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Episode 751 - David Crosby

2016-10-16 | 🔗
David Crosby readily admits that he probably shouldn't be alive. Drug addiction, alcoholism, and health issues have taken their toll but have not knocked David out. He's still making music and going out on tour, but he had a little time to talk with Marc about The Byrds, CSN, Neil Young, Jerry Garcia, Jimi Hendrix, Woodstock, Altamont, Melissa Etheridge, and much more.

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Let's do this: how are you what the bloggers, what the fuck bodies, what reports there is what the buccaneers what's happening, marge Mary w tat. This is my podcast. I've been doing it's, two thousand and nine to so weak. Every week always a new show happy they do it. Thank you for listening, today on the show David Crosbie, the David Crosbie, who I am he kind of contacted on twitter and we went back and forth. We are a couple of phone conversations. He came over sweet man and so a dude with a history as well. I don't know what you know but does thus went through that. Those couple: a records as crosbie stills, nash, record, sweet, judy blue eyes, and I
into them. Before I had David on, and no matter what's going on in the world today with singer songwriter, sweet country, stuff, folk e, business, thoughtful acoustic, e things, you put those on an eu puts. Judy blue eyes on any I'm, not diminishing anybody. I think he's doing a fine job out there with their goods, cars in their mouths, but this guy singing delicate together. I listen do in years, I don't know why it is not one of the ones that I put in rotation, but Jesus Christ, nothing sounds like that, nothing sounds like those values, those titans of harmony, David's here you're in a minute he'll, be here, he's got a new record out that I just got sent it's lovely. His new album called lighthouse comes out this friday October. Twenty first is going to go to her next month. These guys they go out. They do at these. Seventy is something
of values they are. gotta go out man. What's the point of living gus pre ordered the album David Crosbie, dot, com and figure out. If he's coming place near you still dawning or manning that mustache his he's doing well with his his incredibly hard core history and new ever and there was a pleasure to talk to and glad he came over here- is a radical dude whose I lived through some shit. All right, I also want to say that now here this festival is next week come check out more than thirty pod casts law, have all weekend end its october. Twenty eight through thirtieth. at the end. I marry it and the special w t f
me and Brenda mcdonald is on Saturday the twenty ninth go to now here this best dot com to get tickets and see the full lineup, and now you can use the africa w e f when you buy tickets to save twenty five percent of general mission. That's now here this fest dot com offer code W p s, what is on my mind, I shouldn't be festering about something about the general condescension to those people myself included. I will include myself in this. In show business show business. The show business industry there's a lot of you now from the ryder cup from whoever. But there is some sort of dumb idea that
those of us who work in this industry don't work somehow, and it's fucking, it's it's disrespectful and snotty. what it takes to make back in three minutes- a television network- I'm not saying I'm some sort of fuckin here. Do you know how many people are involved on how many levels, such as writers, not just actors lighting, geysers caterers there's here and make up there's truck drivers. There's there's people that are up rating cameras, camera operators. There are stand and people there are props people. There are people in charge of transportation, managing poured a pot. Trailers, and it just keeps billy out from their locations- people- people who hold mike's light. People were hanging things from ladders, people are risking their lives on some level, twelve too fifteen hour days. We do it just its edges, it's it's shitty. When people think
that celebrity culture may be celebrity. Culture is what it is, but that the industry show business employs a lot of fuckin people on allotted. Current levels you know who have families who do real work. I don't know where you get out thinking it's not real work and again. This is not some heroic diatribe issues, spock work there. The job we chose. I don't know what you chose. I don't know how its working out It certainly hasn't been easy and it's not easy on a day to day level. I'm not just talking about me. I'm talking about everything that goes in to the industry. Now you may not like what we produce. You may think it's shit, but in the fucking business, it's an industry and a lot of people work really hard, so shut the fuck up with this condescending attitude about celebrity culture, which is different than the actual nuts and bolts of the o business. Not immature who I'm talking to or why got stuck in my craw they're, just as Jim
dismissal of something that is a major business and industry in this country and where people were very hard, and many of them are now I appreciate it ha okay, we're trying to make stuff that that resonates. Some of us were trying to make things that add and don't just distract or take away that provoke that confront that entertain. But yet you move you through things: humane and humbling. Yes, o business. It I'm you look, I'm I'm grateful that it. It finally worked out for me and I can earn an honest living which it is as though nothing people to realise as cable and things level off, and options expand and the market burst suffice in fragments. Now
all of us are running away with a billion dollars in episode. You dig. pow your ship, my pants, just coffee, taco up available deputy of pod outcome, classic, add Debbie if add from our original sponsors, nice email, a email don't The comments in the subject line. I like this idea by the way, what you're about to hear I'm sam greetings, mark and or person people that red marks mail. I thought of a good preamble to this pitch. I was gonna be this morning when I saw there was another singer: songwriter guest on the w t have pie gas but decided to list anyway. I was delighted here, the margo price interview and even went back and listen to the hutch heiress interview resign. They can even more delight soon learned and, as I have recently heard, the same sentiment espoused on a listener. Male segment on the show in parentheses, don't skip interviews. I also like to compliment w e f.
operating a testimonial that, actually rang true that the preamble, here's, the pitch too, the end of the margo price interview before I had ever heard any of her music Marken margo we're talking about how awful it is to read the negative trolling comments on twitter margo spoke very passionately and truthfully about saying it ruins my happiness while mark at the tone of a seasoned cynic with his time. Worn refrain, don't read the comments, is when the light bulb came on, so to speak, because I had already been primed for the Debbie as market margo, we're talking about collaborating song? I didn't know if it was a good fit and I played with idea until the end of the pack ass ten minutes later, when margo saying desperate and depressed then that I realized I wanted to write this email. So there it is, don't read. The comments
wet sung by mark marin embargo price. I don't feel like. I should elaborate any more than that. I do you get it or you don't. I guess, except to say, the challenge here seems to be not get sound like a parity tie weird, I kind of song right to make it sound, authentic and not synthetic anyways food for thought. Keep up the good fight, w e f. Your package makes my job raking leaves as I try to finish my first novel, somewhat more bearable sam. I mark price. If your listening, it's it's been it's it's not a challenge by think. It's a solid idea, I think, It's a solid idea, I'm going to be in nashville soon, where thrown out You're gonna, be there you. I could just text you this, but why not make up. but why not make this public as all scribble some some stanzas you do too would go basic country. Three courts may be with some sort of
At course, you have maybe with their refrain that my throne, a minor quarter somethin, but damn ray to work on this, I'm right Work on don't read the comments by margo price and enlargement. I just put not out there. Neither one of us need it, but I think it would be fun. I can sing I can sing a little bit right here. Margo, do you hear me. the lovely charity. Events last night, south rogue and asked me to do at ten minutes. bought on his hilarity for charity. Alzheimer's, a benefit with me in general common and morgan murphy and james cord. Was air and courtney law was air and snoop dog closed the thing out. There was dancing nice when dancers are employed like seeing dancers out,
enough dancing. How amazing is it when you see somebody who's a pro up, they're doing whatever it is? It do right, David Crosbie for it, since this guy stood in front of thousands sing just a human, a human, with a voice, great guy, I have to now. Maybe someday will talk again. You seem to want to hang out about it move in getting get you a joke. David said joke. I love india, so I'm gonna share with the people right now. This is me and the legendary david Crosbie First off.
I am, but I'm going to tell my wife where the garage is first because she she'll get here and not know what to do I'll get her to text me when she gets her there you go, but then we've got to deal with that noise. All the time norman turn the noise off. Okay, we'll just I'll leave the genre can see it got it. Gaining youth. I literally thought you were making that noise and I thought like why devoted we're david crosbie thing aegis, makes bird noises occasionally our graham proud to do to ring tones so that the fella that dropped the off that's your son. That's one way. One of your son sets the oldest when you have shapes and there it is the and view from what
from what relationship was that David and I one of a number yeah. I know where I was kind of irresponsible when I I I don't want to say I was trying to like wear it off, but I was like trying to. Jesus, you gotta be a euphemism I can use here, get as much as possible is a key had something like. I asked you no more graphic than I was gonna haven t how K live like yeah to the fullest and his mom, putting referred option and your part of that. Please, no, oh, that this happen. You are aware, alerted of that later later, ryan, I knew he existed right. I didn't know where and how so you reunited well yeah. You know you can't track from the parent down only from the kid up a whole so
I didn't know where he was, and I wondered about him and I torture myself about all gaudy funeral called hungry living in dumpster and normal thanks. Oh you re archers welfare and so then I I'm in the hospital with which they are not. I'm dying of of hepatitis c and I'm very close, very close this for the liver answered this westland, ok and not, and so I'm about a week we from drawing they ve. Actually, then we finally got imaginary, transparently and all of a sudden. It's a really strange thing: you go from being sicker each day dying and you can feel it from collapsing me counterparts and then also the operator and are also know you're, not sick, you're, wounded, yeah, and better every day, yeah? Well, you're, lucky it took right. Oh yeah, I get yeah it's kind of science fiction, but anyway, I'm getting
backs we're like santa claus back year of mail here, the brain when every day here middle of those there's a letter, this high, where John mantle and raymond- and we re your son- oh my god, they had told him that you know he was He was had just got married anyway, how about tat, whose right to have his first kid, the gray and they this and you should know your genetic daddy's. So he went found out and he goes you no way and then you checked and the way as you it was me- and so he knew somebody the new me and are actually gunnar was my father. I am, and I he got home and we connected up in those things, you usually go wrong. Do they got there? that man maybe her breath people bring to which baggage should deal her. You know a. Why did you leave me in mom whim
good enough for you, the yeah. He didn't do that He gave me a clean slate, which is a huge gift because he must have been They must be a good parents. He had very good, rightly sweep any was by nature, a person who goes for the high ground, and so, He gave me a shot. You gimme a clean slate, giving lobby in earned my way into his life, which is not, I usually go that way. No, it was a huge wonderful thing. That's happened twice and now in my life I own a daughter who was put up for adoption. by our moment and same period I mean the decade I just met. It must be my age, almost now and she was reason mexico, and on and on came back in asked her mom her her father was mom taller,
She got a hold of me and said. I think, I'm your daughter and I said well, let's find out, and so we found out- and she absolutely was, and she is really frustrating she's really smart and an english is or second language rights, but she beats me every time I player in words reference hans gently ass. She beat me like a rug. A howl, jig fifty's Some are so these were from that period. We were just that havin fun. I really I know I liked your kid around and say I have a phd in colombia, but in it exploiting I were. I was pretty selfish and and certainly irresponsible, but I gave the funny thing about. You is that your face your mustache, your voice? is one of the most identified emblems of of this late sixties, really merely promptly and you know there's. This is like the image I have in my mind, is I don't know what kind of house you are written up there in the canyon or in the hills
just you like just that the hippy king, his fucking domain. Like I just pictured like it was non, stop up there Crosby's place. I would be good at qingying yeah. I really would I you'd have a good time comes totally naturally to me, or do you have royalty in your blood? You know I get at least one signer of the declaration of independence and a couple of bishops and generals. I really don't care, I don't don't keep track of it, but you re, like your family, goes back to ask you what you there to the english or the dutch, both brit dutch irish in welsh haha, I welsh, you know drunk puts here. You got it all our children work. I think the king. thing yet I would have. There was that in any case, the kid then I have all one being pretty great kid.
They are, and you have a relationship with the donor. Kids too, as well right, melissa's, kids, decently, yeah, I'm going to Melissa's house and when I finish up here, I'm going to Melissa's house so yeah to do a she's got a show on on. on satellite radio, the I had. I am most etheridge here and it was great issues great you re brave woman break. An end and engaged in debt and still does very consistent, great work. Yet you know it's hard. I imagine for four, maybe you as well that when each year is huge, like you were there and you of doing great work. There you know it's like it's hard to think. Eighty years doing it in a vacuum. Sometimes I would imagine healy it's really hard to understand your place in the world. I dont look at myself, though everybody. I of course knock it rain. I know what about so. I really am you know and you try to
people who say no. No. I put my pants on one leg of the times right here, but I I you know my life in in relation to the rest of the world, have the very strange making, mistakes that I made in front of the world. That was not what we're become because you are such an icon, the fall. When you fell. You know years after the sixties. We, you know it was surprising by you know that story, not as you definitely out did most of your peers by living. yeah yeah, I'm baffled about area brighter, but, like you know, there were sort of like this is how the sixties crashes. In a way yeah I mean there. We were it had a lot to do with the substances we were doing. You know we ve smoking pot. I dont see much wrong with
back in the day, you're talking yeah yeah and we were taking psychedelics and then along came came cocaine and that we just destroyed the whole thing. Late, seventies, yeah, yeah, absolutely destroyed and speed. Right now for me for the bikers, yeah yeah speed in the general culture seemed to be yeah. It was there yeah I mean it was just called The thing was: if you had any money, it was cocaine. If you didn't have any money, it was spent, yet the horrible, yellow, speed or biker value you know I have princeton in the official site. I knew about it a lot, but it's not something I did both of which track it back. You know this is a very surprising thing and I'll tell you only because I I think it's it's. I not it's. There's nothing ironic about it. Just the way shit worked out. Daniel young was sitting right there yesterday yesterday no. No! No! No! I mean we look. I didn't talk, I don't I don't do that. She had I You know I very vaguely like everybody gets along is idea.
He's being diplomatic, and yet you should want to do the same thing I don't want to do is put your laundry out in public yet be there's. No that's the thing is that what you ve put our public, I'm, not a big laundry guy. You know if, if its fresh laundry old laundry, we can talk about yeah, but, but you know you know it always it hurts me a little bit it the better. You guys, You guys go in and out your humans right, yeah, but the work you do. Did, you know was so phenomenal, I'm proud of. How can you not be re, I'm totally proud of it. I mean it is history, but it's good history with. I pleaded good work. All man tat. I put that she'd like I used to listen to the first yes and record a lot When I was a kid there was, you know like you with fifty two, so always I'll, I'm coming to it. Not in its time. You know coming to a like. What's it to you now and I just and this morning- and I might know- and as is you guys, did some no one did you know I in no one sounds like that on any level.
Not just the singing, it's all of it. It's a vibe, it's it's like it's completely arctic and beautiful and elevating in and it no one can do it, but you guys well, do you think she's its blushing? You know get up, I do, We build a really has a lot to do with the songs and logic of how you guys synchronize, I vs We had a thing, a vocal found that that was exceptional. I were three very different voices yeah and it was. It was an exceptional, sound and, but I think it always in all performers comes down to the songs. I, if you amazon and you can't sit Emily guitar or of the piano and sing into somebody. I can feel something. Then you have, the czechs are better the openers through the ripening quanta right, you at the two you gotta get out of work. It org at work, a mellow. Don't have that you can do all the production or world and you're only just polishing and turn its
no substance there so we had a young and part of the thing was we had three? writers are there when, when Neil was there, we had four writer yeah, because you get the very best songs of each guy which kept the bar pretty high on being able to play is something that would make you feel something ma. How would that work, though? Would you guys bring in songs, he had written in them, work them together or yeah we'd come and he would sit down when singing the song yeah and they would sit down and sing me a song and if it tripped our trigger, you know would say: oh ok, what? If I do this right right right and it was very organic process? Aha, which doesn't happen with everybody. No, I mean you know you got a need, you gotta some due to the chemistry we was there and you I'm glad your what you're smart of kneel to contact? You he's he's
we ve actually doing. I don't think he's got a thing. Is you make me this player? The opponents thing is just the way he's always like what I notice about him, though, is that like guys you want to talk about back in the day and there guys who could take it or leave the anyhow. Take it or leave it guy here I am you feel so soon? We argue he's really concern when he can do today. Sure- and one we'd like to do tomorrow and remedy might be able to do this week or this months of this year right. He doesn't really look back at sea us and why, as much or at his past, much neither do I I mean so much for on the planet? Just how much right do you spend your time looking over your shoulder, or are you trying to use every minute right because it's totally precious right and he gets her yeah, but you know there's a free other thing. For me in a conversation, though, is that I I get sort of fascinated with you know
Where were you guys come from what it looked like when he started what started to define you in your skills? And you know, and then you know what was the journey. I think the journey is is pretty beautiful thing. I'm not saying you gotta live there, but I imagine that you in your quiet moments, when you I think that I'm a new tool or how the world is ending. They, you gotta, go back to some things and I've as if I can get time I dont. John, I ownership or yours in I'm, going to make you and when I can, but I dont right and I think, that's very admirable. I think some other but we shall remain nameless probably do that more than I do right, but I think I think Neil is very much looking forward, and I know I am totally here s my entire focuses on on today tomorrow next week, the s ear, right, but when I like you too, but the beautiful thing is is- and it is something that night in Vienna that people know don't necessarily it's out their responsible. dancer answer or their their thereof.
they may not have answers is at the magic of music. Is yo, especially the best of it is really a timeless thing and in you, in any time you go to it. You can have a different experience with it. It can be no doubt get can mean something to you. In that moment it can bring. You to. You place said that timeless and ill, not defined, but beautiful in that moment, for its like it's a magic thing, it is so. You have this magic career of magic that wizard. You have to fuck it answer for when you sit down with somebody on a microphone. I totally get that and I do and I don't have a problem doing it. I just my focus now: yeah sure it is is elsewhere. I I'll, be very corny with you in to me. Just
as war is a depressing force on humanity and brings out the very worst in us. Yeah music is a lifting force, fear it is magic. It's been mankind's magic, since the first caveman danced around his fire going ago bug a bug right. You know, and we it's our party right and it's something that it's one of the two things that link people all over the world constantly without it and transcend language. That's right, math and music theory. Eskimo can play music color hurry bushmeat yeah, it's a natural thing. Well, that's always interesting to me about you just this morning. Listening to my eyes, I can remember my name. Is that We are the eu in in particular, that you know your approach to music and, as you were talking this morning about open tunings, there is a meditative, almost transit. Equality to two to that that album in particular, it felt like a group of people coming in and out not.
working a lotta cords but working a repetition to get some. If communal and environment feeling yeah, it was a very very strange time in my life, ah here we had just finished making data vote and we were in the middle of data. We out my girlfriend. I killed in iraq- oh my god How long were you, whether locked I've been withered several years yet said it, and so I didn't have to deal with it at all. Then I would wind up sitting on the floor crying
just not knowing what to do, and I, when we finished deja vu here, are the other guys went their own way and I I didn't have any place that I felt safe to be. I didn't have really any thing to do other than be in the studio. That was it. There was right. The only place I really could exist me up without just like weeping. So, ah I stayed in the studio and while he utters in san francisco and my friends showed up in SF, yeah yeah and my friend showed up
notably garcia, yeah almost every night, just to hang out not to play and hang up the right emulating. As your friend may love you yeah and we played music really well together, you know there's this would take a lot of chances, air and heat. That was his thing. He wanted to be read on any edge. You know an immensely creative human being, but also without being mushy about it. He was pretty kind to me because he knew where I was at and that I was breathing shallow.
blown apart yeah and he would come ah he's a funny guy too, where he was a very funny guy and he would come, kantner would come, NASH would come, Johnny would come. Sometimes grace would come paul, Paul, kantner and grayslake would come what camera they weren't great still is a good front. I David Freiberg, guys from Santana a house like people would come lash, Cassidy, aha to fantastic bass, players and I would sing them as long as they were. What about this and we would start planet uh, huh and very often that became the record right. Ah, the actual the actual record first groove of it yeah. buddy giddy and a rarity. Aha The first song on their big music is love. That's just me.
and neil and nash goofing off, while he was there yeah and and are and nash, and we were in a studio and were just goofing off, and I had written some some words. in all the related to a, but they weren't the same, and it just happened. and then haven't a lot in that record. We were open to it and was it didn't help you process yeah? to be engaged in around friends and I said music so lifting force when it really is If I you know, if there is anyone who puts people on earth to do something and I'm priest, I don't believe that there is, but if there were any Bobby here to make music not as there is no question about it. Now the data views in a process that was that was dip.
That was in his voice. Was it not? It was very strange. Neil you gonna sit here was never in the bed. I got that not in his head. Yet it was a stepping stone. He had what was was wanting put out harvest red afterwards, whenever it was, he had it ready yeah, ah and we went in there and he brought his tracks him and we sang on him right, but he made the tracks to country girl and helpless and like he, those they were whole thing's area and he brought him in and then we I arranged them vocally and and put the vocals on them and made them what they are. So it was a a kind of strange expert but it was good. Then, why hasn't good? How did that happened? Did stills bring a mainly? I guess we need to go back so you're when you? You grew up. You grew up here right. I was born here but you do, it boy drew a period of about fifth grade and then we will move up to send were so nice.
at the beach and whatnot living that life, yes and When do you choose music? No one is music. Choose you. I said normally was about six or half an hour. Actually, you got a natural, my my family used to play music. My brother played guitar yeah. He gave me my first guitar. He was professional musician right yeah and my dad played my dad played mandolin little bit and my mom sang in the choir and stuff. We used to sit around and sing folk songs, oh yeah, because we didn't have it. We yeah see my dad was a cinematographer. He made films, it was a. He was a big one, re yeah. He got an academy award and a golden globe and stuff, so he to them back then, in the fifties yeah a tv was, the devil because they hadn't figured out. They can show movies on tv still kind of the devil
kind of this kind, but but back then, in the film people here they will come to the theatres put us on a business rush of tyranny. The office. Will you haven't you break there, which actually happened? What that prophecy actually came to me? I know you did ah, but we seeing folks, anxious have meant. That was what led me to sing and ms open grammar. Yet a creative family they were. There are open minded people that were that were in the arts to to do you know my dad was actually pretty stiff old, crusty old guy? He just came out of the he was born in nineteen hundred, so he went through the depression was gonna, be twenty for the entire length of the second world war. Oh shit, doing photo recon kind of stuff, so he didn't get out after thirty five missions he just had to keep doing it because he was a photographer right and not so he was. He was kind of crusty and gf, but I
you know in any case the music thing happen quite naturally right and then I discovered the other half of the human race, and I am earthen if you could sing to them. It was a good thing. Your good intentions that guy you gotta fight your gift? Somehow you know you gotta, do something yeah! Well yeah. Can you because of your voice? I I then, then that leads us to where we started talking about and there's still kids, you might not have met yet. No, I think you're, really. Okay, I would have to kind of find your weak point. I'll get what you mean it's all over the place. I was a young mommy to make a list of several across the table. We could compare, let's say: yeah. Ok, I'm sure he did better than me. I you know. I just said I was pretty responsible, but yeah. He had a lot of fun but like, But when did you start playing and bans- and why was awful
for several years. Sola yeah, I started doing my brother and then we to actually put food on the table, or so we were in a band. My friend bobbing ruin the gun in my clout and I An arm my brother and I were in a band that I can even tell you, I m sure, embarrassing We were in a folk, a commercial folk band. We can did he. I know you were a problem, but it is. terrible and then I went out on the road to more files. Iran, myself singing a copy of the story. My came back. You know a mid sixties early her early, but here before the like run after this. nah north one, and you are like great and I wish you a great and they came back and I watched the true widower and roger mc when and he was he was, then he was Jim again
I am no. Jean clark were sweetener, singing mulish for the stuff and new, oh yeah yeah, and appealed to me a lot and I saw a short sing norman stepped on stage within they knew you were. You know it was just having in the little front room a higher in the bar. We were just guph in rome and no doubt became the birds. so now you were there at the beginning of that. That was the birds in there it was the founding members having their moment like we're doing this. we knew that it worked. We liked it so we've found you know hillman and my clark, and we made it into a band that was the first real band that I was really and that was a pretty powerful band. yeah I mean how you can change the game a bit. We have Have we really lucky thinks with we figured out how good Bob Dylan was early on before anybody else
in terms of like you guys respected him as a as songwriter and as we rightly know, though, sancho really good row, we we did that india, it put us on the map pretty one. Yet with MR tambourine and what are the car? Did you do other bed bert doorn covers now nea. Maria later on. We did a very good, you change of freedom, yeah yeah, and now there were several any innovative, but you had your own erode, writing originals, who at some point or unusual written or it pretty quickly and- and so You guys we're doing something that had not been done. Which was the transition from folk an end. country music into rock music, which was really
thing in a bit psychedelic as well later. You know they kept colonel labels, which was pretty funny. I have no respect for labels at all because they generally a widow, not think about a thing. Oh, that's a blah, blah blah, and then you don't think about it right. You got it tagged by, but I'm I'm saying now case, I'm using those labels, but at that time, in hollywood in this city, you know when the birds are starting to go. No, we did do it. The first wreck right, but who are they? their bands? I me who are you guys sitting around talking with who are you at the club with you know what we didn't there weren't any l, a events that we liked? The other bands were people- like pour over. The raiders rely yet I normally call Paul, ridden reared or so so it hadn't broken open. Yet, no guys we're ahead of the curve yet way. Yet and what the best that we like.
We're an advanced that I liked the I know once accounted for me. We are grateful, dead, jefferson, airplane, quicksilver missions or service janice, so they were all just starting out to yeah amid sixty. So the first birds record is sixty five. Mr tambourine man in sixty four okay it's all just starting to go, but most of what you I too was in the bay area I don't because they weren't hollywood, but I give a damn about showbiz right, couldn't meanly they'd did not wear little bellboy jacket played an t shirts and they played what they wanted. Yeah and they played way they wanted and they weren't trying to have a hip. They were trying to play music that got him off. Were you against that the hip makings sensibility in the birds was maquinna. That no you wouldn't about tat. He was about good good stuff. Here we were up against the oldest.
The only reason we got signed to columbia alley they they we, we sent them a demo and they to know what to do with that. Then what the fuck is really yeah, and so they asked miles miles, was on columbia here and it. What is his mouth? He said sign him. He told santa, and so they did, but they really had. No, not one clue did that, but it's a surprising ally, isn't it yeah a long connection with my feet later on? He cut one of my tunes, which one guinevere he did yeah much later, I didn't get it, I he could keep. Colleagues, here, but he really get. You know just play like accord and went from the horizon. Ah, if that's not recognizably, whenever so when he asked me if I wanted to hear it, he walked up to me in new york, but much later on, it's here I am mouth. I said I
we are here. I thought he should get one year: tunes gulp you gives me you she who what she said. I call you to athens, diy, all of which one is a guinevere. You want to hear it. I said yeah quite on air there, so he took me up to his house and he exit follow that car and this girl was like legs up to her neck. You got in the car and he they drove this thing's somebody had taken a brownstone and governor to like I'm a mini castle, yeah yeah and he was living in there and I have play me tonight. I was really rude. I said well man, you can change the name, get all the publishing, because I don't hear guinevere in there and he threw me out of the house because he was pissed really here he lasted a lot of patience with
What was that in the seventies in that period, where he was asked in the sixties, written so, you couldn't identify any melody you, listen to what you tell me, but I was kind of short sighted. Obviously it was a huge honour that he did it and I brag about it readily now, right Why me? I think it's a surprise. The do your little cocky right one or it can be an ego, the sizeable mack truck? That's that that comes across the anxious to know. I'm gonna have to control strategy it, but I'm but you you guys were like I mean once you start defined once Jana starting everybody started to come up like what you what you are interested. Him was actually slowly because what the audiences were interested in. It must mean very
indicating in a most have been a good fuck. You too, the establishment on that level, and there were some record guys. It were for forth for heading four thought who were the guy's a champion you be the big is that enabled all you guys to happen now. But yeah. It seems as if working know when everybody was sorta like I guess we here. Let's see what happens rolling the dice yeah, you know they would pay attention if you had a hit right on, and that was the only thing, really so. Mr tambourine mammas hit yeah yeah john deny, but they they really in didn't pictures. The first record people that really actually paid attention to us yeah was was a person was on take it easy, I ran atlantic records and use different familiar guys. Could he really love music? He was,
this guy seems like a real like mystic to me. He a great cat man. His father was ambassador from turkey yeah, so he grew up. You know going back and forth and being the stage a lot and he was very cartoonist. She loved music. He and as we both did, they were jazz guys and then from that rhythm and blues guys here and then they got into the record here. Arma could go to a ray charles concert and when a weeping I mean it affected him. He loved music and he was our mentor. Oh yeah. He had still signed already because of buffalo springfield. So when still said, I want to do this group with the David Crosby in this english guy and he said: dump okay went and he he helped us. You know do some little trickery in in
ourselves on the same label and and create theater was so, and so you so you are in the birds and you guys had had you'd run the course with them yeah they drew me up because I was an asshole. A moment, a rare clarity that, at the time are you lack. Was I why eggs a good ban? Well yeah. I thought I was pretty terrific and they thought I was a panacea and so you're, so you're out of a band and stephen is in buffalo springfield daily did a couple. Racketeers bands fell apart around him because, again, neil I knew he always had a through line. It's always had a plan and, and other people are necessarily part of the plan he. He he will make music. Would somebody but he's got us a step beyond that, and he him? You think he was conscious of that, but I think
I'm not saying that he was like meaner right? He just had a plan b and look at You know needles bigger than we are married by a long shot. Heated up here still. Things is stubbornly do his own thing. He got yeah follow fashion a little bit, but not enough to be bad about it right. He listened a little, two once went out there, but he doesn't really you. He tells you that iridescent listen other people at all. When I sent cross arouse record here. He's ok, I'll, listen to songs your grudging, you know how the butter ease he's very bright any very, very much his own guy, but is it using by you guys so like really when you think about it. Like I know Mugabe's, we gwen, you probably were were we're friends
and in any, like you sorry now, stills wants out of has prevailed, are falling apart in human neil. Our childhood friends were you in neo me later really right, yeah? So, I do not have this along relationship when you do deja vu necessarily right, it had been some. What happened, how that actually went down was. I was sitting in on Johnny's, driveway and laurel canyon waiting for waiting for her to get back or were her and she might already have been switched over from me to graham He both dated ah yeah. He was my lady for about a year I produced her first record right and then on. She went to graham and then two. How does that not cause all kinds of bullshit?
Well, because I had already found somebody I loved the girl get killed an eye and then James taylor than jackson brown. Then there is a list of johnny yeah, but anyway talented people whose your fingers, I guess, yeah. I guess- and I was sitting there on the waiting and needled robot when he saw me so he turned around- came back and pulled him and at this point we were thinking about how we were going to do going out on the roads he sent. We had biggest record in the country.
and neil comes up, and I think I got when I hear a song and, I said sure and certain trunk of the car with me in with his guitar, and he thinks me helpless. I got one hundred and like three or four songs, really good really good shot and I blew me away so I went back to Stephen graham, and I said we gotta do what he's gotta be the other guy cause when we'd made the record steven played keyboard and guitar, so he got captain many hands So we knew that somebody had to be playing guitar, won't stephen replaying keyword in so many other replaying keyword once he would play guitar neo with the guy, for this is after this yes m wrecked
and before deja vu, and this is heading into what became for way street. This was heading into woodstock were ok and I am When he showed me those aren't, I I I have been very easy about Heaven him there, because I knew he was my butt but he was Steve's body now to a degree near an eye, but I knew honey. What's here an ogre though software and there is irrefutable and united voice relatively it's, not you, lakota singers. Why washing right, whereas the cities, and even one you know it he, but he could tell the tale here and the songs were spectacular. Me songs have always been the key to the entire Yeah area. So you you, tell steve and see what what does he say he just well yeah. I was right when you play, it would seem for me as a little bit right before they won't be foreseen in springfield right hand. You
What would you do a tour with them, or did you do not like hillman took me out, so you gotta hear this ban gotta hear and it was stills and and new year and I went holy fucking shit. This is good country yeah. That was how I got turner stephen and neal both, and so now you guys start rehearsing for woodstock. We started playing together. I don't think you know if we ever really rehearsed you legitimately lewd play together in and stuff what happened yeah. I this is so funny to talk through this history stuff because I'm like very foggy about it all because they don't think about it. Maria is bothering you know. Oh no, I mean it
You know what do I focus on? I focus on what I did last night. I mean sure we created a new song license. You did yeah james knight, that's why this girl towers is texting me cause I I tweeted about it this morning, cause she wrote the music and I wrote the words and but we we, we did a piece of really good work. Last I were working with James's joy man, your son yeah. We know he listened to a lot of the same music. We lot of jazz lot of steely dan lada, more complex, singer, songwriter, stuff johnny. I
It's a voice that you it's almost hard to understand where it came from. Isn't it joni mitchell like what? What what is? How does that happen? It's never happened again. No, I don't know if it will and you know her voice. She shot her voice to shit smoking but and she's gone through a route. She took a bad hit. Man yeah, I know recent heavy. Are you in touch with her distantly yeah, I'm supposed to go by? I have permission to go by yeah, so I will go buy right right. I love her. I mean we all. Do we can't help it? You can't listen to the album blue mere and not love joni mitchell, it's impossible you're, not
If you have ears on your head, you've got to be, you have to love it when you get to the end of that record, you say: oh, I love that. So the new song you're working on how what is the what's the uh, how many tr lie tracks, how many people playing so far just an incredible guitar player named greg lease is in jackson span right now. No, but he's worked on dozens of records. You and jackson tight yeah, that's good! I love the guy is terrific yeah. You know he walked in somewhere back there. He walks into a room and a friend of mine's house said: hey, you gotta hear this kid and he was like nineteen who's, this the kid hasn't yet and he walks into the room, and I said he friend tells me that he wrote songs. He says yeah, I can see me some and he sat down. He sang me a jamaica or something fine and atom in a row here- and I went oh shit here
It's the next wave yeah, oh wow, and I I sang all those harmonies on his first record on doctor my eyes and well, there's a bunch of them on something fine on megan poncho. Why when, like someone turned me onto that, and the the duck was the one that doctor my eyes on it and they said that you're, the back- and I just remember the first time, you're listening close to identify your voice and asic that is Jim, I'm sneaky. Sometimes you can't really tell it to me, but there's a seamlessness to something that something happens when you sing what certain people were. You know it. It becomes one thing and if you're good, yeah yeah it's what you try for well that's great that you know you get this great tune. Naw I get a bunch of and I dont understand moves into a very strange thing. In law People look at my age day, kind of peter out, maybe that's a pattern phrase
looking to fix that they appear pill was afraid. I knew you were going to low hanging fruit. How low it is. Deja is well much information information. I'm doing as I've always liked that you set me up with this off right, I'm sorry. What do they didn't peter up at their certain things like in a what what people want to spend their energy on women I think, as they get older, it just changes. Some people like I am fucking done. I want to know how they think that they ve said with a whenever you got to say right or they're, just get lazy, sure or their brain goes or the rainbows or they get to into the drugs or the those last emmy, you you're about you're the you're like the outside of the possibilities of living through that yeah me. I have
I assume that most of the guys that continued that lifestyle that you knew from back in the day or debt. Ah, however, what happens is normally people getting as old as I am and I am older than dirt. You know now what you're seventy two? Let's not even go there, I'm very old, I'm like ninety two okay. Ninety two, the whale rider okay, so ah, but what's happened, is the last couple of years see about three years ago I decided I wanted to get out of csm cause. It was just no forward motion in terms of new work. Yeah and in terms of you know, the dynamic between the three of us wasn't good
and just wasn't exciting for me when the exciting it all and are you guys, could still sell tickets right, oh yeah, maybe we can still delivers, showed a town in pretty good, because national can still sink harmony, really really well yeah, we nash a fantastic harmonizing it and we do. We do have a magic that we can do. We did. Why go how many arms just a two year like for good needed me, really show. Somewhere about two years ago, I started a search and I've always written. You know in bursts, piano and then it'll be an empty part and then I'll sing and write a bunch. Not. This is like two years now near really intense. Ah density of writing, it's just really coming a lot and see the difference? They d c, a wisdom that that has evolved.
You know in your writing, there's somebody else to say. Oh yes, I feel that bunny. I it's not good for me to say that right. Ah, I think I'm doing since we started a cheap, your jameson, I I think I've been doing so. The best writing my life and I the cross record- you know that's good- is pretty good songs. Myths, pretty good ready. I am it's just gonna keep going for it rob and it hasn't stopped. I've made entire european costs, marquis puppy, no good band, Oh man yeah holy shit, how? Oh I dunno know, I don't know yet will most field are now there's a banker, nike, puppy, love you too callow your mind at care. I just finished making a record with Michael league who's, the bandleader and composed.
For that ban, and I still had so many songs. I could start another record when Mister James right it, but then I guess the queen. it becomes, for me just say: impulsively is for whatever reason these were not songs, they re, like will mean graham, should do this means stephen gram. Should do this mean now they were your songs, it the cash. hasn't been good enough to see us and for a long time for us to work on the studio in each me. Am I a long time, but The swamps are there and there what I live for right in and and I've been reading a lot with other people. I wrote a really good song with Michael mcdonald how's. He doing oh terrific beer, He is one of the only guy who can sing better than him as stevie wonder I mean he is spec tech. His voice holding up Michael voices hold him up. Does he what do they DC? were solo, did are the dubious gone down? He doesn't work, but are you
Isn't your band yeah, I know, but but he he's fantastic. We wrote a a really good chunk of your written songs. I found this girl when I was doing a benefit record with snarky puppy affairs, girl, Becca, stevens, who's, excellent she's got a new record, called the perfect animal and mentioned this girl has her own. Take on singer. Songwriter is really good, wrote a great song with her wrote and I think I'm writing I I am writing a song with donald fagin. I think I'm writing a song with van dyke parks. I think I'm writing a song with what does that mean that you've had a couple of emails in the santa worth then and we'll see how it turns out you know, reading with I like running with other people, I write with my
constantly, then I write with this guy Michael league, constantly Michael, came to my house, my ruth resource of three a bare really good ones: There are my computer. How do you know what it's like? Like I have never written on what. How does it work? Dude I mean like every which way, Yeah do you start with words or the player? That's funny that that's the most frequent question I get asked on twitter, oh really, yeah. What would what comes first- and the answer is everything? Ah, it happens every possible way. It could happen. Here's the thing you have to be one to it, you can't legislated into being
Well you can, but it's not very good and you can say okay, I want to write a song about the eiffel tower, it's big and tall and was made out of iron, which is my tendency to go direct to directly at it. That way, but that's not it that's of like trying to force the issue. What you can do is pick up the guitar or sit down at the piano or or have a pen pencil or tutor and sort of go? Okay, I'm ready you who are you out there and see? What comes I fool around? Ah in in these tunings every day I pick up the guitar in a strange tuning and I like try to find new shit, and I do every time every time how many tunings you're working with oh, maybe ten year wow at least so you have a five or six guitars I'll tune. Different hanging around yeah in the bedroom. Yeah on wall stands everywhere, a honcho and on so when when
it's something I've I I noodle with it and it it becomes the music of a song. One of the best things that happened to me about songwriting was joni. Mitchell ah said to me: write that down. you said, you just said something really good you do there all the time you toss off conversationally, certain other people would work something months to get new and you forget about it. If you don't write it down, it didn't happen, a brilliant phrase or brilliant truth. So I started writing it down. So I have the scraps. Millions scrapped
and as a pigment look at them and I'll look at a line too. Well, that's actually a pretty good line, or maybe that meant needs to go and bear mom, often running right eye, but every day I make a space for it. I work at it and I don't take it for granted and I don't try to you know just created by the pound. The song has to mean something to me. It has to take you on some kind of voyage affect you in some way, yeah I love it. It's it's! I love play in life, but I really love songs and now you there is a new technology to where you you know. You know you can almost do a studio record near your sons, house yeah. I can't yeah. I have we money, we're gonna win over a record company. You are giving us from pig budget or anything we mean cross record on the grocery money. I couldn't have done it if James had had a studio in his in his house, and
haven't been really brilliant at any. I mean it, but that's the world we live in now yeah I mean I imagine like you're having survived I can't imagine like after day do what was offered to you. It must have been pretty spectacle, nor can we were able to go in and do wretched excess here. the stadium for months at a time order gigantic meals. Take all afternoon to fool around with one thing: he had a lot of time getting started laughing. I am in the end We didn't care, you know somebody else's money, always actually our money, but we didn't really pay attend. You know that you're not weaken our shared out here we haven't thought. Ah I don't do that. I can't do that. I don't have the money and I dont have very much when he out all in my life, but it's not why I came to the party right income to be. To be a star, giving rehab to be rich and income to be on the cover rolling stone you not yet I came
to lead. It get other things yeah, but they weren't now I get it, they were. My region. Tat was The same with alleys I mean was it like. You know, which was did graham and stephen feel the same way you from the scope of a bit families, considering all use here. Why me sometimes? It's what you some coffee. I heard my family from jersey, but, like I picked, you got my garage area, the jersey routes. Will it's good with me the the was it? Was it everybody's intention just to make good music? No yeah no. But it wasn't you guys weren't making easy music. Not You know there's nothing there. really on the age of or even on cs, and that was like this can be a puppet. No, we didn't
You know I I've never had a hit. I've been advanced that had big hit right motto, but I've never had one and I for the most part. I don't think that's what we were aiming to do. Ah maybe you know, we were certainly happy about it. With the birds we were trying to get on. The radio but had woodstock go occur, I can't even imagine what it would been like walking into that and we didn't walk in. We flew in one chapter in a chopper yeah it,
There is some significant stuff about what happened there. That really gets missed here. Everybody gets ah often how big it was or how significant it was right or a generation coming of age of a generation finding out that they existed suddenly seeing themselves. Ah, there was some other stuff yeah. There's never been a gathering that large that I know about where nobody got murdered. Nobody got robbed. Nobody got raped to nap, so there was something
well. Why not? I have some sense of community some sense of brotherhood, some sense of something going on. I remember seeing a girl, walking barefoot in the mud cut her foot badly. I remember highway patrolmen walking over to her and picking her up and carrying her to his car, and then I watched about fifteen hippies push the car out of the mud and, I said, wait a minute, that's working yeah! This is with this. This is a step up. I remember feeling really I could read it at minute. Cause cops were enemy, you know, and to see that all go away for a second, and there was something there. There was something I hesitate to say actually, but there was something happening between a human beings there that I have not seen any world and you can't recreated. They tried to doubt mont woe,
mistake you can't really do anything twice. Whatever you do is going to be a different thing than no matter how much you try to copy the first thing that happened. Sure the second thing that happens is going to be different and also like. He did you stay The whole thing yeah, like I I like I just recently- saw footage of people that I didn't even like, because I you know, I'm always a little late to the party but like I just recently watched him harden at woodstock, Goodson, goodson runner the really funny shit, it's a bunch of people, because the woods People were making a movie vs aspirin brothers, didn't have any money here to pay you right. a lot of people wouldn't consent to be in the movie right allowed. People made a huge mistake.
Neil young, for why grateful dead for another jefferson airplane for another. They they weren't in the movie because they are managers or they thought. Well, whoever you know worth the cash and they didn't realize it was going to be a gigantic hit and that being in it worth far more than any cash they could have gotten independent hendricks wanted some weird time like weird. He like yeah, like five o clock in the morning or so it time took it up a vacation. There for it. We cause with him yeah well, hopefully yeah. I liked the guy a lot. He was much quieter and much nicer than you would think, seeing him being flamboyant onstage her ah, but if, if, if, if his hand could touch the keyboard, he could play anything anything he can play box
you can buy babies crying, he can play a war play in bringing while colliding it didn't matter what it was he could be, could make it happen through. If that one hand can touch that in turkey more. If I talked to a lot of people about, like I taught like James taylor, was in here and he's very yeah james yeah, one of my favorite people, while he's he was, when these things where he was very candid about the the struggle with heroin, you know. I keep away the now he's a peace programme actually really on sprite right out he taught us, you know you go those rooms and- and they tell you that the way to deal with it eerie eyes is be honest and look at it. very straight on and then set to do right by here. I have to do that publicly. I was just nice because I'm a program guide that he was able to do it and it was in that way from the get go. Man he's a he's, a very honest, very high ground, human being he's one of the people I admire most in the whole business. I'm still happy me that record.
That last record was so. It was good while the new man awesome wreck, it's gonna work, Well, dino cause like you know, you people, you wonder like what sec I'd be doing and he said he's been doing great stuff. Just said he always says: hey man, it was the number one records the first one he's ever had the last one yeah no kidding yeah then it was all desire yeah, and that was a big encouragement to me. Yeah. I see him. You know functioning on the very highest level. Writing superb songs, singing incredibly well playing better than anybody that nobody can play in that style as well as he do here, and I and I admire him. So you ve been a friend for a long time. I really love what they but the yes. It was mainly the sun when im a bunch here. You know mexico yeah, that's me and ass, a lighthouse he I thought we'd, some of them and we as perfect accion away right yeah, but but I guess my point was: is that, like one thing that people don't talk about intimately- and I you know and and I and I touched on it with a with neo
little bit, but the reason passing his hand, just being as we are programmed guises estate like how hard Our generation of performers got laid out by fuckin dope and by you know like in that that people They glorified romanticize it, but it must have been horrible to not be able to help anybody can help. Any police horrifying and it was and then, if it didn't just screwed up had killed it. yeah. I mean one time work. I I took this page in one of those double yellow legal tablet, your big ones like this year I took corners and I started written down. I think I struggled with cash air and then hero Jimmy casserly, yeah, close friend, a real good human being ah narrow, hendricks center or janice you to all my friends and- and I I was getting close to the end of the second page when I finally stopped because I couldn't stand of people who passed it killed us ma'am.
Dope killed us air, cocaine and heroin. Just freaking killed it, and you know our experience coming into we'd, been smoking pot and taking psychedelics, and they didn't do any harm to your eye. Unless you were already psycho where I then take an acid problem right here, but I remember you know people telling me all cocaine. An addictive you can just which is utter. Nonsense is the most addictive substance on the plant, air and and it destroyed it. Yeah it killed. Wouldn't just sean stone and rose ramos. A lot of people are doing the coke and then doing the dope to take you down yeah yeah, classic thing yeah so bait, but it seems like You know out of the the bunch eu like just in terms
Csn land that you were the the hardest right, yeah yeah. Well, I I you know, went down the tubes of cocaine and then I found out you could smug smoke here and on that's when it really got grubby air. I you know, that's, that's the quickest nastiest slide to the bottom. There is as freebasing and we do and dope too about and which believe me trying to kick cocaine and heroin in texas. Prison cell is now fun we will hear is a good question in this is like the weird question cause you know being recovered. You know, and as we are that you don't know at the time that you have someone's in that there's nothing. You can fuckin do to stop them so you're you're, guy that you can turn example right. But I mean, but when you're one thing you can't when you're spiralling he like, at the time- and you were still you on and off the road with cs in right. Emma you're, an older dude here in your forties, right,
so like you'd made it through the near to and thirtys had evidently glad we got going downhill very rapidly and they there were people try to help. You know the intention was their jackson and my pal car got laid an odd and nash, and some other people tried to do an intervention. What were you just hold up like in your house, paranoid and in this mess and very little hike higher consciousness still available to me, but which was very bad. Ah when which prison where you got busted in taxes. What we do in texas to begin with playing a solo, an eye and I went to prison and it was horrifying rockstar? How are you you look terrible? jewish weren't here now, Are you hey, look, look rockstar sake again, samba change, they re really. It was horrible than they have any
meetings in in prison, but was there any respect for you as it were night zero? It try the opposite, yeah. It worked against me on in, but I got through it and the point is that it it takes what it takes as you will nurture. It takes whatever jails, institutions and death yeah, and so that's what it took and I'm not. I don't regret it. I don't regret that it saved my life? I just remember those pictures. I remember when it first happened. He first got busted. They had the before and after where they cut our hair off yeah, it's horrible yeah yeah. Ah, but you know, I'm here: did people come see in prison, called it my friend Carl he had it on. it can be as it crosses the one who wrote my autobiography the first one here and the second one, there's two m a long time gone and then later on another one called since then
which are remarkably honest book, partly because they taught me to be honest about it, and so I was ah other people's biographies have been notably lacking in their quality But what about the guns? Why are you carrying guns around? You know where I came from, like when I moved out to a we moved up to a farm and carpentaria and when you turn twelve, you gotta twenty two I get it I just wondered if it was paranoia or europe it was after well. I was raised with a whole different viewpoint about it, which is part of life right, ensure being riflemen was a normal thing where they were then the manson thing happened, and there was a half a mile away from my house at terry mothers' house that who you knew that they were. He was one of the producers of the birds. Terry was I'd been out there.
half mile four miles away. I sent you know, that's not! Ok, I'm getting Well, did you know of man in previous He wasn't around, never met him yet grateful. I didn't and horrible don't get any that on you, but yeah. That's that's what that's where the gums came from. I I did get scared about it and I get more scared when they get when you shot John lennon. But, ah you know that it's This is a funny thing: it's not the gun, yeah, it's the nut behind the wheel. Sure I agree it's. I know a lot of people would like it to be the gun, because that makes it an external route, but the problem internal shirt. I don't understand why we have the problem of violence that we do in the united states, because here in this lineage as interesting thing,
I'm when all was ready to put it put it down to the complementary clear to people see you see somebody get shot every ten minutes on tv constantly. Ah, I mean it's all about that and movies and tv, or just constant gun, violence or your arm. However, the canadians the seem to be in the same way. We may not have anywhere near the right now, not absolutely not even close enough, so what's in his hand, guns around and canada. It there's tons of guns and they don't have anywhere near the rate, yet waiter and they're watching the same tv in the same movie, so that kind of discounts, my theory, that it was cultural matrix, I'm you know I've debated back and forth about this, with people over and over and over and again- and I think it's just something you have to work out for yourself. You know, I don't think I know this. If they made guns
illegal. It wouldn't work cause they're in two thirds to three quarters of the houses in the united states of america and nobody's going to give them up. They will all tell you the same thing I would which is you first year and then again will you have like there is definitely via I mean where you guys it ultimately, oh here I mean that was the did that that was between manson and altamont. That was sort of the end of it. Do you know it? Was a needier or low point? No question in all around without one it was very simple. The the grateful tat management who put that show your new potential was bill graham I was there man rocket. Ah, they hired the health angels to be the security. I'm the only one that defended the hell's angels. Afterwards, everybody else
although durable hells angels relation of that guy, killing unable to do so. The biggest radio station in San francisco caught me up into what do you think dave- and I said you know what, if you don't want the tiger to each relaunch, guess don't invite tired one. Ah miserable angels, they fight. What do you do in its partner life there? It's a normal thing for them to fight. ah, so if you invite him in given they don't know how to do and put him in confrontational situation. There's gonna be a fight and you're stupid, if you dont know them in the first place, I saw when the situation in the management completely publicly, and for a long time there was a picture me on the wall in the oakland mother chapter
We, like Dave, hey, well, you know he told it like it was. Can I say this guy's not on the hit list? Definitely not definitely not, but it seems to me Like you know what are your musical development, as you came in de around really revolved around that san francisco seen yeah did that that that sort of improvisational and in japan. driven element that that was part of jerry imperative I you know who else up there, but it just seemed the looseness of it. The real hippie ideal of what music could be with adventure was there. It was about being open to stretching the envelope yeah and going for new new stuff and were all wide open to it and did you guys with with them? Although it are you still friends with the dead guys? Oh yeah, oh yeah, you and, talk you share liver stories. Yeah really does it feels it.
And anomaly. Many of you completely unusual human being, and I like them a lot. Sorry guy I like bob, I like I like mickey- I, like you, know near all of them. There are good cat for you new da. He probably knew pig pen too. Then right. I met him yeah, but I came to know him the way I got to know the other guys because he was the first of the many keyboard players they lost right. I know it's weird totally, weird eyre, Elise yeah I mean they just like that. every one of our key ballplayer exploded, a heretic smiled happier by you. freedom and that environment in the bare enormously because they didn't give a shit about show business that really resonated with me it's funny, because like you, I see csn as you guys got older viewer Definitely a show business act no kidding and that's what got me to want to get out of the band, but also you knew, though, like if like, if a couple of years went by and things got a little lean. It's I wanted to go. Do a couple of dates: yeah yeah, oh yeah! I was right when it turned smoke. Machine
yeah. You almost got my arrogant No really when we should try to think happened. I asked right. There is the path of least resistance. Like it's a thing. It's a devolved in there now happens to all ban on the call to turn on the spot. Proceeding player, hits thing and, and its the excitement in a band. That's a new banned when you're playing new music and your exciting to people on there and its a joy to do it. Yeah that fades yet it does, and I at a certain point you should go on to the next thing right, which I was forced to do a couple of times and chose to do a couple of other times and and truthfully men are very proud of the work that I did there, I'm very proud of the work that we did there, but I don't want to have anything to it. It's not and there's, no forward motion, there's no room to stretch right and I need
sure, and also you need to her like now, I get you know a he had given that you are where you're at economically and you are where you at creatively, but you do have the tools and the resources and the the compassion and- and you know, energy, to just continue creating. Why not? Just just do what I do it yeah the truth, William. This thing. That being a success gives you is access to the tools and you don't know that going in you think it's getting late or being famous or being famous, if really a pain in the ass an end. Our culture in the united states is aimed service. Rub the substance and the if a stuff that this whole thing that's going on now where people are just famous ring famous, you know which name those its conquests married one of em carnations yeah. What did they create additional learning? Who did I couldn't even identify them in a pictured who did they help here? No one! What one of the
brought to society one of the late. What positive force have they been? None? Nothing! There are nothing there, nothing and their famous for being famous. It's all. about celebrity, as her teams use about mir the most surface thing in the world? You know it's nonsense. It's just total crap. I have no patience for it. All. I have no patience for kanye west, a I think the guys are, total poser couples records. Well, you know everybody wished to say I think he's he's cookie, but I wish you put some things around the world that were there really bad percussion poetry done to other people's mute It's not gonna, look the guy who did Hamilton he europe when manner that's great, you see what he did and think it was on
I didn't I gotta watch that it was on. That was your uncle. There is one of the year with the rapid you do what puerto rico it will knock. You were taken there ah the show recently can't believe how good it is. Peace we create a man that guy well great, showed you. shall I damn good at what he dare. I did not see the show, I am noted for not liking rap music right and You know, that's my shunted at me. My younger son, jangle forced me to look at an end. you know now. I must know somebody like this lane. Guy and its debatable. There isn't any question that here you can see that show you'd love that shall I would Can'T- and I am sure, of course, not israel. Oh you're, here I have been doing what they do. There's room for everybody on being created, thrift and an I shouldn't rag on the entire it's like seeing all been o o. He's your bedroom, you! I think it's really not to know
people bigger than a surer than a hundred one, all guy stuffy for their fur and all that ill reminded dude. It isn't open minded russian dumb. It has if you get a hundred human beings, they got everything in there from acts, murderers to asia and that's true of every possible conglomeration of human beings. They choose brent yeah, there's people I don't want to have anything to do with and, I think are dumb, but the truth is like the the beauty of it is that you know people can put their shit out in the world relatively inexpensively and jack. They way with the way they want it needed. People will come calmer, they want and that's not harm. That's a good thing that the so we were with wheat, where we ve come to. Is that dumb see your dear you're happy the stuff you're doing now. Oh very happy cs anders. Can and do any more shit, well actual nash, if no cash doesnt, I haven't said a word Do you finally would still still relatively
Only then will we be together. Forty years, I know you did how much bro do you think there is life? You know it's like it, you greater on each other's nerves. We are very different human beings. We have different agendas and different different, ah values. Sir all three of us and has publicly announced, you know, that's yosemite over is never going to do it again ever. Ah, writing mostly jacuzzi. It's the only he considered will get attention and he needs. The attention got a record out. Her Well, you know we will see what happens with all that bulgaria. Is you so you never see you're, not saying. Never. Nine ever do nea, because you dont know. If new. old and meals said: there's no reconvening morpheus, and why do I? But if neil call Stephen and me and graham and says you gave are eight may mean the shit. You know I'd probably dude. If there was music there ever really could bring some
music. Do you like singing with them yet hell you yeah sure? Ah,. with asked me to music: there are you sailing any more nah who that was? I failed. I had a boat for fifty years and I love And last year I had to pretend to be a grown up permanent which there was a rumour I was gonna, grow up, didn't pan out. No, ah, you seem almost grown up on your. Nearly sometimes nearly what happened is I got my vote to be pretty perfect. I headed about fifty years shoulder all over the pacific all over the caribbean through the canal bunch times and each just been a big part of my life of big sanity factor, big health factor, big spiritual factor for me
last year. There was a very, very good shape, and I knew that I couldn't give it away. I don't make enough money and less hard. I met a guy wanted about at millions and millions and millions of dollars could keep, could keep, could keep her in perfect shape and he knew what she was she was. He knew that she was schooner in is a schooner sailor. He knew how beautiful she was exactly what her value here and in the world was yeah and I have salad and ah I regret it. We miss her every day we will he. He you use it knowing that he'd take me sailing on it. Ah, but you can't really go backwards on that, so I haven't been sailing since since then
cause it's pretty painful. Would you go out alone and sale? No, I'm not really into sailing alone. I like sailing with me, because I, like sailing bigger boats here, big sailboats, for new career. You gotta crew, where you had now: health, wise old nine, I've been through a lot. Ninety two right money too ah, well. pretty. Well, considering I have tried to see that's that's gone. They give me finally kimberly cure. Thousand dollars. Uphill. Gentlemen, how many pills in it? If you think big farmer, is your friend consider that one? So you had it,
I that after the liver transplant or before yeah after they treated with a transplant, which really was just a hair's, breadth away from. Oh so that's that's done. I'm diabetic, which was a rough one. That'll probably get me. I've had a had a couple of heart attacks. That's probably going to get me. You know I really try to stay as healthy as I can but it's I mostly try to celebrate the fact that I am breathing right now. I'm saying you write, songs, work with Y their you ideal stuff with a lot of people, but you did some fairly. work with David, David Gilmore yeah. I like give it a lot easier. One of my most ferret musicians he's a ban tasked. Europe were not really wild unbelievable. His tone has toured here spectacular and he's a nice man and with you using with him yeah I've sung with him and and done shows with him. I I sang with him here at the hollywood bowl.
and it was big fun for big and collins is a friend right yeah. He got your liver now he helped We we did it. We wrote a song called hero, which was as close as I came to having a radio hit. He produced it and, and we sang it together and stuff, it's really at ease till the incredible thing, Now you ve got problems being able play drums, downcast good progress with his hands, but he still want to go. Anger, and you are a hall of famer for two bands. Yeah. Let's should be three yeah yeah cause see and why is totally different eh I mean it's totally true. You add neil young to the mix and you just added nitro glycerine at the he's not the shame, balanced growth resulting nash. well, but you seem to have the one. Despite personal, you know history, you seem to have a lot of respect for everybody for anyways. If you look back over the work we did, which is really the only thing that counts as the songs here we did some good work for away streets. Pretty amazing
really fine work and I am sorry I keep in the name of your seller record wrong. If I could only remember my name that wrecked dino that right what has been resurrected by hipsters. As being adds can up. It is why they call the occult classic here the people love it. It has arrived, what's a gold record, though anyways right, yeah? Well, that's good! That's like a hit yeah kinda! It was not a radio that doesn't exist anymore, there's no more radio. I guess I dunno it. You know it's it's funny to watch how the business changed. The biggest change was that the record companies didn't know what the word digital meant. They had no idea. they thought it was a different kind of cosette. Where I mean I do see rising and just words like going from. tractor word has had right now they got away from him.
Digital analogue that, with a little beyond their capacity to understand so analogue for those area there. I don't know what we're talking about mark knows, but here's the deal analogue you make a copy, it loses something called going down a generation. You do it again. You must know that junior by the time you make the tenth copy, its use by the time you make the thousandth copy, nobody, a digital tv exactly the same. with that. Well The problem is that the record companies didn't understand it and as soon as you put out a cd people can make a thousand copies of it and then they're exactly the same the integrity of the spectrum of sound is bad There are three eyes it used to be judged we now it really digital. You can get it up to the same quality. If you slighted find enough here,
if you get a high rez. You are twenty four but went on to you. That's good shit, yeah that sounds good uncut. Ah you and I both like a vinyl and I in there it has a quality to it. Vinyl house a certain way that it approach with you- and I like that, yeah but digital. If you get high res digital, it's terrific few years, m, p threes, I'm sure neil went here. He hates and petrie. Now he's paste. Sound is new thing yet won't have porno. I have one yes, one of my bag right out there here, it's a a high rise player. You, like your very good- I mean I have Remember that we have really good here. Ah, but then
You know the record companies just flattened understand men. Things went down health from there. The the streaming services are an abomination, their totally wrong, totally bad. If, if spotify. If you played one of my tunes on spotify ten thousand times yeah, I could buy you lunch yeah they're, not paying them there. The artist is shit thing yet is cause how the hell you think other people are gonna, be orders if they well, I can't even make a living. I gonna put my kids school. What? What are you gonna? Do someone's make money. Someone is someone else they? Actually the mother fucker that we're screwed me visions to begin with, have now evolved, india, digital fucking dish, mediating your mother from asia and in the end,
you know there are a lot of people fighting back near. Ah, but it's it's a really really crappy situation. I just signed a letter that my pow walsh sent me on that that don henley generated Joe Joseph good guy mia he's a solid human being he's one of my Favorite people in the whole music pillows he's a good friend, good, songwriter, ah excellent, songwriter, excellent player, excellent singer and a totally great guy as good, sober too yeah, and you want to talk to him as he will crack your ass totally up. Yet he invited me out to santa cruz island a couple of weeks ago, ah he's on the board of the the conservancy out there here and we we spent.
A couple of days out there just laughing our asses off he's a wonder. He seems, like everyone has good things to say, but he's a wonderful cat. I remember we went to a quarter day, drunk yeah and- and I I loved watching him blossom know he does you know he and richie married two sisters, rae ritchie, Starkey yeah, you know rinko yeah, so they marry who sisters and they rose up and they hang out together the two sisters in awe and joan energy, and so we went to. georgia, a favour for the illegal. museum of art. Those pursued benefit somebody show so he plugged in it and covered it. So they owe him so enriching can't go to the museum during open hours,
What can we do yeah so they let him go afterwards. Then the three of us and our wives all went and we who we laughed ourselves silly yeah. We had more fun at that that museum together through a great night- We had dinner there after through the joy just does somebody want to talk to him to talk to him I'll put a plug in for you. Okay, that'd be great But now it's amazing about talking you and even like when we when we talk on the phone a week or so ago, is that, like your spirit, is, is fully intact here. yeah, how how far you dragged it? How much? If you're trying to kill it and your ego seems in check- and you know you just used- you have a vitality that is rare in people of any age, and it was a beautiful talk to you. Well, I'm lucky man, I'm gonna great family, and I got a fantastic job. So I
we may. I enjoyed talking you if you want to do it again, I'll I'll. Do it again this fund, we have even covered half the shit we can talk about like we have talked about. clear power, yeah well, you're against it out totally eugenics are you kidding, though yeah it was? I mean? No. I mean human beings make mistakes yeah a a b. We have no place to put the waste air none era. We have no way to deal with a wait and see, mother nature could not done anything. We can build. That's true that in California she's gonna have not a matter of. If to matter win habitats. The funny thing is that you know humans may not survive a mother nature. We find yeah can absorb teen. Take the head giant, cockroach, ignorance, can be a pretty world afterward done now. But it'll be here now I just I want us to grow up and clatter space and find out who was in the neighborhood. That's my dream
well, maybe they'll, actually young you ve got the new ever maybe on the figure out a way for you a check out to take the brain and they make you expand your consciousness and why I do it in a second I'd, be a brain chip in a second yeah, oh yeah. I bet right, oh hell, yeah! Well, you said here folks, if anyone's out there, working on that David Crosby is available for brain chipping yeah. We need that spaceship yeah and we need it now. Okay, thanks man, you ok, that was david clause be and myself chatting love. We man I like you. I would like to highlight just looking at David crosbie across the table with his white hair and white david crosbie mustache, it's almost like he invented that moustache and that here to some degree also we've got something special for you on Wednesday, brand new, a mortality show with me sharply. If you subscribe to debate
if you'll get a wednesday morning enjoy that me and mister, sharp wing shouting as like them reference. We're we're older than it doesn't matter, we're just trying to figure shit out. You want to play some redundant guitar a what Why nah nah I'll bet, no yeah oh
hmm, boomer lives.
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