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Episode 756 - Paul Major & Jesper Eklow (Endless Boogie)

2016-11-02 | 🔗
Endless Boogie was never supposed to become a band. It was made up of some guys who worked at Matador Records, one in particular who loved to collect old vinyl. Frontman Paul Major and guitarist Jesper Eklow tell Marc what it took to put the mother of all jam bands together and how the band's style is influenced by Paul's nearly obsessive practice of collecting rare LPs.

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All right. Let's do this hour, you what the voters, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what the fuck dumpsters what's happening, how you doing smart mare- and this is my show- deputy f- welcome to it in still show today interesting because it sir outsider, show insiders. Yes, the dirt from endless buggy are your paw major and jasper anglo, but Paul Major is not just a guy in a band he's a guy that sort of defined the the weird vinyl pursuit of the graves that are small runs of usually in passionately produce records from the Sixtys and seventys
as a long intro. But I've been hearing about this guy sort of new m I'd seen pictures of em. I came upon any bogey I'll. Tell you about that in a minute, but there on the show. Today it was a surprise have the diversion brand as well, but they worked out. Pretty good other things going on I'm. carnegie hall tomorrow night, I'm recording this honour on tuesday, is that yeah I got to shoot a guy, it's just very busy and feeling- about carnegie, but I'm feeling a slight bleak cloud: over me because my little baby, my little love fond, a cat is sick. and I don't know, she's gonna make it, and I can't stand it But I don't know what to do the last time I talk to you guys agriculture that, on a couple days too, but I had them had them both at the vat busters
no balls at went. Fine, he seems, ok, doesn't see much different. Maybe Well, maybe he's a little little more chill, but not much monkey. What thought sick to me fonder was sick. I brought her in, but you see with the first one with the sickness. A monkey seem sick, o brien. So I go pick up key, and they give him antibiotics he's. Ok, Buffon is not ok fund. The you know is a big ordeal. Fuckin sad man, twelve year old cat. You know you hear about these cats live forever these senior all nineteen year old twenty two year old cats nano and it happened- I gotta go to new york tomorrow. And I dont know if she's gonna make into one I'm back and Sarah's gonna drop by I've got someone at the house is gonna, be the cats as well- and you know- I guess this is the way it is, but you know
Even if you sit there any kind of process it and accept it, you know you ever did things these cats or the longest relationships I've had my life, really twelve years and she's just fuckin, sick and there's nothing. I can do I thought I was gonna have to put her down today, but this guy gave me somehow and I guess you don't put a cat down if they still are kinda eating and not Don't seem like she's in pain. To just seems out of it that sort of hanging over me. And even little buster, I'm there's pardon me. That's right that evil factories he put the the bad mojo on the cats he fuckin. I don't know, so now. I'm at him like some sort of evil, see I'm glad monkeys, ok, but how long she got. I guess I'm ok, but you like I've done everything I could for this cat
just waiting game and I gotta go to new york with my cat. Neo sort of death ill and you carnegie hall, look, I know it's not me. Girlfriend or my brother, my parents or whatever, but by in terms of being closed somethin dad them with this list male thing for a long time. So odd will cat. and I just hope she pulled through how she pulls through, but I'm not, I'm not optimistic, but maybe I should be. Maybe I should know put my brain and a good place and maybe show show well out of it. I don't mean to be bleak. You guys carnegie hall I'm kind of nervous about that I was kind of, a dread and air. And anxiety boats like what Why dont, which make an exciting excited
and when I looked at my said, I've got a lotta good stuff I want to do. It should be exciting. I've no sense of the hall, but I know it this place, there's part of me that slight thinking like a virtuoso thee that joke this sort of like you, how do you get carnegie hall practice practice practice and dead practice enough about persistence? Persistence persistence. And talent. What about that? I got a little at add- got a little of both of those I practised. I'm excited and excited. You know we basically solve the place up there. Some single tickets left india. big and high seats got some friends come in by then I'm just gonna hang well before the show. Do a sad it there over there, housing works bookstore and soho thursday night there's the raising money for aids charity. I think gun and go on that show with the graves
oh and lorry kill. Martin think Andy blitz is gonna, be there in my buddy, nay, I guess he do it. short warm up in a bookstore for the carnegie all show there's some. it's coming up. I'd like to tell you about, because I am exciting and be hidden to her to nashville Chicago soon Those are the ones that are the closest to what said too, We are now being nashville on november nineteenth at the james capable I'll, be at the vic theatre in Chicago december. Third, and then we move in january. But those are the two gigs after carnegie for the end of the year, nice winter gigs in nashville and in chicago going to be chilly, but so are we me and brendan mcdonald. The wizard behind the curtain of wmd wtf, my producer and business partner, were down at the now hear this podcast festival and it was a pretty good time, we do
something we never really did before live we did a year a podcast that you'll be able to hear in time where the two of us talked about w e F and brendan put a lot of prep into it. and I did what I do, which might be the opposite of that. But the way I look at it either you kind of like put hands on prep in or you do. something at enough times in your life, where your prepped down the core for anything. So I went with dad attitude. I pray because I live it. He was prep because all down and structured it, but the trick was. he didn't tell me. What are you gonna bring up thereof? e mails, some, my outtakes. Some stories. So I told him not to show any of it to me. Tell me anything. There is bits and pieces bob casts and It turned out to be pretty fun. I like think it on my feet. Reacting things came up.
Did nice hour and a half show. I will be playing up gas, for he soon, but it was gone. Mad and I think me in brendan our be a team on the road. I think that's gonna happen can do birthday, parties are Barnett's was but tat, it was sorted, sir. You I've done a few, those sort of keynote things are present just type things myself in their ok. By doing Brennan would be a great. You know why, because he prepped He got structure in everything, and I just after lean and do it that's all do. I got choked up, but then you know want to become a stick You know I gave a marking. I cried the ended at one got choked up because happy for us. I was happy frahm and, as you know, I get choked up often in china, trying to keep it together with the cat situation it's so Paul major and their jasper aquila.
The band was buggy, I've gotten a bunch records at some point. I go through a lotta records. I got this one record and was Budgie. Add nothing on the cover, this weird profile of a mountain that look like a thing, a guy. And- and I put it on- unlike what is this managers and a moving groove, deep rock kind booze, buggy groove as I this is real, and then it not to be this ban and was booking. I talk to my buddy Matt sweeney. and to be involved with an endless bogey, occasionally just like mats weeny is involved with fuckin everything cool in hot and hit in mute. So I d xl egg of art, music, By doing so, he told me about tat Paul major who I was curious about anyway, because my buddy dan Daniel ghana. Gimme gimme records knows about wrapper major his paw major back in the day had this newsletter. That was a very important and very specific, record nerds about his you just spent a lifetime searching for these
small releases rock records, primarily in sixtys and seventys, and he he he he invented, niece a vinyl collecting since then he's become sort of the mythic person and he's defy and this azure nra of collecting and now there's a lot of labels reassuring some of the records that he on earth, then our impasse well defined, cause there's a limited number of them. So I was kind of cure about that, because I've been kind of in the vinyl rabbit all myself and jasper in the band, but barely one paul used to it. Down the village. I believe it was back in the day it was a sort of wizard, vinyl and and and music and dude used to hang out like yo, steve, mouth this was involved in one day early on within was buggy and they used to hang out and records in his place and look to it wisdom of music,
and weird off the grid type of sounds man and jasper, was one of the dude. It decided to start this ban because Paul is one to be an abandoned, been banned and as well those boogie came from, but they got a new album coming out early next year called bide killer. You can check them the end was buggy on facebook or go to quarter dot net. That's the label and so this is sort of interesting off the beaten path episode. They show this, The interview We enjoy it. This is all major and jasper echo? Is it very weird thing like I don't really know exists? I call you who you are and here's what happened I get sent records few years ago. It gets sent a lot of records by just people and a lot of stink and I put on
I don't know what it was bad put it because the other covers menacing in its nondescript put on end woogie long island agatha, erected? Man, I'm just listen. Can I what the fuck is? None of them like holy shit. This is real this deep, where the fuck is this from, so they gotta go track. You down and figure out what we're about- and I find picture of you with holding a morgan record. There's not a lot of pictures of you be holding that morgan record on my that's something that Dan cook sold me. over a gimmick, gimme and then, like a like. I just doing the vital thing a few years ago and I started researching a little bit of what you do and I might add, the its disguised fought these he's a guided that made us want these records. You are sorted. lots of worry I have my hand in it. It was an intentional leader, Yet, as I am to blame for a lot of this year, because
like you now I'm starting to learn more about these, like these records that were you have these small releases? or or sort of them artist release records. There now be reissued because vinyl. Suddenly shit in now. I'm warning about bands it. No one has ever heard of what was it like? Let's go back here to wear this, darts. Because I love you, I love him was bogey. I just got here. I've got the second record, so I've got four for what is a full house, whorehouse head, got long. I went out of the new one: wins outcome enough: it sir stood. It'll be a little while we've got a lot of it done then I broke my arm that pushed us back cause you break your arm and carry in an amplifier not paying attention to where I've put my feet injured in battle the rock and roll battle where did the m the reputation or which was earned to have of finding these herds I mean. Where does that sound
The one thing I learned from from euro lead is that how my In fact, we are by mainstream music in that, like you, I know listening to some of stuff, it's been reassured that you have. You have discovered, and certainly brought in the public's attention like morgan is like I, start to realize, like there's so much great fuckin music out there, that's just lost forever Is it worth compelled? You seem to be lost forever course. Now speaking or again as a kid I had that album when I was a little kid. Yeah was blowing my mind in isolation in Louisville Kentucky. You know saying I want to be part of this world right. The only way I'm getting it is through these sort of records, like
if flying today, it is kind of a mind blower to me that you can look on youtube and see that, like two hundred and fifty three hundred thousand people have listened to love off that album right when I was a kitten kentucky and of course, I'm single and maybe two hundred people, you know by the time I'm dead will have been into this record, but it started for me really the end and nineteen sixty six. When I was twelve years old, I was a math nerd and this and that totally oblivious to music, even though I sure I must have heard satisfaction on the radio chorus and then towards the end and nineteen sixty six in Louisville Kentucky, I heard psychotic ray on the radio right and it was like all bets are off you everything's up for grabs. It's like at life changes the other funds guitars the no equation for this, so it is the next day? I'm more lies to get enough change together to go, wandering down the sort, a hippie district of labour
large town, road right, look for all the use to through the used records and ones that have it like morgan. While you know it was before I had any access to pot or lsd or stuff, and I'm looking at the track. Since this is that long maybe this is one of those tracks. That's like white tripping, the idea right right. That was something you heard about from that from the man. His evenings or whatever you get some to ear tips from the magazines there was a magazine, I guess, available to me right before I tuned other rock magazines. Yes, one hit parade, or that I remember that didn't didn't have- is that the ones that have some lyrics right, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. They would have the lyrics to all the hits right and they would have some good interviews and they sort of got to the underground thing in a major way in the back. There would always review five albums and in some of those issues at the time when it came out there be a review. fifty foot hose or something, and may I don't you- I don't even know you talk about now with that
Are you always records that there was an aim of event? Was the name of a ban from San francisco, the mixed us around around morocco, with experimental music lots of made by himself the leader of the band day I like tron against rents and also waiters and right writings like ass. It was like a science fiction, adventure or something right, and so you just started if you, by just by looking at the the portal that the cover enabled you it was, is you're mostly reacting to psychedelic artwork, initially yeah, psychedelic, artwork or anything that just looked strange or a thing that look like. Oh it's coming from that angle of the twilight zone right right, yeah, yeah yeah, and when did you finally try? Drugs in towards the end of high school? I was isolated, then. Finally, I met up with a couple of friends that were into that and then we play music and that you know- and I remember the first time I ever smoked pot- was when I had my first job when I was sixteen at a pizza place, my father
I ended up for me the job, not that. No, no, no- and I remember then, when I'm working there, the very first day I'm on the bus boy in that place, which turned out to be a crazy place as it turns my first day in the guys in the back in the kitchen role in a joint nea, mother is sitting outside the car waiting to pick me up here and on their liking. I want to get in on this and she's waiting outside and and their nets. Yeah? He did it and then gotten a call. Your mom got in the car. You know that Can you tell, can nato? Does you tell him? That's a whole. It that's the only thing he experienced at first eyes like. Can they tell you You know you don't even put yourself in a position where we can enjoy. It was yes through its like that, except I knew when I get to the house. The first thing I want do is go up to my bedroom. It start can it my album covers that work. yeah back so way. Like so
did you started playing guitar when I was thirteen and yeah? It would be my parents to be real nice cause. I was obsessed with it. Then they bought me a plastic toy guitar for christmas yeah. You know a toy at thirteen maybe I dunno not like a cat, not too big little one. A little shorter, now, yeah, probably a two thirds size, yeah yeah stick and I instantly took my crayons out and put psychedelic designs on it and started playing along and then realize that yet that's nylon strings. It's not get. The sound then realize if I tape a pencil under the bridge, it would make the strings buys on the toy. Guitar some goes he was gonna, get that target our buzzing guy. So when did you start? What was the due process of law? were. You started carbon asking these records and then Where did you? How did your musical journey starts? You stuck in louisville so ye? When did you
my blow and need you gotta, get out or well out of a process. Was that were needed was a while for several years It was pretty isolated, just buying all these obscure records and not knowing anything just because you wanted to listen to just because it wanted to listen to woman. What are some of the other name like bans like silver apples and then alter, obscure and label can talking about one underground and bans and the detroit bans the empty right, right, stooges and so for those are relatively mainstream. Release is right. You can be a they. They were around not not a lot but array of eight they were around or they were still live at pressing in the home made record sorted came later eight or to this sort of like the pond thing is. When I talk to guys you started in part. The only way to get those records was to have somebody send him over to you or like there is. network of people that would move these records around, but I
when you're in a town like louisville- and there is a a local record store why the they wouldn't necessarily carry the velvet underground at a student. You know they're there. When it first came out, there would be few places. I first got white light: He was in a K mart at the in the corral. Bans, though liking a right worry three cents, each deletions which seem to hit, though those bins not long after the records came out with without the amazing thing about being in an area that is in hip. Is that, like all the hip she had just gets trashed know you stay with me it, doesn't shit? If you want to get good deal at nordstrom rack and on an overcoat, go buy it in arizona. It was a good time definitely because when I did start going to used record stories and look always knew the first place to look is wherever they put all the stuff, they thought was garbage the cheap stuff. The ads were all this good stuffs, gonna, be korea to being alike. Now the franks apple record will be on the wall for a lot of money and then the local band fraction, or one of the heavy local psychedelic bands of you like who wants
yeah, you know the locals, they didn't get anywhere, you know so you you started buying. Like your kentucky rock bands. Yeah yeah. I stumbled across a few of those there weren't that many we asked by the time I left, but there there were a few local ones. A band called crystal was one of them if I start buying those- and I was just pack- you know packing them away and lived in ST louis for a while was fine some were there. When I removed saint louis arrival from well aware, would compel you well. These are used. Keeping up your grades and do the math, and that didn't last you all once again, college. I did keep my grades up idea, no good at all that, but it switched music pretty quickly, men, another friend, Then in Saint louis, had within the same stuff, and we started a leg is what we call a pre punk man announcing loosen amid seventies the mouldy dogs and the euro is any records now no wages.
I am just made tapes, and maybe I played a kind of strange local shows. The fourth week. We started as a duo, acoustic guitar and I would play five guitar and we would do a gimme danger sure to I'm waiting for the man and things like that and started writing our own songs and play around town like pizza joints and places like that. People come yeah yeah not a whole lot, but we did connect within the other in the ST louis area, the other coupler pockets of people that were also in into that kind of stuff. Through that and enough people did come to one place. I remember called the pastrami joint we used to play at barefoot teenage or start showing up each time we play there that that that they say you can't play here anymore. You know these people come in, they don't buy. a pastrami they just come in and like clutter the place up with no shoes and they're stinky. So they say, survivor, so you're, right, thirteen or fourteen during the late sixties right yeah
and so now I gained the seventy zero like in a later teens lavishly I was born in nineteen. Fifty four, so authoritarian and sixty seven riots taste turn thirteen. So you're, like you, know your prime head space for that whole fuckin, mindful oh yeah, yeah, the timing. Couldn't have been better to hit, you know here that song in here five guitars precise time rights are they always like? I can imagine what thou be liked to hear that shit for reels for the first time, without any contacts right when it's happened, I did did seem like it was something leaking from this maize in mysterious other world severs like outfielder leah vibration of their yeah. I would be looking at life magazine at the right. Pictures in there now. I think, there's a famous picture in there, where there's a picture of a guy sit in the corner. Who believes he's an orange? I think I want to understand. Like you know, I want to be an orange to Jesper yeah. You mean ball Oh I'm at Paul early nineties, I moved to new york from sweden and
he's already be legendary america collecting circuit. Will you record, collector yeah. I worked in a record store and yeah. I was into strange music but paulista published as catalogue every now, and then this is how Paul made his all his money since the last quit his last day, job in nineteen, eighty or whenever she asked he used a massacre accurate to make these incredible catalogues highly best descriptions. You ever read a really so that, as in most in a ninety nine percent of the records you read about you'd, never heard a before so thou They saw a so you go from. And then you guys any play guitar as well. He addison like. We re loved hangover, polish groped, his magical apartment on the upper west side, riker yard. He would his play the weirdest music ever heard and and like what I do know that room he had was a kind of like a cathedral to us. Where was that
New york, young underway side, near put right by columbia, university research or you are like one of those guys were guys who you led into the inner circle, would come to your house and they d like Paul's house. This is where it I would have felt like you were: are allowed into like a magical universe. You know, and there was an honor to be there. You know he built a magical universe, just er It was a very small one, but it was like so special and we will lead those moments and the way to ban started. I guess we just try to get to hang out with Paul more and like get him out of the house, because he was a city. they're right. What you're? Let's move up to that so from saint louis you're doing them, you do a music there. And then and then wordy go next. That was january, in eighteen, seventy seven year, a member we had the first saint louis punk rock festival I was aired. Nor can it not three or four hundred people turned out and was local bans. The mouldy dogs fourteen year old girl
group called the welders who were crazily into the remains right, as the first item came out in a group called the cigarette but sneer. I guess it was another point group of of ST louis as january, seventy seven in a blizzard hits right the night of the show, and if thanksgiving, then we say what we got: a golden l, a or new york, and while the blizzard was raging outside seemed, like l, a was the smart place, you know beaches and getting warm and it was a little before the punk scene. It started happening in l, a I guess, but at that very beginning we spent half a year. I guess basically her and then decide we should went to new york right react to saint Louis wait till you went daylight. Yeah yeah just hit the wall quaker Now we went around with our demo to record companies instead stuff No, it isn't. I am, was the dream we know no interest. the idea of rocks on the two of us, they can't came out the other guys in a bad state. In saint louis time what we just came out forget outward it would come out and he was there is lower.
If you a move sort, a plan to move, but after being for a while. Yet we decide realized, we should went to new york. Why isn't it? What happened? I hear that the experience of it I was before was happening as arms had informed yet and so forth. Outwardly bands- and there were just a few- shows like happening. The weirdos and some some bans were playing in that, but it was just like the ball was gettin roland on right right. There wasn't a senior right and in new york there had been a scene for awhile right and since when many three yeah yeah yeah in early on, I guess extending and although back. Like a blue my mind, I saw a poster first, playing, show nineteen, seventy wine so cos. we that was address jazz iron punk music by suicide on it, that were that came from? I don't know what they were. One of the very first plans to use it in that context, can I talk to my why they all consider themselves punk rock and would just whatever fit in now, right why you know whatever
you are inventing in that moment, when You go to new york city. That was a fall of seventy seven okay, so we drove up. We had a house to use free in new jersey for a little bit, so we went there and how's at work where you work and how are you making money at that point? One of the amazing things is when we were in l a we had an apartment. I mean a dinky little apartment on set an vine, but it was a hundred and twenty five dollars a month split between two guys. So it's like. We need sixty odd dollars a month to pull that Andy work. When I got there, there was parliament near the corner, bleaker macdougall. There was a hundred ninety eight dollars get the fuck outta here. So we had to each come up with ninety nine dollars. I'm in new york people senior new york is going to eat you up you gotta stroke, I'm thinking fuck. really need a job right, every four nice and already soon on. I guess it was mostly time to do the bands and you won't be a wild kid, no white stuff in the city and feed and have jobs.
I did work in a village. Aldys legendary store in new york was on the corner of bleaker insolvent street as a day sorted job thing for a couple of there's really, but it was more of a hang out placing the primary remember that place. Yet its head had started to. I do remember that place his eyes to go there. My grandmother lived in jersey and I go to visit her go into the city and walk around my member bleaker, bob's right. So was it before that well? It actually was the guy that ran Philly Jolie's was named alt roamers and originally him and bleecker bob were partners and had a shop further to the west on no further east on bleecker street, coming off the sixties in that and then a sort of fell out or whatever and each had their own store and blue robson broadway album. Then he decided since blinker bigger bob, I'm gonna be broadway our hotel, and I remember weaker bob when I first went in there all the forty five on the warlike, like beetles in sheer
and then, like I remember, going back there years later and was all punk rock. She did just shifted focus completely and in the back they had all those great t, shirts and shit right, posters and stuff. Am I remembering a prop yeah yeah yeah, and it did happen when the that those waves of punk started happening at the under seventy six and seventy seven. Then those shops grabbed onto those things I'll send the parents singles were available on rye. All these are gonna have a little off a little off yeah. So when, when you were working at village oldies, what was the scene who is coming in? What was it? It was kind of. It was a crazy scene that store was a half of it was a record store and half of it was a head shop, store, run by junkies so really crazy. My first example lots a junkie insanity goin on
and I never still likely that was still like big c b, Jimmy's time, young ill, all pretty vital, where I was so vile happen and there it? I guess mainly, she believes in a maxim is right and a few other places. The player sorted between the two is one call great guilder sleaze that was more like when Tom petty was in town before you're famous, the play. There was like the old school rock n roll back, some of the regular roscoe lily leakage, and thereby, at that point, really centred around those places. They were still happen and I felt like oh I'm here, a little late caused a lot of the bans we're off goner that but in it. They can. You feel, like you're, a little late yell. Ok. Now the romanians and bans like that there never plan there much anymore khazar out touring and stop the admin an enough success, but the second wave. So I remember one of the first bills he played on at max's was with a band called red transistor, which is guy named VON elmo who's an intensely.
crazy way out their person. May I made one of the biggest walls of sound ever heard and remember walking in there and my band at the time partner in the ban was wont to go power pop and I'm here and all this incredible crazy noise, its flash me back to those first fuss guitars and right- and I got you a kid I got you know, I got a bunch of records in there. I had no idea about anything like is going down this waste of like I, just turn onto that growers of mushrooms record. I know nothing about them how the fuck, but that that's right mainstream. Do you write sourdough yeah? We found it. We found the anyway. I guess it was and help yourself. there's a knows, I'm actually on a real label, some of those some of those records Are you a real label? No, I didn't make much of a distinction and until I started getting some private pressing and started while these are less filtered than the crazier real. Why don't wended? When did that realisation happened when you're at village? All these little perhaps it was in new jersey. I guess when we were there just before he came to the
it wait. A little recording studio in the basement hat and one day in the mail comes a package with three copies of all made record. Kenneth hickney, attic demonstration how'd you get it. I mean who he saw a little as we head for the studio in the basement of the house, and he said my mom here. I'm promote myself. Here's three copies of my album. You know I hope you can. He wanted to record more or now he just one has to help him. He would just fire him off to people tat had a further his recording career, and he was basically trying to make sort of demos for country, artists or certain doing something kind of straight. But it came out completely- and I say deranged condescend. It came out brilliantly wrong right work like a work of genius area and then were able to identify that and that yeah I did it and I sort of linked it to some other things I had and then I became more
aware: oh okay, yeah people make their own records and it's a good bet. A lot of these people made their own records are going to come up with something that is unlike, unlike anything, you've ever heard before. So it was like that leaking in a window of another dimension, yeah right inside this person's head right and their life and were some of the things that they think are are the things that went wrong with the things that make it brilliant, because nobody edited all the all the good stuff out and no no at all for a guy with an angle so that that, we go and on the private pressing, are really shifted gears from the pumpkin psychedelic and things into checking out every home record in some of those can be almost lounging, not necessarily genre, based just there's a honesty to the actors and on de and are lounge ones that they still satisfy like. Ok, some broken down: lounge act row the whatever's live at the. your tail area, something and in something
happen on that record is also like bright and got their own personality write something wonderful eyes. It will have an idea to do some song, some weird way and I'll just be outrageous somewhere, what, whereas some of the other names you were picking up, then so, what's his name, the guys know he can antigone. Did you go see these guys in developer. A little later I did when I got to new york and realized. Ok, I can wander from one record store by some records taken over another store, double the price and pay my rat. Can a quick and riots in all my time, looking for records and will review- and I know about how what these records are worth, it was just your sent. There was nothing I just my sensibility or something hearing. These are special to me I was aware at that point. Oh there's a thing called record collecting. Besides the beatles and elvis or something and no other world out there. So, yes, I started running into and getting correspondence with people into the a similar thing and said all around the world. I guess after started, but little ads and collector magazines in a hurry,
and what was the ad sort of like just interesting records that I had found and gotten copies and a little later are started track and the bans down to see if they had copies in the attic somewhere. Some so little at work developed around the world. It was very secretive and mysterious. This was before he started. Seeing the reviews are right. Yeah, I didn't see them until maybe nineteen, eighty six or seven or so several years you developed this secret society, sorta yeah yeah around the world? There were certain guys in different countries, like south america, saga turned on all south american things and stuff that you wouldn't even hardly ever run across in? U s record store and certainly not the west at the time ensure that I would be in touch with people and say what what do you want from the? U s what kind of stuff you want I'll, be your boxing and since I don't know anything, your music. You know what I mean to tap semi. The stuff, you think, is the stuff
yeah. I know he would get. These boxes are records from around the world, and this sort of you know, network of people in every local location filtering their look What legal never went south america net armenia and america, germany yeah in places like that, and I would betrayed in the? U s ones in and is now more you. I can't fire with it like obsessed cause. I was I was carefully. fire. With that I couldn't, I became a complete adding to the thrill of discovery, sort of like back in those days. Everything was so enormous, like every day or to some record would come my way that budgets fry my brain? If it's not end You know what our I guess, it's from that sort of vintage it, especially nowadays it's sorta like a couple records come along at a year deserve to be up with all, although in also at that time, though, in the seventies in any, I imagine someone this stuff, your drawing from was probably a decade old as well.
drawn all the way back to the mid sixties. Probably would some of this stuff there was coming through right, yeah, yeah, so like tat, the time we're all everything was changing anyway. So there is it, never existed ever anywhere before digital harder to find that now rolling stuff that, like this ever existed before this thing, right right. Yeah, like make tonight immobile now this doing something that seems unprecedented as a tall order. It is because what the hell, it's all, been tat in a way, so so I come when you get. South american records in that kind of stuff. I mean what what was that stuff It was pretty pretty amazing and when the first box came remembers about forty or fifty alms and it was a box, the raft with cloth around it and a big green inspected by u S, customs visa sticker on wonder what kind of stuff was in their out without my arm covers. Look crazy it where it was like a brok, and unless I get, they seem to have a more a little bit more of an unhinge wild sort, it out
Men with energy a little latin texture too, it will be or anything like it? What did it seem of its place? I out of its I could see who these bans return and turn it into right, right, hendricks in zaire, and that yet yet it their their own local flavour. So when did you know that you had like you know, you're dealing with the like a living like you were doing, with like you, ve no idea: when did it sort of expand into where you probably eta by new apartment was salary is fairly after the first couple years in new york. Ah, I started realizing. I should put all my time and into this, and so I bade like maybe eighteen, eighty one or two Emily accredit easy process. Wasn't it there's gonna be unfolded gaol organically, yet Sorta dared some amendments, first time, the guy me go and thinking of this you know I should. I should get out of this place. Crazy store and damages was just village. You never works.
Your bob's nah nah. It's a tried to get me to work for him, because I somehow people thought I was responsible back Dennis than but, but they re also saw yet this weird talent for for picking records right. You don't think I had quite develop like we're, translate into the store recent, like they're right there was more meeting the people. What sparked it to german guys came in the attic or they were by village, aldys, village elders and they were some were like records like good chocolate watch bands we ever type typewriter store I got there. Thank you tell me where we all right. I just reassure did not long ago her talk awash banners to records right three yeah yeah yeah, but so he's german they came in and that then they were thinking you tell us. Where else can we go to get more records like this and that you know you should come over to my apartment, so I did a deal. You know they left the stack about that high record, saying you're just send them to us when you get a chance here, s rest and the whole deal
bottom I bought about bunch of them and then then I started going into realise no cash advertising, the record, collector magazines and writing by a leg at that time, were those magazines most we geared to. Like seventy eights in like really old shit or another. There was the alot lots of the sixty stuff was going, go and buy them is He determined what you would price yoda. It would be sort of instinct yeah. If, if something was around, I get an idea of what's going for then right after that, but I guess a lot of things that would just be how how much it got me off. You know affected it and orion and his
Are there a zillion copies of this out there? I might be able to get this drug back, always good back there and was another good thing too. It can be talked out of records that I only took me a long time together or something because back then before the internet and so forth with the best records in the cheapest section of the stores it seemed like unending supply. I go back to kentucky once a year and hit all the hippie head shops and use stores. the record that I passed up the from a year before right, because I ran out of money, there would still be sitting in the stores a year later and, as you know, one of my god, it's it's hiding. I wish we lived in that world. I wish I knew enough back then to do that now when you're a village, all these light worth were there any of those sort upon dudes around they were coming in sort of trying to use you as a resource to can it be a break their brain, open like who is around there did you like were were some of the junkie punk still around yet
the owl junkie punks were around lagree spans, what our lane and thunders in an garroters how, where they there he out it they were round, and did you know that I didn't collect? I didn't connected with them through record, connecting more that had been called the sorcerer sort of a hard work influence by hawk wind, motor head type hawk. When are you responsible for me knowing about hungary now donor, because that recent for me, like I, just got, turned out of the ground, hogs justly all getting? Alas, two years at how the fuck do? I don't know about that. This great though is really good to have amazing stuff still ahead of you. there's not much arsonists but you were you always a record nerd, the kind of like Europe. I grew up letters it says born in the late sixties, but that was before the internet, so you just had to know older people Well, they will turn you on to the elder brother of the guide year. Just like him and all my friends were older because they had some wisdom to give you you know, but before you could just type it into the
will you know their necessary? You you're a shocked to learn that developed on the ground had more than two albums right rise. You only ever seen to write shatters a third one, yet at all like and even in the seventies, or I knew a guy worked at a record store next door to where I work at a bagel place on the record sewers, our major them, but this guy was like an art rock I, he turned me onto the residents to Eno, to Fred frith, to Robert fripp to all that shit, and I would have never known that if it it blows your mind, love further president and tuna. I think from knowing that kind of stuff, I got into other weird stuff feed on illicit. One thing leads to another and like finally to end up with this magical catalogue of I used to put out to such a mind, blower, to read with his everything's mysterious and the descriptions were incredible like what do you remember, Seeing in that category I just when is it bans you never heard of, but I mean it would have like unforgettable lines like this ban. Has that go in behind the bar and take a leak type plan,
You knew you sad to hear sorcerers ever make erected now not just played some shows around the city at the time. It was a wild enough time or some there was no organisation even right get that far and wide. the only time somebody wanted pump some money into the band we made it Well the idea of deciding what will put on a big show right instead of making a record, which would have been the smart thing? Were you on bills with like the heartbreakers in those guys are not with our breakers, but some other ones of the time like the corpse grinders. I have been on a bill with which had arthur kane and then we used to rehearse at a place called sunset. As I remember, something was a heartbreaker sort of clubhouse arise okay, so you see them around. There are a lot of nodding off while nodding. There were some jams with johnny and stopping three times over a period of a couple weeks bumping him.
What's an what's her name, your band again: what's any mere banion nice guy right and air? yeah yeah, yeah, yeah, you not by here. All kinds of stories are some, but the impression I guys and let this guide unseen, like you know, dangerous or something I think he was a hustler buddy was like, as I watch a dock about on him and he seemed like a pretty sweet guy somewhere in there, but that sound yeah, good fuckin, sound, I got that figure, I'm getting my punk rock credentials on now cause. I am sorta meeting some people like that in there, then why not he's liking or you want do some. me here. I am get invited to to shoot him. Don't you the open sky thunders been fortunate, I had a lifelong fear, a needle how you like. I was three years old. I got bit by dog runaway side. Have these humongous rabies right and my belly saw there was like no no no needles going and which is worth because when I went back to new york and those circles of friends, their amateur about six or seven years, most dead, yeah. I know I know you dodged a boy buddy you're, that's a relief
genuine, have two fuckin start good for you, god, damn it man at that. wiped out all those fucking guys fuckin insane so art. So when did you after yorktown, that that was later yeah yeah. I left new york moved to new Hampshire. We put all these records do their own apartment, but did when you have to give another spaced if there were any apartment, but by the time I had left you know there were still plenty of room, but also its a great thing. What but Paul as you know, he's a tastemaker and you know he's never really been a collector. It's more like. He knows everything. record that you cover it has been through his fingers, but it comes to him. Then he sense it out again like what's records that changed your life that you wouldn't have known about it like that morgan album, for example, heard or you know some good ones to mention because of that that it that it came out on a major label, but it's still one of the best and unsung albums right in and god as it has an intriguing story and polish it yet leave tracked him down and interviewed him
Is he still around? yeah, I dunno where like this, is goin back some ways. Yet, as far as I know, What about that? One! That's really where the dan was telling me about tat. The dark is called the dark here. Where story on that thing that that was in the early. I guess about eighty three, eighty four, eighty five would stand a couple weeks or three weeks each summer in england and of course, I'll be looking around for all the records. I see these interesting records like I would have seen that Lee found records. Oh that's on a real label. Yeah I'm going to buy this this one they made themselves. right right? Firstly, I am of money for both walked into a collector shop. You know with the other stuff, on the walls like this is the ITALY only version of that cover picture of a search,
he's out maria stranded on this would look at this time I looked through the pull out a few private pressing, including the dark which was in the bin for ten pounds. Nothing. I was looking at it thinking. This looks like one of those records and I have been walking around said already- spent only had thirty pounds left and found another album that I knew I had to buy for twenty pounds cause. I knew it was worth couple of hundred bucks, which one was that was. I think group called the black workers that significant, but it was like. Okay can't pass it or something, and I took a little stack of the private pressing since so yeah. Can you play these for me and you know, put aside some of them and I'll come back and get them or put the dark. I know we don't allow he's gonna. Do that thing like groups, that was a mistake that do not belong in the bans are right, but an se says you really like this shit out. Ok,
yeah, maybe yeah, but maybe I'll give it a try back. I played it. Cool yeah yeah played it cool and I was real excited yeah. Did you know about that record? No! No! No! I was just looking at. It is now totally unknown thousand dollars, yeah yeah many. You know they only made ninety nine copies as it turns and they were this man and they were british bad and was where those you homemade private, things that I got the real issue that because you someone ray. I realise that we are some because you know you ve found that think so. if some other, like bands like that that you, you know you you sort of salvaged and and change their lives. I mean, I imagine that because of of you know him re reading the the newsletter another view, people reading newsletter, that these bans you some of them warning them bands any more. Almost like you the british guys are there working at a restaurant and all of a sudden. They get word that, like their albums on fire again, who are some of those bands, would be banned. Fraction would be wine, yeah
a new dawn, its with lots of markets from the house of tracts. Sir a good number of him, sometimes when I would find them where, after we got past that you're you're one of my friends playing a practical joke on me. You don't really want to write, write, write our way to after I got past that paranoia or the craziness of this guy raven back to ohio blues album, which is one of the craziest hard rock records. Ever I remember calling him up and yup. The phone goes into goodbye.
And it slams down. So I just kept calling back. He won't even answer his phone. Finally, his girlfriend on the phone, so yeah he's kind of out of it or whatever he thought you were bill- collector, oh really yeah or this, but were these guys able to make money when they were reissued in that sometimes yeah, but for the most part back back in that day that there would be bootleg reissues out of europe or here there and there were some labels like rocket dealing, some other ones that started up that did track him down and you know try to work a deal. But what do you think what kind of person like you know when you deal with people like that in its sounds, I go out. The records were border on some of them were maybe not essentially stable people, but how belief in their art to try to get a record made. Who are the people that make their own records generally say they come from a yet all strive to deftly theirs. Definitely the angle of the guys trying to really breakin a mainstream music. Does ryan comes up with his totally bizarre take on life. It, that intrigued me the most, but I say one of the best and most important
reason my life. Besides the Catania on there's, a guy named peter grids in from new york, made ready, ungrudging yeah who may now called the unicorn and he was a guy who had started in wait. Fifty year ended with johnny cash type, rock need type training, break into country music right and he was a twilight zone, type figure- someone is record- comes out. It's got early country on its, but it also has mixed in coral tapes, music, con, crap and crazy, crazy words. Life free from another. Neither worlds that sound like somebody said when I turned him autism is this: is the hillbilly from the twilight something so I made this in credible record. It's totally homemade bring much plays everything in isolation, he's making it and- and it's it's not just a record. We think oh wow, that's cool or interesting. It's a it's! A deep work of art right addresses life death sex. Everything like in his own sort of you know, is one frag,
It take on it, but it's it's real soulful enhanced record available to their yeah yeah. There have been a number of reissued. What's david, greater and at g r? U yea, dz yeah, I e n, oh yeah, yeah yeah, that's a that one! Certainly it it it's! You know it was. You know a shattering one of those shattering experiences to me. What you're talking about the with these people. This is like by that time. I was get through through the gates of coming out of. Like do. I need a hit another version of gloria with a snarly get up garage broke or didn't want to do. I wanted to enter this new new new world that which seemed like? Well, you know I'm one of the first guys in the door here right. It's a candy store, we have, but also you were you, you got the eight effect jus, emotionally and mentally away? You know, what's it like a like a business?
this. You were craving the experience of having your mind blown by music, and worn out. You know this shit everybody knows in, like I, you know it's what I learned from you when I first got hip to you when I started because I know like I can, while these records now dude a lot of people, send me their records and and there's a couple of accords it I have held onto because of that because, like I don't know, it is one of it were one of whom was is I have to find it? This woman, who who just play guitar and- and I think her boyfriend, sent me this record that he produced in an end that cover picture she looked so sad and so clearly. Look like somebody said right. We're doing a record cover almost issues being yell dat, listen, the record, which is heartbreaking, and it wasn't that complicated, but you could feel it. I got it. I maybe I'll find it for you. If I can figure out what is so well, there is hope for that, like, as I know, you probably ass at a lot like well, they can still happen. Of course silken happened because
I think, probably more than ever, people are making their own records, don't you think yeah. There are more bands than ever more records right over. It is easier to do back in the day. Somebody had to be really driven to actually get our record. I maiden recorded cosette was still not in their hands unless they built their own little homes, studio riot, a lot of places so yeah. I think the thing now is, sir: there is so much of everything come out, so many things, zillions of thing people would be posted on the internet it's like the needle in the haystack. You know there are these things that are happening right now, they're going to be really interesting, but it might take ten or twenty years before the right ears come across them and single them out cause. So much here is so ok. So now you guys are you're you're. He moved to new hampshire and What goes on there? That's why I you're going with the catalogues I was basically in isolation. The catalogue of hearing about aghast jasper saw, so I would be basically doing
What all that and how many records where you are massing up there like? He did. You have a point. I I had a a room full of them and then an attic with like the stuff that wouldn't fit in the room. So not you know a humongous amount, but but a lot of ups obscure records have a good selector yeah, a large pile of select that was the most expensive record do you have removed. That would be the dark. It would be some money. I got like a seven thousand five hundred for that, and that was all long time ago and who bought it a friend from new york, whose was fanatic for british bands heard it so finally, Are there still do that? Will pay that record yeah certain once certain ones? this ban stone wall, which is why the best hard rock records ever there was put out label tiger lily. I was the label that was owned by me. slavey of genovese e family connection. Really
a fourth yeah. He owned roulette records, three amos roulette records, and so I was legendary shady here. He had this label called tiger that was attacks, loss label where he would pay out demos. People had sent to roulette put put out records without them without yeah, sometimes without them, knowing it and they never tried to sell them, they will just manufacture. So you don't even know where they are eg dumping on me, as were most of them. Went you don't know this one stone wall which I had found. What way back and in the eighties somebody Senate sent it to was in thought incredible and I didn't know the story, then you know that I think to this day you could still count on you hand how many copies of turned up a copy of his dull, now yeah copy that sulphur over fourteen thousand dollars last year. So there are certain records and the others on the east coast, where they did where they all found regionally cause if they weren't ship now languages scattered the. What first, when I
was found in los angeles and sent to me no shit, the one that sold for fourteen thousand dollars may be. The fourth or fifth known copy in the world was found in new Hampshire in a barn really just it's weird, because some of those records could have just been created up and dumped and then some he's got bind him yeah yeah there there were. There was alleging going around that that some, there's a warehouse on long island, they got a wall of tiger lily label, albums all the requisite abbot. somebody's imagination, but nobody ever walked into that holy grail rain rendered collector mythology air. So uh, what's your stock like now, do you still have a lot of records? Not a channel? You know through so the whole time, so it's and once when the internet did get going. The whole thing source thing dried up. Yet, even in all, the other countries got hip to their own records right and then
quickly. The you know that the demand exceeded the supply or someone. So now it's really hard to find one in and with the internet. I cannot see how do you know who I gather gonna like see? Oh wow, that's a thousand dollar record. Whether really is not right to take that information there. So you don't walk into record, storing, go to the cheap. action to find the best stuff anymore, because everyone knows what they have right. All the guy do is go online and look on ebay, ebay or discogs, and see what it's going for saturday's. Sad about that yeah! It's a double edged sword. I am glad that I I got in when it when it was all open and free, higher or something online, and I now because of you yeah thanks and thousands of people can experience in hear me- They never heard our alike at. It seems like another alternate universe or somethin sure morgan. right now, hundreds of thousands of people are really into morgan. Yeah,
so now notice when young kids and sometimes bands were playing with another people start talking that get stuff they have when their exposed to the good good shit they tend to have an innate ability to like, detect it right? Oh yeah, I think right, what sort of being like like the stooges and velvet underground and fair sabbath and bans like that teens now are still in a response and and not really listening to genesis much anymore, thank god for emerson lake and palmer things like that. You know I never listen to that there that he just named bans that I could never process. just don't know why? But it's really I get out of a it's almost like mystical. What you just did cause- I can't I just never could and I can get hold the most shit, but I can't get hold of genesis. Are incredible bands compared to Paul Simon's graceland, Ok, I'm sorry! It's with what are you doing if we don't like livelihoods, grazing land, this sinister disturbing music,
er? So now we like you, you you get you. You come back from new Hampshire, new york right. Where do you have now, where you up near columbia, university still yep same place, he went on a youngster, and so you you were corresponding what with Paul yeah. We a mutual friend how gag will go there. We would go up to his apartment and hang out be blown just moved to new york or yet I much earlier how old are you for twenty three years until later, so this you, this was Mystical wizard unaware, but I was like I was used to having older right people. There were getting three, this maize, because there is not even books on this stuff right. You're right to people had to know, and I download me, to find out just like that people teach you and by we're a collector when humanity was a little bit, I mean not extreme and I never had money or anything, but I mean I you know I would, though the universe is so intriguing and Paul was the person that unlocked the whole thing, and so how did the music start? What would you call
We realize we're all into the same stuff right Paul. Had this he's kind of a recluse who sits up there and drinks beer and listen to all lawless records- and we just wanted him to get out of the house and come hang out see we started. This kind of ritual were like: let's get together every tuesday at seven, we have a rehearsal space during some beer and maybe we'll make some noise. You know and had you been playing at the time? Much not now not much it's a wave in new york and coming back, I was still was heavy during the record, so I gave eight years but I hadn't played re. You know I pick up the guitar once in a while, but I hadn't played and never thought I'd be in a you know, playing in a band again or something So that is what that was. The original dream, pre defined here. The out was soon as that happened. It was a real, but this band, you started endless boogie risk a kind of us almost liquid,
or something it was not his eyes. I was just wondering just sit in a garage and would jam and hang out whenever we did that long and also you know there is no ill delusions or delusions of grandeur. We never want to play any shows. We just wanted to hang out and the music we played, which is kind of like we, I loved, like kraut rock, but I also love can heat yo. Can we pretend that can't eat raw kraut rock band? that kind of vibe that is sort of like you, what you can do with skill you do it volume you know, like students, but also, but also commitment to a groove. I mean yeah like that. That is like lately. That's one thing that I've been respecting more than anything else, because even when I was listening to a full house head, you know when I when I was listening to and was buggy at a nowhere. It was. It was exactly the experience that you were having with these other records because it came to me. I didn't know what it was and no context for it, and it was just in I started. Listening to it, I walk into the groove immediately, because I
I can heat. I do like Johnny who cry like crap Iraq as well by, but that the thing was: at the groove held up. Where he's to do long songs. You know that Don't move around that much inhabit, be you know satisfying, and that was happening. I guess it's in that regard, is kind of an art drop project too, because where you can have one that repetition and that become something else once we lock into that grew. Sometimes it takes a six minutes to get there, but once we day will stay there yet How long was tense on sometimes led shows that we just played one song. You really it had happening. We just could keep going with it. You can, Well, if you're in it like the right, you know, like did clicks, you know ah latest get. Why leave it right?
It's awesome, you want to be there yeah yeah, you're there and then all of a sudden. You want to poke around and see where else you can go. Yeah yeah, but not go crazy or get too ego about it. Yeah yeah, yeah yeah try to keep it locked into that into that place. But it did does honour assert liking. I know the name of the bands and was beginning to obvious. We can't he were huge, jolly hooker vans dead now hooker he records when the better hazards ever it was just when he says like. I don't know how you're keeping up with me. You know that moment with the harmonica players, email list and everything I ever made that you're keeping up with me so like what was there? Are you because it does not strike me as like it doesnt readers is psych rock per se. It's definitely itself the blues driven operate, never right ever really interest. I was never to stone Iraq whatever, like gruesome funds we get put in their pocket, but I was hated metal, guitars ba. Even the metal bath electronic I wished to have liked more normal. Guitars were happy
where I live, and I love the slayers to me a free jazz man and they are incredible- I thought yeah yeah yeah back in the late eighties or whatever, but I just wish they sounded a little different right right, like the seems to me that that what's most important is the groove right. The effort for sure I even do not. I think, the important thing, is the thing that you do not what you do it well, There is a lot of people who, like our record in the seams It was led zeppelin. Therefore, we are as good or something or like I dunno. Those people go to berlin to record in the hero's duty like sega. Did that youtube for oxygen baby yeah? We just sucked up all that bowie juice and we made this thing. Take it in so, but lyrics and stuff I mean you sing mostly right, sir out of it comes from stream of consciousness, having an we're doing the jams and something sort of start more. Do it again and don't sit down and like much interest,
If you write the song make a statement, it's just like. Okay, just think sterling morrison once said. If, because they're used to asking a way, every time and if you stole a morsel, they Adam asked about lyric Lou, reads: lyrics: you just get me they didn't like that. So much is like it. If you want poetry, read the fucking native times wreck, So what we are one of the different configurations is banned. How'd you find a based byron, drummer, who were those guys while the band started. there was me and Paul ends, guy Johann, Google burg, who is actually right now putting together book on Paul, His collar descriptions will be. A really gonna get away like a coffee table book on Paul major, and why is important great? Why we all need to listen to him. Yeah! You know because he's been it he's a man with no ego, so we need to help him out here. If you're the ego fortification younger than me and Johan, had this idea. We need to start jamming and we kind of want. We wanted like a kind of a crude rock and roll band. Yes, yeah we worked in the music. Business is full of indie rock. We thought was really annoying. You are in
The business were mandatory. That was a big big in iraq thing s workshop, nor you ain't our guy. Now I did like production, okay of international licensing and stuff. Big matador banda care wireless pavement. Oh there is less fair, oh yeah it out as we look ahead miss in here you good. He turns out to be your guy alleys junior, he has a brilliant, really guitar. And you guys working him beyond. We been almost a he's. Actually, the reason why we ever played live because payment had ended. We refer So whenever you are come, hang out, sometimes we rehearse than he was doing, so. I welcome a slick. Two thousand one. I have any plans for new york show. It is like ok, what you get to open yeah. So right now, but we don't really play live, shows were wild, noble. You can open and out of it.
Move ever played down, we decided will play any time. Someone asks sat was layer and, however stupid the situation would be. We would say yes Luckily, these days we can actually say no to some things now, but we still have the same idea. We don't really plan many tourists or anything people contact us haiti when it comes to australia, where we just were and here you gotta be following Australia. Which channel a lot of the early seven he's a straining rock heroes like lobby lloyd and the colored ball Well, the colored balls that Dan turned me onto that's a good record. We've been fans of of his genius for many years and is one of the reasons why the band started. Really ass, our because we're just obsessing over that those records and no one I had heard of them outside estrella. A high is true like no one, no one care, because their love to rock knots. delicate right. But I read the heavy rocks angle
I got one record: if there's a hip all powers, you have all the power that is yeah. We used to play that that's what mama said like in nineteen, ninety six, who try to figure it out, but we couldn't. We were good enough, you are you not! You aren't do any covers lobby do sometimes, which ones but we do mama billy thorpe, oh yeah, the as taxes when we We do do some covers, and rollin and tumbling roma do not so like one you play. No, what what are you draw like wait? What do people know you now? Is it likely glass anyhow to go? People in Austria was good. It's not like huge numbers of people. We played a you got a girl of festivals, have a crowd and familiar faces. Turning up- and I heard a rock fans like fit well bit of a vibe over there to cause. We ve been championing australian rock over here and in fact, in back in the old days. My catalogues, I had put a color balls ball power in their a couple times, because I was in touch with guys to swap and record. you're in a two of our shows independent.
Other two guys came up answer. May I thank you for turning me onto colored balls? Yes, where they get turned on to color balls by me and halfway around the world yeah. I think so. We ve been champion, meaning that what's new record and because I think is good because vibe killer yeah because they might be yeah we're not pull, might be, it might be. We're not working title is vibe killer will see what happens we are trying to make it a vibe killer or not, however, happens but like leave, you know in case it is the one that brings every downside of did I really like these guy anyway, why I give man- and I was happy to talk to you and I, like the spirit of it all now, balancing like too much of an eighty? Yes, but at glow. That's me. Thank I was saying I wanted to make I got it. I didn't mean to be insulting. Paul major is honoured million thanks for coming by. Likewise
there you go now know it now set forth, go forth and try to find freaky rare vinyl, it's time it's time. gotta deputy ipod that gambro devotee of bodies checked. My tour dates: do that shit and a ho hong and I play guitar. I kind of like that thing. I was doing the other day. Maybe I'll do more of that. Just for a second the ban Oh the
the the the The and ooh
Yeah, bone marrow halves of the fund will too.
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