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Episode 753 - Sarah Jessica Parker

2016-10-23 | 🔗
Sarah Jessica Parker started her acting career at age 11 working with Harold Pinter on Broadway. That would be enough for most people, but it only got better from there. With a new show on HBO called 'Divorce,' Sarah Jessica and Marc talk about her career, her life, what she learned while dating Robert Downey Jr., what she loves about Matthew Broderick, and how she dealt with Carrie Bradshaw becoming an iconic character in American culture.

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Like the guy- all right. Let's do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fuck there is what's happening. I mark mare- and this is my show, deputy up the podcast, welcome to it How is everybody how's your monday going so far? Can I? How can I help? You is everything ok at this table? Do you need anything Do you need there? Would you like me to fulfil that for you before I, our talking about myself or whatever dick yours ness is in my head. I do I just like to acknowledge and dumb express my sadness over the passing of Kevin meaney. Who was a very vague funny guy a great comic A real original
and is purely purely entertaining, and I used to see him a lot Boston. When started out there is actually night might have been a stitch, As the sweeney emine show its deep sweeney and Kevin meaning, he was, I believe, started there. So I got to see him a lot in dumb. He was they are completely entertaining guy and he died I believe you have sixty, which is too young. I don't know that. situation in the conditions surrounding it, but I just wanted to acknowledge that Act that we lost a really The funny man rest in peace, kevin, meaning. and we know you don't care thousand betty did. Alright, Sarah jessica parkers on the show today I did this interview new york city, tell him and
I you know, I watched a few episodes, sex and city. I like it, but I like her. She when those people that is present in in the end. in the media landscape. She is a shining star and I always liked her eye. Every time I saw her and anything and she's been doing a lot of stuff for a long time, even more than I. I knew you I'm sort of. He relate her. Somehow you just sort of like I like tat, lady she's. She seems a nice in Sweden, charming and full of energy and talent- and I dont know what I would say to her. If I saw her, I still get a feeling, I get the feeling every time I have to do an interview, but it always makes it a little awkward when I gotta do it in my tower and because the hotel rooms at the bowery, where I stay usually out, spend the big jack for the bigger sweet, their sort of a small room. So it is basically a bedroom and I you know I always have to clean up and and tidy up and have the the cleaning person come in early, so at least it doesn't look sword
somehow to come on in yeah. That's, oh yeah! Didn't yet it's a washcloth. They I'm sorry there taos on the fourth day. It would just one or two things were I'm already entering it, a little self conscious in a little embarrassed, because it is not your standard, professional interviews situation but I found it to be very charming, so eight she lived up to everything I expected and I loved talking to her and you will enjoy it too. In a minute schedule is. I will be with my partner my best partner and producer brendan mcdonald that they now here this festival in Anaheim california we're doing alive, interactive w E F event there about thirty. Their podcast doing shows all again that this saturday night, here this festival. You can go to now here this fast dot com for all that
details and come out. I've seen brendan in a while he's coming out this week. Carnegie hall is there's about a hundred tickets, western, that's november forth in new york city, James kay, folk theatre november, nineteenth nashville tennessee, the vic theatre chicago illinois december third for two shows ruby diamond concert, hall, tallahassee, florida january twenty. Fourth, two thousand, seventeen, the carolina the theatre and durham north carolina february, seventeenth, night theatre, shot north carolina february, eighteenth, the ridgefield playhouse march. Second, richfield connecticut, the musical and portsmouth new Hampshire marched third cod street musical march, if the new haven connecticut, troy savings bank, music, all march eleventh in new york and flint centre and burlington vermont march twelve. There you go if you heard your city or its near by go grab a ticket would ya. I watched my new kitten, buster kitten
continue, bully the old man monkey. Which upsets me there's nothing. I can do about it, but there is. Thing I can do about it and it's something that I'm pro ass on because I don't, I don't know why I'm projecting or transposing or or what but I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that after. this cats balls off. Obviously, I'm not going to do it at home. Obviously, I would take him to a professional to have it done by You know, I don't know it's if it's a weird pride, but I got this cabinet was a little tiny kitten. It was two months old, he's doing all right, he's a little crazy, I can't really. I don't have a full grasp don't think he does either of what is personalities going to end up being, because what I'm about to do, as can have a bigger impact on that but he's grown in these nice boss you. He doesn't know that he did, but year has done a good job with the balls and now I'm who take them and
his balls cut off because it's the right thing to do and am procrastinating, because I dont know it must be transference. I'm prime personalizing it I'm I'm using empathy, that is human to I too, think about what it would be like to be young and coming into my own, and having someone put do a cage which I thought would be fun initially and cut my balls off. just explained a job that therefore for a job but no, but I have to have to do this and and in it's gonna, be the right thing to do but I am I going to be able to look. captain the I again after I do that to him he's gonna know I've been through this with other cats, but it's been awhile. It's been a while since I had to this sort of be the guided steps in and has a cats balls cut off
setting to me. I don't. I don't know why it is, but I gotta do it cause at if he gets out, he could make more kittens, maybe it'll column down, but but It has to be done and I have to stop. Fuck personalizing it. It's ok thing to cut your cats balls off, but it it. Works is just she's gone, is coming into himself. negotiating. I want to pay, all the people that came out to university of california in santa Barbara campbell hall, that was a great gig Had the wonderful kevin christie open up and it was an amazing venue, you could hear everything the acoustics were perfect and I did a little q and a witch students afterwards and that was in rich. And and fulfilling, and I felt like I was helping the young people of our country also Instead, everybody who came out to largo last night and watch that to add to our marathon of a show. I want to call it a marathon because it was a good show and it made me
we a little more prepared carnegie coming up and I've made big deal in my mind. I guess it is a big deal, because it is that when you, but before I- took the job on glow. I had a lot of other. I had to move a lot of dates, but I thought I was going to be doing a lot of dates and these dates are working out. When you hear this, I will have done the ice house last night and hopefully that went well. I don't know yet because it's still a couple of hours away, doing a little time. Travel shifting but but I do- I always want to be show my gratitude for though come out to see me. Ah my I'm getting old, I turned fifty three a few weeks. I'm starting to see it in pictures of me more I'm starting to think what happens now. What do I do? Starting a thing Maybe small house somewhere
new mexico, what does it all mean. Is it all happening is all the meaning already there do. I already know. is it within me? Am I missing it what's happening, I know this. I talked Sarah jessica parker for a little while, She's on a new hbo show it's called divorce. It's on right now, new episode from your sundays at nine thirty p m and you can watch at any time on hbo go hbo now and hbo on demand. I need dimension this before again. This interview because I am a moron with names, I've known people decades and I do not know or remember their name either. I think that's a skill one has to learn, or else it because I'm so self involved, but Sarah jessica brings up. Paul, seems you. Of course. I know, and I've had conversations with tat when she brings up his name. Might not I I know, because
the fuck, a moron, and am self involved, I guess but I just wanna. I want to set that straight because I don't want to hurt anybody, feelings so this is me and Sarah jessica parker. in a hotel room talking enjoy I thought you guys insecure, like eyes like, I was gonna bring water from the car because I didn't want to make you pay for water water. This in a young. You know, like I get the same feeling for some reason: people like they come over to my garage. I got a mess you she's gonna, whether she can now I mean we should talk about a week. I wish I were it. I wish I were in your garage and am happy to be home in new york, but I really do so. If this as well, and you feel that I'm I've
deserving of for some reason we ve not covered enough and right on my part, to urgency before then. You know end and honestly, though, if you're in no way you want to see the garage I can just combined, we don't have to tell you not to speak to me. Ok we do. I don't usually do full length interviews more than once. You needn't, I'm not asking you to do a party really, but I bet basically saying is that I just want to see the garage you come over and then we can do. We could do like a short interview, which I do a lot of you you having their expiry. Ok, you you're just it'd, just just be surgical, parker experiences, the garage that's and I'll notice. Things I'll see, details enter. Have you ever interviewed amy's that errors? I haven't indicators in the garage. Oh god, you would love your garage she's like she's like a unicorn, you can
getting her to do things or the one time I interviewed her. She was in a panic because she had to go somewhere and it was all very rush situation really yeah, but it was hilarious, cause she's, really, there's nobody more consistently delivers whatever it is. She delivers she's, really I it she's got describing her as a unicorn is kind of great. I mean she. She is sort of she's, one of the truly magical people, I've ever I've ever known in my life right and every every part of her like yeah, like whatever she's doing that morning. You're like I know what you did, but I think also it's because she it's an enormous amount of its everything is given equal the Oh you right. You know whether it's like I you know going to the market to look for some, kill, may be kind of contraband vegetable or finding proper rick. rack for an apron she's make she's all she's all mean it's real lesson in kind of an
an enthusiasm. Yet bananas, like sort of it, it's sort of like she's, like a poet no way Yeah she's everything's loaded up like it, has the same sort of electricity, but I would imagine she would love your garage like she loves me right now, get no talking. Then she BP taking, exactly yeah yeah. What's that examining underneath her to do it but like, like, I say, she's one of those people where it's like really she's gonna come it'll, be amazed yeah. If I could get her there I can work on that. I come back here and I don't recognize the city. So if you have memories from that long ago, like memories prior because, prior to my official arrival in our volkswagen bus with everything we owned and my real There was from new york, so we going to new york to visit my father and my grandparents, my paternal grandparents, not in free. so I have been coming to visit new york, for instance, since the early seventies and specifically and brooklyn, which was a as
nick then, as the as that as manhattan was talking. Mainly changes are as obvious to that one of the eye that sort of montgomery too, like my grandmother was in jersey with lie back and I take the bus in la fourteen. She would put me on a boss, a ready landlines, remember, which ones who do that now, fourteen years old gonna go into times square, you know why you have a good time. I think you, I know it's a funny. We talk about this last night because I was I was a young working actor from the time. I was very, very young prior to my arrival in new york and I in a highly I started. Acting when I was a are so now we can go back to that. So you got, you were born in a high on your parents were together. You you're far outweighs the professor. I'm not saying this like I'm reading it we talked about we are talking about is reviewing yet he was a poet. He started the american polio, miracle poetry, but he got out of poetry and then he got out about a tree and my we,
two cincinnati and we lived in Cincinnati ohio until I was eleven so from five to eleven, I lived in cincinnati, but no no debt. My mother remarried in nineteen, sixty eight and sixty eight, we some three. and there is, there, he's wonderful, but where the two great fathers cincinnati, so I pick training Simon cincinnati legal method, No, you know what it was seriously. It was because my parents read the paper and in the paper. Does your mom. You stepped my mom and my step time. What's u sector do he is a he's, a truck driver? It a truck driver, continues to be he's a teamster, a teamster so it's not like? Cross country he's a local? He was at that time he was at, he was at and he was a semi driver. He was an eighteen wheeler grain. He was driving grain across the country back and forth. So that's good, so you had a truck to climb into the yes and he would take. He would pick a child and we could accompany him on a shorter trip and we would sleep.
in the cab right. You know above yeah yeah like a bunk bed, yeah, exactly that's a gang. I have visa he's a. I mean. Both my fathers are, very interesting and while he sighed thinks so anyway, so miserable I'm one of eight. What as I pointed out, the original set hummingbird. So I'm the youngest of my biological. Ok, that's my mother, remarried right and had four more so my mother's had eight children really to husbands and saw the fourth of eight, and what are you do normal? I am fairly fairly from with most of them yeah now I do: Pippin Toby, rachel, Sarah Jessica, Andrew Megan, Allegro Erin. That's crazy, nl did a few couple of more in show business. Yes, so my my brother pepin is, is it? Is in the new school riding directing and acting programme really- and this is necessary The clear position yeah. I am very proud of them. My brother,
O b is is a great and beautiful act and singer and he's been on broadway a lot and is very special, very gifted my sister. Rachel was in the medical profession and then she married- and I had a fair way and couldn't devote what the medical profession requires ran and now she sort of getting back into it. And then my brother Andrew, is the house prop man for the roundabouts. Broadway house were killed, you run about you and my sister mega more without all the. Anyway, your city drunk it. Yet then yeah we're we used to think we were. Why are we the glass family like we used to imagine this, as you know the the ideal version, but were in fact not, it turned out
sister meg in pulse focus user focused polar before verb movies is my sister lag raised like a misuse, she's a masood ruse groups, mrs and by a little baby, whether Aaron, who is not a bait, no longer baby, his expecting his first baby he's a teamster. Also are user trucker? He is he typically drives. One of the here new european rules in the movie business on my fathers in the movie. This is now tales and said: in a mean my step father is a teamster in the movie business in new york city. Yes, yes, he's here now here, no one mile high whole family or over here the whole family, here on january, first of nineteen. Seventy seven thing we owned and our interview gabby of us they are safe at the time in the my mother was pregnant. My mother was pregnant with Allegro says she couldn't travel with us further so you just as a teamster. He could get like this. You can just get work. Yes, like tat,
that was his hope that rights help poker and we had we. We were one of the first families to move to roosevelt island, but when we arrive because we are part of the subsidize housing when we arrived it wasn't, please. So we had no place to stay suitor there there on that island with that called net. So we had to find a hotel room and the only hotels it we could afford were not in the city. We were. We ended up at the holiday inn, yonkers, six, kids so care for one, maybe one father and a mother back in cincinnati, closing up the house. She couldn't travel with us in the real bad was here and my real father at that point lived in philadelphia, so he was no help. Well, I mean it's not that he didn't offer to help, but he would it would bitten, peculiarly overweight right. You know that they can. I help other kids. Yes, there are a whole. They too are familiar with each other at that time was a contentious or was it all right? say that
like a lot of divorce or is it was complicated? Let's put it that way, we will be able, as civilised but complicated wifi or is that, besides the pilot of divorce of the new show ratio, it was kind of gnarly here's an early- You go from their glamour. Is new york city defining socialite like this, so bourbon nightmare, but it was funny I mean it was dark and it was disturbing, but you guys are so good was an intimacy. I didn t say tat: make us you're so going allows yeah yeah minutes. Does she come back raising lattimer tarja balsam? Do they come back trade round hearted yeah? They all come back. Quite a bit. Yeah see they're. All regulars really yeah I describe it- are islamic concord. Z domain is back. Does he come back reset it? I asked that new will. There will be a dry by
What I want to say too much dry, I get it. I get only titillate your audience, you know, I mean I'll. Tell you one thing the twist at the end. And it is a twist there was, like shit yeah. But you know it's it's. It's the interesting that I didn't watch a magazine. I ever pry what a spoiled something, but why The pilot was that you know to keep those characters sympathetic to keep your character symbol. At a young age, given what we know and given 'em is going to be tricky, but it's, but it is because it's alright that it because it's it's real. Israel yeah, it's like that's what It's like exactly the scene on the train with you and in that riff. She weighs on you yeah about, like you, think, you're in love. It's sad but humans, things really have this very small menu of how they fuck things up, and especially smart people. Yet who who surprise themselves making choices. Behaving
sadly terrible council right, which is typically their own, you know, what's rationalization yeah and I think what I what I love about playing that part and and what I love about her is that people's basic, oh, you know, do you do like carry branches, I mean I love playing, carry bradshaw of playing a part in the close right just for the story loved telling that story. and they would say no as she likely I was like yeah. I mean she's she's, a human being, but what I think is so interesting about francis is that she is not buoyant. Like carrie, she has not she's pretty and she's chile, but I feel like she's, incredibly real and that she is like an enormous number of people who have made a commitment and gone back to the well and dug deep and are weary and exhausted in a marriage and feel that there is this. of deadening, inertia and that
that one line she says I want to save my life. While I still have a chance, I think, is very real and they think she's down. I'm not married yeah yeah, and I'm just at this point in my life, where you have a moment you're, not that much younger than me, and I'm not saying that in a mean way where you're like. What's the fucking point yeah, you know what happens now. How much time do I have left yeah yeah you and why should it sucks yeah an end? So what do you do to salvage dear what you imaginary remaining years then, and what I think Then you discover beer is that it's it's not for the most part is really, with a complication of children and financial issues that are real and our true strain in this particular relationship that were talking about on the show, it's not what you imagine It's not. I mean the liberation is sort of hangs in front of you, like this great
shiny lure, but the truth of divorce or an attempted divorce is just for middle class people It is painful if you don't have money to throw at it and get out of it clean. It is a very painful, complicated, disappointing failure. I had now have kids in my set. My second divorces, horrendous yeah, it's really it's so anyway. So I love playing her and some and thomas was my first choice. I cannot believe he said yes, he so well he's very unique performer. Isn't he ended. You know and his ability to be funny, like the sort of man he's on those people that he s kind of way. You know them if he's going to, have yeah and it's completely horrifying yeah wait. I want to talk about this relationship stuff, though, because what like? What you're saying is that even when you make the places that would, in your mind at that moment imply that this is going to make it better. You know other things, be reckoned with like now, loneliness the,
maintaining relationship with your children? That's not detrimental to them, yeah! You know, and we have. What have you done to the fifty? I think the first things that have become apparent is first with the first of all, just on a practical level, you're missing an extra ceta hands right, so you're working person and you need to work right, you're in a job that is not so That's fine in any way you're in debt you're, you know Aging credit card for the best you no interest- its constantly trying to be a good parent to make up for what are very true its parent new felony, basically to your children, junior children's eyes largest, you can write it far about we're and on an How do you how do you begin? How do you sort of surface and mother went through it? Yet everyone knows people who went through it. Did you have people that you were sort of like you kind of walk through this horrible thing. Well, I sort of I started working on this show like for four years ago. I was initially
he just interested in Marriages and an affairs because I was at the point where I was but that I had a lot of friends who were either contemplating divorce survive. divorce didn't survive divorce in their own way came out of divorce. Think it was the best thing that ever happened both sides, all of it anne. For you know, friends that we're having affairs that didn't affect the marriage having affairs that did having their various that were. You know what you mean that sort of stuff right and I'm married for a long time. You god knows you, run things, your head: why, all of us sort of think about all the kids. You know- and I think it's really interesting and I and there were great, shows about marriage. You know, but if, but I wanted to sort of, I wanted to look at. this way in a truthful way, but that you can find the humour in all this because.
the environment allows for absurdity and ridiculous nests and silly under there's things about it that you can so it's not just the sort of can be. So do me what yeah, but you see I m like that, feeling like when you show up at the door. That's all I'm not going to any more like that. The foster you and you realize yeah he's in every position? You know he says and brutal stuff, but right he's he's it's his. You know, this is feel it's his feelings and again, and I'm deserving of you know I should be the recipient of those, but it's really deadening, you know, but I love. I love it and I love what we get to do and I'm I'm I'm relegate it becomes easier and was your idea to two to champion this I mean was: did you pull the age be out. So it's an idea. I had that we were developing, saw you yeah and then so what
but I was focused more on the affair. So then eventually might have a little company it hbo and we produce and eventually we started meeting writers, one of whom was sharon and we hired sharon and she wrote our pilot, and then we brought on paul sims, whose our shall runner junior paul or don't. You know who I believe you don't know her own home you just here. I loved the best. Do you know what I love to do to tom sharp language I'll be ready to hug Campbell? Oh yeah love to hook him he's like ooh, it's just he is somebody. I wrote I I sent him an email because Tom sharply very special to me, and he won't hear it, but he was right there yesterday we do no freaking way. These shows. Sometimes the mark and tom show doesn't know the. How can we have done this? Well, there's only been two okay and we haven't done one in a couple of years because we're both broadcaster hey, we have a mutual respect for each other and he cracked me up so like when time. We'll just talk.
Oh god I like we did want yesterday latest, is great. You show you some money and so so fond of him and I'm in love, like you know, toward the end. He really, He was so valuable asset for set for me in particular like he would just know when to come by and after a tiger after really complicated hard, seeing whether it was hard because of the choreography or the emotion that was wide oreo paint, whatever it wisely, He will come by any. Would just tap me on the back or just say something sort of sentimental unromantic right, you know, and it
meant the world to me he's a sweeter because he was really paying attention and it was really important me that he come back for the second season, which he did so yeah, I'm just. How do we start talking about him? Whether happened a puzzle, as we heard, sharing their not being hired, Paul, NOME and Paul who share a sharing of organ, is a writer and an actor, and she has a show on called catastrophe. That's what I was mistaken rights would rob doing right, jack late, so but this is a separate and so sure usual ideas, the affair, the affair of marriage I wanted to have it be. I know you have the code I had. Actually I had a lot of very specific ideas, but what was excited about what, sharon was, she was really interested in divorce and she was interest in some of the bigger themes that I was that I found really compelling and a larger part of this whole thing was seventy cinema and you know an unmarried woman
railways, but a huge role in my life. That's u area and just the ways we used to shoot me in the seventies and the music, so all the music at all. If you ve noticed from the seventies yeah did now that you mention has and that one seem or he's outside, watching the events in that suburban anti higher yeah yeah. That was very Isn't it great yeah? It was good and he just standing there like a do face. It's really sad. Yet what is beautifully shot? Isn't it yeah, I figured the reality wanted that seventy music as eyes like. Oh this is the music it would be the music that informed there there are growing applies right. These are the this was the music they fell in love to not even with each other, but they fell in love the first time and the second time and the third time and the eleventh time- and this is now the music that they are falling. hard to know. So. The first cigarettes to ethical in god, it's I it's also a marketing and it's just what can we afford
I'm so anyway. Again, that's good, though smart besides can't be that oh my god. My god, it's crazy, that's really crazy and we were tight. Show I mean we don't have like a crazy we're, not profligate with the money were really like whirling. Are you yeah we're leaving your choice, yeah, because those words is sort of like how much do you know. I mean not with us, but I am. I prefer that because I feel like you were armor and stuff, and there were some yad some gas or If you were an hour, I don't know, but the thing about that kind of discipline men limitations is you're, really thoughtful about every choice and then if you really want something you can argue for it but we are constantly asking for rain machines for no reason right then. Likes to how to lay waste really good? You know it's just because you can say the upward on each be. It does mean you you have to where you should. You should be like mindful and then, when you say it, it's got
I ever really it's got basement. You know. amen after a pilot. You know a man of good. I hope that at least one others who say the same thing or which can be twelve hundred others people, you know I think it's going to be interesting, is to see it is a really why dramatic shift four year cultural character You know you, you know you sort of like reinvented new york city with that show an you. You represent this thing like you get Imagine you came to walk down the street that easily. Can you no I mean. I I'm physically, I'm capable like me, but there are people that like to stop and chat that way there. It's always of like I'm sorry I didn't want to be. I I got some things I need to say you know they like to share intimate details, but yesterday was running to do, but it actually had. charity dinner and I was like really running and all young girls, and I like. I can't I can't right now. I will I'm
if you're bad. I feel terrible outside our homes, just picture I just around so listen, so you know because you know lucy case you so well, so as to have close to him. Now I think we yeah. So here my husband have Matthew broader and have become in france for awhile, and we were talking about this. You know the phone call owns the care on those scientists nope right somewhere what he did. But now we hear hear hasn't anymore, and you can confirm this, but this is at cape. So this is what Matthew told me that louis said is when people came up to him within said he would say they won't they won't. They were and it was so disarming and so bizarre that people were stunned, and then I guess he could move on freely rights, regular, so high cottager, you please I'm sorry they won't. So I was like will this is trick. This is and this is like so complex So I decided last year
start trying they won't, which amusement no end and it was really interesting experience to see people sort of up and beast kind of love it's not know, and usually just now to the question that they just around a word. I I'm sorry they won't. So I so we try. This was funny, it would do it worked and you know it will we. Made it work. I made it work, but then was travelling and we went last year myself. My kids, we went to Sweden, we landed in stockholm was for a family holiday. You know, evening there in that june in the night sky is, it is b, is below its bright, like eleven but squeeze it in the city skyline of stockholm and I say to the kids and babysitter- and I say, but you papa take a walk or across the bridge in stockholm, and you guys can hang out here and matthew nigher walking The bridge we're like an ah the swedish people, look out,
classy, there's known cameras and bones and aunt em we're having this really pleasant. We ve just feel like we ve been completely freed roy and we're walking down small narrow streets in the old town- and I just see something out of the corner of my eye and I I know movement narrow and this woman leaps up from her chair and you can running after me, and she's like oh, God said my wing on a mere. Can I take a photo and she's got a thing? I got the wound and she goes whose day since the first person ever who, who is they, of course, litter? And I was like wheelers Stu I was my husband. I ran like small children. We ran away from her, but I could not believe she said whose who's that
classic at new york judicial, I kind of, I wouldn't lie within a more lively. Someone said who is today beyond that? I never heard that would lead in that, doesn't do it anymore. I heard he's now just no! No! No that's why that was my. So how does he? How does he do it and not feel lousy for the next twenty forty five seconds I don't know me. May I don't know you you'd have to ask him, but I think that ultimately we start to relay, also with you. I'm sure you know that if there is a strong, situation, that if you want one since august. I there's ten plea and all I think that what happens over time is that people people know that their being intrusive and it's a gamble, right you know another asking you, while the camera shooting this is the other roughly sneak one and I'm sorry you know, but I can imagine that, like I don't know what kind of bans
have you know, but you know, but I imagine their pretty respectful and makes a lot of you by louis could get any number of different types of people their eyes. Like yeah, oh lonely, right, but you get there too. I bet yeah craig you know get caught. All of it I live on in new york city streets of the time. I mean a thing that thing I try to say, which is caused by the time I, like you, know, trot out. This kind of many monologue could have take the picture right, but I try to say to them, isn't this more meaningful? Just this exchange of me saying I can't and I'm with my kids when you've tried to say that I say it all the time and like pretend we're in a time machine and it's nineteen, forty and you don't happen to have a camera at the web when people like, oh, my god, can believe in all my gamma go. I'm so glad you don't have your camera, but is now what we're doing is we're going to have a quick conversation
in about em. Sorry I can, but I owe you a more like. I owe you next time you see me there better moment. I owe you one guys like you just fine and I might era, but I feel like I wish people would just because you're not even looking at you and their asking you for this picture there, not the other if I'm ready yeah I was like, but wouldn't you rather just for two seconds. Just tell me your name. Are you from because the. Why are you here? I like The meeting greets and like I'm exhausted, happy, aren't stand up show, and then I see people on facebook, posting. These pictures of me. But when I open my mouth, go like this like dozens of pictures, but there's no, there wasn't actually an exchange that they can go all upon. The other than the shaking hand of trying to get their phone to work and whenever works when they wanted to work the roma, which is hard it's either way it is. It is like me, relax,
I feel like it's okay for I and I can't help them because I don't have an iphone, so I don't know how to use an iphone. I can nab a blackberry. Why have had one since nineteen? Ninety nine- that's good man, she hunted hierarchy, airy nog, I'm a I'm a very monogamous with the yeah yeah, that's good! So you have what three kids I have three kids yeah. How old are they? My son is he'll, be fourteen in october and my daughters are new seven year olds, they're twins wow So it is that enjoys an every single day. Nine look round no. Unless nor do I love it and unit roderick get along good the I get along, I like him, still amelia cancer, interesting guy. He is he's. He's he's like a kind of like a secret weapon. Likings, like a quiet yeah very funny to his very funny bright, he's inch
sting many good yeah he's great. Let's go get that use survived the way I didn't get some, let me say, wait he too, ninety two to two thousand to two thousand and ten and twelve, two thousand twelve to twenty four years. Twenty four years you ve been with him and we ve been married. It'll be at sea twenty four it will be married. Nineteen years in march are impressive. congratulatory, sometimes you do yeah like went, went because we loved Amy said so for so long and and Amy and I met in in two thousand, I yet we met and we were supposed to start rehearsals on September eleventh for offer play you and amy yes in two thousand one year and we will be crazy, crazy fans of amy's here and when my husband finally met Amy, I felt like shoot. They should be to go. There
to be together and she always used to say I'm going to drive a wedge between your marriage, I'm going to drive a wedge between your marriage and I was like I don't think you have to work that hard, like, I think, if he were allowed like they should be together. Well, I feel I feel. Sometimes I see him. I like, while you know let persons Bobby have an opportunity to spend some time you, but I'm not really willing to do that. I always picture aiming to be above all these sort of mortal struggle so I got married uniform will you like I mean they should be together, but how much can can Matthew handle? I look at the rabbit is now. I think that's a good question, but what will not not we'll never now will never know. Rabbits are, I add, but she's as other things. Besides, one look at rather look at the cake. I she's a great great reader, she's, all right, I know I know you're not enough. I don't know yes, oh yeah, long time we been together,
well done time. While I'm sorry that I mean maybe there's still time for that, I dont know us who knows, but let's get back to the Abby Van yoga, you get here, it's not good you're standing, yonkers you're at a hotel with your six siblings down your truck driving dad you arms in Cincinnati, you're, real dad's in philadelphia, not being a poet incorrect, it's been a businessman correct, but the wizard register sort of like I'm dumb, poetry, fuck letters, and now I may. I should probably let him I no tell his story, but but we not. If fly, think what honestly, I think, what happened is that he, after he, after he, stopped writing, poetry and I and I'm uncertain as to why he stopped he became a journalist. He was a, I think, a successful journalist. I think what he really was interested in was business and he started small. Businesses in philadelphia when philadelphia was sort of reinvent,
itself, our renewing its downtown. You know that market united, it yeah like flavour, that red market or re great rehearing, Marta ready, smart thing called the new market and I use like fill- and it's a. I think, it's it's a great beautiful city of minutes. for a complicated and rough, but it's the exquisite city. So when you He started the first. I think that first stand in for yo, great store and a bath store like he helped had his revitalize, and then he went into penny stocks and then he would in two, you want an airline. Sir John, I think penny stocks are like low value. You know that I think are followed her. Maybe I'm not in time, We should ban right what happened in undoubtedly marks re ojeda penny stocks. Then he had a thought that he should be
I and bundle big time from the from the telephone companies and sat and seldom to local people. He was one of those early kind of sprint, guys so he had a company called. U s. Whites occur that vodka. That was a phone company that would buy in bulk and then redistribute rat lesser prices like all those coming is that flourish, little girl, like robin hood, sort of livelihood renaissance from the maiden went on taking the expensive phone and you can get a fortune. He accept them that certain it was meant to be a good thing think of me. I think he was looking and then he retired and now he's retired and he was gone. He lives pennsylvania, lives, ally, Marian remarried in nineteen, eighty, four, fantastic woman, yes or no, out there and Roosevelt island that incomplete. Then we finally get to roosevelt island yet and we live there. Unhappily how are you
If you out there, I didn't want to knock out buddy I'll get emails. Now, like we're very happy on Roosevelt island, not being in touch with anybody, I went out there once on a one night, bad decision. And I was under the fuck- am I? What did I do it? Well, I think a lot of people. live there. Very happily, that's not our that right. We were the first families and they drink it. Had nine years have not worked. With a social idea. It was an idea: community, asia, yes, and if only suit couldn't afford to live. Is that really what it was for actual wise because they never set eyes? It still has subsidizing. The island is still broken up and to subsidize. As far as I know, middle right, upper middle and then there's like you know- and see how as actors, so our social experiment, a yeah, I think so recent my parents knew about it. Was they read about it in new york magazine? They did a big cover story on this island that was being built and we apply to the management
company that was operated out of the city was like a municipal organization. It was, or dwellers manage okay, and so we applied through that programme, and then we move there and my mom who's. Not a snub had never or even though we were poor, she'd, never not had her own washer and dryer and she'd never live like this, and I will say, they'd held these places were not built. Well, you know we moved in and the sink was crooked and the walls were made of tissue paper it was an experiment. I think we were not equipped for What why new york, though what was welcome, I think my dad wanted to work here and we were young actors and so that we can get to them. For that started in Cincinnati, the young and the you were doing it tat all of us, my brother Toby, and an I'm right both both of us we're actors at the time, and I think
my parents thought that my dad could be a truck driver here and later heats. He started a business that transported by the way shows on the road, so he would do the buses and the trucks are those bus interact, companies and a month certain why they made this at my mother was a school teacher for here's until until I was about two or three and then she couldn't anymore, I mean she had one of the kids. Yeah and taught in Appalachian she taught in the foothills of appalachia, so her she taught second grade and hers it's anywhere frown like seven to fourteen euro year olds and what is the your father's jewish He relied on your mother's jewish because of his power. Sir jewish, you see, I was so you were kind jewish. I know people do, but I I don't really have a right to claim that father is I'm half right right and my mother is were not so I mean
I truly identify a lot of ways, but that's what is that weird line of new york, jewish new york, italian re? Org? Irish? You fall. You know I mean, can you I fall into? I mean I'm have some claim writer anymore. It's my father, my father resign observant eyes. You goin his family, wasn't as observant parents, weren't. yeah, but we were raised with no religious education of any kind. You have any religion. No! No! I I! I love you. What's man he's have wish to write. Matthew's mother was jewish and his father was irish cath. How was he brought up? not observe it, but his mother's world view. I think you would agree it's very much from the point of view of a jew, like always look The world with that land rising. We are not a not uncommon, also for her generation, she's passed but sure, which is, I think she
I see this as a juice reward. I they immigrants even now. She she was born here and I'm burners like third generation but new york juice near true, true new york, yeah yeah well. That's it sort of wild, though that you both have this very like irish, catholic and jewish, is not that unusual logistics. His mother is actually has some ease. The jewish. Yes, That was too, he always says. If. If they can hitler yeah, that's it I came, I would live beyond the yen. I would maybe straddle might deal right, but the indian authorities, rather than a tory right. I rise like a waiting period. Sure yeah, you give leniency, but my mother, my mother, when I was younger, she always said that she was an yes, because she, my parents, are very political, and so she I think her thoughts were how I mean. How could there be a guy I've? There was, you know, there's some conflict in the wild and there so much pain, and
laws and inequality. Oh how? How can there be a good god that is allowing so her thing was like there's I'm an eighty. Is, I don't believe in god working class progressives. absolutely absolutely and my stepfather is a green party member real and he is a christian, a true old fashion christian. Do you know what I mean by that? I mean like it's in him. It's not your not. I do not have more or less but like cannot at our he's, really principle. No his parish is the most diverse, I think I have at that in with me, but it's most at in principle, christian principles, Of volunteer visitor regularity, giving other service yeah come pool. Lately, it's really that's a very low mode of all. It is
really really abide by that and they they make their way. I find join our and accepting an hour wanting to hear people from people who are you then themselves ideology that is counter run even anathema they are. This is the I perception of of the community that the worship of that rule? usually literally every single sunday, really, even if it gets in the way of a family event. Yeah, that's that's something that's beautiful gets really is, and we ve gone to couple times my daughter's love it. Why, when there there's a really We will really wonderful unitarian church in your called all souls year you and I get there. They send. I am, a morning every day. get there little wake up call its. I should read that media something today, the abc its they pull from you.
scholars, brown people of somalia and haven't had endless? Would I get every morning more outside said daily meditation, but it's not about that guy now I dont wouldn't have the patience, Try daily yoga now do what we do in long run around new york. I live in a town, I run up and down stairs all day long and we came back at my daughter's last night. I came home and I ran upstairs to his room of my daughter, loretta who's on boot, eve honest like mama. Why are you so out of breath was first of all, I'm like a hundred and fifty years old and secondly, I just because I'm one hundred fifty years old, I just ran up the stairs nine times to get you what you need. I met a breath seven year old. So You ve been in show business like a long time ass, an forty years. Really it's in there,
when he came from Cincinnati what you done, what community theatre children's now I'd done proper, I so when I tear by the time I moved here. Identity play on broadway, real, true, beautiful play directed by Harold Pinta called the innocence. You remember pinta. Why are you kidding over you? I was eleven. I just just been on broadway he directed an adaptation of the turn of the screw. The Henry James terrestrial, which william archibald in the fifties at a beautiful adaptation for the old age, and it was me and clare bloom who played avernus and harold pinto directed at night auditioned in new york. I was ten went to london to rehearse came back. We went out of town like shows used to do you know, philadelphia Boston came into new york, played the morocco theatre, and not only do I remember Harold printer, but I was I was mad for him. I was crying.
he as a young child. Even what was the impression of first of all, he was beautiful. Like he's he was beautiful. You know what he looks like right. I dont. Oh, I wish I could pull up a picture. He as extremely handsome distinguish. He and its emailed he's wild, so great yeah. He smoked any drank and he wore I proper men's cologne, not, and it now an intrusive, org, aggressive I'd. Never a around like I'd? Never around somebody like this. In my entire life I mean you can imagine my class british dude you like you know at the at that time, are you We may be the greatest living delay right on that side of the pond, The has miller was still alive here in our country, and
enter and he was smart and exquisite and in great director rate, doctor and at the time to his death, then lady Antonia frazier, do new lady frazier as she wrote Mary queen of scott. Yes, and they had had this wonder. Scandalous relationship. They had been, she had been france. She was married someone else. He was mary whenever they ve been friends, and then she left her husband and went off harold and Harold. They stay heather till his dying till his last breath, my mother about divorce loved and lady Antonia frazier, who wrote great historic books on historical figures, the of the most important and- and you know, most talked about of her box- was mary queen of size. So they're together riots and their travelling around with their true old The town like steamer trunks, then clare bloom, who is
a magnificent english actress, ripe view, for the most the beautiful diction and sound the voice. You'll probably ever hear her boyfriend at the time was philip broth. So my mother always head jokingly that she married my father, he reminded her of philip brought. You know to jewish. If you saw pics my dad very well That's an uncanny jewish men, rights yard, writers, scary rather read the new yorker. Her whole life, I know, will go to the library. Is a young girl announced for the new yorker, so Here we are on the road with Harold painter radio, tony of Frazier clare, bloom and philip, do all the picture. My mother, all. There were travelling from city to city and you just lie there every day and and the companions are with them in any way like
world we will go to Boston. I was a ballet dancer. Imperilled would make sure I got out of rehearsal to go. Take classes with the boston. I mean that he was amazing. He was amazing. You, like ten years old in your and you're in the hot core of like new york. Actual wisdom and an international arts. I know of like those great, but I only knew that cause my parents, because my parents knew that EL, the impression I mean I was that mobility, it is surely who is your ten year old, impression of philip raw He too was really handsome. I knew immediately why my mother said that about him. so she can sexy in I mean I knew that you know when your little you dont know no thing. It's interesting cause that type of culture being at the forefront of of young york, intellectual culture and theatre culture in internet archer, an architecture and are being at the forefront. It's like god, I'm in the seventies was it. I know everyone thinks we're just nostalgic cause we're old and that's that bank like no, but the seven like we must
we examine the winter and and phillip roth might be on the dick cavett show together definitely like have a show right in in people now. Then then, then, then, then, and then, and and yeah we used to live. We used to watch all the time yeah right the city was may like. I knew I wouldn't have known avi save my parents didn't tell me, but I you could feel it. So you do Annie, so. I am in your after printer after printer I come to new york, this issue, we arrived in new york and I had a magician I believe for pretty baby. yes and with louis mo with lui mall and at the time there was a great asking director new york, who is in the gulf and western building, which is now much frickin trump. You know that was it
right now, we're going in a circle, paramount had erect wrote examining the moving theater was on her knees, and so my father was looking for some place for us to stay so he dropped, Off and I I went up in my first was for pretty baby and I got call back and call back and call back and eventually add a few times with louis mouse. That was my first day in new york, literally be drove down from the holiday inn. Dropped me off at the gulf, and western building was like I'll, be back anyway. Didn't get that move I got some other stuff and then and then Annie open and I was round for that. A regional audition has added happen. Prior to my I've all the show it run for a little while the show opened in April of seventy seven right right, but they started out a town before I came so it point soon. After I arrive, there was an audition for the first replacement
was going to leave the show right after it open right. So I and and might, and my parents had taken us see, annie. They had cobbled other enough money to buy two seats and forced standing room. So we Stan and then to people would switch after intermission vote to people could sit and then two bill rough and we were the show, and if you were seen any see frequently in the honour, its great I like the indisputable, you know it's it's it's it's a perfect show. I promise you perfect show, and I saw it. You know I was twelve years old and I was like certainly perfect, schoeffer twelve euro. I couldn't believe what I was saying and my dad said to me at the time and I never sang professionally in whatever he was like. You could see my eyes use like you said to me. just, not annie material, know that, and I was like I know I know I know
Anyway, I got a call because I think they those girls good belgium. Well, tourism were big here. You know bold performers, you, that was not my style right and I got an audition for the show, and I and I and I I came to this addition I I sang the song, nothing from where's line, which was this great song that this character priscilla. Has his character, things about being porter rican in wanting to be an actor and going to performing it's never really achieving what the drama teacher and the job market. Keeps telling her you're nothing you're, nothing. You should just to you know the catholic school down the street, and it's got you know a curse word in it in, but I, the song. I saw it and I'm well place, but I saw course I before it open on broadway when I came to do the innocence it was in previous across three. When you can correct. Like
of course, light, and I went to the previous before it open before it became like the biggest yeah of the time. You have. A parents got tickets and I was like They show me now is as a sentiment in our view to as much as you eleven. They love it, they love it. So I that's kay my song, but then it was like contracts. all that I sang that cause. There's Elijah's as except the feeling that this bullshit was absurd and I sang then am I addition anywhere for did you bout it out? We re really. I wasn't really a belt before I got Annie. I did a show at the manhattan theatre club with charles strouse, who wrote the music and the lyrics right friend for antigua, martin charenton directly. At the show. It was a review of charles trousers music, so it had that experience that I came over addition auditioned for Annie, I got I got. I got the part and when I the part of July, the orphan some might say its most boring, often, but I liked her. They say
also. You are now going to be the under study to Annie because Turkey is gonna, leave the original he's gonna leave when she leaves Shelly Bruce is moving up into the role of Annie. We need another study, but before that happens, Sarah Jessica, Shelly going on vacation, and andrea like when you come into the show, shall you be on vacation? You have to learn any first because of Andry doesn't make it your first up on deck preserve. Says I'm ok, I'm right. So this is wonderful and then you get a we get her herself a week of her rehearsals. They taught me any first they taught me lie bag. My track for July opening night january, nineteen. Seventy eight biggest snow storm in new york city in thirty six years old, people, the costs they all live in philly, including animal carnal, should never make. The show literally there, like you, might be going on plain Annie. I was wide of the mark.
But I didn't care was like twelve, as was like. Where do you know tell me where to go? Tell me what to do anyway. She got there in time, but bunch whether people were We had a kind of reorganising shout eventually there was an audience, became yeah The yorker is right. In our view, tickets right away, anyway, did the show did it for a while then wanted? Regional cast members, a grown up, who played a very pivotal role of grace. Pharaon lieutenant Anja, lead opposite daddy war box was leaving many time original. A regional castra relieves the whole creative team comes back to watch and send them off shelly by then Annie was out sick. I was on site the show in front of all the creative team and they can back and they were like your money. The white lies. I now really. I was like a right and a butt
had audition for eight, a tv series like I got the part but about the part of my parents were out of town. My brother was my eldest brother was taking care of us. said to them. Listen I I'm gonna, give you may notice, I'm leaving more charney, yet more hard and came back and I like one day shy of a two week notice- and I was I come on really and he's ike stay and I'll make you Annie. Then I, like I get that in writing. Little believe you and he did. Do you know if there's a takeover bid? It is called me max, so dont even run I don't think it ran terribly long, but it was good. It was the guy. The creative welcome backwater, wrote. James comment, I think was his name, using about tv, though, because like you're real theatre person and there's nothing more satisfying than that, the media said that the gas with the audi I can tell you telling the story is its when the greatest stories you haven't, you think I'd stay nova like you can feel it.
yeah excitement of that theater in general. Yet because nothing, nothing can mimic get nothing. I love television, I love the speed and immediately and the limitations and the urgency and all of it. But it's but it s very different type it in a different kind of rigour and honest a player. I do remember laying in bed the night before I took over the role I played this orphan for a year and then I played- and I played Annie for her and I remember lying in bed and I shared a bedroom with my sister and I was thinking to myself looking at the ceiling like I kind of got to play that part for a year, ronnie aches. I'm almost like fifteen right. I should maybe be in high school now. Maybe I shouldn't be plain little orphan annie, but I knew this was you know an opportunity and then actually the other day. I was living to right, I'm living, I was contributing to our family. You known it was important, so I myself worked. Was it like? How did that work with? You know your father being the type of person he is. When you add those kind of conversations you being probably the the
is breadwinner one, the family, that point of view I yeah. Maybe I was bound it's sorta like we're going to put this away for you, and then you know this is going to think we put it away, but we also if we needed it, we used it. That was just an understanding. I mean we didn't it's not we did. It was interesting cause. We didn't talk about it, but we talked bout it it was. It was made clear that We were contributing because the family was contributing to us right and my brother When I was doing any on broadway, he was doing runaways on broadway. He was changed. Another the deal is persuade I'll show. Runaways was a musical, so he was in that original cast so he and I were. doing, annie we were living on was that island and we would meet and take the end in the our train back home. So he ain't, so he was, we know contributing as well, but I I mean I don't. I never had any resentment about that, and even though, when I left home- and I
As we know, almost eighteen and I'd buy then done square pegs. how and without any season tat was only a season I had it. I didn't want to live in it. Now I did you live in our. I lived at the awkward garden apartments undergoing people who don't live there. Yeah earnest like a lot of the divorced like three we divorced men. Ugh guys blake. I even I thought I added. I didn't letting care of a really depressingly routine. I was sixteen things are. Is there with you, my mom until tim, two siblings yeah in in hollywood. Their uncle guy is a hollywood. I think it's over. The hills I would like to get right to it. Really. I found it really yeah. How could a furnished apartment situation really depress me? Happy yeah, I didn't Therefore it behind. Did you stay in hollywood? I so I did he's an of television of that went back home did footloose after that that fact loose. I was big thing and then by then I was
eighteen and on my own, I starting wanna be movies yet I had done a bunch of movies by then anyway, like smaller part run. So I mean I was a journeyman. I was happily a journeyman. I thought I had the world on a string of units. I had the career. I imagined was and still leave is the best part look really was? I was working and I was working in film and then I was working in television than I was working in theater, and then I was able really my bells and real disappointment about one thing, not happening or now you just you are working actress. I was trying to get jobs that I was proud of work that I was about? An people that I wanted to work with? That was, if I could my bills and I could eat and I could take them. Away and get our lies. A pizza what more what more honestly? What more could I want but in the end you ve been in the public eye for a long time. I mean why you gaiety robert downy, before it fell apart for him in a big way.
yeah. I was with him for eight years. Your kid, though I know How old were you like? Ninety were eighteen, we met when we were eighteen. Did you meet on first firstborn, a movie called first born with terri gar and peter weller, Yeah he's like an astoundingly talented man that guy yeah yeah yes, but you were with him like you were just kids began or that you must have seen that it was like gonna, be a struggle. didn't. You know, I'd, never I'd, never seen drugs road than drugs right, been around drugs. Even ask where pegs turns out was riddled with drugs, and I didn't you didn't know it all your annie. yeah I was. I think I was naive. I wasn't innocent, but I was naive and I didn't recognize These things that may be somebody who would dabbled in that world would know as signs, but I also felt. I think, like a lot of us, do about a lot of things which is like well, I can. I can do
without, I don't fix that. I can help one that I knew at that time. It was voted like we're world. Do you know my god? It was great. It was ever it was everywhere and we, whether at a huge amount of that, but eventually. I felt that I guess I just summoned the courage to leave him and not the biggest. I think the biggest hardest choice about those kinds of relationships is. Feeling brave enough to leave even if your frayed they're gonna die like that, because stay not because europe in love any more, you love this person and you're afraid that they will die if you aren't there to show their base, where every single solitary day work like elena codependent. You not naive, tried at one point is he went in a week of it? We did like you, know many interventions and never was like. You should go to our non means, and I went to some alan mean he then I recommend home and saying to him gosh. Danny I
stay seem so angry. I'm not angry! I'm worried! I'm not angry, young an ice now tat? I wasn't, you know tired of it. Yeah I was just didn't want him to die like I just didn't, want him to die when but ice, but I'm we're friends still at sea. It's kind of worry too, great sort of success story with him. You know cause you know, I'm sober and yeah. He seems to be oh yeah yeah, for how long are you so seventeen years? Oh wow, yeah, that's real man. And you know we- we have some common friends that I'm just like I'm impressed when people can especially going through what he went through, because it seems that right after you broke up and also I guess you were really. This was your home new york, so that may take home yet a little easier it's harder, I don't know what but, like it seemed like right after you guys broke up. That was when he was like yeah. It was mad and I imagine you just had to sit there going. I hope you know it was It worries us I did sort of. Although I got
pulled back in later in a way that was very dark and, and Scary reserve I guess I did just means like I got off up, I got a plane in los angeles, no night there have been some years the bedroom together and I got and you know you got the luggage thing and I had a flip found at the time, but like up what would be, name song are the only brand at the time. You know it. What was it called whatever Jesus god? It's so sad anyway, the one I always wanted. I had it and it I flipped it open and they were like. You know, one hundred messages and they were all like. Did you hear about the downy doubting, allow people kind me say Can you help? Can you step in, and it happened. He disappeared and it. Was that really bad like you hobbling rapid our neighbours on the run and I was pulled back in the
I'm not certain. Why? But anyway, yeah it's hard. Yeah yeah we're the one. in, I was working with some. People right, but it was um. I had seen him that bad, he was never that bad when we were together run and its its view. we knew tiger it's like I'm like a muscle that atrophied and then it's like you workin again, and it just comes back and yeah yeah yeah, that then you guys got him into treatment. I guess again yeah I think that wasn't the end. I think there were a couple more but but yeah it's and I'm thrilled for his health and well being now. But what did you learn for yourself in that moment where you liked that that that all came back so quickly that that it was as dangerous to you in a way it felt more dangerous to me than I've ever felt I felt like I had entered a sort of at an alternate universe of real
scary associations and really scary, a habit that had become jenny. really scary, but everything around it too was dangerous. It was it was who he communication with. How was he wrote? You know conducting his business? Who was in his life and how often he putting himself in danger. in truth, like I knew what he me in danger and who has been able in the situations tariff terrifying right and I guess what I learned is that I had real, like I had a real allergy to it? All of a sudden, like I really found like it, made me sick to my stomach and made me so sad like I couldn't get over, how sad it was because it was a very different kind of relationship with drugs. Then now her verses it there were That was like, since you are like innocent thou, be like you, champagne do. You know chasing the dragon. As I write,
even though we admit, you're really the leap, but so it was united. I noticed I was tear. I was really like. I'd set up a whole system of like being in touch with people the whole time and pretending that I was calling in for my call time cause. I was shooting movie at the time really fucked me. I was so scared. I was scared, but I was scared for him to, but you know: you're yeah, fine, he's good big lesson that it's not you can save somebody. No, you can't you just you, can't it's an important and every time you think, you're special, like every time you like now I know he's never call like a girl that are like a boy from that's coming with all these warnings. I just you and then, and then just leg, Jimmy Jimmy two weeks and then no now, not your job. Now, as an alert, it's very good like he got some extreme training in it very quickly yeah, it was like a master class and it's nice that you're still friends yeah we are, suitable yeah I saw it should go through. I love I love this ok, so second city
is we like I like that we don't have time or yet, but I imagine no like having worked as long as you hadn't done movies and done everything else, and even though you say that you know you the journey men and everything else. This was probably a break. It you didn't anticipate would be as big as it were, cracked, and it was spectacular yeah. It was from beginning to end. I mean that the experience itself with spectacular it was, it was did. I did the pilot, never thought at it again. Like you do and somebody on the street stop me said hey, I saw your show and I was like what show she said. I saw your you did a pilot as I I literally don't remember what she's talking about she's a texan said. It's like. Oh, you saw that I haven't seen it. She was like. Oh it's good, I was like oh okay, then it got picked up and then I became panicked and tried to get out of it. Really I try to get at work as you want your movies or because I was like when I got it all now. I can do a play this year this month and then I can run do apart in a movie and when I shouldn't be strapped to it,
because my head there was like you were on a thing, and that was seven years, and then it was the same every day and that terrified me and I my agents and and anyway they great I'm so great they taught me out of my panic and I went to the set the very first day we were shooting them. We should bleaker street and sixth avenue. Never looked back. There wasn't one day that I didn't want me on that set not one single day that I didn't think doesn't better than this school tat was. It was that it was the experience and for a lot of reasons on the guy trains will not only did change tv and whether the change this city a lot of people, a sort of the union outward of glamour that had not existed before an integrated communities. when I think he was about. Like hopes, I mean it sort of recent idealized heightened version of what the reality could promise, but I'd think
seeing tat I love most was the storytelling. Was the clothes were fought in titillating in language, ordinary and this city? Looking all sparkly but michael patrick kings, writing and being able to live a life. That long and literally another person who Yet to have all these really so very, colorful, very erratic heart, be like that kind of is, with his words, a dream yeah you know it's amazing to me right now with you is that you have wife, some we I've seen said and the state. I was not like all my god it let's go, let's go! Let's go but like, like, I was with their america for us and right in the different aims. Were me worry about being yeah, but do you miss any of any? Oh god no in what would it be like to be odd hazard from that dialogue de ruyter, like every day of that and how you know like no matter what I feel in terms,
what's going on or about politics, is that you know my revelation when I started the package was that you know existential challenges are what we all share and as soon as you start talking about politics, very very rarely are you speaking exactly your own mind. They re right right, yeah, you're, gonna, tell a party line the atom, piano and gather that in another self is divisive and people know my power that those people who do it better than me. So why not a warrant? I just talk about. You know the difficulties of day to day life right, as opposed to like the tone, but I need you to get there. I do it on elected, I have done in a business, see cycle, it is a responsibility. So happy, and on the stand. Upstage I'll do a bit. You know I do some an end like you're doing some on what, silence on IRAN? I on time
yeah, the nature of what the american president's responsibility really is, what qualifies summoned to be that what is driving people dare to travel for one of the other having a certain amount of empathy who for people who you're, making the wrong decision trying to understand that, and in also realising that you know it's rare, that these people are great people all the way through, and we just had one that was really good and seemed into dismiss that. So, like idea, yeah yeah, if you're, not if I'm not a little bit diplomatic, if I get strident, I don't even like my tone. I die no recently like I don't. Even do you like my right? It's annoying me. I understand I understand yeah but what I was going to say is that, like when I see you you're in a movie like you know, I I saw that, like recently on t v, the chuck the bruce willis movie came on with it. You know, on the I know, but but striking distance right, but like
I just identify you as you like. When I see you in this in this in the show divorce, you know I'm not thinking like no carrie Bradshaw, you know like I don't have good new to me, transcend the character which is a beautiful. Thank you, that's nice to hear, and it was great talking to you Thank you. Likewise, as a dream come true seriously like I, I I told you in the lobby should repay it fear your millions a man's of listeners, but I'm just massive massive admirer, also insight total and I will I will not ask for more. I will simply say: officially make it, you were on the record inviting me to the gradual not to speak, but to look but are incorrect. but, unlike you, can look on look on my life when a cool thing, cool thing actually first show sure look on look I'm like instead of begin serve, we ve ever. Could we look on my look at another gonna yeah yeah, but what
The thing you did like is that I'm about to do a thing, the genealogy thing, because I was poking around them like you, because who do you think you are yeah yeah? It was amazing but like because you found out a lot of stuff on a lot of stuff yeah. I mean stuff that I I thought we newcomers to this country. I thought I had no connection. I thought I was a mite I was fine and very actually, but now try to find very different. I'm not a mite oh, no! No! No guy! I wear my family on my mother's. I got your twelve years after the mayflower we were we were on the map. We, my family, you find out that you guys Israel. I do in one of doing the job. They did my boy. When are you it? Oh you doing that wine. Will. I can't wait to hear who you are we neither hope. You not disappointed I am concerned about who I might be. It sounded like you're, the one you hit. The industry did yeah alright yeah yeah you and thank you all tangled yeah yeah. I feel I feel very,
it like a good meal, was TAT opened. We need good luck with the show thanks man, lovely, lovely. I you know they're just some people better. Just there there everything you think they are in their their charisma and death. I love talking to Sarah jessica parker. In a play to courts over and over again for a minute.
One of them
yeah. Burma.
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