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Episode 784 - Steve Jones / Jed Maheu

2017-02-08 | 🔗
If Steve Jones was going to start a band after a troubled upbringing filled with petty crime, it makes sense that the band wound up being the Sex Pistols. Steve takes Marc through the formation of the band, the rocket ride to the top and the just-as-fast dissolution, which led to Steve's descent into heroin addiction. Also, Marc's neighbor Jed Maheu of the Zig Zags stops by to premiere the band's new song.

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Like guy Goods do this. How are you what the fuckers, what the fuck bodies, what the fucking years, what the fuck you delicate what the fuck nics? What's? happening. It's me mark marin. This might podcast w p s. as you hearing this, I'm all as recording it. I'm not in there may have been even two days between me saying. It's coming out of my mouth and you hearing it. So I'm not going to pretend to know. What's gonna happen, I'm just going to have got to guess on the show. So I might just a temperate a little bit because who the hell knows breathing could be on fire by the time this goes up. We can only hope not also I would like today. I hope you are taking care of yourself with that. Could you do? for me: don't you don't you stress
don't fear, eat, don't eat out of existence. she'll terror. Don't treat Self shitty dont relapse on alcohol. Don't do more drugs stay foe. Yes, we got along so aga ahead of us and it would be good take care of you, so let's not assume that we're just throw it on the garbage wets what's like, and I guess I'm I'm talking to me self out loud I've. I've had to make for This concessions in the meat department I'm just trying to see if I can get my fucking cholesterol down. In mean it's? My last couple of days here. It's been amazing, I ll did why me a canyon of tat the kind of traveller I am that's one of my Favorite places to go on this island is to go to why mia an dam day. Tell you Steve Jones from the sex. pistols is, is on the show. Dimensionality probably did not. Also I got the jagged. May you from this
exact susan neighbourhood. Kid stop by got a new thing. And I'll tell you about the second, so anyways the joy from where we are the. Why mia is no small track in the pay office? tat, your israeli and I always save it for towards the end of vacation, cause the red third and the depth and the beauty and the green smatterings, the waterfall in the clouds and all of it going out to the ocean tire expansive it is spectacular Can you drive right up to a look out? You don't get? No a helicopter, you have to do a major hike. You just have to get. Your car and walk up there and its the best. It's one of the most beautiful things in the world, so we got out and cloudy. We are a rain. Last now be honest with you, We spend an hour after I've not there before he left. Sarah said you know it's probably going to be all cloudy up there, probably not going to able to see anything know I know. Won't it's going to be fine. She just blows over So we drive an hour and a half up there, and I want to see my favorite thing and
Covering clouds you just went up to the look out and you look out and you just what it was. Looking into a cloud nuthin. Drizzling out in a little chile had not brought the proper attire and I was quietly furious. I thought it was containing it. And because I was disappointed, so he got in a car and I said, do let's: what's hang out, which is waded out and we waited. I fifty minutes nothing. Now got snotty- and I said des- I guess- you're right- you know dairy china. To me that you are right that was can be cloudlike. I Why do I gotta be a dick? Sometimes, why do vacations bring out the dick in us just a matter of time spent. I dont know how to maybe maybe I'm a dick more than I assume that I am did waded out and I wouldn't call it pouting. I would call an active waiting some,
was pleasant. You once I got through my will: fucking a child temper tantrum over nothing. Look who is breaking up a little bit. I walked back up their by myself, again, not pouting, taken all space. wait in the car. She had gone out to take her space. We're doing that taken time, ass, grates, healthy And went back up there and was right, the cloud started dissipating and was like folding was like and it was appearing as almost like a magic trick. The mist was was was sort of the open, going away and and exposing this maria actual canyon than in an a rainbow for to over, and I ecstatic cause. It was. Uniform and- and it wasn't cloudy up there all day- it was totally worth the trip she was cited. I was excited I shot a I would
think, might be a major motion picture on my phone. Basically, it's just about a woman, working atta, canyon. In our name. Sarah, this gonna call it sarah the canyon hour and a half of that on my phone funds now go right to the theater I so what back to the garage again what your hearing right now in your ears, I said a couple days ago, I don't know where you're right, I don't know where the countries that were the world's that I know I was is tat in the restaurant. Quite hawaii. That's what I know for a fact but tat this guy, this do that you're about about to talk to the zigzags or ban they live. My neighborhood, the releasing a new single as a download and on vine, was called ripping death the beside riddle of steel and you can prove europe now at famous class dot com, so Jim
he reaches out to me tells me about this. I got their records, they do a song which, with envy pop they d, they were pretty pretty pretty hard. Now they seem to be drifting a little in the meadow land which is fine, but Jed used to work at town pizza, and I had a feud town pizza, because I'm an asshole too good it's a place right down the street for me, but I decided when they first open. They need to work on their croston and I didn't they were so I bade them and I tweeted at them a picture in new york. Peter was a big. It was a bit the scandalous another There is tremendous and- and I felt bad and I think I might have permanently pissed off one of the owners. I don't know, but I I recommend, town pizza, it's one of the only places you get a fresh slice. You know like all the time right down the street highland park, town pizza and just putting that out there trying to make good drawing
maybe I'll, talk to you about it, but this is me and Jed may hue, of the exact in the grand. the first. I met you. The zigzags, I met you before yeah, but it was you were at the pizza place- has hit town you're working at town. I was working at town. I was persona non grata for awhile. Now I got a good story about that. Please, because, like lemme tell you some man like I'd, felt shitty about it. I know, and then you know the dude one of the owners- durham, durham journal yeah durham, like I'd done, that, like I said my piece about the crust and then they did not really fixed across now I mind- and it was you know, coming from new york, I was upset about it of, but you know, pizzas, pizza and people seem to be enjoying it, and there was part of me that thought people were being misled. This pizza crust needs to be better and they have it within their power to do what they're already doing well
and I made a comment on twitter, where I I did. You see the tweet oh yeah later, but that's the that's the whole story, though, but but so then I see durham yeah, who I met in, like I like local business and I'm happy everyone's happy in the neighbor back ran into a cafe to lecce and he This gave me a stink, I that was like you're dead to me. Will you gotta stand when you're going in and you got all your stuff in a business. Yeah he's having a kid. The owl, If his riding writhing he's got some much anxiety already via just opening the business yeah. I know, but then I corrected it. I know, but I was in there. So this is the thing I was like the morning. Prep guy would come in before everyone else and prep all the ingredients, yeah and then cook all the pizzas and get them ready right for this.
Airbus, when it when the doors open your lunch, but I would always listened debate he s right as I'm alone, in this room making pizza re every morning, the area and one day comes in that they had happened the night before I was unaware of it. You know he among over and I'm making pizza and he's a site. that shit off like what What are you talking about he's like? I can't Is that right now I just can't deal with it unites know. I can't man, I gotta listen to something. then what happened was I you know. I I revisited and I I made- I made a positive comment in the l times. Yes and I it's ok! Now I think it's fine and I I say you know, I have been there myself numb. Anyone who knows me knows that I made a lot of those kinds of apology, fear but debate fine line. I don't get you out there doing good are busy, We used me the guy, our backs broken the cigarette right, one of em
I always felt like. I am like. I remember that I used to extend an outback with the restaurant. I worked at smoking, the cigarette gato yeah. So do you look forward to yeah? You get that five minutes smoked a cigarette and then you go back to the dough yeah and then, when you're done you you and the rest of the people that work there. They go down to johnny's and some weird shit happens and then it's a real uncomfortable the next day it. Whereas that's that's all the guy that would have restaurant life? Why you I quit drinking so that part of it here I'm out of the loop but the zigzags. Now you guys you're on your third record well we're on the second fully the album that came out in may on the label. Here. That's actually ata eagle rock called castle face record for this single. That's coming out that we are talking about today comes out next month on a label called famous class which is out of new york. You say you caging, the last What are you guys? The first named Jed could be. Conjecture. May you get a diet. J may hear me, that's not
southern. It all happened, did you grow up down there or dad's from new orleans yeah, and I grew up in when he got out of out of the army yeah he was stationed. Even back and ended up in portland? Oregon? Really, do you like? actual portland kid, I'm born in Portland Oregon, Clackamas Oregon, which is blackness the shithole right outside of portland. But I don't know if you ever know that you're not been dead. Moon ha, I got a hippy to dead moon. That's like my. My favorite band of all time happens to be from the same unknown shitty town that I'm from yeah yeah really yeah. Oregon what like what way, what was able are, they are, they are, are on their own record label. Tombstone records they're like they're couple. The guy was a what is it dead, moon, yeah, Fred, cole,
the singer, started out as a like teen idle in the sixties, down here really doing like blue eyed, soul awe and now I'm him in his wife still to troll around play music, their plan in berlin, the night before we get there and they like in their late sixties, and they like the rise rock in his, but they require their albums themselves and cut the cut the late themselves on the left that they cut Lujan. Really she bought the late form for his birthday, like you know twenty years ago, so they do small batches, yeah, small batch artisanal batches and they all sound. Every record sounds different too, because he's in there you know cutting the lave. You know smoking, cigarettes and drinking whiskey. Know that and say I gotta get you some of that stuff, so grown up important when before god hip. Was that, like the shit, all right. It wasn't like eight, but it was it. Was there at least some original colonizers up there? Was it a hippie hall? Was it like grown up in like come
walter bolinas, so that's why they ended up there because they were trying to. He was kind of get trying to get out of the draft and he went on tour with his band and he met her up there, and I think you know that's kind of where my parents met through scientology up there yeah, you know they they stay in, no, no, no, no, that they got out immediately, but when they met yeah, that's of the last people. I think a lot of their last seekers. You know at the time of writing sure yeah yeah, that's hilarious, trying to get out of Babylon. The early version like elrond, was probably making the rounds himself that he might have been. You know you might have the boat docked over there yeah. Maybe that's why dude here so like it seems. I this new single is, is is, is it? Is it my imagination, or is it actually heavier metal than the last couple getting heavier by the day. It is right yeah, I think so we're going faster. we're getting heavier because I'm like of a guy like you know it like. I was thinking when I when I heard it like the beast What's alan gal riddle
steel riddle of steel and think like this is maiden yeah. We just shot a video for in a vintage arcade over in glendale, really yeah, it's a little maiden. He isn't totally maiden yeah yeah for sure so glad I was able to call that oh yeah definitely being married to a metal head for a few years. The one thing I knew was maiden: well, you know that's. The thing is, though, like the it's intrusive zags fashion. It's like the first song. Lay side is all about, like you know, war in the middle east in you know all that shit going on in the beside it about cutting the barbarian there you go through the realm. And to end many mythological exactly but yeah, but I I notice right away that like it, it's like you guys are going for metal yeah for sure, because before it was sort of like alright, this is psych psych rock yeah, and now we're we're heading into another zone. Exactly now. Let's, let's rather singly samuel, I back the m. The iggy part think right have that happen
Well, that's on that was a cover of Betty Davis right right. If I'm in luck, I might just get picked up here and I think but time- and this is what I heard is that Ikey was scheduled to do. somethin with lightning attic records the up and it fell through yeah I owed him a favor he'd been paid, know how really, I wonder what he was going to do with them. Are they going to a new record while they were doing these things where they were taking? Like new bands and older artists and putting them together and having them do like a cover song, okay and so whatever originally he was supposed to do kind of fell through, and then they asked us to to do that thing with him and of course we were just like fucking to We are honoured to sure now. Yet so we recorded music here and then send it down to miami. He did the buckles there. Are you get a now hang out now ages there and ass? I haven't. I guess you can just do that just show up with their voice yeah. So what
guitar playing plain dude, I'm playing to now I gotta jackson degree. Wait yeah. Why get waco like a weird shaped one? Now it looks like a super strat. They call it. You know it was new one from like ten years ago or something like that. It's like it's just like a point. strap, and then I play a sharp veil which was like kind of original, like what like any ban. Halon needs to play a more guy. What's the ep, the amp is that all this is a good one. The app is an old music man from the sun. these the area and the guy got that thing off. If I thought on craigslist, you want like tuner bucks for it, it is new old. Like
he he had bought it on layaway yeah for his punk band in detroit moved out here in nineteen. Seventy eight got a job doing sound on commercials. Put the amp in the fucking closet, never looked at it again and then, when I needed it re tubed. I found this is the great thing about living. In l, a southern california. I need a re tubed yeah they're like oh well, I go down a jack over here, future music and I'm like hey, am I hate who I no one wants to work on those fucking things he's like. I know the guy that used to work at the factory right, who amp yeah, here's his number scroll down to garden grove was like this fucking. You know morbidly obese guy, surrounded with tubes, you know and resistors and wire and shit. You know he's like. Oh, I remember this and by built three of these for clapton on his seventy eight tour, I'm like wow there you go l a they're only in l, a yeah. He sent me over to some details to get my guitar worked on. Was it the guy who used to play with dio or somebody yeah, yeah and fuck? camera? May like india? Yes, yes, I know exactly who talking about Hee hee
India was docked. Ok in the dock and george winches guy, he played with those guys over there he's a nice guy, and you know he was in the house. You go into the into the back. Yeah the garage airy, there's, reptiles, yea it just stacks of all they have, since she had in a word benches, have guitars totally things happened, impart numbing wander lizard yeah he had some sort of, but who is in there and there it's goes, gets a fair. Yet this is like what are you doing man, but there's always at moments where they gotta guitar india there there? you're playing through your amp, oh yeah and you're there like sounds very good, and my gear does sound good when you're playing a way, then they hand you the guitar and
I can play ok, but let me have them back and forth cock fight, which is always one round with me I'll. Do my dinky boozer at any, takes it back in his fingers are going in areas. I don't even know how he's doing it you're like how'd, you get reverb like it, so they re learning. We have only just a technique. A basic, a guy in a future music is sort of like it's clean. sigma the hub that we got our drums set from there, and it was this total thing where it was just like. You know, as I can consignment deal, you know, but jack, just like our at just take it pay me later talked to the guy gets us like you mean those fuckin people, man when you dislike right. That's the way it used to be yeah. It yeah exactly he's. I know we can pay card or you know me casually like he needed a go between totally the guy that was sort of like you know that he was the hub of like people with different sorts of the kind of pieces of it
whitman and are sharing trouble yeah it needed to move shit. Just lets me take stuff and like try it out and bring it back. You know it's like it's good, it's not, and it's good, because now that this areas become such a music hub yeah, because what dryers here you guys are here tie here is the kyle still here kyle's here, yeah yeah yeah, all those guys, I dunno, where my a michael Cronin is somewhere, but he's with, I think, he's on the other side he's somewhere around. I think he's here, yeah and then the guy who does Austin you know austin hooks know. This is a highbrow. They were getting a little out. Ok, we're getting a little out of the gutter now and are getting a little out of the site. I like to keep it down or getting a little out of the psych rock world into austin hooks who, who guts, these old, check your head cause, he makes cabinets for daws. Oh nice yeah. I was just hanging out with the guy from one of the guys from dons last night and lake mills. Ok, now he's blake. Mills is amp gap, gotcha, so he's a real like analogue nurture sure sure, and I feast if he knows, I still have this thing like this:
a prototype and he said just keep it here, because I don't want to sell it right now, my all right now, I don't even know how to work it really, but a government that has been on all new form? I did so. The single housing was at work now so you're going to you're going to put it out on a on vinyl and I saw the cover art yep, it's a what is it someone ripping apart? It's like our version of eddie, like iron maiden's eddie. We have randy okay, who was my babysitter when I lived in the trailer park in clackamas because, like this I red, headed mullet guy, who would like take me down to like this place, called high rocks, which was like he jumped into the river and they would all smoke. Dopey ass girls would come down and I'd be like what, going on one player. So randy was my babysitter. So when I needed a mascot yeah named him. Randy he's our version of eddie his skull faced. Hashish You know the loser ever so. The images him with it taxing guitar with saw blades on its sighing, threw down
trump's face there? He gulped political political action. In the end, the record comes on a spray orange tan, colored vinyl. There you go yeah, weird you're, doing something that ought to do it that that's going to save us yeah. I think you really struck a blow. Yeah really went out on a limb. There you know is either that or play the inauguration. Oh yeah, you turn that down or turn that down immediately. Where can they get it? You're going to able to get on famous class dot com, the preorders are going to go up like whenever this is airing so and we're doing like a record release, show at the resident downtown here on february, sixteenth and will have the records with us. Then So we just promote report, promote everything. Is your how's, the european tour? You want me to let's push at yeah. That starts on march first year in get we get into berlin and I think the first shows in bears burgh yeah, which last time we played there was at at five hundred year old women's prison.
yeah still working now it's a club now how okay, I didn't know if they split it up, they will amount in cages. While you play you know- and I thought it might be like some sort of work program which is yeah man and then and then, where do you go, you go to germany and regale or germany, we go to france or go to ITALY. We go to Austria, we go to sweden. We go to the uk we're going to Dublin ireland, which I'm really enjoying that I don't even know. But dad malevolence gray, never been, am excited. It's great yeah, great city, NEA I've already got a mantle and how's your following in Europe. We've been over there once and it was, it did pretty good. We played like some festivals and stuff and a lot of small like club shows, and then you know, but it's like some kid drove like five hours from another country, to see you and it's just like it's amazing. You know so all right. So well, if people don't know you it's way into this track now I've. Never I don't usually set up tracks now now can we play the beside yeah? You can play whatever you want
what's the name of the song again rail of steel. I this is thanks for talking jed. This is exact riddle of steel, thanks for having me mark
cool boy? Shall I tell you the what you're hearing right now is riddle of steel, the beside on the ripping death single by the zigzags, it's available february, twenty? Fourth, you can pre order it now, from famous class records at famous class dot com, they're donating a portion of sales to planned parenthood. You can also check the zigzags out at zigzags that bandcamp dot com is a good guy. Is it good,
to work out the pizza place over there. Ok, I so start to a sex pistol, now be honest with you. it is between us couple opportunities to talk to John leyden, and I I didn't I just I just didn't, but Steve Jones. I was happy to talk to you. Jones I've done steve, joneses show it's got. Joneses jukebox out here in los angeles, Annie got this new memoir out, lonely boy tails. They sex pistols available now, wherever you get books This is me and an original sex pistol. I can about music and drugs in life. Do you know
stop breathing a general town. I actually never liked him back in the day right, but I should like, in their its aid Something weird is happening to me around jethro talk you change into why one of the first records I had was that actual long record, and wasn't bad, but the ear. What was really annoying about him was the the get up in the food and the verdict. was dancing yards. The arts in use the music some rocks pretty hard yeah. So we're like I don't know like when I talked to people who grew up in england. I need to. I need to hear about it because you know I don't really know much about england. in terms of economics. From people now spend at a time they're so weird, Did you grow up west london? the right in the city year were not not
and when you say to see this the city could mean right where Piccadilly circus sure ass light the downtown. Now that's the inner city, ok and it so comes out, spreads out around yeah, so there's not no like downtown right when you head downtown, yes and then it pushes out, and I'm kind of like west of old at a place called hammersmith where this place with the hammersmith odeon back in the back in the day. It was called the hammersmith odeon. Now it's called the hammersmith apollo by the hand, we fly over all the bands played at Ucc come into town if you're at that level, at five thousand yeah yeah I've heard of that yeah, it's a famous place, Bowie's last show was there where where- and he did his farewell to Ziggy stardust really you knew she added the persona. Yet was the one where I stole over this equipment, a celebratory stories yeah, waving a mighty up. Now.
think you made it up. I thought was a rumour, no so man So when you went to sex pistols or renato, no, no. This was prior to any. Any band might have been messing about with cookie at this point, but nothing serious has happened. Is he still around yeah and you guys are still pals my oldest friend, I've known him since I was ten, would still good it bodies belts, that's a beautiful thing. Isn't it is? It is when you got a couple of pals like yeah. Here is the best dc. Did you go to the show? The bowie show yeah I didn't realize that I would do it yeah. You know I didn't realize what recon and men at rest age so watch the show. Everyone scream and its grey odor young girls screaming and is a typical as the geese, did. You start a smash mouths concept with this. Seventy one
Seventy two seventy every here I believe some irony, the show ends. I noticed place like the back of my hand, hammersmith voting. Why could I Now I live around the corner and I used does get no waste, getting to see every cancer so much hope outta a sob bob marley. They also queen quaint what everybody that he saw them at the peak of their careers were right before they peaked, probably yeah, as is thousand cedar yeah. First tour stuff. yeah. I guess so a month people were they started. They are right in uk right here so thou. That must show you the glamour guys you ate the glam guy. That was more thing: we're roxy, music, David Bowe, advice, bowen, bowling,
are you in the face, nascent really glad that's good desert rock the old folks you're right, it's a bit more blues ye. I am but I look look the part I could have heard in zaire, satin pants and that lovely head. I can never get who had a great man, they were out, it was fantastic. He saw them live a few hours time here for While I was obsessed with you, you're really was there was a combination in a good way: oh yeah yeah it was the voice, it was the hair cut the hair and it was a song all all of his solo albums and an order faces atoms at the at some point. Did ride store? Did you turn on him? He stayed with him all. The way through turn on him by went off him when he came to america nego, he ponzi hats. Word when it was when he kept with, is practically nothing she punch. The method it because at some point here. This guy is like one of the most unique in greatest voices in rock n roll and then right around otto member when when it happen
and but I think it was like, the blondes have more fun single or some one of those were lancet crossing the s That happened where it s all right now, this times stop being a became, a perfume punts, something the ages wasn't good. voice in change. Like anyone know, he had a different banned. The out with china beta faces, but when you are, faces fan mail. It wasn't the same item you know the place you go, you go watch you see bowie. The show ends. I hang around here, how do you like fifteen, A bird someone's minivan mean another guy's dead. Now we wish got it now about to in a moment there's no one. In there I got a roadie asleep in the fifth row. The law the house lights around the lights. house, let stadia so
kind of surreal, so quiet in new this guy. snoring or the packing up shit. There's one everyone's gone to in the morning, so they're going to pick it up the next day, the plane tomorrow or the day before doing tonight, got it alright, I get it yeah yeah, so audit gears up yeah this guy snore, india? I snake in with my wife cause, I presume, it's a go on a stage and cut all these beautiful mics. I didn't realize they were for recording, yet is fantastic, neumann, my ear yeah. I get them I take the symbols, the drama just unplug, much cut everything for cause, I'm an idiot. I didn't know what was doing a means. You just made him useless, what the wires were useless, that's right there just an economic blockade, but wherever unplug them later got the base head. It was some amp
the sun set out one and a new solid. Yet I elsewhere was a big deal, but then still didn't know what it was right. It was the best place head. Loaded, allotment, minivan, no guitars, no guitars, but that The crown Joe was bow is microphone. this little tiny, electra voice. You can see it cause. I hate that filmed it yeah, we ve lipstick all on the edge of it. On the end of it, we got it. I wish I could if I don't have it would have I who knows it became a junkie junkies, don't keep anything he moves around someone's got it. So that's where the that was the movie ziggy start that that was a ziggy movie, the full concert that was done one hammersmith year and got that mike you junkie already know I was fifteen start doing dope till after the pistols. When I was twenty two, So what are you when you grow up like you? Wait like what kind of life you live in? What was we live with? What's your folks do what happens ironed out
become this, I've become because I had a rotten upbringing. Of course, the abuses that father, how really unmolested me when I was ten is true. Of course It is true. I keep asking me things that you think I'm making a course. I don't know what I think is the easy like such a solid dude. When I was a long time ago so one time it happened, oh yeah. It made me made pulleys when my mom was in our spill. Jeez abbot attend in a believed to have a baby, but she had a miscarriage and I think it was more of a power. Tripoli. Never liked me this guy. Here I didn't like him yeah, but it it did. Was it really show everything because didn't wanna go I'm anymore. How would we that ten year, How to deal with is a four hour done something wrong and an off that time I just
plainly turn into kleptomaniac a peep in some just couldn't sit still where'd you weren't did you leave the house? Did you move? I stay to tell us about fourteen, and is also physically abusive, not not one fight with him at the end, but he didn't you just aegis, who's. This is size win which, at the time It was very intimidate. Anyways intimidate me, did you tell your mom I told my mum in a letter a lot later that she got the old deny or le back sign. I didn't know what you talking about blah blah blah, oh really yeah. So that's! jeez spiralling into a life of petty crime? Yes, that seems to have become their became real crime I mean it was all most of it was juvenile at thirteen. Arrests, juvenile? Where is the real dad? He was
it was in manage not in him after he left my mom. When I don't remember what is somewhere between nowhere in one fear, he split a move to dynamic, got married at two boys and girls. She got for half brothers and sisters, yeah and what's that, whether he do I just ages split. Was it. What was he was his job or you build a relationship with that. Guy I met him. in two thousand and eight that took that long, it's that long and I went up. I went but to england to do a tour fur shows which bans experts, those near the reunion, nonsense and then and then next time a friend of mine help me track him down. Anyway, I got on a train to know. Anima met him at a train station year we went to a catherine colon bullshit.
couple of hours and- and that was the end of that, and then a couple of phone calls couple months late, and that was it. It was good. It was good to see him now. Did you see the resemblance in everything yeah and his voice is exactly the same really, and this witness is really weird, I don't know, there's a connection with just a coincidence he was a lorry driver. Here, trot yeah and I love to drive alone. When I was eight years old garden, I struck out their yeah yeah. What is getting so is a dodgy ram. Fifteen hundred fig care, big car. I almost smashed it come in here. an orion eye on my life? I had wanted a moment. You know where o slows down sure he had your head going to happen. I'm just coming along the one eighteen cause. I came up to I turn to the church, and I came round the top. Why and it was like a saying that ships, you know they always eustace shoot chips up there original chechnya, where you see
You idea that the extra cost go about ten miles an hour and all of a sudden or just muster whenever a bum literally lost control. If there was no if there was no other cause around out of the ministry of the way this thing Did you slide? Was it because of the rain? Or was you slide it kind of went? It was that when it goes levels swiveled yeah, I hit something yeah, a PA, our summing yeah it scary man. I got my attention. Yeah go you! Ok, men get there. It pulled you right into the present it we. He did got you out of your head steve Am I had not got me to slow down to so you may your old man in that. You didn't even really contact him after that. What about the other brothers and sisters ever never met them, not not compelled I don't think he had any desire to out nutmeg cat can of worms which I understand here. I really wanna out, I'm really wanna relationship. Sure
They probably nowhere worries. I told him, I don't think he knew I was originally there really when we first met him or earlier early on here before when he split, I don't think he knew anything about my coming up in the sex pistols. Anything So, as I haven't wendy start playing, guitar I start applying guitar about three months after I got kind of moved over to guitar. I was singing first with their work, another band note with sex pistols. It was cookie yeah, Glen matlock, it was you retain a lawyer and then a wally nightingale. Who was the original guitar player? He was ugly yeah I was the singer originally without did one show it was awful: thou the EU. Would you came up with the name now, malcolm clouded, she like work now, like I gotta figure out how that our comes together because who'd I talk to you
In here chrissy hind, she was around yeah yeah totally around working for malcolm. She was in the shop year, let it rock and that was on kings, wrote yeah. Now, when did that? Like start, turn, because your grown up you see him bowie right, and I think I two dolby right which, as you know the net, what's happened? named thomas toby, thomas doll bs, because he was right, running around at that time too, like I've talked to a couple cats from your generation- and I talk to The guys who are you, britain, like Lamy, They were going to see if we would makin the beatles, and you know that stuff by creasy I said that when John thunder thunders in the harbor there's came to england that changed the whole game. Is that possible about change the whole game. One started doing smack. That's that's that
It's always. The music beggars heroin is how you I'm gonna, give funders credit man. I was a massive new york I was then right in our efforts and how the sound that qatar ha it would just it was good, it was, it was chaotic, gives real rock n roll and it that- was one of the albums that help me learn the plague. It's because when I was shoved on guitar yeah about I didn't really know any guitar so, We got we're wally I've took while his play. We did an audition, we got John in the ban, then it was not time. to stop messing around and What how I learned to play guitar was: we take these. Let no black view is yet would give me to focus design I had that thing. You know immediate yeah couldn't focus five minutes sure and it will speed, doesn't hurt to spite spade zoomed your eye in a year, and that was that really helped me and you locked in enough to figure out how to play those three chords.
Oh yeah, there was otis, it was all the same code to match moving my arm up and down the road here, yeah that was basically it. But what was he like? Their shop, the the Malcolm mclaren shopping mall was. It seems. I keep that there was orchestration of a scene happening, Now that I'm shot was like the hay aspirin upon right, it was. I noticed that the place everythink older glue everything stuck together from revolved around what we were. We fighting against what was being pushed out. What music was sort of like will fuck this the changing of the guard. I don't think I,
was one of them. People here who said fuck this year. I just wanted to get leyden be in Iraq, a robot right that was someone else who was saying o thou. Do you remember what music was popular at the time that you know people were reacting against me? What was that? What what wave was crashing? But it was the pomp of the ban? Yes, an outright the prague Jeff road, so yeah zepplin. If you will hear on approach bans right raw grog dominance, yeah steve. The ray I'm gettin deepened Now, that's good, Steve village! tangerine dream yeah, but looking back now look at em bands and I think it s kind of punk too little bit looking for any signal. They don't give a shit about anybody else, they're just doing just doing yeah thing, the other player home song, one side to songs. They must have been doing spain, they would suffer, so that was it there were these like almost mythic
bands around that you played with mythological and in the renaissance, characters and little universe is to create the sound and you guys back down to the people. We brought it back down. I think a lot of it was because of technical ability And a bit of anger in their right. You know you're young, but we set out to get rid of all these are far bands we just was. We was just the next wave and we just come along came along the right time. Right and John wrote. Fantastic lyrics near you know, mia and the music was was cool. Now, with Malcolm. So you, just create an environment where one hung around he edition it was him and vivian westward and it was clothing mostly the cloven shop, but I had a jukebox in there. They had a couch here. You can hang in a year in
he was drawn to me. I went in their way before the pistols star in friends with him and the show me all these. I hung around with him, I would join them up the west end of london idea. can drive our driving many minivan many by material for into two my stuff up today, making all the plaid skirts and the belts and the nor easy points, no point they would do it teddy boy stuff. Ok, which, in england is a little different, is the same kind of music in they actually louis right, but don't look was, different at this thing, or these guys called teddy boys. It was called lot. He had looking thing when at the big greatcoats the drain pipes. Here we go. because shoes right, similar yeah a little bit different and the states either the aggressive rocket billy thing going on to write oh yeah yeah. That stuff is, That plays a lot into pumping, while the second wave the lot
he came here they didn't like is upon. They thought we were taking a picture of the teddy boys eddie poisoning like you know there was that it was. There was a schism divide here. So Macleod and take so I can, for you drive Vivian's van around drive at driving a mini around turn and he got its. He took me out and nine showed me like the night life. Yet I was never hip to, I was. I was not young guy used to go to football matches and was nasty Thank you, for that was my thing. and he showed me on other side who takes me to his club code to speak easy new older rock n roll is fear like feral working class kid that he's, like I'm gonna show this guy. I guess because he's is asia is a bit of it is a bit off to Malcolm. You know he lies the underworld. Characters area is not into the street the strike, pour the gray brothers around them.
The six six it I think some of it is still going on. But it wasn't you write, it wasn't bigger that wasn't dominating the the tabloid that point. So you gone around you see in who doing what you learn, I'm just learn in another side of life. The avant garde side of life die was ready, johnson, the art side of life, just people who you know different line here, like the studio like the anti war outside right being version of that there was a few shops. There was another one called grannie takes a trip here that I solar them velvet suits with rhinestones. Oh yeah, cocoa! Stop too, I went in there a bunch of times divisive. I didn't buy anything and they were all in the back shoe in dope, then can literally walk in there and woke up I'm not. Where are these guys? There's? Never anyone in it. I didn't know what I was at the time of year.
but I didn't I just you know me myself. While I what we do in this drinking and taken speed, yeah so you start learning to play guitar is he gave her the guitar player yeah in them? is that went in in malcolm- is producing you with that point. To begin with, ninety talk you into the band where you had the we had the band yeah because glare matlock worked in the shop on saturdays and he knew how to play base a new place. Citizen I have a connection here because he worked in Malcolm shaw: okay and he was a bass, player yeah and he was a fan of the faces yeah. It made perfect sense to start a band with me cookie in him, and this guy wally well we're weird out does how power play now that will was it was my I just hung out together. We were more hung now stolen, stole kit from home,
expand the yeah. He said it opened his mom's bedroom yeah unless he learned to apply a little bit and yeah no training just to go into records. Just crash bang, wallop, yeah, yeah and, so does it see decided start to ban a malcolm is what what is his role initially. He just should come to the aid came to rehearsals here, nay, weren't, really into it. He obviously saw did at a long way to go. He had want to do it yeah why it's gonna, get that clear from the beginning to the andean no input as far as songs. he was more. He was more a fashion sidon enough another little stunts, but
But he did say he said you know you ve got to get rid of that guy wally, it's not happening, and I am after we did. The one show I realized I didn't wanna be to sing here. I don't like it when everyone stares at me here about a robber, be kind of Looking at you, but you're, not the main focus yeah yeah I kind of worked out as the as it was meant a billion a year, how he take it. While I knew there was unhappy and he's dead at this rehearsal place where we use the reactors for months every year. This baby see studio his dad. What interact duty, electric trisect, lecture electrician. Why they're here, and it now done, and it was right down by Hamas with bridge by the river, so We could rehearsing there all day long or not in this beautiful horse soundtrack. sound proof, beauty Oh baby, say policy area, and you ask that when he got would awhile exactly and then would you go?
It was. It was not good for a little while we add to that rent a van some horrible damn who plays sat up fuck about for a couple of hours take you down in the van right. I get back, take the ran over and back. It was a nightmare and malcolm when he issue and add We are shoe storage play denmark street to the anally and it was belong to the tool manager of the bad faith, a band bad finger, how Asher and we got it, it was right. This is right, central london, pan out here, and I don't stairs lot with little sink and out. I toilet, and we could rehearse downsize. So we locked out so well. Where was bad finger they'd that day were done, the two of them committed suicide, did and well yeah that it that it was done and I lived upstairs, is the first time I've had me one place upstairs in the steam.
In the same building. Is diverse media great right in the central london here it was. It was a tree, come true who'd. You live with this. You just me whatever chick, would stay over here or not even stay over, provide on the split the air. So so in this light and come in he is in at this point. who ever that happen, had he made him, it was an it happened. We put an ad in the paper he makes us down at malcolm shop here, one night it again he'd been an aid been in there too. in a randomly here. And he shows up. is a bit nervous, we're nervous! We go round the corner of his pub kings, redcoat the robot. We have a few points, we're getting a bit loose and we, they were coming and let's go back to the shop and single, along with the jukebox.
And he does that and we pressed the number and eighteen by others, cooper come up here and we said gone sitting alongside a measure is the out an agent his fact about John. He didn't take it seriously and I got annoyed with him here because he wasn't trying right, but in hindsight he did exactly the right thing to do in there johnny rotten thing that hst he was just goofing around man and I didn't like him fear, because I thought he wasn't serious here and then I notice is twofold: grain green. I said you're fucking. Safe, a rotten meat and, and stop the name things that all that night and at last, when we start we have seen that was prior to denmark, streets in plenary. That was a few a couple of months. Bianca So by the time you get over there, you guys we're at it we're at it with an whereas I own a magic was written in that little place. Well ended up, live it so well,
When does when does malcolm start, suiting you up the car, oh yeah! Well from the back here John kind of had that look prior to Malcolm. I think everyone was inspired by that's when martin, Well, that's when let it rock stopped and it became sex. right I was the name of the shop in big, pink letters and did change the inventory. Did the inventory child totally changed to what Is it then bondage top spot edge, pants right, the collars and shit a lot, a lot of a lot of fascist staff, a lot of We're all mark stuff shares with Karl Marx on it just shot value here swastikas sure all that stuff Was there a skin had movement? Yet
skinhead movement, which I was was in the middle sixty the original skinheads here when I was when I was lucky ten or eleven earlier, and I went to that was the original skin it you at the months and months which was the who and all that yeah faces the kinks that end and that's when the skinheads died that last in a few years fizzled out, but then, after this experts who started this ex wave or these or bands came around just after the pistols s when it go weighed and and national front and violent in a kind of racist. If you will, you know the original skinheads weren't. I had a lot of black friends with who I went to school with we all skinheads are we used to do, was go to youth clubs and go to football matches. There was no involved, yeah yeah, but was the muse Lou be yet another motown, so
that was the of this guy stuff yeah, not so much garb august, early scarred original principle still unaware that stuff back in or two after the pistols right yeah about their scarborough shows tat was when I was. I think that was happening in nineteen eighteen, eighteen, eighty one right, yeah madness, yeah yeah, one step beyond night. So now you and now fit you ve got a ban that's functioning you guys you're playing out now after about four maps of may playing its rehearsing. We did fresh around a corner that some ends up It was literally round the corner. We were we won't when it took egg tat gear on this matter. went to that school here. They got the gig, yet we are not banco. Bazooka Joe. It was stage? It was just a room, a small room, The base play funny enough was Adam at a man in in Could you are really we went
I was terrified like I always was when it comes to european fund, a paypal, so I took couple of man directs yep american quailed yet and that best drug ever when I hear tingley feelings with a couple of points and we got on stage, we start doing. Did you no wrong? Look over run, I'm not. This is the best fuckin thing ever you just at that moment where we all seem to jail. Death and it's like how you search for that moment forever after it never is diverse one year so that was the plug got pulled after about free zones, real because we're very loud yeah, just we just didn't know, we just didn't know what we were doing. What was there was the song list, a few covers No lip bogeymen only it's a day, very song near me, we did a small face song,
Juno wrong was an original here at home. There was a lot of at that stage of the right wheel, you should do a lotta covers. Did you road runner, then? No, let go little bit layer skates on I know what that album is fantastic, which one the modern lovers album yeah it's great. I didn't realize that came out way before here. Anything came out what was it naomi to seventy two great there I love old world and ro player and yeah. She, cracked yeah she's, cracked. His is us great yeah he's special guy that gap a blow, because I was never called nasa, not new york that was. That was that. That was a great I'm glad. We did a version that we use the reply when we played we always do that. Some, honor. Here I tell you had their magic moment. and then you get on people unplugged in
How does it has become a phenomenon? What happened, how does address How does matter I go away and said, come in well that that was a while. After that, a bank point around town. We played a lot up north of england, there is places, strip clubs. God kind of power is, is the metal is the metal thing happening? Now too? Is let me doing that yet I'm not sure, It could have been still hoku to at this point. Okay, yeah, I'm not sure the dates are new lemme yeah. I used to buy spate of him down. Portobello like he was the guy with the speed he was the go here it was a man to go to. I love. Let me man, I love, and I think we did one of his last interviews in here here near here. Look well, but it was sweet was good. I'm glad I gotta talk to him
it was either we we played his seventieth birthday party at the at the whiskey yea, and I saw a man caught. He really looked like death warmed up here with the cane, but the face media such issues. I mean it could have been avoided. That yes We taken a little work you know he he he changed jack Daniels, a beer to vodka out and orange juice cause orange juice is Elfie yeah. You know that snacks, that's his thinking, I'd so you're playing around doing all the places you get your your chops. In order. and then how does it involve. It's crazy, hind around she's around hanging out right. She sang it now. I was hanging out near I get out the bachelor near here. She seemed like, When I talk to her very intimidating she's creasy she's, a true she's, a true welcome, all yeah. She really is now stories. Pretty amazing paid reduce
the men and then she is she used to come over denmark street over night. Here we have a little thing: go in air was always like that. I don't wanna, be a ban on ash, add up to a data bank. It get daddy. But she proved everybody one fair play to france. Yeah she. She did the forward for my butt out I'll get good good eye. So You're playing around with, I have arrived figure out when a big when you take over the world for the year two thousand we play around. We start again popular a little bit on the music front we're playing up and down england, and you do an avant garde places like art rock place. Only a few in london, most of the shows we did up north year pretty broom he had. Mens wear commands club's. Tasha flares, big vizier I went through in shit is in that way but in that in that inevitably be a couple of kids who would like,
gravitate live in an annex data. Is their place bags on themselves that kind of went along. We go a deal. With the am I sure we caught anarchy, we were the emma start her sin to do. A tour, We were the headlines clash, the damned and johnny thunders and the heartbreakers where, in person place placing cuban limousine pulls up. The going down to the today show. Queen can't make it. We were label. Mice we'll get in the limo. We go down to the two channels tv at this point ten television and baby say I believe so This is a big show at six o clock watches it watches it. Every imagined, imagined tea everywhere. What is this? Everyone we go in there. We get put in a green room,
down in a couple of, but was a blue none. Could I get nervous again cause I'm gonna be on save a shitty white wine? The worse, but I ain't it a good, yet it was sweet, where it would seem that we are in a dreamer forever, Ok time ago we go marching out, susie and ban susie's with us she's a fan that probably contingent yes, it does with a few other fans behind the ban was sitting down starts asking the questions you got no interest in in assets it mediately dont, like you, you wanna queen to be there a dead end. It probably didn't livable queen only it was such an alpha. I wanted them all. Farts air, Andy immediately took a dislike to us and so he's joint provoke us. He was asking: what did we do with the money, blah blah blah blah blah and finally starts wear it Any age said, summit susie. She said
I've always wanted to meet you bill Grundy she does. Ok then we may, after the shouting yes been lie. Odin blokes were here were probably fucking, a kind of young birds? Here you know, and I let him have it a call him a day. Canada bastard he goes carry on carry on what no one, as far as I know, had any I'd, it is. This shit was governor alive, but it did and that when they are changed that next day it went from getting Few fans been in enemy, the melody, make music magazine. Yes to front page. referring page to show the daily kind of broke up, but was the end of it to that kind of was the beginning of the end, so so Now I can you see this on youtube. I met oh yeah yeah, so all right look pretty chain now right at the time. It was a big deal, no one ever sworn saving sure. So now you you ve launched it where, where
We were there with we ve hit the big time and punk rack becomes a thing becomes the thing it's all, go so did you do the show at the higher breakers and everybody we but a lot of shows got cancelled because of that, because the publicity universities do- we would If the devils, via a lot of these places where we were going to play, people will protest, Oh really, council, come out and drive window evident planning, elsie, so out that the twelve! I don't even remember how many shows it was originally. We did about free yeah and were you doing dope yet now. I experiment at once, but I wasn't into at this point here but I was around. The outbreak is guys and manner, Wait they made up for me not doing it I'll. Tell you that I! So how does it change? So? You aldo shows get cancelled now, you're at war, with the city council's with the proper people of the Britain theirs it. You know, there's a war going on between punk
aachen, in that there, the normal people and in What's malcolm doing now, while Malcolm's himself, the knight of the bill. Randy shown yeah shit himself until he saw the papers the next day. And he's let well look. Let me show you what I invented to try to take credit for ill for everything. yeah yeah for everything. Oh it always does. You know he always does he's alive. Now he died recently a few years back but and I always ever so- spot the malcolm, even married, and really take care of business as follows. Anymore. need we made, but I still, I still like him, but any was a big part of the sex pistols? Regardless? Were anyone says yes, but he wasn't everything we were. The boy banned within pulling the strings by any means not done sally it sounds like you guys were taken at it and doing the work and go
So how do you? How do you sustain yourself? If you know you're getting all this resistance? How do you get eggs? How is it started to happen well upon the whole thing of being banned everywhere with all part of the the mistake and and you couldn't by that bloody publicity will again we're. But for me I just want the most, it's time for me, yeah in the sex pistols realm doing never mind. Abolish here was the cold and never mind about sat with the happiest for me was it the shows older. Asked of it so that was what was really into an end after the grundy thing after Glenn gets the boat after it gets in. The bank could play every it's kind of shifting, but when viewed when did you record that was me who played on that? I played over the place. You played all the day, Pretty qatar sounds great on that record. It's where do you go? You know you listen to. I got your les Paul guy right, yeah yeah, it took
rate sound, and you know when you go, but I remember when I came out of the seventy one: five, seventy five, seventy six, seventy seven! Was it seventy seven, seven, nothing! The album came out because I remember when it came to the states cause. I was like. Thirteen fourteen years old and it was my bag, but I bought it immediately and I had it in You know I listen to it. I can read my brain around it when I was at that age but late. I played and I'm like yeah. This is crazy. This is just Rock'N'Roll music, just rock and roll guys right, because you know when he, when the whole press of the pistols in and near the way he sings, in particular by the root of it is just in rock crazy, so you go in their new accord. Then you do the base, because Matt walks out Matt looks already gone. Matlock played an anarchy year cause we. He was still in the band when we did the single year, but after did that single and he got the boat. Why do get the boot circumstances? He didn't look. The power it was a bit clean air is monday, lies
the song anarchy in the uk. Is it was a combination of things he still around the right? They still around friends yeah They soon it's right now, really think so for what out once more from that record is something we owe them at. What you give them always want more but how much is there at this point? Nothing and didn't want blatant. Album has now found its way, that happens later. So I do now. Like when people are like they get a grudge, turns into like. Why get nothing yeah? I want some of that back yeah, Ok, some recording was fun. I love the recovery process. We got good producer chris, thomas and bill. rise. The engineer crystal must did a records I want him in the bank, as he did early Roxy music records. and it was like a proper budget. Allow upon bans back in the day would get off,
I'm the clowns to produce and write like we did. Originally we had our south sound guy for life shows started out with him here and each he lost it. He just smoked so much weed and all of a sudden he's he. He lost it. Some pete white men for success here, and is he going out control? So we are. To do in anarchy with amrit, originally regionally and ages. We made us play that back control, one hundred times and it was never It was never write. It was perfect, the second time and he kept gone Just abbe might be your gun, We were in their proper studio. Second caught a guy, that's done. common airless. Do some over Dobbs John. Let's do some focuses. Do some bits and bob's it was. It was done. like in a few days: fantastic anarchy, yeah yeah, The matter of goes join a ban since sits in hospital when we're doing a record a godsend.
because you wanted to play on it was in the hospital he had. Let jaundice assuming appetite how'd you meet that guy, it was friends or john. Another one two use ago in a shop here was around. He used to come. The early show's year was. He Look! What guy was he a light said yeah. I thought it was a good good lad. You here it was a classic now dealing with here here, but not not crazy? You know he was. He was going to order Bobby stuffy at his hair, like buoy here when I was fourteen fifteen usual are ever younger, even nineteen, and when was that twenty jerry was nineteen to a young lady in planning an instrument not now gov slung in the dayton I had to kind of tell him to put his fingers, which the law we know what be doing and though, in the reason you took a marvellous because he looked good, they look, nothing John liked him because he was his body yeah.
and all of a sudden young's got a buddy cause. It was always me and cookie yeah. We had always fuck off after we rehearsed or did shows right and a faint, John resented that he didn't have a buddy air idiom, when I would matlock so that kind of nay powerful, fantastic onstage. Here I really did not the PA got pushed back got put in the shadows, which kind of got really and against see you know, but so The records outwards tour when you come to the states for the first time, not long after that, I think we did it. polish shows with said about ten summit, his ten shows what said after the records, I believe not much and have pals performing live. You guys tight, no fuck him play used in these respects He was trying to play yet his base up here here, but where no no meant by somewhere,
they're gonna play base up a bit higher if you're learning and he attempted it it's To that end, it lasted a little bit, but when we came to the sites it just fell a pie. The base download for it was gets on which it will not strong thinking, basis the keep pumping here to make it were so it was. This was another element in my head I went to my head like this- is getting worse and worse and worse and worse when you get to the states yet there, everybody start getting doped up. The signal eddie during that year, without bird nancy yep These are only able to anyone doing smack in england, yeah, ok a show that one wonder at one show sound chat with her and willows is. Is this bird here She was in Britain's user
hang on. However, she was looking for a rock star. Yeah trouble yeah yeah, so she got him got him hooked. It was this ok, yeah yeah, so she gave to she got a man with the smack thing here, and when you get it involve after the pistols broker, how really yeah You come here. How many days you do you do new york. He go across country. I remember seeing magazine arcos, you guys did you do to a right yeah, but we did weird places right: texas, tulsa there not be a normal place. Why is it was? It was a stump from mclaren europe, which rightly so it was a good one, not doing all the normal every other rock n roll ban came over. So are you getting hated everywhere by count? ways and there it was a circus- no one was really come to see anything here. There was a circus exact control at this point, really really Are you out of control house as well
when we landed in new york, where we will agree it by lot. Fifty people, some vague member, bets It was meant to be looking after us. at times magazine yeah. This gesine that magazine new yeah blob blah. And they were all looking for the explosive One time when we were on the road. I then aware it was but high times convince sits. into a hotel room film. In shoe it up, in one a almost guy, if it wasn't for one of these vet, guys who crashed in the door and enter and smashed up the camera really yeah, Would you like? We were on thin ice anyway. Here, I think warner brothers. At sir. and see that there be no problems could be got turned down originally originally with why visa and I think cookie had a criminal record. They didn't want us in the states near bluffing. They had to get guarantee say from a war
So you you have t m. I I was over before we went to america, we went to an m which lasted a week, make they kicked softened ended up river with. Urging the at which a branch? Dear sir? the thing was clusterfuck disaster yeah that tour back to britain. In what happened, I didn't go about the brutal stay here we broke up. San francisco. I said I'm fuckin done. We meant go to brazil. After that articles, you hood we are and we will never go to area. Ronnie begs the great train. What rubber will open up with us tell poetry here So I said about enough He came, we may add Malcolm dream we may we went to Brazil and was continuing to do the rock n roll swindle movie.
that was in production that was kind of in production. Yeah John didn't want nothing to do with it. Why cause you didn't like the concept of it. What was the concept of the concept of it? Was the monk Malcolm occur and lie event? It everything so then, John Glenn I mean John and malcolm always, buy it heads. Yes, but it had, but I was more closer to Mc Malcolm. So That decision was was see if a man is sadly law. Good idea go to brazil. We address me a cookie without the other two and I have found. Did you find out what a great son of the last two months doing, oh blow. That's what you remember real blue light. Seventy eight! It was so good yeah, and your shootin a movie here. We did yeah it was real, chew, string, budget air, but it was fun,
I don't remember ever seeing the whole movie yeah, it is a mishmash. It don't make. No sense is kind of culti. I remember seeing volume of sids my ways on that right. Isn't that right, yeah, I back to england here and that match when it hit me and we still film and some in iraq. Rose window was over a few months. that's when I start again into doubt. That's when I start again too: that's when it start again, very dark and horrible. Was sold everything in a new a broke broke, nor a businessman mir. You know I just wanted to escape the escape fruit dope. That was it now music. I we form the band somewhere in the profession year mean cookie with east up to now it was a sensible one, so we did that
We ve got a bunch of zones, but my my heart, one in my heart, was just in again I hear music. Anything else with secondary We went on the road a couple times coastal states here. but it was just one big one: big mess. Not as much alike it, because I like the guys in the ban here, but my head was not in the right place, because your strung out here you're like going like on tour and trying to find dope in doing that whole thing, I'll think, John or the time blow. Gad grim And now what how long that go on for couple is so late? When did you stay stateside Well, why not? When I went to the hotel at last night at the uruguay out earlier, I said I see a layer and I didn't go back to england for twelve years or so my passport and a soldier passport in offer much. You can do that. I guess I did
to guide it looked like you as our work not just sold a fan fan. How can I get it now? It makes it easier to whoever you naughty. I just I did when I never go back as was owed it so when, do the first so as well, I got sober so ceased to seed and stay with adopt all time I mean What do you want you got here? You are doing The first year I did dope in new york city. I stay new york for a year, form this other, but does have a ban came about chequered passed near remark. the bars. Tony sales hunts, tony sales clamber Nigel harrison from blondie, no hunt, no honey, I'll icon. is a great drama and he's funny so Ben starts in new york. We did some odyssey lot around eighty two, eighty three, we gonna show
case, peppermint lounge in new york? I'm a mess but I heard money near furnished. because this is when there was money around here, we did it unlike the show oldest band: ok is based in ally, so we can all drifted out. Like, I was a mess, I went on private doktor game in his methadone thing here I got off it, but then still during an enduring blow here, rest of it. We got after I got off the dope near for a bit this ban got deal with. Am I started. Liveryman Michael D bars and his wife PAMELA debar? Yet the ban did code. Did a few shows followed it. I got back in a dope here in there should be black tar dope, the balloon Jeff
Antonia this went on and until I'm a run into a lady, I was home. this is point. What year we looking at eighty free, I fucked everyone over here us couch surf in and I ran into a lady on son at boulevard, where the guitar center, as they used to be one of my er places that I go twelve step program here and she's alert and she she gotten straight. She said if you sleep, and you can sleep on my couch, but you have to go to meetings. I said okay yeah and I did that and got got got sober didn't get at this point. Eighty three this what yet this went on for about another six years before opinion out in an hour before the coin actually dropped really yeah where'd you get a year here six months here were all that year, plus one on when I, I hadn't had sex in like six then, if you ve ever done dope, but now you know
sexual driven, Juliet stops here. You know you don't even master by air. So after six years unc and sober I'm off the dope, I'm an animal and all I wanna do to get light and I got a mummy inzana humps thiemann into everyone, my addiction went from there is that sexier, and I never really got the step thing he had at this point. I guess, would one in attention from chicks I was work you now I was getting old in shape. I remember your car ripped out. Absolute love Fabio yea, with alone long curly, hair low guy flowing, but that was the last time. I actually did a record. There was kind of a metal rack year just to get laid down the The mercy recorded the next one time when they asked lady. When I really went for it, he asked
I always wondered what their transition was. I didn't I got from the pistols did there, but now I know there was a pussy. It will place a pussy, but it was also make and straight for the first time I want nothing to do with punk. Here we are the rocks the injured. the rainbow the rainbow yeah, the rainbow my body, I Roxy rainbow had a good italian food right, I know everyone says it's the best chicken soup, but I think that's another I'll, tell you my mother. my day is october. Twenty the eighth. Ninety. Ninety, that's what that's. When I turned around aside making diet is point admire in place. That was read in up in the hills for music making bread from the two silo, our boy ends working with pop. Did you? I need sailor near made a lot of money from that with who anti terror based itself from the random vs. I was doing. I was doing ok what you do with egg force
three songs on blah blah blah how good that was a big record yeah I was really bummed that I couldn't plan it, but they they did it in switzerland, and I was in the nami papers near in old. I was really bummed out loved to have done that with yeah yeah david Bowie, producing yeah yeah and then the second album an album called instinct. Yet in new york with bill azure and played all the guitar on that again co wrote three or four songs. Really so yeah real relationship with James yeah, there was great in is great. relapse again on dope yeah like some bird prisoner, wish, in dope Big hosts nail their needs, my go out is to get Caesar salad, an ice cream and this one for about two weeks. and everyone knows me in the ruin us Anyone who works map manager, friends
I go mission yet I know I'm gettin loaded right cause, I'm running out make around rampage will make it I'm sorry about what am I here. I disagree As such? I know and I was gonna convince myself on one. one of these gonna get sober again. I was gonna medic self medicate. Sell for some painkiller leah and quiet here and go to the means and no one would know that lasted about ten minutes and ice, and I said fuck in holy fuck. I'm done yeah. It was a moment when you may a plan and you realized was a moment. I surrendered absolutely surrendered, and now I know that failing of like that was my bottom. That was it. Yeah because after that, turn it all around. I got involved must grasp size here? He said jump. I said how high it was all, male still fuckin chicks here, but I was
and I was doing the business here and in the rooms and work in the shit yeah here and now, and that was in any. I am twenty six years later. surviving in europe. While you are relatively healthy, ya, gotta were gonna, food is, and that is the last Lanceor diabetes. the diabetes. I do but I'm turning around I've been up in die and for not die, What is more, I mean for the last two months and now, like what what happens like after all this time, because it you know well, How did you relationship with Leyden hold up oh you don't have a relationship you down at all. He lives in as we live in a net not far enough down in venice here. There is no relationship that just a net and badly, and that was it. We know the last time I saw him was in two thousand and eight the same time. I saw my real dead. We did thirty shows in europe, russia, Japan,
It was the lineup with you, enlightened and cook and any original buys pillar. Really yeah every Any time we done reunions, it's been the original for an hour. They good. Do you like a drink? the tourism into you guys play well together it. It has been good there's moments year, by the end of it I just I kill myself It's a shame because we, be a would be over all that shit all that stuff here, but some of us, can't let go of resemblance. You have Some of us can't let go of resemblance Hey you know it's its progress, not the perfection. If we we get in rolling stones, money, we'd be doing it right, but the end of the day, our away up was that worth it yet, but my mama and my wellbeing and any aint, yet any
this grey radio show is that every day, five days a week you of it, you can c mon, I did, we played some messy guitar was fun, enjoyed it yeah man and the people of that show. It is hard to have a mainstream rational radio show the people still love. I don't think there's many now the play while one. So I want Abu Omar one on and its great yeah do you could cause. You basically the rest, will radio. I think a lot of people. Just one Here's some noise in the background, but but there as a percentage of true music fans who love music yet gravitates am, I shall could I know they're gonna get some good shit. What makes you an rawlins rollins as a show on npr, where he shit, yeah yeah, it's
you know, cause yeah. You know it to you know you hear new stuff or you hear shit. You haven't heard in awhile, but it's like it's driven by your personality and your taste who, bands now who do you play a lot on the show? Why would you go back to a play new stuff as some new bands, a light plane? Yes, another thing I get the opportunity here who plays bans by go deep. I pledge, rachel we're in our place in prague. Air play free of free issue in our deep cuts Zhang, whatever roxy music fi we yet new, those which is in saying the callow yeah. But I've been doing it so long, it's almost like no mana. He will expect it. You have to do a lot of interviews on your show. I know I came on one yeah loads. Yeah did you ever bowing doctor yeah I actually a day. I met him a couple times. Did you make an immense for the theme I met? My it amends over the phone, I believe you did I had the dire dm, a region
drama came on my show six months ago with tony visconti. The producer yeah. They would do in his holy holy tour. It was at one album the the a e or the the this can be produced. I don't know they were going on at all. We reckon it was about I called to account had on a white coat hurry Ali, I'm just given a blank moment, but anyway the drama came on and I owed him and amends for the symbols that I still love him. That knit the hammersmith the hammersmith odin did he remember what, I said now, I'm thinking now, I'm looking at him. I'm thinking I sure do this live or say or fag merely algae going to react, and I fuck it I'll. Just do white too. We are near and I said I said woody. I, u amends, he said you do. He said you He also stole your sim boots from hammersmith odeon. He goes. Oh really, Yes, I don't know if it was needed,
I dunno he could not know yet when you symbols disappear after replace him yeah. Someone must have told him do you know the symbols of gas and so I said, I don't know, maybe it right. He didn't remember that issue. in here He said I said. Let me give you some monies emma. She won't. He said gimme on dropbox or cell is two hundred bucks and he took two hundred bucks. He was over the moon and I was glad I felt I felt good night remains at the wheel. and any put that in his book he did. Came out. Two weeks lightly must know, rushed that one thing in air and put it the book, and then I went and saw him at the gig wilson. That night is offence ass the drama men, air, woody, woodman Z. Kicks if play were rebellion. What which ones-
it has been with him a long time, but god does aladdin sane while insane, where a man that guy is better than ever got them bowie at the BBC boxer holy shit here to hear that and stripped down. No tricks no was banned throughout those years there Daylight won an imbalance like free here, where they all point twenty five cents in that does no weak link that that's what that's? What the? U that's? What a spy? this reminds will like great based play. The drama and admit in the course of my men. Here is my number one is it gives some guy he's my man he still around. Now he died a cancer. But he you know only was a great guitar player play. It was classically, train, solar on transformer lou, really all that stuff. That's him and that's all That's him on the bowery records all that stuff. Here we had cochineal air and he's a grey.
is a great guitar. Was you good guy penthouse? guy sweep up that, that was the problem No one knew it was because he was so sweet. stand up for himself. I life is great talk anybody wednesday in the bay up, not too long. do you play music? Now I play I knew around on the guitar after some time cause. You don't have to pay for the item to pay for like I just maccadon, a habit of it, we had we ever theme song but like now that I've been noodling, my produce, This cut nat up new uses it in between things. Just me on these theatre. Send me a sagoth some earthquake or send me the paddles so fuck around on. our two get some frazier. I get free shit, can you do it all right? It's the best thing about the free shit. Records I'm just get about invite for nothing really time
I wonder what like a motorcycle or a pedal bike, pedal good mom, saying you were trying to get in shape, is a good one, so took carbon fiber. Are you going to use it? Probably not to take the bike. I got sick, not there. When I had a big idea, as long as solo flex memory of things I gotta get? One of those. I thought that when all it did was collect dust and I'd, fuck, chicks on it, If you got a little exercise it's worth thanks. The body as I believe, all that was a lovely steve jobs. Toby enjoy dead, don't forget to deputy, apart that gas, so ass to My tour dates for just go there. Gas mailing list by opposed? to do what you have to do. I'm gonna enjoy my last couple days in hawaii now. Ok,
boomer lives?
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