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Episode 770 - Derek Trucks

2016-12-22 | 🔗
A lot of former child stars have been in the garage, but Derek Trucks wasn't so much a child star as he was a prodigy. At the age of nine, Derek was a guitar wizard. He talks with Marc about avoiding the pitfall of becoming a novelty act and evolving into a versatile practitioner and appreciator of music, with help from several notable mentors along the way.

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All right. Let's do this. How are you what the butters is, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what the fuck delegates how's it going, mark mare- and this is my podcast deputy- I thank you for for joining us- sit down take a load off, bundled up are, sitting there by a fire. Are you wearing a hat? Is it called old, where you are christmas is coming hanukkah's coming down, so many holidays. Do I need a list is kwanzaa now what's happening when I did The matter is that I'm not trying to be disrespectful in any way, but I dont know engage with the with the holidays. I just that there is a drastic shift in the outside either its chile
Or cold or quiet or grey or seemed you're too, slow way down emails star, diminishing dead, that the pace of those every I just feel a cultural easing up, which is, I'm getting into it immediately, are getting into an easing into it myself. When I realized the happening it's a little, not traumatic, but am I What's going on is everywhere. Ok, Why is everything I'll come? No, once get where's everybody what's happening. Is it a zombie apocalypse where what words what's going on did did something go Often everyone, let's damn am I missing. Something today on the show we ever Derek trucks. The guitar Thirdly, slide guitar wizard who I was excited to talk to you. I didn't know what to expect.
As you know, is a child prodigy and he'd really took into yet he really. You know he did not become like some job oh geez become sort of like these freaks that there are sort paraded around by their parents her or some morally corrupt manager to do there, one or two tricks to cash in and could it happen a derek, but we talked about it. His father let that happen in a very early on he evolved into quite a thoughtful and professional. and creative explore a tory musician and whose great to talk too so look forward to that coming up shortly, I yo is weird last night I I watched at that. la la land. There has been a lot of attempts at doing a film musicals that have not pan doubt tricky business and not necessarily particularly popular form
But I gotta be honest with you. This la land thing with the rhine, gosling and Emma stone was really moving and touching and the story was it was great envy. The framing of the musical was very traditional and it was a real sort of love letter to los angeles, past and present anti movies, past and present in to the nature of show business, but also to the nature of the different love and and loving somebody, but maybe not having them, be the right person at that time and having the struggles. There's a there are just two hours, prize you I that the movie opened up and there was a big musical number and danced number and in a traffic jam and of my government? Here we go, but then the above because of the performances of of wrangling and Emma stone, which were very kind of very human? and almost raw
and then the music was. I I think, a little understated. There was some beautiful songs in the dancing with just enough and just ass. The cinematic work was very simple but very effective yoke. Close up three is properly and the emotions of it were just we're, just beautiful and if the fantasy versus reality. Element was a tremendous buddy. really framed like I think, a classic phil musical. The thing that bothers me about it is that I don't know it's me or culture work as I know that the movies doing pretty well by tat young that heyday of musical, I believe, If I'm not mistaken and- and I could beat them- no- I'm noah, historian, but I think that any day was really during some worse times in amerika. I think that the relief of that the musical right the world in and this nation
was at its peak when I believe the depression was on in wartime was on, and I may be I'm wrong. You can go me if I'm wrong, but I'm gonna get to feel it that way, because I I think that the path or of the musical and a love story and and something so escape is away, but so directly connected to our hearts into our. the human experience on that level, but it elevates being able to elevate you into sort of a fantastic groundwork, Irene When I was watching it, it's like hey every. going away, and I will try to bring everything back and then am I, I do it. Why do don't bring it back? Just enjoy the sweet, story in the dancing power. I got my very conscious of of what providing me because it is pure joy this slight bit of heart ache and it's it's a sweet movie. Now I m a stone is really good and I really liked ryan gosling, but tat yeah, there's one
on their the song that she sings at her last audition. That bowed her aunt. was grey and there is like a moment in there. I might that's interesting lyric, that's here that some honest shit so easily did. I burn up all my time now. I've got plenty of time. It's my show this first email, shadow governments, hey I don't know about any shadow governments may be everything is very compartmentalize. I was a cia analysed for two years and then in marine corps and tell for a year after nine, eleven everyone who I knew in the cia, we're just good people, probably even the off as a whole, who working the goals and who wanted to believe we help keep america and its allies safe. We wanted to avoid dc traffic, we loved escaping to chinatown for long lunches when the bosses were vacation, we talks. Its pop stars, and how we were going to get our kids through college. We had birthday party planning committees and waited to see who eat the most rumbles at the holiday party. Political diversity was,
different than any other work environment, I have been a part of just men and women, trying to do something good and hoping to get home early enough to have dinner and watch a little tv with the family love your podcast. I wrote to you once before. I think of offended you sorry. If I did fight the good fight James I don't know all this stuff lunches and in a town- yes talking sports pop stars, you know how you can get your kids through college, birthday party planning committees this like a front for the shadow government. May. I don't know James I'm kidding. Thank you for a clear What the work environment at the cia is up for me. I don't know if I feel better by, but I feel that you are being honest. I feel better. Thank you for serving. But but but but billy beep, beep beep back where I went to Rita a couple other emails
macao hanukkah bad breath. Ribby be warned about it out this one is. These are a little more emotional and I think there is an element of gratitude and hope right. Subject: line casey black and agreeing was greeting. You old, jew, always nice, while you finally hit the interview that made me pull over and cry. Casey robin poverty, not the romantic poverty from novels, but the real kind, where your father abandons you in the dead of winter and your mother has been married and or making babies. Since fourteen I was raised in guess: north line up. My childhood was anything and everything, desperate and disparate. Anything you ve, read or heard from others no need to rehash the details fast forward to now full blown alcoholic, I self medicate, terrible panic, attacks and depression with the drink. I have no other vices, but liquor seems to be enough to turn my life into something I don't recognize about once a month kind of like a period
only if it were Satan's period. I've been to rehab twelve steps, all the bells and whistles pretty solid for the past five years, but I haven't hit my point yet. The interview with casey has, me some hope. As you well know, the shame and self loathing of addiction is the boiling point. I've swept through birthdays been wasted through school events. Missed christmas left jobs before they could fire me busted my eyebrow open on a door jam ripped off a tone of driven drunk thrown up everywhere in every place. You can imagine my kids have seen quite a bit of this news flash. You can't hide things from your kids, even if you think you are. I have all the trappings of co dependency, social anxiety, hyper intellect but stifled by my own pains and well dysfunction when casey talked about being okay with his dad and told some of those stories, I've definitely swept through pizza dinners. With my kids and turned up bruised from falls, I had to pull over his whole stream, a conscious.
It's about that gave me hope. I was so worried that I've hurt my kids to the point of no return when he talked about his kids, telling him he's the worst. Add with the reply. Let me tell you about the worst dad. Then he said, they'd be ok too. If they had to deal with it. when he talked about Ben rehab and his whole families recovery. I was so being in my car, so congratulations, marin! Your show finally hit me in a good way. So I say thank you for what you do. I can guarantee you touch a heart. Every episode, From the garage or saving lives- and you probably just saved Mine- I haven't felt the same since Somehow that interview relieved, the crippling self hatred just enough where I could see the other side, I could see for recovery, I love you and the world loves you. Even the people who put spinach in your locks, eggs and well grilled onions, love you from a place of my heart. I cannot describe bonnie. Thank you body, and
I'm glad you add that moment and am really stick with it. Stick with it. I this one is this next email is a a pretty funny. One has to do with dads. This is from Brett. I spent most of my twenties growing resentful of my father, I turned thirty. I decided to stop drinking and began dealing with my emotional life. I broke the deafening silence with my father and attempted to build a relationship with him. Your podcast and specifically your fearless dialogue around father son dynamics has been usually helpful and understanding. My complicated relationship with my father wmd have is the first place. I heard the words, narcissism and co dependency, which helped give me a context which, in framework for understanding, seemingly irrational and hurtful behavior, you also me to be more compassionate with my father. It's easy to get mired in my own pain and forget that my father is a whole person and has probably done more good than bad in the world, so thank
for reminding me as hard as it may be to always returned to love and compassion, and forgive our parents. Which brings me to the present and what compelled me to write. I recently turned my childhood home in maryland doubt care for my father, who has been diagnosed with stage for pancreatic cancer. It is difficult, to communicate during this challenging time. But one thing we can always connect on and share is w e f. After all, than cheery morning of silence, injections and ideas. We returned to the car and my father can thing is iphone lit up with excitement and chirped jerry, louis w e F I agreed and off. We were You said you are reluctant to air it because the interview was cut short, but I am so grateful. You did a quarter of the way through the interview I heard my father sniffling and wiping his eyes. I asked why this was seeing him so emotional he's in the child and his love and islam was going to the movies with his mother. He told me he and his mother
every movie. The jerry indeed did together, I pipe in and said oh you're feeling dodging about going to the movies with your mother. To my surprise, he tearfully replied, no not die. It's our devastated, I was when jerry indeed broke up I I my laughter with all my might in this moment. For the first time, I understood why what was on Tv was always more important than what was going on with our family, father as emotional connections with people in the movies and on tv these are his friends. Thank you for giving us something laugh about it, this time in our lives, when laughs are hard to come by bomer, live Warm regards brat I just like my dad bread and if you're, like my dad if you guys are sitting there listening to this right now
now you ve got a real kick out of it or you'll feel like you. Shouldn't have sent an email so out that doesn't cause any trouble, Derek trucks, guitar, wizard and also very charming. elegant and thoughtful guy and has great stories about and tours and and just the of being how He was at such an early age, I also want to say that two dusky trucks ban will be on tour throughout the EU. in january and february in goaded, dusky trucks ban dot com for two. Aids, so here in our army, indira trucks I and
boy, you must have a good humoured or on the bus air, because this once nice and saw there we have we ever they have a little fella that we are yet we keep flush. That's a thing! I'm excited! I now be smoking to cuba. What I'm gonna do it you down south where'd, you grow up Jacksonville Florida have been skynyrd land yeah. So the the funny thing is the allman brothers formed in Jacksonville, yeah and then skynyrd later on. In my dad, he he was always the the skinners. Was the more redneck side of vague radiometer. Others were. Maybe it was an interracial ban is a little more forward. Thinking it's about. Dad was pretty anti scattered like it wasn't. He does these like those red. Didn't like the whole of rebels, x, ray all right, and so I grew up around had seen him in all those guys, artemus pile ed king randal, holier Leon wilkerson, I always see them and muslim were pretty nice
How does it say that I would play with them as a kid? Yet you grew up around it because your uncle was in the army others jungle is was switched trucks in your dad's, his brother, the nozzle. I grew up around them because in the small blues seem the add on and jackson over time those guys risk in and around it they are still lived in the area of rights, skinner galileo around, but funny because my dad was just here wasn't: haven't it happy with radio of some other filmore zoos visa. The atlantic. Rightly your eye amusing that but that that side of it he would always kind of tamped down and later on. I will listen back to some of the records and be like oh there's, actually, some good stuff. There are massive in The funny thing is now, where our studio is in the swamp and in jacksonville my parents ended by in the house for doors down for me and now there
the house right next to them was Alan Allan collins's. It was like the scattered party there. Ever we moved in the neighborhood some of our neighbours tell they a little apprehensive about haven't musicians and they, the guy across the street. You like the one that found the car in the ditch with his girlfriend, like Alan Collins, drunk drove into the ditch It's like multiple people in his car and then split will do one thousand. So when we moved in as I yeah we're we're a different kind of mutation, so we'll keep it between the lines from it. So it took us awhile due to gain slight acceptance. For bringing the property values down. It's so funny because, like you, I grew up like I'm fifty two, so you know skinner and had a lotta charting hits at the time, and I had a friend who is really into skynyrd and I sort of defence Skinner nigh defend a c d c, and I do get because my generation of people- I you know I don't want
get to hetty in india, will have to feel guilty about it anymore, but those guys could play all right. They could they they could and they wrote some great tunes, no doubt about it, but when you you put him up next dwayne in bed. I only exploratory starve rise. It was a different order of anything. That's right. They sort of like commercialized this in a way that that fit a tie my guess, yeah and I pay for me a lot of times its usual It comes down to what was your intention and but sometimes Beyond that, it's like what what is the wake you left behind you, and I think are they let you wanna wakes literally? The area is really a perfect that a lot of weight today you know, I think people glound onto the wrong part of their music and message in that right, back
and the loan out of proportions, I think sometimes the baby does get thrown out with the bath water, but it's funny so you're a kid and you're you're, actually part of that jacksonville blue seem like you're going out. You got your guitar when you were nine. When did when you first picked up the guitar, you grew up. music was certainly familiar to you. I assume there there was always record spend in the house are always good vinyl. I mean really at that time was the labour record, my parents, the film series record. My mom was a big joni mitchell fan my dad. It was baby gang and now more james. So there's records I was hearing and when playing. You know that you don't really question things of its fine. A new right you take to it. You just do it. Was I said around practice in and loved it. So much just say I play baseball. I pick up a guitar and at me in my dad, would play a little bed and they won t play wages. enough guitar delight whew girls,
minute met, but he never played onstage, never professionally but being around it because of his brother totally been around the music scene. But then I started singing: this local blues bar how old nine there was it was quite a scene. Remember the secular the time I was their first time just me in this authority I was plan with at the time, and it was the two of us and there now and then it was with them. This local banned the singer name ace morland from Oklahoma. He was, I think he was maybe half cherokee he has, He was a striking looking dude and yet Amazing singer! played a lot a wolf tunes like the first. How in warfare was from him? start sitting with that band, but the only guy I knew was a drummer. So I just faced him. I wouldn't even turn around the audience two or three songs a night. I would play with them, but I met killed taylor there when I was nine
I've. Never, who reminded me recently is weak together, when you were not years old, with remember that. Remember that so, but when you're nine- and you just wait like- I guess- there's something china under and probably is not necessarily explainable by you just goody. You're an play way, you know ye you instinctively new yeah, you know and end. It was growing up in my dad used to put us the in my brother, yeah bunk bed. We used to put the bed to like the filmore record or eat a peach, or so it follows but it was really the sounded dwayne slide and then this elmore James record. There was just kind of degrees heads yeah yeah, as with like hawaiian buggy, and yet I used my double out totally we are the two two kids on the cover her bright. So but I think that stuff just there and when I first picked up an instrument Dad showed me how to play
rare and a minor, just a melody, ramble melody. There's this thing with this light but goes off, go! That's that sound I've been here and right, and then a friend brought over a slide around this same time and that even made more sense because I had been listening to elmore and Duane and my hands were smalls of fretting, tar, who's kind of a pain. So the slide was just easier and I could get to those notes and it's it's just it's fun- to try to those ghost in those sounds out of an instrument and it s kind of what we're all doing. You're into you find your own voice within is essentially the same thing. You just kind of china, for gold right a trying to find this thing. Well, that's the trick. That's all it's like it's! It's not unusual for somebody is called a prodigy to become like a sword. Dancing monkey totally you home you know, I guess you're novelty, solution- and I was really fortunate- I think
I had always says he's he's an atheist with a way is move by music in the eye thinks about music. Is it's one of the few? sacred things them as a family and music, but I would see him listen to a charles dragon in a just goose bombs or tears, As I said, venza radio ngos bore the story with a way we talk about seeing dwayne, would take you back in the in the hay day or he would take a seat took us to seem miles when I was too young to remember the images But there is a gap festival in Jacksonville. He was always it was always music. So, like eight miles like since otherwise we are in total area with loudly on the tenor guitar, but so he he was never into the. The scene or like exploiting the your kid verve. for gain rise. I, the music part, is what was important tuna. We would run into a lot of other kid guitar player.
It would do in the air. de the raven clone thing. Maybe these stage mom and dad we're like he had a walk and the crown knew how to talk to the audience and my dad is out, I will never pull that stuff with you. Don't you worry like if there is a whole sort of like community of child blues guitar player just run into them, and I remember around that time there was a there. Was all these guys popping up when I was thirteen fourteen, the johnny lang, Kenny wayne sheppard? Oh yeah, nimasa, all these guys they were all kind of where they are. He was a kid too, or all the same age we're all human bottom also, so they flew about a monster down. When I was twelve, he was Dna flew down the jacksonville them back when you to be radio station. He had had budgets arrive soon. The battle of the kid guitar play north south they flew down and which is the oddest thing they put With this weird house ban, india played the landing on the river. It was just such a shit. You know what happened but further
Speaking at a school, there was one moment, whereas the uneasy yeah, I'm series peoples. It was over and now may at the outset that there was a moment where he we took a break. He said something like tat: you get me a coconut thursday my dad liked to me pop me, as I give a pull that said, I'll beat your ass for everyone else. I didn't even do anything read that, as always, he was always really good about making sure that. Didn't go to your head, like I remember in point things starring role a little bit out those a kid in these eight. You know you can walking a little bit different lately has a lower mass, because I know you are. I don't really like it very much, so he was using checked, absolutely and, and man at I think I have pretty stated at the time, but I certainly appreciate that shit now, but yeah. I bet, keep you humble, absolutely. Well, that's hilarious to me so Kenny wayne shepherd john bonham offsets his name right. You
and there is another one whether there was a though by some made it some didn, but there was you know that every blues club, the beef few house bans that would be. I knows, as a circuit, nay out, there It's little wonder the kind of kid that was playing, and most of them were doing the same- that like it was mostly stevie ray vaughan clones here and- and there was something about It- that just had a total aversion to it, and I love stevie and I loved albert king and all the stuff it came from, but I didn't like- wherein hats bland same instrument as it was a different things. I think that help me avoid go down that road or get like the scene, the ban. Were you gonna get some weird rock radiohead at fifteen and fade away? Yes out, I was lucky that stuff this can it. I think your instinct, Wasn't your thing, though: either you weren't stevie re guy you're, probably the only one playing the slide at that time. I drew it a little different and- and I ran into some so
positions early on that kind of pointed me down a different path. There's this guy named colonel hampton in it george in these kind of heat he's a minor league baseball baseball coach for musicians. I get a lot of we'll come through him, any he'll take how did musicians and kind of shatter them into a thousand visas in the reform is just more realized, leavings, really what's his job, where we know even musician he's a senior player where only from a d lana yeah, you, madam, where I met and we club with when I was twelve, yet a bank or the aquarium s rescue unit and it was out, burbage young basler plain in the arm and brothers. It was jimmy hearing on guitar ads, cooper musicians here, but the cardinals as fast leaving character, doin arm and got him signed a colombian in nineteen. Seventy, the hampton greece band,
yeah and it's his claim to fame is a the second lowest selling double record, ever columbia behind a yoga records. So this is the type of character the kernel is, he can spew baseball stats all day. Long right, but he you know he he would, he would hit the with the right book or the right record at the right time or turn me on the sun hauser vienna, though the aspects of Helen the thing that you should really be focusing in on or two or what will just Hubert sumlin and just the hand and the whole thing and yeah I mean he had seen wolf a dozen times and just stories and he's buy me a love supreme and alright. You know turn me and his son ryan. Just in all that guy, you know it's an older brother but nearby the colonel. It was that and he would everytime. I would see may. We kind of gigantic, like I think, you're ready for this. The already book lego, I'd villages like right when you value are ready to take it on he would. He would hit me amazing record or this
you're whatever so when you go out there and you're twelve doing your add new boy genius tour, what what is it what's, rising hate you? I am, I think, the first we connected on was probably Helen war for Bobby Blandy right. That was the stuff yeah You know in the deep delta blue stuff, like book, I rise on housing and that was sought. A house as a great there record the death water around man, you can, it doesn't get better, it's insane, that's the yeah yeah I mean that's, that's the when you really dig endow the treaty hidden. Bedrock of I I can't like listening to skip James is I I've never anything like that. there is man, it's eerie earlier and there's another guy. They came out of the same county. Is it tonia unnecessary as ganem echo ends here. Who is skips protege anymore, but it into the eightys and ninetys when he was eighty or ninety, as old as pretty hardly
stuff area of debt, got. My woman saved a lot of the same tunisia, chair ball, we re all of those but there's some great work, meetings of jack owens tat. We were in the area I took my son, I rented a car. We were in jackson and we drove to skip james is old, homestead. Drove the jacko on the spot, and we had some of the blues trail was. It was a good day. He was cool, my son's fourteen nowadays, thirteen. We listened a delta is all day and out to try to put a minute Arafat it and get it oh yeah I raise got ears any you know, he's he's he's an end the empathy sympathy he he'll go in may, as he's a he's, a sweet kid as he playing anything. Does he play a little bit. My daughter plays a little bit more than my my son. She she's always writing and singing and she's pretty fearless. That way. It's kind of funny that we're taught can about it and you know it, you didn't even mention robber Johnson, that's a rare thing. That's it
It's an evolution, a knowledge of the blues, culturally totally total b b o ten years ago. There was just Robert johnson: that's all anyone talking about and he's obviously great shirt there, but there were people that came before and after sure I don't listen to that record yeah, it's a difficult record to listen to because you gotta really kind of get on it. you know here it totally where's the new hero, charlie Patton or those other guys. It jumps out of the speaking as well, with both totally crazy man or pony blues voice and dryer yeah. It's like a drunk frog, yeah, it's unbelievable, a jack white's, bigger. I went to jack White's studio. Interview him and he's got a huge painting of that. One portray s, that's a powerful! Those aren't we that, and so we played daiquiri, far this last year, where Charlie patten, all those guys lived in came for me, was one of them. Guess plantations in mississippi and now all
Buildings are still there: the cotton jan all the starting date, what they preserved. They keep their on purpose kind of deal the last twenty years. I came back in and preserve it. For that reason, and now it's a it's a pretty heavy spy. I mean there's the commissary where, where Charlie Patton would have nearly every every saturday here, although all the workers we get aid and script that's a money plantation, my invasion money. Would you agree printed right on it and then be about a bow and people waiting to go in the commissary added their pay, so patton willie brown or whoever was coming through, would park it on the stoop and play get everyone picked up and then there's a little bridge over the sunflower river, and a ban would run out the little cottage for the for the night? all the furniture out. They put mirrors like
mirrors up and around it with gas lamp, so the place lit up from the inside and they would have they would it be. It would be this throw together jute joint, they charge fifty cents to cross the river and he which is made bank and apparently charlie batten, was a everyone there, which is run and always had sunday, clothes a whole category. Our lady was yet buddy you, while I ruins getting paid he's playing on the stupid. No one heard anything from Saturday it's saturday you're in the field, work in there's, no electricity right. You don't hear music right now, unless it's singing in the field right. So this is an electrifying thing. That's going to a good device with the mirrors totally and absolutely and and they they said, word spread, became like all traveling delta. Guys would go to daiquiri and play Helen wolf site. We're. After all, I'm denies enables was grew up on that plantation and no surety heavy spot at la is check out. What's what you know, what think what we lose because rashly view you, u roma,
and a size that that music, the ep is the hustle these guys did a lot of gigs. Then they not just music eggs. They will work in all kinds moliere wherever it too and you know, even be in a room, was it's it's dear little conflicted because you know they had The original plantation house there and then there's all the stuff, that's left in then and some of the battles gonna stay at the plantation as nosegays inner bands. I don't feel comfortable being. legacy. This doesn't feel right, right, I'm here, I e our group- is pretty evenly split. Area is the occasions there we got in there lot of people in the banner relate, though something
I know I'm stayin in that house tonight right is handed over your life. You know what I can do it and when they are one of them want to fight the ghost exactly like you know, I'd they touch on the essential, but it felt that way being there, like. Even the fact that is preserved. Like people need to know about this, but, like you said you romanticize too much right like it? When they tell the story is like an old mister, doggery at various players idea, this maybe less danny. I said earlier that they would give removed, is driven out there. I don't feel right, but there's a lot of history to unpack without stuff, no shit when I susan. We were on the road and had done a few gigs, which I heard she just had this using two dusky bad. I write it. I remember she's great, so she had done a few fusion the jolly hooker india, my band got the call Ninety nine two thousand millennium new year's eve we just booked our highest paid gig.
Ever now, you're out of my group and there we got the call to be third ban before Johnny at the maritime for like no cash, that I call her baggage as a you know what we do the canceling and tell your ex really say we have you. I gotta see John, we hooker, while we still around right and as a your priority in the ninety nine two thousand, where this is important stuff here and so we went out and we did our little set and then John Lee hooker invited he. He he loves he was all about harrison. We added a backstage before the shown we we go there and he's a he was so sweet music I bet maybe where you live now because he's like well, I'm going to move in with Derek if he leads me and he looks amigos studies allays. I give you be a damn fool. Not to say our accolades its debts that are at the areas. I well, if you're out here,
I got seven houses. You can stay at any. Whatever know like this is beautiful, and I was like flu if you want to go, hang with John lee hooker, who am I to stop you I'm not going to deny that? But he had his onstage for the for the countdown and it was just such a blues countdown because it's his wife to Kay everyone's losing their minds, and he because he's too jake singers, you were half drought. their counting down from twenty in there just kind of stumble in it, and I like The new years is about two minutes ago on stage and John Lee gave to his three thirty five that looks like yours and he's just playing his guitar and he's kind of leading the charge and she's got a bottle of crystal. all that somebody to headed around like this is a very good night. The Erika korea had its way do it if it ends now perfectly We will have to ensure that everyone to think about it was a good day real booze near here
So now you make your first record when you're howled, fifteen or sixteen. I think why We know we did some other, throw away that I travel ten didn't happen before that, like we ve when I was further team. We went into the studio with buddy miles and did have tracker to and there's this little cassette tape with this awful drawing you'd, better, get male material out, their work where'd. You, like, I guess you were just around these guys because there, if you think about it, I guess the The community is not huge. Now it's in the turing world, especially in the smaller well. He Atlanta, though the clubs I out there. it's a small! Well, you run into everybody right. You run into everybody. When I was in when I was in college at a place called the Jonathan swift in harvard. where that later became a comedy club actually, but I saw willie dixon there and I saw a big mouth
thord narrow a win, then they were both almost dead yet, and it was pretty. It was pretty heart making, but beautiful I hear you may know me. You know that at the end with bb? It was that way, but then I was like you know what, if you get to be in that d's presence count yourself lucky did you play with him yeah? We did a few tours with him. We we were out with him for bet some so my favorite memories of have been on stage with baby it was. It was one here in LOS angeles, the huh. Wood, where we were set in women in one it right I would hope, but he was so sweet use of. Yes, he was a prince of a human being man and he was really like, as I noticed. I saw you guys at the ball and you know the baby king here? He would play with an orchestra, sometimes right in kind of a conductor up there too, like I could see you plan and susan singing
but like there are moments, are you got a lot of instruments at a rather emails or if you and your watch it everyday there, I go, get your conducting the to some degree as part of the deal man, it's hurting cats in respect of any like I hadn't seen. I guess I think, be how to do some of that right, totally in towards the end his band I'm so well that David is kind of follow, rang whatever trippy was on, but he knew it was it was some unique moments because I had met him. Quite few tens of years, but never played with him yeah and the first time that we play together was on stage at a real at all, and I am a register in a baby leg and him yelling and then planet back, and I was like, oh, that was pretty we may get. My readers that conversation musical, governs asian, very specific, with him told where maybe there's a thing as a sound that he got out of the instrument that everybody after him, doug into
because I've been realised that lately just jesse in play. My own bad blues is that you know the phrasing the simplicity made some of these guys. That's it yeah, it's it's! you get these newer guys as time goes on. They keep filling in more more gaps totally any. Sometimes you lose it in an really should go the other way. I think that we should be preparing it down and perfecting it, and I remember just recently what in this documentary, Jiro dreams of sushi unease is essential, you haven't told I old man yea. What he's talking about these like the first ninety percent of of mastering something is kind of the easy part. You know it's a! U he's. I guess it's when you start shaven down as last for five ten percent. When you get it, when the margins get smaller, he's like that's when it's tough and that to me those are the masters like baby or albert, where they parity, down to the things are gonna stay
You in the heart require its emotions. I they playing of there. They have harnessed energy of it and there's no throw always there's nothing they play when they rather peak. There was nothing they play that you you you could think of being any differently. You re, not a note with james. Did you have to go back to find that do. You know what I mean like once you ve got the foundation, not I think I was I was lucky where I think my man, instinct? We that's what I cared about in some came from my father like when he would listen to music. That's what and when you have that effect, he told me a story about 'em about doing. In baby and africa to the other Our player was but they were all sitting in together and this guy was that thing where you just shredded yeah and it's all over the stadia. Apparently BB went and got a seat and put it down he's like why? Don't you sit down and play with his ear prevented the hell you're talking about how that would go on
baby, would just lay out one note in just a few well, this wave of intensity to everyone knew you're like oh, that was cold blooded eg you get the urge that all you want right, but you know it it it. It kind of reminds me of the the old cartoon with the the two dogs and the ones is europe and around in a circle eyes. I regret the fact that our sorry about that that's interesting is like I'm just starting a sort of of realizing mentally. This is like just cause. I you know. I play what I play, but in thinking about for years. One. The reasons why I was to insecurity really pursue it was, I didn't think could be a that that good, but that's not the thing. I know it's a thing in any look, it's different for everybody, I'm in those period you go through and if you're searching resumption and you're actually breaking news and all the time.
I care how many notes it takes to get there do like the coal trains, your sound period, whatever your trip you're on, but at the same time, when you play a note, a single note, it should all We should all be in their re every bit of it should re. Had one sound and you at I remember an irritant stories when called jane was kind of at his peak of just mastery right giant steps. All of this there was a wave of people like you and play a ballot he gave it is everyone's gonna be only the other bitch about right right. So then he puts out this record it out in its just the most beautiful heartbreaking security at itzhak. Here, if I you know, if you can do both devoting more aching choices to its choices there, it's not right, it's not out of fear. He was playing that failure. Is he I couldn't stop and lean on debt owed? It was because he was actually working. Truce right He was breaking down barriers and that's a whole different trip. We and others- and I am sure you you know
whether it's comedy or whatever you ever? These periods of just throw shit against the wall in what works, and then you, then you pared down to the things that we ask, that you know that the nuggets about what I want to lean on him to watch but right air. It's interesting about those boundaries because, like even when you Cindy your when I listened to your first couple. records me right away, even though your and teenager you're, playing with big cats, it's big production is tight. And you know what I mean you're, not in the garage yet yet, and you know right away: you're pretty proficient and you've got an ear for production, obviously, and and guys know how to produce you. But then you know I too long after that, whatever sort of compelled you towards them that indian music was like that like No? I have not heard that before that you use the way you can transition from what the style playing is but sort of
and together that, with your kind of like enough swamp, boosting and an country blues is sorted turkey right. You know it's funny about that is gone back to colonel bruce Anthony. It was around that time I get turned on to Ali work on yet great sorrowed player. Probably one of the good position. This road is like that's not to sit arts in other things like a fruitless, iter and now, but so around That same time, we were on tour through mississippi. We went to the window. The crossroads is to see the sights wherein Fifteen passenger van and about this I was on a book, a white kick at the time but I got this record that the great writer Robert palmer, not the media as a rock critic and music critic yeah. He produces record by this guy named junior kimbrel yeah, I know you came running great you. Yes, I think the regular called most things haven't worked out and at that time I was sending to delta blues and our work on.
It was indian and delta and the first track on the jew. the campbell record is his real droney thing and then he starts singing and it hit me. I was like those are the same inflections as the same micro tones like it's. The same there are those that there was a humanity there they crossed over from this, I am from india, and this sound from mississippi that goes back to africa goes all the way back to lately and it never has to add to their primal sound in it. I mean it. It was, I remember the moment, listening to it in the van when I was like holy shit, this is all kind of the same thing, and I was reading that book deep, who's the robber palmer via where he's tracing he's trace in the different delta musicians back to probably which tribe it came from right through their music and re the way they look. That's right, it's pretty fastened mean backed afric absolute, yet nest of we'll never fail. The hit you in that place report.
I can see the listener robbie shankar all day, man come with you. I don't. I don't even know when that happened, but I just got that record live at the hollywood, but where the hollywood record archer it seventy there's something I think he's someone's house. Will you now and it's just the whole process, but I can, I dont think everybody can sit with that nor am I I'm good one and go with it. When I mean when I need us, Cleaner when I sometimes you feel like you, sometimes what Information is easy to tap into as other times where you feel you have to work for it and when I get, you're, like I'm running out of gas yeah, there's a few records that I can put on it almost all, is clean slate and one of them is this earlier: I can is called a signature series volume to hear, and it just is just the most beautiful melodies and do something about the tone of that instrument. And the way he goes about it. It it remind you what special about music and why you who had into it's one of those like adding.
Rising lines back up right and there's a few blues records you put on a helen wolf record in the sounds like you're speakers the blow hung. I oh yeah is big in the area the baby in the l, a right, oh man, some of that stuff when he, when you knew your like you had this natural knack for it. How? you outside of like having the the colonel turn you want is shit. You know what was deployed says, for you to evolve is as a musician. Was there ever point where you couldn't eat? You would something and you couldn't figured out, are you: how did you get more. Did you ever take lessons or you know, look back on it. A lot of it was pretty amazing timing. Where am I I ran into certain musicians when I needed to take the next step will be pushed a little bit in european around people. When I was about fifteen, I met John Snyder. This producer that
I played on this junior wells record with him in Louisiana. You play with junior year would end now towards the end It go come on in this house at a bunch of slide players and one the guys that I played with bob margolis, who was in Monday's, been right away. Yes, dell alba shows- and I was a kid with him- twelve fourteen with mighty know it yeah in they were looking. slide players and bob through my name, and that here John called my parents housing. Jacksonville Bob had the number, and here they flew me out in and then are connected, John and he started gimme around and of played on a lot of different sessions with him. Just one day I went up to leave on helms place. Guess I was six, at the time and it was re stock yeah was rigged, anko and garth than it was no way they did this tribute to bob in one track, yeah things called one too many mornings and I kind of was
then tat. I knew the ban, but I didn't know it like. I know it now rise. I kind of walked into a cold and it was. It was one of those slows down moment as I go there on the something totally different drip here, I never been around music like this, where what what was it exists? It was just a and ease to it and no one's in a hurry and like calm down, it's cool because at first I was just there. I was just there visiting right and then eventually they're like. Why? Don't you play So our eyes right leave on adjust ad is throat cancers in saying yeah. I harmonica but change smoking week weak, fascinating see, but I took one as an rigged anko is, like you think, that's good. breathe through it a little more than ever at anyone like really produces solo, and so your first instinct is what ladys totally I got a totally different wavelength than these than these
right. Now we and not slow down, and I got to that plays- and I could feel very just feel yourself display yeah you just yourself get in it right in and I got done. hey man, thanks for that, really really appreciate that you know that in general, that's how I play like up. I left space is one of the things right, you are either is different levels of that. Apparently, you learned from the booted blank speculators. I ate sprays school he's like one of the great most beautiful singers, absolutely in and out ass. They added no. At the time we also have to address that I've I've learned pretty quick because I dug into those wreckers, big, pink, india and others, Megan all ardently vague- and I wish I would have known, but I'm polyglot- I didn't array of good. I didn't go and is a vital total van ryan. I went into sight pool, he must have been,
that must have been like one was that he didn't live much longer. I know it was. It was right towards to asean. Probably ninety six, I would say so weak I area man it such an amazing, the tradition in history and its art. Like the weird thing about, I mean I like to play blues and it's all I play, and I get a lot of satisfaction out of it, but I don't listen to it as much yep weird thing that I go in and out new do they are totally because there something that happened with the booze, where it just became not only a popular we need, but like any bar ban, could do pretty good blue o o listen to anything. That's none now, but I do not think that sort of what way kind of diminished totally ibm I'm with you. It is definitely was taken down the wrong path and people took the wrong things from it. The simplicity they took from it. You know the point is the humanity of it. That's the point
you are asking earlier like what what shifted from just being a good guitar player- I like it, but it was as it was that where you mention the indian classical stuff watching this footage of akbar khan, and then you read about he colleges and prevail here just away. He talked about music, the seriousness yet in there. I guess is that there's colonel these have giving you a christian Murray book you hear bill takes for the first, have a than you have you have this amazing collision of all these, these concepts yeah that basically come down to quit. Why mean quit bullshitting people, who am I get to it, lady than in there there was a moment around ten years old fifteen, whereas I do you know what this came pretty easily to me to this point right, but if we're gonna, do it it's time to dig it like this? Do it
I did so that's what I noted at it. I had a gate, your life, to this, that when I listen to it, you know what you know. I refresh my memory in the new that the stuff you doing would susan in the two desk trucks band is different them you did earlier in a way because means heavily on playing on her? We are accent, and you know, there's a it's a different via totally so when you claim with out her, and you know you ve got me of singers coming and going like. There's there's a corridor with that. There was a point where you realize that you you couldn't rest on our laurels, even though you were a virtuoso in in order for you to find your because, like I listen to it and no at a certain point. No one's playin like you, because you ve integrated all that shit like that stuff, because your player, that the way you can move from from that indian style to you know to rock to minor blues two major blues to countries like you know you integrated all any in it's yours now, right, yeah and a big
about it. Sometimes. The way you listen to music, I think about athletes and like the chemicals and who'd! You would put into your body right. You have to be really careful what you listen to me, when you're improvising it all snakes, That's. Ok, though, I'm you know what it is, but it's like you got a you, can listen to too much trivial bullshit like on your of spare time You like the music should mean something that should be a melody. You're, ok, with sneaking out in the middle of that will have to report that the other problem with fuckin loses out. You know you're gonna, cop rifts, there's no other way had a lily and eta, and it's not even bad. No, but there are certain risks that are heavily identifiable as people's rifts. Yet and then there is like some people that just have some sort of magic twist on it like on the big peter green freak and those first three fleetwood mac records that guy could play a minor blues like I don't think anyone else could an innocent
because a lot is revealed in my you, italian earlier, the vibrant over just the ground or the way you approach things in No one has no one arc of his life and career. Now, look Peter! look back and you like. Oh there was like there's. A lot of conflicts things going, there's a vulnerability to his playing you can't you can't cap that the ngos it was, I think it was killing him absolutely and in you here that the ilo, something incredibly compelling about the head of a most of our red musician well there's than in there that the right that their working through you know but like that, like with the weird thing is, is with Eric Emil. Clapton kind of like I liked all that may all stuff. I liked the booze, where stuff- and I like you, know like some of it in cream- ok, just because of like the development of the riff there, but, like I kind of like I think, he's, vision, player, but I'm not moved away. I am you guys who I too early and went away, yeah, no less.
Something to that and there was there- was times on that tore out immediately the dates with him a little over a year, oh yeah, man, Doyle, grandma and anna there would tie on that tour, where he would pull that trump card out of his back pocket and light it up. I remember one we were in denmark and I was like. Oh as I go, that's where I was those it's weird right is a weird thing. I know you think he did like I've seen that happened yet, where, like even I am even like one watch the last waltz. What your post postscript united in him, trying to be the banned or doing every doing with swot hand? And you know the other stuff like whenever it I do musically, where If there are these moments where he like how he can fucking light that guitar, oh yeah yeah- and it's like- why isn't he doing there is the rub, the diva in there,
but there's a little bit of like. When did he do it? When were the moments where I remember one in denmark, just a random show area and we did twenty six countries on that tour in the fall. Catalog page bits and pieces, we were doing a lot of the dominoes stuff by that point on the tour, so you guys who can say together at the end he do separate sat now I was in his band. Oh that's how it was. It was three our places may Doyle, grandma and Eric, which was pretty fascinating. And your touring derek in the down as basic, am I mean it was his his solo stuff, but towards the middle of the tour? there was a good portion of, though the show that was the dominant you're, almost ass wide yeah, I was probably see the forty are and where you were. So what were you learn from him anything? Well, was a few things I mean he was a great badly. And he was able to pull things the band without directly asking for it which I found pretty fascinating. In this I mean there is then about the longevity man have been able to keep on the road.
keep a career together that long and keep keep your game together. Lady, still play. I mean it out. I've been around a lot of musicians here that comes and goes right like act comes and goes right. They can't play at all really what you don't need of? Yes, and he is there is a a respected. He gives the overall craft that that really like that kept going Think that's what what his bag became. Absolutely I mean you know when I met him. It was on the j J Caille record. I was a part of that. and in seeing the way at least, at point of his career. He was kind of going go in I can pay in homage to his heroes. Yet I knew you know that it was a very. It seemed like a very out thing. He was once more. He came back around what we're talking about that like he eventually sort of loop back around to real simplicity, yet
is that blues regularly and he kind of stayed on that path. He did the thing with bb yeah, which is amazing from the cradle, was the blues radio, it's funny as like as weirdly contentious. My relationship with him is me and my mind. Basically, I've listened all the shit. Now I hear you and- and I mean think about this bb king's first gold record was riding with the game let them do so it's insane where you have I'd, say: abomination to admit it. It's the same tweeting about Eric Dogan. I imagine you sitting there playing with him was like you know, you hear his runs and you're like. I know that run totally real you're playing a tune and you're like oh wait we're replant leyla with Eric s kind of a trip. I was named after that record right in iran, so my dad is a roofer in Jacksonville florida. flew over the albert houses and we went out to clubs in place. When the country, where I see my dad, the rivers having high tech
with the erika. I want a weird like where they love it. Today was pumped a most elaborate shrugs was away it's what happened in denmark. He lit it up how he just had one of those nights where it is out of the blue. I mean the tour is going great, shows, are good and then there's one night where I dont know what got into this girl, but he has as I go. That's that- a guy? I get it here and guy right, and I don't know if it was just like hey motherfuckers, just in case. You wonder why I don't ever was that or just spirit, moves you sometimes who now I mean I try to fix. These things out, because we play was every night we're on the road to hundred days a year. What can of guitar was playing strata? straight. There was one night I got into play of fifty nine. Unless ball is somebody lent me one and he broke his out and I think the struggle of Are you the tiles physically heart play. Was awesome
and that was a night too. I was wondering whether there was a gear to manhandle that because, but that was it, though, because that was his tome for years absolutely I mean the strat was later I totally and that that fucking gibson. That was when he screamed when he, when he had the sg in the woman's tone. I mean those are those are things people, still trying to sort out right the only tunnel That's an lula one without the other thing that comes with this implicitly thing. We're talking about is that you are part of it is the space and the breadth and everything else and those notes, but then you know, choosing a town which took me a long time to that resonates with you yet, like you say, you're, not a pedal guy and I know a lot of cats now that you know blake's not really a pedal guy, but my buddy sweeney. You don't do paddles yeah you're, just playing with these all fuckin too neil your breath street. You know, like you just wrestling like neil. I had him in here and, like he's, got a fucking. wrapped up there. That is,
a bunch of amps together. Then we one guy knows how to work. They're, all old and like literally every night he's like I dunno if it's going to make it through the show now and that's part of the beauty, I mean estimate with electricity. Now every night like we are call our modern engineers, migratory dec, two and I'll call him over man was voltage in this room: it's hot, isn't it is, I guess one twenty three or you can tell when your average run into hot air gets too crunchy year or like I was to swap out some Let's try something else, you're already late. It's just you haven't that some it's where it saying they like. That's it right to mars be greater. Yet just horsehead cited disappears itself. Quigley manage that the beauty of any. If, if you can get down. It would get boring quick. So now, when wendy step up like how Do you when he first played with the allman brothers? Well, the first
I was on stage with em out. I was playing this little club in south florida on south beach. I was maybe ten here and there They were giving back together and I guess eighty nine and they came in setting with dickie now as it was greg my uncle Warren and Allen woody and those as business picture. The the stage was above the law as yours. It's all liquor bottles, and then this ten year old kid and by my grandfather the time he had a picture in his house, but he up the liquor by whose member says a first I played with em back? the ban at nineteen. He asked in ninety nine joint. What's yours, bill. Gregg, you known since you were a kid, was irregular in your life her. Yet you know like you know is always in and out that whole scene. I mean when I was you yeah yeah, when I was starting. I wasn't around that stuff at all- and I ran into them that club and now remember greg.
gap on me aside and give me one of dwayne slides, which was of life I like em, but even here there met her like yours, a guy who hears here the ritual, the other artifacts, yet so that that's a relic that sets in the house the, but then in a gregg was he was pretty in and out of it so I would see him in labour, wise and just behind I was in a lot of places, but I saw him recently like just like walk behind me at a hotel in new york. I didn't realize how short he was number one and number two. I might add ghost yet know he. No he's been dealers and health study. Atley do but then I guess it. Fourteen a flu me out california, and and are playing a solo ban for a tour to, and you people always yours. Yet these questions, like anybody ever give you get, if advice it, I think no one ever really does that get ever happens, but there was one moment with gregg. Where
what variety is I in his figure had this? He a vet here on the bag. It said bay, baby bro. Causes is doins old, brother yoga, and now we over this ride up up towards the lucas studio, lucas rare? it is beautiful, drive and first, might have been in a real sports car they get on it here. behind the wheel for a minute of like oh, this is amazing. Pull over and he gives us really serious man any like his eye, if all the all the potholes and all the dark trips. I've been and not be in vain, like so many to learn from it, and he showed me, he showed me his arm yeah like scars the track mark Yeah, like you, can do a lot of things. I do not fuck around with it and that's it's one very few hours and abandon the for fifteen years after that, and there was never any moment like that was just out of the blue
and I don't know if you are betty, doesn't remember it was it was in a pretty dark. For him here and now, but he got deadly. serious, and it was a. It was a moment that I've I remember, clearly banned because I wasn't expecting any of that cause like this. Is this a fun, ran a car where I hear of method and right and then I got real serious yeah, but you know that those in some things you take the heart as guy they don't ever got out of the grips of it, absolutely any of them, and it was. It was a real moment and you know you no matter what happens after that, with the relationship with somebody you, you always appreciate. Those thing did scary enough, around a lot of really do not want that Although I did do absolute, you know an end of a mean. The sad truth is
hazing musically came out of that stuff, amazing art, but it took it, took most people down with it. You know was one of those things that, like it it's one of those in you know I can appreciate it. As What it would do for somebody it, they definitely shuts out all the other noise. You know how many of you listen to record like kind of blue or any of that and end and not realise that that was a big part of where are you going to find that space? I own a fine, that's big in, but then Do you like well with those lotta casualties? Yeah, I mean Jane was one of the very few that was able to just kick it. May I hold turkey and then, but then of rain, came out of that man. He said in his room for four days and just sweated it out sorted out, love supreme, Sweated out, drugs and talk all the toxins and then came out with
the aim to that and ready to record priya, pretty amazing story, but also like men. I think he doesn't get the credit for being as good a singer as he, as you are a great singer. One of the great that to me that's the difference between that band and a lot of the other. I have abandoning our return, but that none of the matter or they could do what this, therefore, that you know re ato S, but it's an that round. Yeah yeah yeah it holds up the area; they are very naked, vague it take it, hard left hard right. They take it to the hoop musically. He got this guy that can just belt. I mean that's yeah, that's kind of the of magic formula yeah and what did you? Did he ever talk about dwayne with you a bit here? You know that there was. There was some funny When I made the wanes dwayne speed, looms large over that banned the whole time. I was Do you mean it would be? There will be musical conflict that would go on, and then you would almost
You could almost see dwayne and greg's ear and then he would be like you know what I take that back. Once when Jimmy airing was in the band for one year tween dickie in war and coming back and we we do mountain damage, red dots, regional roadie. Was there forever? Yet he was a man, he ain't gonna, take it out dwayne assyriologists, it would go anywhere. They don't play the same themes. he would just always needless here, and we will get done he's like elsa all right but like not nearly far enough, so we were like. Oh, we could. We can take it out if there was one night and they were maybe a virginia beach or just some random egg and it went it went our failure went, sunrise were just a construction and everybody was on board, not everybody so etc. Now we get, we get back on the bus in its. It's me. No deal and Jimmy herring and and dragon and the drummers or on the other bus and we're up front
like. I was pretty power, fine gregg comes eyes. I got right who's, the fuckin fish, fair, not me like not meow, very light. Visual goes with a bag of the bar, though it is true that he says he's like you know what that was just those too much Is that what we do and like he can kind of leaned into us? Would he have never done? Then he goes to the back of the bus and door shuts at it. We're like well that was fun, while, alas, it got two minutes later he comes back up and use the looks of ease. Eyed man brother brothers to go round and round about that shit play whatever you want, I'm sorry about that, and then he disappeared. Let's see what just happened as he went back there and Duane was like you little motherfucker, totally our yeah thirty years after the as it was an amazing moment, about their roadie worthy. Did he dearly loved her that may pass red dogmas alleging red
he was. He is a vision, that got one it sent home and then re enlisted, because he was like I'm never going to get that adrenaline rush. The red dog was insane here, but he was one of those guys that would take a bullet for for the band like he was. He was the quintessential rody yeah. He's he's one of the roads that should be in the rock and roll of aim levy will hate then that there needs to be a petition for the head right. There's a few guys in the dead can have been read dog and Joe Dan from the island brothers. They they were lifers in a very real sense? So now some of them the latest record with the two dusky drugs man in it sounds great man now, what's the big difference in in working with your wife, you know it's been it's been so easier than I thought it would be. I gotta say player It is amazing that when we put this band together, we intentionally kind of
grasped what her banded when what he abandoned and we started just from it with a seed, and I think three records in I think it's starting to the lid has finally come off enough. I feel like like this tour, especially the the shows have been really exploratory and I feel like it's we're going to do a live record from this tour aneurysm. There's been some pretty inspired moments availing now it's getting back to the best of what may be I sell a ban was tapping into in the best of what her thing was doing, a very good. It's finally got at sea legs. We went in fave came on board about two years ago, based player after he was canada, miss like a gotta get just play base when he needed to hear, but our monetary he can hear anything Many many played in the fifty five bar for years is avant garde trio with eyeing transit, really exploratory stuff. He do that ass bowie record of black star here, ten
an amazing player, but him and kofi we keyboard player in this group. That they're, like, though the closest musical genius borderline that that I've been on stage here bacon doesn't matter what it is there on you ass the end so that that stuff we! Finally again, we ve got to the point where it doesn't matter what happens on stage. Everybody's ready just take a turn at any given moment in any dune like there's, nothin, nuts nothing's off limits sooner at that's a fun place to be- and I think the last three or four months with this ban has been has been, though, when the most growth of I've been a part of within a group. So it's it's a a good place, that's great zone. You feel like there. There is a world of possibility in their room and you're still kind pushing the anvil. Absolutely in the musician ship there's no ceiling haven't found
ceiling, it I found it. I've found the spot, whereas I guy well, we can count it when brothers and then towards the end of that clapton tory at a second guy out as watching this drummers man they are connected to him ass. They have a thing and you like to germany. I do you know after a few years of the allman brothers and then towards the end of that clapton, he at a second guy out. I was watching this old otis redding footage and there's just something about two drummers man. What is it it's I mean it's it, tribal political gives us, sometimes in that thing gets rolling and if you know you're not getting gas and what's it allows you to I'm an hour is man, it's it's been slowly, but surely things have been taken up of my manager of blake originally was written in the What's a lousy draw, get people coming out is man. It's it's been slowly, but surely things have been taken up of.
My manager, blake, who originally was riding in the van with us for the first four years, is road dog in it and he's been with me twenty two years and he he er. He hit me to the fact that every year, there's. The draw has been a little bit better yeah we haven't had any huge jumps, but every single year for twenty two years I mean it's easy, we're picking on. I think there was a there was a time where me when you think you're picking up a little of that almond swac and a little bit of that. You know the the weather either they're jam bandy or not, but that that audience I think, there's certainly a void that that we're picking up on it, I think there was a there was A time where Being in the and others into, and other things in, some ways would eat in. our growled, the as we would like. Well, we in here- you know there's some of that. There's that kid again yep and then there's and then there's you know the the ban as it gets better people start talking. You know this
all word about these days, is no, you don't sell records anymore rise. Many also get that expansive. Like you know, good sort of like heartfelt singing good blues rhythm blues, yeah whatever and then, and then you got that whole other world of like just high minded. The san francisco orchestra and she's out their belt now porcine at its is beautiful thing and right, and then we get down with a show and she's, I have you heard, sees its hake. Alzheimer's is beautiful. Little thing: Now Rene Fleming, the opera singer is a huge season van, which is amazing, thought lacks great and we will solve the opening of the san francisco orchestra and she's out their belt mouth patina it it's a beautiful thing and right No, we get down with assurances, I have you, Ok, why was not nice? I love that gas we tax. Sometimes you send we pictures and sending its visit. I think he is a path. Guitar genius and power o mine, very I'm gonna pay some guitar, but don't you
ok. Why was that nice? I love that gas we tax. Sometimes he said pictures and I sent him things. It's easy. I think he is a path: guitar genius and power, o mine, very I'm gonna play some are they don't tell Derek? This is more in the the mark, the mark. and miss sarge music catalogue done with them new agey effects,
in the EU. hm hm
Hmm, hmm boomer lives.
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