazy to try like I don't even know I can, in the end it out to their cause. They point out gains for the eu like a nurse like what I know is that like give their feelings she, eighty though can drag you write down down yea idea if they feel shitty in you, don't with your threat. That's that's a really good system, yeah yeah, so it's a ed's. It lends itself to co dependency. Yeah, where they ever thought. But I love that thing. We were my brother. I would get well every
but like we would get anna, we will get in trouble. We would get ya that for guph and around when he was in a bad mood right, but the same might, but he was so unpredictable. The same behaviour an hour before would have No response at all, but now he's pissed off about something right. so now, goofing around is an attack on him right, we're making fond of him for being angrier whatever, when we're still just fuckin. Eight years old man like this, My blog is like it, so there was no variation in right. There were no prolong depressive period during the night that from him here, not that I can tell no Now that I can remember, I mean he'll only recently admit that his back hurting so much right is depressing right, but that's it like he'll, be like it's just. You know. It's been a rough year so you're like, oh you think this has just been.
You're right, you're back as her, for you been like this. As long as I can remember, you say that can email, and I have to say that one hour can make them laugh, but not not. It depends on what it is. He tried to stop my show, in january cause I was talking about trump and that he liked trump and he got up act I go bananas in the back of the room and was like trying to get waitresses with the manager to get me off stage, and I had twenty minutes left and the only time he ever gets offended at stuff. I do on stage I've talked about him being a bad husband, a bad minister, a bad father, a bad christian. The only thing the pessimism off as when I make as is about republican, will that they really mad gets interesting is likely. it's like part of him knows it. That's probably true, and it is about him
the ideal of the attention exactly our boy, the amount like if you get some march after my show he would fuckin do that in a harpy loves this. and in the hallway when people leave and be like I'm as debt, like that's you from the jobs here, you don't care. If it's bad, why learns? I learned something kind of heavy Couple weeks ago, from my dad we're talking about his his dad here and of his one of his brothers. We went to see his brother and it was talking about, brother got away less than he did and his leg is dad like with no irony or self awareness at all, is like it is, goes yet bill I never gonna like I got it there was you know once I left the house, he loosened up a lot and has zero awareness of the fact that exactly what happened to my brother also like how my leg You did. It actually does. I am right, but- and I said something about his about his dad outside, as you know, that
wrong right like the way the year. Yet had treated, you was wrong. and he goes now. No france he goes francis was really smart. He was a really smart man and I was like oh shit. You think that, because he was smart, he couldn't be wrong. You think that being wrong means you're, not smart. And that that just suddenly made a lot of puzzle. Pieces click. The trump thing where, like I just think you run about trump. You think that that means I think, you're in eighty right there. I don't know anything right. I just think you're wrong about that right, and I think I think so. People can be wrong all the time right they as any, but also the fact is right. This is I read about how you have to believe your parents server. Eight when you're really young. Yes, there are your parents to an end if therein and if their fucked up- and you feel fucked up about it. All you can do- is blame yourself yeah, so that the network that wiring comes from. That's how you feel insecure.
In fact, up is that you were denied something or abused in some way and you think it's your fault. So you have. You tried, is dumb ass way of parenting yourself, which is just If, like I'm an asshole, I'm an asshole, I'm going to drink, I'm going to you, but that's actually you trying to fucking take care of yourself yeah. It's fucked up man, it's a weird fucked up thing and I my real reaction to that was never won in kids and then I saw like in the law, For five years, I've seen people have kids, who are really really good at it, and now now I see them, and I might I do that were patient and you can be you is that you treat him. I see these ends. Like all you can ever do that to a four year old or a five year old, is like I've seen people do that with a five year old and a five year old is like the best five year old yeah, like he understands like, like I've seen people be like nah. I can't like until you talk
I can't help you, but you do have to calm down and there I can help you and then I've seen them the kid start taken de breast. trying to calm down realising the situation we are also of blake. I mean todd last night. About an hour time, but really is, if you just hit, if a just, if your first reaction is they hit your kid you're, just an asshole, they death, a human being It is not a thing you own yeah who made it, but it's not yours as a person. So like that, that's like a big big shift. Where I can see. Like other versions, holy shit. I think you're gonna turn into a full, well rounded person yeah, it does amaze me unfunny have learned some things, never go away yeah! This is good. I feel great good session. It does feel it does feel like that. Good talking to you, man, yeah
that's it. That's, MR take was the show that was fun. You wanna play guitar pocket man, for my headphones in my earphones. Might your plugs, and I put my earplugs and grandpas god put his ear plugin, so in play allowed through his vendor champ hold on a second.
I lasted lost there. At the end, I thought I was playing free bird boomer lives,
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