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Episode 777 - ​John Larroquette

2017-01-15 | 🔗
John Larroquette knows that people still identify him most strongly with Night Court, and he's okay with that. John believes things would have been different if he hadn't made his character, Dan Fielding, endearing beneath his cynical exterior. John and Marc talk about booze, recovery, sobriety, Stripes, The Librarians, and the one job that was so intense, John forgot his wife's birthday for the only time in 40 years.

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All right. Let's do this, how are you at the plotters, what the fuck bodies, what the buccaneers, what flock annex what's happening a marked mare, and this is my podcast w tia welcome to it If your new hang out have you'll get the hang of it. You have to say we think. Well, you know it you! Actually you can you can you can talk during you can do whatever you want during this pipe cast, because I've, no, in over that in an if that's what that's, what feels good when you are engaging with its cage, we go on mark, shut up shop. marion you you can do that. You know why cause. I can't hear it I cannot hear it today on the show it to me. An interesting gas because I get opportune
nice to talk to people, and I would never think I would have the opportunity to talk to them or or necessarily think of it, but john, where a cat is The show today he's currently on a tea and t series called the librarians, but most of us new and from night court in from is lower than that show is on forever and he for years was the quintessential crime key cynical funny, guy, a very funny smart Do you know any was around it. Just one single, it's like I know, he's been working for a long time. but I wouldn't have thought to say: we've got to get john layer kid on the show, but I was happy to talk to him and I know his kid some. You know his kid Jonathan, where cat and south roma tele are the house of the show the podcast? dude and they were in here, but I see john freeware cat down at future music. All the time is now not shooting the show in it,
transition into the new year amounting to wandering around my notebook. In now my I desire to a hat tonight, Nap too much saw me future musical. Add three next a permanent records down the street. There and I see Jonathan all the time and they want to I was gonna have his dad on he's a great that should be good. me: I got a little prep from him. I got a little a little bit of insight, but dumb but John, where cat came up later in the afternoon, and we had to say interesting chat, so that's gonna happen in it minutes how's everybody My show marin from the eye of sea network before and final season is now on netflix in the u s. I know that for sure and People are digging it. It's really kind of an amazing thing. This netflix business, yeah amazing netflix out that whole idea really took off, didn't it
man I wish I thought of netflix, but but no because I like so many people don't get. I have seen that a watchful eye on. I fear they don't know icy exists or whatever it is when the seasons are released on networks, it gets in entirely home, surge of of people watching it because it watch all of it at once and I'll tell you honestly, be proud of that last season, and it was very. challenging emotional aim very funny and certainly the darkest season we did. But it's up there it's up there for you to enjoy in binge and go out at harrow. You want just happy it's out there, the two it's coming up my first date as january twenty. Fourth, I will be This is the two real tour I thought you just got a name these things. in tallahassee Florida january. Twenty fourth, at ruby diamond concert, hall and then I pick up again in february at the carolina
iter february, seventeenth and durham. I met the night theatre in charlotte february, eighteen them at the richfield play. How in ridgefield connecticut march. Second, the music hall imports of new Hampshire march. Third, a limb, a day montreal in montreal, quebec march, fourth danforth, the call in toronto, ontario march, fifth, that, when sold out, I think college music hall march, tenth new haven, troy savings bank muse call troy new york march, eleventh flynn, centre burlington vermont, marched, wealth, fox oakland, in California march, twenty fourth, the more theatre in a washington march twenty fifth, I met the vogue in vancouver march. Twenty six met the paramount in Austin march. Thirty first, bolder theatre in boulder, colorado April, seventh, the paramount Denver April, eighth, the aladdin april, twenty first in portland and the lad and again April twenty second in portland,
the pact's theatre in Milwaukee April, twenty seven, the orpheum in madison wisconsin April, twenty eightth pant ages in Minneapolis April. Twenty nine two shows we're gonna, be shooting a special and then, but the Miriam, theater and philly may twelfth in it winter in d c may thirteenth, that's the tour. and that might be it for awhile I got an email from a guy. This in this house, ego and in security being full of grudges and wanting revenge or pay back that kind of thing yeah. We all have it in us. There's party brain that sort of like me I'll show them it's bizarre, because I got this email. This minor thing by tat, but I share it with you: in the subject line it says forty years ago, hey mark, I know about forty years since I hung out at your house in Albuquerque, when we were at sandy
but I wanted to reconnect love your work. Your ex whence it being you smart kind, thoughtful and loving just discovered the world of podcasts on january, First, in there you were with fresh air and malcolm Gladwell. Your job pride and lynn, men well miranda encounters touched my core anyway. I hope this shot in the dark gets interested I've been working and positive, development with on the edge, in families. For thirty years now and the like, send an arrow near direction. Lovers my brother ted, nine this guy, no ted, and I good friends with his brother mark. I know them from when I was younger. Ted was older than me, but this is interest this guy seems like doing amazing work. He sounds grounded guy hearts in the right place, doing socially pro active work out there in the world are making a difference for four kids in families I don't know the details of it by day. It's inspiring here's the odd thing is, I remember tat
But what I remember is that, and probably some The grade maybe eighth grade what I remember- and this is this is me. This is of you- know, unity of kind of self, involve mark eighth grade mark, was in love as much in love as an eighth greater could be with this girl. Jessica. Who is older than me? I just was obsessed and had this huge, rush on her and she knew it knows cue to her very serious to me as that but the issue is, I'm sure, like what that's cute, the eighth greater that chubby eighth greater who seem very sensitive as a crash I mean she was nice to me, but I don't know what I was expecting really but ted who wrote this email. She was TED's girlfriend. But I didn't really what that's not me. I think I feel
guy had the crush before they started going out, but would stop me- why I'll tell you what I wrote a song, my first song and I was playing in a band kind of It was me and air tipp men and dean, heinz and care member who, wade base. But you I wrote a song call jessica for just Nothing like the arm brother silent looking back on it and I can get the cords that were roughly like arm it. Dont come easy by ring star looking back on- and I think those with similar courts, but the EU had a build at the end in a jam, but I ve, This could really play, and I can really saying by there was talent assembly at school and your word was out- it was a small school that can play this song. This love song for jessica, and you I just,
the way the song and like I wish. I had no confidence and singing so Eric, saying it. It was a me singing, but I wrote the song for jessica and she was gonna be there and we did it. We did it. We did that song. it was. It was good using a gym peoples. On the floor, the point being My memory of ted other than knowing and being friends with his brother was after that assembly. After I played this song too, and for his girlfriend declaring my love up to me and give me a good punching, a stomach. and looking back on it, not unreasonable. Violence guy and I didn't fight back or anything, I n in retrospect. I coming bathing part of my brain were was demonizing him for taking that action Andy you now I read this email and envy and now eat. For thirty years you ve been doing nothing but a great things and,
and I wonder if he remembers that no young, very, I am going to reconnect with him and day in and find out more, but I like I'm, not set about it, but it's, I guess, with grudges in and resentments and her feelings and all the other stuff you yet. You know ye forget, forget that the people they grow and they move on and- and you should too if that was, I remembered about him and then out of nowhere, I get this beautiful email from the guys been doing great work and I'm like yeah yeah, the guy that punched me in the stomach. I had a common eye, so tat if you listening, let's let three group I'm I'm over it now are you I hope you are. I think you are ok! Well, I got one more thing. I did. I think it's interesting what can happen and what tat ripples occur. When I talk out loud,
as you know, we ve gone through this together. If you do listen to me in these portions of the show with the m the knife injury, the flap, it seems that the flap it didn't quite it. They took, but it seemed like most of it was just protecting the area where I didn't come all the way through to the tab. all the way through the skin, but the very tipp part did cut all the way through that seems to be taking, but the rest kind appealed off like a dry blister and now she read and sensitive but am but am able to pay qatar, thank god right europe wondering when's that going to pick back up, but the we are making. Is that because I talked about cutting that to put my finger, if I get, I got a couple of weird things, not weird, but just its each is interesting work in like I got this email just as knife gift and says mark here you go down I done for some reason, says number eight out of nowhere. You got this, but its number eight of something, some knife.
I believe that you never truly own a knife unless it has bitten. You tasted your blood once a knife, taken its owners, blood, the owner will never sell or trade that knife with anyone. A similar, Precision states that a knife that has bitten its owner will stay sharp longer and is less likely to accidently cut its owner. Thank you. I this, I think his name's gavin, but he didn't sign off on it. Just is weird little bit of info, asian that's number eight of something and then I love this because the story. I told about cutting my finger. Someone on twitter sent me away. to a sylvia plath palm called cut. And even I would not have read this- I will not have known about it, but it's It's amazing is tat you. I can talk about this in nauseated, some you with my flap story, but at some point, is genius. Sylvia plath is poet, cut her finger and wrote this,
I will read it to you, because occasionally, poetry happens here, cut by sylvia plath. Susan o neill row. What a thrill some instead of an onion, the top quite gone, except for sort of a hinge of skin a flap like a hat dead white. Then, red plush little pilgrim, the indians act, your scalp, your turkey wattle carpet roles straight from the heart I step on it cut. My bottle of pink fizz, aside, aberration this is out of a gap, a million soldiers run red coats, every one whose side are they on? Oh my her monkey lewis, I am ill. I have taken a pill to kill the thin papery feeling saboteur kamikaze man disdain guys: coup klutz clan babushka, darkens untarnished, as and when the bald pope of your heart can
its small mill of silence, how you jump. Pinned veteran dirty girl, thump, stump. Right now, I'm gonna talk to John, where a cat is currently on the ten t, the librarians season finale is now, sunday january twenty second, and we Have we chat They don't come out of this party tat much just see Jonathan occasionally at the shop. I don't. I don't know this area well. It all you go to the shop you over to future me, as I have the honour of regular for sure here it's a classic place. It is that we are when these places now I've had a real time off, I go back, old habit. I used to have when I was younger, aegis, go any jumping to occur. Precision for a while and then move on to the next door. That's that's how it works go next or the record store, and how long have you been in this house, two thousand
six eggs or right, two thousand two thousand and four roma? Yes, so I didn't here for a long time so you ve had all along and busy career as an entertainer, again an actor and actor more nor precise we an actor. I think of entertainment is, I guess, subjective stuck in the mind from the night court years. Everybody like new. That character knew you, but you d it wasn't it so you ve certainly been around before that a little bit. Yes, I'm not anything really nationally, recognisable alone bits liking. We were to go back after night. Corey beg our shit, there's juggler cat rigour, and probably the thing that was the most of public was eight did like three as before, three years, two years before night court stripes- I move straight. That's right! You were like this second to warrant oats right yeah was his commanding officer, captain silver, the incompetent, bombastic yes vacuous commander in chief as it were,
and working with worn out at that age was vain or notes. That must have been interesting, that wasn't it yeah. It wasn't it. He was here didn't have that much do together here, but you know grown up watching him in the movies right away in new orleans and I loved him, I thought he was. He was a real actor yeah and everybody else in the cast were great. They were fine. He added that there can be Instead, we are in a john kandian who I only met these guys in the blue share friends afterwards John deal, he became long fast friends and did place together after that and I hired for other parts in the laurel. Catch own things we've done together, but the hangar warn us he was, you know, no nonsense, and yet he wasn't working. He got on a plane and went home. That was a back. I was at its word when he learned that about acting it. I I I've done some lately in the last few years and all my illusions of that. The tremendous community in unity and everyone being powers were sort of not broken. Which is why it's a job for a lot of people in their pros and they come in. They do their job. Then they leave. Yes, I think, on a series of
it's maybe a little more personal because you're a particularly long running one and ensemble he everybody's you're, like a family, but then again when you're with a bunch of people. Five days a week like we did on a ny court, him you don't really was never that close to any of them off camera. Where we spent together. We re gathered here that we did, but we don't hang out. We didn't hang outright three better. That way I did read. For years. I was there a couple years and had a guy. I worked with every morning for four hours, three hours and we never did anything off the air we were on the air and then it was like die see you tomorrow, and you would think we were best friends right. The illusion I think I mean I couldn't speak to her completely effortlessly, but I think Jonathan, the suffer a bit that way, there's very intimate when they're on the yeah, but they don't. I don't think they spent a lot of time socially together. Seth will occasionally, depending upon the holiday, was thanksgiving or something, if he's an orphan, a town of his mother's. Not here he's not gone back. The atmosphere he'll come to our house with jonathan and have holidays with
whether suited to very different type of people. I think it couldn't be more of a complete Is it vibe to the two of them at work? Obviously works yeah! There's this at the end of a job in canada all over the place. And then you get there we'll take yeah, yeah sort of like a sort of like linus and schroeder writer it'd be a very organized. Seth is very hard and it's it's good that he is, but he brings so much material to Jonathan every week. That Jonathan then riff on that can both refer but left to his devices. Jonathan would show up and decide what I'm going to talk about. But such as right now there's a framework to drive. You need that guy into driver and then the reactor exactly. So. New Orleans is where you come from. Yes, Andy. Are you do your feel close to it? Now it's interesting we're. Having this conversation. Last night I was taught to whose now my oldest friend, my oldest, oldest ready, at whom we met in the fourth grade, died a few years ago. My second oldest
who lives here in l a he- and I were talking about that very thing. Last time cause where I was. I was wondering with him. We'll talk at most sunday evenings when he comes home from work. He owns the a cheese store in beverly hills. The banshee store, yeah anyway, and I am he said: why didn't we leave? Why did we leave new orleans. Why did we leave because he left about the same time? I did late sixties early seventies here, come to california, try to be sure at r and and I'd. I think, because we didn't have deep connections. He was actually born in europe, moved to new orleans when he was like seven with his mom. my family was not very tight. My father was gone by the time I was too so I didn't really have any connection to the laurel cat dead at all. Now, yes, but then he just left, he left I have another family addison, then John law, roquette, really during his name, was generic at my father. Simultaneous we're after too. I don't quite know never never anything about them and you
I found out anything about him, not a lot decided one day. I should go, see him and learn about him. Although you then I was my late twenties and I was in I'm working on my first television series, yeah babo black sheep who's got throb conrad. ere. I would remind you- and I thought you have time- I went to the world through the sky is sure he died. He d working there, A good try that unites. Certainly thought was there, but you know what's the weird thing, and this is, the story is still chills. My spinal had been after the big storm katrina, yeah, went to new orleans with Elizabeth, my wife first stop was the cemetery make sure that no relatives it popped up out of the ground rash can happen and rarely get all locked up. I climbed over the walls opened the gate for Elizabeth she comes in and I'm looking at our family plot, which is actually the arenas plot, which is my mother's maiden name, yeah.
it's fine everything, everybody still underground good and my wife's walking around as a new orleans cemetery tourist. You look at those muzzles yourself and I hear a girl, oh fuck, and I thought she tripped or some shit come here and I walk over ten feet from where my mother is and there's a plaque on the wall, cars and orleans earth these file vaults, as well as as coffins where you can stick into a wall right right out here and there john law roquette, my father. He had no idea, I knew I had no idea. He was buried there, twenty feet from my mother, all those years wow. I wonder if he knew I mean he must know how far they die. He d die before yeah yeah, like oh yeah, like twenty years before its wild, but It's just that, and so I dont so the connection to new orleans, yes, is, is slight. I think now, at this age my life? I don't have any relatives there that I'm close to the sea definitely grub their borders
I didn't leave too. I was twenty, so the first two decades of my life formative mean I am a new or leading and through and through a yet, as we say, locally actors, is usually hey way. Yeah yeah, yeah recalled yes m. school everything there that in what what was it like it? I mean it's like I've been there now and I was there once before katrina, but but they did it. Infuse, india. You- because I am what I know about going. There is at its Different timezone psychologically than anywhere else. I mean you get there and new. I am a different place. Yes, I didn't know that then, of course, because one thought every place was home right place was like but looking back on it, what you, what were you doing idea what was waning? were growing up with music important to do. You know I mean that's what everybody sort of. I was a musician swordplay when I was eight and third great, which one clarinet because they have a courtier than the ban, which is what I wanted to flag up an ally, but they didn't
I caught, I will literally close my eyes and pointed to the the chart of instruments and became a clarinet clarinet in dixieland jazz, though, if possible, yet one night of it yeah absolutely yeah and years later I worked for a short time for decca records and PETE fountain was one of the artists and I used to go to pizza club on bourbon street and sit with pete font. When I was like sixteen years old, so he had chops. No, no, no, as I are euphemistically. Sarah, seventeen or eighteen I realize I could talk but like a blow so I took the region Also the sixties, clarinet wasn't cool, so I started playing tenor. Sax in my rock and roll back, sir, when I go out the noodles Let's not even talk about that. Normally a couple solos I d tax man by the beatles and something else maybe also the rising sun. played around clubs in new orleans ere. It was a big bang because they were three. warns there was a debased drums. So was like eight of us here yeah
was that the only Van buren now old, ike, sixteen sounding exceed seventy, never cut a record high school. Never there might be some tape is there another fellow that was in the band? I occasionally speak with. He lives in florida now and he still plays with friends and stuff around on the weekends. But I don't know if there's anything that exists, so. It's eating walk in the music for a life. I was good enough. I really didn't think I was I was a really good reader. The app I could call. reed really well, but I never thought I at that I was never going to be pete, fountain or achar black or any of those guys have yet. I wasn't going to. I didn't, have that sort of abstract, rob to re write like a good musician couldn't or if not very well yeah. So then, what was next radio real just there why you were a jock yeah for a long time. Debt work kind of music at first. The first job had was. Classical radio station in it's owned by the pbs station. Did you know anything about classical music, not what it was.
instrumental in me losing my accent because I didn't think so. Beethoven was quite If you had a real accent, I had a new Orleans accent matter of fact I dunno where it is, but when I was about nine years old, you know back in those days there was an amusement park to drink data. You walk into a little booth like affordable by our quarter. You could talk for thirty seconds yet and it was spread out a little wreckage here. I still have a voice, oh god, now for something that is probably exactly the way yeah yeah yeah and I was sort of just telling my grandma about how much fun I was having at the beach with mama very norway, the acid in other I say, is this constantly, but it's true noise action is not southern, it's actually close it. New jersey than anything else why there was a huge duration of long sherman to new orleans to work on the river in the early nineteenth hundreds and many of them from hoboken ray so today, taken tied, came with them really and mixed with whatever patois the fray. Creole patois was in new orleans and that's
oh. I use are usually pronounce like. Aren't you say, Turley, not toilet, moisture, not oyster right. wake up put on my shaped and not awaken. There came in from the east carve yesterday, but there was such a melting pot down it was it was I was really yesterday actually very interesting, and I would like to know more about the history of this the time when new orleans was sort of three distinct cities. He has the creoles my family, my Family came to new orleans in the mid seventeen hundreds from paris long time ago. I got the actual paperwork from one of the boats that Francoise la roquette came over. So I'm not occasion we didn't cover canada came directly from france, really efficient definition right, so the french canadians came through. Canada has furriers or out of him, yes, and I were also thrown out by the huguenots languish in may there down to a french colony which was new Orleans right. That's where they settled and not you guys not, we came directly from
So where did you feel better than the other? No, I didn't know I didn't know I didn't know until yesterday. I didn't know that a little before that, but when the americans came to new orleans, yeah the the english as it were, and because the river became so important as a port right that they hated the creole section of new orleans, so it was actually three different cities. There was the the black slave free color area, the creoles, which was very mixed. Yeah you know I was reading also that you know it in those days I free people of color and even even slaves. Horrible word. They could move very free, within the city limits of new orleans within the french quarter right, the americans moved uptown, and so it was very segregated, in the truest sense of those three seconds. Eventually they melted together. Yes, but also, I was the americans who said no story
gold. No gambling, no prostitutes, they closed all of that down eventually because they had the money. But it's you know growing up. It was a very I mean I loved it. I mean I really did love the city, what part count, the ninth ward, and that that was underwater right. Isn't it? Oh, my god, when I was nineteen sixty five he added I came from new orleans called betsy in this. The water on my street, as I stood in the middle of the street, was up to my collarbone really but katrina. The water was about as I pull up my fingers three inches from the very top of the roof and stayed there for three weeks. Bright sat there underwater for the alex long before that I had moved my mother out in the eighties when I started making money and the house that I grew up in which was a shotgun. You know the front door to the back door. You could walk in a straight line, yet nope doors on any rooms except the bathroom just for ventilation. Right and I lived there from
am ten years older. So till about seventeen when I moved out, but it's still the last time I was there, which was november. I did a movie that fertile ever worked, which movie town was called. It's called camera store just a plate at the palm springs film festival and little independent film. But anyway did you like doing it. It was strange, various actually marked because I'd not and never worked in my hometown. I was every time of november yeah, and it was actually very strange, ikey kind of depressing annexed written months, really I don't know cause of the movie, I think part of it. What was the movie about about a real depressed kind of guy who had been stuck in this camera stores? It's a flashback not at what do you call it a period peace from the seventies imre guy down the guy prior to digital bs.
The last legs of analogue cameras, leader of happening and he's just a miserable fuck yeah and stays at miserable fuck, the entire feel so that prior some no impact on how you're feeling, I think so, because my wife, who I dunno I've, never considered myself a real actor. I I sort of say that I make sausage yeah. Sometimes it's delicious sausage, but it's sausage but I think I do get affected by the people. I play somewhat right and so it was. It was an unusual also that that's the first time I've been there since my best friend james, who who nicknamed Hannibal when we were like ten years? All I don't know why, but is it was Hannibal? As far as I am concerned, we met in the fourth grade right he had died. Perfect. I found him, you didn't. Yes, it is a part.
Dead, and he went out here no new orleans out way before you left no easy. Three years ago, I'd I'd done to Broadway plays back to back I'd gotten done with the second one came back to l a here. My wife said what what's going on with you you're just and I was Joe, which play where'd, you just finishing the best man gorby, ok james, well jones and analyse where a great time my god said before that I did a year with downright cliff with how to succeed. Business verily during my big hit broadway show he won a tony for that. Thank you very much. Yeah, I'm glad I hadn't you said, and I didn't have to give it to you you're welcome thanks for knowing that, but I felt really terrible and I certainly go home- you didn't know why, It just came. I didn't know why, because with him also, he had no answering service. He had no computers or anything like that, so he was at home. He wasn't home if he didn't want to answer the phone he didn't answer. The phone did you when you felt
did you call him to tell me you were coming or why I tried, but I could get it, which was an unusual that didn't really really big bell that you had no idea what the impulse to go home was not. There was no reason to go. You mom was not there anymore. No one was there. No budget accept him compelled felt compelled to go home which use and when I drank I would wind up on a plane going to boys. There's another store near its got to new orleans and couldn't raise him knock on the door. Couldn't then I manage to get it his apartment house and when I went upstairs to the floor where his apartment was, there was a king cake. Is it infection in new orleans during mardi gras, a big ringed piece of sugar, that people give during mardi gras arrived very colorful and I sent him one and it was still leaning against the front door of his apart. How long ago, three weeks and so I found the landlord we broke in and I found him down on the floor. Oh make that had been dead for about two or three weeks grow stores. it's alright, what he die of, who knows drinking
little heart failure really sort of given up. I guess yeah yeah, I d been in touch with him all the time, and now we ve been women still close friends, for we were for fifty five years where alone well that sucks that some connection, that you felt something yeah and you know- and we met at a time- and I I think about that relationship and the fact that we were both sorry of single mothers, whose husbands had laughed and catholic and we know just sort of connected with each other. We both used humour to sorted deflect that whatever pain our dickie lisette sounds at this point, whatever pain we were feeling we wrote together a lot. The sixties did a lot of drugs together in the sixties. We're close, yeah hitchhiked around together. Was his what what did he end up doing with himself he and for about thirty years, made bin yeas or cafe du monde in new orleans? Those are good, friendship, sure that's what he did He did that any wrote it was he a sort of tortured guy. I think that might be a good description because you know yet you have those in our
As you know, talented people were gifted that just can't get out and they end up sort of kind of like you, keep chipping way, but they work a job and it becomes his dream, It's like a sort of a a slightly tragic, but romantic idea. You know that someday you'd be you know founder. He had he only he and annoy were talking about the subject, but it's curious because he's on the anniversary of his death is coming up a month or so too, but he had a taste of success with a small play he had written. That had was accepted at the O'Neill festival in connecticut and then a very small production of it done off off off off broadway, but I was the only real taste of success he has he had, but when I cleaned out his apartment- and I found I took all of his writing- and it would fill this room really boxes of
books and spiral, note, books and legal pads, he wrote incessantly, he wrote the dictionary. He just wrote hobby to learn words. He was, but he had a very difficult Did you read any of the stuff? I have started? Yes, I started reading the journals first year and and at first they were you know, abstract and artistic, and then they sort of became just sort of almost beckettian in the in the sort of dial, blog with oneself re. What are you gonna do today? I'm going to write no you're not going to fucking right you gonna smoke and drink like you, do everyday? No I'm going to get up and go to the he had this restaurant he went to a coffee shop will sit outside. I'm gonna finish that no you're not going to fucking do that at all. This is what he's writing. Yes, these conversations yeah It sounds like a kind of fertile. It could be. Everyone pass that by one its taste hair, It doesn't exactly illuminated up with just so well how how many new books did you look at the hundred enable stayed there they stayed there some of it, some of its way back.
I'm talking about from the sixties, yeah he wrote, he was in the navy and he wrote he wrote all the time and some of its very good as some of you. Laser are or very good in. erector. He didn't have a whole lot of life experience or the plots of plays were not sink door, didn't, really go anywhere. The nor epiphanes no inciting incidents right, but because he worked in the basically the food into We all of his life either is starting as dishwasher and then a cook yeah and then been yea maker. He worked with the real bad bone of new orleans, the one that I knew sure the poor in there forever yeah and he caught their lives beautifully. But it's sort of like you know a friend of mine and I wrote a soap opera- was called lives going. Nowhere just you know just sort of
I circled of? What do you do? I think I water the plant. Did you want to fight yeah idea what he did and where I think I water the plant again yeah, that's, basically how many episodes did you write in that a lot really yeah it was it? Was it a satire, it was. It was called conversations in wax. That was the title of it. so you guys were yo. I its interest, The thing about the live, you're, not father around this sort of like ceuta dare to do than on your own. I guess it does. You die My father was around physically at leader, but but to. People is a lot of people that have you have fathers that you know they it. It set something going some sort of a fit in, You know if you can manage it, there's an ambition there that you know the self parenting and you kind of hard on yourself as you, seeing the guy to be hard on you
I think also though my mother was very carrying, and but she worked every day she so close on canal street in new orleans for thirty five years, forty years, however long she did it and worked every day, we have removed it with her parents, and until I was twelve, which she re married, a very nice man, a welder named Joe, that we wish to a house that he had bought for her and I or for her and I came along. You have siblings, no, just u, while other than the ones I dont know right of way norm, for there were four of those. and I ve never met no minor and now is, is the fear of of doing that or didn't do on that and the non desire to do that now, If you would think as you get older, you may be curious now. But what do you think stops you? I think it's sort of like a what is it like? It's probably like a person who has never never heard of the word car or seen one and then say, oh by the way,
if you've owned a car for fifty five years. It's in the garage! Oh really, I didn't know that yeah, I don't have any connection to it right. I dunno know what to do with it right. I dunno what I would do with meeting these people. I just do cars up. I never had any connection because they had of your lives right at your blood. They are yet they d- I guess it like it might be emotionally overwhelming to it, could very well be. What do you need? Therefore, at this point your life- I guess on some level without a doubt, There were times as I was younger, like I said when I decided to go, see who Jia is, and I did make it because he didn't stick around and just you know, life became in I've, never had a connection to them, so it just became my life. here with my wife and my children, and it is never went and never went. I saw you know what another guy it measures. I was in new orleans years and years ago, yeah hosting a charity event for the children's museum with taylor hackford at his bar. He had a bar in the city director, yes married to Helen Mirren in a bar down there.
he was hosting and it was an evening of comics and I was just singing now from bogalusa. He is whoever so I'm in the bar. After this evening, the taylor hackford racy a man walking toward me, a young man, and I and my only thought is it looks like my father. I have one picture of my father when he ran the navy in the early forties and he walks up to me and he was seemed a bit. You know no worse for wear and said hi, I'm Kenneth our academy brother, going oh okay hi. How are you here and that was eddie sort of one okay? Great nice region walked off really that was the. That was the extent of it, and I didn't follow him. I didn't
I saw it so I dunno I just never, never felt impelled enough to figure out what the hell's happening did he look like you know. You'll carry my father, I look like my mother. Ah I'm I'm definitely on the old ramis side, which I'm very mature with us from a lit spanish or greek or something so you brought a real catholic, very ye didn't. Did he hold know what what knocked it out drugs and no, I don't. I think I used to use We say that I discovered for dignity and my penis, but I think I m time, while reading god is dead, I dont know, because when I was young, I was very devout. Really, I thought being oppressed would be a great gig, really all men, at least the ones that I knew in in grammar school in high school, You got some good once lived in the rector, yet nobody ever they slap me around they. Never maybe I'm cute enough bird
you know every couple years ago to the station wagon, they had a great old house nor leads to live in next to the church. There were respected completely. the teachers yeah, I was taught by franciscan priests and then wholly cross brothers. I have to thank them for enlighten me whatsoever to literature. No, my family was not intellectual group of people. There right henny conversations around the dinner table was more passed, the crawfish via a kind of conversations but but priests were another world timothy hickey was his name actually gave me a book once and I think- and I say this again- it may be just bullshit where it came from, but it was when you forgot to remember as like twelve years all having a copy of when you forgot. It wasn't my idea. Somebody appreciate you know. I think you'll find this interesting laugh and I read it in a sort of way. boom and start, and then I started reading. So I have to thank them for that. Get down started, godot wow and a priest gave you it irish priest ha. He must
and something I guess he did. His kids already suddenly impress it to appreciate beckett. But really you were you depressed kid I dont know I was scared scare. I'm scared now yeah. Until I sort of grew in to myself a bit. You know and really discovered, that I can diffuse tremendous energy, with comedy. I was not a comic ever, but I was funny being funny. You know it's a rare thing to have that natural You ever assertive cranky funny we'll go I you know, I mean that character on night court was a kind of an age cynical, the right word or just think he was. I think he would probably was yeah. It's that's a that's very dead, a delicate and natural archetype. The the cynical cranky comic that still endearing. It's not easy to do. That's I think the the keyword is interior.
the crank the enduring cranked hard to do. I had conversations with my my late manager, Bernie pearlstine about everything, because he was a brilliant man and he was also a sort of responsible for daddy carbon show buffalo bill deserve at all, and he and I had a cup. Station about that- and it was really my wife who had brought it up at one point that were downfield, he could be a you know a bore, and a jerk and an asshole, but at some point in the he would either do something human or he would sort of glance at the fourth walling. Go but I can't help fifty so he knew he was an asshole right right, whereas daddy I was gonna, think would ever admit he was an asshole, and there was nobody around it. We could say you're an asshole right now the judge carried Harry anderson scale. because work. It may go you're an asshole right. Ok, everybody right, look, danfield these eu national legal, and so I think people, even if I gave him things Well, that's everybody does, it's a lot of people.
They find really for now. I guess you know you. I mean on some level you even she bunker. He didn't have a wife self awareness virginia. We couldn't help himself, yes, you're right you, yes, absolutely and that's what made him endearing. He represented something, but you didn't hate him. No, you couldn't. My, although my grandfather hated improvement for really like it. What can I tell you what this resistant fucking funny? So when do I wonder drugs and acting happen when did you join the service, sounds like your friend joined the service yeah I did. I was in the navy for a short time, did my reserve duty and then got out of that with word that take you Pensacola Florida, as far as I ever got yeah, but at before that. you know when I was working for this: the first radio station, which was I made a station right was just a wall. We started this whole thing with you or not to get rid of your accent. I clad eyes tat. I had a little grundig tape recorder, little like spyware to real tape, recorder and I would record chet Huntley David Brinkley, Walter Cronkite
and then in the morning. I would read the newspaper trying to imitate walter Cronkite, just try to get rid of that, those that are conscious get very conscious here, but I dont I often say that I didn't really study to lose the accent, but I think, just by us, moses, in these other people that it sort of slipped away from you're, trying to be a broadcaster yadda, classical radio station, so What do you want to have any choice riot, and so I did that a while and then was asked by some other runnin how that happened. Some other radio station to come on there and at that point, there was no underground radio yea. This is like sixty five. There was a little bit care again had sort of started. I guess sixty five sixty four, sixty six wow. What would have been underground while care say, n, donoghue and those guys that was those guys I was kind of starting on a k, pc bia was doing so. Stuff I signed theater was on the error and another felony richard had brought some tea.
I think, from w b c or something on the east coast near where they would just starting because of the fm signal being multiplex unable to broadcasting, stereo yeah you have the stereo albums right, nobody was no nothing was on the fm band. Every m station had an fm band connected to it. It was simulcast all day long with about an hour of original programming at midnight. to keep the license or right sure of that on the one hand, and on the fm yeah, so richard shank was his name very intelligent korea, fellow convinced the station we are working for, which was I was out beyond the earth. Two p m saying it's dr time: he is a little girls, the eighty yeah, middle of the road. I think we took this is after classical, yes and he convinced the owner of the station to give him four hours a night from ten pm to two am he did two hours and I did two hours of what was happening here, because nobody was playing jimi, hendrix and orleans bright friend of mine
fired from a radio station, replaying purple haze, really tough, forty that he had gone twelve to two tend to to a degree of the two I am, but he put his foot with india and eventually I'm going toward the two and eventually took over the entire station richard I went off somewhere else. I became the programme director and for a good, solid two and a half years we were the free form, radio station and mostly all of the south, So this isn't the beatles. India was not everything I mean you. Basically, every dj was his own programme director, the outbreak anything you want and what you gravitate towards in Jimmy Henderson, ts, alleys, sure yeah ts, Eliot reading, yes, those I have. I think I have a record of that. Yes, indeed, Taliban yeah and you know all of his stuff korean wedding gongs. As I like to say, you know just ha and we had a very small trance bitter? If it rained didn't in alabama, we could go off the at risk. You ripping communicates, but the only thing we did was Think every you know some city is always done. We would sometimes say you not anymore
it's every saturday night, horror movie, you know like Joe turn off the sound tune into the radio station yeah. me and the fellow is matching earlier norbert and a few other dj would sit around and fill in. The dialogue for the movie must lay a science fiction. This was right guys, mysteries out of the sixties, yeah, I all stupid stuff, and none of that exists either you're. None of that is around gave you some freedom from creativity totally because you know you're you're logged there might be too commercials an hour. They were for the Do whatever free or album or honest, joplin album and the head shop in the french water that was trying to sell beads and bogs yeah. That's the only time that you could sell right. Everything else is tradeoffs. We get free lunches at a restaurant in earth. Water is the best part, is the best free will embeds yeah yeah. I didn't. We didn't know what a water bed was, so I just filled it up with no frame and no blanket, and I woke up the next morning my body temperature was like fifty degrees, because I had no idea how to use it stupid
but we kept doing that. You know, and then I moved to another radio station in Houston, texas for awhile back to new orleans and that that whole period between like sixty six and seventy, was sort of like a pinball hosting concert and staff. We didn't that was so. The radio stations hosted a m pseudo who concert houston: beer, richie havens. He answered and houston the yard words in new orleans no kin there was one club called the warehouse here. Everybody came to hear where I saw everybody from, for example, the captain beef heart. oh, you saw em all in the prime high, so what retributory trip and acid and doing the whole thing yes or no, As a guy, I admit, sir yeah yeah discovered that pretty soon pretty quickly and preferred it. I didn't drink at all in the very much at all in the sixties. Just weed and acid yeah, primarily yea and did it change,
Perception, I guess it sort of opened up part of the brain that hadn't been to. You know, sort of the sort of some sort of aesthetic and I and knowing then that I thought I dunno what I'm gonna stay new orleans for I dunno what will happen to me if I stay here again, my friend and I were talking about it last night, I would have discovered I dunno how to become a bartender or I I don't know what I don't that I couldn't have I don't know what would have happened. When did you start acting in how'd, you train? What was the video you in seventy. I got a job in san, diego california, working for a new record company that had just started some guy. It heritage of money and want to start a record label. He had run across a friend of mine who was a song rider. He calls me and says this guy's looking for some of you setup distribution for this new company. I knew all the guys had one stops around because of radio ensure having worked for deca, so I moved to Santiago. You worked for deca now. For short time is a assistant promotion. After an orleans. Ok, basically, I'm gonna radio stations. Have you heard the new out John knew everybody Sherry ethically.
So now you work in san diego. Is the label harbour a house? record. They ever do anything one record. What hubert the rain making hippopotamus get out that I produced did olive oil It's really only come by. I swear to god. I was your first gig yeah. It was the only thing that ever existed, that wasn't my job. My job was to promote the records that they were going to make. Please tell me it was in children's records yeah. We please tell me it was a concept comedy record for people on acid is actually based on a very successful book called Hubert. The roommate. about a added licensed and yet by a felony thorn bacon, a children's book right of reactor. So that is at an then the fellow run out of money, and I thought well. What am I gonna? Do us any ngo and in an alternate san, diego. He allowed old town there's a section of old town where there's lots of mexican restaurant mexican restaurant in an old town there's the theater I walked in one night. The actors are sitting around a table. Reading a play. I sat and just watched what actually
started to leave lady says you an actor know. Next week we will replay we're we're minus one. Male voice would you want to come back and just sit and read with it? Okay, fine. I went back the next week, the wc next week and happened to be a tennessee Williams play called vuca, in ohio, where I lived and after reading it I walked out of the theater, walked home to work to the apartment that I was living in and the girl who I happened to be with the times. Well, I said I am going to be an actor, I think so, I really sat out of the kitchen table and said: okay, there, three choices right go back to new orleans. He added opened up a theater, go to new york and try to break onto broadway, but I'm only a hundred miles from hollywood right go to hollywood and become an actor, and this is nineteen. Seventy. What nineteen? Seventy! three? Are the hay day of insanity. Well now is that that you're just catch in the wave that one all away into the eighty pretty much, You came here always drowned me, but, yes, you came seventy three august of seventy three, the filming
in tv industries were still pretty intimate. No, no, no connections, no education, no, no! No but in that market nothing not not even a clue as to how I would go about doing this, but you knew you liked a party. Oh yeah, and even that had to leave and that was sort of amateur time haha. You know it was indeed yes, but it was still mostly you know, smoking and and and the occasional mushroom, or not not not perfect, eternal yet right, right, not really perfect and blow was in big. Yet no that was late, seventies, where he became came, unfortunately acquainted with that and that that's the one the daejeon. No, I don't think so. Usted me, drunk, and I prefer drinking. I think if you aren't drinking yeah. No, I was she was so you got no connections, no, nothing, I'm! So Do I got that regime tiresome, because I know that you're sober? I'm I'm glad I'm talking to another alcoholic today. I needed it good so agreeable. So so so
It happens with nothing to go with. I was literally, I was on the bus going to the unemployment office yeah and the bus stopped, and I looked out the window and there was a sign on a door that said acting lessons ten dollars a week, I got off the bus yet into the room, gave the guy ten dollars and stayed there for a month and in mostly he wanted to have girls get naked on the stage. So he could talk about how they have to open themselves up to the the thought process here who, if not a fellow I was with sitting. I read this word this ad and there was a drama log which made you remember. The teachers name was anybody. I shall say that Is you around as far as I know, he's still alive, but of course they claim to claim a lady. we may find they can. That was the only acting lessons I've ever taken. So did you learn anything there? I learned that I was funny haha, that's what I learned, because so much of it was just improv on the stage zappa seen in Iraq and I thought yeah. I can make people laugh,
oh good, but this this other fellow hair had an ad in the said, open call for broadcasting for apply here we went and it was in iran saucy no on the odyssey. Fear, for forty years. Ok, our support is like three theatres in a row right there between olympicum pizza anyway, at the time he was at bundy in santa Monica or the starbucks is now. And there was an open ready for production of the crucible the arthur malaria and I read for like a cast as the priest, naturally yeah, and so that's I did it. I just showed up and did that and then a few people in that place at here. We want to do a comedy and we think it would really be If you want to do that with us, yeah that one yeah well, I guess that's internet and I had a job. I was working at and actually an answering service. Allow MR phillips residents going to take a message on sunset boulevard. These days, voice. So I did this other play and was it
regional planning. Now it was Joseph signs. Basic are based on call reiner his biography. His autobiography called enter laughing that actually started Alan orchids career in the sixties, on broadway, and I was cast as the lead character in it. Did that bet my wife, then in that place she was in it as well, and I got a decent review. It said that in variety at such all, our cat approaches the character, with alone had a look up when he landed. Yet it was Well, this is an ok review, yeah and filled a bunch of envelopes and pictures out to agents with a cover letter of an age, I'm an actor looking for an agent. So what the fuck is new here, if you want to laugh, come see this play. One guy showed up here called me the next day and said: yeah. Let you want you wanna try to do something, and he and I had agent and alarmed you stay with that, guy, oh christ, or to those three five, six, seven years,
very early stuff, a little bits on every queen or kojak or remedy? steel, the logo shots thy devouring van sandford and sun. So you argue against on our working. I was. I was a boy. You know I was a day player and then a guess shot on series in morkan windy, threes company, Did you meet robin? Yet it seems as Robin here You hang out at all. No now I got more jonathan winters and was playing his son. Then you know about the out is pointless ears. He told me the last he said to me: was your good lad, you better get to those fuckin magic meetings or you're gonna die a really settlement so you're already that so that's nineteen, seventy nine thereabouts. I guess
So when you are he out here and you doing these big platt parts in your running around hollywood, did you have a crew? You know doing the laurel canyon thing. I mean where, where were or were you on this sort of drinking alone? Guys one did the boost start. The boost saw started, I would say in seventy six with the series that I did obama black sheep serious as I do that on how did it it on T v. I was on for three years really yeah. It was about navy pilots during the second world war in the pacific, aha, based on a famous pilots life, can a guy named greg and pappy bowing to were you the comic relief? Now we have seven of a sneer: seven black sheep, islets mullay, dirk blocker, James Whittemore, junior robert guilty Jeff, mackay double hey Stratton, Lyman, Eddie conrad was the point in character and it was asked An adventure was a world series. We have to know we're on opposite trolleys. Angels rise still survive for awhile, but that's when the drinking so
started with those guys. Could you make money it? He got a gay man he liked to grant a week, for I buy the first house, I know that that inhabitants riding a really but you're living with a woman. Why you married this point? Yes, seventy seven Jonathan was born so Yoshi I had a daughter and she became my daughter yeah, who was born in nineteen. Seventy elizabeth and I met when LISA was three, and so we were a family right and I think in an you know, this is all bullshit. I dunno what what's real and what's not real, but I think that jonathan being born nothing to do with him, but set up some sort of paradigm between me and my father. Now I have a son like he did yeah what the fuck yeah and I sort of went off the deep end for what
really triggered son. I guess half. I know it's hard to figure that stuff out of a drunk. That's why? I that's. Why went off the rails on what europe is doing? As you know, we thinking about for not yet again. Why not think about? I guess you can think about it, but there's no real answer: one I'll drink, because I'm a drunk ro, the that way I mean by the year. What started I don't know. I thought right whatever chemistry's involved, wherever you know, that was never enough, What more can we were more brightly? We have some exactly it's best to accept that even in the sixties, near before booze, I was known in the french or is the lab. would send me shouldn't say, take this and tell us what it does cause, we're, not sure yeah and you had no fear. I had no qualms okay, let's see what happens yeah so you're that guy and I support your people looking at you yeah, I survived the seventies rolled along in fits and starts, and that's the way it was, and then it sort of ice hit bottom. When I did stripes
And then so is that eighty one that was at her ease are you drunk on the set of stripes? First only time you'll ever see me drunk on cameras in that movie. and at that point how the family holding together, it was better than it had been for a bit. My wife actually sort of told me to take a hike for a bit nicer. You know, did that thing for a bit, but but she had faith. You know that she had faith and an eye. The other thing, the other I know now when I look at people who I've loved, who have died and even sober have died, have taken their lives or whatever right. I guess I never lost hope is that may sound corny, but I never got to a point where I thought this might not change. I always thought this could change.
he could you thought that you would stop drinking or that things would just get better. I dunno which yeah I thought they would get better, but I I saw I knew that they're not going to get better if you keep doing this right so eventually those two things met. You know the moment of clarity that fork in the road ticket, etc. All happened at once, one night sitting at a table drunk but we are lucky stopped you lucky! Yes, because, like you know for some people here once you get introduced to it, and I imagine you- do the magic meetings. Occasionally there weren't you get in here, used to it. That's in your head, so go back after you know what you identify yourself like I'm, a fucking alcoholic go back out, then you're fighting against that thing. That's right here! Here, that was not my reality.
I reality was drank. Drank drank, drank silver yeah done by you. When you got help done, I got help yeah yeah I this have a certain philosophers. I read a lot of aha matter of fact. I thanked him and when I won my first emmy that build up oh yeah, sure I've read, I read a lot of him sure yea. He got to it like Aldous huxley and also other sure, you didn't you re the ones that their align with it properly and I dont want to redo, did not to existential. No, no simple yeah, pretty simple You gotta go into the darkness, but I got so, and in all things started. Looking up, I was going up. I was sitting up and end of a year. after that happen I got to audition for the night nyc show and that changed everything it did indeed gift of sobriety it I would like to. I would definitely give it credit because I certainly would not have
would not have happened. Had I not, and that was like that, was it, however, run that was a long run nine years nine years, did it ever get dad tedious lawyers any any long running showed us a particularly after you know in those particular. This is true of any show, I suppose, a half hour where, like that, whoever created stays around they They get on the air and make it a huge success and they get very rich critically in those days, the salad days of shareholders, with with dedication itself stowaway few networks on the air. There. Three networks carried out look tv and that's it lulu hf going. Are you happy? I was just going you having up and so the yet are usually leaves at some point if they're not driven like chuck lorry or Jimmy Barroso, Charles brothers, they leave and then a series of producers come and run the show and they try to put their stamp on it. So it changes the dynamic changes, a lot right and every sitcom in those days eventually jumps the shark and sure and in night court
no exception in that. I don't think so when it ended. You are ready. We, as a matter of fact, I don't publicize this, but I was offered a spin off in year. Six, I think, of your seven yea and I said yeah you've done with that guy yeah and also somewhat self serving. Is that I thought, because of the kind of humor that dan fielding started to represent via could be a long time before I was off the part of a dead or just a straight fellow. We sell so out of their right. It was so cutting in so popular for mps, and indeed always, people love the guy for who we are it's very hard for tv actors to to eyes above or pull out of a character that is so embedded in the imf. Art and culture. In the mind it is, but you are able to do it a bit in alarm this new law. Roquette show was successful, considering and in those days in a hundred episodes of a television show is not not successful, but it could have been more so had I been a little smarter in a little mood you two hundred wrangler catches and that was for,
a bit on your life that was of no use if they stop. It was brit, vital, darya, very talented, but sub sobriety was at the centre of it. Yes, but that was his not mine. I took a year off after night. Court ended, I stayed home with by that time and was born our our our youngest and I just hung it home and started reading scripts and came across this. One called crossroads at the time about this guy who we discover five hours over this, how we meet him his five hour sober in a working, the midnight shift at a bus station in ST louis yeah, and I met with don and loved him, and he and I went hey wanna, try to do this and I had a deal set up at NBC, obviously not obviously but idea, and so he did it. And you know it lasted a while
but I blame myself for its lack of long jeopardy in a sense because we were so in love with the idea of doing a comedy about that dark. Subject right, but I think both he and I can assure the down the audiences throat a little too much to move and in the first twelve episodes wood based on the twelve steps of right sure of help groups here. But I should then it over two years. We should have distant like every third episode. Do it based on that, and I think it is becoming a little tougher. The audience to follow every week. But do you have any? It was very funny, and it was also unusual in that as a very mixed racial cast. We had the chill mitchell and shot mcbride enlist taught as a great comics, many lenny clock was ended. Our lack of any lack of those days to mean something yes, we have major carry was asked. John ramada was a guest guys who up
they weren't around in given to combat gripe by this point chirp, not many of them survive. Re Romano certainly did right now that later to I later too, he got it leaves the media player. If I get room was out you're doing that thing now shown up shows, like you did like everybody does. Everybody goes kept for me. I didn't I do a little now but but yeah I mean so when did you hook up a brillstein, though during lorica he came to be during he and I b got to know each other during night court and at the time I thought only the manager would want to use them imagine now, for who knows how long the show is going to last. I don't know he didn't. Have an energy just had the agent who artist had agents in and and so when the market started. I called Bernie and said I'd like some and I was like your input in my career, so he and I got together and what was that like? As I don't talk to many people about him too in depth, but he was certainly a legend and I in you know there was a generation of people that he personally, presented. I would have only known a couple. What was the
pact. He had only when you sat with him. I think that he elaborate historic. Well, he knew everybody. You know he knew how things worked. He knew where to go to ask the right person. Nobody would not pick up the phone of Bernie called the right. You know, which I have often said, I think, is the the definition of a good manager- is that everybody will take their call. Yet you know they might not get you the job but they're going to take their right to take his call right and he helped negotiation and enlarge captain just sort of you know he and I became close during those years. I mean, I think also you know I didn't I didn't. I wasn't with him pinnacle you it s an owl right or you know, henson days or or you know the big big time right, Bernie it was emo. He was then I plateaued and enjoying it. His daughter became my agent Lee and I see him for a long time and it was just a good guy to go to for advice and hey? What do you think about I'll? Get a call wait will find out if they didn't work out is his line with just fucked up next to me:
Does anyone, but it was great to be around him and I'm still with the organization once he died. I went with another manager over bursting greatly What's he like, I think I met him once Andy. I didn't hear you Do you meet legend? Sometimes you don't know them, but you just right: that's the guy! but he was really all that I would go into his office all the time and talk and he was very friendly and you don't have good stories all of a sudden, martin short be in the room with me, and you know we would, you know cause he was marty's agent for a long marty's manager for a long time, yeah, and during those years I was really busy too. So the only the only he he actually while I was doing night court. I did a movie that before I was with him, but that he produced yeah and you know- and he owed me for that, because it was a horrible movie inside our would often
it to him that you made me do second sight, so you gotta really helped me out the next time. We have a chance to really do something good, but you were always shown up in a lot of movies. Yet yeah. It is interesting. You always worked and the big success was on tv- oh, absolutely, very, very small, actual film profile. Does that bother you as I dunno I mean? Maybe I'm not I'm not. I dunno it used to a bit. I think, but I was always so busy. that I think it well that's my thing you know, baseball's been very good to me. So has has been very good to me and then you got another for for the practice yesterday and that was as as the recurring character that was only heap of was in want of being in like four episodes, but the first one was really a one off, but then they called David Kelly. The next year said I wouldn't bring him back and yeah Joey herrick was a characters. Name came.
the following year as again, that was in a comedic character. No, but you know I I find humor in it and all characters know he was a homicidal. Homosexual murderer can also know that's not exactly Peter sellers and that the party sure right, but it was a great character. Yeah David Kelly was a is a great writer who I then worked for. For a few years later on, in which why boston illegal, he ate he's a good guy that David Keller, smart guy election I just wrote: that's all he did was right yeah and he would write twenty episodes ear of our show with delicate and intricate pieces and stuff and you're still working is because you have to work the ethics. Oh, I dunno what I would do. I don't know what else to do what I mean I imagine white starting to do real, broadway and stuff it in terms of like whether or not whatever you movie providers, don't when tony and to be in major broadway like for a guy that that day,
Sorry train is an act rather than on the job to be on the stage at that when your career as a sea, guy must have been sort of jar an exciting, very exciting, and also very I told my wife many times during that beginning period of rehearsal and dg environment from I'm done with this, is tell you how stressful it was work for which one they're they're artificially the asked one, how useful it was- and I shouldn't admit this- but I I forgot my wife's birthday for the first time in forty years here I was so turned into my brain thinking. I can't dance, I can't singly the fuck. Am I doing in a musical yeah what the fuck I was gone. I for the first month I was absolutely gone, just really beaten the shit outta yours all, just not. I get your one two, three one. Oh shit, I'm getting a one, two three with just really oh man.
Imagine tough and you gotta do that in front of people yeah. Luckily yeah the the dance captain she and I was a husband and wife team here, both very nice, english, pierre. My wife is english, so I get along with the english rife and his wife, Sarah Chris Bailey's wife, sarah, oh ugly, be a guild. Libi was my dance captain mahi was she had the patience of a saint with me and I would get in with tenants ten hours a day six days a week and for the first three weeks
I didn't care about the script. I didn't care about the acting as I can find the jokes. I add the giraffe worry about it. How do I do I gotta get? Did he get out there and and she choreograph the dance- and this really one big number that he does here with Dan ratcliff? He- and I do this sort of scholar, groundhog song by a football right, balsam here and eventually I saw too oh, I started stop think I started to be able stop thinking about it. So incessantly constantly, while I was doing it and eventually it became it became, I wouldn't ever say easy, but it became doable for me every night through repetition for repetition. Can I write in elected? like. I said, the jokes and the humor I didn't have any problem finding writes very simple and the fact that you can, in a musical on stage like that, and also most of my career, has been in front of an audience sure while right, wingers of laura of of of ny court four years of la roquette, three hundred people every friday night yeah they are in the hops. You aren't worried about that. He just wanted to make sure you can dance wanted to make sure I would
embarrass anybody and deal yeah. Do you love doing stage you very much and to think about that and again, the high class problem was many times prior to that time, which is two thousand and eleven when we started how to succeed many times prior to that, I was asked to go to new york by Neil Simon herb gardener, great playwrights. Had the time right. You got what three or four months off they again. If I use a great comic talent- but I guess but but I never had the time- you're a broadway yeah.
Didn't. I didn't want to go in as a replacement of some or something. If I drank broadway, I want to show up yeah and so after boston legal is when I said, ok, stop. Let stopping me go see if anybody would really give a shit if I showed up in new york here- and I got to actually an off broadway play at the cherry lane, beautiful little thing like that, that's where they first did true west, I think in new york, yes, and yes, a cause. I talked to gary sinise of mia and edward. All bs seat was always right there, where the route way from when he came to see the play when I, but if small play I got that I'd lit, I had never been the first time I went to new york as a professional was to host snl. I knew nothing about new york. So I got an apartment at the marriott on whatever was in and it sort of lived in new york when walked to the theaters to play herschel. It was called oliver parker written by Elizabeth meriwether, a screenwriter via funny, very funny, talented lady and a week
little dark kind of comedy play manageable venue for the first time in total here, because it was like the equity way or out here I could. I could see the back row right, so it was fine again and then I went ok that was okay. I could do something else. Then they offer for how to succeed. Came across my desk And then what was the big show? You did with the James Earl Jones, a playwright by gourbi doll in eighteen. Sixty called the best man was takes place at a political convention via one man running for president another man running for president one being sort of kennedy asked the other being more right, wing, etc. Corbett all wrote it in nineteen, sixty kind of with Kennedy in mind, yeah and james Earl Jones plays the sitting.
President who comes to try and figure things out and and gore vidal was still alive. When we started rehearsal, he unfortunately died while we were during the run, but the cast of James Earl Jones played the president said Angela lansbury candice bergen played my characters, wife, great and just a wonderful woman, a great actress we ran for, we were extended, so we ran for like nine months wow. So that's great. That was great. That must be. I must be excited how to succeed, which was the skin. A great bubble have a clear idea to like actual, have an act yeah and you feel like he got it well, but you must have a method. I I memorize everybody's lines as the only cause. I know I have and I don't do it on purpose. I just know everybody's lines via and no I don't you know, I'm I I really don't I don't. I don't say it humbly. I I show- I learned the lines I can fine? I just for you know Michael shouted, Michael shell said this year,
talking to you. I, where heard that you know everybody innocent, you want something. What do you want in the scene? So then you try to get it right. I it's all there is to it What do you want and if I figure that out any scene can be no matter? What else is going on? I really want to get out of here so that it informs everything else. You do rye has a great story about that, with udo hagen, great actress, great teacher had this a scene on on stage where she was going around a room she had to dust, she had to put papers away. She had opened the fridge yet to get to whatever she was doing, like eighteen different things she had to do. Did it and then the director said it's great to do it again. Let's do it a little faster, and so she did it little fast via and some actor who was with her afterwards said. How can you take a direction like that without any motivation with her it's just faster. She says. Well, I just decided that, in addition to everything else, I had to catch a train. She just figured out how how do I do it faster with an actual object in mind that yeah? Well, that's a good,
that's a good point, or I mean I've heard that before but like it. If I at times. I just work on anything, but you actually save yourself. What do I want here? Occasionally we sometimes of that you're, pretty clear what adjacent robart again, I quote peoples I have no. Originally. I myself budgets, robarts once said it would start on. The page is not on the stage that's right, so it should be its if it's not in the body of the scene of a direct ass. I tell you what the scene is about. Maybe you should think about rewriting sway, because if it's not there, it's clear to the audience for me for my actions and my words they're not going to understand what's going on in my head, you're right, so I think that it's pretty most of the time it's pretty unless it's abstract and surreal right and then it's it doesn't mean what it means. It means something else then you're off the hook, a little yes, So tell me about the new series guy I've seen it and I think it's interesting the librarian just sort of I describe it as a cross between harry potter in Indiana jones, ok, agnes, magic and adventure.
And why the title librarians, because the people that are sort of the the watchers of life and protectors of the realm as it were, yeah they're, considered librarians. There is this enormous library that is both real and the guy, not real great indeed, but it's not pretty. It's not just books, sure it's magical, artifacts everything and the job is to keep the magic guitar away. from bad guys. Why the keep the the the ark of the covenant sure the spirit des don't want these getting in the wrong hands. No, that's exactly right! Every week somebody tries to get him from his right or they discover one that we didn't know existed and we've got to go, get it from the back door, while he did a series of three tv movies based on this premise as the libraries created by john rogers, and they did three movies. Like ten years ago, Jonathan frakes dean devlin now as the executive producer yeah was then as well yeah and basically how I got the part was that
the character was sort of fulfilled by bob new heart for in the movies, but about decided he didn't really want to work so much anymore, and so they needed another guy, and they asked me in your like. Ok, I'm not a librarian. My character Jenkins is not a library. It he's the caretaker at so you just sort of makes everything make sure that everybody else has what they need and want to go. Do their jobs, but he's also happens to be immortal. Yet also has a lot of history it's good that you did something from the beginning of time. Beginning it wasn't galahad we find out. He was sir galahad in the roundtable. Are you having fun? Yes, I, like I like working- and you know we it films in oregon and our daughter happens to live up in the pacific northwest so
two months four months of the year so far, we've done it for three seasons: up by portland asia around there Elizabeth and I get to go up there and spend time with our daughter, lisa and and work and work and make a make some money. I mean it's it's I like it up there like the pacific northwest in general. I do too. I just like that. The weight of the atmosphere up there yeah. You know you can really feel in the trees, get real bass. well, they're, so green. I mean obviously it's like living in a terrarium yeah in the coastline in the all those islands and things I'd, fuckin love it when we servers started thinking about leaving california in the I guess, the mid eighties mid to late eighties and uh. We explore that area. Alat up there near was just a little to the places I wanted to wear little to remote I, like orcas island sure. How am I going to get to burbank from here. You know what a d rating you have to learn how to fly yeah, but those days you know you get on a private plane to sea tac via. But then, if it's really socked into going out is all we can do it right. You've got instrument, training,
just go in. Do you want to scraping me off radio with a spatula had input to do that, so we chose a little closer place, but it's gorgeous up there and I like it. are you still thinking about getting out, yes, actually yeah yeah we've lived, I've been back here for about ten years and from where we're invited her. We had moved to sun valley, idaho long time. I really built a house there and that must have been nice. Our youngest son went to middles in middle school and most of high school there and was at nice. It was very nice yeah It was horrendous and now you're thinking about getting out again. Yes, you're good yeah, and you know when you think about it. I mean I l a sustaining. Seventy three m is a long, bloody time. It's not my home town here. It has been extremely advantageous for me to be here here. Work wise as my family is from here. Both all my children were born here, LISA and and both Jonathan and benjamin
you know. They're angelenos by mirth be come here to work. I mean that's like it. That's how I would like it. I fear more than that. I think about that often has been like. If I had a choice. If what we do or what you do wasn't here Would you come here? I don't know like you. I really regression, because I'm it's like a I sort of answered it for myself. It's good enough, but there's a lot of things that you drive me easy, and in there's a lot of things I dont know I d you just start thinking. I want some space. And people are using. Southern California is gorgeous, I guess it is, but they they've they don't have to drive here for
true, but, like you know, I I work here and I've built a world for myself, but you get to a certain point where it's sort of like I saw at other places. There are yeah the and the and the lesson for that with me is even looking back thirty thirty years ago with my wife and I, whenever we would have a little cash or a little free time, yeah we'd be in the car and we'd be heading north right, even if it was justice. As Cambria, we would head out of l a yeah get on the water one and once you're past the gora. In those days anyway, he felt like amount of Ela yeah. So there was something about l, a that wanted you to that. I wanted to leave and so did Elizabeth. He asked us to be again just to be able to do that right. Yeah, actually yeah yeah and in the seventies ellie wasn't emilius as constipated as it is now get around the sure. When I lived in san diego I one we're doing this album. I would travel to the hippopotamus m s
yeah there's the white album and the hippopotamus oh yeah, sort of at the same brand. I would travel appear to the mastering facility at artisan or somewhere in like an co manga, and I would leave san diego I'd be up here in an hour and ten minutes is head of the fire phone pass, pendleton and zoom in yeah, no more, listen and I recall when I was yeah: it's bullshit, it's just old, it's an old, I'm actually old! Now yeah, I think, am actually no, no, the city has gotten congested and at the end of your eyes I imagine coke was not a nickel but yeah himself. What what was it? I don't. I used to be bad when I did it as I one hundred bucks a gram, that's about right now like sixteen, and there was always a guy there. It all depends on how much baby laxative they put her or have you get naipaul then his cheek. I ever had that money. I didn't have
Enough of that when it was all he was, there is definitely a big price break between buying the gram vine. The ape of I never wanted to commit to an april. I gotta say that I mean not that I delay this a lot, but cookers really have a vehicle with which I could drink longer. Oh yeah, that was more was about the yeah. I you know highlight coke for about an hour. and then yeah you could you had to drink, just keep the balance Well we're good. Now how long you got thirty five wow twice as much as me. I got seventeen and shouted later that oh yeah yeah you're you're what twenty years younger than fifty three and fifty three of them, sixty nine, really you're great! Now, thanks you holding up yeah. Alright! This is radio yeah, it's good to talk to you're good, to talk to you That's it that's yo. That's me in there on me and John. Why can't I appreciate him coming down, please
the father. Contrary deputy pod needs, I finger, is still a little delicate, a little less sensitive, but I'm going to I too play guitar. I know so many of you are waiting for it and the yeah, yeah.
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