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Episode 763 - Joe Matarese

2016-11-27 | 🔗
Comedian Joe Matarese has struggled with bouts of rage, anxiety, and paralyzing indecisiveness. As he tells Marc, Joe is correcting these problems through medication, therapy, help from his wife, and inspiration from one particular episode of WTF. Joe also explains why his big idea of being the comic who snaps on the audience didn't have a lot of running room.

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I gladly do this. How are you at the fucker is what the fuck bodies of what the fuck and ears what's happening, a marked marin. This is doubly t f. It's my pod cast, welcome to it hope, you're hanging in. I hope that the holidays. wave, didn't b. You down too much maybe even at a nice time. I don't know I underplayed dramatically. Today, on the show mild buddy Joe mattresses here Joe and I kind of started together back in new york and he's got a pod cask of fixing. Joan is also gotta. I see so comedy special come up that sisters they december first but I am talking about a while, and I always like Joe, despite the fact that he never I believe that I liked him because I was hung
on a joker his thy still like, but he aegis that think some fucking with him for someone. Perhaps I ll bring that up in the conversation, I am going to be in chicago this Saturday december. Third, for two shows at the vic you can go to You d ipod that calm swash tour to get the link up, particularly the first show me, be sold out, so can show is, I believe there are still yeah. I think, they're still It gets. I dont keeping the alarm after this, I'm excited I called it is, but I gotta get to on preparing for it here and allay it got chilean in it's a brisk the five degrees right now and I am wearing took a flannel over t shirt. I layered up what else coming up in the immediate future. till january, twenty fourth I'll, be at the ruby diamond concert hall and tallahassee florida february seventeenth, albeit the carolina theatre in durham north carolina on February eighteenth
I'll be at the night, theater and charlotte north carolina and denmark. Second, the ridge play house. That's emerge bill connecticut march, thirty, You call em portsmouth new hampshire com free musical on new haven, connecticut on march tenth. Troy. Savings meg musical louder come up again linking coming up and we're adding more dates on in sprang. He can go to deputy pod dotcom sweat tour for all those dates there's a bunch nears gimme, a bunch of new ones gagged and be up there soon. I've been having some experiences in ireland article have post peace. on the idea that the escalation in heckling since the election of tramp, the escalation. you know nasty. Calling heckling or just a sort of ease in which people say, shitty things about ethnic groups or
liberals. Is that buzz his back, the liberal, the broad liberal buzz word. Now some people Democrats people republican some people- independence, but, like liberal, takes this whole sort of like me, get even means anything to anybody who uses ignite tone but but it aids back it's been here before familiar but I you know I work as a comic, and you know you have to sort of figure of the angle in terms of how you're gonna talk about this stuff and yeah. I've been non political. For most of you know, the run of this podcast give, take certain issues that affect me personally in this? Fact me personally, so I'm going to die talk about it, but I am not it's not.
about alienating people just about having an emotional response and then yeah, I'm watching other comics in there nervous everybody's nervous. Nobody knows what's going to happen, they don't yeah they're nervous about the president, whether they voted for him or not. The new president. That's going to come in they're nervous about the country, the nervous about everything, it's very end and people get afraid to talk up their budget. not express your feelings, events, a kind of comic you are have to realise what the fuck is up. You know where I dont know where people are getting their information or what their basing thereof in agent with reality on, I know, There is a general lack of a sense of the interconnectedness of humanity because we're all, no fucking detaching, just sort of shut into our own little worlds are little clicks. Are a little communities are a little homes, our own little your online avatars and screen names. I dunno people have. What is the collection? What is the collective? What holds us together, people
at their news from the same place. Mopeds most people get their news from a quick baden hearsay with the occasional catchy meme, there's no barometer of of truth or integrity. Due to two most of the information, that's out there, so people idea well. How do you know If you read a what you read an article, but how do you know it's true? I do know who knows anymore, what's true or what yeah yeah I just kind of yeah quick around gonna. Yes, if a little bit taken. Some magic read the headlines and then you'll hear your idea. Taking what people tell me, I see some pictures in your whenever sticks, whenever stick, as you know, whatever I feel in my gut- is true that's truth or that is not real, now really integrity barometer of any truths again. What what tag ready what is that even mean anymore? It's not even a word. I don't think that's a made up word journalist integrity that their that that that is a talking point,
and so you just find news that fits your particular point of view and makes you comfortable in your personal truth, whatever that is left or right, yeah, that's that's pretty much it while terrific, so that's out, there's no color. The sensibility about the integrity of information. So, as a comic you know, yanked, all I can do is what I've been doing for the last couple. Decades. Nausea speak for my art and and react to what's going on now, I'm I'm prepared the process and deal with the going in the moment. It's not something. I I problem with something I learned early on its skill set that as a comic you you either. Into and you learn how to do or you don't I did take any shit up there at our space. That's your ec space yacht first. heckling in general. Do you know, Why would anyone is saying? Is it's not right
supposed to behave like a fuckin audience member body seems to be an established type of thing that people like heckling. Is it that we have to deal with continually now the idea that there is an upsurge in in approach, heckling. You some hackers, help the show some hecklers you'll want a conversation abbots. hackers, georgeous yelled kind of fuck, you people and we know who the fuck you people, air here's. Do they the interesting thing a guy? having some your major issue in you know accepting as an american, the alive oh yeah, I'm not to eat, and I'm not naive. Yes, the election is done. We have a new president. But the only thing that the popular election, if anything, implies in a number of votes one can they had, over the other its autumn, of winning or losing. But what it is a matter of is there is no,
social mandate for being a douche bag in public? There is no majority this is a minority rule its away, the republic works its way. Democracy works in this country. I understand that, but the numbers do not and should not give anyone a social mandate to be a fucking wish bag in public and treat people badly. Say shit, that they know that they shouldn't have said it still than this one, What's gonna have to happen, ultimately that people who respect humanity, whatever side you're on who respect the collective idea of what our country represents, which is we all live together, we're all americans you're going to be called upon if you're in person, no matter who you voted for. I have to say in public situations: hey you know what a it still, ok to do that now that that no if you don't licence to do that,
and whatever that is you fill in the blank resource are well aware, is that you know it: it's not ok, to say that not say against who are you have a constitutional right to do it, but socially in the world. We live in india. american culture and society. It's like you, a big being like be act like a fuckin person. So there is no social mandate for being Douche bag in public, I understand, bore excited on both sides, but that's just the truth of it and that as a com, is something we're all gonna have to deal with its like. If you like to show leave if you want to make it back to go out to yourself while you're leaving fine. If you wanted to out during the show out I'll deal with you for a little while, but ultimately, you're just running the show for a lot of people that wanted to see the show because of your opinions. In that context There is no social, andy for being
douche bag in public, try to act like a human being. You know what they are Z, by partisan request, so Joe matter reese Joe matter reason. I go way back. I don't know that we were like, but, but we are around each other and I always liked him. I always Joe, very nice guy. I like to watch and do stand up. I edges of item and whenever any beef I dunno he lives in new york and I know he's got this podcast going and been sort of we've been trying to figure out. You know how to get them on and and because he does he's not out here a lot, and I was happy we put this can a while back and there's a couple interesting things couple interesting things going on for Joe. As I said earlier, he's gotta who comedy special on sea so that permit Is this thursday December first. He also as a podcast fixing Joe you it wherever you get podcast butter.
also he's doing this interesting thing he's making a tv show based on his podcasting. Webster is ok and on fixing Joe unease is working for writer, so if you're interested in this is real, if you're in, Instead, you can go to Joe masseria dot com to take a look at his web series the show description and contact them, The email listed on the site, if you want to be a writer for Jos new, show I've. Never I've never is This is a very democratic way to do that. I don't know what Joe knows what he's got himself into butter, but that's what he said. to tell you and I'm telling you that right now and then its let's talk to my old pal Joe matters I had a moment believer in on the list. into one of your interviews, and I don't know if I should say which comedian was her
I was listening to the AL lubell episode and I'm sure that wasn't episode was it wasn't that long ago. So you probably is a great episode. Now I don't know how tell your memory is for different, sometimes well here mention to you that he was jealous of your neuroses. Cashmeres was more masculine than his camera and he said what he have about is that he can't make decisions and he as the as everybody would they think, and he said you come across more like tough yeah and I, I marriage drive and from a gig. I was at last boston and I wasn't happy with how I did yeah I just it was like one of those who was one of those like the the lash show was the worst wanna write, not harbour, but bad enough to ruin all the other ones. Yeah yeah ass, one was bad and I got
email, oh my god, ever get the aim. From a fan right after the shout the next morning. Do I open my email? I met this, I'm still at the star box in the home. that laugh Boston is before you drive home before I drove home. Yet I open and well, yeah and it just says: hey man: was that your show last night you might wanna up your meds. I don't know what's going on with you, but it wasn't funny and you see, im like you're in a bad place you might want to like get your wife to psychoanalyze you some more and fix you like cause. I have a psychologist what write the end he was. like it wasn't funny, it wasn't good. Really nasty negative shit, the out my show, but it was you. Was he being a douche bag? Readjusting get. It was just just disappointed. Not I was right, that's what it was. I didn't have a good show right, but you didn't you, just say: egg happens, you know it
The other shows forget you. Can yeah it into perspective. You could do that, but something it's me where I was late when they hit it, they just some areas. Exactly what you think to get away with it with some people, and then there s really detail exactly what you were thinking. Yes, Also it was easter near and I was missing like the candy ass jean ray. I was at that time drive for hours or why year it was cs. I won't be home. No moon re already had their easter baskets right. Madam, deal in my hair. I really right, but my kids are only in four years old. They don't know that, but that I didn't I didn't need up. Your magic is at issue. Is it was that the second show, saturday year, and well. This is what I dunno. If we ever did laugh Boston, it's in this hotel and usually the audience is whatever corporate event is going on.
in another world yeah. So that's what it was now at a point where you're finally get your face. But I hear you on your podcast talk about doing shows sometimes where you got some other people that just came niggah do the work here. at the level that it's, almost all people that just came and a few fans and a few fan the ads hard for those fans? Understand yes, like when you talk really honestly about being on medications, your being a day and a you're too two years old, your kind of lost. Sometimes I don't really want them in the audience. Vibrant don't say I mean I want them, but I may have come to the point where, unlike in my head, I'm going if everyone here was lake, Thirty, five till I get seventy yeah. This is this, is a home run. Ninety five percent of the time- and I agree with you- it's nice to have grown up audience grown up. Yes, so what you right back to the cave was up, and I think I wish I could
I wish I could pull up the email right now, but I wrote him back. I mean now, as I just said, like dude, you fuckin hurt my feelings on its eastern morning. Do I really need to know how to drive all the way home? This is what I I wake up to and I feel kind of shady. start drive in and I put on the europe is yet with a low bow right and he saw about not being able to make decisions yet, and it just fuckin hit me like a punch in the face. Like a punch right in the notary, a nose bleed there. I was like. I can't make decisions. No wonder I can't make decisions. I do a podcast called fixing Joe, where the oil In the end, my guest is trying to fix me they're, helping me with every single thing. In my life I go. That's pathetic. I that's not a confident stance. You're done, it's not fixing Joe anymore you're an I go. I want to be able to make decisions, and I was like at the
dr of my wife, crazy returning everything I would buy from cos? One return, a house like just stuff: you can return yell. I was at that like we went through a point were that the house will live in him before the house we live, and now the like. I couldn't move forward. I would just be likely we gotta fix this than we are. Like I, have a brothers in construction every hour? he used to be it for many years. He was like a general contractor. Who knows how to do everything so whenever I would go to do something or want to do something hey do you think I should do this would be adequate in turning stoves and dishwasher fragment, torturing people so anxiety when yeah yeah I mean I don't know. If what I'm doing is, is there
What do you think is I get jealous of people that just sorta get things done, because really, once you, you set things in motion like it's, it's all about dread, but like you're, actually buying shit and giving it back. But I I bought this washing machine, I'm not happy with, because I don't think it's cleaning things, but but you don't return it well I made some calls and- and the thing is, is that they don't make them any different. Now they all the old style washing machine with the real thing, the agitator that fills up all the way they don't exist anymore. Hardly it's This will water water if can see no big agitator shit right so, like I guess I'm gleaning is that we all just have to live with slightly dirty closed now, because that's the way it's what what I'm learning is is like in our version of that the edges just just move forward man, we stop moving backwards. So much because
to tell you when I heard that interview with bluebell even one of the elder bell. I really I felt that I wanted to. I wanted to drive to your house and hug alabama. trying to remember like the last time we were- same world. You know like were cause. I know you're mad at me, because I always quote his joke. Yours, you've, you've, you've mentioned it on your show, You like several times- and I don't know, maybe twice I dunno no, but I mean it was like cars, the time. I guess I'm a little older than you by your kind of around and when I was living in new york. When did you start? I started harmony and eighty nine believe it right. Ok, Jesus so yeah, and that's not longer after me, so we're in new york around the same time, and you had your guy spiky harry you're. Looking guy doing you tat, we start you're, some sort. It you know brow? I'm sure you did I gotta go. I think I was. I think I've evolve away flow no like. I definitely think
but it's just so funny how sometimes you hold people in this place, and then like I would see around, and then I knew you had this, that you are struggling. With things in your doing pavlovian than he did the pact, as did you did you get divorced? You never got divorced. Somehow I just didn't give Mary I was a lot older. Do the young marriages, I had a long couple along relationships, but somehow didn't marry them yet oh yeah. What I remember like does that mean? we didn't know each other that well, but we knew each other well enough. We were around like stand up new york and shit right yeah. I have one vivid memory about you. Oh yeah. Is that a bad one year What are you in piss me off or anything rise for some reason we are. We didn't, hang have you decided in like yours now I just think you were one of
guys. You know you kind of remind me of why, like when I started in, I started in eighty nine in philadelphia really a philly guy yeah. I did my open mics at this place called the comedy works in the comedy factory outlet. They were as the street from each other and with the earth? Now annihilate whaling voyage at my guys, were appall. If tomkins was the host of my open. My here and talk glass was a couple years before me, and believe it or not Adam mackay near you know, the atom mackay I was at. You did open MIKE's with me also, and those guys hated me because, a brow, yeah right, a mullet. I had cavalry cheap, enhance, it was bad. I did a nickel impression, I mean everything you shouldn't do. I was doing what you are doing he thought he had to do. I do the job. I didn't know right that you could be yourself right. I really did it, but you from jersey. I used to drive over the bridge sign up for the open mike islet fifteen,
Its away from fell from filling out areas. Those are easier than going to new york. Yeah, I the four and a half years before I moved to new york. So what you gonna do, you do a nicholson. Send you gotta mullet here would You comics, would you now from the back, and I would still Do you know those guys that just keep doing the same bit that works at over my ear and young? I know now, but back then you didn't know that you should be doing new shit involving where they're trying to help you here. I still remember the sky john mad, Still, I would put a hand on their head things. The Dennis Miller made fun of. I was doing what he wished to be a prop comic, don't put at EU high. That's good enough! Yet egg! I take that he and his valet rob z did yeah. Well, you know what it was when I started would do what I want
Other comedians, we're doing you, that's what I would do. I will go. Oh they do jokes about commercials. I should do jokes about a commercial and talk about me will know better, but that's not a bad mistake. Me you're figuring out how to do comedy right. Do you know what I mean? I mean some of those like Adam Mckay. Doesn't even stand up and I did of her short amount but right, but he was weird and all three so was paul of Tom. Can I but but I like them when I commissioner, one year, but that like what I'm saying is that you ever they eventually ended up doing broadening whatever they became. It's like you wanted to do. Club comedy I was for then. I work as an erotic as I am a question that sort of interesting to me. Is that, like you to do you, I struck me as a got up. Would you grow up like a tie? working class. What was it a hundred percent italian above not really it's odd is not really working class like I've do jokes.
Years ago, a lot about not being an italian italian dad, as is a chemical engineer, hee hee, say a more of an owl in all the italian. That's what my dad he's not a tony soprano is an alan in all the this people realize Alan all. Does its enemy is what he is here, my mom more of the stereotypical italian. Like my mom, I would describe as a ray romano's mother on everybody loves raymond. That's my mom and my grandmom are very slim right, but but but still like it's how you're going to in culture yourself in high school and grade school I'd, say who's gonna be again. I imagine of what defines you was. Hang around shore, You must have been hanging around the guys. That's why, and you know what it's fine, that's, why you you and a movie, and you also and are moving away from your family. If you feel different, I guess I was like I said I wasn't being me right like I was being these guys. We felt that, but I do feel
I knew I wanted to be a comedian, even at fifteen sixty I, u. I went through a lot of different personalities, my guy and yet you know what I mean like. I could sort of move freely. We threw a lot different group semi, culturally you now. As an italian, I was but I was in new mexico, the matter, but I went to a a bit of a hippie period, a wait. A little bit of a new way became like I will try to move around me too, more of the hippy like tenth grade in high school. the long, the everybody had the rock t shirts and where you are right I was in Iraq. I will go to allow hospitals you're on a par nea and went to a lot of rock show. Who is your bands in? I always liked rush grow and you're a rush. Guy like I was a rush. Guy got a minute. Why, like I need to like I've been criticized for for giving rush short shrift on the show? Like I I've I've, dissed russia, you have what yeah
by saw them three times. I look, I'm not going to deny that they're great musicians, that's what they are. I was a guitar player in in twenty one. Twelve is great: yes, it's great! Yes, what is it down? but now I have are you just stand? There is a need to do by and indolent ended in dili brain or may move burn. There is another more fun. Then, when you play guitar and getting your first, echo pedal in the downtown. Did you play guitar? I did in high school year you're gone for the full rocca I played in some bans, but I would never got great at that. I grant, I think, I used to bail on a lot of things. Stand. is really the only thing in my life. I did and bell on me to new too, but you still play Tar like you're, very good. I don't play never played in bosnia where the confidence united
I one I should play with guys now that that would be just for fun, but, like I I don't I, I never had the confidence like that. I think the thing with stanhope was like the weird thing like cause some people like. How do you do that, understand you do it. I dunno how not to do it after a certain point like even at the beginning where it was like this is going to suck like you do that first, those open mics and like it wouldn't be that great anyway, he continued sometimes of weeks in between im, just going like. Oh my god fuck, I gotta, you know kept doing it here No one could tell you anything. I don't know what I can ever figure out what the hell. It is why that was the thing. I think, because I wasn't smart enough that I actually If I got the littlest response, that meant going well we early the on your like that went great boring. I have the little see you're, never words guy your rock. I was a sports guy, though, to played sports, but I I I quit. I bail that too. At like ninth grade was a baseball
you know I had my first anxiety attack, others, I love the ship is if you're looking, you know, you're being interviewed by someone who's a really good interview or when shit just jogs. Oh really. That is that the trick. I really think it is. Don't you love that feeling when you're like, I forgot that just opened an item my past year, yeah yeah, so waits? Are your ninth grade you're playing ball? I was playing, ball in the, but did you know, is an anxiety tech know what happened. I remember it's in my comedy central: have our the whole long story right, but it was true a boy I bought some part of a kid at school. I went home. I smoke this whole joy. I don't know what was going on in my head now, even now. They think about it, but I and I drank really too big glasses of vodka before game. I had a game that night, I have no idea but like hours later right the game, india,
and I thought it was just like some was in the pot all of a sudden, just like like this, this leg, trippy feeling through my body No, like the tingling and everything that an anxiety attack is added, no possessed so young. I was like what that, start running I went outside started running. around my neighborhood trying to work off those buzz of Zeus or made it worse got so paranoid that I told my mother that I was high. I smoke I know you don't know this, but I smoke PA can't breathe. I think I'm gonna die sheaf. My italian mama's drove me to the pediatrician. I swear to god. She must have been afraid if she told me to a hospital that we will get a resident it's right now and I had it EL the pediatrician that I, how long is the ninth grade? The ninth ninth,
and oh my god and I felt hive, like a day and a half inches but how do you know that? I didn't make the guy I never went to the game and to me that represents the end of sports remember every goes a big everybody. Today sports died in america. being very good baseball that was really my sport. I wasn't like the job across the board. So maybe later what is your marriage with psychologist and imagines? if there therapist a reality on anymore. I did for seven years this guy that Everybody saw in new york city that sees our committee. Rather have you heard about him, leisure? Yet, with his name, you heard him on the shoulder I've heard about him. His name's alan left go it's near, but so what's the diagnosis that you just had a fear of success or failure like because it sounds like all that stuff.
As you know, you not being able to make a decision and then sabotaging your ability to do the ballgame like I I dunno, where I dunno exactly what that comes from, I mean I think I've done that my life would say it's I found out later in life. Also that my dad has this anxiety thing too: oh yeah and it kind of runs in our family. My brother had it my brother had you'd have the one brother. I have a sister and a brother yeah yeah, so he added to while he prob Wouldn't an appreciate me saying and on your show, any definitely still struggles with anxiety and our anxiety would trance is though you're more intellectual and a transpose What would you say it would? It would serve as I anger Ojeda, because everybody that knows me from the time of stand up, that you know from a new york, and I don't know if you are ever in the room to witness it when I would lose my shit onstage. Yes, I love that comics would love it.
Jim flora deal with egg on their florentine and the rest snapper. I was good guys goes that, but it was like my pete dominic utopia, pete called it jacqueline, because I we completely I'm a very easy go unhappy. Guy named one button boom rage ray I did. I think of my time is right. There but it went away with america is, I haven't had a happen in like I swear to god, I'm like six years. rage free really are the medication took it away because I'm done I'm doing the I'm, not doing medication, and I'm I'm doing a cognitive lee. How do you do that I try and stay away from people that provoke me too much on stage. There's always gonna be be somebody that goes saw. I didn't come there had become very diplomatic with that age makes care
as my I guess so, but I am also pretty open up their ye. Nowhere, like even with trolling in general, like trolling, is different, but, like onstage like all engage somebody like even if they're there now, they don't know who I am I'll, be like alright. So look like Stuart Lee said very powerful thing to me. He goes like he had a realization. He quit comedy does he's a british comedian genius, but he quit because he you know he didn't want to deal with these idiots anymore you're like basically the the thing was he that when he came back the realization he had was that if somebody doesn't like you in the room, They he he he feels bad for them now cause like they didn't make the writing entertainment decision. They do. You know what I mean they did You're gonna get ignore. Mcdonald has a similar, he says he's got a funny, it doesn't work, they ve
it disease and anxiety and is not as funny as like, but he has a little empathy towards it that, like especially if they don't know you and they're, just sort of like this sucks might get yeah. Might your guy? if there is another guy after me or whatever you want to do, but like how about we don't fuck up the show I mean I understand your plight, see what you're saying is be on meds. What thou? That's how it goes through my brain now, but you didn't then, but you never tried to work, that shit out of seven years therapy and it didn't fuck and touch it it just it. It would still happen So you believe that this is just a chemical basis to this must be. There was this a yet doesn't happen and what happened only parents or nice people. They stole my address the same way so the nice guy, but I can
times growin up where he snapped and it was like: woe dad scaring air and it would. It would be logical at times you know my dad hates it. I've set it on my part, yes, but might that fuckin tat me. Let me when I was in high school. We get the hat broke my leg. He broke your way, broke. My leg and din and apologize wow and went like thirty years of me going anywhere. I use get in violence or by accident. In the violent act you know me. curse of my mom out at the dinner table outfits she walked in here. I answer him saying: you're, grounded and me saying: no, not only do I not care they just cursed at mom, I'm going right out the front door, I'm not grounded, and then he, my dad said three, a big guy jumped on top of me and my leg just gave out on the front steps and broken
again these like eta, rob. You know, never apologize and hideous apologize. Yet he appalled guys through Alan left. Go it's saying: does it bother you that he never apologized, and I suggest it does? I just realized tat here that it doesn't egos what else bothers you. Oh my dad never said he loved me ever he's like does it? Would you like him too? I'm like yeah. I think that we can of nice. He goes tell him had hurt, you don't tell me you're mad domino upset you because no one can get mad at you say: hey man that hurts which became like, great thing in life is to be able to when people can do. Shitty shit just go, hey man needs, so you do your dad call him on the phone like amateur right, right after parked in front of the third and my dad's like I apologize for that, I'm like no. He goes. Oh I'm! Sorry, man, I'm sorry, You also never say you love me and you and I
it kind of, the reason why I lose my shit on stage, which I thought, but I dont think that real arise and he's like you need to hear that I go dad. I do stand up. Com the damage is already dont know what meaning that's why I do is blocked up the river on. That's why I think, sometimes I'll go into comedy. It's really sometimes it's theirs. they workin for that love, love yeah. Maybe no. And I've heard that I believe that's true because, like I do, I always fought it, though, because I did I seem to do what you did like, but not so much. You are always pretty pleasant. When you're doing your act right, yeah yeah, I wasn't and then we're and then each nap polite. I really think I went up there to challenge an audience like from right out of the gate
yeah yeah. I was going to challenge them to love me and then be like yeah. I see not lovable right or you, I see you make it funny honey. It wasn't funny for years. I really want to marry william would know over as not funding. I don't know you remember seeing me back. I always thought it was funny, but yes, sometimes the audience they just don't get it will not There was something they get there like. This guy's got problems. You seems like a mad about something that tunnel. If I'm wrong on this, because you know I went to the comedy store last night I didn't perform, I just kind of I watched a mine, go on, and I I ve been away for a short time here and I always feel that the difference between stand up out here, verses, new york. and why I kind of like west coast comedy more, whereas new yorkers usually come to the west coast and they're like fuck these contracts, they like they need it, they need it vizier here whatever doors, not easy. Now, I find that the audience or maybe it or if it's just the committee,
and I feel that they are. They do weird or stuff like that, go another round, our traditional and new yorker and it's kind of boring. I like then, the clubs yeah, yeah especially knew when. Why is it is because of the comedians? Or is it because the eye in new york, is more like you know now. Lady went if we're just talking specifically about clubs like the sound stan gotham beyond lab, because there's an all seen, that's its own thing there, as there is here but like when you deal with, like the store, green, the little room where he performed when I want when I lived in illinois when you were there last night formed in the. I guess. That's the original right. The original yeah I watched a but Bobby Lee went oh yeah. Well, that's a heart that rooms like the
sailor who did you see a great guy? I know you got it had o up for work pack, though the as yet been popular had an appointed just you know when you what were at that level of comedy, you could walk in five seconds ago asking the criteria that, like those guys, are all there will shoot, not their fire, not all cylinders rowena, but there is. There is a little different context. There is a different. Are some guys you'll see that start new york and they go at the new york style. But you gotta, Bobby Lee he's a big. You know he does a big physical act. Right I mean part of the reason is: is that you don't have that much room on the stages of new york? You like how true get out a small like this stance, Is the one? What is it like this? Like this? Like a, I mean, I've only been there once was tiny stage and the seller's very restrictive. You said that would allow area and there's a fuck him are there any good bye like what six beaten but three for me, in between you and the crowd right. That way I mean that's, obviously, not the only reason but preside Bobby he's got need some room right.
But what you do in their conversational style and unlike saying what you just said where you said I arrived I tested year, I was always the line I pushed you. I just challenged you yeah, you don't love me yeah like that feels like it would work better and a wooden in in in. I think, that's true. I think that new york, that you might it's about it was always you know you gotta be really punchline efficient and you gotta keep a common you. They don't indulge much, can a around. You know you can like here once you find freedom to a like a roommate you're comfortable than you can try things like. I idle the comedy stores, like I'm very comfortable. Their saw my bombing a bit but it also seems like, but ass. He had asked he staying going down that wasn't funny. You, like you know, like you always being tested. I think maybe could cause here you're in the heart of show business I mean there's There's everywhere, you look
Another comedian on a single thing, a billboard part of the city would year, and I feel that if Europe might determined, when you're being yourself on stage like you're saying that at some more comparing you saying what you just said right that here they they they give you benefit of the doubt. Not only do they give you the benefit, I think it resonates as they can imagine that, like on a tv show true, I think that there might be a more like everybody likes seeing stars on your show up front, and I think that a lot of times, like the comedy story, that most of the people up there they've seen somewhere a lot I'm surprised were new york. You still got a lot of guys who just doing the job. It's the job there that area here. It's like how do I get this to not be my job yeah yeah. How do I get more? We get more were at words like ok, if you are a little more excited here too, in a way you know what I mean: it's not just the ag here. You gotta you drive in a place you're going to wow, I sometimes in new york. I feel like people just or let's go in here it's here. They walk off
You not, I mean, like I think, it's a bigger. Sometimes it's a little bigger deal to go out here. Do you not think that I am noticing that this time around and when I what I have going on this week, what he lowered. I have all these pitch meeting set up that my manager, sizzle real together of my last one hour but yeah, and he connected with this web series that we share yeah. It showed a lot of my neuroses. I did a web series called fixing Joe, yet had all actors playing all the other part. I didn't like it's probably the best thing I've ever done where I was like this like I almost want to just go into the meetings and be like here. What do you want from me? The fog it's done like, but I We don't want to play a comedian on the show, and I want to challenge myself a little bit and saying oh here's. This is the show, but I'm not a comedian, I'm just Joe. The guy was much this John instruction guy warrior in whatever, but now
I think that's interesting because you'd be like it's sort of against typed ever do that looks like a do. Dude with real kind of anxiety and and problem erotic problem. And then I like your neurotic in a different way than I am probably em, and I think one thing that I was amazed that my manager, which made me think wow he's on board. I didn't think he will be like we had a meeting. Last week we went there was a manager, rick Dorfman, who everybody knows for one hundred years, yeah an awkward meeting with rick Dorfman. Once you have had one hundred awkward conversations with rick Dorfman he'll tell you we fight all the time but like There was a moment in the meeting where I was like. I don't even care that I fight like he gets me and he doesn't want me to be another guy he's like do like I told in the story of want my dad to say luxury and all that stuff and he's like dude. You gotta use these in the meeting he's like you're, a good guy, yeah he's like you're, not like
fucking lunatic like you want. You wanted been married for over ten years, like I want to be my, parents had been married for fifty years, like I'm this. like sensitive fit person underneath at all, like I told you like the at that time. Guy that I was in germany and all that things went away your but but but it didn't, they struggle continues right. So lightly the idea of a character like you, who's, a good guy, became an alpha, dude the often neurotic guy it had come. I've seen a. What do you know him he's right? It's it is sorted. Interesting that, like how play it where, You don't understand why you have these problems, but some of them are like kind of crazy like not being able to make a decision and just plain that against your wife or whatever I am realizing that the rage is that it is interesting that should be. You should be able to sell,
the show. Will we hope, but I Mena and I had to write a logline which I have never done in my life ever tried to write a logline video show is a dib a bear here like what sit com? Is a sentence leah nigh on another Did I tell you it there? I just go in there. Blather you'll get get some laughs and who have them put it together? That's, but years of this, not a good it's better to have a log on because for years they they think they know you. They don't know you. You gotta tell them what you are girls. just be like oh you're, that guy MIKE really, I didn't think I was that guy, like yeah, that's what you are and I'm like nah. I don't think so, but europe, I feel, you're, probably similar to me when you go into these meetings, yet it doesn't a genuine and lay out a real connection, yeah. It feels like there's, no way we're gonna sell right now, then I don't know. Why do you not like I've gone two of those meetings in you know your d easily go for laughs and you isn't it and you want to listen a little bed and yellow
them. Try madame work off what they're saying a little bit but tat they really go, and I mean the yet the odds against, even if you feel good in the room. I think that credit not help. I have craig ferguson on my plan cast I've had it he's he's a great guy. He said something I bring it up all the time and its simple, but it really makes sense. He define show business, he compared to the movie shawshank redemption na said in that movie: morgan friedman for the whole movies and they get paroled and try and fuckin so hard and then at the end of the movie he's like basically like fuck you you're, not gonna, parole me, you know just basically like who gives a shit and bone they stamp paroled, because that show business faster than oh, and I said to you, walkin in your house. You said how you how you like allay- and I said, Anne and I think I just defined its argument. One of my friends before I came here and
I said what is it about allay if it feels harder to be your genuine self like, and I hate that cause it's like? you start going. Oh she lasers. So here you thank your friends all the time for putting up with. I should Do you tell your friend? He appreciated it because he felt the same way. He was like dude because he used used to be in a couple of different bands that epic almost shots, and he said I feel so when secure. When I'm in allay- and I said yeah, it feels huh harder to be your genuine self, but you know what that is. You know yet what I think we just define what I am and if I can't just yet, I can just be that and not true to be it. It's like when I watched the comedy Dora last night you can t the comedians near that are trying to be some right but I like their nailing, but he had put their there. You know takes along
Most of those guys have been around what they may. You look easy there making it like. They just ali long when she's the best she was cracking me the fuck up great, you was your special. I saw oligarchy air of it or pregnant is great. I got it. get out ass. She had me dying wishes it. I gotta like she did she I do it her way. That's what I mean cause, I you know I'm a guy that has two little kids and I'm like. If my wife was, you should be fucking dying, he said some joke about Why are you out, like you didn't you just have a baby? Why yeah well yea she just pauses and so honest. I love that she goes I'm. This close. throwing my darling my baby in the garden like that? Yes, the enemy if you're twenty two like I said earlier, you're like that's the meanest john, why you say and like you, you to have live life to realise wider swanny? I think there's a lot of people coming the gloves,
that are a little more older and a little more like I dunno what it is, but, like I've been fortunate to sort of cultivate an audience who gets me in whatever the fuck it is. I do, but I think you're right. I think the point that ferguson is making is getting to the point where somehow or another, we don't give a fuck like a it's hard but like when I start the podcast I'd I'd. Let it go, I'm not gonna have a tv show not can be that big comic. I don't know what this is. Gonna do, but I gotta do something before I have to figure out and the job were you not a mere but like I felt it in my heart, and I ve talked about this before that. I let it go like you, How long do you hold on how You remain delusional through yahoo. Toolbar It becomes a liability where people right now he now it's over You know what you to be that guy obama that you know that guy, because you have self awareness, but but
if the freedom of not giving a fuck, you know and then having this thing work out a my own terms and like whatever was great. You know because, like now, everything's sorta, like yeah I'd like to do that night, I need to do that. That's the other thing you gotta realize. Is that you're ready to do it and that's a funny thing that we put these people in power these these fuckin executives that come and go like he might need like that they they they're always in the other jobs and we're like hanging out, you know they're, like the judge and the jury of this thing. It's like they didn't. What did they know or it's a fucking crapshoot for them too, though I dunno, should we do local rescue I going to take the hit now fuck it. Let's not do it again like that The decision right yeah, I'm not gonna, hang my career, and this I love that showbiz at that level. Now words like,
go all the way around you guys. I just went around you. I dunno. If you noticed, but I'm around you now, you know you ultimately want to work with people and if they going to support what you do you want to it's all collaborative you can't know on that level. If you want to be in the box, you know envy we have the money that someone's going to give you you know this year? The other thing is this weird kind of like parental relationship. It's like I'm ready, I'm ready, mom dad got I'm ready to work and I have the money now. You know I cry you got to get past that emotional shit, but I the other thing, is this week, what like we were Is it really now like there's so many fucking channels and stuff you need to see. All we want to do is earn an honest living. Well, I think that's what helped me be at this place, where you don't care as much is that you can go around lad. I just did special or add to invest give me the money and we made it and, like I started this tour, I just said fuck it I'm starting to trot. I just
trying things, go, there's ways yet with the pod carried it out social media to get things out. Like me, I had people go because I started this tour called outside the box year. I wear fans and I'm not the fur, guy to ever think of doing this kind of just kind of gave it a name and and said I want to see if your fans can bring meteor city some way I go here. I put it the tore name on my website. Here's how to do it so you know, there's just so many ways. Now, I'm like when the fans heard me and of a radio stations talk about, they can bring me to their city to do some swerve yeah charity or not, charity fundraiser. Whatever you want to raise money for, and I I even got a a sponsor: did it work but yeah? It's like it's like it's just started. I've had the two of them how the shows there some because it's like it's your friends. and then they bring other people that they think would like you
gray, usually people with kids and stuff like that, and this yards brewing come they started a supporting, at least in this. Where are they? sell their beer right, which is like Philly. in south jersey and sent me and they're trying to get lightly brought him, but there lay a real niche market and I was like what I said to the guy on the phone, like I'm literally like on my own salesman, him on the phone with the head guy, that an area of politics and I'm like dude- I go. I don't know this guy sound insecure negative ago, but I don't know a comedian, the wouldn't love every gig being two hours from his house. Yet I do these every week. If he goes, you know we can do shows in the brewing company. We have this whole tasting room that we can like put a stage, and we can, because these guys are huge comedy fan rats how it happened right: the arts brewing company. Earlier I like open for bill bur, I literally
it's like I use. That is as a selling to hear I contacted billig. Oh dear, oh you're, doing the wells, fargo centre, that's sixteen thousand! people in philadelphia where I'm from. Can I open for you because I think I could like? could help strengthening my my thing there and he's like sure. So it was fuckin. I put all my jokes together that we're like perfect for a bill. Barodia, I mean, kill, in front of sixteen thousand. People in your home city was just like the greatest buzz and bilbil stage is gone and on all thy love. These big shows our way out of three thousand eyes. Like I came last days ago bill I could do every night. It is you're crazy. This is incredible that one was that that was six months ago, india and these people from yards or in the audience they hire me to do some corporate event. This was classic. I put us, I put like dry
pants and addressed shirt with egg. It's a corporate event. It's a brewing company. I get there. It's all foods with tattoos and beard, snarling, hipsters ia and like couldn't say a joke that was too off color from right, like they just love the everything and as I do, we got it. We do something together here. Let's do some sort you you guys should sponsor my tor and there like I said, I'm in in pennsylvania in pennsylvania. Jersey is work and on the phone with fans and there, like you, you social media, for like kind of what its for that's, colonel great idea like am I the only then I I told it on the policy pod, yes, and then he starts trying to do the same thing. Yeah how's it going man. I don't know because I know he's trying to do it on this massive level. Like give me fourteen thousand dollars for one show in your backyard, writing yeah and I'm like telling.
the fans on like now I'm trying to make it affordable. I want you to make money you're the producer you make money. I make a mining. That's interesting thing about a lot of us now. Is that in the way that show business is changes I feel like I am. I actually feel like I'm, making an honest living, my them working hard, and doing it on my own and what I'm getting paid for it, even with the tv show, because until you get it up because you the years were they I dunno. If you ever got one of those development deals where they get ID yeah, but then you're like oh well. What is this money mean? What means, if you don't if someone's going gonna make noted that I have this weird principle with that shit I like doing my own shit like even the tv show I've see, doesn't pay like at facts are like, or we might, my famous not like, Louise or anyone or bills. like its where I can handle it and I making a living and I'm saving a little money? And that's all you really want really like ireland. stand? Why guys, like some guys were billionaires? Why are they working
What why are you working mason the idea to stop exactly as well I I even feel that with this week in pitch in the shows that, unlike I don't I'm thinking so much smaller than I used to think it's like I used to be like. I want to get my own shown. Oh my god I could get like. I could get, lay crazy fame. The now I'm like, just want to get a little deal, so I by. I want to buy a rental property like a small right into resort area. What may You hit the wall because, like it seems like from when I I met you from bro guy to rage guy that there must have been some like. Cathartic like relay niagara fuckin change was meeting your wife or, yes, it was to hundred percent. She loved you and she was like what are you? there was moments were will first, when we were before we were even married. There was, you might need to go see somebody else
and she was alright what she in school she a therapist. She when we first started dating, she was finishing up finishing up her masters, a dreadful, and then seven months in our our relationship. She wanted to take they have to do a one year, internships and yet the phd. I still kick myself because I think we pick the wrong place, but we had it narrowed down there. You see us d in san, diego and in san francisco. Those were her two places to do the, though the international but I remember thinking, visit was a two year internet in in in san francisco right- and I remember thinking two years- that's so long which and but now as an older gaia when you were that age, yeah you're like I can't live and several other one of your way philly in new york or two years we have well. This is what I have. This is what it was weird is I lived in a labour year and a half, and I does that guy? That was like showbiz.
susan everything. I want a wife and kids. I remember thinking that my friend that then near my friends. What you do you fucking crazy added development deal? I was blowing through all the money live in here and I lived in burbank as I just by and stupid shit was. I wasn't working I'm living and allay I'm just spending that the wrangling amr bank is spending you're. Two hundred grand edge spend the air by an couches and by and by dinner's everywhere we owe and I had a little bit of money left I moved back. Am I I brother the real estate, the contract contractor guy goes dude. You should buy a place in Hoboken. I go. I never even heard of Hoboken. Hoboken is right outside of new york city. It's a good spot. You should buy a place there. So I look I find an apartment, I buy. It fix it up a little here, thank god that I bought that place, because I think that was just enough to make my p h. D. Wife cause I jumped, I met her. I met her like three months.
come back here and she was a dreadful, so that's philly. Ah I start doing gigs down there and the hurt me own in this place would like I said with the two bedroom. It was a two bedroom. Thought I was going to rent it out. I had like a couple of comic stay. There was like I can't I can't do this he'll make a garbage. We've got a shot making a nice thing here. S just give it to a comic for a month. It's like what happened at and it was, cross the street from already lange. I didn't know at the time, so he could use it as a as a crack at that or the equivalent, and so on and I started to become friend ass, our work with him a lot on the road and then I made my wife. I started dating her she's they, while you fix up the place she she thought I wasn't even lay heterosexual when she first met me: thou yachts, out into making the place nice, I want oh yeah yeah like I had it like him out, She came over the hostages, like you sure you like,
Oh my god I swear. I do I just like I like canvas what they mean, like a nice. Did you not touching me and then I ended up selling it and making money. So my my brother was right and that ended up getting us our first house for you, and put it right into have now smartly over there lost at all on the first house, because it was a novel, the bubble, the bubble and it was in a shitty school district at and have kids yet, I didn't realize that that was important, for he took a. Could you pay too much Has he saw that last year my mother aloft, never forget her classic, which she comes with us to look at the house here. She was right up to the owner, we'll take it. We love, it doesn't even consult me. So I have to pay asking as for the house, which I would have been it down in order to try to do something, but there was no
if you go like well well. Well. Well, well! Well, oh she's, that's my mother law! This is me. I should have done that, but this is before I heard the alarm bell. If there is no confidence in anything, so yeah. I mean, though there were moments where I can remember vividly my wife saying I'm not saying I'm gonna divorce you, but don't get Ahmed's like there's a chance at. This is a good we're gonna why we yelling at her I wouldn't yellow her, but I would yellow yell around her yeah. I remember a vivid moment trying to poor gas. That item car ran a gas in your mom's driveway, and I went to like a target and bought a gas can, I must have bought the,
wrong nozzle and I couldn't get it in the gas hole right. So gas was just running down the side and I was just going mother fucker yeah loud and my wife comes over she's like I grew up on the street and everybody's outside my mom's. And what are you doing embarrassing me was a lot of moments of embarrassing like used it so sad, I should do that where you'd yell like on treat I get everything I even if not yelling at them by your pitches. and you don't even know cause you're, just an angry guy and there like lies is happening mine at the movies. Just the barras men of the woman, with the rage guy. I was a guy, and then it will get a got when it hit grew zero, is when I got fired from a comedy club. This is what made fixing Joe start as the pakistan fired at a club,
hartford connecticut two nights in a row lost it at different hackler, as I called the frogger the what was the hartford, this one was called city steam and it was it was therefore a hundred years. It's still there and they go. Again room the first night was a bachelor party. Would like forty people in the audience, and I was like I was enough to know that I'm gonna lose it because they were good Yolanda, you opened it, you opened with losing it or they were feature that when that, whenever the guy before me is vital shit on that's what I like take it like on the brother now? I will one stage, and I would just yeah lost it. I I made them cry like that. I think a girl cried and left you a nicked apollo. I nick deposited yeah yeah. They left they left during the show oh yeah, and then the show was great. You know once you get out of that, get the shame them out here and the rest of the crowds a year
yeah. We fist pumping me on the way, although it was great great, I'm like one of the managers really mad and then the next night, some loud italian guy and I held it in for the whole set and then the set was done. I that I got the light em at forty five minutes near and then I just said what I did all my material. I ignored you for forty five minutes, but am basically done I'm gonna tell you, I really feel about you and I just went off on this guy, for so long that they had this. They shut the mike off while you're, honest just no mike now was people there, the full audience we hang well, I did great up until then, then it got bad law, once again? The crowd would lie like you said how you love a lot of people loved it. That's where I would get in a problem, and then you know that moment where you like, the crowd sort of like nasa was too far. I don't think I could.
Afterwards. I was that guide alone. I knew like when you're in it what somebody, I D, really feeding the anger and then you feel the crowd. with you and then there's one bee or the like. Nah nah, nah yeah, yeah when a lover really. I know not only saying I want you to do something that was a joke connected to them dying away. I will do that can't can do it definitely so the manager call me the next morning in the hotel is lay hey man. You know I'm a big fan butter. I can't have you while other show here. It's just you book for another. One there is a whole nother night was at the friday I'm trying to order what I think the thursday was the first one. They let you do friday and saturday ride saturday you're gone yeah, the middle moved up now he went to protect. He got a big shot yeah. just look at me. I'm doing dates so stupid me,
thought in my head. This could be my hook cause I used to like to finally, the rage of less nap guy here, because I can I add a moment Also. I have an. I have an album that I sell, that is all snaps. Are you employed it all? I recorded eleven different. I went back when I started thinking. Oh this is a hook. and I realize I had a lotta recordings of losing it. when I was like when we find the best ones, and you know when we need when there's a comic, you really like look up to there's like certain comic come up to you and tell you they like a bit. It makes you go ah, like you Would you like a tale was one of hotel goes that bit? I like that or you lay when you said I still getting that it's not funny system the beat beat. Thy remembered. Maybe not have all remember that. Maybe it's I don't know, is the futility of it. There was a wizard
atari game was one that you just had pong pong yeah and then there was that one level where it's just you and the wall and the wall there's no winning that's what was funny to me. This is no point to a o c, you were able to view intellectual. I did, I don't think the crowd ever there, Thank you. I need a room of markham errands, you don't to do it So where was I at the for I hook, you knew her hour, so I think the so I start he's together a comedy album? I can remember sitting at the seller and I say billboards therein. I got dude They gonna megan an album. That's just all my worst moments, like all losing its heckling beats, stood, I'd, buy that and I was like or mailing. Got it and I'd narrated them at the beginning, and still to this day like, if I put pitch that on stage they don't want my fucking, albums where it went. Well, though, I quote, forget those
whereas the. Why were you lose? It gets this one its call when a comedians attack, though I do you mean gimme that yea assign that that's all that's the one they want, they love it and do they still Still to this day, like I'm like I'm out of them, though, are as what we want. Those you've got more ammo. You can buy it on itunes, it's there, it's there when comedians are yeah. You know what sucks, though, as those things go in loops on like spotify and pandora, and I'm like someone could be listening to a stand up loop of like louie and then all of a sudden, you hear me going fuck yeah, like they don't even know. Where did this come from? Well, you make a couple of bucks. But he's got in here. So I thought I had this hooked of the snap. Because I had one of em on stage where the crowd was shit on me than oh shit on them. Then they would shit on me and I made it a little like add in the moment bit about where we were keeping track. Yeah, who got what you gotta give an employee
yeah. We were just shitting on each other and it was like really working. I was like that's going to be. This is what it's gonna be, and I I did the first fixing Joe the after I got fired bill bar. I figured perfect gas because he has that famous rage in an earlier and he's like do that's a tower. idea? You don't ever want to be arguing as your career. You can, if he wanted the old fake, lose it right when he was like you can't fit how you're going to get in and he goes it's like that. He, the album, is real. Losing yes, it's real. On the funniest want right. There is one track on that album. Where I give myself a loss of, I think the heckler one yeah aurelia haven. She was fuckin brutal, this girl just You have to help me get for earlier, but but but burrow
like that's like being honest. Sitcom play in some over exaggerated career and now at last, twelve can make it on purpose here. Yet he goes you, you wouldn't be happy and wouldn't be creatively arriv, so I kept them in the past, but yeah this psychologist, wife, haven't kids, makes you fix yourself. Tell you, how will the kids now eighty four yeah. Well, you gotta show up in that. Some you wanted to do. That's not something me fell into like you left here. Think anyone I have a family and live their life. You have to l a that first time like I want to have a wife and kid yeah and be a person. It was very important to me right so south so because of that ye shaped up near wall. There yeah. I can remember moments where I would just where I thought I was gonna get divorced and I could like this one. Set aside, I remember my wife and I am in a fight seeing bedroom from our
had room right after the fight and just like bawling being like, I can't I don't wanna not be here sleeping in this house with my family, like this like in the light of horses easier when you don't have kismet, have you have kids in your leg? You're not here, and he always awful what I say on stages we hard to witness the guys. The virginie yeah right right, right, you're, doing a better job yeah? He you know cause I'm a d d, you know bad and this guy's all focused. I he I go. He wouldn't, I know, wouldn't be another comedian, she's not going down that road again. Who would yeah like did you you see everything that you did that I been with you in your divorce. Is they the next guy was like a total opposite eu No, I dont know you know I like I don't know, I don't have to deal with them either I know the first wife do he's a good duties, a teacher and she's a psycho is she's. A psychologist were so they worked out like an I'm happy about that, because there is no way
like I'm not even sure, I'm the greatest emotional investment. Now you like the second wife. I know why she left I know what you know. I know what I did and she ended up marrying to do to get some bread and he's a writer, and she, you know he's in show business stuff. I think they're okay, but like they both did the right, but you doesn't make me feel any better, so wait! So now your wife, though she have a private practice. see I let the audience think that my wife is a therapist, my wife actual is a narrow psychologist with a phd and studies alzheimer's disease, as he does a hundred years. Research is out of scientists. Ok, she never want to do the therapy. Now. She An interested me. She asked you researcher researcher, but you have to learn everything yet you know there were times or she had to do I can remember member onward dating she had a couple of patients. They make. You learn everything, but she has a lot of friends and psychiatry so that she can like tap into like india when when I knew what medication I ideology,
take your level off on that shit. How much is changed like I? I never really embarked on the medication I here and there, but not much, but you sound like you're you're all for it, one hundred per cent for it, maya, the web series kind of from the beginning of may start in the man, the attic she threw it yeah it takes about two months where they really even are doing anything yeah. So it's a slow progression then all of a sudden, your like thing than I think even try to write something about that. Without it being like a yeah like a phantom type feeling yeah but yeah. It's weird. It's like it's in a headlock. I think I've heard you describe right. occasion yeah. I well remember the one it does give it gives new personality but doesn't get rid of the old one, video ones I go and what are we doing?
the new ones. I take it easy we're: okay, yeah, it's like it's in a headlock. It wants to fight, but it can't yeah yeah, but your kids are alright yeah. That's a that's a that's a good one to ask and what I think my son has some of the Stuff, that's how z another joke. I do you notice your negative traits way quicker than your positive traits in our own chilled valea yeah, like he, as some other rage. Maybe many a psychologist mom, whose like tat your mood I wrote a maltese fate. She wrote like faces on on a piece of paper like from us miley face to a little I lead to nothing to a sad yeah and you know you trying to like map out her moods of I'm like oh, no psychologist kid.
How is eight he has for the yeah so easy. I hastened third grade and yeah yes, she's she's too young, sir, but I wanna get time. That is awesome. If you're working towards the ending. I feel this now this was thought I was going to say is when you listen to somebody show a lot and you listen to it a lot you're like wait. the rapid not are you? Are you good you're waiting for it? Fuck here comes the. Are you good a day and a half of what's market? ass. We are going to go well, is he going me? Am I gonna be able to tell he wants me to go? He wants it. The fuckin end You want to get out like that shit, but then, when you go do it, why did the iron thing anyway? things I know like I was like. I don't even need the researchers one. There is an easy one, just fucking and put a fucking shirt on and talk to Joe they're, not going to freak out yeah. You don't write shit down Someone tells you to go, see a movie. I write it down. It's gotta go in the iphone.
kind of remember that stuff, but if I, if I have an impulsive thought that I think I need to share I'd better, make sure it's not like a bomb of some kind. Do you know what I mean like if I have feelings like I'm, going to fucking email that guy back at like now? Maybe take a second, you know what I mean like him, but now I've gotten so detached from it. I forget to text people back. I forget emails like I dislike and I dunno where the fuck my brains out, I dunno what's happening, but I just for just space it I just and then I'll be going through my tax, I'm like holy shit. I did not answer that guy at all, and that was three weeks ago and now I'll just answer like he just accident. Oh no! I can't do it sorry her have you ever tried arrow now, never know. Will you couldn't now, but I have friends that are addicts that can take it. If you take the time released version cause you
you can't overtake time released admiral. I dont know that I have eighty, though not I think you do either. I can usually tell I have an anxiety issues and I also I dunno what the other issue is. I you know I do like like. I seem that operate at my own pace but like when I have to do jobs. I do I'm, you know what I mean like if left to my own devices. I do a lot of things at once and usually get everything done, but there seemed to be. There would probably be a more efficient way to do things that I don't always do right. Do you know I guess, but yeah with me, it's its attention deficit, like you just space it out the words I just stuff, I forget a lot and you really notice it when you are in our all user and then you decide to try. Taking out are all one day. This is I was this is her.
Suddenly even a bump in my head constantly it just like bang bang injuries is I'm just like I'm not in think really Amelia, forgetting things always like aunt dry, very well, really yeah. I can't read I can only forty eight, so maybe what you think, maybe it's diskin holder? No, no, I'm not! what I have read a book without having to keep rereading the paragraph over organizers. I can life, maybe it's gotta be trusting, maybe not mean the right book, but it even out of you, can tell it's interesting, but there's a little like a radio playing in these hard for you to focus that's. I noticed My son was playing baseball yeah. If there's something else going on and on the next field, yeah and he's just looking over there, I'm like dude you're, the guy just pitched it. You can't look to the right you're going to get hit in the
face and it'll be like. I don't need to wear my cop today. I'm like, I think you do. I think you might want to wear it today. He goes. I don't need it. You might see a dog across the street that will distract from the a ground during their texting, your balls, Larry assembly, he's actually said to me. I don't need the cup, because playing. In my mind, why be in our league is his lower level here and then his traveling as any other went on with what is the difference? People hit a ball. balls. You need the car, I so that we ve learned today. Is that death no matter where you are, if they're, if they're balls being hit, you should wear your cup where to cup, and that's a metaphor too, for life, you always wear your cup as the title of the this week the exact episode one where your cup is it. Now I get jockey, you do men
ok watch Joe special non see. So this thursday go, doc on deputy at needs The tour schedule, a lot of dates coming up going to be added dates, I'll keep you in the loop on that be nice to people. There is no social mandate for being a douche bag and public astride be people. Can we haven't? I play some distorted guitar for a minute those it hang in for this yeah
The I in the Burma.
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